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8/8 arena quest

Uploaded: 11 days ago

Owner: lewdlemage

Tags: Breasts Belly F/F Burp Giantess Big Belly Monster girl Female Prey Female Pred f/multiple monster hunter giantess pred Multiple Preys monster hunter world Great Jagras Gijinka

drawn back around 8/8 when i was super sick LOL, my feverish brain craved a bit of multi-prey....... 

clinkoclinko - 8 days ago


ElJorro - 8 days ago

This is one dragon that should never be slain!

lewdlemage - 10 days ago

odogaron is the connoisseurs choice!!

Thimthee - 10 days ago

Aww such cute little hunters

derpsquid42 - 10 days ago

Hope she doesn't roll over, or...
[b]Pukei_Hunter has fainted. 2 continues remaining.[/b]
[b]OdieHunterRawrX3 has fainted. 1 continue remaining.[/b]
...and this is why we hunt solo.

TheAkkoDimensio - 10 days ago

I love it when there's a character whose just normal in these and demands for someone to be let out, its pretty unique~. I also love the prey whose super into it and probably doesn't want to be let out, its pretty funny~!

PickleSurprise - 10 days ago

Nice to see Phoebe taking her potential doom so well!

Badfurson - 10 days ago

She’s certainly gotten bigger after their battle with May~♥️

JeebyHeebies - 13 days ago

She's a soir loser

testuser - 2 weeks ago

But maybe this is a new way for pokemon to get EXP and level up!.

lewdlemage - 11 days ago

perfectly sized elf containers...

lewdlemage - 11 days ago

thank you... orz

DrakeHillside - 13 days ago

How lovely ~x3

carlj - 2 weeks ago

More mass on her thighs ^^

duder5k - 2 weeks ago

Was that Seldie or a different elf?

masterrussia - 7 days ago

ain't katara like 14 or something??? reported for sexualisation of a minor. :/

DrakeHillside - 13 days ago

Well, there's that problem solved. :U

MelancholyClownD - 13 days ago

As much as I like Azula as pred, Katara is the perfect person to eat her! Everything about this is breathtakingly marvelous! Katara's immense belly and internal shot is first-class!

daeway - 2 weeks ago

Good ole Katara vore.

z3d - 2 weeks ago

This is awesome stuff, having a vore mood is always good

a vampiric appetite...

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: lewdlemage

Tags: Breasts Belly F/? Animation hellsing Female Pred Seras Victoria

squirmy police girl 

Hoboman - 1 month ago

Alucard must be proud.

frostiey - 1 month ago

We went out for a walk.

SentimentalDergon - 1 month ago

Wonderful job conveying how tight her belly is! Very sexy!

HaloHarpy - 1 month ago

Seras looks so cute in your style! You did a great job ^^

SuperSpaceZone - 1 month ago

It's funny because if you think about it, kinda,

pov: ur date stood you up

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: lewdlemage

Tags: Breasts Belly F/? Implied Vore Big Belly Female Pred lizard girl ambiguous prey Mangra

guess you could talk to this weird lizard instead........
kicky version: 

BEN12122001 - 9 days ago

mangra is too cute to be arrested.
She probably eats the cops too tbh, so they just gave up. They're not paid enough to deal with vore.

BlueIce - 3 weeks ago

vorny brain = good brain

gwillikers - 3 weeks ago

I like the idea of Mangra eating people's dates in order to replace them.

Reiko - 1 month ago

God I love this image! Mangra is my fav :3

StuperMessedUp - 1 month ago

I'm sorry, but now I'm too sad to be horny...

some 21 doodles...

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: lewdlemage

Tags: Oral Vore Breasts Stomach Digestion F/F Same Size Fatal Cleavage Collar Big Belly Internal View stomach acids f/multiple Throat bulge Onomatopoeia Videl Huge breasts Stomach Noises Dragonball Z Laying on belly dbz Multiple Preys Android 21 Majin Android 21 videl satan

drew a while back when i was in a particularly vorny mood for some throat bulges... dont worry, im sure the great saiyaman will save her!! r-right!? 

