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Chibi Night

Uploaded: 6 years ago

Owner: DarkArtist

Tags: Belly Fat Demon Goddess Non-Vore Vlad Drakken Night Blackwing blackclaw

Trying out my new pens. Mostly for when I just want to do a inked pic. 

Bright - 6 years ago


ublover1 - 6 years ago

Damn shes sexy!!! :)

Imperfect Cell Gets Asuka

Uploaded: 6 years ago

Owner: YugErov

Tags: crossover cell Tail Vore Neon Genesis Evangelion asuka langley Dragon Ball Z Cell Vore

Cell's hunger for more biocomponents to integrate to his organism can't be satisfied. 

Swallow-Her - 5 years ago

While I know it's late, this is fantastic. Asuka is one of my favorite characters and a delicious, stubborn prey. Cell is the reason I'm into this fetish, and an amazing predator as well. Seeing her flail helplessly like that is a treat, I just wish I could have gotten a nice look at the wiggling backside of hers before she was sucked up! I pray to see an animated version of this, someday~

Tempest - 6 years ago

I upheld this too within my animation series too. It was only unfortunate that Cell had to puke them all up again...

YugErov - 6 years ago

Yay ! you're one of the first ones to figure out that too, everyone else wonders how would cell's inside look like with so many preys absorbed.

Tempest - 6 years ago

Interesting. If it wasn't for the ability to have his victims merge with him, I'd say it would be pretty crowded in his body...

Roswitha Commission 2

Uploaded: 6 years ago

Owner: IkazayimAkodon

Tags: Big Breasts Girl Blue Commission Blood Non-Vore Cannibal power Red eyes huge Roswitha Marina red head Kriemhild Red hair showing off showing Mein mädchen blue eyes powers


Ah yes, a good commission of mein cannibal mädchen, Roswitha. Here she's showing off some of her power. 

Brander103 - 5 years ago


IkazayimAkodon - 5 years ago

HA! But ja she no longer has these blood powers. More or less that was an uncompleted prototype of what she was, which has been changed and solidified.

Brander103 - 5 years ago

Also I would like to say SEXY

Brander103 - 5 years ago

As the phantoms of our bloody pasts come back to haunt those who walk the dark and cruel road, some are driven off the path and into the fields of madness where they writhe in their agony of their minds, some embrace it and dive deep into the seas of blood and sin, while others merely continue on without so much as a backwards glance at the wraiths the haunt their past......... I feel she belongs in the 3rd category of my long monologue

IkazayimAkodon - 6 years ago

Jawohl, mich auch <3 Sie ist mein favorit OC

Mimi pose

Uploaded: 6 years ago

Owner: Slimeman64

Tags: Fat Plump Non-Vore BBW mimi slug Slug Girl

Just another drawing of Pegadygor's character, Mimi the slug girl  

Turbotowns - 6 years ago

why hello there cutie. ;)

Max_C - 6 years ago

Yay for Mimi! I was starting to miss her.

Gloom - 6 years ago

Gotta love her~

Renamon's meal (Refined)

Uploaded: 6 years ago

Owner: SableCross

Tags: Renamon Cooking Spitroast

Here's version of the image with darker text, cause some people where saying that they couldn't read it. 

SableCross - 6 years ago


Bright - 6 years ago

Much better.


Uploaded: 6 years ago

Owner: psvorefan1520

Tags: Alien Non-Vore profile green schoolgirl Biography cosplay Asian Original Character Brittany MSpaint プラース Tasha black hair 制服

Name: Tasha
Age: 1 (Counted from arrival on Earth)
Ht. 5'8
Wt. 128 lb.s/58 KG.
Three Sizes: Never Measured.
Virginity Status: False
Appearances: Compilation, Compilation Part II, EAT ME, DAMN IT!, Small .gif, Guess What Happens Next? ...
[ Continued ...

In my panties 3

Uploaded: 6 years ago

Owner: pipomarge

Tags: Non-Vore shrink pre-unbirth

In my panties 3 

tedhead774 - 5 years ago

Its always the cutest and most innocent looking girls that are predators, just shows how looks can be deceiving.

Sith - 6 years ago

Super love micros trapped in panties under skirts~ Must have more! <3~

blank - 6 years ago

love the look on her face

Zub - 6 years ago

AWESOME...missed your unbirth.

EH! my dog!?!

Uploaded: 6 years ago

Owner: pipomarge

Tags: Dog Unbirth

Make a choise little boy :-) 

A Nonny Moose - 6 years ago

Yes, please!

Noir - 6 years ago

(prepare for pun) Well in soviet vore, pussy eats dog! or its a Pussy eat dog world out there... okay im done X3

Tetrahedron - 6 years ago

This is great btw!

Tetrahedron - 6 years ago

have you thought about the same Naga UB style but F/F?

soline - 6 years ago

Amazingly hot work! well done!

