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God Of Lust-Chapter 15

Uploaded: 1 hour ago

Owner: AegisOfRoses

Tags: Vore Centaur Absorption Cock Vore Transformation cum digestion Age regression Mini Giantess CTF FTP Pussy transformation

Changes are made. Then things happen. Then terrible, terrible things happen. Then it gets better. Then it gets fun. Then you wait till Wednesday. 

AndThen - 7 minutes ago

Wednesday??? Noooooooooooooooooo! XD Awesome work, exited for the next instalment

FEVT Chapter 5 - The Assassin

Uploaded: 1 hour ago

Owner: hungrydumpty

Tags: Non-Vore Fire emblem Big Belly morgan Robin Olivia Digestion Implied sully Fire emblem awakening lucina Lyla Vore Tournament Miriel Maribelle Panne The Host Akimi

And so the main plot begins...aside from the whole VT thing...that's also kinda important I guess.

The big difference with this one compered to the original. Is that noticed that everyone was very childish before. So, I did my best to try and avoid it. 

Life of the Party, End of the Party

Uploaded: 8 hours ago

Owner: saybingryph

Tags: Oral Vore Scat Pokemon Digestion Predator F/M party Unwilling Prey Anal Vore Goat Rhino Multiple Prey teasing disposal rhydon

Jeez, I really kept you waiting with this one, huh? I'm sorry that it took me so long, I usually start a story and have trouble finishing. Nevertheless, here it is, finally! An anthro-ish Rhydon girl gets invited to a party, and gets the perfect opportunity to have a massive binge thanks to the host~ Yada yada yada, scat under ~~~~~~s. Hope you enjoy it! 

saybingryph - 6 hours ago

I noticed I've been doing it a bunch lately, and have been trying to do something else. My next story probably won't involve it. Also, thank you!

udk115 - 7 hours ago

Not too much a fan of multiple prey myself, but this is still a damn well written vore story!

(Gift) No rest for the bloated - [Scat]

Uploaded: 14 hours ago

Owner: Rothar

Tags: Scat Digestion Feral M/F Fatal Anal Vore Dragoness T-rex disposal Tyrannosaurus Rex Feral Pred Dragon prey Tyrannosaurus feral prey

A gift story i got a while back as a gift from  Bangaa_Dragoon

Story is about Rothar who finds a post-meal bloated dragoness, and decides to have a bit of fun, and the dragoness gets to experience going both in and out of Rothar's butt.

lokihammer2 - 12 hours ago

It would be pretty cool to either see a short comic, series of pictures, or picture for this story. Doubt it would happen, but hey :P.

air was humid throughout the thick brush of the jungle as 3 female
warriors walked through. They had been walking for 6 days, trying to
get back to the city after one of the warriors, Lyca, had gotten them
most in the first place.
Lyca, why did you have to bring is here!?” Whined Ratpier, one of
warriors. She had rat like ears and a tail on her body, she had
blonde hair with blue eyes, and she wore a full set of armor besides
the helmet, a purple cape, and at her hip was a long

Lost in the jungle.

Uploaded: 15 hours ago

Owner: Alexthedrawer12

Tags: Soft Vore Dragon Hard Vore Reformation Unwilling

Commission for my friend Johnnyd2 on deviantart.

This characters in this story were based off of Yugioh cards and if you would like to find out what cards they are, just put zoodiac in front of Lyca's, Ratpier's and Cluckle's name and for the dragons, there names are pretty unique so you should be able to find them with the names in the story.

Disclaimer: I do not own yugioh at all and this is just a story. 

JacktheDragon - 13 hours ago

Yep x3

Alexthedrawer12 - 13 hours ago

Well still I'm glad you like it.^^

JacktheDragon - 13 hours ago

Your welcome and I like a good story also is nice to have some violence in story so don't worry I like this story even if one of the girls got bitten in half x3

Alexthedrawer12 - 13 hours ago

That means alot to me.^^ someone saying they like my storirs. Next time I make a story I promise there will be more of a peaceful ending.

JacktheDragon - 13 hours ago

Your welcome and the story is good despite getting violent at the end...but who says that I don't like violence~

You are a Quick Snack (POV)

Uploaded: 16 hours ago

Owner: TETRO

Tags: POV Oral Vore Vore Nature Scat Human Anthro Digestion Child Burp Underage Fart Fatal Forest pooping Farting gurgling gas Watersports Child Pred Nudity intestines Post Vore Scat kissing Underage Pred disposal Human Pred burping M/H second person Herm Prey Hermaphrodite Digestion Noises Second Person Perspective small intestine large intestine Young Love Second Person POV duodenum Casual predator absolutely haram the life cycle metabolism

This is perhaps the fastest story I've ever written. It sort of just came to me last night and just this morning I'm editing it. As a result, the scenario is a little simple, but sometimes it's just nice to write what randomly comes to you.

What's especially unusual for me here, is that this story is written in the second person and present tense. It's meant to make you the reader feel a little more directly involved in the story. I don't plan on writing all my stories like this,...
[ Continued ...

PipsqueakHiiri62 - 5 hours ago

I, in particular, am a big fan of post vore disposal and the like, so by default that was my favorite part. I also enjoyed the attention to detail in the digestion process as a whole, too.

TETRO - 5 hours ago

Funny enough, I was actually originally going to title it "You are a Sylvid", but I figured if I called it that, it wouldn't make much sense to anyone. This way, it at least gives you an idea of what kind of story it might be.

Also, were the any things in particular about the story you enjoyed? I'm just trying to get an idea of what aspects of my stories people like.

PipsqueakHiiri62 - 6 hours ago

Wait the title says I'm a quick snack but the story says I'm a Sylvid! WHEN WILL THE LIES END?

Other than that I love the story, keep making good works like these <3

TETRO - 16 hours ago

Thank you to whoever added those tags. I knew I was missing some.

She laughed at me. After the intense
orgasms, fatigue at last began to show in her voice.
“All that and you still want to
go? Gods you’re one hell of a stud girl! My bf never fucked me
nearly as intensely as that, I mean three orgasms in like an
hour…he’s a complete wimp next to you!”
My smile became one of smugness. I
had never yet fucked a girl who wasn’t a virgin without them saying
something to the same effect (The virgins had generally been too
drunk on pleasure to say anything)

Predatory Desires (Ch.3) Hunger Fed

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: JessicaVoire

Tags: Vore Breasts Wolf Girl Anthro Cute Sex Cock Vore domination Fatal wolves stretching vagina Unwilling pleasure pretty Penis Balls pussy hunger anthropomorphic curvy licking orgasm Unwilling Prey Crying cumming Wolf girl Nudity Fingering afraid kissing Insertion Anthro Wolf Restrained teasing horny Regret ecstacy stretchy vore Herm/F taunting Footplay Urethral Vore personality change footjob Hermaphrodite regretful predator Wolf Pred guilty lewd Shameless predator hermaphrodite predator Indifference moaning Slow vore cummification Cumdigestion Split personality guilty pleasures cummy mess

Chapter 3/3 of my first sex and vore story - freshly edited and spellchecked <3. I really hope it's a good a story and for the fetish.

The sex was great, but now Jessica's hunger demands to be sated. With a little teasing, she is able to get the cute wolf girl's legs inside her without her even realizing it. After that...well, being a dominant pred, Jessica quite enjoys playing with her food.

The next morning, with her desires sated however, she must once...
[ Continued ...

