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Brigid pride (edit)

Uploaded: 48 minutes ago

Owner: Jazzyjoe94

Tags: Chubby F/M Same Size Female Masturbation Fire Emblem Nudity willing pred Internal View Female Pred Petra female vore satisfied predator Satisfied Pred willing prey Byleth Fire emblem 3 houses Fire emblem: Three Houses

Byleth reads a book in the library about ancient Brigid traditions and becomes interested in trying it out with Petra


Uploaded: 58 minutes ago

Owner: hotpocketshogun

Tags: Fart Anal Vore Streaming Source Filmmaker Streaming Announcement

Ok this time i should definitely get to the part you all wanna see. 

Busty 3 Course Meal

Uploaded: 1 hour ago

Owner: brandon14

Tags: Oral Vore Breasts Belly Soft Vore Human Male M/F Same Size Bulge Female Non-Fatal Glasses Willing Big Belly Huge belly Female Prey Big Breasts Original Character Original Characters Huge breasts Male Pred m/fff lewd willing prey Multiple prey

This was literally made by a friend of mine on Discord, who actually have Aryion, and I was the one who made the request cuz I noticed her request was open. owo
Anyone who is actually a fan of this art design was obviously made by KimberlyNSFW (the one with vore art and funny drunk stuff). I only own my Vore-sona (the pred in this art). The prey? MEH, DUNNO! XP
Link to original artist: 

PickingRoses - 1 hour ago

Who cares about the details of the prey with such a meal!

IKKO Profile / Reference Sheet

Uploaded: 1 hour ago

Owner: Thorstone

Tags: Non-Vore Femboy Genderless androgynous

A character reference sheet commission for  Badfurson !

A.k.a no my character :v 

Thorstone - 12 minutes ago


StormyRange - 55 minutes ago

Really interesting character, you really brought them to life and make them so lovely lookin'!

SaoYuuki - 1 hour ago


Thorstone - 1 hour ago


Thorstone - 1 hour ago


Part of the Artistic Process

Uploaded: 1 hour ago

Owner: crufl

Tags: F/F Non-Vore cunnilingus Facesitting danganronpa Himiko Yumeno Angie Yonaga

I have it on good authority that a major part of the artistic process is oral sex. Atua told me, using Angie. You see, if she wants to make a sculpture she needs some good head first, and Himiko's maaaaagic talent probably applies to her tongue. That is definitely how magic works. Not that Himiko needed an excuse to get sat on by Angie....

Drawn by JCM2. Check him out at 

2nd AUG Sketch Commission Stream [Day 3/3]

Uploaded: 1 hour ago

Owner: A0IISA




Starting at 18:00 Eastern European Time (15:00 UTC, 08:00 PST & 11:00 EST) each day and last long as long as I have energy to work!
You can make orders 15 minutes early before work on the stream truly begins to spare time.


For $10, you can get simple single character sketch.

[ Continued ...

Growing the Clan [Turian Unbirth / Sketch Com

Uploaded: 1 hour ago

Owner: Skeksi

Tags: Unbirth Dragoness Transformation rebirth Willing Big Belly womb Internal View Female Pred Age regression Turian Mass Effect Mother and Daugther pregnant belly

A while after the birth of her daughter, the Turianess leaves her home planet for a short time and comes across a sweet dragoness eager for a big change. Her desire for a different path in life and her love of Turians, caused a swell the Turianess's heart. The dragoness was whisked away, and gentled squeezed into the Turian's loving womb much to both their delight. By the time she returned to Palaven, her belly was small again with her occupant fully regressed and slowly becoming Turian. Her new...
[ Continued ...

Area 51

Uploaded: 2 hours ago

Owner: thesonier103

Tags: Tail Alien Digestion F/F Same Size Struggling Big Belly Belly bulge Area 51 Digestion Noises alien vore

the day of snacks is coming 

Demonking44 - 1 hour ago

The fact that over 1.1 million people have signed up....

