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gts character notes

Uploaded: 57 minutes ago

Owner: Andris

My character notes for the ladies in the most recent chapters. Some people have asked for them. 

Jessie 2

Uploaded: 1 hour ago

Owner: Andris

Tags: Sex Anal Vore Magic Macro/Micro Shrinking Video Game Late night photoshoot anal play Mind games Cruel Pred Private quarters ambush predator Teasing Pred

One late night Jessie decides to invade Mason's room and bully him for fun. Ragabash garou are like that.

This one goes out to all the guys who dream about waking up in the middle of the night to being *utterly victimized* by a giantess just for the fun of it. You know who you are. 

Jessie 1

Uploaded: 1 hour ago

Owner: Andris

After getting her ass kicked in the practice room, Jessie decides to give mason the 'full tour' to break him of his ego. This story is not a dream.

This is probably my longest and raunchiest Masons Nightmares story to date. It has something for everyone (I think). Jessie is the craziest and meanest of the lot. 

Bonnie 2

Uploaded: 1 hour ago

Owner: Andris

Bonnie gets bored and decides to invade mason's dreamscape for a trade of 'favors'.  

Bonnie 1

Uploaded: 1 hour ago

Owner: Andris

Tags: Macro/Micro Funny humping Video Game revenge Angry Predator Giantess Predator mario bros Dream Sequence Teasing Pred Bully Predator

When mason screws up his packmates raid night, he suffers for it. This story is unique in that it is *not* about vore. Though it is certainly sexy and has a giantess picking on a micro with her rear. 

Heartfelt Feasting

Uploaded: 5 hours ago

Owner: DimentedChaos

Tags: Oral Vore Belly Soft Vore Digestion touhou Weight Gain Same Size Fatal Belch F/FFF Female Prey Female Pred Suwako Moriya Belly bulge kanako yasaka sanae kochiya touhou project satori komeiji goddess prey Multiple Preys Mind reading

Kanako holds a meeting with the Palace of the Earth Spirits' mistress in an attempt to spread the Moriya Shrine's influence. Satori has other ideas...


Aaaand here's the final part to my 100 watchers special! It was quite fun writing all these, though coming up with all the scenarios was a bit difficult. Regardless, it's done, and personally this is my favorite of the bunch. I tried a bit of a different style for this one (though I don't know how well that...
[ Continued ...

nyttyn - 4 hours ago

This one was definitely great. You did a real good job of writing Satori as a predator. Good job capitalizing on her ability, too.

pre-emptive rip to reimari.

Slacker Shinigami's Snacktime

Uploaded: 5 hours ago

Owner: DimentedChaos

Tags: Oral Vore Belly Soft Vore Digestion F/F touhou Breast Expansion Same Size Swallowing Fatal smaller pred Female Prey Female Pred Large Breasts larger prey Belly bulge Komachi Onozuka touhou project urumi ushizaki

Komachi's day off is interrupted by a certain cow oni... Komachi, of course, isn't quite fond of that, especially when her chest size is called into question, so she responds appropriately.


The second part of my 100 watchers special! This one is more in-line with my stuff so far, though this time with big tiddies everywhere. Whew.

Anyway, hope you like it! 

nyttyn - 4 hours ago

Eiki and Komachi gon' fuck.

Really though, nice story. No wonder Eiki's a total voraphile in that last story. They're unrelated, but still.

Pickyfanboy - 4 hours ago

Funny enough, Urumi was going to be the prey in my next fic. The pred however... I'll let you guess

Momiji's Inside Story

Uploaded: 5 hours ago

Owner: DimentedChaos

Tags: Oral Vore Belly Soft Vore Digestion F/F touhou Same Size Fatal Belch Unwilling Pred F/FF Female Prey Female Pred forced vore Belly bulge Accidental digestion Accidental vore Implied Disposal aya shameimaru touhou project Hatate Himekaidou Momiji Inubashiri

Aya wants Momiji to help her out with her latest scheme to bolster Bunbunmaru's popularity. Lots of things go wrong for the poor wolf girl, ending up with two tengu stuffed down her gullet!


