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Lucy Is a young genius! And not only that. She also looks very good. She is tall, has well-shaped breasts, golden blond hair and a perfectly symmetrical face. In addition, with 22 years, she is still young… A dream girl!

But Lucy is bored of her live! She abhors humanity. Humanity destroys itself. Overpopulation and wars, It is getting worse and worse.. Lucy feels powerless…

She is on the way back from her university when she notic

Cannibal Note Chapter 1: Revelation

Uploaded: 52 minutes ago

Owner: masterchaos

Tags: Cooking parody roast Magic cannibalism Original Character Volunteer oven roast

I know, I know. I still have many projects ...
But since I've watched Death Note again. I was simply inspired. ;)
You can look forward to a tasty thriller;) (if i finish it...)

Cannibal Note Rules:

1: The human whose name is written in this note, will volunteer to be eaten.
2: This note will not take effect unless the writer has the person's face in their mind when writing his/her name. Therefore, people sharing the same name will not be...
[ Continued ...

Anal Vore Test 09: First Person

Uploaded: 1 hour ago

Owner: AlisaBlueBird

Tags: POV Human Anal Female Anal Vore writing first person Human Prey Male Prey Female Pred Human Pred point of view

Get it?
It's funny because it's THE first person, and it's also IN first person.

It's a joke.

I'm trying out a few new things here. A new perspective. New formatting.

Hope you enjoy.

The thumbnail is by "Jeanne Alter"
And you can find it here:

And yes I know the thumbnail has very little to do with the story.
It's hard...
[ Continued ...

arrive at work as you always do, just in time for the day shift to
end and the night shift to begin. It's Friday. Most of the people
have knocked off early. But she hasn't... You don't even know her
name, but ever since her first day on the job, you've looked forward
to this one moment in the day when your paths cross. She isn't the
most beautiful woman in the factory. At least, not to the others who
work there. But something about her shy smile, her little freckles...
she's perfect.

A Crush, A Keepsake

Uploaded: 1 hour ago

Owner: marloweny

Tags: Non-Vore Flattening

A nonvore story in which a factory worker lets his desire get the better of him and finally gets to take his dream girl home with him. Rolled up into a tight tube.


A particularly rough bout of insomnia produced this one. No vore, though I suppose you could imagine an ending where he rips open the lamination and eats her like an individually wrapped cheese slice. 

“C’mon Spike, just hold still! I need this, and you can have all the gems you want after!”

Pinkie Pie’s hoof stopped an inch from knocking on the library’s door, and she blinked. She’d originally pronked over to Twilight’s Treebrary because nopony had seen her for about a week, and she wanted to make sure she was okay with some ‘You haven’t left your house in a week and you’re probably malnourished so eat these&

The Day the Pink Turned

Uploaded: 1 hour ago

Owner: Vraddock

Tags: Oral Vore Scat Fart Fatal Unwilling Unwilling Prey My Little Pony Spike Pinkie Pie Twilight Sparkle Oblivious junebug really indulgent descriptions of magic

This is an extremely late commission for  dudey64. I've been procrastinating super hard for the past five months and I don't know if I'm going to be able to break out of it, so commissions (except for special cases and personal things) are going to be on hold while I give myself a kick in the ass and catch up.

...Also, not sure what happened to the formatting. That's a .docx written and downloaded from Google Docs, if anyone knows what's up that'd be real cool. 

Eissen - 47 minutes ago

aw ye!

God Doesn't Hear Dead Men

Uploaded: 2 hours ago

Owner: Lightvsdark777

Tags: POV Oral Vore Vore Gore Blood F/? Bondage Val Macro/Micro force feeding Implied Digestion Shrinking Rope cult Human Pred weapon secret nails partial unbirth Crucifixion Sex Toy Preistess Isolation Outlast

What is this? Outlast vore? BLASPHEMY!

Alright everybody, put down your torches and pitchforks. I have an explanation for this. I recently finished playing Outlast 2, and Val is my favorite character from the game. Right over Knoth. R.I.P you magnificent bastard.

Also, I'm pretty sure that I'm the first person to make a vore story on one of the Outlast games...

Val belongs to Red Barrel Games!

[ Continued ...

Raven's voracious adventure

Uploaded: 2 hours ago

Owner: Naganommer

Tags: Oral Vore Unbirth Pregnancy Digestion M/F Anal Vore raven Unwilling Prey F/FF raven teen titans DC Comics willing prey

The third part of my Teen Titans series. If you haven't read the other two they're the other three items in this folder.

Something doesn't feel right about this one. I can't quite put my finger on it either. Anyway, hope you enjoy! 

VertGreenHeart - 1 hour ago

I always loved beast boy.

