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Eddie grunted as he squirmed, struggling to hit all the buttons on the controller. “This is such buillshit!”
Carla laughed, glancing down at her friend in her lap. “Oh, come on, you’re small so often, shouldn’t you be able to crush this game even at eight inches tall?”
Eddie snorted as he fought to pump the gas and keep the joystick pointied in the right direction. “You fucking know racing games are hard as hell when I’m this small!”
Eddie ha

foxygrandpa - 8 hours ago

Lol the silence of the lambs reference

Chaos - 1 day ago

Thanks, I never run out of pervy ideas. You can use the characters if you want in a commission.

Also, thanks again immortalsane! The story looks great!

Willing bystander - 1 day ago

Ahh sorry, missed that this was a commission! Chaos is always into the good stuff XD

immortalsane - 1 day ago

Heh, I would have to talk to Chaos, but I think this is meant to be a one off. Of course, if Chaos is ok with it, you're welcome to commission a sequel!

Willing bystander - 1 day ago

That was awesome! Those two had so much fun XD Would love to see a sequel with them at the club when Eddie starts to grow whilst still inside Carla's guts!

The Halloween weekend match had gone fairly well, the boys of the Villanova University wrestling team having given their best at the meet and come out on top by a landslide. SO it was a cocky team that whooped and cheered and slapped backs as they piled into the locker room and began undressing to shower. So high was the mood that it took a few minutes for anyone to notice the 1 foot cube in a corner of the locker room.
The boy who did, Declan, approached it with caution, looking at the box cur

Attack of the Horrible Gelatinous Ooze

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: immortalsane

Tags: Absorption Gore Fatal Rape masturbation Unwilling Prey Anal Sex Incest Multiple Prey dissolving kissing Gore vore Male Prey Eaten Alive Ambush tentacle rape Absorption Vore Monster/M monster/human wrestler Feral Pred College students Ooze Vore Gay sex Goo Vore feral/human tentacle sex tentacles. incestuous Goo Monster Ooze Monstrosity Gelatinous Cube asexual predator ambush predator pseudopod job monster/multiple Free First Friday Halloween 2018

A wrestling team wins their latest match and comes back to their locker room to shower and change before going out to celebrate. But someone's left them a Halloween present...

This is another lovely Free First Friday story from the amazing  zidanes123 I'm always excited to see what they submit every month, and it's a stiff uphill fight with myself not to just write their stuff all the time, lol. Their tastes so closely match mine it's insane.

Free First Friday is a...
[ Continued ...

Bobby huffed as he walked up the trail, grumbling under his breath. If he hadn’t been dared to come out here, he wouldn’t have. Then again, he hadn’t wanted to come to Camp Fallen Oak in the first place. Even if there hadn’t been rumors that monsters frequented the woods nearby, he would much rather have been home playing video games. Bobby was, politely, fluffy, and more accurately fat. Not obese, but he was soft and jiggly and overweight, and he didn’t particularl

The Secret of Burworth Cave

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: immortalsane

Tags: Dragon Chubby Hard Vore chewing Unwilling Prey Humiliation Betrayal Preparation Underage Prey dragon pred Male Prey stripped Eaten Alive cooked swallowed alive cruelty shota prey Cruel Pred Prepared cruel predator dare cooked alive fearful Eaten Whole boy prey Unhappy prey scared prey Cruel digestion asexual predator swallowed whole and alive sold as food Cooked Prey Free First Friday Halloween 2018

A young boy lives in a world of monsters and looks dangerously delectable. When he takes a dare to explore a remote cave, will it prove to be a test of bravery? Nah, you know me, shit happens and kid's not walking away. Read to find out how!

This is one of our Halloween edition Free First Friday stories, this on sent in by  AsherTye

Asher has been with me since the very start of my work as a commission author and I'm always delighted to see him back with another...
[ Continued ...

Philosoraptor - 7 hours ago

Entertaining and well written little story worthy of a sequel to see if the two young entrepreneurs survive another. Thanks for sharing!

It had been a terrible plan form the start. Mateo had thought he could just slip through the dark and grab another six pack of beer, then wile away Devil’s Night in the safety of his house behind his reinforced door and barred windows where preds couldn’t get him. The main problems being that he’d had three beers already and it was freaking Devil’s Night. Kids might go trick or treating on Halloween, but grown up preds went trick or tricking on Devil’s Night, and an

Ecce Homo

Uploaded: 1 day ago

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Tags: Oral Vore Wolf Soft Vore Werewolf M/M M/F humor dingo growth Funny Unwilling Prey Fatal Vore Size difference Werewolf pred m/multiple hunting Male Pred Anthro Prey Feral Pred Anthro/Anthro Cat prey Lion Prey Anthro Pred Werewolf Vore Pred turned prey Bear Prey Shapeshifter pred Pred to prey hyena prey Free First Friday Halloween 2018

What makes a werewolf a werewolf? Join some friends out for an evening of mischief on Devil's night, and one unlucky prey boy, as they explore that idea...intimately...

This lovely story is one of our Halloween Free First Friday stories, submitted in by  Arta_Shrike

Free First Friday is a monthly project sponsored by  CindyTaur where we take requests that follow a theme or themes selected for the month and I turn them out at no cost to you!

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immortalsane - 1 day ago

Happy to do it! Glad you liked it, it was a lot of fun to write!

Arta_Shrike - 1 day ago

Ha! You really did my suggestion justice. This was a very fun story: good humor, indulgently excessive vore, and a warm, happy ending. Thank you again!!!

Allan blushed a little as the King laid a medal around his neck, set off against his dark brown fur. “Thank you, sire,” he said softly.
The tall Menorphan grinned a little. “No, thank you, Allan Johnson. You have saved us all.”
He hadn’t really intended to, of course. When the jump coordinates had gotten scrambled, he’d been less than pleased to say the least. Dropping out of hyperspace blind to try and recoordinate had been nerve wracking, and he wasn’t

Rsoduyan Bamugo

Uploaded: 11 days ago

Owner: immortalsane

Tags: Hard Vore M/M Anal Sex mpreg regeneration knotting weird vore first time Alien Sex Anthro/Anthro Gay sex Mpreg alien Alien/M alien prey weird sex regenerating prey cock eating

A spaceman falls on a primitive planet, and becomes their savior. In reward he is given the hand of the handsome prince he lusts for. However, they have very different ideas of sex...

This hot as fuck story was meant to be a one off, but I really really hope that  CindyTaur asks me for more, cause I love the Menorphans a whole fucking lot.

Speaking of CindyTaur, we have a Free First Friday coming up! 3F is a project sponsored by my patron,  CindyTaur so...
[ Continued ...

immortalsane - 11 days ago

Thanks, I loved writing it!

zidanes123 - 11 days ago

Loved this one!

immortalsane - 11 days ago

Thanks! I really enjoyed it! And I got a chance to play with my private language, lol.

Slimshod - 11 days ago

Well that was pretty cute and interesting. Fun little world you wrote here.