Alright, here's the first entry for the 100 watchers special! I have to say, it was quite fun to write forced/accidental vore with an unwilling pred for once. Not much else to say here, so... enjoy! 

RWBY Reactions-11

Uploaded: 8 hours ago

Owner: WillingWombPrey

Tags: Centaur Unbirth Succubus Kitsune Sex Milf Lamia Dragoness Transformation Fairy nekomata RWBY Blake Belladonna Ruby Rose Weiss Schnee Yang Xiao Long Winter Schnee breast drider

Part 11 of my RWBY Reactions Series
File Cover Art Credit goes to Original Artist. 

Nightmare49 - 5 hours ago

too bad Weiss didn't get turned into a breast drider. :P still cute and funny in a nonsensical way. :)

A Grim Meal

Alison joined up with three other trainers to take on a Gigantimax Grimmsnarl in order for her to try and catch him. However, the giant Pokemon was getting other ideas for the small humans that were about to battle him, making him grin big, looking at them with a bit of a hungry expression.

“Um, wh

A Grim Meal

Uploaded: 18 hours ago

Owner: SpiritOfFreedom

Tags: Micro Pokemon Macro/Micro Licking Female Prey Human Prey Male Pred Pokemon pred Licking Lips satisfied predator Multiple Preys grimmsnarl grimmsnarl pred

My OC, Alison, and four trainers tr to take on a Gigantimax Grimmsnarl, but turns out he's interested in them as his next meal 

SpiritOfFreedom - 14 hours ago

Yeah, i was a little tired when I wrote this. I might fix it later

Brenden1k - 16 hours ago

Nice idea but the vore needs more detail. What happens is over in a moment espically in the stomach.

The Need To Hunt

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: SaltedSpots

Tags: Pokemon Digestion Hypnosis Cock Vore Fatal prostitution Masturbation ninetales Cum Digestion Female Prey Male Pred orgasm denial liepard cum splatter

Despite his hoard of riches and power, Garv sometimes needs to... let off steam. Sure, it's nice to be taken care of and adored by an army of servants, to dine on the finest foods and to devour live and bound meals. It's all so easy, and yet sometimes a deeper part of the fox wants out. A part of him wants to hunt... to overpower a meal with his own wits and claim them as his own. So he resorted to occasional, nightly hunts.

On one of these nights, a liepard catches his eye, even...
[ Continued ...

SaltedSpots - 12 hours ago

Thanks! I had another in the backlog that I didn't upload. I spent a lot of time reading other CV works to get a general idea, so I'm glad it paid off!

Noxyoursox - 16 hours ago

Nice! I wasn't expecting to see another one with Garv so soon! CV isn't usually my thing either but this is done really well. ^^

Giovanni and his angel dinner

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: GigiFabulous

Tags: Oral Vore Human Male Digestion M/M Same Size Human Prey Male Prey Human Pred Male Pred Digestion Noises Willing prey

Decided to turn my art into a story, hope you like it.  

PMD: EL Chapter 004 - Midnight Snack

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: lutro

Tags: Oral Vore Pokemon Soft Vore Chubby Digestion M/M Feral Fatal Story Butt Buizel Headfirst Snake Vore bad end serperior Illustrated pokemon mystery dungeon Serperior Pred Lutro buizel prey

Lutro decides to venture out in the middle of the night to snag himself just a modest little meal. Unfortunately, it seems he isn't the only pokémon wandering the halls. The guildmaster himself catches Lutro, and the fat buizel ends up as the snack himself!

All Chapters

This is the first Bad End of the series! The illustrated portions of the story were done by  Diorexity as part of a comic commission I got from him....
[ Continued ...