She is gonna be one BIG alien mama.

brandon14 - 2 hours ago

No wonder the Area 51 guards have to defend Area 51 on 9/20

Random Sketch: Kinflation

Uploaded: 2 hours ago

Owner: A0IISA

Tags: Sketch Inflation Non-Vore Kin Riveros Coloured Sketch

Kin Riveros © A0IISA 

A Hole New World 7

Uploaded: 3 hours ago

Owner: Apathy

Tags: F/M Same Size Aladdin Navel Vore Stomach Bulges Struggling prey Princess Jasmine

Jasmine felt goosebumps prickling all over her body as Aladdin's feet wriggled against the folds of her navel. She licked her lips, then with one final sweet suction, his toes disappeared and her belly button squeezed shut, tightly compressing the former Prince Ali inside of her stomach. She leaned back, his full weight bouncing and squirming inside of her, then suddenly let out a deep moan as she felt her fire rising. Her hand wandered to her navel, fingering the puckering mouth as Aladdin...
[ Continued ...

Collaboration with Techno-Universal

Uploaded: 5 hours ago

Owner: FireDrake418

Tags: Breasts Anthro Non-Vore Scalie Chameleon My Little Pony Collaboration Nude Female

This is a collaboration with… I was working on before I started to study more tutorials.

While I have applied what I have learned on this drawing, there are things I still need to work on (Elbows, forearms size, Mylo's feet size, Techno's snout, nipples shape, feathers too sharp, etc.). It will not be for this drawing however, but I will work on these issues for my future projects.

The next images where they wear clothes will be posted...
[ Continued ...

Fatty cat

Uploaded: 5 hours ago

Owner: BelowAverageCat

Tags: Cat Male Weight Gain Non-Vore Female Big Belly teasing fat male

Sophie: "Oh, it seems more than one of us is enjoying this~"
Tom: "N-no... Shut up..."

Tom is far too kind and willing for his own good, or Sophie is just that convincing because she knows exactly what he "secretly" likes 

In Azur Lane, Subs Eat You

Uploaded: 6 hours ago

Owner: RooK13

Tags: Gulp Breasts Belly Soft Vore Burp Drool Saliva Same Size Swallowing Butt thighs Struggling F/FF Big Belly Huge belly Swimsuit Female Prey Female Pred Big Breasts leotard f/multiple Belly bulge Huge breasts Multi Vore ass grab outlined bulge boob squish muffled screaming boobhat Thick thighs Licking Lips side view Digestion Noises Stomach Noises thick butt legs sticking out boob grope boob grab butt grab exposed cleavage rubbing belly Thigh highs Face Imprint Barefoot Pred still hungry hand on belly holding belly Multiple Preys growing belly hand imprints Azur Lane U-47 Honolulu St. Louis U47

U-47's assets have thickened up by quite a bit, presumably from digesting her hearty previous meals, and she's now hungry again, craving for even more ships to add to her curves. The victims are Honolulu and St. Louis, also from Azur Lane.

Commission for  SomeGuyHere. We've poured a lot of time, blood, and sweat into this one pic, but the result was well worth it. A post-vore follow-up will be done next time I open commissions. 

RooK13 - 3 hours ago

Thanks! It's alright, take your time.

Blarginated - 3 hours ago

Such magnificent guts. I must commission you at some point; there’s just ideas and funds getting in my way.

Battle541 - 3 hours ago

Azur Lane. :3 My favorite game to play.

SomeGuyHere - 5 hours ago

Definitely! Looking forward to work with you more in the future.

RooK13 - 5 hours ago

Yeah, a bit more than a week ago. You can find the pricing under the Commission Status tab on my profile. There are many people on the queue right now, so I will probably accept only one or two more, but feel free to send any ideas over and I'll see what I can do.

