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Coolwoman - 10 days ago

Thank you!

ConflictPanta - 10 days ago

The scat scene was very creative

Egads - 10 days ago

I couldn't agree more!

Coolwoman - 11 days ago

She is great!

Egads - 11 days ago

I have no idea what happened, sorry for the abomination of comments XD

New Jersey (And Sisters)'s Noms - Part 1

Uploaded: 11 days ago

Owner: Wisky

Tags: Oral Vore Unwilling Prey Fingering Willing Pred Smothering Nagato groping loli prey onsen Mikasa Iowa Azur Lane Tosa Amagi Amagi (azur lane) New Jersey (Azur Lane) New Jersey Tosa (azur lane} Nagato (Azur Lane) Mikasa (Azur Lane) Missouri Wisconsin

When New Jersey was announced for Azur Lane, I was very excited. I'm a fan of Eagle ships, and I'd love to see the Black Dragon and her sisters have a nice snack.

I've tried to leave the Iowas ambiguous, since as of writing this they hadn't been announced. Otherwise, I hope you all enjoy~! 

Gladim - 8 days ago

I seen that well good luck to you

Wisky - 8 days ago

Thanks! I liked writing this, though it was a few weeks in the making. I'm looking forward to when I have the opportunity to do more writing, since the Kongo sisters are next on the menu.

Gladim - 9 days ago

Well then you are getting quite ahead of the game. This is something, can't complain that Wisconsin is represented though. I'll have to give in a more indepth read.

Miss Smalls: Spa Date with Anny

Uploaded: 11 days ago

Owner: helenarlet

Tags: Furry Oral Vore Snake Fox Digestion F/F Swallowing Female Fatal Incest Female Prey Snake Pred Female Pred Vore story Sexual content Belly bulge Inside stomach Swallowed alive sexual vore Fennec Fox Fox Pred foursome Fox prey intersex Belly Rubbing Sister/Sister Post-Vore Sex Willing prey intersex pred sex with pred Miss Smalls sex with prey semi-unwilling pred F/I

(The following story was a commission for  unicorn
Because it didn't involve any original characters and I felt it fit well with the rest of the series, I have decided to make this commission a canon part of the series instead of having it as a stand alone story.)

Anny has invited Clawdette along for a weekend at a fancy spa, but Clawdette quickly starts to realize there is more going on then her friend is telling her.

My twenty-seventh Miss Smalls...
[ Continued ...

unicorn - 10 days ago

It's definitely an honour to have something based on my idea added to canon ^.^

TheDarkTraveler - 10 days ago

I know but it's fun to speculate

helenarlet - 10 days ago

Miss Smalls is my most popular series. I feel like if I just suddenly ended it without warning in the next story with Clawdette getting digested by Anny, some of you would figure out where I live and I'd wake up to find an angry mob gathered outside my house with pitchforks and torches and stuff. Next thing I know you'll all have me tied to a bed with a laptop in my lap, forcing me to pull a Gary K. Wolf so the series can keep going on. And honestly I would prefer not to have someone cosplaying as Kathy Bates standing over me with a sledgehammer, threatening to break my ankles if I try to escape.

helenarlet - 10 days ago

Well considering I decided to make this story a canon part of the series, what was implied by those last few sentences will more than likely be further explored in future stories in the Miss Smalls series.

helenarlet - 10 days ago

Glad you liked it. When I was asked to do this story as a commission I knew it would fit very well into the rest of the series. But please don't give me all the credit. The over-all story outline for this one was Unicorn's. I just wrote the story I was paid to write and added little things here and there to make sure it stayed in line with the series.

“Ah, I love this weather, it’s so great!

-It sure is. Good for walks, outside events and little chats like that.

-Yeah totally. I’m so


enjoy it!”

The sun was shining bright, a gentle

Family business

Uploaded: 11 days ago

Owner: BunnyLily

Tags: family Cooking Reformation lovers Loli Story Lesbian Banquet Female Prey Cooking/Prep loli prey Multiple Preys Willing prey family prey written work

Hello people !