This, Tanya thought, is the life.
She was in a harem style setting, relaxing on cushions and silks, while the sun rose outside. The open room had a gentle breeze coming through it, a little warm, a little cool, billowing gauzy, filmy curtains so they flapped and whispered in the air. Surrounding her were handsome men and women, some taking their pleasure in each other while she watched, some touching and stroking her body. But the centerpiece was the young man that was feeding himself to her coc

Feeling The Urge

Uploaded: 11 days ago

Owner: immortalsane

Tags: Digestion Cock Vore Non-Fatal Willing Incest Oral Sex Cum Digestion Female Prey Male Prey object swallowing regeneration Herm/F Cum Transformation Object Vore Herm Pred Lion Prey Herm/M Accidental vore Mouse prey father/daughter Vixen Pred Daughter/Father annoyed pred Object digestion mom/daughter regenerating prey Incestual sex daddy/daughter

A lovely young vixen has a serious problem. When her balls are empty, she gets hungry...very, very hungry. Hijinks, of course, ensue.

This delightful story is a result of my work with  CindyTaur of her vixen character Tanya having some slight issues.

Speaking of CindyTaur, we have a Free First Friday coming up! 3F is a project sponsored by my patron,  CindyTaur so that we can get new and exciting stories written for all of y'all on her dime! Some of you...
[ Continued ...

immortalsane - 3 days ago

LOL, thanks! It was a lot of fun to write!

HungryAL - 4 days ago

This was a fantastic read. The casual, feeding her cock theme, was so fucking hot.

Ash stomped along in brooding silence, looking over at his friend occasionally. Misty had always been svelte and slender, up until the last few days. Now, she was pleasantly pudgy, looking a lot curvier than her rail thin frame of before, but...the thought of how she’d gotten that way worried and angered him.
Catching the sidelong glance, Misty humphed. She stepped up a little to get ahead and spun to walk backwards. “Look, it wasn’t my fault, ok?”
Ash stopped dead, star

Ash's Unexpected Meal

Uploaded: 11 days ago

Owner: immortalsane

Tags: Pikachu Pokemon Weight Gain M/F Misty Meowth humping Unwilling Prey Unwilling Pred cumming Underage Prey Human Prey Underage Pred Human Pred human/human slow digestion Ash Ketchum loli prey Reluctant Pred Shota Pred Pred to prey pleasurable unwilling to willing pred aroused pred humping belly

Ash Ketchum is faced with a horrible dilemma when Misty goes on a bit of a bender...a cannibal bender...fortunately, his pal Pikachu is there to steer him right.

This delightful story comes from the imagination of  Readasaur, who I hope will come back for more, cause I loved working with them!

So we have Free First Friday coming up! 3F is a project sponsored by my patron,  CindyTaur so that we can get new and exciting stories written for all of y'all on...
[ Continued ...

immortalsane - 10 days ago

Aww, thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it so much!

DoctorDischord - 10 days ago

I just love how much he was burping during all that digestion too! This story is perfect from start to finish X3

immortalsane - 10 days ago

Yaaaasss. I love a squishy, cuddly shota. And i think Pikachu and Meowth agree!

DoctorDischord - 11 days ago

Yesss! Very much so! I loved how they stared at his ass at the very’d be hard not to!

Also, looks like they wanna make him a bit chubbier if that ending is any indication...something I wholeheartedly agree with!

immortalsane - 11 days ago

Mmm, yes, a a chubby naked boy with horny pokemon that want his body is just...mmmm. Mkes me happy.

For most people, an accident cutting wood is a serious issue. Hospitals, therapy, trauma, all that jazz. For me it was more of a revelation.
I was nine when it happened, I was out with my Uncle Greg, and we were trimming some trees on his property. He let me use the chainsaw, and I was having a blast. The sound of it, the feel of it jumping and roaring in my hands, was amazing. And then it slipped. It bucked just a little too hard, and my leg was a little too far forward, and it bounced off a k

Chains of Love

Uploaded: 11 days ago

Owner: immortalsane

Tags: Child Underage Gore Non-Vore weird Willing mutilation fetish Shota chainsaw regeneration excited masochist amputation Fun Times underage sex masochism gutting shotacon Extreme gore m/object child sex weird sex

A young boy has an accident, and in the process discovers a weird new fetish. Fortunately, his parents are very understanding.

This one the client asked to be anonymous, but there's more like this coming! I really loved this story, it has all the elements I like a lot, cartoony gore, high masochism, and massive weirdness.

So we have Free First Friday coming up! 3F is a project sponsored by my patron,  CindyTaur so that we can get new and exciting stories...
[ Continued ...

“Moooooom, I’m hungry!”
Lindsay sighed and cuddled her teddy bear a little tighter while her sister carried on whining like there was no tomorrow. If she hadn’t been smaller, you couldn’t have guessed that Perra was the older of them, the way she bitched and moaned and threw tantrums. It was a miracle that the older girl had survived 13 years.
Mom growled and looked up from her book. “Then look in the travel bag for the snacks, Per.”
Perra folded her ar

Road Snacks

Uploaded: 11 days ago

Owner: immortalsane

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore F/F Child Fatal lolicon Child Prey Child Pred Incest Child Vore Oral Sex Fatal Vore sisters Underage Prey Female Prey Female Pred Underage Pred underage sex Incestual Vore forced prey dub-con sadistic predator sadistic pred loli pred loli prey sadistic girl Sister/Sister Casual vore Dehumanizing Prey Unhappy prey dehumanization Incestual sex

A family is out on a drive, when the older child gets hungry. Annoyed and just wanting to shut her up, her mother turns to an extreme measure to feed her child...

This delightful story is my first collaboration with the fantastic  Slimshod and absolutely not the last. I love his ideas and characters, and we will be seeing a lot more from him going forwards!

So we have Free First Friday coming up! 3F is a project sponsored by my patron,  CindyTaur so that...
[ Continued ...

immortalsane - 5 days ago

Lindsay would agree with you if she wasn't digesting already, lol

anema_sesuna - 5 days ago

The mom shoulda ate the bratty one instead in my opinion

Slimshod - 10 days ago

Digestion is fine but the furthest I'm willing to go with disposal is a pile of bones and nothing else.

BabyPyro - 11 days ago

That makes me a bit sad, this was an amazing casual vore story, digestion would've been grand! And I would commish if i had any money rip me. But I did feel in the request thingie, I have my fingers crossed xD

immortalsane - 11 days ago

Client doesn't like disposal and didn't want digestion this time out, lol. But you're welcome to comm me for casual incest vore featuring those things! I'm very good at them!

Mark rolled over, grinning at his sleeping girlfriend. The lovely cheetah’s curly hair was covered as she slept to keep if from becoming unmanageable, the brightly colored scarf the only thing she was wearing. He ran a finger lightly down her side, admiring her muscular body. It might be cliche, but Adria ran track for exercise and fun at school. Less cliche, she also ran marathons, breaking away from the sprinting traditions of her kind to go for the long haul. She was fit all over, the h

Arta_Shrike - 3 weeks ago

I wasn't sure how I was going to feel about this little series. The first part didn't really grab me, and I wasn't sure how I felt about the intro to this one...then, I got to the section with Mark and Adria getting nabbed in the green zone, and it all just clicked for me.

There was tension and a legit sense of threat combined with a nice bit of worldbuilding (only a pair that saw themselves as apex preds could walk into a green zone without even realizing it) along with some nice cooking vore (seriously, the detail you put into the cooking scenes is impressive), and it worked with what came before as a nice intro to how the club got started, providing good character motives for why people with no inclination to be prey would willingly start such a club.

