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Swampy, the public service gator
(soft vore, digestion, disposal, pet prey)
It was a nice calm sunday and the alligator was consistently refusing to move from his nice warm spot in the late morning sun. Right now he was stretched out, laying flat on his empty stomach and slowly blinked as he heard the hinges of his enclosure door creak. His owner greeted him with a pat on his head before walking back and forth the nice large enclosure with a small shovel and a bucket, collecting the big

Swampy, the public service gator

Uploaded: 2 hours ago

Owner: Fischie

Tags: Cat Dog Soft Vore Digestion Feral Alligator Reptile Crocodile Graphic digestion Feral Pred Cat prey Dog Prey feral prey

This is a commission I did for someone on FA. it shows a guy working for animal control in generic Bayoutown and his pet alligator which is used to sniff out and devour strays and the accidental pet.
have fun and please comment. 

Anon2727 - 1 hour ago

Oh my lord, please write more Swampy stories! <3

An aligator eating peoples pets and gaining weight from it is a suprisingly hot story concept!<3 n3n

(C) Lost to a Maverick

Uploaded: 3 hours ago

Owner: Heymanand

Tags: Dog Pokemon Soft Vore M/M M/F Anal Vore trainer Struggling Arcanine Canine scared Mass Vore chains pokemon trainer M/multiple prey anal beads Feral Pred Pokemon/Human Pokemon pred filming Sex Toy Flaunt human sex toy crying prey Sharpedo Rotom trainer prey m/mulitple regretful prey Ace Trainer human anal beads

Commissioned by  Choco0 who wanted a story about some ace trainers being lost to an Arcanine's behind. I really loved writing this story. The commissioner allowed me a great deal of creative freedom with this piece and I'm very proud of it. 

Amnael - 3 hours ago

hmf sexy use of anal beads n.n

Lisanna's Secrets

Uploaded: 4 hours ago

Owner: NewRebellion

Tags: Catgirl Furry Gulp fight Inflation Digestion Hard Vore Feral F/M island Gore Swallowing Sex Fatal snuff Magic Story writing Guro Penis Bones Gulping fighting pussy Unwilling Prey Fatal Vore magical girl sisters Dismemberment Willing Pred Monster girl Male Prey Female Pred Sexual content impregnation Brain cum inflation surprise furry/human unaware pred draining Natsu Dragneel fairy tail Feral Pred Furry Pred fighting prey instincts Sexy Pred sexy female rapid digestion Stomach Bulges Catgirl Pred squirting stomach inflation white haired pred surprised prey brain eating Instinct Dick Bulge digested prey Lisanna Lisanna Strauss feral sex Tearing clothes tearing skin tearing off clothes Azuma instinctive pred

It's the time of the S-Class Exams. Lisanna has teamed up with Juvia and followed her guild's top rated members to the sacred island.

Despite honestly wanting to help Juvia improve and ascend past her limits, she has her own reasons for accompanying them.

And it's too bad that she isn't the only one with plans for her fellow Fairy Tail guild members.

A sequel to "Lisanna's Fetish" 

Kai's Big, Beautiful Cock

Uploaded: 8 hours ago

Owner: TastyAce

Tags: Raccoon Dragon Male Anal Swallowing Cock Vore Swallowed bathroom Penis Masturbation Balls Pre-Vore Willing drinking Orgasm strip Sweat Anal Sex Melting Cum Digestion Semen musk Willing Pred erection Stripping Dragon pred Male Prey swallow whole Bar Monster Cock handjob hand job erect sweaty Male Vore Beer Swallowed alive Anal Insertion Martini masturbating condom masturbate big cock Male Pred lube big dick Swallowing whole anal penetration flirting Wolf predator Ballsac Wolf Pred precum melting into cum Swallowing alive Sweating Male nudity melting digestion Dragon wolf public sex lubed Orgasms big penis flirtation musky Public bathroom raccoon prey Orgasmic erecton First Meeting swallowed whole and alive muskiness erect cock erections Willing prey Bathroom Sex melting prey cock play Musk Play prostate orgasming Ballsack bulge Semen drinking erect penis Flirting prey cock playing Flirting pred Wolf Prevore Flirty pred hungry cock dragon wolf pred

Another one for SoulRemmie! Rem meets a great looking dragon-wolf, who can't wait to stuff the raccoon into his cock.
Patrons get exclusive stories, discounted commissions, and more! ^u^
Thanks to swordsman2017, SurrealSilent, Marked, Loganth, TheSSN20, Alex Moody, Remmie, Shywulf, Sykes Normatus, Mike White, Nolan Hewitt, and keilmichemm, Otterbadger2058, Lightning_Flash, CaptainVupline, and JT Tanu for being my supporters on...
[ Continued ...

