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Uploaded: 3 hours ago

Owner: DoubleOSnake

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore Digestion Inside Same Size Fatal faith writing Unwilling Prey Big Belly Female Prey Human Prey monster/f disposal inside stomach monster vore Buffy the vampire slayer Monster Pred

Patron story for  Superherofood, who wanted a story set in the Buffy universe. When a nefarious site called finally unveils itself and their disturbing intentions, Faith sets out to destroy those behind it. Little does she know what's in store.

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[ Continued ...

Josh sighed a small sigh as his girlfriend Samantha explained the plan to him again. They were going to be spending the week in Vegas that much he knew, but with the cost of the hotel room and everything else involved it didn’t quite add up to how much they had saved up for over the last 2 years. As she showed him the cost of the layover ticket, just barely staying under 4 figure he looked wide-eyed and started murmuring about highway robbery. “That’ exactly why…”

booleanTrue - 2 hours ago

If you've got another one coming down the pipeline you can be sure I'm looking forward to it!

I'm usually hesitant to upload rough draft stuff unless I've hit my creative wall and hit it *hard*. I have a habit of never wanting to look at stuff ever again after I've gone to the trouble of finally uploading it. I definitely know the feeling of being "mentally done" after writing for so long lol.

Bomb_Nom_Nom_Nom - 2 hours ago

I'll fully admit another draft is coming out. I woke up at 6 am being unable to sleep, and didn't edit it and had to end it quickly, I figured I'd rather upload it rough first. I've definitely got to polish it up.

I've been on a few year hiatus, but not without story ideas. Honestly The non-scat ending was a courtesy and not a real ending, but I might just scratch it out. I also had been writing for about 2 hours and was just mentally done.

booleanTrue - 3 hours ago

Wow! This is an amazing read! I love food transformation vore and especially so when it's between two characters that know each other. You really nailed the dichotomy of haplessly transformed prey and a casual pred. I love your descriptions of everything Josh goes through from first transformation to his journey into not just her stomach but intestines too! You strike a good balance between physical and emotional descriptions, never getting too caught up with one or the other. You jump back and forth between the two in a way that's easy to read (not to mention titillating).

On top of that I love the tiny tidbits of world-building and character interaction at play here. I like that there's a reason Samantha chooses to make him a sandwich specifically and that said sandwich has no special properties from an outside perspective. You also show rather than just tell us about their personalities. Samantha has clever if out-there ideas but doesn't have a habit of thinking things through very well yet Josh still trusts her... even when he kinda feels he shouldn't. The bit about her packing him next to her underwear was great. It's not a detail that's "needed" to progress the story but it adds so much.

If I had to complain about anything here it's that at times the pacing is a little rushed, especially at the end and in the "good" ending. That along with your addressing the reader directly breaks the immersion a little bit though not terribly by any means. The prose is rough and unpolished in places with you reusing words and descriptions, but once again not anywhere close to an amount that it would ruin the story. All told a great read and I look forward to seeing more from you!

Triel regarded, with notable disappointment, the… pitiful meal he had before him. It was his share, and while once, when he was smaller it might have felt suitable, after a day in the woods, it felt decidedly meagre…

The times of plenty were long past. Now was the worst time of the year. The trees had stopped bearing fruit, the animals had begun to ebb from their growth in numbers thanks to constant hunting, and it was becoming time to settle down and endur

Times of Little

Uploaded: 5 hours ago

Owner: DrakeZephyr

Tags: Dragon Human

In hindsight, not my most elegant title... but it suited the series... here is one of this month's commissioned pieces, a continuation of a long set aside series that began with a standalone, The Indomitable Fence, and then began it's own series with Times of Plenty. A story about a village with a very strange relationship with their local dragon... they accept his rules, the rules of nature in the territory he calls home, and in return... he respects theirs, in their territory, their...
[ Continued ...

Sadistic Snacking

Uploaded: 9 hours ago

Owner: IvISenpai

Tags: Digestion F/F Saliva feeding Macro/Micro chocolate Sadism Unwilling Prey Belly rubs Fingering kissing tongue play breast smothering Breast Play petting

Link to picture of characters.

I haven't been able to find any vore based on the Sakura Games so I took matters into my own hands.

I'm honestly not sure how this turned out, I'm happy with how the story ended up but I'm not positive I described it in the way I wanted.

Another thing I'm iffy on is how I formatted the text, I might try a different style for the formatting next time and see which one I...
[ Continued ...

IvISenpai - 2 hours ago

I'm glad you enjoyed it. I was planning on doing more Sakura games in the near future, I'll probably do Sakura MMO or Sakura Cupid, I haven't decided yet.

Eclipseneko51 - 6 hours ago

I really enjoyed that, I don't think I've ever wanted to read a story so quick in my life, i like how you kept the same characters and relationships between them in the story and how you made mamiko slightly more sadistic then she already was and how azusa was more into it as well, and i do agree there isn't any sakura vore stories especially in the marco/Micro or giantess way I'd love to more of them from all the different sakura games.

