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Ed Eats 3 [com]

Uploaded: 13 hours ago

Owner: digitalfurbelow

Tags: Oral Vore Vore Pokemon Comic Digimon Bulge Exveemon Floatzel belly bulge

final part of the commission 

digitalfurbelow - 11 hours ago

I know :p

ChaoskampfNunc - 11 hours ago

I was just joking

digitalfurbelow - 12 hours ago

hey I only did this because I was commissioned. Digimon are way bigger and stronger than pokemon and would be able to vore them easily.

JacktheDragon - 12 hours ago


ChaoskampfNunc - 13 hours ago

I think this definitely proves which is better, totally 100%

Ed Eats 2 [com]

Uploaded: 13 hours ago

Owner: digitalfurbelow

Tags: Vore Pokemon Comic Renamon Digimon Bulge Floatzel belly bulge

part 2 of the commission 

ChaoskampfNunc - 13 hours ago

Double stuffed~

Ed Eats [com]

Uploaded: 13 hours ago

Owner: digitalfurbelow

Tags: Vore Pokemon Comic Digimon Bulge Floatzel Guilmon belly bulge

commision I did for some fatzel vore 

JacktheDragon - 12 hours ago

Whoe this is nice~

ChaoskampfNunc - 13 hours ago

Thicc gals need lots of food to stay thicc~

Fy's Secret Butt Fun

Uploaded: 13 hours ago

Owner: teabender

Tags: Furry Belly Digestion Fart Absorption Bulge F/? Fatal Anal Vore Farting Butt gas bikini Female Pred Gassy Digestion Implied Fy

Fy's sending some unfortunate stranger to the 'shadow realm'. Though humans tend to give Fy bad gas, then it's worth it to get some thicker thighs.

My yet only second drawing, a bit rushed I'll admit. I'm still getting used to angles and proportions.  

ChaoskampfNunc - 13 hours ago

The thicker thighs the better

Voracious Valentine's!

Uploaded: 14 hours ago

Owner: Scaylid00d

Tags: Furry Breasts Belly Slime Male Fat Digestion F/F Plump Bunny F/M Naga Bulge Female Lamia Bondage Unwilling messy Nipples Penis Stuffed transparent Bloated pigtails Glasses Willing chocolate Blush Bunny girl Squeezing Multiple Prey Big Belly Rope Piercing frog girl Suffocation Stuffed belly Female Prey Male Prey Short Hair Big Breasts translucent slimy gagged f/multiple teasing prey Fruits testicles sauce long hair Valentine's Day ahegao braided hair pubic hair sharp teeth small breasts Scaylid00d Naga Pred stomach juices syrup white hair slender pointed ears Mei Chocolate Syrup Puffy nipples Transparent Stomach transparent belly Stuffed pred Lamia Pred translucent belly Malyna Overwatch chocolate coated f/multiple prey Messy Belly holding belly Translucent stomach Simple background

What's better than a massive box of chocolates for Valentines? A box with eight squirming little prey covered in chocolate, all just for you! <3

This project was a collaborative effort with a lot of my Patrons. During the last livestream, we held a raffle for who'd get to pick the pred in this pic. Every other Patron watching at the time got to choose which prey they wanted to see featured! :D

Pictured here is a VERY happy naga, with her chocolatey present...
[ Continued ...

CGR-7 - 3 hours ago

Very cool, Scaylid00d. Great transparency work on her tail. =)

Is there one unseen prey still in naga's main stomach? Otherwise that math doesn't quite seem to add up. =\

You said there were "...[b]eight[/b] squirming little prey covered in chocolate...", but I only count seven preys in the picture - that I can see - and you've only listed seven in the description. Am I not seeing something right?

SiennaAthens - 9 hours ago

Love it. If only I could favorite multiple times ;~;

Kelly - 10 hours ago

Awww you are super cute in this pic :3 <3

Uri - 11 hours ago

I still love how the blond is just enjoying it all xD

Thank you again Maxi amazing work as always I love it!

