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Fad Diet

Uploaded: 40 minutes ago

Owner: thegasper

Tags: Oral Vore Scat Expansion Digestion Hard Vore F/M Same Size violence Cooking Fatal Unwilling torture Human Prey Male Prey Sexual content Disposal Human Pred Compression Scat eating female predators Broken Bones Disposal Scat Cooking Alive scat feeding stretching mouth

Nichole is looking to get those gains, so she starts on a new diet. The fresher the meat the better.


First time really getting full-on into scat and definitely my first time doing any cooking vore. I hope you all enjoy! Let me know if you want more scat/cooking in the future.  

Infiltrating the Ministry of MagicPhylactery. A very powerful item of dark magic.The purpose of a phylactery is to store a person’s soul, making it separate from their physical body. As long as the phylactery is intact, this person is effectively immortal.Decades ago, there was a mage who went bad. Really, really bad. He pushed the practice of dark magic beyond anything that had ever been done…This dark mage then slowly took over. Even the Ministry of Magic, the central organization that rul

Infiltrating the Ministry of Magic

Uploaded: 1 hour ago

Owner: LightDragon

Tags: Soft Vore Non-fatal Bones hunger Unwilling Pred Wolf girl stomach ache f/multiple indigestion Consensual vore f/fmm Hungry Pred f/mmf Reluctant Pred friendly pred Willing prey pred in distress Willing to unwilling pred bones in stomach Wolf girl Pred

This is the story of Selene, a wolf girl working at the Ministry of Magic. She is contacted by 3 of her schoolmates, who need her help to infiltrate the Ministry in search for a way to defeat an evil wizard.
And since this is a vore story, the solution is obviously to shrink them and let them hide inside Selene's stomach.
This plan progressively gets out of hand, as the four characters are confronted to Selene's intrinsic nature as a wolf, as well as the actions of the most evil...
[ Continued ...

Indighost - 14 minutes ago

This is a wonderful story! I kove shrinking smuggling stories and there are so many dramatic points and twists here! Great job

1001 Chaldean Nights

Uploaded: 1 hour ago

Owner: Fatedmeal

Tags: Oral Vore Scat Soft Vore Digestion F/F Weight Gain Breast Expansion Absorption Same Size dream Unwilling Prey Preparation Willing Pred Female Prey Female Pred Multiple Preds Disposal ass expansion storyteller Willing Predator Cruel Pred cruel predator misunderstanding Cleopatra Reluctant Pred Fate/Grand Order Uncaring Pred Bones in scat Nitocris toilet disposal Scheherazade Canon Pred / OC Prey Xuanzang Sanzang prep/cooking Canon/OC multiple stories queen of Sheba Caster of the Nightless City Caster of Midrash

Summary: A new servant has been summoned in Chaldea. One that has had difficulty integrating socially and seeks assistance from Scheherazade. A storyteller that she believes would be able to both relate to her struggle and become her friend.

Word Count: 8783

Author’s Note: This is F-am with another Fate/Grand Order story for this gallery. This narrative format of course takes inspiration by the novel that Scheherazade originally appeared in our world. “1001 Arabian...
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gyaru's cram session

Uploaded: 3 hours ago

Owner: pbysteria

Tags: Oral Vore Belly Digestion F/F Burp Weight Gain Breast Expansion F/M Absorption Sex Fatal Anal Vore Gas dating cunnilingus Unwilling Prey Assimilation f/multiple Gassy ass expansion Implied Disposal Digestion Noises trait theft Casual vore school setting Multiple Preys Gassy Pred gyaru Trait Absorption romance? gyaru pred human buttplug Apathetic Pred

Another wonderful entry of the gyaru saga, done as well by  Brazzel!

This one features Britney exploiting some discoveries from her previous adventure, and lots of people eating. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have! 

bajillionandone - 40 minutes ago

This the the best one yet! I love all the creative belching situations, and that final belch is an amazing way to top things off. And the trait theft is a great touch, I love how little Britney cares about human life in the pursuit her self-interests. Her first foray into eating so many people at once went well, I wonder if she will be able to beat her record in the future...