JessicaVoire - 12 hours ago

My fave too ^^

unicorn - 13 hours ago

can't ever have too much CV ;)

JessicaVoire - 15 hours ago

Ta very much Unicorn <3<3 Working on her next story now. It'll probably be cock vore again...or maybe not^^

Graywolf18 - 15 hours ago

If you're asking about any particular kinks I'd like to see, you basically covered my favs already. but since you asked I can throw in that I like twins and multiple prey.

unicorn - 16 hours ago

These were quite good! Decent on the kink front (i especially liked the disposing of the clothing at the end... <3) and also well written. Would definitely enjoy seeing Jessica again, and more of your stories in general!

dropped the stud and mare in a small paddock and locked their tack in
one of the closets offered for that reason. She made her way through
the town, stopping to get a soft, salted pretzel from one of the
street vendors. She pulled it apart instead of biting it, popping the
chunks into her mouth. At one point, a small piece fell down into her
shirt. She laughed and looked down at Eric.
the snack," she teased.
yelped and was lucky the piece fell in front of him. Although,

A Charmed Life, Ch 15

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: JinxedMyself

Tags: Micro Macro Giant Human Giantess Non-Vore Macro/Micro giant woman Mixed Race human female Giant Horse human male mixed species giant town human town

Yay people that piss Tor off that she can't eat! And I actually got around to an update this week! Next one will probably be next Saturday afternoon/evening. Tor isn't pleased with me, but she's making great story material right now. Haha As always, let me know what you think. Reviews/comments are fuel.  

JinxedMyself - 21 hours ago

Haha! Glad to know your thoughts. Thanks for the comment!

Graywolf18 - 1 day ago

I dislike Bret way more that I should considering how short a part he has. Kind of the prefect douche canoe.

Eric is getting bold! And Tor is way to observant for him to be so flippant with his rising pervyness.

As for June... danger Will Robinson.

To The West - Beginnings 008

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: Zwanzik

Tags: Oral Vore Vore Digestion F/F Fatal Mind Control Mini Giantess Hopelessness Digestion Implied Neko prey Neko Pred

Will Nako give up her free will? Or will she resist until the last moment?

This will be reader driven! So you can leave responses here, if you'd like. I also made a discord chatroom where you can chat about the adventure and can also drop suggestions there!

(Link to Discord Chatroom:

♦♢♦♢Patreon Plug!♢♦♢♦

If want access to some saucier, smuttier fiction and a chance to win a custom story, you...
[ Continued ...

TuckingFypo - 23 hours ago

And it sucks there was no Dridder vore, was so looking forward to two Neko-Shaped lumps in her.

TuckingFypo - 23 hours ago

Naga, and Tanya is here to take the newbie Anna on a taming trip (Non-Backstab). Maybe even eventually show the perks of Monster Girls, inside and out.

1ring42 - 1 day ago

The mg should be a naga. And Tanya is here for a bounty.

Ahri's Ascension

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: Chaos

Tags: Soft Vore Digestion Giantess Goddess growth Insertion Human Prey Planet Vore city vore Object Vore League of Legends Giantess Vore Ahri Ascension Eating growth

In a world where Champions are beginning to grow bigger, Ahri seeks to not only getting bigger but become something truly divine. To get bigger she begins devouring everything she sees and soon her hunger grows beyond even her control. Nothing is safe from Ahri's greedy maw.

A commission for Anonymous.  

mouth111 - 6 hours ago

These types of rapid growth stories aren't my taste, but i feel the need to at least briefly commend you for how well it was written. Ahri is a cruel and sadistic eating machine, and the way you wrote the vore was enjoyable. I fully expected her to take her time tasting the fear of any families or poor kids she might consume, and sure enough thats what happened in a true Chaos fashion.

The ending was interesting. Im not surprised her god-created reality is an eternity of her playing with and eating those smaller than her. I wonder how much she will do with such a reality? Endless possibilities... Ive never read a vore story with an all-powerful goddess as a pred, so it could be quitr interesting.

meowcatmeow - 1 day ago

I see.

Chaos - 1 day ago

Some random pic I found on an Ahri image search. I thought it looked cute and no one would mind if I used it.

meowcatmeow - 1 day ago

What picture did you use for the thumbnail?

Chaos - 1 day ago

Thank you, I tried to pack as much vore into the story as I could.

The Portal Effect: Aracelle 05

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: Xulali

Tags: Alien Inflation Naga Futanari Hyperphallic Hermaphrodite hyper cock hyper balls measuring the portal effect aracelle aguila

The experiments begin! Dr. Kens and her assistants measure Ari and her capacity for SCIENCE.


Inflation, ball-swelling, tit-swelling, measuring, sort-of-oral-vore, machines and pumps and hoses

Thumb is from this.


Sarkopheros is On:
The Official Sarkopheros Website!
[ Continued ...

voirlopicine - 1 day ago

This was awesome! Can't wait for the next one!

Two Easy Steps To Save Your Sister

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: nyttyn

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore Digestion F/F touhou Weight Gain sibling vore satori komeiji Satori koishi seriously koishi is kinda dumb

Satori Komeiji is always anxious when her sister returns late. But when Koishi returns in a less than ideal state, the woman decides to take drastic measures... 


Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: ryanshowseason3

Tags: Oral Vore Digestion F/F H/F

A pred has the ability to sniff out willing prey. She finds a couple but there are always bigger fish. Sometimes these relationships can be symbiotic though...

Been super busy lately but I've got a few stories that just need proofreading and final touches waiting in the wings. This is one such.

This is one of my shortest stories. A good example of what a $10 commission is for me. I seem to have trouble making that length so I challenged myself to keep it short. 

here2see - 18 hours ago

love your stoires :3

A Short Dive [Disposal]

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: Septia

Tags: Oral Vore Food Soft Vore Anthro F/F Same Size Female Reformation Fatal Doe Non-Fatal masturbation lesbian Willing Post-Vore Food play Implied Digestion same size vore Female Prey Female Pred lesbians Implied reformation Flan Soft oral vore onomatopoeia pudding Casual Anthro Prey Hermaphrodite Anthro Pred Casual vore doe girl Third Person 3rd person willing prey Food Disposal Disposal no Scat Non-Scat

A lonely pastry shop owner gets to know a customer at the end of the day, though the customer was after more than a little treat. Ending up with a trip to the back of the store for the two of them.

Some get scared when they fall, others lose themselves in the dive.

I wrote this story as a commission for  bittersweet, with their characters: Bittersweet and Mailiea.

Proofreader for this story was  farley. Many thanks to them.
[ Continued ...

Kelly - 13 hours ago

Uhhh °3° Cant wait <3 I hope some Twin eating twin action ? :3

Septia - 14 hours ago

Glad to have portrayed them well.

Septia - 14 hours ago

Awesome to hear~
Next week The Twin month starts.

eatmeplease - 1 day ago

Very awesome! Bitter is lovely.

Kelly - 1 day ago

Amazing :3 Love it

She leant back into my grasp; her
head nestled in between my breasts. I slid my hands down her sides,
giving her neck a quick bite. She breathed in sharply, before melting
into my arms. My fingers slipped inside her short skirt and pulled
the offending garment down over her shapely thigs. Glancing down, I
caught sight of a little strip of sexy black lace wrapped around her
‘Ooh…were we expecting someone
tonight?’ I asked wickedly.
A sudden flush of heat from her skin
told me that I

Predatory Desires (Ch.2) A Long, Hard Fuck

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: JessicaVoire

Tags: Breasts Wolf Girl Tail Anthro Cute Sex domination wolves Biting vagina pretty Penis Pre-Vore pussy hunger curvy licking Bigger orgasm cumming Wolf girl Nudity Betrayal kissing tender Insertion teasing Cheating impregnation horny doggystyle Herm/F fucking missionary personality change Passionate Wolf Pred guilty rough sex seducing Nibbling lewd Indifference Orgasms moaning passionate sex guilty pleasures prevorefuntime Anthro Wolf anthropomorphic Hermaphrodite hermaphrodite predator

Part 2/3 of my first sex and vore story [the vore scene is in pt. 3]. I really hope it's a good a story and for the fetish.

With her predatory side in control, Jessica sets about enjoying and pleasuring the wolf girl who followed her to her hideaway. Her condition as a herm and a predator has given her a fair bit of sexual experience, and although she likes a rough fuck, she also likes to pleasure her partners...a lot.

When the sex is over though, she will...
[ Continued ...

JessicaVoire - 1 day ago

She is quite a handful. I modelled her usual personality on myself (since she's my OC), but her predatory personality was really easy for me to imagine too.

Awh, thank you Graywolf <3 I'll try not to disappoint!

Graywolf18 - 1 day ago

That was some heavy stuff, Jess is kind of dangerous with that girl cock. If this story is par for the course for the rest of your stuff you've made a fan out of me.

Two Toys

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: Xxana

Tags: Vore Food Insertion dildo Two girls

A pair of women bring home snacks for the evening. They probably won't last long.


Another of my early stories, slowly uploading them with a touch of editing.  

Xxana - 23 hours ago

It's a great suggestion. Hard to make excuses, but what I can say is
"Damn, I've grown a lot in the past 3 years"
Short stories are always an uphill battle. Hope you still come back to read my recent works as I upload them.

ryanshowseason3 - 1 day ago

I like the concepts but could use a bit of "Show, don't tell"

For instance... "To Irene, men were made for her pleasure."

Let's turn that into a bit of dialog instead to illustrate the point.

"You tied him to the bedposts and let him screw you?"

"I wouldn't say it like that... It wasn't really about him. I rubbed myself up and down him, all over his face. On every one of those taut muscles of his. Eventually I got around to rubbing against the one he really wanted me to. But that was just my choice. And when he started thrusting I lifted up to let him know I'd be directing the scene. It'd be more accurate to say I screwed him I guess. I think he came at some point but I really wasn't paying attention."

"Wow girl, selfish lover much?"

Irene shrugged with a grin that betrayed no amount of shame.

You did say it was an early work but thought I'd just give a suggestion!

Star Wars Tales: Jedi Tales

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: JustAnotherGuy

Tags: Non-Vore star wars Original Character

My OC's tale.

Croda Lacha and Aurora Revik are Jedi who must decide their fate 

The Depravity- Part One: Lolis

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: Rowigrath

Tags: Soft Vore Hard Vore violence Cock Vore Anal Vore Hard Digestion Multiple Prey Demon pred tongue play Male Pred brutality loli prey mindfuck Broken Bones

This is a story I wrote while RPing with myself on Discord. Boring, right? ...Nah, not really. I enjoyed it! Plus, with all those lolis running around, how can one resist? They're just meant for eating~


Project Drakaina: Epilogue

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: TETRO

Tags: Catgirl Vore Scat family Sex military epilogue Dragon Girl dragon boy

Project Drakaina was so long, and I cared about the characters so much, that I just had to give the story and epilogue. I'm hoping to revisit this universe in the future and continue the adventures of Drakaina and her family. 

Cryos - 2 days ago

Thanks, glad to hear that it's worth reading, even if you don't know the characters! I guess I'm doing something right~

dragonvenom - 2 days ago

Nice 8 out of 10 but can you do a alternative version where Ophelia is the pred?

noisekeeper - 2 days ago

I am always a fan of accidental digestion scenarios, and you wrote quite a delicious one here, even in spite of me being unfamiliar with FE:Fates (I always have a wiki open when I read FE:Fates stories haha). So thumbs up on the very nice story!

Vore con! 2017

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: PinkHorse

Tags: Oral Vore Scat Digestion M/M Fatal Anal Vore Farting Unicorn Human Prey Cruel Cruel Pred misinterpretation

Another xenophilictext story  

eatmeplease - 1 day ago

Lloyd is awesome!

ddraytton - 1 day ago

I'm so sad. These are too brutal and evil. I love your art work, but your stories just are too sad for me. I'm sorry.

FreelancerSmurf - 2 days ago

If such a place ever exists, I'd absolutely love to go there! And when I do, I'm strapping those AV, OV, CV stickers! That Marcus is a hunk and I'd love to dive headfirst into dat ass after a good romp!!

boomer91 - 2 days ago

This is evil... poor mike... poor jamie

I'm fucking jealous

ChaoskampfNunc - 2 days ago

Lloyd is the worst... and that's why I love him

Caught in the Act

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: Arthotus

Tags: M/F Cock Vore Fatal Husky Rape Anal Sex Oral Sex cum digestion object swallowing punishment Sexual content Rhinoceros furry prey Furry Pred gang bang Vaginal sex unicorn prey cum disposal

Equustra, a young impulsive unicorn, tries to steal a pair of panties from a big box department store on a bet. She doesn't get far.

This is a commission I wrote up for unicorn! She graciously chose me to write up her wonderful idea and this was the result. I hope you all enjoy! 

Arthotus - 1 day ago

You find poor Equustra's fate amusing? Hehe, yeah. I usually have a rather dark sense of humour mixed into most of my stories, though some, like this, are a bit lighter.

ouphe - 2 days ago

This story made me chuckle :)

Arthotus - 2 days ago

No problem. I'm thrilled to have properly completed your request.

unicorn - 2 days ago

Thanks again! This is great <3 I hope others enjoy reading this demonstration of the proper usage of a unicorn as much as i have ;3

Arthotus - 2 days ago

Well, it's certainly what law states is her fate anyway.

To The West - Beginnings 007 [CYOA]

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: Zwanzik

Tags: Human Non-Vore Neko Pre-Vore Dridder To The West

A neko attempts an attack, only to run into an old "friend".

(Sorry this was short. I was exhausted from cleaning and moving.)

This will be reader driven! So you can leave responses here, if you'd like. I also made a discord chatroom where you can chat about the adventure and can also drop suggestions there!

(Link to Discord Chatroom:

♦♢♦♢Patreon Plug!♢♦♢♦

If want...
[ Continued ...

TuckingFypo - 2 days ago

Refuse to serve

Moonlightshadow - 2 days ago

I guess this was a great moment to learn that Comment section use different type of formating commands than Forum section.

Moonlightshadow - 2 days ago

<strike>...Let's became her servant. And see if we can fix her head.</strike>

Let's throw rolling pin at Suzanna's head to get her out of that trance...

1ring42 - 2 days ago

Make Nako food for Suzanna

I ran through the field under the
pale stars. All around me, dusk was slowly giving way to the dark of
night. In my mind, however, the night was racing towards me like a
predator running down it prey. This was a poor analogy though, since
the only predator in the situation was me.
A rusted old car hurtled past: the
marker of where the dirt farm track had once snaked through the
field. That path had become overgrown years ago, but I did not need
it. I knew the way to where I was going all too we

Predatory Desires (Ch.1): Good/Bad Timing

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: JessicaVoire

Tags: Breasts Girl Anthro Cute Fear wolves vagina pretty Penis Pre-Vore pussy hunger blowjob anthropomorphic curvy cumming Wolf girl Nudity Anthro Wolf Stripping teasing horny Herm/F deepthroat personality change Hermaphrodite Wolf Pred guilty Hungry Wolf cock erect seducing hermaphrodite predator awe guilty pleasures drinking cum hunger pangs prevorefuntime

My first sex and vore story (part 1/3 [the vore scene is in pt. 3]). I really hope it's a good a story and for the fetish.

Jessica is a pretty anthro Wolf in her mid twenties. She's a herm who struggles with a rampant libido and predatory desires, which reach their peak after dark. Because of her uncontrollable hunger, she lives an introverted life and camps out during the night in out of the way places to avoid...incidents.
She's had a good few incidents -...
[ Continued ...

