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Chista Moon Commision by MassiveBellyStudio P

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: tgawsome

Tags: Belly Commission Non-Vore Hungry Big Belly Fallout Fallout 4 massivebellystudios commision

"It has to be around here somewhere." Chista checked her pipboy letting her arm rest on her belly. The worn battered device showed the marker she placed being a few meters to the east of her. Chista looked up at the burnt tree that looked quite familiar. Like the last four trees she had seen. It was a coincident the first time, but now.
Chista tapped the pipboy's screen a few times causing it flicker then the marker shifted a hundred meters to the west of her. She looked down the...
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tgawsome - 1 day ago

Indeed Massivebellystudio did an amazing job on this commission.

Gabriel0813 - 1 day ago

very nice

A night out...

Uploaded: 3 weeks ago

Owner: tgawsome

Tags: Oral Vore Breasts Belly Digestion Fart pooping Farting Butt gas belching Willing Post-Vore booty Hard Digestion Nudity Drunk Post Vore Scat Gassy Fallout regretful predator Drunk pred Fallout 4

Chista has a bit of good fortune and decides to celebrate with a drink...

What should you expect in this story? Nudity, vore, digestion, post-vore disposal, gas butts, and boobs. Now for the post-vore stuff that marked as its own section do not read past that point if you don't like that kind of stuff.

This is a one shot that was bugging my brain for a bit. So I decided to put pen to paper and let it out, but it snowballed into its own chapter. Now is it cannon? maybe?...
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JohnnyF102 - 12 days ago


tgawsome - 12 days ago

Thanks! Unfortunately making a video is a time crunch I really can’t do. Also I don’t have the equipment to make one. So I will settle on making amazing screen caps.

JohnnyF102 - 12 days ago

it is awseome tho

JohnnyF102 - 12 days ago

you sbkuld make a video

tgawsome - 3 weeks ago

Thanks. I had fun working on this one just to you know cut loose. I like the main story, but that follows a more measured pace. I might do a one shot after a chapter release just to cut lose more often.

Drunk Chista is a lot more forward than sober Chista and a lot more playful. I also like the idea of Chista treating her gut like a well trained pet or a companion of sorts. A side effect of being on the road for so long start talking to yourself a bit. Or rather the big grumbling pot belly she has.

Its been a while since I've written a good disposal scene so I figured I go all out this time. A good toilet destruction was in order. One shouldn't underestimate the gasses Chista's gut has swirling around in it. Its one of the downsides of having a digestive system that rivals a deathclaw is she has to deal with deathclaw sized shits and gas.

Chista Moon by sv-writer

Uploaded: 3 weeks ago

Owner: tgawsome

Tags: Breasts Belly Bulge F/?

Well the first guy really wasn't all that helpful in answering her question. So how about you? No one else has to be dinner tonight? Just tell her....

Another commission of my big gal Chista Moon by SV-Writer. Go forth and give the original artist some much needed love. 

lyingunderfire - 3 weeks ago

I think that is one big reason why I have such an affinity towards her: Our appetite for puns.

[And neither can be sated.]

tgawsome - 3 weeks ago

That pun was so bad I thought Chista said it....

Thank you!

lyingunderfire - 3 weeks ago

She is becoming quite a large character!


Chista Moon by seriousdoomguy

Uploaded: 3 weeks ago

Owner: tgawsome

Tags: Breasts Belly Commission Non-Vore Belly bulge Fallout Fallout 4 character art

Some awesome art by seriousdoomguy here on the portal. 

ch6 around the bonfire

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: tgawsome

Tags: Breasts Belly Digestion Belch Butt implied vore Hard Digestion Big Belly Big Breasts Vore story big butt indigestion Fallout dream vore Fallout 4 Belching Clothes belching bones

Our hero gets to know her new companion and make some head way digesting the morning feast...

Edit: I had to take some images out to make the file small enough to upload. See all images here:

Here it is Ch6 finally. I do apologize for the delays but despite: work, holidays, and a tropical storm knocking out power. It is done. What to expect. Lots of belches and heavy digestion with plot....
[ Continued ...

