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A Hinterland Haunt

A Story from CardinalWalker's Tot'Yoku Anthology Series
Characters, and Setting by CardinalWalker (CardinalExeroth on Eka's
Cecil. You see that woman over there? She's wearing nothing but a
shawl and boots.""Hey,
you there! What are you doing out here by yourself?!" Cecil
calls through the howling gales. The
woman turns to both of them slowly. Her green and purple eyes shine
onto the blistering snowflakes. She smile

Transference; A Hinterland Haunt [HC] F/M

Uploaded: 11 hours ago

Owner: CardinalExeroth

Tags: Furry Digestion Hard Vore F/M Gore Cock Vore Futanari Rape Castration torture Female Pred Vore story Shrinking Prey cock transformation

A story about a hungry, cruel calico witch who happens upon two gullible travelers in the midst of a snowstorm.
This story contains excessive torture, rape, cock transformation (leading to futa stuff,) and mild male-vore overtones. No men actually eat anyone here though- this is F/M. It's also pretty gory in some places- no soft vore here!

In the epilogue however there is what I would call 'pseudo-male vore,' as it involves cock-vore wherein the cock is a transformed male....
[ Continued ...

CardinalExeroth - 7 hours ago

Glad you liked it! ^-^ And yeah, Nikita was a ton of fun to write for~.

ChaoskampfNunc - 10 hours ago

I do so enjoy such decadent cruelty~

First Contact

Uploaded: 13 hours ago

Owner: JustAnotherGuy

Tags: Soft Vore F/F Original Character Mass Effect Mass Effect Andromeda Cora Harper

The AI meet the Angara and Cora gains a new power. 

Unit #3By Strega
very simple," said the manacled man in the interrogation room.
"You pay the ransom and cut me loose, and I'll tell you where
they are."
will not happen," said the police lieutenant with an equal lack
of emotion. "We found seven bodies buried at your farm. You're
not going anywhere until we have the two you kidnapped back alive and
well. We let you go before then, you'll just laugh and watch the
clock tick down until they di

Lupine Unit #3 (werewolf/human vore)

Uploaded: 13 hours ago

Owner: Strega

Tags: Werewolf Human Digestion Human Prey

It's never good to be stuck in a room with a wounded werewolf gone feral with hunger, even if she's a police officer. It's especially bad if you happen to be tied up. 

Fischie - 7 hours ago

They habe a form for digested people? Looks like they are planning for an interesting future.

Kila - 11 hours ago

Love the lupine unit stories so far :D

Psyman - 13 hours ago

Cool! Looking forward to more from the Lupine Unit! Nifty idea, you wrote it well!

Shrunk Love

Uploaded: 18 hours ago

Owner: Brazzel

Tags: Belly Stomach Unbirth Burp F/M Same Size writing Micro Prey Male Prey Female Pred Vore story Safe stomach noises

It's like drunk love except it's shameless fetish fuel! I love these kinds of stories, as they are the most fun to write. I don't have a stomach fetish, YOU HAVE A STOMACH FETISH >=(

Same-size more your thing? Wablow! A same-size story to fit all of your vorish needs. 

TimObberon - 5 hours ago

Great stuff and awesome writing.

[Patreon] Roasted and Served

Uploaded: 21 hours ago

Owner: DoubleOSnake

Tags: Oral Vore Digestion F/F Same Size Cooking Fatal Female Prey Female Pred spit roast Food preparation

Patron story for  Superherofood, featuring White Canary, Black Canary, and Thea Queen being roasted and eaten. 

Hungry Girl

This story’s pictures were created using the following website:

Hungry Girl

Uploaded: 22 hours ago

Owner: Katana70065

Tags: F/F school vore belly student prey FFF/FFF school girls school vore cat girl pred

Just a series of hungry school girls...and the results of their antics 

anthony050 - 16 hours ago

Really loved this one hope that you make more like it in the future <3

anthony050 - 17 hours ago

Really loved this one hope that you make more like it in the future #



unny Feast

This story’s pictures were created using the following website:

Beach Bunny Feast

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: Katana70065

Tags: Fatal F/FFF vore belly bikini clad female vore beach wear

Nine beach bunnies line up for a photo opportunity, but three of them decide to turn it into a feast instead. 