The night was as dark as it had ever been. A lone figure carrying a package loosely at his side travelled down an alleyway, making his way into the side entrance of an average looking building. In the wake of the most recent tragedy perpetrated by the Fae, he found himself working as a “courier” for a rather niche type of delivery. Some days he cursed this shady business he couldn’t climb out of, but found solace in the fact that he was the one delivering the package rather tha


Uploaded: 3 hours ago

Owner: truth

Tags: Oral Vore Belly F/F F/M Swallowing Unwilling Macro/Micro Willing Implied Digestion Unwilling Prey Shrinking Female Prey Human Prey Male Prey Female Pred female predator f/multiple Human Pred Eaten Alive Belly bulge swallowed alive belly noises Eaten Whole willing prey

Rather than bang out a story over a few days like usual, I instead have been doing this one little bits at a time since the last story.

This has not been a good week. The last two days in particular have been pretty bad, so I've taken out my frustrations by finally rounding off this story. I hope you enjoy it.

Edit: Standby, trying to fix the text formatting. Apparently not even a simple file upload is allowed to go right this week.
Edit2: Nevermind. Getting...
[ Continued ...

A Maple Story

Uploaded: 4 hours ago

Owner: iseeyouthere

Tags: Oral Vore Breasts Belly Fox Human Anthro F/F F/M Anal Vore Butt Multiple Prey f/mm f/multiple

I wrote this story after a nice discussion with  Mr_Iddi and had a willingness to write something fun.

So here it is.
You can find and stare at the picture here:

Art in icon made by

Story by me

Have fun~ 


I froze. The fiery sky outlined the shadowy silhouettes of the pines. Daylight was fading, with less than an hour to go at the very most.

Tess felt my kisses suddenly go cold.


She looked at me, confusion in her eyes.

Looking at her, I felt my heart beat begin to race. My eyes widened and my blush of passion faded as my skin turne

Bittersweet (TP, Ch.4) [Vore Ending]

Uploaded: 4 hours ago

Owner: JessicaVoire

Tags: Vore Breasts sister Love Girl Anthro Cute Soul Cock Vore Cum Unwilling pretty Penis lesbian Willing pussy anthropomorphic curvy twins orgasm forced Unwilling Prey Unwilling Pred cumming cum digestion Nudity gentle afraid Anthro Wolf teasing horny Herm/F tight fit cumgestion Cum Transformation feminine Deer girl Hermaphrodite Wolf Pred Making out unwilling to willing stretched hermaphrodite predator Love making cummification unsure guilty pleasures willing prey

I've decided to split the story line at this point and this version is the alternative, vore ending. The canon storyline is non-vore - I love Bessy and Tess too much <3

Caught up in making love to the two does, Jessica realizes too late that night is approaching. She tries to get away from them, but it's too late. Her predatory alter ego takes over and she hunts the twins down and promptly swallows Bessy.
Having sated her initial hunger, however, Jess suddenly regains her...
[ Continued ...

wasn’t long before the tavern was empty, with the exception of
Glacea and the lioness. They stood on either side of the counter with
the only light being a single candle. The lioness kept her eyes down
at her hand as she spoke.
was just two weeks ago. One morning all of our children missing. We
all knew it was the witch of the woods that took them, but the mayor
refused to investigate. Every one knows that there is an agreement
between th

Chapter 2: Starting Point

Uploaded: 8 hours ago

Owner: glacea

Tags: Non-Vore rebirth Lioness Incest H/F Snow Leopard mind break muzzle fucking

And so Glacea's journey truly starts. Sorry no vore in this one. I felt I needed to set the scene a bit more. However I did include a nice rough session of muzzle fucking.

And if Glacea going over what her rule will bring to them seems like an exposition dump to you... Yeah I'm kind of boarder line on that myself but I can only rewrite it so many times before I have to just start working on the next chapter. 

Nakahi’s Tales #2:


through the


Akasaka, Minato District Tokyo


It had been raining for over half an hour now. It had been a mild, sun

Nakahi's Tales #2 Sunshine through the Rain

Uploaded: 19 hours ago

Owner: Ome

Tags: Oral Vore Kitsune F/M Non-Fatal Outfoxed Vore Campus

Nakahi's back for another adventure in Japan. But it seems that she got more then she set out for during a quick lunch break.

The Outfoxed series was created by  Throat_Wolf and  Kazuki the former of whom also made the Vore Campus setting used herein. 

Saria's Snack

Uploaded: 20 hours ago

Owner: ZeldaNoVorsu

Tags: Scat Digestion F/F Burp Underage Fart gas disposal ruto burping onomatopoeia saria Gassy

A short story about an encounter between Saria and Ruto in the Lost Woods after the latter was rescued by Link.

It's got to do with Arbor Day because the ending leads to a new tree. 

ZeldaNoVorsu - 1 hour ago


australien92 - 18 hours ago

Great story

Just Another Night of Self Indulgent Pleasure

Uploaded: 22 hours ago

Owner: IkariZero

Tags: Cock Vore cum digestion Mini Giantess Hermaphrodite Kancolle cum disposal Shemale Pred Bismarck

A short story I had written some years ago after I had made a Bismarck in the chatroom.

I play Bismarck as a bitch so it's understandable that she'd just look out for her own pleasure when it comes to that huge cannon of hers.

Any comments or criticisms are welcome since I aim to improve my writing first and foremost.  