Flame6742 - 11 hours ago

I LOVE THIS i love how my lavender bunny in your style maxi. Ty again!

Wading In

Uploaded: 14 hours ago

Owner: HungrySuccubus

Patreon pinup for Knock! Their character shows off a delicious maw! I really love drawing mouths. I think I went a little overboard with the saliva and it makes me so happy.
Alternate versions available in the December 2016 Packpile on my Patreon.

WtGGs | Twitter | Patreon |...
[ Continued ...

SolidScale - 7 hours ago

Good god. I know what I'm gettin' next time from you. |3

CyberXIII - 8 hours ago

That looks almost like something you'd wanna fuck...

joeburp22181 - 11 hours ago

Lovely point of view. The last thing you will ever see again! <3

nintendowfi - 12 hours ago

Wow that maw looks so inviting, its calling for me.

D3adZ3d - 13 hours ago

Wow! This is my new favorite maw shot. So entrancing that I feel like I could just dive right in!

Morton - Brundel (6/6)

Uploaded: 15 hours ago

Owner: Alpha

Tags: Vore Belly Stomach BBW fetish escort 

kidclef - 4 hours ago


Alpha - 5 hours ago


kidclef - 9 hours ago

So did he know what he was getting into (pun 100% intended)? The way she was talking implied they both knew how this was gonna end...

Scion - 13 hours ago

You should let Morton take over the babyfat series :P

imalive4ever - 14 hours ago


Morton - Brundel (5/6)

Uploaded: 15 hours ago

Owner: Alpha

Tags: Vore Belly BBW adjectivenouncombo morton 

Detective - 13 hours ago

Doopie no how could you....wait was it dolan cause im okay with dolan getting eaten

POPObro - 15 hours ago

aww doopie look so cute

[CE] A Kid Close to your Heart

Uploaded: 15 hours ago

Owner: A0IISA

Tags: F/F Mother Unwilling Non-Fatal Mother/Daughter Lafua Riveros mother pred

Coloured edit of commission from Vore Day sale stream back in August, 2016.

Just one of those times for Lafua and Kin bonding, except for latter it’s more of another nuisance time.

Lines by  CrossCrescent
Colours by  A0IISA


Lafua Riveros © A0IISA 

Goblingobler - 10 hours ago

Looks cozy~

Don't look

Uploaded: 16 hours ago

Owner: Beliroz

Tags: F/F F/M F/? Post-Vore underwear Big Belly underboob

D-don't l-look, idiot!

I love me sum chub.

Just a quick something i did. I'm being too lazy lately, Overwatch is taking up all my time. Maybe I should draw some OW vore? ;) 

Beliroz - 13 hours ago

It sure does. Just gotta figure out who.

bijuusama - 15 hours ago

definitely more OW vore. the world needs it. this is good to though

Outer - The Diaspora

Uploaded: 16 hours ago

Owner: fountos

Tags: Comic Giantess Non-Vore adventure space Webcomic Outer

"Outer" is currently my main project at the moment :). It’s a Webcomic site with some RPG game elements alongside the story!.
It was born out my time spent in the Felarya community but now takes place in its own universe!
It's primarily a sci-fi/ fantasy, but I also plan to be putting some bit of my fav alternative subjects in here and there :), namely some Giantess, Gentle G/T, hybrid and some vorish close calls with in the ancient and wild world our heroes are about...
[ Continued ...

fountos - 10 hours ago

glad you're liking what you see so far :D its just getting off the ground =D. right now im just trying to sort out some things with the game battle system :). i release new pages to the story about every week now

Bright - 12 hours ago

This looks interesting.

