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Fallout: Guts and Glory - Chapter 86

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: Aces

Help turn this writing series into a comic by supporting me on Patreon! I need help commissioning artists to draw chapters of the series.

Marin meets someone from her past. 

Sarethas - 19 hours ago

I completely somehow missed that part of the conversation, that they weren't starting until night. :o That alleviates most of my concerns.

Aces - 22 hours ago

Oh Amelia is just getting dropped off at Voyla's. As for the rest; it's a bold plan, let's see how it plays out for them! :B

Sarethas - 1 day ago

I feel like they are somehow not thinking this through. For example, they have no guarantee if Diana's venom would work, even though they have at least a few deathclaws around to try it on first. >.>

Further than that, they're setting off with no supplies? On what, if I recall correctly, should be a multi-day hike? Beyond even that, the stealth-boy works on sight. How is it supposed to prevent any reasonable predator from smelling her/them?

And to top off this list of problems, why is Diana bringing Amelia along? She's small, weak, and frequently does things that are dangerous! Stomach-diving, for example. :P

Looking forward to seeing how this all plays out.

Gabriel0813 - 1 day ago

That by far as the be the worst plan to ever try of all plans ever.

BIGBIG - 1 day ago

Woho. Hyped for this story

Little Lamia in the Big City - Ch. 46

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: Aces

Little Lamia in the Big City (REDUX) is a crowd-funded series to rewrite an old vore story I had written back in 2010 about a chubby pink naga who has to learn to live in a modern city.

This chapter was funded by  nap25.

If you want to contribute to this story, send at least $60 USD to and I'll write the next chapter ASAP. It should take me no more than a week.

[ Continued ...

Gabriel0813 - 2 days ago

you know i was just talkinv to myself think" i bet her sis can teleport " a few lie read and boom she teleports lucky guess on my part

Tai concept sketch

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: SeekGr

Tags: Dragon Predator Non-Vore Futanari Futa Dragoness Big Breasts big cock big dick Hermaphrodite hyper cock SeekGr long tail Aromisuola big ears

Woooo yes!

Concept sketch for  AromiSuola
Tai belongs to  AromiSuola
Art by myself!  SeekGr

Also check out their FA page as well! 

FurryLexicon - 1 day ago

OwO oh my~

SaoYuuki - 1 day ago

i wants it :3

SeekGr - 1 day ago

Oh actually it's not illuminati,
But pre-sketched lines of her thicc thighs and pussy xP

SeekGr - 1 day ago

hehe why Thanks!

SeekGr - 1 day ago


Suri - Page 2

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: JakuArts

Tags: Naga Non-Vore Lamia morning Four arms

Well look who it is!!!

I am having alot of fun making everything glow with that morning sunlight. Also its really alot faster than my last attempt at painting a comic. I think its alot better for it. I hope you enjoy!

Inks, Colors, Story, and Characters  Jakuarts
Pencils and Story and Characters  SeekGr 

ResistantMerc - 1 day ago

Loving this series

whatisthissheet - 1 day ago

Oooh an awesome collab.

Morning sunlight is the best lighting, no competition.

RavenXeo - 1 day ago

both so pretty<3
the sunlight adds so much here too..

joshpoint0 - 1 day ago

oooh~ neat

Gabriel0813 - 1 day ago

aw she look so cute all bundle up with the blanket

Uvula fun

Uploaded: 2 days ago


Tags: Saliva Uvula Macro/Micro My Little Pony my little pony:friendship is magic

When angel spends time with giant cutea it always ends up him being on her uvula what can he say trhey both have fun. 

Dark love

Uploaded: 2 days ago


Tags: Unbirth darkness Macro/Micro My Little Pony wet pussy my little pony:friendship is magic JayMihay willing prey

When darkness spends time with her cute son she always traps him inside her special love tunnel. Well jay cant complain he loves being in her  

moonlightshy - 15 hours ago

Pretty pweeasse? 0//w//0


She will happily have you moon

moonlightshy - 1 day ago



Hehe my cute little brother

JayMihay - 2 days ago

Eeeeeep! Just love! >//w//< <3

Feeding the Doll (2/?)

