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Meal Fighters Alpha 3

Uploaded: 3 hours ago

Owner: MBucket

Tags: Oral Vore Scat Digestion F/F Weight Gain Same Size Unwilling Anal Vore writing Semi-willing street fighter disposal elena Sakura Kasugano Karin Kanzuki Kei Chitose

Third installment of the Meal Fighters series. Sakura continues with her plan to kidnap Karin, but finds something she did not expect.

Well, this is officially the longest story I've written so far, and for a good reason too! I kind of wrote myself in a corner however, despite leaving it open ended, there just isn't enough female Street Fighter characters to feed unfortunately. I'll continue writing this, but I'm not sure where to go after they're all gone, maybe switch...
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Metalization - 56 minutes ago

Theres a healthy amount of sixe characters and i know tekken and king of fighters are popular for crossovers. Best part of fighting games is tona of crossover potentual

The Blue Beetle's Snack

Uploaded: 4 hours ago

Owner: saintheartwing

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore Child Prey Implied Digestion Multiple Prey Underage Pred teenage pred adult prey Blue Beetle

Jaimes Reyes has been given a very unique alien scarab that would LOVE to show Jaime all it can do when he has to defend his sister from some common thugs!  

Vore kingdom: part 25

Uploaded: 6 hours ago

Owner: mysta

Tags: Oral Vore Princess Belly Centaur Unbirth Slime Digestion Succubus F/F Burp F/M Same Size Bulge Sex Cock Vore Fatal Taur Unwilling Dragoness queen Macro/Micro Centauress Unwilling Prey cowtaur Female Pred

Woo, new entry.
Lots of interesting combos in this one. Where will it lead... who knows? 

zerowag - 3 hours ago

Chapter was good, true to form it did not end the way I thought it would, XD I am looking forward to the next chapter.

nbe21 - 4 hours ago

Mff I kinda hope Richard gets turned into cow juice hehe.

Ryovis90 - 4 hours ago

Wow o/////O well, this was most certainly worth the wait! Well done!

Sister Synchronity [RQ]

Uploaded: 7 hours ago

Owner: TheVoreEngineer

Tags: Oral Vore sister F/M Same Size Consensual Brother Incest willing pred Human Prey Male Prey Female Pred Original Character Human Pred Endosoma willing prey Fantasy Elements

See, this is where I would make my a gag about 'Blah Blah Blah generic love story except vore' but I already blew that gag with the story 'A Lucky Meal'. Great, now I have to use a less funny gag, like the 'It's totally same except for, oh wait.' I mean, this story is basically a clone of 'A Lucky Meal' anyway, except for the incest, the more sexual undertones, the larger focus on the perspective of the prey, the fact that its endo not digestion, the more slight and quick mythical elements. Oh...
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sabrina_diamond - 7 hours ago

I love it, truly, madly and deeply!

Aquarium Accident

Uploaded: 10 hours ago

Owner: doomfister

Tags: Furry Oral Vore Anthro Vixen Feral Aquatic ?/F Regurgitation drowning Female Prey Pellet Regurgitation disposal eel aquarium catfish aquatic predator Anthro Prey Fish/F Feral Pred furry prey Aquatic Pred selfie Social Media eel pred wels eel/f fish/furry ?/furry eel predator

Jane, the eager student attends a field trip to a local aquarium, to summarise mistakes were made.

wrote in a vein of story i wanted to tap back into that over more resent years seems to have been lost from the vore community, the causal feral pred vore.

back a few years ago this seemed to be a common theme. a world were vore is normalised, from external feral predation, the likes of Dorian and Anne2snakie immediately come to mind.

this was my...
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Gutswimmer - 51 minutes ago

Never stop doing feral preds.

Rookie Mistake

Uploaded: 10 hours ago

Owner: kingbryan84

Tags: Oral Vore Scat Belly Fox Pregnancy Digestion Rabbit M/F Sex Cum Unwilling Rape Non-Consensual Unwilling Prey Oral Sex Bulges disposal throat bulge Belly bulge Fox Pred Rabbit Prey Fake Pregnant cumflation Zootopia Nick Wilde Judy Hopps

Long-time lurker; first time poster with a story I've been sitting on for a long time.