Harriolderrrr - 1 month ago

True take, why should she always eat by turning into candy? she’s elastic she can swallow preys whole.

clinkoclinko - 1 month ago


BlueIce - 1 month ago

21 always being a loodle

Birichino - 1 month ago

N-not the ideal choice, 21.
I mean, her diet's mostly candy; she should get some greens in there and eat Cheelai instead.

Plume7 - 1 month ago

Android 21 deserves all the treats.

where'd she go!???!

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: lewdlemage

Tags: Digestion F/F Burp Same Size Fatal Animation Shego Unwilling Prey Female Prey Female Pred Kim Possible

vorezin's comet has returned to the skies once more, i dont have anything specific drawn yet but for now have a little shego loop i did 

ovenofriches - 1 month ago

Way to go, Shego - talk about a well-earned meal!

ElJorro - 1 month ago

This is one of my favorites. I was not that big a fan of Kim Possible but Shego always was hot.

The K - 2 months ago

Your animations are always top tier. You really know how to make a huge vore belly move around perfectly.

Spider8Fiend - 2 months ago

As always, you make some of the best vore animations I know ^_^

Tronoid3 - 2 months ago

Heck yes omg

MelancholyClownD - 7 days ago

Whoops, maybe they can dress Meowth up as a Pikachu? I must say... I'm super happy you drew Jessie vore! Thank you for this glorious piece!

Spider8Fiend - 2 months ago

Maybe next time, Jessie will be more careful to not devour Pikachu? That'll make the next time she swallows the twerps much more fulfilling. That is, unless Ash & co. are cooked from inside her belly ;)

ElJorro - 2 months ago

Team Rocket will soon be blasting off again.

Savagerush012 - 2 months ago

Brock is 15 or 16. Misty is 12.

Savagerush012 - 2 months ago


Spider8Fiend - 2 months ago

OOOOF. Her belly looks especially big and bouncy from this angle! How beautiful, well and truly ^_^

Khazrain - 2 months ago

Yes, please

Undernom - 2 months ago


SerenaBlaze - 2 months ago


Camacho - 2 months ago

a despair inducing stummy ache is boutta happen soon

poor kobeni...

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: lewdlemage

Tags: F/? Female Pred Belly bulge chainsaw man Kobeni Higashiyama

so this was her devil contract all along...... or probably power just talked her into this

rustybeats - 2 months ago

So happy to finally see Kobeni get to eat someone, thank you. Love that you even gave Kobeni and Power their proper ways of speaking.

lewdlemage - 2 months ago


Spider8Fiend - 2 months ago

What a demon of a boss! No sympathy whatsoever~

ElJorro - 2 months ago

Why do you post the other version in a different place?

clinkoclinko - 2 months ago


The K - 3 months ago

I'm late to this but beautiful work Lewdlemage.

Thecakeislie - 3 months ago


Voremora - 3 months ago

Please have one where she ate the other two also

StardustAdrian - 3 months ago

I love the internal shots you do!

supaboi - 3 months ago

looks like shes still hungry ;3

lewdlemage - 3 months ago

thanks for the kind words!! <33

ElJorro - 3 months ago

Why do you post different versions in a different place?

golly88 - 3 months ago

First things first. I always wanted to commission you but I don't really have the financial stability to commit such kind of expenses. And seeing Holo drawn by you makes me so happpy!

Also, the manga after a while take a very different turn from the original Light Novel so be warned if you mind these stuff. Otherwise highly recommend checking it out first.

Last but not least,I'd like to say that, even though your drawings fall into the porn category, they are still amazingly done. Your artstyle, your traits are actually inspiring. Not many artists in these kind of communities have ever made me feel like this so thank you for this as well.

Sorry for blubbing on about. Stay safe and well!

clinkoclinko - 3 months ago

(⓿_⓿)i am looking respectfully

Yoyocon - 3 months ago

Best wolf

Plume7 - 3 months ago

I wonder how common an occurrence this is.

ScornfulStomach - 4 months ago

Being fair, Takoyaki is the very bes.

lewdlemage - 4 months ago

thank you!!

