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Variations on a theme: Gotta hide the evidence

He huffed and puffed. Jogging was


hard. But his girlfriend was on his case to lose a few pounds so he’d been doing his best to keep a good exercise regimen going. All things considered, that wasn’t


hard. The hard part was eati

Rando Vignettes: Variations on a theme

Uploaded: 9 days ago

Owner: marloweny

Tags: Soft Vore Unbirth F/F M/M M/F Oral Shrinking Insertion Food Transformation fusion Compression

Here's some stuff that ended up filled out too big to be plot fragments but not full enough to be parts of other stories. Weird ones, all based around the idea of wanting to hide the evidence. 

ShadesofBlack - 4 hours ago

I enjoyed them all, but the last one most of all! Oh my goodness. *blush*

2good2btru - 3 days ago

Really enjoyed the last story, it was cute. X3

WizardLizard - 4 days ago

Wouldn’t mind a more extended version of that last one.

Ottsel - 8 days ago

Loved em!

Nightcrawler99 - 8 days ago

Last one was my fav out of these!^^

Lissa purred in delight as she slid her tight, shiny bodice back over her chest. She’d taken care to choose her outfit well, a one piece, body hugging, sleeveless outfit. It was so tight it may as well have been painted from her boobs to her hips, then continued as a loin cloth in front and back with nothing underneath. The better to have easy access, after all. This was her first trip to earth in entirely too long, and she was determined to make it worth her while.

Succubus Meal [COMMISSION]

Uploaded: 2 weeks ago

Owner: marloweny

Tags: Unbirth Succubus F/F Absorption Anal Vore Willing H/F fusion CTF FTP Hermaphrodite Pussy TF sentient fat

A succubus treats a nunnery like an all you can absorb buffet. Commission for  corsper117 

Arfunkel - 2 weeks ago

Damn, that is some good ass writing.

marloweny - 2 weeks ago

There's no initial chapter. I only had time for 3000 words, so in order to fit the story, I started after an initial act of vore.

Inquisitor77 - 2 weeks ago

I enjoyed reading this one, and I have to ask what the previous entry in this apparent series is called so I can read that one as well.

The sound of the hourly ring from the Chaldea Academy bell tower echoed metallically throughout the school building and its sprawling grounds, startling Inugami Nagisa out of her focused state right as she'd finally managed to achieve it. As the chimes rolled into the empty classroom, one after another, she sighed and stretched her lanky arms above her head, her school blazer rustling as it was pushed into a position not intended by its designer, as most clothes Nagisa tended to wear did.

Lunchtime Lewdness [Commission/Collab]

Uploaded: 3 weeks ago

Owner: marloweny

Tags: Oral Vore Tongue Soft Vore Stomach F/F Story Non-fatal Micro Prey Willing Pred Vore story Shrunken woman safevore Willing prey Inugami Nagisa Kurihara Anna

A story by  Stiff that I was hired to complete. Nagisa forgot lunch. Kurumi IS lunch. Works out pretty well, don't you think? 

Stiff - 3 weeks ago

For those wondering, this is based on a commission I got from Jora-Bora last year!

Whereaminow27 - 3 weeks ago

It looks like she wants a few of the other girls to join her. It would be a shame, if she had a swollen bulgy stomach, and somehow the protection spell or w/e was dispelled accidently by Nagisa. Or the shrinking spell worn off and they fill her out :P

Teya flipped open the book she’d been given. The Maskers had been so kind to the little Kobold, out on her first real adventure away from the land of her birth. It would have been difficult to live out here without their help. Outside of the Greater Lands, things like Kobolds were a rare site. She didn’t think she was terribly frightening. Who would be scared of a little blue and gray kobold who barely came up to the navel of the average human? But still, when she walked the streets,

Teya's Bright Idea

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: marloweny

Tags: Oral Vore F/F Bulge Story Non-fatal kobold romance Semi-willing smaller pred Willing Pred Human Prey Vore story Sexual content Endosoma Bigger Prey safevore Kobold pred

A kobold decides to help her human friend decide which mate he should choose.


A book I beta read was just released (The Bygone Caper, if you're interested, though it's the fourth book in a series) and I've already been asked to beta read the next one. This is a story I daydreamed over the course of several weeks while discussing the series with the author. He would be very puzzled by this bit of fan fiction, but I did my best to match the style of the story, even...
[ Continued ...

Mime experiment

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: marloweny

Tags: Unbirth Transformation squishing Insertion Compression written work

Wendy decides to try out a curious new magic book and ends up in a compromising positin.


A vored-up version of a story I posted on FA recently. 

hornywing - 1 month ago

I liked your FA version but loved this take on it.

ArgobargSoup - 1 month ago

Ooooh~ Fun compression stuff, and a delightful UB result~

Mike225 - 1 month ago

Love it!
Always big fan of your compression stories :D

PizzPants - 1 month ago

pretty interesting to read~

John yawned and rolled out of bed. He and his two friends had been roommates since they were freshmen in college, and had been rooming together since then. This was quite an achievement considering one of those friends was a girl, and they tended not to last very long in arrangements such as this. Still, it was a bit of a mixed blessing. On one hand, it meant they were able to afford an actual apartment on the edge of the campus. On the other hand, pulling that stunt meant they were a little too

Casual Shopping [COMMISSION]

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: marloweny

Tags: F/F M/F Food Transformation Casual implied fatal Casual predator

A college guy short on cash stocks his pantry with some of the local ladies.

Commissioned by  2Good2btru 

willofwii - 3 weeks ago

Absolutely love it! Would love to see another cooking story like this!

