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(Comm) Calm Your Tears

Uploaded: 5 minutes ago

Owner: ThoughtVision

Tags: Tail Non-Vore Lamia sitting comfort Little girl Protecting petting

Commission for  walkingbyself

Little Lamia girl is lost and afraid but Theo tries his best to comfort her.

Lamia girl belongs to  walkingbyself but designed by me.

Theo Vaushe belongs to me  ThoughtVision 

(Comm) Infiltrate

Uploaded: 11 minutes ago

Owner: ThoughtVision

Tags: Soft Vore Sword door Slimegirl Technology Huge belly purple hair guard blue skin green hair Stealing red eyes Infiltration Digital cloths

Commission for  Darkside35

Ophelia the slime girl, with the assistance of Thea Vaushe, infiltrate and tech stronghold. Neutralizing guards on the way.

Ophelia belongs to  Darkside35

Thea Vaushe belongs to me  ThoughtVision 

Not Just for Show

Uploaded: 18 minutes ago

Owner: BBBbrowser

Tags: Digestion Weight Gain Same Size Female F/? Struggling Female Pred Original Character post-digestion post-digestion weight gain tree girl Egle

Well here we get to see that Egle's Snakes certainly can contribute to her eating habits, so definitely try to avoid her when she's hungry.

Here's a comm I got from the wonderful  thefoxmask that I coloured featuring my tree gal, Egle. I tried a bit of new technique to blur the shadows and I think it worked out really well, not going to be appropriate for all pieces, but certainly something I'd like to test out more.

Also, finally have some more free time on my...
[ Continued ...

Robotdocter - 11 minutes ago

i really love both panels of this, but especially so with the second one :o

Sucked into seduction pt 4/6

Uploaded: 25 minutes ago

Owner: VenusGoth208

Tags: sequence Slime Non-Vore Quicksand Fatal Story Cleavage Peril Sinking Big Breasts enjoying Mud Blushing bluehair Naked Female woman victim Quicksand/f quicksand girl cutegirl

Jenna was gasping with pleasure at the gentle sucking sensations all over her body - especially in the more sensitive areas. Her arms had almost been fully submerged, allowing her to pleasure herself underneath the mud. From the outside, it looked like nothing was happening to cause her cheeks to blush and her eyes to roll back lustily, but under the surface Jenna's fingers worked passionately, making her moan and whimper softly. Her nipples were sucked into the mud and she felt it creeping up...
[ Continued ...


Uploaded: 1 hour ago

Owner: ACrocWithScales

Tags: Chubby Fat BBW Post-Vore huge Big Belly Huge belly Female Pred thights Lamb Kindred

Kindred (lamb) it's a character that I really like but not many in here draw, you know... If they don't, do it yourself.

I bought clip studio, and has a lot of tools that I would have to get used to since I've been working on Easy Paint Tool SAI for a long time and I got used to its simplicity... 

GoldenHeart - 17 minutes ago

Glad to hear you like her a lot too. Will definitely be looking out for more of her by you ^^

dArtCrave - 27 minutes ago


ACrocWithScales - 43 minutes ago

Neither I do, atleast right now...

ACrocWithScales - 44 minutes ago

For sure there will be more, I'm a kindred simp X)

TotenkreuzEX - 49 minutes ago

That's the same boat with me and SAI vs CSP. I was honestly too intimidated by the multitude of options and honestly don't really have the time to learn it all.

Succulent Succubuss Sandy!

Uploaded: 1 hour ago

Owner: Twinkle

Tags: Weight Gain Non-Vore Post-Vore sandy Big Belly Big Breasts trait theft Post-Vore weight gain Sandy Tomson

So after Sandy showed that succubus Clerinell just where she belonged, Sandy decided to use her trait thieving ability once more, and take on a fun new form~

Drawn by that awesome guy  TheGoodSinner 

Twinkle - 14 minutes ago

lol it's fine

Robotdocter - 15 minutes ago

good to know, thanks :), sorry for asking right here in comments lol

Twinkle - 15 minutes ago

What a lucky coinceidence~

ChaoskampfNunc - 17 minutes ago

Luckily that's exactly what I meant! <3

ChaoskampfNunc - 18 minutes ago

Lucky for her that's exactly what I meant!