Great work

(excuse my lack of grammar and how I've done it I'm not good with grammar)

It was
a lazy Sunday. She was waiting for her boyfriend to come by. They
didn't really have any plans, just hanging out at her place. That was
her favorite way to spend a Saturday. For one thing, it meant she
could just lounge around in her pajamas. But he was
taking forever. She
sighed and slouched on the couch, trying to figure out something to
keep herself busy.She tugged up her shirt a little and
scratched her belly. In doing so, she noticed her belly button. He
remembered when she

Navel Gazing

Uploaded: 13 hours ago

Owner: marloweny

Tags: Inflation F/M Navel Vore deflation

A woman plays with her navel and discovers why her mom said that was a bad idea.


This is a "vore conversion" of a weird deflation/shrinking story I don't remember writing that was sitting on my tablet for who knows how long. 

sweetladyamy - 9 minutes ago

Heh. Ha ha ha ha, lolz
(I pretty much laughed at this whole story; it was a good laugher pop)
Also, 'crescendo', for future reference. (I know a lot of people who get it wrong, and I know many people that don't know how to spell commonly used non-complex words as well - so no worries)

TheTastefulGentlman - 10 hours ago

Not bad, WEIRD, but pretty fun. Plus I really like the playful intimacy the couple has.

Twisting around to look at the rest of the caravan behind her, Sarah hoped that this time, things would actually go as planned. They were quickly approaching the most dangerous leg of the trek, and she had been working long enough as a guide to know what happened when a group wasn’t prepared for this.
“Alright everyone, circle up. Time to go over the last bit of prep work for today’s leg of the trip.” Turning around and waiting as they walked, rode, and pulled their wa

A Troll to Remember

Uploaded: 15 hours ago

Owner: Jermayan

Tags: Breasts Belly F/F F/M Bulge F/? Troll Multiple Prey Nudity f/multiple

Look guys, it's not a hard thing to understand. She lives under the bridge, and she likes meat. You'd best bring her some, before she decides that you would be an acceptable substitute.

Short story written for Aesir's Drawlloween pic, A Troll to Remember, featuring a fairly content bridge troll as well as what used to be a merchant caravan. 

anema_sesuna - 13 hours ago

Sarah seems like a smart traveling companion

great difficulty Rei raised himself out of his seat, by pushing off
the back of it, and jutting out his stomach as far as he could
arching his back. When back on his feet he stood up straight, well as
straight as was possible with the extra weight now forcing his spine
to curve somewhat. Grinning broadly Rei swayed a little as he
adjusted to his new lower center of gravity, and the strain of his
added weight hanging out in front of him. Taking both hands he
wrapped them on the under side of

Special Order pt 2

Uploaded: 16 hours ago

Owner: More-Vore

Tags: Digestion M/M Tiger Reformation Non-Fatal Willing Big Belly Human Prey Dominating Anthro Pred

So this is different from anything I have written so far for three major reasons. First it M/M and its with an anthro pred, and reform. I recently started to get into male preds, and reformation. So I wrote this story featuring the first character I created for the eka chatroom. This character is a waiter at a restaurant that serves preds. It's called special order because staff are just that on the menu. It was another long one, so I divided it into two parts. The first part is just the run up...
[ Continued ...

placed his hand on his belly, and gently rubbed it, thinking, hush,
you will be gorged in less than an hour, just be patient.
much farther?”
five minutes sir,” replied the cab driver, a man with dogs ears and
presumably a tail, that was hidden against the driver seat.
turned back to the window he was leaning against and stared back at
his feline reflection. It was Friday evening, and after a week of
working hard at the company managing thirty people, h

Special Order pt 1

Uploaded: 16 hours ago

Owner: More-Vore

Tags: Digestion M/M Tiger Reformation Non-Fatal Willing Big Belly Human Prey Dominating Anthro Pred

So this is different from anything I have written so far for three major reasons. First it M/M and its with an anthro pred, and reform. I recently started to get into male preds, and reformation. So I wrote this story featuring the first character I created for the eka chatroom. This character is a waiter at a restaurant that serves preds. It's called special order because staff are just that on the menu. It was another long one, so I divided it into two parts. The first part is just the run up...
[ Continued ...

Gyro Feather the Gryphon vs. Lutro the Buizel

Uploaded: 17 hours ago

Owner: lutro

Tags: Oral Vore Pokemon Digestion M/M Feral Gryphon roleplay Fatal Unwilling Buizel Unwilling Prey willing pred Crop SFW Gyro Feather Lutro

Lutro wanders near a slumbering griffon. Gyro awakens and finds himself a plump-looking buizel to have for breakfast!

A roleplay done between myself and  thirdspurs

Interactive 5: A Slimy Situation Pt. 3

Uploaded: 17 hours ago

Owner: NiceGuy18

Tags: Unbirth Slime F/F Sex Futanari Story Fairy Slimegirl fusion pregnant with child throwing up Thumbnail not credited Obstacles

This is a big one so it will take some time to completely read.

Rebecca and Jewel run a difficult gauntlet to try and get to the other side and move on but this will take some time for this duo to get what they need.

If you wish to see the rest and more, join my Patreon at:

It is $2 a month to view this and I update it every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday now.

