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CrazedPhantom Commission

Uploaded: 5 years ago

Owner: dokudoku

Tags: Belly Soft Vore Slime M/M Unwilling Post-Vore see through X-ray

A commission for  CrazedPhantom

Featuring his character, Jam in some M/M vore.

Normally I don't draw M/M, but I do think if done right it can be really nice. Plus this was slime vore, so how could I resist? :3

Jam belongs to  CrazedPhantom

CrazedPhantom - 5 years ago

Said it was awesome once, and I will say it again <3

Thank you once more :) I'm sure Jam sends his thanks too xD

kaze10 - 5 years ago

Looks nice :3

Deeper 9

Uploaded: 5 years ago

Owner: Paradox

Tags: Unbirth F/M

Not much of an Update this time, sorry ><
Had some RL worries which kinda killed my drawing mood the last 2 weeks.
+ I am still training on art, so i can improve and get better^^.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the new page. 

Paradox - 5 years ago

XD thank ya, kinda hard to believe so many like it. I actually thought the limp sizes are way too wrong and wanted to keep the pic simple><

Bright - 5 years ago

That last panel is the nicest thing I have seen so far.

Paradox - 5 years ago

Thank ya very much, I'll try :3

zelphi - 5 years ago

it looks really good pardox keep up the awesome work

demonsofwolfs - 5 years ago

Well hope you do get to do more as this story seems to be very well ^^ i love this comic hehe ^^ you doing very good job on it


Uploaded: 5 years ago

Owner: NewYorkRod

Tags: Non-Vore Art

I'm kinda proud of this one 

Feral Dragon Noms

Uploaded: 5 years ago

Owner: SolidScale

Tags: Soft Vore Ranger M/M Stretchy SolidScale Feral Dragons Somewhat Realistic Mid Swallow Enh..

What has four legs, two horns, a stretchy gut and likes eating red dragons? Lemme give you a hint, it's not Ranger :V

Well.. not this one at least. When I was sketching up those other pieces, I was looking for something I hadn't seen much of in vore, or at least haven't seen many good examples of it until this image hit my mind and, coincidentally, what I enjoyed so much jumped right out at me.

Not stomach and neck bulges, they're always good,...
[ Continued ...

SolidScale - 5 years ago

It's cool x3

SolidScale - 5 years ago

I'm glad you enjoy~

DJScoots10 - 5 years ago

Love the bulges going down the throat.

luvboobies - 5 years ago

Oh my bad I thought it was a taur lol

SolidScale - 5 years ago

It's not a taur, and there is a reply button xD

Disposable Photographer

Uploaded: 5 years ago

Owner: SolidScale

Tags: Sketch Unbirth Random Mouse F/? Jahan Photographer Camera Pun

So I met Jahan, who's a pretty cool guy. Very lovely, and one night while I was doin' a little stream with no ideas, he through this idea at me. Can't remember the name of his character... er, the female mousy here, but she seems to have caught someone peeping in on her, or something, seduced them, maybe, and is now proving that they're just as disposable as their camera is. 

soline - 5 years ago

Pff, it's a very very -good- sketch! And for the record, I happen to love sketches more than 'finished' pieces in some styles...yours is one such style (inked and coloured also rock...but something about your sketching <3)

SolidScale - 5 years ago

Oh hush, it's just a sketch x3

soline - 5 years ago

wow....this is -amazing-! awesome work!

acex007 - 5 years ago

oh sorry..

SolidScale - 5 years ago

That was sarcasm >_>;

Because Nom

Uploaded: 5 years ago

Owner: SolidScale

Tags: Dragon Ranger M/M Feral neck SolidScale noms

Ranger and I were messing around in a chat group we have, turned into a little roleplay. He's on a bit of a feral kick lately and... as much as I hate to admit it, he pushed all the right buttons, and I do enjoy being on the submissive side sometimes. I don't hate admitting that I enjoyed my stay in him. >//> 

Adventuress Squad 2 Concepts:Elf Character

Uploaded: 5 years ago

Owner: LordStorm

Tags: Breasts Elf Non-Vore concept concept art Nudity Female Prey adventurer Elven

I have a dark elf character that I use frequently but no other kinds of elf characters.
I figured I'd rectify this with Adventuress Squad here she is as a Ranger! Dosen't have a name yet...i'm working on that;)

...discussion thread. 