Succulent Succubuss Snack X-RAY

Uploaded: 1 hour ago

Owner: Twinkle

So it looks like Sandy now ran into a Succubus, and of course instantly just stuffed right down her gullet!

This succubutt is named Clerinell and belongs to my good friend  MercyLover get wrecked <3

Drawn by that awesome guy  TheGoodSinner 

Twinkle - 1 hour ago

Very glad you love Sandy! I have been in quiet the mood for her lately!

Robotdocter - 1 hour ago

really love everything about this, especially both character's designs :o

And in you go!

Uploaded: 1 hour ago

Owner: starcuttingtime

Tags: Soft Vore Consensual Internal View Female Pred nonbinary prey

I think this is a second part to the last one? who knows.... 

Belloc - 26 minutes ago

Both very cute. Love the softness of the internals and the coloring. Great stuff!

Succulent Succubuss Snack

Uploaded: 1 hour ago

Owner: Twinkle

Tags: Tail sandy Big Belly Big Breasts succubus prey Sandy Tomson

So it looks like Sandy now ran into a Succubus, and of course instantly just stuffed right down her gullet!

Drawn by that awesome guy  TheGoodSinner 

PervyLesbian02 - 26 minutes ago

just hit agreeeeeeeeeeee

Chocola RPG Episode 3 first look

Uploaded: 2 hours ago

Owner: CarnivorousVixen

Tags: Non-Vore chocola rpg

First peek at the visual style for Chocola RPG Episode 3. This time around the tilesets will be 100% original (some taken from inspiration but still freely drawn). My plan for this one is to release it in chapters so that it wont be so long between releases, with save transfer available for each

In this episode, Chocola arrives at the less than perfect city of Felenine, which is full of cat and dog residents. As Chocola looks for the otter girl Rachelle to get the scepter back,...
[ Continued ...

runeguden - 13 minutes ago

Woooo! I can hardly wait, I hope it involves a lot of your awesome art

676darkness - 23 minutes ago


largerarge - 55 minutes ago

Her mom envious with her daughters boobs??

GoldenHeart - 1 hour ago

I seriously wish I had a PC to play this and experience your game. It looks great from what you’ve shown and talked about.

Keep up the amazing work CarnivorousVixen! ^^

GinRyuKaza - 1 hour ago

This looks really good. You've got a lot of talent.

Vore Story - Chapter 4: The Necklace - 111

Uploaded: 2 hours ago

Owner: jameshoward

Tags: Non-Vore subscribestar onlyfans

If you wanna support this project and get early access to it, check these out:



Zego21 - 2 hours ago

lets get it ON!!!

Zeepher150 - 58 minutes ago

That's one amazing oral game! ;-P

von-de-rush - 1 hour ago

Delicious !!

Double prey [YCH]

Uploaded: 3 hours ago

Owner: Damnitshuge

Tags: YCH Advertisement

Can be any character you like, can be any gender/race/human/anthro, (clothes/bulges/skeleton imprints/wings/tails cost $3-$15),

completed in 24 hours. Only available for 24 hours

$25 for a slot,
Payment: PayPal

Send me details of your character if you're interested

discord: Damnitshuge#7121

Also, check out my YouTube channel:
[ Continued ...

Maw-Gram: Nia

Uploaded: 3 hours ago

Owner: FidchellVore

Tags: Oral Vore Tongue Soft Vore Maw Same Size Throat Mawshot Navel Pre-Vore Post-Vore Female Pred Nia Mimiga Maw-Gram Mimiga pred

Commissioned by Edibleghost!

Nia belongs to Edibleghost.

You could be getting early access, higher resolution versions of my pictures, and exclusive art through my Patreon:

Follow my Twitter for even more art!

Kevinben01 - 2 hours ago

Always love these maws you make

Ninian's Cravings

Uploaded: 3 hours ago

Owner: NiceGuy18

Tags: F/? Fire Emblem Big Belly Belly rubs Naked pred Ninian Big belly pred Fire emblem Rekka no ken

After being freed from the Black Fang's prison, Ninian couldn't help but feel extremely hungry and needed to fill her belly somehow. So, during the night, when she was sleeping, she went into the tents of one of her rescuers and devoured them whole, causing her belly to bloat. With the tent hers, she ocuppied it for a while so her meal could settle before returning back to her own tent.