Also, for any people, Patrons or...
[ Continued ...

MM Ch23: Preything Panic

Uploaded: 17 hours ago

Owner: Elle

Tags: Soft Vore Pregnancy Hard Vore sticky Biting disembowelment whip fucking Birthing Vaginal Intercourse human cattle dehumanization co-topping



Mona can't help but worry that life is going to take a bad turn.

(This novel made as part of NaNoWriMo 2017!)

More gore!


[ Continued ...

What Friends Are For [Request]

Uploaded: 18 hours ago

Owner: saybingryph

Tags: Furry Oral Vore Scat Micro Belly Fox Male Anthro Digestion M/M Fart Fatal Unwilling Farting gas foxes gurgle Post-Vore Struggling implied vore Micro Prey Post Vore Scat disposal m/multiple Gassy M/multiple prey Male Pred stomach noises

Well, here's probably one of the nastiest little stories I've ever written. It isn't often that I find myself writing a request that consists of 90% disposal content, something that I usually do best, but here we are! Hopefully, I won't need to go this overboard in writing a pred relieving himself ever again. Or will I? Who knows. :V

This should go without saying, but you might want to read the tags before checking this story out. It can get pretty nasty. In the near future, you can...
[ Continued ...

boomer91 - 7 hours ago

VIcious. Gross. I love it :)

2 of The Takeover. Looks like the new girl Mandy has failed to do as
management asked. What will happen once they find out? Who knows.
in description.

Kfhunterguy - 4 hours ago

Just make this a series :V

nnn4463 - 8 hours ago

And now, time to take care of management

NeyNey - 10 hours ago

Hehe. I left it open for later too.

Kfhunterguy - 13 hours ago

I'm ok with this twist

Cultural Connections "Whoa." A
toothy grin. "Yeah. Whoa. What you
want, human?" "I - " And Matthew paused.
Blinked. "Hey wow, that was common. Really good common, too -
how do you guys speak such clear common around your tusks?" "It's
important." The orcish guard leaned in close. "That way,
when we tell humans we're about to eat them, they understand us
clearly." "Makes sense." Matthew grinned,
matching the gu

Seeking Cultural Connections

Uploaded: 21 hours ago

Owner: Garz

Tags: Oral Vore Human M/M orc Orgy Sexual content small pred human predator Orctober

In which Matthew is sent to Orcish lands for a very basic reason by the nobles who more or less own him.

They're probably okay if he never did come back, warriors are a dime a dozen in human lands.

But Matthew is really good at interacting with orcs...


I think this is literally my first time having a human predator! A lot of weird firsts happening this year, haha.

Although man am I behind. X_x Hopefully...
[ Continued ...

yakux - 8 hours ago

That was awesome!

Little Lamia in the Big City - Ch. 72

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: Aces

Little Lamia in the Big City (REDUX) is a crowd-funded series to rewrite an old vore story I had written back in 2010 about a chubby pink naga who has to learn to live in a modern city.

This chapter was funded by  nap25.

If you want to contribute to this story, send at least $60 USD to and I'll write the next chapter ASAP.


Shopping! :U And...
[ Continued ...

Aces - 20 hours ago


Razgriz - 21 hours ago

Anya releases Kira. “Sorry...”

think you meant Leyla?

bubbalubber - 21 hours ago

Maybe that was kimi and timi is waiting to ambush layla

CrimsonFangX666 - 23 hours ago

Now we just have to hope this wasn't Kimi, cause I kinda think Kira wants to keep that one. Timi would have come as a package deal, which probably would have wound up with Kira as a dent in a Deep Sea Naga belly.

[COMM] JD's First Feast

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: TheVoreEngineer

Tags: M/F Same Size Oral willing pred Female Prey Human Prey teasing Human Pred Sunny human/human Male Pred willing prey semi willing pred heathers heathers vore jason dean JD

What do you get when you mix a homocidal man and a lovestruck woman? Simple, you get a relationship that's pretty messed up. But then you introduce brand new elements to the relationship, like the less outspoken one having a strong prey complex. Wait, I thought this was meant to be a romance story, not another fetish piece. What do you mean I've used this romantic comedy gag already in this description. What do you mean these paragraphs are skipped because of my sense of humor isn't funny? You...
[ Continued ...

AegisOfRoses - 1 day ago

I sat and reloaded Eka's until it was available to say it~ I'll get back to you on praise when I read it! >:P

TheVoreEngineer - 1 day ago

Stealing top slot from the commissioner, what insanity is this :P

TheVoreEngineer - 1 day ago

Repeated views require further praise otherwise I remove random words until payment is made, totally.
Glad you enjoyed it bunnii!

sweetbunnii - 1 day ago

thank you again for this, v <3 i'm definitely gonna' come back to this one.

over and over ; D

AegisOfRoses - 1 day ago


tinkered with a small canister. It looked like a capsule, though it
was clearly made out of an old 2-liter bottle, as there was still a
cap on one end. The only major change was that it was split in the
middle, hinged together, and had a push-button clasp. It was
currently open, and sitting in a larger chamber with some familiar
HDTF-related gadgetry attached. She had a sparkle in her eye as she
soldered wires and adjusted settings. It was clear she was in her
element, enjoying the rare op

Gotta HDTF 'em All [WIP]

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: marloweny

Tags: Non-Vore Compression

Julia creates an HDTF device with pokeball-esque effects.