Free To Eat

Uploaded: 8 hours ago

Owner: LTAF

Tags: Oral Vore Digestion F/F Burp Weight Gain Swallowing Willing Female Prey Female Pred Big Breasts Big Butt Belly bulge Final Fantasy VII Tifa Lockhart fat butt happy prey Aerith Gainsborough

Request: Requesting a sequel to the top left image of Tifa holding up an Eat Me sign with the sign tossed aside on the ground and Tifa in the middle of being swallowed by Aerith. How Aerith goes about swallowing her can be up to you, whether its headfirst, all at once or taking her legs in with her struggling to fit her large breasts down and Tifa enjoying it.

Bonus if it cuts to after Aerith has finished digesting her and looking at how fat Tifa made her ass. 

LTAF - 1 hour ago

You're welcome!

Onepiecelover - 6 hours ago

realy nice idea cool i like it

Azuris - 6 hours ago

Thanks again for giving Tifa and Aerith some love with the request I made! It's greatly appreciated!

Dealing With Team Skull (Lillie’s way)

Uploaded: 8 hours ago

Owner: MidNightOwlArt

Tags: Pokemon Comic Soft Vore Digestion Burp Weight Gain Breast Expansion Same Size Bulge bed moon friends Unwilling Prey Big Belly F/fm Female Prey Male Prey Female Pred Inside view post digestion Belly bulge pokemon trainer Butt Expansion Tight Belly outside Blushing belly noise Clothed Pred observer lovers? post digestion weight gain moving in stomach hands on belly gurlges Multiple Preys post vore belly Lillie Team Skull first time pred pokemon (moon) watching it happen

Finally got this done!
Hope you all enjoy seeing this as much as me making it.
First panel is from Hau'oli City next to the Malasada shop.

Second panel is on Route 2 close to the Motel.

Third panel is either in a Pokecenter Inn like in the anime or they turn around and got a room in the Motel.

Look like Lillie is tired of Team Skull’s...
[ Continued ...

MidNightOwlArt - 1 hour ago

*Wedding bells*

POPObro - 3 hours ago

then lilie and the trainer (me) began dating and we lives happuily ever after

[Comm] So Three People go into a bar...

Uploaded: 8 hours ago

Owner: Solmaximuta

Tags: Human Female Cock Vore Futanari Demoness Balls Drunk H/F h/ff Hermaphrodite Pred Herm Pred Ball Bulge Cock Bulge Hermaphrodite Drunk pred

One's a demon, the other a hot vampire, and the last a herm immortal. Also a tiny but she got trashed quickly. Punch line is, no punch bowl and the end was down Artairos' cock.

10/10, best story yet. Also note, I hate bar drawings with a passion now, and if I get asked to do one like that again, I will bone the asker.

Regardless, this was a commission from Beelze, the purple demoness in the cock, with her best buddy Lilly owned by M.Mitch (sorry, don't know any...
[ Continued ...

Beelze - 5 hours ago

Oh this turned out wonderfully!

runeguden - 5 hours ago

i love this

Solmaximuta - 8 hours ago

Fok, sorry for those who may or may not have noticed. Had a hick up with the file and had to hammer out a bug.

Inara Pinup

Uploaded: 9 hours ago

Owner: Nalzindar

Tags: Nature Tail Naga Non-Vore Lamia shy Pinup Nudity open maw Big Breasts Snake girl yellow green hair landscape Nude Female sexy female covering Exposed Breasts

This time I have yet another picture of the ever so lovely Inara. I have wanted to make a pinup-picture for sometime, and she was so kind and volunteer. There is no vore featuring in this picture though, so you are free to use your imagination; maybe she is just basking in the sun, has been convinced by a bold photographer to lie down for a rare photo shoot, or maybe she has gone for a picnic and eaten the other participants for lunch.

You decide^^ 

Nalzindar - 2 hours ago

Thank you, I am glad you like her and the sexy pose. She is also a fun character to play with, and despite being a shy and timid creature, she does have a naughty side as well. If you survive long enough to get to know it...

