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Simple Begginings

Uploaded: 5 months ago

Owner: kirche

Tags: Sex roleplay Blowjob cumming married couple married Object Vore precum handcuffed Blackout from pleasure

A wife sets up a role play scenario for her husband. She gets a bit more into it than she intended.

This is my first story, so I would appreciate any feedback you care to give me. Negative or positive. 

dcvfgb1234 - 3 weeks ago

Really fun little story. Definitely wouldn't mind seeing more of those two.

kirche - 5 months ago

Thanks! I do plan on a couple of sequels, gradually getting more extreme with a somewhat realistic progression.

filiberto - 5 months ago

Wow, I really liked this story's concept! Are you considering making a "part 2?"

Hunger in the Alley



"Here you go, please come again."

A tired sigh passed the cashier's li

Hunger in the Alley

Uploaded: 5 months ago

Owner: ChocoBlooper

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore Digestion F/F Burp Weight Gain Same Size Female Prey Female Pred

My first story on this site, thanks for taking the time to read it. This was something I came up with involving my oc Cocoa. I originally didn't plan for it to turn out like this, but it ended up working anyways.

Hopefully, I can find an artist to help me get a physical ref for Cocoa soon, that way you guys can have an idea of what Cocoa looks like. I hope you like the story and feedback is always awesome to get! 

Timi - 5 months ago

Woah really good first story

Gunbot1333 - 5 months ago

Its a well made story. I hope you can get a ref for Cocoa soon.

Slime's First Kiss

Uploaded: 5 months ago

Owner: Progressive

Tags: Slime Inside Burp Drool F/M Same Size Sex Cum Belch writing Goo Penis Masturbation Slimegirl Implied Digestion Unwilling Prey barbarian ?/M Male Prey Female Pred Implied Fatality Absorption Vore Goo Vore Slimegirl Pred Second Person POV Slimegirl vore 2nd Person

A second person story about “you”.

This one is much more lewd than my usual writing, but was also a great challenge for myself and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it! Let me know what you think below.

A huge thanks to  VaguenessIncoming  Brazzel and  Solmaximuta for your valuable critique and proofing.

Solmaximuta - 5 months ago


Progressive - 5 months ago

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it!

threk - 5 months ago

Wonderfully eloquent, very fun read :)

The club music pounded and pumped as people danced like it was their last, drinking themselves under, and making out, but Orilia didn’t know what to do. Dressed up in a black tube top that is little more than a strap wrapped around her moderate D-chest and short skirt that briefly revealed her dark green underwear, her looks done up with a little scarlet and blush, but that was the problem for her.

For all her looks wh

Mutual Interest

Uploaded: 5 months ago

Owner: PoserT

Tags: Human Slime Pregnancy Unbirth (Implied)

I honestly didn't have a plan for this, nor a reason, but I did want to update at least one story here.
Also, it was a more casual thing, so don't worry too much about it. 

PoserT - 5 months ago

It is very possible, but I don't really have a proofreader for the lack of a motive much, so I do the reading myself and look for the problems daily.
Also, I leave spaces in between, but if my stories eliminate those, what could I do to remedy this?

LillyBells - 5 months ago

maybe have someone proofread it for you next time? :3

LillyBells - 5 months ago

I like it! It has alot of errors, mainly spelling and grammar, but i think it's still readable and enjoyable! Thanks!


Uploaded: 5 months ago

Owner: Ilove

Tags: F/F Same Size larxene kingdom hearts Fanfiction xion Interactive VoraciousMoga Ko-Fi

The first of a series of single stories that takes place in the KH series

The image you'll see inside is based on a sketch made by the incredible  Voraciousmoga you can find the original one here
I can't express enough how amazing it came out! I bet you know their art well but if you don't please, check it out ;)

Hope you're going to like it :D

Characters (c) their respective owner 

Ilove - 5 months ago

Happy you like it! Xion deserves the spotlight ;)

Ilove - 5 months ago

Happy you like it, Xion deserves the spotlight ????

The K - 5 months ago

Larxene learned the hard way that this world belongs to Xion. Fun story and I love the thumbnail used for it. Makes me think of a cute puppet about to gorge herself till she's bloated.