Sempai13 - 3 weeks ago

Haha, oh I understand alright and I *very* much look forward to it. It is among my favorite things in vore, after all <3

I suppose I'll send a prayer to Chista's bowels to hold it together, for Jules sake... lol

tgawsome - 4 weeks ago

God help Jules when it does have to come "out" if you know what I mean.

Sempai13 - 4 weeks ago

A wise ogre once said "Better out then in, I always say!" hehe

But yeah, I look forward to what kind of relationship (punishment? Maybe in Jules mind? lol) blossoms moving forward with Chista, her gut and friends :P

tgawsome - 4 weeks ago

Thank you! Chista's stomach does tend to get what it want's much to Chista's chagrin sometimes. I think poor Jules and Chista's gut are going to get to know each other rather well as there adventure continues. Hopefully he will adapt to it especially to the belching. Chista finds it too funny to stop.

Sempai13 - 4 weeks ago

Excellent chapter, in my book, if not just for the digestion and sleeping segment alone!

First things first, again, loved the digestion sequence and how you give Chista's body system such character is lovely. It's becoming more and more apparent that Chista's gut is an enforcer, as well as a bit of a showoff (upstaging the intestines work) and a bit of bully (what it wants it tends to get :P )

Loved the night cap scene. Like pretty much all of it, haha. I like to think Chista's gut and Jules got to know each other little more "personally" after the night was through! Jules even gave an unintentional belly rub, Chista seemed to enjoy it at any rate, haha! Personally wouldn't mind seeing something along the lines of this again.

Loved the Face belches too- more than I thought I would (not that didn't like it before..)

Ch5 With friends like these who needs synths

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: tgawsome

Tags: Breasts Belly Burp Bulge Belch writing Butt belching implied vore Hard Digestion intestines indigestion Belly bulge bely Gassy Fallout Heavy Digestion furball Belch/Burp Fallout 4 bones in belly

Chista struggles with indigestion but the call of adventure waits for no belly. Here is part 2 of the last chapter now its own fully developed story. I have been learning the art of screen posing this will be the first real test to see if I succeed at the basic stuff.

Now for the next chapter, I recommended people check with my blog for an very special update.

Edit: I forgot to scale the pics in the story so you might have to scroll to see the entire pic for a few...
[ Continued ...

tgawsome - 1 month ago

Downside to a raider diet is that it they are pretty fattening. Upside is that fighting raiders burns a lot of calories so I think Chista will keep most of those pounds off. Unless she finds a place that will let her lounge and stuff herself then we will have a problem.

minasan - 1 month ago

I'm really liking this story. I hope she doesn't put on too much weight though.

tgawsome - 1 month ago

Chista's gut may get in the way sometimes but it really does earn its keep, churning up all those pesky raiders. It's hard to keep up a voluptuous figure in the wasteland with out a lot of protein and fat, and thankfully her gut is up to the task.

The K - 1 month ago

Every time I look at Chista's model and at that massive belly of hers I imagine all the heavy digestion going on inside with all the wonderful details you put into it. Every story of yours puts a smile on my face. I love them so much.

tgawsome - 1 month ago

Thanks! Digestion is a critical part of vore in my mind. It kinda gives me the chance to demonstrate that Chista is an experienced predator rather than simply tell. I hope my detailed digestion helped convey that.
Its also a joy to write.

CH 4 Every move you make, every step you take

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Owner: tgawsome

Tags: Digestion F/F F/? Fatal gas implied vore f/multiple indigestion screenshot Implied Violence Graphic digestion Fallout Belch/Burp Fallout 4

Chista finds her first clue on locating the mysterious institute.However, it feels like she's being watched... And to make it worse something just isn't sitting right with our gluttonous heroin.

Edit:Edit: I changed part of the end-scene and added some more pics. I felt my screen shot was of poor quality. The only change is in that one segment the rest of the story is unchanged.

Here we are next Chapter well technically half of what I had written. I didn't want to...
[ Continued ...

tgawsome - 1 month ago

I guess how silly it got would be if they met as enemiesor friends. The shrouds hamyness vs Chista's poor since of humor. Such a conflict would be something legends are made off.

