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Fairies and Masks and Heart Pieces OH MY!

Uploaded: 47 minutes ago

Owner: SmaxTheDestroyer

Tags: Lamia Fairy Harpy Legend of Zelda Monster girl the legend of zelda Masks Smith Majora's Mask great fairy species swap Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou CYOA monster musume miia papi cerea choose your own adventure Kuroko Smith Centorea Shianus ms. smith Papi the Harpy Harpy-Fairy Magic masks

Hey All! got the first chapter here! Getting the fairy won by a huge margin. No vore this time, but several of the choices this time will lead us on the paths towards some!
Good luck with your choices!

Lucia´s Ring to Runeterra pt.4

Uploaded: 52 minutes ago

Owner: QuariStorys

Tags: F/F Forest Anal Vore ring Running League of Legends Lucia Tristana Qiyana

Leave feedback in the comments

(sorry if i wrote her name wrong in story)

Also leave some ideas in the comments! i really care about what you think of it 

Yoshi's Other End (Anal Vore Story)

Uploaded: 3 hours ago

Owner: Branwalter

Tags: Yoshi Anal Vore reader prey

A shirt story about being slurped up Yoshi's rump. 

Noblesse Oblige: Chapter 1 - The Family Business

Uploaded: 4 hours ago

Owner: universius

Tags: Digestion F/F Fatal Female Prey Female Pred Cruel Pred aroused pred first time pred Kaguya Shinomiya Maki Shijo Kaguya sama Love is War Kaguya sama Tensai tachi no Renai Zunousen

The ever smug and adorable Kaguya gets caught in a bit of a compromising situation and finds that the best way out of it is using her stomach.

Finally got off my ass and uploaded something after a handful of years. Hopefully this'll incentivize me to post somewhat regularly, but no promises.

I've got a general plan for how this whole series'll shake out, and if the length of this first part was any indication, it'll practically be a small novel by the end. 

aircoop - 3 hours ago

all good, I have a tendency to prefer my favorite characters as prey regardless haha

universius - 3 hours ago

Haha, thanks. Feel kinda bad about having her get churned up in the first chapter now

aircoop - 3 hours ago

never expected to see a story with Kaguya and best girl Maki. Amazing job.

Brown spots on bananas are gross!!!

Uploaded: 4 hours ago

Owner: ryanshowseason3

Tags: Digestion Consensual Cock Vore Cum Fatal Willing Blowjob Cum Digestion H/F Willing Pred Disposal Consensual vore Tattoo orgasm denial Tattooification Casual vore cum disposal anal vore implied Willing prey Reformation implied

Reforming is a natural part of life, it's usually assumed you'll reform if you die.

Except if you don't.

Sometimes and no one knows why your soul just runs out of juice. When that happens you end up as a tattoo on their skin. Your face moments before your end is plastered where your remains mostly ended up.

The tattoos fade a bit over time, making room for more but preds who get around can sometimes have their permanent victims on their bodies for...
[ Continued ...

BurningRuby1909 - 2 hours ago

Not my favriote of your story with pinups but i do like it and the only reason i dont like it is the face tatto things only. Hehe sorry

Losing Hope

Uploaded: 10 hours ago

Owner: Cuddlekins

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore Human Unbirth Digestion F/F Teen Swallowing Sex Domination Fatal Loli Unwilling Story Lesbian Yuri cunnilingus Macro/Micro Unwilling Prey mouthplay Humiliation Nudity Insertion Human Prey Multiple Preds f/multiple Human Pred Forced sex Lesbian sex cruelty teenage prey Despair shrunken prey teenage pred loli pred lewd Multiple Preys Listening to belly

Woo, another long one! Also, this will be my first story submitted as a .doc file, so if anything seems off, that's probably why.

Dawn and Sue are back, and so is their new pet from the previous story! In this one, Dawn shrinks one of Hope's friends from school in an effort to keep her motivated for lewds.

As usual, keep an eye out for typos and stuff. Aside from that, enjoy!


    A Dawn & Sue Story

[ Continued ...