Wind rushed by his whiskers as he bounded through the grass as fast as his little legs would carry him. He dodged and weaved in new directions, through rocks and branches, anything he could think of to gain an advantage over the one that pursued him. He eventually ran out of breath and his lungs felt like they were on fire, as was the rest of his body. Yet, he dared not stop, or they would be worse than on fire, they would be gone all together, along with him.

The Lioness and the Mouse

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: kamperkonkel

A vorish version of the old tale of the lion and the mouse. I even put a little caption in there to connect the two stories. No, the original wasn't written by me. I just thought it would be an interesting topic to expand on in this way. It is also a bit longer than my usual stories

Hope you all enjoy! 

Wind rushed by his whiskers as he bounded through the grass as fast as his little legs would carry him. He dodged and weaved in new directions, through rocks and branches, anything he could think of to gain an advantage over the one that pursued him. He eventually ran out of breath and his lungs felt like they were on fire, as was the rest of his body. Yet, he dared not stop, or they would be worse than on fire, they would be gone all together, along with him.

The Lioness and the Mouse

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: kamperkonkel

A vorish version of the old tale of the lion and the mouse. I even put a little caption in there to connect the two stories. No, the original wasn't written by me. I just thought it would be an interesting topic to expand on in this way. It is also a bit longer than my usual stories

Hope you all enjoy! 

Inko's Continued Indulgence

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: saintheartwing

Tags: Oral Vore Scat Soft Vore Digestion Fatal Anal Vore Underage Prey disposal Soft oral vore teenage prey Pregnant Predator Mei pregnant pred adult pred Ochako Uraraka My Hero Academia Izuku Midoriya Inko Midoriya Scat/Disposal

The sequel to
Inko's now fully given in to her most worst urges, and when Mei and Ochako come to Deku's house to talk to her son, well...they have no idea the fat, tubby, pregnant horror that awaits. A commission for  SonicV.  

saintheartwing - 5 hours ago


Brazzel - 10 hours ago

I love the way you write. It's really expressive!

saintheartwing - 1 day ago

Thank you!

Gravemind - 1 day ago

I'm not familiar with the anime but this was really good!

Ch8 Covenant the happiest place on earth




is disturbed from her slumber


her belly’s demand for food

. She

rolls to her side hoping a different posit

Ch8 Covenant the happiest place on earth

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: tgawsome

Tags: Digestion F/? Butt crushing Hard Digestion vore belly molerat Fallout 4

Akesisha and Jules are finally making progress on their journey. A happy little town called Covenant, but first some breakfast.
Hard digestion ahead ye be warned.
Disclaimer: I do not own fallout 4 or related characters. 

The Amazing, Invincible Micro

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: Halcyon

Tags: F/M Unwilling Non-Fatal Macro/Micro Food play Implied Digestion Regurgitation Shrinking full tour Implied Disposal Nonfatal vore stockholm syndrome Objectification

**A very special thanks to  VividLucidity for editing this piece for me and offering numerous helpful suggestions**

This was a commission for matheson, originally finished 12 December 2017. The thumbnail image, is credited to pop kyun. Image source:

In this alternate universe, set in modern times, humanity has split into two distinct species. One of them is identical to the human race in every way. The other is mere...
[ Continued ...

Halcyon - 21 hours ago

Of course! Thank YOU for everything as well~

Halcyon - 21 hours ago


VividLucidity - 1 day ago

I'd give some feedback, but I guess I already did that, didn't I? :) In all seriousness though, another great piece. And thanks for the shoutout too.