33. Art Students

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: pizza3695

Tags: Oral Vore Scat Belly Digestion Fart M/F Same Size Sex Fatal Pooping Unwilling Farting Gas threesome Female Prey Disposal Consensual Sex Male Pred College student reluctant prey Digestion Noises Willing prey Clothes in scat college girls Multiple prey Eric the Predator

Eric's back! This time he's taken a fancy to enjoying the fine art that is college students! Whilst he's at it, he's looking to make some modern art himself!


pizza3695 - 7 hours ago

Nah, he just puts on weight, which he then has to work off. End of the day, they're just meat. ;)

pizza3695 - 7 hours ago

Possibly. Haven't decided on name yet.

Blahblahbum - 9 hours ago

Wow, that was brilliant! Do you ever do muscle growth or trait theft in your stories? After such a healthy diet of young, strong women at the peak of physical fitness, I would expect Eric to be in peak physical condition. Love your work!

Darktroll - 12 hours ago

Nice cameo for one of your stories. Is the next child going to be named after the childhood friend Eric ate earlier in the series?

Darktroll - 12 hours ago

Nice cameo for one of your earlier stories.

One Person Audience [POV]

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: SupremeToadLord

Tags: POV Oral Vore Soft Vore Stomach Burp F/M Same Size Hug Swallowing Belch Non-Fatal Willing Shrinking Fire Emblem Feet first Male Prey Female Pred tasting teasing Human Pred dancing Implied Post-Vore Belly hugging Reader POV F/reader male reader Lene

You as a traveler have been staying at a village regularly raided by bandits for a few days now, but at a tavern within the village, you hear about the recent disappearances of the bandits that wander into the nearby forest. Your curiosity gets the better of you & before long, you pack your backpack & ready yourself to find out what’s been quelling the bandit attacks & causing their disappearances…

...completely unaware of just how strange your afternoon is about to...

[ Continued ...

bartek21 - 13 hours ago

wow. great story. please more

SupremeToadLord - 15 hours ago

I may not do commissions or trades right now, but I'm always open to hearing ideas so I certainly wouldn't mind seeing what you have on your mind!

Artist-san - 16 hours ago

I think I have an idea or two to put on your mind. It's a shame you don't do commissions. I would definitely buy/trade for your works.

SupremeToadLord - 21 hours ago

I've always loved the thought of same size prey being consumed feet-first being able to see their internal movement from outside. Even if it's just small like in this, just a small kick can really jolt the imagination - [i]I know I had a lot of fun imagining that kick while writing it~[/i]

Well, I'm glad inspired you, & I'm really glad you enjoyed this~!

SupremeToadLord - 21 hours ago

The artist definitely knows how to make the FE girls look [i]really[/i] great~ From the alluring dancer's downright hot appearance, to the much more modestly dressed but beautiful eldest Nifl princess with Gunnthrá's New Year's alt, to well... [i]fairies[/i], with many alluring features. :P

[s]Plumeria's title for example.[/s]

Readasaur - 6 hours ago

Ah, you're right!

PumpkinSugarSpice - 12 hours ago

Maybe or he could be endlessly looking for Leon unaware of his fate after the effect wares off but that could be a bit dark -_-;

Readasaur - 1 day ago

Did Charizard regret what he did after the Confusion effect wore off?

ChaoskampfNunc - 1 day ago

Bet that zard is nice and soft now he's got a person's worth of pudge <3

Mama Kali 2

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: WillingWombPrey

Tags: Oral Vore F/F Milf non digestion Consensual vore Mother/Daughter Blake Belladonna Kali Belladonna

Sorry that the sequal is late, thing's have been really hectic at home.
File Cover Art Credit Goes to Original Artist. 

Mar70 - 1 day ago

Not gonna lie my dude this is probably one of the best POV Erotica (Or uh.. something) I've come across on this site. Got a real talent there keep it up.

currant - 1 day ago

Nice! This one really caught me.

Lost In Transit

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: Progressive

Tags: Soft Vore F/M Same Size writing Non-Fatal Implied Vore

Real simple quickie I did as a warm up a while back. I mostly wanted to test this format for texting to see if it looked and flowed naturally.

For the record, formatting this to fit the portal’s finicky layout was a pain, even for something as short as this, and I still find this layout lacking. I’ll strive to come up with something more robust for the future.