Solid - Quad Anatomy

Uploaded: 5 years ago

Owner: SolidScale

Tags: Sketch Dragon Feral Non-Vore Penis SolidScale quadruped

Just trying out some quadruped anatomy. Haven't drawn a feral... anything in a long time, so I sketched this up.

Also, was feeling a bit horny at the time, could yah tell?  

CyrusTarber - 5 years ago

Shush! The kittyslut demands sexytime with Solid because kittiesluts luff him~ |3

SolidScale - 5 years ago

Not sure it will really fit in you, but you can try x3

CyrusTarber - 5 years ago

You do better than me, I could probably use this as ref for my own practice~

Also, I can always take care of that horniness for ya. ;3

SolidScale - 5 years ago


SolidScale - 5 years ago

I'm glad! :3

Adventuress Squad2 Concepts:Megan Briana Tira

Uploaded: 5 years ago

Owner: LordStorm

Tags: Catgirl Breasts Non-Vore concept concept art Nudity Female Prey see through adventurers Squirrel Girl

Another trio of possible adventurers. We have Squirrel lady Megan as a Wizard in training. Green lady Briana as a Cleric to the love goddess, and finally we have Tiger girl Tira as an alchemist.
The discussion thread one again;) 

Adventuress Squad 2 Concepts: Iduria and Val

Uploaded: 5 years ago

Owner: LordStorm

Tags: Non-Vore concept concept art Female Prey Human Prey adventurers

More Adventuress Squad two character concepts...we have Iduria as a Barbarien and Val as a more traditional
and heres another link to the discussion thread... 

Adventuress Squad 2 Concepts: Lana

Uploaded: 5 years ago

Owner: LordStorm

Tags: Woman Breasts Non-Vore Fighter concept concept art druid Nudity Human Prey female pray

Some concept art for a possible Adventuress Squad sequal. Heres Lana as both a Druid and a Fighter...haven't totally decided on her class yet. Oh and heres a link to the discussion thread for the possible sequal... 

LS7 - The Intestinal Investigator

Uploaded: 5 years ago

Owner: Indighost

Tags: Furry Scat Micro Dog Soft Vore Unbirth Anthro Digestion F/F Stuffing F/M Fart Mouse Milf Toilet Belch Story gas Pony unaware full tour Drama object swallowing police indigestion m/F SEX Endosoma Detective FBI F/F sex cows Accidental Romance

Liza's Story
Chapter 7: The Intestinal Investigator
Written by Indighost © 2012

46 pages. 75% porn. What’s this story about? F/fucking everything. Vore, stuffing, and otherwise. Sex (3.5 scenes, straight and lesbian), unaware MILF fulltour, micro endo, unbirth, furry, object swallowing, a bit of bdsm, accidental romance, digestion, indigestion, two scat scenes, and of course a little bit of drama. Basically, our furry friends help the police...
[ Continued ...

149darry - 3 years ago

@W@ yessss....

Indighost - 3 years ago

:-) enjoy

149darry - 3 years ago

i came here directly by putting in unbirth, furry in the search bar. this. is. EPIC!

Indighost - 5 years ago

my pleasure :) 12 pages of chapter 8 is done.

Indighost - 5 years ago

my pleasure :) 12 pages of chapter 8 is done.


Uploaded: 5 years ago

Owner: XxGluttonousReaperxX

Tags: Game Bunny dinner Cooking water meat soup pot meal tasty flesh Catherine Kira Arcana Heart 3

Seems Catherine knows the biggest weak point of Kira... the "Cooking pot". It´s time for Kira-soup with tasty flesh as side dish ;)
All characters belong to Arc System Works 

LoliVampLover - 3 years ago

Not naked?

