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The Super Sleuth Strikes Back!

Uploaded: 22 hours ago

Owner: theweirdone445

Tags: POV Belly F/? Fatal Belch mask thighs Implied Digestion Rescue Shadows Dangan Ronpa Unwilling to Willing prey Kyoko Kirigiri dangannronpa

Commission done by  LeQhaBlue on his commission stream.

Kyoko Kirigiri has successfully apprehended a mysterious masked assailant in the middle of an attack on the Ultimate Lucky Student, Makoto Naegi.

The criminal's identity remains a mystery to everyone except for the detective herself, but its honestly best to just forget about them ;)

Expect more Danganronpa works from me as I have joined the bandwagon of pure obsession with the series....for...
[ Continued ...

loopyman25 - 16 hours ago

I like it, keep up the good work.

VoreStories - 19 hours ago

Welcome to the Danganronpa Trash Club! Cheers!

VertGreenHeart - 20 hours ago

Never tried Danganronpa.
But I love persona.

VertGreenHeart - 20 hours ago

All these Makotos are popping up everywhere! OoO

Negator - 21 hours ago

You like Persona. I have noticed a very high rate of people who then also like Danganronpa. :)

Great idea for the pic, even more if the hearts are indeed coming from the "mysterious masked assailant". :D

ChaoskampfNunc - 21 hours ago

She's going to get melted up nicely <3

sdsds96 - 22 hours ago

hehe nyes~

ChaoskampfNunc - 22 hours ago

And now she's fully coated :3

ChaoskampfNunc - 20 hours ago

Fun :3

sdsds96 - 21 hours ago

slimeeyy and stickyy

ChaoskampfNunc - 21 hours ago

I wonder what it feels like

ChaoskampfNunc - 21 hours ago

Looks sorta like "monster blood" from goosebumps

Gooed part 2

Uploaded: 22 hours ago

Owner: sdsds96

Tags: Catgirl Cat Slime Inside Absorption Goo cat girl slime vore


W4RR3N - 19 minutes ago

Impressive. I like how each chapter is quite different than the last.

NyxNoctum - 5 hours ago

Whaaaaaat? O: Dat blows

StoryTimeh - 6 hours ago

I tried to do that but for some reason the site won't save the edit. :/

NyxNoctum - 14 hours ago

5th paragraph grom the bottom needs an edit, but other than that its nice

Gooed part1

Uploaded: 22 hours ago

Owner: sdsds96

Tags: Catgirl Cat Slime Absorption Goo cat girl slime vore

bout to get gooed 

Whereaminow27 - 22 hours ago

Awesome, And Short ! ! !

I hope you finish this :)

Lara digested someone (request)

Uploaded: 22 hours ago

Owner: MobiusTheIce

Tags: Breasts Chubby Digestion Weight Gain lara F/? Post-Vore Female Pred Big Breasts shy girl ShyGal

Nipples! Yeah, Lara have them too, such a special Shygal, yeah?
Still for , he asked a digestion and a little bit of weight gain overall, did I just overdid it? Nah....
Hope she's alright!

MobiusTheIce - 13 hours ago

Getting a comment by you is something insane for me :D

drpolice - 20 hours ago

Heh, I do like these. Thanks, and nice job! May you always strive to improve your work.

SuccubusChara - 21 hours ago

Damn straight.

Although she needs some more ass fat.

wiseguy288 - 22 hours ago


MobiusTheIce - 22 hours ago

Lara confirmed in the new Zelda, at Lon Lon ranch

Where'd Jenna Go?

Uploaded: 22 hours ago

Owner: Gumdrop

Tags: Oral Vore Stomach Cute Giantess Macro/Micro unaware Internal View Jenna Golden Sun felix Sheba

Does anyone still remember Golden Sun? I do :3 

gigaredpanther - 11 hours ago

Fun fact: There seems to be a direct correlation between Fire Adept disappearances and cases of severe heartburn! How mysterious...

Lara vores someone (request)

Uploaded: 22 hours ago

Owner: MobiusTheIce

Tags: Oral Vore Breasts Belly Soft Vore Digestion Bulge lara F/? Female Pred Digestion Noises shygirl Shy Gal ShyGal

HEY! This one was requested by , which is basically one of my favourite artist, so it was an honor do this for him! Hope this is allright, I'm always trying new techniques! Here we go with a happy Lara with a full belly!
Enjoy! :D 

SuccubusChara - 21 hours ago

Ask for help in making sexual pictures involving Lara and the others.

And it can be anyone. Draskghillion, LadyDrasami, Suibelly, etc.

