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Zoi's Prey

Uploaded: 2 hours ago

Owner: donkdonknever

Tags: Oral Vore Digestion Weight Gain writing Mass Vore Female Prey Female Pred shark girl f/multiple Graphic digestion Mini Giantess melty digestion Multiple Preys

Alice goes on vacation and gets eaten by a hungry shark girl. Things only get worse from there.

I've really wanted to write mass vore from the prey's perspective for a while, and this is the result. Significantly more evil than my usual fare! Oops!

Thumbnail is Zoi's tummy from a very good comm I got a while back by VeryFilthyThing over on DA. You can check out the full image over here:...
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Mechdragon1k - 1 hour ago

Maybe for a follow up, pov can be a passenger on a ship that been rerouted to inside a pred.

Mechdragon1k - 1 hour ago

I love the prey pov of mass Vore, it is so underused, it drives me nuts.

The Easter Special

Uploaded: 4 hours ago

Owner: helenarlet

Tags: Unbirth F/F Rabbit Commission Unwilling Prey Vore story Rabbit Prey Rabbit pred inside womb Inside Egg ambiguous fate Easter Egg egg insertion alcohol consumption Egg in vagina viginal vore

This story was a commission for  Mustelid and was based off of this artwork also commissioned by them.

Sasha has just started her first night working at a club that serves as a front for illegal vore activity. She figured the position she was hired for should have made her more or less safe, but being a pink rabbit, she soon finds herself being served up as an "Easter Special" instead... 

May CuriousCat Questions

Uploaded: 11 hours ago

Owner: FluffyLizardFunTime

Tags: Soul Vore Oral Vore Scat Centaur Digestion Anal Vore Gas Unwilling Prey Mass Vore Disposal Questions Object Vore demon prey vampire pred Answers Willing prey Centauress pred Questions and Answers

Collection of all the questions I've received since setting up a CuriousCat page

I share all answers on my twitter as and when, along with random other hornyposting

But if I keep getting as many questions as I do then I'll probably do this monthly. If you have something you want to ask me, feel free ^///^

If you enjoy my work and want more/would like to...
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FluffyLizardFunTime - 2 hours ago

I can't think of where specifically, but I like to play this game where I... maybe these will explain it better~

FluffyLizardFunTime - 2 hours ago

Thank you, I just got around to responding if you haven't already seen it ^///^ I honestly didn't expect to get so worked up by some of these questions but the whole thing has been very hot >///>

maxpayne98 - 4 hours ago

This was hot <3. Where do I find your mentioning of the escapades of the jelly babies?

DarkenedJump - 9 hours ago

Thingamadooda, I had meant to type morsels rather than morales, but it would appear that auto-'correct' disagrees with that.

DarkenedJump - 9 hours ago

I have sent a question as of now, inquiring about your preferred morales and quantity of them, I had meant to sign off, (I think is the term,) with my username here on Ekas, but I forgot to do such.
Also these are quite the interesting and vornyness inducing, (at least for a preyslut such as I) so well done to thee on thine writing skill.

A nap in the sack

Uploaded: 12 hours ago

Owner: Thesckass20

Tags: M/M Gay Cock Vore musk Human Prey Docking Minotaur Pred Anthroxhuman

Elric has been living for a while with the Minotaur on his cabin, every night and day is certainly a pleasurable heaven that Elric certainly never wishes to leave. But his strength is faltering, his life essence is withering... When faced with this problem, the Minotaur has certainly a very creative way to fix this problem, and in many ways... it will be something that Elric will always remember.
Well, one more comission done on my list. I didn't expect to finish it so quickly...
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Lizzie the Glutton

Uploaded: 14 hours ago

Owner: DreamEater

Tags: Oral Vore Digestion Weight Gain Breast Expansion Same Size Fatal Belching Unwilling Prey F/FF Big Belly Willing Pred Female Prey Human Prey Female Pred Big Breasts Human Pred Lizzie Fast Digestion Digestion Noises Second Person Perspective unwilling observer female observer Second Person POV Uncaring Pred observer pov Belching up clothing Same sized vore failed rescue Multiple prey failed escape attempt Dreamville

As students of Dream State University, it's important for you and Lily to take a break from student life occasionally. However, things are a bit complicated with you possessing strong....feelings for Lily. With you having a rather significant crush on your roommate and friend, you finally believe that it's time to act on your pent up emotions. It would be a shame if someone interrupted...

