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A New Experience for Galan

Uploaded: 4 hours ago

Owner: Libahunt

Tags: Oral Vore Scat Centaur Digestion Elf M/M Burp Anal Fart Sex Gay Fatal Taur Bondage BDSM M/? Fisting Belly rubs gnome disposal prostitute Digestion Noises taur pred Centaur pred Scat pile Gassy Pred objects in scat

WARNING: Scat/disposal. No eating or anything that gross or extreme but fair warning.

Galan sees a new guy at the brothel... and develops a new fetish. 

Snacking at night

Uploaded: 6 hours ago

Owner: Hozomat

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore Digestion Same Size Unwilling Struggling Unwilling Prey Unwilling Pred Accidental digestion Anya regretful predator Accidental vore Charlene Gaela

Gaela brings a friend home for a sleepover. But in the middle of the night, Anya is awoken by her hunger...


Wanted to have a bit of exposition, and also some drama. So, here you have it! Enjoy! 

Destroying the Food Chain (Anonymous request)

Uploaded: 10 hours ago

Owner: HisashiHinata

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore Anthro Digestion Burp Weight Gain Rabbit Bunny F/M Fatal Cheetah Skull Hard Digestion smaller pred Female Pred f/mm buffalo Sexual content f/multiple larger prey Corruption Implied Disposal Lagomorph Zootopia Judy Hopps Unconscious Prey chief bogo clawhauser Skull Destruction

Hi, hello, it's me! Posting a story like I should because I'm actually a fucking writer! Wow! And would you look at that! It's a request I got like, 10 months ago from FA and only now I'm posting it because I only finished (and started actually) writing it like 2-3 days ago! Wow!

All bullshit aside, this is an anonymous request from a friend of mine who wanted a sequel to the very first story I posted here, Reevaluating the Food Chain.

All characters here = Zootopia =...
[ Continued ...

CoreyP17 - 3 hours ago

sent a PM

HisashiHinata - 6 hours ago

I don’t think anyone could at this point...


Achilles - 6 hours ago

Someone should eat her first, before she touch these tigers!!!

(Nice story.)

The K - 7 hours ago

Very nice story read.

HisashiHinata - 8 hours ago

It depends on what it is. Send a PM!

The five friends (and occasional lovers) walked through the caverns looking for their belongings and an exit.

Rays of sunlight shone down through the odd hole in the


cave ceiling, telling the group that they were not too far from the surface. Rita suggested breaking their way through, but Lauren and Nadalia shot the idea down over concerns of cave-ins. Whenever branches in the tunnels appear

Parched Lips Part 15

Uploaded: 16 hours ago

Owner: VoidInVoid

Tags: Soft Vore F/F Demon Goddess Same Size god Unwilling Series Demoness Macro/Micro Unwilling Prey Multiple Prey Tail Vore Nudity willing pred Female Prey Female Pred Western f/multiple Tight Belly Implied Unbirth Unbirth implied goddess prey

I've always found it strange that they decided to go Western for Buried in BOII. It's set in Egypt. The level select icon is directly over Egypt on the globe. Even the intro cinematic has them walking past the pyramids and Sphinx (one or the other or both), so why Western? 

Whereaminow27 - 1 hour ago

She doesn't seem quite bloodthirsty as the name Demon applies. :/

I believe she wants something in return.

That night, John fucks every last member of his private staff as he watches the replay of Dylan's final hours over and over.
Money pours into his bank account over the next weeks as his staff publishes the five latest adventures to his web site. The sixth, the one of Dylan, will remain a private memory. Just for him, well, him and the next willing son, whomever that might be.
Eight hundred miles away, nineteen year old Dominic boards the bus after work. It's just before two in th


Uploaded: 22 hours ago

Owner: longerjohn

Tags: Human Incest

His celebratory meal complete, John takes care of some important business.

There are no plans to continue this little adventure, but I wanted to give you a little fuel for your fantasies. 

GloomyBear - 17 hours ago

Well that's the end of those boys, forever being nothing but a memory, and adding to John's hot bod, while many other potential meals await to be eaten by him. Seriously this series was hot and I enjoyed it.

Mary & Troy Ch8

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: Andris

Tags: Giantess humor Anal Vore Magic Macro/Micro Drama teasing novel vaginal insertion relationship

The saga England. 