Ilove - 5 months ago

Well, you'll be happy to know that it's available right now!

ChrisW - 5 months ago

Kinda want that colored version up~

[Patreon] FF Nomteen: Cookie Conundrum

Uploaded: 5 months ago

Owner: DoubleOSnake

Tags: Soft Vore Digestion Inside Fatal writing Farting Gas Belching F/FFF Big Belly Final fantasy 7 Female Prey Human Prey Female Pred Final Fantasy Food Transformation Human Pred Burping Inside stomach Tifa Lockhart Fran Lightning Farron cookie transformation final fantasy 13 Final Fantasy 12

Patron story for Hsiabot, featuring Tifa (FF7), Fran (FF12), and Lightning (FF13) all in one world I like to call FF Nomteen (real clever right?). Wackiness ensues.

Drive Link:

Pledge to get all the stories you want! Whatever you pledge, you'll always get something!

Buy a story or two on Payhip and...
[ Continued ...

[Patreon] Charlotte and Spice? No Suffice!

Uploaded: 5 months ago

Owner: DoubleOSnake

Tags: Non-Vore writing Stuffed Big Belly Charlotte Isley Sybil Pyres Tina Breaur Foostuffing Spicy Food

Patron story for Hsiabot, featuring Tina, Charlotte, and Sybil!

Drive Link:

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[ Continued ...

[Patreon] One’s Final Fantasy

Uploaded: 5 months ago

Owner: DoubleOSnake

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore Digestion F/F Inside Same Size Fatal writing Unwilling Prey Big Belly Female Prey Human Prey Female Pred Human Pred Inside stomach Tifa Lockhart Charlotte Isley

Patron story for Hsiabot, featuring my Charlotte gobbling up a familiar FF face

Drive Link:

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Check out my Discord too! ...
[ Continued ...

Swallowed By the Darkness

Uploaded: 5 months ago

Owner: SmaxTheDestroyer

Tags: Scat Belly Digestion F/M Fart Fatal Pooping Farting darkness Gas Harem Fatal Vore Belly rubs Aqua Betrayal Human Prey fatal digestion Disposal Kazuma Belly bulge Belly Rubbing konosuba Megumin Lalatina Dustiness Ford knight pred brief F/F Corrupt Nobel Mention of Harem Alderp

Hey All MORE Konosuba Vore here, last time I had someone ask about seeing Darkness As a pred, And I immediately though of Axel's Resident corrupt Nobel Alderp as prey for the lovely crusader. Hope you all enjoy! (Also I’m aware Alderp used a demon to get where he was, I couldn’t find a way to use Maxwell in the story, so i cut him out)
As always, please comment with likes- Dislikes and let me know if there's any Konosuba characters you'd like to see in the future!

[ Continued ...

LichKingNK - 5 months ago

Hooray! Darkness pred! Nya!

Chapter 3: Another Life
Primes alive that had been one ex--WAIT.
I was supposed to be dead. I'd been unbirthed and digested by a giant fox girl, with an unknown person giving me the blowjob of my life halfway through the process. I'd felt my body melt into femcum, my mind cloud over into oblivion, and everything had ended. I had died.
Instead I found myself walking away from orientation just as I'd done before all that had occurred. Had it just been a dream? A vivid, horrific, sexual

Switch!Life: Chapter 3

Uploaded: 5 months ago

Owner: Sliptree13

Tags: Dragon Human M/F Cock Vore Cum Fatal bathroom Blowjob Unwilling Pred Cum Digestion college Nudity exhibitionism glory hole gender transformation Switch!Life

Having somehow averted death, Alex finds herself retracing his previous steps in a body that's a little different than how she remembers. Realizing the potential trouble her new appearance might bring with unwanted questions, she heads to the one place where she can assess the situation with a calm and clear mind. But when her curiosity wins out over common sense she soon finds herself facing down a long, hard problem. 

Dooot - 5 months ago


Sliptree13 - 5 months ago


Sliptree13 - 5 months ago

Predict away

Sliptree13 - 5 months ago

Thank you

Dooot - 5 months ago


ThirtyCelcius - 5 months ago

my god

ThirtyCelcius - 5 months ago

Just clicked the post, hold my beer im going in

BIGBIG - 5 months ago

It actualy was the starter yes.