TheMysteriousSadSack - 1 month ago

How silly would it be if Chista ran into the silver shroud? That would be a grade-A misunderstanding.

tgawsome - 1 month ago

Glade you are enjoying the story so far. Don't worry this story is far from over. It might take some time to work out some of the screenshots. (posing and what not) But I'll keep you guys informed on if there will be a delay on the blog.

Urielzael2 - 1 month ago

I like fallout RPs. To be fair I made one for one of friend from eka's using knowledge of all fallouts (from 1 - 4). Anyway I hope you will continu as those stories of yours are neat.

tgawsome - 1 month ago

Remember don't eat synths there not organic and give you horrible indigestion. As for the fur well thats not helping things in there.

ch3: Operation What Can Go Wrong?

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: tgawsome

Tags: Breasts Belly Soft Vore Digestion F/F violence Bulge F/? Butt Hard Digestion guns indigestion Belly bulge Explosions Fallout Belch/Burp Digestion Noises Are you not Entertained? Fallout 4 hand to hand combat screen shots Is this enough tags? This is a test of the emergency vore broadcas

Chista squares off against a vicious raider gang. What can go wrong?
So this story has violence, it has hard digestion, soft vore, belching, and indigestion. So almost all the bases are touched.
I had originally planned for this to be my Vore day contribution. Alas my nitpicking perfectionist tendencies prevented this, but also grew this story to a ridiculous degree. 70+ pages.
Now for your words of the day.
* lyrics form Blues Saraceno - Grave Digger
[ Continued ...

Sempai13 - 2 months ago

Haha, Well I guess Chista can't skimp out on Breakfast, or it stirs the demon ;p Hell, I'd probably like to see her to treat her gut to some breakfast while her previous meals were becoming short acquaintance with the rest of Chista's digestive tract.

In regards to wanting to "do better" I know how that goes. As an artist myself I tend to have that voice whisper in my ear many a times, which sometimes can be rather frustrating, lol. But yeah, by no means am I saying you should be shooting for those numbers but if you do maybe breaking it up into another chapter wouldn't be so bad. Only thing I would hope is that you would continue to keep the strong balance of vore and plot.

tgawsome - 2 months ago

Ya the 70+ pages just kinda happened. I was just prof-reading and my brain goes. "we can do better." Then a few more paragraphs get added. It just snowballs from there, but im glad you enjoyed it! I was concerned that I had gone a bit too far on that. Next time It gets this big, I might just split it into two chapters.

A bossy gut is what you get when you skip breakfast. I also believe different preds have different levels of "aggression" in their digestive system. As for capacity that's more an issue of mobility than appetite for her. So that will be interesting to see.

Sempai13 - 2 months ago

Enjoyed the chapter, and with 70+ pages to boot! Really appreciate the work you put in this. The last bit toward the end has me intrigued and has me wanting to know more. Something tells me we'll be seeing James again. And man, Chista's gut is so bossy, I kinda love it, lol! Also enjoyed seeing Chista's gut housing two occupants, now has me curious how many she is able to take in at once..?

tgawsome - 2 months ago

Thanks! I do like the actual helplessness of the situation in vore. As you can also tell, Digestion is a big part of it for me as well, and that goes hand and hand with belches.

tgawsome - 2 months ago

*face palms* your right! Quebec french is unique in some respects but not that unique. My grad school teacher probably felt a disturbance in the force form that. In all seriousness thanks for pointing that out. I tend to miss the little stuff like that when I write. So now I know that my French is more than a bit rusty. Might have to dust off one of those school books...

Ch2:One man's trash is another man's treasure

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: tgawsome

Tags: Breasts Scat Belly Digestion Fart pooping Belch Farting Butt gas belching Post-Vore implied vore Post Vore Scat Belly bulge Gassy Fallout Digestion Noises bad jokes Fallout 4 Belching up clothing

here we are with ch 2. A hart warming tale of a mutant and her new found friend.
a few references.
Ici Musique is a jazz radio station in Montreal.
Klick is slang for a kilometer. its kinda conman but Im certain theirs someone who wont know that.

