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A shower with Unit Four

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: Strega

Tags: Werewolf Human Non-Vore police handjob

Doctor Rippman, the grandmotherly squad house medic, gets on well with with Unit Four. Very well indeed. Luckily it all showers off. Soap, saliva, other stuff. 

MirceaKitsune - 1 day ago

Lucky human <3

Strega - 1 day ago

It usually doesn't. Now, Doctor Rippman is literally a grandmother and as such she's somewhat stretched out, so when she's feeling especially limber it does, and Leo can take a male Were anally, but in most cases a male Were and a human just use work arounds like handjobs, licking, etc.

Fischie - 1 day ago

Will it fit? That is the question.

0.0 The fly man

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: doomfister

Tags: expansion Hard Vore Gore Blood Bugs ?/F ?/M Magic Vore worm vore scary My Little Pony police Original Character ?/ff vorno ?/FFF insects Absorbtion. fucking weird Found Footage blood mist fly man flies viseral visera

written for the art jam number 13 be warned fucking weird, has gore and other nastys. written after coming out of a flu induced hallucination. 

mirrormind101 - 4 hours ago


Aviannapper - 13 hours ago

High quality picture. Looking good!

phil is yummey - 1 day ago

i love her real cute

MysteryMakerz - 1 day ago

Holy jesus! she's very cute! good job on the picture!

ChaoskampfNunc - 1 day ago

Daaaww she's so cute and thick <3

Jasmine the best princess 2/2

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: fallenandscattered01

Tags: Non-Vore TF Transformation Disney Jasmine Luna Princess Luna Princess Jasmine

Jasmine wanted to turn into the best princess since she hasn't been getting enough attention lately but anted to stay in her state she lets on goer watch her current state  

SmaxTheDestroyer - 1 day ago

Well she’s not wrong. Luna IS the best Princess

Jasmine the best princess 1/2

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: fallenandscattered01

Tags: Non-Vore TF Transformation My Little Pony Luna goo transformation Princess Luna my little pony:friendship is magic Princess Jasmine

Jasmine wanted to turn into the best princess since she hasn't been getting enough attention lately  

Luna transform extra

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: fallenandscattered01

Tags: Non-Vore TF Transformation Luna Princess Luna buttplug sextoy

Luna gets transformed into a sex toy 

Luna transform 2/2

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: fallenandscattered01

Tags: Slime Non-Vore TF Transformation Luna Princess Luna

Luna gets transformed into one of those slimes from wind waker  

Luna transform 1/2

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: fallenandscattered01

Tags: Non-Vore TF Transformation Luna Princess Luna

Luna gets transformed into a something!  

Han (SFV) vs. Mileena (MKX-Piercing)---
by VoreStories
is a nimble opponent, with a sadistic streak to her moves that focus
on painfully and sometimes effectively disabling oppenents.
physical abilities are boosted by her Feng-Shui Engine, hosted in her
left eye. While active, the device enhances Juri's abilities to the
point where she could take on Chun-Li and Vega in separate fights,
and easily defeat them.
Kasatushi technique is a counter

HW: Juri VS Mileena

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: veender

Tags: F/F Mortal Kombat street fighter Mileena Juri Han

Welp, it's official. I'm running out of ideas for this series, so if you have any you'd like to see, throw them my way!

Anyway, today we have Juri Han from Street Fighter V versus Mileena from Mortal Kombat X! Which purple sadist will be the winner?

Special Thanks to  Vorestories for the idea! 

veender - 1 hour ago

It starts on the ground, and goes upwards before heading back down!

Apostolos - 1 hour ago

Ah I see I thought it was performed on the ground not in the air

veender - 2 hours ago

By moving down faster than they do, which is what she does while preforming the move.

Apostolos - 2 hours ago

Last paragraph how can you catch someone orally by kicking them down towards the ground ?

veender - 9 hours ago

Glad to hear it! Took a while, but I got around to it. :P

Blue's Growing Harem Chapter 2

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: hungrydumpty

Tags: Oral Vore Anime M/F Blue Absorption Female Sex Cum Unwilling Anal Vore manga Unwilling Prey Fatal Vore Female Prey Vore story Original Character M/ff m/multiple RP Log M/multiple prey Male Pred League of Legends fairy tail Erza Scarlet Fast Digestion Syndra Akali Hammerspace samesize

And the story continues right where we left off as Blue continues to devour beautiful women. This time a unlikely green ninja girl visits him with a request. 