~1k words  

Progressive - 9 hours ago

I agree, a break with misery was certainly needed! I hope to post a few more 'light' stories, but don't worry, I'm already plotting more gut punches for the future.

Caesar - 9 hours ago

Aww, this was cute (unless he is destined to be food haha) I love all of your writing so far, but this admittedly felt like a nice light departure from your more ‘heavy’ works.

threk - 18 hours ago

D'aww, short and sweet

BewitchedTwist - 1 day ago


AlastorVincent - 1 day ago

Such a cute story. For a quickie it's really good.

PrismLaser - 1 day ago


MysteriousGuy - 1 day ago

This is an interesting read indeed. And it's a same size type of Anal Vore too, which is a first too. I enjoyed it, and can't wait for more~

Crox - 1 day ago

Ohhhhh somebody is getting a big lunch

PrismLaser - 1 day ago

I definitely will write more Same-Size stories in future.

And as a little foreshadowing: The number of characters in the next story will be in the double digits.

Crox - 1 day ago

This story was great! You really should do more same size vore

Afternoon Fishing Trip [Animal Crossing Vore]

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: Hungry0nMaIn

Tags: Nintendo Digestion Weight Gain animal crossing Female Pred Fish Prey Isabelle Multiple prey

So it's been while, and my apology for the delay will be some more female pred content. 

These woods were grown to disarm you
Fayn Builder’s Codex
Monitor: Prefect Marce
Entry One
This one really is my own. Two tanned hide covers, coarse thread binding through the spine in a spider knot pattern, calfskin vellum pages, all blank. No precepts. Nothing. My own private codex.
Ten years of having every word I wrote or spoke examined by a precept, every deviation from the ideal corrected by a scholar. And they send me off to my first work with a blank book.
I don’t know if


Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: Belloc

Tags: F/M Implied Digestion Unwilling Prey Mind Control Corruption

I'm back with another long one that I've been sitting on for a while. Hope yall are ready!

This is the journal of Fayn, a woman who is just starting her life as a mancer, someone who can create something so long as they know how it physically works. She specializes in stone construction, so she's hired to build an aviary for a client. Since this is her first time outside the mancer academy, she's accompanied to her job by Marce, a prefect, who's job seems to be helping her with...
[ Continued ...

Belloc - 15 hours ago

Thanks, Hip!

HipHugger - 22 hours ago

The depth and vividness you put into these micro worlds always astounds me, Belloc. Bravo!

TCoM: Huntresses: Hunted

Location: Forever Fall Forest

Timeline: RWBY

Year: Unknown

“Alright team! Let this bonding exercise

/camping trip begin!”

TCoM: Huntresses: Hunted

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: techtician

Tags: Oral Vore Snake Scat Digestion ?/F Post Vore Scat Female Prey Snake Pred Disposal Mara ?/multiple RWBY Blake Belladonna Ruby Rose Weiss Schnee Yang Xiao Long Nightmare (Kirby) techtician the chronicles of mara

Team RWBY has a run in with a monster...or two.

Finally something besides humans/humanoids from me. Inspired by a conversation with Doomfister. 

techtician - 6 hours ago

Hmmmmmm true

doomfister - 7 hours ago

Odd, i find ferals easier, no pred diologue after all ;)

techtician - 10 hours ago

True and thanks again. But I think I'm going to stick to humanoid preds for awhile, easier to write imo

doomfister - 10 hours ago

all things do, but its a good attempt as said.

techtician - 1 day ago

Thank you. Could always use more work though.

Preg Bending“Ugh….come on, there has to be something around here,” Korra mumbled to herself as she opened yet another empty drawer. Pretty much nothing had been going on for the last few weeks in Republic City that needed the Avatar’s assistance, and Korra had been getting pretty bored just moping around Air Temple Island. She'd spent the last few days rummaging around the temple’s archives looking for some hidden bending scrolls in the hopes of learning some cool new m

Preg Bending (Revised)

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: demonster77

Tags: Pregnancy Breast Expansion Non-Vore belly expansion Butt Expansion hyper pregnancy Asami Korra rapid pregnancy korrasami Avatar Legend of Korra

A few months ago I went back to take a look at this story because I kind forgot about it, and with a few years of hindsight I realized that it could use some improving to say the least.