Now a bit of warning for everyone. This chapter has heavy scat and farting in it. Now while I may like that some of you dear readers may not. So I have marked where the fart and scat scenes start so that you can...
[ Continued ...

tgawsome - 2 months ago

Thanks for the detailed comment! No seriously its feedback like this that motivates me to keep going, and lets me know how i'm doing. To be honest I take a lot of inspiration from Binge, Cryos,Inghost, Ryanshowseason3 here on the portal. So if you like my writing go give their gallery's a look (you probably have).
Also I have no objection to any fan art, stories, or whatever of Chista or the other characters I got in the works.

Sempai13 - 2 months ago

One last thing (I'll need to look into getting my art folder set up so I can post shit) but If you're cool with it I'd like to do some fanart of Chista at some point, she def in the top of my pred list.

Sempai13 - 2 months ago

Okay. So. I like to think I've read a few stories in my day, but honestly you may be my favorite vore writer right now.. Like I just finished both Ch.1 & 2 and you've managed to hit just about every "button" for me. I loved how you balanced the plot with vore, like how you develop the plot one moment and then pull us back to why we're reading, the vore! As far as I'm concerned there are 4 main characters: Chista, Chista's gut, intestines and bowels. One of those buttons (which rarely get pressed) is when writers give characters body parts "personality" or give it character as if it was a thinking, breathing person (I mean in a way it is..) I love how Chista talks to her gut and prey throughout the whole process from when he first gets in his new home to his unceremonious departure <3 Speaking of, I loved the whole details and descriptive words used in the digestion (pulsating intestines <3), indigestion, the gas, sounds, smells and dump. Honestly the whole journey sequence for our raider friend was a treat and it was nice that Chista was carrying on with her life while we kept getting updates on him through the whole thing. Anyway, this is getting long and I feel like I could have more to say on the smaller things I enjoyed, but maybe another time... If I paid for this, I'd be pretty happy. Thanks for this and I look forward to more from you.

tgawsome - 2 months ago

Pre-orders are down. Guess ill load up Eka's always something there. -Todd Howard

Pyrod - 2 months ago

He's upset people haven't pre-order double copies of fall out 76.

Chapter 1 Welcome to the Commonwealth, Popula

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: tgawsome

Tags: Breasts Belly Digestion violence Swallowing Butt comedy Hard Digestion Big Belly Big Breasts big butt screenshot Fallout 4 No scat

Here we go the first chapter in my fallout 4 fan fic reboot. Its got action, comedy, Vore, digestion, guns, and other fun things. No scat for now. Not gonna lie went a bit overboard looking at about 50 pages of text plus pics in this one. If you don't like hard digestion might not be the one for you. Doesn't have hard vore but the swallowing is a bit painful for someone.
Also Colour is not miss spelled I don't care what Microsoft says its the right way.
Disclaimer: I do not own...
[ Continued ...

Lovingutitis - 2 months ago

AWESOME! That's what I was hoping.

tgawsome - 2 months ago

I plan on keep my characters such as Jules and Elizabeth. The biggest issue I had was the pacing of the story, and that I felt didn't have enough vore in it.

A good example would be the internal conflict Elizabeth has. In my previous story, I didn't really spend too much time with it.this time we will spend more time with this issue, and how it will affect both characters.

So the overall plot and characters will stay pretty much the same save some cosmetic differences and one name change.

Lovingutitis - 2 months ago

I'm so happy you're back to writing this series, even if you're starting over. I was really getting into the story when you stopped writing it, but I can understand if you want to start from the beginning after reviewing it. However, I really liked the character Elizabeth because of her inner conflict between wanting to feed herself to Aki but not wanting to die... yet. Not to sway you, but I would be really happy if you planned on putting a character like her in this iteration, even if she's not the same person or personality.

tgawsome - 2 months ago

It's the drugs kids don't do drugs. It kills your sense of humor.

