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Surviving girls with class levels

Uploaded: 13 days ago

Owner: ryanshowseason3

Tags: d&d F/M Implied Digestion Implied Vore H/F photoshop Implied Fatality photomanip Implied Unbirth Implied Cock Vore Implied Oral Vore implied cleavage vore implied watersports

A witch mother tries to instruct her son who is only the peasant class how to survive girls with class levels.

An oddball setting in a D&D esque world where the inhabitants are fully aware of the rules they live by. Made on a whim partially to try out new toys and tool in photoshop

Images in my thread if links fail: 

ryanshowseason3 - 8 days ago

More of a training thing. The only thing stopping a peasant from becoming a wizard is training after all. She just never trained him. Honestly didn't think into this one much though tbh

BurningRuby1909 - 9 days ago

Honestly i love this idea for a world makes it hot hrhe

empatheticapathy - 13 days ago

lol imagine wanting to survive girls

bfdsjkbjjjj3443 - 13 days ago

Do males only have peasant class or were the father and son unlucky?

doomed - 13 days ago

Holy shit this is an awesome concept

Girls rule boys are stool!

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: ryanshowseason3

Tags: Scat Pokemon Digestion Weight Gain F/M Reformation Fatal Unwilling Anal Vore Unwilling Prey Fatal Vore Male Prey Female Pred Disposal bet wager Misandry Implied Cock Vore Girl Power Disposal Scat Pokemon Go scat disposal female supremacy girls supporting girls

Blake challenges his girlfriend and her friends to a wager on pokemon go. Winner gets the loser in their balls or boobs.

In this one I wanted to evoke a playful sense of girl power and the theme that girls defeat boys on their own terms. Not just beating them at their own game of brute force but through cooperation and friendship where boys value more individual prowess. The girls prevail because they are a community that the boys don't stand a chance against. In a phrase Girls...
[ Continued ...

harpylove - 1 month ago

I like the idea at the end of passing down the prey. Never heard of it before.

ryanshowseason3 - 1 month ago

If that was ever a tag it shouldn't have been. It's not in my notes to add either.

Moonsniper - 1 month ago

Where is the cock vore

NewSuperTrios - 1 month ago

I'd lose to them. Not because they're girls. Because they're IV farmers.

doomed - 1 month ago

i feel like I should specify I think the story is great as usual. its just that you said you were trying to get a certain feeling. and to me, I think you missed the mark you set

"Azula can we call this thing already? This is agonizing" Juri complained loudly.
Azula sneered at her tone and volume everyone within a few dozen feet could hear her and many glanced at them.
"Jennifer told us only one of the brothers was a keeper. You chose the more impulsive one thinking he'd be a better fit for you than the reserved one. We both knew we might end up with a dud tonight" Azula pointed out in a hushed tone.
"Impulsive is one thing but this... WALKING LIBIDO is just... Assump

Digestive Double Date

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: ryanshowseason3

Tags: Oral Vore Scat Digestion Weight Gain F/M Sex Avatar Fatal Unwilling Crossover romance Unwilling Prey Fanfic Humiliation threesome azula Human Prey Fanfiction Street Fighter Disposal Human Pred Juri Han double date Disposal Scat Sex during Vore scat disposal long digestion

Michael is going on a double date with one of his biggest crushes. There are three problems with this.
A. His jerk of an older brother Joe is the other guy on the double date.
B. His brother's date is Juri Han another woman he has a crush on and a well known pred with a huge appetite and bigger tits
C. His date and crush Azula also a well known pred with even larger boobs

Michael hasn't heard of a guy surviving a date with either of them before. Will he be the...
[ Continued ...

ryanshowseason3 - 1 month ago

Not likely I think. I wouldn't do more with the characters unless someone commissioned me to do so.

I can't say the concepts might not come back some day. The setting is of interest to me with the whole collaring thing. So might see that again someday.

Dickevin - 1 month ago

This story IS very original. It's really rare to see romance where the date doesn't end in a black Window style, where true romance and feeling have meaning. It's make it really sweet to watch how the relationship between the couple grow until the end, where the 3 of them are together and happy.

And the collar Idea was genius from Hivelord, make the relationship look much more deeper. In the relationship, one of the lovers must impress enough the others partie so she IS willing to accept him. She then accept to Wear the collar to show devotion and trust in each of the partners, showing that each of them have influence on the others.

In bonus, this story IS really hot. I was greatly excited, in body and spirit, the first Time I have read it.

Little questions : Will you make a follow UP on this story ? Something with the 3 of them latter in their lire ?

Have a nice day and good Luck ;)

ZeroxZygatto - 1 month ago

Aw, that was actually super sweet, and i loved the ending!

ryanshowseason3 - 1 month ago

Mostly Hivelord's idea. To have them wear collars as a sign of being tied to someone who has some amount of respect/control/affection.

I only extrapolated on it a bit to explore concepts of the the "owner" deciding when their pred could feed and then further exploring levels of collaring. Does it lock? With a key? Or a Combination so the pred really can't get it off even through force? What if it's welded shut? That would make for quite a power exchange. There was more beneath the surface when I paused to consider it. Initially I considered it an afterthought but it made for a thought provoking layer of power exchange in the oral vore realm.

ErRynArya - 1 month ago

Honestly, the whole idea of collaring the pred's is both hot as fuck and extremely interesting. I might need to look into this concept in the future one day.

Was it your idea or Hive's? Either way it's a genius one

"So who's gonna unclog the toilet short stack?" Christina asked as she looked down on her roommate and tried to sound stern.
Christina was a full head taller than Annie but she never seemed to be intimidated by that fact or the plethora of short jokes Christina threw her way. Christina didn't seem to intimidate her on any level despite the fact she had much larger full breasts and colored hair, bright orange in the front and fading to her natural brown in the back.
"Huh?" Annie asked as she turn

Annie's Anal Addition

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: ryanshowseason3

Tags: Scat Digestion F/F Fatal Pooping Unwilling Anal Vore Willing Smother Unwilling Prey Fatal Vore Female Prey Female Pred teasing Smothering fatal digestion Disposal Facesitting Graphic digestion ass smother Analingus Ass Play ass worship smothered Willing to unwilling prey scat transformation Scat pile butt worship Disposal Scat Teasing Pred Willing prey Ass Smothering eating ass toilet disposal

Christina has always had a thing for her roommate Annie and her incredible ass, but the girl is happily taken and not looking for a third. When a chance at playful intimacy pops up will Christina resist and if she doesn't will it get her where she wants to end up?

A commission by  grenade 

Sira - 2 months ago

I see too much of myself in this one. And I love it <3

AssIdolizer - 2 months ago

even hotter than usual, which is saying something. Great work!

Skullhammer123 - 3 months ago

Lol, poor Christina. But then again this is mostly her fault, like how do you read all that vore smut but not do any actual research on how it actually works?

IddlerItaler - 3 months ago

I liked the bit explaining what anal vore actually does to you.

And Annie didn't eat Christina outright, but she sure chewed her out.

Powerful story.

Gorgrath177 - 3 months ago

What a wholesome romance between two preds :3

Mislead by the Maid!

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: ryanshowseason3

Tags: Oral Vore Belly Digestion F/F Burp Same Size Sex Fatal Unwilling Oral Lesbian Unwilling Prey Unwilling Pred Oral Sex Fatal Vore Belly rubs Fingering Female Prey Female Pred Burping Lesbian sex Dragon Girl tail sex burps scissoring Belly Rubbing Reluctant Pred burping up clothes Sex during Vore burping up items Elma tohru Dragon Maid burping up objects dragon girl pred burping pred Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid Elma (Dragon Maid)

Tohru has really messed it up this time. She's been told not to eat anyone. Not even purse snatchers! But now with a huge belly to hide, one full of her perceived rival for Kobayashi's affections, Tohru is scrambling for a solution.
Then another dragon girl sees her bodily state and things only get more complicated from there...

A commission by  mindstorm 

33defence - 3 months ago


Sira - 3 months ago

Love it~

Step nommed

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: ryanshowseason3

Tags: Digestion Weight Gain F/M Absorption Sex Unwilling Anal Vore seduction Willing Fatal Vore Betrayal Cleavage Vore Male Prey Female Pred married couple married Consensual vore Graphic digestion photomanip Casual milk transformation Casual vore Willing to unwilling Husband Prey wife pred Uncaring Pred Casual digestion Casual predator divorce milk digestion milk tf step-mother diVOREce photo manipulation step mom onlyfans married prey married pred

Ben has a smoking hot step mom Rachel that frequently complains about not getting banged enough by his dad. And considering his real mom is residing on his step mom's ass he's one digested dad away from being the only man present to do anything about Rachel's desires.