C107galaxytachyon - 5 months ago

Huh. Was this at all inspired by that question I asked you earlier about, BIGBIG?

BIGBIG - 5 months ago

Umbrelloid did great!

Ms Hungry Exotica

Uploaded: 5 months ago

Owner: Kingpen

Tags: Oral Vore Breasts Scat Belly Soft Vore F/F Weight Gain F/M Fart Bulge BBW Sex Anal Vore Farting Butt Gas Post-Vore Big Belly Amazon hyper scat Post Vore Scat F/fm Female Prey Male Prey Female Pred Big Breasts Sexual content Big Butt f/multiple ebony Gassy Wide hips BBW pred Sexy Pred sexy female pornstar post vore sex Willing prey tall woman Camgirl phat ass vore and sex

It's a voring Camgirl's anniversary show and she has special treat for all her adoring fans. not extreme scat is present. use ctrl+f *scat end to skip

the pic is of Layton Benton 

Kingpen - 5 months ago

idk, got it from a bing search of her Instagram pic's

81Predalien - 5 months ago

Thumbnail pic link?

Chapter 2: Freshman Meat
The administration building of the Darwin College of Arts and Sciences loomed above me, altogether too pristine and admittedly a beautiful work of architecture I'd have never expected to find in this town. We weren't exactly in the boonies but there was a considerable distance to the nearest "big" city.
Frosted and clear glass three stories high mixed with some colored panels without being garish, utilizing the neutral tones of white stone for negative space

Switch!Life: Chapter 2

Uploaded: 5 months ago

Owner: Sliptree13

Tags: Fox Unbirth Digestion F/M Milk Fatal Elephant Panties Blowjob Breast Vore F/FF Cum Digestion college Nipple Vore Nudity F/fm Ambush deepthroat Implied Unbirth older sister orientation Switch!Life

Newly enrolled in the dubious Darwin College of Arts and Sciences, Alex must face his first test: orientation! With his older sister also enrolled alongside him, will Alex be able to navigate his way to graduation safely? Or will he just be one of the many fallen Prey? 

Apex - 5 months ago

If the story is going where I think it's going, it should create plenty of opportunities for interesting plot points. I'll keep reading for that, at least.

MCVU Captain America: TFA Part 3

Uploaded: 5 months ago

Owner: ArrowversePreds

Tags: F/M Oral Marvel Male Prey Female Pred marvel comics f/multiple Captain America Multiple Preys Marvel Cinematic Universe MCU MCVU Marvel cinematic vore universe

This is where the story really picks up but we're still only beginning. We're only just halfway through the first of 23 movies.

Previous Issue:
Next Issue:

Thumbnail Art:
(In this story, steph is wearing her classic, on stage costume with a leather jacket over the top.)

Cast so far:
Mystery woman from...
[ Continued ...

Fallen Kingdom pt 3

Uploaded: 5 months ago

Owner: DrakentheBlack

Tags: Giantess Non-Vore slave whipping slavery

A far fall to go from king to slave, but that is where Wesley finds himself. His only hope now is to survive until Sonja and the Resistance arrive. 

DrakentheBlack - 5 months ago

Okay, your country beat mine to that punch by a few hundred years. But even in the twenty-first century there's people who act like the emancipation proclamation never happened.

Nalzindar - 5 months ago

Oh, don't worry. I have no relation to it other than that it get my attention. In my country, slavery was actually abolished by law for almost 800 years ago, but nobody seems to have paid any attention to that when writing history! (And the few times anyone tried to import a slave during the 16-1700's the legacy of it was actually questioned enough to allow the slaves a higher degree of freedom than many peasants ever experienced!)

DrakentheBlack - 5 months ago

I hope the chapter wasn't too rough of a read. I know slavery is wrong, and can sometimes be a touchy subject.

