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Otto looked online every night for a woman dominant and greedy enough to be his Goddess. He wanted a woman that would eat him out of house and home. He lucked out one day, and found a woman. She was preposterously gluttonous, she had dozens of online paying feeders that supported her entirely sedentary lifestyle. She had eaten and shit out hundreds of thousands of dollars her donors hard earned cash. She didn't give a second thought to what she was doing. Her conviction was absolute: males are o

Queen Bee

Uploaded: 5 days ago

Owner: Duncan-Idaho

Tags: Scat Pregnancy Digestion F/M Masturbation Male Prey Female Pred Underage prey

I mean yeah, life is really good if anyone was worried about me.

I'd love to write more but I'm very lazy.  

malmalloy - 4 days ago

You should write more.

I don't like scat, but everything else is good imo :)

Duncan-Idaho - 4 days ago

Yes, it's been at least two years. I was surprised to see how long it has been, and I've been thinking of a lot of narratives lately. The hard part is just typing them out. I'd love to put out everything I think of, but like I said in the description, I'm quite lazy.

Thanks for the comment by the way. I love getting comments!

157and493 - 4 days ago

How long has it been? It feels like years.

like all trainers, had set out to begin her Pokemon journey in the
Galar Region. Her starter being a Grookey, and collecting Pokemon as
well as badges to be able to challenge the elite leaders as well as
control her pokemon better with the higher level they get.
8 is where she took the time to rest along the dusty steps, massaging
her feet after a nice long day of adventure.
dry grass rustling caught her attention and she looked to see
nothing, aside from the ground seeming to lif

Route 8 Meal

Uploaded: 5 days ago

Owner: RileyTheVampire

Tags: Snake Pokemon Soft Vore Human Fatal anaconda Implied Digestion Female Prey pokemon sword and shield sandaconda

A female trainer discovers a new pokemon called Sandaconda. Sandaconda also discovers what a human tastes like.

I saw this new pokemon a day or so before the new game came out and fell in love with it. I also hope this isn't a spoiler for anyone. 

sweetladyamy - 5 days ago

But that's the actual name of the Pokémon? It's even less creative than the Gen. 1 snakes, lolz

(that's me just looking at it from an artist and gamer's perspective though)

RileyTheVampire - 5 days ago

I haven't played the games since Heart Gold/Soul Silver.. kind of just watch youtube to at this point.

That they are. I love this snake pokemon a lot.

sweetladyamy - 5 days ago

I'll likely see reference to Gen. (~) Pokémon via various YouTube channels in the coming times, so no worries about spoilers.

I haven't played past Gen. 4 anyway, so...

Snakes are always fun preds.

Yiffpunk: Black Friday

Uploaded: 5 days ago

Owner: helenarlet

Tags: Furry Oral Vore Polar bear Wolf F/M Female BBW bull turkey Unwilling Prey Male Prey Female Pred Vore story Femboy Crossdressing Belly bulge Swallowed alive Wolf Prey Bear Pred BBW pred Polar Bear Pred Larger pred distopia Yiffpunk Larger pred/smaller prey

Another free Yiffpunk story, continuing the events of 'But I Don’t Want To Be Thanksgiving Dinner'.

Mallory and Booster have returned to the dome in search of other survivors like themselves, and may have just found more than they bargained for. But before they can figure out what to do about it, a familiar face shows up to complicate matters.

Go here for the next story in the series: 

Samus story:
“Don’t wander to far out Samus!”
Samus grinned hearing her Chozo foster parents behind her, nodding to herself Samus still slid out of the house, she had decided to sneak back out to the area she had been exploring days before. Telling everyone she wouldn’t wander to far to her Chozo parents, she understood that she had to stay relatively close to the settlement on this planet named Zebes. Opening the door to the home she had been living in, Samus took severa

Samus, the teenage years.

Uploaded: 5 days ago

Owner: Winny

Tags: Scat Digestion M/F Sex Unwilling Metroid Snake/F Sexual content monster/f Samus Aran rapid digestion onahole Clothes in scat detailed disposal

Commission piece by  saintheartwing

Hello everyone! Welcome to another commission that was paid for before my motivation ate itself and left the remains floating in the sewer.

Anywho! This is my first attempt at writing a character that is already created in an actual setting. As such I choose the teenager years before Samus goes all blood thirsty bounty hunter in metroid.

As this is my first attempt at writing non OC things, I would say please...
[ Continued ...