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: PhantomAsh

Tags: Tongue Anime F/M Giantess Saliva F/? Mawshot Penis claws Hungry Macro/Micro fangs throat shot Digital Art black and white fleshy sharp teeth anonymous prey Saliva strings tiny man uvala Symphogear MichaJawkan

Without delay...time to enter the abyss. It's waiting for you.

Mawshots are so damn hard to do. This one took a lot of reference using to get it right.  

Sketch Request 3/11 (Scat Compilation)

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: Silent_E

Tags: Scat Male Non-Vore Female BBW pooping Butt hips Size difference Final Fantasy shirtless size play big butt Scatplay from behind Fenrir wide hips bottomless

And here's all the stuff that got requested that was a little too distressing for the casual viewer.

You can find the full-sized versions of both of these images here! 

Sketch Request 3/11, Side 1

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: Silent_E

Tags: Furry Oral Vore Cat Wolf Soft Vore Werewolf Human Horse Anthro Cute Equine M/M Demon F/M Feline Same Size Gryphon Reindeer Anal Vore bicycle Demoness muscular Pre-Vore Pony Funny Post-Vore horns Canine Multiple Prey M/? Big Belly Sheep video game My Little Pony Topless Male Prey Female Pred Big Breasts shirtless Original Character m/multiple midriff taunting abs Male Pred hugging thick thighs Potbelly holding belly

Solid turnout this week, and plenty of new faces on top of that! Had to break the whole thing up into two different compilations to keep the image size down!

I'd like to thank everyone who donated this week, you guys make it possible for me to do this week after week!

You can find the full sized versions of all these images and more here!

Want a sketch of your very own? Just drop by...
[ Continued ...

Rebecca Cunnigham

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: canime

Tags: Furry Non-Vore Butt TaleSpin Rebecca Cunningham

Started watching Talespin. I remember liking Rebecca as a kid. For all I know she may have started my liking for furry characters. 

Gabriel0813 - 1 day ago

she looks good i forgot about this character

RavenXeo - 1 day ago

more like... Rebooty Cunny-ham

...... *leaves*

kurohigeyonkou - 2 days ago

well she sure got more meat on her bones than a mouse... ;)

Having sweet tooth

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: DolphySoul

Tags: Oral Vore Breasts Belly Anthro Bulge F/? Orca Multiple Prey f/multiple Digestion Implied

Happy with a belly full of sugary goods... and people? Why not?  

FatherBones - 1 day ago

Great work as always, I really enjoy that you make characters aqua

testuser - 1 day ago

Five go in -none come out cause that girls gut is too big to fit out the door.

SeekGr - 1 day ago

Dat yelling girl's so cute! x33

Tafillia - 2 days ago

Now i need a job there >.>

DarkArtist - 2 days ago

She may want to be careful or she'll be next XD

StiffKittens - 1 day ago

Wolf-girl + Chubby = Adorable, more of this please~
This kinda looks like a postcard- I like to imagine that a card plops down next to you in her tummy, and you open it up only to see this image. So cute~!

SomeoneVored - 1 day ago

Lovely! I wish I could go there.

face preview

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: DarkCloset

Tags: Woman Sexy Breasts Female Milf Willing Nudity Female Pred submissive preview seductive Patreon

I'm not gone, I'm just evolving.

A new artwork is gonna be made soon and it will only be fully displayed at my patreon site as usual. But here's a preview on one of the faces that gonna be shown in the artwork. (Will be fully colored)

Don't forget that you can see the finished artwork when its posted and all the other great ones by only subscribing on my patreon site for as little as $1.00 a month so don't deny your curiosity and temptations come look inside the...
[ Continued ...

