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Never Better

Uploaded: 23 hours ago

Owner: invidiasyren

Tags: Oral Vore Stomach Human Digestion M/M Same Size Gay Fatal muscular Willing Satyr M/? Human Prey hooves Digestion Noises Stomach Noises Unintentional Digestion Willing prey Satyr Pred first time pred

"Are you sure you'll be okay?" asked Balmos. The words came out garbled and nearly unintelligable.

"I'll be fine," replied the human, his voice from deep within the satyrs throat. Balmos merely shrugged, and continued to shove the rest of his new friend's torso into his mouth.

Balmos awoke to the afternoon sun shining down on his tanned skin. His muscles ached as he lifted himself off of the forest floor. He must have been asleep for nearly an...
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MzArsenic - 15 hours ago

I think I speak for most of us when I say: Getting digested by Balmos is probably the preferred outcome!

Undernom - 23 hours ago

Oh this is adorable~

Stomach Ache - Sketchy

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: invidiasyren

Tags: Sketch Non-Vore Satyr Satyr Pred

This is the undersketch I did for my latest drawing of Balmos - figuring out the anatomy before covering most of it up with his stomach. I was originally going to do a full colored version without the stomach, but alas, the PSD file got corrupted (along with the drawing I had been working on of the last scene). So now I thought I'd just post the sketch itself instead, since I had that saved.

The last drawing should be on it's way, but well... like I said it got corrupted and I had...
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Stomach Ache

Uploaded: 6 days ago

Owner: invidiasyren

Tags: Oral Vore Stomach Human M/M Drool Same Size Gay Bloated Willing Satyr M/? stomach ache Human Prey hooves Similar size pained expression Stomach Bulges Willing prey First time vore Satyr Pred drooling pred first time pred

Balmos lay splayed on the ground. "How do people do this?" he moaned. Deep within his bloated stomach, the human was happily curled into a ball, already half asleep from its warm embrace.

When the traveler had suggested the hungry satyr eat him, Balmos was already incredulous. However, when the humans head fit easily into his mouth, he found it a fairly simple task. He couldn't say he didn't enjoy the unusual squirming sensation of the human sliding down his throat, or...
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Mecho - 3 days ago

Wonderful! Just wonderful o3o

invidiasyren - 5 days ago

Thanks. I’m honestly really proud of how well this came out.

MzArsenic - 5 days ago

Poor guy needs bellyrubs

Your stuff is seriously great!

"You want me to do what?"

Uploaded: 9 days ago

Owner: invidiasyren

Tags: M/M Gay Pre-Vore Satyr Satyr Pred

A young satyr Balmos learns of a few new skills he's gained since his transformation. To be continued...

So... it's been quite a while since I drew my carnivorous satyr Balmos. This really wasn't intended to be a redesign of the character, but... I think my art style has changed a lot more than I had realized since I last drew him, so that I don't think it would be possible for me to draw him looking quite the same way as he did. That being said, this was always supposed...
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ChaoskampfNunc - 9 days ago

Is that too much to ask?

Dragged to Hell

Uploaded: 2 weeks ago

Owner: invidiasyren

Tags: Oral Vore Stomach M/M Swallowing Fatal Unwilling Penis muscular minotaur Implied Digestion Size difference Nudity Belly bulge Horse Cock Hades Minotaur Pred Demigod Asterius Theseus Zagreus

"Let go of my leg, you fuck," demanded the Prince of Hell, as he was slowly pulled down the minotaurs throat.

"Come Asterius!" said Theseus from within his companions stomach, "Let's send this hellspawn back where he belongs!"

So I've been playing a lot of Hades recently, and so I decided to make some 'fanart'. One of the minibosses you fight is Asterius, the minotaur. If you lose the fight, one of the lines he says is "Just...
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Mecho - 12 days ago

Oh! This is so nice. Great work! :3

F1reDem0n - 2 weeks ago

What a sexy stud. >///>

Love his big hefty gut and girthy horse package. <3

Zacerine - 2 weeks ago

Really love this piece. Would love to rub that minotaurs belly

Frost Bite - 2 weeks ago

So here's a question: When he digests, would he go back to the beginning of the Underworld? Or would the Minotaur's digestive juices be so strong, even a God wouldn't be able to be reborn in the Land of the Dead?

DarkArtist - 2 weeks ago

Hm, I may have to take more interest in this game than before XP
Also great work!