Winny - 4 days ago

Ah thanks for the info. Ive only played dome of the really early games a ling time ago, but I'll krep that in mind if I get another commission in the universe. Maybe think of this piece as a what if? Ulternate universe or some such! Thanks for reading the story though~ <3

Superblah - 4 days ago

I should add, chozos are also a dying race, so not really much room for cute young girls from their end of the spectrum. iirc, by the time metroid happens they are actually extinct.

Superblah - 4 days ago

Teenage samus has her suit just fyi.

sweetladyamy - 5 days ago

True that, as it's a labyrinth ahead...lolz

Winny - 5 days ago

Who's to say? I think she'll be to busy as her new position to give it any thought~

Nimrod's Process

Uploaded: 5 days ago

Owner: saintheartwing

Tags: Oral Vore Scat Soft Vore Digestion Fatal Child Prey Robot Fatal Vore Preparation machine Disposal Soft Oral Synthetic kid prey Gentle Predator robot vore Gentle Pred machine vore Multiple Preys Scat/Disposal Underage prey Nimrod

Franklin Richards and Hope Summers have, alas, found themselves captured by Nimrod, the greatest Sentinel of all, and for the sake of humanity's survival, no matter how regretful he is...he cannot allow mutants like them to live...


The party

Lena was having one of her big parties at her house, I hadn’t known Lena for very long so this was the first one I got invited to


Lilly met me at the door and leads me upstairs “it’ll be great honey


” s

First vore story pt4. The party.

Uploaded: 5 days ago

Owner: Naganommer

Tags: Oral Vore Anal Vore merging devil F/fm f/multiple

The fourth part of the very first vore series I've ever written back in 2009. Lightly edited for punctuation, story flow, and some.. less savory aspects but otherwise unchanged from my original writing. And it shows.

This one introduces Lena and her girlfriend Janette. Lena's probably one of my favorite girls. It also introduces Eve, a girl with a power I really should do more with.

This one also apparently introduces something I just called "Abilities" Some...
[ Continued ...

Holly's Daycare Dinner

Uploaded: 5 days ago

Owner: Dillybar12345

Tags: Digestion diaper Baby Pred Daycare

A commission for simalst

Holly had to stay late at daycare with a caretaker she didn't like. After getting hungry and being denied food, the toddler does something her mommy had once talked about.

Commissions are open! I do Diapered and Non-Diapered stories. 

Dillybar12345 - 4 days ago


Mackpac - 4 days ago

Nice story.

PMD: EL Chapter 001 - Right Out of the Gate

Uploaded: 5 days ago

Owner: lutro

Tags: Pokemon Feral Non-Vore Story Buizel shinx croconaw pokemon mystery dungeon Lutro

The local guild has a few apprenticeship openings, and a chubby buizel named Lutro is taking advantage of that! After wanting an opportunity to join for so long, he's finally getting his chance!

All Chapters 

The Greatest Story Never Told

Uploaded: 5 days ago

Owner: VaguenessIncoming

Tags: Oral Vore F/F F/M Same Size Fatal Story writing Implied Digestion Unwilling Prey Size difference Willing Pred Female Prey Human Prey Male Prey Female Pred Human Pred Reluctant Pred Unusual Entity Containment Facility UE-0100 UE-1280

A commission for  balanced-guy, taking place in their Unusual Entity setting.

Her insides flowed around me, pulsing alien organs in a nutrient-rich suspension. I felt her form shift and flow around me, even through the thin tissue that was her throat; no muscles contracted around me, or pushed me down, but I slid down nonetheless.

Word count: about 5000.

Thumbnail drawn by the always awesome  MinaHyena.

Buy my...
[ Continued ...

Brenden1k - 5 days ago

Is it a time loop?

VaguenessIncoming - 5 days ago

And a fun one to write!

HipHugger - 5 days ago

This was a fun one to read!

“I need to have a serious talk with... myself, really. How do I keep getting myself into these messes? Why do I keep allowing myself to get into these situations? I swear this is the fifth time this week this has happened!” A clearly agitated voice shouted. Who wouldn't be agitated?
After all, being swallowed alive by a demoness is never a good time.
“It's weird how frequent it is. I mean, okay, maybe not weird but... and I know I'm an angel but that doesn't mean I'm a meal e

Angelic Snack

Uploaded: 5 days ago

Owner: BlackfireVii

Tags: Oral Vore Belly fight Angel Stomach Digestion Burp F/M Same Size Belch Demoness Struggling Big Belly Angel prey Male Prey Female Pred teasing Burping Belly bulge Digestion Noises Stomach Noises Struggling prey Demoness Pred Teasing Pred cocky prey angel boy Taller Demoness/Angel Digestion Challenge

My first writing upload! Finally, i've been meaning to do this for... like, two years but due to live things (seriously, two years of complete crap) I'm finally in a place i can call my own.