[Com] Bday gift for Sil'fer's sister

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: SeekGr

Tags: Anthro Commission Non-Vore Birthday bed Gift sisters bday Monster girl shark girl SeekGr RikuHidanza silfer silfer the shark

Snuggle! x33

Commission for  RikuHidanza
Bday gift for Sil'fer's sister!
Sil'fer, the blue shark girl, belongs to  RikuHidanza
Art by myself!  SeekGr 

moonlightshy - 5 hours ago

i wish i had that..

RikuHidanza - 1 day ago

Sil'fer Make a great pillow. me thinks its the boobs >.>

LightSpeed - 1 day ago

Awwwww. ^w^ very cute

JacktheDragon - 1 day ago

030 cute!!! X3

Also lovely work~

Another happy sigh escaped Jamie's lips as he fell back onto his bed. On his stomach sat his computer, whirring away as it lagged with an illegally downloaded copy of Adobe Illustrator. It was his only possession that really mattered. He had clothes and a few games, but he had been left with so little after being kicked out of so many apartments.
He was so glad when his brother offered his apartment as a place to stay. Being homeless wasn't a pleasant experience the past few ti

Something Like This

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: MarinLaFey

Tags: Oral Vore Scat M/M Commission Gay Fatal Farting gas belching Anal Sex Incest Oral Sex flatulence disposal Crossdressing burping Maid Incestual Vore footjob Gay sex Brothers Maid outfit brotherly vore crossdress

This is a commission that I created for  selfrog. He requested vore, disposal, footjob, maid's uniform, and incest.

I did my best to provide what was wanted.

I kind of didn't want to go with a sociopath pred, it kind of just happened. But I went with it. I think it works better that way because It kind of takes a lot to eat a beloved family member.

This was my first time writing disposal and a footjob, I hope I did well.

[ Continued ...

selfrog - 1 day ago

Ah, I hope it wasn't too hard to write! I didn't know you preferred nicer preds.

MarinLaFey - 1 day ago

Um... I'll hopefully edit this... awfulness. I seriously hate chromebooks.

TimberWolf25 - 1 day ago

Of course.

ChaoskampfNunc - 1 day ago

I don't care if it's feminine or not it's nice <3

hentaimasterthe - 1 day ago

I'm reminded of that one episode kids next door, with mega mom and destructo dad

mirrormind101 - 1 day ago

Woah SSBBW MILF VORE MOM! Damn that's hot!

Spider8Fiend - 1 day ago

Inko is a seriously underappreciated and underrepresented character. In the realm of shonen manga, where mothers either don’t exist, are tragically killed off in backstory to give the main characters a chance to leave for adventure, or depicted as perfect yet flat characters, Inko is not only a still living and relevant character, but one whose shown with flaws. Whether that’s not supporting her son’s dream at first, or eating his whole class, Inko is a well rounded Mom character.

I wonder what Izuku will say to All Might about this? I think All Might step in the classroom, see the massive and nude Inko, leave, and return with a bouquet of flowers. Half a year later, Inko is waddling down the isle with All Might and Izuku has a new Dad.

smog1 - 1 day ago

She has got to be the most caring, sexiest mom in the world ^^

Turbotowns - 21 hours ago

God, I would KILL for this "Curse".

Blackheartedreaper2 - 1 day ago

Hex maniac was already prime waifu material, but now you've made her perfect.

Larkspurdiblock - 1 day ago



Potatomaximus - 1 day ago


hamilton4 - 1 day ago

Bless this wonderful Hex sequence <3

Sketch Request 55 (Scat Content)

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: Silent_E

Tags: Breasts Scat Belly Fart pooping Farting gas pearl Nudity disposal Gassy splatoon

And here's everything that had scat/extreme fart content. Enjoy! 

Takoma - 22 hours ago

I think marina is becoming curves for pearl.

thirdspurs - 1 day ago

Love it! Missing the imgur album though

Sketch Request 55

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: Silent_E

Tags: Oral Vore Princess F/F F/M Same Size Anal Vore M/? kissing Dragon Girl Peanut butter Butt crush Soft Cooking Nimbat Tide Pod

Hooo boy. After 14 long hours, it is free! Go my sketch compilation, it's time to conquer earth!