This is a work in progress, because I got this far and realized (and this may surprise you) I've never actually played or watched Pokemon and know basically nothing about the series. Shocker, I know. So I really don't have the knowledge to actually write something that involves ladies and gentlemen dressed up as pokemon and pokemon trainers.

So if you've got ideas for what sort of pokemon/trainer...
[ Continued ...

sweetladyamy - 1 day ago

My experiences with Pokémon are not in depth as far as how pokéballs work.

RLord4268 - 1 day ago

Awesome! I can't wait for the rest!

Amberain - 1 day ago

I doubt anyone involved in the project will have this level of dedication to the idea, but it just occured to me that because of the way the HDTF locks your form when it's turned off, you could actually sculpt a person to look like a real pokemon, rather than just have them wearing a costume. They've had the restoration chamber for quite a while now, so once the party was over. They could undo the whole thing, as usual.

ShadesofBlack - 1 day ago

Rewarding as always. And congratz. You have created 2-liter bottle vore.

Adseria - 1 day ago

It's marloweny. Anyone who isn't looking forward to it is the kind of person who can get a good night's sleep! ;)

Pulling my hair back and tying the bow around it, I took one last look at how I looked in the mirror before I got ready to head downstairs. Dave would be here soon to take me to the movies, and I wanted to make sure I looked my best before he arrived. About to head into the shower, I heard a knock at my door, and I poked my head out as I heard my little sister’s voice.
“Are you gonna be long in there? I need to take a shower before bed too…”
Leaning down and tousling

Midnight in a Mirror

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: Jermayan

Tags: Oral Vore F/F Swallowing Fatal loli loli prey Clothes Steal Doppelganger

Well, I guess that just goes to show you that even being safe inside your own house on Halloween...isn't actually all that safe at all. Whoops.

Short story written for Aesir's Drawlloween pic, Midnight in a Mirror, this time starring a girl, her sister...and herself. 

mechspider - 11 hours ago

Basically a vore Creepypasta. Awesome, combined my two favourite things on the Internet: some sick twisted fetish involving the death of others, and a horror like plot.

linthia - 1 day ago

Really liked it ! Plus.. clothes burping~ <3 And how she teased the original one is awesome !

Ratsu48 - 1 day ago

well damn

Bobrocks - 1 day ago

I wonder what the mirror chick will do to the guy.

Io's Tales: Alola 2

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: NiceGuy18

Tags: Pokemon F/F Absorption Melting Nudity fusion Lillie Alola Lusamine aether foundation fusion through vore ionakana Io the Bard

What happens when you put the fusing Io the Bard, who wields the Home Ball, and merge her with the head of Aether, Lusamine. Well, something like this happens.

Io the Bard is property of  Ionakana and not yours truly. Pokemon is also property of Nintendo and not me. However, the writing of this story IS all mine. 

vore streamer is facing retirement and is letting her fans know that
she will be eaten by the more popular Mandy tomorrow.
in description.

The Takeover (Audio)

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: NeyNey

Tags: F/F Pre-Vore audio Streaming Vore Retirement

What happens when a Vore streamer loses popularity? They get eaten.


I am open to commission now. Only a few slots, but if anyone wants something longer than usual, thats an option for now. 

NeyNey - 7 hours ago

Left it open on the second one. So maybe.

Alurker - 8 hours ago

Love the twist with sequel still maybe some day we'll get to see an amazing collab :)

NeyNey - 21 hours ago


Kfhunterguy - 1 day ago

it'd be the first voice collab I'd heard of on here. That would be awesome. I think we all have an idea of how this sequel may go :D

NeyNey - 1 day ago

I had a sequel idea in mind, but hm. Maybe one day can do collabs.

Best Medicine
Should be resting," Chammy stated firmly in a no-nonsense
manner, pointing at the bed-ridden ginger-haired boy. "I know
you wanna do 'all the things' and feel like you'll fall behind or
something, but when you're sick, you need to rest.
It's important."
expression left no room for argument. Really, Valk just needed to
take care of himself! And if he wasn't going to, well... that's one
thing friends were for, right? It was for his own good. And if h

The Best Medicine

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: Chameleonette

Tags: Oral Vore Belly Human Digestion Weight Gain M/F Same Size Swallowing Magic belching Gift Macro/Micro Post-Vore Struggling Implied Digestion Unwilling Prey Big Belly Size difference Female Prey Human Prey teasing Human Pred sick implied fatality taunting male predator Male Pred illness Possessive stomach noises satisfied predator throat bulges sick pred Regrowth post-vore belly play Post-Vore weight gain Chammy

Here’s a little something I wrote while my good friend and pred pal has been down with illness. (And Chammy isn’t prey to L upin for once! SHOCK.) Chammy decides to take care of her friend, but finds that his idea of her ‘helping’ isn’t exactly what she expected...