Gorgrath177 - 3 hours ago

Dang, didn’t fart once. Probably should see a doctor lol

pbysteria - 3 hours ago

Happy to hear! The trait absorption was an addition from brazzel in the last one, but I loved it so much I needed more...

NonNecessarium - 3 hours ago

The other two entries in this series are some of the best stories I've seen on this site. It just keeps getting better! Absolutely loving the trait absorption; really wish there was more like it.

Ryoka firt meal[Story]

Uploaded: 7 hours ago

Owner: RyuZuu

Tags: Oral Vore Digestion F/F Burp pudgy Weight Gain Breast Expansion Same Size Fatal Yuri Fatal Vore Willing Pred Female Prey Female Pred Vore story Burping Belly bulge Butt Expansion belly noise Best Friend Willing prey First vore

Hi, it's me again!
I come now with a story that I've been thinking about for a while! This story is based on this drawing by TheAya and an original character from her commissioner.

Note: I'm still working on a big story that I was commissioned, and I'm dedicating a lot of time to it because of its complexity, even so I hope to bring content! By the way, I already have exclusive stories for the next patreon! Stay tuned!
[ Continued ...

La primera comida de Ryoka[Story]

Uploaded: 7 hours ago

Owner: RyuZuu

Tags: Oral Vore Digestion F/F Burp pudgy Weight Gain Breast Expansion Same Size Fatal Yuri Fatal Vore Willing Pred Female Prey Female Pred Vore story Burping Belly bulge Butt Expansion spanish belly noise Español Best Friend Willing prey First vore 西班牙语

Hola! Soy yo denuevo!!
Vengo ahora con una historia que eh pensado durante un tiempo! Esta historia está basada en este dibujo de TheAya y un personaje original de su commissioner.

Nota: Sigo trabajando en una gran historia que me comisionaron, y le estoy dedicando mucho tiempo por su complejidad, aun así espero traer contenido! ¡Adicionalmente, ya tengo historias exclusivas para el próximo patreon! ¡Estad atentos!

[ Continued ...

The Apartment

Uploaded: 10 hours ago

Owner: RespectableLoonitic

Tags: Digestion Unwilling Prey Fatal Vore Resigned Prey alternative vore 2nd Person gender neutral prey building pred Mass Vore implied

You just got a new place! State of the art in Bio-engineered architecture! But it might not have been all it had been cracked up to be... 

Mistress's gift

Uploaded: 10 hours ago

Owner: waitingprey

Tags: POV Digestion F/? Bondage first person Werewolf pred Domination/Submission cruelty Werewolf Vore Cruel Pred dominant prey Willing prey pov vore Werewolf girl POV prey 1st person pov ambigous prey

I wrote a thing! Its a wholly original thing! Re reading it there are some things I really like about it and some glaring spelling and grammar errors I should really fix.... but I am not going to so take it as it is and if you liked it, I have more, hopefully better, writing coming soon! 

Elden Ring: Destined Digestion




The battle was finished.


and the Elden Beast had been defeated, Marika’s h

Elden Ring: Destined Digestion

Uploaded: 13 hours ago

Owner: Nuenshi

Tags: Digestion F/M Fatal rapid digestion Quick Digestion instant digestion angry pred Melina Elden Ring Tarnished

!Major Ending Spoilers Ahead!
So this is basically a shitpost. Elden Ring definitely got my creative juices flowing, so expect a couple more serious stories in the future. 

AnAccount - 4 hours ago

Hahaha so this must be what the first DLC will be about

Prologue to the Marian Society

Uploaded: 13 hours ago

Owner: acrylic

Tags: Unbirth Unbirth (Implied)

In somewhere in the universe or not the same universe, there is a society called the Marian.


