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COMMISSION: Scribe and Blitz at the museum

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: Humbug

Tags: Furry Belly F/M Same Size Bulge Fatal Unwilling Pony Implied Digestion humble pie scribe pen Blitz Flame

Commission for  eissen and  ashtonwolfe. Just another outing between two good friends. There's a ThomaskAsrkin: character somewhere in there too... 

Humbug - 1 day ago

Sure thing. Thank you too!

Eissen - 1 day ago

Thanks again! <3

COMMISSION: Gehenna and Gertrude's contest

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: Humbug

Tags: Furry Breasts Cat Belly Anthro Bunny Same Size Bulge Swallowing F/? Fatal Hyena Unwilling Butt Implied Digestion Multiple Prey Gertrude Hallorhim f/multiple Gehenna

Commission for  tigerclaw of his character Gehenna having a little bet with Gertrude. Monique's in there somewhere too. 

CryptidDrono - 1 day ago

Bragging rights are definitely in order

Humbug - 1 day ago

That's kinda how I feel about it too. :D

Kasra - 1 day ago

Monique sure is good at hiding!

In this case I feel like the bet is a means to its own end. I doubt they even set something the other would win.

Humbug - 1 day ago

I see nothing wrong with any of the above conditions.

Humbug - 1 day ago

Dunno! Winner gets to brag?

Aziza - 13 hours ago

Itsuuuuu yes! <3

Aqualite - 1 day ago

And this one is quite fine too~. Love this scenario.~

Birichino - 1 day ago

Your poor preds. They never seem to catch a break.

royalwerewolf - 1 day ago

excellent work on both of these
though I prefer the first due to the belly

Devious Intentions Part 2 (Commissioned)

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: Dredge

Tags: Post-Vore Komodo dragon Spiderkitty


"WELL THIS IS A FINE MESS. Least it will only happen once right?" 

ChaoskampfNunc - 1 day ago

I'm sure he was delicious

Devious Intentions (Commisioned)

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: Dredge

Tags: Pre-Vore Komodo dragon Spider kitty


"Some whittling should calm my nerves, but I can't help but get this sense of foreboding..." 

ChaoskampfNunc - 1 day ago


Futa 21 (with aura)

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: hamilton4

Tags: Sexy Tail Non-Vore Futanari masturbation Pinup Dragonball seductive Android 21 dragonball fighterz

(Threw together a power aura version as well because I really like the aesthetic it has with the red and black)

Yes everyone, I already love her <3
Android 21 was already piquing my interest but I was reserving judgement until the game came out. BUT THEN SHE WENT MAJIN! She's like a Majin Juri Han scientist with vore overtones and there's nothing I don't like there~. All I need is confirmation her body can turn gooey as you would expect from a Majin and instant top...
[ Continued ...

hamilton4 - 21 hours ago

Hehe, couldn't let the passion to draw her go to waste. I *almost* was able finish this before I saw any other futa art of her too but ended up being beaten by two that I know of XD

hamilton4 - 21 hours ago

Depends on what you count as losing I suppose :p

hamilton4 - 21 hours ago

For sure! Here's hoping we get tons of art with her here~

Novalori - 22 hours ago

That was fast- knew this was coming tho

Collier - 1 day ago

I feel like, with her statement and combined with the aura around her, I'm going to somehow lose either way.

Youkai Hunted

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: Itsuune

Tags: Fox Tail Stomach F/F Kitsune Foxgirl Magic Size difference Internal View internal shots kemonomimi indigestion Onmyou Bellyache Stomachache Stomach Bulge shrine maiden stomach noises Upset Stomach Tummyache kitsune predator Pred Regrets

Anemone finds herself dearly regretting her decision to deal with a shrine maiden by eating her. Divine magic does not agree with youkai stomachs. Duddle inspired by a conversation with the swell  pimpdaddypichu

Aqualite - 1 day ago

Heheh~. Shrine maidens may be cute, but you should always be careful of that painful purity~.

RavenXeo - 1 day ago

aww.. poor thing..
...i wanna tweak her nipples while shes helpless~<3

Kasra - 1 day ago

The tanky white mage types are the worst. Sure, they can't do much, but they CAN last a long time and make a huge nuisance of themselves in the process.