Lofis - 4 months ago


AnAccount - 4 months ago

The underboob is great in this

daeway - 4 months ago

nice of her to eat the Kong Waifu wannabe (the real one is on Skull Island, hopefully we get a picture with her later)

pika2 - 5 months ago

b a n a n n a

lewdlemage - 5 months ago

;-; thank you...

lewdlemage - 5 months ago

LOL, so thats what happened.....

mrvoice - 5 months ago

It’s close enough...

heated battle...

Uploaded: 6 months ago

Owner: lewdlemage

Tags: Oral Vore Breasts Pokemon Digestion May F/F Same Size Butt Panties Unwilling Prey Female Prey Female Pred Flannery Onomatopoeia

a flannery i drew back when i was replaying emerald lol, featuring a crackhead angle attempt 

Pokerus - 4 months ago

Did you delete this picture off of other platforms? I'm just curious! I thought there was a non-kicky version

GassyBlossom31 - 5 months ago

Vore and a girl sagging pants. Two of my favorite things

VB88 - 6 months ago

The best yet!

SerenaBlaze - 6 months ago

Wow!!! <3

Perrincatte - 6 months ago

FLANNERY!!! flannery... FLANNERY!!!?
finally more best pokewife...

theunknownspy - 5 months ago

Then why is there only 3?

theunknownspy - 5 months ago

Can you blame him?

007siren - 5 months ago

Absolutely LOVE this Fish Princess ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

( ꈍᴗꈍ)

StardustAdrian - 6 months ago

The hearts aren’t his health, it’s how much he’s enjoying it.

Catvs - 6 months ago

I hope that stamina bar implies we'll see more~

Turbotowns - 4 months ago

Jesus Christ this is Amazing! Especially the part where she added more water!

Plume7 - 6 months ago

I remember at the end of the anime, he parts her coat and sticks his head inside her slime body so he can vent and scream without anyone hearing. That’s so hilarious and creative and I wish people did it more.

ShyMaster - 6 months ago

We need more Suu vore

SerenaBlaze - 6 months ago

Wow! <3

ariarigatou - 6 months ago

slime vore is criminally underrated :(

GoTee1 - 5 months ago

I dunno, the original just felt so sweet and wholesome (yeah boobs can be wholesome) this almost feels cursed by comparison.
But it's a curse I wouldn't mind suffering. Not like those Mummy curses.

ZaphodBeeblebrox - 6 months ago

I'm honestly not sure which version I like more

007siren - 6 months ago

Gonna assume it was too big to make it a gif? Either way, Delicious >:)

C4pit4nN3m0 - 6 months ago

their animations are incredible, they are getting better and better. It is a pity that there is no audio to be able to hear the burp she gives

daeway - 7 months ago

huh... I wonder why she ate them.
Probably ran out of pie.

TheIronAquarium - 7 months ago

wow this is beautiful

daeway - 7 months ago

having winona eat mangra would be nice

daeway - 7 months ago

if i say pretty please, can we have winona eat mangra?

carlj - 7 months ago

Silly lizard girl ^^

MidoriHime - 7 months ago

I can't help but wonder whose panties Mangra is wearing on her head...

so delicious and moist

Uploaded: 7 months ago

Owner: lewdlemage

Tags: Catgirl Oral Vore F/F portal Robot Mini Giantess GLaDOS chell Mini Giantess pred

catgirl glados!?? catgirl glados 

zzahs2 - 4 months ago

catgirl glados

JamesJayZero - 5 months ago

Okay. Cute. But.
How did she get inside?

Anonymousfan20 - 6 months ago

Now every time Still Alive pops up in my Spotify playlist I think of this. You monster

ArrowversePreds - 6 months ago

This is something I never knew I wanted.

AnAccount - 7 months ago

Yeah nah we don't gotta

supaboi - 4 months ago

I don't think there's any way for nurse joy not to end up in gardevoir's belly

Nightmare49 - 5 months ago

what amazing Gardevoir!~ Wish she was mine. ^^

supersaiyango - 6 months ago

Oh she will get out of there but she will be a bit heh browner than usual.

doomed - 7 months ago

I vote digestiom

Nobodyherepal - 7 months ago

Nothing peptobismal can’t fix, its like WD-40 but for your stomach.

prison break...