Cereal and chu for a Char 4

Uploaded: 16 hours ago

Owner: Sparky_the_chu

Tags: Vore Micro Macro Pikachu Pokemon Food Charizard Macro/Micro Food play

fourth page of the series for Char...down the chu goes <3 

thatoneguyintheback - 16 hours ago



Uploaded: 16 hours ago

Owner: Grimmahr

Tags: Sketch Non-Vore Fairy Character Sheet character reference

Take a look at a certain little Fairy my good friend TechniMIND drew for me awhile back. There will probably be changes coming her way but this will give you all a better understanding of what Nyako looks like. This is not my drawing, all credit goes to TechniMIND for his amazing work. You can find his profile here as well. 

75ChaosFlare - 15 hours ago

Pretty nice

Grimmahr - 15 hours ago

Have to thank TechniMIND for that. I didn't even specify what i wanted her to look like, and he knew right away just how to make her perfect for the role ahead. ^,^

75ChaosFlare - 16 hours ago

I love the design. Pretty cute.


Uploaded: 17 hours ago

Owner: Grimmahr

Tags: Fantasy Demon Giantess Goddess Fairy

A quick look into how Alfae starts out and why the story will progress in the way it does. This will not be like normal stories... then again, most of mine aren't.  

Grimmahr - 13 hours ago


TechniMIND - 13 hours ago

I love fairies XD I can't wait to see Nyako in action :3

I like your fantasy <3

75ChaosFlare - 15 hours ago

No problem.

Grimmahr - 15 hours ago

Thank you :)

75ChaosFlare - 16 hours ago

Very cute!! :)

Newbie dash

Uploaded: 17 hours ago

Owner: fallenandscattered01

Tags: Non-Vore Butt My Little Pony Rainbow Dash Spitfire between butt cheeks Fleetfoot

Due to rainbow dashs mess ups this is her punishment  

No Second Prances

Uploaded: 17 hours ago

Owner: fallenandscattered01

Tags: Vore Trixie Lulamoon

Trixie had to do something for her trick so why not eat it  

Jates' Dream

Uploaded: 17 hours ago

Owner: Rayen

Tags: Elf Non-Vore ARPG Reception Humam

One day, Jates. One day. :V

Though I mean, only if she manages to stop being a Decepio. :V

Poor Jates. :V 

SierraMarisin - 6 hours ago

Eh I wouldn't say so.
Being an elf would make you a little smaller than a human but not to toe point where you are a Decepio.

SierraMarisin - 6 hours ago

Dah ships are to much in dis pic.
Dah shipping could be to much.

MolenarVincaros - 6 hours ago

she needs to get alchemy frog to make her a potion of boob growth.

AtmosRobot - 7 hours ago

Well, with that new job as the alchemist's assistant... ;V

zbuilders - 9 hours ago

Well Bluebell could make her dream come true. Birb Jates

[commission]Double teamed

Uploaded: 17 hours ago

Owner: Niku

Tags: Belly Unbirth Sex Futa Lamia vagina Transformation F/F/F size difference My Little Pony Assimilation belly bulge Friendship is Magic trait theft mlp oc

commission for @bat-ponies-after-dark

Futa Sahara and Nova double teaming Echo. It seems Echo was unaware that she’d end up like Nova by the end of it! (and vice versa) 

3phantoms - 6 hours ago

Nova actually looks somehow cuter as a batatzlpony.

dennis9966 - 14 hours ago

this is awesome

PegaSUS - 15 hours ago

Nova with batpony features? Just when I thought I couldn't love her any more than I already did.

Great stuff! Always enjoy seeing your comics. ^^

simalst - 15 hours ago

This short comic got you a watcher.

Cat and, fox and mouse. Part 1

Uploaded: 18 hours ago

Owner: Alexthedrawer12

Tags: Soft Vore Fox Anthro

This is a request based off an Rp I did with one of my best friends. The Rp was based of of my friend's OC Savannah(the big fox) to have fun with her friends.

I hope you guys enjoy and see you all later. 

Ayashe - 15 hours ago

You're welcome! Ok, good^^

Alexthedrawer12 - 15 hours ago

Thank you for the compliment and for letting me know about the mistake and I fixed it.