Here's another (long) story, I thought randomly about the main idea and loved it, so I wanted to put it in words, but I ended up writing a lot ^^'

Tried a little something, hope you'll enjoy it, but if that's not the case do not hesitate to tell me why ^^

(also, I suck at naming and tagging, but can't have it all, I guess) 

Beware the Storm (Prologue)

Uploaded: 11 days ago

Owner: Aces

Tags: Non-Vore prologue

Where were you on the day the stars fell?

This is the final memoir of Tiberius; former admiral of the Imperial Navy under the rule of Empress Gutamir. He was among the last survivors of the old elven empire, and legend has it, he rediscovered a piece of ancient elven magic known as the Wish Granter.

Tiberius had long ago disappeared among the pages of Peran's history, but when this document was recently...
[ Continued ...

Aces - 11 days ago

Apostolos - 11 days ago

Interesting so civil war era then... is there a map of sorts yet?

Aces - 11 days ago

Very limited and not widespread in any practical sense except a few locomotives and maybe ironclads are just starting to be a thing.

Apostolos - 11 days ago

Hmm so beginning of industrialization or at least steam engine utilization?

Aces - 11 days ago

Fantasy / 1800s style setting. Incidentally, it takes place around a similar time to my story The Good, the Bad, and the Hungry.

Vore University [Remastered]

Uploaded: 11 days ago

Owner: iliketoread

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore Digestion F/F Giantess Swallowing Fatal Story Macro/Micro Unwilling Prey Size difference Willing Pred Female Pred Disposal Giantess Vore Cruel Pred Digestion Noises

Hi, so I'm sure nobody was expecting this but this is the original Vore University story but fixed up with added scenes.

I really didn't like all the mistakes in the original and wanted to quickly fix them and add some scenes that were really needed. Thank you to  Ragnow for suggesting the extra scene near the end. Oh and I hope I got the majority of grammatical mistakes and spelling mistakes. There were A LOT more than I thought lol.

This "remaster"...
[ Continued ...

Animo24 - 8 hours ago

Cant wait to see it i am really hyped

Himmi1999 - 8 days ago

Vyatich used to be one of the best writers on here but left with all her storys... You can still find them using wayback machine but not all but her writings were great... She had that talent of being super detailed while also making you feel the stories and the characters... Sth. not many have but I consider you one of these writers.

Himmi1999 - 8 days ago

Vyatich used to be one of the besr writers on here but left with all her storys... You can still find them using wayback machine but not all but her stories were great... She had that talrmt of being super detailed while also making you feel the stories and the characters... Sth. not many habe but I consider you one of these writers.

iliketoread - 8 days ago

Not sure who Vyatich is but I guess ill have to investigate! And thank you for reading my stories!

Himmi1999 - 9 days ago

I had not had this much fun reading anyones storys ever since vyatich left...

Thank you as always.

Office day - coworker

Uploaded: 11 days ago

Owner: salamoun

Tags: POV Oral Vore Pregnancy Same Size ?/F Implied Digestion Unwilling Prey Female Prey pregnant prey ambiguous pred Casual vore pregnant belly Office Lady You/F pov pred

Office work is boring but at least you have people to rely on sometimes.

Written by me. 

EnriqueTorq - 9 days ago

Great story! I really missed such stories.

Friend's house

Uploaded: 11 days ago

Owner: salamoun

Tags: POV Oral Vore Pregnancy Burp Same Size ?/F Implied Digestion Unwilling Prey Female Prey pregnant prey ambiguous pred Casual vore pregnant belly You/F Willing prey pov pred

You've decided to visit an old friend of yours but you soon find out that he has a new GF that is very interested in your predatory abilities.

Written by  PhantomWolf 

salamoun - 10 days ago

All of them are randomly stumbled upon the internet. The most common sites are DeviantArt and preggophilia.

BellyLover045 - 10 days ago

Where'd you find the thumbnail

Couch potato

Uploaded: 11 days ago

Owner: salamoun

Tags: POV Oral Vore Pregnancy Burp Same Size ?/F Implied Digestion Unwilling Prey Female Prey pregnant prey ambiguous pred Casual vore pregnant belly You/F pov pred

First of the series, you made a reservation for a fancy dinner with your GF but she seems to be too lazy to go. Whatever shall you do?