A what-if scenario where Nick decides to deal with Judy much earlier in the movie. 

ChaoskampfNunc - 10 hours ago

It's called a hustle

Senpai.. Captured~

Uploaded: 14 hours ago

Owner: Zaneisweird

Tags: Oral Vore writing yandere senpai yandere simulator Yandere Pred

This is a request for my good pal I recommend checking him out and favorite his stuff! It's AMAZING! 

Zaneisweird - 14 hours ago

Aww.. Thank yoooou... ;3

2littlebigcreepers - 14 hours ago

Aw thanks. :) and plus great job! Ps you were one of my inspirations.

Zane's First Meal

Uploaded: 15 hours ago

Owner: Zaneisweird

Tags: Oral Vore Scat M/F Story Unwilling Prey teasing Two Endings first time pred

This is the Story for 5,000 views.. Thank you all so much for this milestone, and I hope you all have a great time with this story! 

Zaneisweird - 6 hours ago


DarkPinkie - 8 hours ago

From the thumbnail I thought this was going to be a Katawa Shoujo story. I was bamboozled.

Zaneisweird - 15 hours ago

There we go.. I trashed the other stories which I made by accident! Whoops! lol!


Great riches and powerful magical items await those brave enough to traverse the Labyrinth!


In the town of


, standing in the town plaza, was a young golem girl holding up a sign advertising the Labyrinth.

Enter the Labyrinth

Uploaded: 19 hours ago

Owner: Rantroper

Tags: Catgirl Oral Vore Non-Fatal labyrinth Unwilling Prey golem world building

Since I'm kind of a softy, I've been trying to think up an environment where non-fatal vore could happen frequently without conflicting with the setting that I've already constructed. The solution I came up with was this: Sein's Labyrinth. Now I can have non-generics get eaten and not have to press the retcon button~

I'll be writing proper adventures of my non-generic OCs inside the Labyrinth, but for now I figured that an introduction was in order.

[ Continued ...

A New Blossom

Uploaded: 19 hours ago

Owner: saintheartwing

Tags: Naruto Unbirth Non-Fatal Naruto Vore Teenager teenage prey Hinata Hyuga teenage pred Body Swap Naruto Uzumaki

For this commission for C107galaxytachyon, it would be a brand new continuation/ending for this story by  Jurodan, which you can find here: Hinata has to resort to desperate measures to save Naruto, but as strange as the method to save him is, it'll get even stranger when he awakens!

If you're interested in a commission, send me a note, I'll respond as promptly as possible. My rates can be found under my "Commission" tab. If you'd...
[ Continued ...

C107galaxytachyon - 5 hours ago

Of course!

bartek21 - 6 hours ago

Please more
good story
will there be other chapters?

my English is poor !!

Father's Day II: The Force Awakens

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: ZeldaNoVorsu

Tags: Scat Digestion F/M Fart link Reformation Zelda Willing legend of zelda the legend of zelda father's day Hyrule Warriors

I posted a holiday story late?! That can't be a good sign, especially since any Star Wars fan knows what this title implies... 

AnonymousLurker - 5 hours ago

Ybvedorey epek atklngi, rheowrev sbrewlrotcikt si a uitaselb unmenispth rfo a cpiaehtt earctreu elik syelrfuo.

AnonymousLurker - 5 hours ago

Anctsiserper semoervc inayknd of riebrarr.

ZeldaNoVorsu - 11 hours ago

*GASP* Don't say that accursed affliction or it might come true! I'll never get to writing Breath of the Wild down path 2B if that's the case!

ZeldaNoVorsu - 11 hours ago

Fool, none of those effect me!

linkever - 12 hours ago

He might curse you with the most dangerous curse to ever exist... Writer Block...

Three Course Meal – A Coils Story

Part 4 – What the F#@&!