This story features Lizzie from "The Freshmen" series. This is also a rather...
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Segundoetapa - 1 hour ago

Damn probably my favorite story so far. Honestly outdone yourself with this one, her nonchalant gluttony was amazing can’t wait for your next original story they never disappoint!

DreamEater - 5 hours ago

Thanks buddy! I’ll consider it! Tbh, I’ve never thought much about my writing skill before, but it’s nice knowing that people consider it to be good.

doomed - 5 hours ago

You have far less work than you think . If you had just started with a game instead of writing your stories it still would’ve been one of the best .

What you should do is make a Twine game or a Choose your own adventure interactive . Because you are really good

DreamEater - 5 hours ago

Thanks! I’ve been getting more decent with making my stories easier to read. I have a long way to go before I’m game worthy though~

doomed - 5 hours ago

Glad you didn’t lose her sociopathic traits in the upgraded story. And the way you’re righting now is more and more like a game . You should totally consider doing one

I was sitting down at the table in the coffee shop

with my drink and


my computer before I saw her. I had come in there to get some writing done for my new story. It was supposed to be about some voracious girls in a nightclub, but I’d probably get distracted and write something


Mother's Day Indulgence

Uploaded: 23 hours ago

Owner: Naganommer

Tags: Oral Vore Pregnancy Digestion Kitsune F/M M/F Tail Vore Female Prey Male Pred m/fff pregnant prey pregnant pred kitsune predator Willing prey mayternity

Getting in just under the May-ternity wire. A story where I go about an average day for myself. Or at least something close to an average since I've decided to take advantage of the face that it's mother's day and go after the yummiest prey of all.

Featuring me and a number of my OC's. This is also the debut of my scientist OC Dr. Jasper Melange. A woman who tests the limits of science and isn't above testing on herself.

Pic of me for pred reference:...
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Naganommer - 8 hours ago

Thanks for the comment. I’m glad you like it!

Ihatemyselfalot - 9 hours ago

Pregnant prey is great. Im never really a fan of pred role reversal tho. It was fun to read about those would-be mommys melting down.

Naganommer - 20 hours ago

Glad you like it.

doomed - 20 hours ago


The Club Becomes One

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: FutureBellyAche

Tags: Chubby Digestion Weight Gain Fart M/F Cum Fatal Farting Yuri Unwilling Prey Cum Digestion Female Prey natsuki M/FFFF Male Pred monika unwilling to willing Unwilling to Willing prey cum disposal Multiple Preys Sayori sentient fat Doki Doki Literature Club weight gain butt expansion farting pred Yuri (ddlc) sentient balls fart disposal monika (ddlc) Obsessed Pred Natsuki (ddlc) Sayori (DDLC) Monika prey Selfish pred sayori prey yuri prey natsuki prey

Monika's jealous conquest to conquer the groups beloved has some unforeseen consequences.

He has enough love for all of them. And he won't let them go. He'd rather take them all for himself then risk them being taken.
Alternative description
Boy Eat Girl x4
A commission for  carv. I'm a little surprised nobody has asked for a Doki Doki commission considering how many pieces I've put out. But here's one with a male MC pred!

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Larkspurdiblock - 8 hours ago

God DAMN, this was fuckin' great! Good work!

Amelia could hardly believe she was actually going to do it. She had fantasized about killing her husband for years, but she’d never seriously made an attempt to do it. Before today at least.There were many ways it could go wrong, drinking a mysterious liquid just because a stranger said it would help make her husband disappear, and allow her to walk away was, by all accounts, a pretty terrible idea. It’d be more likely to poison her than actually help.Despite all the reason not to d

A snake's diVOREce

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: power

Tags: Snake Digestion Fatal Transformation crushing Sadism implied scat Human Prey Snake Pred Male Prey Female Pred Snake girl sadistic predator sadistic pred Implied Disposal wife/husband Husband Prey wife pred Abusive prey Crushing prey

Amelia is trapped in a marriage with an abusive husband who refuses to let her get a divorce.