Futa 21

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: hamilton4

Tags: Sexy Tail Non-Vore Futanari masturbation Pinup Dragonball seductive Android 21 dragonball fighterz

Yes everyone, I already love her <3
Android 21 was already piquing my interest but I was reserving judgement until the game came out. BUT THEN SHE WENT MAJIN! She's like a Majin Juri Han scientist with vore overtones and there's nothing I don't like there~. All I need is confirmation her body can turn gooey as you would expect from a Majin and instant top tier waifu.

I'm still trying to get my artistic mojo back but Majin 21 lit a fire in me so I had to act on it. ...
[ Continued ...

hamilton4 - 21 hours ago

While we don't know exactly the root of the transformation, her entire gimmick is absorbing energy from others so I'm guessing that allows her to turn Majin after getting some from Buu, and the tail is likely from Frieza or Beerus.

steelsonic1127 - 1 day ago

We'll see when the game comes out

steelsonic1127 - 1 day ago

Macaroons, macaroons everywhere

jak55 - 1 day ago

I just don't get her transformation, i like it but is she supposed to be like cell absorbing energy from others or majin buu that just eats people entirly?

hamilton4 - 1 day ago

For sure~ And just give it a bit of time, she's ripe for vore. Will probably try to get a sketch commission of that soon too hehe

krystof2929 - 12 hours ago

more of the Vore con :D

rexstars35 - 14 hours ago

Being a pizza guy in this community is like having a target on your back

Callen - 18 hours ago

lol this ones good

StormyRange - 1 day ago

Nope, my blood pressure in my neck from the vore gut is probably too much for the Force to constrict, that's how you know it's good ouo!

BIGBIG - 1 day ago

hes trying to choke you. Did you felt anything?

SiHiUiLiSiEi - 13 hours ago one damn good cosplay!

G0DF1RE - 15 hours ago

Damn that's nice

EnderDracolich - 20 hours ago

She looks rather cute, and also quite embarrassed.

hamletvalley - 20 hours ago

Ember looks like she's trying to alert someone.

DarkNeroInfini - 22 hours ago

Killing it with all the uploads Big. While I was watching the stream, I thought what if Zuzana was at the con on a meet & greet panel and meets Gabby?

Dragon Food

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: Sakao

Tags: Soft Vore Dragon Plant Saliva Willing blowjob Vines Feet first Nude Female Elma Dragon Maid

A commission done for me by EneTheLighningDancer.
Link to the artist- 

Sakao - 1 day ago


Collier - 1 day ago

Ravioli Ravioli

You did NOT lewd the dragon loli!

Nice pic! I like the colors!

Hereforvore - 1 day ago


fallenangel21 - 1 day ago

You commissioned my friend <3 Thank you!

CryptidDrono - 1 day ago

Panic, but don't panic to much, you'll ruin the moment

Jaelynn the Ice Wolf

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: SwordkingX5

Tags: Breasts Tail Non-Vore Female Butt Wolf girl Original Character

OC belonging to  larrythemidgetman and uploaded here for future reference for a upcoming story and with their permission.  

Cumming Back for More

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: KimberlyNSFW

Tags: Cock Vore Cum Futanari Amy Rose

My first CV drawing ever.... with humanized Amy (from Sonic the Hedgehog)...... yay..... 

MidNightOwlArt - 1 day ago

What did she eat to have those jugs?? (Boobs)
There bigger then Rouge!
Doesn’t it feel great to have no restrictions of what you make for Vore now unlike DA >_>
Awesome drawing btw! Always good to see more Amy Vore.

brandon14 - 1 day ago

God I wanna see more of it. MORE MORE!

CarnivorousVixen - 1 day ago

I like it~

Page 36

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: BSGreyM

Tags: Snake Naga Non-Vore Phone

I dunno, 12 minutes for breakfast seems a little bit much. 

VoreLover666 - 14 hours ago

...I was kinda rooting for an interspecies relationship.

Now I'm rooting for the mousie to actually croak.

Frazone - 1 day ago

Oh Lemmy you actually seemed like you might of been a decent person.

necryel - 1 day ago

I sense a new litter of mice in the making.........sorry Sap. 12 minutes to talk to the manager......

