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Katrina van Tassel

Uploaded: 10 days ago

Owner: Firebird22

Tags: Breasts Belly F/? busty Disney Multiple Prey Big Belly Female Pred Big Breasts f/multiple Katrina

another somewhat obscure disney character, here we have Katrina van Tassel working on becoming 'plump as a partridge'

all copyright to original owners

suggestions are appreciated 

zacman300 - 3 days ago

awesome work fire :)

Squishy Sym Snake

Uploaded: 10 days ago

Owner: VorishFoxie

Tags: Snake Sym Cute Adorable squish squishy Non-Vore Scales hair freckles Sleepy form hat Coils symbol Sona beanie vorishfoxie pieman24601

Symbol's new form for his fursona, an adorable and cute kaa-like hypnosnake!

Sym and I worked together on the design. I drew my own interpretation of what I thought he would look like as a snake, then we went through various color palates until arriving at the perfect one. It was really a joy to collaborate on this and come up with something adorable and precious. I'm very happy with how this turned out, and I'm even more happy that Sym is happy with it. <3

[ Continued ...

The Pouched Hoodie

Uploaded: 10 days ago

Owner: VorishFoxie

Tags: Fox Fat Non-Vore Blush pouch chris excited blushing hoodie vorishfoxie pieman24601 Yot womble womblesfan kent womble

Sketch commission for womblesfan

Looks like Chris got a new hoodie, with a big cozy pouch instead of pockets! How adorable~ Seems like Kent is a BIG fan. Better be careful though, if Yot made this hoodie, it's certainty got some kind of silly trick hidden in its stitches...


If you enjoy my work, please consider checking out my Patreon!...
[ Continued ...

DanzoLegend - 10 days ago

Then a doggo comes from the pouch and noms ;p

ChaoskampfNunc - 10 days ago

Such a cute blushy floof fox

Svetlana's still got it!

Uploaded: 10 days ago

Owner: Jazzyjoe94

Tags: BBW Big Belly Female Prey Female Pred Big Breasts happy pred BBW pred Big Girl Relaxing Pred milf pred Smog1's waifu

Never doubt a 38 year old sexy Russian milf's vore abilities!


smog1 - 10 days ago

Absolutely Beautiful, gorgeous and sexy xxx

Deathbat99 - 10 days ago

Awesometacular does it again

ChaoskampfNunc - 10 days ago

She's so gorgeous, I wanna rub her tum~

smog1 - 10 days ago

Ooh muscly at the front ;)

ChaoskampfNunc - 10 days ago

Doing what she does best? You mean be beautiful?

Hilda defeats Luna and Beth

Uploaded: 10 days ago

Owner: MontyMiyagi2513

Tags: Luna Enda Beth slime vore Hilda

Once again Hilda proves metal slimes are the strongest slime out there (and the heaviest....... Just don't say that around her) as she protected Enda from the diabolical Lewd slime Luna. It also looks like Beth wanted a rematch but ended up fighting the wrong slime

Art drawn by  Sergit
Hilda belongs to me
Luna belongs to me
Beth belongs to me 

MontyMiyagi2513 - 10 days ago

Hilda is glad to help su a noble slime such as Enda

Sergit - 10 days ago

Enda is pleased to see her adversaries have all been defeated >:3

Never Corner a Gauthier

Uploaded: 10 days ago

Owner: ConsumptionZ

Tags: Oral Vore Breasts Comic Belly expansion Digestion F/F Weight Gain Same Size Swallowing Fatal Lola Butt Unwilling Prey Big Belly Fatal Vore willing pred Female Prey Female Pred Big Breasts Pinky Big Butt bully rockstar Comic Vore swallowing headfirst Same Size Oral Vore Pinky Gauthier Lola Lombardi

Done by UmbraHive on DeviantArt. Thanks again for the lovely artwork.

Comic commission consisting of Pinky Gauthier and Lola Lombardi, the women of rival cliques within Bullworth Academy, from the game "Bully."

Pinky stumbled upon Greaser turf, perhaps forced to finally attend Shop Class only for Lola to corner the preppy and attempt to assert her dominance over the fact that Pinky is within rival territory. Of...
[ Continued ...

