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FGO - Carmilla the Carnivorous

Uploaded: 5 hours ago

Owner: PimpDaddyPichu

Tags: F/F Weight Gain huge belly F/??? accelerated weight gain gigantic belly Type-Moon Fate/Grand Order nasuverse Carmilla Gudako demon god pillar accelerated digestion

The first part of a series that will probably never finish.

In this story, Gudako and Carmilla's trip to Hawaii is fucked up by a cow and a pissy owl.

Yes, the Carmilla in this is an Event servant. No, you will never get her. 

pbysteria - 2 hours ago

Vampires really are the best kind of ticks

Indighost - 3 hours ago

Very cute :) Well written too! I love the description of the tropical landscape, Carmilla's chubby butt, and especially towards the end I got a really good impression of that wonderful sick feeling!

Grizzle-y Demise
go and play, your father and I have plans for today, so be a good boy
and occupy yourself a bit, Thomas.” The woman was busy checking her
hair in the mirror and applying her makeup, while her husband sat in
the next room, busy on the phone and barely sparing his son a glance,
just an absentminded nod, as the boy shrugged and made for the door
of the hotel room. Geesh, they were in India, in a nice resort
hotel, with jungle safaris and all sorts of interesting stuff an

A Grizzle-y Demise

Uploaded: 7 hours ago

Owner: Malus

Tags: Oral Vore Wolf Digestion M/M Gay Fatal Jungle Muscle Unwilling Underage Prey Human Prey disposal Feral Pred

This is my second part of the trades with  Kumbartha - and he wanted a human boy version of himself getting raped and eaten by Grizzle / Bunto, a original villainous wolf from the Anime series Shounen Mowgli, an adaption of the Jungle Book.

I usually tend to go for a bit older characters with sexual work and have yet not quite as much experience with feral soft vore preds of species that usually would rather bite and chew (like wolves), but I hope it still will turn out an...
[ Continued ...

Malus - 4 hours ago

I had actually thought about the wolf departing, but I really wanted the bones to end up getting washed into the pond to create a little ossuarium - though a real snake would of course not contribute to that.
I was rather sure that the rounded belly full of human might be too hard to fit into the mouth of a snake, but a wolf should surely not be banking on that. Though, I think neither me nor Kumbartha would have minded to have that mistake immediately turn fatal, I actually really like the idea in general that a snake would catch an unwary predator and devour him.^^
The idea of being fucked by one's would be predator and then watch as he is taken by surprise by something else, having a front row seat to every moment of his whole body, still erect and likely desperately needy for a helping hand to get him off a last time, that is something I definitely mean to write down some day.

As with any vore story, there are always some concessions made in favor of the kinky, like the burping out a pair of glasses or such and being able to pass out a fully intact skull.

I am definitely very happy you enjoyed it and I take it as a compliment that you would even view it under the lens of realistic vore, I mean, things usually are rather stretchy in most vore stories when it comes to realism.^^ ;

Philosoraptor - 4 hours ago

Fun, well written story, with lots of great description. I was a bit surprised though, that the sated wolf decided to sleep off his prey near the big snake that had already swallowed his wolf companion.... as snakes seldom stop eating with a single prey when other easy meals are still about. I recall a biologist finding a bull snake that was literally packed with mice, the last one's tail having to hang out of its mouth until the previous ones digested enough to fully swallow the last one. Real wolves really do swallow some small prey creatures whole and still alive, (no point to waste the time and effort chewing something small enough to swallow whole)though it would take an incredibly large one to swallow even a small person whole, of course. I believe the boy's glasses would have passed far easier through the wolf's small intestines than a much broader, intact skull, but it seems this has become an almost obligatory feature of vore stories involving scat. Thanks for sharing!

Kumbartha - 6 hours ago

looove it

It was another day on Tavuro, the sounds of a hot summer's morning filling the air except they were accompanied by a lapping sound.
The sound was coming from a large pond where the tongue of a black furred form was lapping at the cool water.
Athena found heat such as this a nuisance as all the extra time she drinks to stay hydrated could be time that shes out there hunting her next meal.
She soon sighed, sitting back against a tree that had grown on the water's edge wher

Another day on Tavuro

Uploaded: 10 hours ago

Owner: Voraciouswolfy

Tags: Oral Vore Digestion F/F Human Prey teasing Furry Pred

Its the hottest day of the year and Athena hasn't had a proper meal all day, so she has to settle with a few little snacks here and there.

This is my first proper story so apologies for its poor quality. 

Voraciouswolfy - 4 hours ago

Ah, that's very helpful thanks. I appreciate the feedback and I'll keep it in mind for future writing.

Philosoraptor - 4 hours ago

I thought this was well written, but didn't understand why the werewolf would eat things like indigestible wooden furniture. Stomachs also don't really 'fill up' with acid. Only a relatively small amount is secreted but as the stomach is constantly churning, the acid is still able to completely coat the food items. Thanks for sharing!

I ate my classmate

Uploaded: 14 hours ago

Owner: Brazzel

Tags: Oral Vore Burp F/M Saliva Same Size Sex Unwilling school schoolgirl romance teacher Male Prey Female Pred married couple Student Safe Endosoma Safekeeping burping up clothes

Swallowing your classmates can have unintended side effects. With Brandon Archer safe inside her stomach, May comes to realize that eating someone may be even more intimate than sex.