ThatBrassyGuy - 21 hours ago


Instant fave.

The starry sky that hung over the village hidden in the leaves was nothing short of relaxing on a cool, crisp night like this. A weak breeze lightly blew through the village, slightly ruffling clothes worn by still awake citizens, both civilian and ninja-alike, but did nothing to stop them from heading to their destinations.

For one eighteen year-old Hinata Hyuga, heiress of the Hyuga clan, she

Hinata's Quest

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: Enteresting

Tags: Oral Vore Naruto Anal Vore tenten Breast Vore Hinata Hyuga tired prey sleeping prey Sakura Haruno Ino yamanaka willing prey

Hinata Hyuga, heiress to the Hyuga clan, is jealous of Ino for snatching up the man she loves. So she decides to find a way to 'Dispose' of her.

//7004 words written for puck5! Had, surprisingly, a tough time writing this due to a lot going on in life. Thankfully that is 'Somewhat' sorted so I can get back to writing among other things. If anyone is curious as to what's going on, drop me a message and I'll be happy to get back to you. 

Slobby Threesome

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: Septia

Tags: Oral Vore Belly Food Girl Soft Vore Human Chubby multiple F/M Fart Giantess Female Unwilling Jam Farting messy Butt Non-Fatal gas Shrunken lesbian booty smother curvy shrink Sweat unaware Food play Shrinking Big Belly size difference Human Prey Female Pred lesbians smothering shrunk near-vore slob chub Shrunken man Human Pred nose nasal vore sweaty nasal farts taunting onomatopoeia Gassy unaware pred slobby Oblivious shrunken prey ff/m Giantess Vore misunderstanding Nose Vore chubby pred chubby girl girl pred casual foulness Big belly pred Third Person 3rd person Hidden Name Meaning Gassy Pred nostril vore Multiple Doms Obioma Eltin

Who needs enemies when you have friends that stuff you up her girlfriend's naughty and messy parts, keeping her unaware of your existence as you are at the mercy of a woman to which you are a mere toy. Garrett doesn't, that is for sure.

I wrote this story as a commission for  anonymous.

[Quick guide:

Girl shaking her booty.

After 1st: Breast smothering, jam food play, messy chubby, unaware.

[ Continued ...

Kelly - 16 hours ago

Wow I never knew that something like this would be so fraking awesome x3

Gone Camping (Vore Story)

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: mZmm

Tags: Stomach Digestion Gut Anal Vore masturbation multiprey gurgle rimming handjob camping campsite Bear Pred rimjob Alligator Prey deer pred ferret prey Sheep Prey deep rimming possum prey

Another commission for AwkwardFerret! His deer character, Darryl, returns, as well as Darryl's boyfriend, Magnus! Looks like Darryl is expanding his horizons a bit...

~5600 words. Story printed below for dudes that can't see .txt files (for whatever reason).


“Well, are ya excited, Darryl?” Magnus asked his boyfriend as Darryl finished packing up his belongings for the weekend, the deer busy putting the last of his bags into...
[ Continued ...

Adventure RPG 2-279

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: Rayen

Tags: Non-Vore ARPG

Read this post on the website, if you like:


Hopefully the formatting works correctly this time. :U


Join my Patreon here :

Or donate here:

You can also join the ARPG Discord server: Ks9HPbY 

Sergit - 3 hours ago

I think we should try it! It would be good practice.

Though, there is risk, but we can just take her to Ken if things go wrong, I guess. Besides, her and Ken are both flame elves. Maybe they know each other, or something. Or maybe they don't, and we can ship them together.

SoliliaFirestarter - 13 hours ago

*give blue bell more hugs*

zbuilders - 16 hours ago

Yeah, we said we'd let Bluebell transform us

Graywolf18 - 23 hours ago

Birb transformation probably?

Rayen - 1 day ago

A promise..? :V

Mass Vore

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: saintheartwing

Tags: Oral Vore Vore Soft Vore Alien Human M/F Sex Human Prey Sexual content Mass Effect Soft oral vore Pathfinder alien pred Kett Archon

A Mass Effect Vore story featuring Archon and Sara Ryder, done by Shadowdick. You might have picked up on my love of Mass Effect, the new game included. Hope you enjoy this little tale!  

- Konosuba
2 - Anatomy of Women and Men
wonder how she feels." Chris thought aloud as Darkness bounced
her breast a couple timesin her hand. She had just finished
inserting Aqua into her nipple as required by the 'Nipple Vore' card
she got but quickly covered herself once more but not donning her
chest plate.
could always show you." Eris teased.
take a pass on that, make sure you enjoy her stay Darkness."
She said.
am." Darkne

NRawk - 2 hours ago

Wow, really? Thanks, it's always nice to hear that I'm able to capture the feel of the original source.
Next chapter should be up in either Tuesday or Friday if I can keep to my schedule/

Niggle - 8 hours ago

Yeah I'm really loving how you write her and the other characters, if it wasn't for the blatant adult content it almost reads like something from the novel.