Basically, i have my first appartment to myself (yay!)

Anyway, this is something i wrote today actually, it's nothing too big or special but i felt inspired to write it. Not sure about a lot of it, i mean the angel is someone i play frequently both in vore rp and out, but the...
[ Continued ...

linthia - 4 days ago

Awesome~! Really loved how much he fought and how much she teased him.. <3 Maybe next time a bit more about digestion ?

Bright - 5 days ago

Hehe, it's funw hen preys refuse to digest.

Path of Resistance pt 3

Uploaded: 5 days ago

Owner: DrakentheBlack

Tags: Oral Vore Giant Soft Vore Giantess Cock Vore Fatal Lesbian Implied Digestion Unwilling Prey Female Prey Human Prey Male Prey Female Pred Sexual content Multiple Preds Male Pred Foot worship Giant Pred giantess pred Multiple prey

Marooned on an unknown island, and trapped under the rage of a storm, members of the Resistance have gone out in search of food. Of course, not everyone has the same definition of "food". 

DrakentheBlack - 1 day ago

Now that you mention it, I guess I don't do much cock vore in this series... I'm glad you enjoyed it though, and I'm also glad you enjoyed the sexy giantess content and the chapter as a whole ^^
They turned serious because Amber knows something bad happened to Wesley, and now she has to tell their friends about it.

Nalzindar - 4 days ago

This was a fantastic chapter and I loved it from start to end. It has been some time since last we saw cock vore and it was great, and I adored the way the giantess went hunting for natives and had naughty fun while eating two of them. And of course it isn't bad to share either and I am delighted to see Sonja still in action.
But I wonder what made Amber and Sargo turn so serious, it couldn't be seeing the other giants devouring the humans, could it...?

Very Hungry Day.
femboy, gay sex, cross dressing, small dick,
was late for morning training again. The fear of being late kept him
up at night, which led to him sleeping in. Skipping breakfast he ran
out to the training ground. Gathered there was Rogelio, Catra,
Scorpia and Lonnie. Catra glared at Kyle. “Well look who finally
decided to show up.”
sorry I’m late!” Blurted out Kyle. He continued by spouting a
salad of words at her. “I’m lat

Kyle's Very Hungry Day.

Uploaded: 5 days ago

Owner: DJ4K

Tags: Non-Vore Gay Femboy Crossdressing Gay sex She-Ra She-Ra and the Princesses Of Power

Is it just me or does the Kyle abuse get worse every season? At least they toned it down in season 4. I like Kyle because he's an underdog, a down trodden soul. Oh Kyle, one day the world will see how great you are.
This is very different from what I normally write. First of all no one dies or is eaten. Rest assured I'll make an alternate ending/continuation that's more akin to my normal writing.  

DJ4K - 4 days ago

Thank you very much! <3 <3 <3

pumathegrand - 5 days ago

I love this ❤️❤️❤️

pumathegrand - 5 days ago




The Centaur’s Cock

By Vivid Lucidity

Cock vore, herm pred, unbirthing, female pred, cock vore into unbirthing, unbirthing into oral vore, digestion, reformation, male prey

While cleaning up cum stains from the ceiling can be tri

Consumed by the Centaurs Cock

Uploaded: 5 days ago

Owner: Crash

Tags: Oral Vore Centaur Unbirth Digestion Sex Cock Vore Reformation Non-Fatal Melting H/M Female Pred Femboy Herm Pred Hermaphrodite Centaur pred Psuedo digestion

Sin goes out for a stroll and runs into a pair of centaurs... thing escalate rather quickly.

Author is  VividLucidity 

Crash - 1 day ago

The writer and I bounce ideas back and forth. They learned i like cock vore and i proposed that sin gets cocked, unbirth to assist the centaurs

Forstand - 1 day ago

This was so hot. If you came up with the concept, then Bravo!

Academic Punishment

Uploaded: 6 days ago

Owner: Power2061

Tags: Digestion F/F Weight Gain Sex Reformation Willing Female Prey Female Pred Teacher/Student University teacher pred student prey Casual vore

Jackie studied hard for her exam and now waits to see if she is going to be her teacher's love toy or padding on her sexy body.

SwordkingX5 - 5 days ago

Hope too see more of them

Power2061 - 5 days ago

Thank you!