NewSuperTrios - 1 month ago

That's horrific. Where do I sign up?

rubuio91 - 1 month ago

Fantastic story!

Mike225 - 1 month ago

Love the casual vibe of this one! Also great descriptions of the transformations:D

Drakira - 1 month ago

I absolutely loved the story. I kinda wonder if he kept complaining about the panties, why not save them to be napkins for the meal later?~

Judy shifted uncomfortably in the rather unique bathroom of the restaurant where she’d been earning what little money she could contribute to the monthly expenses. The search for a more conventional job had stalled a bit. There just wasn’t much call for a fitness instructor these days. Technically Vivvie’s benefactor was paying her enough to cover their total expenses and then some, but Judy wasn’t the kind of girl who could sit on her hands while her (almost literal) sug

Big Vivvie [Commission/Gift]

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: marloweny

Tags: Oral Vore Unbirth squishy encasement Story candy Shrinking Dragon pred Human Prey Vore story Compression Shrunken woman Dragon prey Micro pred Unwilling to Willing prey

Vivvie's income stream has been a little too good to be true, but it looks like even when things go wrong, they can still go so right.


Written for  Ninth. This one got away from me, about twice the length I'd intended. I'm told that's a common problem with some writers, overshooting the mark. Count me among them. 

Amberain - 1 month ago

I was really hoping Vivvie would make it all the way inside, and then Judy could try out her abdominal clench again at the end. I suppose it will have to be something they'll work their way up to, once they have a friendlier shrink source.

MathiasGrim - 1 month ago

absolutely lovely story with an very fun and wholesome ending <3

softvarelover - 1 month ago

I figured that weird man was not as innocent or nice as he seemed.

It's a good thing that Vivvie knows Judy so well otherwise she would have been in a world of trouble.

Groblek - 1 month ago

Ooh, this one’s a lot of fun! And yeah, getting carried away with our work seems to be a common writing hazard.

magicboy13 - 2 months ago

Hehe I love stories with Vivvie in it XD Noice.

But it'll feel so GOOD [GIFT]

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: marloweny

Tags: Toon Navel Vore Female Pred

Art by Toonvasion.

A freshly transformed vore-obsessed toon dragon finds a new friend to introduce to her belly in the most direct fashion possible. 

Having fun in there? [GIFT]

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: marloweny

Tags: Non-Vore clothing entrapment

Meeta will deny it, but trapped against Wendy's lovely belly is one of her favorite ways to spend an evening these days.

Art, again, by Toonvasion. 

Kind of Spicy [GIFT]

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: marloweny

Tags: Oral Vore Micro Prey

Wendy is a very sweet girl, due in large part to her eating her spicy side.

Art by Toonvasion 

Tassie - 3 months ago

I still blame Zootopia for making love this thing so much.

2good2btru - 3 months ago

Welp, that's one way to deal with that devil on your shoulder.

In Ya Go [GIFT]

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: marloweny

Tags: Non-Vore cleavage entrapment

A fun image of Wendy playing with Meeta, courtesy of Toonvasion on FA. 

Brainstorming SessionJulia clapped her hands to get everyone’s attention as she walked into the lab at Mad Science Kink headquarters. The collection of employees and interns, who had been milling about and generally wasting time, started to quite down.“All right, everyone, all right. Let’s get focused. As you know, the MSK website is doing well enough, but I’m an engineer, and having money is great, but having inventions is greater. I’ve asked you all here to suggest industrial uses f

Brainstorming Day

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: marloweny

Tags: Oral Vore Unbirth food tf Clothing TF

Julia opens up the floor for suggestions on new HDTF products. 

Pokeman - 1 month ago

I second this!

Pokeman - 1 month ago

How about mass difference equal and opposite to the change in potential energy due to position plus the energy due to speed? For example, breaking free of a star's gravity well would eat up a lot of your mass, but coming back down from orbit could actually increase mass a bit. Traveling point to point at about the same altitude wouldn't have any change, but making regular trips with a large energy gain or loss would slowly change your mass. It would be very slow, though. I got way to into this idea, and did the math for a trip to the ISS, and you would only loose about 0.00000004% of your mass, assuming the mass loss obeys thermodynamics. Mars would loose you 0.0007%. So unless you want to do far future sci-fi, and go to the outer planets or something, thermodynamics sadly won't be giving you much fun.

Gotta give you credit, though, you've kept your world internally consistent enough that it inspired me to extrapolate using math, so you must be doing something right. I'm glad to see HDTF again! :P

Groblek - 3 months ago

That’s quite a brainstorming session! Good to see the Mad Science Kink folks again.

Twer67 - 3 months ago

Ii'd really like to see more hdtf shenanigans such as being used as a living condom

marloweny - 3 months ago

I'll have to put some thought into that.

Groblek - 3 months ago

Ooh, fun! It’s great to see this group again, and I like where you’ve gone with this installment.

Pokeman - 3 months ago

so glad you ended up continuing this! It was a joy to read it all again!

Pokeman - 3 months ago

Well this was unexpected. I think I'll have to reread the original series first, it's been months since I last did.

Morphy - 3 months ago

Is it Christmas? Because this is a present for everyone! :D

Thank you so much for more sexy squeaky shenanigans

Geb - 3 months ago

I'm going to have to reread the whole series now. It left such a good impression when you posted the first few stories.

Wendy Ref

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: marloweny

Tags: Vixen Non-Vore latex rubber latex suit Rubber Suit

Here's Wendy's Reference Sheet. I should fill this in with more details about her. I will do that later (or I'll forget and this'll just be here). Art by Rubbermage. 