ConsumptionZ - 10 days ago

Gotta tend to the obscure waifus.

NazistDuck - 10 days ago

Can you gimme the link? I got curious.

Blackheartedreaper2 - 10 days ago

This game was the last thing I expected vore of.

ConsumptionZ - 10 days ago

Mhmm definitely an underrated game and roster of gals. Got inspired by a commission over on DeviantArt consisting of a mini-giantess Pinky, along with Beatrice and Lola.

NazistDuck - 10 days ago

Bully vore! So underrated, with so many gals in it!

Hilda Bucket Protects Enda

Uploaded: 10 days ago

Owner: MontyMiyagi2513

Tags: Slimegirl Luna slime vore Hilda Metal Slime Enda the slime Succubus Slime Bucket vore

Hilda decided to use her ability to shape herself into a giant bucket for Enda to hide in to protect her from the Lewds slime. The problem is Enda probably doesn't realize she's technically been nommed

Art drawn by  Sergit
Hilda belongs to me
Luna belongs to me 

MontyMiyagi2513 - 10 days ago

Hilda: nothing, just ignore thi creator. He knows not whatith he speaks

Sergit - 10 days ago

Enda: "I've been what?" >:U

MontyMiyagi2513 - 10 days ago

She does. Just with something in her belly

ChaoskampfNunc - 10 days ago

She protec

Metal Slime Hilda

Uploaded: 10 days ago

Owner: MontyMiyagi2513

Tags: Non-Vore Slimegirl Metal Slime Slime Knight

There's a new slime in town and she's ready to help in the "Slime Wars". Her name is Hilda and as a metal slime she's basically liquid metal. After evolving into a metal slime she became fascinated with the idea of becoming the very first Slime Knight and swore to uphold a knights honor.

Art drawn by  Sergit
Hilda belongs to me 

MontyMiyagi2513 - 10 days ago

Makes it more interesting that she's named after the valkyrie

deej1011 - 10 days ago

She sounds interesting ^^

MontyMiyagi2513 - 10 days ago

Then Enda would have two metal slimes to guard her. And that's before they use Fusion

Sergit - 10 days ago

She was fun to draw~

Working on her made me remember my own metal slimegirl. their design is fairly similar, hehe.

I should draw her too, sometime.

portia cvs someone

Uploaded: 10 days ago

Owner: AustinDR

Tags: Digestion Cock Vore Futanari Cum Digestion Hermaphrodite Pred Hermaphrodite Futanari Pred

anyone knows who got turned to splooge? 

Feed Character Ref

Uploaded: 10 days ago

Owner: kdanielss

Tags: Furry Mouth Cat Paw reference sheet Character Sheet feed feedfancier domestic cat

A grey cat in a coat and jeans that's occasionally crimson and blue except when purple and teal who's normally very small, but not dwarf small, more like rodent small, unless insect small, who is likely to be eaten by big predators except when he is the predator just cause. 

Commission: anotherfurryweirdo420

Uploaded: 10 days ago

Owner: fallenandscattered01

Tags: Commission Non-Vore TF Transformation inflatable

Commission for anotherfurryweirdo420 of his oc and their friends oc inflated into an inflatable doll with expressions  

Serleena yeah you too

Uploaded: 10 days ago

Owner: Deathbat99

Tags: Oral Vore F/M F/? Fatal Big Belly Female Pred Big Breasts lingerie Serleena Sexy Pred sexy female Men in Black 2

commission made by awesometacular

please comment below if you like it 

Deathbat99 - 7 days ago

Think she'd look for breeding stock?

smog1 - 10 days ago

All hail our queen!

Deathbat99 - 10 days ago

Who doesn’t

ChaoskampfNunc - 10 days ago

God do I love big soft tiddies~

Deathbat99 - 10 days ago

That she is. And with boobs like that she could probably rule this place

Titty Monster Takedown

Uploaded: 10 days ago

Owner: JackHereTheRealOne

Tags: F/F Absorption League of Legends Tristana Poppy Yordle sentient fat

A trade of sorts with my friend YourFriendComputer
He makes fantastic stories from time to time.