Uploaded: 9 months ago

Owner: lewdlemage

Tags: Giantess F/? Non-Fatal Female Pred Larger pred Boku no Hero Academia Mt Lady Multiple Preys My Hero Academia Yu Takeyama

she has to hold them all in there until they get the prison secured again, just hero duties yknow 

MelancholyClownD - 9 months ago

They should just make her belly a prison at this point, it seems way more foolproof than normal prison! There won't be any overcrowding because they'll eventually be "reformed" as Mt. lady tit or butt fat! Fantastic art as always!

MelancholyClownD - 9 months ago

They should just make her belly a prison at this point, those Villains won't ever escape again! Excellent art as always!

Birichino - 9 months ago

A hero's gotta do what a hero's gotta do!

Firebird22 - 9 months ago

you draw mt. lady in a very cute way.

i'm sure she can fit all the bad guys in their until the prison is secured.

two at once!?

Uploaded: 9 months ago

Owner: lewdlemage

Tags: Oral Vore Same Size F/? f/multiple MVA St.Miluina's

told ya she could do it... old stream sketch for osmiumorchid! 

Spider8Fiend - 9 months ago

She sure can fit in a lot! Does this pred have any limits!?

Birichino - 9 months ago

What a champ!

Firebird22 - 9 months ago

i feel like this will start a cycle where people will keep asking if she has room

now hold that pose

Uploaded: 9 months ago

Owner: lewdlemage

Tags: Oral Vore Burp Same Size F/? Female Pred Unknown prey

i think its called a cow pose? stream sketch i did a while back for crotalewd! 

Sansshrew - 9 months ago

You're Welcome

AnAccount - 9 months ago

Thank you

Sansshrew - 9 months ago

He's on Deviantart and Twitter

AnAccount - 9 months ago

This character is hot, sadly was unable to find crotalewd on here

Firebird22 - 9 months ago

it should be easy to stay like that, she's using the lunch for support

hiimbad - 3 months ago

Is nobody gonna mention that poor goomba in the bg

Spider8Fiend - 9 months ago

Guess its time for a whole new adventure in Bowsette's bowels! Let's just hope this adventure is just as unrealistic as the last one, else Peach's only destination is... well, you know...

Iseta - 9 months ago

I love this and your style is wonderful ^^

retnuh - 9 months ago

I just like to imagine Mario prying her mouth open and climbing down her throat

kibroman - 9 months ago


blepblepblep - 6 months ago

Tis only natural!

blepblepblep - 6 months ago

Tis onmly natural!

anema_sesuna - 9 months ago

Maybe one day she'll be a pred
Or maybe she's destined to digest
Who knows

WhatThe1 - 9 months ago

You should let papi be the Pred, or Suu even. =D

ShyMaster - 9 months ago

You should draw Suu eating everyone.

beware of mimics....

Uploaded: 10 months ago

Owner: lewdlemage

Tags: Big Breasts Belly Digestion F/F mimic mimi Implied Digestion Semi-willing Female Prey Female Pred chest Mimic pred Mimi the Mimic

a little piece of fanart for Aesir's Mimi!! she doesn't wear any pants..... 

GassyBlossom31 - 10 months ago

If only mimics looked like this in Dark Souls

MisirterE - 10 months ago

Like a Mimicutie.

usersp - 10 months ago

me too

theunknownspy - 10 months ago

Is this a bad thing?

Mild_Concussion - 10 months ago

I imagine her moving by sticking her feet out the bottom of the box like a Flintstones car

MelancholyClownD - 10 months ago

Now, we know who was actually hungry! Spectacular work!

KasoTheArtist - 10 months ago


kibroman - 10 months ago


VexerHoodie - 10 months ago

How it should had ended. >:3c

imnotgoodwithnames - 10 months ago

It was very much vore-bait and I’m glad to see it be made into a reality

a heavy breakfast...

