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Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: tummytrouble

Tags: Pregnancy M/M Non-Vore Sex vomit Collar mpreg Sexual content impregnation mobius Loki fucking pregnant with child Loki Laufeyson NSFW pregnant belly Loki odinson morning sickness

just..... take it ok im on a fockin rampage i just need to get it out of my system oKAY 

tummytrouble - 2 months ago


curiousss - 2 months ago

wOOOOOW indeed HAHAHA adorable!!!

Loki n Sylvie

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: tummytrouble

Tags: Pregnancy M/F Non-Vore mpreg Round Belly Loki pregnant with child Loki Laufeyson genderfluid Sylvie hand on belly Loki odinson sylvie laufeydottir

im on a loki roll dont fucking touch me :Y

i blame my hoochie bestie for these JCJCBDNFNCI

if u wanna read the fic im writing that goes with this pic its oveeeeeeer here! ---> 

Commission 54

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: tummytrouble

Tags: Furry Oral Vore Werewolf Burp Same Size Commission F/? Collar Werewolf pred Female Pred Round Belly Burping piercings Unknown prey Commissions Open aged up Hotel Transylvania winnie the werewolf

for :ivonharu22:
they wanted an older winnie and i tell u hwat aging up characters while still making them recognizable is an art in its own lolololol 

RG9812 - 2 months ago

hungry wolf girl


Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: tummytrouble

Tags: Non-Vore Collar Marvel Loki sweaty Loki Laufeyson Loki odinson

dont touch me dont FUCKIN TOUCH ME

lol drew this for a pal of mine, thought yall would enjoy it too ???? 

Ruler101 - 2 months ago

Interesting angle and stomach shape!

It’s also nice to see art for something like Tiger and Bunny. Extremely underrated show

SearKahn - 2 months ago

looks great.

TheRPKing - 2 months ago

Love this bro

thicceater - 2 months ago

Oooo love how cartoony the whole comic is, fitting for a gem like Spinel! Lovely stuff <3

EctoplasmicResidue - 2 months ago

Yo this is GREAT

tummytrouble - 2 months ago

thats what i say!! >:D

GreenJester - 2 months ago

Spinel is best pred

SearKahn - 1 month ago

Was one of the last things TummyTrouble made of Melissa before leaving the club. I'll miss you

SearKahn - 2 months ago

To see more, go here

megamanxzero9 - 2 months ago

Thats pretty hot ngl

SearKahn - 2 months ago

She eats more than people you know. Her favorite foods are beef jerky and lobster. She also swallows the occasional small critter like rabbiits and raccoons

megamanxzero9 - 2 months ago

*pokes her belly and feet

Sharktooth - 1 month ago

That’s really good! So who’s the pred in this comic I might commish something with her!

tummytrouble - 3 months ago


Icons- $2.50

Char. Refs- $5

Sketch- $6.50 +2 per char

Lineart- $7.50 +3 per char

Full color $10 +5 per char

Painting $15 + 5 per char

Comics $20

Sharktooth - 3 months ago

How much are commissions?

WasteBoy - 3 months ago

Hhoottttt love the wight gain! I could be his lunch holy shiittt

thicceater - 6 months ago

Ooooo this is goooood <3

Zen_Coyote - 6 months ago

If Sapphire eats her too, Connie will have bigger things to worry about than what happened to Steven.

RocketStriek - 6 months ago

RIP Steven. At least you look more sexy as butt fat!

EctoplasmicResidue - 6 months ago

Man Sapphires are just so adorable, I love em.

Adoptable 10

Uploaded: 6 months ago

Owner: tummytrouble

Tags: Pokemon Non-Vore shaymin fusion adopt adoptable adoptables adopts roselia pokemon fusion

a pokemon fusion between roselia and shaymin! ^^
just 10$ and it can be all urs!


SearKahn - 6 months ago

Ahh yes the Roselymin

Adoptable 9

Uploaded: 6 months ago

Owner: tummytrouble

Tags: Non-Vore Nipples Original Character stitches adoptable body horror Nude Female NSFW for sale

Character for sale for $20!


tummytrouble - 6 months ago

thank u! its nice to be drawin again! ^^

SearKahn - 6 months ago

Nice to see stuff from you after so long

bellylov3rs - 6 months ago

If you ever wanna draw her just let me know :) I have several ideas about her like weapons and some basic personality and such so far.

tummytrouble - 6 months ago

she currently belongs to :iconbellylov3rs: but i doubt shed mind at all! ^u^

EctoplasmicResidue - 6 months ago

you did an AMAZING job

[i]I want to draw her[/i]

tummytrouble - 6 months ago

haha ty! designed her myself! ^^

EctoplasmicResidue - 6 months ago


Booty Tutorial

Uploaded: 7 months ago

Owner: tummytrouble

Tags: Non-Vore tutorial Butt How to Draw Ass cheeks ass shot

how to draw sum booties! if you like my art, follow me on twitter! --> 

thicceater - 7 months ago

I might try these outs ^^
I’m always looking for better ways of drawing some delicious bootys