Will he get that chance? And if he does can he handle a redhead firecracker like Rachel or just end up a four pump chump?

a commission by  Hungrylion812

Thumnnail pic here:...
[ Continued ...

doomed - 3 months ago

lmao men really need to stop trusting women

SenpaiVore - 3 months ago

A Wonderful Story as always

Sira - 3 months ago

Never underestimate a super fan <3

Prancer - 3 months ago

Oh hell yes this is the stuff o_o

ryanshowseason3 - 3 months ago

Ha yes! The same one. I'm surprised anyone noticed. Same commissioner and the same setting so I figured why not?

A pokemon trainer's first adventure!

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: ryanshowseason3

Tags: Oral Vore Scat Pokemon Digestion Sex Fatal Unwilling Anal Vore Lopunny Gardevoir Unwilling Prey Fatal Vore cumming Humiliation H/F Female Prey teasing Disposal Cruel handjob hand job Racism H/H Graphic digestion cruelty Rich girl Herm Pred Pokemon pred Herm Prey Reluctant Arrogance reluctant prey Cruel Pred Racist Language cruel predator pokemon prey Cruel digestion wealthy brat salazzle Tsareena scat disposal degredation arrogant Arrogant Pred rich pred Wealthy wealthy pred racist pred raceplay

Channele is a young black pokemon trainer, she's ready to embark upon the biggest adventure of her life on Route one from Pallet town! With a really strong pokemon at her side and a determined optimistic attitude she's sure that other trainers will be beaten easily. Channele is certain she'll be able to snack on more than a few smexy trainers on her way to the elite four and beyond!

What could possibly stop her?

This story contains a lot of raceplay...
[ Continued ...

ryanshowseason3 - 3 months ago

Ebony just felt way too in the nose. But you're totally right.

Went with Imani for the biblical meanings of "trustworthy" and being entirely counter to that.

deaddonkey - 3 months ago

Well Ryan, let it never be said that you aren't a unique and imaginative artist and writer.

BardicLasher - 3 months ago

Imani isn't a tree at all!

Great story, though. A+. Super fun. Pokemon battles for vore is one of my favorite premises, and the writing here was top notch.

asdfnow4never - 3 months ago

Great story! I admit though, I was kinda hoping Channele would submit and end up in a ball and used as a butt plug.

ryanshowseason3 - 3 months ago

DEFINITELY not for everyone. Probably a good thing you're uncomfortable with it. That's a good sign!

Finding a friend's remains

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: ryanshowseason3

Tags: Consensual Cock Vore Cum Fatal Willing Implied Digestion Implied Vore religion Fatal Vore Cum Digestion H/F Female Prey Consensual vore Implied Fatality condom Cum Transformation Herm Pred Implied Oral Vore Condom filling cummification mature pred Willing prey catholic priest Catholic Pred church lady

Jenny gets a text from her friend Dana to come over.
They've been friends with benefits since their catholic all girl's school.
She never does get to talk to her friend but does find a couple rousing revelations.

pics here: 

tiffanytakahashi - 3 months ago

I need to shoplift more.

ryanshowseason3 - 3 months ago

A comment got deleted. It was complaining the story had fatal vore in it. When eka deleted it things got messed up.

ErRynArya - 3 months ago

Did someone try saying some shit to my comment and I miss it or was it a normal comment that got deleted so it just looks like you're replying to me but you're not? Lol

AngelicRune - 3 months ago

Horny fiend!

wolfSnack - 3 months ago

I think Eka deleted ALL of his comments.

"Tanya my daughter where is gender drink?" Anya shouted from the kitchen in her signature thick Russian accent.
"I gave it to Dan already mom!" Tanya called back.
"You have drank yes?" Anya asked Dan who was still looking at the small black bottle on the counter.
Dan offered a hesitant smile as he had definitely not and considered looking into the opaque bottle out of curiosity.
"Drink now and no peek! I watch you swallow!" Anya said.
"Does it really matter if I know or not? I mean I won't get

Widowed at the baby shower

Uploaded: 4 months ago

Owner: ryanshowseason3

Tags: Oral Vore Scat Pregnancy Digestion F/M Fatal Unwilling Prey Fatality wife Male Prey Female Pred teasing femdom Graphic digestion cruelty Reluctant reluctant prey Misandry pregnant pred wife/husband Dominant Female female dom Husband Prey wife pred Uncaring Pred Wife and Husband divorce Uncaring Observers scat disposal wife vore diVOREce wife/husband vore

Dan's wife Tanya is pregnant which would be great news if he wasn't a guy. Due to family traditions and societal pressures men rarely if ever meet their children. There's no question about it, Dan isn't surviving the baby shower but can he at least find inner peace before he's Tanya's tits and shits?

This was a delightful short commission to write though don't expect me to do many pregnant preds. It isn't my thing but the narrative here really inspired me and the Nikki and...
[ Continued ...

doomed - 4 months ago

yeah, i say a little balance may be needed. as dropping multiple cruel stories may cause people to think this is all you write. either way great work

ryanshowseason3 - 4 months ago

Thanks, good to hear!

ryanshowseason3 - 4 months ago

Yup, just the flavor I'm delivering today. Next commission one will be too. Perhaps I'll release one of my other narratives waiting in the wings to counter balance. There's dozens but they don't have manips so they lay dormant.

ryanshowseason3 - 4 months ago

I'm unsure on this point myself. He certainly let's her eat him without resistance. And he never gets to the point of trying to escape himself, just not liking the outcome when delerium hits. It's always her decision for him even if he makes weak attempts to request otherwise, he's leaving it up to her no matter what.

I don't see willingness and reluctance as mutually exclusive. You can be reluctant to do the dishes and still do them willingly without someone forcing you to. I just don't see it as being one or the other necessarily.

I do see willing and unwilling as exclusive though. But unwilling comes with all sorts of associated actions and feelings. Trying to escape or very vocal opposition to the situation, maybe even just mental opposition. He's definitely not unwilling.

There's just a spectrum of willing in my head and reluctance falls into the willing side of things it is just closer to that divide with unwilling.

That's my opinion. I appreciate the criticism though and exploration of the topic.

AlexSama - 4 months ago

Great story, nice buildup to an ultimately cruel end. I loved it and i'm certain many other less vocal fans loved it too.

“So how is it going since you made your throuple official?” Ruby asked.
“Well there's never enough room on the bed, it's only queen size after all” Mary said.
“Oh going to buy a new one?” Ruby asked.
“Absolutely not!” Joya responded to which her sister Ruby raised an eyebrow and Mary giggled.
“We routinely solve this issue by having one of us devour another one” Mary explained.
“Which is usually me...” Aki grumbled.
"You ne

El muerte de Ruby

Uploaded: 4 months ago

Owner: ryanshowseason3

Tags: Oral Vore Scat Unbirth Male Digestion F/F M/F Absorption Female Consensual Sex Cock Vore Cum Reformation Domination submission Fatal Bondage Unwilling Anal Vore Willing Blowjob Unwilling Prey Cum Digestion F/H H/F Cleavage Vore Female Prey Female Pred Femboy Disposal Consensual vore dickgirl M/H Sentient Cum Transformation Femcum Transformation Male Pred sentient cock Herm Pred Herm Prey Hermaphrodite Femcum sentient pudge sentient fat Willing prey sentient ass scat disposal sentient butt Femcum digestion sentient breasts dick girl

Ruby's twin daughters have started dating a herm they met through a stalker Ruby is trying to avoid. Meanwhile Ruby and Fuka are working on a project to make sentient fat a possibility.

The next in the line of Ruby in japan stories. From first to last:
Hola Japan!
Gracias Nihon!
Big trouble in little Roppongi
El muerte de Ruby <-- you are here.

a commission by  BurningRuby1909 

harpylove - 4 months ago

That is a great way to look at it!

SalineSabath - 4 months ago

No problem, I look forward to seeing it!

ryanshowseason3 - 4 months ago

Hey thanks a lot. It's the highest praise that you made an account to post that. I'll keep trying to improve, for me the floor is lava and i just can't stop doing new things i hope are interesting to everyone.


SalineSabath - 4 months ago

This is my first time commenting and frankly its been long overdue. I have literally just made this account because I could not hold it back any longer and needed to comment.

Ryanshowseason3 I have read your works tirelessly over the few years I have known them, they were originally one of the things that got me into vore. Your works are amazing, they improve with every publish and they just keep bringing me back. They light a deep burning passion in my soul that I cannot find anywhere else. I can not thank you enough for all of the amazing work, time and effort you have placed into your works, especially your stories about Ruby.

I will admit this story had me worried, I was so scared that the story was coming to a close with such a sad end, but you pulled though, you hooked me and took me from pure dread induced arousal to pure joy that can not be matched by words. I look forward to seeing more of your amazing works in the future and genuinely cannot wait to see what you do next.

-Sincerely a great fan Saline

ryanshowseason3 - 4 months ago

It's kinda like that writing them too. Been with these characters a while. It's like visiting an old haunt and seeing how it's doing.