The-Lonely-Gamefreak - 1 day ago

Dumb mouse is gonna be in a world of hurt soon, me think. -.-

BSGreyM - 1 day ago


Fortune Teller vs. Shrine Maiden, Maria wins

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: DeadStrategicCactus

Tags: Breasts Belly Pregnancy F/F Bulge F/? Multiple Prey cosplay f/multiple pregnant pred F/F/? Fate/Grand Order Maria Nitocris Konoko Shirogane Scheherazade F/F?????????

This is a colored sketch done by  A0IISA during his monthly colored sketch streams. This picture is also a sequel to another pic that you can find here .

“You try anything on me Maria and I swear-” Konoko began as her hair began to move, only for a green bolt reminiscent of electricity flew from Maria’s right hand and right into the shrine maiden stunning her instantly.

“Now, now, Konoko. We both agreed that...
[ Continued ...

CurioHeart - 1 day ago

Awesome! And I totally agree- A0's a great artist.

DeadStrategicCactus - 1 day ago

Indeed we do, but since there isn't that many around that means she can slowly build a following of her own.

DeadStrategicCactus - 1 day ago

A0 did really great job with it. And if you liked that story, keep your eyes open because very soon Maria's about to be the star of her own story.

no one - 1 day ago

Hell yeah! We need more pregnant preds like Maria!

CurioHeart - 1 day ago

Words. I have words for you, but I'm not sure what they are beyond, "Hot [i]damn[/i], that stomach!"

Great little story to go with it, too~

Mia and Lina lineart

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: SwordkingX5

Tags: Non-Vore Female Yugioh Original Character

Meet the twin slifer red girls Mia and Lina, there two are never far from each other and will protect one another.
They even sometimes shared their prey.

Both are original character thought up by me and featured in this story
Lineart by Dvega on DevinatArt 

Fairylover222 - 1 day ago


Windshear in skyrim

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: starhotbar

Tags: wolfgirl Non-Vore Nudity Big Girl

Upload this pic which I captured already.. 

starhotbar - 6 hours ago

Thank you about this word :)

tgawsome - 1 day ago

thank god she's wearing boots. thought she was naked. also I didn't think we could upload screen shots to galleries.

ChaoskampfNunc - 1 day ago

I wanna make love to that wuff

Max_C - 16 hours ago

Wow! That's some serious squish! Love it!

GabbyEats - 1 day ago

Amazing as always

erkki - 23 hours ago

Seeing non-humans with huge breasts cooked to perfection and about to be served is always awesome, thank you for this. ^^

LordStorm - 1 day ago

MMm that is some fine looking lizard breast meat :D

Badviper - 1 day ago

This was an awesome surprise. ^^ Thank you.

Knight Windshear

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: starhotbar

Tags: wolfgirl Non-Vore knight Big Girl Windshear

fanart for castle crashers :)

Anotherkitsune - 13 hours ago

Wolf smash x3

Gstef - 1 day ago

Hah, she looks awesome!

Devin Fart Teaser

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: MarkusFreeman320

Tags: Furry Belly Wolf Human Anthro M/M Fart Farting gas Willing Post-Vore Human Prey Male Prey diaper Gassy Male Pred Furry Pred Anthro Pred post vore fart babyfur willing prey

Teaser for Devin's new scene, looking guilty after digesting your friend.

Soon to be in my interactive: 

MarkusFreeman320 - 5 hours ago

More an expansion than a branch, though you get to meet some of his friends ;)

Silentdreamer1996 - 22 hours ago

Glad to see Devin getting another branch. Still would love to be his snack of course ^-^’...

More bunnehs

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: CarnivorousVixen

Tags: Fox Fat Non-Vore shemale

Far practice I guess 

Foxgut - 1 day ago

Mm, lovely to see her put those bunnies in their place~

CarnivorousVixen - 1 day ago

Redd, or Sarah, or more recently, Bridgette. Redd being more of a nickname, Sarah being first name and Brigdette being middle name. So use whichever you wish :3

ReignbowMaus - 1 day ago

Apologies if I guess wrong, but this one answers to Redd, yes?

redsquallff8 - 1 day ago

great art love the work

ChaoskampfNunc - 1 day ago

The fatter the better!