C107galaxytachyon - 3 months ago

I’m guessing Rubbermage only does this for furry bio pages, then?

Morphy - 3 months ago


doomed - 3 months ago

Wendy is still awesome and I miss reading about her

The Pred is in [GIFT]

Uploaded: 4 months ago

Owner: marloweny

Tags: Dragon Non-Vore Implied Vore candy dragon

A fun image of Vivvie, opening up shop for the day. I'll probably use it as the cover of a story one of these days. 

Morphy - 4 months ago

Is there a line? I wanna be in line.

Groblek - 4 months ago

Ooh, I love her expression here.

NewSuperTrios - 4 months ago

Van Pelt Endotherapy?

TheMysteriousSadSack - 4 months ago

Please tell me she eventually tacks on a "psychiatric help" sign

Tassie - 4 months ago

OMG, this is so much fun just to look at and imagine things about.

Ref I forgot to post

Uploaded: 4 months ago

Owner: marloweny

Tags: Non-Vore

Here's a ref of Wendy that I don't think I ever posted!

UPDATE: Forgot to credit the artist: RedDalek on FA 

firefox01 - 4 months ago

love it!

JackJackal - 4 months ago

She's a sexy fox!

hornywing - 4 months ago

Oh! I bet I can guess the artist! :D

CDR2Magi1 - 4 months ago

Really cute! Would love to see more with her!

Eden cuddled with her beloved genie Majesca, an intoxicated grin on her face. Each had a glass of champagne in one hand and the fingers of their other hand idly at work between the legs of her partner. The night had been quiet, pleasant, and filled with the astonishingly casual sensual teasing that had managed to become downright wholesome for the two of them. On the television, the camera focused on a huge crystal ball as it slid toward the bottom of its poll to mark the end of one year and the

Drunk Wishes

Uploaded: 4 months ago

Owner: marloweny

Tags: Oral Vore Unbirth F/F F/M genie loving Female Prey Male Prey Female Pred caring Self-Vore Soft Dismemberment CTF wishes self-unbirth Mischevious

Eden gets a little tipsy on New Years and makes some ill-advised wishes that nearly end in tragedy. 

Whereaminow27 - 4 months ago

I do hope we get to see Maye again. I loved how she was a mini giantess and swallowed people.

Threadzless - 4 months ago


Twer67 - 4 months ago

Looks kike the genie is also a tad bit mishevious but only to those that deserve it, and becuase both are seriously craving a nice big dick to play, i wonder how their play would take of if one of them or both wished to be herms and maybe eden and the genie could play around with eden's douche bag ex that benefits the both of them, i'd feel like cock vore and condom transformation or possibly ctf would fit and the title could be "a wish for payback"

kingarthur0205 - 4 months ago

I should've known that

kingarthur0205 - 4 months ago

Duh, of course. Thank you

A key turned in the lock of Ronya’s apartment. When the door opened, it wasn’t Ronya that stepped through. At least, it wasn’t only Ronya who stepped through. The near-divine figure that paced inside and dropped her things on the side table had elements of Ronya’s face in her face, certainly. But there was a mix of other features. A sparkle of iridescent scale. Something majestic and mystical. Features that once belonged to a siren named Peia. And, of course, they still did. Because at t

Siren Song 11

Uploaded: 4 months ago

Owner: marloweny

Tags: Human Unbirth Slime F/F Absorption Sex Reformation Non-fatal Lesbian Rebirth Post-Vore Slimegirl Willing Pred merge Monster girl Female Prey Female Pred Sexual content marriage Lesbian sex Endosoma sexual vore public vore Willing prey

A monumental new story (and likely the second to last chapter) in the Siren Song series for  Groblek

Forgive the lack of tags. I wrote this over a LONG time and I don't remember all the goings on. 

ShadesofBlack - 4 months ago


Pokeman - 4 months ago

Lovely! Although, I think that if their true merge would be so evident, and if it can only happen with true love, then that would just count for any trials.

LemonBarb - 4 months ago

All I'd say, is when the marriage ceremony is fufilled. I'd hope that Roneia is there to stay, in eternal union sort of deal. But hey, that's "permament fusion/integration" at play here.

doomed - 4 months ago


ArgobargSoup - 4 months ago

Ooooh~ There's lots of good here, both in adorable relationships and lewd fun~

Veronica sipped at her wine and glanced at the clock. She was going to kill her manager. These meet and greets with fans were always so terrible. She didn’t mind meeting with her adoring public–she was a people person, after all–but the ones who were willing to pay the kind of price he set always turned out to be… a bit much. And this restaurant was some nameless hole-in-the-wall in what seemed like a state park. A whole meal, in the middle of nowhere, with an over-enthusiastic stalker-t

Gorgon Groupie

Uploaded: 4 months ago

Owner: marloweny

Tags: Oral Vore Gorgon Insertion Petrification

An aging rockstar/movie star meets an enthusiastic fan with plans to rebuild her career. 

Groblek - 4 months ago

Ooh, that’s a delightful one! I think that these two have the makings of another ongoing “Fantasy Date” romance. Maybe Veronica sends Stheno a VIP ticket & backstage pass for the final stop on her comeback tour or private showing of a new movie, as an opening for letting Stheno know that Veronica hasn’t been able to stop thinking about the Gorgon since the events of this story. Or something like that.

Bookie - 4 months ago

Wow, just wow. This one goes into so many directions and tugs at so many new and unique ideas, and it just works, and it's so damn hot. Love it.

doomed - 4 months ago

Love this , it’s so intimate and yet wholesome

ShadowDM - 4 months ago

I really like this one

Onewingedangel - 4 months ago

Super cute and kinds naughty, love it!