Artwork by  Allissei 

NiceGuy18 - 1 hour ago

Unfortunately no. This was a request. I could talk to Alli though.

Undertheradar - 2 hours ago

Will there be a clothed version? Just asking?


Uploaded: 3 hours ago

Owner: Robotdocter

Tags: Human Non-Vore Nothing more... Original Character

Luci is Skarlet's "Mom" who reappeared in her life after she got engaged, she says it's to watch over the both of them from a "closer view" but Skarlet's having none of it.

Picture made using this: 

The Blind Date- Choose Your Own Adventure!

Uploaded: 3 hours ago

Owner: ThatWeirdo

Tags: Oral Vore Pokemon Unbirth Digestion Weight Gain Story writing feeding Anal Sex Belly rubs Mass Vore Large Breasts Belly bulge Endosoma massive belly Pokemon pred large ass Noivern CYOA text adventure Thicc lycanroc lycanroc prey noivern pred feeding the pred feeding the prey

Big thank you to whoreallycares on FA for motivating me to actually write something, as well as making the code for this!

This story is a CYOA where you play as Charlie the Lycanroc, who is going on a date with a Noivern he met online! So, in order to actually play the CYOA, you will have to go to:

Bear in mind that the web player is quite laggy... 

mmik141221 - 1 hour ago

Hello company I have a question why don't you use another page for the text adventure


Uploaded: 4 hours ago

Owner: konkaro

Tags: Breasts Belly Burp F/M Fart Commission F/? Animation Farting Butt Gas Post-Vore f/multiple Butt Expansion Gassy Big ass

A commission for Anon!
I wish I coul be in that party TwT
Thank you so much for the support and for commission me! Hope you like it!
If you guys would like a comm send me a PM :3
Video here: 

The Twitter Expansion

Uploaded: 4 hours ago

Owner: VoraciousVelvet

Tags: Non-Vore Big Belly Big Breasts Big Butt tight clothes growling belly

Waaah! I'm now on Twitter! (@VoraciousVelvet)

Here's yet another redesign of Velvet (This getting old yet?) being a bit more thicc to commemorate the creation of my account!

I'd ask for a follow, but if you follow me here, it'll be more or less the same stuff being posted. Still, any support is greatly appreciated~!

Thank you guys for all the views, favorites and watches! I'm starting to consider the possibility of doing art full time, and the growth of my...
[ Continued ...

KheraTheWolf - 4 minutes ago

Cute belly, I want to squish it!

Birichino - 41 minutes ago

You're looking pretty full. Of course, you're only going to get more meals hanging around Twitter. Hope you have fun there.

Blaze32202 - 2 hours ago

Absolutely stunning.

FireRed2 - 3 hours ago


ihhh - 3 hours ago

You look gorgeous.

Dangerous D.Vitos

Uploaded: 4 hours ago

Owner: JoraBora

Tags: Food F/F Giantess Uvula Macro/Micro unaware Mercy D.Va

Comic Commission for ZontaxtheTaxman

It's bene so long since I've drawn this, I've forgotten what I attempted to write in Korean, but I remember it's probably not something you should repeat around your parents.

If you want access to high resolution, unwatermarked images, new stuff a month before it goes public, and even source files of all of my work, consider supporting me on SubscribeStar!

If you want to help me in...
[ Continued ...

Birichino - 23 minutes ago

Jeez, she's intense. Although from what I've seen, that may only suggest she did notice Mercy on there...D.Va tends to be lower on the food chain in fanart. Awesome internals, BTW!