C107galaxytachyon - 2 hours ago

You have any visual reference for the barbells mentioned in the last few paragraphs?

Kurumu was really enjoying her stay at Las Vegas. Between staying in 5-star hotel, amazing sights day through night, and all the humans she could eat? Yeah, she was in succubus paradise. She had devoured six people in total at the restaurant and arcade, though the whole affair had taken five hours. She had finished and returned to the hotel earlier then she thought she would, so Kurumu had stayed in her bed for rest of the day. She spent the whole time drumming her fingers over her belly that co

Kurumu's Sinful Week of Fun d3

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: dragonvenom

Tags: Soul Vore Oral Vore Succubus F/F F/M Anal Vore Multiple Prey Female Prey Female Pred rosario+vampire Kurumu Cruel Pred

Well this has been a long time coming and I will offer no excuses for it. Please comment and provide feedback on what you think of it. 

NewRebellion - 1 day ago

Oh happy day! It's FINALLY up! ^_^

dragonvenom - 1 day ago

For Rosario vampire in general I have alot of stories planned for it. Though I know various other anime

DB1224 - 1 day ago

For this series or for other stories ? In all case I'll keep it in mind, thank you.

dragonvenom - 1 day ago

Thanks, if you have ideas on some requests I'll hear them out.

DB1224 - 1 day ago

I loved it. Keep up the good work !

Filling Fresh Scales

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: VividLucidity

Tags: Love F/F Naga Sex Transformation realistic romance Unwilling Prey H/F Female Prey Human Prey Female Pred disposal naga/human cuddling real life reality Naga girl Naga Pred Naga Predator F/F sex regretful predator gender transformation Optional disposal Naga Transformation Willing to unwilling pred

Icon taken from Gelbooru:
(Yes, I know this image has nothing to do with the story, there weren't many naga pics on Gelbooru okay?)

It's another lovely day in Santa Monica, California. Vanessa and Manilla are a happily married couple enjoying life and each other's company. But after one strange night, Vanessa starts going through some ... changes. Strange, strange changes. And Santa Monica might not be ready...
[ Continued ...

VividLucidity - 15 hours ago

While a sequel might be welcome, I don't recommend they go after Ebony's twin...
Might be a bit suspicious after all.

ouphe - 15 hours ago

Quite entertaining. I would encourage a sequel, since there is a twin to pursue...

VividLucidity - 1 day ago

Thank you for your feedback. As for the earlier version I sent you, honestly, almost nothing was changed. I just changed a few words, did a little bit, and updated the title.

Halcyon - 1 day ago

Really fantastic work! I loved reading earlier parts of this when it was in-progress, and now the final piece is really lovely! Great job with this ^^

Cumtain Cockvel

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: dolnamker

Tags: Human F/F Female Cock Vore Story writing Butt Transformation Semi-willing Marvel Cum Digestion Nudity willing pred Female Prey Human Prey Female Pred Vore story marvel comics Cock Growth superhero Human Pred Superheroine cumgestion Implied Cum Digestion naked prey Naked Female naked pred Captain Marvel Ms. Marvel Kamala Khan willing prey superpowers Carol Danvers Champions

so i wanted to try my hand on some marvel women and im not sure if those true are still okay after civil war 2 but here it is captain marvel tries everything to make it back on the goodside of her protege 

dolnamker - 5 hours ago

ErRynArya - 2 days ago

Link to thumbnail?

Love potion gone "right" Part 03

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: Astral24

Tags: Naruto M/M Non-Vore Sex Gay Yaoi gaara sai Gay sex naruto shippuden sasuke uchiha kiba inuzuka Neji hyuuga

Naruto learns how to control his libido
Artwork belongs to
Gninrom , giko18 , daddy bonkers, kevin, XYYMATT , mlmanemone , sorabelly : 

Astral24 - 2 days ago

Umm . It is gay . Hahhahaha

Kaboomer - 2 days ago

Thats kinda gay.