Nicely done!

Mark grinned at the sight of his friends pulling up at the beach. They all envied him for living within walking distance, but then he sometimes envied them the ability to walk to school. Or drive. His parents had decided he had to earn his car on his own, so he was grumbling through tutoring sessions with second graders to pull the money together. Now that summer was here, he might not have as much to do, but then, that also meant less income so he couldn’t spend as much of his paychecks.

High Card: Brok Da Mout

Uploaded: 3 weeks ago

Owner: immortalsane

Tags: Stuffing Cheetah Jackal Force Feeding multiple preds regeneration Over Painful Overeating lost bet cheetah girl Pred to prey jackal boy Unhappy prey Luau Betting Jackal prey Cheetah Pred willing prey regenerating prey Truthverse Free First Friday High Card

Ok, so let's get this outta the way first. Ye. This is a 3F piece that was requested by CindyTaur herself. We agreed early on that she could submit pieces that, at my discretion, I could do. I chose this piece out of the half dozen she subbed because it was fucking hot and I wanted to do it. My choice, no pressure from her, no client override.

So, this hot piece is for Cindy, ye! Had a lot of fun with it, it's actually going to end up being the cornerstone of another Truthverse...
[ Continued ...

kokkim - 2 weeks ago

Fingers crossed others will submit less hardcore stuff as well.

immortalsane - 3 weeks ago

Rofl, and that is exatcly why you were picked. You submitted something completely different that was a total change of pace.

kokkim - 3 weeks ago

Jesus. My unwilling pred soft vore/slime inflation story sticks out like a sore thumb between all these gory and painful mess fests.

Barbara sighed as she stared at her tent in annoyance. This was easily the part of her chosen field of study she hated the most. Not the derision, not the constant fight to prove her results, not the endless rounds of “but that’s just a legend” followed by the inevitable, “well, yes, that one turned out to be true, but this one is just a myth.” Not the fight to finance her expeditions. No, what she hated the most, hands down, bar none, was camping. And for at least

Hunting The Homoj

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: immortalsane

Tags: Oral Vore Unbirth Slime Anal Vore weird Non-Fatal Slimegirl Breast Vore Unwilling Pred Multiple Prey Female Pred f/multiple slime vore Slime prey willing prey f/other Free First Friday

An anthropologist that hunts cryptids finds way, way more than she bargains for when she goes looking for a society of slime people.

A request by  kokkim for Free First Friday. They were a little startled with the utter weirdness that resulted, but they cleared publication without changes, so. ]rubs head, yeah that's a weird idiomatic Esperanto. I'm a nutbar, lol.

Free First Friday is the first Friday of every month, when  CindyTaur has me work on...
[ Continued ...

kokkim - 3 weeks ago

It's Esperanto.

Restrogenic - 4 weeks ago

That was awesome! Based on the language, I'm guessing it's some form of advanced/broken Spanish in a South American jungle? Either way, really liked the depth of detail in the slime interactions.

Hanna turned a little, back and forth, looking at her cock and balls in the mirror. They’d been there for as long as she could remember, hiding her small, tight pussy behind an intimidating set of stallion genitals. She loved them, to be perfectly honest. The heft cock and avocado sized balls were always a shock to others when they saw them for the first time, and beachwear season was exciting as all hell to the young filly. She gave the massive rod a stroke, sighing happily. She glanced a

MMtP: Going Full Femme

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: immortalsane

Tags: F/F Cooking Bondage Castration Non-Fatal Incest Cooking vore Cooking/Prep Herm/Herm teenage prey Painful Incestual Vore Herm Pred Herm Prey Incestuous Vore cooked alive Bondage vore parent/child mom/daughter cock fucking cock stuffing willing prey Incestual sex Cooked Prey Free First Friday cock grilling gelding

A young herm filly has dreams of losing half her mixup downstairs. But Mom is a consummate predator. Can she get away with just the bits she's willing to offer being eaten? Or will she end up in the oven like every other kid that's set paw in her house?

This hot af story came to be when  Slimshod caught the tease I threw at my boss in My Mom The Predator about Hanna wanting her cock cooked. Since Slim is into that, he kicked me a...
[ Continued ...

kurohigeyonkou - 4 weeks ago

someone should make a picture based on this excellent fanfic

Slimshod - 1 month ago

Couldn't have enjoyed this anymore than I did. Absolutely amazing work and really love how the daughter was developed. Beautiful work.

The young avian walked along, humming softly under his breath. He knew it was a bit cliche for a finch to be musically inclined, but he’d been raised in a family that sang all the time. Of course, he couldn’t sing well, he couldn’t carry a tune with both hands and a sack. But he could play piano a little, and he tended to hum when he was thinking. Right now he was humming a Yule carol as he walked along looking for the right apartment. He tried to ignore the people who kept sta

Meals For The Many

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: immortalsane

Tags: Hard Vore Gore Cooking humor Non-Fatal Plucking butchering multiple preds Underage Pred Cooking vore regeneration Cooking/Prep Non-sexual feels family vore Wolf Pred Feel good charity Volunteer Avian Prey yule Holiday Spirit helpful prey willing prey holiday theme regenerating prey Truthverse MftM

A young finch is on a mission to make sure that everyone gets fed. And this Yule, he'll go above and beyond the call to make sure that hungry preds get the meat they need to have a happy, healthy holiday.

I was delighted to head back to the Truthverse with new characters and different premises! I love Rodor a lot, and was delighted when  CindyTaur came up with this concept! 

Marked - 1 month ago

Absolutely beautiful work, thank you!

CindyTaur - 1 month ago

(Hell yeah I'm gonna get a followup of some sort)

immortalsane - 1 month ago

Awww, thank you! I'm glad you liked it! I don't know if Cindy will want a followup, but I hope so! I love Rodor a lot!

Duskthewolfcub - 1 month ago

This was a deep story and i liked the way the tale changed some characters lives for the better i hope this series gets a continuation

supersaiyango - 1 month ago

The emotional moments especially the finch convincing the mom to accept help.

Hanna grinned as she stepped into her house. “Mom, I’m home!”
Her mother’s voice called out, “Welcome home, baby!”
She looked over at her friend. “Come on, let’s head up to my room.”
Bobby looked a little nervous. “Um, maybe we should go hang out at my house?”
Hanna grinned and stepped up to him, running a finger over his chest. “Are you sure? I don’t think we’ll get much...studying...done at your house.”

My Mom The Predator

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: immortalsane

Tags: Horse Cooking Fatal Bondage cunnilingus Unwilling Prey Anal Sex Incest Oral Sex Fatal Vore Underage Prey Male Prey cum inflation Cooking vore bulged belly Cooking/Prep ocelot underage sex Furry/Furry Anthro Prey Horse Cock furry prey Hermaphrodite Pred Herm Pred Anthro/Anthro Horse girl Furry Pred dub-con Hermaphrodite Herm/M Anthro Pred Vaginal sex Horse Pred strip tease cooked alive unwilling to willing incestuous Casual vore ocelot prey Casual pred willing prey Incestual sex

A young herm filly brings a sexy ocelot home for some fun. Unfortunately for him, her mom is home, and she's always hungry...