Ayashe - 16 hours ago

Very nice acually, but there seems to be missing something at the bottom of the picture.

Adventure RPG 2-254

Uploaded: 18 hours ago

Owner: Rayen

Tags: Non-Vore Sex ARPG

Read this post on the website, if you like:

> Let Myla do what she wants

You turn to Myla and thank her for offering to help, but also tell her that she doesn't have to do anything she doesn't want to. You make sure that she knows that if she doesn't want to, she doesn't have to join in.

"Yeah, I know." The wolfgirl shrugs. "But I'm going to, alright?" She seems to...
[ Continued ...

Graywolf18 - 3 hours ago

And what happens if he hits us with a shrink spell, he did say he knows a bit of raw magic. It isn't a tactically wise decision to fight against the odds unless you have a sure fire way to even them. Remember the bat girl? 3v1, then she ate Elykae.

SierraMarisin - 5 hours ago

Wow then Lewds.
Man Floria must be lucky to have two.
Or well I don't know I never had it happen to me nor plan it.
Still she gets a very sexy Wolfie and a dark elf.
What more could you ask for?
Oh I know!
Spider tits!
Which makes me think what would spider dick look like?

Wired placement.

MolenarVincaros - 6 hours ago

oooh, good plan

MolenarVincaros - 6 hours ago

we have three in the room, if he does try to fuck with us, I say fuck him up big time.

MolenarVincaros - 6 hours ago

we have basics on a few of those already right? Divine and Mind should likely be our focus, healing without potions, and something to potentially counter what is, arguably, our party's weakest point with mind magic.

On a different note, if Myla is gonna be this, forward about things, I do wonder what it would be like if we had a kid by her. Or if that would even be possible. They would make the most awkward parents.

Shyvana and Nama eats Nami and Erza

Uploaded: 18 hours ago

Owner: Onepiecelover

Tags: Vore Breasts Belly Anime manga Post-Vore Big Belly one piece Nami Dragon Girl League of Legends Erza Erza Scarlet Shyvana Nama

so a another work from for me on the left side the main character from lufidelis and me love shyvana as frinds all 2 with a nice meal left nami and to the right Erza and ye i love this pic too same them the anothers :)  


Uploaded: 18 hours ago

Owner: idolmonkey

Tags: wolfgirl Non-Vore Scarlet Yamine

big ol wolfbutts. :U 

Demicus - 15 hours ago

And big ol wuff tiddies too! :D

In Two Kitties at Once

Uploaded: 19 hours ago

Owner: Gelenor

Tags: Catgirl Breasts Female Neko Anal Vore Butt Willing Unwilling Prey Nudity Kitties Male Prey Female Pred purple hair pink hair noms nomming Butt noms Demi-human pred Demi-Human Demi Pred black hair Gelenor cat ears Felice ff/m Anoto naked prey Naked Female Kitty Girl naked pred nude male cat tail Nude prey Tug-o-Vore Stretchy mouth naked male Nude pred Multiple pred butt snack cat girls purple fur blue fur Nude females Silver hair black haired pred irritated prey purple insides pink haired pred blue highlights cat girl pred

Art by Maximum Impulse

Felice belongs to FeliceKitty

Anoto and Gelenor belong to me.

I cannot for the fucking life of me seem to avoid kitties. Why can I not have them leave me alone? I just want a day where kitties do not torment me. Is that really so much to ask? Freaking Anoto and Felice having tugovore with me.  

CGR-7 - 2 hours ago

Perhaps you have a subtle smell of catnip, Gelenor, and you just don't realize it. Maybe that's why they won't let you be. XD

Gelenor - 9 hours ago

Well there is a next page, I just didn't feel like posting it yet. I kinda posted like 15 pics in less than 24 hours.

UnbirthLover - 11 hours ago

So, who goes inside who once mouth meets ass?

gulpin - 18 hours ago

Go Felice go swallow him whole!! Go Anoto go suck him harder!!