Hands Tutorial

Uploaded: 7 months ago

Owner: tummytrouble

Tags: Non-Vore tutorial hands hand fingers How to Draw

how i draw hands! and boy do i love drawing them *sarcasm*
if you like my art, follow me on twitter!! --> 

Undernom - 7 months ago

Need this.

tummytrouble - 7 months ago

no prob bob! im always taking tutorial requests, so if u want a tut, just ask! ^^

EctoplasmicResidue - 7 months ago

oh my god thank you

Boobs Tutorial

Uploaded: 7 months ago

Owner: tummytrouble

Tags: Breasts Non-Vore tutorial How to Draw

how i draw boobs! :3
if you like my art, follow me on twitter! --> 

NightRoller - 7 months ago

Nah, it's okay; I don't really like futas myself. I just thought it was funny how I was in a frame of mind to misinterpret it.

tummytrouble - 7 months ago

aww! im sorry lol

NightRoller - 8 months ago

I misread the title as "f*ck crosdressing" and half-expected futas, whoops

bloodwolfvamp - 8 months ago

nice work

tummytrouble - 7 months ago

heehee tysm!!

thicceater - 8 months ago

I love me some Greg x Pearl stuff
AND some preg sex? Damn you really spoiling us today <3

Rick n' Bruce

Uploaded: 8 months ago

Owner: tummytrouble

Tags: Non-Vore Parasite Oviposition mpreg Egg laying Rick and Morty rick sanchez glorzo alien parasite

bruce the glorzo fulfills his need for a family with ricks help 

tummytrouble - 7 months ago

luv that old man butt haha ty

curiousss - 7 months ago

i LOVE that lil hint of BUTT this is SO GOOD!

Mettra - 8 months ago

Np ^^

tummytrouble - 8 months ago

hahaha ty

Mettra - 8 months ago

Wow really bizarre dude

tummytrouble - 8 months ago


tummytrouble - 8 months ago

as a commission id do it lol

KingClayfaceKong - 8 months ago

She gets digested?

megamanxzero9 - 8 months ago

like blue pearl version

tummytrouble - 8 months ago


MelancholyClownD - 8 months ago

Wow, Satsuki's belly looks like it needs a good rubbing to digest such a horrible person! Maybe, Ryuko or Nonon or both are up to the task? Lovely art!

boomerangfish - 8 months ago

Having seen this the other way, I agree this is hot also

thicceater - 8 months ago

Mama Meals are a prime delicacy
Especially an evil mama like Ragyo

Commission 42

Uploaded: 11 months ago

Owner: tummytrouble

Tags: Furry Commission Non-Vore underwear Original Character character reference blue hair Thick thighs blue fur female character

my clients oc! ^^
they wish not to be tagged 

tummytrouble - 10 months ago

just a lil joke was all

arceus1013 - 10 months ago

the hell you mean? I just like to think about how it would work

tummytrouble - 10 months ago

we got another one lads we did it

arceus1013 - 11 months ago

I don't hate mpreg, but I find it really weird and oddly fascinating

SearKahn - 8 months ago

Makes me think of Melissa starting to eat furry girls like that

Suneater - 1 year ago

Gawd I just love your Spinel/SU content~

megajumbo - 1 year ago

i love spinel as a pred, since she's the only human-sized gem that seems actually capable of eating someone.

EmissaryOfRainbows - 1 year ago

Who'd she eat?

tummytrouble - 1 year ago

dunno! maybe ruby goes into pearls belly and sapph goes to amethysts belly?

empatheticapathy - 1 year ago

What happens if she de-fuses with somebody inside her?

EctoplasmicResidue - 1 year ago

More opal is always appreciated!

EctoplasmicResidue - 1 year ago

More Opal is always welcome!

tummytrouble - 1 year ago

id love that!! i have no idea how to even begin to make a server lol so lets pm and discuss it!! ^^

SearKahn - 1 year ago

Of course. We can even be server partners

tummytrouble - 1 year ago

ya think??

megajumbo - 1 year ago

malachite is definitely an ideal pred, love to see more of her

SearKahn - 1 year ago

You should have your own discord server to show off art

Frakass - 1 year ago

I love it ^^
It's always so interesting to see how other artists portray your own characters. It seems she's about to do some heavy work, as she put on a dungarees. I should really draw her in thios outfit ^^

Bright - 1 year ago

Character is Merry Curry who belongs to.

Commission 36

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: tummytrouble

Tags: Furry Commission Non-Vore Wings Harpy owl

for  bright 

SearKahn - 1 year ago

Aww thats adorable

Commission 32

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: tummytrouble

Tags: Oral Vore Sketch Feet Commission Fatal namine kingdom hearts Female Pred Zoey Burping Foot Fetish Total Drama Island aged up Hand Imprints unkown prey

sketch commission for  megamanxzero9! they wanted older Namine and older Zoey burping, full bellies and their feet showing! :9 

SearKahn - 1 year ago

Love the large feet

megamanxzero9 - 1 year ago


tummytrouble - 1 year ago

yaaay :3

megamanxzero9 - 1 year ago

i luv it