Graywolf18 - 2 days ago

I'm American, metric makes my nose bleed. :/

JessicaVoire - 2 days ago

Thanks! And thank you for reading it Graywolf <3 I write a lot, but obvs this stuff is different. Yeah, herms have the best of both ^^

Haha, not really. 19cm is 0.19 meters or as long as my entire hand (and I have big hands by all accounts). The average penis length in cm seems somewhere between 13 and 15, depending on the survey. Inches have become really vague - most times when they say 18 inches what they really mean is 18cm.

I was tempted to give her a really massive cock (or even an actual horse cock) but I kinda like her just having one that's impressive by normal standards.

Graywolf18 - 2 days ago

Really good for you first vore story, and I really like herms. I'm looking forward to reading more.

1 gripe tho, I think you may have mixed up centimeters with inches. 19 centimeters is shorter than a finger.

"Andy and Pam, take lab number 4 please." The teacher announced, sending excited chills down Andy's spine. He had always had a crush on Pam, but could never bring himself to do anything about it. And now that she had a boyfriend, he feared his window had been closed forever. He nervously gathered all of his things together and made his way to the table at the back of the room where Pam was already waiting. She stood leaning, her long blonde hair draped past her shoulders, with streaks

Hestia042 - 1 day ago

I agree with you! And you are correct. When I shout, it projects quite far and rather loudly. Thanks for the suggestions! Every bit helps.

AtmosRobot - 2 days ago

Great reading of this, Hestia. I really enjoyed it.

I will say, though, the parts where Andy is shouting would have much more impact if you shouted out the lines. But, it sounds like you might not have the space to do that?

Either way, I look forward to any other stories you narrate.


Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: lllll1337

Tags: Oral Vore Giant Feet Soft Vore Digestion M/F Food play Female Prey Underage Pred velvet Male Pred tales Fast Digestion foot crush giant male foot torture Tales of Berseria Velvet Crowe Laphicet Crowe Innominat Laphicet

Velvet Crowe encounters the revived Innominat, who takes on a disturbingly familiar form. He attempts to devour her to regain his full strength. In the game, she escapes, but… what if she didn’t?

_ _ _

Here be Tales of Berseria spoilers- don't say I didn't warn ya.

Request #3 for Ghetto Lord  Sabrina. He’s been a swell friend and I haven’t done a male pred in a while, so I was happy to weed through hours of wiki paragraphs and Youtube...
[ Continued ...

The clock struck 9 AM on a
bright, sunny day and the doors to the arena opened to admit the
ocean of spectators lined up outside the venue. Some headed straight
for their seats, others to the rows of vendors hawking food and
souvenirs in the halls, and some to where the bookies had set up shop
for all manner of gambling. Mixed in with all of the above, the
attendants passed out programs for the day with the full listing of
the day’s scheduled fights and s

Match 1: Cheshire vs Pillow

Uploaded: 3 days ago

Owner: Sliptree13

Tags: Catgirl Oral Vore Cat Digestion F/F Cow Fatal lactation Dragoness fighting cow girl Lamb sexual vore sneaky pred Goddess Tournament

Starting off the tournament it's the Phantom Thief, Cheshire going up against the Famous Courtesan, Pillow! Two will enter the ring but only one will be leaving it intact. Place your bets!

Not sure who's who? Be sure to check out the Opening Ceremonies, where all the major NPC's and each of the 32 fighters are introduced here:

The full roster of the 32 fighters is here:

The Tournament...
[ Continued ...

MrQuarantine - 15 hours ago

Nice to finally see this getting off of the ground. Solid first round so far I'd say, though I must admit I was rooting for Pillow XP. I'm curious to see how the rest of the matches shape up.

Jack - 23 hours ago

Well, well, well. Would you look at that.
The tournament has finally started, wo-hoo!
Glad to see things are rolling now. I have been waiting for this quite a bit.

A very good, solid first round I would say, although I can understand the victor's disappointment about the lack of a chest increaase after her meal. ^^
But we will see how far she will get in the tournament. Maybe her next match will help bolster the required areas, or she will become chest padding herself. Looking forward to see how she fares.