A day with Sam (2/2)

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: MobiusTheIce

Tags: Breasts Belly Slime Digestion Weight Gain Female F/? Butt Sam Post-Vore Slimegirl Big Belly Female Pred Big Breasts big butt Butt Expansion slime vore Digestion Implied breats expansion

Drawing Sam... is good. Dunno why, I just like to draw her. She's so squishy and soft... XD. Anyway, sketch by  drpolice he made those some time ago, finally managed to do somethings with those. Anyway, have a great day :D 

MobiusTheIce - 4 hours ago

My thanks! I thought it was good to work on Sam, to try the new methods on her. I sketched her a bit, but I still have problem sketching your catgirl. I never drew them XD

AuratierDreemurr - 10 hours ago

Lookin' good as usual :)

HeadPhones1 - 22 hours ago

Just like every time *q*

dpZ1234 - 22 hours ago

Well I guess you’re off her menu

brandon14 - 23 hours ago

I got this. What else could go wrong?

Predators Of Mobius Chapter 2 Part 3

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: WankersCramp

Tags: Oral Vore Breasts Belly Digestion Sonic the Hedgehog Tails Milk Bulge Fatal Story Cleavage bones milking Post-Vore Multiple Prey Sally Acorn fiona fox Bulges Female Prey Female Pred mina mongoose SEGA f/multiple Graphic digestion Huge breasts titty fuck Miles Prower lemon archie comics Natsumemetalsonic nicole the lynx

Sketch by Eka's


Inking and colouring by me. Story by me

The picture is actually a scene of something that happened in the previous chapters.

Chapter 2 Part 3

Coming to Terms

This couldn't be real, it had to be a nightmare. This was impossible yet here he was, sitting among three stunning girls sporting their...
[ Continued ...

z3d - 18 hours ago

Always wondered what the pump looked like, guess I know now : 3 another great story as always, still love the fact the Mobians eaten have their soul trapped in the ones that ate them.

ublover1 - 1 day ago

that's so hot

KattFox - 1 day ago


MirceaKitsune - 1 day ago

Such a gorgeous view as usual <3

Love and Vore

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: smog1

Tags: Breasts Lizard Love Alien Human F/F Same Size Bulge Swallowing Sex lovers Butt hips Human Prey Sexual content big hips big butt neck bulge Alien/Human thick thighs Natsumemetalsonic alien pred Lizardwoman

A fan art tribute to  Natsumemetalsonic

"Xsheen lovingly humping her human lover while gorging herself on a big lady. She could not decide which was more enjoyable, her hips moving and pressing down on her lover's groin whilst he caresses her bare behind, or slowly swallowing the woman in a rubbery swimsuit. It seems she could not easily focus on two things at once though each time her hips went down, her neck muscles would slowly edge the girl deeper and deeper as her...
[ Continued ...

157and493 - 1 day ago

All is fair...

Trade : Belly Hug

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: Okioppai

Tags: Oral Vore Breasts Belly Soft Vore Large Bulge F/? Size difference Nudity large belly Female Pred Original Character f/multiple Belly bulge face imprint detailed bulges breast imprints

A trade with my sweet friend  allymoodyneko of her 2 ocs together heh

Commissions are open yes!

Full res pics available on patreon at the end of each month :

mthekiller362 - 1 day ago

Aw, that looks so cute~

brandon14 - 1 day ago

I ship them.

Scheming - Pg2

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: HungrySuccubus

Tags: Non-Vore Vaginal sex Advertisement

Crema's a bit eager, isn't she?

This comic is done and available for purchase in its original resolution in my store OR you can get it on my Patreon.

Store | Twitter | Patreon |...
[ Continued ...

EnderDracolich - 1 day ago

Well, that's sexy! Not sure what's going to happen next, but I'm sure it will be HOT!

Sharknau vs Wuff

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: Nekiame

Tags: Wolf Werewolf sea Shark naubol surprise Pre-Vore? Tenebi Tenebi Centurion Sharknau

I really like to swim. It's one of the things I love doing durning the summer or whenever I get a chance to do it, so being by the sea just gives me the perfect chance to take a long, nice swim... did I just hear something behind me?

This is my side of an art-trade with  Naubol where I got the request to draw something with his shark form and Tenebi.