A New Start, A New Family

Uploaded: 14 hours ago

Owner: NRawk

Tags: Unbirth F/F F/M Giantess Loli Lactation Non-fatal Yuri Licking Semi-willing Incest Size difference alice Age regression Multiple Preds Shrunken man breast crush Between breasts Corruption Gentle Predator shota prey mind break scissoring loli pred oppai loli Reluctant Pred Gentle Giantess Unwilling to Willing prey monster girl encyclopedia Daughter/Father daughter pred holstaur father prey loli giantess multi size monsterfication finger job

Typically, a branch of the Sabbath preaches loli superiority with intense 'little sister' elements. But for this Sabbath, Alex learns that anyone can become his 'big sister', even the girl most precious to him in the world!

Winning the April 2022 commission, Rodderick requested a continuation of their previous commission and I was more than happy to comply!

Thumbnail: 瑞博

Thank you for...
[ Continued ...

NRawk - 6 hours ago

All very good and are now rattling around in my headspace lol

GOTO - 8 hours ago

These are just ideas for stories that intrigue me, hope you like them.

GOTO - 8 hours ago

Or a story about a younger-looking nun who treats children in a unique way. Or a beautiful woman in a long skirt, one of the children disappears around her, and the woman does not know why, despite her love for children.

GOTO - 8 hours ago

I think you're missing a story about a female teacher who becomes interested in a 10-year-old male student in elementary school and decides to give him a private tutoring.

Diane Foxington vs The Free Press [Chapter 2/2]

Uploaded: 18 hours ago

Owner: wolfSnack

Tags: Furry Oral Vore Scat Wolf Soft Vore Fox Human Anthro Digestion Vixen F/M Foxgirl Sex Domination Fatal writing Willing sweet Blowjob Fanfic Oral Sex gentle Human Prey teasing married couple Fanfiction Disposal knotting submissive Furry Pred Gentle Predator Fox Pred flirting Anthro Pred Reluctant Pred Gentle Pred dominant pred Vixen Pred submissive prey Willing prey good girl written work Flirting pred the bad guys The Bad Guys (Movie) mr. wolf diane foxington The Crimson Paw

Read Chapter 1 here!

Governor Diane Foxington just wanted ten minutes to relax between meetings, or perhaps eat a nice breakfast… but instead a reporter kept knocking on her front door with incriminating photos.

It just made no sense. Why wouldn’t he just… take the evidence to the police?

And it was so hard to think, with her stomach still rumbling.

What’s a hungry fox-girl supposed to do, to...
[ Continued ...

sharky - 13 hours ago

Nice ending

VincentRamone - 15 hours ago


Shadow0000 - 15 hours ago

So, Diane is going to a vore fansite to have live meals now, eh? I wonder when she will get caught?

MarkusFreeman320 - 16 hours ago

Damn foxes! Commenting first... Eating reporters...

vixingirl - 17 hours ago

First again. I win Fyfe

Beach Day

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: Rat_Guy

Tags: Oral Vore Scat F/M Toilet Pooping Acid Beach Unwilling Prey Head First Full tour partial digestion Willing Pred Male Prey Female Pred stomach acids amputation Scarred friendly pred toilet vore Prey perspective Uncaring Pred Casual predator Indifferent predator quadruple amputee toilet disposal Scarring Prey's POV flushed alive Pooping out prey flushed down the toilet de-limbed

There are three sources of inspiration for this story:

A comic by Retale you can find here.
My desire to do a partial digestion story where the prey loses all their limbs but still survives.
And also this girl I know, who was the basis for the pred character in the story. 

Drakira - 11 hours ago

Oh my goodness, love the lovely flush at the end and teasing.

SnakeEyes - 23 hours ago

I loved the details of the pooping segment, it's always a lot of fun to see a pred mildly struggle to pass someone through their body. Good story!

SnakeEyes - 23 hours ago

I loved the details of the pooping segment, it's always a lot of fun to see a pred mildly struggle to pass someone through their body. Good story!