SwordkingX5 - 5 days ago

This was a nice story.
And it makes me want a sequel of Jackie and Paige,

28. The Best Friend Caper

Uploaded: 6 days ago

Owner: pizza3695

Tags: Oral Vore Scat Belly Digestion Fart M/F Bulge Fatal Pooping Farting Gas underwear Unwilling Prey Female Prey Disposal Consensual Sex Gassy Male Pred Digestion Noises Contract Clothes in scat

Still working for Mr Jordan, Eric moves on to his second target - Carla Lopez. She's the best friend of a whistleblower who is in protective custody that Victor wants to silence.


an hour, Lauren had fun reading through the statements, instructions,
stories, blessings, curses and warnings the early inhabitants of the
Core Realm had received from her and her siblings, compiled and
stored away for safekeeping to protect their “truths,” but her
conscience eventually got the better of her. Lauren made the Texts as
they were and left the room of importance. As soon as she was in the
hall, Lauren coughed up Nadalia first and Strea second. She rubbed
her smooth stomach a

Back for More Part 20

Uploaded: 6 days ago

Owner: VoidInVoid

Tags: Oral Vore Belly Human Unbirth F/F Fantasy Goddess Anal Vore Series Fairy Macro/Micro Regurgitation F/FF Huge belly Size difference Nudity Mass Vore Female Prey Female Pred Sexual content f/multiple handjob partial nudity Goddess Pred Multiple prey

Bates doesn't invite Lauren to his tabletop RPG sessions anymore because she gets legitimate perfect rolls every single time. 

VoidInVoid - 5 days ago

If I was any good at drawing or had the funds to get a commission made, I would provide a visible progression of their growth, instead of that convoluted document I keep updating.

VoidInVoid - 5 days ago

Why, thank you.

HungryAL - 5 days ago

Every time I binge this series I enjoy it more and more. Seriously, your world building is fantastic

Darktroll - 5 days ago

I'm curious how big her ass will be after this, not like she'll have a problem with it. Also, hope Theresah and Nadalia don't get into trouble.

VoidInVoid - 5 days ago

I've been waiting awhile to make that reveal, but up until now, it never felt like the right time to do so.

Pokemon Orange Odyssey Chpt.3

Uploaded: 6 days ago

Owner: Drednaux

Tags: Pokemon Non-Vore Red squirtle Orange Odyssey

Synopsis: Red and Yellow finally made it to Pewter City. After encountering a familiar face in the city, the two decided to part ways, Yellow, doing Arceus (God) knows what and Red, challenging the Pewter City gym, will he succeed or will he fail?

You know what? Pokemon Orange Odyssey sounds more like a title to a ROM hack than some pokemon fanfic on the internet in my opinion, oh well, I already made the title, so i'm sticking with it 

Anatomy Museum

Uploaded: 6 days ago

Owner: yetAgain

Tags: M/F Cock Vore Cum Digestion Female Prey Black girl Big tits Male Pred Asian Girl Bone Remains skeletal remains Willing prey bones in cum Skeletophilia

In which a reporter finds more than she was looking for when she goes to investigate the mansion of an eccentric manufacturing tycoon. 

yetAgain - 5 days ago

Hm, interesting idea. I suppose at the end of the story she's not quite digested yet, so something like that might happen...

rugli - 6 days ago

What wonderful story this...but as considering Charlotte is news reporter I would have loved if you had actually let her report on her findings :) just to encore others to seek out the castle :)

Avii's Satisfying Stroll

Uploaded: 6 days ago

Owner: lutro

Tags: Oral Vore Pokemon Digestion F/F Feral F/M Commission Fatal Story Belching Skull Buizel Tail Vore Headfirst Feet first f/multiple SFW pokemon prey Multiple Preys Avali Nonine Avali pred Luvashi Lutro

Avii Cinderfeather is on a very important mission: Sate her ravenous hunger! The skull-collecting avali has decided that anyone edible and delectable in sight is on the menu, and nothing will get in her way. Just how many will the greedy Avii gobble up?

This story was commissioned by Zergking!

Checkmate, Adam (Trade with GirlsVoreBoys)

Uploaded: 6 days ago

Owner: Naganommer

Tags: Oral Vore Digestion F/M RWBY Quick Digestion Blake Belladonna Weiss Schnee revenge vore Adam Taurus

Weiss helps Blake get revenge on Adam. In her own special way.

My half of the trade with  GirlsVoreBoys

I really liked writing this.

Abusers and racists get eaten.