Nalzindar - 2 hours ago

I like this pose too^^ Inara is 260,4 feet (or 73,9 meters), so she is a giant indeed so as you say, the picture must be taken from a certain height.

PrinnyDood - 3 hours ago


Love her pose and massively sexy expression here! Huge bravo on depicting such a sexy naga so beautifully. I must say, I find myself becoming very fond of this character. :3

DrakentheBlack - 3 hours ago

Really sexy pose you have her in!
All the comics I see of her show her as being really big, so I'm guessing the photographer is either a giant, or is shooting from an aircraft.

Nalzindar - 4 hours ago

Thanks a lot:3

Sui's soda fueled Belch

Uploaded: 9 hours ago

Owner: Haxxtra

Tags: Cute Burp Non-Vore Belch Navel Belching soda Burping Long hair Cute girl mini skirt Soda Bloat soda inflation soda belly

who knew cute girls with glasses could burp like that?
I'm definitely buying more soda once she's done with the mountain I got sitting in my fridge

this is a request for @Suibelly
her OC sui Burping after bloating her cute belly with soda 

Haxxtra - 48 minutes ago

Hmmm maybe I should draw you stuffing your belly next time ;3

Haxxtra - 53 minutes ago

she had to... y'know, give her burp a little help to escape from her guts :3

Freakout541 - 56 minutes ago

Wow her pushing on her belly is a nice touch! Fantastic job as always!

cloudrunnerteeny - 5 hours ago

my goodness Sui i never thought i'd see you on this gallery~ best fit for a big bellied belchy girl like yoruself! <3

Suibelly - 8 hours ago

Just need some bologna to go with this co-co-cola!

C'est la vie

Uploaded: 9 hours ago

Owner: JacktheRabbit

Tags: Non-Vore Casual

Dewy's a tricolor lionhead dwarf rabbit with a non judgmental view about his toothier fellow-denizens.

He got a job as a waiter for a restaurant specialized in serving live meat.  

bloodwolfvamp - 9 hours ago

ok i just wanna squeeze him he so adorbs

Mira & Alastair Dinner

Uploaded: 10 hours ago

Owner: MarkusFreeman320

Tags: Furry Fox Human Anthro Digestion Female Prey Human Prey Male Prey Female Pred Male Pred Furry Pred Fox Pred Anthro Pred Graduation Cayote

And you probably thought I couldn't draw romance too... 

LastRider100 - 2 hours ago

Very romantic!

Dragon808tr - 3 hours ago


Dragon808tr - 3 hours ago

Two lovely pelis with humans digesting! Sounds like a nice date for both involved.

wolfSnack - 9 hours ago

These pair are so damn cute (albeit still hungry), I'll be posting their story in the next couple days!

[Com] A Modest Proposal - 4

Uploaded: 10 hours ago

Owner: SeekGr

Tags: Comic Fox Vixen F/M Mouse Commission Unwilling Macro/Micro Canine Unwilling Prey Size difference Autumn willing pred spit out fox girl conversation Praexon anthro mouse Anthro Prey mouse boy Fox Pred Anthro Pred Canine Pred Antrho Vixen Pred SeekGr

He was lucky Autumn was poor and the landlord is evillll xDDDD

But hey!

Let us see Pip's journey,
Which has only begun!

Hopefully it's been enjoyable so far!

Commission for  Praexon
Autumn, the vixen
Pip the mouse both belong to  Praexon
Art by myself!  SeekGr

[ Continued ...

HellFlair - 1 hour ago

Oof!! Well that was a turn that I didn't see coming. I wonder what will happen next in their relationship. Also yeah he might be a mouse but he's either got some serious balls or a death wish.

NovaDragn - 1 hour ago

Ahhh not the end, loving this one make more please ^_^

Novaprime - 2 hours ago

Aw, he shoulda been some added tiddy

BL1GHT - 3 hours ago

Insert "at first you had my attention..." gif here.