TheSoulessGem - 1 day ago

I like it.

unit #6By Strega
was walking down the street toward his apartment, shopping bags in
hand when it happened. First a dark car whizzed by, moving so fast it
barely seemed under control. That impression was reinforced when it
clipped a curb, sliding into a weedy vacant lot and miraculously
neither rolling nor bursting into flames. A figure burst out of the
car and disappeared into the shadows of the nearby trees.
five seconds later a police cruiser arrived at almost the same speed

Lupine unit #6 (M/M werewolf/human implied)

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: Strega

Tags: Werewolf Human M/M Non-Vore implied vore

Leo is lucky enough to see one of the LAPD's new Lupine Units (werewolves) in action and just can't resist giving the wolf his phone number.


This morning I was watching the news as a carjacking suspect was chased down. The news anchor said they were bring in a K9 until and my mind immediately went to the huge, sexy Skyrim werewolves. That led to this quick story. 

captamis - 22 hours ago

samme it was nice idea

Fischie - 1 day ago

This was an enjoyable read. Even though the best parts were all implied it really was highly interesting. Reminded me of how the robo shark being broken all the time made the first Jaws movie as good as it was.

DJScoots10 - 1 day ago

I like six, i would love to see and read more about him. Keep up the good work.

His Sister's Keeper

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: Brazzel

Tags: Scat Digestion M/M M/F Story writing Sadistic disposal Brother/Sister Digestion Noises sister prey brother pred

After learning that his sister might be leaving home, Cornelius struggles to accept reality.

A commission for 

selfrog - 1 day ago

You're kind of a regular around things I commission, huh? We will have to dicuss ideas sometime! :D

LordDantai - 1 day ago


[Patreon] A 'Dere Three Course Meal

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: DoubleOSnake

Tags: Oral Vore Belly Digestion Gut M/F Same Size Bulge Swallowing Multiple Prey james Female Prey m/multiple M/multiple prey Male Pred m/fff tsundere yandere Tabitha tatsumaki Ayano Aishi kuudere

Second Patron story for  Dragonprince32, this time with Jamie having a three course meal of everyone's favorite kinds of anime gals. 

dragonprince32 - 1 day ago

Dere I say I enjoy this? I dere. Thanks again buddy!

“Can … can somebody hear me?” A female voice echoed through the wood. “I … I got trapped by a big spider's web” she said “and I need somebody to help me out of it. Please?”
He heard her pleads for help and already looked for her. If this damn wood wouldn't echo her voice he had located her in mere minutes, but for the time being he just had to listen again.
“I guess I've heard something. Is there anybody out there?”
He proceeded to st

Luring them into the web

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: Seapriap

Tags: Soul Vore F/M Fatal spider web Spider girl cocoon Vore story webbing cocooned spider/m

Haven't written many stories. And I didn't publish any of it because after I finish them I think to myself "Well, why exactly am I thinking of these situations?", followed by feeling depressed and shaming myself.

Now that I brought myself to show you another story of mine I just leave you one final note.

/╲/\╭( ͡° ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ͡°)╮/\╱\ 

as you can see, we take our employee safety very seriously,”
remarked the shift manager.
was Joyce’s first day on the job. She was one of the first rounds
of hires at a new factory on the edge of town that manufactured snack
foods. During the entire employee training process she’d only been
half-listening. None of it applied specifically to any one of them.
The individual job training happened at the end of the week. This was
basically a glorified factory tour.

Unsafe Work Habits

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: marloweny

Tags: M/F Non-Fatal Compression No bulge

A woman named Joyce learns that her job at a snack food factory gives her access to some HDTF-based safety equipment. A bit of misbehavior leads to the creation of an unusually hearty snack for a lucky skater.


A strange version of insomnia this time. I woke up five hours early and couldn't get BACK to sleep. 

marloweny - 22 hours ago

I knew someone had recommended it, but I couldn't remember who.

Adseria - 1 day ago

True enough. :P

DRayElliott - 1 day ago

Nice to see my suggestion of the HDTF as a piece of safety equipment being used.

marloweny - 1 day ago

It wouldn't be a Marloweny story if it didn't have boneheaded typos.

Adseria - 1 day ago

"She alternately shoved and tugged at the bar, shovinging herself a few inches deep and pulling herself free."