(Also, I get to break ground on the Tide Pod tag! In your face everyone who didn't have someone ask for art of a tide pod!)

Thanks once again to everyone who donated, you're the reason that I keep doing this thing every week!

You can find the full-sized versions of all the images here!

Want to get a...
[ Continued ...


A woman strode briskly down through the empty parking lot. The ghostly light illuminating her


raven hair and


coal eyes which were held in contrast to her fair skin. Her long black locks were swept back in casual style, leaving her face open. Her face, while not as youthful as it had been t

I bet he would look great as a blonde.

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: TheN7Slayer

Tags: Male Digestion F/F Weight Gain M/F Same Size Female Fatal Transformation Implied Digestion Female Prey Female Pred tight TG work predator prey BOSS fusion tight fit slow digestion Male Pred Absorbtion. Digestion Implied pleasurable digestion fusion through vore TG fusion Lyra Lands Employee/Boss Workplace supervisor Boss/employee

Hey guys! Recently with how well my last fic went with the fusion aspect. I decided to try my hand at it again, and make a series out of it!

This is the introduction of my OC Lyra Lands. The only person that can absorb the traits of any race/gender. While this starts off in its own universe; Lyra is going to go off and enjoy eating, digesting, and fusing with any different girls from popular media. I plan on making it a series.

So for the first vote to see who adds...
[ Continued ...

anthony050 - 10 hours ago

I don't tend to enjoy male pred but the twist made it really interesting as for who the next prey should be would I have to say either Peach or Lucy, just make for good prey in my opinion ^^'

JohnMorningwood - 12 hours ago

Very lovely read. I’m a big fan of TG and it’s not too often you see it mixed in with vore, but I totally love your concept here! My vote goes to Mercy. Can’t wait for more :)

Joelaneguy - 1 day ago

I would also say Winry is a good choice :)

theweirdone445 - 1 day ago

Incredibly hot story, I loved every bit of it.

I'll go with Winry since I'm most familiar/attached to her and she's weak enough to get gurgled easily :)

TheN7Slayer - 1 day ago

Good choice!

So Anyway

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: Daraxerxes

Here's Wonderwall

It's been awhile since I uploaded anything so here, you heathens.  

Daraxerxes - 8 hours ago

You Wot m8

Reiku - 1 day ago

T-That thumbnail..

TrainKay - 1 day ago

Today is gonna be the day that they're gonna throw it back to you.

BatmanandSon - 1 day ago


Blue's Growing Harem Chapter 1

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: hungrydumpty

Tags: M/F Blue Female Sex Cock Vore Cum Fatal Unwilling Non-Fatal decapitation Willing blowjob Unwilling Prey Unwilling Pred Fatal Vore Cum Digestion Female Prey Vore story Original Character M/ff m/multiple RP Log Male Pred fairy tail Lucy Heartfilia Erza Scarlet Fast Digestion blowjob deepthroat Hammerspace willing prey samesize

This story contains male vore and non lethal decapitation.

Hello everyone, as usual I don't upload things on the first half of the month. However, this doesn't mean that I haven't been working on vore content. Actually I've been doing RP's for really the first time now and it's been great. Currently it's been with a user called Bluescreen and  HungryAL

I was allowed to upload our current RP's to my accounts so expect to see them being uploaded over the past...
[ Continued ...

sketches 001

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: tangent

Tags: Soft Vore Human Demon M/F Penis BDSM Size difference chain vore comic Enti Ambrosia Esurenti

still feeling unmotivated/overwhelmed with writing the main Enti/Ambrosia story arc v_v but it's fun to draw them again :) 

Indighost - 12 hours ago

Lovely drawing. Motivation comes and goes; im in an in between spot myself, i saw dont sweat it :)

Vitcent - 1 day ago

Ring leash is a very good look for her :3c
And is that a embarrassed blush I see?

Downfall (WIP)(RWBY spoilers in description!)

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: Phorcyz19

Tags: Oral Vore Breasts Belly Soft Vore F/F Same Size Milf Implied Digestion Unwilling Prey Female Prey Female Pred WIP taunting rwby milf pred Cinder Fall rwby vore raven branwen

I'm back! Hopefully to stay, but time will tell.

After seeing the most recent episode of RWBY, I just needed to do another image of Raven as a pred, especially since I wasn't too happy with my first one. After she absolutely wrecked everyone's least-favorite Fall Maiden, I thought it was only appropriate she make a meal out of her! 

RobobroXT - 22 hours ago

So does she get her powers by eating her? I mean Cinder could extract powers with her grimm arm. Why wouldn't Raven's belly do the same :D

MoonColva90 - 1 day ago

Goddammit Barb!

Goblingobler - 1 day ago

Best kickass milf <3

Phorcyz19 - 1 day ago

I bet Raven sure has a spring in her step now

Gabriel0813 - 1 day ago

you can say cinder is a real fall maiden now

Magaret's Meal Colored

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: Anonno

Tags: Soft Vore F/M Belly bulge rigby regular show magaret

Traced and colored 

empatheticapathy - 1 day ago

She makes a much better pred than I would have thought.

A predator in human clothing

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: DarkCloset

Tags: Sexy Breasts Tongue Human F/F Predator Saliva trap Prey Butt Pre-Vore lesbian yuri Trapped licking foreplay Female Prey Female Pred pounce Bald Cat suit

Hey everybody I decided to make a freebie for all my beloved fans out there. However, this will be the only freebie that I will put out, so remember if you want to see my latest works and my future work from here on out you will need to either subscribe to my patreon for only $1.00 or pm me to pay for the work you want to see for $1.00 for black and white or $2.00 for color. So what are you waiting for Come pay to look inside the closet.

oh before I forget I am still open for...
[ Continued ...

Abhor's Dirty Feet

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: AustinDR

Tags: Feet Non-Vore Soles Foot Fetish AustinDR abhor


ChaoskampfNunc - 1 day ago

Needs someone to lick them clean

Bug Bellies2: A Pony Smithee Film

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: Mightyshockwave

Tags: Oral Vore Changeling My Little Pony Scootaloo Sweetie Belle Apple Bloom video taped changeling oc Changeling Pred

Scootaloo steals a vorno (vore porno) tape from Rainbow Dash's secret stash. She and her friends might get a little more than what they bargained for on the weekly CMC movie night. A film about the changeling invasion of Canterlot that takes a LOT of artistic liberties might not be the best thing for little fillies to watch.

(Warning: Contains vore , digestion , and confused fillies)

DrDeagle - 1 day ago

Good story! Wish i could see Bug Bellies myself lol.

Two Killers

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: AustinDR

Tags: Catgirl Digestion witch bones Scarlet Prey Outline Witch Pred HMDVore Ember Kane

Two predators taking on the town. Fun thing: Half of Scarlet's sadism was inspired by Ember Kane. As is their affixiation with eating children. They happened to have met up at a playground. There were kids there, and you get the idea.

Scarlet the Witch of Gluttony (c) me

Ember Kane (c)  HMDVore

AustinDR - 1 day ago


HMDVore - 1 day ago


ChaoskampfNunc - 1 day ago

Orphanage? Don't you mean all you can eat buffet?

Day After - Esprit & Emma

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: The Saint of Ravens

Tags: Demon F/? loli Demoness demon girl Hammerspace Belly Hammerspace tail cuddle demon loli

A pair of gluttony demons dozing after a wild new years party. Esprit has a few people trying to escape her gullet, though she is probably shortly about to swallow~ And Esprit's tail curled around Emma to keep her from wandering off.  

blackmichi - 1 day ago

and nobody knows if the one girl will survive or not lul

Moonlightshadow - 1 day ago

Such peaceful sleep after the wild party~

tyrion13 - 1 day ago

some where Beatrix is laughing uncontrollably at Emma in that dress.

Novaprime - 1 day ago

You gotta write better, can barely read what’s being said

Thrall Sex [SOUL]

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: Lucky

Tags: Soul Vore Breasts Sketch Belly Tail Soul Mouse mice Nipples ears hair Butt devil hyper mouse girl translucent Areola sideboob Hermaphrodite Naked Female buck teeth TITS!!! sex with pred

Looks like Bernice's soul have been ingested by some succubus mouse who is having a lot of fun with her body.


CarnivorousVixen - 1 day ago

Them teeeeth

ChaoskampfNunc - 1 day ago

I'm sure she'll be happy to know the person currently destroying her soul is having a fun time fucking her soulless body

Page 33

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: BSGreyM

Tags: Mouse Non-Vore Drama Ugh

Seriously, much more of this all-mouse story and I'm just getting more hungry.  

BSGreyM - 1 day ago

Do snakes not eat mice?

Novalori - 1 day ago

Pretty sure that's just straight up racism-
What a bitch

neversurrender21 - 1 day ago

can we just leave this racist behind?

necryel - 1 day ago

All these rodents around the place.....STILL no pancakes. It's not easy to supppress instincts on an empty stomach. Help a gal out already!

TheNamesJackson - 1 day ago

That mice is nuts


Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: MaximumImpulse

Tags: Anime Non-Vore fan art Digital Art flipping off blue hair for fun Pipimi

Wanted to share a thing that I did just for some fun~!

Have you seen Pop Team Epic yet????

I laughed a lot but I was so lost but that is what is wonderful about it~

Pipimi is awesome~  

DanzoLegend - 1 day ago

It's the fucking hands lol

blackmichi - 1 day ago

omfg i am dieing xD

TinyHero - 1 day ago

Lol xD

martyr - 1 day ago


Jinpa and Jeanna #1 [Patreon Pin-Up #102]

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: Starcrossing

Tags: Soft Vore Unbirth F/F Same Size cheerleader Female Prey Female Pred unintentional Distension

For their first pin-up with me Maria requested an image featuring their characters Jinpa (top) and Jeanna (bottom) having a bit of a cheerleading accident that leads to a very exciting outcome. 

Pixel - 5 hours ago

Please, relay to Maria, how much we'd love to see how this plays out.

Royal_Starlord - 17 hours ago

Must be a new kind of cheer-leading skit. :///#

blackmichi - 1 day ago

I'd pay for this to becontinued! :o

Onewingedangel - 1 day ago

Aside from being arousing this is really artistically well done as well. Not just technical, but the moment of what you chose to draw really captures the whole story in one frame. Well done!

Hereforvore - 1 day ago

I'm looking hopefully at that #1 as well

Marcy & Flame Princess [Patreon Pin-Up #101]

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: Starcrossing

Tags: Oral Vore Belly Soft Vore Same Size Futanari Cut-away Big Belly H/F Female Prey Internal View Adventure Time Belly bulge marceline Herm Pred futa pred Flame Princess

For Fluttershout2014's first pin-up he requested futa Marceline swallowing down Flame Princess (both from Adventure Time). 

DRayElliott - 15 hours ago

When you look at the thumbnail for this, it looks like Marcy is breathing fire.

157and493 - 20 hours ago

That is good to know, but all I can think about right now is: “Oh my god, Star responded to me!”

VoreyJenna - 1 day ago

Actually, FP is made of fire. Normally, she will burn all that she touches without trying. I guess that Marcy is too much of a hotty herself to be burnt, though~.

VoreyJenna - 1 day ago

She's actually made of fire. Generally, she burns whatever she touches. I guess Mercy is just too resistant as a hottie to be burnt :3

Gravemind - 1 day ago

Fuck yeah!! This is great :D

Junko Detects A Meal (Audio)

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: TrainKay

Tags: Dark Digestion Fatal belching taunting Despair oral vore danganronpa Junko Enoshima Trigger Happy Havoc Kyoko Kirigiri voice clips

Another audio, this time with two versions, one external, and one internal. Give both a listen, if you like. It's more ambitious than my other ones, so let me know if you like it. I played around with some other effects, too.

Mediafire (External):

Mediafire (Internal):

[ Continued ...

SwordkingX5 - 17 hours ago

I see.

TrainKay - 1 day ago

Yeah, that's the trouble, Kyoko has no lines where she screams or begs, which is a shame. Ultimately I had to work with what she had.

SwordkingX5 - 1 day ago

I think the audio for the swallowing could have been louder.
Plus I'd like to have her Kyoko scream or beg Junko to stop when she was eating her.

TrainKay - 1 day ago

Thanks for the feedback. Yeah, the toughest part of these is always finding the proper lines for the situation and syncing them to things sound natural. Especially for a character like Kyoko, who rarely emotes much and has almost no cries/gasps/sighs etc.

Glad you're enjoying them all the same.

universius - 1 day ago

Just noticed the Hina one had an internal, my bad

Seara - A Lady's Fun 9/18

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: FidchellVore

Tags: Oral Vore Breasts Tongue Pokemon Comic Soft Vore Anthro F/M Maw Mawshot Willing Unwilling Pred Multiple Prey Pokemorph Female Pred unwilling predator forced vore Stomach Bulge Pokemon pred Pokemon Vore Azumarill Puru salazzle Seara salazzle pred azumarill prey

A new series starring Seara and Sol! While out for a stroll, the salazzle's eyes fall upon a rather handsome grovyle, and she knows immediately what she wants out of him--some wholesome, provocative entertainment.

Seara and Sol belong to me. 

neversurrender21 - 1 day ago

I guess

extremelydevious - 1 day ago

i think it would more closely meet the definition of a dick move if he entered in from the other end.

neversurrender21 - 1 day ago

well that was just a dick move

Higuain - 1 day ago

This ain't the first time, I take it?

Wolfknight130 - 1 day ago

am i the only one who wants to see her squeeze the azumaril a bit with her jaws and make a squeak sound? X3

P'orc princess' final roast

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: Ento

Tags: Princess Female Cooking Unwilling roast Pre-Vore oven Pig ?/F Cooking vore apple gag pig girl Basted Towergirls oven roast pineapple slices P'orc P'orc princess

"After being invited to a cooking competition, P'orc princess was rather surprised to find out the secret ingredient; Her. Being a chef, the princess didn't have much in fighting skills, as was quickly set in the oven to roast away, much to her malcontent."

I wasn't expecting to get 3 of my comms in a day, but, well, guess that's splurge month for ya. (Even if I did pay for this one back in October)

But yea, P'orc princess from towergirls is on the menu...
[ Continued ...

emikochan - 1 day ago

excellent work by roxy ^_^

LordStorm - 1 day ago

Ham dinner....with leftover bacon for breakfast ;)

kurohigeyonkou - 1 day ago

Pork is always a good choice

Squirmy Belly

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: AustinDR

Tags: Digestion Underage Scarlet Despair Hopelessness serial killer Witch Pred

Most of the preds have different reasons for what they do. Whether it's for sustenance, or amusement. Scarlet absolutely adores the thrashing of her prey from within her colossal gut, but what she loves the most is the point of digestion. It is the ultimate pleasure for her. To know that for all of their efforts, her prey would melt into a digestible soup that would soon be added to her tum, thighs, breasts...she loves the feeling of hopelessness. Which is why she dedicates herself to making her...
[ Continued ...

AustinDR - 2 days ago

And filling.

ChaoskampfNunc - 2 days ago

The best part about kids is they squrim the most

Magus Eating Ariels

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: YoukaiChan

Tags: M/F Saliva Macro/Micro ariel Skull throat bulge long tongue sharp teeth fairy prey The Ancient Magus Bride Elias Ainsworth

What do you do when small fairies try to steal your future apprentice/bride?
Just eat 'em man, problem solved. :)

ANYWAYYSSSSSS I'm back again with more RuleThirtyVore.

I recently started watching The Ancient Magus Bride, and even though I'm only like 3 episodes in I'm really enjoying it so far! I mean hey, i love these kind of fantasy settings. <3

Plus, design-wise i really like Elias. He's really cool-looking with his big ol'...
[ Continued ...

charlesdeleroy - 57 minutes ago

Wait until you see a certain later episode and you'll understand what I mean. ;]

UrbanCoyote - 13 hours ago

I like the skull dude, the shading on his skull looks nice!

YoukaiChan - 1 day ago


sweetbunnii - 1 day ago

yess!! gah skelly vore !! the best <3
great job on this it looks amazin !!

YoukaiChan - 1 day ago

Even though personally I'm not TOO keen on using Chise as his prey myself, I can certainly see the appeal. XD

Taking a scientific sampling!

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: MenchiCutlets

Tags: Mouth Micro jessica vore implied menchicutlets Android 21

Jessica, the cute tiny OC of  Sephiroth , found herself in the hands of the latest Android of the Dragonball Universe - Android 21! Clearly it looks like she wishes to thoroughly study this little darling, curiosity about how such a tiny little creature exists in her world, just a teeny, tiny taste wouldn't hurt, right? Jessica might be somewhat in disagreement!

A drawing I did up for Sephiroth, was a change of pace for me but I had a lot of fun doing this. ♥ ...
[ Continued ...

Ramzitv1 - 11 hours ago

of course you know about Majin Android 21.

Sephiroth - 2 days ago

Jessica certainly thinks it's going to be more, since it usually ends up as more than just a quick lick. XD

Thanks again, Menchi!

ChaoskampfNunc - 2 days ago

It's a very important test!

004 c

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: FuPoo

Tags: Belly Pregnancy Non-Vore huge huge belly white mage hyper pregnancy hyper pregnant hyper preg

nintendo white mage commission 

FuPoo - 1 day ago


Alis10101 - 1 day ago

Thanks, looks good.

ThatBrassyGuy - 2 days ago

Oh my God, YES.

noisekeeper - 2 days ago

Dats some good white mage right there.

whatisthissheet - 2 days ago

Great angle!

Data Compression

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: Zira

Tags: Furry Oral Vore Breasts Belly Renamon Soft Vore Stomach Anthro Digestion Gut F/M Same Size Digimon Bulge Exveemon Butt Big Belly Male Prey Female Pred arousal grinding Belly humping humping belly

After a long battle, Renamon finally gets to earn her prize which is to absorb Exveemon's data and ultimately become much more stronger from it. Although she seems to be using a new method to extract data, not sure if it's more efficient but Renamon seems to be enjoying herself (maybe a little too much).

Anyway, adios! And remember, digital piracy is a crime! 

Razure - 23 hours ago

Oomph! I'm not normally into this much of a size difference in vore, but with Renamon showing off both her strength and predatory behavior in such a way, I guess I can't resist. I really enjoy seeing Renamon as a powerful pred, just feels right~

DoctorDischord - 1 day ago

There isn’t a single thing I dislike about this image, it’s absolutely perfect.

TaurenDevourer - 1 day ago


Is it wrong to want to see the unusable data being 'purged'?

Either way, lovely work as always.

SOJITZL - 1 day ago


Drillkiller - 1 day ago

Finally a proper Renamon with a big wriggling belly, ih please draw more of Renamon eating bigger and bigger prey

This is the End

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: AustinDR

Tags: Non-Vore AustinDR 2018

Never tempt fate... 

Pred Police chapter 3 (67/70)

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: BedTime

Tags: Comic Non-Vore tears Mirage Pred police Captain Shotius Claygirl

When what keep you from drowning into sadness just..... disappear. Also great job for the one who guessed that only Shotius's lung had been pierced :) 

BedTime - 5 hours ago

now I'm the one who's going to cry xD thank you

SweetAndSyrupy - 17 hours ago

I've been following this ever since the beginning... You've kept me on my toes and I expected a nice stimulating ending...

But instead you've made me cry. Thank you. Genuinely, thank you. Thank you for being that artist who puts the integrity of your story first and foremost.

It feels awkward when artists shoehorn sexy moments into their stories, and I think they're best served at only the right moment and never sooner. This story is so real, you're doing god's work. I can't wait to see where you go with this next... you're an astonishingly good writer. Just a few pages left now...

Hereforvore - 17 hours ago

But I went into more detail... :P How about we both agree that we are both incredible at basic medical analysis?

whatisthissheet - 1 day ago


Ryahsson - 1 day ago

He stated that he is not the one who made those tags though.

DittoDotto - 5 hours ago

Your the smart one here!

Ryahsson - 1 day ago

But still though, on most situations, the person reads the comic even before seeing the tag. So for me, it's kinda debatable. But it was a good choice nonetheless :D

rexstars35 - 1 day ago

Its been a long day without you my friend

BedTime - 1 day ago

I don't know and to be fair I just hope it won't happen again :P thanks for your comment, which helped me resorlve the issue therefor protecting the purity of the readers. kind of weird to say on a site like this haha.

Hereforvore - 1 day ago

*megalovania intensifies*

Pred Police chapter 3 (65/70)

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In the end, the village was found out, and the kidnapped humans were send back home. was it a good thing? 

ThatBrassyGuy - 2 days ago

She's dead, I bet.

Dejah Thoris - Perils of Mars I

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Tags: Lizard Multiple Prey Slave Girl Mars darkskin Nude Female Nude prey dejahthoris giantlizard

The first story produced exclusively for Secret Stash Comics is here! It's available to patrons and Gumroad subscribers ONLY, so if you want a copy check out the link below. :)

Dejah Thoris and her slave girls have a vore-filled misadventure in the cavernous dungeons beneath the palace in Tjanath. 6 pages, PDF and individual page downloads available, multi-vore.

Pencils and inks by Stanislav
Colors by Brittany
Story and editing by RyanC
[ Continued ...