Love potion gone "right part 02

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: Astral24

Tags: Naruto M/M Non-Vore Sex Gay Yaoi gaara Gay sex sasuke uchiha kiba inuzuka Naruto Uzumaki

Naruto starts his own harem
Artwork belongs to
Gninrom , giko18 , daddy bonkers , mlmanemone , sorabelly : 

Astral24 - 2 days ago

Note : well . Idk why but tge story is cut half way . If you want to read the full fanfic you have to download it . Sorry for any inconvinience

A helping Hanar

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: Deigo

Tags: Oral Vore Digestion M/M F/M Sex Gay Cock Vore Unwilling Turian Spitroast Mass Effect Docking grunt Krogan hanar wrex

A story for  Kiala_Tiagra That I finally finished. Using their character Xenari.

Xenari the turian was just looking for a good time. Only for it to turn on her in more ways then one. ;3

I'm slowing trying to start making things once again. 

You have been accepted into St.Miluina's Vore Academy for the fall
semester. After careful review of your application and record of past
incidents, we believe you'll be a great fit here at MVA. Only 100
applicants are let in each year, so be proud!
at St.Miluina's we put all of our students through a best-of-its-kind
program to guide them towards mastery of the art. You'll take classes
to improve your skill in all facets of vore- swallowing, digestion,
escaping, even alte

Saint Miluina's Vore Academy v0.1.0

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: OsmiumOrchid

Tags: Oral Vore Digestion F/F Same Size Fatal school schoolgirl Regurgitation F/FF Female Prey Human Prey Female Pred Human Pred Interactive Janitor school girls text adventure student/student

At long last- the full first day of MVA is complete! Link to forum topic with more info:

Download link!!:!HeJnwSDQ!ThkkOXMjdzV1kqNqLFWMkVhGDi5hRIHPaADqA9MolxM

(PS- I just discovered that Twine can give you a word count for your game and in total, counting all possible scenes and alt dialogue, just this first day contains a baffling 95,169 words!) 

mrvoice - 1 day ago

Oh defiantly, it’s nice to see even the slightest variation had an impact. I know it probably adds quite a bit to the workload but the immersion is incredible.

Super57s - 1 day ago

I can't wait to see the difference! Oh boy, im so excited :D

OsmiumOrchid - 1 day ago

Glad to hear it! And I'm happy the little variations in text are appreciated, I think that's what slows down the writing a lot but I feel like the attention to detail really strengthens the game.

mrvoice - 2 days ago

Fantastic work mate, found every new scene and loved em all. I really like all the small variations based on earlier choices. I’m super eager to see what’s next.

Cross-Size Dating [STORY] M/M, Trap

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: medar84th

Tags: Micro Giant M/M Gay trap Anal Vore Story Non-Fatal masturbation panties Macro/Micro asshole gentle Insertion femboy femboi masturbating Femboy Pred femboi Pred Trap pred Dick Bulge

Not really what you're used from me and I understand if you don't like it.

This is an extended version of a greentext I wrote on a Giant Male tread on /d/ like a year ago. Honestly I was just as confused about my sexuality as the POV character while writing this, it was fun none the less!

I'd love to know what you guys think, anyone like stuff like this? Anyone be interested in a animated version of this (maybe one or two scenes nothing major)

If you...
[ Continued ...

medar84th - 1 day ago

Will do :D

Dragónmacro - 1 day ago

incredible story I give you a rating of 11/10 and I would love for you to have your second part and your animation please

medar84th - 1 day ago

Thanks! I do wanna keep this story cute and gentle, so no being digested alive. But maybe I can incorperate some willing experimental vore at some point.

lolmattlol - 1 day ago

Awesome stuff! Looking forward to part 2, maybe some ov? :D

medar84th - 1 day ago

Well I got the message, more stuff like this will come!

Lower your inhibitions

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: studmonkey

Tags: Oral Vore M/M Implied Digestion Size difference monkey Footplay Orca Pred primate monkey prey

His third drink was empty, the ice from the glass smacking him in the lips after he tilted it up in the air. He was expecting at least one of his friends to show up for the Friday evening social, but they all found a way to cancel on him, leaving Logan to finish all the martinis he ordered in anticipation of their arrival.
He was looking forward to tonight, dressing up, in his eyes, leaving his beanie at home and slicking his hair to the side. He picked out a flowered dress shirt,...
[ Continued ...

Mission Failed

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: KarmaticF8

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore Digestion F/F Burp Same Size Blood Swallowing writing Butt masturbation Struggling ?/F Shrinking Size difference Female Prey Angel prey Female Pred Neko girl world building Wolf Pred Angel Pred Neko prey Dark Angel

A group of Neko's go to deal with three Dark angels... however...