Littledude - 4 hours ago

Saved by the yell. Pip seems awfully determined about this. I’m thinking he’s got a bad case of Stockholm syndrome which is understandable when your captor is a smoking hot fox girl.

Afflicted With [Heavy]

Uploaded: 10 hours ago

Owner: RoyalSerpent

Tags: Digestion Burp F/? Fatal Belch Belching Bunny girl Big Belly Big Breasts imprints bloated belly Viera white mage final fantasy XIV bulging stomach Laying on belly mmorpg FFXIV Casual predator Aluette Voras

Sometimes Aluette ends up eating
more than she intends and has to lay around a bit with a heavy meal before she can really go anywhere, she needs to remember to cast some magic to make herself lighter at some point!

Another Viera commission done by CrossCrescent 

Firstfate - 9 hours ago

Maybe she should take some tips from Priests in WoW and learn the Levitate spell xD helps with crossing water and the ground too dirty for holier than thou gut lol

bloodwolfvamp - 9 hours ago

casts Esuna on the Viera-- i hope that helps Aluette

HoshiHikara - 9 hours ago

I don't see a white bar over that debuff, pretty sure you can't esuna that! Just going to have to wait out the timer... And the prey's lifespan.

Cant beat the champ!

Uploaded: 10 hours ago

Owner: HugsAndV0re

Tags: Breasts Pokemon Belly Same Size F/? Post-Vore Big Belly Female Pred Cynthia Pokemon pred head between breasts

Eyyy my first post and its of my girl Cynthia!

Anyways as i've said i've been a lurker on this website for quite a few years but only now decided to do and post some art of my own.
I hope to get feedback and improve while my stay on this website, therefore i welcome any constructive feedback. But also dont feel afraid have some banter, as long as you're not being an straight up asshole i welcome it! :)

Oh and feel free to request tags i m pretty bad at that.  

TrainerKatrine - 3 hours ago

There's also the thing that was pointed out by someone else, being the pretty bulky torso, wnhich looks sorta weird. The anatomy could do with some refinement, but lovely artstyle. :)

HeroSoulSword - 4 hours ago

Welcome to the Portal! Always nice to see a new face here. And your debut gives us the Poke-Queen: Cynthia. A nice way to open things up.

And, like everyone else, the text is a bit hard to read. I suggest making them darker in color next time, or at least outlining them. But, overall, you're off to a good start.

HugsAndV0re - 7 hours ago

Thanks! That was exactly what i was thinking of doing.

TrainerKatrine - 7 hours ago

My only critique is the colour of the text. I'd suggest either using an outline on the text, or using a more saturated colour. Also, welcome to Aryion~

HugsAndV0re - 8 hours ago

Know that feel. So many ideas so little time.

Day 24 - Multiple Limbed Girl

Uploaded: 10 hours ago

Owner: The Saint of Ravens

Tags: Non-Vore Wasp hornet

Day 24's catagory with a monster girl with multiple limbs, so I went with a wasp girl~ Simple pudgy buzz butt~

If you'd like to claim her, do so in the comments below~ 

DrashaTheImmortal - 15 minutes ago

shes BEEutiful

Raesetsu - 5 hours ago

Man! I'd love one with multiple limbs. Too bad I'm too late.

bloodwolfvamp - 9 hours ago

yet again another amazing lady

Apostolos - 10 hours ago

That was a pure stroke of luck I wandered over to ekas at this time

Apostolos - 10 hours ago

If possible claimed

Brigid pride

Uploaded: 11 hours ago

Owner: Jazzyjoe94

Tags: F/M Same Size Female Vagina Fire Emblem Nudity willing pred Internal View Female Pred horny Petra willing prey Fire emblem 3 houses Blyeth

Petra teaches a curious Blyeth about ancient Brigiden traditions. 