I am still taking commissions. If you are interested, PM me.

If you are looking for more mushy vore romance, check out Shrunk Love: 

Ignoreme79 - 28 minutes ago

aww! now this is just adorable. got the feel good vibes from this one. great job as always!

Brazzel - 13 hours ago

Me too <3

Handsomekingdedede - 14 hours ago

That’s so cute, I honestly think this is the best way to get married with someone in the Vore world~ :3

Size Isn't A Big Deal 20: Swap

Uploaded: 15 hours ago

Owner: marloweny

Tags: Oral Vore F/F latex rubber encasement Story writing Insertion latex suit Rubber Suit Body Swap

The second half of the story I recently posted. Wendy and Meeta are once again left to their own devices and get up to some mystical mischief. 

Groblek - 2 hours ago

Since I’ve definitely enjoyed the stories you’ve done from my requests, I certainly can’t argue with that. :)

marloweny - 4 hours ago

It was fun. The body swap was a request. Seems like requests often turn out well.

Groblek - 6 hours ago

Ooh, fun! Having those two swap bodies is a fun concept. I particularly liked Meeta’s “Are you always this sensitive?” And the subsequent realization of just why Wendy’s auite so focused on sex all the time.

2018-08-20 Second Quest

Uploaded: 15 hours ago

Owner: ZeldaNoVorsu

Tags: Burp Underage F/M Fart M/F link Zelda Farting masturbation gas implied scat Toon Link Twilight Princess the legend of zelda Sexual content burping farts onomatopoeia Gassy Wind Waker Majora's Mask rapid digestion Super Smash Bros a Link Between Worlds Disposal no Scat Breath of the wild

Much like  rika did sometime ago, I also felt inspired to write a second version with a flip of some kind. This is also a different version I was debating doing, and decided to do this and the other one. 

ZeldaNoVorsu - 15 hours ago

(Crap, now he's made me want to write that third one...)

derpsquid42 - 15 hours ago

Oh yeah, dang it's late. I have to get to bed.

ZeldaNoVorsu - 15 hours ago

Apparently the model in brawl was based off an unused design for TP, which would likely apply to 4 as well, so it's enough grounds for me to be lazy. (It's 8/21 now, so it's too late to post a third with some kind of Sheik plot.)

derpsquid42 - 15 hours ago

It's just that technically, Shiek is you-know-who from OoT, and unless I'm mistaken, (s)he hasn't had any major redesign from Melee to Ultimate…

ZeldaNoVorsu - 15 hours ago

Sheik's here. She gets eaten and reborn. I mean sure, they don't transform anymore... But, you-know-who and Sheik are still the same person. Although, I did at one point consider combining these two with Zelda eating, well, Zelda, and Toon Link eating Sheik. I decided not to, however, cause the whole characters being reborn thing would get complicated. It was just better to keep the two separate and have Sheik be implied.

Girl and her Doggy
Ryan Drakel
M/F, Beastiality, Oppai Loli, Underage Vore, Underage Sex, Digestion,
Fatal, Casual Vore
we're going out for a bit!” calls a female voice as a young girl
would quickly scamper into sight, arms outward as the 8 year old
stands at the hallway with a smile. The young girl having short red
hair with little freckles on her face. Moving down her body, the
first thing one would notice was the large bust jiggling on her
chest. Large, grapefr

A Little girl and her doggy

Uploaded: 16 hours ago

Owner: Ryan-Drakel

Tags: Digestion M/F Fatal bestiality underage sex feral/F beastiality oppai loli Casual vore underage vore oppai loli prey

A young girl loves playing with the family pet, a large german shepard. How far will the young girl go?
Let's find out shall we?

Hoo. Okay so this one is alot shorter than my other stories... but I'll try to aim for, at most, 5 pages per small story. This one took me a couple days to make...

Aaaand it's a different one, given it entails beastiality. A little girl being pounded and devoured by said dog.

I Do have more stories in mind...
[ Continued ...

Rejectcode - 1 hour ago

You have my vote for the quicksand story, I bet yours would be terrific.

Slimshod - 15 hours ago

This was a fun read. I especially liked the mom's reaction to the whole thing, very nice touch.

As for quicksand, I'd read that. Sinking/quicksand is a natural off-shoot of vore and has peril elements in it which are nice. Yours would probably be willing though. Still, I'd read it.


Uploaded: 16 hours ago

Owner: ZeldaNoVorsu

Tags: Scat F/F Burp Weight Gain Underage F/M Fart link Zelda Farting growth masturbation gas Toon Link Twilight Princess the legend of zelda Sexual content disposal burping farts onomatopoeia Gassy Wind Waker rapid digestion Super Smash Bros a Link Between Worlds Breath of the wild

The ultimate pun title (twenty ate teen-ate twenty) which was originally mentioned by  rika on this great pic. I was then inspired to write something based off the "ate teen" part, and was going to post it closer to Vore Day. But then, I realized I could take it farther by waiting until 8/20/2018. And, base it on Smash because I can. Enjoy! 

