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Parent Teacher talk.
"Phew" Gwen said as she pat her stomach, it has been a long morning but it was finally over and she couldn't be happier. Stood up off the toilet she was sat upon she looked down at her handiwork, it was a shame no one else had got to see her touchdown the high schools 19 year old star runner into the end zone, but she had found her own way to amuse herself. She had managed to get shit all over his whole high school career, using his diploma and homework ass

Parent Teacher talk

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A short story with Gwen from my older stories :3 

porky11 - 1 year ago

I really like the idea, but it's not a good realization according to my taste.
The beginning is confusing and it's not really clear, what happened. It gets clearer later, but since the story is about what happens after the vore, it seems more appropriate to tell about it in a streamlined way.
When talking, almost only the teacher talks. The mother shows almost no reactions. That would be much more interesting. This is just a teacher telling the actual vore in a slightly confusing way.
I would have preferred to see some interesting reaction. It could either be some realistic reaction or some unexpected reaction represented as rather common in this world.

(Some examples for unexpected reactions: "Don't mind. I still have enough other children", "Oh, really? Did you like him?", "You can't just eat my son. Now you have to get me a new young man to eat")

GilPix - 4 years ago

My kind of teach ;)

hernextmeal - 4 years ago

"she said hanging up as she felt flushed, a huge smile on her face."

Nah, pretty sure it's Steve who feels flushed.

hernextmeal - 4 years ago

> she said hanging up as she felt flushed, a huge smile on her face.

Nah, I'm pretty sure it's Steve that feels flushed.

Karan, Dale and Claudia
Karan was waiting on her girlfriend Claudia to come back from work. They were both cowgirls, Karan the smaller of the two in all respects, Claudia had her beat in height, bra size and girth a true cow. Today it was Claudia's birthday, she had turned 29, Karan decided she was going to surprise her partner with a cake, with "beefcake" inside of it; the beefcake in question was Karan's friend Dale a fox that worked out a lot.
The reason for the ma

Birthday cake

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I am so bad posting stories I wrote ages ago! I have no idea if this is any good, but it's an old story 

hamletvalley - 4 years ago

Thank you! I would agree with you, they do make quite the match! What did you like most about her gluttony?

straightup2006 - 4 years ago

Man, I do still love the hell out of this one. Plump cowgirls and gluttony are a match for each other.

hamletvalley - 5 years ago

Thank you for saying so :3

joeburp22181 - 5 years ago

Well written, thank you for sharing :)

Truth or dare
"Okay Kelly you win, you can let me out now!" the girls heard from outside the door, they had been playing a game of truth or dare and it was obvious this childish activity was going south. "Debby? Are you okay in there?" one of the girls called out of the pack of three called out "NO! She ate me!" the response got one of the women giggling "Well you did dare her too!"
The event was organised by Sophie, she was a big shot at h

Truth or dare

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Tags: Scat Digestion F/F Toilet Flush Flushing

Really fun to just write a small story! And yes it's mostly scatty but at this point I don't think you expect less!

Love to know what you all think :3 

Kelly - 2 years ago

There are mulltibe reasons why I love this story x3

Kroton68 - 4 years ago

I'd say it's the predator that does it for me :)

hamletvalley - 4 years ago

Seems I get a lot of requests for a follow up, but I don't normally think about that much, I just like writing one off's with messy endings :P Do you want to read about the same pred or the same setting?

Kroton68 - 4 years ago

This was a cracker. Is there a sequel?

hamletvalley - 4 years ago

Good to hear :3

communication problems

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A rather large woman and her partner are having relationship issues, I'm sure the whole thing will be sorted out in the morning! 

chobitzrabbit - 4 years ago

me too

Dolsilyol - 4 years ago

Wow, I really like this one! The person is a bit lumpy around the edges, and not just from the prey ;), but other then that, it's good! Also the way her arm is behind her I thought she was doing a sort of dainty pose! Scratching her ass is just as good though ;)

p00boy - 4 years ago

If my ex wanted to do this to me...I would volunteer!

Pulchritudinous_Cenobite - 5 years ago


hamletvalley - 5 years ago

Partner? I think you mean shit! x3


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Just trying to draw more :3 

hamletvalley - 5 years ago

Thanks Frosty x3 a bit of a fursona for me :3

FrostByte - 5 years ago eyes and bucktoothed. Cute character, hamletvalley. =)

hamletvalley - 5 years ago

Thanks :3

hamletvalley - 5 years ago

Thanks! Not sure how much more I'd do with her, but fun to draw again :3

CGR-7 - 5 years ago

Not a bad sketch, H.V.. Not bad at all. =D


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First time I've drawn here but here she is :3 Just getting out of the bathroom post-remy x3 He was in a story I never posted, but he's a shit so not important. She's talking to Alexia as well, she's also a shit.