Graywolf18 - 2 months ago

Welp... Akichista's makeover didn't do anything to save her sense of humor. Some things are a lost cause I s'pose. *shakes head tentatively*

Chista Moon Bio

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: tgawsome

Tags: Belly Non-Vore Biography Big Belly Original Character Fallout character bio Fallout 4

I am revisiting my old series with a reboot. So decided to revisit my first character and make some changes. First thing was the name something I can actually say out loud Chi-Sta simple. Second going to try to include some screen shots to my stories to give them some visuals.
Fun Fact: I mixed up left and right when describing her facial scar and tattoo. Turns out I don't know my left from my right. Disclaimer: I do not own fallout or any of its characters.  

tgawsome - 2 months ago

This is why people don't upload things around midnight. Well at least people can tell from the picture where the scar is.

Graywolf18 - 2 months ago

It's going to take some time for my inner monologue voice to get over calling her Aki but Chista is a much better choice for... "simpler" folk like me to pronounce. :3

Side note: You mixed up left and right when describing her facial scar and tattoo.

CH 16 Welcome home part 2
Officer Edwards and Overseer Gwen McNamara watched the vault door roll open revealing Elizabeth and her two companions. The metal walkway leading into the vault then slowly began to extend giving both of them a moment to observe what the wayward vault dweller had brought home. To her left as a large rottweiler with jet black fur all over its body save for the brown on its muzzle and paws. The dog was an interesting specimen there were no animals in the vault; well excep

Ch 16 Welcome home again part 2

Uploaded: 9 months ago

Owner: tgawsome

Tags: Breasts Dog Belly Non-Vore belching Big Belly Big Breasts Fallout vault Fallout 4 vault girl

Part 2 we delve into Elizabeth's past and met the family.
Authors note: First of all a huge thanks you to IvesBentonEaton and Lightness0001 for providing helpful advice on document formatting so now hopefully my stories will be easier to read.
Second good god this is a long one about 25 pages of text and I have to say sorry for the lack of vore in this one. So no vore, no scat, no vomit nothing. I do reference digestion it though so still counts right? Also I think its good to...
[ Continued ...

CoreyP17 - 5 months ago

Nice work, do you take requests?

tgawsome - 9 months ago

Sparky is channeling the innate desire of all dogs. To be a good boy.

Graywolf18 - 9 months ago

Vault 81 is likely my favorite quest in Fallout 4... namely cause you get the Overseer rifle AND Curie <3.

Sparky is doing Dogmeat proud holding up the tradition of being the best companion.

Aki-belly needs to learn some tact. Always spoiling the mood. :V

CH 15 Welcome Home

Part 1

Deep in


forsaken jungle a man was running. He didn’t know

why, but he


that stopping was out of the question

. He leaped over a large pit noticing the hungry crocodi

Ch 15 Welcome Home Part 1

Uploaded: 9 months ago

Owner: tgawsome

Tags: Breasts Belly Digestion Feral F/? Belch Crocodile ?/M Big Belly Big Breasts Feral Pred feral prey Digestion Noises Belly Rubbing Fallout 4 vaultgirl vault 81

With their new canine companion in tow our heroes set off again to Diamond City. A brief stop along the way for some breakfast.'
Authors note:
This has my first feral predator in it. So let me know what you guys think about it. Also a quick rant.
The lesson of this chapter is always save your work because as we all know widows will only update when you are in the middle of writing a long story causing you to lose half your work. So I cleaned up the first half and added...
[ Continued ...

tgawsome - 9 months ago

Thanks for the advice I'll try that with my next upload.

Lightness0001 - 9 months ago

Eka's treats .docx kinda uniquely, and includes stuff like margins (and other things?). As a result it's unfriendly to the box size being changed. Example comparison of desktop vs mobile:

So yeah a different format might work better. You can save it as .doc (instead of .docx) or even .rtf. Both should be pretty okay.

tgawsome - 9 months ago

I use Word 2016 and I use 1 inch margins as my default, and double spaced. Im not sure why it doesn't translate well when I upload directly. Just so I understand what you are recommending. Your advice is to use an older format of Microsoft Word when uploading?

IvesBentonEaton - 9 months ago

You may want to check your margin settings as well. You seem to be one of the posters whose margins are set so wide that one has to scroll left and right to read your posts directly on Eka's.