Nightmare34 - 9 hours ago

Good story
I wait for the next one

The Way of the Wolf, Part I by Doombeez edit

Uploaded: 11 hours ago

Owner: tredur

Tags: Love Centaur Human Male M/F Same Size Non-Vore Female Sex Futanari Taur lovers wolftaur Magic Penis Transformation couple romance love story Size difference Nudity Wolfboy knot Monster girl romantic size play H/H knotting Monster Boy wolf boy Hermaphrodite Dire wolf maleherm gender transformation direwolf child friends

I'm not the author but the commissioner of this piece, I recieved the permission to post it by the real author Doombeez
the original story can be found
also there are additions by me

A sequel to A Family Born of Renewal (which can be read here: or this gallery) also commissioned by me.

Trey and Tula have gotten their happy ending, so it's time for...
[ Continued ...

Tsuntsunodanoteiyugo's Punishment

Uploaded: 15 hours ago

Owner: HarlequinGemini

Tags: F/F writing Boiling foodplay Sloshing Tsururin Tsun Tsururin Dr. Slump tsunoda Tsun Tsun Tsuntsunodanoteiyugo Tsun Tsunoda Tsuntsunodanoteiyugo

I hope that name pisses you off

So, context! The Tsuns are a Chinese family with a unique way of speaking from your favorite neighborhood hack writer Toriyama's first serial Shonen Jump manga Dr. Slump. I haven't read it myself because I'm also a fraud, but I think I've done a bit of research to have enough reference to guide another RP into something that should FEEL like it takes place in-universe

Sorry it's not art or Dragon Quest, this one motivation struck me...
[ Continued ...

Bobrocks - 2 hours ago

Ya little shite

jyoster - 3 hours ago

Oddly enough, I could see this being an actual episode.

Punchy's Luncheon

Uploaded: 22 hours ago

Owner: Pactborn

Tags: Oral Vore Scat Cat Soft Vore Chubby Fat Digestion M/M Burp Weight Gain Fart M/F Fatal Pooping Farting Gas Post-Vore Unwilling Prey animal crossing M/? Post Vore Scat Mass Vore Disposal Burping Gassy M/multiple prey Male Pred fat pred Cat Pred tom nook chubby pred Casual vore Multiple Preys post vore weight gain punchy burping up objects gluttonous pred

The world of Animal Crossing is so cute and lovely but what happens when it's not?

What happens when Punchy converts an entire town into incredibly detailed scat?

A commission for  BadFurson and if you enjoyed it, I'm always open to take commissions which you can find more detail on here: 

Pactborn - 21 hours ago

Thanks very much man! I'm looking forward to work with you too!

Badfurson - 22 hours ago

Thanks again for this one, mate! You did a great job, and I'm looking forward to working with you again further on!

TheMysteriousSadSack - 5 hours ago

Tru tru, but, what if thats all it takes to cause irreversable damage. Just some food for thought, pun intended

Brenden1k - 6 hours ago

She was not in there for long, she can be retrieved.

TheMysteriousSadSack - 22 hours ago

Claudia y u do dis

NO MORE GAMES - chapter 2

Uploaded: 23 hours ago

Owner: Ilove

Tags: F/F Same Size larxene kingdom hearts kairi Fanfiction Interactive

Commission done for a person that prefers to remain anonymous

Here's a sequel to this story I wrote

It was a lot of fun to write and the final image was just the cherry on top :D

Hope you'll like it!

Characters (c) their respective owner 

Further Future

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: cv98

in a post apocalyptic work where all life other humans are extinct we follow the day of a young Adam a border Guard of the London settlement when he comes across and fugitive trying to sneak back in 

kaiju training gone horrifically wrong

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: SnowCryptid

Tags: Oral Vore M/F Unwilling writing Macro/Micro Demi Kaiju Implied Digestion Female Prey Vore story Original Characters Male Pred Monster Boy Teasing Pred non-graphic digestion

idk if this is gonna upload properly cause ive never uploaded a word file here and have no idea how tf to do it :'D

anyway here's a story i put quite some effort into. hope you guys enjoy :> 

lordamaterasu03 - 22 hours ago

I'll ..... um read this later. just mark it for later.

SnowCryptid - 1 day ago

she failed the task successfully. she never got those notes down but hey she DID see his insides so mission accomplished

ScarfyScout - 1 day ago

a noble snackrifice in the name of science

SnowCryptid - 1 day ago

especially when he's been a good boy :p

ChaoskampfNunc - 1 day ago

Well I'm sure he will no doubt~ Kaijus can have a little human, as a treat

Bowser's Game (Anal Vore Story)

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: Branwalter

Tags: Nintendo Anal Vore Bowser turtle Super Mario Bros Male Pred Bowser Vore reader prey M/reader

A short story about playing a little game with Bowser himself. 


Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: PhantomWolf

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore Swallowed Masturbation Willing ?/F Female Prey Lizard Pred Komodo dragon Eaten Alive Devoured Animal/Human animal pred Huge breasts Feral Pred feral/human pleasurable death pleasurable digestion busty prey Lizard Predator swallowed whole and alive Willing prey Megalania lizard/f busty girl vore movement vore organization P.E.M.A

Hello Newest members! Welcome to P.E.M.A! We are an international Activist group promoting, Animals Rights, Sexual Freedom, Nature Preservation, and Population Control. P.EM.A is more than an activist group and more than vore positive culture we are a massive international family.

Please enjoy this presentation as step one of your initiation!

Thumbanil Link: 

PhantomWolf - 1 day ago

No I don't

PhantomWolf - 1 day ago

No I don't

PhantomWolf - 1 day ago

No I don't

PhantomWolf - 1 day ago

No I don't

PhantomWolf - 1 day ago

No I don't

Change of Plans

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: Oniric

Tags: Furry Oral Vore Belly Bear Soft Vore Fox Anthro Fat Digestion M/M Rabbit Gay Fatal Willing Anal Sex Oral Sex Size difference knot M/M/M cum inflation Disposal Bear Pred Fox Pred Rabbit Prey Fox prey Voreception unwilling to willing

Hello everyone! I'm back with another vore story!

This is one I've wanted to write for a while. A hungry fox tries to eat his bear friend's lunch (a shy rabbit who really wants to be food), but things don't go as he expected. Luckily, the two preds manage to find a satisfying solution to their problem.

There's some sex, but the main focus in this one is the vore. Unlike most of my stories, the vore here is explicitly fatal, but it's treated very casually and there's no...
[ Continued ...

Oniric - 23 hours ago

I mean, different strokes for different folks, but as far as I'm concerned, I agree completely! :P

zidanes123 - 1 day ago

Willing vore is always much better than unwilling one

Oniric - 1 day ago

Thanks! I'm glad it worked for you. :)

I was a bit nervous, but I still had fun writing the disposal part. I can definitely see the appeal, so who knows, maybe I'll write more in the future. I don't write fatal vore often, so it might take a while before the next time, but there's always a chance.

Oniric - 1 day ago

I'm a huge fan of vore where the prey starts hesitant but ends up willing. Especially if it's fatal, I normally don't have the heart to write 100% unwilling vore. I like happy endings. :)


Oniric - 1 day ago

Thank you so much! <3

Ruler of the sofa - Alternate Ending

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: GinRyuKaza

Tags: sister F/M Fatal Hybrid Transformation Brother Implied Digestion Soul Digestion half demon Male Prey Female Pred Siblings Sister and brother demon prey Sister/Brother breast growth female vore sister predator perma vore permavore sister pred sibling vore half slime sister vores brother hybrid slime predator hybrid slime hybrid demon

The alternate ending is a little bit more permanent for Hone. In this ending Samantha decides Hone is better off on her bosom. He's less trouble that way!

Samantha & Hone belong to me 

GinRyuKaza - 1 day ago

Thanks bud! ^^

GinRyuKaza - 1 day ago

Thank you! That's part of why I do these alternate ending ones. Some I'm glade to hear you enjoy em! ^^

mirrormind101 - 1 day ago

I liked both of them mate and how you do different endings to please everyone. :)

ShinjiIkari - 1 day ago

I like it more than the other version <3

Ruler of the Sofa

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: GinRyuKaza

Tags: sister F/M Hybrid Brother Implied Digestion half demon Male Prey Female Pred Implied reformation Siblings Sister and brother demon prey Sister/Brother breast growth female vore sister predator sister pred sibling vore half slime sister vores brother hybrid slime predator hybrid slime hybrid demon

Been quite a while sense I uploaded anything here hasn't it? Well don't worry I'm still writing stories! I just decided to start taking classes in animation and programming now too.

Well anyway! This story is a bit shorter then my usual. Decided to try a little something new with the settings of my stories. For those of you who like the alternate endings better, don't worry! Those are still going to be a thing too!