Anyway, I won't link the friend directly (just in case he doesn't wish it). But hope you enjoy the story~ 

Chameleonette - 1 day ago

Ahhh, thank you so much! I'm glad that you enjoyed it! <3

This... isn't really what was in mind by way 'helping', TO SAY THE VERY LEAST... Could have had some nice soup or something and some proper medicine. Y'know, things actually meant to help with illness. Eating friends is crossing way over the line!

Yeah, that was a subtle play on memories being wiped last time (hence why there was no fear of getting eaten in the first place and only a very vague urge to back away). That's definitely the way that I like to handle reformation scenarios. And I just wanted to add a little nod to it. Since ironically, the first time it happened, I was the one who was fighting sickness. Haha.

DarkShotKino - 1 day ago

Ooohhhhh my god that was amazing to read. Its so cute too! <3

Such a lovely thing for Chammy to do to help Valk feel better while being sick. Poor thing really deserved to get to have his lovely friend curled up and kept forever as pudge~

Though I think one of my favorite little lines in this was the "you said that last time too" which is a very subtle nod to how you like to handle reformation. But who knows, maybe that was just the sickness talking from Valk~ ;3

Karbo - 1 day ago

That was a really fun story :D I really enjoyed the interaction between Zan and O'Cras and how they kept sizing each other up XD great job !

A Witch and Her Familiar

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: minakotomoka14

Tags: Giant Macrophilia Soft Vore halloween Fantasy M/F Story witch Non-Fatal Macro/Micro Willing Shrinking Size difference Female Prey Original Characters Male Pred Mawplay familiar Witch Prey smut/sexual content

Charlotte Sakura is a girl with a secret identity- her true form being a magical witch girl named Miss Midnight. Accompanied by her darkly attractive Changeling familiar, Akuma, she protects her hometown from the clutches of otherworldly monsters, but tonight, that is not the case. Charlotte is simply looking for a quick shower, but unbeknownst to the young witch, her hungry familiar has other dinner plans...

So, here's something a little different! As an aspiring novelist, I...
[ Continued ...

We Are Ahri

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: Rentieros

Tags: F/M F/? Story Venom Amazon Size difference f/multiple noises symbiote Mini Giantess League of Legends Ahri Self Insert smaller prey Larger pred Tall Predator League of Legends Vore Reader POV tall woman Thumbnail not credited

When your new companion asks you if the Noxian you spy is a good guy, she jumps at the opportunity of a guilt free meal.


Short Ahri symbiote story done as a freebie for some Ahri fans. 

cocacooler - 1 day ago

Holy Macarony Oo


(Absolutely awesome!)


Leon grumbles out a frustrated sigh as he calls his girlfriend, Penny, for what seems like the 100th time. Again, the long-waiting dialing of the phone results in the same autonomous voice requesting he just leave a voicemail after the beep. He decides to leave a 5th voicemail for her expressing his worry and annoyance that she isn’t answering his calls. They were supposed to meet up at the local park for a picnic date they had deci

A Stomach Filled With Love(rs)

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: DustyPioneer

Tags: Oral Vore Food Soft Vore Digestion F/F F/M Belch Implied Digestion Unwilling Prey implied vore Multiple Prey Cruel Pred bulging gut

Leon goes on a rather cliche date in the park only to find his girlfriend might not be joining him. Well, not in the way he thought she would. If only he could spent more time working on those sandwiches... he might have escaped her fate.


I figured I would try my hand at a short story. Well, a story shorter than what I usually write. I went aimlessly with the plot. Loosely based it on a small aspect of a...
[ Continued ...

In the clearing, Vasha finally looked down and away from Arik. “You’re right,” she admitted. “Our duty is to get them home, and we have to- it’s going to take both of us.” The hircine Champion looked back up, straightening. “We’ll start back the way we came, staying off traveled roads. We get them back to the capital, whatever it costs, and then get our new orders. We agree?”
“We agree,” the bigger man said soberly. “It&rsq

Making of a Hero- Chapter 33

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: sansuki

Tags: F/M Non-Vore slugs Willing Would-Be Prey Willing Would-Be Slaves

The impromptu party starts trying to get out of the Duchy. Also, a check-in with Galya's ongoing training!

Vasha the Champion
Qualities: Predator, Arcanist, Unfazeable, Delicious

The Vote: There's a horrible slimy monster chasing the others, and Vasha's the only one who's got eyes on it. She does have the element of surprise, though.

A: Jump down and attack immediately. No time like the present- surprise and magic should equal a...
[ Continued ...

Razgriz - 1 day ago

For Galya; can she identify if he's under some kind of spell? Talk to him to meet the person before deciding anything. Maybe use your emotional power to try and discern these things. Then, well. Whatever? It'd be far more cruel to let him walk into a succubus.

For the main vote: I imagine you'd have to use water or fire against this thing if you went option A, but we don't know how strong it is against an individual opponent - we could stay up the tree and blast it from above.

With it being so fast, B would be the safest...? But then how would Vasha catch up to the others? She'd have to attack it when it caught up to the others. Which would make it 2v1 at least, but they'd get little warning about it unless you shouted it all out when it got near enough. Though if she can just stealth by it to rejoin the others - that would work, too. Maybe our hunky lycan can make a quick trap for it.

