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Daeva's "breastfeeding"

Uploaded: 52 minutes ago

Owner: Mark45

Tags: Breasts Tail Succubus F/M Giantess Vagina Wings Nipples Demoness pussy Horns Breast Vore Nipple Vore Size difference Nudity Male Prey Female Pred Huge breasts Long hair drooling white hair daeva boobs vore Thoughtvision

Another amazing commission. This time by Thoughtvision.
Ten out of ten.

As you can see, Daeva is swallowing Mark down in her nipple. But, weirdly enough, he doesn't seem all that enthusiast about it.

I don't see why you wouldn't want to become boob fat for a demoness with size changing powers, but it's not like he has the choice, anyway.

A big thank again to Thoughtvision for drawing this one, and to brainstorm, dokudoku and keyblademark for...
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Dino and Dragon Xternal

Uploaded: 1 hour ago

Owner: Bizarrvore

Tags: Dragon Feline Shrek ice age solo female Mama Dino

External only version.

Commission for Turborex3000. 

Dino and Dragon Xray

Uploaded: 1 hour ago

Owner: Bizarrvore

Tags: Dragon Feline Shrek frank ice age Swift Sketch Mama Dino

Commission for Turborex3000. 


Uploaded: 1 hour ago

Owner: Blaque

Tags: Non-Vore BBW Big Belly Bayonetta Thick thighs

Luka is the reason why Bayonetta is addicted to lollipops. 


Uploaded: 1 hour ago

Owner: Bizarrvore

Tags: Digestion Belch Changeling Earth Pony Swift Sketch Eco Stigma Jezu tatzl pony

Swift, Jezu, and Eco take a vacation to the beach. They have been eating some delicious beach tourists. 

December Comic Tease VoreFed 3

Uploaded: 1 hour ago

Owner: JT

Tags: Comic Soft Vore Stomach Chubby Fat Digestion F/F Predator BBW Stuffed Bloated Invalid Tag Force Feeding forced vore Food stuffing

Third teaser for the December Patreon Comic Vore-Fed. This will be a special comic. I usually try to go the extra mile with the December comics. This one will be a 15 page comic, however Im going to post it for the normal 10$ in my store. This will be a fun comic and will have all the elements I think. Id love to hear what you think

Be sure to join my Patreon for more exclusive snips from my upcoming work!
- - - - - -

JTComics is on PATREON! Are you a member? Do...
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Solitary Confinement [ Comm ]

Uploaded: 1 hour ago

Owner: HybridLyon

Tags: Furry Belly Soft Vore Anthro Vixen Foxgirl F/? Female Pred Carmelita Belly bulge Sly Cooper Unknown prey Anthro Pred Carmelita fox Vixen Pred hand on belly foxgirl pred Carmelita Montoya Fox

Commission done by Dranix featuring one of my very first video game crushes, Inspector Carmelita Montoya Fox. So I was fucked up from the very beginning :D .

Looks like the Inspector has a new method to capture criminals... Cooper better watch out now..

link to dranix if interested ->

I don't own Carmelita, those rights go to Sucker Punch Productions/Sony Computer Entertainment. 

Capture force

Uploaded: 2 hours ago

Owner: Frazone

Tags: Human Male Bulge Cock Vore entrapment smaller pred sneasel Human Pred handjob larger prey Endosoma Truck Male Pred Tyranitar Detailed bulges Hammerspace tyranitar prey

Working for the department for capture and rehabilitation of rouge Pokémon (final name still in revision) is a very demanding but also very fulfilling job. Especially when you get to be one of the top capture specialist and you get all sorts of special perks. My specialty is subduing major threats with minimal collateral damage when haste is not a priority. Here I am taking a short break after successfully capturing a Tyranitar and my Pokémon Freya giving me a hand job. The teather from my...
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Giant Pokemon League 4

Uploaded: 2 hours ago

Owner: Varu

Tags: Pokemon Comic Male Anime Commission Non-Vore Female Misty Ash Ketchum Brook

Commission by Iceninja.

Want a commission? Just PM me. You can find all the info here:

Coora Ithirid - 1 hour ago

This is a cute friendship.

TETRO - 2 hours ago

I'm loving this human and giantess friendship so far. It's really cute. It gives me a lot of interesting ideas.

Giant Pokemon League 3

Uploaded: 2 hours ago

Owner: Varu

Tags: Scat Pokemon Comic Male Commission Female Misty Ash Ketchum James team rocket

Commission by Iceninja.