Samantha doesn't like it when people take her favorite...
[ Continued ...

GinRyuKaza - 18 hours ago

Thank you! Glade you enjoyed it xD

thicceater - 19 hours ago

This was a swell read bud <3

GinRyuKaza - 1 day ago

Hehe yeah he most definitely does. Often dragging Sam into the problem too XD

Thank you!

mirrormind101 - 1 day ago

Ah, Hone. You do get into a lot of trouble lol

Great as always bud ^^

Wrong Crate (A Cowboy Bebop story)

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: TheCreeper

Tags: Stomach Digestion Oral Ed Head First Anime Vore Snake Vore Inside view Binding Faye Valentine Cowboy bebop vore Radical Edward

Years ago, a kind and very talented author on "" put up a thread requesting story ideas for free commissions to cut his literary teeth on. This was one of them. I take absolutely no credit for making this story, outside of supplying the inspiration for the idea and the title (originally it didn't have one).

Faye Valentine and Radical Edward discover a ship floating in space with mysterious and rare, valuable cargo. They go and investigate and find a...
[ Continued ...

TheCreeper - 14 hours ago

Not a bad question at all. Truth is, I don't. I don't remember the name used on the forum and he/she never put a name on either story. I have no idea who the author is or what he/she goes by now if at all.

coldwar368 - 22 hours ago

Sorry if this a bad question but do you know if the author is still around?

The Bone Whites (One Piece Vore Story)

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: TheCreeper

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore Digestion Head First Anime Vore one piece Nami human vore.

Years ago, a kind and very talented author on "" put up a thread requesting story ideas for free commissions to cut his literary teeth on. This was one of them. I take absolutely no credit for making this story, outside of supplying the inspiration for the idea.

Nami and the One Piece crew take a pit stop on an island and Nami wanders off to find a mysterious treasure of "The Bone Whites." She finds an odd girl and learns the hard way how...
[ Continued ...

The Cravings Of A Hungry Drideress

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: joeburp22181

Tags: Oral Vore Digestion F/F Stuffing Fatality Female Prey Female Pred teasing rimming RP Log food related groping Cruel Pred Casual vore Willing to unwilling prey Post Vore Disposal kind predator SS13 Sexuality sleeping prey off Willing prey Bone Disposal souvenir Drider Girl Pred Skrellian Female Prey Voracious pred Ejaculations Permanence In Scene

Tiffany K had come to the station one night, working her ass off for a seemingly thankless crew. While she got a few pats on the back, she was pretty much ignored all the while, on that shift. Her fellow chef helper, disappearing at times, the Skrell even surprised the person called themselves a chef! At least to the Skrell's standards. In the same time, she would and could have cranked out four times the amount of food the fellow chef was wining about, suddenly disappeared, when Tiffany...
[ Continued ...

Mao Mao Interrogates a Rat

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: WorkInProgress

Tags: Oral Vore Cat M/M Rat Swallowing Domination Macro/Micro Size difference tongue play Mawplay Ambiguous Ending dominant pred Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart Mao Mao Ratarang

Just a quick story I wrote up in order to:
1. Not fall into a writing slump and stop writing for 2 more years

2. Spread awareness in the vore community about Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart. I think I might literally be obsessed with this show in a completely normal way, but it doesn't help that there's a BUNCH of dragon/monster maws and vore. Also Mao Mao has nnf big pred energy.

So anyway, just thought I'd write a Mao Mao vore story and post it here. Ending...
[ Continued ...

WorkInProgress - 1 day ago

Thanks! I think the dialogue was my favorite part of writing this

whytho - 1 day ago

I love the show too, and I appreciate that it really seemed like you nailed the characters.

Stress Reliever (Anal Vore Story)

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: Branwalter

Tags: Anal Vore Wolf O'Donnell Furry Pred furry predator Reader reader prey

A short story about you being Wolf O'Donnell's personal stress reliever. 

Branwalter - 1 day ago

Thanks! Glad you liked it!

KittehBoy - 1 day ago

Great story~ I love the readers perspective!