Nalzindar - 5 months ago

Reading about slavery always makes me feel angry and when it comes to emotions relating to this story you did a good job, especially when contrasting it to Wesley's short reunion with his parents. I really hope they will live to get to meet his wife^^

A Lesson in Digestion: Lysithea

Uploaded: 5 months ago

Owner: SupremeToadLord

Tags: Oral Vore Food Soft Vore Stomach Burp Swallowing Fatal Belch Bloated Squirming Macro/Micro teacher Implied Digestion Unwilling Prey Fire Emblem Human Prey Female Pred Student f/multiple Human Pred Mini Giantess Belly bulge Professor semi-willing pred manipulation lesson f/?????? Fire emblem Three Houses byleth (female) Lysithea

Some time has passed since the first experimental private lesson with Bernadetta & Byleth is in need of a new type of concoction from Claude. While hard to locate, he eventually makes his presence known & is happy to help, with the bonus of him not prying into the private affairs!

The concoction she asks for is something specific, a disguising concoction that can suit a certain student’s sweet tooth & once that's gotten ahold of, well… the professor will just have to...

[ Continued ...

SupremeToadLord - 5 months ago

Thank you!

Heheh, possibly~ That's certainly something I've got to do when I get around to writing another part for little Bernie~

Fulmetall - 5 months ago

First story for Lysithea but great story so it was worth the wait !

I am sure Byleth gobbling some ennemies-made-into-snacks could serve as a great example for Bernadetta to follow...just to "teach" her how to be confident :p

SupremeToadLord - 5 months ago

There aren't many characters with a sweet tooth so hey, may as well try my hand on it when I can! I probably will be revisiting this concept pretty soon with Halloween next month~

I'm glad you enjoyed this, & thank you~!

SupremeToadLord - 5 months ago

Aww, thank you! It really says something when despite your not so keen interest in macro/micro, you're still able to enjoy my stories focusing on them & that makes me really happy!

Thank you so much for the compliment~!

SupremeToadLord - 5 months ago

[i]If one has a weakness, it must be taken advantage of for a situation such as this...[/i] even though Byleth does mean well~

I'm glad I nailed the execution, so thank you!

21. Casino

Uploaded: 5 months ago

Owner: pizza3695

Tags: Oral Vore Scat Belly Digestion Fart M/F Fatal Pooping Farting Gas underwear Semi-willing Female Prey Disposal Acceptance Consensual vore Gassy Male Pred Gambling Digestion Noises Clothes in scat

This story is written in a slightly different style to normal as a bit of an experiment.

Krystal is a savvy woman who is a dedicated gambler. She's very talented at winning and playing her opponent off against themselves. She sees a guy in the casino who appears to be a good match for her - lots of money, good winning streak, and she can't resist challenging him one-to-one at a very high stakes table.


damselnlace - 5 months ago

excellent. Thought he would have ravished Krystal for a while first, but it was late and he was tired and hungry.

PickingRoses - 5 months ago

The prey POV was especially good here. I really liked how you could feel the regret from the table to her end, it was quite sad, actually.

Combat - 5 months ago

The change in perspective was a great idea for this series. I imagine combining both perspectives into future stories could come out quite well.

TheRPKing - 5 months ago

Another great one! Nice job with experimenting with perspective. I always love it when we're in the prey's head and point of view.

“NO!!! STOP IT!!!”

Mary crie


as a human male pins her down laughing.

He starts to tear her clothes off, “What’s wrong

, what happened to all that confidence you just had.”

She screams as he pulls his pants down, &ldq

A New Partner

Uploaded: 5 months ago

Owner: Eric Sykes

Tags: Unbirth F/F F/M Blood Rape rebirth Human Prey No bulge bunny girl pred Bunny girl prey hammerspace womb Onarii pred

Mary's confidence has hit a new high after her blind date with Samara, so she seeks a new victim; she's got just the one in mind.

So I decided to make this into a trilogy, so look forward to it's conclusion next month. 

Eric Sykes - 5 months ago

In the UMS, where they currently live, magitech is highly advanced, so the possibility isn't zero; they just need a device that negates magic, simple.

Apostolos - 5 months ago

Hmm so what if they decide for her to get pregnant, via artificial insemination, would it work or is the fertilization impossible?