Chihiro Fujisaki - Hunting

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: merlovinit

Tags: Human M/M Bulge Cock Vore Cum trap Butt Balls Multiple Prey Human Prey Male Prey femboy femboi m/multiple Human Pred M/multiple prey Male Pred post cock vore Femboy Pred femboi Pred Trap pred danganronpa Chihiro Fujisaki

As requested by joshfang96

Some good things and some bad things about this one... ^^; but I had fun doing it. 

merlovinit - 4 hours ago

Glad you like! :)

Gazmaz - 4 hours ago

I love this~

brandon14 - 1 day ago

do it. c:<

merlovinit - 1 day ago

Its popular i guess xD

merlovinit - 1 day ago

I def wanna draw some more cockvore eventually hehe

Pixie In The Punch Bowl (Thumbnail)

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: AegisOfRoses

Tags: Non-Vore thumbnail art

Just the thumbnail of Pixie In The Punch Bowl, for anyone who wanted to see it up close.

Actual story found here:

This was like, ten minutes on Photoshop and Illustrator, and I'm really not very good at either yet, so it's not fantastic, but at least it's unique. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

Commision preview

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: stressformurder

Tags: Belly Anal Vore Struggling Belly bulge Struggling prey Overwatch sombra

Preview for a commision I recently took on. I won't name said person unless they wish to be named...but this has definitely been a learning experience. Same Size in SFM is fucking HARD!

On the last stretch of the animation...just have to verify a few things with the Commisioner(Gordon) possibly animate the final part, edit, add sounds, and then we are good to go. It was supposed to be simple but...I got carried away -_-...  

Rat_Haus - 16 hours ago

Awesome! Life is good

ejames - 16 hours ago

I can assure you that it will be.... at least by me. Just out of curiosity have you looked into or have worked on internal shots? When can we expect this masterpiece to go live?

mirrormind101 - 23 hours ago

Awesome your stuff is the best :D

stressformurder - 1 day ago

I put a LOT of time into hopefully its as loved as I wish it to be.

stressformurder - 1 day ago

Oh its gonna be fucking great!

Journey to the Zoras [Hero's Journey 2]

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: ZeldaNoVorsu

Tags: F/M link Non-Fatal the legend of zelda Breath of the wild

Link heads out on a journey to Zora's Domain. While he's gone, Torie confronts Vorensu about what happened to Asher.
Thanks to everyone who voted last time! This is a shorter story, but I had an epiphany while writing it. In Hero's Journey one, most of the vore opportunities disappeared once it was clear to me that we were on the Light Path. I made the stories longer to cover more ground as I was excited to reach the Light Side Ending....
[ Continued ...

origamimaster4 - 13 hours ago


RavenousVoid - 1 day ago

2 is my vote as well.

ZeldaNoVorsu - 1 day ago

We all know how Vorensu feels about those who go out on a mission and then come back without actually getting anything done.

linkever - 1 day ago

2. I don't want to betray Vorensu and I also want to see Link be eaten. So 2 seems the good option.

SmaxTheDestroyer - 2 days ago

Hmm... I don’t think eating her would work just yet, and returning to the city without accomplishing anything seems like a dumb idea, so I say 2

Mecha shenron

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: Mettra

Tags: Non-Vore

Nothing much to say except he's a mechanical shadow dragon 

ChaoskampfNunc - 2 days ago

Just curious :3

Mettra - 2 days ago

No dont think so why?

ChaoskampfNunc - 2 days ago

Do mecha dragons need food?

tuksoil - 1 day ago


WPSmells - 1 day ago


tuksoil - 1 day ago

Thank you so much for your compliment.
I would show more of Ravens ass if the commissioner had told me too.

MRmaxen - 1 day ago

Damn,i wouldn't mind a bit of that Reven ass even if she was that gassy. As great "ass" ever m8, love your art

Deviantfan16 - 2 days ago


YCH Vore Comic Promo

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: Slimshod

Tags: Non-Vore YCH Auction

Hey everyone! As the title says I'm commissioning a vore comic from the wonderful Chango-Tan and there are opportunities to include your character.
The first 3 pages of the comic have been sketched out and the first 2 slots (prey and participant) will be up soon. Once they are I'll be sure to post across my sites (tumblr, Eka's, and FA).