Mouses and Horse

Uploaded: 6 years ago

Owner: pipomarge

Tags: Cock Vore Cum


steven1950 - 6 years ago

*claps*amazing job

Best friend

Uploaded: 6 years ago

Owner: pipomarge

Tags: Cock Vore

My best friend CV 

Finetti - 9 months ago

Makes me think of Jenny by Studio Killers

haphazard - 6 years ago

As usual pipomarge your work is amazing

Sith - 6 years ago


pipomarge - 6 years ago

Hello and thank you for this translation soline.
Good to clarify the situation somewhat, I would be a good girl and I would change the text in English to a single condition.

Since I do not speak English (or really bad) I send you the translation via google and if you could back me in plain English it would be great.

So here is the translation via google transl:

1. I swear I do not understand! He seemed interested and then he went to the toilet and now ... he disappeared as if by magic.
2. You dramatizes, it's not good that's all. I'm sure you'll meet the man you need!
3. MMM .. yeah, it's no secret, I have bad luck and I would end up alone. Luckily I have you as a friend.
4. I too am happy to have you as a friend and you know ... we all have our little secrets;-P

Thank you friends.


soline - 6 years ago

It's kinda rude to do that you two. I jut went and spent ten minutes copying these ENGLISH letters into a translation machine. I understand with russian or chinese, but french uses the same Romano alphabet as english!

Anyway, with a little editing to account for poor grammer translation the text says

I swear I do not understand! He seemed interested and then he went to the toilet and now ... disappeared as if by magic

Dramatizes you! This was not the right that's it! I'm sure you'll meet the man you need! [You're being dramatic! This wasn't the right guy is all. I'm sure you'll meet the man you need!]

Mouai ... It is no secret! I have the poise and I would end up alone. Luckily I have you as a friend! [Fuck....It's no secret! I seem to be cursed to be alone, luckily I have you as a friend!]

I too am happy to have you as a friend and then you know it all our little secrets! [I'm happy to have you as a friend, and share our little secrets]

Even more awesome with the text, knowing she's just stuffed her friend's boyfriend down her cock!

New Fodder

Uploaded: 6 years ago

Owner: Lucky

Tags: Furry POV Oral Vore Breasts Macro Soft Vore Anthro Digestion Giantess Milk Cow F/? lactation milking Willing implied vore Multiple Prey perspective Female Pred Big Breasts cow girl Udder f/multiple lactating holding breasts from below

'Cause cows are teh sexeh.

Was lookin' at stuff with udders and realized my portfolio was lacking. Anyway, I adore the idea of people being digested, turned into bodily fluids and ingested again. I know it's a pretty common theme, but I hope to popularize the label I came up for it: "Re-Vore".

Please also notice the silhouettes in the bottom right corner. I don't have anywhere near the skill of Karbo, but there you go, a shout-out to his style.
[ Continued ...

Miyu5 - 5 years ago


Brander103 - 5 years ago

Sweet, now I'm gonna go wait out back for the afternoon mud slide

Miyu5 - 5 years ago

Ya I guess I am *blushes*

Brander103 - 5 years ago

I am not your next batch of fodder...... *Points to Miyu* there is your fodder.

Luckless - 5 years ago

Revore is such a cool concept. I hope this idea gets turned into a comic!

Incestual snack wip

Uploaded: 6 years ago

Owner: Kalnareff

Tags: Breasts Soft Vore Tail Male Chubby Fat Digestion Predator Bulge Female Unwilling Prey Oral Nipples Butt Tit Incest Nudity fatty femboy

Note for me: if your sister looks hungry, don't fall asleep or you will pay for it!  

KattFox - 1 year ago

Eat me next plzzzzz

linthia - 2 years ago

Me next ;D *transformation into a naga or a cat ... hmm*

LenoreTheVixen - 3 years ago

me next! I want to be adopted into the family! :3

Redpod - 5 years ago

¡¡¡Ah,A, veyr nic epicutre, I love the, that, digestion eje :>P!!!

StalkOBroccoli - 5 years ago

Still one of the best representations of the bulges of vore ever.
(i prefer these uncolored btw. Don't know why.)
One of the best vore artists out there! Continue on with the awesomeness that is you.

MLP - Angel AVs Gilda

Uploaded: 6 years ago

Owner: Dragga

Tags: Rabbit M/F Gryphon Anal Vore Humiliation Gilda Angel Bunny

I think Gilda deserved more than just a "We're not friends anymore" bit. Seriously, no matter what sort of woobie background I might see in her potentially, point is she's a bitch. And for the moment, stuck up a ticked off bunny's butt. Enjoy! 

CharlotteRookwood - 4 years ago

i know it can fit for most same size or small pred soft vore pics, but this is the one that reminded me, so, *ahem*
in the words of Pvt. Jimmy, "This doesn't seem physically possible!!"

Darqfang - 4 years ago

I'm prett sure the short tempered rabbit decided to take matters into his own paws here.

ShadowMorph - 5 years ago

For a sec I thought it said Angel's own mean steak. Lol

maximeph - 6 years ago

No, but it is fun to ponder! :D

Nibor - 6 years ago

could be that.....