Monica grumbled and crossed her arms. She really wasn’t looking forward to the next few months. She’d taken the job as a deep sea rig worker because she was looking forward to the solitude. Adjusting to the pressure meant you had to go down slowly and gradually adjust to the pressure, and then you had to come up even more slowly to keep from getting the bends. For that reason, they planned things such that up and down trips were minimized. You were booked for months of work. She thought for

High Pressure Experiment

Uploaded: 5 months ago

Owner: marloweny

Tags: Unbirth F/M latex rubber Domination Shrinking Insertion femdom Compression clothing entrapment

A quick HDTF story about what happens if you don't plan your activities wisely after agreeing to test an HDTF isotope.


Amberain - 3 months ago

Well that goes back to what I mentioned about baselines. Why would normal atmospheric pressure deform someone who became more flexible while already under those conditions? Change should come from being subject to different from normal forces, not the same forces that are always present in your environment, as those are already in equilibrium. That's why this story was so interesting to begin with, I just tried to expand upon the concept, and see what sort of results we'd get following the same path further down the road. The main liberty I took was assuming some sort of isotope transfer to begin with, because if her own form is static, the possibilities just weren't as interesting to me. Just wish I had the writing ability to give the scenario the full sequel it deserves, rather than just the roughest of outlines in the comments here.

Adseria - 3 months ago

The problem with this is that it's impossiblle to predict what would happen, because the HDTF doesn't follow the laws of physics.

Consider that, even as you read this, you're experiencing ~12psi of atmospheric pressure. From what we see in this story, he should have shrunk noticably, at least a bit, just from that. As he didn't, we can conclude that the HDTF doesnt follow the laws of physics (assuming we didn't already work that out), and so we can't use them to predict what might happen.

ethan3369 - 5 months ago

I really want to see the aftermath

ShadesofBlack - 5 months ago

Oh wow. This is... this is lovely!

ethan3369 - 5 months ago

I think you are probably right but I think the dry suit will keep her the same size as they depress. I think as soon as she try to take it off she will probably start growing to amazon size but probably slowly do to the low amount of isotope.

Cara arrived at the restaurant, the usual place for Fantasy Fix-Ups. She’d actually done a few of these now, so she was one of those rare people who probably knew what she was getting into. Or, at least, she would have been, except that the whole reason she’d started looking for dates on fantasy fix-ups was because she enjoyed the thrill of encountering something entirely new. At first, she was comfortable just picking this fantasy creature or that. They were all new to her, after all. But a

Chemical Romance

Uploaded: 5 months ago

Owner: marloweny

Tags: Unbirth F/F pheromones Non-fatal Willing

Cara goes on a fantasy fix-up and finds a strange creature who is both very hard and very easy to love.


Another weird one.  

Threadzless - 5 months ago

You write good <3

Ev0nix - 5 months ago

Would you like ideas for creatures?
I was surprised when you compared her to a Slazzal, the mental image I was building was quite different.

Hawkeye7 - 5 months ago

Wow, such a sweet exotic story. You create these wonderful settings and relationships between characters. You make the fantasic, belivable. Loved it! :)

Groblek - 5 months ago

Ooh, this is a interesting concept, and a fun story! And once again, you’ve managed to creats a couple of Fantasy Date characters that I want to see turn up again sometime. :)

EtherRealty - 5 months ago

I was expecting this to end with cum digestion, and I'm pleasantly surprised. This was a really cute little story. <3<3<3

Cora pushed up the sleeves of her lab coat to adjust her rubber gloves. Technically it was a violation to be working alone in the lab—they were working on some pretty dangerous stuff—but she always felt as though she got her best work done after the others left for the day. Maybe it was that the caffeine buzz that got her through the majority of her shift was finally balanced with the exhaustion of the work day. Maybe it was just that the rest of the crew spent as much time getting o

Cora's Breakthrough

Uploaded: 6 months ago

Owner: marloweny

Tags: Non-Vore Tentacle impregnation

A gift for Cora (@laborawhorey on twitter.) Finally, a successful scientific test, and a rather intense first contact with an inter-dimensional life form.

This is a unique one from me. Lots of stuff I don't usually write about. NAUGHTY TENTACLES! 

Tassie - 5 months ago

Simple and fun, this is way better than the one I wrote.

giblieherps - 6 months ago

So you inspired me to play around a bit with this. Im thinking of a snarky security guard and him responding with this: " I know you like working late, and I have let it slide in the past but you are currently violating our safety and security policy, and more to the point your work seems to have just violated you" (insert canned audience laughter).

Keep up the great work i love your stuff.

giblieherps - 6 months ago

I cant wait to see more, i think a fun combination of plantdiggers matryoshka doll with your vivian series could play out wonderfully. Like maybe one little bugger hatches in her acts like a randy nymph and encourages her to plant the other eggs in receptive or not so receptive females, after the eggs are gone the nymph grows and swallows her to be a symbiote.

Very inspiring story from you.

ArgobargSoup - 6 months ago

Oh ***goodness***, a very good example of good ol' naughty tentacles, *and* a very good example of tentacle egg fun~

A very >///w///> story here~

Gimlet - 6 months ago

UN, not UV. I really shouldn't post at 4AM in the morning.

