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Helping Hand 2

Uploaded: 1 month ago

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Follow up to the first story:

Picking up 4 years after first meeting Dr. Wu and her clinic. We follow our lovely voreish couple Art and Rebecca as they once again add another addition to there family.  

vorecat87 - 1 month ago

I would hope so lol

I’m sure if I sat down I could world build the shit out of it to go off without a hitch. I also usually give a little reason why the deed goes unnoticed in some of my other stories, typing this out made me realize this is the first one where I didn’t. So your comment made me also realize I’m starting to break my own tropes lol

Glad you enjoyed it!

Ultimatedaywriter - 1 month ago

I really enjoyed the story though.

Ultimatedaywriter - 1 month ago

You know their families would burn down the clinics. The workers wouldn't die easily. Depending on what type of world this is and how quickly information spreads. Yea the doctors would live very long.

vorecat87 - 1 month ago

That feeling is usually the desired effect in some of the stories I write. I think I enjoy the horror aspect to much. I dabbled with an idea similar in another writing but this one was a tad more graphic. In my head, it’s a deep enough organization where these people are vetted to minimize a paper trail. Shadow organization that at any moment decide we would look better as physical enhancements or in this case..yeah. As arousing as it can be, it is damn scary lol

Apostolos - 1 month ago

While a nice story it all seems rather grim dark in terms of the reality... anyone judged as a waste of space or unnecessary by someone in one of the clinics can and will be taken and eventually used. The missing persons reports would have to be massive, or there would be something similar to human trafficking. And if one of the clinic workers had it out for you you would soon no longer exist... that’s terrifying

A Good Deed Punished

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Tags: Scat Unbirth Pregnancy Digestion F/F Weight Gain F/M Sex Unwilling Masturbation rebirth torture drinking twisted Incest urine Female Prey Male Prey Female Pred Age regression Vaginal vore bullying Stripper menstruation Cruel Pred rough sex Cum Swallowing gender transformation milf pred redneck women Unconception butt stuff Prostate gland play

A highly educated man moves to a backwoods town to try and make a difference. Finding love and wanting to return to his root, takes a while new meaning when he is faced with his biggest task.

Noticed that all my unbirth stories had a common theme. Every situation seemed for the better in the end. So before I take a break to move on to other topics, I decided to come up with something completely opposite. Sorry if it’s extremely long winded, I just really wanted...
[ Continued ...

vorecat87 - 3 months ago

Thanks for the feedback everyone! I’m glad the intended points clearly got across ;)

Brenden1k - 3 months ago

I just want anything to come and make it better, some Deus ex machina. That is disturbing.

wiseguy288 - 3 months ago

Nifty. Well structured as usual. Good work

threk - 3 months ago

"I just really wanted to set a tone and make it as dark and messed up as possible."

I mean... You succeeded, so well done there.

Straxacore - 3 months ago

Amazing stuff. :)

The Horse Girl

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Tags: Unbirth Pregnancy F/F Sex Cum Reformation Milf Masturbation Transformation Glasses rebirth Unwilling Prey Female Prey Human Prey Virgin Female Pred Age regression Cock Growth animal transformation Cruel Painful animal sex Horse Pred breeding nerd girl chubby prey college girl gender transformation horse sex older male

Wendy, a frumpy college teen, takes a detour on her way home for spring break. When her car breaks down, the green eyed girl ends up experiencing a new and wild journey.

*Authors note*
A little of the same, a little of something different. Figured I would expand my horizons a tad. I couldn’t think of a good title, my apologies. No relation to the wonderful movie. Enjoy :)  

vorecat87 - 4 months ago

Thank you very much! I’m glad you enjoyed it :)

vorecat87 - 4 months ago

Most definitely. Things turned out the best for all parties involved. L

AwkwardLife - 4 months ago

This was so imaginative and well written. I really loved reading this!

wiseguy288 - 4 months ago

Another awesome story. Feel a tad sorry for Wendy, but I think Atticus will be twice as happy as she ever could be.