Dangerous in Bed: Sis' Assist

Uploaded: 8 hours ago

Owner: SunsetSteady

Tags: M/F Christmas Anal Vore Non-Fatal Fisting Female Prey dildo Male Pred lube Brother/Sister partial anal vore sister prey Nervous pred brother pred

Theo's last venture may be behind him in more ways than one, but new problems just keep coming. Why did it have to happen on Christmas?

This is the last story that I've already written. I know I said there were five but the one I'm skipping kinda sucks, and trying to rewrite has been a nightmare. Nevertheless, enjoy! 

TheMysteriousSadSack - 2 hours ago

Christmas is comin early. Also nice to see Theo is affected by what he did to Chels

TavTheBored26 - 4 hours ago

Well at least she helped him and at least he didn't do her in. Rip chel tho.

What's A Hungry Mom To Do?

Uploaded: 18 hours ago

Owner: ad12345

Tags: Digestion F/F Weight Gain Fatal Willing Casual vore milf pred milf prey

This is a commission for

They wanted a prequel to my story "What Are Daughters For?". This is what happens a little while before that story, where Leanna wants to eat as many cuties before quarantine begins in her state. She's only got a few days to get her fill before hunting becomes a lot more difficult. Enjoy!

Also, if you want, you can throw a few dollars my way on my ko-fi if you'd like.

[ Continued ...

StygianSkies - 13 hours ago

Glad you managed to find the initiative to share your work with us. Thanks for the return watch by the way.

BStone - 15 hours ago

Thank you so much, I'm glad you liked it!

StygianSkies - 17 hours ago

This is really good for a first story. Betrayal always tickles my fancy, and it was hot seeing them both get into pleasuring her belly before the deed was done. Easy watch

cowbackwards - 2 hours ago

This is a really good fic! I especially adore how Nico is obsessed with Maki’s flab here. Lots of good belly and fat play. Can’t wait to see more of your stuff!

tumlive - 4 hours ago

Super nice seeing more LL vore! I really loved the burps and Nico's massaging! You did a nice job with this, and I can't wait to see what else you make!

SpiritualMoo - 14 hours ago

Really love you fic. We need more cute idols eating other idols over here.

Hope to see more of your awesome in the future. ♥️

Shikigami "Banquet of Two Rabbits"

Uploaded: 20 hours ago

Owner: DimentedChaos

Tags: Belly Digestion F/F Kitsune touhou Weight Gain Swallowing Fatal Belch writing F/FF Big Belly Female Prey Female Pred ran yakumo Belly bulge Reisen U. Inaba Tewi Inaba touhou project Multiple Preys written work

Awwright, here's the story for the first poll winner, Ran!
While trying to plot out the measurements for the Forest of the Lost, Ran happens to stumble into one of Tewi's traps, and decides a stern punishment is in order... being a hungry fox presented with a tasty-looking rabbit, what happens next is pretty obvious.

Reisen also shows up, only to get gobbled as well. Rip.

Big shoutouts to  fleshlord, who helped me with the concept of this story as well...
[ Continued ...

MysteriousGuy - 12 hours ago

Poor Reisen, even if she's not the victim of Tewi's traps, she's good for others.

Either way, love the details of the story.

Aqualite - 16 hours ago

I quite enjoyed this. Alongside the little epilogue~.