God Of Lust-Chapter 14

Uploaded: 19 hours ago

Owner: AegisOfRoses

Tags: Vore Unbirth Sex Anal Vore peeing gummy school stomach deformation Inanimate transformation inanimate tf Still Not FMA

Wow, I haven't gotten much work done... Sorry again, all, I'm a bit swamped. I'll try to find time to upload in the middle of the week, but until then, I've got a couple chapters to sate your thirst. 

It Went From Kinky to Super Kinky

Uploaded: 20 hours ago

Owner: Gelenor

Tags: Breasts Scat Human Slime F/M pooping Butt booty Implied Digestion implied vore feces Human Prey Male Prey Female Pred Big Breasts see through goo girl big butt tenticles tendrils Scatplay blushing shitting black hair Scat eating naked prey forced feeding slime predator crapping Scat Torture Nude Female butt cheeks naked pred nude male Nude prey turds Nude pred pooping on Butt Chocolate boobs. Ass cheeks TITS!!! pooping into pooping out Human toilet butt fudge shitting on Naked Predator shitting out Ass chocolate Goo Girl Pred Slime pred see through belly shitting into

Art by Maximum Impulse.

Oni belongs to me.

Jin Belongs to MissLucy.

Well she did say he would be sliding out that same hole, she just didn't tell him about this part. She always makes sure to feed him his own remains. Unlike when this happens to Gelenor however it is actually healthy for Oni. Jin can change the make up of her crap to actually be good for her boyfriend. Unfortunately she can't change the taste or smell. Also to make sure he has a...
[ Continued ...

Gelenor - 4 hours ago

Well she is a slime so she doesn't piss. Therefore he can drink whatever he wants.

deej1011 - 7 hours ago

That does bring about a question though. She only lets him eat what comes out of her, but does she allow him to drink still?
Also, the like, being able to change the composition of her excretions is pretty unique I think, and really neat.

gulpin - 18 hours ago


Gelenor - 19 hours ago

Too bad she doesn't piss. Being a slime and all.

gulpin - 19 hours ago

Oni needs some water to wash it down maybe?

Let's Go Sunning! [Trade]

Uploaded: 20 hours ago

Owner: Veemecelli

Tags: Kitsune Non-Vore Female Demoness beach Relaxing Nudity Female Pred sunning

It's so good for you!

This is my part of a trade done with  IsistheKitsune

Starring their lovely character Isis Kitsune sunning on a nude beach with their friends 3 stunning Demon sisters ~

Said demon ladies belong to  lXlNeMiSiSlXl !

I hope you enjoy! 

lXlNeMiSiSlXl - 12 hours ago

This is such a pleasant suprise! Thank you so much!~

IsistheKitsune - 17 hours ago

This is a super sexy drawing of them

Sex With Preds, Kinky and Dangerous

Uploaded: 20 hours ago

Owner: Gelenor

Tags: Sexy Slime Male Anal F/M Sex transparent mask grey Tentacle implied scat Implied Digestion implied vore Anal Sex Oni Human Prey Male Prey Female Pred see through Sexual content jin tentacle rape tendrils blushing black hair anal penetration naked prey slime predator Nude Female Naked Female naked pred Implied Disposal pretty boy tentacle sex nude male Nude prey naked male Nude pred blushing pred in the backdoor up the butt slime girl vore Teasing Pred blushing prey Surprise buttsex

Art by Maximum Impulse.

Oni belongs to me.

Jin belongs to MissLucy

This is nothing out of the ordinary for these two. Oni and his slime girlfriend Jin have sex when they get the chance. Of course the odd part about being in a relationship with someone who eats people... they tend to want to eat their partners too. This is no exception to the that either. Jin loves eating Oni, and he hates it when she does it. Thankfully she can bring him back whenever...
[ Continued ...

Gelenor - 4 hours ago

I think she just kind of remembered "Oh hey I was supposed to bring that guy back." Needless to say he was kind of pissed.

deej1011 - 7 hours ago

They sound like pretty interesting characters.