[Collab] A Spice of Life pg 3

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: dudey64

Tags: Gulp Comic Food Soft Vore Human multiple Bulge Female Cooking Reference Unwilling Anal Vore restaurant meat oven pasta Macro/Micro cheese kitchen Food play Unwilling Prey Unwilling Pred Size difference Insertion Collaboration collab dough Original Character Baking f/multiple ?/? neck bulge chef onomatopoeia Casual Food preparation steamy living insertion Comic Vore steaming big bulge Cheek bulge Dumping Living Food kneading chef hat Comic pages Xun Doughlem Food Golem Dough Anal Vore Dough Golem Dough Vore

Some leftover meat and dough should suffice,
in making a snack and experimenting with spice.
So the dough is moulded and shaped to a bowl,
so she can fit her friend, swallowed whole.

[Xun] is nothing if not resourceful, cooking up some meat scraps and the leftover dough to make herself a nice, big dumpling.

Collab with  septia.
The other half of this collab is a story, which the whole comic is based on, link given here. ...
[ Continued ...

tgawsome - 1 day ago

I couldn't help but notice the interesting pepper shaker. I to purchase all my cookware from R'lyeh magical surplus the price is cheep and the magic is real.

Septia - 1 day ago

Dough vore, a whole new form~
And Dough Anal vore at that :3.

[Collab] A Spice of Life pg 2

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: dudey64

Tags: Oral Vore Comic Food Soft Vore Human Burp multiple Bulge Female Cooking F/? Reference Belch Unwilling restaurant gas oven Macro/Micro chocolate kitchen Food play Unwilling Prey Multiple Prey Size difference Honey Female Pred Collaboration collab dough Original Character Baking Human Pred neck bulge chef onomatopoeia Casual Food preparation F/??? Comic Vore Cheek bulge Living Food kneading chef hat Comic pages Xun Doughlem Food Golem Chocolate Snowball Coconut Ball Cartoon Gas Dough Golem

But there is more to cook than just coconut and chocolate pulp,
so Xun cleans them up with one big gulp.
Xun keeps her workplace clear with joy and dolce,
for have you not heard of: "Mise en place"?

With her test batch complete, the cheft dispatches of her delicious treats approprietly. As well as preparing the next few dishes.

Collab with  septia.
The other half of this collab is a story, which the whole comic is...
[ Continued ...

157and493 - 1 day ago

Sexy burp!

[Collab] A Spice of Life pg 1

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: dudey64

Tags: Gulp Oral Vore Comic coconut Food Soft Vore Human Bulge Swallowing Female F/? Unwilling restaurant chewing Macro/Micro chocolate tasty licking kitchen Food play coffee Size difference Bulges Female Pred Collaboration tasting collab dough Original Character Baking Human Pred chef onomatopoeia munching Casual Food preparation Comic Vore Living Food kneading hanji chef hat Comic pages Casual predator Hanji Pepper Xun Doughlem Food Golem Chocolate Snowball Coconut Ball Espresso

First up is confections, a sweet tasty bake,
it requires thorough sampling, for the flavours sake.
Chocolate, vanilla and the secret hanji pepper makes the first batch,
and goes well with espresso, which one chugged too fast.

Xun enters her kitchen at night, with devious culinary experiments in mind. for is food not more exciting to eat when you can feel it squirm down yout throat?

Allow me [ septia and [Dudey/nessy] to Welcome you...
[ Continued ...

tgawsome - 1 day ago

Whoa I read the story and dam you nailed the visuals perfectly. I look forward to the rest of this comic.

Septia - 1 day ago

It is Finally completed, a collaboration with the best artist~.
Fantastic :3.

anthony050 - 1 day ago

Aw they look so cute when they get startled >.<

Graywolf18 - 1 day ago

There is a special place in my heart for sexy librarians. <3 Oh and the lolis are nice too... I guess. :/

The Job pt. 7

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: RemnArtX

Tags: Pokemon Fat F/M Female BBW anon Anal Vore Pre-Vore Snorlax Mewtwo Big Belly Female Prey Stripping BBW Prey Female Pred f/mm Big Breasts F/MMM big butt club Stripper reversal Angry Predator Pokemon Vore Pred to prey Mega Mewtwo Y Failed Vore pred/pred angry pred mewtwo pred Mega mewtwo y pred


Meloetta, after that night, she decided to stay in her Office to rest and enjoy herself.

Erram was able to Work again, she Danced 2 Nights and feasted on other 2 Nights, in the Morning, Erram got a call from the Boss, Meloetta

Erram picked up the phone and talked

-"Hey, Good morning!"
--"Good morning Erram! I have some news for you"
-"Oh! Tell me"
--"I know you like to...
[ Continued ...

