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On the cracked fluorescent screen, thise is a video that makes people blush when they watch it. In the sultry black space, the girl's delicate gasp is faintly heard.

"Click... Click"

The familiar sound of the metal rotating shaft is heard, the small screen goes out quickly, followed by a rapid sound of the Siddhartha.

Zhang qiaoyu and her two moms,part1

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This is the beginning of the story, and then in the next section you will see the vore story.
here are abuot 4800 Chinese words,and translated into about 2900 Ehglish,this part spand me 4hours to finish and more than one
hour to translate.I will translate 5000 Chinese wofds every week before the story is finished.
Hope you like it 

Wu Rui(Chinese name:吴蕊)

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Nationality: China

Race: morrissian

Height: 172CM


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This is my first rolo,I'm going to introduce this girl and the morrissian here 

yeyinglishang - 1 month ago

The "San Wai" include chestline,waistline and hipline,it mean Wu rui Has a 34D breast and slim waist(Chinese call it as“小蛮腰”).

Visit friends in National Day——Wu rui and Lin xiaoliu

Wuchang station, wuhan.

The platform was crowded with people, and a girl in a floral blouse and a pastel skirt was the center of attention.

This young girl between the age between eighteen and double tenth, standing on a pair of round head and a small leather shoes, white knee socks is very hot, right at the foot of the small shoes on the f

Visit friends in National Day1

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This is a story that happened on October 1. And itt will show you how did wu rui visit and eat her lesbian friend Lin xiaoliu in high school.I am a Chinese how poor in English,so I have finished this work in Chinese and translated it into English by machine. I hope you like it. If I have any grammatical mistakes, I also welcome comments,thanks. 

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