Want a commission? Just PM me. You can find all the info here:

x9comega - 1 hour ago

Judging by how many bones and skulls I see, I’m assuming Gary’s cheer squad joined him XD

TETRO - 2 hours ago

I love how she can be seen taking a huge shit in one panel and standing proud and powerful in another. There's something very endearing about that juxtaposition.

usersp - 2 hours ago

she is just so cute -3-

Small Struggle

Uploaded: 2 hours ago

Owner: Frazone

Tags: Pokemon Human Male Bulge Cock Vore Charizard Mewtwo entrapment M/? Human Pred Male Pred pokemon prey Hammerspace charizard prey mewtwo prey Endosma

On the way back from capturing the renegade Mewtwo, I swung by to subdue a Charizard that had devoured a couple people. These naughty pokemon never seem to remember their place. now it's not proper practical to keep two recent captures in the same cell but well I often ignore that rule has it's more fun for me.

This was an image done by my Beloved partner Rover! (who did all the art I'm uploading today and whom I now remember I should credit in these >.> I'll go back and do...
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New Trick 2 page 6

Uploaded: 2 hours ago

Owner: Varu

Tags: Comic Male M/M Anime Commission Cock Vore Male Prey Vore Comic Male Pred My Hero Academia Izuku Midoriya Katsuki Bakugou

Commission by Ty

Want a commission? Just PM me. You can find all the info here:

usersp - 2 hours ago

woah, this cock is really hungry

New Trick 2 page 5

Uploaded: 2 hours ago

Owner: Varu

Tags: Comic Male M/M Anime Commission Cock Vore Male Prey Male Pred My Hero Academia Izuku Midoriya Katsuki Bakugou

Commission by Ty

Want a commission? Just PM me. You can find all the info here:

Legendary mount

Uploaded: 2 hours ago

Owner: Frazone

Tags: Pokemon Human Bulge Cock Vore Mewtwo entrapment Lugia M/? smaller pred Human Pred larger prey Endosoma pokemon prey Detailed bulges Sac Mount

After confronting and defeating this Mew two who had been harassing a city, they tried to flee. Mewtwo could fly away surprisingly quickly with psychic powers. Fortunately my Lugia mount is faster, and I don't even have to waste time releasing her from my dick.

I love this image. and great demonstration of how stretchy I am to devour and contain prey but also demonstrating another concept of mine. Sack Mounts! it comes from imagining CVing creatures larger then myself, and...
[ Continued ...

Dragon sac

Uploaded: 3 hours ago

Owner: Frazone

Tags: Dragon Human M/F Bulge Cock Vore entrapment M/? smaller pred Human Pred larger prey Endosoma Male Pred Dragon prey Detailed bulges

I love dragons. But some Dragons man are just the most arrogant asses. And thus we end up in this situation with a large dragoness and her small mate stuck in my sac. Oh and theirs this other girl that's being pressed out their. I don't know who she is. Someone I must of forgotten about in my sac before. 

usersp - 3 hours ago

i see

Cepfai - 3 hours ago

She's actually trying to help him, but it turned out the opposite way.

usersp - 3 hours ago

ok so, thats really cute, even if she probably only wants to turn him into cum

Neko Musume Vore (GeGeGe no Kitaro 5th)

Uploaded: 5 hours ago

Owner: ZELKnotos

Tags: Belly Anime Same Size F/? Big Belly Female Pred Belly bulge youkai gegege no kitaro nekomusume Neko Musume hiroine

There are many swallowing scenes in "GeGeGe no Kitaro". 


Uploaded: 5 hours ago

Owner: BigSteppy

Tags: F/F Inside Same Size Lucifer Michael Helltaker Seven mortal sins

Request of Lucifer from Helltaker and Michael from Seven Mortal Sins, done for :icon:Themastermushroom 

spectro - 1 hour ago

The seven deadly sins had great designs (Asmodeus, Satan, Michael) but unfortunately it was a horrible anime

Themastermushroom - 3 hours ago

Thanks again for this picture, is finally she enjoy someone is a male and try to bring her into an harem, and taste the sweet of an angel...entirelly.
Thanks again my friend, i love it.