Uploaded: 4 months ago

Owner: ryanshowseason3

Tags: Oral Vore Anal Cooking Sex Fatal Oral Shrunken grill Anal Sex Oral Sex H/M loser threesome teasing Sexual content Shrunken man playful cooked grilling wager Skewered Skewer Hermaphrodite shrunken prey Skewering reluctant prey lost bet cooked alive Skewers playful pred shish kabob Cooked Prey Black pred rock paper scissors Cooking vore

Brett loses a high stakes game and now he has to get "skewered" by a couple herms. If he can keep from cumming he'll just get cooked but can he keep himself calm and not climax?

Ryan and Belle watch to find out.

Another Texas short, literally written in like a half hour on the plane back.

This was based on another wild experience on vacation.

manip here:...
[ Continued ...

Vaulgrim - 4 months ago

I absolutly love your gurglr profiles can you do more

doomed - 4 months ago

lmao you set yourself up here dude

ryanshowseason3 - 4 months ago

Fun fact that part of the story is true, I owe her a week of chastity.

doomed - 4 months ago

lmao ryan better stay in line before belle makes him suffer the less than fun way

The Cougar's Canal Cuisine

Uploaded: 4 months ago

Owner: ryanshowseason3

Tags: Oral Vore Breasts Scat Belly Digestion F/M Consensual Fatal Pooping Butt Willing Male Prey Female Pred teasing Disposal Consensual vore photomanip Older Pred Older woman reluctant prey Cruel Pred observer Cougar Pred Willing to unwilling prey Willing to unwilling mature woman Disposal Scat Teasing Pred mature pred Willing prey prey for sale questionable consent older woman x younger guy transactional vore bought prey wealthy pred raceplay

A young Latino waiter flirts with his female customers for tips, but is he flirting with danger tempting hot hungry women?


I went on vacation to the Texas region recently and made several outlines for short stories based on experiences I had in the region.

This one was inspired by an exchange me and my wife witnessed while eating along the San Antonio riverwalk, which is a gorgeous pedestrian walkway along a calm canal in San Antonio.
[ Continued ...

harpylove - 4 months ago

I really like old women as preds turning young men in poop and fat.
Also that you couple near the end was cute.

knt27 - 4 months ago

As a former waiter, I can definitely say that I've entertained this exact fantasy before.

Youngfat - 4 months ago

As a person that currently live in Texas I’m looking forward to more Texas based story and hope we can see a ebony pred one as always amazing work !!!!!!’

doomed - 4 months ago

This THIS IS AWESOME !!! , tho , If I was that manager , I’d lie about Ramon not coming back . He’s too much of a cash cow to lose lmao

ckeekyzekey - 4 months ago

The fact that it was rushed gives it a simple and casual charm, tbh. Just makes the snuffing of Ramon all the more picante. Espero que no le dio tantas problemas a Señora Marjorie~

Cock or slot 2

Uploaded: 5 months ago

Owner: ryanshowseason3

Tags: Human Digestion Cock Vore Cum Reformation Fatal piss H/M Cum Digestion bladder vore photoshop Human Prey Male Prey Disposal Human Pred photomanip Cum Transformation Herm Pred Hermaphrodite Casual vore permavore Urine Digestion Piss Transformation

Cock or slot had the reader trying to determine the sex of pretty looking people and being digested for failure.

This story is very loosely related in concept. You the reader will again try to determine which lovely lady is to the detestable main character's liking. To be clear Mike is an asshole and he's supposed to be hated.

Failure once again means digestion.

pics here if links in story die:...
[ Continued ...

Cl3F - 4 months ago

Although, I'm noticing a massive split for what we consider hermaphrodites.

A hermaphrodite, being someone who shows features from both genders in my mind would have BOTH genital types, and not just be a feminine guy with tits. Something that I'm fairly certain is called a gynomorph, with the inverse (guy with pussy instead of cock) being intersex. Oh, and then there's male herms, cock and vag, but no tits.

Cl3F - 4 months ago

Alessandra Vendramini, Bianka Nascimento, and Ana Mancini are my favorites.

I prefer the piss transformation over the unsightly nutsack clip art.

Maxchatt200 - 5 months ago


doomed - 5 months ago

Lmao , this one is hilarious. This is honestly what we needed

EinswolfTheWhite - 5 months ago

I love this series! I really want to see more of it. But for the record- i had guessed something was wrong upon seeing their introduction.

Panty Burps

Uploaded: 5 months ago

Owner: ryanshowseason3

Tags: Oral Vore Digestion F/F Burp Weight Gain Consensual Fatal Masturbation Willing Big Belly Fatal Vore F/H Human Prey Female Pred teasing Human Pred Consensual vore Burping F/Herm photomanip burping up clothes Willing prey financial domination willing digestion Findom masturbating prey Masturbating while Digesting

Amy is at it again selling used panties her prey wore while she churned them. Her roommate Kelly comes to terms with how she feels about the salacious slaughter she witnesses on a nearly daily basis.

Made because I feel like it and I wanted to turn the concept of selling used under garments online into a vore story.

Manips here: 

Skullhammer123 - 5 months ago

Was kinda hoping it'd be one of those stories where the pred gets taken down, because it seemed like it was going that way based on Kelly's reaction at the start. But alas, it was not to be.

Skullhammer123 - 5 months ago

At first i was expecting Kelly to get sick of Amy's behaviour and eat her, but then she took the photos in her room and i was like "Oh nevermind" lol. Maybe Kelly eating Amy to get out of dying could be an idea for next time? Always love it when dominant preds get taken down.

somedude601 - 5 months ago

Even though I'm someone who absolutely despises findom, I like the idea of selling "used" panties.

doomed - 5 months ago

woah thats pretty good way to do it. i love the seductiveness. i was hoping kelly wouldn't break so easy tho

Dooot - 5 months ago

your stories are always a treat

SalineSabath - 3 months ago

Another lovely piece~

CakePisces - 5 months ago

One of the best f/m stories on the site. Hope u do more!

TheWildeWood - 5 months ago

Great job, I enjoyed the surprise and the unique scenario.

Deathpoolband - 5 months ago

This is one of the most interesting stories I have ever read, you did a great job!

ryanshowseason3 - 5 months ago

??? I dunno, it was a throw away line. I considered taking out the judeo Christian stuff too and just leaving it at afterlife in the paragraph before that. Really it's just pondering on his part where he is because he'd never come back in this manner before and it felt like nothing else. He doesn't really know what comes after for a fact, just surmising.

Chapter 1
Delda threw back her last shot and flicked the glass towards the others, a graveyard of indulgence with dozens of casualties at this back alley bar battlefield. It was a terrible idea to consume this much and at this rate and she knew she would regret it later. But how else was a cop supposed to deal with case after case of teenagers gone turd? She'd finally caught the perp but learned there was no coming back for those young boys, herms and girls, their personality engrams were 65k b

Detective Delda and the Aviaria conspiracy.

Uploaded: 6 months ago

Owner: ryanshowseason3

Tags: Oral Vore Unbirth Digestion F/F F/M Absorption Consensual Reformation Fatal Bondage Unwilling Willing Breast Vore H/M Cleavage Vore femdom reluctant prey Misandry Casual vore Sexism sci fi female supremacy

Far in a cyberpunk future A detective stumbles into a case deeper than any stomach she's churned in, and a teenage boy struggles to navigate corporate life as an inferior male meant only to service and be served to his female and herm superiors.

She needs answers and he needs to escape his fate as food before his family loses their appetite for him and he's left as forever fat for some female.

Will they reach their goals or end up gurgled?

[ Continued ...

DJ4K - 5 months ago

Every aspect of this story is really good, the world building, the characters, the plot, everything. I especially liked the mutants and vore themed fight scenes. Two very creative ideas and well executed.

knt27 - 5 months ago

Man... I really like the forced bimboification (himboification?) aspect of this. Buncha hot ladies engineering their ideal fuckboi snack? Sign me up!

ryanshowseason3 - 5 months ago

Yeah this was a long haul. I definitely neglected the site while I worked to create this monster. I loved putting it together but I'm ready for short form stuff again lol

shortprey20 - 6 months ago

I love your stories but I ADORE the longer ones you write! There are so good! Just enjoyable to read and with great plots!
I highly encourage more of your sci fi stories!!!

empatheticapathy - 6 months ago

Damn, so this is where you've been lol
I'll try to have some feedback in a couple of days.

"Rhea are you sure the pilot got the coordinates correct?" Finch asked.
"She says this is it. I'm just as skeptical as you but regional director Circe's instructions were clear on where she'd retrieve you and she did guarantee there wouldn't be any surveillance..." Rhea mentioned.
"That's for sure" Finch said as the hover car lowered towards the ground in what seemed to be the middle of nowhere. A dirt road and grazing fields on either side of it. Finch couldn't see anything of note for miles

Detective Delda side story Circe

Uploaded: 6 months ago

Owner: ryanshowseason3

Tags: Oral Vore Digestion F/M Sex Fatal Bondage femdom orgasm denial reluctant prey Misandry chastity semi willing sci fi female supremacy

A side story to Detective Delda and the Aviaria conspiracy.