Eric Sykes - 5 months ago

Glad you liked it.

TheMysteriousSadSack - 5 months ago

Mary taking out the trash heck yeah. Samara clawing her way out of mary was pretty cool imo

Eric Sykes - 5 months ago

Mary's magic is a void of space within herself, so it's nearly endless; the only reason why Samara was able to escape was because of her own magic, not related to her edict, amd since Mary's father was a full fledged human, he has no magic, so yes, we will never see him again.

Vignettes: No Buildup, All Release
follows are a bunch of scenes I wrote on my phone during stolen
moments. Lots of times I write these and then use them for the sexy
moments of other stories. These are ones that I don’t recall ever
using in other stories. Note my complex naming system when I’m not
sure what stories these will be used for.
WOMAN purred. “Friction.”
straddled MAN’s leg, rubbing herself in long, slow strokes. She
arched her

Vore Vignettes: Orphaned Scenes

Uploaded: 5 months ago

Owner: marloweny

Tags: Unbirth F/F F/M Absorption Breast Vore Cleavage Vore body modification Casual vore Malleable Tf putty girl

As I slowly make progress on owed stories, I continue to mine the seemingly endless sequence of story fragments on my phone. Here's a bunch of stuff that was earmarked to maybe be the "payoff" of some other story, but never got used. 

marloweny - 5 months ago

I'm glad you liked it!

crankzzz - 5 months ago

Also wanted to add that I love this approach to casual vore and breast vore, big turn on to see prey not being happy with themselves, and finally being appreciated as a part of their predator.

crankzzz - 5 months ago

I can't express how much I love this short!

marloweny - 5 months ago

Glad you liked them. I don't know why, the molding/absorbing thing really got a hold of my brain for a while there. That would be an interesting idea, having the two tucked in people sort of chatting while a third relaxes on them.

Amberain - 5 months ago

Swap WOMAN and OTHER WOMAN in my comment above, I should have double checked which was which before posting.

Andris - 5 months ago

You'll find out...

Hawkeye7 - 5 months ago

Great continuation of the story, thanks for returning to this world. So much happening in the practice with these 6 vixens! I wonder if they will all continue to get along, as the battle commences or if any will turn on each other and go over to 'the dark side' :)

Hawkeye7 - 5 months ago

Wow your really on a roll! Excellent story, loving the casual style. Interesting ending, as you manage to make us sympathize 'a little' for Raul, given everything he went through. Although that wouldn't be seen as too harsh a punishment for some of us ;)

A Secret Between Friends
By: HarperWritesStuff
  "What do you mean I can't go home yet?"
 Harper's light thistle purple eyes glared directly at his manager, staring daggers with the sudden news that he would have to keep working instead of clocking out as he intended to do.
 The manager however, was sweating a bit, she was new to the store and didn't really know how to manage it, or at least that's what Harper thought anyway. Harper was, despite his gender, a wai

A Secret Between Friends

Uploaded: 5 months ago

Owner: HarperWrites

Tags: Cock Vore Fatal Unwilling Blowjob Cum Digestion Female Prey ejaculation Femboy Pred

Alright, I had to change the format a bit because it mushed all the sentences together, but like before, this is my first story for my femboy pred Harper. I came up with this on the fly, so I hope it's at least decent. I look forward to your feedback on it and I hope you all like it~ 

chechico - 5 months ago

Is quite good. Would loce to see more of your work in the future

katosiris - 5 months ago

Really nice. I think the manager will also suffer the same thing as Nikki

Descending, The Seat of Royalty [Scat]

Uploaded: 5 months ago

Owner: Septia

Tags: Scat Princess Stomach Male Feral smelly F/M Fart Goddess Non-Vore Female Consensual Toilet Farting Non-Fatal Gas Pony Willing Changeling first person ?/M Humiliation My Little Pony teasing taunting Onomatopoeia Gassy 1st person Scent Casual Scat eating chrono Princess Celestia Alicorn Celestia filth Scat Play toilet vore Non-gory Canterlot Objectification Casual pred impossibly tight Toilet Slave

The changeling arrives at Caneterlot as any dignitary would, however once inside the castle, the princess is kidn enough to escort him to his rightful place: down the porcelain throne.