ZeldaNoVorsu - 14 hours ago

Eh... It's worth the risk.

AnonymousLurker - 15 hours ago

Hey! Pun cAncer is no joke! It only needs to happen once for your life to become a never ending pun fest that will only end when you pour 30 gallons of eye bleach into your eyes or the eventual collapse of your funny bone!

ZeldaNoVorsu - 15 hours ago

I promise, it's a once in a lifetime thing (at least for this pun!).

AnonymousLurker - 15 hours ago

You do realize these kinds of puns can cause cancer you know? I have to ask that you stop this punFoolery or else I'm going to stop giving you a 35% cut.

ZeldaNoVorsu - 15 hours ago

It can only happen once as well!

Hungry at U.A.

Uploaded: 20 hours ago

Owner: Chaos

Tags: Oral Vore Unbirth Digestion F/F Fatal Anal Vore Non-Consensual teacher Big Belly frog girl Lesbian sex midnight student prey FLCL Haruko Haruhara Tsuyu Asui My Hero Academia FLCL Progressive Ochaco

A mysterious woman appears at the super hero high school U.A. with bad intentions for the students and staff. Seeking to expose the possible villain's plans for the school, Tsuyu and Ochaco search for clues. Too bad all they'll find is one hungry woman with bad intentions. Who is this crazy, pink-haired woman?

A commission for SonicV 

phantom131 - 13 hours ago

Considering who haruko is, it makes sense that she would trespass into other anime.

Chaos - 16 hours ago

Thanks a lot, I've actually mentioned to SonicV I'm up for having Haruko pop up in other animes.

Nugget1138 - 17 hours ago

Wow, talk about a crossover I never knew I wanted. Awesome story


Uploaded: 23 hours ago

Owner: MidnightRose

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore Digestion Rose M/F Same Size Sex cunnilingus Unwilling Prey Implied reformation Human Pred burping Older Pred Drunk pred female ejaculation Detroit: Become Human Hank Anderson

Here have a self-indulgent thing I wrote because I really wanna fuck Hank from DBH lol.

(I made Sumo the avatar because why not.) 

On the Bridge

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: BizzareBlue

Tags: Fox Digestion Rabbit Bunny F/M Swallowing Fatal teacher Betrayal Male Prey Female Pred suicide cruelty University

Another commission for Randomness and was a very fun project to have worked on.


It should be noted that this not intended to be an accurate portrayal of someone recovering from depression or suicidal feelings. If interacting with someone you suspect may be having suicidal thoughts then please don't make any assumptions based on the content of this story. Likewise, if you are having suicidal thoughts then, also,...
[ Continued ...

BizzareBlue - 9 hours ago

I tried to keep the suicide content a little distant from the rest of the story by confining it to a flashback but, yeah, it's definitely not something that should show up in a story without some advance warning. I agree that the tough love is better than none, I just wanted to be careful about the implication that all you have to do is be strict with someone when they are depressed and they'll soon start feeling much better.

There are a few more of my characters who get away with dating predators, and Amina from Heritage seemed on good terms with her roommate, but the odds definitely lean towards the friend becoming food by the end. I may have to do some stories with more trustworthy preds soon.

Glad you enjoyed her hints. I absolutely love dialog with double meanings that the prey don't catch until too late, at least as long as the hints aren't so obvious that the prey really should notice. I also have to admit, while I wanted the scene with her throwing his clothes over the bridge to be deliberately wasteful, I really love the idea of her turning up at the store with her full belly still showing and explaining to the utterly unconvinced staff that 'Tannel asked me to pick up his deposit for him'.

BizzareBlue - 9 hours ago

Glad you liked it.

Kasra - 17 hours ago

You know, the suicide content warning had me worried, but truth be told it was far enough from my own experiences to not start something unpleasant. That said, it's a touchy subject and I do appreciate the forewarning and the resources; that was very thoughtful. That said, while I agree with your statement that you can't rely on somebody to show up at the last minute like some sort of hero, even tough love is better than none at all. Though as with everything in life, it's more complicated than that.

On to the story itself, though, jeez befriending predators never seems to work out! Or, almost never. Takkos and Aira worked out pretty nicely. Really, though, I thought the flashback was pretty pleasantly diffused simply by the image of an angry Denji dragging Tannel home, "finding him if he tried to leave," and then enrolling him in university. I'm a weird guy, but I found those visuals pretty funny.

The transition from celebration to understanding was well done, I enjoyed the hints that Denji dropped and Tannel ALMOST caught on to, particularly regarding her low initial expectations and his own question of "why," right up to that final "you won't need that deposit." Though really, Denji, YOU could have returned the tux and gotten the deposit.

Combat - 18 hours ago

Wow, just wow.

BizzareBlue - 19 hours ago

Yeah, I really like the idea of a predator removing their victim's clothing one piece at a time and, with every item lost, the prey knows that they are that much closer to being eaten. It shows up in quite a few of my stories.

Dragon Pilot: Red Flag - Chapter 1

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: Aces

Tags: Endosoma Dragon Pilot Hisone to Masotan Hisone and Masotan

A fan fiction based on the anime Hisone & Masotan. The D-pilots travel to participate in an international wargame called Red Flag, hosted by the United States.