Here's the story this image is for, feel free to check it out:


deathknight - 10 days ago

Hmmm I wonder if she is hearing them in ehr head like via telepathy, could be quite irritating if it happens

Sketch 10

Uploaded: 10 days ago

Owner: ThefoxMask

Tags: Sketch Non-Vore Female

Sorry if I've not been posting lately, I've been trying to come up whit different way to make my work more easier way to draw do to a small accident that happened wail working on a request. 

Awoo! [F/?, Hyper Pregnancy/Cum Inflation]

Uploaded: 10 days ago

Owner: Veemecelli

Tags: F/? Cum Force Feeding Implied Vore Big Belly musk Female Pred arousal cum inflation hyper pregnancy pregnant pred Post Sex Warframe Grineer Valkyr The Wolf Of Saturn Six

Inspired once again by  Kitti <3

-------------------- Desc below written by Kitti!-------------------

Deep within the confines of Cassini, a Valkyr Prime by the name of Heina has an encounter with the notorious crimnal known as the Wolf of Saturn Six. Unable to overpower him, Heina finds herself at his mercy as he drags her off to a secluded area while the entire galleon is on lockdown. Instead of killing her, this feral Grineer begins to fuck her...
[ Continued ...

Veemecelli - 10 days ago

fair enough X3

Bookie - 10 days ago

I know, I know. Just made a silly meta quip. :v

Veemecelli - 10 days ago

Thank you Potato! These lewd things make for a very fun drawing session ^////^

Veemecelli - 10 days ago

Maybe wolf being stronger then Valkyr is part of the porn here...? You do realise you could say the same thing about 90% of porn content right, I'ts been done this way because its how we wanted it.

Kitti - 10 days ago

HMMMM, I WONDER. It wasn't like she camped Cassini or anything.~

A nice soak

Uploaded: 10 days ago

Owner: SnowPandor

Tags: Micro Non-Vore jaguar Sheep rottweiler

Gio,Patrick and ned enjoying a nice tea spa 

MaxwellFitzgarry - 10 days ago

Backstories are a challenge, I usually try to intertwine the stories with all my characters just to make it easier and help with their development

SnowPandor - 10 days ago

Tbh developing characters is one of the things i donlove doing and adding some lore to then too you never know what idea you will come up with that you can also use for others

MaxwellFitzgarry - 10 days ago

I did take note of that, but character development is real fun so that's the best stage of a character; you're able to develop any personality you want for em

SnowPandor - 10 days ago

Im looking forward to it and my toyhouse is still unfinished with alot i havent worked on or have no idea about yet

MaxwellFitzgarry - 10 days ago

Ayy! Hopefully we can chatter about em sometime, but for now I did skim through your Toyhouse a bit

Micro brewed coffee

Uploaded: 10 days ago

Owner: SnowPandor

Tags: Micro Non-Vore Sheep

Gio enjoying his morning dip 

MaxwellFitzgarry - 10 days ago

It's an absolute blessing, man

SnowPandor - 10 days ago


SnowPandor - 10 days ago

coffee makes it bareable

MaxwellFitzgarry - 10 days ago

Heh, at least he's got coffee!

Badfurson - 10 days ago

I think I'm a tad too large for a dip, perhaps a taste test might suffice?

Diane (Stuffed)

Uploaded: 10 days ago

Owner: mabeelz

Tags: Non-Vore Stuffed

if you like what you see you can support me at Patreon 

JamKat - 5 days ago


What's her name!? Holy cow I'm in love with that design! :o

Laughing Mad

Uploaded: 10 days ago

Owner: Badfurson

Tags: Jester Non-Vore mask gif pixel laughter

Just a little something I threw together for one of the girls I designed. Her, along with her 'sister'(s), reference sheet isn't done yet, but I'm still dyin' to do stuff with her all the same.

Her name's Laufter, by the by. It's both a pun, AND a reference to a show I like. Two for two, on that. 

Human Sarah (gift for SarahTheCuteVixen)

Uploaded: 10 days ago

Owner: mirrormind101

Tags: Non-Vore Gift friends gift art fanart fan art humanoid pred naked girl SarahTheCuteVixen blob boy human Sarah

 SarahTheCuteVixen Has a human-ish form not 100% because I don't know any human with wings, cat ears and a tail but human nether the less.