Uploaded: 10 months ago

Owner: lewdlemage

Tags: Oral Vore F/F Burp Weight Gain Same Size Reformation Female Prey Female Pred burping up items Nurs

friends help friends lose weight!!

liked the idea of my OC oatmeal being able to regenarate after being digested, just add warm water/milk!
kickier version- 

Spider8Fiend - 10 months ago

What an interesting concept for a regenerative prey! I love it~

P1an3tv0re - 10 months ago

Very cute! Much approve!

secrettome - 10 months ago

Cute regen concept, cute burp, and cute gains!

Savagerush012 - 10 months ago

Interesting concept. So the strawberry is Oatmeal's core?

Birichino - 10 months ago

That's such a cute power! But...her poor friend is going to need some help now. Well, new clothes would do; she looks great like this.

preview etc etc

Uploaded: 11 months ago

Owner: lewdlemage

Tags: F/F Animation witch Big Breasts Soul Eater Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai! uzaki hana

did some blair vore and uzaki preg last month, etc etc, if you wanna see them and other stuff early consider supportin me on patreon! 

SherlokKiril - 11 months ago

I see you did a sexy witch... gosh your Patreon worths it even more now.

Robotdocter - 11 months ago

:O man every time i stop pledging you make such amazing animations!

hi!! ...wheres daisy?

Uploaded: 11 months ago

Owner: lewdlemage

Tags: Soft Vore F/F Same Size Daisy Rosalina Super Mario Bros Female Prey Female Pred Digestion Noises

suspiciously round space princess 

KasoTheArtist - 11 months ago


Iseta - 11 months ago

Ah yeas i were waiting a lot a rosa drawing from u

VexerHoodie - 11 months ago

Making the best princess better <3

pika2 - 11 months ago

B e s t g i r l

unknownknowndude - 11 months ago

Rosalina looking pretty sus. We should vote her off. UKDude was ejected...

mangra is very accomodating

Uploaded: 11 months ago

Owner: lewdlemage

Tags: POV Oral Vore F/? Maw shot Lizard Pred POV prey Mangra

the rare lewdle pov maw shot, should actually draw more tbh 

supaboi - 10 months ago

yes I agree an inviting pred is really hot =)

NaughtyMaggcat - 10 months ago

When you want more patreons

chaosvolt - 11 months ago

Definitely neat to see POV stuff done by you, yeah.

saitofang - 11 months ago

You're really good at it. You always know how to make a pred inviting in some way.

KasoTheArtist - 11 months ago

Kinda want a part 2 for da belly.

has anyone seen chilchack???

Uploaded: 11 months ago

Owner: lewdlemage

Tags: F/M Delicious in Dungeon Izutsumi Chilchak

bastard cat 

ThirtyCelcius - 9 months ago


Birichino - 11 months ago

Chilchak is not a monster!
I need to catch up on Dunmeshi.

RedNastyFoxy - 11 months ago

Huff, got any room for more? :3

Spider8Fiend - 11 months ago

"Uh. Nooooo?"

tacotaco - 11 months ago

AH! Dungeon Mengi, that series gives me so many ideas. Nice to see someone tackle it.

JustsomePervIG - 7 months ago

Funnily enough there are multiple instances of hirses eating baby chicks when given the chance, so I have no doubt she could 'do away with' most of her competition

Knumpip - 10 months ago

All that horsing around will make Centorea a hungry horse..

SherlokKiril - 11 months ago

I really love when artists play with multiple stomachs when centaur is a pred.

MKX73T - 11 months ago

Haha those horse legs :)

RediQ - 11 months ago

These sketches are great and oh my god centaurs are the best

tfw ur sister takes forever to merge

Uploaded: 11 months ago

Owner: lewdlemage

Tags: Oral Vore Belly F/F Same Size Darkstalkers Implied Digestion indigestion sleeping prey Sister/Sister Morrigan Aensland siblings vore Lilith Aensland irritated pred

this is the old darkstalker pic i was makin reference to in the last pic lol, drew it like last halloween 

kibroman - 11 months ago


The K - 11 months ago

Her swollen belly can't digest her food? Poor thing. Sleepy prey is best prey.

Wanderingspirit1333 - 11 months ago

I love it

Birichino - 11 months ago

Well, they're together, anyway.