XxGluttonousReaperxX - 5 years ago

Ok, I don´t want to be awkward, this time ;)

leonskenedi - 5 years ago

awwww i want itt!!! i ofert myselft for next boiled cat if you give me the whole rear!

XxGluttonousReaperxX - 5 years ago

XD the best comes for last, right?

leonskenedi - 5 years ago

awwww i want the middle too!

Pig Tale
September 26, 2012
alley was long and twisting and dark but there was a soft glue glow
coming from something just around the corner near the back of the
alley. She walked as quietly as she could on tip toes, trying not to
let her heels clack on the cobblestones. Her heels were a soft glove
leather pink with loops through which wide pink sain ribbon was
threaded and then tied in a pretty little pink bow in the front.The
low light made her body sleek and glisteni

A Pig Tale part 2

Uploaded: 5 years ago

Owner: NewYorkRod

Tags: Worm Nude Female

When little piglets go out alone, the worm's hunger must be fed. 

fntrdy2001 - 3 years ago

I want to se the 3' part

giblieherps - 3 years ago

Just saw that your back on after a hiatus, any chance of this finishing up? This part is a great tease.

NECRON74 - 4 years ago

I'd like to read part three.

NewYorkRod - 5 years ago

The offer stands.

StalkOBroccoli - 5 years ago

Actually, i dont really make requests. And i don't really share my deep fantasies.
Even i find them too dirty to share! XD
Or at least for now!

Beach Blast!

Uploaded: 5 years ago

Owner: didhejustsaythat

Tags: F/F Mother panties beach daughter bra taunting bathing suit humiliation. sitting on person human chair.

2 girls decide to dominate (and snack on) a mother and her daughter while they were at the beach.

I've noticed that in my time not having a tablet, which i finally just got it mailed!!! yay~ but i noticed i've been drawing this same pred a lot since i've been drawing on paper. i think im going to give her a name and all that junk, what do ya guys think?! :3 

didhejustsaythat - 5 years ago

im very glad you like it :3

crushxtreame - 5 years ago

still nice pic

didhejustsaythat - 5 years ago

i was thinking about it, but idk yet. more than likely yes. it all depends on what people wanna see. lol

crushxtreame - 5 years ago

are u gonna make a drawing of the daugher eaten?

didhejustsaythat - 5 years ago

oh i know! it came to me so regularly as her character type. lol. i just couldnt resist. lol glad you like it

The Lost Golden Staff of The Dragon Queen 44/80

Uploaded: 5 years ago

Owner: DragonessLife

Tags: F/M

I submit 44 page, and next 45 page on Monday 

CHOASCALLER - 5 years ago

I love your art <3

Bright - 5 years ago

Great job on those panels.

He probably should have seen this coming.

BaronBuffalo - 5 years ago

Yeah. Something tells me Brooke will not be happy with this development.

foreverknight13 - 5 years ago

Sarcasm central

foreverknight13 - 5 years ago

I find that hard to believe

Side Story
Part 9 –
The First Move
Opening her
eyes to find one side of her vacant, Melody curiously lifted up the
covers to find out who was snuggling with her and was absolutely
shocked to find Tricka slumbering blissfully with her. Panicking as
she remembered what she had done the night before, Melody's thoughts
were distracted when she heard one of her pets call out to her for
breakfast. Getting up out of bed, Melody took great care not to
disturb the sleeping girl as she tucked the bl

Sidestory p.9

Uploaded: 5 years ago

Owner: Firstfate

Tags: Absorption tentacle rape tentacles/vines

The day after Melody 'rescued' the princess of the lightning clan, she starts having a few regrets before she decides to play the situation to her advantage. In court, Melody demonstrates that her Presence and psychic abilities are not the only reasons to fear her :3 Not to mention that Melody gets her hands on her 'third' princess XD
The stage has been set for the final fight, but how will the rest of the magical society fight in or will they foolishly chose to repeat the past? 