Dragga - 6 years ago

Snails is a cutie~ <3

Kooshmeister - 6 years ago

Awgh, so adorable! :D

Nibor - 6 years ago

hm. I'd think snips and snails went to school at the same time, but oh well...

Topazert - 6 years ago

I like pudding,how about you...?

ublover1 - 6 years ago

Exactly!!! lol

MLP - CaraMac vore

Uploaded: 6 years ago

Owner: Dragga

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore M/M Caramel My Little Pony horses cuddling Endosoma Big MacIntosh CaraMac

Originally only on the MLP Vore thread.

I like this pairing! Dunno why, but it grew on me. |3 And don't tell me "But, Caramel has a girl!" because clearly, you have never heard of threesomes. |3 

ublover1 - 6 years ago

Hehe yeah very wet warm and cozy id love it:)

Dragga - 6 years ago

Hehehe, bellies are fun napping spots.

Dragga - 6 years ago

Just getting it in the gallery.

Dragga - 6 years ago

Thank ya~ He's usually one of the fan favorites.

Dragga - 6 years ago

Which boggles the mind!

Mouse Munching Mallow

Uploaded: 6 years ago

Owner: Dragga

Tags: Furry Oral Vore Belly Feet Soft Vore M/F Mouse Skunk trap barefoot Internal View femboy femboi last gulp Skunk demi Femboy Pred femboi Pred

Also, yes, a guy.

 noctivagus's Mallow, munching on Blazbluer from FA's Vier. |3 

jdr13193 - 5 years ago

Oh my, I love his pose. ^^

ButtPlug - 6 years ago

Fuckin hell.... I.... Iiiiiihhhhh..... Nnnnrrrggghhhh....
Fine. >::I

Ash_Pup - 6 years ago

D'awwr, bless her! X3!

Dragga - 6 years ago

This one did volunteer!

Ash_Pup - 6 years ago

I do wonder if mice deliberately end up like this more then they let on X3

Nessie Boi

Uploaded: 6 years ago

Owner: Dragga

Tags: Belly Male Digestion trap Butt booty M/? Big Belly femboy femboi long neck bubble butt emo hair Nessie Loch Ness Monster plesiosaur Soft belly belly bed Femboy Pred femboi Pred

Yes, that is a guy.

Done for the Femboy pred thread. |3 Figured I'd get around to posting it here.

Make your own story for what's goin' on, or just enjoy~ 

ButtPlug - 6 years ago

Mnnnnrrrrgggghhhh.... The boooty caaaalllllsssss....

Dragga - 6 years ago

You will learn to love the booty! XD

Dragga - 6 years ago

There seems to be a few who want more of him. X3

Dragga - 6 years ago

Thanks! Good and squishy~

ButtPlug - 6 years ago

How can anyone tell?!
Your art makes a fool of my mind!

Big Busted Breakfast

Uploaded: 6 years ago

Owner: Dragga

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore M/F Swallowing Stretchy Butt booty barefoot smaller pred Female Prey Underage Pred tattoo Male Pred elf ears

Boy meets Babe. Babe meets boy.

I wouldn't mind switching places with him. Talk about a view, huh?

...come up with your own stories if you'd like. |3 Otherwise, enjoy some cute noms. 

Dragga - 5 years ago

I assume this is routine for both of 'em. =P

MeanMotorScooter - 5 years ago

She doesn't seem to mind getting eaten, lol. Also, needless to say, nice ass XP

Dragga - 6 years ago

Maybe they worked out a deal. She gets a thrill, he gets a meal!

GMX - 6 years ago

Aww she so willing

ublover1 - 6 years ago

Hehe yeah very nice ass:)

A Wild Pikachu Appeared - Recolor

Uploaded: 6 years ago

Owner: Tsavo

Tags: Oral Vore Pikachu Pokemon Comic Belly Soft Vore Bulge Swallowing F/? Misty Willing pokeball Female Pred object swallowing midriff shivering Belly bulge pokegirls F/object F/animal unshrinking ball vore pokeball swallowing

Woah, I'm back! Been busy as of late with life things and the like.

I got permission to ink and color this work from the original author and so here is the completed work!

Tried out a lot of new things in this work such as a new style of coloring and linework. I like the result and I hope all of you do too! I love critiques so I welcome all forms of comments and criticism. 

linthia - 2 years ago

She will digest Pikachu or let him out ?

Tsavo - 5 years ago

Shooshi really did do awesome work.

SomeGuy1294 - 5 years ago

You know, this drawing reminded me that vore can very enjoyable even without sex or digestion.

This picture just makes me feel so warm and comfy inside. Almost like I had a Pikachu in me.