Head over to the journal below to get the details!

[ Continued ...

Page 50

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: BSGreyM

Tags: Snake Naga Mouse Non-Vore dramatic phone calls

I'm glad they're friends again. 

HuntMaster - 1 day ago

I guess he was right when he said that it would be the last favor he did for Lemmy.

TheNamesJackson - 1 day ago

It was a reverse reverse satire

necryel - 1 day ago

Sarcastic euphemisms and colloquialisms are clearly wasted on you.

BSGreyM - 1 day ago

Yes, that is what a comic is

DarkPinkie - 1 day ago

I am pretty sure he risked his life way more to scuffle through said predator's underwear. Shows where his priorities are. Besides If he trusted his friend he would believe him when he said she was different, or at least partially believe.


Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: DoesNotExist

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore Dragon Drool Throat Cum Avian Penis Willing Collar Semi-willing Hawk dragon pred Feet first semi-consensual throat bulge Avian Prey Kian Lief Woodcock Sparrowhawk

Whether by little more than being a silver-tongued devil, or the application of more nefarious techniques, Kian has managed to convince Lief to take the ultimate plunge, the tight slide down a long neck. Does he realise what he's in for at the end of the ride? Maybe~ 

charlesdeleroy - 11 hours ago

Well, when the dragon's being nice, it's courteous to take him up on the invitation. ;]

Hat Kid plays with her dolly

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: scottypilgrim

Tags: Underage Non-Vore Transformation lolicon Size difference pussy juice Inanimate transformation Hat Kid

Couldn't avoid lewding the adorable thing! Decided on a pic of her playing around with Nino using some of her magic~. She's quite crafty with yarn and her umbrella~
Art by TheBigBrap 

Kelly - 2 days ago

Oh my god Hat Kid yeeeees <3 Have been waiting for so long ~

Mortaven - 2 days ago

=w= Oh my! Two of my favorite lil magical lolis! >w> Very nice~

A Found Shared Interest

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: Aesir

Tags: Oral Vore Breasts F/F feeding Micro Prey Nudity Female Prey Female Pred Original Character Dragon Ball Z Nude Female pushing with finger Habane Android 21 Dragon Ball FighterZ

Something i randomly did in chunks between other work.

Reminder that all images are released a month early on my Patreon. :D 

SomeGuyver - 7 hours ago

Any chance of a follow up image of her swallowing?

CMvoreroom - 13 hours ago

>3< lol

DRayElliott - 13 hours ago

I still think it's wrong for Saitama to have hair, lol.

porlay - 1 day ago

Oh wow, you draw Android 21 very nice! One of the best interpretations I've ever seen! Well done. I would definitely love to see more art with her soon. Thoughts?

zobabu - 1 day ago


1.9 Changelings on a Train

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: doomfister

Tags: Oral Vore M/F Blood Non-Fatal Changeling My Little Pony Vore story Twilight Sparkle Rarity Fleur Dis Lee Fancy Pants ramrodding monologue Changeling Pred threats Ratway the forgotten one healthy fear of death

Twilight thinks its a good idea to get Ratway out of the castle, and rarity is more then happy to take him on a business trip to Fancy pants resort.

vore ensues

next story wont be so long, and will just be some good old fashioned f/f. non of this boring plot stuff. ;) 

Rathalos122 - 1 day ago

oh my

doomfister - 1 day ago

yes, i have an alternate ending to a certain wedding in the works that is nearing the top of the pile. i keep putting it off as i want to be at 110% when i write my first attempt at chrissy. were talking cruel pred, full digestion, the works, as she casually mocks Twilight as she stews away in her gut, able to see every weak twitch the purple unicorn makes.

and i am sure Earwhig will return for revenge, but hes going to be nursing a broken ego for a while, so the hive might send someone a little better equipt to deal with twilight and her friends (forshadowing).

