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Uploaded: 13 hours ago

Owner: Binge

Tags: Non-Vore

A preview of what I hope will come.  

Binge - 1 hour ago

Thanks for your reply. Real life just might become to involved to continue with vore, but in a good way. I'm at the point where I might be starting a family, and just wanted to have one last go with some stories. Maybe I can continue in some capacity, and I will definitely try to do so!

MrQuarantine - 8 hours ago

I don't mean to pry Binge, but is there a particular reason you are leaving us? You are a valued creator on this site and it would suck to see you go. The community is well aware that real life sucks us in from time to time, but the prospect of always being to come back and pick up where you left off is the beauty of it.

If your mind is already made up obviously there is little I can do to convince you otherwise. I personally just think leaving when so many of your series unfinished is a tough pill to swallow for the people who love your work. One of my favs was your Maleficent story, and I always hoped you would return to it someday, is there any chance of this happening before taking your hiatus?

“You underestimate your looks gravely. Besides, you must have excellent endurance,” you coo. Fawning him has to start working at some point, right?
He gives you a long, unreadable look during which you have trouble keeping up your casual smirk. Your right wing instinctively grows tense over the dagger hidden underneath.
“Heh, been awhile since I heard such sugar,” he finally says. Your body relaxes a couple of winds.
“True every word,” you lie silkily. Your le

Equestria Anno Zero: Chapter 10

Uploaded: 22 hours ago

Owner: Stanku

Tags: M/F Sex foreplay My Little Pony Original Character Interactive Story

Options are:

1. Let him tie you

2. Refuse
a) suggest to tie him instead
b) carry on normally

3. Tell him you’re not interested in sex anymore 

PonyThroat - 8 hours ago

Very interesting story line, glad I got to find it.

steelbrony13 - 16 hours ago


Darkworkz - 19 hours ago

I think we should let him indulge in his fantasy. It's safe to assume we've got him in the bag but assumption make an ass out of us all.

Why not keep our wings free? Legs get tied up but we keep our wings. Seeing as he's making rules up, why can't we?

supervore - 19 hours ago


dddddd2 - 20 hours ago

1. No risk no gain!

“I can't believe those pesky Rainbooms managed to defeat us!” Adagio Dazzle scowled, pointing at her cohorts Sonata Dusk and Aria Blaze, “And it's all your fault!”
“My fault?” Aria huffed, “Whatever. Sonata's the one who messed everything up.”
“Yeah!” Sonata cocked an eyebrow, pointing behind her to nobody in particular, “The one who messed everything up is... Wait, me?”
“Hmph,” Adagio said, “Amazingly,

[Commission] Sonata Dusk's Revenge

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: SueDonym

Tags: Giantess Commission Female Story Unwilling Prey Female Prey My Little Pony Female Pred Original Character Applejack Pinkie Pie Rainbow Dash Fluttershy Twilight Sparkle Rarity Equestria Girls Sunset Shimmer Sonata Dusk Aria Blaze Adagio Dazzle silent mic

Sonata meets a new friend, and decides to get back at the Dazzlings and Mane Six by eating them.

A commission from DrDark, who requested a story about Sonata Dusk being comforted and assisted by his OC, Silent Mic, before going off and eating the Dazzlings and Mane 6! I hope I did your concept justice and that you enjoy the story!

And if you'd like to commission a story (or art) of your own, here are my prices: 

takugenji - 7 hours ago

perhaps you could add fatal to the tags of your stories. that is if this is meant to be true fatal. If it isn't then, well ignore this. But it does help some people find some of the things they are looking for.

SueDonym - 9 hours ago

Glad you like it! I really enjoyed writing this for you!

DrDark7 - 10 hours ago

heh so good

Mass Effect: The Blue Box Special

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: JustAnotherGuy

Tags: Soft Vore F/F Giantess Sex growth dildo Original Character Mass Effect Quarian Asari Tali'Zorah

Tali meets up with her old flame and wants a fuck 'n meal.