This covers a snippet of history between Finch and aunt Circe. Finch stayed with her in the past after an attempt to kidnap him. Hiding out on her ranch quickly turns into less of a witness protection type deal and more of a victim digestion type deal.

Circe doesn't hesitate to use any male on her proprerty exactly how she likes to.

A commission by  Galdin 

The "Fritz"

Uploaded: 6 months ago

Owner: ryanshowseason3

Tags: Digestion F/F Absorption Consensual Reformation Fatal Willing Fatality Semi-willing Fatal Vore H/M H/F Consensual vore Gambling reluctant prey sentient fat Sentient Disposal

Ally is trying to convince her older co-worker Mabel to accompany her to a club called "The Fritz"

Why is it called that? well the club has a dedicated reformer but has a... reputation which Ally describes in detail.

Pictures here if links die:

Came up with this idea from a line in another story:


Odin1366 - 6 months ago

I won’t lie that would be super sexy. Maybe prudish French girl, maybe she was a peasant invited to the court as some sick form of entertainment, reformed in another time, trying to navigate. It would be awesome.

ryanshowseason3 - 6 months ago

Dammit just sparked an idea. A plot of land with a well on it important to the surrounding community. Inexplicably whenever it starts to go dry a gut slut from a certain family line needs to be cummed into it and it produces again.

Fast forward to the future and science explains why it replenishes the well but determines that they do in fact need this family line of gut sluts. So the practice continues.

SenpaiVore - 6 months ago

Could have a family line condemned to be preysluts by a certain age. Or you could have a plot of land and each decade tells a different story of person who lived their.

SenpaiVore - 6 months ago

Could have a family line condemned to be preysluts by a certain age. Or you could have a plot of land and each decade tells a different story of person who lived their.

Dooot - 6 months ago

I outta take that lesson from u. thx


Uploaded: 8 months ago

Owner: ryanshowseason3

Tags: Oral Vore Digestion Cock Vore Reformation Fatal Blowjob Cum Digestion F/H H/F Disposal Hermaphrodite reluctant prey cummification cum disposal poll reforming prey stonks

Basically everyone's reforming is publicly traded as stocks. Go too low and you won't reform until your value rises. Hit zero and you're dumped from the system to never return. Left as sentient fat and waste. 

In our story Nancy finds out someone she knew hit zero and she seeks to do something about this cruel system. 

Manips here:

Spoilers! Read after the story!  ...
[ Continued ...

Slimshod - 8 months ago

You know, I had been toying around with the idea of an HOA themed vore story. Funny how that works haha. Looking forward to what you come up with!

ryanshowseason3 - 8 months ago

It's honestly one of my favorite plot devices, adapting very unsexy topics into sexy ones. My wife and I have been discussing another topic to turn into fetish fuel: BDSM HOA

That's piqued my interest as of late.

ryanshowseason3 - 8 months ago

I needed a bunch of female names and the song just started playing in my head so I went with it!

firefox01 - 8 months ago

That sly mambo number 5 reference was excellent!

Quicksilvrr - 8 months ago

This is honestly amazing, such an amazing premise for a story and I love how It played out, justice at its finest in this screwed world, great work than ^w^

29 days of denial

Uploaded: 9 months ago

Owner: ryanshowseason3

Tags: Non-Vore submission Watersports cunnilingus BDSM femdom Facesitting facesit submissive Footplay Foot Fetish orgasm denial Submissive male chastity chastity cage Female domination feminization Ass Eating

My wife won 4 weeks of orgasm denial from me. This is a day by day accounting of the experience. So yeah, true story.

This is not one of my regular stories. It's quite abbreviated and really a journal style for my own purposes to look back on and remember the events of the last month. Also no vore because it's a true story.


Odin1366 - 9 months ago

Eros was just setting you up for that one wasn’t he?

Odin1366 - 9 months ago

Eros was just setting you up for that one wasn’t he?

ryanshowseason3 - 9 months ago

Quite boring origins really, met in college. Got stuck together during a snow storm so she shacked up with me for the weekend to wait out the 4 feet of snow. Ended up fooling around quite a bit and showed her my porn folder that weekend. She asked to see it. Once she knew I was into facesitting she was over every weekend lol.

Jaboomba - 9 months ago

You and your wife sound adorable and a great couple, this story actually makes me curious about how you two met (without revealing anything private ofc) since I think you two sound great for each other. I also sympathize with some of the other people in the comments, you're a lucky dog getting a cutie pawg wife! Hope you have a great day man and keep up the awesome work!

Youngfat - 9 months ago

kind of jelly that you have a relationship like this minus the cage

"So Coco... truth or dare?"
Coco swayed even though she was sitting Indian style on the floor, she thought for a moment that she might spill her drink but as she looked into the cup she realized she'd finished it already. Maybe that's why she was unsteady even on the floor. As she looked around the room she saw the dangers in the dare option. 
Already there were a couple girls completely naked, but that was a tame fate compared to others. One girl was being facesat over a dare, another en

Coco's college cousin comeback

Uploaded: 9 months ago

Owner: ryanshowseason3

Tags: Oral Vore Digestion F/F Weight Gain Fatal Unwilling Prey Humiliation revenge revenge vore

Coco is visiting her cousin Bella to tour the campus of the college she'll attend soon. After a wild game of truth or dare the week after will change the cousin's relationship forever.

In this setting vore is not commonplace and about as believable as bigfoot or the loch ness monster.

A commission by  coldwar368 

DudeBoi54 - 8 months ago

Sweet, love me some revenge vore! I do have to wonder what everyone will think about her getting a big meal like that?

ImmortalPrey - 9 months ago

I wonder what new nickname Coco would get from the LESS girls

ImmortalPrey - 9 months ago

Humiliation and teased pred!! I freaking Love it!!

Subway, eat fresh

Uploaded: 9 months ago

Owner: ryanshowseason3

Tags: F/F F/M Consensual Fatal Implied Digestion Unwilling Prey Implied Vore H/F Consensual vore Implied Fatality photomanip Willing prey

For years I mostly ate subway for lunch and became a regular. During that time there were three very flirty ladies who worked the counter. I made a story about them imagining them in a world of vore.

Manips here: 

Eyehearshapes - 9 months ago

This is another great story. I really loved the use of Nina Hartley as the older woman in the manips.

Topazter - 9 months ago

Alt title: 'Subway, Eat Fleash'

Galdin - 9 months ago

My Personal favorite of the three is Mabel, older woman enjoying herself is perfectly fine in my book

bettamin - 9 months ago

Great story as usual!

lorenzo64 - 9 months ago

This is a great story. The kind I love. More of these please. And the pic's, just great as well...

Kano's First Date Fatalities

Uploaded: 9 months ago

Owner: ryanshowseason3

Tags: Oral Vore Centaur Digestion Weight Gain F/M Absorption Unwilling Anal Vore Transformation Centauress Unwilling Prey Breast Vore Sheep Video Game Cleavage Vore Monster girl photoshop Cow Girl Disposal Game Over forced orgasm milk transformation cleavage absorption Disposal Scat Sheep girl aroused prey poop girls Gamer girl milk tf

Kano a cat boy has landed a date with Mina a hot gamer mouse girl on the Stingr app for those into S&M. When she wants to play a game with high stakes will this kitty have enough lives to end up the top or is he doomed to bottom for a mouse girl?

A commission for  Kanosint

This was fun to make and the wife had a great time weighing in on the manips of monster girls. Her favorite being the sheep girl

manips here:...
[ Continued ...

Justsomeone - 9 months ago

This story is amazing. I love the whole concept of being trapped in a game/vr with game mechanics.

willofwii - 9 months ago

Loved the story and the game’s lewd scenarios. The toilet paper and poo girl absorption were pretty fresh too! Would love to see a sequel or continuation.

AssIdolizer - 9 months ago

Been following you since the dawn of time and this is by far my favorite story you've ever written. Keep up the incredible work and I desperately hope to see more tales from this universe.

doomed - 9 months ago

Dude should’ve just fucked her and left .
Like how dumb do you have to be to make a bet without knowing how to play the game .?

Not saying he deserved such a cruel fate , but I’m just disappointed. Hopefully the next person says no to Mina and just eats her and doesnt reform her. They might as well not even play because she didn’t eveb give him enough info to win lmao .
Great story .

CrystalKiller88 - 9 months ago

I'm a simple man. You give me something with a Poop girl, I hit the favorite button.

...Because I'm weird and gross ok?