Spider8Fiend - 11 months ago

She's too sleepy to be properly digested. Don't interrupt her nap with something as silly as stomach acids!

a qbee thingy

Uploaded: 11 months ago

Owner: lewdlemage

Tags: Oral Vore F/F Burp Darkstalkers Q-Bee taunting Morrigan Aensland Lilith Aensland

a semi sequel to a morrigan thing i drew a while ago lol 

GreenJester - 7 months ago

Hell yeah! Q-Bee! My girl!

lewdlemage - 11 months ago

i havent actually uploaded that pic here cuz it's kinda old lol, i'll do it now one sec

Birichino - 11 months ago

So thoughtful

Gunbot1333 - 11 months ago

By chance can someone post a link to the pic that this is a sequel to?

kibroman - 11 months ago


android 21 time

Uploaded: 11 months ago

Owner: lewdlemage

Tags: Oral Vore Stomach Digestion F/F Burp Same Size Navel Big Belly Female Prey Internal View Female Pred Dragonball f/multiple midriff Burping Onomatopoeia Huge breasts Stomach Noises Multiple Preys milf prey Android 21 Dragon Ball FighterZ hands on breast Android 21 (Good)

i like the idea good!21 survives her storyline/re-fuses with her bad self and occasionally loses control during intense moments.....
version w/ extra kicks- 

Knumpip - 10 months ago

Oh no, I've added this to my personal headcanon, what have you done?! Loving the expressions, and fun use of lesser used girls!

daeway - 11 months ago

So we got some Good Android 21 vore. Which is good, she needs to put some meat on her bo- wait where's everyone?

Boashanpu - 11 months ago

Good 21 is such a great pred, she's both adorable and sweet, probably literally considering her affinity for candy.

Personally, I headcanon her real name as Amber, as it matches her normal hair color and the geology naming scheme for Androids.

boomerangfish - 11 months ago

haha no don't absorb the other dragon ball ladies, you're so sexy

Moonlightshadow - 11 months ago

Yes, that extra kick version is glorious~


Uploaded: 11 months ago

Owner: lewdlemage

Tags: Oral Vore Breasts Belly Same Size F/? Animation Monster girl Mangra

what is she doing...?? 

Havoc - 10 months ago

I think it's obvious what she's doing.
She's clearly being adorable~

daeway - 11 months ago

She's just playing.

usersp - 11 months ago

i like the blue girl belly, she is a pred too isnt she?

KasoTheArtist - 11 months ago

This is adorable

Birichino - 11 months ago

At least she's having fun

the devil of ohara!?

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: lewdlemage

Tags: Oral Vore F/F Same Size Female Prey Female Pred nico robin one piece Nami

cowboy nico robin is still one of my fav looks.... 

Houyo - 9 months ago

*Dumbass noises of approval*

MelancholyClownD - 1 year ago

I always knew Nico Robin is the superior girl out of the two! I'm glad you made her tanned like in the anime, i was a bit sad that was an anime only thing and they made her skin lighter in the timeskip.

The Core - 1 year ago

YES, a classic, love Robin-swain vore

boomerangfish - 1 year ago

YEEHAW you've outdone yourself

AngelSony - 1 year ago

I always think old Robin is much better in dessign than the current one~

evil sydney stuff

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: lewdlemage

Tags: Breasts Belly F/F Bulge Animation Struggling Female Prey Female Pred Sydney squirming belly unintentional vore

this is originally just a stuffing/wg animation but i had kip's blessing to do a little evil vore version hehe 

DARK13 - 1 year ago

I love the fact she didn't notice ate until is too late XD accidental vore is da best.

DARK13 - 1 year ago


SacredCow - 1 year ago

So awesome! What do you use to animate?

Absol544 - 1 year ago

good stuff

Kroel - 1 year ago

Yes. LOVE it.

Plume7 - 4 months ago

Joke’s on Ryuko. That’s a Nudist Beach outfit, so she won’t get any Life Fibers out of digesting Nonon.