This story was a Donation commission for Chrono, under the Vivid Value donation tier, many thanks goes out to them.

This story is part of a Chronicle, independent stories in a series that is not...
[ Continued ...

Hotel Calivorenia - Stout Heart (2.2k)

Uploaded: 5 months ago

Owner: Withania

Tags: Oral Vore Digestion Unwilling Transformation Pony Unwilling Prey My Little Pony Male Prey Female Pred mistaken identity pony prey pony pred melty digestion unknown fate seed tf

Stout Heart stops by Withania's house to ask for assistance... but bears an uncanny resemblance to her previous meal...

Many thanks to Justanothermeal for commissioning this chapter, for more information on getting your very own chapter in this story, please see the parent folder here: 

dddddd2 - 5 months ago

Well, going into water is seemingly the more dangerous choice, but I wouldn't be surprised if staying on the land still gets her into a bad end.
Skyheart’s too plump for her own good~

lutro - 5 months ago

Thanks a lot! More chapters are on the way too! Wonder which choice Skyheart makes here will be the right one? :3c

dddddd2 - 5 months ago

Loving this!

Royal Rescue Gone Wrong

Uploaded: 5 months ago

Owner: kinkysliksinclair

Tags: Oral Vore Demon writing Growth Transformation Macro/Micro Female Prey Vore story Original Characters Male Pred written work

Victoria the hired rogue, has been employed by the Grand High Priestess to save the prince of the holy lands, from ritual sacrifice at the hands of a rival cult. However what already seemed like a tough job turns impossible when Victoria herself is captured and is planned as secondary sacrifice.  

One Hero's Timeless Dessert [Patreon]

Uploaded: 5 months ago

Owner: thicceater

Tags: Nintendo Digestion Weight Gain M/F link Sex Zelda Non-Fatal Pudge Willing midna Oral Sex Size difference Legend of Zelda doggystyle Thick thighs princess zelda young link nonfatal digestion Thicc Breath of the wild

Special patreon commission for my lovely friend  RexLou !
This one starring the adorable Young Link as he is...pleasured by a much THICCer Breath of the Wild Zelda
Lovey dovey and naughty stuff ensues, and ends in a pretty delicious treat~

If you'd like a story like this one, consider supporting me on patreon: 

Bringing on the Thunder Thighs [Patreon]

Uploaded: 5 months ago

Owner: thicceater

Tags: F/F Anal Vore Crossover battle larxene Disney kingdom hearts Queen's Blade Vore battle Cattleya

Special patreon fic commissioned by the lovely  cranberryknights1 as part of a special Vore Battle series between Disney/Kingdom Hearts characters VS Queen's Blade Characters
And first on the chopping block is the Savage Nymph Larxene and the Giant Slayer Cattleya!
Who will come out on top?

If you'd like to commission fics like this and support me, consider becoming a patron: 

New Fashion Trend [Patreon]

Uploaded: 5 months ago

Owner: thicceater

Tags: Unbirth F/M Shrinking dress Shrunken man Under Clothes mind break Clothing Transformation Dress Vore

A special long fic commission made on my Patreon!
This was a fun write, since I don't do Dress Vore very often and there isn't much Dress Vore around anyway!
Who knows, I might make Wanda a permanent OC later on

(Also the thumbnail is a small sneak of a comic featuring her as well)

If you want to make a fic like this, consider supporting me in my patreon: 

thicceater - 5 months ago

Aww thank you! Im a HUGE fan of this type of combination, with a dommy lady and the shy young man getting devoured by her~

right2fail - 5 months ago

You just earned yourself a new follower. A powerful, dominant woman combined with a meek, bashful male, plus all the teasing dialogue and some of my favorite fetishes... Holy moly.