Written as part of my work with  CindyTaur, this story was a blast to write! As a dick girl myself, I love writing girls with extras, and Bobby was a blast too!

By the way, you should probs jump on my Patreon before Saturday, since I'm doing the first drawing for the reward stories then!...
[ Continued ...

immortalsane - 2 months ago


zidanes123 - 2 months ago

This was really hot

immortalsane - 2 months ago

Yay! Thankies, hun!

Slimshod - 2 months ago

Soooooo many things in this story that make it an amazing read. Absolutely love it.

Stella stepped out of the bathroom, toweling her hair dry and already thinking of the night ahead. She needed to hunt, as always, her perpetual hunger rising as soon as she woke. She was humming softly, trying to decide which of her hunting grounds she was going to visit when the doorbell rang. Stella laughed softly. Sometimes you had to go out to eat, but sometimes, dinner delivered itself.
She walked out, wrapping her towel around her head, when she realized she didn’t hear a heartbeat.

Drinks With The Girls

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: immortalsane

Tags: Vampire F/M Blood Fatal Bondage Unwilling Prey Multiple Prey Male Prey Female Pred multiple preds vampiric vore vampirism draining vampire pred Vampiress

Stella is back at it, sucking down virgin boys hungrily! And this time, her sisters are in town! Vampire noms ensue, and are enjoyed by all! Well, the boys aren't too happy, but they're just entrees, after all.

The second story I've done for  vampirkacz and my third ever vampire story! I came up with the idea of using wine tasting notes to describe the flavors of blood, but it's a pretty obvious Idea so I'm sure someone somewhere has used it before.

[ Continued ...

The room was buzzing softly as the kids talked amongst themselves. Sex Ed was always exciting, especially since the law had passed that allowed the teachers to take a more...hands on, approach. A week ago, when their teachers had announced this particular class, they’d been startled and quite a few of them had been looking forward to it. Normally, sex ed was coed, but, they were going to learn about genital vore. So those who had dicks went in one room, and those who had vagi

Teaching Cockiness

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: immortalsane

Tags: Child Same Size Sex Cock Vore Fatal snuff Willing Child Prey Anal Sex Fatal Vore Cum Digestion Underage Prey Human Prey Shota cum inflation popping Human Pred human/human Cum Transformation underage sex public vore Teacher/Student shota prey adult pred teacher pred public sex teacher predator Sex Education adult/child teacher student vore willing prey teacher x student Free First Friday

Now that Sex Ed class is more...hands on, the kids who have dicks are excited for cock vore day!

This super sexy prompt was submitted by  zidanes123 for Free First Friday! It's the first time I've written popping, and I loved it!

Free First Friday is a monthly project sponsored by  CindyTaur

Basically, she pays me to write four or five free requests on the first Friday of every month, submitted by fans! The next 3F is set for Sept. 1st....
[ Continued ...

rafkhov - 1 month ago


immortalsane - 2 months ago

Woot! I'd seen it talked about, but never read any, lol. I really enjoyed writing it!

Slimshod - 2 months ago

My my my, that was a great ending. Hadn't seen that done before and really enjoyed it.

AegisOfRoses - 2 months ago

Oh, I meant for the characters, not that the story itself was! And that's okay, I loved this quite enough, hehe~<3

immortalsane - 2 months ago

Rough how, out of curiosity? And While I have no plans to do a girl's class, you can deffo shoot me a request for 3F!

Ash giggled as they walked up to the restaurant, holding his brother’s hand. “Daddy’s going to be so surprised!”
His twin grinned, nodding. “I just hope he’s planning to come here.”
Ash nodded, looking up at the restaurant. When they’d found out that Daddy was visiting a restaurant where you could eat furs, they’d been shocked and kinda turned on. They’d been playing with each other for years now, and they’d always secretly wonder

Father's Day DInner

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: immortalsane

Tags: Wolf Fox Anthro Hard Vore Stuffing Underage Cub Kit Cooking Bittersweet twins Child Prey Anal Sex Oral Sex Fatal Vore Underage Prey Shota rimming Cooking vore Cooking/Prep underage sex Anthro Prey Anthro/Anthro Fox Pred Fox prey father's day Anthro Pred shota prey father/son cooked alive adult pred twincest adult/child twin prey willing prey Free First Friday

Twin boys find out that their Daddy belongs to a very exclusive club, and decide they want to give him the most special Father's day gift they can...themselves.

This hot story was a prompt by  KojiroTheWolf for Free First Friday! I love the idea of boys cooking for Daddy, and incest is always hot! The Jash twist was my idea, because I wondered what I would do it my twin was gone like that, and I thought I might react like Jash did!

Free First Friday is a...
[ Continued ...

KojiroTheWolf - 2 months ago

I mean do you want me to write out a part two for the 3F

KojiroTheWolf - 2 months ago

Thanks for the story ^^ appreciate it very much!

immortalsane - 2 months ago


immortalsane - 2 months ago


zidanes123 - 2 months ago

This was very lovely

Lucy shivered as she tried to keep her eyes on the road. The thought of her reason for being here, of taking this trip, was just breathtakingly exciting. For the past few years, she’d been developing feelings for someone, someone other than her husband of fifteen years. She’d tried everything, counseling, couples therapy, even swinging to get rid of the feelings, but they’d only grown. Heck, from her swinging experience, she’d discovered that her husband would be ok with

Down At The Beach

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: immortalsane

Tags: Child Boy Young Underage F/M Non-Vore seduction romance Incest Oral Sex teasing Shota romantic Underaged fluffy seductress groping underage sex Vaginal sex child/adult mom/son F/B shotacon incestuous selfies Shota/F incestual Incestual sex

A mother finds her son just irresistable, and takes him on a special vacation so they can...get to know each other a little better...

One of the first non-vore commissions I've done, this is super exciting to me! I used to write a lot of non-vore shota, and I'd love to write more, particularly romance. Or hell, just romance or non-vore in general. Don't be afraid to hit me up for all your weird and wonderful needs! Oh, and the commissioner was from another website, so I can't tag...
[ Continued ...

immortalsane - 2 months ago

Hihi! That depends on two things: whether the original commissioner is done with the world,and what your idea is. If you'd like to pm me to talk about it, i can reach out to the guy and find out.

Kozel - 2 months ago

Is there any way to commission a sequel to this without being the original commissioner?

immortalsane - 2 months ago

Eeee! I'm so glad you enjoyed it! I was so worried a straight shota story wasn't going to go over well here, but it's blowing away all my exepctations! I'm really happy that you liked it!

Slimshod - 2 months ago

That development was beautiful. The mother's hesitation and teasing were just right. Definitely enjoyed this one.

immortalsane - 2 months ago

I love doing non-vore! I will be accepting new commissions on 9/22/18, and I'll have a big chunk of words available, so hit me up closer to then! Or if you just wanna chat about your ideas, you can hit me up now! I love brainstorming!