I've been tinkering away at this ever since, trying to turn what was really just a hastily written smut fanfic into a "real" story, or at least something with a little more depth and detail.

Many of the sections are mostly unchanged beyond some grammatical fixes for...
[ Continued ...

wheatman3 - 19 hours ago

very nice my friend

The last few days had been an uphill struggle. Danielle honestly thought the hardest part of this little operation would be retrieving her friend. Patricia. After all, how do you get a compressed human being out of another human being without the unaware predator noticing? The answer had involved an awful lot of alcohol and a strategically timed pull of the fire alarm.It turned out, and in retrospect this should have been obvious, convincing Patricia to give the whole operation a second try was

Anniversary Fourway [REWARD]

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: marloweny

Tags: Unbirth Cock Vore H/F Compression unaware pred Hermaphrodite Accidental unbirth No bulge Bulgeless Hammerspace

A sequel to Anniversary Threeway, in which Danielle proves herself to be impressively convincing, Lynn and Danielle are revealed to have similar taste in anniversary presents, and Patricia learns she should start trusting her judgment.

A patreon reward for  ohgra 

Rat_Guy - 1 day ago

I was thinking about this story and just had a thought about a potential sequel. Use it if you like it, or don't, that's fine too.

What if the story jumps to nine months in the future where its revealed Naomi actually became pregnant during this story and she gives birth to both Danielle’s child and Patricia, to the shock of everyone present.

Rat_Guy - 1 day ago

I was thinking about this story and just had a thought about a potential sequel. Use it if you like it, or don't, that's fine too. What if the story jumps to nine months in the future where it's revealed Naomi actually became pregnant during this story and she give's birth to both Danielle’s child and Patricia, to the shock of everyone present.

eatmeplease1997 - 1 day ago

Amazing! This kind of thing isn't done enough and i am so happy to see someone talented do it!

TheTastefulGentlman - 1 day ago

I love a good accidental/unintended unbirth story.

Goblingobler - 1 day ago


Peculiar Tastes

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: SaltedSpots

Tags: Oral Vore Pokemon Digestion Feral Hypnosis Female umbreon flareon worship ninetales gluttony Belly rubs Male Prey teasing FATASS Onomatopoeia Male Pred Bound Prey belly play

Garv is a fox with... odd tastes. With a vast amount of wealth and influence, the Ninetales doesn't typically buy exceedingly lavish and shiny trinkets to show off his wealth, unlike most of his family, or anybody for that matter. Strangely enough, Garv chose to instead pour his funds into both expanding his already impressive bank numbers, and... in buying only the rarest, finest, and most unusual foods to taste. Of course, even the simple dishes that most would consider anything but 'rare and...
[ Continued ...

SaltedSpots - 2 days ago

Daww, well thank you! I'm a big fan of hypnosis/mind wiping, so it was a real treat to try it out!

Noxyoursox - 2 days ago

LOVE this. The mental enslavement of the Flareon was just as hot as the vore, well done!

SaltedSpots - 2 days ago

Exactly~! So long as Master is happy, everybody is happy. No need to have any hopes or ambitions outside of serving your purpose.

ChaoskampfNunc - 2 days ago

Who needs free will when your whole purpose is to serve a being who's far superior to you in every way possible?

SaltedSpots - 2 days ago

That's how you ensure total loyalty! First ease their frail minds into submission, and once all that pesky 'free will' is out of the way, wipe everything away and put what you want inside~ It works quite well keeping a happy staff!