Tsavo - 5 years ago

*Gyarados used fly*

CrimsonShadow - 5 years ago

Now, do it with a larger Pokemon, like Gyaridos XD

Vore: 02222012

Uploaded: 6 years ago

Owner: Syndrome

Tags: Fox Human Mouse Tiger Reptile Socks puppet Scent Cloves Absinthe

D: Anthro on anthro vore!? Rare for me. :/ But it does happen once I can work out a decent way to make it work. 

supergenji - 6 years ago

I'm getting excited already. X3

Syndrome - 6 years ago


supergenji - 6 years ago

I would love to see that. =D

Syndrome - 6 years ago

Done sharks, I've also done a few Homunculie based off of a whale.

Syndrome - 6 years ago

There would be no meeting, just and eating. >;3

The Adventuress Squad & The Staff of KingsZB

Uploaded: 6 years ago

Owner: LordStorm

Tags: Catgirl Human Non-Vore dark elf birdgirl adventurers

and now...for a proper close out to the comic...the adventuress squad...Back cover;) 

LordStorm - 6 years ago

Thanks! glad you liked it:)

kitvander - 6 years ago

Love the idea for the letters, great as always!

The Adventuress Squad & The Staff of KingsLP3

Uploaded: 6 years ago

Owner: LordStorm

Tags: Catgirl Breasts Comic Human Non-Vore dark elf Nudity Bird girl Letterbox

aaannnd part 3! Hope you liked it....i think i'll do more letter pages in the future;) 

LordStorm - 5 years ago

Very true XD. It's good for hungry preds that Givina is so greedy.;)

l3objones22 - 5 years ago

$50 is a steal for a sandwich like that :)

The Adventuress Squad & The Staff of KingsLP2

Uploaded: 6 years ago

Owner: LordStorm

Tags: Catgirl Breasts Comic Human Non-Vore Nudity Letterbox

Adventuress Squad Letter page...part 2. 

The Adventuress Squad & The Staff of KingsLP1

Uploaded: 6 years ago

Owner: LordStorm

Tags: Catgirl Breasts Comic Human Non-Vore dark elf Nudity Letterbox

Hay everyone...sorry this took so long to put up...It's The adventuress squad letter page...part1 Time to answer some letters from our readers.:) 

Jujubean3157 - 6 months ago

Will pay you half when you get here and half when the job is done.

Dental Appointment 2

Uploaded: 6 years ago

Owner: Staple

Tags: Comic Belly Soft Vore Dragon Human Digestion Non-Fatal vomit Echo Human Prey puke barf dental Dentist staple chum appointment

Finally, page 2!
Looks like downing a dentist and half his equipment wasn't the greatest idea for this dragon. And poor, distracted Chum always just happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time! 

RossTheEmeraldFox - 1 year ago

Hey, where did he get those? I want some ;~;

Redpod - 6 years ago

kkee she, heShe, He,digestsosmeprey?alittle's. :p`b a medu? S: a 1/2 jeje :S :P

Sith - 6 years ago

I found that internal shot pretty cool as well, not often you see a bulge coming back up from the stomach like that in vore pics. =3

ilbv - 6 years ago

So witty :D love it as always.

YoukaiChan - 6 years ago

Hah! The glasses bit was awesome. XD And poor Echo, he got a tummyache T^T

Awesome work~ ;)

Final Gulp

Uploaded: 6 years ago

Owner: Kee_Fox

Tags: Gulp Macro Fox Mouse Swallowing Kee chris

You know that last gulp you take right before sending your prey down? This is that. Requested by my excellent friend Chris (more accurately I asked him what he would like) 

Kee_Fox - 6 years ago

If they were just snackfood I wouldn't enjoy eating them nearly as much. Most of the thrill comes from the knowledge that they *are* people.

Leshana - 6 years ago

Don't prey have feelings too? They aren't just walking snackfood are they?

Kee_Fox - 6 years ago

I was not as much of a fan.

Kee_Fox - 6 years ago

D'aw shucks. thanks.

Kee_Fox - 6 years ago


Giant Rampage (HV)

Uploaded: 6 years ago

Owner: Maxine

Tags: Girl Hard Vore Demon Giantess Towel

Small comic with crappy art as usual Based on a rampage comic I saw online, Loosly, Two giantesses talk about the value of life on a sunny day,
This is partly for Drake_mcdingle who helped me a little with how to do it heh, 

LordHiro - 5 years ago

These giantesses need to come back

Maxine - 6 years ago

Wow Just came back to check that wasa fast reply,
Hm I might continue I dunno Im still in the mood for girls in towels.

Crusher - 6 years ago

Nice work, I liked the extra bloody hardvore part. Can we hope for a continuation?

Punishment of Love

Uploaded: 6 years ago

Owner: Jormungandr

Tags: skyrim dragon alduin paarthurnax odahviing vo

Alduin, the big brother using stomachs acid & tight space to punish his brothers for there betrayal This may sound horrible, but he didn't have any other choice. Alduin didn't want to kill his cute little brothers with his fang. So the poor Paarthurnax & Odahviing gonna stay in their dear brother's warm & tight stomach for a week. 

DARKSOUL12 - 1 year ago

Nuu! my master! and my pet! nuuu Alduin you fiend!