Mass Effect: Tali's new beginning ( )

Mass Effect: Blow and Meal

ottery sleeping bagBy Strega
knew about the big otters that swam and played in Wahachi lake. It
was one of the lake's selling points and more people stopped by to
camp, drift around in boats and watch the cute water-weasels swim and
play than ever came to fish. That was just as well because a family
of giant otters goes through a lot of fish (or a lot of fish go
through a family of giant otters, rather) and even with
stocking-trucks stopping by to add to the fish population on a week

An ottery sleeping bag

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: Strega

Tags: Soft Vore Human Feral Otter willing prey

A very drunk college student mistakes a dozing otter for a sleeping bag. This works out great for the otter, but unsurprisingly not so well for the student. 

Strega - 10 hours ago

We need data on how much alcohol can be transferred from drunk prey to pred to answer that question. 83

Psychobunny - 14 hours ago

Mmm...just slipping into a comfy drunken slumber, not a bad way to go. I wonder if the otter had a small hangover in the morning as well?

Strega - 15 hours ago

Not sure if serious. 83

Farian - 17 hours ago

Very erotic story

James walked down the hallway, pushing against the flowing tide of students. He was on his way to some bullshit detention with his geography teacher. Not that he minded spending more time with his voracious teacher. She was his favorite teacher to be with and secretly would have loved to digest inside her. He also felt that she had the same feelings for him, well who wouldn’t. He was tall, good looking and muscular. He was a fairly muscular and confident. He was a relatively new pred, only

Vorewood High: Detention Digestion

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: Fabrja13

Tags: F/M school teacher multiple preds Teacher/Student teacher pred student prey Vorewood

1 student. 3 teachers. Who will he pick. Please comment which teach you'd like to see eat Jacob. The sequel will then feature the most common answer. 

Zexley - 11 hours ago

Mrs. Sanders.
Without a doubt.

Bentaygo - 16 hours ago

Definitely Sanders. Though Williams was a close second.

1ring42 - 22 hours ago


Fabrja13 - 1 day ago

Ranson mean what you think. It's amazing for you to see my stuff. Your manips are great

TheRPKing - 1 day ago

Ms Sanders

One Night Stand, Part 2 ((story))

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: Umiriko

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore Dragon Anthro Bunny Same Size Bondage Story writing Dragoness first person Anal Sex Oral Sex H/M Feet first rimming Umiriko Short Story Hermaphrodite open ending

The very very very long overdue squeal to this short story I wrote way back near the dawn of time

Now things have finally heated up and Umi is finally showing hir true nature and intent to hir tasty little bunny playmate.

Hopefully you lot wont be waiting too long for the shorter part 3, which I intend to do multiple versions of so people can read the "ending" that suits their taste (^. .^)

[ Continued ...

dragonlove987654 - 12 hours ago

ops 3 years ago.... fuck i am not good with checking stuf up before i write it.....whel too late now...and now i see that you did say that you will do one/more part three/'s anyway i am sorry for doing som mistakes....

dragonlove987654 - 13 hours ago

finaly i am don reading it ♥ good job i love this story very much but what will happen next? will it be a part three???i am glad even if it won't be one ♥ but please don't wait in two years if there will a part three♥♥♥ umi you are truly the most sexy and nicest dragon/prison in this universe♥♥♥ and i hope you will always be that♥♥♥

dragonlove987654 - 13 hours ago

finaly i am don reading it ♥ good job i love this story very much but what will happen next? will it be a part three???i am glad even if it won't be one ♥ but please don't wait two years with the next one ♥♥♥ umi you are truly tge most sexy and nicest dragon/prison in this world♥♥♥

dragonlove987654 - 15 hours ago

YAY you did part two ♥. thank you umi my favorite blue dream ♥♥♥

dragonlove987654 - 15 hours ago

YAY you did it

Famished and Horny

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: PhantomWolf

Tags: Oral Vore M/F Sex parody Implied Digestion Oral Sex Nudity Female Prey Interracial big tits Huge breasts Male Pred bimbo TV show stupid prey busty prey erotic vore Armie Field

A Vorish spoof of one of my favorite TV shows "Naked and Afraid" you guys know the show? Even though I love the outdoors I couldn"t be on the show. My libido won't allow me to be near a naked woman in the woods. Lbs I"d be too busy trying to play 'Tarzan and Jane"

Starring my Favorite prey Armie Field


PhantomWolf - 20 hours ago

The world may never know! Lol

Dangerguy - 20 hours ago

I wonder what Armie's thinking about inside that stomach? Ye know, besides being set adrift in sexual ecstasy.