Leading it in the wrong direction is risky. Do we know it has Stamina? It could simply run faster and longer than us.. I don't really like C.

So, if it were my vote. I'd go B. We did promise not to take unnessicary risks, afterall.

Graywolf18 - 1 day ago

I don't much like any of these choices... Arik could smell the thing so that implies that the wind it going in his direction, but that also raises the question of how the thing is following our party if not by smell. And attacking it could be tragic as the thing is completely unknown. It could be magic proof or spit acid for all we know. And leading it away is tricky since the thing is moving with some amount of haste to catch up with us. Hmm... I quite like Vasha but I'm not super attached to her yet, so I'm okay with the lesser of the 3 choices, C - Lead the beastie astray. Maybe give it a few peltings of magic to test its resistances.

As for Galya, obvious trap is obvious. Valguuz is clearly just trying to darken Galya soul with evil deeds. Stating in the letter how 'pure' his soul is should be at least a warning sign of such. Play along and learn his intentions, learn of the happenings in the rest of the townhship and decide his fate at the last moment. If his allegiance lies with the demons then eat him, but if he's really just a love struck kitten in a den of wolves then he should be... fuck... Beats me. Good luck Galya. :D

(personally, I doubt he's legit. Probably coerced into this by the demons in exchange for not being eaten... or raped to death... THEN eaten. But then again I've probably just forgotten if they've had previous interactions.)

vore2412 - 1 day ago

I'd want her to be able to report to Arik somehow, either through magical means or getting back to him quickly. However, the latter would be difficult, so if she's capable of the former, I'd definitely say use magic to let Arik know what's pursuing them. I suppose this might be a modified B in that she'd be able to coordinate a pincer maneuver with more accuracy and information in place.

As far as our fair Galya goes, I'm definitely in favor of seeing her train our poor stable boy into being a good pet, one that can be used over and over again until he pads somebodies body~.

Lerkur - 1 day ago

On one hand, option B sounds like it has the best shot of working, but we probably have to pass a stealth-based challenge to track it unnoticed, and if we fail, we'll have to deal with a predator and Vasha's delicious nature. On the other hand, while a surprise attack might draw some attention, it involves using what Vasha's good at, magic. So unless this thing can resist magic(which we can't really confirm or deny anyway), It seems like Option A is our best shot.

As for Galya's present, it seems like an obvious trap, either she get's shamed for letting the boy lose his soul, or she either breaks his spirit or ends his life. Regardless of which is the lesser evil, Valguuz will try to make it feel like it was the worst thing Galya could have done. As for possible solutions, maybe go for transparency and info gathering. Find out what's been going on while she's been locked up, then let the guy know he might only have a week to live if they can't bust out, and find out if they want to go out fighting, go out gently, or live no matter what.

If he want's to give up, Galya can double check to make sure they aren't under any sort of influence, then see if they want to help her train in ways that would give her a better chance of breaking out before time runs out and give them the end that's sounds more pleasing. If he want's to fight, see if he can be made to resist a demon's mental advances just long enough to jam an improvised shiv, or whatever's closest. through their devourer's neck. The boy would die no matter what, but losing one demon to a supposedly subservient human would send a message. If they just want to live, Galya could explain how the letter states they'll only live through subservience and what it means, and if they're okay with that, then she would do what she had to to to save the kid that just wants to live, while practicing your new abilities.

Regardless of success, it shows more defiance against Valguuz by refusing to play her games, and takes the choice out of Galya's hands by putting it in the stable boy's. Any questionable choices we make will be thrown back at Galya's face, likely in front of potential allies.

Of course, that's all the strategic side of things(and my own ideas for strategy at that). A "training" montage with a potentially eager prey might be a more interesting read if this isn't really supposed to be a big choice.

Scion - 1 day ago

++Awesome :D

will need to cut the length on any future ones lmao

TDODK; The sweetest couple, the sweetest dessert

“You seem in a fine mood today, master”

The sleek green dragon lifted his muzzle from the deep, reflecting pool in the back of his cavern, shooting he human grooming the scales of his sat thigh with a hearty rumble “I am indeed, it’s my favourite day of the month”

“Ah, already?” the human d

TDoDK; The sweetest couple

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: DrakeZephyr

Tags: Soft Vore Dragon Human Dragoness Implied Digestion

I'd pretend the Dari story was second, not first this month out of some intention to shake things up... but, blatently didn't have it ready in time. But here is your monthly dose of Dari. With this series in particular, I welcome ideas, long term it would be nice if it became more, community focussed, so don't hold back

If you want to see my work earlier, check out some of my non-writing projects in production, or just give a dragon a snack, why not check out my Patreon...
[ Continued ...

Drew waved his hands for silence and got it. He stretched dramatically, then took a deep breath. He held perfectly still, letting the anticipation and tension grow until just the right moment. Then, Drew did a backflip.