Appo - 1 year ago

Dr Worm as the best bwubs.

kibroman - 1 year ago

I hope Ryuko digested it
I'm curious how much your body will grow after digesting it

good work

ThatBrassyGuy - 1 year ago


Birichino - 1 year ago

It's nice to see 18 get one every once in a while.

daeway - 1 year ago

hmmmmmm still prefer 21

Bright - 1 year ago

Haha, love it.

CakePisces - 1 year ago

there goes the signature "bwub" XD

Vulgun - 1 year ago


Biohacker989 - 1 day ago

All those villains are lucky because they get to make her curves plumper and make her sexier, I want to be next on the menu.

VertGreenHeart - 1 year ago

first time I seen a female prey say she'd rather be eaten by a male.

MrPeculiar - 1 year ago

Hm! Well, I'm assuming the dialogue is just throw-away, but are you actually into male-pred in the least, Worm?

mibankai1171 - 1 year ago

Cant wait to see Mirko in action come season 5 ^_^

DetonaTuto - 1 year ago

This makes me want to become a bad guy~

preview preview preview...

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: lewdlemage

Tags: F/? Animation preview possible vore

here's a preview of the next animations ill be postin... featuring kip's sydney (with special evil vore version for u freaks...) as well as mangra bein her usual voretrash self as well!! if u wanna see em early... then consider subbin below! 

AmiiboAlec - 1 year ago

been a while since we saw nurs

TrainerKatrine - 1 year ago

Oooh I see some no lunch break character here!

The K - 1 year ago

These look good. Especially that top one. It's looks like it'll be legendary. Can't wait to see.

ThatBrassyGuy - 1 year ago

AW YEAH! I am hyped for this!

VFF217 - 1 year ago

He is a part of something far greater.

Killboo - 1 year ago

Ronald is witnessing “perfection”

[Dinobonoid] - 1 year ago

She has absorbed his nutrients.

And I didn't even get to try his Big Mac...

Tsavo - 1 year ago

Hnng. I love this so much.

HalfTime - 1 year ago

When you think about it, corporate takeovers are a form of vore

Neo VS Team RWBY!

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: lewdlemage

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore F/F Same Size Bulge Animation Navel Big Belly smaller pred Female Prey Female Pred f/multiple Digestion Noises RWBY Blake Belladonna Ruby Rose Weiss Schnee Yang Xiao Long neopolitan

i was in a very muli-prey mood lol, the idea of all four of team rwby squeeze inside neo.... *sweating emojis* 

cloudrunnerteeny - 9 months ago

Neo makes an amazing pred <3

DARK13 - 1 year ago

Never underestimate the short ones...NEVER!!! XD

GnomeishDelight - 1 year ago

Beware the smol, for they might be more capable than you think.

deathknight - 1 year ago

I kind of want to see her all fat now xp

boomerangfish - 1 year ago

I love this SO much, I love her smug expression and filled tummy... good shit my dude

Gardveoir used Swallow!

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: lewdlemage

Tags: Pokemon Belly Feral F/? Fatal Animation Gardevoir Female Pred Pokemon pred spinda pokemon prey Pokemon/Pokemon bigger pred

i-i dont think thats a move they can learn... 

zzahs2 - 9 months ago

they're the same person lol

Bright - 11 months ago

I was under the impression that they were the same person.

Eyeball44 - 11 months ago

Again itsnot his

Eyeball44 - 11 months ago

This isnt his its dr worms art

anema_sesuna - 1 year ago

Good good

GramzonTheDragon - 1 year ago

oh shit how'd i miss this image

Badfurson - 1 year ago


anema_sesuna - 1 year ago

When i first watched the show i expected her to eat the kid after he said he was a cat person

Appo - 1 year ago

Big tiddy goth hellhound GF.

usersp - 1 year ago

i mean, became a watcher


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the most obvious title in the world i know leave me alone ok!!! 

JacksonTheEmperor - 1 year ago

Scott Pilgrim! ^^

Undernom - 1 year ago

More like nicest guy she ever ated.

P1an3tv0re - 1 year ago

Very cute!

Dan3012 - 1 year ago

a pretty cute couple indeed

auburntheprey - 1 year ago

Can we get some Bwub merch?