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Coolwoman - 3 days ago

Glad you liked it!

NovemberNights - 3 days ago

Absolutely incredible I loved it! Gloria pred is so great

A few minute of Mona

Uploaded: 3 days ago

Owner: RyuZuu

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore Digestion F/F Weight Gain Breast Expansion Sex Fatal Loli mona Bones Fatal Vore Female Prey Female Pred Vore story ass expansion loli prey bones in belly Diona genshin impact aether Aether (Genshin Impact) Mona Megistus

Hi it's me again, I'm sorry for the absence but I've had bad health lately and I haven't felt like writing, but that's about to change!!!

I'll start writing the rest of the month short stories with varied scenes of different anime characters!! so stay tuned, I'll start from tomorrow!

If you want a character that has little or no vore in Ekka just send me a PM or comment!!!

I'm still open to request, remember just send a PM requesting it!!!

[ Continued ...

Ieattwix - 2 days ago

There is definitely room for improvement, but I enjoyed it anyway. Id love to be under Mona while she has a nice big tum.

MAg0308 - 3 days ago

Always amazing works

Artist-san - 3 days ago

This looks alright. Wish it was longer though.

Dragon Tower II: The Enchantress’s ErrorBy: saturn“No! Please, don’t!”Riella chuckled at the muffled cries coming from within Vorrax’s mouth. It had been far too easy to trick this young mage into discarding her magical talismans and charms by pretending to be a frightened princess who didn’t trust scary, glowing, magic stuff. Once all her protections and potential weapons were piled together in a heap, all her dragon had to do was slice away the sorceress’s she

Dragon Tower II: The Enchantress's Error

Uploaded: 3 days ago

Owner: saturn

Tags: Oral Vore Dragon M/F Unwilling Non-Consensual Unwilling Prey Female Prey Sexual content Male Pred

In which a courageous (although not very humble) enchantress attempts to rescue poor Princess Riella!

While going back over the previous Dragon Tower story, I realized that for a sexy vore story, it had a lot more "story" than it had "sexy vore." I still like it as a story, but for this sequel I tried to better integrate the characters and story with the fun stuff.


saturn - 1 day ago

Thank! They're also pretty fun to write!

saturn - 1 day ago

Thanks! They're also pretty fun the write!

DrakentheBlack - 1 day ago

This is neat! I like this relationship for a dragon and his captured princess.

Completing a Collection

Uploaded: 4 days ago

Owner: nyttyn

Tags: Soul Vore Digestion F/F touhou Weight Gain Stuffing Fatal Soul Digestion Size difference marisa kirisame Patchouli Knowledge touhou project

Patchouli Knowledge finds her tea is well later than she expected...and when she calls out for her servant to deliver, she gets more than she bargained for, from a witch looking to finish her newest collection...

Thank you to a anonymous benefactor for commissioning me!

If you, the reader, like what I write, I've got a ko-fi now.
and i've got a coffee addiction.  

colemercer - 1 day ago

Mmm good point

nyttyn - 1 day ago

to be fair she was hungry all along

colemercer - 2 days ago

Amazing story with marisa, i love how marisa turn into a giant and hungry girl~

nyttyn - 3 days ago

Thank you! Souls go brrr.

nyttyn - 3 days ago

Thank you very much! Nothing like a gluttonous predator going for seconds, yeah?

The Crush

Uploaded: 4 days ago

Owner: SenpaiVore

Tags: Oral Vore F/F M/M Breast Expansion F/M M/F Sex Cock Vore Milf Cleavage Implied Digestion Implied Vore Breast Vore Fatality Fatal Vore Drunk Cleavage Vore teasing Disposal hand job high school Reunion Bodily Fluids Implied Disposal perma vore Casual vore Drunk prey casual sex Drunk pred Dilf milf pred horny prey Teasing Pred casual disposal Dilf Pred

High School Reunions are always weird to go to. Never knowing what to say, hoping your classmates don't judge your life choices, Meeting teachers you hated...

But there are perks. Like maybe asking a crush of yours out. Who knows, you could get lucky...or you could just end up fattening her out.


This came from a prompt since I was in a funk and needed to get back into writing.

Also Apologizes for the Formatting. Not sure...
[ Continued ...

SenpaiVore - 2 days ago

Honestly, just some Hentai I had in my "Work" folder. Shh, Don't Tell anyone. (If I figure out the artist, I'll reply to this comment.)

Okioki123 - 2 days ago

Where is the thumbnail from?

SenpaiVore - 3 days ago

Yeah...I regret not putting an Epilogue Title between the obituary and the Reunion going south. Also, just kinda felt right to end out with a bang...or splat in this case.