And she was shocked to to see me with wings lol

Yeah this is a gift for  SarahTheCuteVixen

We have been palls for a couple of years if my memory recalls (I have a lot of friends here :D)

Hope you like it Sarah :) 

SarahTheCuteVixen - 10 days ago


mirrormind101 - 10 days ago

Quite fun! I was surprised to only find two pics of you on this sight in that form though.

Well now there is three :)

mirrormind101 - 10 days ago

Thank you.

SarahTheCuteVixen - 10 days ago

Tell me how fun was it to draw?

SarahTheCuteVixen - 10 days ago

Looks cool

Prices have fallen!

Uploaded: 10 days ago

Owner: PeculiarArt

Tags: Frog Dragon Horse F/F Female Pred Advertisement

*full body color vore comissions with two characters start at $38!
*Expertly detailed black and white start at $34!

PM for details or join discord peculiart#2034 

Go Big or Go Hungry (1/4)

Uploaded: 10 days ago

Owner: GushyGuts

Tags: Tongue Dragon M/M Sheath Unwilling Prey Big Belly full belly Internal View Male Prey Male Pred happy pred leaning licking lips Vilkan

Raz attempts to learn his new friend Vik the ropes of noms but Vik is pretty confident he can figure this out on his own.

Still busy working on work and those commissions but I was desperate to get something out so I quickly worked on one of my numerous sketches. I had a little idea tho so lets wop it out! (in my spare time) Work is calming down a bit now though too so I can start putting more time into art. Horray!

Also actual character design for...
[ Continued ...

ChaoskampfNunc - 10 days ago


GushyGuts - 10 days ago

I actually already have some sketches! Just been busy with work, but soon to be! c:

ChaoskampfNunc - 10 days ago

Hope we get to see someone churning in his balls soon :3

GushyGuts - 10 days ago

Being a big boy does tend to help in that effect.

ChaoskampfNunc - 10 days ago

Draggies are natural nommers

The spoils of victory!

Uploaded: 10 days ago

Owner: Temm

Tags: Belly Male Drool Bulge M/? Demi-human pred Demi-Human Male Pred Wild Dog

Seems Oreph has caught himself a tasty morsel! whether or not he keeps them or not is up to the imagination. Sometimes marking prey as your own with the scent of your stomach can be enough, sometimes claiming them entirely is all too enticing~

This was done in a wonderful trade between me and  AriStarlightSin and I'm super thankful for it, it was a very fun trade!

Oreph belongs to me.
Art is by  AriStarlightSin (go check them out if you haven't...
[ Continued ...

Temm - 10 days ago

I'm glad you think so! You can find his ref in my character gallery to see more~!

Hariken - 10 days ago

he's pretty cute ~

Temm - 10 days ago

It captures his best feature perfectly~!

Bright - 10 days ago

Cute pose.

Blue Doggo: Frost Zolneko

Uploaded: 10 days ago

Owner: Lilaka291

Tags: Dog Male Sonic the Hedgehog Non-Vore mobian soldier Canine uniform traditional blue eyes Ocorp Chestnut Crew Frost Zolneko Grenade Launcher

Name: Frost Zolneko
Species: Canine (Mobian)
Eyes: Deep Blue
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Height: 6'0
Weight: 210 lbs
Likes: Fireworks, Sleeping, Doing no work, Pears, Nova-Si, messing with Jonas
Dislikes: Bringing up the circus, Busywork, Being shock awoken, Heights



15% Pred ------ 85% Prey
50% Gentle ---- 50% Aggressive
50/50% Willing --- Unwilling
[ Continued ...