Apostolos - 1 day ago

Snorlax got what was coming to her...

Scarlet and Slender Woman's feet

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: AustinDR

Tags: foot witch Soles Scarlet Foot Fetish Slendy Slenderwoman Slender woman ff fetish


Scarlet and Slender Woman (c) me. 

Pokemonsdoom - 1 day ago

I'd be tempted to eat them both feet first

Raze vs Injustice

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: Genly

Tags: Belly Dragon Digestion M/F Bulge Fatal Unwilling starfire Penis Cut-away Multiple Prey defeated Female Prey Wonder Woman Harley Quinn m/multiple Game Over dragon boy M/multiple prey Male Pred DC Comics super girl M/fffffffffff

By popular demand, Raze has made a meal of the Injustice girls!

No doubt the male heroes are on the way. They probably think that these tough girls can hold their own long to be rescued... unfortunately, Raze's gut isn't going to go easy on them. These ladies won't look quite the same when they're found~

Get a good look while they last, folks, because they're about to get digested! 

CrystalKiller88 - 11 hours ago

Yep! That's me! Mr. Borderline-crazy-encyclopedic-memory-of-voice-actors Man!

And yeah, it probably evens things out! I'm sure Brainiac will leave the Earth alone!

Genly - 16 hours ago

Well, I suppose it depends on the situation. These one-shots kinda skip the action straight to the a full belly anyway. I'm sure that some of the girl's struggle could cause a little trouble before they're fully processed.

SuperheroFood - 1 day ago

I know you like the thought of no one being able to put up a fight, but it's basic maths. I don't care how big and bad your Charizard is, a baby Squirtle will still cause some damage before going down. In this case I actually find that part of the appeal. A Goddess is no match for your Dragon, and to add to her humiliation a B, or even C, list villain is treated as more of a threat and actually causes damage before going down, both inside and outside Raze's guts. Then her last thought before she succumbs to digestion is she and the villain will be sliding out of Raze's shit hole in an indistinguishable brown mess. Or better yet he could taunt her about that fact.

Seblennon - 1 day ago

We need to protect them

Seblennon - 1 day ago

I will not let him eat Blanny, Rom and Ram

Skunkie Butt Fun ((gift))

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: Umiriko

Tags: Dragon Anthro Feral Commission Skunk Anal Vore Dragoness Penis Jizzal Gift pussy tailhole Size difference Insertion Feet first Umiriko Hermaphrodite Lustbubbles Jay Ednor

This rumptacular piece is a sweet gift given to me by one of my pets (^.///.^)
Such a handsome and loyal skunkie treat, knowing just how to make his master murr and wag all night long. Just the right amount of soft fur to tickle in all the right places and a well trained and practice wiggler tehe! Couldn’t ask for a better treat to tuck under my tail for the day to enjoy <3 tehe

The handsome and delectable skunkie vanishing under my tail is the commissioner of this...
[ Continued ...

JacktheDragon - 22 hours ago

This is nice x3

Umiriko - 1 day ago

(^. .^)

Umiriko - 1 day ago

Tehe (^. .^) the tail tunnel

JacktheDragon - 1 day ago


ATailDesired - 1 day ago

It always looks fun going down the slippery tunnel~

Digi Down the Dick ((gift))

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: Umiriko

Tags: Breasts Dragon Anthro Same Size Commission Digimon Bulge Cock Vore Dragoness Penis Gift Feet first Guilmon Umiriko Hermaphrodite Lustbubbles datahazard64

A wonderfully sweet gift a naughty Guilmon surprised me with (^. .^)
Mmmm I don’t get enough chances to catch cutie Digitreats and have some playtime with them tehe, luckily though lil 64 here was kind enough to search me out and give me a proper naughty treat to remember hehe. Who knew absorbing data could be so enjoyable and fun (^.///.^)

The naughty Digimon currently being “downloaded” commissioned this delightful piece for us both to enjoy, the very sweet...
[ Continued ...