Mood music:
Or this:

This story takes place a little under a year after the events of the anime, Dragon Pilot: Hisone & Masotan.

What's that? You smell something burning?...
[ Continued ...

CrimsonFangX666 - 3 hours ago

Oh, most likely. There's no possible way America would have knowledge of OTFs and NOT experiment on them, so it's very likely TOP Secret Clearance that won't get you court-marshaled for revealing or exploiting it, it'll get you shot. Or crapped out of an OTF at 30,000 feet.

Philosoraptor - 4 hours ago

It seems that this scenario is kind of like the knowledge of extraterrestrial visitors in the Men in Black movie franchise. People high in government ore work with them in the Armed Forces are aware of their existence but the general public are kept unaware of the existence of dragons to prevent possible panic given the fact they are large carnivores with many legends of human predation. I imagine everyone involved with OTFs have a Top Secret clearance.

CrimsonFangX666 - 20 hours ago

Hisone and Masotan meet America. And don't immediately get stuffed into a laboratory to get experimented on. I like it. How many Americans are gonna get gulped by an OTF? Are there any non-Japanese OTFs? We will (maybe) find out. Next time on... "Dragon Pilot: Red Flag". << Announcer from DBZ voice.

GeneralUrist - 20 hours ago

That was fun! Captures the lighthearted humor of the original anime well, and in general I'm glad to see a Hisone and Masotan fanfic.

I hope your creative drive keeps up, this looks like it could be a very good story.

Aces - 21 hours ago

Don't you worry. I HAVE PLANS FOR THIS. :U

The Vore Party

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: saintheartwing

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore hippo Elephant Crocodile Child Prey Multiple Prey Underage Prey multiple preds Soft oral vore Tegu

Another Patreon story for  VenusMoonstone23, featuring Aaron the Tegu lizard getting to meet his cooking school buddies from back in the day! They decide to come on over to his house for a nice little vore party! :) 

simalst - 8 hours ago

my son Chuck a real sibling, a brother. >> isn't Lucia female?

A revenge and three nice meals

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: Mark45

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore Digestion F/F Plump Absorption Fatal pleasure writing Demoness witch Tentacle orgasm F/FFF Big Belly Fatal Vore voluptuous Female Prey Female Pred big butt possession witches Body control big ass Possessed pleasurable digestion eaten from the inside

A story coming from a RP with Dodongoqueen3, involving his three witches of lust and a demonic type of creature I created.

I want to give a lot of credits for this one since he also wrote a good part of it.
I basically took the text and rewrote it.

The thumbnail actually comes from him.

Link to his account:

No. I don't know how to make a link just with the pseudonym by the way. ...
[ Continued ...

DodongoQueen3 - 1 day ago

I hope you get plenty of favs buddy, sorry for taking abit long to upload, and to tell it was okay to use my thumbnail..... hopefully in time im not this lazy. Good work

DodongoQueen3 - 1 day ago

I hope you get plenty of favs buddy, sorry for taking abit long to upload, and to tell it was okay to use my thumbnail..... hopefully in time im not this lazy. Good work

Bear Food

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: Oniric

Tags: Furry Oral Vore Bear Feet Soft Vore Male Anthro M/M Otter Sex Gay Non-Fatal masturbation Semi-willing Anal Sex Incest Oral Sex full tour Size difference teasing M/M/M rimming Endosoma Foot Fetish Ownership Bear Pred Otter prey Brother/Brother unwilling to willing dubious consent

Hello, lovely readers! This is the fourth entry in my “Vore Month” project, which is just a fancy way to say that I've focused (and plan to keep focusing) on vore stories during August. Today, I bring to you another of my old stories, this one from 2015.

Story synopsis: A tasty little otter takes shelter in a cave, without knowing that it's the home of two hungry (and horny) bear brothers! Will he...
[ Continued ...

Oniric - 20 hours ago

Aww, thank you so much, that's very kind of you! :)

WideVariety - 21 hours ago

Always love your stuff!! Deserves far more attention than it gets!

"You're breaking up with me," he said flatly with a small sigh. He had heard this same kind of speech before. Hell, it hardly even surprised him anymore.
"I'm sorry, Clark. You're a really nice guy and all, it's just—"
"I'm too nice, right? Too quiet, too timid." Clark ran some agitated fingers through his short, slightly messy head of dark hair. She didn't say anything but gave him a familiar, affirmative, and almost regretful look. "That seems to be a pretty common complaint."
"I'm sorry

Body Swappin'

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: Apex

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore wolfgirl F/M Consensual Sex Non-Fatal masturbation Willing Human Prey Male Prey Female Pred GenderBender Consensual Sex Hetero Sex Body Swap mind swap wolfgirl pred willing prey

No clever title. I seriously cannot think of one for the life of me.

So this was written quite a while ago. It's also incredibly long and I'd totally forgotten how little vore is actually in it until I reread it (and edited a bit) just now. This one contains a theme I really, really like but I'm not sure how much everyone else will. It's pretty evident by the title what it is. I'm sure some people out there will enjoy it.

Not sure how it is for everyone else with...
[ Continued ...