Sigrid's Pussy-filled Pussy 7/15

Uploaded: 5 hours ago

Owner: Sriseru

Tags: Belly Unbirth Non-Vore Female Milf Bondage Giraffe Unwilling Prey F/FFFF Big Belly Size difference Female Prey Female Pred Big Breasts Vaginal vore Big Butt Belly bulge herbivore Huge breasts tied up Herbivore Pred Giraffe Girl Big ass Thick thighs Large Pred thick hips giraffe pred Larger pred milf pred larger female Daz3D milf predator Tied up prey

Here's the next part of a Sigrid unbirthing sequence, which will feature bondage, unbirthing, absorption, and weight gain. ;3

If you subscribe to my OnlyFans, you'll get access to the 4k res image along with many other works! Additionally, you get a month's early access to my work as well as OnlyFans-exclusive bonus versions and participation in polls! Fun fact: it was my subscribers who got to decide how we ended this sequence! ^w^ 

Fun at McMayal's page 5/11

Uploaded: 5 hours ago

Owner: SwordkingX5

Tags: Gulp Oral Vore Soft Vore Angel F/F Bulge Swallowing Macro/Micro Implied Digestion Unwilling Prey Ice cream Female Prey Angel prey Female Pred Human Pred human predator Maid Pred

Mari enjoys her little break with a equally little Alice and Ice cream swallowing down the small angel with equally delightful ice cream.
While Alice isn't too happy about this.

The reason for this page not being the same as the others is for a couple reasons.

First it's because Mari realized after the fact that she didn't have much of a appearance in the comic as she didn't give enough details for it.

And it's because it's supposed to be a...
[ Continued ...

Leon vore 02 (STAR OCEAN 2)

Uploaded: 7 hours ago

Owner: ZELKnotos

Tags: Female Prey Internal View Shota Star Ocean 2 shotacon star ocean Leon D.S. Gehste

It's like a continuation of the previous picture. 

Leon vore (STAR OCEAN 2)

Uploaded: 7 hours ago

Owner: ZELKnotos

Tags: Monster Female Prey Shota Star Ocean 2 Monster Pred shotacon star ocean Leon D.S. Gehste

He is Leon D.S. Gehste.
In the final dungeon of this game, it is often eaten by monsters. 

anema_sesuna - 2 hours ago

Theres just not enough star ocean vore out there
But this is gold

Inside Club November contest winners:

Uploaded: 7 hours ago

Owner: Artca9

Tags: Oral Vore Mouth Tongue Pikachu Pokemon Belly Soft Vore Lion Giantess Maw Saliva Bulge Lion King

Monthly art contest! Theme was "Oral Vore". Critiques and info on the monthly contest is on the discord.
Come enter the December contest, it's theme is "Escaping the Cold"

1st) imsofckinlost ( ( ))
2nd) Von
3rd) emu34b ( ( ))

All entries:...
[ Continued ...

Von - Violet and Indigo

Uploaded: 7 hours ago

Owner: Artca9

Tags: Dog Human Hug Non-Vore Husky Licking Canine Cuddling

My colorist drew Violet and Indigo-

We should be finishing up Chapter 2 soon, in a week or so. I'm sketching out chapter 3 atm <3

Posted using PostyBirb 

Artca9 - 1 hour ago

you all are a hopeful bunch. Why would overprotective dog lewd his owner? ;p

Achilles - 1 hour ago

He should learn from all these encounters and try it himself one day. :D

Rat_Guy - 4 hours ago

I hope so.

arceus1013 - 4 hours ago

Indigo will eventually be a pred

ZELKnotos - 1 hour ago

I'm sorry for the incomprehensible illustration.
That's a wing.

taito - 3 hours ago

Does that worm thing have pigtails? *_*

Hey There Tiny

Uploaded: 8 hours ago

Owner: DrakentheBlack

Tags: Catgirl F/M Giantess Sex Neko tiny Macro/Micro Nudity Insertion Male Prey Female Pred Sexual content Multiple Preds Naked Female Catgirl Pred tiny prey Neko Pred story in description forced nudity

What do most people get when they turn sixteen? While on Earth you may expect your first car, but on Skyvale people learn their place in the world of business. What did Peter get for his sixteenth birthday though? Cursed! He was shrunk down to an inch tall, and thusfar, the change had been permanent. Given that he was worthless in any occupation now, and that a mouse was a danger to the boy’s life, his mother had to take special care of him.

In the two years since he was cursed,...
[ Continued ...

2b Hungry

Uploaded: 9 hours ago

Owner: NAUJ673

Tags: Vore Comic


NAUJ673 - 9 hours ago

my mistake, I re-uploaded the same file

NAUJ673 - 9 hours ago

my mistake, I uploaded it

2b Hungry

Uploaded: 9 hours ago

Owner: NAUJ673

Tags: Vore Comic


Pelli Being Pelli

Uploaded: 9 hours ago

Owner: Salo_Vorita

Tags: Human M/M Young Anal Vore Hyper hyper scat Human Prey Male Prey diaper Shota Human Pred toddler Belly bulge Male Pred Young pred Hyper Cock Age Difference Shota Pred Toddler pred Underage Underage pred Hyper Diaper

AAAAAAAAA I finally got art of Pelli! Looks like he seduced another super hung guy into climbing into his diaper while he was filling it and stuffing himself up his butt~ There's probably a kid or two swimming around in the diaper too <3

Also I dunno how old Pelli is in this one, but I'm guessing he's about 3~

Art by Kier/Crybleat 

Salo_Vorita - 15 minutes ago

Of course!