JacktheDragon - 22 hours ago


SaoYuuki - 23 hours ago

Up a shota butt :3

Umiriko - 1 day ago

*giggles* have to arrange a play date ^^

Umiriko - 1 day ago

dawww why thank you sweetie (^. .^)

Umiriko - 1 day ago

so very murr (^. .^) tehe

Fluffy Festive Fun ((gift))

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: Umiriko

Tags: Dragon Unbirth Feral Christmas Commission Dragoness Gift pussy tailhole Size difference Insertion Feet first Umiriko ocelot Hermaphrodite Lustbubbles Ironmania2003

A wonderfully sweet gift a certain ocelot surprised me with (^. .^)
Tis the season the be naughty... heh well it at least was XD I am just slow on uploading tehe
Gotta keep your friends warm and be a good host, especially during the winter season, all the more reason to welcome cuties and yumyums under my scales..... also... BUTT HAT! XD

The little teasing fluffy ocelot vanishing under my tail and between my thighs is also the sweetie who commissioned this piece of...
[ Continued ...

ublover1 - 1 minute ago

hehe :3

CryptidDrono - 19 hours ago

Agreed there, mind if I take the other opening?

JacktheDragon - 22 hours ago

Hue good to hear Umi~

Umiriko - 1 day ago

tehe perfect timing then (^. .^)

Umiriko - 1 day ago

yush yush (^. .^)

On Vacation

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: FaerieDevil

Tags: Breasts Non-Vore Butt hips

Sometimes, to get out of a funk, you just need to give yourself an ultimatum.

So, here's Jordan with her wife, stepson, "adopted" daughter and little sister.

Hope to have more soon! ;) 

brokepond - 15 hours ago

Loving these characters and good to see you active, cant wait to see whats next

cwho55 - 1 day ago

Yeah more jamie anal vore

runeguden - 1 day ago

More jaime Anal vore plz! XD

Hoka Nap001

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: blackrain

Tags: Soft Vore Cut-away Female Prey Big Breasts napping M/FFFF M/multiple prey Non-Human pred

This is VenusMoonstone23 OC Hoka. He is taking a nap in his favorite tree, sleeping off a nice full tummy of nasty girls. Thanks VenusMoonstone23 for the commission work.

I'm open to taking new commission work right now. If you have an idea pm me with it.

If you enjoy me drawing please help me out and join my Patreon page. I have been drawing a lot of new sketches and posting them there first. What I can earn off of Patreon, what little it is, helps me pay my...
[ Continued ...

Cute maid

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: Samelya

Tags: Catgirl Non-Vore

Commission for  Patchfoot1

Just a cute maid bringing some food around :3 

Patchfoot1 - 1 day ago

People actually saying they like Cleo. ;W;
It's too much~ And it's so cute!

EndercreeperMugen - 1 day ago

Aww, such a cutie~

ChaoskampfNunc - 1 day ago

Hmmm I don't want anything on that platter.. I'd like the one carrying it~

Puss in Puss ((commission))

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: Umiriko

Tags: Breasts Dragon Unbirth Anthro Commission Dragoness Macro/Micro pussy head first Insertion Internal View Umiriko Saber Tooth YCH Naritsu Just-Another-Cat StarBurst Candy

A delightful YCH I was lucky enough to snag the pred slot for (^. .^)

Mmmmm fun sized little wiggly treats make the best toys (^.///.^) Add in some wonderful teasing tickling fluff or scales and you have a sure fire way to keep this dragon murring and wagging all day long tehe. Also any excuse for a kitty in the pussy joke XD

The adorable Saber Toothed Kitty that is busy being a fun sized treat for my loins today is the very floofy Starburst_Candy!
[ Continued ...

ublover1 - 2 minutes ago

not as much as the prey but yesh

GregTheGrimm - 4 hours ago

Wow, didn't think I'd get a response from you personaly! Big fan of yours! :3

moonlightshy - 22 hours ago

*snuggles* m-mind if i stay warm in you? i live to please you 0///w///0

VoraciousWolf - 23 hours ago

Course this yummy treat might be about to add to the huggable squishiness to make even more delightful.

Umiriko - 1 day ago

tehe XD

Pokemonsdoom - 1 day ago

Go ahead, no promises I won't add you as a snack

ChaoskampfNunc - 1 day ago

Of course I do~

Pokemonsdoom - 1 day ago

wanna rub my belly?