Firstfate - 5 years ago

Ehehehehe, oh yes it shall be very good indeed :3 For you shall get to see a certain power The Mother rarely uses when she goes into worlds filled with Mages XD

GUEST19216 - 5 years ago

Oh this is going to be good >:-3


above, from the vertical height of the tree-tops where the heat
condensed so heavily the air shimmered, a small dot was seen moving
across the back of a red serpent. And this moving dot - as one would
venture closer to the ground - took on the emerging form of a shapely
woman. And this woman, on the wind-burnt road, made her way across
the terrain with the determined single-mindedness of a worker bee;
her hips sashayed as she hefted a heavy load of plantains about her

Chapter 1: Church

Uploaded: 5 years ago

Owner: nephilim

Tags: Dark Angel Human Dangerous Demon M/F twist Adorable tease Pre-Vore Hunter Desire Humanoid hunger Danny Emotional church religion Suspense Descriptive Intense Virgin symbolism near-vore mystery angst hunting foreshadowing travel imminent vore character interactions exotic cliffhanger abstract Realism young prey sensual Corruption innocence exotic skin detail age-play world-building young female beautiful woman

The third tale in the saga Revelations.
One word summary: Vulnerable

Abroad, religion sends an innocent into the jaws of corruption.

At home, a carefully-constructed reality crumbles.

These parallel stories will build to their separate, stunning conclusions - then violently collide.

There will be tales of giants and titans. Excessive, orgy-fests of consumption.
Extensive oral vore. Gratuitous mouth and...
[ Continued ...

nephilim - 5 years ago


tangent - 5 years ago

Oh you're welcome. You made it into a fat and very beautiful person. xD

nephilim - 5 years ago

I didn't know what 'comic mode' was, so I clicked it and uh.. yeah. :)

nephilim - 5 years ago

Thank you soooo much for the skeleton I had to work with for the Brazil part (:

tangent - 5 years ago

Ooooohhh, this came out beautifully. I'm happy I at least got to collaborate with this first chapter. C:

(Also, new layout for folders? It seems everything's all merged into one format. I like it, but I wish the comments would stay on their respective items. Eeeeekaaaaaa, whyyy)

Vore Hero

Uploaded: 5 years ago

Owner: vorelick12

Tags: Non-Vore

vore hero 

In retrospect, the whole thing had been one great big bad idea. When the three fillies known as the 'Cutie Mark Crusaders' had shown up without any prior warning from her faithful student, she probably should have sent a letter asking if she wanted them back.
"Aww, please? We just wanna try! How else are we supposed to find our cutie marks if we don't try EVERYTHING?"
The monarch of the sun did her best to try and drown out the little filly's plea as she tediously wo

01: The Royally Delicious Beginning

Uploaded: 5 years ago

Owner: andrea

Tags: Oral Vore Digestion Underage Absorption Swallowed Big Belly My Little Pony

Every strange friendship has it's beginnings. When the CMC's pester Princess Celestia about a very unusual old rite, they find out that she bites off more than they anticipated. At least they get their cutie marks out of it. 

Shirehorse7 - 4 years ago

It'll be funny if each of the Cutie Mark Crusader's cutie marks was a Spoon, Knife and Fork for each depending who it would fit

Hot_Plate - 5 years ago

I am very much looking forward to a n continuaion of this story. Or just stories of ponies altogether. Gotta love hanging, squishy, gurgly bellys! :)

Indighost - 5 years ago

oh know exactly what i want to see :)

andrea - 5 years ago

So, you won't mind Celestia trying to keep AB escaping by trying to re-analvore her? Or Luna chomping on a very Sweet Belle before she can escape?

(Part of that will make more sense in-story.)

andrea - 5 years ago

Well, they DID. A pity they're going to regret that later when Celestia reclassifies them to 'royal food'. It's like the best piece of chocolate you've ever had!

BUT IT COMES BACK! *cue dramatic evil laughing*

Jo's belly wrassle

Uploaded: 5 years ago

Owner: veender

Tags: Belly Soft Vore Digestion

A gift for Requiem of his gator gal playin' by her rules.