So it's no UNIST story or anything, but recently I've wanted to do a Neko story and here it is.

Since it's been a while, my writing is horrendous (so as a reward ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)... Feel free to roast the story as this defiantly isn't my best. XD

ps: The Neko sisters will return. (They kind of have to, considering where they are and all)

[ Continued ...

Daily Life with a Hungry Pixie

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: SmaxTheDestroyer

Tags: Oral Vore Scat Belly Soft Vore Human Digestion F/F Fart Magic Micro/Macro Farting gas pixie fighting Size difference large belly Human Prey Gassy Micro pred Size change Interspecies romance Liminals Pixie Pred

This wasn't my original idea for the next story but after too many hours playing "Kingdom Hearts" I had the idea of trying out what a relationship between a human and a Tinker Bell-like Pixie would be like. Plus it gave me a chance to try out Micro Pred vore. Hope you enjoy it!  

SmaxTheDestroyer - 2 days ago

I’m glad to hear you enjoyed it! I like doing the different points of view. It gives me more freedom and leeway to set apart the vore scenes from the rest of the story.

xvx17 - 2 days ago

It was so entertaining that I could not ... you know ... but I agree with the first comment. And I liked that the 2 narrated part of the story

Deviantfan16 - 2 days ago

Faeries and pixies are a bit interesting to me. It's mostly cause of the wings being interesting to me

SmaxTheDestroyer - 2 days ago

Thank you for the input! I’ll work more on that area~

techtician - 2 days ago

Only thing is more disposal description it was too quick

The Other Feast

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: EmissaryOfRainbows

Tags: Burp Stuffing Non-Vore burping Belly bulge Brigette Overwatch Brigette Lindholm female musclegut

This story is a continuation of my previous Overwatch Lunar New Year Stories, which you can find


And here:

A challenger emerges to break Zarya's record for most calories eaten in a single sitting. Her name is Brigette Lindholm, and she's ready to stuff 60,000 calories worth of food into her mouth if it means winning. At least Zarya will still have the title of world's strongest...
[ Continued ...

An hour later, the door from the terrace opens and Dylan and Alex come into the house. Both boys are shirtless and the sun gleams off the thin sheen of sweat on their lithe bodies.
They stop short when they see their dad, naked, being massaged by his sexy assistant. Dad lifts his head from the massage table when he hears them, "Hey boys, how was your hike?"
"Great dad," Dylan responds, shifting the t-shirt hanging in his hand over to cover his groin as the sig

Chapter 09 - Sweat, Sex, and Secrets

Uploaded: 3 days ago

Owner: longerjohn

Tags: Oral Vore Human M/M Blood Sex Unwilling Prey Incest Human Prey Human Pred Non-Furry Brother/Brother father/son

Chapter 9 of 10

Alex and Dylan get back from their hike and are offered a massage to loosen them up. As dad fucks Alex, Dylan reveals a hidden desire he's never shared with his brothers. 

longerjohn - 2 days ago

We've said goodbye to five boys so far. We'll say goodbye to Dylan in the last chapter. You'll just have to read the epilogue to find out what happens to John.

Last chapter should post on Wednesday.

GloomyBear - 2 days ago

So the next chapter is the last? I really loved all these guys, especially John since he's a great pred. He makes it seem fun to be eaten.

- Konosuba
3 - All Attention Aimed At Aqua
in Eris' game room, laughter filled the air as Aqua returned, Wiz
quickly appearing by her side when she did.
that was great!" Chris giggled, her view returning to the table
as clouds obscured the images shown on the mirror. "Did you see
Aqua's face? When she was stuck to Yunyun's nipple?"
I guess they aren't that
uselessly overgrown." Megumin replied, giggling and wiping
tears from her eyes.

17 - All Attention Aimed At Aqua

Uploaded: 3 days ago

Owner: NRawk

Tags: Breasts Feet Giantess Non-Vore Futanari darkness growth chris unaware Shrinking Aqua Growing shrunken woman foot crush konosuba Megumin Wiz

As the game progresses, Aqua seems to be getting more and more attention from the other players.

So, this chapter was out a bit later than I had hoped... truth be told I had this and the next chapter all written and proof read when I posted chapter 16, they were just missing one thing. A title. Yes, that's right... it took me almost a month to come up with a title for this chapter I was more or less okay with, (though really I'm still not lol).
However! In that time, I...
[ Continued ...

NRawk - 2 days ago

Thanks, I hope the rest of the story will hold up :)

Niggle - 3 days ago

Great chapter and i'm glad to hear the rest are finished too, looking forward to seeing who gets left with what.


Uploaded: 3 days ago

Owner: VaguenessIncoming

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore F/F F/M Same Size mimic Story writing Implied Digestion smaller pred Female Prey Male Prey Female Pred Implied reformation large breasts xenomorph implied fatality Sci-Fi breast smothering endosmatophilia ghost girl robot girl liquefaction alien pred Hammerspace UE-0096 UE-0054 UE-0150 UE-0045 UE-0049 UE-0006

A commission for  balanced-guy, taking place in their Unusual Entity setting.

The Unusual Entity Holding Facility is home to the strange, the inexplicable, and the voracious. A group of trainees learns the hard way that to study the records is one thing... but to meet these entities face to face requires more than just preparation.

Thumbnail drawn by the always awesome  MinaHyena.

Like my writing? Check out my...
[ Continued ...

gva274 - 2 days ago

*SCP. Not talking about the Shark Punching Center today.

gva274 - 2 days ago

Oh, I apologize, I should have looked more closely, I just scanned the page for any mention of SPC and didn't see it. I'm sorry!

balanced-guy - 3 days ago

Glad you find it interesting ;).

balanced-guy - 3 days ago

I mean I've never made it a secret, that the SCP universe was part of the inspiration for making my own universe. UE-0049 is the only intentional reference I ever made to the SCP Foundation though. The Rest of the UE's I've drawn, written or gotten commissions for, where made solely by myself. and occasionally with input from friends.

gva274 - 3 days ago

Hm, is everyone here aware of the SCP foundation so there isn't really any reason to mention it?

When Lauren awoke, she did not find herself inside Irie’s stomach, but inside a cave. Two lanterns lit up the cave and scorched her eyes. Lauren shook her head to put her vision back to normal. Her head still felt groggy, so while she waited for it to clear, Lauren tried to figure how she was stuck to the one of the cave’s walls. She looked down and saw that her entire body had been coated in Irie’s sticky material. With most of Lauren’s body covered by the material, she

Parched Lips Part 14

Uploaded: 3 days ago

Owner: VoidInVoid

Tags: Belly Goddess Sex god Unwilling Anal Vore Series Butt Non-Consensual Unwilling Prey Big Belly Nudity H/F Female Prey Western Implied Death Herm Pred huge butt Hermaphrodite huge cock goddess prey

I can't watch the first part of Open Range because of - spoilers ahead - the dog death. If it was just the guy who was killed, I could watch no problem, but it's the dog murder that make first part unwatchable for me. 

VoidInVoid - 2 days ago

Yeah, I usually use Rita as a foil to Strea's brashness or as comedic relief, but her gentler nature overlays her colder "survivor" mindset. She did live on her own in the wilds long before she met the others, constantly antagonizing magical creatures with the means to ruin her life.

doomed - 2 days ago

Holy shit , Rita is there scariest person in their group
, and they have a goddess

Whereaminow27 - 3 days ago

Another one bites the dust ;P

TheMysteriousSadSack - 3 days ago

A little ironic that spider-bra was squished imo


Uploaded: 3 days ago

Owner: Elle

Tags: Soft Vore Digestion Hard Vore Gore Guro claws torture bunnygirl Mind Control Fatal Vore Elle Lumi Compulsion slicing

Elle -


Elle, having spent a millennium exploring the worlds of the multiverse, does something rather risky.

Lumi, a dragoness who's working on creating a fortune through selling people as food, gets her lucky break in the world~

[ Continued ...

Elle - 19 hours ago

Thanks! I always have loved closed loop time travel~

Jam1312 - 1 day ago

Your stories are great as always Elle :>

Unwanted Houseguests Part 3

Uploaded: 3 days ago

Owner: Wolfyguy05

Tags: Macro/Micro Slice of Life Digestion Noises

The final part of the story, nothing graphic, just tying up loose ends and setting stage for side stories. 