Yubi's Lazy Employee

Uploaded: 5 months ago

Owner: thicceater

Tags: Oral Vore F/F Same Size Unwilling Original Characters Older Pred gilf gmilf gmilf pred Yubi Nuwa

Special trade fic i had with  GirlsVoreBoys that I have yet to upload.
Starring their old pred OC Yubi and an uncharacteristic version of my OC Kenna
Enjoy ^w^ 



Bio -

Full Name:


Cherry Diane

Vorian, AKA “Cherry Vore”


Cherry "Vore" Vorian

Uploaded: 5 months ago

Owner: Katana70065

Tags: Character Non-Vore Biography

This is a bio for the main character/predator for my "Cherry Vore" series. 

Sweet Medicine

Uploaded: 5 months ago

Owner: minakotomoka14

Tags: Giant Macrophilia Soft Vore M/F roleplay Non-Fatal doctor Willing Size difference Female Prey Sexual content Original Characters Male Pred Mawplay

In this world, there is a divided realm- the land of the humans, and the land of the Rephaim, a race of giant-like beings that have had a violent and troubled past with humanity. In this day and age, however, humans and Rephaim live in peace, albeit apart in their own separate sectors. The technology of the Rephaim far surpasses that of the humans, and many people travel to their realm in a last-ditch effort to seek medical care for seemingly untreatable illnesses. One of them is Alice Kurosaki,...
[ Continued ...

The Joy Of Battle: Part 1

Uploaded: 5 months ago

Owner: Jazzyjoe94

Tags: F/F Female Big Belly Female Pred Disposal The Boss Metal gear solid Disposial

The untold story of the Boss from.the MGS franchise

A Godly Appetite
Disclaimer: The weight gain aspect in this story is Non-Canon
Chapter 1
“Is it me or has she put on weight?”
“I’m sorry!?”
“Not you Flora I’m talking about our commander, Freecia.”
“I say again Davian Westminster, I’m sorry!?”
“Oh right, yeah, kind of forgot about that tiny detail.” Davian smirked as he looked over at the shapely elf.
Flora simply growled in annoyance at the young man, the pair of them

A Godly Apetite Chapter 1

Uploaded: 5 months ago

Owner: darkflame8

Tags: Elf Fantasy F/? Implied Digestion Implied Vore Female Pred Vore story Elf pred Unknown prey Implied weight gain fantasy setting Fantasy world

A new story featuring my characters from the Fractured Realm. Story will contain Vore and weight gain. 

darkflame8 - 5 months ago

Should have another chapter or two out this week.

Donotlike13 - 5 months ago

Please tell me there's more coming
Hopefully some will be about the other dragons to expand the world.

darkflame8 - 5 months ago


Donotlike13 - 5 months ago

So beyond the weight is everything else canon?

darkflame8 - 5 months ago

Epect to see more of this dynamic in the future, chapter 2 is already up with the rest to follow over the next few days.

A Fool's Tale - Scat Variant

Uploaded: 5 months ago

Owner: MillyObouldra

Tags: Oral Vore Scat Wolf Anthro Fantasy Fart Anal Vore writing Farting Gas queen Canine Hard Digestion Milly Human Prey Disposal royalty Forgotten Realms Wolf Pred cruel predator bones in scat written work

A filthier edit of the hard version of the Fool's Tale story. It's hardly a masterpiece, and there's only a few bits and pieces added, but hope you enjoy nonetheless. This variant contains -
-Oral Vore
-Anal Vore
-Hard digestion
-Uncaring predator
-Still lots of useless exposition

Hard variant can be found here -
Soft variant with happier ending here-
[ Continued ...

MillyObouldra - 5 months ago

I'm happy to please, darling. After all, why spend years practicing the necromantic arts if i'm not to use them? I fully intend to write more, perhaps a backstory esque piece, perhaps a 'day in the life' sort of thing. I appreciate the feedback, hun. <3

wolfSnack - 5 months ago

I especially love the idea of bones being retrieved from a pred’s waste, and being bound to the soul as a servant. I’ve never seen that idea before but it’s *incredibly* hot.

wolfSnack - 5 months ago

Damn hot, a fantastic first story! I look forward to your future writing, I like your wolf character :)

Anniversary Feast, Part 1: The Fox Chef [Foodplay]