“What now,” Stuart asked his




Three Course Meal - A Coils Story (Part 4)

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: Decius2198

Tags: Snake/Male

The three cadets enter the lake cabin and find a terrifying discovery. 

Death Incarnate - 1 day ago

Oooh a sexy snake! I hope he lets them have one last spurt before they go.

Elastigirl's Slut

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: Chaos

Tags: Pregnancy F/F Weight Gain Fart Futanari stretching Anal Vore Incredibles Elastigirl impregnation superhero ass licking Stripperella Cock Girl

In celebration of The Incredibles 2 here's a story about Elastigirl being a sexy, nasty bitch. Enjoy.

Elastigirl loves turning women into her sex slaves, breaking their minds so they serve her perverted needs without question. She has a new target, the blonde superhero bimbo from the shortlived cartoon Stripperella. Nothing can stop the stretchy hero from reducing Stripperella into nothing more than her personal slut.

A commission for SonicV. The thumbnail is from...
[ Continued ...

JohnnyB - 10 hours ago

praise be, to the beloved shad

Predaking54 - 11 hours ago

I bet XD

Chaos - 13 hours ago

Thanks, writing slutty, nasty Elastigirl is fun.

Predaking54 - 1 day ago


Meal Fighters Alpha 2

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: MBucket

Tags: Oral Vore Scat Digestion F/F Weight Gain Same Size Fatal Unwilling writing street fighter disposal Graphic digestion Makoto Sakura Kasugano

Sequel to my last Street Fighter, based story.
Sakura continues on her adventure, testing out her newfound ability to consume people whole. She pays a visit to Makoto, where she tricks her into being her next prey.

Wasn't exactly sure if I wanted to continue this, even if I left the last one off hinting towards a sequel. I might focus more on this, or take a break and do another one-off or something. First story with disposal though, didn't want to write it in at first,...
[ Continued ...

MBucket - 11 hours ago

Hey, thanks for the comment. I know my reply is late, but I'm a night person.

Anyway, my excuse to justify her actions is that her hunger is "corrupting" her per say. She's slowly starting to care more about eating, and caring less about putting up a fair fight. Also, there's a little bit extra that wouldn't make any sense from the source material. Sakura doesn't particularly know Makoto that much, unless if Dan or Elena introduced them to each other out of game. I also described Ibuki as Sakura's rival in the previous installment. This however never comes up in the games I believe, and in fact, only Karen is ever described as being Sakura's rival.

Anyway, writing the next part of this series right now, so hope to see what you think when I'm finished.

Bright - 18 hours ago

I like how she has an inner monologue about justifying eating her friend.

Also good description on the eating scene.

Nugget1138 - 19 hours ago

Pretty cool to see more Sakura as pred. If I had any issues with it I would say it seems out of character for Sakura to want an easy fight. Maybe she should beat Makoto fair and square rather than tricking her. Then the action of her eating her and justifying it as she wasn’t going anywhere anyway makes more sense. But also qririntva fight scene before the vore could bog down the pace. But overall great story

MBucket - 1 day ago

Okay... Can you perhaps tell me which part you enjoyed the most?

If there was a part you didn't really care for, I'd love to hear about that too.

Bright - 1 day ago

I enjoyed this story.

A Riddle.

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: CrimsonFangX666

Tags: Non-Vore Cryptic

Good luck to all. I just thought I'd do something... different. A little riddle for anyone. If you can solve this, without using the internet, you are amazing and travel in the right circles. If you can't, no biggy. I promise, it's nothing bad. Good luck to everyone, and have some fun. Also, no spoilers. Don't spoil it for ANYONE. 

CrimsonFangX666 - 2 days ago

I did just realize there's about as much in the contents as there is in the description, but I promise you, that's not the answer. If you can figure it out, it might lift your spirits if you're in a bad mood.

Apostolos - 2 days ago

Its rather difficult to tell since the contents seem to match the description

CrimsonFangX666 - 2 days ago

The first paragraph is the riddle. Well, not technically a riddle. A cypher. It's in a completely different language now that I know how to use a different alphabet on Microsoft Word. A small hint, some of those letters can form to make the spell "Fus Roh Dah" or... F R D.