To The West - Beginnings 006 [CYOA]

Uploaded: 3 days ago

Owner: Zwanzik

Tags: Catgirl Non-Vore Neko Dridder CYOA Digestion mention To The West

A courageous neko confronts her fears with the help of an unexpected friend.

Now with an expanded inventory!

This will be reader driven! So you can leave responses here, if you'd like. I also made a discord chatroom where you can chat about the adventure and can also drop suggestions there!

(Link to Discord Chatroom:

♦♢♦♢Patreon Plug!♢♦♢♦

If want access to some saucier,...
[ Continued ...

1ring42 - 2 days ago


Moonlightshadow - 2 days ago

Try to get Lovaria out in open so Suzanna can jump her... see if you can stun Lovaria with trowing at her rolling pin and then use knife at her abdomen to try save that poor girl...

TuckingFypo - 3 days ago

[x] Chickens out and says "I brought food".

Lloyd the bouncer

Uploaded: 3 days ago

Owner: PinkHorse

Tags: Vore Scat Human Digestion M/M Sex Rape Post-Vore Unicorn Post Vore Scat disposal club Cruel Pred night life

Another story that xenophilictext over on FA kindly wrote for me 

ChaoskampfNunc - 3 days ago

Rape, digestion, scat and nearly killing someone with your dick? This story is truly something amazing~

Lilo for Lunch

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Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore Digestion M/F Fatal Child Prey Lilo Preparation Underage Prey Soft oral vore Lilo and Stitch Digestion Implied alien pred Hamsterviel

A piece done by my good friend  misterebony here on Aryion, featuring Hamsterviel deciding to deal with Lilo in the best way he can think of...making her lunch!

What can I say? I'm a HUUUUGE Lilo and Stitch fan.  

Rosebud - 3 days ago

"What can I say? I'm a HUUUUGE Lilo and Stitch fan."

O really?? X3 Really great story though! ^^

ChaoskampfNunc - 3 days ago

I probably won't ever get tired of little girls getting eaten and digested alive X3

For science
On the second floor
of the Dewey household was a laboratory. Not one of those "children's
first science kit" labs but a fully functional research station.
The lavish household would quickly change upon entering two doors
which had a decontamination shower in the middle. The lab itself was
pristine white. Everything a lab needed was available in this place.
Test tubes and various other glass wear was tucked away in designated
cupboards. Magnesium, sodium, potassium and plent

For science (short story)

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Tags: Cock Vore domination Non-Fatal Willing shrink Shrinking Incest fetish cum inflation femdom Cruel Mother/Son Incestual Vore CTF pervert SCIENCE!! Body Swap

Dr Dewey loves to experiment on her son. Her latest experiment involves her swapping bodies with her son and seeing if he likes it. Story idea from  Chaos  

AegisOfRoses - 2 days ago

Well I appreciate your abandon! I love when I finally get to the point where I'm lost in work, like you're truly lost in whatever world you've created! Eager to see more, and maybe I can finally release some more recent content, if my schedule allows it!

crime0edge - 2 days ago

Thanks a lot. Swapping the gender perspectives was fun and I enjoyed the sordid details she goes into at the end. I always like it when I get carried away while writing and in this case I kept adding more and more to that last scene.

AegisOfRoses - 3 days ago

Oh, this was delectable! I see it clearly, such a well done story. I am, as always, in love with your work!


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Tags: Vore Fat F/M navel Non-Fatal Navel Vore belly button vore ssbbw Homestuck hyper fat john egbert non-fatal vore Vriska Serket safe vore pred

Someone on tumblr requested a story where John is the feeder of a superfat Vriska Serket. She ends up 'accidentally' sucking him into her belly button, and trapping him there. 

Kelly - 2 days ago

nice story I dont like the setting This much but still the story is amazing I still hope for some fatal vore + diaper :3