A Voregin's Bubble Popped

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: joeburp22181

Tags: Oral Vore Digestion F/F Same Size Bondage Fatality Female Prey Human Prey Female Pred RP Log rough sex Stolen Clothes Casual vore Post Vore Disposal SS13 Bone Disposal cum dumpster Cessation Stretchy Pred Neko Girl Pred Too Tight Of Fit Hedonistic prey Fill-up After Sex Meal A Great Awakening Stolen Items Prey's Possessions become Pred's Awakening a Predator

Joanna was about the station, of course, working as a bartender once again. When she was out of nowhere, come upon by this seemingly quiet, seemingly innocent Neko. Sizing her up, she would take Joanna where she wanted them to go. Filled up, fucked hard, there wasn't anything left to be done here, just after Mianka's stomach growled; prepared to try something she had never thus before.... devouring another crewman! It seemed natural, it seemed fitting, and it WOULD happen, only all too soon....
[ Continued ...

A Curious Kitsune And Her Meal

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: joeburp22181

Tags: Soul Vore Oral Vore F/F Kitsune Absorption Same Size lapine Fatality Female Prey Female Pred RP Log Careless Pred cruelty Angry prey SS13 Sexuality Bunny girl prey kitsune pred Cessation hare prey Permanence RP Log Facts of life

The unwitting good doctor, Kendra Sharp, wouldn't know it yet... but today on the station... it was to be the very last shift she could EVER HAVE. Seduced by a gorgeous Kitsune, to the tone the Lapine thought would be sex in a nearby dorm room... Melissa had the bunny girl strip, prepare and get trapped... only so the bunny couldn't get away! Yet grasped roughly, and now defenseless and naked, without even a PDA or a headset to call out to others for help from, she was doomed! Devoured...
[ Continued ...

It's A Fox Eat Fox Station

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: joeburp22181

Tags: Oral Vore Digestion F/F Same Size Unwilling Prey Female Prey Female Pred RP Log Implied Fatality SS13 Fox Girl Prey Fox girl pred powerful pred Cessation

Becky Hampton felt like she had something to prove. Mallory the Chef, knew she didn't. Nevertheless, Becky wouldn't stop, trying to impress the larger Fox woman as she went. Howbeit, the poor, smollish, lesser Fox, never did find a way to make that possible. At every turn and corner, Mallory was better than her. More beautiful, thicker, far more capable.... it just wasn't fair~ But who said life was fair? In the end, Becky challenged Mallory, and Mallory took that claim. Soon staking it...
[ Continued ...

To Tempt A Hungry Succubus

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: joeburp22181

Tags: Soul Vore Oral Vore Digestion Succubus F/F Absorption Fatality Female Prey Female Pred RP Log tricked prey surprise vore punishment vore SS13 succubus pred Sexuality Seductive Pred Cessation Zorren Prey

The unwitting Hazel Hadii would be come upon by a gorgeous looking succubus, promising a fun time so long as the two could enjoy it behind closed doors while on VORE station. With a greed, with a selfish desire to cum and mate, Hazel had ignored all of the signs of her untimely death, and her doom. With the sex commenced and nigh finished, Malady would strike at her prey when she least expected it. Swallowing the Zorren female whole and alive! Digesting her in a short order, Malady would...
[ Continued ...

Alexander M - Hygienic Dental Work?

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: joeburp22181

Tags: Oral Vore Digestion F/M Absorption Hard Digestion RP Log Implied Fatality happy pred Lion Prey rapid digestion Unwilling to Willing prey smaller prey Larger pred SS13 grab and gulp Asset Gains Akula Pred

As medical is all but caught up, with no new reports of energies, the good doctor Alexander M, decided to head to the bar to enjoy some light alcoholic beverages. It was an interesting shift to say the least, as the bartender was none other than Maki herself! A huge, statuesque female, that towered over most as they approached her for a beverage. Alexander was no less so in that category, more so in fact. His three foot nothing self, didn't even measure up to her breast, even when he was...
[ Continued ...

Lyran Hassim's Fun - Part III

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: joeburp22181

Tags: Oral Vore Digestion Naga Lamia Macro/Micro multiprey Fatality Hard Digestion Vaginal vore Abuse RP Log Naga Pred Lamia Pred smaller prey Post Vore Disposal Larger pred SS13 Multiple Preys Bone Disposal Trilogy Fennec prey Belittling Cessation Mus Prey Soul Torture Fuck Toy Vaginal Douche Soul Scape Trilogy End Old RP log

What a fucking glut, what a bitch. Wait, were there actual words understandable or comprehensive enough, to describe the kind of thunder cunt Lyran actually was here? Not two prey, sent away, erased and devoured up, never to return again; were good enough for her. OH NO. Now, now came mother, now become a hapless meal by the name of Kuwi. A person who had nothing to do with a feud Lyran had against Mus, or Vanessa's family in general, would nevertheless, be made to understand, 'enjoy', and...
[ Continued ...