Alienraptor - 2 days ago

is the first or second paragraph a riddle? im thinking the second one is but it doesnt follow any riddle format i know

Apostolos - 2 days ago

Um where’s the riddle?

Mini ARPG 5

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: Rayen

Tags: Mermaid Hypnosis mimic Non-Vore Foxgirl Arachne lewd

This is the summary of all the Mini ARPG posts that have been done so far. I'll be publicly posting up a summary of these occasionally.

Mini ARPG is a similar thing to normal ARPG, except on a more planned path and with set choices instead of freeform comments. It's also more focused on the lewd and vore aspects.

Anyone who pledges to my Patreon is able to vote and participate on the updates:

Hope you enjoy! :V 

NotBatman - 2 days ago

also cue "my spider senses are tingling" joke next shop visit...

almindore58 - 2 days ago

She should've eaten the mermaid

NotBatman - 2 days ago

seems one door is always gonna be a room challange, and the other combat one, also poor naive mer-gal...she should have some potions to get her legs and go for walkies...

KingNothing - 2 days ago

I love the Dungeon Lord's costume.

reliuskaiser - 2 days ago

I mean this specific story, not the overall story.


Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: ApertureScience

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore Digestion Burp Same Size Multiple Prey Big Belly Belly rubs talking to prey Female Pred f/multiple Foot rub

This really isn't my best. It's an old story that I reworked, added a bit to, and proofed. It's basic but you might like it. 

When You Belly've In Magic (Vore)

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: Taniciusthefox

Tags: Fox Anthro Digestion M/F Unwilling Sphinx Non-Consensual batman Female Prey Male Pred Puss In Boots

Another Fox Vore Drive reward for xanderman1201! Fox is whisked away to a distant desert to feast upon a magical being, given his newfound friend thinks it'll help Fox untap his own hidden magical potential. But first, he makes her a little more appetizing. 

Taniciusthefox - 1 day ago

Oh, no doubt XD A lot of species variety to munch on there!

anyonarex - 2 days ago

Awesome story, i'm sure if he wanted he could hang around in that world for a while and get nice and fat off all the meat walking arould. :p

Wendy and Dipper: Love, Lust and Lard

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: saintheartwing

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore Digestion Multiple Prey Oral Sex Female Prey Female Pred Wendy Vaginal sex Gravity Falls Dipper Pines Wendy Corduroy Dipper

Dipper and Wendy have been thinking about each other since Dipper left Gravity Falls. And now Dipper is returning to Gravity Falls!...and Wendy has changed a lot, gotten a WHOLE lot fatter, but...she's also begun to realize that Dipper is the one she wants. She's also begun to realize she has a hunger she can't quite control too well...

A commission for  SonicV. Enjoy! 

BillCipher - 2 days ago

Great story! I loved it!

Fic - I, Predator

Uploaded: 3 days ago

Owner: Withania

Tags: Soft Vore Weight Gain Reformation Non-Fatal Soft Digestion Female Prey My Little Pony Female Pred Soft oral vore Feral Pred pony pred deer prey willing prey First time vore first time pred

Withania is teaching her new friend Epoch, a deer from the Thickett kingdom, about regional flora. Not entirely by accident the conversations turn to fauna, and the two friends discover that one of them has a morbid desire to experience being eaten, and the other has a morbid desire to eat them.
Innocently inexperienced lewd soft vore ensues.
VPG Discord June Writing Jam Entry. 

Withania - 1 day ago

That's okay! I think for me the message I want to portray with the tagging is "Is this a Good-End story or a Bad-End story?" because I feel like that's what most people want to know before reading. Generally speaking Reformation means "good end" because everyone ends up being alive.
But yes, thanks for your thoughts, everything is helpful!

Caniption - 1 day ago

Personally, if I was charged with maintaining tags as a role or something, if I felt the piece didn't conclusively lean this-way or that-way, I would leave the tag out.
What your talking about makes perfect sense if you conclude death as more than physical, but not if you don't.
Hopefully I put my point out there correctly, my head is thinking sideways at the moment.