See their half of the trade here: 

FireRed2 - 6 days ago

Your welcome keep up the rwby vore stories. ^^

GirlsVoreBoys - 6 days ago

Thank you for this story :D

We should do this again sometime :)

GirlsVoreBoys - 6 days ago

Thank you for this story :D

We should do this again sometime :)

GirlsVoreBoys - 6 days ago

Thank you for this story :D

We should do this again sometime :)

Naganommer - 6 days ago

Thank you kindly

Autumn swallowed as she looked at her schedule. She’d been transferred to classes with Mr. Spellman’s daughter. 
“But...why?” she said softly, looking at the administrator.
The man shrugged. “Sometimes one class does better than another, and we need to shuffle students to keep the class sizes even. It happens. You’ve seen students come and go, you know this?”
Autumn had to admit that she had seen students come and go, but had assumed they’d co

STA: Taming of a Shrew

Uploaded: 6 days ago

Owner: immortalsane

Tags: Dragon Anthro Teen Non-Vore kobold Anal Sex Oral Sex Potion Teenager Abuse high school teenage prey Potion Use Anthro/Anthro Teacher/Student Teen prey Potions shrew student/student Shrew prey STA Files


Stay tuned for more drama!

The next in the series of STA stories created with the lovely  CindyTaur

We're doing a YCH for this series! It closes on Nov. 18th! If you like this world, and want your character to be part of it as a student or teacher, read some rules and enter RIGHT HERE! 

CindyTaur - 4 days ago

I don't know if we've established what sort of government is in the wider world or not, so can't give you an answer on if there's dragon royalty specifically.

All but the lowest-tier mythics tend to have their own thing as far as schooling, which is not always more prestigious, but is almost always more difficult, for reasons outside the scope of this comment. The point of St. Tadghs Academy (the institution, not the story) is to give mundanes a taste of mythical-style education, a prospect so attractive that they'll put up with a 40-60% survival rate.

Which is to say that a dragon kid would generally have no reason to go to STA. They'd have their own mythical school, or maybe an integrated school, or their parents' hoard would provide or pay for homeschooling...

... Or maybe they'd never end up at school at all because their parents or siblings nommed them. Quote Kayleigh: dragonets taste good with ketchup.

All this is to say is that canonically there wouldn't be a dragon student at St. Tadgh's Academy. If you want to write or commission your own fan story, though, have at.

Brenden1k - 5 days ago

Does a dragon prince go to school, autumn looks like she can use a Prince Charming, with her luck through it be a yandere which could be fun, always liked the idea of a yandere dragon, with how greedy and prideful they are ir seems kind of natural. Maybe a yandere dragon that goes a little to far, feels regret and becomes nicer to autumn.

immortalsane - 6 days ago

Noted! Well, be on the look out for the next chapter then! ;)

saintheartwing - 6 days ago

Second one. I like Autumn quite a lot.

immortalsane - 6 days ago

Ahhh, yeah, she is getting a lot of BS. Question: you aren't enjoying the staff/series at all or you specifically don't like the Spellmans and kobolds shitting on Autumn and want them to die in a fire?

Olivia Moves In

Uploaded: 6 days ago

Owner: franciscofranco

Tags: Scat Digestion F/F Weight Gain school Vore story University Casual vore

A young University student reveals the plight of the 20 odd something woman living in an RA's world.

Let me know what you think down below! Love to hear your comments, criticisms, and hear what you liked.

Would you have done anything different? let me know, advice is always appreciated :) 

QQQQQ - 5 days ago

I don’t think that phrase means what you think it means.

bringonthelulz - 5 days ago

Show, don't tell. First rule of writing.

bringonthelulz - 5 days ago

Low bar you've set there. Careful not to trip.

AllRightAllNight - 6 days ago

I like the framing on this, with all the short little flashback anecdotes. It's a bit unusual but I think you pulled it off well.

BardicLasher - 6 days ago

This feels... incomplete. There's a lot of good stuff in here but it feels like it should be going somewhere it just never gets to.

Parental Consent: Mrs. Steel's P.O.V

Uploaded: 6 days ago

Owner: WillingWombPrey

Tags: Unbirth Pregnancy Unwilling rebirth Willing F/FF Sexy Video

File Cover Art Credit goes to Original Artist 

WillingWombPrey - 5 days ago

Matt's girlfriend

C107galaxytachyon - 5 days ago

Who’s Amy, again?

zelphi - 6 days ago

that was awesome

MasterGryph - 6 days ago

Hmm, I was hoping to see Mrs. Steel's thoughts as her argument is taken apart.