I have not had this problem using OpenOffice files saved to Word 97/2000/XP format; they have always uploaded to my gallery perfectly.

Graywolf18 - 9 months ago

Uh huh, yeah ok, my mistake. Gersh dern hackerz. :V




Three day earlier


stood on a ridge overlooking the distant


skyline. He takes a deep sniff of the air

the fresh smell of cordite fills his nostrils

CH 14 Competition

Uploaded: 9 months ago

Owner: tgawsome

Tags: Catgirl Belly Digestion M/M Blood violence Bulge Swallowing Neko Hybrid Fallout Digestion Noises

Looks like some one else is taking an interest in the Commonwealth. maybe this group is friendly.
Authors note: this is my first attempt at male vore. Its nothing too extreme need to test the waters first before I dive in. Also beware of violence and death.
Also language time:
Bâtard – bastard
général - General
commandant – squadron leader. it kinda seems obvious but it refers specifically to a squadron leader.
Disclaimer: I do not own fallout 4...
[ Continued ...

Graywolf18 - 9 months ago

I personally know at least three Canadians so I can confirm this. :)

tgawsome - 9 months ago

The moral of the story is that Canadians are weird.

Graywolf18 - 9 months ago

And the antithesis to our hero arrives bringing with him the legendary Nyan-cat and what I believe the Canadian version of the Stranger from Resident evil 4 would look like.

CH 13 Who let the Dogs out?


Elizabeth was the first to rise her heart still


form last nights vivid dreams. She sat up and rubbed the sleep form her eyes and looked out the window. She could see the fresh drew sparkl


Ch 13 Who let the dogs out

Uploaded: 9 months ago

Owner: tgawsome

Tags: Dog Belly Digestion Swallowing F/? messy Non-Fatal belching doggy Regurgitation huge belly friendship belly noises feral prey Fallout 4 vaultgirl

After a restful night, our two heroes begin a new day with a little reminiscing on Akesisha Moons past. Then they set off to begin the most important meal of the day breakfast.
Authors notes: You will notice the use of colored words for onomatopoeia. This is an idea I got form reading ZeldaNoVorsu's work check him out!
a quick dictionary to help with some new French Canadian words as I am aware that most of my readers are English speaking. Enjoy the free language lesson:
[ Continued ...

tgawsome - 9 months ago

Technically the doge is Elizabeth's companion who is Akesisha's companion. So completely with in the rules of game mechanics. Right? As for the metal state of our new companion, well considering who he is traveling with he will fit right in.

Graywolf18 - 9 months ago

Wait, HOLD ON! Two companions!? What is this, a modded playthrough?

That doge is permanently traumatized.

"Long live the new Alpha! She, who saved me from the pit of sadness and dispenser of the most AWESOME belly rubs!"

CH 12.5 S



t Dreams

are made of these


starred sleeplessly at the celling. Unlike her companion, sleeping on anything other than a soft mattress was not something she was used to. She sat up and rubbed the crick in her neck.

CH 12.5 Sweet Dreams are made of these

Uploaded: 9 months ago

Owner: tgawsome

Tags: Breasts Belly F/F Swallowed Big Belly Belly rubs Big Breasts dream vore stomach sounds belly cuddle Fallout 4 vault girl

As our heroes sleep one of them has an idea.
Authors Note: Just a quick short story for the holidays. 

tgawsome - 9 months ago

According to Vault Tech: "Our standard issue vault suits are designed for maximum utility and comfort. As such are designed to absorbed sweat and execs bodily fluids." Elizabeth should be fine. I mean when has Vault Tech ever lied about a product?

Graywolf18 - 9 months ago

Oh yeah, after my 4th playthrough I stopped re-reading the terminals and completely forgot about that. XP

tgawsome - 9 months ago

According to vault tech. "Our vault suits are designed for maximum comfort and utility. As such are designed to absorb sweet and other bodily fluids." So Elizabeth should be fine. I mean when has vault tech ever lied about their products.