ANIM COMM: Alexis's mouth and throat

Uploaded: 10 days ago

Owner: Humbug

Tags: Furry POV Same Size Throat F/? Mawshot Fatal animation Unwilling folf Implied Digestion Alexis Manquée F/Viewer

Commission for  tigerclaw of my folf Alexis opening wide and swallowing whomever the viewer is. Oh my. :O

If you want to see more non-commission animations before they release publicly, head on over to and pledge a buck or three. :) 

Humbug - 6 days ago


JamKat - 6 days ago

Woof! That uvula jiggle X3

Humbug - 10 days ago

Thankee. :)

MirceaKitsune - 10 days ago

Such a sweet little view ^.^

ChaoskampfNunc - 10 days ago

Ooohh nice POV

Sleepy Birdy

Uploaded: 11 days ago

Owner: Jushy

Tags: Belly Soft Vore Anthro Bird Post-Vore M/? Big Belly Belly bulge Boku no Hero Academia My Hero Academia tokoyami fumikage

Looks like Fumikage is having a nap after a nice villain meal 

JacktheDragon - 10 days ago

Still some of my favorite work from ya, also fancy meeting you here!

Siuddithsi - 10 days ago

I like the slightly "old west" look to the outfit. Great.

FireRed2 - 11 days ago


Temmie's New Home?

Uploaded: 11 days ago

Owner: Jushy

Tags: Cat Dog Anthro Cock Vore Penis Balls Goat Big balls Male Pred precum Undertale goat pred asriel dreemurr asriel TEMMIE

It appears that the hyper god of death is finding a new place for these cute little Temmies to live let's just hope they enjoy their new home as much as the hyper god of death himself enjoys it 

ChaoskampfNunc - 11 days ago

I want that to be my new home too

1 Bird,1 Big Belly

Uploaded: 11 days ago

Owner: Jushy

Tags: Dog Belly Soft Vore Digestion Bird Post-Vore Big Belly Hawk iggy jojo's bizarre adventure petshop

Well it looks like this is a timeline where Iggy actually wins against Petshop now he's enjoying a nice rest on his belly 

Iggy Jostar

Uploaded: 11 days ago

Owner: Jushy

Tags: Dog Belly Anthro Fat Non-Vore Big Belly fusion iggy jojo's bizarre adventure Jotaro Kujo

This Jotaro x Iggy Fusion was originally made by someone I know on FA
Please support the artist who originally made this happen

Jushy - 11 days ago


radmann - 11 days ago

Not only is he quite cute! I adore the gut he has!

Whats up Doc?

Uploaded: 11 days ago

Owner: Jushy

Tags: Belly Fat Digestion Rabbit Bunny Post-Vore Big Belly Looney Tunes Bugs Bunny

It looks like Bugs seems to enjoy his new belly although it does get in the way of his shenanigans

Going to give credit to Da~blueguy for the inspiration to do this drawing

VoraciousDreemurr - 6 days ago

That bulge is very very nice... well, both of them are.

anyonarex - 10 days ago

Bugs bunny as pred is so rare :o i love it

ChaoskampfNunc - 11 days ago

For the insane amount of Lola out there there's very little Bugs.. Neat to see!


Uploaded: 11 days ago

Owner: SarahTheCuteVixen

Tags: Unbirth F/M Implied Vore

maybe I unbirthed someone so I can join in mayturnity, maybe I didn't. I don't see him squirming or complaining. just some rhythmic movements
done from chatting with  toastcat142 who is in the belly 

YamiTakashi - 9 days ago

lovely <3

thelazyknight - 10 days ago

Didnt know you had it in ya.

unusualcrate - 10 days ago

So cute, and congrats on getting someone to help you enjoy Mayternity <3

Fetish Sequence: Plump Snack for a Macro

Uploaded: 11 days ago

Owner: BingFox

Tags: Furry Oral Vore sequence Anthro F/F Fatal Macro/Micro Implied Digestion Female Prey BBW Prey Female Pred lesbians Macro pred fat prey Advertisement lesbian pred Lesbian prey

Digital art pack containing 5 sequential images.

Images contain fetishes relating to: female/female vore, fat, macro, oral vore, lesbians, unwilling prey, and implied digestion.

Images contain female characters, who are anthropomorphic, and © ThatDarnFox Creations 

Where's Uraraka!?