PhantomWolf - 1 day ago

No its not its a real survialist show a man and a woman live in woods alone for 21 days

PhantomWolf - 1 day ago

No its not its a real survialist show a man and a woman live in woods alone for 21 days

rugli - 1 day ago

Don't know the show unfortunetly ... Is it porn show?

Ritsuko Akagi - The Devouring Mother

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: noisekeeper

Tags: Digestion Multiple Prey Mass Vore Neon Genesis Evangelion f/multiple Fake Pregnant stomach rumbling ritsuko akagi pretending to be pregnant womb envy

Just a short piece about the deliciously twisted woman Dr. Ritsuko Akagi from the Evangelion series.

Thanks again to  theweirdone445 who once again provided the wonderful idea. 

algog8 - 1 day ago

Oh boy, how many is she about to eat?

Adventure RPG 2-298

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: Rayen

Tags: Non-Vore ARPG

Read this post on the website, if you like:


Time for side stuff! Yay :V


Join my Patreon here :

Or donate here:

You can also join the ARPG Discord server: Ks9HPbY 

Havoc - 21 hours ago

same, and there's a lack of Reptiles in our party ( specifically, Zero reptilians )

zbuilders - 23 hours ago

Also we shouldn't fight the siege armour. Rayen probably just wants to test the new death mechanics ;p

zbuilders - 23 hours ago

Ok so I had an amazing idea

The Mechanic is missing an arm
The mechanic's family are the best and probably very rich
The mechanic could be healed in the empire
The mechanic might want to hire some escorts to keep her safe
Free airship ride

I think you can see where I'm going with this. Tell the mechanic about the siege armour issue and make this proposition. Then if we get a good roll, all we have to do is protect a disabled person

Petz22 - 1 day ago

You are right. At most, we would be able to know its location, but since it is already known, we cannot possibly get more intel without direct aid from the Alliance. So contacting the injured engineer and tell her of the possibility with the armor having a connection with her parents' kidnapping, and then go from there, would be the best idea.

We would not even be able to fly with Bluebell to the long road to the empire's border to see if it is blocked, as it is on the other side of the continent, so the usefulness of getting rebirbified is slowly decreasing :/

DeityV - 1 day ago

We split up and have our party take some misc jobs simultaneously. Part of me wants to see if we can enhance our magic skill with ken and maybe Myla can get more of a handle on raw magic. Bluebell and Garrett can likely team up well with labor jobs.

[Commission] Filled With Determination

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: Taniciusthefox

Tags: Scat Human Digestion M/F Monster Fatal Unwilling Prey Female Prey disposal Male Pred Undertale Gaster

Story commission for !

It was different from what I'm used to but I'm glad I took it!

I considered Chara to be of age for this story given her murderous desires. "Tried As An Adult" was one title I had considered, for example.  

Taniciusthefox - 1 day ago

It was my pleasure! I'm glad you like it. :D

Anonymity - 2 days ago

Thank you again sincerely for this. I really appreciate it.

Soraka’s face was growing redder by the moment, but she continued to try her best at ignoring the multitude of eyes currently trained on her. For star’s sake, she wasn’t even doing anything out of the ordinary! All the poor celestial had wanted to do was visit the local market and purchase some veggies and fruits for her dinner, but everyone she came near just wouldn’t stop staring at her! Yes, her appearance had changed a good bit

Hungry for More

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: Smoge16

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore Weight Gain Stuffing Cock Vore Futanari Implied Digestion Multiple Prey Oral Sex cum inflation League of Legends Horse Cock Futa/F Futa/FF Riven Urethral insertion Soraka Akali

The continued adventures of one very hungry stargoat! This time around, Riven has stumbled upon Soraka's small woodland cottage, and her deadly pursuer isn't far behind.