Pope's Phallic folly

Uploaded: 11 months ago

Owner: ryanshowseason3

Tags: Digestion Absorption Sex Unwilling Control Masturbation ?/F Unwilling Prey Cum Digestion Video Game dildo Disposal ?/ff Cum Transformation Object Vore Tattooification Video game character cum disposal Unwilling to semi-willing prey

Emily Pope head of research is missing along with a research assistant. Jesse Faden the director of the FBC is left with few clues. A room with a camera, film, a dildo and a huge mess.

Will she be able to figure out what happened to that cute head of research and her hot assistant? And more importantly will she be able to save them from whatever has made them disappear?
A commission and writing prompt from  puck5 that has been a long time coming.

I think...
[ Continued ...

Perv404 - 10 months ago

Effectively cockvore with cum digestion but with a SCP-esque double dildo.
Good job.
A sequel would be lovely.
Or cockvore in general.

ryanshowseason3 - 10 months ago

Lore wise altered items are not necessarily objects of power so she wouldn't get anything from it. But it's an idea to chew on for the commissioner should they want to do a sequel in the future.

Eyehearshapes - 10 months ago

It's good to see Control getting some vore related love. I wonder if Jessie could get anew ability from the dildo?

Jamesferguson1990 - 11 months ago

But keep up the good work

Jamesferguson1990 - 11 months ago

Your game was nice thought school would have finished at 3 like schools nomally do would love to play a nother game some day if you plan on maken one was hoping for some more freerom like getting home going to bathroom or liven room or something like that like more choices and more places

The chatter around the table went silent as the buxom Asian girl at the head of the table stood, her chest bouncing inside a shirt that read “I don't just wipe parties... I flush them too”.
“Before we go any further I think I need to make one thing clear.” Carla said and adjusted her glasses.
“No matter if you're my friend, not my friend or even a fuck buddy when I run D&D it's for keeps.” she said and scanned the faces around her.
“That mea

Carla's Campaign

Uploaded: 11 months ago

Owner: ryanshowseason3

Tags: Oral Vore Digestion d&d F/F F/M Absorption Dice Fatal Anal Vore Willing Breast Vore Semi-willing Incest Fatal Vore Chance H/F Cleavage Vore Disposal Dungeons and Dragons wager Incestual Vore CTF cock transformation milk transformation Willing prey

Carla,  SenpaiVore's Carla that is from Carla's curious courtship is running one of her unique campaigns. When your character gets melted so do you! And if you don't get resurrected in the game you don't in real life either! But if you can beat her big bad evil person in the end you get to do whatever you like with Carla!

So will the party have their way with Carla? Or will Carla wipe the party, and wipe them again in the bathroom?

A commission by...
[ Continued ...

Quicksilvrr - 10 months ago

I like the idea of the story and the story itself since I saw it quite a while ago with Gabby, but personally I'm not a big fan of bianca as the pred who came out on top, I'm more of the type of person who enjoys the young pred getting the old, I like the ambiguous ending though so I can atleast imagine a world where bianca loses the bet and Carla continues to terrorise her D&D buddies or whatever's left of them, but that's just my opinion, wonderfully written as always though

Cadence - 10 months ago

That was an incredible read. It delivered several times over.

SenpaiVore - 11 months ago

You are always welcome, though can't guarantee you will be solid by the end of the session.

firefox01 - 11 months ago

that was seriously one of your best pieces, I couldn't stop, I had to finish the story, absolutely excellent work!

Sira - 11 months ago

Oh gosh, you've really outdone yourself this time. I wish I could play at such a table!

Disposal Proposal

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: ryanshowseason3

Tags: Oral Vore Scat Digestion Reformation Fatal Willing implied scat Implied Digestion Fatal Vore Willing Pred fatal digestion Disposal Implied reformation Implied Fatality photomanip toilet paper perma vore permavore Willing prey

Marriage between pred and prey is initiated by a disposal proposal and the exchange of a specially made roll of toilet paper that restricts their ability to reform when it is all used up. The gesture is one of trust and acceptance that rarely do good things lasts forever.

This story explores the custom and its implications.

I made it in a couple hours when I woke up with an idea and just had to execute it.

Images in this thread here:
[ Continued ...

harpylove - 11 months ago

Interesting concept, I like it.

PretentiousPudge - 1 year ago

I love the fictional world you've created. Every story I read from you, I feel wonderment. Charlie in the 'chocolate' factory.

ryanshowseason3 - 1 year ago

Yup, the consequences of writing, producing an entire "thing" manips and all in a few hours. I'll reupload with a correction soon.

ryanshowseason3 - 1 year ago

Yup, the consequences of writing, producing an entire "thing" manips and all in a few hours. I'll reupload with a correction soon.

bfdsjkbjjjj3443 - 1 year ago

Is "my aunt is 34" a supposed to be "sister"?

GirlGrub App

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: ryanshowseason3

Tags: Oral Vore Scat Digestion F/F M/F Absorption Consensual Cock Vore Reformation Willing Blowjob Cum Digestion H/F Willing Pred Female Pred blow job Disposal Consensual vore H/H Cum Transformation Older Pred Hermaphrodite Casual vore Disposal Scat sentient fat Willing prey reforming prey

Auntie Tina is visiting her niece Mary at college and orders herself a prey through a food delivery app. The night goes in directions she never expected...

Pics if links die:

Still mostly working on my game but I needed a small break to make something just for myself and no one else. 

Sira - 1 year ago

Finally, an app I'd join.

Lovablesnowman - 1 year ago

Reformation? Booooooo

Yearn2Churn - 1 year ago

Not gonna lie, every time i see a new post from you i get excited (especially CV). The combination of ur writing style and captioned images is by far my favorite content on here. The only downside is the frequency of the posts, but its definitely worth the wait.

Id personally love to see another CV story styled like "cock or slot". Was really fun playing along until i got one wrong and got churned into her next load. That anticipation of waiting to see if ur choice got u got a nice creamy refill or destined u to becum nothing but hot condom stuffing is hot af. I greatly enjoy being able to have an impact on just how soon i becum a thick load of ball batter in a story, which that format allowed me to do. Though with me it's not a question of IF i get swallowed and churned, its a question of WHEN i get roped out as thick white cum

Onewingedangel - 1 year ago

You write great stuff when you write for you too. Thanks for sharing.

Onewingedangel - 1 year ago

You write great stuff when you do it just for you ????????

Chelle struggled to hold onto her hat and the map as wind and sand blew around her.
“Why are we using these paper maps anyways? This isn't Indiana Jones, we have phones director, why isn't this digital?” Chelle complained into her headset.
“If you exit the range of the transmitter we put on the obelisk how would you find your way in a sandstorm like now?” the director asked.
“What will I do if this stupid map blows away?” Chelle retorted as she struggled to

Chelle and the Temple of Ashra Nour

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: ryanshowseason3

Tags: Soul Vore Oral Vore Digestion Absorption Sex Domination submission Fatal Magic Blowjob egyptian H/F egyptian god Human Prey slavery time travel Hermaphrodite Egyptian Mythology Essence Vore Unwilling to semi-willing

Chelle finds herself practically alone excavating the temple of an assumed "fertility" cult. By the end of her exploration though she'll know what the ancient temple grounds were actually for and she'll be less than alone...

A commission by


firefox01 - 11 months ago

awesome thanks!

Slimshod - 11 months ago

Thanks! I'm still exploring Ashra-Nour's backstory so you can expect to see more of her over on my page. Though I will say, I don't have any projects planned for her in the immediate future.

Slimshod - 11 months ago

Thanks! Glad you liked it. RS really knows how to handle those 'slow burn' moments that are so common with Chelle. We don't have any other ideas planned for the near future, unfortunately.

Slimshod - 11 months ago

It's almost as if she were made for it ;)

firefox01 - 1 year ago

another incredible story! Id love to see a prequel!


Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: ryanshowseason3

Tags: POV Oral Vore Unbirth F/F Absorption Fatal Anal Vore Willing Implied Digestion Breast Vore H/F Willing Pred Cleavage Vore Female Prey Female Pred Prey POV Implied Fatality wager photomanip Casual photomorph Pred POV Casual vore Prey perspective semi willing Willing prey

A new vore challenge hashtag is trending on twitter and the obituary sections can't keep up.

This started as sort of a primer on how you can use simple POV pics and manipulate the user's perception of them with captions to tell whatever story you like. Really you can interpret the same image multiple ways or make minor edits to shift perspective in interesting ways. I wanted to capture and share that.

The story came secondary to that so there isn't much story! ...
[ Continued ...

Quicksilvrr - 1 year ago

Oh dear, that's horrible, hopefully everything works out for you and your wife, don't stress yourself out too much :)

ryanshowseason3 - 1 year ago

Couple reasons. I'm spending some time developing my patreon game since it's been ignored close to a year.