Pyrod - 6 days ago

I love these realistic Vore scenarios. It's a fresh change from the typical "invincible pred gets away with everything" type of stories.

call it a shiftsuit. You pull at one sleeve to check the seal between
glove and cuff. You feel the elastic snap as you let go. It's a
skintight rubbery thing, like a wetsuit but much, much more
expensive. The inner layer is insulation, wicking away perspiration
and keeping you cool. Then a middle layer that goes rigid under
impact. Armor. Finally a photoactive outer coating that acts as
camouflage. Active computational fabric that lets you blend into the
backgrounds. Parts of the suit can e

POV vore - you and Toothless the dragon

Uploaded: 6 days ago

Owner: Strega

Tags: POV Dragon Digestion Fatal Story Dragon pred how to train your dragon toothless Feral Pred Accidental vore ambiguous prey

The dimensional slide technology is meant for exploration. Sadly you end up 'exploring' the innards of a certain dragon. 

mlpbrony1 - 4 days ago

Are going to make pic of this PS please do

Strega - 5 days ago

The implication is there is no real time monitoring of the suit, which means they just don’t know what happened to the scout. By the time they send another our hero will be thoroughly digested And there simply won’t be any evidence to show what happened. I’m sure there will be speculation that sending someone that fond of the setting was a mistake.

If real time monitoring is developed and appropriate predators are found, something like the Tame Camp system may develop in which people get sent in specifically because they want their visit to end in a burp. 83

AlyxAlkarin - 5 days ago

Another fine POV story. I could see the fault in this suit being used as an excuse for people to send people to gurgly fates intentionally. They get a free show. For the price of hiring someone, of course.

wolfSnack - 6 days ago

All of my own writing is POV, and swaps to third person when the reader is digested, mostly to avoid that issue XD

But yeah, fair point. There isn't a proper observer after that point, tragically.

Strega - 6 days ago

POV stories by their nature stop when the narrator dies, after all. 83

Parental Consent: Mrs. Steel's P.O.V W.I.P

Uploaded: 6 days ago

Owner: WillingWombPrey

Tags: Unbirth F/F Unwilling F/FF

The same Parental Consent story, but only with Mrs. Steel's point of view.
File Cover Art Credit goes to Original Artist 

Nightcrawler99 - 5 days ago

I LOVE unwilling/abduction style unbirth. It has that simi-real feel to it that just can't be beet.
There is also not a whole lot of it out there so I prey to see more like this from you in the future.^^

threk - 6 days ago

Ooh, an unexpected present, nice work

EVAR25 - 3 days ago

Thanks :)

And lol I see :P I'll try to write with that in mind in the near future XP

autarch7 - 3 days ago

I like your stuff... You're good with descriptions of tactile stuff... You give a good sense of the liquidy squishy gloppy sensations that I like in vore. That said, I have a suggestion for improvement. Sometimes your verbs are off. I think it's wrong usage of conditional verbs. Examples: "he'd only make" should be "he only made", "it'd watch" should be "it watched", etc.


Uploaded: 7 days ago

Owner: GaseousEntity

Tags: Fart Non-Vore Transformation Persona Gassy Futaba Persona 5 fart transformation Futaba Sakura Makoto Niijima sentient gas sentient fart

Entering her own palace turns Futaba into a fart.... Somehow. 

Patches: The toy snake

Uploaded: 7 days ago

Owner: 1987

Tags: Soft Vore Non-Fatal My Little Pony Toy vore

After kicking the idea around of a toy oc, i decided to make patches, and a friend suggested i make a story around them. So i did, and here it is. Feedback is welcomed. Enjoy 

GaseousEntity - 2 days ago

No current plans to tackle good 21, but thank you :)

derrick - 3 days ago

Really cool and interesting story man, I love how unstoppable android 21 is in this, makes her feel like an actual predator. Also having all the heroes be taken out like ants was cool.

I dont know if you would want to, but in]f it interest you, could you possible do a story about her good counterpart. Its usually her evil side that gets all the attention and seeing a story about her goody two shoes side would be a nice change.

Anyway, great story man, keep them up.

Picking Up a Hitchhiker

Uploaded: 7 days ago

Owner: Reekesz

Tags: Oral Vore Scat Digestion F/F Same Size Fatal Belch Unwilling Prey Female Prey Female Pred Disposal Belly bulge

A rough break-up leads Aiden Mitchell, a small-time chef, down a bleaky roadside path, where she stumbles upon a ragged looking accomplice in need of some, assistance. 

Heather's Friend

Uploaded: 7 days ago

Owner: shadowwolfgp

Tags: Oral Vore Bear Digestion Predator Mouse Unwilling Prey Story mousegirl school Unwilling Prey Betrayal Graphic digestion Bear Pred Mouse prey samesize The List

Here this is the first installment for my new (and first) series. The List series takes place in a pred and prey world where The List decids preys fate, whether their on the menu or untouchable. The poor mouse Brie sadly finds her name on The List and she isnt the only one to notice Heather, a bear and her friend takes notice  

waitingprey - 4 days ago

Fantastic! I really enjoyed this, thank you for writing and sharing.

