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Zelda's Fetish II - Disposal Day

Uploaded: 6 months ago

Owner: ZeldaNoVorsu

Tags: Scat Digestion F/F Fart link Sex Pooping Farting Butt Non-Fatal Gas Bloated Fairy Lesbian Macro/Micro Post-Vore Full tour Legend of Zelda Full Belly Female Prey Female Pred Sexual content Disposal f/multiple Onomatopoeia Gassy Endosoma bloated belly princess zelda Digestion Noises fairy prey Breath of the wild farting girl Disposal Day 2019 (8/10)

Happy 8/10 (Ate-ten, get it?) While 8/8 is the official Vore Day, 8/9, 8/10, and even 8/11 could all be Post-Vore Day as real digestion can take up as long to 72 hours to complete. So, as the Zelda's Fetish stories take a somewhat more realistic approach to digestion, I figured this story was more suitable for 8/10 then 8/9. Here, we have the rest of the digestion from the first story followed by, well, the title says it, doesn't it?

This was a fun write for me as it...
[ Continued ...

ZeldaNoVorsu - 5 months ago

I'm quite honored to have impressed the creator of such a fantastic game. This story, when you combine the two parts, is probably the pinnacle of my micro prey story telling. That's not to say I don't have others that are also good, but none of them will quite reach the level of insane detail I put into this one and its predecessor. I really sought to capture the whole digestive process this time around, and by having indestructible prey, it allows for, in my opinion, better exploration of the lower reaches of the digestive tract. And, having multiple preys with different reactions just adds to the fun. This will certainly not be the last of my macro/micro stories, either, as I've for sometime wanted to do a Zelda's Inside Story. But, again, I'm humbled by your praise. These two stories were a lot of work-enjoyable work-so seeing all the positive reception inspires me to do more.

Anonymouslion - 5 months ago

Btw, fae are quite ticklish, so if you make a part 3, well, it would be nice to see fairy one tickled a bit by a certain tongue, ;p

Anonymouslion - 5 months ago

So August 8th is vore day? Huh.

Halcyon - 5 months ago

I can't believe how good this story, and the prequel were! Really fantastic work - the detail on EVERY INCH of the way through her digestive tract, plus the interaction of the different prey's characters and their reactions, all of it was so good and juicy. I'm really quite honored that my premise was cited here, because you really put it to great use! I'm gonna have to see what else you've done with micro prey now, because this was amazing! ♥

ZeldaNoVorsu - 6 months ago

Why thank you! I'm inspired by many things, it is true, but I've never really thought to do anything with fairies, so you get full credit for that one. It's probably because I'm more of a same-size person by trade, but a good size difference scenario can be good too, particularly when there is this level of gluttony involved. If you ever happen to read my other stories, feel free to leave a comment of what you think, I'm happy to discuss the inspiration of a story or anything else when it comes to my works.

The Geostigma had come and gone. Ravaging so many families, and even threatening to take Marleen, Tifa had finally convinced Cloud to settle down a bit and start hanging out more with her. His trips outside Midgar became less frequent, and the two had even decided to try going steady. It seemed like things, after so long, were finally going well for the clone.

Out on a pretty routine outing, close to the sector where Bahamut had done untold amounts of damage to an alread

Crunch Time for Tifa in the 7th Heaven

Uploaded: 6 months ago

Owner: Jocaste

Tags: Food Digestion F/M Absorption gum Muscle Non-Fatal Transformation chewing Unwilling Prey Female Pred Final Fantasy foodplay Final Fantasy VII Absorption Vore Tifa Lockhart unaware pred athletic Cloud Strife workout sentient fat dubious consent

Cloud finds a strange materia on another hunt, finding himself more flexible in his relationship with Tifa, but quickly finds out she's looking for something far more exclusive.

Commission for  SuperKirby 

gigaderpbreak - 6 months ago

I mean, how could you turn someone into your abs and not tease them? It's a requirement really

Jocaste - 6 months ago

It is a rather rare treat. I adore sentient fat myself, and I find teasing is a must in more casual scenes like this!

gigaderpbreak - 6 months ago

Really enjoyed this one. Finding sentient fat stuff is always a rare treat, and the teasing is a lot of fun :3

Jocaste - 6 months ago

Glad you do! I've never touched TF, let alone food TF, but I was pretty pleased with how it came out!

MrPeculiar - 6 months ago

This is very strange and I approve heartily.