Deserved treatment for a horrible train

Uploaded: 11 hours ago

Owner: MaverickAventura

Tags: Macro destruction Anthro suction Cock Vore dot Penis train Macro/Micro Minerva vacuum vore penetration Uncut Foreskin Gaping Animaniacs ahegao Hermaphrodite Pred Herm Pred Hermaphrodite Minerva Mink suction vore Nude pred penis vore vacuum penis uncut penis gaping penis ahegao face gaping urethra Improvised

The first Class 142 British Rail Pacer DMU train was taken out of service after around 34 years of service. I've rode on them a few times and whist they aren't the worst trains of all time, I still think that the people who have been forced to commute on them day in, day out deserved better than what's basically a bus on rails and thus, it's punishment is, well, the image speaks for itself.

The result is one of the funniest images I've every commissioned so far. So many questions...
[ Continued ...

Tight troubles (Fart)

Uploaded: 11 hours ago

Owner: ChaseTheHyena

Tags: Cat Non-Vore Hyena Farting Butt Transformation Underwear transformation Kanada underwear tf Chase The Hyena

In a parallel universe it seems Chase has had an accident with Kanada and after a lengthy civil debate, Kanada has seen fit to reduce him to ass wear. His nose and mouth are pressed up against this Kanada’s puckering slimy anus. Who knows how many farts and ass wipes he’ll endure before he finally is changed back (as if) maybe he’ll be soiled beyond measure and be kept until he’s lost all texture and eventually is torn and tossed away, left to lay there and be recycled into something...
[ Continued ...

Tight Troubles

Uploaded: 11 hours ago

Owner: ChaseTheHyena

Tags: Cat Non-Vore Hyena Butt Transformation underwear Underwear transformation Kanada underwear tf

In a parallel universe it seems Chase has had an accident with Kanada and after a lengthy civil debate, Kanada has seen fit to reduce him to ass wear. His nose and mouth are pressed up against this Kanada’s puckering slimy anus. Who knows how many farts and ass wipes he’ll endure before he finally is changed back (as if) maybe he’ll be soiled beyond measure and be kept until he’s lost all texture and eventually is torn and tossed away, left to lay there and be recycled into something...
[ Continued ...

#dinnerdate3: The New Guy

Uploaded: 11 hours ago

Owner: KentaKoukuji

Tags: F/M Cut-away Dragon Ball Z Erasa

Oh, that first pic was but Part 1 of Ash's initiation. Part 2 is throwing him to a cute waifu.

So on a whim, I pictured a silly little scenario of Ash going out with Erasa (an underrated Dragon Ball waifu), and their little date ends with Ash as Erasa's dessert. Normally I'd worry about leaving my brand-new boy inside a cute girl's gut, buuuuut if something bad happens this is tangently linked to Dragon Ball so he'll probably be fine.

Art by  Natsumemetalsonic,...
[ Continued ...

March - 4 hours ago

All things considered it's a pretty convenient solution! Curious or not though, I'm sure Erasa won't be complaining, haha.

KentaKoukuji - 10 hours ago

Not gonna lie, the idea of doing more with these two has crossed my mind. Even if he's gurgled up, just need some magic orbs to fix it all up.

He'll probably be a bit weirded out at first, but then the curiosity sets in.

March - 11 hours ago

Looks like Erasa's blog will be seeing another update soon, it's a good thing I've got my notifications turned on!

Always nice to see more of Erasa, plus in general it's a super good pairing with Ash all things considered! Guess it's safe to say he's aware of vore though now, huh? They grow up so fast... Or I guess in this case, churn up!

Officially Initiated

Uploaded: 12 hours ago

Owner: KentaKoukuji

Tags: Non-Vore Original Character bloated belly

And now we have... a new boy on the block, his name is Ash Parker. I Made him as a bit more of an "average everyman" compared to the likes of Kenta. A college student casually goin' through life, mostly unaware of the concept of "eating people" but can also be pretty curious.