Withania - 2 days ago

I see what you mean, I was reading a similar discussion on another site about this topic.
For me, Fatal implies perma-death, and if the prey is reformed or otherwise revived it doesn't count. If there's no penalty for death then you didn't really die, ya know?
In the cases of more graphic or cruel vore, I'd say it's a much greyer area, but in Withania's continuity, provided the reformation spell has been used in one form or another it's a no-death situation.

That being said, reformation isn't implied, it's direct, so I'll update that tag!

Caniption - 2 days ago

The story was alright, but I could not help but be confused on the tags; doesn't reformation imply fatality? I don't recall fatality being a permanent affair, a prey can reform even with it a component of the story.

A Sacrifice
The weight of a hundred lives weighed heavy on his young shoulders, and yet he stood strong. Knees-deep in the underbrush, he waded through the thick forest. Under his breath, he repeated the Words, a whispered mantra that had transcended meaning.
Where the sky is fire and the trees dance, it awaits.
His voice was raspy, whispered through chapped lips.
It had been many darks since the mouse boy had seen his people. He was little more than a child, young enough to still be given the l

A Sacrifice

Uploaded: 3 days ago

Owner: VaguenessIncoming

Tags: Anthro F/M Hypnosis Naga Constriction Story implied vore Original Character sad Naga Pred Mouse prey Original setting

Commission for  Randomness!

How much would you sacrifice for your people? 

VaguenessIncoming - 3 days ago

Thank you so much for your kind words! It always makes my day when people enjoy my stories. But my commissioner, Randomness, also deserves kudos! He came up with the idea, I just filled in the blanks and put everything to words :)

FaceInCrowd42 - 3 days ago

Sorry, I was still 1/4th asleep, allow me to clarify and add detail. It isn't the HOTTEST story I've ever read on this site. But it is extremely gripping, and seamless. There wasn't a single point where I went "okay, this guy's an amateur" like I do so many times on this site. Too much writing around here makes me outright cringe, even.

And I mean...clearly, obviously, self-evidently even, you are NOT an amateur. The world-building, the action, the dialogue, the tropes used...everything is perfectly balanced. I'd be tempted to try to get this PUBLISHED as a short story if I were you. Pure excellence.

FaceInCrowd42 - 3 days ago

This is easily the best story I've ever read on this site. EASILY!


Having successfully interrogated

the deviant HK400 that had murdered Carlos Ortiz

, extracting

its confession

as well as information that might prove useful for future investigation

, Connor turned away from it to address the human detectives behind the two way mirror. &ldq

Deviant Processing [Detroit: Become Human]

Uploaded: 3 days ago

Owner: Predator

Tags: Oral Vore Hard Vore M/M M/F Unwilling M/? Fanfiction male predator Android Male Pred robot prey Robot Pred Detroit: Become Human

So... I'm playing the game Detroit: Become Human, and Connor, the prototype detective android, is hot, so this happened. I don't usually go for non-biological/robotic vore, but I made an exception for this!

The deviant android in the canon scene I was referencing is male, but I went with Connor's tendency to use a neutral "it," so you are totally welcome to imagine it is a female android if that better suits your preference =)

I haven't finished my...
[ Continued ...

Predator - 2 days ago

I was a bit surprised to be the first one, apparently n_n; Thanks a lot! =)

girlswallower66 - 2 days ago

I was wondering when someone would do a story about detroit.awesome job man

Three Course Meal

– A Coils Story

Part 3

Visiting the Lake

Tehla watched the sun slowly lower in the sky as she moved al

Three Course Meal - A Coils Story (Part 3)

Uploaded: 3 days ago

Owner: Decius2198

Tags: Male Non-Vore Unknown pred Disappearances

Tehla heads to the lake to visit her sister when she runs into three guys at a cabin, one of which has a gun. 