Any idea when the next chapter will be done?

Definitely looking forward to it.

NRawk - 9 hours ago

Misunderstanding are the bane of Aqua >:)

Niggle - 11 hours ago

The funny thing is now that Wiz has been CV'd and found it so nice, she's probably going to assume that Aqua felt the same way.

I can see her wanting to let her precious Aqua sama feel nice again when she gets out, now that she knows how it feels.

NRawk - 1 day ago

Oh, as is normally the case, even when Aqua wins, she still loses.

I don't know exactly what it is either, but Carla said it's supposed
to make sex a lot more sensual, so I figured it would be a nice thing
to play with during 'Romantic Date Night,' since I couldn't afford to
take out out to dinner like I promise."
crossed her arms and frowned at the toaster oven-sized device he
like it's not much of a replacement for a meal at Marco's. But what
did you have planned?" she said.
smiled. "I figured we

A Romantic Date Goes Down The Drain

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: marloweny

Tags: Sex Compression Drain vore HDTF

An HDTF related mishap causes basically exactly what the title says.


Another sleepless night, another half-thought-out, unproofread tale of squishy sexy times. 

Goblingobler - 48 minutes ago

"I keep them in little jars till I need them!~"

marloweny - 2 hours ago

"I call it HDTF fishing. You should see my trophy case!"

Goblingobler - 2 hours ago

I'm suddenly imagining Carla somehow waiting on the other end of the pipe expectantly, wanting to.. claim her prize. >.>

marloweny - 6 hours ago


marloweny - 6 hours ago

I'm happy you enjoyed the story!

Never insult a dragon(Disposal)

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: NuclearStardustCell

Tags: Scat Soft Vore Digestion Futanari Fatal masturbation Pain Unwilling Prey Post Vore Scat revenge H/F teasing Original Character disposal Fourth Wall Breakage Half Dragon Large Pred Fast Digestion smaller prey fantasy setting Shemale Pred Disposal Scat no bones DrinkyourgoddamnTEA Crossbreed Lydia

This took everything I had. I really tried my hardest with this... Whew! I hope everyone likes it. Lydia is owns by me, blah blah blah, you know the drill. Also, i've been really getting into disposal. I don't know why, but... I just really like it. If you don't wanna read the disposal part, don't read past the wavey line. 

NuclearStardustCell - 21 hours ago

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it so much~

Renael - 22 hours ago

I'm also a huge fan of masturbation after vore, especially with futa preds. So this story was really top notch.~

NuclearStardustCell - 23 hours ago

Those are the words I was looking for!

Gelenor - 1 day ago

Gelenor approves this story. Keep up the good work.

Renael - 1 day ago

Disposal has a certain finality to it that ties vore together in some way, at least for me.

There's also the whole thing about turning a living breathing person into a massive pile of, well, you know.

It's got a really nice domination aspect to it.

Hinata was enjoying her day off, at home. She'd just got out of the bathhouse, and was walking down the hall. She wore a blue kimono-like robe with a floral design. Her large breast bounced, and pressed open the kimono-top, revealing her cleavage. Hinata then stopped for a moment, as she heard something peculiar. It was coming from further down the hall. It was the sounds of eating, mixed with a moaning female voice. She soon saw that it was her little sister, Hanabi. "Om, Nom...Mmm..."

Hinata and Hanabi's Secret Meal (Com)

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: Raiza

Tags: Oral Vore Naruto Digestion F/F Fatal Unwilling hinata Unwilling Prey Underage Pred secret Hanabi Hinata Hyuga Hanabi Hyuga Hyuga Natsu Execution by vore

This is a commission for Flame14.

It's a story of Hinata sharing a dark secret about the females of the Hyuga Clan. It's a meal neither will soon forget.

If you wish to order a story for yourself, be sure to check out my commission status! 

Raiza - 1 day ago

I did manage to fix that, I'll just leave this here as a reminder to not make that fuck up again/a laugh for people calling me a dumbass lol

Raiza - 1 day ago

Oh fuck, must have copy and pasted it wrong on the notepad file, after typing it on a word thing on firefox x.x I hope I can edit that lol

Clchicane - 1 day ago

um, did the story get typed twice?

Badger HillBy
a little hill near the MacCready farm lived a badger, and besides
being very big, almost as big as a man, this was a very unusual
badger, for he could talk. He was something of a local legend in
hillbilly country and many a hunter had taken his varmint rifle and
gone to get its pelt. The hill was a honeycomb of badger burrows and
local wisdom was not to try to dig the animal out or send dogs in. In
the former case there were always more tunnels and never a badger and

At Badger Hill (badger/human vore)

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: Strega

Tags: Vore Human Digestion Feral badger Mild scat Regurgitation bestiality mild gore

The MacCreadys don't like the talking badger nearby and discover to their misfortune that it's smarter than they are, and a lot hungrier.

Some off screen bestiality but mostly lots of vore. Also mild scat and gore. 