Uploaded: 11 days ago

Owner: Jushy

Tags: Oral Vore Belly Soft Vore Anthro Anime M/F Bird Post-Vore Big Belly crow Belly bulge Deku Bird Pred Boku no Hero Academia My Hero Academia Ochaco Uraraka tokoyami fumikage

I really love how this Fumikage drawing came out and I really would like to see more people draw him with a big belly, hope you all like it and think about drawing him more often 

Jushy - 9 days ago

Thank you that mean alot, truly <3

rethus - 9 days ago

There needs to be more vore involving this character
Awesome job X3

ChaoskampfNunc - 10 days ago

That'd be neat :3

Jushy - 10 days ago

I might even re-drew this pic

ChaoskampfNunc - 11 days ago


Hildegard's Quest for Aura - Moltres

Uploaded: 11 days ago

Owner: FidchellVore

Tags: Oral Vore Pokemon Soft Vore Anthro Same Size Lucario moltres Pokemorph Female Pred Lucario pred Hilde Hildegard

The next part of Hildegard's quest, this time involving a Legendary Encounter! Download and see the battle in the image pack below!
Hildegard belongs to me.

You could be getting early access, higher resolution versions of my pictures, and exclusive art through my Patreon:


[ Continued ...

starfighter101 - 9 days ago

Anyone care for some roast spicy bird? XD

AvengedRitsuko - 10 days ago

Careful Hildegard, The Legendary Roasted Rubber Chicken is no push over, make sure you got a Rock Move.

Skittles209 - 10 days ago

An already cooked chicken.

CIR - 10 days ago

This has made me interested in seeing more Moltres vore in the future. Nice work, FidchellVore!

SVWriter - 10 days ago


Fetish Comic: Girlfriend Meal

Uploaded: 11 days ago

Owner: BingFox

Tags: Oral Vore Fat Digestion Weight Gain Stuffing M/F BBW Fatal Skull Female Prey BBW Prey vore comic Male Pred

Digital art pack containing 2 comic pages with 4 panels each..

Images contain fetishes relating to: male/female vore, fat, weight gain, oral vore, stuffing, and digestion.

Images contain male and female characters, who are anthropomorphic, and © ThatDarnFox Creations 

DirtyMac - 10 days ago

Via Email, cause i want to get it too, but i ain't giving any credit card info.

BingFox - 10 days ago

I do have a paypal, for the same price I can send it to you.

Timo2141 - 10 days ago

No paypal option, sorry

Hold Up Your Belly

Uploaded: 11 days ago

Owner: Jushy

Tags: Breasts Belly Soft Vore Human F/? Post-Vore Disney Fairy Tale Big Belly Female Pred Human Pred Belly bulge Rapunzel

It seems that Rapunzel ate a bit to much, but at least that hair of hers makes a good belly hammock

This is my own version of Rapunzel so I hope you all like her :3 

anyonarex - 10 days ago

Ooh I wondwr who she ate, Maybe flynn? Or even that pretty horse of hers? Max would make her nice and fat. :p

ChaoskampfNunc - 11 days ago

Maybe I can help <3

Sammy Vore Commission

Uploaded: 11 days ago

Owner: SarahTheCuteVixen

Tags: Furry F/M Female Struggling crow pred

 thelazyknight payed for my Crow girl Sammy struggling to fly after eating a knight, I went with my knight orion,  

SarahTheCuteVixen - 11 days ago

expected anything else from Sally and Sarah's friend?

SarahTheCuteVixen - 11 days ago

Thanks yumi

SarahTheCuteVixen - 11 days ago

Thanks yumi

ChaoskampfNunc - 11 days ago

Daaww she's cute

Yumkim - 11 days ago

Pretty colors!


Uploaded: 11 days ago

Owner: LLYN95

Tags: Non-Vore adopt adoptables Advertisement adopts

its quiet on deviantart so you should snag some here.

only three customs sold.

each 4.50 usd


Badfurson - 10 days ago

Sent! Sorry 'bout the wait.

LLYN95 - 10 days ago

LLYN95 - 10 days ago

Just a demon

Badfurson - 11 days ago

7, for me-thanks!

NekoYuki - 11 days ago

The girl with the black souls around her looks interesting. What exactly is she~? A bit more info on any of them would be cool, but she seems very curious.