And they say wrestling isn't real. 

veender - 5 years ago

Not very gator-y, but I suppose so!

Bright - 5 years ago

Nice looking gator gal I'd say.

veender - 5 years ago

danke. :]

Zoekin - 5 years ago

I love the bulges in her belly.

ButtPlug - 5 years ago

It'd be funny seeing her try to "keep" my character~!

Fump's meal

Uploaded: 5 years ago

Owner: Sparky_the_chu

Tags: Digestion Feline Same Size Stretchy puma

a commission sketch for Voxie, featuring Fump, his overfed puma who's eating a poor mouse :3 

tailsjordan - 5 years ago

heheh, very nice, cute and awesome! ^w^

DJScoots10 - 5 years ago


Kitti - 5 years ago

It looks lovely, Sparky~.

galeskydragon - 5 years ago

Hehe cute <3

Gloom - 5 years ago

Very sexy cat vore. Nice future for mouse <3

Role Reversal

Uploaded: 5 years ago

Owner: Sparky_the_chu

Tags: Micro Macro Dog Pikachu Pokemon Macrophilia Non-Vore Macro/Micro doberman

an inked commission I did for Mud, with Sparky sneaking past him, shrinking him and...catching him in a pokeball! >:3 looks like lil Mud is in a sea of troubles ;3 

tailsjordan - 5 years ago

hahahahahahahah! this is really funny XDDD

mynick8888 - 5 years ago

many uses

Shaboigan - 5 years ago

Oh my oh my, what ever will a chu do with that pokeball?

WIP skag=better then puppy

Uploaded: 5 years ago

Owner: deman

Tags: Maw Mouth play lulu tongue play

WIP i need to work more on the shine in the maw and the drool that will soon be... tryed to be added 

xega888 - 5 years ago

looks like my tongue XD

Cilia join to vore

Uploaded: 5 years ago

Owner: vkvn

Tags: cilia vore first time

here the first time of cilia.

because the original text it's not in english.
i put this translated version x3 


Uploaded: 5 years ago

Owner: vkvn

Tags: Non-Vore cilia bunny plant

Cilia is a bunny with genetic modifications, and she is half plant.
also have a elastic body

Cilia (c) me 

Bright - 5 years ago

Half plant? That's interesting.

I like her color palette.

My Rp Group

Uploaded: 5 years ago

Owner: Navaras

Tags: Anthro F/F Randomness group WIP RP characters

This is the 'group' I rp with. Characters I feel I can use have been drawn in, while unfinished works are still sketchs!

Aren't they cute? 

Navaras - 5 years ago

Heh, Thanks! This is she:http: //

Bright - 5 years ago

I like that leopard girl with the hat.

Cami after a hunt

Uploaded: 5 years ago

Owner: Navaras

Tags: Soft Vore Cute Mermaid Female F/? water Female Pred traditional

An older picture of my giant mermaid resting after dinner. Looks like she had a good one! 

Gemrai... AS A PRED

Uploaded: 5 years ago

Owner: Navaras

Tags: Catboy music Male M/M Unconventional Vore traditional Male Pred

Well, recently, this poor catboy isn't so poor anymore! Not with all those souls and bodies he can absorb!
A picture of... well to put it simply, Song vore. That's right. I'd explain it, but I think the picture tells plenty, Don't you?

Ain't he cute? 

Navaras - 5 years ago

Quite ;3

ButtPlug - 5 years ago


Navaras - 5 years ago

Haha! It's okay, Heh, now I kinda want to draw that X3

Navaras - 5 years ago

In The very sense of it. It also gives him a stronger connection to the magical bracelet he wears!