Rathalos122 - 1 day ago

will we see some more sucessfull changelings in the future/sidestories? i like trasparent bellys and the thought of a roomful of changeling with filled bellys^^

PonyThroat - 2 days ago

good stuff

Feeding the Piggy

Uploaded: 2 days ago


Tags: F/F Weight Gain Stuffing Bondage Unwilling Glasses Pig captured public Sweat Force Feeding Unwilling Prey Unwilling Pred Multiple Prey Big Belly Humiliation Tied Female Prey Female Pred Big Breasts big butt forced vore sweaty Demi-human pred Demi-Human dirty tied up public vore PigGirl stretch marks naked prey Naked Female demi-human prey naked pred Forced stuffing pig girl stretched belly dirty pred captured prey F/FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF Tied up prey captured pred

The visitors of the factory just came in time to see the feeding.
This pig seems to have quiet the appetite.
Who knows what enhancers they used to boost her diet like this.
One thing is sure. There will be a lot of pork.
I mean... only one breast weights 330 pounds. That's a lot of meat (and milk)

So this is kind of a gift for berrychicka (over at DA)...
[ Continued ...

C4pit4nN3m0 - 14 hours ago

Do you really enjoy working with engineers in your arts?!?!

0kc0mputer - 1 day ago

holy shiiit
you should really do a tutorial one day on how you do stomach bulges because they never cease to impress me.

Callen - 2 days ago

nice its a new twist and i like it

AegisOfRoses - 2 days ago

The industrialized way food is being processed makes me sick! They just blatantly have the pigs cannibalize, and put it on display like it's some sort of show! It's sic, sick I say!

Ma'am, you appear to be wet.

Shut up! How dare you speak to me that- what are you doing? No, I don't want to- no! Don't put her in my- HRK!

Another pig for the slaughter.

Great work, BigBiggie Cheese.

bbstuff - 2 days ago


huffing big snek raptor!

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: jacobgord12345

Tags: Snake Male Anthro Cock Vore Cum scalie raptor Hybrid Balls Reptile hyper M/? Big balls Male Pred hyper cock Anthro Pred huge balls hyper balls Ballsack big penis huge penis snake raptor

a commission i got from who wanted me to draw a new snake raptor for him while he cv'ed one of his own characters as well!
commissions are open here if any one is curious about commissioning me~!
i made the cock more detailed 

brandon14 - 2 days ago

raptor cream c:

ChaoskampfNunc - 2 days ago

Soon whoever is in there will just be a big splat coming from that big cock~

Death Before My Eyes

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: nyte

Tags: Tifa Pre-Vore Shinra ?/F Final fantasy 7 Final Fantasy Scarlet FF7 ?/ff Final Fantasy VII Tifa Lockhart Malboro ?/multiple Advertisement

That look when a murderous bitch is holding you by your hair, bound in front of a voracious monster...

Just a panel I loved that I wanted to share. :)

Full comic available on my Gumroad! And follow me on there to receive a *free* comic immediately and stay updated on deals, releases, and more!


LordStorm - 2 days ago

Tifa's breasts were made for eating ;)

ChaoskampfNunc - 2 days ago

That's the look of someone who just realized their final moments are going to be painful and they'll be spending it inside a monster.

A stuffed rainbow hair dragon

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: jacobgord12345

Tags: Pokemon Dragon Feral Bulge Dragoness Big Belly Latios Feral Pred

a art trade i did with where he asked me to draw his dragon character called linda, and he didn't mind me throwing my lati into it for a little giggle
well hope you guys enjoy it~! 

SOJITZL - 1 day ago

Because there is no AlphaLinda

F1reDem0n - 2 days ago

So much Blep on this page. IT'S OVERWHELMING! X3

moonlightshy - 2 days ago

wish we could get such a lovely view

CaptainMoke - 2 days ago

Too much cute on one page~!