So, what reminded her of him after 3 years though? Or did it just kinda happen randomly?

Mandalorian's Indulge P.2

Uploaded: 20 hours ago

Owner: dark55321

Tags: Vore Soft Vore Digestion multiple vore Implied Digestion implied vore same size vore star wars vore belly Sabine wren

So I was the other day doing anything BUT the request I still must get over with, when the exact same someone from my previous art trade asked me if we could do another one. I was like "sure!", and thus this happened.

No idea about the context or explanations behind the pic, but this one is the continuation of this pic.

Also, I hope I got Sabine right on the 2 panel, 'cause this is the 1st time I've attemped to do weight gain properly.

[ Continued ...

Hazeyoyo123 - 11 hours ago

All of that fat has to go somewhere.

Leave Gelenor Alone For Fucks Sake!

Uploaded: 20 hours ago

Owner: Gelenor

Tags: Scat Anal pooping Neko kitty Hearts Butt bed Post-Vore force feeding Anal Sex Post Vore Scat feces Lycan big butt buttsex Demi-Human Scatplay Demi-Wolf shitting Turd black hair Brown Hair anal penetration Scat eating Wolf ears tied down Gelenor cat ears crapping Anal rape Scat Torture Nude Female Naked Female butt cheeks Kitty Girl cat girl big boobies nude male cat tail naked male breats pooping on Butt Chocolate boobs. Silver hair Ass cheeks pooping into pooping out male butt in the backdoor Human toilet butt fudge up the butt Ass to Mouth shitting on floofy tail nyara shitting out Ass chocolate devouring scat Surprise buttsex water fey blue highlights

Art by Maximum Impulse.

Gelenor belongs to me.

Lycan belongs to Kirentol.

Nyara belongs to Maximum Impulse.

Seriously!! Its like the two of them will not leave me alone. This might even be a sequel to that last picture. I think Nyara really likes my butt or something...... She has fucked it a number of times by this point. This definitely was not voluntary on my part either. I mean look at those ropes. Where the hell do they even get...
[ Continued ...

gulpin - 20 hours ago

Or baited into a simple trap

Gelenor - 20 hours ago

Not my fault!! I was kidnapped!

gulpin - 20 hours ago

Suffering as usual..

Female Nerron 4

Uploaded: 21 hours ago

Owner: Rayen

Tags: Breasts Digestion post digestion ARPG

Together forever~ :V

Nerron's probably fine with this. :V

I promise, Kaiti isn't this crazy in the actual ARPG setting. This was just some fun. :V

Part 3: 

MolenarVincaros - 7 hours ago

You are what you eat.

Graywolf18 - 10 hours ago

I'm certainly not apposed, could be fun seeing her evolve.

Kartomic - 11 hours ago

We must learn this Raw magic, :U

MintyCat - 13 hours ago

I second this~<3

TotallyRandom - 14 hours ago

Now I want to see Kairron going after the rest of the cast. Elykae's cutes and antlers would look good on her, and Myla's floof, also birbwings.

Threesome Gone Wrong Again

Uploaded: 21 hours ago

Owner: Gelenor

Tags: Breasts Tongue Werewolf M/M Drool Anal Cum Futanari Neko Anal Vore kitty Penis Pre-Vore cocks Anal Sex Tied threesome Werewolf pred Male Prey Lycan unexpected vore woof dickgirl Demi-Human Male Pred Demi Pred Demi-Wolf drooling black hair Brown Hair anal penetration Wolf ears Gelenor cat ears naked prey Anal rape Nude Female Naked Female Kitty Girl cat girl dicks naked pred nude male cat tail Nude prey naked male Nude pred pre-vore sex boobs. brown haired pred Silver hair Tied hands in the backdoor up the butt floofy tail nyara Surprise buttsex blue highlights Surprise Anal

Art by Maximum Impulse.

Gelenor belongs to me.