The rest of the town knew him as Dr. Johnson, but to me, he was just Alex. I had been working with Alex for several years now, and it had been the most fascinating time of my life. But even after all those years, I never dreamed of the day I would help Alex with the experiment that would change both of our lives forever.
It started with me holding two cups of coffee, and ringing his front door bell. After the sound of a few thuds, Alex answered the door.
"You look like shit." I chuckled. His ha

Doc Johnson & The Fembooth Mixup

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Tags: F/F Hard Vore Cooking Sex Futanari Non-Fatal Transformation cunnilingus Willing romance Oral Sex cannibalism Female Prey Female Pred Sexual content GenderBender Cooking vore regeneration Herm/F Cooking/Prep transgender genderswap Hermaphrodite Pred Herm Pred Futa/F latex suit non-painful Hermaphrodite Vaginal sex happy ending happy prey Futa pred Gender Swap pleasure vore Sexy Pred Latex outfit cooked alive latex clothing gender transformation genderbent Futa on female willing prey regenerating prey happy vore Free First Friday chain roast

A mad scientist who's very focused on cannibalism has a crazy experiment to try. when his assistant agrees to be the guinea pig, it all goes a little wrong...or maybe just right?

This is a horribly belated upload of the final story for July's 3F! This story was put forward by  DarkLantern and was my monthly "oops, my hand slipped" story. I'm pretty much sure that that's going to be a running theme, lol. But I just loved the characters and the setting, and I couldn't...
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Awesome, I'll have to go look there and see sometime!

DarkLantern - 1 month ago

It's getting good reviews over there.

immortalsane - 1 month ago

Yup, it's yours! You can post it on your eka, too! Just maybe link back to my profile page here, please?

DarkLantern - 1 month ago

Am I allowed to repost this on DGF?

DivaDwarf - 1 month ago

It would be amazing and hot if Alex could not stop eating Andy or someone else visits Alex and is hungry so hungry they just sit down and start to eat Andy then Alex walks in and is hungry and thinks this other scientist brought his own food so they eat her together and when she is gone he cannot bring her back

Darien stood on the sidewalk, looking up at the club curiously. He passed it on the way home from school every night, and he was always tempted to look in, see what it was all about. Well, he knew what it was all about. It was a “supper club” a place where you could go to hook up, dance, and get eaten. And the young otter was...well, he’d had all kinds of weird fantasies about what went on inside Mixer. Admittedly, he’d had fantasies about being eaten all his life, but he

The Mixer

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Tags: Hard Vore M/M Otter F/M mousegirl Transformation cunnilingus Anal Sex Goat Multiple Prey Oral Sex Fatal Vore Female Prey Male Prey Female Pred Food Transformation large insertion multiple preds blender goat girl Male Pred Lion Prey Gay sex Mouse prey Bull Predator Bull Pred goat pred candy gore willing prey tf sequence

A young otter has a longing to be eaten, but has soldiered on through building a life. And then one day, he looks around and realizes he's free to do as he chooses. And so he does. Suddenly, messily, and all over the place.

This glorious piece of pure smut was written just after I finished Reintroduction as a sort of palate cleanser. I then promptly collapsed in a heap and accomplished nothing for a month. Cause, you know, I'm...
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Rofl, same? Just...would love to hop in that blender, mmm...

Death Incarnate - 2 months ago

Never thought I would be feeling like wanting to be blended,but damn hot!

immortalsane - 2 months ago


LucifersChef - 2 months ago

Very original and interesting! Very nice.

immortalsane - 2 months ago

Thankies! I really enjoyed writing it!

Brenner nodded as he looked at the file on his desk. “Everything seems to be in order.”
His assistant leaned against the door, staring at him thoughtfully. “Professor...are we sure about this? I just seems so...soon.”
He pulled off his glasses, cocking his head, long ears flopping to one side. “Anjica, it’s been twenty-three years since the Initiative started. Twenty-seven since the colony set it in motion. We’ve been working towards phase thre


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Tags: Fox F/F Hard Vore M/M Vixen Rabbit F/M horror Unwilling Pred Fatal Vore No Sex Drama Long story Underage Prey willing pred Male Prey multiple preds Underage Pred angst suicide feels Male Pred Novella Trauma Fox Pred Rabbit Prey reluctant prey world building Vignettes Vixen Pred Society Setting willing prey Existential Reintroduction Existential horror

A world colonized by rabbits. A staunch belief in the right to breed freely. A swelling population that is straining the resources of a planet that is still being terraformed. And a shocking idea: clone predators, and send them out into society to control the population.

This freaking novella explores the ramifications of creating people to kill in a society not accustomed to vore, it's effects on the general population, and more importantly, it's effects on the innocent predators...
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No worries, It's no problem, I mean yeah I was really embarrassed thinking my story was so pathetic that you ignored me but thats just my low self esteem and anxiety not you XD

But you'd probobly only see something after you've forgotten about me because I don't intend to upload anything until I have alot more vore stories written, In case I find my style more and would want to go back and change things and etc.

But I really did enjoy meeting you, I'll see ya around! ...Well actually i'm going to have to avoid your stuff specifically.

...Maybe instead, Best wishes! ^w^

immortalsane - 1 month ago

Sorry it took me so long to get back to you!

Lol, I like all kindsa things, hun. I'm just known for horror, so that's mostly what I write. So I may follow you, see what you're up to, see if I like your style.

That is an awesome story, hun. I'm glad you got that opportunity, to see the man behind the mask, and I'm glad you took the time to see the woman behind the existential horror this time. You've been a delight to talk to, and again, I'm sorry I've been out of pocket and haven't responded.

VampireBunny - 2 months ago

Hmm, I guess It's nice to hear I'm not just crazy then.

But yeah, since you're intentionally shooting for that uncanny sour spot, I take it back, you should definitely use that tag. I couldn't tell for sure though because I'm a stupid sensitive bunny so I thought I was alone in that.

I feel a little bit more mature talking to you though. 14 year old me 4 years ago would have just wrote something rude and mad in all caps. But here I am, chattering and making peace with the person who gave my spinal cord a bad cold. Well, social peace, the back of my mind doesn't agree and is still very upset XD

I've become aware theres kinda a split here on this site and community about the line between story and sexy, and how hard it is to tell what something is before going into it. While I never want to do anything remotely like this, I'm writing alot of stories (I just havent uploaded any because i'm nervous) and I think I'm going to try to separate them into content with dialogue, battles, and backstory, and etc, and then a separate thingy for those who want to just quickly jump into the lewdness, I'm thinking it could catch on, or maybe its a dumb idea. But my thinking is someone can go for the lewdness first, then when they are finished and calmed down, see the story behind it kinda like a prequel.

But probably dont follow me because it's going to be the polar opposite of this.

Anyway thanks for responding kind and gently to me, In fact... Don't read this part if your bored and hate hearing me talk, but I've never actually told this to anyone before and you just reminded me of a life lesson I learned...

When I was a very, very, young child, I went trick or treating around my neighborhood, When I came to the house across the street from mine, a lady came out to give candy to the other kids with me, I was a nosy bun though, and saw the tips of shiny dress shoes around the corner and peered over to see them, then slowly looked up and saw a scary person hiding in the shadows. I never knew what he was but remembering just now I realized he was cosplaying Heath Ledger's Joker with the face paint and everything, needless to say I ran away screaming and hid behind some bushes while everyone searched frantically to find me, I thought it wasn't a costume because they were hiding.

But heres where you come in. I think about 2 days later I was invited over back there by my neighbors and this man shook my hand and told me he was the one I saw that day and that he was only hiding because he would only jump out and scare the big kids.