ItsSongxing - 17 hours ago

ain't that the truth

DimentedChaos - 18 hours ago

We all need a fat ran in our lives

ItsSongxing - 18 hours ago

fat ran is best ran

The Serpent Slaver

Uploaded: 22 hours ago

Owner: Relius

Tags: Horse Hypnosis Naga Non-Vore Non-Consensual Mare vaginal

Written for a friend on discord, and there will *eventually* be a part two.

This took a while to get the friend's approval, but meh. There's more stuff on the way, hope everyone enjoys!  

“No!” Albina cried out as she squirmed. Her vaginal muscles convulsed and pulled her naga boyfriend Levas further into her womb. His human half had already curled up inside her growing belly and his tail was quickly fallowing.

She pushed in on her stomach. It didn’t feel like he was moving around on his own in there so he was probably unconscious. So he couldn’t do anything to stop his ascent into her womb.

Neeva meets Albina

Uploaded: 22 hours ago

Owner: Naganommer

Tags: Unbirth Pregnancy Digestion F/F F/M F/FF impregnation pregnant prey pregnant pred pregnancy transfer Neeva

A crossover between my favorite preggo prey and  DimensionalKitty's girl. Both girls are plump, preggo, and in no way ready for the adventure that they'll get into by meeting each other. 

Dudebro2092 - 13 hours ago

The question marks were meant to be an emoji, I'm not that confused!

Dudebro2092 - 13 hours ago

Great story, as always I'm sad that Neeva doesn't eat someone ???? Some minor typos but at the end, it says Neeva wakes up next to Tina, but I guess from the rest it's Albina that woke up and ate Cole?

smog1 - 10 hours ago

so sexy hawt :D thanks for writing this pal ^^

Bernie sighed and flopped on his back, making a grunt as he landed. Yup, he did it. He saved the Chosen One (aka, his best buddy Ollie). Bernie belched quite loudly and patted his stomach with delight.

“Come on you brat, let us out!” one of the bounty hunters, Bev, yelled out. She wasn’t the happiest about being crammed into a tiny stomach with her partner, Andre. “Just let us get to our target and we’ll be on our way!”

Bernie saves the day?

Uploaded: 23 hours ago

Owner: Garrysrevenge

Tags: M/M M/F Fatal Post-Vore Burping M/MF begging Short Story bernie Reqest Monster prey bev unwilling preys Ollie's Pack Andre

A request from BernieMimePython. Don't know how to tag people, but I'll find out. In this tale, Bernie got the jump on monster bounty hunters, andre and bev! I did my best, but no matter what I did, it just wasn't good enough. I'm sorry if this wasn't what you expected, but I tried my hecking best 

BernieMimePython - 23 hours ago

Ok, i will pm you

Xenophage17 - 23 hours ago

Just belly gurgles now

Garrysrevenge - 23 hours ago

I would assume he forgot to take it off, and when he ate those two, it ripped :(

BernieMimePython - 23 hours ago

What happened to his hoodie???

Stuffing the Turkey Boy

This story includes Cooking Vore, stuffing, M/M, and mentions of Regen

Life in a world where death just means a few weeks in a regen pod is a funny thing. Most places think the phrase “death is a part of life” as a metaphor, but in the city of

Stuffing the Turkey Boy

Uploaded: 23 hours ago

Owner: TastyBisexual

Tags: Human M/M Stuffing Cooking oven Preparation Human Prey Male Prey Cooking vore Human Pred Cooking/Prep Male Pred oven roast

A quick little personal story I threw together when I realized I didn't have any M/M stories. Also includes a bit of stuffing, because stuffed prey is always fun.

Anyway, if you liked this story leave a fave or comment, otherwise I have no idea if anyone enjoyed it or not. 

To Be Strong and Round

Uploaded: 23 hours ago

Owner: TristanHawthorne

Tags: Oral Vore Pokemon Weight Gain Implied Vore No Sex object swallowing work out endosmatophilia Training Endosoma Male Pred Object Vore Muscle growth Hyper Balls Endo vore Condom filling workout ball growth Transportation Vore pred training ball gut ball belly Taxi service Obstagoon Obstagoon Pred urshifu stoutland transport pred

Commission for River!

Lake is a scrawny shiny obstagoon. He's never been comfortable in his colorful pelt. Then one day he comes across an enormous stoutland training in the wild area, who decides that Lake has what it takes to be strong and round.