DARKSOUL12 - 1 year ago

Nuu! my master! and my pet! nuuu Alduin you fiend!

Zavvnao - 5 years ago

is he letting them out latter or no? and would he give them nice hugs if he did? :3

Zavvnao - 5 years ago

As long as he does not eat the soul, they are fine, and would be brought back mroe submissive than ever. X3

Justme - 6 years ago

Lucky dragons it seems.

But they got what was comming to them.


Uploaded: 6 years ago

Owner: psvorefan1520

Tags: Fantasy Non-Vore profile gina Biography barefoot Original Character Brittany red head プラース Scissors Barber Dual-perspective Forgot the damn earrings Something else

Name: Gina
Age: 20
Ht. 5'6
Wt. 133 lb.s/60 KG.
Three Sizes: 34C-28-35
Virginity Status: False
Appearances: Compilation Part II, !?,Old Snatch, Snatch II, After-Sex Snack


Gina is the oldest and...
[ Continued ...

psvorefan1520 - 6 years ago

Get whacked on the head with Scissors, you'll never forget it, I'll tell you what.

Houyo - 6 years ago

Neat weapons.

Bright - 6 years ago

I meant ability. The ability to make a weapon out of any sharp object sounds really cool.

psvorefan1520 - 6 years ago

Which activity if I may be so bold as to ask? :I

psvorefan1520 - 6 years ago

I did, but writing was boring. Everyone liked it, so I thought I'd work on art for awhile. :I

I'm glad you liked it, but it's so attached to Brittany's it should be criminal! x3 It's like they're symbiotically connected or somefing. =3

Oh, also updated Brittany's bio to be a -li'l- higher res on the picture, so if you're curious as to exactly -how- similar their lives are, it's just the next picture over. Have fun! <3

You Stole My Tamer

Uploaded: 6 years ago

Owner: Domafox

Tags: Renamon Digimon lancermon

Here is a trade I did with jackleambrose of his two digimon characters.

Lancermon, the one on the right, is Doma's digimon partner who always love a game of hunt and chase, however with Retha, a snow renamon, on the prowl. Things can get complicated xP 

mattman1 - 6 years ago

looks great

Rajunsiv - 6 years ago


LeonFox - 6 years ago

I think complicated is a little bit of an understatement. Very good work on this one :D

Commission - Nidoqueen

Uploaded: 6 years ago

Owner: 4ofSwords

Tags: Pokemon Unbirth Anthro F/M nidoqueen

I imagine the dialogue for this one goes something like:

"Mmmhph! Mmm. Uhhhmmmmmah...."

Commission for Sriseru

Unbirth isn't something I do much of, and I don't think I've ever drawn Pokemon before (even anthro Pokemon), but every once in a while the former makes me feel kinda tingly and excitable, and the latter is a good excuse to try something different - in this case, I tried out some texturing on their skin. How do you think it turned...
[ Continued ...

Darqfang - 4 years ago

Nidoqueen is always good for unbirth pics.

BadassBlastoides - 5 years ago

UR WELCOME! ^_^_^ I really wish I was that Charmander righ about now...^_^_^

4ofSwords - 5 years ago


BadassBlastoides - 5 years ago

Your texturing is picture perfect, my friend! I love it! I love both Pokemon and unbirth, so I say that you nailed it, mon! Keep up the good work!

BTW it looks snug in there ^_^_^

4ofSwords - 6 years ago

<grin> Thanks!

Hang Time!

Uploaded: 6 years ago

Owner: MenchiCutlets

Tags: Plant vine

I admit it, I have been slacking the past few days, so to make up for it have a little upside down vore of a poor girl caught in pod and vine tribulations! ^_^ 


Uploaded: 6 years ago

Owner: KrasnyiKoiot

Tags: Furry coyote Non-Vore couch Nudity Hermaphrodite Krasnya

Quite blunt with the lures.

A risque risk, this coy coyote. Those who venture forth tend to get what's coming to them.

Krasnya belongs to KrasnyiKoiot. Profile found here:

Herm! The we-don't-talk-about-her twin to the male coyote, Krasnyi. Krasnya's personality is little characteristically closer to KrasnyiKoiot.


LilJoey95 - 2 years ago

Oh my. Can i slide in?

KrasnyiKoiot - 6 years ago

And she'd enjoy it, I've no doubt... Though I'd wager it's less a matter of what you do to it and more of what it does to you. Tsk, tsk.