...So naturally to welcome him into the fold, I filled his gut with an unknown sloshy liquid. He's not too thrilled. :V

Art by Axel-Rosered over on DeviantArt...
[ Continued ...

March - 3 hours ago

There's a game I haven't played in a while! It has a pretty good character creator all things considered, so I can see how that'd happen! I think my only real complaint with it is the limited colour pallet Might have to give it another play through now though, who knows!

KentaKoukuji - 10 hours ago

Truth be told, I actually used Jump Force's character creator to make Ash's design.

March - 11 hours ago

A character unaware of the concept of eating people on Kenta's page? He's still innocent Kenta, don't do it to the poor boy! XD

Interesting character concept, always nice to see what you come up with! Frankly video game character makers have gotten really good these days. Kami only knows how many times I've found myself in something like Shinobi Strikers or Xenoverse 2 and gone "This would make for a really good character!".

A Sam and Dan Halloween Demo Available

Uploaded: 12 hours ago

Owner: CarnivorousVixen

Decided to release a demo afterall. Not a whole lot to this demo as its only a week's worth of work, but it's over 90% of what part 1 of the full story will contain. Includes same size and micro vore and some sex parts here and there. Play as Sam and wander around a new part of Buntopia, the city featured in Chocola RPG Episode 1, which this game takes place months before.

A: Interact
B: Press once to run, press again to walk
Start: Display a list of...
[ Continued ...

CarnivorousVixen - 9 hours ago

Ah thank you :3 Happy you enjoyed

SnowTheOcto - 9 hours ago

i found a typo, at the bottom of the screen at the cotton candy stand there's a park goer who says "i think i saw you early" and i think you meant to put "earlier", other than that great demo!

NiceGuy18 - 11 hours ago

Any vore scenes in this demo?

CarnivorousVixen - 11 hours ago

Thanks :3 It's actually easier than I thought

hauntz - 12 hours ago

this looks amazing!!!! so retro

Shake It!

Uploaded: 12 hours ago

Owner: KentaKoukuji

Tags: M/? Big Belly dancing Vocaloid Natsumemetalsonic Len Kagamine

Another simple commission I got. Len Kagamine movin' and groovin', sloshing nondescript prey in his huge gut.

Art by  Natsumemetalsonic, character(s) belong to their respective owners 

Hariken - 2 hours ago

len's so good! ~

kagamichan - 9 hours ago

Best vocaloid looks even cuter with a big gut.

LimelleBoi - 11 hours ago

Yes <3

dodoman_1er - 12 hours ago

Awww yis! Len pred~! <3

[NSFW] Nukey's Bod

Uploaded: 13 hours ago

Owner: OmaeWaMoShindeiru

Tags: Non-Vore Glasses Red panda cat stockings Nukey

commission purchased from Coffeechicken over on FA of my Nukey! Grumpily pointing out whomever is peeping on her whilst she's getting dressed-- how rude of them!

This is probably the most accurate body-type ref I have of her presently. I need to get off my arse and make one myself 

Audax - 3 hours ago

Absolutely f l o o f

OmaeWaMoShindeiru - 4 hours ago

Made for squeezin'. -v-

OmaeWaMoShindeiru - 4 hours ago

we can make her bigger than before... we have the technology.

Tafillia - 5 hours ago

Shes so adorable and soft ~<3
would love to cuddle with her

player1 - 5 hours ago



Uploaded: 13 hours ago

Owner: OmaeWaMoShindeiru

Tags: Tongue Anthro Drool M/F Mawshot Avian Teeth Unwilling Prey demi prey Anthro Pred tongue wrap avian predator cat stockings Nukey atticus

A YCH I got from Natsacula featuring my Nukey and  Eurykins' birdy trickster, Atticus.