Man, I really like Soraka, and it seems a lot of other people do too!
(Or maybe that was just because Ahri was in the tags of the first story...)
Either way, It's my most popular story by a fair margin, and seeing as I love having Soraka as a pred so much, I decided I just...
[ Continued ...

Houyo - 1 day ago

Pretty fun read. I haven't played league in forever. This got me in the mood to, so now I'm updating it and getting ready to fucking hate myself like old times.

Graywolf18 - 2 days ago

I really enjoyed reading this.

NinjaNomer - 2 days ago

I'm wondering if we'll see more. (Maybe Fiora prey?)

“Hee hee!” Pinkie Pie giggled, jumping out in a shower of confetti as her friends entered the room, “Surprise!”
Pinkie's friends – Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, and Fluttershy – all looked around, astonished. In the short time that they had been gone, Pinkie Pie had somehow managed to completely redecorate Twilight Sparkle's living room, decking the walls with streamers, balloons, and banners to give off a festive vibe. On each table wer

[Commission] Pinkie Pie's Party

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: SueDonym

Tags: Belly Digestion F/F Commission Female Story Pony Willing Unicorn twilight Female Prey My Little Pony Female Pred Belly bulge Pegasus Applejack Pinkie Pie Rainbow Dash Fluttershy Twilight Sparkle Rarity Princess Celestia Alicorn Celestia willing prey F/F/F/F/F/F/F

Pinkie Pie throws a party for her friends Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, Applejack, Fluttershy, and Rainbow Dash - and hopes that one of them will eat her up! But things don't exactly go as planned, and she ends up eating them (well, most of them) instead! With a surprise guest appearance from Princess Celestia!

A commission from dimon! I enjoyed writing this, and getting to showcase each pony's unique personality was really fun!

And if YOU'D like to commission a story...
[ Continued ...

abzde - 18 hours ago

I loved your story! Great work on the dialogue. I think the only thing it is missing is more description of the swallowing, belly, and how it feels inside. If you could add in more juicy descriptions between the dialogue it'd be an even more amazing story.

Bliss - 1 day ago

not bad, but you really need to give some more belly focus, I think. Pinkie had 4 pones stuff into her but you never really talked about just how big her gut was, it was all left a bit too vague for my tastes

still pretty good!

silverspec - 2 days ago

I'm a sucker for pony stories involving full digestion. Even more so if its gooey digestion. Loved it!

SueDonym - 2 days ago

Thank you so much! I really enjoyed writing it, and I'm glad you liked it!

Do keep me in mind if you ever have any more story ideas!

dimon - 2 days ago

This was great it's just what I wanted and you got it out so quickly 5 stars.

Ariel Vore (Part 2)

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: JustAnotherGuy

Tags: Digestion F/F Mermaid F/M Giantess Futanari Fatal growth ariel Original Character The Little Mermaid Ursula Mermaid Pred

The ultimate undersea Predator beings her rise to become the Ruler of the Sea.

One night when I was like nine, I had the thought of Ariel eating Ursula and become hotter. At the time, I didn't think of it as a sexual thought. But now I know what it is and making a fuller story on it.

See Part 1 (

Redhead Feast

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: Chaos

Tags: Scat Soft Vore Digestion F/F Fatal Non-Consensual ariel Kim Possible Jessica rabbit toons sexual vore Who Framed Rodger Rabbit

It's every redhead for themselves as Kim Possible devours Ariel only to find the hungry Jessica Rabbit waiting for her. Nothing can stop the insatiable appetite of these redheads.

This is the winner of my cartoon character pred poll. Jessica Rabbit won by one vote to Kim Possible so I thought I'd give them both a shot at being preds, but the next morning only one will be sitting on the toilet while the other one will be squeezed into the toilet.

Thanks for voting! 