Contains: Casual Nudity, Nonsexual Hyper Testes, Massive Musclegut Pokémon, Training and Sparring, Audible Scrotal Sloshing, Smoothie Chugging, Rapid Weight Gain, Hyper Testicular Growth, Uncontrollable Production,...
[ Continued ...

Peach Drinks a Ko-fi (Dirty)

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: ZeldaNoVorsu

Tags: Oral Vore Scat Princess Soft Vore Digestion Burp F/M Fart Peach Toilet God Zelda Farting Gas Watersports Macro/Micro coffee Size difference Legend of Zelda Super Mario Bros Male Prey Female Pred the legend of zelda Princess Peach Disposal unaware pred princess zelda Unaware digestion Advertisement Peach pred tiny prey god prey princess pred Breath of the wild toilet disposal Ko-Fi Zelda No Vorsu ZeldaNoVorsu Sequel to Breath of the Wild breath of the wild 2 Princess/God

Here we are at the last of these, for all you disposal fiends out there (not meant as an insult of course). And hurray! I've gotten my first few donations. Shoutout to my long time friend  derpsquid42 for being the first to donate. Someone else donated after him, but did so privately, which is fine, I just won't out you. Thanks to everyone who has so far! Still going to release this last ad and then move on. I would say it's a gift for Mr. Squid, because he loves Peach vore, but I already...
[ Continued ...

techtician - 4 hours ago

*panting* Oh hi Vorsu. Yeah you kinda did.

ZeldaNoVorsu - 5 hours ago

That's not because I mentioned you in the description, is it?

ZeldaNoVorsu - 5 hours ago

Well, it appears I missed quite the adventure last night.

techtician - 17 hours ago

Archimedes you win again *He whirrs and chirps*

derpsquid42 - 17 hours ago

Whew. Glad that's taken care of. Welp, back to working on v4.0. Maybe I should of better ways to deal with mechanical(?) birds... nah, it shouldn't be a problem.

The Manticore's Mistake part 1 by Doombeez edit

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: tredur

Tags: Soft Vore Tail Unbirth Sex Futanari Muscle Unwilling Wings Non-Fatal Willing wet Unwilling Prey Tail Vore Size difference Nudity manticore Monster girl Human Prey cum inflation hunting strechy Umbilical Cord Futa/F human female Femcum Stomach Bulges unwilling to willing Unwilling to Willing prey Hug belly monstergirl pred Willing prey streching tail unbirth manticore pred Manticore Girl

I'm not the author but the commissioner of this piece, I recieved the permission to post it by the real author Doombeez
the original story can be found

also there are additions by me

art by  ThoughtVision

Talia, the young manticore, tries to hide from destiny.
Daphne, a shy loner obsessed with cryptids, founds out some prooves

warning : the story change a...
[ Continued ...

tredur - 1 day ago

happy to hear it ^^

abab2121 - 1 day ago

personally i prefer this one to the original

A Girl's Offering in Faelien

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: exiledtiger

Tags: Human Digestion F/F Consensual Unwilling Willing Non-Consensual Lioness Regurgitation Size difference Female Prey Human Prey Female Pred Feral Pred Lioness predator alive inside regurigitation

Roleplay-turned-story with Ro from Aryion, played out over quite some time, and finally ready to upload. Cleaned up for viewing, and another exploration into the world of Faelien, and the wonderful, terrible lionesses that live within.

A youthful girl that has developed a fascination and obsession with the felines and their consumption of people and sacrifices in Faelien, finally decides to go out and find a lioness herself, to offer herself as food, and get eaten herself, and...
[ Continued ...

Dragon808tr - 15 hours ago

Okay, just finished it (it was a busy day and i had to stop several times for reasons). Very well written! Theres just something about your universe with humans and giant lions who people are thrown to as sacrifices that really grabs me! As for the story, it was a delightful insight into life in your world, and the complex feelings one girl can have about offering herself to be dinner! The digestion part was really nice, as i love digestion very much. Regurgitation isnt something im a fan of, but you pulled it off well and it worked in the context if the story. The main characters were pretty well fleshed out in what they wanted, so that was nice to see. Overall, i really enjoyed it very much. Ill certianly read it over and over again. Theres really not much to criticise without sounding super nitpicky.

exiledtiger - 1 day ago

Please let me know what you think when you complete it! Its a lengthy one, and emotional one (Hopefully, and in good/powerful ways).