The Newbie (Vore Story)

Uploaded: 3 days ago

Owner: mZmm

Tags: Pokemon Digestion Cock Vore masturbation blowjob Gardevoir orgasm Oral Sex Cum Digestion Size difference rubbing fondling Scolipede permanence

A commission for 55555tex! Some lovely CV with my Scolipede Milo~

Like my writing? Want to support my work? Buy me a snack!
Or, pledge to my Patreon and get access to all my stories 3 days early, along with a host of other benefits!


The Gardevoir’s eyes snapped open as her alarm blared off. 9 am, on the dot. This day started off like any other, but she...
[ Continued ...

UnforsakenFantasy - 3 days ago

If only this were a comic

Ummm.... yeah... so... I’m Amanda Kenson, and I’m nobody just a nerdy girl from a small town who made a big mistake after I left home for college. Though that mistake is also a mixed blessing as it was due to it that I met my roommate Alannah. my Roomie is a Dullahan, look it up if you don’t know what those are. She’s tall, about 6’10-and-a-half”, she has pale blueberry colored skin, with burning red eyes. She normally wears an odd corset like leotard with a c

Daily Life with a Hungry Dullahan

Uploaded: 3 days ago

Owner: SmaxTheDestroyer

Tags: Oral Vore Scat Soft Vore Human Digestion F/M Fart Swallowing pooping Farting gas Human Prey disposal implied sex resurrection Gassy self pleasure attempted rape dullahan implied lesbianism Auto Cunnilingus Dullahan Pred Implied Hell Temporary Damnation

Another entry into my "Monster Girl" universe starring a Dullahan girl this time~ There is a sad lack of Dullahan vore on this site. In fact to my knowledge, this is only the fourth fiction staring one. Also apologies to any of my Irish readers who feel I butchered the accent. I was basically using the Harry Potter Audio books as a reference for that. Anyways, hope you all enjoy!
I may be playing with Fire here, but I set up a small poll to help decide which monster girl species...
[ Continued ...


Uploaded: 3 days ago

Owner: doomfister

Tags: Oral Vore Plant Alex Digestion Fatal Sam ?/F drowning Suffocation plant/f Clover totally spies ?/ff ?/FFF plant/human plant/ff Plant/fff

The girls have a training excercise, and it ends horribly; so much for that trip to Tahiti.

Me trying my hand at plant vore, i have been in the mood for old fashioned preds these most recent days, so i have a sneaking suspicion i am going to write a snake vore story as my next project.

in honesty Totally spies tapped so many fetishes i am always surprised there is so little vore content for it as it covered so many dark fetishes over its run. i have added my had to...
[ Continued ...

doomfister - 1 day ago

i am sure a voreologist like yourself could easily devise such a test, even if it is as simple as a monster in a cave out in the woods.

Genly - 1 day ago

Hehe, Raze could do with easy, though it seems like overkill for a simple staff problem. I bet a simple entry exam would suffice... comparing those who succeed to those who fail, make some new policies, and flush what's left of the female staff~ Just need the right test!

doomfister - 1 day ago

i wouldn't mind seeing your take on the totally spies girls, i am sure raze would gladly accommodate them ;)

well him or any manner of creature you can dream up.

Genly - 1 day ago

Well, not every spy will make it... and I think I know which ones are destined for a quick end as plant fertilizer. Or in the toilet, if I get to them first! ;3

doomfister - 1 day ago

well in cannon for totally spies there is a spy gene, stupid but cannon. of course it may mean your destined to be a spy, but it dosnt mean you can still be one when your dna is digested like the protein it is :)

Drafted (Fox Vore Drive - Day 17)

Uploaded: 3 days ago

Owner: Taniciusthefox

Tags: Cat Fox Digestion M/M Fatal Unwilling Non-Consensual Male Prey Male Pred Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Old Hob

Fox Vore Growth Drive reward for xanderman1201! The Drive has officially reached its goal so I'm tying up the reward commissions as I work on the sequel to Let Me Out (which is already half done).