Strega - 1 day ago

I like writing stories that sound folksy, like children's tales, though often with lots of smut and vore. 83

Ethereal - 1 day ago

Good stuff, well handled.

Kila - 1 day ago

Love your writing :3

The barrier shimmered and the scorched arena was restored to pristine condition, just in time for the next two fighters to wreck it again. Lamba checked her copy of the brackets, quickly mopped up the mess she'd made on the floor, and stowed the paper back in her pocket before raised the microphone again.
“Ladies and gentlemen this is it!" she said with enthusiasm, hand pointing to the sun well on its way to setting. "We have reached the final four matches of the day. B

Match 13: Grin vs Pebble

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: Sliptree13

Tags: fight Digestion F/F Fart energy Fatal Anal Vore Farting gas Shark Lamb shark girl elemental grin Plant Girl Gassy earth elemental sharkess Goddess Tournament Pebble ONE PAWWWWWWNCH! Daruda Fartstorm Toot like Heimdall's horn to bring Ragnarok

The explorer who navigated the impossible seas of irregular reality goes head to head with the incarnated wrath of the world made manifest. Who will win? History will tell.

Not sure who's who? Be sure to check out the Opening Ceremonies, where all the major NPC's and each of the 32 fighters are introduced here:

The full roster of the 32 fighters is here:

The Tournament will update...
[ Continued ...

MrQuarantine - 1 day ago

With all due respect, I must say this is probably by far my least favorite chapter. While I am well aware I have expressed clear bias for Pebble in the past I feel there is more to my reasoning than simple favoritism. On a personal level I just didn't find much entertainment with the way this chapter went.

I understand the shock value aspect of the match that you were trying to capture with it being one sided and all, but to me it seemed to come off as a waste. I really dug Pebble as a character because she added some much needed seriousness and intensity that is honestly missing from a life and death tournament. That being said let me be clear that It's not so much that I dislike that she lost, It's more so in the fashion that it was done. Even if some character victories were more obvious than others, each fighter at least got to exhibit what they can do to a fair degree.

To me it just really sucks that arguably one of the most imposing characters with one of the best motivations was reduced to a charge, a tail whip, and an acid spit...Again I wouldn't be so disappointed if she had been able to display more of what she could do, I find myself to be a firm believer in strong impressions, not meaningless duration. Even if some these characters only get one opportunity to be written about as long as they fulfill their purpose in the story in a meaningful way, then their mission is complete. In this particular instance I just don't feel like that was accomplished.

Aside from how the outcome was done, I also found another reason this chapter to not be on the same level as your others is because of the pacing. This story seemed rather short in comparison which I wouldn't particularly have a problem with if a good portion of the fight wasn't dedicated to Grin summoning power, which Pebble just kinda let her do I might add.

Lastly I think probably the biggest issue I take away with this chapter is how it resulted in putting a competitor on a pedestal. No other character has been gifted such an easy victory to the point where it seemed like they didn't even have to try. I'm all for building a character up as being a threat through match dominance, especially if they are the main antagonist or something, but this seemed rather extreme. To be fair I don't know what your plan is for Grin in regards to the rest of the tourny but if dice randomly decide who wins matches and she loses in the next round then all that stems from Grin's overwhelming victory and Pebble's waste is just another fight. This in turn brings me back to my issue of why bother writing Grin the way you did when it could essentially be pointless when she might not even make it passed the next round?

Overall, this is just my opinion on the chapter as I feel since I often give praise when I find your stories enjoyable, that I should also do the same when I feel a chapter isn't as up to par. With all this being said I will eagerly await the next exciting installment.

Graywolf18 - 1 day ago

Spoiler warning:

Out of all the fighters, I only saw 2 being able to beat Pebble... Grin was not one of them. And in such a fantastic one sided fashion... I'm speechless. (but pleased)

Totally unrelated to the match, fart jokes are my crux. You have felled me this day... I laughed right along side the audience. Grin needs hugs and booze. :(

I've found myself in the overt and rank darkness of a stomach. A moistened, tight pit dimpled by deep crevasses filled with bile and mucus. The walls are throbbing, shifting under my body and bringing me deeper into the chasm. Around me is little to no air, only the choking fumes that are produced by food that's broken down and eventually digested here. With no light to guide me I use my hands to grasp at the flesh I'm on and get an idea of what my standing is, here, in this stomach. As I'm blin


Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: Juliet

Tags: Vore Food Soft Vore Stomach F/M Giantess vomit unaware Shrinking vomiting

A man finds himself unable to escape a girl's stomach. 

Juliet - 1 day ago

The air pocket disappeared because the girl was eating food so rapidly that the hole was filled.

dcvfgb1234 - 1 day ago

Wow, just wow. This was a really great story and definitely one of the best I've read in a very long while. I definitely liked the part of the story happening in her stomach the most. That was just godly written. You should do more of those very detailed descriptions of being in a stomach.
Also had she actually burped while he was underwater or was there another reason that the air pocket at her spincter was gone when he resurfaced?
And what was the reason he was swallowed in the first place? Was she unaware of eating him?