ChaoskampfNunc - 7 days ago

I will eagerly await them

shadowwolfgp - 7 days ago

Thank you. I plan on making more stories in this setting

ChaoskampfNunc - 7 days ago

Neat setting, it's a cute twist on the familiar "civil modern society with rules" trope. I love me a good betrayal and even better I enjoy some nice slow digestion~

ChaoskampfNunc - 7 days ago

Neat setting, it's a cute twist on the familiar "civil modern society with rules" trope. I love me a good betrayal and even better I enjoy some nice slow digestion~

RttRoBB: Chapter 09

Uploaded: 7 days ago

Owner: lutro

Tags: Feral Commission Non-Vore Story pirate Zebra My Little Pony Pegasus Interactive SFW Skyheart

Should Skyheart use the zebra as bait to get past the cragadile, or should she, at greater risk to herself, try to keep them both alive?

Find of the rest of the chapters here in my gallery!

“Hey, Lou, got a patron that ordered a Cherry Anarchy.” The bartender huffed out, apparently incensed on behalf of the bothered customer. “I’ll distract him for a little bit, but this tool doesn’t understand what a hint is.”

The bouncer raised a finger to press his headset, others scratching at his 5 O’Clock Shadow. “Alright. I’ll be right there.”

86'ed (Ass TF)

Uploaded: 7 days ago

Owner: KittyBoi

Tags: M/M Fart Absorption Unwilling Farting Butt merging Gas Male Prey punishment Assimilation Big Butt Absorption Vore Gassy Male Pred FTP sentient pudge sentient fat Ass tf sentient ass Deserving Prey

A Comm I did for a discord user who goes by Eaten29.

Lou's a bouncer at an LGBT-friendly bar. When one of the patrons refuses to take no for an answer, the bouncer takes action to make the asshole more true-to-form.
I don't usually write stuff with humans or non fem people, but it was an interesting challenge.
I want to do more Ass TF (ASSimilation?), its something I find super hot as well as too rare.

Today's Soapbox:
...I fucking hate people...
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KittyBoi - 19 hours ago

FrotteroTransPartialism. It’s the catch all name for body part tf stuff.

jimmy112367 - 1 day ago

What is ftp

The bell rang and Autumn stepped out of her class, eyes flicking around by habit as she walked to her next. The young shrew was barely looked at as she slipped through the halls, which was just how she liked it. She’d been bullied a few times in her life, mostly for her size. She was only four and a half feet tall, which was common for her species, but still made her a target. And, of course, her other differences tended to get her a little heat, but not as much. Gender shit didn’t r

STA: Secrets At St. Tadgh's

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Owner: immortalsane

Tags: Hard Vore Teen Fatal Roast Oral Sex Fatal Vore Female Prey Dragon pred Teenager secrets high school teenage prey Anthro Prey Teacher/Student Vaginal sex Teen prey cooked alive student prey Shrew prey fire breath STA Files

Autumn Howard is a student at STA, but one with a few secrets. Secrets that she's trying desperately to keep. And no, her cock isn't one of them. She just wants to make it through high school in one piece, but when her secrets start to come to light, will she make it?

The next in the series of STA stories created with the lovely  CindyTaur

We're doing a YCH for this series! It closes on Nov. 18th! If you like this world, and want your character to be part of it as...
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The lunch bell rang, and Jordan Heinz shivered as he stepped out of the classroom, rubbing his ass. It had been a particularly bad day for the young otter, seeing him naked and oiled up before lunch. He had a sneaking fear that he wasn’t going to make it through the day at that point. He’d been ecstatic to take it up the ass from the Krew, although being gang fucked for an hour by the little kobolds was rarely a treat. They were rough and crude, but he’d just been happy they&rs

STA: Roc & Roll

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Owner: immortalsane

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore Hard Vore Otter Stuffing Cooking Fatal Ghost Fatal Vore Stuffed belly Male Prey Teenager Multiple Preds Student Cooking vore Eaten Alive Cooking/Prep teenage prey Anthro Prey Teacher/Student teenage pred aftermath afterlife Teen prey cooked alive student prey Roc teacher predator Jackalope teen pred oven roast vaginal stuffing Futa Prey Multiple Preys STA Files anal stuffing

Another day at St. Tadgh's, and a young otter is trying to get through the day while wishing that he was a mythical, that he was top of the food chain.