On top of that recently my wife and I were assaulted by a group of people near our home. We're both a bit shaken, it's hard to focus. It's possible they know where we live and the police haven't been much help. It occupies my head and I haven't been able to stay in the creating mood for long because of it.

Moonsniper - 1 year ago

Why haven’t you posted anything lately

Notaninterestingperson - 1 year ago

Please more its really cool.

Destroyah - 1 year ago

Why not do snap chat Vore stories? Either a Pred’s story page on who they got and/or Prey and some of their last stories

Hot Asian on Eight

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: ryanshowseason3

Tags: Soft Vore Expansion Digestion Weight Gain F/M Absorption Consensual Fatal Willing Blowjob Breast Vore Melting tit vore Asian Willing Pred Cleavage Vore Male Prey Female Pred teasing blow job Consensual vore taunting photomanip titty fuck Casual titjob Reluctant reluctant prey photomorph milk transformation melting digestion Casual vore titfuck melty digestion mature woman semi willing Teasing Pred mature pred Willing prey mature female teasing about digestion teasing during digestion

Ben lives on the 10th floor of his apartment building, most of the units seem to only be occupied half the time except for one woman who consistently lives there: the hot Asian lady who lives on the eighth floor.

Ben doesn't know her at all really but he'd like to get closer to her. How much closer? That's up to her.

A commission by  HungryLion812

I didn't insert them into the story but after you read it there are images made especially for this...
[ Continued ...

humanpopcycle020 - 6 months ago

God she wouldn't have to ask twice. Getting a disposable hard-on just thinking about becoming tits.

tiffanytakahashi - 11 months ago

I wonder if hot asian on eight is bi :-)

WoreHouse - 1 year ago

Excellent as always! I would only slightly extend the part of the story after the absorption. I would supplement the story with how, for example, she picks up a bra and suitable clothes for the video conference, and our hero feels all this before his mind finally fade

Luckless - 1 year ago

That washingmachine method was great. Love the seduction to death stuff you do too. It's all gravy. Excellent commission.

TavTheBored26 - 1 year ago

Pretty good

Snuff hunt

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: ryanshowseason3

Tags: Scat F/M Cooking Reformation Fatal snuff Bondage slave BDSM Abuse Disposal slavery hunting photomanip neck snap photomorph Disposal Scat

Nate and Leora can't decide who the dominant force should be in their relationship and decide to handle it by hunting each other on Valentine's day.

Whoever can subjugate the other wins the right to snuff and then enslave the loser for the next year. Whoever gets to five wins first is the ultimate winner of their... unique relationship.

Which of them will come out on top?

Images here if links fail:...
[ Continued ...

mifigor19 - 1 year ago

Looks good, looking forward to seeing more of that

ryanshowseason3 - 1 year ago


mifigor19 - 1 year ago

So you made a scat gif

doomed - 1 year ago

This story was really good . Granted I’m not one for weakness like that , but having her come back was a nice touch . The underdog prevailed. You should do the story again accept with a herm. And do both endings , one where she loses and one where she wons

Femdom Village

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: ryanshowseason3

Tags: Oral Vore Scat Feet Unbirth Digestion F/M Absorption Domination Fatal Unwilling BDSM Breast Vore enslavement Cleavage Vore Male Prey Female Pred Disposal Implied reformation femdom photomanip Foot Fetish Reluctant footjob reluctant prey chastity semi willing Disposal Scat photomorphs

In Brazil there is a town of only women called Noiva do Cordeiro.

A real place that only hosts men on the weekends. The women are in charge, no men hold office, no men are property owners.

The population is quite young as well making it an interest for bachelors.

While it is real I've reimagined it a bit as a femdom landscape where the women are in charge, but also quite hostile to males even if they are sometimes attracted to them.

[ Continued ...

harpylove - 1 year ago

I always like the mention and use of remains as fertilizer. Great work.

empatheticapathy - 1 year ago

A bit much scat in the pics, but absolutely my kinda village.

Odin1366 - 1 year ago

So is this village just separate from the Brazilian government? And if so, Brazil must be the best place for people looking to end it with vore.

doomed - 1 year ago

Nice story, although stories like that just irritate me . Still it well written and not a surprise coming from you

knt27 - 1 year ago

I wanna visit this place! Although... I'm pretty sure that my trip to your version of Noiva do Cordeiro would be EXTREMELY brief (and painful).

Manip short: Grocery shopping

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: ryanshowseason3

Tags: Oral Vore Scat Digestion F/M Fatal Male Prey Female Pred Disposal photomanip photomorph Disposal Scat

A husband isn't doing a very good job of picking up the right ingredients and his wife is going to make him make up for that. 

harpylove - 1 year ago

Short but good. I didn't know until the end that the sast one was a link to all of them.

Yearn2Churn - 11 months ago

With this added info i would love to see a CV version of this as that is by far my favorite!

Delennd - 1 year ago

"Notes: Originally I wanted to make this have two routes where you actually did beat her and got to fuck and then cock vore her. But the actress didn't have a listing for who she was and I couldn't find any sets of her getting screwed. If she even does hardcore."

That's Connie Carter and she does have that kind of video

LichKingNK - 1 year ago

Please, do cock vore pred pov story

empatheticapathy - 1 year ago

Personally, I'm pretty happy with it being loss-only.

empatheticapathy - 1 year ago

Personally, I'm pretty happy with it being loss-only.

Failing Vore safety class

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: ryanshowseason3

Tags: Oral Vore Scat Unbirth Digestion Weight Gain Absorption Cock Vore Fatal writing Willing Breast Vore H/M Cum Digestion H/F Cleavage Vore Disposal Consensual vore Sentient photomanip Cum Transformation Herm Pred Hermaphrodite Femcum Casual vore Disposal Scat sentient fat thigh vore Picture and Story written work

Miss DiFranco teaches the vore prevention, safety and counseling class at her state's college.

It's one of those gen-eds everyone has to take. She's used to failing a few students every semester, some from lack of attendance after being digested and others from digesting someone else which also earns you a failing grade.

This year she's hoping for no failures since everyone is learning from home and class is meeting on Zoom. Without all the dangers of co-ed life on...
[ Continued ...

Odin1366 - 1 year ago

Poor fools never stood chance.

ryanshowseason3 - 1 year ago

Nope, that's a new baby. Ejaculate consists of sperm AND semen fluids. When cock vored prey turn into the fluids that surround sperm which makes up 90% of ejaculate.

Many preds and prey make this mistake though. Prey sometimes are fooled into believing it but ultimately end up dripping onto a pair of panties and ending up a stain.

IWantToBelieveee - 1 year ago

Some of your best stuff yet

Odin1366 - 1 year ago

So in this world, if someone was cockvored, given sentience and then the guy/herm came into a woman and impregnated her would the sentience carry over?

threk - 1 year ago

Natural selection is going to be strong with this generation.

Monogam-ish: How vore is changing marriage

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: ryanshowseason3

Tags: Oral Vore Scat Digestion F/F M/M F/M Cock Vore Fatal Willing Breast Vore H/M Cum Digestion Cleavage Vore Female Pred marriage Disposal Consensual vore Cum Transformation Casual vore Disposal Scat

This one is in the style of a news article, the reporter is telling how casual vore is changing marriage and what the church's reactions are. Along the way examples of the casual nature of vore in this setting are linked in several photomanips.

I like the manips more than the story in this one really. It would be pretty dry without them IMO

Images here:

Some links...
[ Continued ...

Luckless - 1 year ago

Those are high quality manips! Thank you for the captions!

ryanshowseason3 - 1 year ago

Who knows? Prey also aren't all that aggressive, far more submissive? Kinda pacifist, so gun ownership is low among them I suppose.

I dunno man it's a fantasy world. But it would make for an interesting article. Some reporter asking the question why don't prey defend themselves with lethal force in America?

ryanshowseason3 - 1 year ago

I particularly enjoyed coming up with that one too.

homelessman - 1 year ago

The last one killed me. "Think this counts as baptizing you?"

UnendingP4rad0x - 1 year ago

It does feel weird that so many were digested unwillingly in the voting of those laws, considering this happens in the United States, world capital of 《 I have as many firearms on my body than appendages that can weild them.》
And if digestion is no longer a crime, what about other forms of murder?

“Oh you brought the shovel today Adam!”
“I'd prefer you call me Mr Marshall Stacy.” Adam said.
“Oh whatever! You call me Stacy and besides I think it's only fitting to be able to call someone who has eaten out all my holes including my ass by their first name” Stacy teased as she undid the clasp on her bikini and let her top fall.
She pulled down her bottoms as well before laying on her lawn chair. Adam visibly swallowed before looking away. Stacy was what o

Moving van Munchies

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: ryanshowseason3

Tags: Oral Vore Scat Belly Digestion F/F Fart Consensual Sex Fatal Pooping Farting Gas Willing Female Pred Disposal Consensual vore Gassy Casual vore Disposal Scat Willing prey

Another sequel to the Fatal Fare and Churn Charter Transport stories.