Written by  Hoboman 

salamoun - 10 days ago

Definitely plan to have more of this series.

Krunchlesnitchles - 10 days ago

love it sal nice job would love more


Uploaded: 11 days ago

Owner: Remnant5000

Tags: Oral Vore Chubby Digestion F/F Weight Gain Breast Expansion Fatal Anal Vore Unwilling Prey Willing Pred Big Breasts huge ass Big Butt f/multiple Gym ass expansion Muscle Girl Nude Female Accidental vore fit prey chubby prey Multiple Preys fit pred Willing prey TikTok fit to fat #CakeCheckChallenge CakeCheckChallenge

I'm back with a new story, this time, 4 girls try the new trending challenge on TikTok.

I been watching some TikToks again and I came across this challenge and said: "Why has no one done a vore story with this?".
BTW, this is my biggest story up to date, 6000+ words. 

Remnant5000 - 7 days ago

Thanky you so much!!

Matteo42 - 8 days ago

Tik Tok, Instagram, Reddit... pff, I believe in Eka's supremacy!

Seriously though, good story mate!

salamoun - 11 days ago

Doubt, I want to keep it ambiguous at best of I ever continue the story so that I don't lose any characters from it ^^;
The Lunar lust series tho, that can be considered having some possibly fatal scenarios since most characters there are one offs anyway.

Apostolos - 11 days ago

Will there be fatal outcomes in the coming chapters?

salamoun - 11 days ago

I actually do have a basic concept planned for it, but I'm not sure I'll be getting it anytime soon since these cost a lot due to how long they are ^^;

Apostolos - 11 days ago

Any plans for a part three to this? It looks like centorea is gonna be permanently MIA at this point to me.

Monster girl mash

Uploaded: 11 days ago

Owner: salamoun

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore Centaur Human Slime F/F Burp Anime Mermaid Naga Same Size zombie Lamia ogress Cyclops Harpy Yuri Changeling F/F/F F/FF Vorgy Arachne Monster girl Female Prey Human Prey Mermaid Prey Female Pred Human Pred Naga Pred strap-on Voreception Lamia Pred centaur prey harpy prey Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou monster musume miia suu papi Tionishia Changeling Pred Arachne pred Miss Smith Centorea Shianus Slime pred Ogress prey zombie pred Doppel Rachnera Arachnera Zombina Meroune Lorelei Manako Cyclops prey Papi the Harpy suu the slime Miia (Monster Musume)

The girls living with Kimihito are once more forced to stay alone without their darling/master/husband and wouldn't luck have it that it's gonna be another full moon. That's why Kimihito asked Miss Smith if could look over them during the night to make sure nothing bad happens. Oh how wrong he was about it.

This is was inspired by this story as a loose "few months later" scenario

Written by  PhantomWolf ...
[ Continued ...

rxc - 10 days ago

I would like to see Kyoko eat Makoto, an idea could be, that in the fifth trial, Junko executes Makoto and at the same time punishes Kyoko for being late for the trial, forcing her to eat him, I love that idea.

Coolwoman - 11 days ago

Glad you liked it

theonlymatt - 11 days ago

Damn, this is the best one in a while, very well done.

KyngSama - 11 days ago

I would love if it you could make Makoto come out hard as to get back at Sayaka for turning him into poop >:3

Coolwoman - 11 days ago

That would be an interesting one

Aether's Scrumptious Recruit

Uploaded: 12 days ago

Owner: jyoster

Tags: Pokemon Soft Vore Digestion F/F Weight Gain Stuffing F/M Same Size Fatal Unwilling Prey Female Pred teasing post-digestion fat pred melting digestion clueless prey evil pred Teasing Pred Lusamine Implied Sexual Interaction

Moving to Alola from the distant Kanto Region, a man named Lunn is fortunate enough to get a job at the Aether Foundation. Although he isn't fully aware of the companies' big and well-kept secrets. This includes the apparent voracious appetite of the President, Lusamine.


Howdy everyone, I know it's been a long time coming, but I'm back with another story. This time, it's a story that I wrote as a commission for a friend of mine -who kindly asked to be left...
[ Continued ...