She did. A while later, Anisha sat back in her chair at the dinner table, in the cosy upstairs dining room, and folded her hands over her tummy with a soft little sigh of simple pleasure.

“Okay, Viv, I kind of hate to say it, but… that was delicious,” she admitted, and licked her lips. She had taken a big second helping after the first.


DontTellMyWife - 56 minutes ago

Already a classic. Liked here and DA.

I'm hyped for the next part!

Sleepless - 1 hour ago

No Mitsuko in the final! That's a pity, she's one of my favorite characters. But it's okay because there are plenty of others I like too. And I bet we haven't even met some yet.

How many girls from Africa get into the final?

I'm dejected that there is no more to read yet, but I guess it gives me something to look forward too.

Hope you have a fun Easter!

French_snack - 2 hours ago

I haven't had time yet, but I might start on it tomorrow.

lazylayjay - 3 hours ago

I just realized that I didn't say thank you for including my suggestion. Sorry about that! You have brought her to life, she's hot but I hope she gets hotter!

Pabulum - 3 hours ago

Oh no! There's no part 4 yet. I was really enjoying that :(

Are you writing it at the moment?

Lyran Hassim's Fun - Part II

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: joeburp22181

Tags: Soul Vore Oral Vore Digestion Absorption Naga Lamia Fatality RP Log Naga Pred abused Lamia Pred Post Vore Disposal SS13 Sexuality Bone Disposal Trilogy Cessation

And came the calling~ Valerie was on about finding out what happened to her sister, send to the VORE station, by her mother. Herself wondering, since Vanessa showed up after shifts, at least twice a week to spend time with the family. Alas, she was tricked, just like the poor tortured younger sister before her. Led to a room she believed was where she'd find her sister... in half truths at least, that much was certain. Yet as she was approached out of nowhere from Lyran Hassim, the full...
[ Continued ...

Tarzan's Equine Experience - Commission

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: GuardianoftheCrystal

Tags: Oral Vore Snake Human Horse Digestion M/M Cock Vore Anal Vore gorilla Horse Pred NSFW Equine/Horse

Tarzan experiences some new types of vore out in the jungle with his adoptive father Kerchak a Silverback Gorilla. WARNING: Digestion, Cock, Oral and Anal Vore are present in this story.  

Lyran Hassim's Fun - Part I

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: joeburp22181

Tags: Soul Vore Oral Vore Digestion Naga Serpent Goddess Lamia Macro/Micro Fatality Hard Digestion RP Log Lamia Pred Post Vore Disposal SS13 Sexuality Bone Disposal Trilogy Cessation Naga Ped Including others

A dead shift as could be expected after midnight on VORE station, there, Vanessa spaced out, seeming almost in a haze. When along came a serpent, a serpent by the name of Lyran Hassim nonetheless! A serpent goddess, who could both control the very ebb and flow of life. From an ingestion, to a digestion, to the very devouring up of someone's soul. To shape their very existence, for all time and eternity, or more importantly rather, their lack of eternity, and her power! Snatching the girl up...
[ Continued ...

ideaconnesuer - 1 day ago

I am sorry but that dislike is unacceptable and the character is ruined for me

An Anura's VORE station Experience

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: joeburp22181

Tags: Oral Vore F/F Absorption Hard Digestion implied soul vore RP Log dissolving clothes happy pred Willing to unwilling prey Post Vore Disposal SS13 cat girl prey Bone Disposal Anuran Pred Gape-Limited Predator

Loskow had met a gorgeous looking feline on board VORE station one evening, quite curious over the doting catte. Two women, so very unalike and unique, seemed to meet somewhere finely, down the middle. Like opposite attracting, Loskow telling the girl of the vore capability abilities, and vore vents, that happened there on the station. Needless to say, Jess was intrigued, perhaps a little too much for her own good and safety! Nevertheless, Loskow would take the girl up on her curiosity and...
[ Continued ...