AegisOfRoses - 2 days ago

This probably speaks to the fetishes around here. Although, I can't say much, being a fan of Red's myself! Very nice story!

sighed and checked the clock. It was getting pretty close to quitting
time, and she’d had a long
day. When she’d decided to go to school to be a masseuse, she’d
imagined getting to work as a sports therapist or some other
high-profile position. The job market didn’t quite pan out, though.
The best she’d been able to swing was a job at a place that
specialized in “traditional deep tissue massage.” In this case,
that translated to “pretty girls walking on businessmen’s backs

Full Service Massage

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: marloweny

Tags: F/F Unwilling Prey Navel Vore No bulge Bulgeless

Jody is a masseuse who is willing to give some special attention in exchange for a few hundred dollars. She may not have realized just how special that attention would be.


This is a half-finished idea I polished up for a writing contest. It features one of the more explicitly unwilling acts of vore I've written in a while. 

UnbirthDude - 1 day ago

it was as are all your works. thanks for the stories.

marloweny - 1 day ago

Yeah. No bulge is sort of my specialty.

marloweny - 1 day ago

Hopefully reading was indeed enjoyable.

SirVile67 - 2 days ago

No bulge??? Aw...... :(

UnbirthDude - 2 days ago

first. now i will enjoy reading

Fire Emblem - The Assassins' Fates

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: Halcyon

Tags: Soul Vore Oral Vore Scat Food Digestion M/M masturbation Watersports Macro/Micro Food play Shrinking Multiple Prey Fire emblem intestines Fanfiction leo Leon Climax disposal m/mm foodplay food related masturbating soul absorbtion Fire Emblem fates soul absorption

This was a commission for deathravager, originally finished 19 June 2017. I've never actually played Fire Emblem, but I sure thought that was a pretty clever title!

In this fanfiction, a pair of assassins break into the home of Leo, Prince of Nohr, only easily to fall into one of his security traps. The prince quickly decides that prison isn't an option, however, and that summary execution needs to happen immediately.

Had a lot of fun learning the lore and the parts...
[ Continued ...

Wendy's Lunch Break

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: veender

Tags: F/F F/M Gravity Falls Wendy Corduroy

A quick blurbything inpired by  spaghettiz's pic of Wendy, seen here: 

veender - 1 day ago

The price is right

nnn4463 - 2 days ago

Twins, two meals for the price of one

veender - 2 days ago


veender - 2 days ago


nnn4463 - 2 days ago


Corren's Völuspá

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: TETRO

Tags: Soul Vore Gulp Scat Giant Dragon Human Slime Digestion dungeon M/M Feral Fear F/M Fart M/F Giantess Naga violence Swallowing F/? Sex domination Fatal Lamia pooping Unwilling Goo Farting Dragoness gas Macro/Micro Post-Vore Undead Slimegirl assassin cloaca Unwilling Prey alcohol flatulence Post Vore Scat drugs Human Prey teasing Planet Vore snake girl mythology goo girl medieval disposal f/multiple m/multiple Dragon Girl onomatopoeia hallucinations Protective Gassy Mead Straight sex Giantess Vore Giant Vore feral prey 2spooky4me fearful post vore fart drug use jotun We waz vi-kangz We're all going to fucking die tripping balls

Corren and Lannira had their first encounter about a couple of weeks ago. Ever since Corren "slew" her and ate the princess she was guarding, the dragoness and the human have been lovers ever since. Now with that quest resolved, he must seek help in discovering his destiny by visiting his ancestral home.

I've decided to expand on the world of the characters of the first story since I wrote it. I'll admit, this one has a lot going on in it, but there are quite a few story...
[ Continued ...

TETRO - 1 day ago

Oh my... I didn't know I had readers with such enthusiasm. You're making me blush <3

TETRO - 1 day ago

Oh, there will be more. These two have quite a journey ahead of them.

BelleJar - 1 day ago

*happy scream* eeeeee!!!!! I was so hoping you'd continue with these two ^.^

Squiggly - 2 days ago

This was a very good story, I have no criticism to make, only that I wish there were more.

Anna Thema haunts again

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: scottypilgrim

Tags: Soul Vore F/F roleplay Macro/Micro Food play Shrinking size difference Underage Pred Roleplay logs Dream Eater

Decided to leave most of the OOC in this one. It kinda explains what was going on a little bit. Woulda took this a lot further but it was super late at night for me :x

was a fun lil shortie though

Anna's profile: (you can also find the thumbnail here too.)