Apex - 11 hours ago

Really? Wow. I mean, I was going for heartfelt but apparently, I really nailed it. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment!

dimon - 14 hours ago

I teared up a little at the end there.

Apex - 19 hours ago

Haha, it may have been well written but I still managed to screw up. Hjarta's actually not an anthro. She's a, what is it, a demi? Human but with wolf ears, a tail, and fur from her elbows to fingertips and knees to toes. I can see how it's confusing; any hints to that were super subtle.

I'll try to be more clear on that in the future, though I'm glad it's apparently good enough to cover my mistakes.

wisecrack3 - 22 hours ago

She's not the only one with trouble walking after, well done! Im not a fan of wolf anthro sex due to the confusion as to what a nude wolf anthro would look like but the story was very well written and dispelled any doubta near immediately

Apex - 1 day ago

I'm glad you enjoy my work. It's comments like this that make me feel like I might actually be talented at this or something.

breathed a sigh of contentment as he relaxed in the massive tub of
the home he shared with his lovers. His contentment had a lot to do
with the fact after far too long, he had returned home to Wendy his
precious vixen and Meeta his darling fairy. It would be fair to say
that the rather lengthy love-making session he’d shared with them,
both before and after slipping into the tub, had helped to foster the
deep satisfaction he felt as well. He reveled in the warm, supple
weight of the vix

Size Isn't A Big Deal 19: Pet Succubus

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: marloweny

Tags: Soul Vore M/F

Tammer explains why he spent a long time trying to dump the spiritual remains of Nectica and Malivia, but ended up bringing them back instead. The story involves eating someone. What a shock.

There's another hunk to this, but I've got an early day tomorrow, and for once, NO INSOMNIA, WHOOO! 

marloweny - 1 hour ago

Aw poop. (Though, if you read the next installment, you'll understand my self-confusion)

FoxGamer - 2 hours ago

In the final section, you replaced Meeta's name with Wendy's for one of her lines.

marloweny - 4 hours ago

Hopefully you like where it goes!

testpilot24 - 1 day ago

It will be interesting, if next ritual will turn Tammer it futasuccubusfox. permanetly. without usual side effects of that succubus.

HungryAL - 1 day ago

Ooh, it's been a while since we've seen this crew. I'm looking forward to where you take this.

“It's so nice having a night off for once... but did we really need to come here to settle this?” Synth tapped her creamy hoof against the see-through glass table, an annoyed groan from her muzzle drowning in the atmosphere of the club. It was noisy – and not in the pleasant way -, thumping speakers blared their droning beats across the club; repetitive, noisy, as random and thoughtless as the flashing lights that ignited to and fro in maelstroms of color. Ponies thumped around

A Succubus' Competition

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: Tricks

Tags: Scat Digestion Succubus F/M Fart Hypnosis Anal Vore Soul Digestion My Little Pony ass worship Cruel Pred soul disposal

Synthetic Sine and her partner, Double Drop, enjoy a night at the club when they aren't DJing. The two succubuses, however, have an ongoing bet, and they just need to find a pony to help them judge a competition, so to speak. The unfortunate pony they choose is in for far more than they bargained for, but the two mares will get their fun with a bit of magic, and plenty of their assets...

Just a thing I did for a friend of mine. As always feedback and such is welcome. 

dddddd2 - 1 hour ago

Love the pacing and details!
Amazing mares, so dominating and chubby~

Tricks - 17 hours ago

As far as I'm aware based on some quick searches, it's ambiguous as to what the actual plural is. I'll keep it in mind, though.

Tricks - 17 hours ago

Thanks a lot for the compliment; I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Higuain - 19 hours ago

Top fucking unffff.
That was amazing~

ShinMegamiDerpy - 1 day ago

The plural term for Succubus is Succubi.

let out a long, slow, hissing yawn. The serpent writhed under the
heavy blankets of the bed, drowsily squeezing his coils around…
The nictitating membranes slid across his eyes in what counts as a
blink for snakes. In amongst his coils was a body pillow. The blue
ophidian adjusted, his white scutes rippling along the soft fabric of
its case. He tasted the air with his tongue with a simple flick. All
the expected scents, along with…
pink anthro rabbit entered the bedroom, carrying a

Breakfast in Bed

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: TristanHawthorne

Tags: Snake Anthro Feral Rabbit feeding hyper cloaca Hyperphallic Domestic cum inflation Endosoma hemipenes overflowing cum from mouth Slit Vore Slit Stuffing

This is a commission for Basil Sanguine and Sabriel

Basil and Benji start with breakfast in bed, and quickly move on to spending the whole day in bed~

Feeding, Sapient Feral on Anthro, Hemipenes, Hyperphallic, Abdominal Distention, Cum Inflation (Heavy), Cloacal Stuffing, Endosomatophilia.