Gorgrath177 - 3 days ago

That ending escalated fast lol

doomed - 4 days ago

lmao i love it . tho kinda twisted the way todd went out, its like using an erection as consent . but hearing how margret ended up as the sgit she is made it perfect lol

Witch of the Woods - Vore Version

Uploaded: 4 days ago

Owner: Spider8Fiend

Tags: Soul Vore Digestion Weight Gain Stuffing Belching Big Belly Fatal Vore foodplay Butt Expansion Digestion Noises Cooking prep non-fatal cooking hansel and gretel owl house Eda youth stealing The Owl House Luz Noceda Eda the Owl Lady amity blight De-aging Edalyn clawthorne Cooking vore eda clawthorne

As promised, here is the vore version of the story, "Witch of the Woods." While I'm not wholly comfortable depicting Luz & Amity in fatal vore, I do believe it makes for a rewarding end. Eda sure thinks so, and who am I to argue with a wise old witch?

With any lucky, this version of the story won't require a re-upload. If anyone notices any issues, please let me know ASAP. Otherwise, thank you for your time and please feel free to give comments, critiques, or...
[ Continued ...

Spider8Fiend - 1 day ago

Heheh, there's no sequel planned at the moment (all my Owl House efforts are directed at Luz the Demon Devourer), but I'd happily write a short sequel where Eda eats Lilith or other characters in fairytale settings. Like Willow is Snow White, who Eda eats in her enchanted sleep as well as Lilith, who presumably is the Wicked Queen.

TF2ScoutGod - 1 day ago

That ending. Makes me believe that their will be more of Eda in the future

Spider8Fiend - 3 days ago

Twice the vibes and twice the vore! What a sweet deal!

TBVAS2 - 3 days ago

and now this version has even more hansen and gretel vibes

Spider8Fiend - 3 days ago

Guess our hearts can be fickle in this community.

Panty Burps

Uploaded: 4 days ago

Owner: ryanshowseason3

Tags: Oral Vore Digestion F/F Burp Weight Gain Consensual Fatal Masturbation Willing Big Belly Fatal Vore F/H Human Prey Female Pred teasing Human Pred Consensual vore Burping F/Herm photomanip burping up clothes Willing prey financial domination willing digestion Findom masturbating prey Masturbating while Digesting

Amy is at it again selling used panties her prey wore while she churned them. Her roommate Kelly comes to terms with how she feels about the salacious slaughter she witnesses on a nearly daily basis.

Made because I feel like it and I wanted to turn the concept of selling used under garments online into a vore story.

Manips here: 

Skullhammer123 - 2 days ago

Was kinda hoping it'd be one of those stories where the pred gets taken down, because it seemed like it was going that way based on Kelly's reaction at the start. But alas, it was not to be.

Skullhammer123 - 2 days ago

At first i was expecting Kelly to get sick of Amy's behaviour and eat her, but then she took the photos in her room and i was like "Oh nevermind" lol. Maybe Kelly eating Amy to get out of dying could be an idea for next time? Always love it when dominant preds get taken down.

somedude601 - 3 days ago

Even though I'm someone who absolutely despises findom, I like the idea of selling "used" panties.

doomed - 4 days ago

woah thats pretty good way to do it. i love the seductiveness. i was hoping kelly wouldn't break so easy tho

Dooot - 4 days ago

your stories are always a treat

Bruised and bloodied, the King of the Monsters still stood triumphant. The fight with the mechanical version of himself had exhausted him, but he turned to finish the battle with his other rival. Kong had helped him beat Mechagodzilla, but there could be only one alpha kaiju. Somewhere in the maze of tumbled skyscrapers was the great ape and Godzilla followed a trail of destruction toward his goal. Here was the bone-handled axe with its Godzilla-spine blades. His rival must be close by. Kong had

Kong and the warbat

Uploaded: 4 days ago

Owner: Strega

Tags: Snake Dragon Godzilla Kaiju Male Prey king kong ambiguous pred snake predator

In the wake of the battle against Mechagodzilla, Big G sets out to find his rival. But someone else has already laid predatory eyes on Kong.

(If the humans hadn't peppered the Warbat with missiles, this would have happened to Kong even earlier in the story. The warbat in Hollow Earth was one long gulp away from turning him into a bulge.) 