Taro's profile: 

Cat and Mouse

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: SlutForDigestion

Tags: Catboy M/F Cock Vore Cum Fatal Unwilling mousegirl masturbation Macro/Micro Unwilling Prey mouthplay Fatal Vore cumming cum digestion size difference mouse girl erection Cock Growth Climax Cat boy boner fatal digestion cumgestion Cum Transformation small prey cock erect Cumification big predator big pred mouse girl prey cummification mousegirl prey cat boy pred

I was pretty bored and spit out this short story just today lol. Decided to experiment with a new vore type and masturbation, too. Trying out new stuff is always fun. Hope ya'll like it, even if it's not much. 

Pablopenguin - 2 days ago

That's a smart cat

SlutForDigestion - 2 days ago

Heheh, glad you enjoyed it. I was possibly planning on using James in future stories, but who knows? ;)

Jnfly - 2 days ago

oh wow what a lovely story I do hope to read more of James and the things he dose with cute little mouse girls

The Things We Do For Love

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: saintheartwing

Tags: Cute family Non-Vore kindness Undertale Toriel The Six Souls

Chara's family has been missing her for a long, long time. And the brother she never got to know, Anthony Vardalos, is determined to find her, and bring her back. His is a heart filled with Kindness... 

Chel Dorado 2: Disney Takedown

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: Chaos

Tags: Oral Vore Micro Unbirth F/F Anal Vore Butt lesbian Disney Semi-willing Shrinking Aladdin Jasmine Chel el dorado threesome Tinkerbell Princess Jasmine

Out of El Dorado, Chel is searching for the some female company to satisfy her every desire. When she entices the naive Jasmine and the curious Tinkerbell into joining her for some fun, Chel's going to show them a whole new world of pleasure.

A trade with the totally awesome Shrapnel333  

Grimmahr - 19 hours ago

I'm not one for Disney in general, ironic considering I live next to it's largest park and all, but I found this story to truly be a pleasure to read. Chel is one of the few girl's I kind of enjoy, and of course the use of Tinkbell was a favorite of mine. The interactions were funny, as well as entertaining. you did a really good job on this one my man. I'm eager to see what else you come up with. You've never ceased to surprise me yet.


Shrapnel333 - 23 hours ago


Chaos - 1 day ago

It was a blast writing this, I look forward to writing more perverted, twisted stories for you in the future :D

Shrapnel333 - 2 days ago

Happy dance!

Chaos - 2 days ago

Extra hot in the sun ;)


Fallout: Guts and Glory - Chapter 63

Uploaded: 3 days ago

Owner: Aces

Tags: Gulp Fat Digestion M/F Swallowing Fish Hybrid ?/F Deathclaw Fallout Brother/Sister BHM BHM pred siblings vore

-- Please support my work! --

Help turn this writing series into a comic by supporting me on Patreon! I need help commissioning artists to draw chapters of the series.

Poor Amelia is a lousy hunter on her own. She's an even more lousy swimmer. 

Larkspurdiblock - 1 day ago

Why do I get the feeling that Amelia's going to get an upgrade soon?

Killjoy364 - 2 days ago

true enough but the next chapter awaits

threk - 2 days ago

That's... One way to use a Tesla Cannon...
Amelia's cute as usual, but I wanna see Juno again! Now she's got unbirth figured out and rebreathers are a thing in the Mohave, it's only a matter of time before she figures out she can hold Jeremy captive long-term!

Graywolf18 - 2 days ago

Dianna needs to make her eat more beansprouts then, put some muscle on. :( Not diving down a throat and dissolving that muscle is probably a good idea too.

Aces - 2 days ago

More problems with suffocation than digestion. Also the fact that the fish is very much used to digesting meat and bone and probably armor too.

Little Lamia in the Big City (REDUX) - Ch. 4

Uploaded: 3 days ago

Owner: Aces

Tags: Breasts Belly Digestion F/F Weight Gain Stuffing F/M Naga BBW Lamia Unwilling Multiple Prey snake girl disposal f/multiple Naga Pred BBW pred

Little Lamia in the Big City (REDUX) is a crowd-funded series to rewrite an old vore story I had written back in 2010 about a chubby pink naga who has to learn to live in a modern city.