Above him the ceiling slid away until everything around him was brightly lit and revealed to him. The floor was like one massive brown hill that extended very far in all directions. As far as he could see there were more and more of these hills deeply allocated within large holes in the ground. Separating each hill were several red walls that snaked all around him. From what he could tell, he had been put into a box of chocolates.
He had just been out with Phoebe and her friend but now h


Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: Juliet

Tags: Vore Soft Vore Stomach Digestion F/M Giantess unaware Shrinking mouthplay

Otto goes too far while arguing with his girlfriend, and pays the price inside of her stomach. 

Juliet - 17 hours ago

Thank you so much for the comment! I love your work and I'm glad to hear that you've enjoyed mine.

French_snack - 17 hours ago

Not bad! There's definitely something appealing about an unaware predator, eating someone quite innocently while the person who made it happen watches on.

Welcome to the Portal!

get back

“Hey c’mon Yuka-tan, it was just a joke!”

The Iwatodai Dormitory once again found itself lively. Yukari Takeba was in hot pursuit of Junpei Iori and their run throughout the dorm came to an end upon the first floor when the woman dressed in a pink sweater jacket tackled into

Persona 3: A Misunderstanding of Interests

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: DeadStrategicCactus

Tags: Oral Vore F/F Same Size Fatal Unwilling Prey Persona 3 indigestion Implied Disposal Post-Vore Growth Yukari Takeba Mitsuru Kirijo

First and foremost, I give thanks to  theweirdone445 for providing feedback on this before I posted it so I could make it much better than what it originally was.

After a prank Junpei pulls upon Yukari, Mitsuru gets the wrong idea about what her fellow SEES Member is interested in. She thus decides to dedicate herself to the wrong idea in hopes that it will increase the bond between herself and Yukari.

The first of a few stories where Mitsuru is the one on top,...
[ Continued ...

SwordkingX5 - 15 hours ago

I look forward to your work

DeadStrategicCactus - 19 hours ago

I'll keep that in mind if the ratio hasn't been fixed when I run out of Mitsuru ideas.

SwordkingX5 - 1 day ago

Instead it's the opposite she's the predator eating Mitsuru.

Maybe you could do a Unbirth story with Mitsuru doing it to one of the girls?

DeadStrategicCactus - 1 day ago

It's so undeserved as well. You'd think considering how Yukari is almost unlikable for a strong majority of the game there'd be more prey stuff with her, but alas that's not the case.

DeadStrategicCactus - 1 day ago

It seems fortune favors you greatly. Glad to hear you enjoyed this.

Family Matters: Urkel's Hunger Invention Gone Wrong
By Trinity/UltimaSlash
Inside the Winslow household, Laura Winslow and her friend Maxine were baking fresh brownies in the kitchen. “And we got the last batch in the oven! Great job, Maxine.”
They high-fived each other. Maxine huffed, “Yeah. Took forever. You think Waldo will like these?”
“Girl, I think everyone who smells these will love them.”
Maxine snickered, “True.” Laura wiped her hand

Family Matters: Urkel's Hunger Invention

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: UltimaSlash

Tags: Oral Vore F/F F/FF Big Belly family matters Myra

So continuing the trend of shows and stuff that has good vore potential, here's something from Family Matters! What happens when one of Steve Urkel's crazy inventions goes wrong? Myra gets hungry! Devouring ensues.

This is part of a trade with  IGA who suggested the idea in the first place, which dawned on me that the series was ripe for vore potential. Go check out his stuff!

Iga's part: 

Dirty Tactics: Loose Ends

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: saybingryph

Tags: Furry Oral Vore Scat Soft Vore Fox Anthro Digestion F/F Vixen Otter Weight Gain Fart Same Size Bulge Female Foxgirl Toilet Fatal Kangaroo Unwilling roo Anal Vore Farting Butt gas implied scat Post Vore Scat Female Prey Female Pred fox girl disposal Sequel Gassy Scat implied MMA

Hey, remember how that last story I uploaded was pretty innocent and tame compared to most of the stuff I make?

This is nothing like that! :V

This story took me a while to write, feels like it might just be one of my biggest and nastiest to date. After all, I can't really say I've ever put two disposal scenes in one story before this one. Speaking of which, I'd HIGHLY suggest skipping the first line of ~~~~~~s down to the second line of ~~~~~s if you don't want to...
[ Continued ...

udk115 - 1 day ago

Yeppers. I always tend to either enjoy willing to semi-willing prey or a the very least, the people around treating the prey being eaten so casually, pred or otherwise, or when a prey kinda arguably deserves it. There's kicking the hornet's nest, and then there's shooting at it with a semi. Either way, great stuff, and I hope to see more.

saybingryph - 1 day ago

Hey, thank you! The scat covering thing was something sort of new I thought I'd try for once in a story. And yeah, the otter girl didn't really think this through at all. She was trying to find some way to get back at Olivia, and it obviously didn't go down very well for herself.
I guess that's just what happens when you act on impulse. Both Olivia and her were making a bit of rash decisions here :V

udk115 - 2 days ago

This is pretty damn good. Not too much a fan of scat covering, but that's just my personal preference, the scat covering scene was well written though! Honestly, the best way to end up as a preadtor's ass fat and droppings is going ahead and digging up the past for them.
I don't know what's sadder. The fact the Otter girl thought she wouldn't invoke the wrath of someone who she knows is capable of eating someone alive by posting pictures of them online, or the fact she thought she would be a hero.
I imagine just like in our world, no one would give a shit about the person who discovered the scandal, just the scandal itself.
Either way, good stuff.