We pick up with Stacy some months later. Things have progressed with the surviving characters of that story.

Mr Marshall the father of one of her prey visits. Penny the brother of one of her prey isn't visiting anymore and the mother of Julie who was dumped in a rest stop bathroom is going to take the ride of her life while helping her soon to be former roommate move.

Plenty of...
[ Continued ...

feauxen - 1 year ago

This willing vore with seduction and so much sensuality is definitely my favorite kind of vore. I like the mean, dominant preds, don’t get me wrong, but even then it’s just no fun if the prey’s not into it. If only Stacy was into casual vore, she’d be the literal embodiment of my fetishes, which is embarrassing to admit. Still, I love this story, just like all the others you write. You always manage to make even the unwilling meals seem sexy.

Keep it up.

Gorgrath177 - 1 year ago

The only way I can see her story ending is her getting married to a nice futa, having 5 kids (eating 2 on graduation) and then retiring into her husband’s ballsack before getting pumped into a family friend.

Randomdude5 - 1 year ago

While I dont really like milf prey I really like slow and detailed digestion. I also like Stacy being a benevolent pred as you put it.

ryanshowseason3 - 1 year ago

Stacy just doesn't feel like she is the kind of character that has a finite end. She'll always be seducing prey into herself. I'd have to write in a mechanic to her world that would end her story. Which I have up my sleeve but it feels like she hasn't finished yet either.

But she is very enjoyable to write. Closest thing to a benevolent but fatal pred.

33defence - 1 year ago

Would you enjoy writing more for her? You always seem to leave some loose ends each time you write one of these, just in case someone wants to come back to it.

Brown spots on bananas are gross!!!

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: ryanshowseason3

Tags: Digestion F/F Absorption Consensual Cock Vore Cum Fatal writing Willing Blowjob Cum Digestion H/F Willing Pred Disposal Consensual vore Tattoo ahegao Hermaphrodite orgasm denial Tattooification Casual vore cum disposal anal vore implied Willing prey Reformation implied written work

Reforming is a natural part of life, it's usually assumed you'll reform if you die.

Except if you don't.

Sometimes and no one knows why your soul just runs out of juice. When that happens you end up as a tattoo on their skin. Your face moments before your end is plastered where your remains mostly ended up.

The tattoos fade a bit over time, making room for more but preds who get around can sometimes have their permanent victims on their bodies for...
[ Continued ...

deadgreenman - 1 year ago

Great piece! Would love some more with tattoos

BurningRuby1909 - 1 year ago

Hehe sorry just not use to the tattofication but i still loved it i pretty much love most of ryans stories

crankzzz - 1 year ago

Also loved the manips.

crankzzz - 1 year ago

I feel quite the opposite! It was not the normal writing style but I see where it was going! I'm surprised it took this long for ryanshowseason3 to do some tattooification.

Tafillia - 1 year ago


Gurglr, The vore hunting app.

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: ryanshowseason3

Tags: F/F Fatal Implied Digestion Implied Vore Semi-willing questionable consent

Tindr, but for vore. And when you match instead of getting messages you get to hunt or be hunted.

When a technologically un-savvy mom signs up for this app her daughter helps her to navigate it.

Hopefully nothing goes wrong.

 MatchboxSpark Made a stellar story a little more than a week ago about a fictional mobile app called Tag!

I couldn't resist designing the UI for such a thing and writing a short story about it and its use. ...
[ Continued ...

bronzelara - 1 year ago

Hot story Id def make a profile as prey on the app and try get my friends to as well

deej1011 - 1 year ago

I loved this story! Vore dating app style stuff never gets old <33

deaddonkey - 1 year ago

Brilliant as usual, thanks

ryanshowseason3 - 1 year ago

Sure, I'll pm you for deets

Egriverany32 - 1 year ago

Can I commission you to do a sequel?

Teen Tapped Tit-ans
“It will be of great enjoyment friend Raven!”
“I fail to see how spending two weeks as liquid fermenting will be fun Star...” Raven muttered even as she continued to take off her legless unitard and revealed her pale but prominent breasts. As it turned out the stretchy fabric compressed them greatly and Raven was actually a few cup sizes bigger than she would appear to be while clothed.
“It will be like the having of naughty time in the slumpal

Tapped Tit-ans

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Tags: Unbirth F/F Consensual Fatal jinx starfire terra Masturbation Willing Teen Titans Breast Vore Cum Digestion Cleavage Vore Disposal Beer Cum Transformation milk transformation Femcum Casual vore Sentient Disposal Raven (Teen Titans)

Starfire and Raven have volunteered to be turned into liquid and brewed into beers for a charity event. As long as no one leaves with any of them bottled things will be just fine and with Terra guarding their remains everything will be A-OK.

A commission by  Jurodan

This is a quasi sequel to my brewing beauties story but doesn't share a lot with it besides the bar that brews women into drinks. 

Swalloweredipus - 1 year ago

Great piece. Not really my preferred type, but still a good quality piece. I love the way that at the beginning you make breast vore almost casual and a very normal thing...

hypnolatex - 1 year ago

Yes, that story is amaaaazing and I'll definitely check out the Chinese Cuisine story! Thanks :D

ryanshowseason3 - 1 year ago

The other brewing beauties story?

You should try the Chinese Cuisine series too. Lots of prey turned into edibles there too.

hypnolatex - 1 year ago

Seriously I’d love to see more of this, I have no idea why I love this so much but this and your other story using the same concept is amazing, the concept of prey being made into drinks is so freaking hot to me wow <3

Jurodan - 1 year ago

I'm glad people enjoyed it as much as I did. Wonderfully written.

Focal Point
...March 26th
When Ruby woke up she was surprised to find herself not quite alone. There were a few people around her, one still unconscious the others just as delirious and confused as she was. A buzzing alarm and automated voice had awoken them.
“Please exit the revival unit, emergency revival protocol active. Please clear the revival unit”
Ruby didn't know what was going on but she did feel rather well compared to any of her previous reformations. The nearby display

BTILR: Focal Point

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Tags: Non-Vore Reformation Hermaphrodite

Another ending choice to Big trouble in little Roppongi 

harpylove - 1 year ago

That's a relief. I would be sad to see this series go. The casual nature of the world and the characters themselves are wonderful.

ryanshowseason3 - 1 year ago

This series is entirely commission based. So it goes on as long as the commissioner wants it to(and when I get around to them in the commission line.)

That said I don't mind making more in this line. It's a fun little crew. The twins were an especially interesting conundrum to explore.

harpylove - 1 year ago

I liked this. Is this the end of the entire series or just this arc? I'm hoping arc because I want more of this.

Mind Meld
...March 26th
Ruby awoke feeling strange. She'd woken feeling whole, which was a surprise. She'd been reformed thus far at only a percentage of fully baked so waking up feeling fit was refreshing. But that was overshadowed by the feeling of oddity, her body didn't feel right.
When she stood things didn't get any better. She felt dizzy as she felt like the room was somehow bigger, taller than usual. She stumbled feeling off balance and when she looked down she was surprised to see he

BTILR: Mind Meld

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Tags: Digestion Cock Vore Reformation Fatal Cum Digestion H/F Hermaphrodite

One ending choice to Big trouble in little Roppongi 

harpylove - 1 year ago

Of course. There are few who reach her level but remain endearing rather than overbearing. She is even a loving mother to boot!

BurningRuby1909 - 1 year ago

*blushes deep red* hehe im really happy you like Ruby

harpylove - 1 year ago

How could I not love the Preytastic Ruby or the switch twin who can basically read each other's mind.

BurningRuby1909 - 1 year ago

Oh im really happy you like them <3

harpylove - 1 year ago

Glad she didn't, It would have been a depressing end for several of my favorite characters.

Big Trouble in Little Roppongi
March 21st
Ruby wanted to scream but couldn't. The reasons why were myriad. The cock plugging her mouth and pumping away was the least significant. Even with just that she could have at least let out a rather loud whimper or mewl. But as the cock had forced its way into her throat her esophagus had ripped, vocal cords breaking like flimsy flaps of flesh. Additionally the cock plugging away at her ass had wreaked all sorts of havoc as the herm behind her shoved int

Big trouble In little Roppongi

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Tags: Oral Vore Unbirth Digestion F/F Absorption Sex Cock Vore Reformation Unwilling Anal Vore Rape Willing Breast Vore Cum Digestion F/H H/F Cleavage Vore Female Pred slavery Hermaphrodite Casual vore

Note: you might have to download for embedded images to display correctly.

A continuation on the Hola Japan and Gracias Nihon stories.

Ruby and Amai are a bit older and their twin Daughters Taka and Tada are teenagers at this point. Teens with a penchant for vore on either side. This time they get in over their heads. Will Ruby be able to bail them out? And will any of them get out of this unscathed?