After that I wasn't afraid anymore because the curtains came down and like in the wizard of oz, theres a person behind it. Meeting the real life normal person behind what scared me, is comforting.

Same thing with you, I imagine 14 year old, yelling at you, me would be much less comfortable and stable than me because he wouldn't see the person behind the scare, the normal, everyday person just like me, that I'm happy I got to talk too.

immortalsane - 2 months ago

Rofl, you are the second person to ever admit that something I wrote made them vomit.

I definitely shoot for that uncanny valley feeling, where the preposterous feels possible, creating cognitive dissonance. When I write dystopian themes, I want people to feel it in their bones, that this could happen, no matter how ridiculous it seems. The discomfort you feel is kinda intentional, but I didn't think it would hit anyone that hard.

I will deffo add that tag, no pressure needed. I didn't think of it as existential horror, but now that it's been pointed out to me, I totally see it.

VampireBunny - 2 months ago

Don't bother yourself for just for me, my reactions to things are my fault for being stupid.

But have you ever heard of the uncanny valley? I feel like it exists for writing too now, like if something is written extremely outlandishly and unbelievable, no problem, if somethings partially outlandish, same thing, extremely realistic, no issue as well. But theres just one tiny area when somethings both outlandish and believable which causes that uncanny feeling, like with those robots with faces. Probably just me though, its all in my head, but its interesting anyway.

Sorry I got off track there but yeah I love your writing skill, just struck a psychological weakpoint in my psyche I didnt know was wide open and made me throw up XD I'm sure everyone has something like this that triggers and unsettles their consciousness in a way they cant fully understand.

If I were you I would add the tag, because in this kinda community tags like "angst" can just mean some goofy sonic fan fiction, I don't think it specifies enough, but thats just me, I never want to feel like im pressuring people into stuff they don't like for my sake. :c

“Now, we’re just a phone call away, of course,” Mrs. Batson said with a smile. The tall rabbit woman was dressed casually, in black jeans and a nice blouse, and she had enough makeup on that it was clear they were going somewhere at least a little nice. “If you have any problems at all-”
Helen grinned. “I’ll call, I promise.”
Mr. Batson came walking out, dressed in slacks and a button down shirt. “Thanks again for doing this last minute, Hele

Foxy Bet

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Tags: Oral Vore Scat Soft Vore Fox F/F Vixen Weight Gain Teen Rabbit M/F Foxgirl lesbian cunnilingus babysitter Hard Digestion Incest Fingering Female Prey Female Pred rabbit girl Lesbian sex Graphic digestion reversal Male Pred teenage prey Painful Digestion Fox Pred Rabbit Prey Fox prey reluctant prey teenage pred Rabbit pred Pred to prey twincest Vixen Pred vixen prey twin prey willing prey babysitter prey babysitter pred long digestion first time pred

A teen vixen is called in to babysit some rabbits, and they get a little curious about her claim that she can swallow a person whole. They insist she prove it, and it all goes downhill from there.

This commission was for the patient  Combat who had just hit the top of the queue before I had my most recent breakdown. I am super grateful that they were patient as I sorted myself out and then delivered this.

Just to let you know, we have a Free First Friday...
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immortalsane - 2 months ago

Sweet! I'll go have a look!

Slimshod - 2 months ago

Definitely worth it for their graphic digestion style.

immortalsane - 2 months ago

I'm glad you liked it! I haven't read that one, lol.

Slimshod - 2 months ago

Very nice. I liked the flow of events and graphic digestion. It reminded me a lot of "Fluttershy's Fetish" by Vraddock.

immortalsane - 2 months ago

Lol, thankies!

Captain sat quietly, staring out the window. He’d made an error, and now he worried that Shute wouldn’t forgive him. He couldn’t imagine what would possess him to display their first kiss like that, to declare to their friends that Shute loved him. He’d simply been caught up in the moment, and in...them. They’d grown ever closer, and kissed a few more times. Shute held his hand when they thought no one was looking. He could freely admit that he loved Shute, heck, th

Activating The Other Drive

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Owner: immortalsane

Tags: M/M Underage Non-Vore Sex weird blowjob Robot Fanfiction Shota fluffy gundam lube underage sex shotacon sdgf machine sex robot sex Free First Friday gundam sex

A young boy and the gundam he loves have a little tiff when the boy panics after being put on the spot and shouts that he doesn't love the gundam. When the boy goes to make up, the gundam is delighted to inform him that their first fight is a wonderful excuse for another first...

An SD Gundam Force Fanfic, and I believe only the second time I've published anything involving robots! Which is a real pity, I love machinesex!

This was one of the winners of July's Free...
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immortalsane - 1 month ago

LOL, this is true

Readasaur - 1 month ago

It's better than the old days, right?
You seemed like you were really hungry for commissions before.

immortalsane - 1 month ago

Rofl, one o these days, my queue will be clear. I sts, I think sometimes I'm never going to get through it all.

Readasaur - 1 month ago

Not gonna lie, I want more like this, and some other boy/robot pairs. And boy/monsters. And boy/boy. I want a lot, come to think of it. But I'll save that for when my next turn comes up, I don't want to overload you.

immortalsane - 1 month ago

Rofl, if you like these characters feel free to get more of them from me! I love them a lot!

Theo grumbled under his breath as he hauled the garbage out. “Theo, take out the garbage, Theo, do the dishes. Theo, have you done your homework yet? Theo, why didn’t you take out the trash?”
The boy sighed as he stepped into his flip flops and started the long trek down the driveway to the trash cans. Living out in the middle of nowhere had only one upside, that there were no bullies around his house. He grumbled under his breath the whole way, mocking his mother’s tone

Theo's Way-Too-Close Encounter

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Owner: immortalsane

Tags: Alien Chubby Hard Vore Underage Gore Cooking Unwilling torture Unwilling Prey Sadistic Underage Prey Male Prey Shota Eaten Alive Cooking/Prep bad end Male Pred Alien/Human body horror shota prey sadistic predator horror themed cooked alive shotacon Shota Vore alien pred Alien Abduction Free First Friday

Young Theo is just doing a simple chore, when an alien scoops him up right out of his front yard! Unfortunately for the young boy, the alien isn't the probing kind...he's just looking for lunch.

This was one of the winners of July's Free First Friday for the amazing  AsherTye!

If you've followed me for any length of time, you know Asher comes up with some of the craziest shit, and I was super happy to dive into the depths of shota horror again!

[ Continued ...

AsherTye - 4 weeks ago

Forgot to comment on this, i'm so sorry. A fantastic story with a nice, grisly end. I only wish the alien could have given an opinion on the fine piece of human pork he had. But it was fun imagining myself in Theo's metaphorical shoes. I do so look forward to your meatiest stories.

It was warm for October, an unseasonal heat wave washing over the small town, one last kiss of summer before winter came in all its glory. Fall had fallen, all too briefly, just long enough to strip the leaves from the trees before the heat returned, and the forecasters laughed as they predicted that the heat would be shouldered aside by blistering cold in a matter of days.
Still, as 11 year old Toby stared at himself in the mirror, it definitely added a specific something to trick-or-treating.