Dragon808tr - 1 day ago

I absolutely loved this story! Vore sacrifices are a real pleasure of mine (hence why i loved the art of the mice getting thrown to the giant lion!) Im a bit too in a rush to read it thoroughly right now, but i can tell its going to be one of my favorites!

Just a Regular Day

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: HisashiHinata

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore Anthro Digestion Weight Gain Fatal Magic flashback Mass Vore Female Prey Male Prey Female Pred Anthro Pred Multiple Preys

Hello all! I come with another story! This time, it's a gift for a friend who you've already seen me mention a few times if you've kept up with my posts.  NikkoKaiCutie's character was a fun one to write about, and y'all should check her and her awesome art out! She even drew the thumbnail!

Writing: Me
Art and character:  NikkoKaiCutie 

The Traveler Tale 12

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: TheDarkTraveler

Tags: Pokemon Non-Vore multiverse parallel universe

This is the story of The Traveler
All of this is inspired by Dreams
This is all old however I may write new stories using charaters introduced in this story 

The Spider King's Cookout

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: saintheartwing

Tags: Anthro Digestion Hard Vore Cooking Bug Fatal Insect spider Child Prey Shrinking Female Prey Human Prey Male Prey multiple endings Cooking/Prep Male Pred kid prey Anthro Pred insect pred Underage prey

A bunch of kids are alone at their parent's house, just relaxing, planning on having a nice cookout and maybe later getting into their parent's wine collection! They have NO idea the Spider King's been watching them...and he's hungry...

A commission I did that I hope you all enjoy! 

It didn't end well

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: WillingWombPrey

Tags: Unbirth Non-Vore murder news Big Brother arrested unwilling unbirth Little Sisters

A more... violent ending to the story, Adopting Sisters. 

JacksonTheEmperor - 18 hours ago

Yeah... That's...honestly very disturbing and uncomfortable.

I get that vore is very free to do that, but still.

Pardon my language, but it feels fucked up to me, especially with kidnapping involved...

abab2121 - 1 day ago

yeah true.

doomed - 1 day ago

Seee I think the reason is because of the relationship the commissioner makes the brother have with the kidnappers and the lack effort he puts in to get them back . It’s like he just gives up and Stockholm Syndrome

abab2121 - 1 day ago

i mean vore is a fetish where people can be killed by the thousands, but something about these kidnapping scenarios really rubs me the wrong way. may be because im some what desensitised to death idk

Robotdocter - 1 day ago

the fact that most if not all of their commissioned stories end with a brother losing almost if not all of his family really makes me sick, not trying to shame anyone here, but im an older brother and i think thats at least some of the reason why i hate the thought so much, i also just hate kidnapping in this scenario aka vore

 Rita let Lauren and Nadalia out of her stomach some four hours later, near to Nadalia’s home. She returned Lauren’s cape and set off down the road with that paunch in her lower abdomen, the reminder of her love for Strea. Nadalia opened her door, and both stepped inside. Strangely, the found neither of the duplicates: A puddle of pinkish liquid on the floor instead. “That is disturbing,” Nadalia said, Lauren agreeing with her. “And a waste of money,” Lauren sa

VoidInVoid - 1 day ago

We shall see.


{Data not found}

VoidInVoid - 1 day ago

We shall see.


[Data not found]

VoidInVoid - 1 day ago

Since they have a surplus of shrinking potions, the two of them are going to save Foa for another date.

I generally save self-vore for the Demon realms, mostly to keep it special and because it takes me a while to come with up with new ways to make it more interesting than the last.

Darktroll - 1 day ago

Now that Lauren is shrunk, will Nadalia follow through with her plans with Foa, seeing how Foa hasn't eaten anyone yet. Or will something else happen that will get Lauren stuck in someone else?