YoshiDragon336 - 4 hours ago

Only if I get to add to it as well <3

Salo_Vorita - 6 hours ago

You should! There's plenty of room <3

Xenophage17 - 7 hours ago

That is one hell of a belly and diaper

YoshiDragon336 - 7 hours ago

I'd happily climb in that diaper.

A Sphinx's Dayjob

Uploaded: 9 hours ago

Owner: DrDedede

Tags: librarian Breasts Belly Weight Gain BBW Sphinx Wings Sara Implied Vore Big Belly Monster girl Female Pred Implied weight gain double belly sphinx girl librarian pred

Now we have Sara at her day job as a local librarian who takes her job VERY seriously.

Book thieves and destroyers are severely punished as seen by that giant belly of her.

Art is by Verdazin. 

cr055x - 8 hours ago

*a great coworker

cr055x - 9 hours ago

Sara might take her job seriously but she's not bad. She is a coworker if you overlook her diet choices at times, and she is always willing to discuss a good book. She just has low tolerance for people who try to abuse the system and library's property. Also, she really knows how to work that blouse and dress despite her size.

bloodwolfvamp - 9 hours ago

i promise to be quiet for her she looks like she loves to inforce the silent rule


Uploaded: 9 hours ago

Owner: Ribbonfemale

Tags: Love Human Cute drawing Non-Vore Humanoid sweet Wolf girl hold embarrassed Smug holding art

Commissions open pm for quotes ❤️
$25 scene sketches can do sfw or any kinks can do furry too or $25 or a couples

Here's my links to all social media as well I do fullbod drawings for donators $4+ same...
[ Continued ...

By the Fire

Uploaded: 9 hours ago

Owner: Pillowfloof

Tags: Oral Vore fire Soft Vore Human Digestion island King Fatal queen M/? Thera medieval Human Pred royalty wood Unwilling? Older Pred Male Pred question sepia Unknown prey fireplace red eyes Question Mark Undertale royal pred ? prey firewood this will end in death older man Undertale Au Ebott Island Ebottese King pred Starfallen Ebottese Pred Ebottese Prey Ebottese/Ebottese Raalya Relgah Daarahn Chromurr Thera Chromurr Knitting

Damn, titles are hard!

I wanted to do this picture, and I did not want to wait until I finished the comic.

If parts of the description sound stupid, I apologize.

The glows might look pretty off, as my computer is weird with colors.

The woman pictured is Thera Chromurr, the first Ebottese monarch.

Yes, this is Daarahn Chromurr. (DÄR-än) He was the king of Ebott Island from AD 617-AD 774, born in 550 AD. He is 157 in this...
[ Continued ...

NyaatoShiroi - 1 hour ago

Interesing story ya made, glad to see more noble preds)

Commission 108 - Page 3 Final

Uploaded: 9 hours ago

Owner: Angeloid003

Tags: Comic Wolf M/F Commission Sex Penis Tail Vore fucking Belly bulge

Last page! commission finished ;3 

Thagrahn - 4 hours ago

Guess that makes her dessert.


Uploaded: 9 hours ago

Owner: PocketJabari

Tags: Micro Macro Male Game Mouse mice Non-Vore Female Beach lucy Nudity Kree sport volleyball PocketJabari Pocket Jabari

Kree invited Pocket to play some vollyball and he can't exactly refuse an order from Kree, I think she might have some aggression she wants to take out on him, Lucy doesn't seem to happy with her teammate

Art by


-Gift- The day after

Uploaded: 9 hours ago

Owner: SolidScale

Tags: Soft Vore Male Digestion M/M Mouse Cock Vore Cum Penis Hyper Moogle Implied Digestion Implied Vore Cum Digestion Male Prey SolidScale Implied reformation Ludash seed condom Male Pred scribble semi hyper Intimacy Alator Lethal vore No-Nut November

The conclusion of Scribble and Lu's No-Nut November challenge, the early morning hours of the First of December.

Some well enjoyed fun between myself and Alator ( )
Please do go check out their work for some adorable CV related content and for keeping up with an awesome person.