TaciturnTiger - 6 years ago

Hey, I'd suck it. =P

KrasnyiKoiot - 6 years ago

She'd probably lose them...

cows - 6 years ago

Hah, I figured as such, and I suppose I should have expected she'd take them anyway *sniff*

Vore: 02212012

Uploaded: 6 years ago

Owner: Syndrome

Tags: Tongue Fox Stomach Giraffe Socks Opossum Indian Elephant

Some doodles from early tonight/today/over the course of the week. 

supergenji - 6 years ago

I will look right away. =D

Syndrome - 6 years ago

Sure! I'll pop you a note. :3

supergenji - 6 years ago

I would really appreciate some help. Perhaps you could give me an idea to draw? =D

Syndrome - 6 years ago

Years of practice buddy. :3

supergenji - 6 years ago

I love how smooth and nice your antro faces look. How did you get them to look so good? =)

The Lost Golden Staff of The Dragon Queen 6/80

Uploaded: 6 years ago

Owner: DragonessLife

Tags: Lizard Comic Dragon Human Gore Crush Dragoness Reptile Demi Humanoid Demi-Human

I upload 6 page and next 7 page on Friday. Thanks all comments!  

ublover1 - 6 years ago

Lol i meant it as a compleiment your work is awsome i just meant i cant wait to see them when u have them done lol:)

DragonessLife - 6 years ago

Thank you! :)

DragonessLife - 6 years ago

Yesh :D

DragonessLife - 6 years ago

Yesh that soon. I do work on 9 and 10 pages. Thank you :)

DragonessLife - 6 years ago

I am glad you love that. I have skill designs dragoness claws and vore too. 10 page you will see soon. :)

The stocking (color)

Uploaded: 6 years ago

Owner: Strega

Tags: Raccoon Soft Vore Drool Penis Post-Vore Belly bulge burping up clothes

Well, she doesn't need this any more, and it's one less indigestible thing to worry about later. 83

Quick coloring job on a pencil drawing from a few years back. Naturally this is Fastpaw, and he's eaten quite a small female (probably a gnome) after, from the looks of things, having some fun with her.

I apologize for the file size. All that paper texture adds to it, but it looked weird with the texture obliterated. 

Imrhys - 6 years ago

Oh gods of Chaos, Nuuuuuuu! I'm at a bulge porn site!!!! Ahhhhhhh! *couldn't help myself, cackles*

Terastas - 6 years ago

Coon looks like he's thinking "Hey, so THAT'S how the scarf trick works. I could do children's birthday parties now." (lol)

Soffix - 6 years ago

Fastpaw is so cuuuuute.

KitsuneSonya - 6 years ago

I think thats the best kind to be around here. Who doesnt like the bulges with noticable features? ^^

Imrhys - 6 years ago

I like being able to make out their head, arms, and legs. But i'm a bulge whore >_>

Nanda was coiled up
taking her afternoon nap as a pair of middle-aged men quietly walked
to a row of seats before her altar and sat down while remaining
respectfully quiet. They considered the giant Naga to be a goddess
and it would have been a horrible sin for them to disturb her. They
were both very large men. Each man weighed more than three hundred
lbs but the chairs in the temple were made to withstand the weight of
any human and allow them to remain comfortable. The Emerald Naga
usually wo

Twilight for a Goddess

Uploaded: 6 years ago

Owner: printz

Tags: Scat Soft Vore Swallowing

Nanda decides to put her life on the line. Guilt has clouded her better judgment. While thousands see her as a goddess, a malignant narcissist sees only himself at the center of the universe. A devious man can manipulate even the wisest person. Will the lessons she learns be her last or will they be remembered for eternity?  

printz - 6 years ago

I have a feeling that this story kind of bombed. I was aiming for a certain feel that might not have come across well. This is a character I've always liked so I made her so that she would grow wiser with each meal. She's so used to people with honest intentions that she lets someone play on her feelings of guilt. She almost learns her lesson too late. Usually when she is dealing with someone like that, he/she is inside her before she can engage them in a discussion.

Very few vore stories bother with anything like this and it might just not work well. Nanda loves eating people but she prefers them to be happy about it. She has a lot of mixed feelings about it. I don't know if most people who read these stories see vore as being so complex and filled with contradictions. My preds always digest their prey but they generally love people. It's a battle between their desire to swallow someone and digest that person and the concern they have for their prey's feelings. Desire always wins, of course, but they have a lot to deal with after that fact.

Hypothetical offspring pic - Jace/Uvuzi

Uploaded: 6 years ago

Owner: Strega

Tags: Soft Vore Naga Skunk Taur Lamia Post-Vore

I recently did a raffle on FA that let the winner pic a M/F pairing from any of my drawings or stories and I'd draw the resulting hypothetical offspring.

Well, he picked Skunk Jace (from before he became Hyena Jace) and Uvuzi. After some thought as to what the child of a skunk-snaketaur (for Uvuzi is pretty much that) and an anthro skunk would be, I decided to make it more skunkish than anthro, keep all six limbs its parents had, and give it a long Uvuzi-like tair. Color is...
[ Continued ...

keyblademark - 6 years ago

hehehe he has the look like Strega and the hunger like Uvuzi XD

shrunkenone - 6 years ago

Here's hoping we see more of him. More of his insides, at least. ;)
Strikes me as someone who'd eat just about anything that'd fit in his maw, even one my size. ;P

zarpaulus - 6 years ago

Well, she gave her son some decent advice.