The 200 Watchers Q&A Answers

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: DeadStrategicCactus

Tags: F/F Melting Mass Vore zero alyssa djinnification Maria Nitocris Konoko Shirogane May Lillis Rose Lillis Lucia Lillis Crystal Lillis Kayla Lillis Jasmine Sinclaire Joruri Ichijo Claire Sinclaire Layla Lillis Slime Queen Tina Ariel Achall Joshirou Ichijo Pandora City Lillis Family Alice Achall June Graves

Questions were asked, waiting was had, and now the time has come for all those questions to be answered here in the 200 Watchers Q&A Special: Answers Edition. As with previous entries, I give special thanks to  Deviantfan16,  Darktroll,  Bellyl0ver,  ItsSongxing,  MrMetroid,  Reaverbot,  DoubleOSnake, and  ConsumptionZ. None of this would be possible without any of you.

And so as usual, in order to find out who won the 3k word raffle story...
[ Continued ...

Deviantfan16 - 1 hour ago

You‘ll nev have a friend like me ;). Also im actually quite intere in the Genies of the Pandoraverse. Where do they com from?

Also we shou move this to PM about now. It gett hard to type and read

DeadStrategicCactus - 2 hours ago

Little of Column A, little of Column B.

Deviantfan16 - 3 hours ago

Is it intentional covered up or just obscure for no reason?

DeadStrategicCactus - 3 hours ago

It's the latter.

Deviantfan16 - 3 hours ago

Cool. Is that common knowledge or obscure for some reason?

Seras defeats Heinkel

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: nervousvampire

Tags: F/F Vampire Breast Expansion Fatal Unwilling Prey hellsing Cleavage Vore Female Prey Female Pred Big Breasts gagged Seras Victoria observer vampire pred Angry prey horny pred sentient fat Hammerspace Tied up prey sentient milk hellsing ultimate Integra Hellsing

I tried cleavage vore this time to try something new, so let me know how it turned out. decided to go with a sort of vanishing body mixed with hammer space for the storie, hope it turned out well.
when doing boob related vore of course seras was my first thought. also yes heinkel is a woman

the vampire need more girls in her diet okay. 

Prisoner of the Bokoblin

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: PumpkinSugarSpice

Tags: Soft Vore M/M link Sex Bondage Zelda Story Unwilling Prey Fanfic Legend of Zelda Male Prey Vore story navi Sexual content Fanfiction forced vore Forced sex Epona Male Pred tied up forced orgasm Fanfiction vore Bondage vore safevore blowjob deepthroat Bokoblin botw LoZ Botw

I posted this originally on the forum but thought I would post it here too

Long story short this was a tough one to write for me, because Link is one of my favourite characters I can't help but feel a little guilty for doing this...

spoiler alert I still am a little, this was actually the second story I wrote of Link, the first one was with a deku baba but I'm thinking of rewriting it again, who knows maybe if people liked this story I might upload the other one... 

The Twins Dare

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: Hawkeye7

Tags: Belly F/F Anal Fart Same Size Bulge Anal Vore Farting Gas alcohol sisters Drunk Insertion Female Prey Female Pred belly expansion gape Belly bulge Anal Insertion Object Vore F/object Incestual Vore dare Sister/Sister object stuffing Object Insertion Drunk prey sister prey sister pred Drunk pred gaped asshole dare me anything

The competitive twin sisters Mia and April, decide to challenge each other in a crazy game of dare... In hindsight it probably wasn't a good idea when both have had a bit too much to drink, as it escalates quickly out of control..... 

Hawkeye7 - 14 hours ago

Thanks-glad you enjoyed it :)

Altimos - 1 day ago

This was awesome, thanks for sharing this...
I enjoyed the read <3

doomed - 1 day ago

That’s awesome, I can definitely get behind that idea

Hawkeye7 - 2 days ago

Glad you like them.... Will PM you... some of the pictures bring about ideas... and sometimes with the ideas developed, I go searching for a suitable image.

Hawkeye7 - 2 days ago

Thanks for the comments - Will certainly consider it!

ShatteredLives - 1 day ago

No problem!

z3d - 1 day ago

very lovely story, not too much stuff of Whisper being pred. Thank you for making this story. Always great to see more sonic content on the site : D

ShatteredLives - 2 days ago

apparently the uploading messed up