If there was one thing Yuma loved doing it was finding old junk and making it treasure. That’s why he had even stopped at the yard sale. But for once he wasn’t looking at junk at all, rather what seemed to be a new polaroid camera. No signs of wear and tear or dust anywhere. He had to wonder if it even belonged sitting out there on the table under the summer sun.

“Hey, excuse me, Mrs. Morris are you sure you wa

Photo Bombing

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: Kodsa

Tags: M/M Absorption Magic Vore merge human/human fusion Muscle growth

Hello! Been a while, hasn't it? I wanted to try just doing a straight up absorption/ merge/ fusion, whatever you want to call it story. 

Bunnyfrost - 3 hours ago

i love all of your fusion, merge or absorption stuff. my favorite series is the super hero one.

Kodsa - 3 hours ago

thank you!

Kodsa - 4 hours ago

I would like there to be, I'll need to find some time in the future to write it though

Fintaffet - 11 hours ago

This story was really awesome! I super loved the ending and how you described the absorption~ Very fun <3

daajaa69 - 23 hours ago

Interesting concept. I like it!! Is there going to be a continuation of this story if you dont mind me asking?

Diane Foxington vs The Free Press [Chapter 1/2]

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: wolfSnack

Tags: Furry Oral Vore Wolf Soft Vore Fox Human Anthro Vixen F/M Foxgirl Domination writing Pre-Vore cunnilingus Willing implied scat Implied Digestion Fanfic Oral Sex gentle Human Prey Fanfiction submissive Furry Pred Gentle Predator implied fatal Fox Pred Anthro Pred Implied Disposal Reluctant Pred Gentle Pred dominant pred Vixen Pred submissive prey Willing prey good girl written work the bad guys The Bad Guys (Movie) mr. wolf diane foxington The Crimson Paw

Governor Diane Foxington just wanted ten minutes to relax between meetings, or perhaps eat a nice breakfast… but instead a reporter kept knocking on her front door with incriminating photos.

It just made no sense. Why wouldn’t he just… take the evidence to the police?

And it was so hard to think, with her stomach still rumbling.

What’s a hungry fox-girl supposed to do, to solve two problems at once?

And what if such a…...
[ Continued ...

RasenGun37 - 5 hours ago

Hmm, alright I won't read then

wolfSnack - 11 hours ago

Ah, let me fix that! Thanks.

Omny87 - 11 hours ago

JSYK the link to the second chapter just ends up back here.

wolfSnack - 16 hours ago

Second chapter is up now!

wolfSnack - 18 hours ago

The second half is coming tonight!

The Sailor and the Mermaid

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: seehedge

Tags: Oral Vore Unbirth Futanari Non-fatal Size difference Hermaphrodite Mermaid Pred Willing prey

A giant mermaid and a shipwrecked sailor meet on the high seas! I sure hope nothing nefarious happens...

Had this silly story banging around in my head for a while now. It's short and sweet and probably a little weird, but I'm glad I finally got it down on paper. Enjoy! 

thequietmanno1 - 23 hours ago

aw, this was both hot 'and' cute at the end. Hope they run afoul of some more futa pirates out on the high seas, that'd be a fun time.

TheMysteriousSadSack - 1 day ago

Very nice pairing with a cute end. Something about the way she flips on fearing the mermaid is also cool, really sells the whole "shes pretty but can also end me" thoughts the sailor has. Thnx for sharing!

doomed - 1 day ago

I need more of this chaotic duo lol

"So then the kid got suspended." "Wow. Over paint?" "Tbh alice isn't very keen on people wasteing it. A whole gallon too! God i hope the kid is alright". The schools hallway was filled with students, it was close to the end of the day so it made sense, the conversation was between two of the few popular kids in school, Marshall Lavender and Edwin nightwing.
Comparing the two edwin definitely stood out more, his lavender hair clashing with his pale skin and dark

Horrible and unfortunate first time

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: makaylatriplett14

Tags: Digestion crushing Unwilling Prey Unwilling Pred first time pred Underage Underage prey Underage pred Pred in pain.