An Umbreon's Interruption

Uploaded: 3 days ago

Owner: lutro

Tags: Oral Vore Pokemon M/M Feral M/F Commission Cum Fatal Rape Story bones umbreon Buizel Floatzel Oral Sex Big balls big cock Vaginal sex nsfw Lutro evrai

Evrai, a big big umbreon, is hungry. And in more ways than one! It's not just his belly that needs sated. After spending some time scouting his next meal and breeding target, he stumbles across a den, housing a mating buizel (Lutro) and floatzel...

This was a story commissioned by Ozy the Squirrel!

Lutro belongs to me. Evrai belongs to Ozy. 

Before any of you can react the Black Dragon rips through the Yurt. "You thought you could escape me and steal my treasure did you?"

Bellows the dragon.

It slashes at


leaving her bleeding from big gashes on her torso and equine body and unconscious on the floor. Meer and



Hermaphrodite Princess Alisa dragon end

Uploaded: 3 days ago

Owner: TheDarkTraveler

Tags: Princess Dragon Centaur Unbirth Gore rebirth Centauress Gore vore dragon pred Egg Egg laying Hermaphrodite

This is part 4 of a story that started out as a choose your own adventure story on
called Knights, Dragons and Princesses
I wanted to share my story here as well so I have created a version that is one single story. This it the path I don't consider Cannon for the Hermaphrodite version of Princess but it is an end with lots of vore
rest of the story can be found here:...
[ Continued ...

"So Alisa, are we going to have some fun?"

"Tell me


" You say as you cuddle up to her feeling warm body against yours. "Can Centaurs bread with humans?" You ask.

"Yes they can. We can bread with our own race, humans and horses. Breeding with horses is frowned upon and alway

Hermaphrodite Princess Alisa 3

Uploaded: 3 days ago

Owner: TheDarkTraveler

Tags: Princess Centaur F/F Non-Vore Sex Centauress Fisting H/F Lesbian sex Straight sex Hermaphrodite Inpregnation

This is part 3 of a story that started out as a choose your own adventure story on
called Knights, Dragons and Princesses
I wanted to share my story here as well so I have created a version that is one single story. This it the path I consider Cannon for the Hermaphrodite version of Princess Alisa vore will come into this later
for a non-cannon but vore end...
[ Continued ...


Princess Alisa

In a fantasy land, there is a tradition to have the daughters of Kings and noblemen live in castles guarded by dragons. Anyone brave enough and skilled enough can earn the title of knight. Once they have this title they are deemed worthy of taking on the challenge of rescuing a "princess" from a dragon.

Hermaphrodite Princess Alisa 1

Uploaded: 3 days ago

Owner: TheDarkTraveler

Tags: Princess Dragon Non-Vore knight Hermaphrodite

This is part 1 of a story that started out as a choose your own adventure story on
called Knights, Dragons and Princesses
I wanted to share my story here as well so I have created a version that is one single story. This it the path I consider Cannon for the Hermaphrodite version of Princess Alisa vore will come into this later 

CryoSin95 - 3 days ago

This was amazing i loved it

Predaking54 - 3 days ago

happy.. that is how i feel i am happy.. we need moar lois stuff

dat1guy - 4 days ago

Loved this

Brenda's and Tyler's First Encounter

Uploaded: 4 days ago

Owner: brandon14

Tags: Oral Vore Breasts Scat Belly Soft Vore Stomach Human Male Fat Digestion M/F Same Size spirit Bulge Female Fatal pooping Story bakery Non-Fatal busty Squirming ghost Willing Post-Vore drinking Big Belly huge belly hyper scat Post Vore Scat kissing Female Prey Big Breasts huge ass Original Character disposal belly expansion resurrection Belly bulge Original Characters Huge breasts Male Pred Alley ghost girl ass expansion gigantic breasts naked prey hyper breasts soiling huge cock stomach acid lewd gigantic ass Scat pile Disposal Scat willing prey Bronwyn Ludwig Garbage bag disposal

This is the trade with Theswaggah. Check FYI part of the story for which character belong to which creator. Thanks for reading! Add more tags to the post if needed!

FYI: There is a non-fatal tag because of one reason. According to dictionary, fatal means what causes death. If I am correct, non-fatal means the reverse version of death, revival. As a result, I used this tag because there is an incident/event that she becomes alive again. End of FYI and CONSIDER THE FOLLOWING!
[ Continued ...