Shovinge. Verb. To repeatedly insert oneself into a food-packaging machine.

Sorry. Grammar Nazi, I know.

Apex Predator - Ch. 1

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: UnknownThread

Tags: Predator Naga Gore Non-Vore Hunter

First chapter of a story I have been working on.
I'm a fairly new to writing so please point out any mistakes I may have made.

While writing I noticed I repetitively used the characters names instead of He/She I'm not sure if this is a real problem or if I should use He/She more.

Anyway please point out any mistakes I should fix and things I should work on for whatever I write next. 

UnknownThread - 1 day ago

Sorry for the poor quality of this first chapter. I'm working on better understanding ways to write this and split paragraphs so it isn't a bunch of huge text boxes before I finish the next chapter.

An evening to remember (story)

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: Celestia

Tags: POV Soft Vore F/? Reformation sandwich Food play Female Pred Food preparation Digestion Implied

I wrote this for Vore Day last year. it's a POV story where you the reader meet a strangely beautiful girl at a dive bar and go home with her only to find out her dinner plans include putting you on the menu.

Lunch at the Lab (story)

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: Celestia

Tags: F/F Hard Vore Reformation Macro/Micro sandwich Food play Shrinking Female Prey Female Pred Sci-Fi Scientist Food preparation Shrinking Prey

Just a heads up, this story contains non-gorey Hard Vore

Mina Fillmore was just another intern trying to get college credit working at a tech laboratory but she has just a small problem when her boss, Ellen Kleiner, is a mad scientist with a peculiar appetite. 

[Patreon] Mechanic's Assassination

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: DoubleOSnake

Tags: F/F Giantess Anal Vore Story writing Non-Fatal Macro/Micro assassin video game Female Prey Female Pred Bridgette Giantess Predator Overwatch Widowmaker

Patron story for  VoreGloreX4, who wanted a giantess Widowmaker "capturing" Reinhardt's mechanic Bridgette. 

Love and War

Pt 3 – Someday

Commander Ariss stood in her war

room surrounded by her officers. There, she informed the group of the battle plan for the coming engagement. “The enemy fleet knows our base is in th

e area, but they have not found the exact locati

Love and War pt 3 (Season Finale)

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: DrakentheBlack

Tags: Gulp Oral Vore Giant Dragon Human Kitsune wolfgirl M/F Giantess violence Foxgirl Okami Implied Digestion Female Prey dragon pred Human Prey Male Pred

The Lycian fleet has caught up with Sonja, intent on putting down the giantess and the army that aids her. Will the day end with The Queen's victory, or will good prevail? 

DrakentheBlack - 2 days ago

Well between other work and rather fleeting inspiration, it took me a full year to get through this season alone - finished it this weekend in fact. I want to get as much of the second season done before I start to upload it so I can avoid uploading at random and vastly spaced out intervals, and instead have it all out week by week.
Not only that, but I feel like the series might be better as an annual end-of-year period for me, and it leaves the rest of the year open for whatever doodle or short story my ADD brain comes up with at the time.
I'm sorry if the long wait will be inconvenient for you :(

Nalzindar - 2 days ago

September, why the long wait?

DrakentheBlack - 2 days ago

Believe me, Zera's end is one that I spent a lot of time debating how to do it, but I'm very pleased with what her final fate is going to be.
Thank you ^^ I think it's about time I had some honest vore considering the forum, lolXD
I'm glad you enjoyed this series. I'll be posting Season 2 starting in September.

Nalzindar - 2 days ago

A lot of deaths and violence in this one, I hope you have planned a real nasty end for the wolf girl. She deserves someting evil and creative from you (or perhaps just a plain stupid end for someone like her, maybe poetic justice^^).
You did a nice job with your descriprion of the woman being gulped down by the dragon by the way, lots of good details there. And finally, the couple admitted their love for each other, cute^^
But now I am curious to se what the resistance will come up with, stricken but not yet beaten it seems.