With the help of a strange potion she's going to take matters into her own hands and get a divorce forcefully.

Thankfully there's this handy loophole in their marriage vows where they won't be married anymore if one of them is dead. 

Mechdragon1k - 1 hour ago

That is fast digestion for a snake, through I suppose trying to apply realistic biology to a naga has some limits.

Unjust Relief [F/F, UB]

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: JohnnySniper

Tags: Furry Unbirth Anthro Digestion strong Bulge Fatal shower cunnilingus Orgasm Unwilling Prey Big Belly smaller pred Betrayal Sadistic Red panda teasing juices Bitch Cruel bullying bully cruelty cumgestion Roommates athletic Liar Femcum friend vore hidden prey Orgasms bitchy drained two prey lots of cum pussy vore shaming sadist pred red panda pred Red panda girl Eating pussy hiding the evidence Getting rid of the evidence killing friends eating friend

Dee returns from a study session that'd travelled far into the night, only to find her roommate still awake.

Only, her roommate is naked. And wet. And utterly, ridiculously horny.


Dee belongs to  DeeComission

Not a sequel to, but kinda happening at the same time as Undeserved Relief - which you don't need to read at all for this one. As a matter of fact, these two stories could not contrast any harder from one another. ...
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JohnnySniper - 7 hours ago

This comment got a laugh out of me. I love it, thank you!

EagleEye - 7 hours ago

God you're insane. Your unbirth writing especially is just so visceral and detailed, I've never read anything like it.

Mechdragon1k - 23 hours ago

I am not wondering about a prey who escapes partially cumdigested.

JackJackal - 1 day ago

Great one~ Love smaller preds who tease poor larger prey~

A world with no heroes

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: Sauvegarde

Tags: Human Unbirth Digestion Weight Gain F/M Fatal Unwilling Lactation Male Prey Female Pred Prey POV Android 18 Dragon Ball Z 2nd Person Depersonalization

My very first paid commission! I made money writing this :D

Imagine a world where Dr. Gero goes beyond a simple remote control to keep his creations in check...

Unwilling unbirth, 6.7k words. 

skorm - 3 hours ago

Oh no I think it says volumes considering he lost his son to gokku and tried to remake him as android it’s just funny that 16 doesn’t show up in the evil time Line , but the aspect of comedy plays probably into the same vein as comedy and tragedy as to sides of the same coin , I thought this was a interesting insight and good play on unbirth as to how he probably would think up cell

Sauvegarde - 6 hours ago


Sauvegarde - 6 hours ago

Gero would probably tell you he picked the sentence at random and that it doesn't reveal anything about his character :>

DeathStar66 - 15 hours ago

Great story

skorm - 17 hours ago

“Life is a comedy,” he explained, “it plays out in front of the multitude and ends in solitude.” Bang up Job right there for such a cold calculating mind as Gero


Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: moonpunch101

Tags: Soft Vore F/F Absorption Same Size Story Non-consensual Unwilling Prey F/FFF Willing Pred Female Prey Human Prey Female Pred Vore story Human Pred Original Characters Butt Expansion ass expansion Literature Multiple Preys Religious Pred

Another short story based on a prompt provided by my Discord server, this one to close off another month.

Special thanks to Trying124, 7r23483e42 and SwordkingX5 for helping to create the prompt, as well as anyone else who made suggestions.

Special thanks to QueenNyanlathotep for proof-reading this on short notice.



moonpunch101 - 1 day ago

Indeed. :P

VoidInVoid - 1 day ago

Her prey may have gone to her butt, but the power has gone to her head.

Babysitter Fun 1

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: PokégirlMaster

Tags: Unbirth My Little Pony teasing Large Breasts Pinkie Pie Pumpkin Cake pound cake pinkie pie pred

Pinkie has been tasked with taking care of the Cake twins for a while, but has a certainly long length of extension sprung on her from out of the blue.
She's already claimed Pound Cake, how will Pumpkin ever survive, the pink haired pred, and remain outside of her body?
That is, if she even wants to remain outside it. 