MobiusTheIce - 21 hours ago

Who and why x)

SuccubusChara - 21 hours ago

Ask for help, dude.


MobiusTheIce - 21 hours ago

Meh don't know... I'm still too noob for trying difficult things... maybe in thw future :)

SuccubusChara - 21 hours ago

When I mean other I mean everyone else you own as a character, like Lara, and Sam.

And I'm just wondering because I have yet to see Lara actually having sex. With her breasts and ass, she should be able to get laid at this point.

Commission: Whiteheart

Uploaded: 22 hours ago

Owner: fallenandscattered01

Tags: Commission Non-Vore Original Character Fluttershy hyper cock hyper balls hyper boobs crotch boobs

Commission for whiteheart they wanted their oc with fluttershy

It was cute and fun  

Dancer of the Boreal Valley (Preggo)

Uploaded: 23 hours ago

Owner: GorillaMuncher123

Tags: Belly Pregnancy Fantasy Non-Vore Big Belly preggo medieval Dark Souls DS3 Dancer of the Boreal Valley

My end of an art trade with PregnantDrawer. They requested that I draw the Dancer of the Boreal Valley, with a big belly. It took me forever to finish my end cause of finals at college, but i'm really happy with the way it came out. Hope you enjoy!

Here's PregnantDrawers end of the trade, go check that out! 

Gabriel0813 - 22 hours ago

lovely belly

nbe21 - 23 hours ago

She got the birthing hips

Nurri in the shadows

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: FKBone

Tags: Non-Vore Shadow Female Pred Nurri

Another version of the same picture. As i like to have a dark background with White outlines 

dasamppa - 11 hours ago

heh, you are most welcome, cutie shadow~ ^w^

FKBone - 20 hours ago

thank you polite snek

dasamppa - 21 hours ago

cooool~ o3o

The curious messenger

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: FKBone

Tags: Non-Vore Shadow Female Pred Nurri

Well here is another one of my Shadows, her name is Nurri.
5 ft 5 in, tall and rather slim.
Her purpose is more or less to be the messenger for a certain shadow goddess <_<
Unlike FK and Rada who were Humans before they got turned into shadows (which i am sooner or later gonna explain how and why) , Nurri was created by the goddess, so the normal world peaks her curiosity alot. 

Living Arrangements

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: chubbyjam

Tags: Digestion F/F Same Size Willing Implied Digestion Digestion Implied splatoon inkling

 tabris's Bunsquid gets invited to stay over at Mani's place, but unfortunately, there's only one bed.

Which means one of them is going to have to /move/, inevitably. Into the others' gut, that is. 

chubbyjam - 19 hours ago

Hey, Mani is so small, she probably doesn't mind.

nnn4463 - 19 hours ago

Perfectly spacious for one of them at least

chubbyjam - 20 hours ago

THat's the best arrangement there s, if you ask me :P

And, well, I wish I could afford to buy one of those irl, actually, since you mentioned them.

chubbyjam - 20 hours ago

I feel like she's used to it :P

Mimai - 20 hours ago

I'll save u Mani!

dablueguy - 15 hours ago


willofwii - 20 hours ago

Not much, but a lot of things could go quite right.

dablueguy - 23 hours ago

what could possible go wrong?

Vore scene 1, image 2 (SPOILER ALERT)

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: manv

Tags: Game Unwilling Anal Vore Karen swimsuit Visual Novel

So, for the people who wanted to see the drawings for the game, I will be uploading one every day or two. They don't have backgrounds yet, but with the color you can get an idea of the final quality.

This is the second image on scene 1. Feel free to ask anything about the game on the comments.
It might look like I am working slowly, but I actually have more drawings finished. I am just not uploading them yet, so I have time to work on more stuff. :3 

manv - 5 hours ago

XDDDDDDDD I should add that to the actual dialog hahahahahah. It's not like the game is serious. This is clearly a bit of a comedy.

Dreamey - 10 hours ago

"Have a seat. No wait, that's not what I mea...mhpfm"

manv - 14 hours ago

No problem. It's impossible to make a game that satisfies everybody. It might be impossible for me to make a game after this one. I will be busy in a few months T-T

Sharktooth - 14 hours ago

Dangit. I was hoping for female prey...
Hopfully you might make another one in the future...
Sorry i cant stand male prey

manv - 18 hours ago

The protagonist is male, but one of the vore scenes includes a female prey. Only one of them though.

Mimi platter

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: jimsugomi

Tags: Digimon mimi Nude Female

Byoc Bring your own context. 