Uploaded: 12 days ago

Owner: Sauvegarde

Tags: Macro Unbirth Growth Female Pred Planet Vore Large Pred cosmic predator

Everything’s relative. Scale, duration, distance… All meaningless in the face of space.

Macro vore and unbirth, 950 words. 

Peni Parker: Into The Spider-Vorse

Uploaded: 12 days ago

Owner: SlightOvernaught

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore Digestion F/F Same Size Unwilling Prey Marvel Female Prey Female Pred Spider-Gwen Peni Parker Into the Spider-Verse

Haha! Funny title! Yeah this won the previous poll. Although, I doubt that I'll be doing one again. I'll just write whatever my impulses tell me to, haha.

I did notice there was a distinct lack of Peni prey stuff on here so here's my attempt at remedying that. This one took me awhile to write as I couldn't really come up with an opener. However, after talking with some friends, I eventually decided on a direction.

Sorry that this took so long! I've got four more...
[ Continued ...

Kaa's revenge

Uploaded: 12 days ago

Owner: anxiousvampire

Tags: M/M M/F Hypnosis Fatal Kaa Mowgli M/m/f Child Prey Unwilling Prey Disney Female Prey Snake Vore Snake Pred Male Prey hypnotized slow digestion Male Pred Painful Digestion shota prey Cruel Pred Disney Vore loli prey Shanti the jungle book Multiple Preys kaa vore Hypnotized prey extortion Kaa the snake begging prey Underage prey brainwashed prey walt disney would kill me if he saw this

A commission from

Fun fact Kaa was originally one of mowgli's closest friends in the book but walt thought kids couldn't understand a snake being good so made kaa a villain and cultural osmosis has carried that change since.

this is also my first male prey as well as first real snake pred.

You can also find Nervous on his deviant art

his discord...
[ Continued ...

Supermariosunshine63 - 14 hours ago

Its so satisfying seeing young boys get digested. It’s funny how foolish they are!

anxiousvampire - 11 days ago

well I'm glad you enjoyed it

VoraciousPreyator - 11 days ago

Good read! Love Kaa and male prey so best of two worlds!

anxiousvampire - 12 days ago

glad you enjoyed it

anyonarex - 12 days ago

mmmmmm, lovely stuff. <3 loooved the long term digestion. Gosh 3 months ~

anxiousvampire - 11 days ago

sure. use the pm's and let me know

RJD101 - 11 days ago

Can i still tell you so that can you can get around to it

anxiousvampire - 11 days ago

yes though I'm rather busy at the moment so it could be a while before it even get's started

RJD101 - 11 days ago

Do you still do requests

This is it, one step closer to freedom.

The prisoner was being escorted by two male guards along the grey and empty hallways of the isolation ward.

The chains on his hands and feet, and the footsteps of his guards as the remaining companions from his long journey

Soft and jiggly community service

Uploaded: 12 days ago

Owner: Nkr

Tags: Soft Vore Unbirth Weight Gain F/M Same Size F/? Non-Fatal entrapment Implied Digestion Unwilling Prey Implied Vore Unwilling Pred Big Belly Willing Pred Human Prey Male Prey Female Pred Big Breasts Human Pred Belly bulge Onomatopoeia Endosoma Big ass human female human male unwilling to willing pred Caring pred

A chance to get out of prison in a year instead of 16, what could go wrong?


So this story was a mess to write, I spent more time parsing pieces together than I spent actually writing it. Such is the woes of time management I guess, blergh.

Anyway, feedback is appreciated, don't be afraid of punching me
too hard with it.

Hopefully you enjoy at least parts of it.

Tags are open to edit, please do if somethings are wrong or...
[ Continued ...

C107galaxytachyon - 9 days ago

Are there aspects to the earlier “unnamed” vore that went on here?