(also featuring  Obrove's Obe, the hat that Nukey wears) 

Eurykins - 10 hours ago


October - 11 hours ago


Final struggles [loop]

Uploaded: 13 hours ago

Owner: Leona34

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore Digestion Burp Same Size Bulge F/? Fatal Animation Belch Struggling Big Belly Fatal Vore Female Pred Big Breasts Belly bulge Pixel art Red Head happy pred Unknown prey Naked Female

Here we can see the final moments of a struggling prey before they're gone for good as Becky is happily digesting them.

For the original version : 

Sebistan - 8 hours ago

Red hairs are sure underrated

Leona34 - 12 hours ago


Leona34 - 12 hours ago

I don't really consider them to be the same girl honestly.

kdhjfeuiwnw - 12 hours ago

What app or engine you use to create pixel art

kdhjfeuiwnw - 12 hours ago

Isn't that from your previous vore art "A full belly"?

Final struggles [GIF]

Uploaded: 13 hours ago

Owner: Leona34

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore Digestion Burp Same Size Bulge F/? Fatal Animation Belch Struggling Big Belly Fatal Vore Female Pred Big Breasts Belly bulge Pixel art Red Head happy pred Unknown prey Naked Female

Here we can see the final moments of a struggling prey before they're gone for good as Becky is happily digesting them.

For a constant loop version : 

Leona34 - 12 hours ago

She sure is yes~

ChaoskampfNunc - 12 hours ago

Glad she's enjoying it <3

bloodwolfvamp - 11 hours ago

looks fun

Full of MP(reg)

Uploaded: 13 hours ago

Owner: KentaKoukuji

Tags: Non-Vore mpreg dragon quest inkling inkling boy Super smash bros ultimate

So... how 'bout dem Dragon Quest bois in da Smash Bros? While I didn't have as much experience with Dragon Quest (only having played a bit of 8, 9, and spinoffs like Heroes and Builders), I wound up pretty excited to try the Hero out. And when I did, he may be my favorite "sword user" in the game.

So it was inevitable that I subject the reasonably-attractive hero of Dragon Quest 11 to the belly treatment. As well as his Inkling opponent. Hocus Pocus got weird.

[ Continued ...

Zombina983 - 2 hours ago

Heres hoping the others don't wind up pregified....bah who we kidding preg them all!

SaoYuuki - 5 hours ago

Also, where's the smashing <w<

SaoYuuki - 5 hours ago

YIS, my favorite DLC!

KentaKoukuji - 13 hours ago

...Well damn, now I've gotta add that to the list.

Zagine - 13 hours ago

Makes everyone pregnant with that attack!?
Well now we can't ban him from tournaments.

Practice 4

Uploaded: 13 hours ago

Owner: Cimche

Tags: Stomach Non-Vore Penis Anus

Put on some tutorials and had some fun 

Big Fat Belly [YCH]

Uploaded: 13 hours ago

Owner: awesometacular

Tags: Same Size Big Belly Big Breasts YCH Advertisement Same sized vore

Can be any character you like, can be any gender/race/human/anthro, (clothes/bulges/skeleton imprints/wings/tails cost $3-$15),

completed in 24 hours. Only available for 24 hours

$25 for a slot,
Payment: PayPal

Send me details of your character if you're interested

Also, Check out my gallery to see some of my YCH i've done so far: 

[Quick Doodle] Drunk Tauren

Uploaded: 14 hours ago

Owner: Heartman98

Figured I try drawing a Tauren from World of Warcraft. 

Badfurson - 13 hours ago

Big hands...

Tokyo Vore Vore :comic commission:

Uploaded: 15 hours ago

Owner: kimeria87

Tags: Expansion Same Size Big Belly Vore Comic Mew Ichigo tokyo mew mew vore sequence kisshu

Commission for  drDark7! Thank you so very much!
I think this is the most cutest vore comic I've ever done!


DrDark7 - 9 hours ago

hehe that was good

EndercreeperMugen - 15 hours ago

Mew Ichigo is oddly underutilized as a pred. Well done on this one, it looks great~