If anyone likes my work but can't really afford to buy a commission, you can still support me by getting me a Ko-Fi at 

Cindy let out a nervous little huff as she paced. She didn't know why she was so nervous, right up until she'd gotten out of her car she'd be incredibly eager to get here. Now that she was parked and halfway across the parking lot those nerves were starting to get at her. Why though? She'd been counting down the days, the hours, to this very vacation. The fox had timed out her drive down to the last minute pretty much to make sure she wasn't going to be late for her first day at The Ranch.
And w

Blue Ribbon

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: CindyTaur

Tags: Cat Feline Riding Non-Vore Female Bondage foxtaur bull Nudity racing lasso Siamese Cat muzzle camping riding gear Straight sex breeding implied impregnation pregnancy risk

Story by Mech who you should totally go commission and throw monies at

A story starring Cindy (not in the Truthverse, though, and not even vore). She's got a good life that handles all of her needs... but like anyone else, there's a couple of wants unfulfilled.

The Ranch, a rural/outdoors BDSM 'lifestyle' camp promises to take care of those for her... and where else can a proud foxtaur go to be treated like a...
[ Continued ...

My Coworker ate my Girlfriend

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: Brazzel

Tags: Oral Vore Fat Digestion F/F Burp Same Size Bulge Sex Fatal Unwilling kissing Female Prey Female Pred burping Digestion Noises face imprint Girlfriend prey

Joe thinks that his coworker may have the hots for his girlfriend, but after a drunken Christmas party, he finds that her love may have taken an unexpected turn.

Want a commission? I am now taking commissions! PM me.

Want another story about a woman eating a man's partner? Try this: 

Brazzel - 15 hours ago

Well you just made my day. Thanks Kabei, it always makes me unimaginably happy when someone tells me that they like my work.

Kabei - 16 hours ago

woman eating a man's partner is still one of my favorites to read. Always enjoyable to read Brazzel!

Brazzel - 18 hours ago

I appreciate it! I love your avatar, btw.

torontofan - 19 hours ago

Love the burps <3. Perfectly placed. And the detail of her stomach's appearance was also fantastic!

torontofan - 19 hours ago

Love the burps man. Perfectly placed. And the detail of her stomach's appearance was also fantastic!

[Writing] Poolside Peril - Alt. Ending

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: AlisaBlueBird

Tags: Human Male Digestion F/M Absorption Unwilling writing Male Prey Female Pred Human Pred

Someone asked for an alternative ending with absorption, so I made it!

I didn't think I was into that sort of thing, but I actually really enjoyed this one!

Let me know if you'd like to see more of it...

The original story is here:

The thumbnail is by Liya, which you can find here: 

maxpayne98 - 1 day ago

Please make a big habit of it 0w0

Altimos - 1 day ago

Loved it, a great alternate ending... Some taunting during and after absorption would've been icing on this delicious cake XD

CH 4 Every move you make, every step you take

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: tgawsome

Tags: Digestion F/F F/? Fatal gas implied vore f/multiple indigestion screenshot Implied Violence Graphic digestion Fallout Belch/Burp Fallout 4

Chista finds her first clue on locating the mysterious institute.However, it feels like she's being watched... And to make it worse something just isn't sitting right with our gluttonous heroin.
Here we are next Chapter well technically half of what I had written. I didn't want to burden the reader with another 75 page monstrosity so I settled for a 40 page story. So what can you expect from this chapter? Heavy digestion, indigestion, and belching no disposal this time around As always...
[ Continued ...

tgawsome - 19 hours ago

I guess how silly it got would be if they met as enemiesor friends. The shrouds hamyness vs Chista's poor since of humor. Such a conflict would be something legends are made off.

TheMysteriousSadSack - 1 day ago

How silly would it be if Chista ran into the silver shroud? That would be a grade-A misunderstanding.

tgawsome - 1 day ago

Glade you are enjoying the story so far. Don't worry this story is far from over. It might take some time to work out some of the screenshots. (posing and what not) But I'll keep you guys informed on if there will be a delay on the blog.

Urielzael2 - 1 day ago

I like fallout RPs. To be fair I made one for one of friend from eka's using knowledge of all fallouts (from 1 - 4). Anyway I hope you will continu as those stories of yours are neat.

tgawsome - 1 day ago

Remember don't eat synths there not organic and give you horrible indigestion. As for the fur well thats not helping things in there.

Into Bogo's Belly

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Tags: Oral Vore Scat Soft Vore Digestion Rabbit Bunny Bovine Fatal Female Prey disposal Soft oral vore Male Pred bovine pred Water Buffalo Rabbit Prey Bunny prey Zootopia Judy Hopps chief bogo bogo Scat/Disposal

Another commission for  33defence, featuring Chief Bogo from Zootopia getting a BIT too fed up with Judy. Enjoy! 

Gutswimmer - 2 days ago

Man, I wish this were a bot longer and more detailed. It was over before I could blink!

Riskiest form of Lifestyle

“Need any nails today, Gavin?”

Gavin glanced up from the smith’s wares, a light shake of the head “no, but thank you. My life up there is about as normal as he’ll allow… and honestly, I couldn’t afford it. I just need a new blade”

The smith shrugged, returning to his work, letting Gavin browse. He frowned

The Riskiest form of Lifestyle

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Tags: Soft Vore Dragon Human Implied Digestion

Some of my older watchers... or just those who have perused deep into my gallery, will remember "The Riskiest form of Travel" one of those... unexpectedly popular pieces I did as a standalone... if you haven't read it... I deeply recommend reading it first.