She leaned back in the sauna, eyes shut, drinking in the warmth. At first, she’d been a little hesitant to try this place. It was a unisex steam room, and the rules required all people who used it to be nude. She was always a little sensitive about her body. When she was younger, she had a dynamite bod and she knew it, but as she slid into her thirties she’d softened a bit. That was nice for rounding out her boobs (they were the least impressive part of her youthful build) but she had more o

Steam room

Uploaded: 6 months ago

Owner: marloweny

Tags: Unbirth F/M Sex Non-fatal Semi-willing Male Prey Female Pred Multiple Preds sweaty Slippery human dildo grinding scissoring

A woman in a unisex steam room discovers what may be the source of her slightly older associates effortless confidence. 

Groblek - 5 months ago

Ooh, very nicely done, this one’s hot in all senses of the word.

lewajet - 6 months ago

I would love to read the young mans pov through all of this

Hawkeye7 - 6 months ago

whoa... incredible as ever ... such a nice sauna experiance. :)

ShadesofBlack - 6 months ago

Oh good heavens, this was hot and steamy! :P

Zerobotz - 6 months ago

I liked the edit. A little dialogue would be nice, but definitely would be interested in seeing how this plays out.

The hydra sat anxiously in the waiting room. Ever since coming to the human world, she’d been doing her very best to fit in. It wasn’t easy. It turned out, the world wasn’t really set up for intelligent creatures that weren’t roughly the size and shape of a human. The size could have been more of an issue. She was very very small by hydra standards. She only had four heads at the moment, and she wasn’t even the size of a horse. But she was still quadrupal, and she still had big long ne

Job Applicant

Uploaded: 6 months ago

Owner: marloweny

Tags: Soul Vore F/F Absorption Unwilling hydra Unwilling Prey Willing Pred Human Prey Assimilation Feral Pred Casual vore hydra girl

A many headed creature attempts to get a job, and manages to impress during her interview. 

Pokeman - 5 months ago

Why am I imagining her gradually consuming the entire call center staff, and just running everything?

Sora - 5 months ago

That was definitely an interesting story. Well done!

minasan - 5 months ago

I love assimilation like this. I hope to see more of her.

Ev0nix - 6 months ago

When you think about it this is definitely soul vore

Ev0nix - 6 months ago

When you think about it this is definitely soul vore

Nancy glanced over her shoulder as she approached the approached the listed address. The whole thing felt a little like a setup, like she was going to enter the storefront and it was going to be a hidden camera show or something embarrassing like that. But the ad had been so enticing. Revolutionary body enhancement. Once in a lifetime discount price. And the line that convinced her to give the place a try. “Plus sized girls welcome.”Nancy was not a small woman. She was over six feet tall, bu

Economy of Scale [GIFT/COLLAB]

Uploaded: 6 months ago

Owner: marloweny

Tags: Non-Vore Melting dildo onahole bottled molding transformation

This was suggested/inspired by  Gimlet, who in turn was inspired by one of my own stories. So... neat!
Read this one first:

In this one, a plus-sized woman looks to get some body enhancement and ends up needing to pull herself together. 

Groblek - 5 months ago

Ooh, that’s a fun take on this!

Gimlet - 6 months ago

Heh, and you went and did it! Very cool, love the descriptions on this one. Wonderful as always Marloweny!

Apostolos - 6 months ago

Well this is an interesting direction, maybe give the entrepreneur a taste of her own medicine by making her into a buttplug?

She was daydreaming again. She’d been catching herself doing that a lot lately. It’s just that the days were so boring. You’d think she would have figured that out by how every book, every movie, and every TV show depicts an office job as the most horrifically boring and unpleasant drudgery one could imagine. But hey, what do you know, now that she had an office job it was all that and more. Or less, she supposed, because ever since the pandemic, she’d been one of only four people who ev

Doughy the Daydreamed Dino

Uploaded: 6 months ago

Owner: marloweny

Tags: Oral Vore Dinosaur Shrinking Shrunken woman Imagination

Another NaNo story, and a weird one. A woman daydreams and things get away from her. 

threk - 6 months ago

Ahhh right, thanks :)
November really does seem to be a peak time for all sorts of challenges, huh...

marloweny - 6 months ago

One of the many challenges people do during November is "National Novel Writing Month" or NaNoWriMo. It's just my excuse to write a hunk of something every day this month (if I can manage).

threk - 6 months ago

I feel like I've missed something, what's "NaNo"?

TheMysteriousSadSack - 6 months ago

This was actually pretty cool, plus that ending was funny.

He sat awkwardly on the couch, waiting for his date to be ready. This whole thing felt decidely “high school” despite the fact he and his girlfriend were both in college. But they were between semesters, and she was home with her parents, so when he’d said he was coming to pick her up for a date, her mother insisted on meeting him and getting to know him while she was getting ready. And his girlfriend was taking her sweet time about it.

Meeting Mom

Uploaded: 6 months ago

Owner: marloweny

Tags: Breasts Belly Human M/F Same Size Non-fatal Unwilling Pred Huge breasts Breast Feeding Forceful Prey implied full tour Casual vore Willing prey Difficulty Swallowing

Testing a new (old but refurbished) laptop and attempting to do a NaNoWriMo thing where I'll attempt (and quickly fail) to write at least 1667 words worth of story every day for the month. Several of those days will be spent catching up with commissions and owed stories.

Anyway, here's a guy meeting his girlfriend's mom and making a bad impression on her. 

Biggus420Dickus - 1 month ago

Really like casual non fatal vore, m/f is a big pluss. Hope you do more stories like this.

heromc - 6 months ago

Fuck that was sexy, I love some good lactation content!

ShadesofBlack - 6 months ago

beautifully surreal!

ninth - 6 months ago

Hey, great! Man, I should get on top of this nano thing...