Realmwars - 2 hours ago

D.Va being prey for once? Also these angles are god tier stuff.

gachabork - 3 hours ago

D. Vito: "So anyway, I started blastin'"

Art Gift: Efir

Uploaded: 4 hours ago

Owner: Aaron1248

Tags: Non-Vore Demoness Pinup Female Pred Big Breasts pubic hair sharp teeth Puffy nipples Gumi jorogumo Jorigumi

This piece is a gift to the one and only  Efir . He's currently working on a commission for atm so I thought to draw him something as a thank you! This is basically a pinup of his OC, Jorigumi. Basically to entice men to come to her XD

Jorigumi (c)  Efir 

Aaron1248 - 4 hours ago


AustinDR - 4 hours ago


Birthday Gift

Uploaded: 4 hours ago

Owner: RedNastyFoxy

Tags: Oral Vore Wolf M/M Non-Fatal birthday gift Male Prey Male Pred Fox prey Wolf Pred wolf taur taur pred Ares Azzyen

“What would you like to get for your birthday, my little friend?” The wolf-taur asked with a smile on his face.
“I… uh-h… I’m not sure that you’ll be okay with my request, Azzyen…” Ares murmured shyly, blushing bright red from embarrassment and turning aside.
“Come on, no need to be shy, Ares, we’re friends after all…” The wolf-taur chuckled mischievously, stepping towards the vulpine and ruffling his hair playfully.
“Well, if you say so, then… I want you to eat me…” Ares said,...
[ Continued ...

Art Gift: DarkmasterN

Uploaded: 4 hours ago

Owner: Aaron1248

Tags: Breasts Saliva Non-Vore Butt Glasses gift art Female Pred Big Breasts snake woman Big Butt Huge breasts Movie poster Ayane Shizuka Miss Shizuka sLighty abOVe avErage

This piece is a little thank you to for working on a commission I requested earlier. He kind enough to do it and I return said kindness with art ^v^

The piece is basically a poster for a new "movie" Ms. Ayane Shizuka will star in. I'm sure you all know what its main themes will be X3

Ms. Ayane Shizuka & sLightly abOVe avErage (c) DarkmasterN 

CVD Vol 2: It's Good to be the King

Uploaded: 4 hours ago

Owner: Roco

Tags: Male Digestion M/M Young Cub M/F Female Cock Vore Nala Hyena Penis Ed Blowjob Simba Disney Melting Female Prey Internal View Male Prey the lion king Shenzi M/multiple prey Banzai imprints Male Pred roco lion pred Multiple Preys hyena prey

Wonder how the movie would have gone if this what happened :P

Another from the CVD Vol 2
Which you can get the hi-rez files still from the store:

You can find my main gallery at:
Roco's Inkbunny Gallery ( )
That is the most likely place I'll respond. That or my Weasyl account:
Roco's Weasyl Gallery (...
[ Continued ...

FanficFetishist - 39 minutes ago

Honestly would love to see a followup of Nala with a cumflated belly. *blushes*

pokebreeder25 - 2 hours ago


anyonarex - 3 hours ago

mmm, good stuff. X3 one of the best collections you made :p

Estee - 3 hours ago

Perhaps Simba here would get addicted to the feeling of melting other creatures in his balls. Soon after it's Zazu, then various other animals until not even other lions are safe. Nala could even be the first of his lion victims. Sucking him off like usual but then he is hungry for more.

HallaDeck - 4 hours ago

Glad to see some of these gems going free, every one of them is well worth the price but for people who aint wanna spend on vore, its always nice to have a way to see some of the payed stuff free

Personally, ive always planned to buy it if just for the toothless and stormfly image, HTTYD Vore is underused as hell, but just never got around to it after i found it. Upload the pic or not, ill still buy it, your stuffs just worth that much

Royal Jelly Belly [ Comm ]

Uploaded: 5 hours ago

Owner: HybridLyon

Tags: Breasts Belly Soft Vore F/? Slimegirl Monster girl Female Pred Belly bulge Unknown prey Monster Girl Quest MGQ translucent belly monmusu quest Erubetie Slimegirl Pred hand on belly Indifferent predator jelly belly see through belly sitting down

Commission done by dranix featuring Erubetie from Monster Girl Quest. The heavenly knight with the least amount of vore fan art. Seriously, I've only ever seen one picture of that, so I thought I'd get her another.
Here she is in the caves of Undine's Spring, with an unknown individual somewhat visible within her belly... and her facial expression is as bland as she usually is.

link to dranix if interested ->

[ Continued ...

kibroman - 2 hours ago

absolutely beautiful and sexy

Mario2982 - 3 hours ago

I feel like Erebutie would be more popular if she showed more emotions like the other 3 heavenly knights, she's still hot regardless, more monster girls please.