Graywolf18 - 9 months ago

Kinda hope Elizabeth finds a spare jumpsuit... cause shes going to need to clean her current one.

CH 12

A Damsel in Distress

Akesisha had spent several hours looking over the S.A.F.E test files she grabbed from the compound. She was disgusted at the level of waste in their testing, and disappointed at the lack of any useful information. save for a few tidbits about synth phycology which is suspect at best.

They did this for years and this is what they got? It’s

CH 12 A Damsel in Distress

Uploaded: 9 months ago

Owner: tgawsome

Tags: Digestion belching vomit implied vore Fatal Vore Belly rubs indigestion Graphic digestion Fallout belly noises reupload vault girl

Akesisha gets a lead on the institute and saves a rather weird vault dweller.
Author's note: This is a good reminder to always double check what you upload. My original upload was not the COMPLETE chapter! Microsoft word had crashed while writing this so an incomplete copy was saved, and my completed copy was saved as a SEPARATE DOCUMENT. (Why Microsoft why?)
I only caught this recently while writing a short story based off the previous chapter. Sorry for that guys I will need to...
[ Continued ...


Elizabeth Baily




human (Vault dweller)

Height: 1.


meters (5’)

Elizabeth Baily

Uploaded: 9 months ago

Owner: tgawsome

Tags: Non-Vore Fallout vaultgirl

The most recent addition to the crew. A rather freaky vault girl. 

tgawsome - 9 months ago

When the Vault your from survived due to blind luck, It tends to rub off on the population.

tgawsome - 9 months ago

Ok lets try this comment thing one more time. When the Vault your from survived due to blind luck, It tends to rub off on the population.

tgawsome - 9 months ago

I will figure out the comment thing one day

tgawsome - 9 months ago

blind not blink. I should probably sleep. or watch Netflix some more.

tgawsome - 9 months ago

Well when your form a vault that only survived due to blink luck. It tends to rub off on the population.

Name: Jules Formerly C7-


Age: 3 Appears to be in early 30s

Race: Synth 3



Height: 1.


meters (5’11”)


Uploaded: 9 months ago

Owner: tgawsome

Tags: Non-Vore Synthetic Fallout

Here we have a brief description of the resident synth Jules. Figured I upload a brief character sheet for him. 

CH 11 Here I go again on my own


In Covenant


Jacob Olsen sat at his desk with his head in his hands. “So how bad is it?” He looked up at the assembled leadership. Well most of it. Brain


CH11 Here I go again on my own

Uploaded: 9 months ago

Owner: tgawsome

Tags: Breasts Belly Digestion F/F violence Bulge Swallowing Fatal Belch gurgling belching Hard Digestion Big Belly belly crush vore belly Fallout 4

Akesisha presses on alone once more. However, she learns something interesting while getting a bite to eat.

Authors note: We have vore and digestion this time around so rejoice. But be warned I do like rough digestion and swallowing.

Disclaimer: I do not own fallout 4 or related characters. 

tgawsome - 9 months ago

Title references are my guilty pleasure. I can't stop doing them. Also the song helped me write this and It seemed a waste not to reference it. Do not fear our hero is strong, but is she strong enough?

Graywolf18 - 9 months ago

Still doing the title reference? That one's from Whitesnake... I may have listened to it on repeat while I read this...

Some internal turmoil in this one. BE STRONG LASS! You's a hero!


10 What is a man?

In Covenant

Jacob Orden

was an older portly man in a tan suite and as usual he s

at in his office reading over a report


from the Compound


Ch 10 What is a man

Uploaded: 9 months ago

Owner: tgawsome

Tags: Belly war violence Non-Vore torture implied vore Fallout war never changes light belly play What makes a man human or a monster?

the secret of Covenant is exposed and a difficult choice is made. Can a synth be a person? What makes something a monster? Do these Questions have answers? Should they be answered?

This chapter doesn't have vore sorry. I couldn't think of a way to work into this chapter. It does have some light belly play and implied vore. It also has a lot of violence and some torture though. This is also my longest work at 23 pages.