Hawkeye7 - 6 months ago

Wow, incredible as ever - really looking forward to more of your stories. this will be like christmas come early! :)

Vivvie and Judy try something new

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Owner: marloweny

Tags: Soft Vore Dragon Unbirth Elf Fairy candy smaller pred Willing Pred Dragon pred Human Pred Compression Safekeeping Elf prey No bulge safevore Willing prey written work Dragonness pred

This is a big one, folks. If you haven't read the earlier stories, please do. Vivvie and Judy have some weird stuff going on, as tends to be the case in Marloweny stories.

Here's the rest: 

Groblek - 6 months ago

Fun! It’s always good to see more of these two, and I do believe that I spotted a cameo of a certain Siren and her partner in there too. :)

TheMysteriousSadSack - 6 months ago

Shes like a walking motel lol. Another cute entry to the series, nice stuff.

Morphy - 6 months ago

Judy's gonna be sore in the morning, heh...

willofwii - 6 months ago

I loved the fact she grabbed the butter.

MathiasGrim - 6 months ago

absolutely lovely story and great continuation of Judy and Vivvie.

Dining with Dee [Collab]

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Owner: marloweny

Tags: Dragon Non-Vore Toon Transformation

The image, by Toonvasion, associated with this story: 

willofwii - 7 months ago

I’m loving this image and how sexy the dragoness is! Will be reading the story.

Tassie - 7 months ago

This is wonderful! I haven't finished reading the story, but I'm more than half done, and now I need to finish!

Something bad happened today, so I really hope I can enjoy this as it deserves to be.

willofwii - 7 months ago

Mmhmm! I really like this premise of a magic shake making her i to a dragon that craves some “real human food” in the Jane. If Jane went along with it would make for a very interesting experience for her since Dee will eat her no matter what.

Pokeman - 7 months ago

How did I miss this one? Amazingly done!

ninth - 7 months ago

Excellent! Nice tension with the toon TF.

Like I've mentioned before this is juuuuust skirting the line between fatal and non-fatal, which (I suppose) is the whole point. I like it, thanks for posting!

Amberain - 7 months ago

Hopefully Jane will catch on to what Dee's been hinting at for most of that last scene. She actually does have a lot of control over the situation, she just needs to stop fighting over the one point that isn't optional and Dee will concede everything else.

Anise hummed pleasantly to herself. She’d been a maid for a few years, so she was used to cleaning people’s houses, but the job had gotten a lot better a few months ago when a friend of hers contacted her about a new business idea. Basically, actual, professional maids dress up in the cliché “French maid” outfit to clean people’s houses. It had been done before, but this one was different in a way that really made it less worrisome for the women. The owners of the house weren’t home

Maid Service

Uploaded: 7 months ago

Owner: marloweny

Tags: F/F Anal Vore Compression Flushing

This is a story that I apparently wrote on my phone over two years ago and never posted. 

Groblek - 7 months ago

Fun! And the ending was great - the customer deserves her infamy.

marloweny - 7 months ago

Thanks! I really haven't been doing much writing lately. Day job and just general lack of motivation have taken their toll. I'd like to do another Judy and Vivvie soon.

marloweny - 7 months ago


thetempmailman - 7 months ago

Your HDTF and HDTF adjacent stuff is always a blast!

Amberain - 7 months ago

It's been a while since we've last seen an HDTF story. Personally I prefer your protagonists that natively have these sort of physics bending abilities, but it is appealing to have a device that makes it available to everyone, even if it often causes quite a bit of trouble. I'm glad you were able to unearth something, but I'm still hoping we'll see some new writing from you again soon. Have you been doing much writing lately? I know even if you want to, IRL stuff often gets in the way.

Vivvie Ref

Uploaded: 8 months ago

Owner: marloweny

Tags: Dragon reference sheet

This is my candy dragon, Vivvie. As seen in this series:

She's the size of a medium-large dog, and wears a children's Hello Kitty back pack with all her gear. She's a vore character, who works for an uber-like pred/prey for hire service called VORE APP. She's able to swallow things many times her own size with no danger of suffocation or digestion no matter how long they are inside. She is likewise able to withstand being swallowed...
[ Continued ...

Adseria - 8 months ago

"Only eats candy." Hmm...

Amberain - 8 months ago

I see now why some of her customers were dubious about her abilities, when they first saw her. I knew she was small, but I didn't realize just how cute and colorful she was.

Hopefully the reference pic showing up here is an indication that you have more plans for Vivvie and Judy in the future.

Morphy - 8 months ago

Ahhh! I need to hug and squeeze her now! So cute!

softvarelover - 8 months ago

Vivvie even looks like candy.

ethan3369 - 8 months ago

Now i want fundip

Fox to Ball [GIFT]

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Tags: squish Non-Vore Transformation Ball Compression

I swear Wendy has been getting more malleable of late. People keep squashing her into new shapes!

Now the question is, what to do with her in her new compact state? She seems pretty game for whatever you have in mind. 

marloweny - 6 months ago

It was made by an artist named Toonvasion. They're on FurAffinity, Deviant, etc. Not here.

Sharktooth - 6 months ago

Who made this btw?

Morphy - 8 months ago

I can't help but feel she's got that whole "We are not amused" look in her eyes... Then again, with Morphy having been classified as a macro's chew toy, I've had days like this myself. (Haven't rp'ed in 20 years but I remember it)

Tassie - 8 months ago

She's so cute and beautiful.

I swear, with you and the other amazing artists here, Zootopia and Beastars, I'm turning into a furry.

