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tito34 - 3 weeks ago

gracias :3

Impact - 3 weeks ago

Weee! Que buena onda que sigas activo! Te quedó genial la animación! Sigue así!

Prancer - 3 weeks ago

This video is private :/ I made an account and then there's just no discernable way to friend your account.

somethingsomething2077 - 3 weeks ago

Posted twice

goodguy - 3 weeks ago

the video is private on the mentioned site

Tylerdurden328 - 1 day ago

The site won't even let me friend you for some reason.

ironman362 - 3 weeks ago

how do I add friends on thisvid? I feel dumb I can't find a button or anything lol

gamerboy - 3 weeks ago

Soo good

carlj - 3 weeks ago

Very well done!
I'd like to check the one on thisvid, if you accept my friend request ^^

tito34 - 3 weeks ago

make acount and add me :D dont care if you dont have videos

Starfire Gas problem

Uploaded: 2 years ago

Owner: tito34

Tags: Belly Inflation Fart starfire Teen Titans DC Comics

USE left or Right to move the gas around the giant belly of starfire
this is from "'Cyborg and starfire grow up"' EPISODE

tito34 - 2 years ago

thanks friend i keep doing stuff like this!

Natolin - 2 years ago


tito34 - 2 years ago

gracias amigo!:D espero estes bien

roleplayer24 - 2 years ago

esta buenisimo ^^ seria genial mas de esto 7u7 sigue asi bro ^^

tito34 - 2 years ago

:D sure1!! good night

tito34 - 2 years ago

yes why not :D

slimjam - 2 years ago

You would think she'd like eating children, perhaps Erwin and Mandy should come looking for Billy. They might not like it when Eris helps them find him.

thehoomanity - 2 years ago

Eris is always great! Lucky Billy!

tito34 - 2 years ago

sure :D

Augusto - 2 years ago

make more animations with Eris please!

Red Strikes

Uploaded: 2 years ago

Owner: tito34

Tags: Scat Digestion F/F Fatal 2 Stupid Dogs evil lady Red strikes back stupid dogs

please send me more female characters who are wrapped in a vore aspect, for example im going to do something with ursula from george of jungle or aunt grandma from uncle grandpa but im lookin ideas, please send me your ideas :D 

rmp116 - 1 year ago

more pleace!!!

tito34 - 2 years ago

porque no!!

roleplayer24 - 2 years ago

Tal vez algo samus aran, en su traje zero suit azul, comiendose a alguien y luego teniendo que usar el baño bien fuerte luego de comer ;3

Imparix - 2 years ago

why doesnt it work?

brainstorm - 2 years ago

Love these, any way do something with her in frog form, since got big mouth she swallow up much bigger things.

Juliet Vore

Uploaded: 2 years ago

Owner: tito34

Tags: Swallowing F/? Animation witch

i made my own character"' juliet"' 

tito34 - 2 years ago

yes :D

thelazyknight - 2 years ago

I love this. Can I draw her sometime?

Throwback523 - 2 years ago

Hey, love your work.

Do you think we could see anything at some point with a pregnant predator? Would certainly make the x-ray interesting.

tito34 - 2 years ago


N7Slayer - 2 years ago

I like how her little snack retained its shape in her belly

Evil lady 1

Uploaded: 2 years ago

Owner: tito34

Tags: Oral Vore Dog Soft Vore Digestion Burp F/M Fart Fatal Animation witch Cleavage Big Belly Internal View Male Prey Female Pred stomach acids Human Pred animal prey 2 Stupid Dogs evil lady human/animal two stupid dogs

im girlsbellystuffed from deviantart, i made my vore adventure with evil Lady :D 

smg4 - 2 years ago

or a flute

smg4 - 2 years ago

is that a recorder in the background music

snowkid0011 - 2 years ago

Will you make full Digestion?:D

tito34 - 2 years ago

thanks :D

tito34 - 2 years ago

thanks so much :D