ButtPlug - 5 years ago

so, it's absorbing her to create the wicked waves of audio?

closed the greenhouse door, careful to lock it before turning her
back to the small building. The path back through the gardens to
Cassandra's manor was covered in a mix of sand and dirt. Part of her
wishes she could shed her shoes and walk it in bare feet, feeling the
cool particles under her arches and between her toes. Sometimes she
did, especially on evenings like this, right at sunset.
company over, though, she could not afford such luxuries.
sighed and made her way back th

These Exotic Treats - Part 2

Uploaded: 5 years ago

Owner: Mukat

Tags: yuri romance femslash alternate history voraphile protagonist

Title: These Exotic Sweets - Part 2
Continuity: A Lady's Delights/The World of Society
Pairing: F/F
Tags: vore, voraphile protagonist, femslash, romance, alternate history
Synopsis: Cassandra invites three guests to her home who wish to arrange for a new shipment of Cassandra's shrunken delights. There are other desires afoot, however, while behind the scenes, Estelle continues to harbor continuing anger towards her employer...

Notes: Be advised that...
[ Continued ...

Mukat - 5 years ago

True that. I just wish I could attract as many people to my writing as I do to my pictures... ^^;

Indighost - 5 years ago

you will get more total views/favorites/comments that way too :3

Mukat - 5 years ago

That's part of why I keep them short like this... that way I can keep people in suspense, wondering what is going to happen next, what the characters are up to. That, and I'm pretty terrible at writing anything much longer than these shorts. ^^;

Indighost - 5 years ago

more great writing. i rally enjoyed these. these short chapters are very tantalizing. it always seems like somthing super sexy is just around the corner :)

Milk <3

Uploaded: 5 years ago

Owner: SkyLark

Tags: Breasts Non-Vore cow girl

Just realised this site needs more cowgirls.

Also, Boobs.

*gets back to working on trades* 

Kirito96 - 3 years ago

I'd eat her lol

mawileluvergirl - 4 years ago

Want to eat... :3

Bookie - 4 years ago

I don't usually like cow girls, but the ones like this cutie here...

Lawrence Craft - 5 years ago

Yay, can i get one delicious jar of milk? °_°

The_Prof - 5 years ago

I found this picture positively moooving

colored Xenomorph hive pt 2

Uploaded: 5 years ago

Owner: silentfox

Tags: Unbirth Inside Unwilling Big Belly Big_Breasts xeno xenomorph eggsack size

wanted to see what this looked like in color  

ublover1 - 4 years ago

yep yep yep ^_^

silentfox - 4 years ago

yep learn interesting things every day

ublover1 - 4 years ago

Me too!!!

silentfox - 4 years ago

I was surprised that the final fight between Ripley and the Xenomorph queen there was no CGI effects were used

ublover1 - 4 years ago

yep yep ^_^

& Wild
night air was cool and filled with the chirp of crickets, and Ashley
did not turn away from the four other women as she undid the buttons
of her blouse, revealing a generous allotment of cleavage. A little
thrill of excitement shivered up her spine as she shrugged the
garment off, and then reached back to unhook her bra. Ashley was a
tall, blonde, athletic girl, gifted with a lovely face and enviable
figure, which she had never been shy about showing off.

Wet & Wild

Uploaded: 5 years ago

Owner: PrinnyDood

Tags: Oral Vore Frog Soft Vore ?/F Implied Digestion Unwilling Prey Multiple Prey Female Prey Human Prey

Seems like it's been about six months since I uploaded anything here . . . sorry. Real life does that to you. -_-

Anyway, here's a story about several improbably attractive young women skinny-dipping in a lake infested by giant frogs. :3 

PrinnyDood - 5 years ago

Thank you! ^_^

PrinnyDood - 5 years ago

Thanks! It's nice to be getting back to normal. ^_^

MagicOddEffect - 5 years ago

Scary, and clever. I like it.

DragonsFTW - 5 years ago

Good to see you are back to writing, and what a great story to make a comeback with!

Elfen fun

Uploaded: 5 years ago

Owner: Svartvinge

Tags: Unbirth Elf F/F Willing World of Warcraft

A picture between my Blood elves Sariia and a new alt on its way here ! decided i wanted to give a try at UB again, and this is the result^^; 

Blabatron - 3 years ago

Stop kidding yourself. It is BEAUTIFUL! Only thing I need is some vore gifs

Svartvinge - 3 years ago

Think it could be many, many times more worse than this, but it's far from great/ good

Blabatron - 3 years ago

Would it break the universe if you somehow got worse?