ChaoskampfNunc - 1 day ago

I think you need some belly rubs <3

Samus Aran's Final Cry

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: nyte

Tags: Nintendo Alien Worm samus Metroid ?/F worm vore Worm Pred Samus Aran Alien/Human Worm/F Advertisement Alien/F Alien Predator alien pred

The long awaited, heavily anticipated comic is finally here, and early reviews are that it lives up to the hype. :)

Based off the upcoming animation by RyanC, Samus Aran is resting after an exhausting mission, only to be awoken by an unexpected passenger aboard her ship.

This comic truly was one of the greatest joys to draw in my entire career of a vore artist, and hopefully that speaks for itself. I look forward to continually trying to top it!

[ Continued ...

nyte - 1 day ago

The animation will be sold by RyanC, not by me. You can support him here:

I do not know when it will be complete.

spartan12 - 1 day ago

and will the video be for sale on thier too?

nyte - 1 day ago

Right here:

spartan12 - 1 day ago

where can i buy this?

Idemand17lewdieluv - 1 day ago

Word up ;)

Tora Vora

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: TinyAngelPrincess

Tags: Furry Belly Tiger Human Prey tora Ushio and Tora Belly bulge monster vore vore belly belly noises Ushio to tora

I've been feeling like butt and trying to cheer myself up by watching the english dub of my favorite anime, Ushio to Tora, and OH BOY is my favorite episode EVEN MORE VOREY IN THE DUB. I love it, and I just couldn't help but doodle up some Tora vore. It actually really did help me feel a good bit better to doodle something fun that I loved up for myself, so there ya go.

But yeah. I like to imagine in Happy Vore LandTM that Tora will swallow Ushio down whole at random, just to get...
[ Continued ...

TinyAngelPrincess - 1 day ago


ChaoskampfNunc - 1 day ago

*Whispers* ʸᵒᵘ ᶜᵃᶰ'ᵗ ᶫᶦᵉ ᵗᵒ ᵐᵉ

TinyAngelPrincess - 1 day ago

I...I would...never... *sweats*

ChaoskampfNunc - 1 day ago

You'd probably willingly be eaten by him YA BIG FREAK

TinyAngelPrincess - 1 day ago


Guest arrived - Commission

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: Servothehusky

Tags: Snake Micro Wolf Unbirth Male Digestion Cock Vore Fatal Unwilling Husky Hybrid Penis impregnate cuntboy c/m snolf

There were other plans for him, but this one seems to work out the best

Commisison for bazaar 

JacktheDragon - 1 day ago


Human Full - Commission

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: Servothehusky

Tags: Human Unbirth Male Inside Bulge Husky womb finger cuntboy c/m

the usual pussy full of human

Commission for  TheAllSeeingEye 

JacktheDragon - 1 day ago


Lioness' Doom

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: TaciturnTiger

Tags: Oral Vore Fox Digestion F/F BBW Hybrid Willing Blush Lioness gift art Bat Wings Internal View wiggle bubbly Furry/Furry BBW pred licking lips Lioness prey Vixen Pred bashful

Gift art I drew up for a friend and fan of mine,  Pokemonsdoom.

I've been itching to draw her 'sona Sarah for quite some time, and with a definitive reference of her I went for it. I really like Sarah's design, and her player is a pretty nice person and a great fan. Seems Rachel's enjoying her gastric bubble bath inside of Sarah's belly. :3 

Pokemonsdoom - 1 day ago

I'll say she was delicious

Pokemonsdoom - 1 day ago

Yup and she'll go to all the right places <3

TaciturnTiger - 1 day ago

Heheh, seems so. And in you for some time after she's been stewed away inside. ^\\\^

TaciturnTiger - 1 day ago

Quite so. It's a little-known fact that Rachel can make for a rather delicious meal. :9

Pokemonsdoom - 1 day ago

You know it

Dragon load - Commission

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: Servothehusky

Tags: Wolf Male Digestion M/M Unwilling Penis Melting condom internal wolf dragon cockvore

Another standard for tuton to cockvore and release

Commission for tuton 

JacktheDragon - 1 day ago

Mhm ok

Eli Fucked

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: Sakao

Tags: Furry Rabbit Non-Vore Sex ghost Original Character intersex

A request done for me by Spookie of my oc, Eliana.
Link to the artist- 

Sakao - 1 day ago

That's Spookieartss oc, Spookie. She's a ghost.

EnderDracolich - 1 day ago

What's the name of the intersex lady, and who does she belong to? I really like her design!