Little Critters

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Owner: immortalsane

Tags: Hard Vore M/M Underage Gore Cooking Unwilling Troll disembowelment Unwilling Prey Multiple Prey Spitting Underage Prey Male Prey Shota Cooking vore Cooking/Prep Spitroast Male Pred shota prey gutting shotacon Shota Vore Free First Friday

Four little boys go out trick or treating, expecting nothing more than fun and a candy haul. But on the night the barriers between worlds are weak, a shortcut through the woods can prove disastrous.

This was one of the winners for July's Free First Friday, submitted by the fabulous  Odinboy666

I am a huge fan of his, and I was super excited to create work for him!

Free First Friday is a monthly project sponsored by  CindyTaur
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immortalsane - 2 months ago

LOL, i wonder too! Little boys (and maybe girls, i'm an equal opportunity sadist) crying softly all in a heap, wearing tatter costumes as they watch their number grow slowly lower...mmm, warm fuzzies. God, I'm sick, lol.

AsherTye - 2 months ago

Very creepy, liked it a lot. Was actually expecting the Troll to reveal he knew exactly what the kids were. Now I can't help but wonder how full his larder became before the fairy circle closed.

There weren’t days, as such, in the life of a production boy. There was sleeping time and waking time, and feeding time, but #23547-J hadn’t moved from his place on the line since being plugged in. He could see the other boys around him, all of them locked into their stations like he was, all of them grunting softly as the machines that gave their lives meaning worked quietly to suck an endless stream of boy milk out of them. He vaguely recalled thinking that he would get used to the


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Owner: immortalsane

Tags: Hard Vore Gore Cooking Castration milking Underage Prey butchering dolcett Shota Cooking/Prep factory amputation enema shota prey happy prey cooked alive shotacon Shota Vore cock milking machine vore willing prey Machine pred ball crushing

A young boy has been locked away in a factory producing delicious boy cream. But now, the tap is starting to ebb, so...time for him to be all used up!

This wonderful little gem is the sort of thing I started out writing, and for a very good reason. And old friend from back in my y-gal days commissioned it, and they like the same stuff I do!

So, just to let you know, there's a Free First Friday coming up! July 4th is the deadline to get those story requests in, and...
[ Continued ...

Timothy shivered as he stared at Brett’s cock. Like his own, it was small, still in the throes of boyhood. It was currently standing at attention in front of his face, as he lay on his side, his own cock hovering over Brett’s lips.
“You look really tasty,” he teased, fingers coming up to encircle the the slender little boy nail. “I’d eat it.”
Brett moaned and stuck his tongue out, tasting Timothy’s cock, making the boy whimper. “Yeah, I&rsqu

Dolcett Boys Dreaming

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: immortalsane

Tags: M/M Underage Non-Vore Sex Anal Sex Oral Sex blow job Shota underage sex Gay sex boy prey vore talk shotas shota sex gay lovers Gay Shota

Two little boys have a little fun and talk about their dreams of being brutally murdered.

I love writing this kind of thing, where the characters are fantasizing together! Big thanks to  youngflesh for commissioning this!

Oh, and this is the type of length we're shooting for with Free First Fridays! Speaking of which, if you get a story request in by July 4th, July 6th we're doing our second FFF!  

dknobold - 3 months ago

This one was hot. Thanks to youngflesh for commissioning and to you for writing it!

zidanes123 - 3 months ago

Really liked this one!

Henry sighed, watching his crush pull a 360 on the halfpipe. It was wrong, so very wrong, on so many levels. Not only was he four years older than the kid, but his crush was a boy, to boot. He was such a perv. But he couldn’t stop thinking about the little blondie, couldn’t get him out of his mind. Worse, he was pretty sure the kid was straight as the day was long, so even if he wasn’t crushing on a little kid, there wasn’t any chance in hell.
Well, there was a chance, s

Riding Blue Eyes

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Owner: immortalsane

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore M/M Teen Child Pred Shrinking Mouth play Size difference Male Prey Teenager Shota Simpsons Bart Simpson Male Pred teenage prey shota predator Shrinking Prey g/t Teen prey shrink ray shotacon Shota Pred Shota Vore Child predator Teasing Pred g/t vore

A teen has a crush on a certain blonde smartass, and feels terrible that he has feelings for a kid. Fortunately, there's an easy out that will let him be with his crush at least one time...

This story was a lot of fun to write! Thanks to  vorefan93 for commissioning it!

Hey! Normallyt I boost my business, but right now, I've got a Free First Friday coming up! Hit my commission page and get a request in by July 4th, and on July 6th, I'm gonna churn through as...
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antinous22 - 3 months ago

Great story! Really enjoyed that. :-)

Cindy shuddered as she clung to the toilet, heaving. She’d been sick for going on a week now, and she was well past the point of novelty and into the realms of utterly exhausted. Her immune system was ridiculous, and this was the first time she’d been actually sick since she was very small. She had forgotten how rotten it felt, and she could happily have gone on forgetting.
She still wasn’t entirely sure how in the world she’d picked up the cold that had been running aro

Growing Together

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Owner: immortalsane

Tags: Pregnancy F/F Hard Vore messy lesbian cunnilingus Food play threesome Female Prey Female Pred lesbians female predator butchering f/multiple foodplay Lesbian sex transgender lesbian lovers Polyamory lesbian romance MtF Transwoman MtF Prey Truthverse triad

Installment Five and the last one for a little bit.  CindyTaur and I feel like we've reached a plateau here, and we're going to start working on other projects together, especially since Cindy (no spoilers!) has another collaborative Truthverse project coming! Definitely keep your eye on her page!

And hey, if you like what I do, gues what? There's a Free First Friday coming on July 6th! Hit up my commissions page and send me a request, you could get your story written! 

Cindy Bodolf. She grinned as she stared at her ID, the intensity of the joy at seeing it not abated even after six months. Bethany was her wife, she got to keep her forever. A few of the League people had argued against changing her name for press reasons, but she wouldn’t hear of it. The man who’d given her that name had tried to kill her. She’d rather have Bethany’s name, Bethany’s claim, out in the world for everyone to see. God knows Daddy would be happy to be f

Opening Up

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Owner: immortalsane

Tags: Wolf F/F Hard Vore Vixen Cooking Sex foxtaur cunnilingus romance wolfess Wolf girl threesome Female Prey Female Pred butchering Cooking vore f/multiple angst regeneration Lesbian sex Cooking/Prep strap-on Polyamory Wolf Pred vixen prey Transwoman regenerating prey trans prey foxtaur prey Truthverse

The fourth installment in the Regen Timeline of the Truthverse! Things get hot and heavy, and the family gets a little bigger!

This is, of course, work done for  CindyTaur Hope you enjoy it, cause I certainly enjoyed writing it!

And hey, as of this posting, we've got a Free First Friday coming up! Hit up my commissions page, and send me a request! 

immortalsane - 1 month ago

Awww, thank you! I had a lot of fun with this one!

I didn't have a recipe in mind for Orbital Strike, but this one looks about right!