Pokeman - 8 months ago

why was my first thought after seeing this that ball factory flash game? :P definitely a much sexier ball, though. At least she doesn't seem to mind that form too much!

Fox to Bot [GIFT]

Uploaded: 8 months ago

Owner: marloweny

Tags: Non-Vore Animation Transformation Robot

Those pesky wife-bots. Always looking to recruit. 

Morphy - 8 months ago

I love the style! Has that classic era vibe.

Toon Llama DivaThe llama diva walked in circles around her latest model, hoof cradling her chin as she considered the new client’s form. In the seemingly inexhaustible spectrum of toon archetypes, she was the “fashion icon” type. Elegant, inspired, intense. She peered through her fashionable angled sunglasses and measured the figure of her model, formulating what sort of outfit would perfectly accentuate it.“A narrow waist. And slender shoulders,” she murmured.“Narrow waist, slen

Two short ones

Uploaded: 9 months ago

Owner: marloweny

Tags: Anthro latex Dragoness Toon Macro/Micro Nipple Vore size play Accidental vore Peacock Flattening Clothing TF Ambiguous Ending shared clothing inside clothing

Hey, folks. Got a vorified version of a toon TF story I previously posted on FA, and a weird little sci-fi dragoness short. Sorry I haven't been active lately. A little scattered and distracted and generally brain-static-y lately. 

Ottsel - 8 months ago

Absolutely adored every moment of the fashion llama one. <3

Tassie - 8 months ago

These are silly and whimsical, but so fun.

Belly97 - 9 months ago

I would love to see a sequel or more of "Space Dragoness", it's a great story so far.

squashflat - 9 months ago

To think, I once dreamed of being an astronaut, now I do again...

ArgobargSoup - 9 months ago

Oooh, fun~ I quite like the BV one~

Drone 143

Uploaded: 11 months ago

Owner: marloweny

Tags: Oral Vore latex rubber Blowjob Drone

A long, strange story about a guy who starts a relationship with a rubbery, kangaroo-like drone. A non-vore version of this story with a longer ending exists and will probably show up elsewhere. Comment asking for it if you're interested and I'll reply with a link when it's posted. 

Ev0nix - 10 months ago

Observe reality and travel away to parts unknown.

threk - 11 months ago

How you consistently manage to make stories as adorably cute as you do while still including things like horny latex kangaroo robots is beyond me.

hornywing - 11 months ago

I believe it is the better ending but I am biased towards happy endings. :)

And with a couple dozen sentences you create world I will daydream about for a bit. Your economy of words vs. the punch they carry is why I enjoy your works. Thank you again for sharing them.

squashflat - 11 months ago

Very Very nice story, and yes i would be interested in reading the non vore version if you would be so kind.

Pokeman - 11 months ago

Still would happily see more on these two, although I can see why you might not have more story ideas for them.

Elasto Repeat"So... you... Uh... You stretch everywhere?" Strongfella said."Yep," said Elasto-las.The pair were waiting in the alley beside the police station, waiting for some crime to fight. Things had been slow lately, so they tended to spend hours waiting and getting progressively more bored."Even your... you know..." he said."Yes," she said. "It's part of me, and I stretch.""Okay, so... how much control do you have over it?""Complete control.""Could you... Do tricks?"She narrowed her eyes.

Reblogs 3

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Tags: Oral Vore Unbirth F/F F/M Anal Vore Dragoness Giraffe Nipple Vore Cleavage Vore fusion Accidental vore dragoness pred

Stuff that was originally just a blog, now collected into a big thing.

I didn't populate the tags fully. It's 2:32 am. 

scar - 3 months ago

The toon story gave me Who Framed Rodger Rabbit vibes and I love it.

Hawkeye7 - 11 months ago

Fantastic… I always love your work… you have an amazing skill to be able to create fantastic scenarios is such small delectable chunks.


Adseria - 11 months ago

Still hoping to see "Tube Transport Technician" made into a full story.

ethan3369 - 11 months ago

Dragon intern sounds interesting

Apostolos - 11 months ago

Hmm well those are some interesting stories, think i liked the hero one most though

Side Kink VingettesWeird Non-Vore Side Kinks. Let's just make these all featuring random characters, we'll name them Susan and Karen for the sake of not naming them 1 and 2.V1Susan opened her eyes slugishly. Her memory was fuzzy. The last thing she remembered was testing the new formulat. The room around her was dim, like the light was filtering through a heavy cloth. She tried to stand, but found a thick shroud had been thrown over her. She crawled forward, toward the brightest light, and final

Side Kinks

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: marloweny

Tags: Non-Vore Shrinking Vacuum Cleaner clothing entrapment

Three side kinks. No actual vore, but there's a pretty clear path to vore in each one if you imagine hard enough. 

squashflat - 11 months ago

I love the second and third ones, but the first one really really is my cup of tea, i would love to be susan in that one... thank you so much for sharing...

Amberain - 1 year ago

The paper one intrigues me the most, in part because it's the most uncommon scenario of the three. Also though, in that one Karen clearly has her own plans and motivations, but we only get a glimpse of it. It left me with a number of questions about how and why, and feels like it has the most potential for expansion.

gingerkitsune - 1 year ago

I enjoyed the paper story, but there's just something so delightful about your vacuum vore stories, I just absolutely love them. Keep it up!

theheadsn - 1 year ago

Any of these would make a great story. Love the work as always

Harleking31 - 1 year ago

Oh the paper one is great

I also like the entrapment in the first and the last

Loweny the Goo-Girl

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: marloweny

Tags: Non-Vore goo girl Author Avatar

Here's the official artwork for Loweny the Goo-Girl. And here's the updated and cleaned up Bio.