Posted using PostyBirb 


Uploaded: 10 hours ago

Owner: IvISenpai

Tags: Non-Vore Female Spider girl pale skin

A thing I got from  TurnipUpp of my character Abhorria ^^ 

ShiraOnAryion - 1 hour ago

Oooh! Awesome!

DLeagueman - 3 hours ago

What a lovely Camilla here :3

NAUJ673 - 7 hours ago

Good and sexy

Legofan333 - 9 hours ago

Nice work

Stolen Shrinkray

Uploaded: 10 hours ago

Owner: PocketJabari

Tags: Micro Macro Unbirth Male Mouse mice Female Vagina pussy shrink Nudity Insertion PocketJabari Pocket Jabari shrinkray

when you get a kick out of shrinking others for fun you better keep a close eye on your shrinkray cause you aren't the only one

art by 

Kitty Love

Uploaded: 10 hours ago

Owner: PocketJabari

Tags: Micro Macro Cat Unbirth Male Feline Mouse Female Sex Cum Penis pussy Insertion Barbs PocketJabari Pocket Jabari

when you agree to hang out with friends much larger than yourself make sure you you know the plan so you don't end up a "third wheel"

art by 

empatheticapathy - 7 hours ago

God it's so rare to see a feline penis in drawn porn.

Full Mascot!

Uploaded: 10 hours ago

Owner: TurnipUpp

Tags: F/? mascot Big Belly Female Pred Ripped clothes bulging stomach Patreon ripped clothing Patreon Reward Mascot Costume

Patreon Commission for Sagitto6 on twitter 

Loonnyx - 2 hours ago


Legofan333 - 9 hours ago


AfraArt - 9 hours ago

Cute gal!~

Grand work Turnip!~


Uploaded: 10 hours ago

Owner: TurnipUpp

Tags: Halloween Non-Vore pumpkin Big Breasts Patreon Patreon Reward painted breasts

A little thing for Halloween on my Patreon!

If you would like to see works a month early, sketches,, and more you should join my Patreon! 

mice just hanging out :3

Uploaded: 10 hours ago

Owner: coldfire1200

Tags: Soft Vore mice playing

 TyronneVB artist <3
 DarrickMouse one the mousy
there kazu who me :P
 JustNothing lena the tiger :P 

bloodwolfvamp - 9 hours ago

just 5 more minutes gotta beat this boss hahahahahahah

JustNothing - 10 hours ago


Execution page 7

Uploaded: 10 hours ago

Owner: Pillowfloof

Tags: Oral Vore Big Belly Soft Vore Human Digestion F/F Burp F/M island Bulge King Fatal ocean Forest water Belch queen Beach Hard Digestion F/fm Female Prey Human Prey Male Prey Female Pred medieval Teenager peasant Human Pred rebel human/human Graphic digestion royalty torn clothing Young pred pink eyes Exile teenage pred revolution revolting uprising adult prey Older Prey digested clothing Younger pred Undertale Rebellion Revolutionary Queen prey hand imprints royal prey King prey royalty prey Younger/Older Undertale Au uwu peasant pred Ebottese kissing in belly Norma Cavalior Ressah Chromurr 1010s Starfallen Ebottese Pred Ebottese Prey Ebottese/Ebottese Joraaren Chromurr Rebel pred Revolutionary pred Peasant/royalty Raalya Relgah

Instead of eating the prince and princess, Norma decided to exile them. "The nearest isle" would be Bermuda, as Ebott Island is northeast of the Bermuda triangle. However, the royal children ended up in the Bahamas.

lOL pERmaNeNt VaCAtioN

Oof I just realized I put 2 "gurgle"s, when I meant to put a "glorp". Yes, it is a big deal, repeating the same gurgle word in the same picture is a crime against humanity!

I don't know...
[ Continued ...

Friends in warm places

Uploaded: 10 hours ago

Owner: AllitheMeal

Tags: Soft Vore F/F Non-Fatal Robot Female Prey popping Pixel art Non-sexual Android Nia cat girl pyra Robot Pred Xenoblade Chronicles Willing prey android pred wholesome Xenoblade Chronicles 2 poppi alpha orange stomach

nia had been dodging this cooking lesson with pyra for weeks now, and she started to run out of hidding spots, though thanks to toras rather pervy dad. poppi has just the salution, as long as the cat doesnt mind getting wet

first time trying a comic look, also i know pyra looks alittle off.  

OC: Arte

Uploaded: 10 hours ago

Owner: JimBagg

Tags: Non-Vore Female Goo messy Cleavage paint Big Breasts object apron dark skin messy hair paintbrush sploches wooden girl hidden eyes

Did I mention that she loves to paint? 

Mettra - 9 hours ago