A Star Is Made

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Tags: Unbirth Digestion Sex Cum Unwilling rebirth Unwilling Prey Medical Age regression teasing Urination television Interracial Painful Latina news celebrity actress Famous breast growth ass growth Film gender transformation African American Recreate drugged prey Race transformation ovulation celebrity pred Lip Expansion real media White prey Latina pred Race change repurposing

A struggling actor at his breaking point, gets offered the role of a lifetime. It just turns out the role is more serious than he expected.

*Authors note*
I truly tried to make a short one this time, but failed miserably. What started as a small idea turned into a whole world building experience. I’ve wanted to contain real figures in my stories for some time, but just never found the right idea. With the device created here, I can dabble my feet in finally. Along...
[ Continued ...

Apostolos - 3 months ago

Well that was an interesting take on unbirth... honestly hope this continues just please keep it interesting

vorecat87 - 5 months ago

Thank you! As much as I try to hit on another topic, it always brings me back lol...I’m sure I’ll have another one in no time!

wiseguy288 - 5 months ago

I honestly love your unbirth stories and Im happy to see more from you!

really should of let her pee first. It’s all dry and sticky now.”
Tom yelled down the hall . The man cleaning up the bathroom floor
didn’t mind though. Two days ago in this same bathroom, he watched
as his wife Nancy swallowed a young woman by the name of Ashley. It
was her urine that he was cleaning up. The young girl pissing herself
as his wife prepared to ingest her. Tom walking in to assist, helping
her swallow the poor girl’s legs. Legs that would melt and became
part of his

2: The Bed and Breakfast-Unexpected Guest

Uploaded: 9 months ago

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Tags: Scat Unbirth Pregnancy Digestion F/F M/M F/M Sex Cum Transformation piss Post-Vore torture Struggling Unwilling Prey Implied Vore Female Pred Age regression Couple vore taunting ass expansion ass worship breast growth Cruel Pred Cuckolding gender transformation African American Recreate pregnant belly ebony vore pregnant sex Graphic transformation Ebony Pred Racist Prey White prey Race change repurposing

Tom and Nancy have just finished their digestive slumber as they awaken to some unexpected news. A lone visitor who is in need of “re-education”

*Big one here. I really enjoyed writing for the two preds the last time and really wanted to dive deeper into that world. Also adding kind of a backstory catching everything up to speed. Wanted it to have a stand alone feel if this one played better for some people. Held on to it and rewrote it for a few days to make sure I was happy with...
[ Continued ...

this your first time?”. That was the words that entered the ears of
Jack. The man took a moment to think it over but he knew the answer.
You see Jack had just arrived in Thailand a few days prior. It was on
business for a tour of a factory the company he worked for had
purchased. After days of all hustle, it was time for some pleasure.
The man looking to blow off some steam for a few hours before his
last meeting and then plane ride home.
first time I’ve paid for sex? Yes, I

2: International Affairs: Thailand

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Tags: Pregnancy Digestion Sex Cock Vore Balls rebirth Struggling Unwilling Prey Anal Sex Shrinking businessman Cum Digestion Size difference Micro Prey prostitute taunting Cum Transformation Reproduction British Thai breeding Asian prey Cruel Pred Cum Swallowing hairy balls Implied Cock Vore gender transformation Multiple Preys micro sex Race change White predator repurposing

Jack is on a business trip to Thailand. After a few days of all work, he decides to get some play. That just so happens to be at the expense of a young local girl named Pai.

** Prequel kinda to the first story. I had a slight mention of this in the first one and wanted to expand on it a bit. I recommend reading the original and then giving this a go but it also can work as a stand alone. Enjoy!!** 

vorecat87 - 10 months ago

Thank you! That’s always my favorite part when I write ;)

GreyJ - 10 months ago

Really liked the taunting from Jack!

“Oh my god stop it!” Screamed a livid Amanda. She had just caught her 4 year old daughter coloring on her walls. The little girl had known better but had done it anyways. Amanda knew kids would be kids as she sent Angel to her room and started to clean the mess. She was back to her busy crazy life as a West Coast mom.
 The 34 year old woman had a ton of responsibilities currently and felt like she never had time for herself. Her not even being able to fly out to see her new niece and fr

7: Loose lips

Uploaded: 1 year ago

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Tags: Scat Soft Vore Unbirth Digestion F/F F/M Giantess Milk Sex Milf Lactation Yoga pee Lesbian torture Unwilling Prey Hard Digestion Micro Prey Age regression hindu Disposal bubble butt dancing Breast Feeding Indian Fitness belly dancing Race transformation ovulation Ebony prey Crossgender White prey White predator

Amanda finds herself swamped in work. When some new employees are hired to help with the business, things pick up outside of work...