Lycan belongs to Kirentol.

Nyara belongs to Maximum Impulse

Gelenor seems to be seeing these two quite a lot lately. He had a threesome with them before and was fucked up Nyara's ass. This time she is fucking him up Lycan's ass. It seems he is a lot less willing this time than last time. Chances are the couple thought it would be fun to torment poor Gelenor and abducted him. This seems to...
[ Continued ...

SoliliaFirestarter - 20 hours ago

Nyara's face is perfect :V

Bowser's Baby Brunch

Uploaded: 21 hours ago

Owner: saintheartwing

Tags: Oral Vore mario Soft Vore Bowser Child Prey Child Pred infant super mario bros Preparation luigi Princess Peach super mario Soft oral vore kamek Bowser Vore infant prey baby prey Baby Mario Baby Luigi Baby Bowser

A lovely commission from misterebony here on Aryion, in which Kamek actually SUCCEEDS in snatching up both Baby Mario and Luigi...and Peach!...for his young master Bowser, and vorish shenanigans ensue. Enjoy!  

saintheartwing - 20 hours ago

Ahh, too easy!

supernova1324 - 21 hours ago

Awesome story though I always thought it would be a yoshi's that ate baby Marino and Luigi

Unfortunate Encounter With Fire Nyara

Uploaded: 21 hours ago

Owner: Gelenor

Tags: fire Belly Soft Vore Male F/M Empress Swallowing Female Neko Swallowed kitty devouring knight flames Male Prey Female Pred big butt Eaten Alive Soft oral vore Devoured belly bulge consumed shackles swallowing whole Gelenor cat ears Nude Female Naked Female Kitty Girl cat girl torch nude male Swallowing alive cat tail Nude prey half swallowed Eaten Whole naked male Nude pred Neko Pred floofy tail nyara Chained Prey chained up fire fey

Art by Maximum Impulse

Gelenor belongs to me.

Fire Nyara belongs to Maximum Impulse.

So I really don't know how Gelenor ended up chained to a wall about to be devoured by an evil version of Nyara. Likely he heard of her horrible deeds and went to confront and stop her. Of course being who he is he didn't actually want to kill her, and she likely took advantage of this and captured him. Now this is all speculation of course. Why she has him chained up...
[ Continued ...

SoliliaFirestarter - 20 hours ago

you say evil, but I say kinky :V especially with those chains x3

gulpin - 21 hours ago

Finger food =P

Gelenor - 21 hours ago

Or bite his hands off.

gulpin - 21 hours ago

Simple she'll break the chains off and finish devouring him.

Too Much of a Kitty Thing

Uploaded: 21 hours ago

Owner: Gelenor

Tags: Sexy Breasts Predator Neko kitty Penis Pre-Vore jessica licking Nudity Kitties scared Male Prey Female Pred purple hair tasting teasing pink hair Sexual content nekos teasing prey chair Ribbon Scars black hair cat ears Felice Anoto naked prey Nude Female Naked Female Kitty Girl cat girl naked pred nude male cat tail naked women naked male cat girls black haired pred Neko Pred scared prey nyara pink haired pred blue highlights kitty girls cat girl pred

Art by Maximum Impulse

Anoto and Gelenor belong to me.

Felice belongs to FeliceKitty.

Nyara belongs to Maximum Impulse.

Gelenor has a problem with kitties. Cat girls cannot seem to resist taunting him, teasing him, using him as a toilet, or eating him over and over. These are not even all of the nekos that torment him, just a few. They are the main ones however. This might look like a dream come true to some people, however given how...
[ Continued ...

Gelenor - 9 hours ago

Either or at this point.

Gelenor - 9 hours ago

I have one.... but even she could not take on that many kitties.

Gelenor - 9 hours ago

Oh god! I am unsure which is worse.

dx2255 - 14 hours ago

You need a bodyguard...