TinTan - 4 months ago

When next episode?

slyfoxxl - 6 months ago

Must make friend! Let the good boy eat the rabbit! If he turns out to be less useful, then we eat him next.

Restrogenic - 6 months ago

This is an awesome concept. Think you might do sequels/variations?

C107galaxytachyon - 6 months ago

Well, In that case, care to tell me what your kink/fandom preferences are then?

Personad - 6 months ago

Yeah, in order to try and get back into writing again.
These last few were my attempts.

C107galaxytachyon - 6 months ago

So you’re taking writing requests now?

Personad - 6 months ago

Just some requests for people.

Rae Sloane's Rainboom Snacks

Uploaded: 6 months ago

Owner: saintheartwing

Tags: Oral Vore Micro Soft Vore Crossover Shrinking Micro Prey Female Prey My Little Pony Female Pred star wars Sunset Shimmer rae sloane

Rae Sloane has made friends with Sunset Shimmer, who's used a spell to go to her universe. Poor Sunset's been unfairly blamed for something she didn't do, and Rae wants to try to help her a vorish fashion of sorts. A commission for all of you to enjoy for an anonymous commissioner. 

Date Masamune - 6 months ago

I love it and let this be a lesson. Cyber bullying will get you eaten

Empress' Right [Scat]

Uploaded: 6 months ago

Owner: Crusades

Tags: Scat Digestion Breast Expansion F/M Absorption Same Size Anal Vore Magic torture Unwilling Prey Crying Male Prey Female Pred prisoners Butt Expansion royalty female victim Human toilet Mental Breakdown waterworks

I had a dream of this.

i'm not weird i swear
I had thought it would be a good idea to write about it because it was the first lucid dream i've ever had, and apparently i was dreaming with my dick and not my brain. Either way, hope you enjoy it. I put quite a lot of thought into this one, so if you feel there is something that is out of place or doesn't fit, please say so!

i got sleep

i also did this at 3 am

(Thumbnail is...
[ Continued ...

Crusades - 6 months ago

It was my first lucid dream, so I enjoyed it to the fullest, in a sense. Of course, when I woke up, I was upside-down in my bed.

Gabriel0813 - 6 months ago

I do not blame ya for dreaming it did i had similar things happen

True Adventure C1E1

Uploaded: 6 months ago

Owner: TrueAdventure

Hello everyone! Long time lurker, first time writing. Well, on this site at least.

I've been reading too many light novels - most recently the "Legendary Moonlight Sculptor".

This episode is 1 of 7 of chapter 1. It's going to be a few episodes before vore actually happens but I hope you enjoy our adventure together :) 

18. First Job

Uploaded: 6 months ago

Owner: pizza3695

Tags: Oral Vore Scat Digestion Fart M/F Fatal Pooping gurgling underwear Female Prey Male Prey Disposal Digestion Noises Willing prey gurgling belly gurgling noises Clothes in scat

Eric is officially hired as a 'professional vore' for the first time. A client wants him to eat her for her podcast!


Onewingedangel - 6 months ago

Seriously whatever you prefer. I’m not a fan of making artists or authors feel obligated to do anything; I think it’s what steals the joy from the sharing. I appreciate your writing!

pizza3695 - 6 months ago

I can certainly re-add them.

Onewingedangel - 6 months ago

Fair. I did use them to skip that part, but you do you.

pizza3695 - 6 months ago

I've kind of stopped doing that, as I think its obvious at this point that all my stories end that way :P

Onewingedangel - 6 months ago

Great story as usual! Forgot your scat warning this time though.

A scream echoed down the hallway, seeming to ripple between this plane and the next as the crash of metal against metal reverberated throughout the tower. A large draconic head lifted up, turning towards the other balcony-lair.

“That seems like a concern, dear Sister. I would expect you can handle it? I am far too busy to deal with this myself…”

“You are worthless, Theralion.” Valiona, the other member of the dracon

A Change of Heart

Uploaded: 6 months ago

Owner: ouphe

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore Dragon Digestion Warcraft M/F Fatal Blowjob World of Warcraft Female Prey Night elf Corruption titjob Twilight Dragonflight

A raid team does not recover from an early pull as well as they would like. 

tanosia - 6 months ago

I'd love to read more - so few do WoW dragon stuff <3
Kinda jealous about Swiftwind though :P

iskavii - 6 months ago

Honestly, I about lost my shit at “Tabards or Capes.” Lmao. That was hilarious. Also I think the mage forgot you can’t blink through solid objects. Pity >:3. I have another, more important comment to make, however; MOAR!!!!!