BlueIce - 2 hours ago

i can't wait for shark babe 2, when they reuse the same model

kernac - 2 hours ago

She's cute^^

Soffix - 3 hours ago

She's adorable! I really like how you do faces and figures.

SherlokKiril - 4 hours ago

How I love to say "All genius things are simple", this theme is a perfect example of that. I also recall reading, that when he played early version of it, people laughed at it.
I prefer shark girls to be more human, but when it looks so good, I can't refuse. Amazing belly here !

Full Tess [cow vore]

Uploaded: 5 hours ago

Owner: Waismuth

Tags: Soft Vore Chubby Fat Digestion F/F F/M Same Size Cow Bovine F/? Fatal Nipples Fatality Big Belly teats Female Pred Big Breasts Udder fatal digestion Big Butt f/multiple Tess bovine pred teat Bovine Vore Digestion Noises Bovine Predator cow vore cow predator digested prey impled digestion waismuth

Felt like drawing Tess again as it’s been a while.

If you want to view my art before anyone else and in highest resolution, gain access to Patreon-exclusive content, and monthly sketch requests please consider checking out

If you wish to discuss any possible future commissions or simply want to chat with me in a more personal manner don’t be afraid to give me a poke via Discord.
My tag is...
[ Continued ...

Waismuth - 16 minutes ago


Soffix - 1 hour ago


Waismuth - 1 hour ago

I'm sure she could use MORE

Soffix - 1 hour ago

That moo's gonna be nice and full. :9 Fresh batch

redsquallff8 - 4 hours ago

So sexy. Id let her nom me anytime

Peterson Explains

Uploaded: 5 hours ago

Owner: GummySlider

Tags: Oral Vore Comic Belly Same Size F/? implied scat Implied Digestion Vore Comic Belly bulge

Professor Peterson explains what is about to happen to you. 

(Com) High Diving Trolls

Uploaded: 5 hours ago

Owner: GingerSnaps

Tags: Tongue Giantess Pre-Vore Troll pool Homestuck Meenah Peixes Feferi Peixes tongue out Homestuck troll

com for a dude on discord!

dont you hate it when you trying to use the high dive but then two giantesses try to seduce you into jumping into their mouths instead?
i mean i cant relate but i feel like you prey hoes could ! 

ChaoskampfNunc - 4 hours ago

I can't swim so it'd probably be safer to dive into one of their gullets anyways

Art Contest! Win my Copics!

Uploaded: 5 hours ago

Owner: Psychoseby

Tags: Furry Dragon Anthro Non-Vore upsidedown contest toys NSFW Autofellatio copics Raze Art Contest

Every Day until the end of my Art contest I will be posting an old traditional piece I’ve done!

Get all of the contest info here:

Deadline is September 30th! Participants have to draw my sona, Raze, and post it to the twitter thread!

3 tiers of voting, 10 winners, then 3, then 1! That’s 14 prizes! Over 350 Markers! 

Colline's universe 6 snack part 2

Uploaded: 5 hours ago

Owner: 2littlebigcreepers

Tags: Digestion F/F Weight Gain Female Pred Kefla Colline potara fusion

I am not good at dialog sometimes. ^^;
Sequel to the last one. 

DeathStar66 - 5 hours ago

She look better in that outfit

Colline's universe 6 snack

Uploaded: 5 hours ago

Owner: 2littlebigcreepers

Tags: F/F Same Size Fatal Implied Digestion Female Pred Kefla Colline potara fusion

A sort of kisekae request from Deathstar66 

DeathStar66 - 5 hours ago

She deserve it

Bullying A Bookworm (4/5)

Uploaded: 5 hours ago

Owner: doomfister

Tags: F/F Burp Feral Bulge Female Fatal Bondage Unwilling Anal Vore Anus Pony Implied Digestion Unwilling Prey Head First Mare Headfirst Female Prey My Little Pony Female Pred teasing face sitting gagged Facesitting Implied Fatality facesit Belly bulge bully tight fit groping Tight Belly Twilight Sparkle Alicorn pony prey Earth Pony Mare pred pony pred Alicorn prey tail outside Earth Pony Pred Mare prey story in description Teasing Pred Earth Pony Prey earth pony predator teasing about digestion gagged prey anal kiss Bug-zapper Pony Predator mare predator Tail Outside Ass

The duct taking a moment to distend as the tip of Twilight’s horn poked the internal pucker like an overly ambitious rectal thermometer. The faulty cranium candle leading the way, though it found itself unable to illuminate the blackness of the bowels as the forehead fixture slide through the seemingly indifferent ileocecal valve. Twilight unable to perceive much more than the tactile tube encasing her, leaving the Alicorn incredibly disorientated as she could only feel the colon convulsing...
[ Continued ...