If ever you feel inclined to include "Me" in your art or stories, this is one of my authorized stand-ins. The Other is Mar the Tanuki.


Name: Loweny

Bio: Loweny is an intelligent, person-sized blob of goo. She’s a very sensory creature, seldom content to simply see and hear her friends. She would much rather “experience” them. She...
[ Continued ...

Pokeman - 1 year ago

Just out of curiosity, what would happen if she ate a thing of food dye? would she just break down the pigments after a minute or so, or would it stick around for a while, or is it something she can control?

KlinKitty - 1 year ago

Sounds like a fun cutie!

Mar the Tanuki

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: marloweny

Tags: Non-Vore Avatar Fursona Tanuki character reference

Here's the official artwork for Mar the Tanuki. And here's the updated and cleaned up Bio.

If ever you feel inclined to include "Me" in your art or stories, this is one of my authorized stand-ins. The other is still in the works.


Name: Mar

Bio: Mar is a middle-aged Tanuki (which, thanks to his supernatural origins, means he is VERY old.) He is utterly fascinated with new experiences, though he usually prefers to spectate...
[ Continued ...

Ottsel - 1 year ago

Awww Mar is great!

Pokeman - 1 year ago

such a sweet squoosy floof!

HungryAL - 1 year ago

Look at this fat little floofer
I just wanna give him a hug lmao.

marloweny - 1 year ago

I'm thinking he has sort of a Velma from Scooby Doo thing where he can't see without them and he has a habit of losing them.

hornywing - 1 year ago

The glasses are a nice touch. Are they needed for sight or are they a signature touch?


Chubby Tanuki


He is utterly fascinated with new experiences, though he prefers to spectate rather than be a part. He perpetually has a pad and pen, scribbling down what he sees with the hopes of sharing with others. He is a storyteller by trade, and will happily regale people with long, detailed stories of his many travels if asked. As a supernatural creature, h

Marr and Loweny, Author Avatars

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: marloweny

Tags: Non-Vore Tanuki goo girl Rubber Suit

Lot's of people have asked me what my persona is, and I've invariably told them I really don't like to self-insert. But the value of having surrogate characters that represent "me" even if they're nothing like me, has become evident. So I floated the idea and chewed on it a bit and here's the official description of Marr and Loweny, the male and female Marloweny stand-ins.

I was going to write an introductory story for them, but I don't have time for that right now. I'm...
[ Continued ...

Lovingutitis - 1 year ago

Just a thought: Marlo and Weny or even Marlow and Winnie. If this thought is unwanted, please disregard.

BlondeBellySam - 1 year ago

Oh nice!! Both of them sound amazing! I hope they show up in stories eventually ^^

Dragon OneDean flopped on the couch after a long, hard day. He was looking forward to spending the evening unwinding with his girlfriend. It was a little strange that she wasn’t home before him. As though she heard him thinking that, there was a heavy thump on the bedroom door.“Sweetie?” came her voice, a bit louder and huskier than he was accustomed to. “Are you home?”“Yeah! Were you in there the whole time?” he said.“Yes.”“Why didn’t you come out when you heard me come in

Dragons and Stuff

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: marloweny

Tags: F/M Dragon pred clothing entrapment

A few vingnettes, two of which are variations on a theme about dragons eating dudes and one that's about shoplifting.  

ALAMOS123 - 1 year ago

don't know why it took me so long to read this, i must have missed it before lol. the shoplifter one was great

Groblek - 1 year ago

That make sense, they’re really versatile that way. Thinking about it, I’m kinda surprised that toon vore isn’t more common than it is.

marloweny - 1 year ago

The lack of physical rules to follow and the assumed smooth bounciness of toons really make them interesting to me.

Groblek - 1 year ago

Fun! I particularly liked the toon dragon one, but they’re all good shorts.

LoveCraken [Collaboration]

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: marloweny

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore F/M Sex writing kraken girl written work

A collaboration with Toonvasion on FA ( ) to create a lovecraftian kraken who is just looking for a date. And maybe a snack. 

marloweny - 1 year ago

We've discussed other ideas for this pair. Some potential drama, some fun vore stuff. Gotta clear off some other stuff before I revisit, though.

threk - 1 year ago

Amusing and sweet in all the right places. Y'know I imagine it's pretty difficult to write a properly eldritch creature from beyond the stars, but this was a fascinating read.

Grimsage - 1 year ago

Huh. At once wholesome and eldritch. I like this, and would be awesome if you continued this :D

Amberain - 1 year ago

This is great. Provided that she's willing to let him out, and go back to being a bit less "real" again, I would love to see more of the complexities of their relationship. I'd assume that between having near infinite patience and respecting him as a person, she'd be willing to let go of him for a while. Seems like it's within her capabilities to just kind of hang out on the fringes of his space, waiting to be invited back in again. The time bleed effect that she produces seems both horrifying and wonderful, and it's pretty unique. If this turns out to be a one shot, I'll accept that, but personally I hope you and Toonvasion have a few more idea for this couple.

LemonBarb - 1 year ago

I'm guessing by the end of things. Jack's likely inside an eldritch Kraken for life/eternity. But if it's any consolidation, not digested? And probably kept in sync/'biological immortality' to a 4th dimentional amount of time...

And probably, in before he wakes up in a 'dreamland', and right nearby a Kraken girlfriend... While either unaware, or likely resigned/content? Over still being inside the belly of the beast?