Soundwave - 5 hours ago

Looks real tasty!

milkysuisei - 13 hours ago

now that's a cow worth spitting er um cowgirl

jimsugomi - 21 hours ago

Could argue she's data after going to the digital world and thus will end up popping up elsewhere like they do in series 4.

Espurr - 21 hours ago

Oh yeah

Gold_King - 22 hours ago

Mmmm...I wanna fuck that dinner.

Foxes for Flaria

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: VorishFoxie

Tags: Oral Vore Pokemon Paws Fox Stomach Fat Cute Vixen Inside Feral Tummy Saliva BBW Forest cuteness Willing Arcanine chris internals BBW Prey fat fur vorishfoxie pieman24601 sarah vixen fat furry Dragoblock Flaria

Commission for dragoblock

Flaria the arcanine stumbled across Chris and Sarah while wandering through the woods, and decided they would make a wonderful snack! The two foxes easily slid down the massive dog pokemon's gullet, and into her big round tummy! Sarah seems to be taking this incredibly well, while Chris on the other hand, not so much. Maybe she knows something Chris doesn't? Oh well, regardless, this will result in one very happy arcanine.

[ Continued ...

VorishFoxie - 3 hours ago

Thanks~ I'm glad you think so ^_^

Laborednoah - 22 hours ago


Wolfknight130 - 23 hours ago

Aw Sarah's adorable ^w^

YamiTakashi - 23 hours ago

I am so glad that she enjoys it <3

VorishFoxie - 1 day ago

I'm glad you think so~ she's having a wonderful time ^_^

Tyrant Tush

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: Tabris

Tags: Catboy Breasts F/M Neko Butt Doll smother smothering huge ass femdom facesitting ass smother Huge breasts Butt Smother gigantic breasts Daishiro huge hair smug pred Mina the Tyrant doll pred maybe av maybe not you'll never know hahahaha

More Frayed Mina stuff. This time she's decided the booty is the way, and Daishi is getting smothered and smooshed! I'm sure he'll be fine though, she still hasn't inflicted any hair torture and we've still got run time on this series.

Art is by my awesome friend  TwistedTemptation, check all their stuff out~! 

Yuyuko1995 - 17 hours ago


ChaoskampfNunc - 1 day ago

Deadly doll derrière

Tabris - 1 day ago


SirMontius - 1 day ago

A booty is fine too

Alienraptor - 14 hours ago


FreelancerSmurf - 19 hours ago

Actually, I am. One willing snackrifice, coming right up!

MrQuarantine - 20 hours ago

I always love your amazon work. The way you are able to balance the female form with fair amounts of underlying muscle is truly impressive.

bigbig - 21 hours ago

Of course not! What are you talking about?... those hand prints on her stomach are totally from a goat

Dragon808tr - 23 hours ago

Does it involve human sacrifice?

Revenge on the frog

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: Sparky_the_chu

Tags: Pikachu Pokemon Same Size Froakie

Since Froakie Nonine got me last month, it was only a matter of time before I had my revenge on him :3 

Kaheiyattsu - 22 hours ago

Call dibs on next meal . w .

Alexander_the_ant - 1 day ago

Very cuuute chu belleh. <3 Wanna cuddle it.

supersaiyango - 1 day ago

Ooh would the chu like a belly rub?

Gelus - 1 day ago

Hee~ Chubby li'l chu. I know macro/micro is your favorite, but your same size bulges are just the best <3

Tvoreion + CookiesTheBear vore pg 1

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: dragonT

Tags: Bear Dragon Tvoreion CookiesTheBear

(Tvoreion) lets see if you tast like cookies ;) 

CookiesTheBear - 3 hours ago

oohh i love it! looks like i'm gonna make a nice snack~

dragonT - 1 day ago

you can tell me how the story goes and il make it happen. hope you like it :D

Jess and Tonk

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: Kaede

Tags: Oral Vore F/F Huge breasts Jess Rattletail

Sketch by  averyhillpeak

Colors by me 

Kaede - 19 hours ago

Thanks again <3

averyhillpeak - 20 hours ago

I was really proud of this sketch glad you went and colored it it looks 10x better now

ChaoskampfNunc - 1 day ago

She may be small but the breasts means she's got as much meat as an ordinary girl

SlitheringSnake - 20 hours ago


Slimeman64 - 23 hours ago

Good food often does.

SlitheringSnake - 1 day ago

She's fighting the good fight, at least.

SlitheringSnake - 1 day ago

I love the expression on its face!

SlitheringSnake - 1 day ago

Neat. I'll have to check it out, thanks!