Svartvinge - 4 years ago


swallowingalive - 4 years ago

Very awesome :D

Accidental Canine and Mouse Vore

Uploaded: 5 years ago

Owner: can

Tags: Soft Vore Mouse Swallowing Canine Accidental friend

Well I was on a bus, going home today from something.

And I had this idea, I'll say this I am not happy about drawing or doodling in public.

Anyway, the story goes, this canine (I don't know if its a wolf or dog) has a mouse friend over and at this point the mouse wants to go outside. So the mouse craws into the canine's muzzle, the mouse tickles the canine's throat and the canine swallows its little friend.

So yeah that's the story line. So do date...
[ Continued ...

masterofvore1 - 5 years ago

I just doodled on a bus today!
it was a bit uncomfortable,though but I finished a pre-sketch of something. ;D

masterofvore1 - 5 years ago

maybe he'll try to regurgitate the mouse before the owner sees?<<sugestion :)

can - 5 years ago

No clue

Shadowblaze - 5 years ago

Ooh, like the idea a lot! ^^
Any chance of a follow-up?

public swim

Uploaded: 5 years ago

Owner: PinkHorse

Tags: Belly Bulge Whale swimming Penis Free humpback

As a whale trevor has the natural ability to swim. But he knows that not everyone is as well adapted to the water as he is. So hes offered up his services to help out you 2 left footed swimmers out there 

voremonster21 - 5 years ago

can i take a swimming lesson in his cock

voremonster21 - 5 years ago

can i have a swim lesson in his cock please

Gloom - 5 years ago

Swimming in a pool of acid it seems! Very nice lesson <3

HuskyDocherty - 5 years ago

That is one sexy whale o.o

Bright - 5 years ago

I definitely like the idea of this one.

Love Too Far?

Uploaded: 5 years ago

Owner: ilbv

Tags: Oral Vore Dog Tongue Belly Wolf Soft Vore Stomach Human Male Feral Gut Maw Unwilling Prey Husky Swallowed Non-Fatal Canine Human Prey Male Prey Eaten Alive German Shepard swallowed alive Male Pred ilbv Human Snack Male Human Dog Pred Dog/human Canine Pred Canine Predator Canine/Human

This dog loves ilbv so much that he gobbled the helpless human up and is keeping him all to himself in his belly. Is this an example of loving someone too much?

LuxeonJade made this art because they really enjoyed the story I made with Shoaryon

called The Dog:

He did a really wonerful job on it and I am quite humbled by his sudden generosity. Please go favorite his original. He deserves it so much. 

WolfFort - 5 years ago


masterofvore1 - 5 years ago


Newton prox - 5 years ago

I don't think you added enough tags...

Polite Cumblast [HERM]

Uploaded: 5 years ago

Owner: Lucky

Tags: Sketch Non-Vore Cum Silly Chocobo Hermaphrodite Chicky Cumblast

Chicky the Chocobo is happy to see you! ... and CV you afterwards. X3

So, uhm, chocobos belong to SquareSoft, I think. Art by me. Enjoy! 

Kinne - 4 years ago


EosHeiss - 5 years ago


Reminds me of the Crazy Chocobo song:

ButtPlug - 5 years ago


Throku - 5 years ago

Thanks...I think :P

Lucky - 5 years ago

I have to admit, I've never came on someone I didn't like. *shrug*


Uploaded: 5 years ago

Owner: ilbv

Tags: Oral Vore Giant Food Soft Vore Human Male Anthro M/M Inside Fantasy Adorable domination Unwilling Prey Swallowed stuck panda Non-Fatal snack Pre-Vore meal small shy helpless Willing tasty pick loving Human Prey Male Prey Lonely Eaten Alive Devoured Bear vore toothpick swallowed alive weak Male Pred ilbv consumed Human Snack popcorn protection friendly sharp teeth Timid snuggles defenceless Male Human Loveable Possessive Feral Vore Bear Predator LJ Giant Panda Kernal Lowers Panda/human Male Panda Panda Vore Panda Bear Panda Predator

ilbv and LJ the Giant Panda were snuggled up together watching a Disney movie and eating Sweet Kettle Popcorn. LJ got some stuck in the back of his teeth and he asked ilbv if he would climb inside his mouth and pull it out.

ilbv did as he was asked and LJ grabbed hold of him and lifted him inside his jaws.