PokégirlMaster - 11 hours ago

Yeah, that would be the illustration that inspired the story.

WillingWombPrey - 1 day ago

Was this specific chapter inspired by this pic?

Touhou - Marisa's Enwombment

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: LemonBarb

Tags: Unbirth touhou Unwilling Prey Willing Pred Flandre Scarlet marisa kirisame blood drinking impending absorption vampire pred touhou project Witch Prey 2hu taunting pred Bullet hell boss bullet hell danmaku

Thumbnail sourcing from Danbooru, "needed another Flandre/Marisa" image to dom over, edition. (Or not)


Second trigger, in only a handful of days? Oh my~

Blame BlazBlue, Nu-13's opera theme giving idea/s? And how her TV Tropes article best summed her up as "if Rei Ayanami were yandere for Shinji Ikari". Being the trigger here.

Might, if feeling whimsical, write a...
[ Continued ...

Lost Fang

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: angrytiger12

Tags: Wolf Soft Vore Mouse Fatal decapitation Funny Willing bad end bobcat pregnant prey

A battle of the bands with the prize opening for a big band. every local bands dream. White Fang a girl band its pulling out all the stops but maybe their front girls ritual is going to be the death of her.

(let me know if you want to see a happier ending or the fates of the rest of the band let me know.) 

TheHumanPred - 19 hours ago

Love the decapitation!

nomnomvore - 18 hours ago

Damn that was a good one <3 good job

RoTheHuman - 1 day ago

That as a good read! I'm glad Kaa didn't have his meal stolen from him. :-D

Nico and the harem were out enjoying the gardens on Lady Livinia's estate. The master had been called there for some meeting or other and had brought his full entourage with him. They would of course need to perform their duties later in the evening but for now they were free to wander and do as they pleased.
Everything was going nicely. The day was perfect, the plants were blooming, but then a shadow passed overhead. Nico looked up and thought it was some kind of bird. Then the others started

Dragon Food

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: fallendragon

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore Dragon Implied Digestion Unwilling Prey Mouth play Dragon pred Male Prey Neko prey

Another short one. I write these at like 3am. 

fallendragon - 1 day ago

Nico is in favor of whatever gives him less pain in the moment. He doesn't really think ahead like that. He's a masochist but only so far.

Mechdragon1k - 1 day ago

Is going down whole really better with pieces.

I guess the best case situation for Nico, is to aim for the full tour or his master showing up to save him,
Second best case is dragon deciding to add him to the horde.
Third best case is him passing out due to lack of oxygen, or failing that, too much co2 (lack of oxygen is better since it will not feel as bad)
Fourth best case, he feels the entire digestion.

Fifth best case, Soul Vore enough said.

Steenee Shenanigans

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: asmodesu

Tags: Pokemon Belly Burp Same Size F/? Struggling Big Belly Female Pred Big Butt f/multiple indigestion Onomatopoeia fat pred Pokemon pred Stomach Noises Bone Disposal steenee Tsareena written work

oho look another one. this one about steenees being gremlins while their leader is fighting for their life

originally was supposed to be a longer form story, but I fell into different projects since then

might continue, might not, who knows lulw 

Breeding and Feeding Amy

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: Saidle

Tags: Fatal Rape Unwilling Prey Female Prey Male Pred public vore breeding Casual vore

Amy gets a harsh lesson in Predator rights. 

The Last Resort

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: BeGad

Tags: bikinis Sex Milf writing Lesbian Yuri Willing ?/F Female Prey Sexual content Lesbian sex Macro pred implied fatal Monster Pred Implied Disposal milf prey Willing prey Gorilla Pred written work Sex in stomach Multiple prey office ladies

And here's another one! Not really much else to say on this story, just a short silly little idea.  

BeGad - 1 day ago

Glad you enjoyed! I admit for a silly idea, I'm happy how this one managed to emerge.

heromc - 1 day ago

Most vore stories skimp on either plot, swallowing, or digestion, and I kept expecting the same here. Holy cow did you deliver! This was just the greatest! The buildup was just right, setting the mood and keeping the anticipation building. The swallowing was intense and exciting, and oof the digestion hit hard.