It's Bigger on the Inside

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: invidiasyren

Tags: Oral Vore Human M/M Gay Fatal Unwilling Magic Bloated orc Bandit multiprey Implied Digestion Unwilling Prey Internal View Wizard Teleportation Human Pred teleportation vore Male Pred distended gut Hammerspace Belly Multiple prey

From the comfort of his tower, the Wizard Zalin observes the kingdom through his scrying mirror. When he stumbles upon a clan of bandits and their orcish leader lying in wait to prey upon a caravan of unsuspectating travelers, and decided to intervene with some teleport spells. Within moments the entire gang found themselves without their weapons and armor, squirming in Zalin's bloated stomach. The wizard moaned with pleasure, glad that he had enchanted his stomach to be able to hold such an...
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Garz - 2 months ago

Ha, I like this picture! ^_^ Zalin has a fantastic hobby!

It's also amusing to think about this from both other perspectives! The bandits are lying in wait when suddenly they're naked and pressed up against each other, haha. I wonder if the even recognize what's going on!

Then the caravan advances to the would-be-ambush point, and finds... clothes, armour, and weapons in neat piles about the area, and are probably pretty confused. Unless this happens a lot?

Very enjoyable picture ^_^

AshLovehart - 2 months ago

Love this! Only wish his stonach were true to size!


Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: invidiasyren

Tags: Oral Vore Digestion M/M Demon Gay Fatal Penis muscular Pre-Vore slave multiprey Willing Demon pred multiple arms incubus Four arms demon prey Stomach Bulges Willing prey

Azumal watched with withdrawn interest as the incubus climbed onto his abdomen. The demon lord’s stomach shuddered unnaturally as two of his other servants struggled within, futilely resisting their fate as they become one with their master. Without looking away from his Azumal’s gut, the slave repositioned himself between the demon’s thighs, seating himself on his master’s monolithic cock. With shaky, nervous breaths, the incubus reached out to touch Azumal’s roiling stomach. He slid his hand...
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invidiasyren - 2 months ago

Thanks. I'm glad you like it.

GreyJ - 2 months ago

This is so good!


Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: invidiasyren

Tags: Male dnd Predator Non-Vore monk reference sheet Male Pred firbolg

So this is one of the few things I've been able to work on lately. He's a currently unnamed firbolg monk that I will soon be playing in a Tomb of Annihilation dnd game (Edit: He has since been named Queltocn). I've recently been experimenting with doing colored lineart, and I think the effect looks rather nice, so I'll probably do more of it in the future. This is only reference 1, since he has some additional clothes I need to add. Surprisingly ornate fabric patterns are hard to draw. I just...
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Baser Instincts 3

Uploaded: 6 months ago

Owner: invidiasyren

Tags: Oral Vore Tongue Werewolf M/M Demon Swallowing Gay Fatal Unwilling muscular minotaur orc Implied Digestion Unwilling Prey Werewolf pred Vore Comic Minotaur Pred Tiefling Stomach Bulges muscular pred

Orgasm induced transformations, and post-coital hunger just seem to have a way of taking care of one another.

**So this took quite a while. Significantly longer than I was ever intending for it to. I guess this was just a good reminder of just how much I still have to learn when it comes to art. Drawing a cow-wolf muzzle in perspective is even harder than I thought it would be (and I thought it would be hard).

Overall, I'm not super happy with how this came out. There's...
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invidiasyren - 5 months ago

Thanks! I'm trying to get better, as I'm still pretty new with this, so hearing you like it is very encouraging.

Garz - 5 months ago

I rather like this set of pictures!

I feel like it's the facial expressions that sell it so well. You definitely catch the sequence for the greenskin thinking 'This is okay - this is much /less/ okay - this is /tremendously/ less okay!'

The growth in the second picture and the fresh clawmarks in this one also help. Also bulges!

Very cool picture ^_^

Dr. Murkoz Reference

Uploaded: 6 months ago

Owner: invidiasyren

Tags: Werewolf Male dnd Non-Vore minotaur Werewolf pred reference sheet Minotaur Pred

So since I intend to be posting some vore with my Minotaur Werewolf Artificer, Dr. Murkoz, I thought I might also post the reference art I have of him. Note that his normal form and werewolf form are not to scale. His werewolf form is about twice the size of his standard form. Normal height: 7' 3" Werewolf height: ~15'

Don't ask why his horns change shape... I mostly just thought they looked better that way. 