Strega - 6 years ago

Hopefully not as bad as her mother was. 83

Strega - 6 years ago

Uvuzi is 21' nose to tail plus tailfur (about 24' altogether) and Nyoka is 30' plus tailfur, so he's about as big as you'd expect for a 2/3rd grown offspring of Uvuzi and a humanoid male.

Random Fantasy Smut... with Vore!

Uploaded: 6 years ago

Owner: Kiyoa

Tags: Sketch Soft Vore Tail Digestion F/F Same Size smut

Well, as it turns out, my hand isn't quite as bad off as I'd initially feared. Either that or the icing strategy is accelerating the healing a bit more.

I still probably shouldn't be drawing but... I just... can't stop myself.

I managed to find a program with all the features I need, Krita, which runs on Linux. It's not quite perfect, for some reason it doesn't alias thin lines very well, but I quite like it.

This picture is entirely random. No,...
[ Continued ...

ButtPlug - 6 years ago


DigitalRed - 6 years ago

Made me lol.

Awesome pic! Looking forward to more in the future.

TheWickedKing - 6 years ago

Pretty damn awesome! And hope your hand gets better. =)

Aesir - 6 years ago

Good to see you drawing again. You need to drop me an IM again sometime :P

anysizebutsmall - 6 years ago

I mean, you are pretty much the only person who draws this pose ever, really, so you dominate that market. But yeah, spice up the drawings with some new bulgy belly shapes. Preemptive me gusta.

Nights Mawful Lunch

Uploaded: 6 years ago

Owner: DarkArtist

Tags: Belly Stomach Fat Demon Blackwing Sonic the Hedgehog Cream Rabbit Maw Goddess Bulge Milf Mother witch cartoon night blackclaw

Just alittle something. I wanted to try abit of something different. I took liberties to a prey being inside Nights maw, as well as making Nights belly bulge from the sudden impact of the prey entering the stomach.

Oh and also, its Loli Tribal Cream she ate. It was part of a story I had in my mind, where Night has been helping herself to a local amazon tribe, and Cream tried to stop her. I'll let you guess how that went. 

Sith - 5 years ago

Gotta love it when the prey struggles to get out before it goes down~

KlinKitty - 6 years ago

I'm a fan of more silly/'cartoony' things in vore, so yep!

DarkArtist - 6 years ago

Im glad you like! (I have recently decided to try to comment to my commenters as much as possible).

So you like the comedic attempt at this?

MrQuarantine - 6 years ago

very nice

KlinKitty - 6 years ago

Delightfully silly :3

At the Party

Uploaded: 6 years ago

Owner: Thunder

Tags: Plant ToonVore piranha plant Ghostbusters Extreme Ghostbusters Kylie Griffin

A pic that was inspired by one of Shax's Piranha Plant vore pics.

Found the file for this pic earlier today and figured I go ahead and finish it. Some of it was finished so most the work I put into it today was touch up and some coloring/shading, and didn't want to start over on it lol. Not the best, but I did not want to leave it unfinished lol.



Leshana - 6 years ago

So convenient to have a camera handy

Thunder - 6 years ago

Glad you like ^_^

aminalivebcm - 6 years ago

clubbin at its finest

Imrhys - 6 years ago

Oh yes, I can guess where they "probably" are, but my bondage side wants to know and see what is really happening >_>;;

Imrhys - 6 years ago

Not too dark, but i'm a bondage freak when i'm not doing vore... so I just wanted to know if I had something else to drool about here besides from her bad situation :D

Inside Dr. Viper

Uploaded: 6 years ago

Owner: Kooshmeister

Tags: Oral Vore Snake mutant Cat Reptile Dr. Viper Internal View Rilvazen Snake Wildlife

The good Doctor's meal as seen from the inside.

Dr. Viper is © Hanna-Barbera.

Snake Wildlife is © himself. 

Syndrome - 6 years ago

He really needs to buck up, who could ask for a better fate?

ublover1 - 6 years ago

Mmmmmm can i please go inside u next dr.viper? :)

ilbv - 6 years ago

Very well done


Uploaded: 6 years ago

Owner: Darkyamato80

Tags: Comic F/F FF7

For a little darker atmosphere, I have easily dyed the picture.
You can say me what you hold of it.

Bright - 6 years ago

Not the translation, but the spider in the background going "yum yum."

quizmaster - 6 years ago

I understand what's going on. Can't wait to see what happens. :D

Darkyamato80 - 6 years ago

is the translation really so bad?

Bright - 6 years ago

I laughed from the text.

Conan's last mystery

Uploaded: 6 years ago

Owner: soline

Tags: Soft Vore Underage F/M Unwilling Pantheress Soline Detective Conan

A $10 commission for

Conan Edogawa, the detective turned into an adolescent boy, finds himself stripped naked and forced rather firmly down a particularly large, predatory feline.

