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A little experimental magic gave Rhea a cleaner way to dispose of Sin Eater corpses.
With some clever manipulation of Aetherytes, she snuck into the Ocular, dragging a half dissolved Sin Eater in with her. "How are you holding up?"
G’raha was leaning back in an armchair that had been set up earlier, resting his hand on his belly. He was already a bit bloated from a previous feeding, though it was hard to tell from a distance with the way his robe hung. “Just fine, thank you. I might

Sin Bin, Part 1

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: wanderingpuffle

Tags: Soft Vore Weight Gain M/F Male Pred final fantasy XIV Miqo'te Pred Multiple Preys Sin Eater G'raha Tia

I saw a piece and I got inspired. gave me the idea, and I ran with it.

...I wrote this before I found out what Meol was/what it does and that was an egg on my face moment, but my excuse is that this method of eating Sin Eaters doesn't have the side effects. I'm just going full author fiat and smashing canon open with a mallet for now.

You'll notice that my vore is soft. Very soft. Softer than G'raha's tummy soft. It's how I roll. =3= ...
[ Continued ...