Linsey pounded on the wrinkled stomach wall. Fear had really begun to set in for the little blonde. The last time she'd found herself in a stomach it had been a longtime friend, someone she'd trusted. This time it was completely against her will. That blue-haired bitch snatched her, dunked her in potatoes, and now she was stewing in either Hayley or Danielle's gut. Regardless, she was in real danger. Whoever she was in was quickly beginning to digest her, much more quickly than Susan had. Just a

The Freshman part 15

Uploaded: 3 days ago

Owner: nap25

Tags: Soft Vore Digestion F/F Sex Cock Vore lesbian ff/f inside stomach FM/F

After a long hiatus, we finally get an idea for the perils the girls are facing.

Sorry it took so long. I finally got a chance to write some more. I welcome any criticisms, it has been a while. 

shortprey20 - 2 days ago

Oh man this was perfect! Long day and then i come home and find this waiting for me!
Truly another wonderful chapter and im so glad youre still working on this! I am very much looking forward to the next chapter and hoping both our little heroines make it! Mostly to see more vorish adventures and sexy time in the stomach occur, and i love the cock vore aspect! Hope it leads to oral vore, dont have much of that particular scenario which is a true shame =p

Keep up the fantastic work man!!!

Orion1084 - 2 days ago

Omgomgomgomg! Total fanboy moment!! Every chapter you write makes the wait for the next one that much harder, lol. Thank you for keeping this story going. I can't wait for the next chapter!

Kaoru - 2 days ago

Whoa, you did it! That brightened my day right up, seeing a fresh chapter from one of my favorite authors.

And what a chapter. Anyone hoping for relief or salvation for any of the tiny girls gets to sit on pins and needles and fret! Diane gets some additional characterization and becomes more sympathetic! Brooklyn and her boy-toy are getting up to some fun... and we can already likely see where the unfortunate little lump caught in the middle may end up!

Exciting advancements for such a short chapter. I will have to re-read the previous ones though - Danielle forgetting so quickly about Linsey feels just a little cruel... although I guess since it isn't Holly, she's less attached.

All in all, really looking forward to the next chapter of this and Rift City. On the edge of my seat!

anyany - 2 days ago

Awesome chapter nap

ChaosBound - 2 days ago

well worth it... but damn.. hehe.. can't wait for 16!

to Strategize...
route to the clinic, and on your way back to Maia's cottage after
making the payment, the both of you bounce ideas on handling the
baddy off each other. Once more, you're normally a much better
improviser, but when push comes to shove you can't help but feel
you're also a decent strategist. Here's what you've come up with...
your illusory powers, you create some false victim-to-be as bait.
Knowing fair well what kind of scents drive yourself wild as a
predator, you

ALiS: Part 5

Uploaded: 3 days ago

Owner: TaciturnTiger

Tags: fight Werewolf Vixen Non-Vore Magic Lioness illusion Rachel Ash

Strategies are formed, and the werewolf Allen is encountered!

Remember, for combat scenarios such as this, decide an action for Rachel's first move, then her second. Baddies will act between these paired moves.

In this case, also decide on what you want Maia to try to do, if anything.
Health: 5/5 -- Magic: 2/3
Maia's Health: Good

Inventory: Staff, Dart x10, Silver Knife, 2 Gold 

pseudo - 2 days ago

Hopefully. I feel like it would be weird if that were going on for Allen to deliberately side-step it all and attack you, ignoring the illusion.

I guess if he grabs for the illusion early, then explode it then, and and if he does attack Rachel, either explode it immediately or just drop it if she really has to react that fast.

That may be too many ifs/contingencies, but they sort of seem like the natural thing she'd do in the moment, too.

Humbug - 2 days ago

That sounds like a good idea, if you can muster the concentration.

33defence - 2 days ago

It might be a phylactery, so taking it out is a good idea.

pseudo - 2 days ago

Play out a little drama between Rachel and the illusion: Illusion backs away from Rachel in fear, somewhat in the direction of Allen. Rachel cries: "Stop!", and in a panic tries to grab the illusion's arm, causing the illusion to run away in blind terror, not looking properly ahead until she's barelled straight into Allen.