ChaoskampfNunc - 2 days ago

Such a pretty derg! I love rainbow things <3

Hanno - 1 day ago

Hi, I would like to donate for such amazing artwork, especially since it involves a male pred with full tour. Where can I send you the donation?

Gutswimmer - 2 days ago

The best burial a bunny could ask for!

Redpod - 2 days ago


LordDantai - 2 days ago

Nice :D

Combat - 2 days ago

No problem :D

Good Siblings Share

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: TsundereHana

Tags: Human Male Non-Vore Female Sex Anal Sex threesome ahegao double penetration Vaginal sex Strap on

I said "What what in the butt!"

Rose and Jamie are learning to share like good siblings do. I'm just in the middle having a great time ^^;

Left: Rose belongs to  voraciousrose
Middle: Hana belongs to  tsunderehana
Right: Jamie belongs to  dragonprince32  

dragonprince32 - 2 days ago

As long as my wife is happy, I'll gladly share.

VoraciousRose - 2 days ago

I'm in the butt... that's what.


Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: twitchystitch

Tags: Non-Vore curvy Huge breasts hyper breasts Big Lips hyper boobs Boku no Hero Academia Momo Yaoyorozu bnha

Momo's powers are fueled by fat, and as she got older, she naturally developed much larger fat deposits!

Almost exclusively in her boobs, for some reason. 

twitchystitch - 1 hour ago

Ahhh, thank you~!

I love Mt Lady for obvious reasons (GIANT LADY!!!) and I adore Urahara and Tsuyu is my favorite character, but Momo is just so... COOL, I had to do a draw of her!

As she grew older, her quirk affected her metabolism in an interesting way, giving her a ferocious hunger so that every calorie is replaced ASAP, much of it going straight to the boobs! And she gets more output for less input, with her curves remaining more or less constant. She can produce things the size of tanks or massive cannons with ease, now!

(The flipside of this is that she is REALLY VERY hungry, all the time!)

thicceater - 2 days ago

Goodness! Momo looks amazing in your style! I bet her power is off the charts with those chubby assets :D

glittoris - 1 day ago

ur probably right lmao

ChaoskampfNunc - 1 day ago

I'm not going to hold out hope honestly because even if he doesn't now I'll probably get snacked on later

glittoris - 1 day ago

u do good and maybe he won’t digest u :0

ChaoskampfNunc - 1 day ago

My mouth is gonna be full of sommthin else hopefully ;3

glittoris - 1 day ago

it’s ur face fulla thigh sweat go ahead

PegaSUS - 1 day ago

"Stop injecting your horrible fetishes into our stories."

But, boy, sometimes the most ridiculous ideas will change your perspective on them when they do come true.

Cute 'Jack! Also love that predatory look on Dash.

RoryKenneigh - 1 day ago

It's a SEXY story

Dragon808tr - 1 day ago

A lovely idea done very well. Do you plan on doing coloring?

Those campers are about to camp where no one has before, a giant ponies digestive system!

PonyThroat - 1 day ago

I tend to not look out for the last one.

PonyThroat - 1 day ago

And about to be even further in one.

Art Shuffle for Feith - Agu (without armor)

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: AlitaBerserker

Tags: Wolf Dragon Male Fur Non-Vore Deer Leaf clouds

An art shuffle won by a girl on Amino ^.^  

Personal Food Dispenser

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: WankersCramp

Tags: Breasts Fox Anthro Sonic the Hedgehog Milk Non-Vore lactation tails the fox SEGA sonic team servant Huge breasts breast feeding Miles Prower secretary boob squish huge tits boob grab archie comics nicole the lynx

It's something she relishes.

Think I finally found my colouring style, pretty happy with this. Tails is un-gloved btw.

How she gains all that milk... Well, I'll let you be the judge of that.

Nicole's secretary design by me.