After escaping from Gotham's prison, Fox starts to try and build a new gang with a help of a new friend. One of his first stops in New York City, not far from Gotham, where he's received word of an anthro with a fiery spirit who would be a model recruit.

...the meeting...
[ Continued ...

Taniciusthefox - 2 days ago

That's in the works, yes!

InfomercialNuttery - 2 days ago

Any final pic?

Galya entered the little side room where Mayonne kept a cot for times when some arcane research wouldn’t let her be as far separated from her work as her room upstairs. Tiny, with just a bowl of water on a stand and a rumpled, unmade pair of sheets on a low-slung cot jammed into a corner. It smelled pretty strongly of the arcanist herself, and Galya’s nostrils flared as she took it in. “Cozy” was one word for the room. With a sigh, she rubbed her throat and took her robe

Making of a Hero- Part 19

Uploaded: 3 days ago

Owner: sansuki

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore F/F Mild digestion Regurgitation teasing illusion Endosoma

Mayonne and Galya put their plan into action to smoke out the traitor, and achieve multiple surprising results.

The vote was 5-5 tied between Option #1 and Option #3, and the dice selected Option #3. I got a little... indulgent... so this is the longest chapter by about a factor of two. I hope you enjoy me, ah, luxuriating in getting to write that scene. Because this one is such a honking big one, I'm going to allow a full week for voting, until Sunday; during the week I'll put up...
[ Continued ...

Forstand - 16 hours ago

Option #4, and Galya eats Carafa

vore2412 - 2 days ago

Option one will probably garner some angry reactions to those that thought that Mayonne digested Galya but will at least save her from censure. Option two might have Mayonne in more trouble with the court, but will give Galya time to interrogate her captive. If Carafa feeds anyone, I think it should be Mayonne since the poor elf was deprived of a meal. But first, interrogation to see even how deeply involved in this the quarter elf is. I disagree with the having Galya impersonate Carafa, if solely for the reason that it seems likely that it would end badly with the demons easily piercing the illusions themselves if Carafa is working for them.

So with all that said, my choice is a modified option two. I agree that Galya should interrogate Carafa, and possibly devour her with the antacid that Mayonne used on her to see if her empathy is a two-way thing. The reactins from the council that Mayonne garners on having digested their Champion fully will prove more insightful I think, especially if any of them had been collaborating with Carafa. It's possible that they'll be upset with her, but that couldn't last forever and Galya will eventually be revealed to be alive sans demonic intervention to free Carafa or Carafa somehow escaping and ingesting Galya herself.

Lerkur - 3 days ago

I figured as much. While the youngest is still potentially a suspect for the other stated reasons(she also had one of the worst reactions to Galya supposed being converted from half elf to full elf), it's likely not for the reasons I was thinking of.

We still lack solid evidence on anyone, and when I think about it, if the villain wants as many live champions as possible, Mayonne not digesting Galya doesn't clear suspicion. Galya kept passing out anyway, so there's no guarantee nothing was done. I could ramble on with conspiracy theories, yet I doubt I'd reach a relevant conclusion. So, I'll stop for now. Though I'm curious what Carafa's side of the conversation was.

Razgriz - 3 days ago

fun read! i'll let others vote on what next, unless we get a stalemate.

Chronicle - 3 days ago

Loved it!

As for what to do next, I think a bit of interrogation is in order. I'd love to see if Galya's empathy can work with her prey, so downing some of the antacids and then quickly followed by Carafa could seriously help the interrogation. If she refuses to answer, or if keeping this ploy secret is beneficial (like pretending to be someone else and keeping her voraciousness secret), Galya can just let nature take its course on her meal. :)

However, even after looking at the clues, I'd like to squeeze Carafa through Galya before making any accusations.

I also saw someone saying to impersonate Carafa, which is an excellent idea, so I'd give my vote to that as a follow up after questioning and consuming her. No need to fear a reprisal either, since a champion's decisions aren't questioned.