Adopted Love - Chapter 7

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Tags: Feet Boy Absorption Non-Vore school torture Shrinking eternity kyo Socked Feet foot crush sweaty feet dominant male Adopted Love

What's this? Another chapter? This soon? Holy shit, it's like I've found time to write again or something!

To be fair, this one didn't take very long since I just wanted to write... well, something. I didn't plan this chapter nearly as much as the other ones and just sort of... you know, wrote it. So... yeah, not sure if it's any good. Anyway, enjoy! :D

Also, can the vore tag be used here? I mean... there's a sort of absorption thing going on but it's not really...
[ Continued ...

W4RR3N - 12 hours ago

Same, but my biggest one is unaware cock vore.

StoryTimeh - 17 hours ago

Yyyyeah, I'm into a lot of stuff. XD

W4RR3N - 1 day ago

Alright, pretty interesting. Seems like we're now hitting each small variation fetish of shrinking.

Dinner Party

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Tags: Oral Vore Digestion Multiple Prey Belly rubs Orgy cum inflation Homestuck Kanaya Maryam samesize vore

"So what if kan loses control of her vampire tendencies and goes on a feeding spree, voring the other trolls instead of drinking their blood, then she's stuck with a giant belly that makes moving impossible. And her friends realize they're going to get digested, so they all decide to have an orgy in her stomachs before that happens. Kan finds herself aroused by all this, but can't do anything cause her guts to big, so kar comes in and rubs her belly and "relieves" her, like a good...
[ Continued ...

Bellies of the Gerudo desert - Ending 1

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Tags: Oral Vore Scat Digestion F/F Weight Gain M/F Same Size link Gerudo F/FF the legend of zelda disposal M/ff m/fff Breath of the wild silent protagonist

Here we have the ending I made for this one. It's quite the roller coaster ride, so be sure to hang on to your seat the entire ride through. 

RavenousVoid - 1 day ago

Outstanding, a feminine Link is very lovely. He practically has the figure for the outfit.

Kelly - 2 days ago

Yay <3

Bellies of the Gerudo desert - Intro

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Tags: link Non-Vore Gerudo the legend of zelda intro Build up Breath of the wild

Part of a collaboration between  reaverbot and myself. Reaver wrote this intro, and hopefully will be writing different endings later on.

In this tale, Link find's himself in a mix-up that could cut his adventure short... Will he make it out of this dangerous town, outside of the insides of the female populace? 

RavenousVoid - 2 days ago

Nice prologue!

Kelly - 2 days ago

x3 Greath opening with clivhanger


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Tags: F/F supergirl Female Pred F/FFFFF arrow Iris West Thea Queen Caitlin Snow The Flash Legends of Tomorrow Ergos

After seeing this picture done by the amazingly talented  ergos, I was compelled to write something for it! So go now, and throw some comments his way if you like some mad detailed nom pics. :D 

veender - 1 day ago

Don't sweat it! I never did tablet drawings, myself. But I do know the pain of technology messing up!

nnn4463 - 1 day ago

I'd do osme myself but i still have np tablet right now =c

veender - 1 day ago

Yeah, you heard it here, all you art-folk!

nnn4463 - 1 day ago

Get on it artists!

veender - 1 day ago

You will, if I find more pictures and artists to help inspire more!

It ha


been quite the stressful week, but thank god, it was finally Friday!


was fed up with

his job


the regular


ining sessions over the week,

Bad Manners

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Tags: Belly Cute Burp Belch belching date Gardevoir burping Endosoma Endo vore Gardevoir pred

A neat little story featuring two entirely made up characters in a made up setting, solely created for the sake of having some fun.

Based on a play in the local chatroom.

EDIT: I uploaded an old, yet to be proofread version of the text and for some reason can't edit it... 

BioFireHunter - 2 hours ago

No problem, so far I enjoyed all of your story's.

Lolokira - 3 hours ago

Thanks! Glad to hear so!

BioFireHunter - 4 hours ago

I really enjoyed reading this story, and I really like the characters.

Soapy Burps

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Tags: Oral Vore F/F Naga Same Size Fatal Lamia bath Implied Digestion Human Prey bathing burping Naga Pred Lamia Pred aphosis burping up bubbles Regia

Very short story with Regia, from the story Buying Back Your Friends, trying to get a little something extra from a bath maid!

If you wanna see stories similar to this one, head over to where you can find links to my Patreon, Amazon, and Payhip accounts!

edit: This is as good as I could get, formatting-wise. 