Shadowclops2 - 3 days ago

Lucky Warbat. That’s a ridiculously huge meal, probably going to be a super noisy digestion too <3 <3

Extra Episode:Set Meal from Teyvat

Uploaded: 4 days ago

Owner: xdy00

Tags: F/M cosplay Stuffed belly Female Pred Vore story Original Character Dragon Girl Stuffed pred costumed pred genshin impact


xdy00 - 3 days ago


57758755787 - 3 days ago


xdy00 - 3 days ago


57758755787 - 4 days ago


Moo-ving to the Beat (of digestion)

Uploaded: 4 days ago

Owner: CardsBears

Tags: Digestion Burp Same Size Cow Fatal Animal ?/F Unwilling Prey Female Prey Human Prey Disposal Animal/Human animal pred Shitting Feral Pred feral/human Accidental vore cow predator danganronpa Uncaring Pred Hiyoko Saionji Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair

Hey y'all! Here's a new story I had planned for a bit that my friend gave me the idea for. It's of Hiyoko accidentally getting eaten by a cow while at the farm. Digestion ensues and the ultimate traditional dancer ends up as a not so ultimate scat pile. Hope you enjoy the story! 

devoureroftime - 3 days ago

awww poor Hiyoko other wise nice story. I just wish it was someone else but that's my opinion

CardsBears - 3 days ago

Ayy glad to hear it!

BloopyVoreCafe - 4 days ago

Cool, I like this, Man!

On the Ranch [Collab; Chapter 1/5]

Uploaded: 4 days ago

Owner: wolfSnack

Tags: Oral Vore Wolf Pregnancy Milk Rancher Fatal writing Milking Collar Leash Implied Digestion fattening Mass Vore Female Prey tag Human Prey bathing livestock cage degradation Farming pregnant prey Furry Pred Public Nudity implied fatal Milking Machine Anthro Pred shipping Wolf Pred Implied Disposal fattening up public sex Gentle Pred Casual vore meatgirl meat girl Caged Prey Graduation Human Farming Grading Livestock Play

Emma and Sophia were born and raised on the Happy Snacks ranch -- fattened up, milked, and bred however the wolf rancher desired.

But finally, after all these years, the time has come for them to be weighed and shipped off as food for the ever-hungry anthro residents of the strange world outside the ranch gates.

But will these two friends remain united, as they’re literally served up on silver platters to hungry customers?

Or will their paths...
[ Continued ...

wolfSnack - 7 hours ago

Muchas gracias -- ¿qué piensas de los otros capítulos?

xvx17 - 1 day ago

wow, este puede ser el incio de otra gran serie, es increible lo bien que describes cada universo en tus historias.

wolfSnack - 3 days ago

Yeah, and there's another coming after this XD But I swear, I'm still writing relatively shorter stuff too!

wolfSnack - 3 days ago

Thank you! :)

eleventh - 3 days ago

Oh boy, another huge story coming!

(Story) Buffy & Friends Get Hansel & Greteled Part 5

Uploaded: 4 days ago

Owner: Scrufty

Chapter 5 of a written Buffy the Vampire Slayer commission.

Buffy and her friends fall victim to some powerful witches who enjoy fattening up, cooking and eating naive and youthful adults. This chapter deals a little with the Dawn getting prepared to be the witches' meal. 

Matt’s stomach rumbled loudly. He gave it an uncomfortable rub through his shirt and

threw a glance at

the wall clock. Thirty minutes


until lunch. He sighed and took another sip of


coffee, hoping it would calm his empty belly

a little

Food for thought

Uploaded: 4 days ago

Owner: Torminosus

Tags: Food Gay Macro/Micro Unwilling Prey Micro Prey Careless Pred Male Pred Multiple Preys

Matt has a peculiar lunch, to say the least.

An older story of mine. I decided to patch it up a little and correct some grammar mistakes, as well as adding an additional prey - just to make the storyline a little more coherent. Hope you'll like it - it's one of my personal favorites. 

Penny the streamer: Part one (Rhino)

Uploaded: 4 days ago

Owner: anyonarex

Tags: Unbirth Digestion F/M Unwilling Unwilling Prey Disney Rhino Hamster Cum Digestion Betrayal bolt Fanfiction Human Pred non anthro animal prey vaginal insertion Penny teenage pred hamster ball feral prey human/animal human/feral hamster prey aged up characters Oral teasing vaginal fluids vaginal digestion

Part one of a three part series of Penny eating her beloved pets at the behest of a perverted fan. <3 First up is Rhino, this is also my first time ever writing unbirth so bear with me.  

Trying124 - 4 days ago

Very very good. The camgirl aspect is interesting,. Can’t wait to see what happens to poor mittens.

Coolwoman - 3 days ago

Like the bottom base

Blacklightviruse - 3 days ago

At like the bottom base the thorax or just under it at the bottom

Coolwoman - 4 days ago

Under the spider butt. Honesty hard to explain

Blacklightviruse - 4 days ago

Question....were is the but/anus?

Coolwoman - 4 days ago

Thanks glad you liked it

Newly Found Meal (Cont./Alt End)

Uploaded: 4 days ago

Owner: VoreChing

Tags: Oral Vore Digestion Sex Masturbation Female Prey Male Pred mind break digested prey Willing prey masturbation digestion masturbating prey malepredvore femalepreyvore Masturbation in Belly

So this is the continuation of the first part with an alternate ending

If you haven't read the first part the link is here:

Hope u enjoyed and it played good imagery in your head. so uh yeah :> 

Newly Found Meal

Uploaded: 4 days ago

Owner: VoreChing

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore F/F Same Size Masturbation Implied Digestion Female Prey Female Pred masturbating samesizevore masturbating prey femalepreyvore Masturbation in Belly femalepredvore

So i decided to write some vore stories, because hey why not, I like the concept so ima make some :>. Makes no sense I know right, but yeah if U enjoyed it feel free to stick around cuz theres more where its cuming from :> 

VoreChing - 4 days ago

Thank you and I will :D

Plgc - 4 days ago

Please keep writing!!

Workplace Accident

Uploaded: 4 days ago

Owner: carlj

Tags: Digestion Burp F/M Fart Anal Vore Farting Gas Female Pred amazon-sized Gassy Accidental vore taller pred farting pred Marion Seyan

First story about my newest OC, Marion. ^^
Here she deals with the problem of being an apex predator in a work environment, as well as unfortunate accidents.

It's so hot where i am now! I really wish i had access to something very refreshing to dip myself in, like a bath tub full of ice. >-<

Anyway comments and criticisms are welcomed ^^ 

carlj - 3 days ago

Understandable, i wanted to try something different with this character and i knew it was not going to be everyone's cup of tea, so if you don't like lots of farts that's totally fine ^^

I appreciate that you still enjoyed the story and you thought it was good, that's what matters the most to me, that people can enjoy my stories ^^

carlj - 3 days ago

An unavoidable tragedy indeed ^^

Matteo42 - 3 days ago

Hmmm, a mixed bag for me.
1, great writing. Objectively, I mean. No big mistakes, no bullshit my english teacher would nitpick over.
2, AV is easily my favorite thing


3, farts, sadly. Just not my thing at all

doomed - 4 days ago

falling onto pery accidentally lmao

carlj - 4 days ago

Much like any other predator, yes.
But at least she's trying, the poor thing.

Family reunion

Uploaded: 4 days ago

Owner: salamoun

Tags: Oral Vore Unbirth Pregnancy F/F F/M Same Size Implied Digestion Unwilling Prey F/FF F/fm Female Prey Male Prey Female Pred f/multiple Mother/Daughter Off-screen vore pregnant pred pregnant belly Willing prey

A woman was forced to give her children up for adoption due to misfortune in life. Two decades later she's back on her feet and determined to see her daughters again, but how far is she willing to go to be truly reunited with them?

This was a bit of a failed test of me trying to write a commissioned story ^^;
It didn't turn out as well as we hoped to but I still wanted to share it and got permission to, so I hope it's at least bit enjoyable for all of you.

[ Continued ...

salamoun - 3 days ago

That was my main reasoning to include them in, even tho they were kinda rushed at the end but I still wanted to have them resolved.

Apostolos - 3 days ago

An interesting story, certainly better than some of the other NTR Vore stories where people are left behind knowing they’ve lost children forever

Vstar66 - 4 days ago

Damn good story .lol max123 is everywhere

Happy birthday Mash

Uploaded: 4 days ago

Owner: anxiousvampire

Tags: F/M Non-Fatal romance birthday gift embarrassed Male Prey Female Pred romantic birthday present Cute pred Endosoma happy pred tickling Happy Birthday happy prey Gentle Pred Romantic vore Waifu chocolate coated Loving pred Fate/Grand Order embarrassed pred Teasing Pred Ritsuka Fujimaru birthday vore loving prey Mash Kyrielight Mashu Kyrielight Fate Grand Order wholesome Waifu Pred wholesome noms best kohai servant pred Ticklish prey birthday girl pred Mashu isn't food! kohai pred Mash Kyrielight pred

A story originally made to celebrate Mash's birthday of july 25th only for Nervous's laptop to break resulting in him missing it. and there is no way I'm waiting another month just to post this.

the thumbnail is by with permission

this is my first major male prey and was an idea I had for quite a while but Artist-san's picture with their blessing to use the image was the catalyst to finalize it.

You can also find...
[ Continued ...

anxiousvampire - 4 days ago

her cannon age in the series is twelve. she also has the child trait in game. I believe this carries over in the actual mythology as well though while looking this up I did find something that if we went by the calendar of the time when she was alive she'd be sixteen

Pyroken116 - 4 days ago

People like yanderes, i guess. I don’t blame them.
Also, 12? Can we get a source? Or is it just this version?
Cause I remember her being older than that.

Miguno Meets Alice

Uploaded: 4 days ago

Owner: TastyAce

Tags: Anime Non-Vore Hyena Manga Lemur instincts Instinct First Meeting Lemur girl Beastars

Commission for Mr_Pebbles, who also requested I use different cover art for the story. Miguno's instincts activate around Alice.
Patrons get exclusive stories, discounted commissions, and more! ^u^
Thanks to SurrealSilent, Mike White, keilmichemm., Lightning_Flash, CaptainVupline, JT Tanu, 101loudswords, Selicia, SpudSorcerer, Matthew Scott Harper, AAAKing, eheh23, CDR2Magi, Krikkiter, Jesse Aldridge, Anonymous, Jconner1, Jac Denzo,...
[ Continued ...

Miles hummed quietly as he strolled along the forest trail. Possum Springs wasn't anywhere he wanted to settle down in; but it was right along the path he was taking on his way back home, and there was no harm in taking a few days to rest in the backwater space. Practically living in his car, the blonde had decided to stretch and clear his head, and had decided to stroll through one of the numerous hiking trails that surrounded the valley the town proper was in. The sound of wildlife was calming

Camper Cat Cocksock [Comm]

Uploaded: 4 days ago

Owner: 9kirby99

Tags: Cat Belly Human Male Anthro Fat BBW Sex Futanari submission Unwilling Transformation Willing Blowjob worship Unwilling Prey Anal Sex Futa/M Mouse prey cock sock Night in the Woods Mae Borowski NITW Cock Sock Transformation fupa cocksocking

A commission I got from KittyBoi! They're a very good (and quick) writer, you should check them out! They do commissions!

Looks like Miles is stumbling across Mae Borowski...though things are going to go a bit differently, it seems!

Miles belongs to me.

Mae Borowski belongs to NITW.

Story by  KittyBoi 

Bookie - 4 days ago

My my, Miles. From someone very shy about anal to a full on cock sock for Mae... What evolution you've been through~

KittyBoi - 4 days ago

Always real fun working with ya~

Still need to post this myself

How to fill out a meat card

Uploaded: 4 days ago

Owner: Torathemeatvixen

Tags: Cooking farm Cooking/Prep factory world building Instructions meatgirl dehumanization Cooking vore Niusos

Since the Second Edition of Niusos is still a ways a way. And the third chapter of Mow I became meat is still at least a week out. Here is a lengthy description of how to fill out the meat cards I have created for the Niusos setting.

If you send me you OC I might make you a meat card if I've got some spare time 

I have reached 500k page view and I thought I may should offer some kind of reward. Therefore, I have decided to share a first demo for a very big text game project I’m doing for a while now. Link down in the description.

It’s a game about a cute young girl named Sunny that lives in a world where panties never were invented. Everyone wears diapers instead. No matter how old or small.

Vore is

masterchaos - 1 day ago

Don't worry. It's not very helpful right now, as it counts how many meals a left... But these meals also include meals you can't see yet.
Meaning, it not even helps slightly to find all meals.

Rockdude - 1 day ago

I didn’t realize there was supposed to be a diaperdex. As for the radar, I just thought it wasn’t implimented yet.

masterchaos - 2 days ago

At least you not lost anything of the existing content besides the roll diaperdex entry.
I think i know how to solve it. This will be another issue solved with the second demo.
But i still wondering if you will be forced to start from the begining with each release.

This would be a pity.

Oyashirofan - 2 days ago

I saw that I got the Radar power, but nothing showed up to use it. I did do Roll Last, which may be why.

masterchaos - 2 days ago

Then i think the command of Roll was not added corectly after the Roll fight.
Normaly you should have been able to use a new command named "radar" after the fight.
Did someone else encouter the problem?

I will test the fight again and check if i can reproduce the error.

The Demon Witch’s Sacrifice

Sarah hung her head down listlessly as she and twenty-seven other girls were led to the Demon Witch’s palace. She honestly didn’t think she would ever find herself in this position. It was always her belief that the Demon Witch only took the most beautiful girls as sacrifices and, not to put herself down, but Sarah was about a

The Demon Witch's Sacrifice

Uploaded: 5 days ago

Owner: Nobodyman

Tags: Oral Vore Breasts Belly Soft Vore F/F Demon Fatal witch Unwilling Prey Head First Big Belly Nudity Preparation Big Breasts Naked Female Witch Pred

Young Sarah has been selected as one of the Demon Witch's sacrifices. But why would a plain homely girl like her be selected when the Demon Witch is known to pick only beautiful girls? And what awaits her when she enters the Demon Witch's palace? 

Darktroll - 4 days ago

How about a crossover with your thunder witch and thunder god as they duke it out as top thunder user?

Nobodyman - 4 days ago

I don't have any story plans for the good witches right now, but we'll see.

Darktroll - 4 days ago

Also, here's some ideas for new witches: Fat witch with sentient fat powers, Sword witch with sword magic, and dragon witch with draconic magic

Darktroll - 4 days ago

Are you going to do any of your good witches eventually, cause I know you can do good villains but what about the heroes?

An Average Day at a Not So Average Tavern

This story involves cooking vore, incest, mentions of butchering, female prey, male prey, female chefs, women with dicks, and resurrection/reformation. Don’t like, don’t read.

The city of Corheara is a standard fantasy city, full of elves and humans and dwarves and even a few more ‘mons

An Average Day at a Not So Average Tavern

Uploaded: 5 days ago

Owner: TastyBisexual

Tags: Elf Fantasy Cooking Reformation Spit oven Half-Elf Incest Wolf girl Long story Female Prey Male Prey Female Pred resurrection Cooking/Prep Spitroast Herm Pred tavern Elf pred Wolf Pred Casual vore fantasy setting wood elf Interspecies sex Ressurection Cooking vore

Welcome, one and all, to The Wolfs Den! Here you will find it all, sexy waitresses, delicious cannibalistic meals, debauchery, and good ale. Featuring the public debut of a few characters that came out of a long-term RP with a kinky friend of mine, the lovely plump tavernkeeper wood elf Astra, her lovely big-dicked wife Luna, and their delicious twin daughters. Together, they take advantage of a cheap way to bring back the recently dead to spread the deliciousness of cannibalism to the...
[ Continued ...

TastyBisexual - 2 days ago

Thanks! I'm glad to be back.

Cheshire16 - 2 days ago

I'm glad to see you write again, my friend

David plopped down on the edge of the dock with a sigh, bare feet swinging over the sides and splashing into the cool water below. The sun beat down on the shore, threatening to melt the ice cream pop hanging from his mouth. Even with the cool breeze coming in from the ocean, the pier was rather quiet for this time in the afternoon, leaving David to his own devices. His shift at the lab had ended a while ago, so he had the rest of the day to himself. He w

Summer Snacking, Had Me a Blast

Uploaded: 5 days ago

Owner: chewchulainn

Tags: Soft Vore Digestion M/M Fatal Unwilling Prey Fatal Vore Male Prey Selkie Male Pred Monster Boy Detailed Digestion monster boy pred

A fic based off the comic I made a couple weeks ago! I like the design for Selkie!Robin, so I wanted to do more with it, and I've been wanting to do a more thorough digestion fic too, so this was a good excuse! David can never escape being lunch for too long.

While this fic is fatal, the actual 'canon' of this universe involves regeneration, so this doesn't actually fall under the official timeline of this setting. Just a fun one off digestion fic! 

chewchulainn - 9 hours ago

Thank you! I do enjoy it when prey doesn't realize what's coming at the start. But Robin can be a little bit possessive in these sorts of situations~ He likes to have David all to himself. I like preds that keep things more secretive too though, it does add a bit of an extra layer of keeping the prey all theirs.

Ixtili - 22 hours ago

I love the slow realisation that David has that he's really being digested and how Robin decides to keep his fate a secret. I love the idea of a Predator that eats and doesn't tell. It's almost like they are trying to keep every remaining trace of their prey to thenselves.


Academy. This prestigious institution has a reputation for being one of Japan’s top schools for the children of the rich and powerful. There is one exception however, someone manage to rise through the ranks with nothing less than simple hard work and determination. Miyuki


, 2nd year and the current class president in his second term.

Kaguya-Sama: Love is War: The Small Battle

Uploaded: 5 days ago

Owner: rivalsnake01

Tags: F/M Macro/Micro Shrinking mouthplay Butt crush almost vore hand play Butt Smothering boob smothering armpit smothering Chika fujiwara Kaguya Shinomiya Kaguya sama Love is War Yu Ishigami Ai Hayasaka Miyuki Shirogane

When the boys of the student council end up tiny, they need to rely on the help of Kaguya and Chika to get them back to normal, what could go wrong!

This incredible story was written by MrEmeraldDivine over on deviantart. They have already done some truly amazing story series and just recently opened up commissions so definitely check out their works! You can find their account here:
MrEmeraldDivine DA 

Coolwoman - 4 days ago

Glad you enjoyed it

devoureroftime - 4 days ago

always love a good loli pred story. The ending of this one was very enjoyable

Coolwoman - 5 days ago


HildaVGoneril - 5 days ago

Cute story like always!

Coolwoman - 5 days ago

She sure does

Lara walked into Fletch’s study with a thick parchment letter, folded over and sealed with red wax. The study was large, walled with floor-to-ceiling shelves that were packed full of books, scrolls, specimen jars, strange stones, carved statues, inhuman skulls, and other assorted paraphernalia. A fire crackled merrily in the massive fireplace. Fletch sat in one of many dark leather chairs scattered around the room, staring intently at a pineapple on the low table in front of him.

The Heist

Uploaded: 5 days ago

Owner: Blind_Ace

Tags: Catgirl Belly Soft Vore F/F Giantess Sex Anal Vore Butt Non-Fatal Lesbian Yuri Macro/Micro Willing F/FF Insertion Female Prey Female Pred Inside stomach Shrunken woman Willing prey

Lara goes on her first adventure without Fletch's help (he's busy learning about tropical fruit). She enlists her cat friend Chrissy, who agrees to help for the price of a "snack" later. The two are planning to steal a crown from a mysterious Lady, but things go deliciously wrong. Lara ends up exploring multiple holes to get Chrissy and herself out of trouble. Mostly giantess stuff, mostly willing, all in good fun. As always, I'm open to feedback and please feel free to comment. 

The day was just like any other.


was making breakfast for her and her girlfriend when said girlfriend came out. Cecilia, her wonderful maneater.

Cecilia’s gut still jutted out from the meal she had last night. Some random guy who decided to harass them on the way home last night. Cici, ever her hero, worked her


My girlfriend wants me to eat someone.

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Owner: Naganommer

Tags: Oral Vore Digestion F/F Sex Bones devil Pred turned prey Sex in stomach

Story I wanted to write. More of a character interaction with these two I've never used before. Enjoy.

Some long awaited bone play in one of my works as well. I've grown a taste for it so expect to see more.

Imps have the natural born ability to easily slip through other beings digestive systems. It's a defense mechanism against the more powerful Succubi.

Also, I've kinda grown to like Frida, she might show up again. 

Dudebro2092 - 3 days ago

Great story! Really enjoyable read

Naganommer - 4 days ago

Funny. I never considered that plot development. Thing is, Topaz is a recurring character so I’m not really planning on killing her off … yet.

Unless you meant Amber. Then yeah, that was a missed opportunity.

doomed - 4 days ago

I was actually looking forward to her eating the succubus but this is great too

The Skunktaur

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Tags: Oral Vore Sex Rape Skunktaur Vore story

A friend commission me to write a story/ description of their girl 

Revenge Of The Food.Written By DJ4KCommissioned by Tkdigiboy.Prolog. In the future scientists seeking to end world hunger invented a new growth hormone that caused food to grow far beyond its normal size. This giant food was sent all around the world feeding millions but what no one realized is that the food was learning. The hormones had made the food self aware and what they saw horrified them. Innocent food was being eaten by humans in vast numbers. It was somehow both glorified and casualize

Revenge Of The Food.

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Tags: Oral Vore Swallowing Cooking Bones slave Child Prey Male Prey slavery Cooking/Prep Male Pred role reversal cooked alive death. bones in belly Cooking vore

Food has taken over the world and are now eating humans.
This story was commissioned by Tkdigiboy.
This story is another change of pace for me. A dark, semi-comedy, swallowing story. These commissions got me expanding my horizons. To be honest this story isn't the type of thing I'm into but I hope you like it. :) 

DJ4K - 4 days ago

Thank you very much.

blergle - 5 days ago

You got the dark comedy thing down pat. I laughed at the idea of sapient food but it quickly became sensible in context and dark but interesting. Nice touch making Mr. Marshmallow a sympathetic character as far as background.

Feast for the Faceless.

Jeff the




Jeff didn’t know if he should be aroused or afraid.


The enormous, faceless, humanoid creatur

Feast for the Faceless

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Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore Weight Gain Breast Expansion F/M Fatal Vore Monster girl Human Prey Male Prey Female Pred Vore story huge ass Huge breasts monster/human ass expansion Slenderwoman Jeff The Killer Creepypasta Unwilling to Willing prey melty digestion monster girl pred

Jeff the Killer finds himself in the precarious Slender Forest where he comes face to face with the Faceless Stalker of the Woods. Things don't look too good for bootleg-Joker, but perhaps that's not a bad thing.

So, trying out a couple of different new things with this. First, this is my first time using Creepypasta characters. Secondly, this is the first time I've done descriptive digestion that wasn't based on pain, something a little meltier, and I was wondering if it'd look...
[ Continued ...

SmaxTheDestroyer - 5 days ago

As a fellow Monster Girl connoisseur, I say, please, Keep ‘em coming!

Base54 - 5 days ago

Just providing the community with a valuable service.

SmaxTheDestroyer - 5 days ago

Always good to see slender woman pred~

Witch of the Woods

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Tags: Weight Gain Stuffing Non-Vore BBW Belching Transformation Food stuffing Stomach Noises chubby girl aged up Amity owl house Eda Luz The Owl House Luz Noceda Eda the Owl Lady amity blight Edalyn clawthorne eda clawthorne

In honor of the season 2 premiere of the Owl House, here is my latest Owl House story. While I intended to finish this days ago to heighten the premiere's hype, I'm satisfied to post it the day of release.

While it may not be obvious, this story originally started as a Gravity Falls fanfic, which I wrote in 2016. It was jumbled mess that didn't fully capture the personalities of Dipper & Mabel, and the Hansel & Gretel parody was even worse, but I saw potential in it. I...
[ Continued ...

Spider8Fiend - 5 days ago

It is a .pdf, so if you’re having trouble seeing it, you can download it to see the full story. And I still don’t rightly understand the tech issue :T

NightRoller - 5 days ago

Say, is it just me, or is it displaying like a pdf? And what limitations made the previous way prevent some users unable to see the story in the past, if you don't mind indulging my insatiable curiosity?

Spider8Fiend - 5 days ago

Thanks! Due to the technology issues, I don’t know how much attention this story is really receiving (there’s 5 views and 8 favorites at the moment. Like, WTF, Aryion?), but I’m glad to receive confirmation someone actually likes this story ^_^”

TBVAS2 - 5 days ago

Nice one

Large Leia - Return of the Jelly

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Tags: Oral Vore Breasts Belly Digestion F/F Burp Weight Gain Breast Expansion F/M Milk F/? Fatal Belch Anal Vore Story writing Butt Obese Unwilling Prey gluttony Big Belly SSBBW Female Prey Female Pred Big Breasts star wars Big Butt f/multiple Butt Expansion Wide hips ass expansion Thick thighs Fast Digestion Princess Leia Organa gluttonous pred written work

Hey, it’s part three of the Star Wars special! Leia and friends escape Jabba’s clutches and WHOOPS, the vore stops halfway through; my b! Enjoy!

In all seriousness, I'm so glad to have the trilogy completed; that being said, I think it'll be a while before I write another Star Wars story again.

Anyway, my "2,000 watchers on Deviantart" special is next week, and I hope that it'll be quite the entertaining read for all of you; stay tuned! 

C107galaxytachyon - 3 days ago


ManWithNoVowels - 5 days ago

Why, thank you!

ManWithNoVowels - 5 days ago

Why, thank you’

StygianSkies - 5 days ago

I really love her casual predatory attitude contrasting with a world that otherwise seems fairly normal. Really emphasizes how gluttonous and self-centered she is, and seeing her constantly make quips and threats about gulping down her allies is pretty hot. Great series, great finale.

Detention (Story)

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Tags: Oral Vore Digestion Fatal Unwilling Prey Oral Sex My Little Pony Burping Equestria Girls Sunset Shimmer burping up clothes

With the amount of trouble she causes at CHS, Sunset Shimmer finds herself in detention quite often, but she has a secret way of getting out early with little effort.

However, this little trick might be running out of usefulness.

Art from Ani21.

Also thanks to NewRebellion for proposing the art. 

marceber - 3 days ago

Happy you liked it. Shortstacks make great shortsnacks!

Ani21 - 4 days ago

Nice~ I do love a good shortstack!

marceber - 5 days ago

She really does, especially in her bully years. I'm glad I delivered. When you gave me three options I decided to go with all of them XD

NewRebellion - 5 days ago

Ooooh, yeah!! That was TOTALLY AWESOME!!! I LOVE IT!!! You do great work! Man, Sunset really shibes as a pred, doesn't she?

If i ever come across some promising pics or get a story idea, I'll ABSOLUTELY let you know!!

The Good, The Bad, & The Hungry - Chapter 6

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Owner: Aces

Tags: F/M Anal Vore slow digestion Herbivore Pred Centaur pred hindgut

The Good, The Bad, & The Hungry is a western story set in Peran during the late 1800s. It follows the life of a centaur named Camilla and the residents of her boom town home of Sweetwater. Bandits, marauders, and even dragons threaten the town. It is the duty of the sheriff to protect their flock by any means necessary; to bring justice and order to an otherwise lawless frontier.

This series is not crowd funded, and I intend...
[ Continued ...

RG9812 - 4 days ago

Sound like things are starting to get interesting now