On that note, the sequel I know many of my viewers hoped I'd do, and which is finally brought to life thanks to one of my commissioning patrons on my Patreon I hope it lives up...
[ Continued ...

Bookie - 20 hours ago

I am so glad to see a sequel to that previous story I very much enjoyed. This conclusion of sorts brings forth happy feelings, for Cyagnus and Gavin make a really nice pair and an interesting relationship.

DrakeZephyr - 1 day ago

Unless my arm gets twisted again, I'm not intending to write these two again... but the surge of interest has got me thinking about writing something new, in the same world, with the two temples in the focus... seeing as the concept seems to have been, well liked.

Kasra - 2 days ago

Now this is a blast from the past! Great to see that Cyagnus and Gavin are getting along nicely, and interesting to see Cyagnus join the conspiracy.

Though he still hasn't figured out exactly how they do it. Guess he'll have to come back.

ZeldaNoVorsu - 1 day ago

It's a secret to everyone.

linkever - 1 day ago

The Siren probably gonna pop up at the end of Skyward Sword or during it as you said you were gonna make ZND:SS soon and the reason why to explain the origin right now as a way to be able to integrate it in the story. Did I guess right?

ZeldaNoVorsu - 1 day ago

Because Zelda No Vorsu is not his (my) real name, so the brackets represent the fact that it is a pen name.

derpsquid42 - 1 day ago

Ah, that makes sense. Why do you use brackets every time you mention him?

ZeldaNoVorsu - 1 day ago

He's writing the story in the present. In the past, he's working a different job for the Goddesses at first. He started off researching the multiverse. I like that Nintendo left the creation story rather vague, it gave me a lot of room to stretch my creative muscles.

He used to acknowledge us. Each day he would come to us and smile down at our disgusting situation, sometimes even speaking to taunt us and remind us of what we were. As the weeks went by he stopped taunting. He stopped looking. We were left to do the one thing we were now meant for; being his toilet.
Nicky was his name before all of this, but there's no way to know if he's still calling himself that. He was only eight with fluffy brown hair and beautiful blue eyes that became terrifying as they

Nothing to Nicky

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Owner: Pippit

Tags: Scat Macro Underage Macro/Micro M/? Underage Pred m/multiple

Ah! I hope I got enough tags, and the right ones. This is my first upload for the community :3 It's a POV, and the narrator is a specific character of mine, but I left it vague enough so that they could be male or female for you readers. I thought people would like that.

Anyway, one day a little boy becomes a Giant and he wreaks havoc on the world, torturing and eating innocents- but we don't see that part of the story. We only see the aftermath... because what goes in must come...
[ Continued ...

Nixy - 2 days ago

hello i really enjoyed this story if you could make a sequal that would be fantastic keep up the good work!

doomfister - 48 minutes ago

all the better to bulge their throats, on the short ride down.

doomfister - 49 minutes ago

it is fun things to think about, i am a animal scientist specialising in entomology and herpetology is my second love, so when it comes to digestion and other factors i have a much wider understanding of the field then is probably healthy.

from the got cannon, it is pretty savage when season 7 dragons start feasting, if you read a world of ice and fire they actually hint and mention things like the logistics of such things. i have a snake vore commission coming up in the very near future, and i am going to ask how far the buyer wants me to go in realism. so in the next few weeks its very possible i might put out a snake vore story with full realistic vore, unlike the watered down version with fantasy elements that is more common. its going to be full tour, attack, swallow, digestion disposal, so its going to be a good little expedition into snake biology, a bit to intimate for the girl involved, but hey, adventure is for the brave, and the dead ;).

alexanderrea7 - 20 hours ago

that dragon likes big butts :) then ...

Philosoraptor - 21 hours ago

I mention such things as I have kept reptiles of all types for many years and therefor very familiar with the digestive processes of many different species. Some writers do appreciate authentic details, but I didn't realize that you were already quite familiar yourself. Probably the most efficient of all reptilian digesters are the crocodilians (which in truth are more closely related to bird, than they are other reptiles), which even grind down keratin fur, hooves, claws and horns to unidentifiable paste, but this is with the help of a gizzard like stomach containing stones and the occasional metal object inadvertently swallowed along with occasional human prey. I agree that if scientifically classified, dragons would be archosaurs, the 'high reptiles', like the dinosaurs, pterosaurs, crocodilians and birds, but being flyers, would need to digest food a lot faster than crocs, so probably not quite as efficiently. It would be interesting to speculate in a future story the staggering amount of humans and/or livestock it would take to 'fuel' Dany's dragons in their awesome, 'Season 7' size, while on campaign far from the ocean where they seem to normally feed the most. A shame they never showed such a thing in the show, which would be quite unforgettable if they dared to do so.

doomfister - 2 days ago

I wrote it accurately for the most part. I made a few changes based on my own head cannon and what I wanted to do with the story. for example, I imagine dragon digestion is more efficient then lesser reptiles. I didn't explicitly say it can digest hair it just does a good job at ruining it in deer and other beasties, so it partially digests it, but not sufficiently to lose its form, hence the tickling back door remark on its normal exit. also depending on who you ask some snakes can digest keratin, so I went with the safe middle ground and did a mixture of both as the plot allowed for it.

in regard to lack of teeth and nails in the turd, that was a stylistic choice. I wanted Drogon to strip any of her everything, her new body being nothing like the hot woman who had taken the one-way trip, not a single remnant of her former form passing through his conveyor system of a gastrointestinal tract, hence the lack of straggling hairs as well. there was no jewelry in the turd because I based it off a scene from the show, where she was only wearing a necklace and bracelet, so no shiny rings to leave in the droppings. the same reason why I failed to mention the uric pellets, as I have done so in the past with a few of my snake stories, I debated adding it, but in my mind, I think the sopping wet turds is a more powerful image, then a hodgepodge of assorted waste products.