The crowd of assembled elementary schoolers went wild. Drew raised his arms in triumph, soaking in the praise and adoration. Deep down, he knew it was a little pathetic for a teenager like himself to be seeking the approval of children, but among his own

Vanthony - 1 day ago

Another great story from Tyslan! Keep it up dude, love ya! :)

Altimos - 1 day ago

As expected, another GREAT story... Accidental Vore is arguably the best kind of vore for me <3 <3 <3

Assimilation - 2 days ago

"I'm not scared, just uncomfortable." That was the moment that the turn occurred and drew me in. Your writing is impeccable, Tyslan.

Anon2727 - 2 days ago

I love the idea of a small girl accidentally digesting her hero! óuó

Bright - 2 days ago

Todd is an ass.

[QL] Zoe and the Willing

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: TheVoreEngineer

Tags: F/F Sonic masturbation Implied Digestion Size difference Underage Prey willing pred Female Prey Female Pred Bunny pred Rabbit Prey Implied Endo open ending Rabbit pred Bunny prey shy prey Sonic OC willing prey Zoe The Rabbit Quick Lewds Tera the Rabbit

Welcome to quick lewds! If you want a build up, characters that matter or actual tact and nuance, then you're in the wrong place entirely! Quick lewds is a series of quick stories, somewhat like quick sketches that artists would do, just getting straight into it! Enjoy! I mean I keep copy pasting this, but it feels less and less true each time.

~~ Zoe and the Willing ~~
Sometimes you feel the need to write something to pick your writing skill back up and to have some fun. ...
[ Continued ...

TheVoreEngineer - 1 day ago

No problems, glad you enjoyed it.

MidNightOwlArt - 1 day ago

Much much better!
I love the story now!
Thank you for updating this it much more enjoyable for me now.
Hope everyone else to! ^__^

MidNightOwlArt - 2 days ago

I read it now.
I have to say for a quick story it was really great read.
Though Zoe could of been describe a bit better a few lines that could of been changed to make her sound more nicer but i’m not bothered by this.
You took what i wrote and made it your own.
For what it is i love it! ^__^
Thank you for making this.

MidNightOwlArt - 2 days ago

I don’t know if i should be mad or happy about this.
Mad: that you took my character without permission and/or possibly make my character inaccurate.
Happy: that you actually MADE THIS by the inspiration of the comic and my Mini-story.

Either way I won’t be mad at you for making this, it a quick story afterall.
Thank you for doing this i’m excited to read it!

A Hug Too Far (6.9k)

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: Withania

Tags: Unbirth Absorption Sex writing Goo Non-Fatal Pony My Little Pony goo girl Absorption Vore Twilight Sparkle goo transformation Goo Vore shipping pony prey pony pred moondancer Moon Dancer

Twilight and Moon Dancer are researching magic together, and Twilight gets a little too eager to test out their theorems. One botched spell later and she's a goo-pony with a pressing urge for physical contact. Moon Dancer is far too shy to initiate any kind of intimacy herself, so ends up being more than happy to tag along on the ride!

Content Warnings: Absorption vore, weird goo pony sex, unbirth (into goo pony), melty transformation, that kinda thing.

[ Continued ...

Niku - 11 hours ago

heheh, thanks. And the lab will always have more fun things to discover and do there!

Withania - 1 day ago

thank you <3
Big fan of your work as well... don't think I'd ever leave Nova Labs, so many 'things to do' there ;)

Niku - 1 day ago

Really well done with the story, love Twi's personality here along with Moondancer's change from hesitant to willing. And goo pony unbirth into tf? Really good stuff~!

Dragon Pilot: Red Flag - Chapter 8

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: Aces

A fan fiction based on the anime Hisone & Masotan. The D-pilots travel to participate in an international wargame called Red Flag, hosted by the United States.

This story takes place a little under a year after the events of the anime, Dragon Pilot: Hisone & Masotan.


“Tech Sergeant Ejderha!” 

GeneralUrist - 2 days ago

So, the mystery of the American OTF program begins to be revealed. Poor thing, what happened to Ursa. And looks like we've learnt what Area 51 is really hiding :P

Poor Ace. Goes to show that just like any real animal or aircraft, the ORFs don't have infinite durability and under heavy stress sooner or later something will go wrong. I hope Ace learns a lesson about stubbornness from this though.

Little Lamia in the Big City - Ch. 71

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: Aces

Little Lamia in the Big City (REDUX) is a crowd-funded series to rewrite an old vore story I had written back in 2010 about a chubby pink naga who has to learn to live in a modern city.

This chapter was funded by  nap25.

If you want to contribute to this story, send at least $60 USD to and I'll write the next chapter ASAP.


Diana deals with a...
[ Continued ...

Squiggly - 2 days ago

Kira's sister more or less is a human with naga powers pretty sure.

Graywolf18 - 2 days ago

Oh good, another visit to the super safe haven of the ladies changing room. Kira had better remember her last visit.

TheVoreyeur - 2 days ago

...And for the next course, stuffed naga!

Gabriel0813 - 2 days ago

So the full bloods are the one with snake tongue where half blood like Kiria are sorta a crap shoot on if they get snake tongue or human tongues. That interesting make me wonder if other half bloods get a sometimes don't come out as naga but get their naga ability's.