This chapter was funded by  Deska.

If you want to contribute to this story, send at least $60 USD to and I'll write the next chapter ASAP. It should take me no more than a week.

[ Continued ...

Uchihabiscuit - 1 day ago

Keep it up the great chapters!

VincentShadowScale - 2 days ago

heh, curious to see just how many end up sliding down her throat in the next few days alone~

Justsomeone - 2 days ago

She went from vegan to killer real quick.

You wipe all excess stains of hooch off our chin and groom your mane a couple of times, ensuring it falls just right on your shoulders before lightly trailing over to the stallion. It’s been awhile since your last attempt at coquet, but you’re confident that the knack of it will come back to you like nature intended.
You sit on the stool next to him and say smoothly: “That is so sweet of you.”
The stallion’s head turns to you like an old barn door falls off its hing

Equestria Anno Zero: Chapter 9

Uploaded: 3 days ago

Owner: Stanku

Tags: My Little Pony Original Character implied sex Interactive Story flirting

EDIT: Voting ended with number 3 as the clear winner! It might take awhile for me to get on with the story though due to some REMARKABLE changes in my life. But I'll get to it sooner rather than later!

Options for the round are:

1. “You so certain I’m only after sex?”

2. “I have this kink for older studs…”

3. “You underestimate your looks gravely. Besides, you must have excellent endurance~.”

4. “I lost...
[ Continued ...

Darkworkz - 2 days ago


Gorat - 2 days ago


VoltWrecker - 2 days ago

Hm, I say 3.

dudey64 - 2 days ago

3, quite the twist..

corporatebanana - 2 days ago

2, but in a suitably embarrassed tone.

I was so close. It seems like every time my life starts changing for the better the universe viciously whips me around and pushes me back off the cliff of suck. Usually I seem to fall right into a stomach and this time was no different. I thought after what Claire and I did I wouldn’t have to worry about being eaten anymore, or at least be afraid of it happening. Feels like I should have known better.
Getting to the specifics of it, let me just say that Ashley came back. I mean, she never

Pet's Life - Michelle 10

Uploaded: 3 days ago

Owner: Apex

Tags: Catgirl F/F Unwilling Non-Fatal Unwilling Prey Regurgitation Catgirl prey taunting teenage pred threatening forced regurgitation Mean pred dehumanization

So the original idea that this chapter is based on was a non-canonical bad end in which both Michelle and Julia are digested by Ashley. I moved onto other things before I wrote that and it just kind of made me sad anyway so it's been sitting in my brain, unused until now. What a difference introducing the possibility of regurgitation makes...

In other news, next week will be the finale of this series. Look forward to it! 

Graywolf18 - 2 days ago

Well, I look forward to reading them. :)

SwordkingX5 - 2 days ago

Well you did good with this.

Apex - 2 days ago

Yeah. I wasn't going to do it but the idea took shape and I just couldn't resist.

Apex - 2 days ago

I don't know about the apex predator but there's definitely someone important looking out for her, hehe.

I'm actually quite proud of the finale so I hope you enjoy it, but I'll leave the rest of my bragging for its description.

Apex - 2 days ago

The way I've decided to title my works (at least if it's a series) is Universe title - Main Character name / Chapter number. In my own folders I just have them named and numbered by the universe they're set in and the order I began writing them, which I imagine wouldn't really be the best way to present them to the public.

So I guess the answer is yes? I am in no way done with this universe and have a number of other adventures planned for various other catgirls and catboys, though they'll almost certainly have nothing to do with Michelle and Julia. Hope that answers your question and I'm always happy to help when I can.

Equestrian Id

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Owner: whiptail

Tags: Horse Absorption Riding Cock Vore writing merging masturbation Transformation lesbian shapeshifter h/ff demi-god Lesbian sex cousins x/ff x/animals lesbophilia

Another story where the thing is almost god-like. This is kind of a dyke-daddy fantasy, I guess. Also lots of sexualized transformation.

"gioioso andante" is a joyful walking tempo

goes with the pic "Horsey ride", more or less... 