JackJackal - 2 hours ago


AsterRose3rd - 4 hours ago

I was wandering, do all creatures have like respawn. Or are they gone for good?

The master plan (commission 1/3)

Uploaded: 5 hours ago

Owner: cuat27

Tags: belly big commission furry girl raccoon vore

Well showing the 1/3 of my friend's commission:

In short we will see that the Mariana Raccoon has decided to visit her "friend", in the offices of her work but in the end decides to take him for a walk or "kidnap him" to relax him out of his work owo

Mariana: others pretending I ate rich cookies that in case I was eating them while I have the boy inside my hehe X//3

[ Continued ...

CVD Vol 2: Daxter CVs Salo

Uploaded: 5 hours ago

Owner: Roco

Tags: Digestion Otter Cock Vore Penis Videogame ottsel Hyper Invalid Tag Melting Daxter roco hyper penis Salo Jack and Daxter

Another from the CVD vol: 2
Which you can get the hi-rez files still from the store:

You can find my main gallery at:
Roco's Inkbunny Gallery ( )
That is the most likely place I'll respond. That or my Weasyl account:
Roco's Weasyl Gallery ( )
I also have a discord! Come join the server if ya wanna...
[ Continued ...

vs GIANT PLANT (colored)

Uploaded: 6 hours ago

Owner: krlitos

Tags: couple magical girl prey female hunting heroes protection maneating plant Plant pred

Krono fights against the man-eater giant plant. If he is defeated, te monster will be able to eat her...

Giant plants need to devour lighting magic...It can do it?  

Akeno, Rias Love Rivalry For Issei 1/2

Uploaded: 6 hours ago

Owner: chaotic123

Tags: Oral Vore M/F Cock Vore Unwilling Pred M/ff Rias Gremory Akeno Himejima Issei Hyoudou

Drawn by Varu

Anime - Highschool dxd

For those who know the series of dxd, rias and akeno and childhood friends but also love rivals for issei. they always argue who love issei more and always creep into his bed and sleep with him naked. Finally the 2 decide to settle who loves issei more by seeing you can become a part of him the quickest. they got issei to the floor and tried to discuss peacefully but the 2 girls were dead set but both say no. before issei can do...
[ Continued ...

chaotic123 - 6 hours ago

Not really but sometimes I do it but not my favourite

Mario2982 - 6 hours ago

I didn't know you were into m/f.

Pizza Mouse~ (Trade)

Uploaded: 6 hours ago

Owner: Scottglass

Tags: Fox Anthro Cute Digestion F/M Same Size Mouse gurgling Glasses teasing art trade Cute pred Anthro Pred Digestion Noises Mouse prey rubbing belly large gut loving digestion

Just my part of a silly and cute trade with  Anthro ~
A continuation of their side ^^
Anthro is cute as hell~

Check out their gallery! 

ChaoskampfNunc - 4 hours ago

It's because it's where you belong~

Scottglass - 6 hours ago

I *do* somehow always end up inside a cute floof >w>

ChaoskampfNunc - 6 hours ago

Mouses are the natural prey to hungry floofs

Anthro - 6 hours ago

Very sweet mouse! x3

Scottglass - 6 hours ago

Hehe Aw wow~ >w>
That’s really great because I dunno how she can get even any than how ya draw her!

Pizza Night (Trade with Scottglass)

Uploaded: 6 hours ago

Owner: Anthro

Tags: Fox Male Mouse Female Pre-Vore Internal View Male Prey Female Pred Original Character Original Characters Dialogue Fox Pred thought bubble Mouse prey Growling stomach Imaginary vore

A silly trade i'm doing with  Scottglass Where we're hanging out, and deciding to get 'something' to eat.

Check out  Scottglass For the second part. :3

Scott is owned by  Scottglass

Anthro is owned by  Anthro

Art by  Anthro 

Anthro - 6 hours ago

It was so much fun! x3
I'm so glad you like how it came out!

Scottglass - 6 hours ago

I love it X3
Thanks for this silly lil trade!

Kirishima x Midoriya page 4

Uploaded: 6 hours ago

Owner: Varu

Tags: Comic Male M/M Anime Commission Cock Vore Male Prey Vore Comic Male Pred My Hero Academia Izuku Midoriya Eijiro Kirishima

Commission by Ty

Want a commission? Just PM me. You can find all the info here: 

Leolazar - 12 minutes ago

Varu I love your art. I think you are a great artist and I wish I could help you, but I can't. I don't have a credit card, sorry, but at least I can tell you that I like your comics.

folcon - 1 hour ago

I guess that is one way to get deku's dna in you, though I guess deku would have to be willing to pass on the quirk for it to work too

GigiFabulous - 5 hours ago


Darkbrine44 - 5 hours ago

Oh hell yes! You never disappoint with your Comics! Very very awesome!

Soniclover - 6 hours ago

This was so hot...

Kirishima x Midoriya page 3

Uploaded: 6 hours ago

Owner: Varu

Tags: Comic Male M/M Anime Commission Cock Vore Male Prey Vore Comic Male Pred My Hero Academia Izuku Midoriya Eijiro Kirishima

Commission by Ty

Want a commission? Just PM me. You can find all the info here:

Kirishima x Midoriya page 2

Uploaded: 6 hours ago

Owner: Varu

Tags: Comic Male M/M Anime Commission Cock Vore Male Prey Vore Comic Male Pred My Hero Academia Izuku Midoriya Eijiro Kirishima

Commission by Ty

Want a commission? Just PM me. You can find all the info here:

Xenophage17 - 14 minutes ago

That expression is just adorable

Kirishima x Midoriya page 1

Uploaded: 7 hours ago

Owner: Varu

Tags: Comic Male M/M Anime Commission Cock Vore Male Prey Vore Comic Male Pred My Hero Academia Izuku Midoriya Eijiro Kirishima

Commission by Ty

Want a commission? Just PM me. You can find all the info here:

Xenophage17 - 40 minutes ago

More Midoriya is always loved

Darkbrine44 - 5 hours ago

Oh i already like where this is going!

Jealous Student

Uploaded: 7 hours ago

Owner: Firebird22

Tags: Belly F/F Butt busty schoolgirl teacher Big Belly smaller pred Female Prey Female Pred Big Breasts Student Big Butt FATASS Student/Teacher larger prey Belly bulge Tight Belly teacher prey big booty sexy teacher Smaller Pred/Larger Prey schoolgirl pred

Katherine here had a pretty small figure. She was jealous of most of the girls, especially the english teacher with an ass the size of a couch.

What's a hungry girl to do?

just a one off, comments are appreciated. 

Firebird22 - 4 hours ago

They do look good like that

Doit4theBellies - 4 hours ago

Lovely bulge shape for the belly. I really like those tight, giant prey inside!

Firebird22 - 6 hours ago

I do love that scenario

Heimko - 6 hours ago

For some reason she strikes me as the type of person who runs off on impulses, but later regrets them. Like for instance here, she ran on her impulses and jealousy and ate the teacher with the intend of digesting her, but regrets it a bit later when she thinks about and lets her out. I don't know, that's just how Katherine strikes me in this image, might strike differently if she appears later.

neodragon - 6 hours ago

Always a fan of the small pred big bulge pics

Fairy's tale 3

Uploaded: 7 hours ago

Owner: Remnant5000

Tags: Digestion F/F Weight Gain Breast Expansion Absorption Fatal Growth Fairy dog girl Big Belly Size difference smaller pred Female Prey Female Pred 3D ass expansion Bigger Prey Fairy pred Smaller Pred/Larger Prey height increase height difference dog girl prey size increase fairy pred/dog girl prey

Now the little fairy finds a cabin in the woods, guarded by a big dog girl...

In my mind, that's a dog girl XD but I couldn't make her more dog-like.

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