Read this first and then either Mind Meld or Focal...
[ Continued ...

Fiaura54 - 1 year ago

Reformat to something that everyone can access like .jpg or .png or something that can be read by Adobe?

Fiaura54 - 1 year ago

The file format when downloaded is .EMF which is only accessable via WIN10 or Photoshop.

ryanshowseason3 - 1 year ago

Dunno what to tell ya. I'm using open office and downloading on phone or my other laptop seems to work fine. Can't really debug what I can't reproduce. Basically most of the images are of the twin's speech "colliding" in a literal sense by superimposing the words on top of one another. And they are saying different things.

Fiaura54 - 1 year ago

Yeah Embedded images not working at all even downloading.

BurningRuby1909 - 1 year ago

Hehe its okay something funny for the reader hehe X3


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Tags: Oral Vore Scat Digestion Absorption Same Size Fatal Pooping Unwilling Willing Semi-willing H/M H/F Disposal Racism Hermaphrodite Casual vore Pictures race play

Monique is a black teenage herm in senior year of high school. This wouldn't be a problem except for one thing.

All the girls want her for her melanin.

In this world digesting someone inevitably leads to absorbing their skin darkening melanin. Too bad darker tanned skin is all the rage and has been for a while.

Monique is having a hard time just surviving when her own preyish desires urge her even closer to the edge of just giving in and becoming skin...
[ Continued ...

ryanshowseason3 - 11 months ago

I have an idea on the back burner for one as pred but nothing so far as prey. I'm part native American actually but never really experienced prejudice for that side so I don't have as much inspiration for it. Could probably figure something out though. The idea isn't unappealing.

Odin1366 - 11 months ago

If you do another race play any chance you will include any indigenous or First Nations prey? I don’t know why but for some reason, outside of a few pochahontas pics, they are suprinsingly scarce on the site.

redsquallff8 - 1 year ago

Honesty im a sub white male and id not mind being a black chicks meal.

Danriter - 1 year ago

I would say the whole melanin idea that forms a lead trough your story is again an intresthing part of vore that is tought of and is worked out so well it sounds logical for vore, the story has a nice plottwist again, so nice work again and i can only say i cant wait to read more.

EmissaryOfRainbows - 1 year ago

Very nice premise, and you executed on it well! I'd love to see another story taking place in this universe.

I just wish her cock came into it a bit more, like the fact that she's a herm makes her a even more desirable prey in addition to her skin color for whatever reason.

Sarah opened her eyes to the fog around her and sucked in a breath. Her toes clenched, finger grasped and body jerked as if she'd been startled awake. Reviving always felt rather abrupt.
“Home sweet home” Sarah said sarcastically.
She was already wondering when she could get herself dead again. The last one was pretty ok, the post disposal interesting but the digestion could've been better. She hoped to find someone else more talkative next time, she would take teasing

Meet the Millers

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Owner: ryanshowseason3

Tags: Oral Vore Scat Digestion F/F Consensual Reformation Fatal Willing Disposal

Meet the Millers they're a four member family that run an anonymous pred review site similar to yelp.

They get eaten by preds, rate them and have their memories wiped of the encounter to protect their quite prestigous reputation as an upper crust family.

Their reforming tech is top notch so there's no possible way they would ever be in danger of not coming back... Right?

This one is a pinch different from my usual as the digestion scenes aren't very...
[ Continued ...

altreo3 - 9 months ago

What if......i asked for part two to be around my oc and my oc meets bella when my oc is trying to find a pred. Bella would help my oc out and wed get eaten by a male's cock together and spend the n3xt week churning into cum.

ryanshowseason3 - 9 months ago

Whenever I'm working with someone else's original characters I prefer to get permission from them about others using them. I'll ask them and I don't expect they'll be disagreeable.

Cost is dependent almost entirely on the length. And I can work within a budget. 1500 words/ $10 USD.

altreo3 - 9 months ago

One where bella is cock vored permanently?

altreo3 - 9 months ago

How much eould it be for me to commission a part two of this story?

ryanshowseason3 - 9 months ago

Unfortunately not. I think the commissioner wants to go in different directions for their next story actually.

Cock or Slot?

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Tags: Oral Vore Unbirth Digestion F/M M/F Cock Vore Fatal Willing Breast Vore Semi-willing H/M Cum Digestion bladder vore M/H H/H Cum Transformation Interactive Hermaphrodite images Casual vore Pee transformation

Jack thinks he can tell herms and females apart with 100% accuracy but Hannah calls BS.

Being cocky Hannah has no issue getting him to ante up his own existence on his claimed ability. He'll churn if he can't guess the gender of Hannah's six friends. x_x

You take the role of Jack in determining who is what gender. So help him... Or don't, he's kind of a jerk and deserves to be melted :P . There are 6 bad ends Jack can be guided into, one for each of Hannah's...
[ Continued ...

Maxchatt200 - 3 weeks ago

love being right

Maxchatt200 - 5 months ago

love it

Tunknownusert - 5 months ago

Side note, you dont have to log in anymore.

Yearn2Churn - 11 months ago

I second that! Id love to have more interactive cock vore stories! It was so much fun, especially when i legit got one wrong and got churned into cum. The interactive part of it made it so much more fun knowing i would have actually got churned cause of my pick....i mean not that im complaining, i deserved to be shot into a condom for being so arrogant

EinswolfTheWhite - 1 year ago

I did manage to get them all right on the first try! i would love it if we had others like this !

"Is it a Cobra pitcher?"
"Couldn't  be dear, she was sucked in although the digestion bladder looks quite similar. Has to be a bladderwort of some sort."
"That would certainly explain the translucent nature of the bladder holding her, I can see our daughter's tits now that the enzymes have dissolved her clothes"
"Yes they're quite developed aren't they? I hadn't noticed until now. Growing up to challenge her mum wouldn't you say Tanya?" He said as he put a hand to her chest and jiggled o

Welcome to the jungle

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Tags: Plant Digestion Sex Fatal Lesbian Unwilling Prey plant/M plant/f Female Prey Male Prey femdom Fast Digestion rapid digestion Casual vore liquefication

Tanya and Robert are nature documentarians. Filming the remote wilds and creating entertaining shows with vore active flora and fauna as a focus.

Think wild thornberries or Steve Irwin with a vore kick.

While they are videotaping their daughter in the clutches of a new breed they ruminate on which of them will slip up next.

How soon will that be though?

One of my only non commission stories that won't have pictures associated. Reason...
[ Continued ...

Alienraptor - 1 year ago

I wasn't expecting to see such a rare fetish myself, but i found those parts the hottest

Winny - 1 year ago

The only sadness I have with plant vore is the lack of remains for disposal. Sure you have bones but many things leave straight bones behind. Didn't expect the girl to drink the nutrient soup though, good to see thinking outside the box lol.

ryanshowseason3 - 1 year ago

The other carnivorous plants like bladderworts just don't lend very well to manips. I couldn't figure out how to do the pic in a sexy way. Same went for other kinds besides pitchers and venus catchers.

But yeah thanks! Totally going for the couple and tribe being super chill with the idea of melting and others melting.

Winny - 1 year ago

A good read, you don't often see plant vore to often story wise. And I totally understand the lack of good manips for plants.

But overall I love the casual of everything~

A Daughter's Deception

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Owner: ryanshowseason3

Tags: F/F Fatal Willing Implied Digestion F/H Implied Unbirth Implied Oral Vore Casual vore

Jessica's got a lust for ending up as lumps but her mom wants her to live to adulthood! How Annoying!

Shortest of the shorts for me but fun to make. Took literally an hour yesterday to make this.

Pics here if links fail: 

altreo3 - 1 year ago

would you mind doing a part two where she gets eaten and digested then her mom finds out she is curious about vore?

NonBinaryFuta - 1 year ago

Herms are the best! I love the trickery of these clever girls!

ryanshowseason3 - 1 year ago


deej1011 - 1 year ago

Ngl, I kinda feel bad for the mom in this. She's trying sooo hard but it's ultimately for naught, and it's obvious she like, cares a lot ><

ryanshowseason3 - 1 year ago

I read and listen to a lot of stories. I end up pulling threads of things I like from different sources and mashing them together a lot of the time. To be entirely honest this story was inspired by a facebook meme an old flame posted about a cheating girlfriend.

Another thing I've found that really helps is to put yourself into the character, imagine how they'd think and react. What kind of upbringing did they have? How would that temper their reactions?

Last thing, I don't like to outright have characters make bold statements. Instead of having someone scream "I LOVE YOU" I'd use more subtle signs of affection, like body language. I enjoy subtext greatly. This story is built on that, with every line the mother hears having a second meaning to the person on the other end of the phone. Sometimes it means the reader knows more than the character, sometimes it means the characters know more than the reader.

I'm rambling though, and I've many more manips to make for the next story!