MrNobody - 2 days ago

Equestrian has got to be one of the gayest-sounding words int the English language.
Brokeback Mountain could just have easily been called "Two Equestrians".

A huge, robotic, black widow crawled on the rooftops of the city; in the dead of night. She was on her way to crush her enemies. However, before she even got to the battlefield, something was troubling the mechanical being. Loud groaning sounds erupted from the spider's body, causing her to stop and wince. It was then the giant spider transformed into a humanoid shape. She was Blackarachnia, the leader of her faction of Predacons. They were descended from Decepticons, and their hate for the Auto

The Bitchy Hungry Spider (Com)

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Owner: Raiza

Tags: F/F Giantess Commission Unwilling lactation Non-Fatal Transformation spider Macro/Micro Transformers BlackArachnia Multiple Prey Underage Prey Human Prey f/mm machine Safekeeping pregnant prey robot girl Decepticon Robot Pred predacon tear drinking more than meets the eye

This is a commission paid for by saintheartwing

What happens when a Predacon's organic parts start to take control? Hunger, that's what.

Would you like to order a commission for yourself? Feel free to check out my commission status! 

ILLEGAL ALIEN 93 - 13 hours ago

I see hopefully that IL happen and by the way have you seen the new Transformers movie ? because it had a really sexy evil female transformer in it that I would love to see voring someone

Raiza - 1 day ago

Only if someone pays for it lol

ILLEGAL ALIEN 93 - 2 days ago

Wow that story was really good I have always wanted to see BlackArachnia voring a heavily pregnant woman and by the way is there a chance that the story is going to continue ?

Raiza - 2 days ago

No problem! Glad you enjoyed it!

saintheartwing - 3 days ago

This came out wonderful! Thank you! :)

Ariel Vore (Part 1)

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Owner: JustAnotherGuy

Tags: Soft Vore F/F Mermaid F/? Futanari Fatal ariel The Little Mermaid

Ariel begins to tap the old ways of the Mermaids.

This is going to be a two parter.

One night when I was like nine, I had the thought of Ariel eating Ursula and become hotter. At the time, I didn't think of it as a sexual thought. But now I know what it is and making a fuller story on it.

Part 2 ( )  

NewRebellion - 2 days ago

Ah, I can work with that. Thanks for the info! Looking forward to next part!

JustAnotherGuy - 2 days ago

Well, I will tell you know, Part 2 also as a Futa section. Like this one, it is only one section. Like I said before, the thought came to me way before any of my fetishes came to be, so I wanted to add to it a bit. Don't worry though, if I keep doing Ariel stuff, I most likely will keep Futa out of it.

NewRebellion - 2 days ago

Except for that futa part, I quite enjoyed this first part! Great work! I can't wait to see what other changes will occur to the storyline now!

Track Star

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Owner: Omnium51

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore Unbirth F/F F/M party Same Size Fatal Anal Vore Willing Implied Digestion alcohol Female Pred Casual vore Twerking

My first attempt at writing a vore story, based on some ideas that have been bouncing around in my head for a while. Compliments and critiques welcome. 

Omnium51 - 1 day ago

Thanks a bunch, that's some high praise! :)
I'm definitely more into female predators, but cock vore isn't entirely out of the question.

Omnium51 - 1 day ago

Thanks! I'm not sure about sequels yet, but I'm also not opposed to writing more with this set of characters.

MrMD - 2 days ago

This is the good shit. Reminds me of Seven Minutes in Heaven by TwrchTwryth. Hits all my buttons.

I don't know if you're going to be writing more stories or a continuation of this one but if you do will there be some cockvore or CTF thrown in the mix? I like my pred and prey equal opportunity and in good spirits with one another but some writers edge on femdom/humilation stuff.

Thanks for the story, Favorited.

NewRebellion - 2 days ago

That was pretty good. I hope you can make a few sequels of this. I am a big of childhood friendship romances and this one definitely gives off that vibe!

Omnium51 - 2 days ago

Thank you! I'm not sure if I'll be writing any follow-ups to this story just yet, but it's always a possibility. :)