ChaoskampfNunc - 6 months ago

Damn that's one big boy

Baser Instincts 2

Uploaded: 7 months ago

Owner: invidiasyren

Tags: Werewolf M/M Demon Sex Pre-Vore minotaur orc Orgasm Anal Sex Werewolf pred Vore Comic Gay sex Minotaur Pred Tiefling

When Murkoz infected himself with a lycanthropic strain of his own design, he didn't fully consider the impact it would have on his daily life. For one unintended side effect, he has a tendency to transform while in the midst of climax. This makes his orgasms particularly strong, but also has a tendency to cause some spontaneous organ rearrangement to whomever he was fuckings. The orc-ling does not seem to be enjoying this turn of events. 

Baser Instincts 1

Uploaded: 7 months ago

Owner: invidiasyren

Tags: M/M Demon Sex Gay Pre-Vore minotaur orc Anal Sex Vore Comic Gay sex Minotaur Pred Tiefling

The top is one of my DnD characters, my Minotaur Artificer named Dr. Murkoz, a benevolent if exceedingly surly physician. He is for the most part asexual, but on very rare occasions, he gets into a rut and indulges in his more basic instincts, to the misfortune of everyone else. The good doctor has spent some time experimenting with his own physiology (let's just say he didn't get those muscles by working out at the gym), which is why he has some rather unusual physiology and fur patterning....
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Second Helping

Uploaded: 7 months ago

Owner: invidiasyren

Tags: Oral Vore Digestion Elf M/M Non-Fatal Pre-Vore Satyr Size difference Wizard Elf prey Satyr Pred

It seems Balmos managed to get a second taste of the elven wizard, who has now introduced himself as Lundyr. Balmos is rather interested in having him around now that he knows that he'll reform every time he eats him, a feature that Balmos is putting to quick use.

This is intended to be a follow up to my previous drawing of Balmos and Lundyr, that I technically never finished. I'll probably end up redoing that image, just because I already feel like I can do a better job with it,...
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Zacerine - 7 months ago

Love it


Uploaded: 7 months ago

Owner: invidiasyren

Tags: Male Non-Vore Gay orc big dick

So I haven't really been drawing vore related content, or even anything particularly explicit. I've mostly just been drawing DnD characters and the like (some of which may show up on here, we'll see). But I wanted to post something, to express that I am in fact not deceased, so here's a rather evocative drawing of an orc named Quero. Whether or not he'll appears in any vore content, well, we'll see, but I say the chances are at least decent. 

Garz - 2 months ago

I'm liking this guy's musculature! Most people when they aim for evocative or suave tend to overlook muscle at all, so seeing it done right is cool. ^_^

Wolperdinger - 7 months ago

It is always good to see a sexy orc <3

SaoYuuki - 7 months ago

sexy boy~

Stomach Appreciation

Uploaded: 11 months ago

Owner: invidiasyren

Tags: Belly Human Digestion Elf M/M Pre-Vore Satyr Sleeping Size difference Human Prey Elf prey belly worship Satyr Pred

Balmos was surprised when the elf he had digested the previous evening showed up again the next day. He was even more surprised that said elf had gained a certain appreciation for Balmos' gut while simmering in it on the inside. The elf quickly went to work worshiping Balmos' magnificant stomach, which was still rather full thanks to a lost traveler the satyr had run into that morning.

Artists Note: I intend to do some proper shading at a later date, and reuppload it. I decided to...
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ChaoskampfNunc - 11 months ago

That's one big handsome boy~

Spider Demon

Uploaded: 11 months ago

Owner: invidiasyren

Tags: Oral Vore Tongue Belly M/M Demon spider captive spider demon

This was the first Vore Drawing I made, but I decided to redo it and color it. 

Readasaur - 7 months ago

Can you tell us about him?

merlovinit - 11 months ago

Nice monster design!

Zacerine - 11 months ago

This looks great. Love how this guy looks

At Night in the Woods

Uploaded: 11 months ago

Owner: invidiasyren

Tags: Oral Vore Human Digestion M/M Non-Fatal Satyr Wizard glowing belly

It's generally a bad idea to go trekking through the woods at night, especially when you glow in the dark. You never know what predators might be lurking about.

Digestion is typically quite fatal, but wizards usually have a few tricks up their sleeves to avoid an untimely demise, so he should be fine. Probably.

Balmos, the satyr, might have a bit of indigestion and some side effects. It comes with the territory of eating something glowing and magic.

[ Continued ...

Readasaur - 7 months ago

Was the satyr always this big, or did he get so massive by eating people?

Zacerine - 11 months ago

This looks great. Would love to be this guys meal. Got to learn to be a wizard so i can reform too