Guess Marshall is like his mother, can't stomach anyone.. Now does that mean he has the same reaction to cock voreing people?
We'll have to wait a while to find that out.
Whoa whoa whoa! Hold on. I know i been gone awhile, truth be told ran outta ideas. Been a tough few weeks and whatnot but don't worry! I have enough ideas to do!
This was more based on how a few of makaylas kids could "stomach" somebody. I'll admit that was a bad joke. And to give abit...
[ Continued ...

Xenophage17 - 1 day ago

Awesome stuff, love the young pred, unsure and tough digestion. Only thing missing is an embarrassing gas blast and evacuation.

Llvaria The Night Elf Chapter 11

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: flamebane

Tags: Human Slime Warcraft Frog Vore Vore story Male Vore Fish vore Pandaren goblin prey Patreon Advertisement written work

In the Swamp of Nazmir, Dihac faces off with Ellis the mage as the fate hangs in the balance of nature vs the mystic arts.

Next Chapter: TBD
previous Chapter:

My links:

Release schedule:

I do 3d renders and written vore and Fetish Stories. 

Philomena health clinic. James’ incident

James was sitting at the desk watching the front entrance of the Philomena health clinic. Sana just cheeked in earlier, while Maddie and Cara had been there. They were awaiting the first couple of people for the week.

The automatic door opens, and a woman in a tank top and short pants enters the clinic. She is very

Philomena health Clinic. James' incident

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: abeabe1350

Tags: M/F Absorption Sex doctor cumming nurse Sexual content teasing prey Absorption Vore secretary Cock Bulge CTF cock transformation Professional Orgasmic orgasm face annoying prey professional pred

Been a while since i have done a story in this setting. This is the 60th watcher story pitch. Pitch done by HungryAL. 

abeabe1350 - 1 day ago

You are welcome I do enjoy doing those a lot. It is nice to have someone else give an idea.

HungryAL - 1 day ago

Delightful~! Thabks for writing the prompt!

abeabe1350 - 1 day ago

Glad you liked it.

walkingbyself - 1 day ago

This was a fun short story. ^^

2good2btru - 1 day ago

Exactly! X3

Pregnancy Cravings (Mpreg Story)

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: RedNastyFoxy

Tags: Furry Dog Belly Stomach Male Anthro Pregnancy Stuffing Commission Bulge Non-Vore Story Bloat swollen mpreg Belly bulge Non-sexual trans transsexual Male Pregnancy belly stuffing belly bloat Swollen belly RedNastyFox lakemaw

In a world where females are rare, males and herms are in high demand as surrogate parents. River enjoyed having a belly full of living prey, but he wanted it to last for longer than a few hours. Luckily, he has two faithful friends Tony and King to introduce him to the blissful world of pregnancy…

All characters featured within this story are fictional and above the legal age of consent.

A story commission I wrote for LakeMaw:
[ Continued ...

Girls night out - 5 to 4

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: EloquentOrc

Tags: Cock Vore Cum Digestion H/F drink vore Willing prey masturbating prey black prey

Time for a another chapter of Girls Night Out.

The ladies make it to a bar, hoping to get some cocktails.  

EloquentOrc - 1 day ago

Ah you got me, I read that too ;) and yeah great story. Sadly it doesn't seem to be up anymore.

And while I wouldn't say that it inspired this story, it definitely put ideas in my head I used here.

Glad you enjoyed it.

2good2btru - 1 day ago

Definitely enjoyed this part, and the cock vore scene reminded me of another story where two friends go to get special smoothies at this restaurant, and the main ingredient ran out (rich girl cum.) So one friend, who is kinda rich, volunteers to be used to let her friend have the smoothie, it's a great story.

For kind-hearted people

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: acrylic

Tags: Unbirth (Implied)

I tried an isekai thing.

LemonBarb - 1 day ago

If there's only one tiny suggestion I can't help but say when it comes to part of the reproductive organs...

Consider "The Placenta - it's role in reproductive regression". Bar that, love the notes it'd give me for say; possible unbirth isekai, magical tomestone lore wise...