Zwanzik - 2 days ago

Regia just has very strict standards.

minasan - 2 days ago

I feel bad for the bath attendant. She did her best on the teeth cleaning, and even tried to scrub her stomach, but she still got digested.

Tristana’s hands, covered in a thin layer of glaze, plucked yet another donut from the box at her side and brought it up to its final resting place. The donut entered the warm, damp cavern that was Tristana’s gaping maw, never to return. Once her treat was deposited within her salivating mouth and her fingers had retreated to a safe distance, the yordle’s jaws snapped shut with an audible click of the teeth. With a single lick and a halfhearted chew, the donut was swallowed dow

Tristana's Supper

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Tags: Burp Weight Gain Stuffing Non-Vore Sex Cum Futanari feeding Big Belly Big Breasts burping League of Legends Tristana Poppy Yordle bellyjob

Here we go, finally uploading my second story!

This is probably the longest thing I have written for recreation before, and I hope you guys enjoy it. This also marks the first time I've attempted to write any sort of sex scene, and I think it turned out all right.

In terms of length, I think that it might be a bit much. I was worried that there was a bit too much lead up to the actual feeding and sexy bits, so I would really like to hear what you guys thought about...
[ Continued ...

longest bulgeBy
Monstertown, more formally known as Greyston, on a street of no
particular note, there was a little house sandwiched between a tailor
shop and a wine seller. It had a tiled portico perhaps three yards
deep and six wide that one had to cross to get to the narrow front
door, and there, occasionally, you could see the coiled-up shape of
the blue and white skunkette lamia named Uvuzi.
in Monstertown, where giants and werewolves and stranger things
worked in the tow

The longest bulge (Uvuzi)

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Owner: Strega

Tags: Vore F/M Naga Skunk Uvuzi Lamia Anal Sex Incest cannibalism handjob

All Rathi the lamia wanted was sex, but Uvuzi wanted a mate, and her high standards lead her to test him to see whether he should be a lover, or lunch. 

Strega - 1 day ago

No matter how many times I proofread a story I always miss some typos, and I don't have a grammar checker. It's weird how I see the errors instantly when I read the story on a mobile device, though.

princessziva - 2 days ago

I just want to say. Bravo. Very nice story to read (though a few grammar mistakes here and there but not to the point where it hindered reading). I just wanted to say the way you ended the story, by reiterating the start the way you did. To me that shows you have the skill of an artist. An artist of words. Look forward to the next one!

ouphe - 2 days ago

I know, but this story was much more 'dawwww' with their interaction with Uvuzi.

Strega - 2 days ago

They appear in some other Uvuzi stories and even a drawing or two.

Strega - 2 days ago

Young, dumb and full of cum leads to Uvuzi being full of you. 83

Tavern Trouble

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Tags: Belly Feet Soft Vore Male F/F Burp F/M Giantess foot link Belch Zelda Non-Fatal belching Shrinking F/FF Ilia No digestion Drunk Twilight Princess Underage Prey Female Prey Male Prey f/mm the legend of zelda f/multiple Talo Older Pred Belch/Burp shrunken prey Beth foot crush F/MMMM colin Foot Smother Drunk pred Nonfatal vore f/mmmmff no one dies i swear telma the legend of zelda twilight princess malo saucy pred saucy barmaid

While exploring the Sacred Grove, Link, Ilia, and the Ordon Village kids get shrunk by the mischievous Skull Kid and fall unconscious. They awaken in Telma’s Bar, the eponymous owner stumbling in drunk. Will they be able to get her attention before ending up in her stomach or under her feet? ...Or do the tags give it away xD

_ _ _

Request for Not much to say about this one- I just had fun with mouthplay, food, and feet. And...
[ Continued ...

Vore and Lies

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Owner: JustAnotherGuy

Tags: Vore F/F F/M star wars Original Character Komachi Onozuka Ahsoka Sabine Barriss

Dan and Sabine meet Ahsoka and Barriss, but not all is as it seems.

A sequel request by Date Masamune (

Sequel to Sabine's Meal and Prize. ( 

Date Masamune - 2 days ago

awesome and the funny thing is that the song a Jedi's fury was in my mind when I was forming this.

What Are Sisters For?

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Owner: lllll1337

Tags: Vore Soft Vore F/M Giantess Consensual Non-Fatal shrink Semi-willing Shrinking Fire emblem gentle Underage Prey Male Prey Female Pred morgan Protective Robin family vore Gentle Predator Sister/Brother Giantess Vore shrunken male Tharja Gentle Pred Gentle Giantess lucina Nonfatal vore Protective Pred protective sister shrinking male Caring pred

Tharja casts a shrinking hex on Morgan, forcing him to flee from her and find someone who can help him return to normal size. Thankfully, he runs into his older sister Lucina, who goes to surprising lengths to protect him.

_ _ _

A request for

This is probably the single mushiest thing I've ever written. But I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy writing some safe, comfy brother-sister cuddlin' ^^

_ _...
[ Continued ...