Vstar66 - 11 days ago

Great story. I would definitely choose that type of community service lol.i would love to see more like this

anxiousvampire - 10 days ago

"all good. it was an undertaking of my own choice and I admit it is not one of my best as a result. though it did lead to me not really taking requests or even commissions if I don't know the series to some degree"

Simplespectator - 10 days ago

Ah, yeah. That would do it. Sorry for the stress that no doubt caused.

anxiousvampire - 10 days ago

"it was a project I had a hard time with it as I knew nothing about legend of Zelda, as a result it got rewritten at least three times so I don't doubt it feels unfinished"

Simplespectator - 10 days ago

This one. I like it enough, but it feels slightly unfinished. Like it needed a little something more for the end. Maybe a reaction or something? Too late now I know.

The insurance predators

Uploaded: 12 days ago

Owner: Zubre

Tags: Soft Vore Anime Weight Gain Unwilling Prey Fatal Vore Trigun Vore story Meryl Stryfe Milly Thompson

After failing to comprehend this site for about 10 minutes and trying my best to delete all the excess uploads I stupidly made after limply flailing my arms about as if I had hit my head with a chainsaw I finally managed to upload this and correct the hilarious mistakes wich I made while doing so.

This was made by me. I saw that there was almost NO trigun vore to be spoken of! I know! Criminal right!? So I decided to make this! I hope you enjoy it and leave a comment if you...
[ Continued ...

A Meeting with Qui'Ra

Uploaded: 12 days ago

Owner: Shadydancer

Tags: F/M Female Pred star wars pregnant pred Qi'ra

Another little collaboration with the amazing  Ergos who did this picture and I wrote a little story to go with it!
I don't know about you, but I'd watch the hell out of a "Solo" where Qui'ra is nice and fat off all Maul's babies, having to succeed in the heist or else she'll be eaten!
Ergos’ picture: 

WGA - Chapter Ten

Uploaded: 12 days ago

Owner: Tavore

Tags: Digestion F/F Fatal Post-Vore F/FF object swallowing teasing Burping Graphic digestion Naga Pred endoscope texting Implied Disposal

Tia and her new bestest friend in the whole world settle in for their sleepover

Like always I'd love to know what you think!

Mobile Version

Previous Chapter

Character references from this chapter


Gorgrath177 - 10 days ago

This story’s brutal dang. Tia is all alone as the last human I’m guessing :( hope things get better for her, maybe she’ll get some revenge.

Tavore - 11 days ago

That is something I've considered, yeah. Originally one of Tia's friends was going to have a pocket knife or some kind of small weapon but it didn't add much to the vore scene she was in so it got scrapped.

The way I rationalize it is that the humans are by far the weakest species at the school and the more predatory types tend to stick in packs. So it's worth it to just keep their heads down and try to make it through that way. Also the staff isn't even on their side- as they would view something like you're describing as grounds for immediate "expulsion" I'm sure.

In the future there might be some more details and answers to your question here, could be a fun bit of world building.

Thanks for the comment!

Phant0m5 - 11 days ago

You know, I'm loving this series so far, but with the way the naga and the other preds treated the humans I can't help but think...

Okay, so to preface: I'm not much into hard vore or general cannibalism, outside of soft vore and digestion. And given this is a vore series, you have to make some societal allowances that wouldn't work in... any world that makes sense, really.


I can't help but think that, after watching their friends get eaten, a human might start bringing certain tools to school. A meat cleaver, skinning knife, maybe their parent's hunting weapon, if there is one in the house... it's not murder if you eat the victim, right? Then it's just predition.

I think the preds might back off a bit if that one human was bringing snake burgers to school for a week.

Rose Petal Cum Ale

Uploaded: 12 days ago

Owner: Doku

Tags: Pokemon Digestion Cock Vore Futanari huntress Anal Sex Cum Digestion Sexual content cum inflation sounding Gijinka ahegao Futa/F Vaginal sex RWBY Ruby Rose urethral penetration cum disposal Tempvore Tyranitar Gijinka Tyne

Tyne gets herself into still more trouble, this time happening upon a young huntress. Ruby's unaware of what she really did to Weiss and visiting the Cocksnack on the advice of her quirky and perhaps not too far-thinking friend Penny.

The results, and the brew of cum that came out of them, speak for themselves. At least it wasn't perma and in a week her aura would be enough for Jaune to get her back, so they could do it again unlike Weiss?!?