Tricer - 1 month ago

i realy like amanda's background^^. again a great story^^
(ps. i laughed my ass of at the examples of cindy's flirting^^) .. and i want to try the orbital strike sauce^^

Li glared at her crossword...well, crossly. The Saturday edition was always the hardest one, and this had been even tougher than most. She huffed under her breath as she went through the clues for the umpteenth time, hunting for any kind of way forward. She was about halfway through the Across clues, which she felt she could probably recite in her sleep at this point, when the bell over the front door jangled. She looked up, putting on her best smile.
“Welcome to Ren Xihuan!”
The pe

Ren Xihuan 4: Mother's Milk

Uploaded: 4 months ago

Owner: immortalsane

Tags: Human Child Stuffing Underage Cooking loli Child Prey Unwilling Prey cannibalism Underage Prey Human Prey Shota Cooking vore Human Pred Cooking/Prep Drugged tricked prey shota prey loli prey cooked alive speculum anal stretching drugged prey vaginal stretching Ren Xihuan

A little lactation, a little enslavement, a little horrific trickery to get children to become unwilling meat...all in a day's work for Li and Jun!

This is the fourth of five stories in the Ren Xihuan universe, and I enjoyed writing it a lot! The client, who has chosen to be anonymous, left it to me to figure out how to get Meghan and Michael into the oven, and I enjoyed coming up with the game they play!

[ Continued ...

Firefly212056 - 4 months ago

Well done on all your work. :)

“And that, ladies and gentlemen, leads me to my big announcement: in light of the success of the Southwest Regeneration Project, we will be taking the initiative national!”
The room exploded with questions and Cindy fought down a grin. The press had been all over her in the last few months, so it was nice to take the fight to them. All the press conferences she’d done, all the hearings in front of the council, all of it was worth it. After a little over a year, and the rapid s

Whirling Onward

Uploaded: 4 months ago

Owner: immortalsane

Tags: F/F Hard Vore wolfgirl Cooking foxtaur lesbian cunnilingus fluff romance Oral Sex Drama skinning Cooking vore hunting Wedding Cooking/Prep Roleplaying Wolf Pred happy prey Romantic vore willing prey foxtaur prey Truthverse life happening

This is the next installment of the Regen series in  CindyTaur's Truthverse!

EDIT: I totally forgot that we did get a vore scene in! So this is all the things you love about the Truthverse! Enjoy!

If you like me an you know it, pay me mone-shit, I think I've done this bit before...*tapdances off stage grinning embarrassedly* 

immortalsane - 1 month ago

Thanks! I'm glad you liked them!

Tricer - 1 month ago

wonderfull story^^ and i realy like the sidechars like karl and renata^^

“Look, why can’t you just fix him? You’re supposed to be able to just-” the woman, Ria, waggled her fingers as if to indicate magic, “-and he just behaves.”
Xia gritted her teeth, trying to hide her irritation. “Ria, it’s just not that simple. Hypnotic conditioning over a long period of time takes reinforcement. It does not good for me to help him curb his behavior if you don’t follow the system I gave yo-”
She was interrupted by a yell

Ren Xihuan 3: Family Fortunes

Uploaded: 4 months ago

Owner: immortalsane

Tags: Hard Vore Hypnosis Gore Fatal loli hamburger restaurant Child Prey Mind Control Fatal Vore cannibalism Underage Prey Female Prey Human Prey Male Prey Human Pred family vore shota prey grinding loli prey Butchery Racist willing prey Hypnotized prey Ren Xihuan

Annnnnnd THIS one is a biiiig part of why the client asked to be anonymous. Yep, that's a Maori family. Yeah, there's some, uh, racial themes here. Still, I tried to tone it down after working it over with the client. And I ended up loving the family theme a lot, so it was still a lot of fun to write!

Hey hey, you you, wanna be your pronfriend, no way, no way, I think that you should order! (I'm a dork, shut the fuck up, I know.) 

The streets down this way were somewhat empty at this time of night. Ten pm on a Tuesday wasn’t the most rockin’ time even for a small college town. And this part of town, where the liquor was cheap and nothing was trendy, was even quieter than most. Or it would have been, had it not been for the three students walking arm in arm, or rather leaning on each other to hold themselves up as the staggered along. They’d obviously been drinking, taking advantage of the low class bar d

Ren Xihuan 1: College Days

Uploaded: 4 months ago

Owner: immortalsane

Tags: Hard Vore Cooking restaurant Unwilling Prey Drunk cannibalism Female Prey Human Prey Male Prey Female Pred butchering Human Pred Drugged Unaware Prey Male Pred Foot Fetish student prey Drunk prey drugged prey Ren Xihuan

This wonderful world came to me courtesy of a client that wants to remain anonymous! I had a lot of fun with this, and I was super excited to write a series of shorts that all work together! Creating the setting and the characters was a blast, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed writing them!

Here we see three young students who've wandered into a bad part of town looking for a drink, and find a restaurant that's open late...

This is a commission, and...
[ Continued ...

YCH: The Vampire of Gamma Seven

Uploaded: 4 months ago

Owner: immortalsane

Tags: Oral Vore F/F Vampire F/M Sex Elephant Non-Fatal Giraffe Unwilling Prey Oral Sex Fatal Vore sangheili Female Prey Male Prey Female Pred Endosoma blood drinking Herm Prey Vaginal sex YCH Blood Draining Endo vore willing prey sangheili pred

The results of that YCH, finally here for you to enjoy! I think I'll have to get a hell of a lot more organized before I do one of these again, I'm too much of a mess to run these easily.

This YCH was sponsored by  Mallowsal who owns Anve, our deliciously scary vampire!

Winners were:

 Unicorn who lent us the lovely Mallory to be murdered most foully for her bad behavior!

 BrittanyBarker who gave us the adorable Brett to...
[ Continued ...

The elevator dinged open and Braden stepped out, feeling nervous. He knew why he was here, he knew that he didn’t really have any other options, was still a little intimidating nonetheless.
Coming to a restaurant that cooked and served kids wasn’t how he’d expected his life to end up. But Dad had died of some illness that Braden still didn’t even understand and his sickness had wiped out the family’s everything. And then Mom had been hit by a bus on the wa

The Playhouse

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Owner: immortalsane

Tags: Furry Paws M/M Underage Cub Cooking Reformation Non-Fatal masturbation Oral Sex Underage Prey Shota Cooking vore Cooking/Prep Footplay Foot Play Foot worship underage sex Foot Fetish furry prey footjob shota prey M/b hard vore implied dubious prey dubious consent Free First Friday

This awesome story was based on a request by  SnackPup It had lots of stuff I love: cub, cooking, pawplay, pleasurable cooking, underage much of what I love!

And, uh, *coughs* I may have gone super overboard. Please don't expect all requests to get this long, I just... fell the fuck in love with the sound of my own voice, and with the setting, and with Braden, and...I blew past my word count by a *lot.* Buuuut...since i managed to knock out five requests, and it...
[ Continued ...

immortalsane - 4 months ago

Woot, first! Lol, i'm always happy to hear I won someone over in spite of preferences!

immortalsane - 4 months ago

Lol, i go back and forth myself, but in this case, i was kinda happy for the regen. It would have been more poignant to have it be fatal, but i liked the happy ending a lot!

blergle - 4 months ago

Okay, I'm not a fan of rez type vore, but having it be a twist like this, and what the poor thing went through, it was a very welcome surprise! I really like this story. A first for me as I thought I was a hardcore fatality fan. :)

Slimshod - 4 months ago

Really liked the premise and progress of the story but that ending took a lot of the fun out of it for me. It's a personal preference, I know. Still very well written and enjoyable.

Marked - 4 months ago

That was an incredibly sweet and unexpected ending!