Are you going to do that self-vore thing again, but this time for either the boobs or bowels of someone else other than Lauren?

Darktroll - 1 day ago

I thought that was the reason why she loves semen in the first place.

Anyways, will Melody become immortal later on? If so, I hope Ash eats both her and Strea so she gets a huge ass with their faces across her cheeks.

Will her kid share the same appetite as her?

For Theresah, will she get something to replace her arm like a robo arm for example and Strea, a gem or cybernetic eye?

Toph and Sokka's Tiny Training [CM]

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: RexLou

Tags: Burp F/M Giantess Avatar Belch Non-Fatal Macro/Micro Semi-willing Burping sizeplay Giantess Vore Giantess Predator Avatar the last airbender giant/tiny Toph Beifong Sokka tiny prey burp/belch

Even after the war is one, Toph and Sokka have some special training to do...

This story is a commission for GutsBerserker on DeviantArt. Yes, I do indeed still have one of those. Had a lot of fun writing this story and I hope you all have fun reading it... man I love Avatar. At ~5K words, this is another middle-length fic. Hope it's worth y'alls time.

Many thanks to  lllll1337 for helping me on this. You always make this easier for me honey~

[ Continued ...

The Pizza Guy and The Milf

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: Pyrod

Tags: Oral Vore Digestion F/M M/F Sex Milf Fatal Butt Unwilling Prey Big Belly Willing Pred Female Prey Male Prey Female Pred Disposal Male Pred Painful Digestion teenage pred adult prey milf pred milf prey bones in scat Underage prey butt job

In a world full of Voracious women, being a pizza deliveryman is a matter of life and death. Often time they lose their lives to the ravenous hunger of those they deliver cheezy goodness to.

One Pizza deliveryman had enough and decided to get some tasty revenge on a milf. 

Pyrod - 1 day ago

Thanks. I like spicing up old Vore tropes with new things. In the age of cellphones, most preds are going to have a hard time snacking on Pizza deliverymen when they have GPS.

Samhain31 - 1 day ago

Great story! I’ve read stories where the pizza delivery guy gets eaten by the customer before, and even a couple stories where the tables get turned, but I’ve never seen where their workplace notes where the driver went missing before! Great story indeed!

Wildmutt Rutt

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: KittyBoi

Tags: Oral Vore Scat Dog Human Digestion Feral M/F Same Size Commission Sex Fatal Pooping Unwilling Canine Unwilling Prey Incest knot Female Prey Human Prey Sexual content aphrodisiac Ben Tennyson Disposal Implied reformation dubcon Implied Fatality knotting remains Male Pred cousins Incestual Vore Feral Pred Mind Alteration Ben 10 Wildmutt Canine Pred Canine Predator Gwen Tennyson unwilling to willing alien pred dubious consent bones in scat aphrodesiac Vulpimancer

Part of a short series commissioned by  Anonymity.

Ben's decision to select a near-feral form creates issues when he is left alone with Gwen without anything to fight. Lewdness follows.

It's important to note here that all characters here are above the age of consent. Although I'm using an Alien from the early season this is intended to take place years past canon.

Thumbnail artwork was done by the legendary  Nefarious_Kurana, who was...
[ Continued ...

KittyBoi - 7 hours ago

I don't know about ALL of them, heh, but atm there are plans for three other stories featuring the Omnitrix.

ArcaneSigil - 18 hours ago

Any plans on making this a series? Gwen has some fun with all of Ben's aliens?

KittyBoi - 20 hours ago

Hey, appreciate it. There's a lot of untapped potential in that universe, definitely.

KittyBoi - 20 hours ago

There are a couple of other pieces I've done involving Gwen and Ben, so that was my way of loosely connecting them. It will come into play with the last story of this theme, though!

ArcaneSigil - 1 day ago

Again? So... she's done this before?

Making Waves

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: TristanHawthorne

Tags: Raccoon Macro M/M Non-Vore Voyeurism fat fur Blushing Oblivious Water Park flustered bouncy belly ball gut ball belly Plessie Himbo Flustered onlooker struck by belly wave pool

Fifth Vignette for HT!