Robotdocter - 20 hours ago

lol, too much of a kitty thing? or too much kitty? :3

wiseguy288 - 21 hours ago

I personally like cinnamon, but I wouldn't turn my nose up at butterscotch if there was some on my plate.

Looking for someone PART 4

Uploaded: 21 hours ago

Owner: MomijiTheDeer

Tags: Non-Vore Mimiga UnderTale Comic Toriel


Nevek - 16 hours ago

I love how you skiped to after she unbirthed him, it was hilarious.

Ichi the mocking birb and Yui the Centaur

Uploaded: 22 hours ago

Owner: DanzoLegend

Tags: Tail Centaur Character Male Cute Non-Vore Female armor bow Feathers HummingBird bells Horse girl Talons humming bird Shy Guy

So this is me trying at a few new things. A centaur girl and Mocking bird. The mocking bird has the ability to poly morph himself to be large (my execute for drawing them the same size). Still i did try to draw them and almost instantaneously Solilia loved them so i gave her both characters :P expect to see them in the future sometime.  

Cake p2

Uploaded: 23 hours ago

Owner: majintf

Tags: Non-Vore Cake Transformation unaware Unwilling Prey Male Prey Food Transformation Painful

A boy turned into a piece of cake. 

Cake p1

Uploaded: 23 hours ago

Owner: majintf

Tags: Non-Vore Cake Transformation unaware Unwilling Prey Male Prey Food Transformation Painful

A boy turned into a piece of cake. 


Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: FKBone

Tags: Gulp Oral Vore Vore Princess Soft Vore Dragon F/M Bulge Swallowing Dragoness knight throat bulge FK Salacia

First real Comic i tried to make. I drew it for Navi~. It was alot more work than i expected, but i managed to pull through ^^

Salacia belongs to the lovely Navi

FK belongs to me 

FKBone - 19 hours ago

Thank you ^^

sn0riat - 19 hours ago

This is sooooooooo cute! Awesome work x3

JacktheDragon - 23 hours ago

Well then I guess she got into it too much I hope she will let you out before her stomach has it's ways with you though XD

Anyways cute comic I give it a nice fave simply cause I like the cute art style and is a bit funny x3

FKBone - 23 hours ago

Yes, the Knight is played by FK (me) using the Grape on a toothpick as a make shift horse, together with the swordshaped toothpick, and well <w< she got carried away in the rp and nommed me

JacktheDragon - 23 hours ago

Ok so the title is "Roleplay" so everything that happen was in her head...right? Yet the knight was real cause there is muffles coming from her belly.

Lucoa is a dem...dragon

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I like the relation between lucoa and shota it funny , and like I would a do a little picture of lucoa something like that is do x)

the shader here are really basic but it's pretty faster to do :) 

Flatheaddog - 6 hours ago

It's too much, why must you test me so?

algog8 - 7 hours ago

imagine if she ate all of them full size

Royal_Starlord - 9 hours ago

Even so, she is still a snakey creature: Just look at her as she transitions in the intro.

Blackheartedreaper - 10 hours ago

Actually in the manga she said she was a goddess, but got removed from her position.

Royal_Starlord - 12 hours ago

That's not what the intro to the anime show seems to be. :3

Flatheaddog - 6 hours ago

If he wasn't in there I'm sure he'd be enthralled.

NIKO1337 - 22 hours ago

It's so sparkle-y


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for saintheartwing

JacktheDragon - 23 hours ago

Not really into robot vore...nah I like robot vore expecially if is a dragon anyways nice art~


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For RoryKeneigh
featuring bonbon and lemonheart(?) 


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For Railphotos 

dudey64 - 1 hour ago

Oh, looks so good <3

ArtisticFox - 22 hours ago

you should do more micro, its a nice change from the usual.


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For movler
I really like this dragon design 

JacktheDragon - 1 day ago

Ooh this is really nice and I also like this dragon's looks~


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for macrofutasunbutt

Yes i ponied shut up 

JacktheDragon - 23 hours ago

She is like "What the fuck just happen" anyways nice