Ruby (...
[ Continued ...

Doku - 9 days ago - the fiction's already up. It's a very graphic, violent rape and digestion before disposal

Flamelordytheking - 11 days ago

Do you have a link for the Weiss role play log? I’d really like to read it.

Legoshi's Feast

Uploaded: 12 days ago

Owner: TastyAce

Tags: Oral Vore Wolf Soft Vore Stomach Digestion Anime Rabbit Swallowing Fatal Deer Unwilling Manga Orgasm Unwilling Prey Fatal Vore Wolf girl Anime Vore Willing Pred Female Prey Male Prey stomach acids Soft Oral Swallowed alive Anime and Manga M/multiple prey Male Pred Swallowing whole Wolf Prey stomach juices Rabbit Prey Wolf predator Willing Predator Wolf Pred Stomach Noises Orgasmic deer prey orgasmic digestion Beastars orgasming orgasmic death dwarf rabbit

Commission for Lightning_Flash! Legoshi stops resisting his instincts.
Patrons get exclusive stories, discounted commissions, and more! ^u^
Thanks to SurrealSilent, Mike White, keilmichemm., Lightning_Flash, CaptainVupline, JT Tanu, 101loudswords, Selicia, SpudSorcerer, Matthew Scott Harper, AAAKing, eheh23, CDR2Magi, Krikkiter, Jesse Aldridge, Anonymous, Jconner1, Jac Denzo, MrMilitary101, Mr_Pebbles, scorp29, Wolfknight130,...
[ Continued ...

TastyAce - 11 days ago

Thanks for reading! ^u^

Snackforhire - 11 days ago

Oh yes! A legoshi vore story.....a good one too
Thank you alot for this

In the most general sense there is something personal in how we view the world around us. Even without a frame of reference, and looking beyond what we’ve come to accept as everyday; judging an occurrence outside of one’s parameters without the use of said parameters? Hard to do so, or even to describe And even if it doesn’t quite capture the picture of what lies ‘out there’, it’s enough of a reassurance to the eye of the beholder and the mind of the moulder. Bringing some otherwise

The Sky's Reflection

Uploaded: 12 days ago

Owner: mystarfear

Tags: Stomp Gore Non-Vore Crush Macro/Micro Phoenix Demi-Human nixie vore mentioned

giant phoenixie demi Offra does some introspection following a ‘misstep’, and goes through a lot of re-affirming disinterest toward the disturbed micros below him. There’s cruelty, and there’s apathy…

some practice at getting into the mind of a giant! Plus introduction to the Purple Plane, the setting of ‘The Aside Dec’ and...okay, can’t so much say ‘how it works’ because it’s a take-it-as-it-comes deal

Offra, ‘The Aside Dec’ and related concepts © mystarfear...
[ Continued ...

RealZikik - 5 days ago

First start by writing something in a word document or something and then send a sample your work to Eka.

RealZikik - 5 days ago

First start by writing something in a word document or something and then send a sample your work to Eka.

CustardTreat - 5 days ago

How do I write stuff here?

IddlerItaler - 11 days ago

Cute story, though the name of Madoka was mispelled as Modaka and Modoka

InfernoDeity - 12 days ago

I can't imagine Homura Akemi is too pleased about that. Sayaka may need to watch out for the Transfer Studnt.

Steamy Date

Contains: Digestion, Disposal, Prey POV, ?/m

It was a beautiful summer evening; The sun was setting, and a faint breeze kept the stagnant city air crisp and cool. You were going to see him there, the restaurant he had told you to meet him at; secluded and romantic it drew you in like a moth to

Steamy Date (Prey POV Disposal)

Uploaded: 12 days ago

Owner: GayPred

Tags: POV Scat Belly Digestion M/M Fart M/F Pooping Story Farting Gas piss date M/? Post Vore Scat Prey POV Disposal Gassy Male Pred Unknown prey Reader POV Reader is Prey M/Unknown

First and foremost! I thought I'd say that I really wanted to write this as a style and prose short story exploration, let me know what you all think!

This one is open to interpretation, I kept the wording vague so please feel free to project XD. You are asked on a date by a mysterious man!  