Aces - 2 days ago

Full-bloods, snake tongue. Half-bloods, it varies.

Please and Thank You: Part 2, Chapter 1

Uploaded: 3 days ago

Owner: Frefnal

Tags: Oral Vore M/M Same Size Consensual Gay Non-Fatal Willing Bulges willing pred Male Prey Male Pred vore belly Avatar the last airbender Zuko Aang Avatar: the last airbender willing prey Eventual Romance Semi-sexual vore

Finally, some vore action! Late posting because I forgot it was Friday yesterday, so much for consistencies!

Comment your vore preferences below, and tell me if you want Zuko to get a little bit digested before he's let out or not.
Remember kids, this series is non-fatal, but that doesn't mean I can't hurt them  

Quest for the King's Jewel pt 4

Uploaded: 3 days ago

Owner: DrakentheBlack

Tags: Catgirl Lizard Soft Vore Plant Kitsune Giantess Hypnosis Naga Foxgirl Quicksand Lamia Neko Cyclops spider dog girl Oviposition Fatal Vore Female Prey Human Prey Female Pred Sexual content non fatal vore impregnation webbing inu shika implied hard vore Naga Pred dog boy Lamia Pred Plant pred Deer boy tanooki Borrower brownie Racoon girl prey Foxgirl prey Racoon girl

Wesley and co emerge from the sacred temple to find themselves confronted by The Queen's minions. Their ship is destroyed in the struggle, and they are forced to make their way back on foot. This means crossing through the darkest parts of the forest, where humanoids exist only to be prey. Who will survive, or will any of the crew survive at all?

(Sorry about the last few minutes. I was having some trouble uploading this.)

The Buizel Buffet

Uploaded: 3 days ago

Owner: lutro

Tags: Oral Vore Pokemon Soft Vore Digestion Commission Fatal Story belching Buizel SFW Cain Lutro

There's a party going on at a lake out in the countryside, and Cain the buizel just can't seem to find something to eat! Eventually his sights are set on food, but unfortuantely for him it's in possession of a larger buizel: Lutro! Can he manage to get the pudgy pokémon to share? Or will he just take it all for himself? And what will Lutro do about it?

This was a commission completed for AtrocityAtWork

Brian was warned against taking a job in a restaurant. Unfortunately, there weren’t many places hiring shrunken people like himself, despite labour laws being instated to prevent discrimination against his kind. Despite his small size, he held no fear in his day to day routine, and there were plenty of tools installed to help him be reasonably efficient as he helped prepare meals for the customers. He did not expect to fall into a deep, wide glass meant for a jumbo parfait as it was being

She Will Have Her Dessert

Uploaded: 3 days ago

Owner: truth

Tags: Oral Vore Belly Food F/M Giantess Swallowing Unwilling Swallowed restaurant Story writing Macro/Micro shrink Implied Digestion Unwilling Prey Ice cream Human Prey Male Prey Female Pred Shrunken man Human Pred Cruel implied fatality human/human swallowed alive swallowing whole Ice Queen Cruel Pred cruel predator cruel dom

...And another one.

I've mostly given up on writing because it doesn't interest me much, but haven't felt well the past few weeks and decided to finish out this story I had sitting on my computer from months and months ago. Its shorter than the last few, I really just wanted to get into it and get it done.

Haven't had anymore ideas since, so this will probably be the last one. But thats what I said the last time and the time before that, so...don't quote me on that. 

Valtron - 1 day ago

Please release more wonderful stories. I really love your work

io1908 - 1 day ago

Very nice story, simple and enjoyable

Littledude - 3 days ago

You’re a better writer than you claim to be. I have enjoyed your stories immensely.

Ivy stepped into her apartment, she felt a familiar crunch under her
feet. She looked down. An empty bag of chips.
glared across the room. Jenn, her roommate, was lying on the couch,
loudly crunching away on another set of chips. Scattered on and
around her were several other discarded bags, fallen chips, and a big
enough pile of crumbs that it was visible from the other side of the
room. She had the TV on, too loud as always, and didn't even seem to
notice Ivy come in.
the hel

My Roommate Sucks!

Uploaded: 3 days ago

Owner: AllRightAllNight

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore F/F Vacuum Swallowing Unwilling Story writing Transformation vacuum vore Female Prey Human Prey Female Pred Human Pred Compression Roommates Object transformation

A girl gets fed up with her roommate's messy habits.

I really like object transformation. 

DeadStrategicCactus - 2 days ago

Good, you should. It's a highly underrated combination that not too many do. It's never a bad thing to carve out a niche for yourself. Also thanks, hoping to keep getting fans of my literary works.

AllRightAllNight - 2 days ago

Thanks, glad you liked it!

AllRightAllNight - 2 days ago

Thanks! I hope to write more of this sort of thing in the future. Your stories are really good too :)

DeadStrategicCactus - 3 days ago

Object transformation AND vore? An absolutely great combination you've brought up here. I think I've only done one or two stories with it. I do hope to see more of this from you in the future.

Superwedgie - 3 days ago

Great story!

And another really interesting idea.