I am very glad you enjoyed it enough to leave such a long and thought out comment, if you like realistic digestion, I tackle it primarily with my snake stories. and am sure to write more stories with this sort of digestion style in the future.

Stop in for a Ko-Fi

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Tags: Soul Vore Oral Vore Cat Dog Pokemon Wolf Human Male Horse Digestion Demon Absorption Skunk Orca Anal Vore Non-Fatal masturbation Transformation bull shiny kobold car Mind Control Telepathy cum inflation pooltoy Corruption scent play Entrapvore tail play golden retriever vinyl Reader POV vore tattoo Reader is Prey hyper penetration Drive in

So, back on 8/8 (Vore Day) I ran a drive on my Ko-Fi ( ) via Twitter and wrote 5 quick stories at a reduced price, prepaid with a coffee buying 250 words. Then, once they were done I decided to write a framing story about it!

The sub-stories are:

For Eddie Bull

Eddie wanted to get AV'd by a big orca with teasy words.
M/M Anal Vore, no sexual content, orca pred, bull prey. Size Difference. Fatfur. Big strong tail. Locker...
[ Continued ...

Two Caves (Vore Story)

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Tags: Dragon Same Size Cock Vore Cum Penis Balls Reptile Salamander Cum Digestion Bulges cumgestion johnny hyper balls leaking Selicia samesize salamander dragon large bulges hyper bulges

A story for Selicia! Some dragon on dragon CV~

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Selicia's eyes snapped open. All surrounding her was darkness, and her head was pounding. The last thing that the salamander dragon...
[ Continued ...

enters, looking around nervously and biting her lip. "Hello?..."
a neat room that looked like it belongs to a teenager. A lone brown
furred wolf wearing a coat and black pants was lying in bed, playing
with a phone. The room had closets for clothes, a computer and even a
game station. It was a regular room for a teenager. “Hmm? Who’s
there?” The teen wolf asked
chuckles nervously, cocking her head. “It’s me, Auntie Oleya."
Looking around the room, she steps

My Coming of Age (RP Log)

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Tags: Oral Vore Wolf Soft Vore Anthro Digestion Burp Weight Gain Squirrel Rabbit Bunny Fart M/F Same Size Reformation Belch Non-Fatal Unwilling Prey Female Prey RP Log Male Pred Incestual Vore pregnant prey Incestuous Vore Cruel Pred M/Futa Son/Mother Willing to unwilling prey Futa Prey willing prey

(Note: This is an RP log between me and  WideVariety. I have to say, it was the funnest, hottest, and overall one of the best RPs I've ever had.

They start with the first sentence. I continued next paragraph. They got the next. And so on and so forth.)

O-Oh, hey, you guys... I d-don't know if this is okay but... this is something that happened a few days back. I uh... I finally became a predator. Y-Yeah. I was told that a bunch of people here would find it...
[ Continued ...

HisashiHinata - 19 hours ago

Thanks! And yeah, at some point, I switched from third to first perspective. I probably should've clarified that. Thanks for the comment though!

LordDantai - 19 hours ago

It was a fun read, I will always enjoy a good ~Son noms Mom~ story. The RP style did however make it a bit hard to follow sometimes.

[Writing] Poolside Peril

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Owner: AlisaBlueBird

Tags: Human Male Anal F/M Female Unwilling Anal Vore writing bikini Size difference Male Prey Female Pred Human Pred

Isabella finally deals with the two-foot-tall thief once and for all.

I have a few more creative ideas floating around, but none of them are terribly good, so I just wrote something more cliche.

Hope you like it anyway!

Slightly inspired from an RP I did recently...

here's an alternative ending with digestion and absorption, if you prefer:

Thumbnail is by 'Garigari...
[ Continued ...

maxpayne98 - 1 day ago

You beautiful person ^w^

AssImilate - 1 day ago

Both haha.

AlchemillasFinest - 1 day ago

I know!;p Still love your work though that was a random and strange coincidence.

AlisaBlueBird - 1 day ago

No, I'm just messing with you~

AlchemillasFinest - 1 day ago

We know each other!? O_O

Fru Fru's New Food

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Tags: Oral Vore Scat Soft Vore Digestion Fatal Multiple Prey Fatal Vore Female Pred disposal animal pred animal prey Zootopia Judy Hopps Scat/Disposal

Fru Fru the Arctic Shrew had no idea she was a secret voraphile until her honeymoon. Bit by bit, her hungry fetish is controlling her, pushing her to eat more and more people...and perhaps not even Judy Hopps can stop her!

A commission for  Absolwednesday. Hope you all like it!