Introducing Perch the Rattata

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: lutro

Tags: Pokemon Non-Vore Female Story rattata SFW original characater

Introducing Perch the Rattata! She was a Pokémon raised in a simple life of luxury, a tough Pokémon battler, well-fed and content. Then all of a sudden she had to fend for herself in the wild when released. She managed to do so, the wild toughening her up further and teaching her a lot! She currently resides in the wild, and is very good at fending off potential predators (a common nuisance due to her chubby nature), and being one herself when the situation calls for it.

As of...
[ Continued ...

CaptainMoke - 1 day ago

Seems like a lot of interesting things could be done with her and those around her~

Shrink for the Perfect Photo

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: lutro

Tags: Oral Vore Micro Pokemon Soft Vore Human Digestion F/F Feral Fatal Unwilling Bird Story Butt Panties Unwilling Prey Shrinking Micro Prey Headfirst Female Prey Human Prey Female Pred tasting pokemon trainer upskirt Shrunken woman Feral Pred pidgey Pokemon pred shrunken prey SFW Bird Pred pokemon snap bird vore pokemon trainer prey new pokemon snap pidgey pred

Recent improvements to the NEO-ONE allow aspiring Pokémon photographers to shrink in order to catch new and interesting angles that had previously not been possible! Lisa Fille is out on such an excursion, when she's forced to learn a lesson about how going about in the wild in such a small state has its drawbacks.

When New Pokémon Snap released a new path that shrunk the NEO-ONE and the trainer inside, in a creative way to explore a new route, this silly random idea came to mind....
[ Continued ...

sharky - 2 days ago

Not bad... nice story

Live Hunger - Streamer Friendly version

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: LemonBarb

Tags: POV Oral Vore Pregnancy Digestion Weight Gain Same Size Unwilling Prey Willing Pred Male Prey Female Pred Livestream surprise attack Unknown prey twist ending Pregnant Predator Pred turned prey pregnant pred ambiguous prey Casual vore F/You pregnant belly pred becomes prey alternative ending POV prey Livestream vore Omake streamer pred streamer friendly

Would have whipped up a catty "Cat girl deco streamer", but it'd have been me twiddling on how to properly CC0 "any odd pregnant female cosplayer". So instead, have a lazy hack guess on "Pritch"s icon, give or take it being pregnancy bias? Bar that...

Got called to be a beta editor for one of say  Mark45’s commissions, friendly/casually offered service wise. When I got hit with the stray reminder under the lens of “live-stream vore”. Stirred...
[ Continued ...

Tammy the Tummy - The Academy (Part 1)

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: credxz

Tags: Macro Belly Soft Vore Burp Giantess Reformation space Size difference Mass Vore diaper Female Pred Planet Vore Black Hole appetite Diaper disposal Salvoreger

While on a date at a fancy resort, Tammy ends up eating a teacher at a school made for Salvoregers. Now somebody has to fill that role...

Hey. So I'm not dead. That's nice. It's been a while, I know, but here's hoping this is enjoyable for everyone involved.
This story is (mostly) written by : Luna2120:, with a part of it written by : Stratokummulus:. Massive thanks to you guys! 

Luna2120 - 1 day ago

And in the shows defense the Reformation Subscription has only been available for the public for about a year. Not only that the show has its contestants sigh waivers saying they are okay with the possibility of being eaten and if they are the families of the eaten contestants wouldn't sue

credxz - 1 day ago

A lot of standards can change in thousands of years among the stars

TheMysteriousSadSack - 2 days ago

Hard to believe that a gameshow such as the Black Hole Busters would have their players uninsured for so long, let alone know that reformation is a thing. But then again the universe is a big place so maybe its just an info thing.