Such a great mix of casual and serious. I love when people get eaten willingly while knowing the stakes!

The Curious Discomfort of Janine Hart (Pt 1)

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: Andris

Tags: Unbirth Anal Anal Vore comedy Macro/Micro Combat pantyhose psychic endosmatophilia unaware pred vaginal insertion orgasm denial Unwitting Predator tiny man office worker Alien Predator funny expressions panty entrapment space alien clothing entrapment magical girl pred orgasming Oblivious Pred vaginal fluids heroic sacrifice anal entrapment secret mission alien heroes pantyhose entrapment

The life of paralegal Janine Hart is changed forever when a team of alien warriors come to earth, seeking a mysterious power she doesn't know she has.

This story was a commission for paci, to whom I am very thankful for the opportunity. It was loads of fun to write. =)

I do this because I love it and as a side hustle to support myself. If you enjoy my work, please consider supporting me on subscribestar.
[ Continued ...

paci - 4 hours ago

I'm very happy with how this commission turned out, and I can only recommend Andris as a writer, he really made my stupid idea into a superb story :D

And if anyone is interested, there will probably be more chapters in this story, (if Andris is up for the challenge) I already have ideas up till like the 5th chapter

fallenAngel13 - 1 day ago

thank you for giving us these fascinating and incredible stories

Andris - 1 day ago

It feels so good to hear things like this, you have so idea. Thanks so much angel. =)

fallenAngel13 - 1 day ago

I love your work, I would love if there was a continuation of this story, everything you upload is a piece of art

Zahra overindulgence herself.

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: Trying124

Tags: Oral Vore Scat Human Digestion F/F Weight Gain F/M Fart Bulge Fatal Pooping Farting Butt Masturbation Gas Post-Vore Huge belly hyper scat Betrayal Mass Vore Human Prey Male Prey Female Pred Disposal booze f/multiple Human Pred Cruel Racism Graphic digestion Gassy tricked prey weed massive belly bone breaking Cruel Pred Uncaring diarrhea Willing to unwilling prey mocking Scat pile Clothes Steal Wedding dress lying pred Bones in scat wedding ring Willing prey Desecration Slurs lying on belly Zarha long digestion graphic disposal Clothes in scat written work hair in scat Latina Prey trusting prey arab pred Miss Zarha prey helping pushing out scat

Fuck me this took ages to get out. Good news is I should have some more stories coming out sooner or later.
Zahra not actually doing any Vore in it how suspicious… Thank you as always for your comments and feedbacks. With this concluded that means that I have done both of the raffle prizes.this is also the closest thing I've ever done to hyper anything.

As always comments and feedback's and requests are always appreciated! 

Trying124 - 3 hours ago

I think she'd certainly enjoy rumours of a monster or whatever.probably because she would feel that they were true.
I think when and if she figures out that other ways of possible she will certainly consider some of those.

dekabreak - 6 hours ago

Described like that, she would probably love the rumors of a monster or whatever and seeing no one suspect her.

And to be fair, she is a monster killing people for pleasure and knowing the cops won't suspect vore and think more like people ran away or were kidnapped...a lot of them but still.

I guess unbirth and anal vore could be extra humiliation for some preds, a germaphobe up her ass or an misogynist jerk up her pussy(particularly if the guy had loudly said women are only good for making babies or their pussy) or some very prude prey as she makes them human sex toys...but overall the traditional way still being better because she has more experience, easier to grab prey and she gets to taste them that way.

Trying124 - 8 hours ago

She’s not normally that careless, I do really like the podcast idea though. And it probably was an absolute ton of shit,
Zara definitely enjoys killing, but the reason she kills isn’t just for sexual pleasure. The orgasm is a cherry on top. It’s the feeling of power she gets off of killing that’s the real thing.