THEN explode the illusion.

Humbug - 2 days ago

Shame. Guy's pretty messed up.Probably no peaceful way to resolve this.

I'd say have Maia jump down and do her thing while you send the decoy at him to mess up his senses. Maia should know to close her eyes and not breathe too hard when the decoy gets there, since you talked strategy on the way here.
Once he's distracted, go for that bauble he's got on him. It might be the reason he came back and started eating people.

"So we've done all the important stuff, right?" the nekomata asked, her pure white tails flicking casually behind her.
"We rode in a limo," the human girl next to her replied.
"Said hi to everyone."
"Got punch."
"Had our picture taken."
"We haven't slow danced yet," the nekomata suggested, turning to look up at her companion with a goofy smile. Her ears tilted forward as the human stared at her in near disbelief, her slight fangs showing themselves as she giggled. "JK, Sus. Thanks for

Prom Night Skinny Dip

Uploaded: 3 days ago

Owner: Apex

Tags: Catgirl Oral Vore Soft Vore Cute F/F Consensual Non-Fatal Willing Size difference kissing Female Prey Human Prey Female Pred nekomata catgirl predator Implied Regurgitation Short Pred willing prey

Work has been a bit crazier than I actually thought it would be. Six days a week, two four hour shifts a day with a third shift on eight of the last... 18 days? I'm trying to look on the bright side, which is a collection of killer paychecks.

So to make sure you all know I'm still alive, here's a thing I wrote about two years ago. It's been on my mind because I got an idea for a little something that kind of turned into a second chapter/epilogue for this story, so that might be a...
[ Continued ...

Apex - 2 days ago

Lots of sweetness to be had in this universe, not to mention good relationships between pred and prey. Glad you enjoyed it.

DrakentheBlack - 2 days ago

Whoohoo! Cat-girl pred!

That was a sweet little story, glad to see predator and prey getting along so well.

Apostolos - 2 days ago

Ah thank you very much

Apex - 2 days ago

Then let the games begin!

Apex - 2 days ago

I'm more or less of the same sentiment, honestly, though perhaps for slightly different reasons. Have no fear, neither of these girls will be getting digested.




or trying to call god


As Akesisha stepped out of the screen room

and took a long breath of clean air. She sighs and looks around the area one more time. The trees, the dinner to the north east, the radar dish to th

Ch7 Distraction, or trying to call god

Uploaded: 3 days ago

Owner: tgawsome

Tags: Scat Belly Digestion Weight Gain F/M Fart violence Fatal pooping Butt gas Post-Vore hips Post Vore Scat disposal indigestion Gassy Fallout post vore fart Post Vore Disposal gunfight post vore digestion

Akesisha leads Jules on a fun side quest. what can go wrong.
This is an action heavy chapter so if you don't like brutal violence turn away now.
It also has scat which is indicated with bright red warning text.
Disclaimer: I do not own Fallout 4 or related characters. 

The Last Song of Sy Snootles

Uploaded: 3 days ago

Owner: Kelazi5

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore Alien Digestion M/F Swallowing Sex Fatal lips Song star wars jabba Eaten Alive implied hard vore Jabba The Hutt nsfw return of the jedi Sy Snootles

This is my first vore story so I hope it isn't too awful or cringeworthy. This was an idea that came to me one evening and I cranked it out pretty fast so probably has some errors. But I'm satisfied with it.

Sy Snootles is an unusual choice for prey but I feel she's a character that would make a good prey or pred. Plus the image of those lips and mouth of hers sticking out from Jabba's was a fun mental image. So hope you enjoy it. 

hunter2045 - 3 days ago

I see.

Kelazi5 - 3 days ago

Yeah, it gave me a tag error when I clicked upload first so I thought it had failed so I fixed the tags and uploaded again but found two here. Haven't gotten to deleting the tagless one and haven't figured out how to get the paragraph tabs or spaces between them in the story to make it more readable.

hunter2045 - 3 days ago

Not bad. Although you seem to have posted this twice.