Xenophage17 - 11 days ago

This is fantastic work as always! Love the POV, really brought me into it and as always your pred characters are fantastic.

Redeyeddemon - 12 days ago

That was freaking awesome mate, really well done

braxe - 12 days ago

this guy.... i want to date him

ReptileKing23 - 12 days ago

Perhaps next that'll be a reality!

Firebird22 - 12 days ago

Imagine how much more of a meal she will be when she's fully pregnant and her tits are filled with milk.

Best Friends Day 2: Beach Blunders

Uploaded: 12 days ago

Owner: ZeldaNoVorsu

Tags: Princess Belly kirby F/F Burp smelly Stuffing Fart Peach F/? Unwilling Zelda Anal Vore Farting Metroid Butt Stuffed Gas Bloated Daisy dolphin Rosalina Big Belly Legend of Zelda Swimsuit Drunk Super Mario Bros Stuffed belly stuffed tummy Female Prey Female Pred teasing the legend of zelda Princess Peach Big Butt Burping Belly bulge Stinky Onomatopoeia Princess Daisy Gassy Samus Aran burps sitting on bloated belly Butt crush Princess Rosalina Accidental vore princess zelda stuck in butt Flattening Super Smash Bros female preds pyra Casual vore accidental pred Drunk pred princess pred embarrassed pred dolphin prey toot Gassy Pred Tooting Bloated Tummy Super smash bros ultimate farting pred bloated stomach gassy girl farting girl Dr Mario Gassy girls Zelda's Hitbox Dr Dolphin

Happy Best Friends Day, Oceans Day, Jelly-Filled Doughnut Day, Upsy Daisy Day, Call Your Doctor Day, and Name Your Poison Day. I think I named them all, and you will find all of those days in this story in some form. I wrote this at  derpsquid42's urging, as a way to get around some pretty major, dare I say, Writer's Block. He knew if I were to do something like this, it would help me get back into the right headspace to write the stories I actually need to. What better way to...
[ Continued ...

ZeldaNoVorsu - 11 days ago

The princesses getting bloated and gassy from the doughnuts was probably my favorite part. When I knew I was doing another story with the four, especially with Daisy there, it was time to give her some good burps and farts for you to enjoy.

The K - 12 days ago

Outstanding story. I loved when the princesses got bloated and gassy from those doughnuts, especially when Daisy basked in the smell of her cheek bloated burp. Favorite part was when drunken Daisy had her butt snack, her belly swelling like a large round orb, and when she grunted and cut a large nasty one beneath the surface of the water causing bubbles to shoot up. Great writing!

ZeldaNoVorsu - 12 days ago

Imagine having Dr. King Boo though, you'd wind up as a painting.

derpsquid42 - 12 days ago

At this point I'm betting you can just buy diplomas in the Mushroom Kingdom. There's barely anyone I'd actually want as a doctor. If I'm going under and Dr. Iggy is my surgeon, I'm writing my will right there.

ZeldaNoVorsu - 12 days ago

He seems fine after all. Zelda's hitbox is big, but it's not like she ground pounded him or anything. Maybe he just likes being squish? Don't forget good old Dr. Goomba Tower, or how about any of the baby doctors? How can a baby even be a doctor?!

Dean had never seen a ship this big. It was massive. If he were to total up all of the walkways and service corridors it probably had more mileage than his hometown growing up. And for a ship stuffed so full of cargo, it also felt horribly empty. A city-sized ship, and for months he would be the only human aboard. It was a harrowing thought, but at least the pay was… not terrible.A man walked him down the main corridor, reading from the screen of a tablet with all the enthusiasm of a prescript

Drone 143

Uploaded: 12 days ago

Owner: marloweny

Tags: Oral Vore latex rubber Blowjob Drone

A long, strange story about a guy who starts a relationship with a rubbery, kangaroo-like drone. A non-vore version of this story with a longer ending exists and will probably show up elsewhere. Comment asking for it if you're interested and I'll reply with a link when it's posted. 

threk - 6 days ago

How you consistently manage to make stories as adorably cute as you do while still including things like horny latex kangaroo robots is beyond me.

hornywing - 9 days ago

I believe it is the better ending but I am biased towards happy endings. :)

And with a couple dozen sentences you create world I will daydream about for a bit. Your economy of words vs. the punch they carry is why I enjoy your works. Thank you again for sharing them.

squashflat - 10 days ago

Very Very nice story, and yes i would be interested in reading the non vore version if you would be so kind.