The fact that would feel awful for the dead family members kinda makes it better for her

skorm - 19 hours ago

I chalked it up to something from the book of Kafka , they could see all her dna but the problem is they would be stumped on how she could fit all that into her body. That actually would be a funny idea of scientists trying to deduce or figure out how a 20 year old woman could produce this kind of death and destruction? It would be Podcast worthy the stuff of conspiracy theories . What the hell kind of psychopath kills like this? You have so much dna as it is mixed on the site , the parents are going to be left in utter horror and scientists will be scratching there heads that they have never seen or recorded something like this before.

dekabreak - 22 hours ago

Ahh, thought so from the lab thing, she is still a bit careless, leaving a literal pile of shit with clothes and bones, there will probably be a podcast about the missing party and what made that pile of crap and conspiracy theories in-universe since she couldn't be bothered to clean it up.

To be was a ton of shit.

And no, i can just see Zahra killing for an orgasm, as some family members will say, she is awful...the dead family members that is.

A Semblance of Gluttony ~ Ch. 4

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: Egads

Tags: Oral Vore Belly Soft Vore Human Digestion F/F Burp Fatal Belch Non-fatal arcade huntress Grimm Big Belly Huge belly Willing Pred Female Prey Human Prey Female Pred Combat f/multiple Human Pred RP Log Endosoma Object Vore role reversal F/object RWBY Monster prey F/monster Unwilling to Willing prey Blake Belladonna Ruby Rose Weiss Schnee Yang Xiao Long Jaune Arc Multiple Preys loud burp Pyrrha Nikos Nora Valkyrie glynda goodwitch Teasing Pred Willing prey Glynda Goodwich Lie Ren Cardin Winchester Loud Belch oobleck

The fourth chapter is live! This one focuses more on the team and their shenanigans, as well as an interesting plot twist near the end~

It's quite a long chapter so make sure to get some popcorn, hopefully the next chapters won't be as long as this lol

Anywho, have a good read as always! 

jyoster - 1 day ago

Yeah, that was fun to do.

Hibben - 1 day ago

I'd imagine they would be tasty with a bit of sap on them, out in the forest where there's no witnesses.
And the White fang at the docks are probably fair game, even if Blake may have some objections.

nico240 - 1 day ago

my favorite scene in this story is when ruby and weiss fight over who eats who

jyoster - 1 day ago

Things are currently brewing as far as potential shipping is concerned. We're keeping an open mind at the moment, but it will be interesting.

R4d6 - 1 day ago

I hope Ruby and Weiss manage to find the occasion to eat Cardin & his team, or some other crooks~

Trust Your Dragon

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: PinkFox

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore M/M Dragon pred Skyrim Ambiguous Ending POV prey Odahviing

Had the idea kicking around for a while when I swear I saw Odahviing in Skyrim smile at me.
I kept the wording kinda old to try and go for a medieval type era tale. 

Mechdragon1k - 1 day ago

I am kind of surprised a person with the heart of dragon submits to these. But it is cute, also he likey stocked up on healing potions which could give him some more time.

Rainbowknight2 - 1 day ago

Very nice!

[Fic] Delivery Dilemma

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: Caramelt

Tags: Digestion Weight Gain Same Size Masturbation pizza F/fm graphic f/multiple pizza delivery Pred to prey trans pred pizza delivery girl Multiple Preys trans girl tables turned MtF Pred delivery girl Prey To Pred

Just a quick self indulgent fic with my self-insert Callie.

It's my first time writing a kink fic, so hopefully it's still enjoyable! 

Mechdragon1k - 1 day ago

When eating the pizza person, check they are not a pred, I think surviving in the career requires one to be able to deal with preds, so natural selection may make pizza delivery people surprisingly dangerous.

NotMax - 1 day ago

This was pretty good. Your ramblings on twitter are always fun to read so it's nice to see a full, proper fic from you.

burgerandfly - 2 days ago

“Pred that wakes up and slowly pieces together that they ate someone last night” is one of my favorite scenarios, this was a super fun read

Steve was staring point blank at the boxcutter on the desk. It was right there, all he had to do was grab it, and slit open Brimstone's massive belly freeing the other girls while he still could. It was so simple, but at the same time, he was left petrified. Even with the other girls building up inside him over time, Brimstone was still a massive beast capable of devastating force. Even if he was left completely immobile, if he got too close, he could easily be killed with a single swipe of h

Mechdragon1k - 1 day ago

I love the surprise ending, through I am shocked they do not need to be treated for acid burns.