The next in the series of STA stories created with the lovely  CindyTaur

We're doing a YCH for this series! It closes on Nov. 18th! If you like this world, and want your character to be part of it as a student or teacher, read some rules and enter...
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immortalsane - 4 days ago

You totally can! .doc is the file format Eka's gallery software reads best! Save your documents in Word 97 – 2003, and be careful to use the compatibility checker function to make sure all your formatting will translate to the older format!

(I use a third party converter to translate my work into .doc for publication, so you're a step ahead!)

Cookwithmom - 5 days ago

I am writing in Microsoft word, it is allowed or I have to do it in another program

CindyTaur - 5 days ago

Eka's is a bit outdated and doesn't take all document formats. IIRC you get the best results from .doc (not .docx) uploads.

As far as writing itself goes, Sane and I use Discord (collaboration) and Google Docs (writing). Both are free. I've also started using Scrivener to keep track of larger projects.

Cookwithmom - 5 days ago

I can ask what program you use to write and then as I post in this forum I am new

Aigis' Upgrades

Uploaded: 7 days ago

Owner: SweetCheese

Tags: POV Oral Vore Burp F/M Same Size Belch Persona 3 Minato Arisato Persona Android Aigis Second Person POV

I wrote this a few years back and uploaded it to the forums, now I can put it in my gallery.

Characters are from Persona 3 and not my property. 

A Simple Wager

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Owner: mioda0921

Tags: Scat M/M Same Size Fatal Semi-willing Fire Emblem Disposal Painful Digestion

i’m mean to chrom bc i love him, he’s the best
do message me if you have any more good ideas for similar stories  

mioda0921 - 5 days ago

it’s what i’m here for chief

boomer91 - 5 days ago

Annnnd that comment gave me a boner. Hard agree hehe

mioda0921 - 5 days ago

tyty, i just like scat humiliation stuff. like, if the prey gets literally turned into someone’s shit, it’s just a big fuck you to the prey for ever taking themself seriously as a person. i think it’s hot so i like to expand on it

boomer91 - 5 days ago

But that extra bit of humiliation with the 'turd prince' is genious

mioda0921 - 6 days ago

i try my best

Pokémon Moon: Moon’s ravenous revenge

Uploaded: 8 days ago

Owner: Wanderingspirit1333

Tags: Oral Vore Breasts Mouth Evil Pokemon Belly Love Soft Vore Stomach Human Digestion F/F Child Burp Weight Gain Breast Expansion Young Teen F/M Same Size Throat Bulge Swallowing Female Milf Mother Fatal Belch Loli Unwilling Oral Swallowed Story writing Mina Butt Non-Fatal Belching Acid Squirming moon Willing Post-Vore huge Alive Licking Struggling Sleeping Digested Child Prey Implied Digestion Unwilling Prey Regurgitation Head First Implied Vore Fatality Child Vore Fanfic Big Belly Fatal Vore Weight Huge belly gentle weightgain friend Headfirst Willing Pred Female Prey daughter Human Prey Feet first Female Pred Big Breasts Vore story Teenager Fanfiction warm huge ass stomach acids big hips Big Butt f/multiple Large Breasts Human Pred belly expansion Cruel round belly Burping Throat bulge Implied Fatality human/human post digestion Belly bulge pokemon trainer Sequel Safe Inside stomach Swallowed alive Dialogue Butt Expansion Big tits Oral Soft Vore Huge breasts young prey Casual Ripped clothes Swallowing whole Lana Off-screen vore Young pred Huge butt ass expansion Big ass muffled screaming child/adult Cruel Pred Teen prey stomach acid Digestion Noises adult prey Swallowing alive loli prey Stomach Noises pokemon prey Fanfiction vore Best Friend Laying on belly Human/Pokemon friend vore Casual vore Struggling prey satisfied predator rubbing belly Face Imprint Mallow alternate ending Detailed bulges holding belly Child predator One Gulp pokemon sun pokemon moon Lillie swallowed whole and alive Lusamine pokemon sun and moon Willing prey Hapu teenager prey Child vores adult Underage Underage prey Underage pred child/child Multiple prey Best friend pred Best friend prey child/teen

Part 7 and finale of Moon’s dangerous journey through the alola region

Wanderingspirit1333 - 7 days ago


venom1147 - 7 days ago

Awesome, more Selene/Moon pred content is always a delight.

Bobrocks - 7 days ago

That is a lot of tags in 5 hours...

Wanderingspirit1333 - 7 days ago

Thank you

MidNightOwlArt - 7 days ago

A great ending for a great series!
I love every one of them they all have great detail and believable motivations.
Please continue to make more great stories!