Uploaded: 5 months ago

Owner: wolfSnack

Tags: Furry POV Wolf Fox Human Anthro M/M Stuffing Non-Vore Cooking Bondage Non-Fatal Pre-Vore Willing BDSM Collar Preparation Human Prey Sexual content foodplay Male Pred Furry Pred Fox Pred Anthro Pred Casual vore dominant pred non-fatal cooking Willing prey Graduation

You are the pet of a wolf named Sarah, within a society where humans are prey to ravenous anthros known as "pellis". Alistair, the fox pelli who lives next door, has been kind enough to give you a tasty breakfast of fox cum, and you’re relaxing downstairs. But you don’t expect Alistair to give you an offer you can’t refuse: to be the centerpiece of the romantic anniversary dinner between the fox and his wife, the coyote pelli Mira…

See Mira and Alistair post-dinner here!...
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wolfSnack - 5 months ago

I posted the second half, btw -- I'd love to hear your thoughts! Includes another human all cooked up into a delicious meal~

wolfSnack - 5 months ago

Awww, I'm extremely flattered! You're the undisputed master of cooking-style art in this community, your seal off approval makes me very pleased :3 what did you like, and what can I improve in the final draft?

Cookingart - 5 months ago

That is amazing! Very amazing

awoke with a start as he felt his entire world lurch. Jarred from his
surprisingly comfortable sleep, he tried to open his eyes only to
find more darkness. Waking up to darkness was something he had gotten
used to over the past couple weeks, but the feeling of something wet
smothering his face was new. He instinctually tried to bring his
hands up to wipe his face, but felt his arms brush firmly against
slick, supple walls that seemed to surround him on all sides. The
walls squeezed in on hi

Bite-Sized 7: Concealed

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Tags: Micro Soft Vore Unbirth Child Inside Young F/M Fart Toilet Pooping Vagina Loli Series Story Farting bathroom Non-Fatal tiny peeing Shrunken pee Watersports Macro/Micro Post-Vore pussy implied scat Semi-willing Child Vore Size difference Micro Prey original urine Insertion Internal View Male Prey Female Pred Lolita Micro Vore Urination non fatal vore Vaginal vore Underaged Inside view Original Character Postvore Shrunken man Original Characters vaginal insertion Shitting Post-Unbirth Safekeeping Underage predator Young pred urinating shrunken prey internal POV toilet paper unbirthed Girl's room child/adult adult prey loli pred Older Prey young predator Underaged pred shrunken male vagina vore young girl Younger pred Vaginal Unbirth Scat implied Preteen Girl's bathroom original story Post Unbirth tiny man semiwilling loli vore Toilet View tiny prey Loli predator tiny guy Fecal Matter underage vore pussy vore pussy Insertion micro insertion bathroom stall peeking out Unbirth story loli giantess inside vagina preteen pred Child vores adult inside pussy farting pred Underage farting girl Underage pred

Rachel has to take Dave to school with him to make sure he stays hidden... in her vagina. But it's important! She doesn't have anywhere else to keep him, and what she does with tinies is a secret that no one else can know.

Technically this whole story is post-vore, but I tried to keep is as vore-y as possible while still advancing the plot. Because everyone reads/watches fetish art for the plot. Speaking of the plot, looks like Rachel's in a bit of trouble. What's gonna happen to...
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TheDragonBoy - 5 months ago

No personal stuff, just had to take some time to figure out all the details and nail down the ending. Part 8 will probably be out tomorrow, followed by part 9 early next week.

Stveve - 5 months ago

But If Dave is in her hole... will she explode? Will save grow to full dive and save her? Will they both be eaten and they will comfort each other as they die? This story could go so many ways, where is part 8? Or do you have some personal stuff making it hard to write it?

TheDragonBoy - 5 months ago

Thanks :)
Ya know, I kinda expected everyone to assume that's what gonna happen next, but you're the first one to actually say it.

Stveve - 5 months ago

I mean hey, I’d rather have something of a story than the typical “nom” and that’s it. Props to you for making a story I actually am invested in. My guess is she’ll be shrunken her self or she will be turned into the police for her crimes. Considering where I am, I’m guessing the former

Ezunbiirth - 5 months ago

TheDragonBoy releases part 7

TheDragonBoy: I'm Gonna end Rachel's whole career