Disclaimer: I do not own Fallout 4 or related...
[ Continued ...

tgawsome - 9 months ago

Do not fear Jules is not gone forever he shall return

tgawsome - 9 months ago


ThatBrassyGuy - 9 months ago

>What is a man


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How bittersweet. Poor Jules.

Ch 9 Small Town Big Secret

Akesisha and Jules walked passed the gates and into Covenant itself. They take a moment to observe the odd perfection around them: pristine prewar house each with a white picket fence, the green grass and the friendly smiles from the towns folk.
Its like a photo from before the war. Well almost.
It was perfect.

Ch 9 Small Town Big Secret

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Akesisha and Jules enter the most perfect town in all the wasteland. So whats with this missing caravan people are talking about?
Disclaimer: I do not own Fallout or associated characters.

Author note: This is a little smaller than what I had hopped but IRL happen so figured upload this segment as two chapters so I would have something up today.  

Ch8 Covenant the happiest place on earth




is disturbed from her slumber


her belly’s demand for food

. She

rolls to her side hoping a different posit

Ch8 Covenant the happiest place on earth

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Akesisha and Jules are finally making progress on their journey. A happy little town called Covenant, but first some breakfast.
Hard digestion ahead ye be warned.
Disclaimer: I do not own fallout 4 or related characters. 




or trying to call god


As Akesisha stepped out of the screen room

and took a long breath of clean air. She sighs and looks around the area one more time. The trees, the dinner to the north east, the radar dish to th

Ch7 Distraction, or trying to call god

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Akesisha leads Jules on a fun side quest. what can go wrong.
This is an action heavy chapter so if you don't like brutal violence turn away now.
It also has scat which is indicated with bright red warning text.
Disclaimer: I do not own Fallout 4 or related characters. 

Ch3 Flying Machines and Crazy Scavers

Just North of Sanctuary Hills something is burning its hard to tell due to the smoke. All she can see is how recent it is and must have been something big to get that much smoke going. The only way to know is to head over there. Akesisha only thinks for a moment before she begins to move down the slope towards Sanctuary Hills. She sees that it on the other side of the river, but she REALLY didn’t trust that bridge. So, she circ

Ch3 Flying machines and Scavers

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Finally vore and digestion and even plot. be ye warned I like rough digestion so be careful. there is no scat. yet.
Disclaimer: I do not own Fallout 4 or characters associated with it. 

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a bureaucratic comity of scientist who are all competing for limited resources has been scheduled. That always leads to swift and decisive action as Real Life has shown us.

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I doubt the institute will have a fix for that incident.

Ch2 vault-tech calling

After a few minutes the elevator arrives at its destination a simple security gate opens. revealing a massive cogged shaped door with the lettering of 111 in yellow on it. For a minute Akesisha doesn’t move. This is her first visit to a vault, while her brother had told her stories of the great vaults the southeys build to ride out the war. It in no way prepared her for the sheer scale of it. The door just screams secure and impenetrable with

Ch2 Vault Tech Calling

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So our protagonist proceeds deeper into the vault. What wounder awaits down there?
Still no vore yet sorry but It will happen next chapter. just want to get the ball going on this plot thing.
Disclaimer: I do not own Fallout 4 or characters associated with it. 

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Thank you! Hope you buckled in though this story has a long ways to go, and I aim to finish.

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Ok, 2 chapters in and I'm sold... might have something to do with the near 4000 hours of fallout time I have... but I'ma just say you's gots some good literatures. :D

Name: Akesisha Moon (Pronounced Ah-key-see-sha)

Age: 26

Race: human subspecies known by local tribes as a Hunter (not very creative)

Height: 2.1 Meters (7 feet)

Weight: Aprx. 92kg (202 lbs) if fluctuates immensely with her diet.

S. 8

P. 6

E. 7

C. 3

I. 5

Akesisha Moon

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An observation of our protagonist Akesisha Moon from a scientific perspective. There is an Easter egg at the end for a creator on this sight who's work inspired me to write.

Note: I re-uploaded after making a few minor changes.

If you want to see pics head on over to the work to be shared forum and look at the A Fallout Vore Story with pics.

Disclaimer fallout is own by Bethesda.