Nami’s One Feast
It was a normal day for the Strawhat crew. They were on their way to Wano to deal with Kaido and his subordinates and free the land of Wano, but, as usual, Luffy had other ideas. You see, right now they were resupplying their stock on an island called Amazon Lily, home of the Pirate Empress Boa Hancock and her sisters, as well as the Kuja Pirates. Naturally with Hancock having feelings for Luffy, she had no issue with restocking the Strawhats supplies, though

Nami's One Feast

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: awakener

Tags: Breast Expansion Breast Vore nico robin ass expansion Boa Hancock Nami (One Piece) Boa Sandersonia Boa Marigold Charlotte Pudding

After finding a devil fruit of her very own, Nami finds herself on her own journey to become the sexiest and strongest woman in all of One Piece, by any means necessary.
This is how her story starts.

This is also my first story I have published here. Feel free to let me know how I did and if you want me to make a second chapter. 

Nextgen00 - 1 day ago

Excellent, please do more chapters

Deviantfan16 - 2 days ago

I like it, kinda neat and I'd like to see it continue

A Morning at SidneylandByEdward Hyde“I can’t believe we’re finally here!” ten year old Amy gushed as her dad put on the handbrake and turned off the car engine. She had been begging ever since she saw the first adverts when the part opened last Summer and eventually her parents had agreed to take her for a weekend visit, even splashing out on one of the on-site hotels which came with special perks like early entry and all food and drink included since they were only staying for one night

A Morning at Sidneyland

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: PristineCheesecake

Tags: Non-Vore Loli vacation Amusement Park theme park rollercoaster Underage Sidney Roebuck

Written by, and uploaded with permission of, Edward Hyde.

Welcome, welcome, one and all, to The Tastiest Place on Earth! Sidneyland!

Sights, sounds, and amusement abound at this place where your epicurean dreams come true. Family friendly fun for all ages await you inside.
Ticket please! \^3^/ 

Alice666 - 9 hours ago

I’m really enjoying this story for sure!!

blockchop - 1 day ago

Another amazing story!

Valkyria Chronicles:Two in One-Part3 [Non-vore]

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: RyuZuu

Tags: Non-Vore Story Fanfiction Valkyria Chronicles Selvaria Bles alicia melchiott Welkin Isara Faldio

It's me again, RyuZuu!
I come now with one of the Fanfcit that miner249er commissioned me!!!!. I had a lot of fun making it, unfortunately there will be no Spanish version, since I lost the files and I could only rescue it in English, sorry.
This is the third of 4 stories, in total there are approximately 28k.
Tomorrow I will post a new story, today I had to finish a part of the next fanfict that commission me, also making a script for a future BIG story!. ...
[ Continued ...

The Qilin and the former sadist

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: Ninnin661

Tags: Digestion F/F Weight Gain Stuffing F/M Sex Bondage Yuri Belly rubs Drunk Female Pred handcuffs Human Pred fat pred friendly pred fantasy setting character development sad pred regretful pred crying pred daily life kind pred greedy pred genshin impact Ganyu drunk sex Keqing normal life strained clothing former sadistic pred

So based on the thing I uploaded a few days ago, I made this. It is a collection of months worth of Ganqing notes and thoughts. Ganqing is my favorite ship in Genshin by far, and honestly the only one I care about. I am very proud of this and would consider it one of my best works. This is part of my Genshin canon btw.


A Starfish And A Princess Make A Balloon

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: wariodude128

A story somebody wanted me to write, so I did. So far the only time I have ever written the phrase "as you know" in anything made by me. Hope you like it.  

Ch 7: Raw Rabbit

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: Elle

Tags: Graphic digestion Naga Pred Objectification Bunnygirl prey Willing prey

Hailey - Bunnygirl
Mara - Naga
Elle - Bunnygirl


After spending some time with a few friendly ladies, Hailey heads off to serve some dinner.

(This novel made as part of NaNoWriMo 2019!) 

Junogray - 2 days ago

Hoping I can set aside the time to read them, like old times

Elle - 2 days ago

=3 I've got a number of chapters I haven't posted in this series. Going to make sure they're cleaned up and get them up here sometime soon. Might even see if I can finish off this little series. =P

Junogray - 2 days ago

Stories returning! I used to love these so much