I might ask someone to colour this and add the speech for me since I'm a touch lazy! Enjoy :3 

grenade - 2 years ago

Eeeee ! XD i love her shes so cute ;p i wish she would leave me steaming n coiled up in some farmers field one day ^3^ <3

cows - 5 years ago

Hnnnn them rolls are looking really good, you've done a nice job in giving her arms and legs some nice thickness too, and really giving her a high height! You also need to post that story >:V

hamletvalley - 5 years ago

Thanks! It isn't done, but I think I should just draw some more for a while :3

CGR-7 - 5 years ago

Hey, H.V.. I see you're back on the drawing scene; and you still did a nice job. Good work. =)

Big Betty and Little Lilly
Betty and Lilly had been best friends since they were kids, they had gone to all the same schools together and were going to the same university together even renting out a flat together. To most they looked like lovers with the whole opposites attract angle going on.
Betty was a very tall woman with a very obvious eating problem that had left her very fat. She had a bit of a gothic fashion sense that played into the opposite land gimmick the couple ha

Big Betty and Little Lilly

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A new vore story, enjoy! 

Kelly - 1 year ago

Love the story so much !

hamletvalley - 4 years ago

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed the story :3

Dolsilyol - 4 years ago

I think I just coughed up a lung laughing "I have the weirdest boner right now." Extremely awesome story! Well done!

ZaaZaa - 5 years ago

"I have the weirdest boner right now..."
That cracked me up. Hah~

J44 - 6 years ago

kind of cruel but not unwarranted Daryl could have been a bit more faithful though

Stephanie didn't get out much at all; she was the definition of sheltered and very much a book worm, she even had the librarian glasses to boot. If it wasn't in a book then you would have a hard time getting her to learn about it. She had opted to stay at the university campus halls during the summer rather than go home; she liked it better since no one bothered her, except for her boyfriend. She would use the term loosely around her friends. Marv just sort of moved into her l

Stephanie's sorry

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An old story from DA with weird formating, but I like it x3


Dolsilyol - 4 years ago

This is most excellent. Yes, most excellent indeed! The writing fairly good, with only a few minor hiccups, and the thought of a cute, slightly pudgy nerd girl into gurgling me away is just positively delightful!

hamletvalley - 7 years ago

She said he didn't taste good x3
Considering he was such a jerk he probably tasted like crap xD

Just Troy - 7 years ago

Great story for the most part. Only thing I take issue with is the boyfriend's sudden change of heart. Like, what exactly did she do to ruin it for him so quickly?

hamletvalley - 7 years ago

She really did seem to like it, I'm sure she would love a new meal x3

deleteduser301 - 7 years ago

lol wow, rocking comments from the author him/herself! I do look forward to more stories from you sir ^^

Btw I was meaning I would chose to give Stephanie a delicious meal but yes I do believe any pred should've turned him into what he truly was, a piece of shit ^_<

She dumped him

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I can draw too x3 

Kelly - 2 years ago


grenade - 2 years ago

you are a good artest you really should try drawing more ^^ this is cute ;3

ZRex030 - 6 years ago

You should really post drawings more often

hamletvalley - 7 years ago

You can bet x3

RaharuCV - 7 years ago

Really nice drawing ^^ hope you'll do more in the future

Marla's meal
The bet.
The two roommates were sat on the sofa Marla playing video games, Kevin filling in forms, life was not treating either of them well but it was treating Marla a lot better than it was Kevin. Of course their self-images didn't tell that story at all, Kevin had black hair and quite the athletic frame wearing a tight shirt and jeans while Marla was blonde, unkempt and overweight wearing pyjama pants and a shirt that showed off her midriff, it also showed a compl

Marla's Meal

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This was posted on DA a while ago, but I like it. Story is about a girl called Marla who makes a bet with her room mate x3 

Kelly - 2 years ago

Lovely story <3 ~

hamletvalley - 4 years ago

one of the few I posted here from there until recently, and I'm glad you liked it :3

Jamie263 - 4 years ago

This looked familiar, I've read this one on Deviantart. One of my favourites.

hamletvalley - 7 years ago

I loved that too x3
Nothing like domination with vore :3

Bright - 7 years ago

The part where Marla really rubs it in that she won the bet and that Kevin is just food I think.

Second favourite parts would be the swallowing part and the description of what she does while he is struggling.