What the dragon intelligence level?

Chapter 15

Some Time Later


How long had it been since she had died? Kiea couldn’t tell. The world was just dark and painful. She could vaguely remember a time when she was warm, when she was happy. How long ago had that been? Her body hurt all over. Her tail throbbed from tip to her waist. T

The Sleeping Serpent, Ch15

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: EuritheSnek

Tags: Oral Vore Human Naga Lamia written work

Re-uploaded do to some errors.
Comments, Feedback and tag suggestions are always welcome.
Re-writing the summary would take too long, also, I'm a dumb snek and didn't save the other one before I made this one.
We have a flashback of our story so far from Kiea's perspective. She and Eliza are safe for now, and are healing slowly from their ordeal. Time to travel and see what Eliza has planned, and what she will be discussing with the King of Rustov. 

So I'm A Glutton, So What? Chapter 7

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: PetatlTheLotl

Tags: violence Vore story Wyrm Digestion Noises Bone Disposal Isekai Game Mechanics So I'm a Spider so what? so im a glutton so what

Waking up from her hefty midnight snack, Ami attempts to figure out a way to avoid the trouble that comes with eating someone's pet. Hopefully she doesn't get into any trouble.

CW for this chapter: Bone Disposal, More violence (yay pain) 

One Vampire's Boredom

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: SupremeToadLord

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore F/F Burp touhou Same Size Swallowing Belch Non-fatal Willing Human Pred Remilia Scarlet Sakuya Izayoi touhou project smaller prey vampire prey

One midnight spent with her loyal head maid, Remilia finds herself incredibly bored & decides it's finally time to tackle a problem plaguing her maid… ever since that incident between her & that certain little devil…

Word Count: 7,604.


Hi! Out of the suggestions I received not too long ago, I decided to go for Sakuya, and… this is the result! A story meant to be on the short side but you know me, I...
[ Continued ...

hayabusa113 - 1 day ago

Another great story, hope too see more from you soon!

Prima Bambola [Commission]

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: NRawk

Tags: F/F Absorption Domination Anal Vore Non-fatal Melting Mouth play Domination/Submission Anal Insertion Butt Expansion Absorption Vore Analingus Butt crush ass expansion ass worship Hakuno Kishinami Fate/Extra CCC Meltlilith melting prey Memory Absorption Meltryllis Memory Erasure

After everything she had been through, and all the sacrifices she made, all the young brunette by the name of Kishinami Hakuno needed now was to stay safe and be pampered. Recognizing the young Master as worthy of such privilege, the Alter Ego of "End of Pleasure" won't let anything stand in the way of granting Hakuno her just rewards. Not even Hakuno herself.

Once again, Flood requested a story set in the Fate/Extra CCC timeline featuring the lovely and lovable...
[ Continued ...

Empty Fridge part 2

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: EloquentOrc

Tags: Digestion F/F Disposal Object Vore daughter/mother choker collar Unwilling to Willing prey Incestous vore

We continue on with Naomi and her mom, adjusting to Naomi having eaten her sister.

The premise is thanks to one of the winners of my sequel raffle notitthrowaway
who asked for a sequel for my Empty Fridge story. It was one I was happy to return to, as I had a lot fun doing the first one.

In case someone doesn't know, it was inspired by a manip by the talented Vo-photoshop. They sadly seem to be currently banned on ekas, but can be found on...
[ Continued ...

EloquentOrc - 1 day ago

Now you flatter me :)

redgreenandblue - 1 day ago


EloquentOrc - 1 day ago

Glad to hear you enjoyed it. :)

JustDroppingANote - 1 day ago

That was lovely ^^

EloquentOrc - 2 days ago

Thank you for saying so :)

Cath's Path

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Owner: Draconatedz

Tags: Oral Vore Digestion F/F Burp Weight Gain Same Size Fatal Belch Belching Lesbian Yuri knight F/FF Fire Emblem Female Prey Female Pred Disposal Catherine Burping post digestion Accidental digestion post digestion weight gain knight pred Fire emblem Three Houses byleth (female) Shamir Nevrand Cassandra Rubens Charon Byleth Eisner unaware disposal

A commission from  jrarulez of the long awaited Catherine option in that little Three Houses mini series I never got around to writing a few years back! Better late than never, eh? I feel like my writing has improved a lot since then, so hopefully this lives up to and exceeds everyone's expectations for the sexy tanned knight triumphing over all!