Oh how easliy he could have "accidentally" let go.

LuxeonJade made this art because he really enjoyed an RP I did with him

Orca is Hungry

Uploaded: 5 years ago

Owner: ilbv

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore Male Anthro M/M Orca Non-Fatal Size difference Human Prey Male Prey bully Male Pred ilbv Anthro/Human Anthro Pred Possessive

I started out tryting to amke a dragon but it eventually looked like an Orca's head so I went from there and kind of just made this...

It's a strange Orca-ish creature, Anthro and Large with an appetite for small helpless humans.

It isn't my best work, I'l admit it, but I still wanted to share it.


If I Was in a Tim Burton Movie

Uploaded: 5 years ago

Owner: ilbv

Tags: Human Male Fantasy Non-Vore drawn Movie fan art ilbv Jett feature Charatcer Tim Burton Film Stop Motion What I'd Look Like

This is what I would look like.

A Very good depiction by my Tim Burton crazed Wolf © jettailchu-92 

Bright - 5 years ago

Haha, that is a pretty cool style.

I think either Corpse Bride or Nightmare before Christmas.

CGR-7 - 5 years ago

Ooh... that’s a cool concept, Ilbv. =D

Would you voice your character or leave that up to Johnny Depp. XD

These Claws Were Made for Snatch'n

Uploaded: 5 years ago

Owner: ilbv

Tags: Oral Vore Food Soft Vore Dragon Human Male M/M Adorable Bulge domination Unwilling Prey Swallowed beast Non-Fatal snack meal small claws shy helpless Willing huge tasty powerful loving Human Prey Male Prey Lonely dragon/human snatch feral dragon Eaten Alive throat bulge neck bulge Devoured swallowed alive Dragon Vore Protective weak hungry dragon ilbv consumed Human Snack protection friendly sharp teeth Timid defenceless Talons Male Human Male Dragon Loveable Possessive Dragon Predator Feral Vore Sexy Bulge Kren Dragon Domination Sharp Claws Flayer Kren Flayer

Kren is one of my Dragon friends. He is large and loyal, protective and powerful, loveable and sweet, and cannot get enough of snuggling and swallowing me. (thus my appearance in this art as the throat bulge)

I'm amazed he has not yet met Cinder and Varg and Ryuu and the other dragons in my life.

He has his account over on Deviant Art 

Little John and his Little Lunch

Uploaded: 5 years ago

Owner: ilbv

Tags: Oral Vore Sexy Mouth Tongue Comic Belly Bear Food Soft Vore Stomach Character Human Male Anthro M/M Burp Gut Predator Maw Bulge Prey Swallowed Story Taste Teeth Hungry lunch Hunter tasty licking jaws John Disney Big Belly Cartoon vore innocent Human Prey Male Prey hunting Eaten Alive throat bulge Bear vore Belly bulge rich male predator Male Pred ilbv Human Snack sharp teeth Robin Hood poor gut bulge Hungry Bear Cute Vore Human meal Male Human Open wide Hungry Predator Nottingham Little John Bear Predator Disney Vore Comic Vore Hungry Little John ACH Sexy Bulge

Little John seems to have caught himself a nice little morsel for his Lunch. You know you can never deny a hungry bear's belly its food.

Good thing Little John was kind enough to swallow ilbv whole, I mean look at those teeth! At least he'll let ilbv out later, then he can snuggle him and eat him all over again.

Original Art by ACH here: