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Twilight’s heart pounded in her chest, like a war drummer going to town on her aortic ventricles, each one pounding like a jackhammer, slamming one hearty bout of shock, before slamming down one bountiful package of hopeful anticipation, one after the other, almost driving her crazy with the mix of emotions, almost driven sick by the unease it caused in her stomach, and by how easily it had almost flipped completely upside down.
The mare herself was pressed onto her back, on the soft cush

Twilight falls upon the Rainbow

Uploaded: 4 days ago

Owner: 48th agent

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore F/F Same Size Non-Fatal Pony Food play My Little Pony Compression Rainbow Dash Twilight Sparkle willing prey

F/f, implied endo, some minor food play

~2k words, was bored, just wanted to post something. Hopefully I'll post something much more substantial in like...a month or so. 

48th agent - 4 days ago

I agree, never enough

48th agent - 4 days ago

I'm trying to work on another writing proj right now, but I guess pm me some stuff if you want

ArgobargSoup - 4 days ago

Oooh, compression. Is good~

JadeW33 - 4 days ago

Likewise, always up for helping if you want to exchange ideas, and whatnot. :)

48th agent - 4 days ago

Hey thanks man, trying to improve on my writing style, so that means a lot!

Millions of years ago, during the Carboniferous Period, most of the stretch of land now known as England was, geologically, tilted on its axis; a lush, tropical swamp dominated by gigantic insects and monstrous arthropods. Giant fern-trees dotted the landscape, with deep pools of freshwater home to large species of predatory amphibians. The age of the insects was in its prime, as at the height of 320M BC, the oxygen content in the atmosphere was a staggering 42% - double that


Uploaded: 4 days ago

Owner: JadeW33

Tags: Non-Vore spider Silk Venom mummification Spiderweb Spider girl Cocooning Webs cocoon Female Prey Paralyzed Paralysis mummified Spider Vore giant spider Spider pred spider prey spider silk silk wrap Spider peril sticky webs spider cocoon

The chorus of sloshing, stretching silk was soon joined by the low-pitched gurgles of the spider as it turned Jade around on an axis, making sure her head never fell out of place, much less the rest of her body. The sound was alien to her, and at such a close proximity, she was forced to endure it, a chilling reminder of what she was in the eyes of this monolithic arachnid – prey.  

temporos - 2 days ago

I agree with this. If this is the first part of a series of stories, then the intro is fine. But if this is a standalone story, then the intro is too long. Once you get into the meat of the story, though, great narrative. I enjoyed this one. You did leave it wide open for a follow-up, though, so I'm eager to see if you continue this.

MustangFlex - 3 days ago

I dig the story for the most part. Plenty descriptive when you got to the spider cocooning Jade. My only gripe may not even be one if this happens to be just the first in a series (which I'm pretty sure it is) But the introduction I think drags on a bit much. Other than that it was great.

The scene picks back up


local high school. Eve has just finished up her lunch as J Jonah enters. “Hey, Eve. Glad I caught up with you.”



! I thought you were going to eat with Robbie and Patrick. I


My Girl; Man Eater Part 2

Uploaded: 4 days ago

Owner: Jaffek

Tags: Willing Jojo Implied Digestion Original Character Alternate Universe jojo's bizarre adventure JJBA Jojo part 9

『Man Eater』
Power: B
Speed: C
Range: A
Durability: D
Precision: C
Developmental Potential: C

This one is a bit shorter, but it reveals the power suitable for this site, 『Man Eater』 Roxanne's Stand.

Some might wonder where Patrick went after leaving the picnic table. To that I say... I forgot?

I know, I'm very funny.

Anyway, Man Eater's abilities are to never get full on food and manipulate the...
[ Continued ...

Jaffek - 3 days ago

I’m happy you like it zubASD

Lutt - 3 days ago

Ooh, I like that we're getting the sorta 'Polnareff on the staircase' when it comes to May and Roxanne's abilities. Really excited to see where this goes next!

Aurelia's Journey: Snakes, Angels, and Friends

Uploaded: 4 days ago

Owner: skorpio

Tags: Angel F/F Naga Non-Fatal faun willing prey Healing Vore

An adventurer finds that her journey leads her down the throat of a giant snake woman, but in fact that is only the start of her adventure. She finds herself setting out on a quest inside the stomach, leading her to meet some of her fellow residents in the naga's belly...

Saninaka and the world inside her, Sariel, and Laura all belong to allihserf. Check his stuff out!

I made it myself, but my thumbnail was...
[ Continued ...

Demigra's Dinner

Uploaded: 4 days ago

Owner: EmissaryOfRainbows

Tags: Scat Belly Digestion Demon M/F Commission Fatal pooping Unwilling Story Size difference Dragonball disposal Belly bulge Dragon Ball Z Male Pred Monster Pred scat transformation dragon ball xenoverse demigra Supreme Kai of Time chronoa

After being foiled by her too many times, Demigra transforms into his Demon God form and takes care of the Supreme Kai of Time once and for all by devouring her. 

HungryNacho - 4 days ago

I never watched dragon ball z before, but I looked up the characters. I got to say this was a great read :)

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Rey’s Stormtrooper Meal

Uploaded: 4 days ago

Owner: UnknownPerson9876

Tags: Oral Vore star wars f/multiple stormtroopers rey

I wanted to do something other than Joshua and Victoria, and Rey happened to be the first character to cone to mind.

I’ve been a bit bored lately so if anyone has a request send me a pm, I’m not charging for them so feel free to send me whatever crazy idea comes to mind. 

UnknownPerson9876 - 3 days ago

Yeah, I don’t like dragging things along when I don’t have that much more to add

C107galaxytachyon - 3 days ago

Seems rather short. Was this intentional on your part?

algog8 - 4 days ago

will she eat the death star?

Ryalth's Punishment (SCAT)

Uploaded: 4 days ago

Owner: CandiTheWildPig

Tags: eating Scat Fox Candi Non-Vore Bondage pooping writing punishment femdom Ryalth wild boar written work

Story commission from  leshana, starring her OC, Ryalth, in trouble with Candrina (Candi's longer name) after not taking his toilet responsibilities seriously. 

MVU Captain America:TFA Part 1

Uploaded: 4 days ago

Owner: ArrowversePreds

Tags: Oral Vore Breast Expansion F/M writing Marvel Big Breasts GenderBender genderswap ass expansion Gender Swap boob expansion Captain America boobs expansion Peggy Carter Agent Carter MCU Agent peggy carter

Steph has a strange vision? Who's the mysterious figure? What even is that piece of fabric? You'll have to wait and see!

Previous Issue:
Next Issue:

This brilliant piece of art by  stuffedbellygirl is close how I imagine Steph looking at this point in time: (The difference fromt the picture is that at this point in the story, she has no shield, is just...
[ Continued ...

ArrowversePreds - 4 days ago

Thanks! Glad you'll like it. I don't want you to feel like you have to make drawings but if any of these stories catch your interest, I would love a drawing of one. Again though, it's not nesicary as I've already got the great drawing that you've already done!

stuffedbellygirl - 4 days ago

This is fantastic! Im really loving this alt universe! If you'd like any more drawings let me know.

Beep the car sounded after Nick pressed the lock button on his keys.
Replacing the keys in his pocket Nick looked around the trailhead.
The were two paths, one marked lake, and the other hills. After his
eyes swiveled between his choices a few times, Nick started up the
path towards the hills. Last night had been the party for his
thirtieth birthday. Today was his actual birthday, but his family had
to hold it the night before due to prior obligations.
he had the day off, Nick had d

Mental manipulation means Love

Uploaded: 4 days ago

Owner: More-Vore

Tags: Wolf Soft Vore Human F/M Unwilling Non-Fatal Big Belly Human Prey cuddling kidnapping Wolf Pred Underage prey

Well, here is another story with my Maternal wolf Lupanna, I still haven't gotten around to doing a story with child prey. This was more of an exercise to explore how powerful Lupanna's magic over the mind is. Now I listed this story as non-fatal, but didn't specify if it ends in reform, or endo, because it's a surprise along with a twist at the end. So if you don't like underage prey, and maternal predators usurping the role of the preys mother which is feature predominately in my work, don't...
[ Continued ...

Hunting With Fiore

Uploaded: 4 days ago

Owner: Bleary

Tags: Oral Vore Digestion F/F Avian Non-Fatal Female Pred

Hey there, hope you like this one. Any opinions or thoughts for more stories? Or art - thinking what to draw for these two. 

Ninja of the Weeping Willow

Night had fallen over the city of Nagasaki. Although the sky was pitch black, the streets were illuminated by billboards, street lamps and cars. However, high above the lights of the streets was a figure on a roof top. Covered in a red cloak, the small figure was wearing a white mask with red lines depicting a face. Completely symmetrical, the mask closely resembled a fox with its traditional design. This figure was a ninja. W

Ninja of the Weeping Willow

Uploaded: 4 days ago

Owner: crime0edge

Tags: Breasts F/M Unwilling ninja Breast Vore Size difference Cleavage Vore Big Breasts hair vore femdom Mini Giantess long hair forced orgasm Big Lips ninja girl huge hair Lip Vore masked pred

Debut story for Kaen, we see a busty ninja punish those who are corrupted by porn. 

crime0edge - 4 days ago

Probably. I only just got her so it is early days.

C107galaxytachyon - 4 days ago

So, is this OC of yours about as on par with Samantha in regards to how ambiguous their faces’ will remain going forward?

Restrogenic - 4 days ago

"You are the best student at your university"
"We will recondition you by abducting you for X many days/weeks/months"

Still liked it though! Can't say I'm a huge fan of huge lips, but this one was alright

Back to Nature - Part 3

Uploaded: 4 days ago

Owner: Combat

Tags: Bear Fox Digestion M/M Lion Otter Rabbit Bunny M/F Same Size Bulge Deer Story writing Pony bull Willing Implied Digestion Big Belly Size difference Nudity Sheep club m/multiple Endosoma Casual Judy Fox Pred Rabbit Prey Casual vore Zootopia Nick Wilde Judy Hopps zootropolis deer prey willing prey written work mystic springs oasis

Nick and Judy are finally taking some well-deserved R&R, taking advantage of some free passes granted to them by the naturalist club. Shenanigans ensue.

A story commission from Throwaway2314 over on FA. 

Combat - 3 days ago

Technically yes, but in this case, one could accurately say that that bull was indeed a carnivore.

TheDarkTraveler - 3 days ago

A Bull although big and intimidating is a herbivore (prey) not Carnivore (perd)

JesseClark9 - 4 days ago

I'm diggin the story so much!

Standing in
Jora’s bedroom, Dari watched from the floor as the giant woman,
still wearing nothing aside from her t-shirt, loomed in front of her,
her back to Dari as she opened one of her dresser drawers. Dari
herself was still naked from head to toe, her hair partially damp
from the quick bath Jora had just given her. But any possible chills
she may have felt as a result of this were nonexistent due to an
overwhelming mix of anticipation, anxiety and arousal that cast a
heated blush across he

BB: Bounce Buddies (Part 5)

Uploaded: 4 days ago

Owner: Darkarri

Tags: Breasts Soft Vore Unbirth F/F Giantess Cum vagina writing Butt masturbation Macro/Micro Willing pussy Blush licking Sweat Size difference Nudity gentle Insertion dildo Original Character shrunken woman Sex Toy Dari Jorako

At long last, Part 5 of the BB/Buddies series, starring my OC Dari and  JoraBora's Jora/Jorako!

After patching things up between them, Jora and Dari decide to have a bit more fun together... is Dari ready to truly trust the woman who ate her only hours before?

This story was based on the final two images in Buddies series drawn by Jora. You can find them here:

Bounce Buddies:

Bed Buddies:...
[ Continued ...

Darkarri - 2 days ago

Thank you!! Honestly the best part of writing these was probably developing the unique dynamic between the two of them. Plus with the Buddies sketch series as a base, it was really fun crafting a full story out of that. Glad you enjoyed them!

Eclipseneko51 - 2 days ago

I enjoyed this series a lot, i love how jorako acts as a pred but also has a teasing and caring side to her as well and dari has been through a lot before she got to jorako's house even though she got eaten by jorako she still had some good times after with jorako as well.

Overall i found the series hot and sexy if you don't mind me saying but also really nice to see how the two characters relationship progressed and how they bonded with each other.

Great work

(excuse my lack of grammar and possible spelling mistakes i might not have seen)

Inner Beauty

Uploaded: 5 days ago

Owner: saintheartwing

Tags: Alien Unbirth Non-Fatal Baby Child Prey Irken vaginal vore INvader zim Gaz Dib Miyuki infant prey baby prey Tallest alien pred tallest miyuki Dib Membrane

Tallest Miyuki has returned to Earth to visit her children, Dib and Gaz Membrane, and she has grand plans for the Earth, and she'd like their help with some experiments... 

Welcome to KINKS - CH.6

Uploaded: 5 days ago

Owner: Gershwin

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore F/M Anal Vore Oral Sex

The final chapter, here at last. What will happen after the big reveal last chapter? Will Sam make it home without becoming a meal? Will Alice turn out to be a hentai tentacle monster? Read on to find out!

Leave a comment if you have a favourite bit or want to see more of a specific act. I *try* to tailor my writing based on what people ask for or like most, so feedback is important! 

Gershwin - 1 day ago

That’d be an interesting alternative ending. I’ll have to see how commissions and other things pan out.

nick222238 - 2 days ago

The is one of my favorite Vore series. Be awesome to have a non-canon fatal ending. With either Alice or Debbie. Like if Debbie actually gave into her desires when she made Alice swallow him and she continued having sex with her. Or when Alice made Debbie swallow him, they didn't have anti acids and Debbie wanted to instead rush to Kinks. Then she got stuck in traffic and he was pushed into her intestines before she could think to throw him up.

dcvfgb1234 - 3 days ago

Makes sense not to make proper characters die. And to tell the truth, then I like it that way. Reason I thoguht it was how you had written that it was the final story, so I thought that Sam might die given how it was listed as the final one. Seems I misread what you meant.

In any case then I actually am glad that Sam didn't die. Now, it would have been hot as hell to have the antacids fail and see the fallout of that, but it also would have stung since I really like the dynamics you've got going with Alice, Debbie, and Sam.
That also says a lot about how well you got these stories written that you got me to care enough about the prey to actually want them to survive as opposed to the usual, where I'm quite indifferent to whether they survive or not.
So yeah, kudos to you!

And yeah, goof internal descriptions often are lacking. It's part of why I've started getting written commissions too, actually. XD

Looking forward to it. Not sure I've actually read the previous installments, though, since off the top of my head nothing really surfaces. Though, to be fair, I've read so many stories over the years that I might just have forgot the name. (Initially I'd forgotten the name of the first three stories and had to tag search for them for half an hour when I wanted to reread them. (This was back when they had the original name, i.e. before being renamed to KINKS.))

Gershwin - 3 days ago

Well I'm not ruling out writing additional stories with these characters, it's just this arc is done and finished. I was commissioned to write more chapters after the initial three, where I planned to leave it a while to work on other stories.

"I initially thought that you'd have the antacids not prevent digestion"

Generally speaking, if there is a proper relationship or friendship going on, you won't find me making one of the characters die, at least, not in my own stories. A specific commission of course would be different.

I also like some good internal descriptions, noises, movements, etc. Something that is often lacking in so many vore stories. The lack of that sort of content is why I started writing in fact :D

You'll likely enjoy the next chapter of my Amazonian story ;) I just need to finish it. 10,000 words in and still got a way to go :| I suspect I'll split it in two at this rate.

dcvfgb1234 - 4 days ago

Really loved it. I've loved the entire series and am sad that you're saying this will be the last installment.
I definitely wouldn't mind reading more stories about Debbie, Alice, and Sam.
I initially thought that you'd have the antacids not prevent digestion (think they only neutralise acid, but not enzymes, but not sure).

For favourite parts then definitely when Sam was in Alice' and Debbies stomachs. I really liked your descriptions of how the stomach moved and worked.
Generally I really like description of how the stomach/intestines affect a micro.

RWBY One Shot: Nora’s Grim Feast

Uploaded: 5 days ago

Owner: Davyjones

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore expansion Stuffing F/? writing Big Belly burping Slime prey Non-human prey rwby Nora Valkyrie rwby vore slime expansion

Preview image is a commission I got done by the infamous and talented Mechacross over on DA, who I can't thank enough.

Hey everyone, sorry for the long wait between stories but life is life and things get in the way and other things get delayed.

I've had this story idea nipping around in my head for some time. I think its a first for RWBY belly fandom and also just a fun, crazy idea that totally fits Nora who's immense appetite comes in handy when JNPR goes on a...
[ Continued ...

Davyjones - 4 days ago

You're welcome.

I did write that but the file got corrupted and I've never really liked that one so I didn't want to go to the effort of remaking it.

Switch - 4 days ago

Thanks for the watch!

By the way, I might be remembering this wrong, but there was a rwby vore story a while back that I'm pretty sure was from you that I can't seem to find. It was all of Beacon getting into a Christmas vore battle that ended with RWBY and Pyrrha coming out on top? Is that still around or did someone else write that?

Davyjones - 4 days ago

She certainly is. Definitely one the best characters from RWBY for vore and expansion related stuff given her appetite in-canon

Switch - 5 days ago

Stuffed Nora is always good.

roleplay by Shades and Maneater1987, edited and reformatted by
I want to play very lewdly with someone." I started. "Where
each thing we do to each other makes them smaller, and smaller, and
they know full well what will happen when they get small enough..."
you raised an eyebrow curiously, but I was committed now and I just
had to finish blurting it out. "...but they just keep deciding
to stay and play a bit more, until they realize ..

Foretold Fantasy

Uploaded: 5 days ago

Owner: ShadesofBlack

Tags: Oral Vore Unbirth F/M Sex roleplay Willing Implied Digestion Semi-willing Insertion implied fatality Detailed Roleplay logs F/M implied

I was chatting with someone and we got to sharing ideas and things we were into, and it really organically transitioned into a full on RP in-media-res.

And then that transition inspired what passes for the plot of this story. This one is very focused on every detail and sensation of the acts themselves, and I'm very glad my RP partner doesn't mind me sharing it. A lot of this is also their text, but I edited to provide a consistent perspective for most of it. Credit to...
[ Continued ...

Groblek - 5 days ago

Ooh, fun! Thanks for sharing it with us!

Connie locked the bathroom door and rushed to the window. Throwing it wide open, she leaned out and looked around. Steven’s yard appeared empty.

“Alex?” She whispered into the descending gloom. There was a soft pop behind her. Connie spun expectantly and grinned widely at the sight of the large, grey-furred bat woman. “Alex!” Even at a whisper her enthusiasm was clear. She rushed into the open arms

Connie and Alex

Uploaded: 5 days ago

Owner: Suneater

Tags: Oral Vore Scat Alex Anthro Digestion F/M Same Size Swallowing Sex Fatal pooping loli Magic crossover masturbation couple Post-Vore blowjob Struggling intimate Fatality Nudity Post Vore Scat kissing threesome Stripping Male Prey Female Pred stripped Shota Cruel Belly bulge cruelty masturbating underage sex shitting Anthro Pred shota prey nude male loli prey Connie Steven Universe Betrayel Connie Maheswaran bones in scat Steven Quartz Universe Alex the bat Betrayed Prey underage Underage prey Cruel friend

Trade with the wonderful  Tyslan03 , they preferred me posting their part for here instead, first time I've actually posted a story of all things here so this is quite the treat that's for sure
Story follows up on my Alex x Connie series I'm working on with Alex the bat appearing in the Steven Universe universe and ends up taking a interest in Connie, falls for her and the couple do all sorts of lewd as heck stuff with each other. Make sure to check out Tyslan03's stuff if you've...
[ Continued ...

Wanderingspirit1333 - 3 days ago


Suneater - 4 days ago

True lol

techtician - 4 days ago

Hmm methinks a possible trade in the future

Bobrocks - 4 days ago

Oh... Well this IS (as far as I'm aware of) the first story in your profile.

Suneater - 4 days ago

Nah the story isn't from me, it was made by Tyslan03 for the trade we're in

Lodestone Cavern

Uploaded: 5 days ago

Owner: jl128

Tags: Soul Vore Succubus F/M hug adventure kissing Final Fantasy

Re-upload it to fix formatting issues

This is my first attempt at writing a story. It is based loosely on the world of Final Fantasy IV and takes place a short time before the arrival of Cecil and company to the city of Troia. It features enemies from the game, which can be found by searching online. The "succubus" in the story is sometimes called "vampgirl" and the thumbnail is of her. That image belongs to square Enix. Hope you enjoy. 

jl128 - 4 days ago

At the end.

C107galaxytachyon - 4 days ago

Where’s the soul vore?

AustinDR - 5 days ago

Circle of life. Or something like that.

Leshana - 5 days ago

Well, looks like she will not have a chance to learn any lessons! Too late should have learned before becoming fertilizer.

Just Another Meal

Uploaded: 5 days ago

Owner: Elle

Tags: Digestion Hard Vore Gore writing Guro masturbation claws Sadism Dismemberment debreasting masochism willing prey dehumanization Sadomasochism

After being a meal for years, the fateful day finally comes~ 

ChaoskampfNunc - 5 days ago

I wish this was me <3


It was a very bright day, almost blindingly so. The snow that had recently fallen was reflecting the high sun, and the sleek, sterile design of Alchemax Laboratories combined to produce an almost heavenly glow on certain parts of the building. It had been a few days since the machine had been turned on, a few days since it caused a dimensional distortion. A few days since Spider-Man, the beloved hero of New York, was found dead. Wilson Fi

Dr. Olivia Octavius: Into the Spider-Vore(se)

Uploaded: 5 days ago

Owner: hetcomc

Tags: Digestion F/F Burp Saliva masturbation Marvel groping Gwen Stacy cute prey Olivia Octavius

We switch perspectives from last time, as Dr. Octavius has herself a cute little snack.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse was my favorite movie of last year. I loved both of these characters, so I wanted to write a story for both of them. This one was more challenging, but also so much fun, especially the tentacles. Enjoy! 

hetcomc - 5 days ago

Thank you!

Causticgut - 5 days ago

Fantastic story! Also another Sasha cameo!:)

hetcomc - 5 days ago

That's so nice to hear. Thank you so much! I'm really happy you enjoy my writing.

stuffedbellygirl - 5 days ago

Both this and the Gwen alt are fantastic! Your one of the best belly writers on this site for sure! :)

hetcomc - 5 days ago

Thank you!

Cloak and Dagger

Uploaded: 5 days ago

Owner: libertyprime46

Tags: Oral Vore M/F Futanari Goo Male Pred

Another commission for with Sin dealing with a thief~ 

Final Fantasy IX: If You Give a Mouse (Knight) a Cookie

Uploaded: 5 days ago

Owner: SmaxTheDestroyer

Tags: Furry Scat Soft Vore Digestion Burp F/M Fart Same Size gas Human Prey disposal Final Fantasy IX Furry Pred Burmecian annoyed pred Rat girl Zidane Tribal Freya Crescent Masturbating while Digesting anthro rat

Hey All? Got some Freya Crescent love here for you! There is an appalling lack of Freya vore here. In fact to my knowledge, this is the first story on Eka’s with Freya pred. Expect more of her from me in future. Rat Dragoon = Best Dragoon! Hope you all enjoy!
Freya, and all FF IX is (C) Square Enix 

Bangaa_Dragoon - 5 days ago

I agree that these rats can use more attention being pred.

Myotismon's Judgment

Uploaded: 5 days ago

Owner: saintheartwing

Tags: Digimon implied vore Demidevimon Myotismon digimon pred Digmon vore

A little something made for my friend  misterebony in which Myotismon finally gets the comeuppance he so rightfully deserves! Enjoy! 

Her beautiful body

Uploaded: 5 days ago

Owner: harryjarry

Tags: Breasts Unbirth Cute Digestion Absorption vagina underwater Willing Semi-willing cumming Cum Digestion swimsuit teasing vaginal vore Absorption Vore Cum Transformation beautiful girl vore one-piece swimsuit Teasing Pred willing prey Boobies hehe underage Underage prey Underage pred

Louis, a young teenager meets a wonderful girl during sport. That evening, while at her house, it turns out that she wants him in her life in more ways than one.

There may be a few mistakes but I hope you'll enjoy.

I do not own the pic : 

crankzzz - 15 hours ago

This is beautiful! They became one flesh!

anonymous19999 - 2 days ago

not seeing a story here, just a blank white page?