Slimeman64 - 1 day ago

Oh yeah, several times! Death Eater (or Ripper) is a somewhat rare monster in the PS1 RPG 'Xenogears'. On it's turn, it will either, throw salt on a character, slurp them up and spit them out, or straight up eat one of your characters (with a belch afterwards). Fun guy to draw from time to time.

SlitheringSnake - 1 day ago

I don't think I've seen this critter before. Have you drawn it before?


Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: Maiesen

Tags: Unbirth F/? Android Unbirth (Implied) Maid outfit

I quite liked the sketch thingy I made a couple days ago when my computer is still gone.
As a practice to get back into digital art mood, I made a couple of sketches of her (with belly, of course).

To put it simply, she’s an android with some really flexible parts, useful for storage and comfy bed. She’s also quite shy but inside, she kinda liked the attention which results in a smile behind her blushes. Anyway, gonna need some time for this...
[ Continued ...

Gold_King - 21 hours ago

Mmmm...I wanna fuck that android.

sjkd34 - 1 day ago

Adorable EVER!

RavenXeo - 1 day ago

shes real cute~ love her.

tom and ???

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: Sprinkles

Tags: Cat Paws Feet Human M/M Mouse Internal View tom and jerry

commission for an anonymous user

last panel is supposed to be comical, before you comment on the proportions 

Finetti - 5 hours ago

I'd rather see Jerry screwing whatever Tom eats

hungrydragongirl - 17 hours ago

Oh thank goodness I'm not the only one! Lol

Greennyy - 19 hours ago

Tom has had Jerry multiple times, but Jerry always managed to escape. this time, It doesnt seem like hes even trying to.

MirceaKitsune - 1 day ago

Oh how I wish a version of my childhood with this sort of thing in it existed <3

Malus - 1 day ago

Hmmmh, Jerry should have been eaten by Tom ages ago, I could never stand that smug, self righteous and self entitled little guy.


Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: Sprinkles

Tags: Food F/M Mawshot Female Pred Undertale alphys

commission for gatorchow 

HypnoBitch - 23 hours ago

Alphys is so cute~<3

hydranoid2009 - 1 day ago

it's Dr Alphys ^^

kitsun3chao - 1 day ago

I <3 dr. Abbys if that i remember her name

funny birds

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: Sprinkles

Tags: Pokemon Unbirth Same Size archeops

commission for nonine 

HypnoBitch - 23 hours ago

It's a happy birb~<3

StormyRange - 1 day ago

Fun snug birbs best birbs -u-

Unbirthlover2014 - 1 day ago


birthday snack

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: Sprinkles

Tags: Eevee Bunny M/F Internal View Bunny pred Cat prey tummy bulge loli prey tummy rubs eevee prey

for htfcuddles and katojana


JacktheDragon - 1 day ago

The cuteness of this x3

Also sorry for spamming you with comments I just like your art.


Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: Sprinkles

Tags: Furry Monster Non-Vore Mawshot

short comic i did for the evoloons group on DA
i'm pretty sure they dont allow fetish art, but this has a maw in it lol... so im uploading it here.

the thing is, it's supposed to be a monster that disguises itself as a house. i decided that it would have a horrible maw full of wooden teeth. imagine those splinters. >u< 

phade - 14 hours ago

Will they really see each other next year and will candy enough next time they meet?

Mar70 - 15 hours ago

Good god its been years since I've heard of Monster House.

SplitterPic - 19 hours ago

awesome owo
really like the lights and the design ^^

SlitheringSnake - 20 hours ago

Oh, sure, that makes sense.

Sprinkles - 23 hours ago

Oh no no, I posted it and it was just fine. It fit the theme of the event, which was a Halloween thing. >u< I just think if I went the full vore route it would not be good to put it in the group lol.


Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: PhantomAsh

Tags: Character Non-Vore Magic implied vore concept art Voracious Sorceress Character Sheet Original Character

A sorceress that traveled from her village to gain knowledge about the world and magic.

Basic concept 

Urethral Masturbation Cock Vore

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: ZELKnotos

Tags: Cock Vore Futanari H/F Urethral Vore Hermaphrodite Urethral insertion big penis

Urethral Masturbation & Cock Vore
What will happen if you abbreviate this.
... UMCV ?

... After all it is nothing. 

monster voltex

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: Sprinkles

Tags: Furry Non-Vore monstergirl arcade games f Cteno

fanart of one of my favorite monstergirls (cteno) playing one of my favorite games (sound voltex) 

StormyRange - 1 day ago

Woah that's so cool, love that use of colour /ouo\

JacktheDragon - 1 day ago

Strange looking character still awesome art.

im tired

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: Sprinkles

Tags: Furry Non-Vore gif

pretty bullshit gif i made
it's lame lmao but i like it 

SlitheringSnake - 1 day ago

What is this magic?!

JacktheDragon - 1 day ago

Oh look rainbows! Aaaaaaaah *eyes widen*

idk lol

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: Sprinkles

Tags: Non-Vore

some lame thing i did someday

i had a video of this but i think i deleted it before i uploaded it, oh well 

StormyRange - 1 day ago

Wow this is amazing, that amount of attention to the shading is fantastic! ouo\

JacktheDragon - 1 day ago

This looks rather it is not lame.


Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: Sprinkles

Tags: Furry Maw

i'm being facetious

in all seriousness though, dont ask for this character as pred. it makes me uncomfortable for them to be in pred situations.

however that wont stop me from drawing maw teases lol :3c 

JacktheDragon - 22 hours ago

Ooh ok then and well thanks for telling me.

HypnoBitch - 23 hours ago

;-; but it's so sexy

StormyRange - 1 day ago

Malt-teasers />v>\

FlareRocker - 1 day ago

This character was once a pred but they were reevaluated since Sprinkles decided that they didn't like them as a pred. Though I liked that one comic, I understand their reasoning and respect t nonetheless.

JacktheDragon - 1 day ago

Wait so he isn't a pred? Why the tease then?! XD

IINEdansen [gif]

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: Sprinkles

Tags: Non-Vore gif caramelldansen sparkledog

something i spent 3 hours of my life on aaaa

IINE is my sparkledog-sona. you gotta type her name in all caps, always. 

CGR-7 - 1 day ago

*Squee* Maxed out cuteness, Sprinkles. =3

Shake that tail, IINE! =D

JacktheDragon - 1 day ago

Omg so cute!

Nyami Maw

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: Sprinkles

Tags: Catgirl Furry Non-Vore Mawshot Mawplay Pop'n music

Pop'n Music "fanart"~

Mimi is loving sticking her little bunny hands in Nyami's kitty cat maw and poking around in there. Nyami, on the other hand, is not so pleased with this.

(gosh pop'n music shows up as a tag here already aaaa) 

HypnoBitch - 23 hours ago

Oh god that's hot!

Sprinkles - 23 hours ago

Here she is in the newest game!

Bags - 1 day ago

Will we see more of this cute cat girl? :)

CGR-7 - 1 day ago

Nyami: "Alright, alright, that's enough! My face ain't made of rubber, ya know." XD

Very silly, Sprinkles. =)

JacktheDragon - 1 day ago

Careful now you might end up inside~

This Candy Shop has the BEST Snacks

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: Sprinkles

Tags: Furry Micro Mawshot Micro Prey Internal View Female Pred Opossum Paw licking tummy rubs nb prey

commission for matsuke and punkpossum
featuring a tiny possum me :3

it's a 'possum eat 'possum world 

Kasra - 11 hours ago

Adorable! Although one of 'em looks happier about it than the other..

HypnoBitch - 23 hours ago

I love possums~<3

StormyRange - 1 day ago

Hmff draw the best lil tums =//w//=\
Amazing stuff ouo\

JacktheDragon - 1 day ago

Your welcome and I think imma go to sleep now so goodnight ^^

Sprinkles - 1 day ago

thank you ^u^

bedtime snack pg2

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: Sprinkles

Tags: Micro Swallowing Micro Prey Internal View Opossum ZzZzZzZzZ nb/nb

commission for matsuke
featuring a tiny possum me :3

i dont have a clever quip for this
pred and prey are ninbinary and both use they/them pronouns 

SplitterPic - 19 hours ago

they are so cute
really like how you do the liquids ^^

StormyRange - 23 hours ago

Ahh so snug and peaceful, love the lighting on the clothes in the last panel too =w=

JacktheDragon - 1 day ago

Nothing like a good snack before sleeping~

bedtime snack pg1

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: Sprinkles

Tags: Micro Mawshot Micro Prey Opossum nb/nb

commission for matsuke
featuring a tiny possum me :3

i dont have a clever quip for this
pred and prey are ninbinary and both use they/them pronouns 

StormyRange - 1 day ago

Such lovely work with the saliva and expressions!

JacktheDragon - 1 day ago

Oooh ok then anyways cool ^^

Sprinkles - 1 day ago

I forget to upload to Eka's. All this is old stuff that I just never uploaded. I think this is from summer of 2016.

JacktheDragon - 1 day ago

You on a roll aren't you? X3