Clone Wars Volume 1: Hestia’s Travels
Fetishes: Armpits, Clones, Crush, F/F, Feet, Foot Vore, Galactic
Giantess, Giantess Growth, Hair Vore, Hand Vore, Nose Vore, Oral
Vore, Sneezing
a chaotic thunderstorm a ship has been broken up by repeated
lightening strikes, its pieces now drifting across the merciless sea.
Most of the crew are eaten by seafaring Hestia clones of gigantic
sizes, many of whom have taken on the form of mermaids. But one
castaway is fortunate enough to

Hestia Clone Wars Volume 1: Hestia's Travels

Uploaded: 3 days ago

Owner: CardinalExeroth

Tags: Oral Vore Feet F/F Crush growth armpit hair vore Nose Vore Foot Vore clones sneezing Galactic Giantess Hand Vore

Nose Vore as well as Foot Vore prominently featured! Check out the tags and beginning of the story for a list of the included fetishes.

About a year ago I developed a sort of clone fetish out of my absolute obsession with Hestia heralding from the anime hilariously titled "Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon?" Despite my utter loathing of that show, I still maintain a borderline unhealthy obsession for Hestia. So, I hope you enjoy this first part of a long...
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CardinalExeroth - 1 day ago

Hey everyone! Cardinal here, just wondering what you all thought of the story. This is the first in my upcoming series centred around the clone fetish and abstract types of vore.
Did you find my use of pronouns for differentiating between the clones at all confusing or redundant? Any critiques would be greatly appreciated, so thanks in advance!

Meal Fighters Alpha

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Tags: Oral Vore Digestion F/F Same Size Fatal Unwilling writing street fighter rivalry Sakura Kasugano first time pred Ibuki (Street Fighter)

Hey! Something that isn't Touhou!
Anyway, this story is a one-off about Sakura's introduction to vore, after a friendly competition against her rival Ibuki, an accident happens that leads to Sakura learning how to swallow people whole.
Hopefully I formatted this better than my other stuff.

Anyway, tell me what y'all think down below. 

karn - 1 day ago

I agree with Draconatedz, It would be great if you add post vore content and breasts expansion, ass expansion, male pray and seduction will be the best.

karn - 1 day ago

I agree with Draconatedz, I would be great if you add post vore content and breasts expansion, ass expansion, male pray and seduction will be the best.

MBucket - 3 days ago

Gee, thanks for taking the time to tell me what you thought!
This was kind of my primer into character dialogue, so I was more focused on that rather than the fun stuff. Next time I'll definitely go for a more sensory description of the digestion sequence(s).
Glad you also noticed that I'm not into F/M ^^'

Draconatedz - 3 days ago

Very nice. I liked the pacing of the story, though I think a little more post vore interaction and description of the digestion and weight gain would have been even better.

I hope you do a sequel! There's so many tasty Street Fighter girls, Sakura would be busy for ages trying to eat them all.

Supergut 5: Bittersweet Farewell

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Tags: F/F F/M Mass Vore supergirl DC Comics Supergut

A title with dual meaning! It's bittersweet for both Kara and myself, as I've had a lot of fun writing this series and watching Ergos draw that cutie Kara grow bigger and bigger!

Sadly, this is the conclusion of the series, so I hope I've let this end on a good note! Or rather, I hope the Epilogue I'll be posting ends on a good note...

Focusing on the story proper, if you've watched the season 2 finale of Supergirl, you can tell what I'm using as an inspiration. I...
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veender - 2 days ago

I can tell you right now that's not happening. Sorry to disappoint you again!

Whereaminow27 - 3 days ago

Oh well, hopefully you will return for a big finally where all the girls end up in supergut :P

veender - 3 days ago

Sorry, but I feel this is a pretty good note to end it on. If ergos wants to continue it, that's up to him!

Whereaminow27 - 3 days ago

NOOOOooooooooOOOoooOOoooooOOOoooOOOoooooOOooooooOOOooOOOoooOOooooooOOOOoOoOOOooooOoOoOoOoOoOo....... . . . ...

SuperGut must continue ^^

veender - 3 days ago

It'll have to stay in you imagination, I'm done with the series as of part 5!