Sherlock's Train Meal

Uploaded: 11 days ago

Owner: Jushy

Tags: Dog Belly Soft Vore Bulge train M/? Big Belly Pipe Smoking Belly bulge Sherlock Hound

It looks like Sherlock Hound solved another crime but I wonder where the criminal went? 

ChaoskampfNunc - 11 days ago

That's a mystery for another day ;p

[vent/old-ish] Dorky dolls

Uploaded: 11 days ago

Owner: EndercreeperMugen

Tags: Non-Vore friends innocent Original Character Original Characters len rin dolls Vent non-fetish Datonenumbnuts EndercreeperMugen

Was super 50/50 on uploading this, but... bleh. Might as well.

Just some dolls of Rin and Len sitting besides one another on a shelf. Did this a while back as a prompt/suggestion from Miya, as a practice for multiple characters [kinda?] and to get me back in an artistic mood. It was also admittedly vent art since at the time I was feeling pretty dang bad, and since I'm sharing those feels now... yeah felt like an appropriate time to share this. May or may not take this down later...
[ Continued ...

thicceater - 11 days ago

Daaaw! I'll take 20! <3

[YCH] Relaxing with Adrien

Uploaded: 11 days ago

Owner: smallasraindrops

Tags: Oral Vore Breasts Soft Vore Tail Stomach Human F/M Wings Macro/Micro Sweat Nudity Internal View Male Prey Female Pred Dragon Girl Endosoma YCH YCH commission

Finished YCH Commission for Dystymi of their character Adrien relaxing with Darkling in her gut!

Darkling belongs to me.
Adrien belongs to 

GuysSeriouslyImFine - 10 days ago

love the pubes! :3

Shepard56 - 10 days ago

If it’s not fatal I’d want to her prey

Korokage - 11 days ago

Oooh, you did a great job with this piece.

Dystymi - 11 days ago

This is just fantastic! Both me and Adrien thank you for this!

Copperhead09 - 11 days ago

She seems like a nice dragon

Mochi plays dressup! (02)

Uploaded: 11 days ago

Owner: WafflesBear

Tags: Cute Non-Vore Avatar panda Mochi dress up One punch man Lin Lin

An alternate to the previous dressup picture!

This time based off of Lin Lin featured in One Punch Man!

Art by: 

WafflesBear - 7 days ago

Cordelia is perfect to me and could never be replaced

Altimos - 11 days ago

The Cuteness is next level... But Cordelia is still my number 1 X3

Rose is a Meal: Birthday Special [Aftermath]

Uploaded: 11 days ago

Owner: thicceater

Tags: Fat Digestion M/F Pudge Post-Vore Original Character post vore digestion Rose Quartz

Second part of the special B-Day present for the lovely  austindr
Looks like Rose has found herself becoming nothing but mush and fat for Sid~ 

Rose is a Meal: Birthday Special!

Uploaded: 11 days ago

Owner: thicceater

Tags: Digestion M/F birthday gift Original Character larger prey Belly bulge Laying on belly milf prey Rose Quartz

Just a little Birthday gift for the lovely  AustinDR of his OC Sid treating himself to the voluptuous Rose, gurgling that fat mama away to gem-sludge~
Hope you enjoy it bud ;)
Also serves as the next part of my 'Rose is a Meal' mini-series ^w^
Two birds with one gulp type of deal~ 

brandon14 - 11 days ago

Sexy Sid.

thicceater - 11 days ago

No prob ^3^

AustinDR - 11 days ago


Mochi plays dressup! (01)

Uploaded: 11 days ago

Owner: WafflesBear

Tags: Furry Anthro Cute Non-Vore Female Avatar panda Mochi dress up Dragalia Lost Lin You

She might not have a lick of martial arts training but she can still play pretend and dress up!

What you don't know is that immediately after this picture, she loses her balance and topples over in a giggling heap.

The costume is based off of Lin You's from Dragalia Lost!

Art by: 

WafflesBear - 7 days ago

Adorable pandas are great :3

WafflesBear - 7 days ago

Unfortunately there is no cure for terminal cute overdose!

Altimos - 11 days ago

Holy #@$%@#$%!!! The cuteness overload is next level!!!
Love it <3 <3 <3

ChaoskampfNunc - 11 days ago