*Last one in the series for now. Taking a break to work on some smaller stories maybe. Told myself after the last one that too. And now another long chapter. This one I based off what seemed to be getting my most views and favorites. Following the trends led me to this. I tried to make this one a tad different on how actions were described so I don’t...
[ Continued ...

Almost a year had passed since the mystical South American drugs had been used in America. Last time being used to help a desperate Haitian trans woman turn into a beautiful Ebony goddess. Jenny Mendez and the now Destiny Foxx had rid the world of a directionally challenged pale redhead. Everything that made her a beautiful thick southern girl given to Miss Foxx to make her a fully functional woman. The PAWG’s femininity digested and absorbed to help Destiny make her own.
 After that Jen

6: Filling a void

Uploaded: 1 year ago

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Tags: Scat Soft Vore Unbirth Pregnancy Digestion F/F M/M F/M Sex Cock Vore Penis pee rebirth Unwilling Prey Shrinking religion Cum Digestion Age regression punishment teasing Cock Growth Mini Giantess christianity Cum Transformation Cruel Pred Persian Muslim Middle eastern ovulation sperm cells Latina pred Race change White predator

After Jenny Mendez has spent years helping her friends, the girl takes some time to enjoy herself again. It had been years since her and Nicole last got a taste of torture and making the world better. This time understand serious matters, the 2 ladies get to work.

*After trying something new for my last story, I went back to my own favorites. I gave this one some extra attention and also apologize in advance if some of the subject matter offends anyones beliefs. I used them as...
[ Continued ...

vorecat87 - 1 year ago

Sorry got my own stories confused lol

Jawaria did get rebirthed, she is now known as Miley ;)

vorecat87 - 1 year ago

I had considered it but I figured I needed to replace a girl with the one I took away. I always wanted one of the girls to give away the secrets and they others deal with it. Destiny seemed to be my least liked character based on views so she had to bite the dust ;)

YellowBae - 1 year ago

i was hoping Jawaria got rebirthed

Jenny Mendez, the bubble butt Latina mother was hard at work at her own dog walking company. She still worked for Nicole, but was operating the second branch that opened up after the company had major success. She sat at her desk while her 3 year old daughter played with the dogs in day care.
 Her phone buzzed as she received a text from Nicole’s sister Amanda out West. Jenny smiled as she looked it at. It was a photo of her friend’s sister with her head next to her own bosses big belly

5: Destiny’s wish

Uploaded: 1 year ago

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Tags: Soft Vore Digestion Breast Expansion Absorption Sex Cum Transformation peeing Unwilling Prey H/F Big Butt Red Head ass expansion Body Transformation Cruel Pred Femcum hair growth gender transformation Transwoman feminization Ebony Pred White prey

Jenny had just days prior sent Nicole’s sister a care package to help her own boss. Feeling like she wanted to continue the giving season, she herself helps a friend in need.

** I had posted this story hours ago as almost something different. After reviewing it a few times, I decided it wasn’t up to par with what I was producing before. I gave it some more love this time and went in a slightly new direction. I plan on further proofreading and taking more time with future stories....
[ Continued ...

It had been over 2 years since Nicole and Jenny’s lives had changed forever. The first was Jenny who disposed of a sexist co-worker. Then Nicole herself had recycled her ditzy Asian secretary into her own son. Both women were having the time of their lives. The business itself become greater than either could imagine. They had occurred so much business that they opened another location across town. Nicole ran one, while Jenny did the other.
 The girls missed the time they spent together,

3: Helping a Sister out.