A long trip

Uploaded: 5 days ago

Owner: Hozomat

Tags: Digestion F/F Fatal Unwilling Prey Gwendolyn Female Prey Female Pred Belly bulge shrunken woman semi-willing pred shrunken prey Giantess Vore Ebony Pred Black pred

Gwendolyn takes on a long trip to reunite with her old friend. But someone else will have long trip in her bowels...


Hurray, now four of my characters are reunited! What could possibly go wrong with four preds together? 

Hozomat - 3 days ago

Well, Gwen is a good person, but her stomach seems to make the decisions here... If she were an angel, her belly would be the devil! ;)

jack27 - 3 days ago

Great story. xD I love how she kind of didn't want to do it, but couldn't help herself.

Hozomat - 5 days ago

Thank you!
Yes it does. Check out "A warm night" :)

gamefreak1022 - 5 days ago

Great work!
Does the story with Dylan exist?

Another Day
next morning Wicke woke up feeling rejuvenated and refreshed, bright
and early. She felt around in bed for you for a few seconds before
noticing a pleasant sensation in her bowels that could only be you
and smiled. Despite your thorough job of licking her clean, Wicke
could still strongly
smell her own musk clinging to her body and while she wanted
to allow you to enjoy her scent a bit more, she had to work today.
up, Wicke grabbed Ruri-chan's Pious Ball and let th

11 - Just Another Day

Uploaded: 6 days ago

Owner: NRawk

Tags: Breasts Pokemon Goddess Butt Non-Fatal Willing thighs entrapment worship pokeball gentle enslavement Anal Insertion Huge breasts Odor thick thighs thick butt thick hips thick ass mature woman wicke

With only one last thing to take care of regarding accidentally shrinking you, Wicke begins preparations for what will quickly become just another day in her life.

This is the final chapter for this story, sorry it came so suddenly but I hope everyone enjoys this ending. Thank you for reading through this little tale of mine, I had a lot of fun writing it and hope to add to this setting more at a later date. 

A Terrorizing Tubby Titaness

Uploaded: 6 days ago

Owner: Davyjones

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore Fat expansion Weight Gain Giantess BBW raven growth Teen Titans Big Belly ssbbw Mass Vore Big Breasts big butt f/multiple burping BBW pred Giantess Vore DC Comics SSbbw pred

Preview picture done by 223366 over on DeviantArt

I've been working on this story for some time and had kicking around for a fair bit.
It's common knowledge that the Teen Titans have big appetites but one day Raven's demon-half decides to influence her hunger and this leads to huge results.

Hope you All Enjoy
As Always
Comments and Criticisms are welcome

Tucked into Black Sabbath's Belly

Uploaded: 6 days ago

Owner: saintheartwing

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore Demon Non-Fatal Humanoid Child Prey Demon pred Teenager Soft oral vore Male Pred teenage prey Underaged prey jojo's bizarre adventure Underage prey

Narancia Ghirga has one job...if the teen wants to join the mob, he's got to keep a special lighter lit. What happens when it accidentally goes out? Well...he finds out real quick! More Jojo's Bizarre Adventure fun for all of you, and nonfatal this time. I reaaaaally like Black Sabbath's design. 

Gyrozeppeli25 - 4 days ago

Can you do something about Trish?

Carla's Curious Courtship - (Com)

Uploaded: 6 days ago

Owner: SenpaiVore

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Carla is ready for date night, let's hope her date is ready for everything that it entails.

Will they survive? Probably not, but it's a wonderful read anyway.

Wonderful commission by  ryanshowseason3

He really captured who Carla is supposed to be. Expect more like this in the future. 

BlueIce - 1 day ago

*Stares at the equipment and smirks, rolling the metal dice between my fingers* such an high level challenge...gonna make this game all the more fun and interesting ;3

SenpaiVore - 1 day ago

*Pulls out a bucket filled with sloshing fem-cum, and a couple of potion bottles filled with breast milk before pulling up an empty bucket in one hand and a couple empty bottles in the other* So do I. ;3

BlueIce - 3 days ago

I'll take the character sheet, but im gonna use my metal dice for this *pulls out the boxo* I always come prepared.

BurningRuby1909 - 4 days ago

Hehe i dont mind either outcome hehe

SenpaiVore - 4 days ago

Then it's a date.

And I'm not really sure what grave clerics are.