Sketch by Eka's


Inking and colouring by me 

VorishFoxie - 19 hours ago

B-boy this is very very good o///o

Redonionring - 1 day ago

4chan term for girl

blackwolf09 - 2 days ago

She can eat me if she wants ;)

ublover1 - 2 days ago

that is some fine tits..... need to grab...

moonlightshy - 2 days ago

g-got anymore f-for someone else? >///<

Android 21 vs Steven!

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: thicceater

Tags: F/M snack Ice cream Food Transformation Steven Universe Android 21 cookie cat

I cant believe i forgot to post this a while back
Yet another amazing piece of art by my tumblr buddy 

Mettra - 2 days ago


porlay - 2 days ago

Not bad. Tell them to make more art with her!


Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: thicceater

Tags: Non-Vore crossover fusion Steven Universe Rose Quartz miss kobayashi's dragon maid Lucoa

Behold! The Fusion between Lucoa from Dragon Maid and Rose Quartz from SU!
2 Insanely curvy and sexy goddesses fused into one! Shouta and Steven beware, for here comes a super assault of hugs and kisses! 

twitchystitch - 1 hour ago

As I've said before; a fusion of Rose AND Lucoa, two of the best mom-tier beauties in recent animation, is just the BEST idea. She needs her own series ASAP!

She's sixteen feet of ultimate motherly affection and seductive charm. (Well, sort of. Does it count as seduction when she just looks at you and you obey her because you know that you BELONG to her already?)

Imagine her gulping up Shouta and Steven in a flurry of loving kisses, just because she loves them too much NOT to gulp them! Or fusing them into one, for more efficient smooching.

Deviantfan16 - 2 days ago

Those broke awhile. Somehow it got so high it cycled back through the floor and it's gone back into the sky

brandon14 - 2 days ago



Deviantfan16 - 2 days ago

Rose + Lucoa = o//o

klonoa723 - 10 hours ago

Is she searching for Rouge?
She's gotta get waaay more inside to find her xD

knux - 2 days ago

I like this

knux - 2 days ago

I like this

sdsds96 - 2 days ago

My thoughts exactly :3

z3d - 2 days ago

Cream is the perfect size to fit into that ass ; 3

A Lovely Little Gift [New Icon!]

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: thicceater

Tags: Cute hug Non-Vore Size difference Shota Huge breasts Boob hug

An amazing part of a traade wade by my good friend on tumblr
Where he remade my icon of my OCs Gira and Suni
Isn't it adorable! ^_^ 

twitchystitch - 1 hour ago

A very, very lovely icon!

gulpin - 2 days ago

Adorable! ^_^

brandon14 - 2 days ago

No srsly... better run or else I cum a fucking huge wave. *drama*

SaoYuuki - 2 days ago


thicceater - 2 days ago

Certainly! :3

SeekGr - 9 hours ago

Hopefully they don't mind it as well xP

lovevshate - 16 hours ago

I wouldn’t mind joining in on the fun once he regenerates ^_^

SeekGr - 1 day ago

Haha hopefully xPP

ublover1 - 1 day ago

i agree but getting to go up the booty is hot :P

liam123 - 1 day ago

>/////< I wanna be next~ so hawt, <3

A friend like her

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: MobiusTheIce

Tags: Breasts Belly Slime Chubby Female Magic djinn genie Slimegirl Big Belly Female Pred Big Breasts Elise

Trust her, you won't. Haha, anyway, it's been a bit since the last time I drew Elise! So, here we are with some image of her! Maybe some vore too, dunno. Anyway, this was requested by  Gstef , as part of his trade! Hope ya enjoy :) 

klonoa723 - 10 hours ago

Copyright infringement in 3... 2... 1...

Kirbster231 - 1 day ago

Boy do i not it XD

Deviantfan16 - 1 day ago

Itty bitty living space

brandon14 - 1 day ago

aw... shit.

MobiusTheIce - 1 day ago

Still good wishes, haha XD