Looking across the room at the shadow of his nemesis, he wonders if perhaps this 'woman' was the real culprit, and through a haze of her intoxicating caramel scent, fights the 'adult' sensations he thought lost with original age. 

four_fleets - 6 years ago

RARE prey! Love Conan as prey.

soline - 6 years ago

More details are definately something I'm working on, and it could definately have done with em (the key problem is struggling to find exactly where more lined need to be put)

However, $10 for an inked piece involving two characters is cheap all things considered, the standard rate for most artists is $15 for a simple sketch with just one character.

soline - 6 years ago

Thanks a tonne, again I'm very pleased you like it.

YourBestFriend - 6 years ago

While it is very good work, you would think for 10 bucks you would at least try to color it a bit, or add a few more details. But eh, I'm just a writer, good job

soki - 6 years ago

Simply amazing! Also the description shows the skills you have! Thank you very much! ^^

Commission for Cows (tabby cat anal vore) Ama

Uploaded: 6 years ago

Owner: bluemoon the lucario

Tags: Chubby Fat Predator Female vagina Anal Vore Nipples Butt anus Hungry Big Breasts Tabby Cat female sex

Amanda anal vores a jackal and a wolfy. Now they are nice and cozy inside the kitty warm ass~

Amanda belongs to 

Sith - 6 years ago

Such a great view. ;3

bluemoon the lucario - 6 years ago

Mhm <3 thanks

YourBestFriend - 6 years ago

That puckered asshole looks so welcoming...

bluemoon the lucario - 6 years ago

why thank you =3

Miyu5 - 6 years ago

Hi kitty you look good! *Miyu waves*

Kangeroo snack

Uploaded: 6 years ago

Owner: Svartvinge

Tags: M/M Pouch Vore

The roo' Alex after filling his pouch with Soffix ^^

Comission by soffix ow o 

Svartvinge - 6 years ago

oh, thanks ^^

Starcomet - 6 years ago

I love pouch vore and have written several stories about it. This is a Wonderful picture :D

Svartvinge - 6 years ago

Thanks, but sadly it's not one of my own quirks! still i can draw it for others ^^;

Sith - 6 years ago

Pouch vore is pretty rare, greatof you to add to the small amount out there, and the bulge looks darn good as well. ^^

Svartvinge - 6 years ago

kinda common apprently XD atleast on FA ^^


Uploaded: 6 years ago

Owner: Slimeman64

Tags: eating Woman Giant Monster BBW crab Alive Struggling super mario brothers enemy Clawgrip eating alive

Clawgrip from Super Mario Brothers 2.

...or Doki Doki Panic if you prefer.  

Slimeman64 - 6 years ago

Okay, thats interesting to know.

LordStorm - 6 years ago

Ha! And here i thought Clawgrip just threw rocks at people:D interesting to note...I believe Clawgrip wasent in Doki Doki panic...he was added to the U.S release when it became Mario 2. in Doki Doki...I think you just fought another Mouser at the end of World5.


Uploaded: 6 years ago

Owner: Mukat

Tags: Comic F/M Giantess Non-Vore manga Macro/Micro shoujo-ai Laurina doujinshi

Her decision... 

Found By A Mukat

Uploaded: 6 years ago

Owner: Mukat

Tags: Furry POV Micro Macro Alien Giantess Pre-Vore Macro/Micro point of view Mukat

You don't know how you ended up so small. It must have been something in your drink. The next thing you knew, the alien creature that you'd been examining in your lab-- the one that had been barely more than half your height before-- towered over you like a skyscraper.

You could see hir licking hir lips far above you, tongue and mouth wet with saliva, and it becomes painfully obvious where this will lead. As the horror of your impending fate settles in, you can't help but laugh...
[ Continued ...

songzhiheng - 5 years ago

I bet I will like to live in her vagina...

architectap12 - 5 years ago


Mukat - 5 years ago

Shi'll appreciate you feeding hir ^^

Mukat - 5 years ago

Hey, buddy, you takes what you get. :P

architectap12 - 5 years ago

of course i would!

Fat Naga Encounter

Uploaded: 6 years ago

Owner: Slimeman64

Tags: Woman Snake Dark Fat dungeon Plump Naga Non-Vore BBW Lamia Hungry Trapped rpg Monster girl snake girl encounter BBW pred hallway

A bbw naga

Edit: 1/20/2013: Changed the lips and fixed the flooring. 

TinyHero - 3 years ago

>Little Hero Attacks Fat Naga
>Hero deals 247 damage to Fat Nage
>Fat Nage was defeated
>Little Hero obtains 123gp and 77exp

(( I couldn't help it, I seen toi many heroes eaten already, i had to step in XD ))

BardicLasher - 6 years ago

Agreed. SHe looks delicious.

Turbotowns - 6 years ago

Me(FemaleForm): Yes time for dinner... mine!
Naga: Wha?
Me: Im a Vore too.
Naga: Oh Noes!

Angel - 6 years ago

How many adventuring parties must it have taken to give her a body like that...?

Firstfate - 6 years ago

Now if only I were a rogue, then I'd purposefully lead this fine beauty to other adventurers and watch her go to work :)....from a safe distance of course XD