Please, enjoy, and let me know what you thought of it in the comments below!

Had some trouble uploading this one...
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Draconatedz - 2 days ago

Many thanks!

pbysteria - 2 days ago

so enjoyable to see some catherine pred, did a great job making her a lovable meathead!

jrarulez - 2 days ago


Simplespectator - 2 days ago

And so we have a complete set. And…. I still like the byleth one a bit better. Mainly just because I like byleth and the extra bits Sothis added there are just so good. This is fantastic though.

Thank you very kindly for sharing. It’s always such a pleasure.

Alyks - 2 days ago

ty for catherine love

Bad Girl Mika

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Tags: Oral Vore Scat Digestion F/F Burp Weight Gain Absorption Same Size Belch writing Belching revenge teasing Disposal f/multiple Cruel Burping Beatrice post digestion belly play Sensei burping up clothes post digestion weight gain sentient fat Teasing Pred written work Belching up clothing vengeful pred Blue Archive Misono Mika Hakari Atsuko Tsuchinaga Hiyori Imashino Misaki Joumae Saori Kirifuji Nagisa Yurizono Seia Madame Beatrice Mental digestion

A story that has been in the works for a while now, here's a fic based off one of my favorite Blue Archive Characters, Misono Mika! She's such a bad, bad girl, and she's out for revenge... I'd look out if I were a member of Squad.

This one took me a while to complete, and I'm really happy with how it turned out. Please, let me know what you thought of it in the comments below if you happen to read it! 

Draconatedz - 1 day ago

Huh, you know, she's at least second place behind Saori. I remember in her momotalks that she was always talking about being hungry and malnourished, so I guess I just forgot that she does have a decent sized chest. Might need to update that, thanks for the comment!

Tooka - 1 day ago

Hiyori is the most stacked of the Arius squad tho :/
Great story!

moukexuedezhuangjiabing - 2 days ago

_(:з」∠)_.That is ok.Let's wait and see.

Draconatedz - 2 days ago

It's based off a main storyline in Blue Archive. You'd have to play through that to understand everything.

Makazawa - 2 days ago

I see, thank. This time has a very cruel pred

(Warning for Graphic Digestion, Drugs, gas and Scat Disposal)
 Jill Valentine was in a frenzy, she'd awoken to a city in chaos, she had to get out and meet with Brad so the two of them could get out of Raccoon City and meet with the rest of the team, nobody was expecting an outbreak of this caliber, she was looking out the window to her apartment, seeing people screaming as they ran from the dead below on the street and in alleyways, her heart sinking. "F-fuck."
 It would hav

Jill's Stupor

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Tags: Oral Vore Scat Weight Gain Fatal Pain Unwilling Prey Female Prey Female Pred Resident Evil Graphic digestion Jill Valentine Gassy Scat pile Bones in scat Zombie Predator

Jill mixes Drugs and Alcohol to drown her sorrows and wakes hours before Nemesis attacks her apartment, sneaking away, but is she up to the task of survival suffering from these side effects? 

AutomatonManeater - 1 day ago

Nope, i was considering Sherry or Rebecca but Claire is a great pick, maybe some Tyrant guts next

Halodarkpd - 1 day ago

Hmm you hit the big 2 I love which is jill and ada, but I don't think you have done Claire yet no?

AutomatonManeater - 2 days ago

Yeah, poop is the best part of any scene for me haha, do you have any suggestions for next prey? I'm only doing RE characters for now, mostly female preference

AutomatonManeater - 2 days ago

Yeah, poop is the best part of any scene for me haha, do you have any suggestions for next prey? I'm only doing RE characters for now

Halodarkpd - 2 days ago

Love this story! Always good to see jill get reduced to a her rightful place as a sandwich! Also love the shit she made getting dumped on her boots >:)