Pokeman - 10 days ago

Still would happily see more on these two, although I can see why you might not have more story ideas for them.

Pokeman - 10 days ago

I would say less concerns and more a general desire for the story to continue, although I will say I expected it to go much less smoothly. :P Not a complaint at all, just subverted expectations.

Sitro and Ella: First Feast

Uploaded: 12 days ago

Owner: ElyBlanche

Tags: Oral Vore Scat Belly Digestion Weight Gain F/M Fart Reformation Fatal Pooping Story Farting Gas Post-Vore Kobolds Post Vore Scat Willing Pred Feet first Male Prey Female Pred Vore story Disposal Consensual vore resurrection Burping Gassy bones in scat Willing prey Isekai derg

Heya! This is my first upload, as well as the first vore story I've written. I hope you all enjoy!

Sitro and Ella are a couple of Kobolds who got zapped from their fantasy land to a new world not unlike our own. They end up living here comfortably and soon, Elle discovers some kinky stuff on the internet that she tries out with Sitro.

Thumbnail art by CharshToan on Eka's and FA. 

(Writing) The Illusive Fire-Eating Canine

Uploaded: 12 days ago

Owner: Catblaster

Tags: Giant Inflation Weight Gain drinking lava Male Pred Object Vore bloating observer pov Hellhound boy Lava Eating

Back again with another Canine hunger story, this time Duke's (inexplicably) a hundred feet tall and he's here to help you with your problems!

A little more experimental on my side with the POV being an observer for once and not a narrator of some kind as well as how I wrote this one. Please let me know if you like this or if there's any way I can improve!

(Drinking an entire volcano's worth of lava counts as Object Vore right?) 

ArgobargSoup - 11 days ago

...Hah, I love it~ Unique concept, and hey, glowing gut is goooood~

Man's Best Friend [Commission]

Uploaded: 12 days ago

Owner: NRawk

Tags: Giantess Cock Vore Futanari Butt Panties entrapment Unwilling Prey gentle Shrunken man Between breasts sat on tongueplay Futa/M shrinking boy giantess/tiny Gentle Giantess tongue bath Fate/Grand Order Ushiwakamaru Ritsuka Fujimaru Fujimaru Ritsuka licking prey minamoto no yoshitsune

Being Chaldea's only Master can be rough. Luckily, Ritsuka has a faithful Servant by his side that will see to it that he gets the rest he needs, whether he wants to or not.

May's commission as requested by Kazo. There is a terrible lack of Ushiwakamaru stories out there, so I'm glad I got to add to them.

Thumbnail: P!nta

Thank you...
[ Continued ...

Hollow Knight - History Lesson

Uploaded: 12 days ago

Owner: EaArachnee

Tags: Digestion M/M Burp Weight Gain Fatal Belch Story Willing Pred Male Prey teasing Male Pred Belly Smothering Willing prey hollow knight Quirrel Lemm

hi hello there, have more hollow knight vore
i think i'm the only person who's ever done vore about lemm by the way. i've never seen anyone talk about him.
well, you know what they say, it only takes one visionary for others to follow. 

The princess was, among many other things, thoroughly fed up.

And being fed.

To a dragon.

A really, really big one. Green and scaly and kind of pretty and glittery but also kind of nasty. It was, after all, a dragon.

How had it all come to this?


Answer: It had al

Inspired by the Dragon's Hunger

Uploaded: 12 days ago

Owner: randompersonthatwrites

Tags: Soft Vore Dragon Oral Dragon pred Oral Soft Vore Short Story

Just a random thing I felt like writing. It's supposed to take place in one of those game-like worlds you would find in certain kinds of stories, if that wasn't clear from the story itself. I figure that kind of system could make for some convenient ways to set up vore stuff.