This time he wanted a big belly Plessie (you know, the Mario yoshi/dorrie hybrid thingy from 3D world) hanging out at a wave pool! Being totally oblivious to how much of a hottie he is to flustered onlookers.

Also he's 25 feet tall.

Contains: Size Difference, Tight Speedo Bulges, Bouncy Ball Guts, Familiar Flustered Raccoons, Hefty Himbo Dino, Gut-To-Face, Perpetual Motion Machine Tummy and The Power Of The Bounce
[ Continued ...

Longing to Mate - Story[r]

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: Kobada

Tags: Feet Unbirth Male Horse Anthro Feral F/M Female Bird Avian Head First Male Prey Female Pred unaware pred Anthro Prey Feral Pred Horse Pred Accidental vore feet outside feet sticking out Unwilling to semi-willing prey

The Story to this pic.
It is probably bad first time having to actually write something after 7 years.
Don't expect much XD. 2nd part of the request. :D
Wow I am so sorry it said it there was a error during upload so I thouht it didn't upload.
My appologies for the double upload know better to check next time XD 

panzerkampfvorgen - 1 day ago

fuck yeah! glad you finished this off! nice that Samantha got quite the meals. 4 in one day, and then becoming the new apex pred of the school!


The following report has been pieced together from

social media posts

and other online sources

on various platforms to serve as evidence in an incident report for the Dragon Zoo. Screen shots of original images are held separately and correspond to the descriptions inserted into this text.


Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: TheDarkTraveler

Tags: Oral Vore Dragon Stomach Digestion Fatal ?/F Dragon pred Human Prey Woman Prey YouTube Phone Stomach Noises facebook Twitter Social Media tik tok

A story about a woman who finds herself in the belly of a dragon with her cellphone and how she plans to use this unfortunate circumstance to her advantage

Inspired by Dragon Ranch 1 – 5
by DrakentheBlack  

TheDarkTraveler - 1 day ago

I am glad you liked it thanks for the idea

TheDarkTraveler - 1 day ago

Social Media is the real monster all along

DrakentheBlack - 2 days ago

Also, yes, how dare these outlets deny this girl her dying wish!

Undernom - 2 days ago

Damn branding. Never can trust it.

nervousvampire - 1 day ago

I'm inclined to agree, she seems high on the list of characters in the game who might be a voreaphile/pred yet she seems to end up as prey more.

also thank you for the complement, I'm glad you liked it

SwordkingX5 - 2 days ago

Takemi is such a under rated pred.
So great work on this story with her.

nervousvampire - 2 days ago

thank you

SmaxTheDestroyer - 2 days ago

Takemi is a great pred, good story!

Peach Drinks a Ko-fi (Clean)

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: ZeldaNoVorsu

Tags: Oral Vore Princess Soft Vore Digestion Burp F/M Peach God Zelda Macro/Micro coffee Size difference Legend of Zelda Super Mario Bros Male Prey Female Pred the legend of zelda Princess Peach unaware pred princess zelda Unaware digestion Advertisement Peach pred tiny prey god prey princess pred Breath of the wild Ko-Fi Zelda No Vorsu ZeldaNoVorsu Sequel to Breath of the Wild breath of the wild 2 Princess/God

"This is fun!" ~Peachy

You guys seem to like these, despite them containing a blatant advertisement for my Ko-fi, so I'm inclined to give you all four. If I start getting donations, I might even do more with other characters. Perhaps I should set up a goal to encourage this? Anyways, this time I fall into Peach's coffee rather than Zelda's, for all you fans of Peach pred out there. This is the clean (no disposal) version, and the...
[ Continued ...

ZeldaNoVorsu - 1 day ago

I've had practice doing ten of them, I think I can handle a few more. Especially since some (OoT/MM, WW/PH, BotW 1/2) are the same person, so I only have to do them once.
That would be EVERY Zelda, now wouldn't it?

derpsquid42 - 1 day ago

Oh boy. Good luck with that. And by every Zelda, do you also mean... "Nice job, hero!" "You've got to be kidding." Them?

ZeldaNoVorsu - 1 day ago

Just wait. One day, I will do a story with every single Zelda in it.

derpsquid42 - 1 day ago

That's the fun thing about the Legend of Zelda, you can literally have like 15 Zeldas in a room and they can all be a different person.