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: vorecat87

Tags: Scat Soft Vore Unbirth Pregnancy Digestion Breast Expansion F/M Sex Unwilling Lactation peeing rebirth Age regression Breast Feeding ass expansion Femcum disposal Crossgender

So this is my biggest story so far! I wanted to follow up on the adventure of the best friends Jenny and Nicole. This time, they are joined along with Nicole’s younger sister Amanda visiting. The families go on a beach trip where Jenny has plans to make it an ultimate girl’s trip. 

vorecat87 - 1 year ago

Thank you very much! I enjoyed writing this one I think the most out of the previous ones. Jenny and Nicole have been a blast to write. I look forward to adding more stories with them, Amanda, and bring others into their little universe :)

wiseguy288 - 1 year ago

Another brilliant story. Interesting twist at the end, definitely fitting though. I can't wait to see more

Jacob was bored. He had spent the entire morning trying to keep cool in his apartment before going to work later that night. The man in his mid 30s paced around his house trying to find something to get into. Nothing was on tv, no one responded to his texts, and even members of his own family wanted nothing to do with him. They even deleted him off of social media because of his racist views and bad choices in politics. Jacob was a single man, living alone in his studio apartment. No relation

Should of swiped left

Uploaded: 1 year ago

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Tags: Scat Fat Digestion M/M Sex couple Urination Disposal Racism Interracial Cruel Pred African American White prey

After looking at my views for items, I decided to make my next story in vein of my most viewed so far. But don’t worry, I have way more down the line if this isn’t your cup of tea.

Our story is about Jacob, a lonely man looking for love. Little does he know, he gets more than he bargained for. 

Straxacore - 1 year ago

I liked it a lot :D You rock

vorecat87 - 1 year ago

It took longer than I thought and some rewriting but it’s up on the gallery. It’s part of my Mendez Medicine series. Hope you enjoy :)

Straxacore - 1 year ago

Well hurry the heck on :D I wanna see

vorecat87 - 1 year ago

Just wait till later today then ;)

Straxacore - 1 year ago

Dang you made me love African American preds. Curses another thing to enjoy >_>

It had been a wild few months for Nicole, the manger of the top Dog Walking company in town. Just a year ago, it seemed like her business was falling apart. But for the past 5 months it had made a complete turn around. Her new assistant Jenny Mendez had really shaped up the company since taking the role. After the “termination” of one of the worst employees, things started to fall in line. Morale was up, money was coming in, and she had a staff that was stellar..almost. Nicole couldn’t be

2: Nicole’s Chance at Happiness

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: vorecat87

Tags: Scat Unbirth Pregnancy F/F Sex rebirth Unwilling Prey Age regression Urination pubic hair Asian prey mature woman Crossgender Race change White predator

So this has been a wild day of creativity. I didn’t plan on doing this tonight, but I wrote a sequel to my previous story “Johns Work Adventure”. This time we follow Nicole, the manger of Jenny’s workplace, and her quest for motherhood. All these years, unbirth has been my favorite topic with artists such as Groblek inspiring my ideas. This story is heavily inspired by the over 10 years of reading his and many others here writings on the subject. I owe so much to you guys, and I hope you enjoy...
[ Continued ...

wiseguy288 - 1 year ago

Oh wow, thanks! I made it up on the fly, but it was fun. Though I honestly think I've only improved since then, but it still has a fond place in my heart.

vorecat87 - 1 year ago

Thank you so much! But most of all I thank everyone on this site for contributing such amazing ideas involving unbirth. You also! I’ve probably read the vanishing detectives a 100 times :)

vorecat87 - 1 year ago

Thank you for comment! It’s means more than you know! Currently, I have no more ideas for Nicole on this subject but I wanted to continue the little universe I’m building. I’m sure Jenny or Nicole can make a friend who is in need of a big family ;)

wiseguy288 - 1 year ago

So much fun! I love the concept, how in depth the 'rules' are. This was a brilliant story!

Groblek - 1 year ago

Fun! I personally prefer something to be left of the person in Sui’s position for this sort of thing, but this story works well as is. I kinda want to see Nicole take Jenny up on her offer to get her the materials to do this again, but with twins this time, but then if you’ve been following my work for a while, you’ve probably noticed that I have a fondness for unbirthing of multiples. Anyway, I hope you try your hand at this sort of unbirth again!