ZeldaNoVorsu - 1 day ago

What? No. It's not like hearing while playtesting inspired that. Those are all good choices, usually what I'll do when I for once want to write a story that isn't ten Zelda preds at once.

It is bedtime.More precisely, nighttime.Even more precisely, the middle of nighttime where dawn takes its deepest slumber.I could tell from the bed even if the obscurity of my room did not make a single difference. Only the digital clock next to my bed on the shelf of the wall. It was the only thing in motion. That, and my eyeballs clearly exposed to the dark.Nothing different from a few hours ago. The only difference there would be was if I was actually sleeping, instead of glaring in the d

Returning the Favour to the Cradle

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: MariaTheRipper

Tags: F/F writing Post-Unbirth jack the ripper Fate/Grand Order hugs! Gudako Fate Grand Order wholesome FGO Fujimaru Ritsuka Fate/GO Assassin of Black

This is yet another first-person POV story. After a demanding day of intermissions, following the requests of a good number of Servants, Gudako chose to grant the request of none other than Jack, and welcomed her into her womb, as her wish to the Grail stated over her multiple incarnations.
A joyfui moment, a fulfillment following her successfully led missions... but overthinking her stressful day, and the commitment she took after those tiring trials, Gudako could not find rest. And...
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The Dream part six

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Tags: Oral Vore Tongue Soft Vore Alien Human Giantess Swallowing Unwilling Macro/Micro Alive ?/F Unwilling Prey Size difference Nudity Female Prey Human Prey Female Pred Big Breasts tongue play Alien/Human giantess/humans Alien/F alive inside

The sixth and last part of my "Dreams" series. Will Nohira be able to help the two small humans, Steve and Layla back to earth? And will the alien lizard ever give up on eating Layla?

This last part of the series may reflect upon the fact that "The Dream" originally was meant as a one shot and it has therefore difficult to continue writing with larger segments of vore in it, so I will end the story with this chapter. Please, leave a review and tell me what you...
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Nalzindar - 1 day ago

Hi, I forgot to write it in the introduction text, but her name is Dani Mathers.

LM321b - 1 day ago

Out of curiosity, what's the source of the thumbnail?

ifdre - 2 days ago

OK. Thank you so much!

DrakentheBlack - 2 days ago

By Katelyn's reaction, it seems like the people of Earth already know about her existence. How many will believe it is yet to be determined.
Part 7... Lol just kidding!
But at least it seems like the next few days some lovely women - and maybe a few men - are going to have a very good day! How fortunate they won't have to go to work the next day XD

Nalzindar - 2 days ago

Thanks, I was unsure how to end this so I eventually decided to make a twisted end. But this time, Nohira will try to be a little more anonymous during her visits to earth. Not that it will help the people she will encounter here...

It had been a tough day for Ollie and his friends as multiple monsters had been running a muck inside the Allen family’s apartment and lot of the



was damaged in some way or another. Ollie, Piper, Cleo and Bernie found themselves


, huffing and puffing as they had been running around for so long.

Mischief Cruelties

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Tags: Oral Vore Digestion Same Size Unwilling Prey Head First Human Prey Human Pred Multiple Preys Ollie's Pack

June Allen decides to do some collective punishment as Ollie and the others have caused some damage to the house while Bagging some monsters. Her unusual punishment is one to remember… if you survive it.

Requested by  BernieMimePython
Characters are based on Ollie's pack. 

Furryollie2020 - 2 hours ago

Nice story!

Hungry Hyena wants her cash

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Tags: Anthro F/M BBW Hyena Unwilling Unwilling Prey Human Prey Male Prey Female Pred Facesitting taunting Butt crush Anthro/Human BBW pred Anthro Pred Cruel Pred blackmail hyena pred ghetto Jacklyn Sheen

A story featuring  DemHoundDays's OC Jacklyn Sheen, the hyena ghetto girl.

When a human boy walks into her territory, he learns that you either pay the hyena girl or you'll be her next layer of fat.

Completely forgot to post this story for... months?