I need to know what happened with Tasha and Swiftwind!

iskavii - 6 months ago

Honestly, I about lost my shit at “Tabards or Capes.” Lmao. That was hilarious. Also I think the mage forgot you can’t blink through solid objects. Pity >:3. I have another, more important comment to make, however; MOAR!!!!!


I need to know what happened with Tasha and Swiftwind!

iskavii - 6 months ago

Honestly, I about lost my shit at “Tabards or Capes.” Lmao. That was hilarious. Also I think the mage forgot you can’t blink through solid objects. Pity >:3. I have another, more important comment to make, however; MOAR!!!!!


I need to know what happened with Tasha and Swiftwind!

“This was a mistake…” Nita huffed to herself as she glanced around at her living room, filled to the brim with more than a handful of girls with bulging guts hanging lol, and some that were lacking a full gut, eyeing those who had been lucky enough to snag a meal. “Michiko… Seriously? I just went and ordered another pizza because you keep eating any pizza girl who comes to the door!” Nita glared at the smirking, pale and freckled faced of the purple horned and fat tailed dragon gi

Vore Day With The NEET

Uploaded: 6 months ago

Owner: radmann

Tags: Digestion F/F Burp party Milf mimi Kevin Silly Mass Vore Female Pred Multiple Preds indigestion bear girl alan Male Pred Olivia Sillyness shy pred Nita splatoon vore day NEET Multiple Preys milf pred Moth Girl belloc Glutt Goddess of Gluttony NEET pred michiko squirell boy Vore Day 2019 kevin and alan

I don't know why I made a 'Christmas with the Kranks' pun with the title, since I hate that movie, but seeing as both that movie and this story are a comedy of errors focusing on a holiday, well, I thought it might work.

Here is a silly short collection of interconnected stories involving a bunch of recognizable gal preds (and a few guys here and there) making Nita's vore day a living Hell in the way only friends can.

I hope everyone enjoys it a ton, I know it's...
[ Continued ...

ConsumptionZ - 6 months ago

No refrigerator is safe around the almighty Glutt!

404Error - 6 months ago

God, this was so cute. Thanks a bunch for including Mimi in this lovely short story!

rustybeats - 6 months ago

This is amazing, really great idea bud. Such a cute and fun slice of life. There's something oddly comfy about seeing predators goofing off. Thanks for giving my girl Erina such a lovely debut.

Belloc - 6 months ago

Looks like Nita had a very full Vore Day. XD Cute story!

radmann - 6 months ago

Really glad I was able to have your boi's in the story!! :D Super happy to hear you enjoyed it as well. Had such a fun time writing it!

SomeoneThatExists - 5 months ago

There's a reason I look forward to your work: you put in a lot of dedication, effort, and time into these, and these stories are proof of that. You're really good!

asdaf - 6 months ago

Oh, this disposal is so romantic! Fitting of disposal day, the real reason for the season.
Psychic reformation is a very cool concept, but I have to admit the image of Lana as a poop made me blush so much I can't help but wish she'd stayed that way. She's already cute but that's just unbearably cute!
Oh well, at least I have the Link and Zelda ends for that!

techtician - 6 months ago

Nice bit of humiliation always gets a rush going

ZeldaNoVorsu - 6 months ago

Indeed, those are some good choices.

techtician - 6 months ago

Nothing says survival of the fittest like squeezing your prey out into whatever disposal method you prefer. Personally on the bed, floor or pants is my favorite.

04:59:47 [Azeria -> Katelyn_Amolen]: *the blue
vixen stands on the stage of her fans, 20,000 of the world’s crazy
screaming teens all here to see the county fox singer. She walks to
the edge of the stage and looks out in the sea of people* HELLO
TOWN.. I am here to ROCK you.. BUT first one lucky fan has the chance
to SEE her in person after the show. With this, FREE PASS
05:02:58 [Katelyn_Amolen -> Azeria]: Kate
couldn't belie

A Concert to Die For

Uploaded: 6 months ago

Owner: Reaper8290

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore Digestion F/F Hard Vore Food play Sexual content Disposal Graphic digestion Fox Pred Cruel Pred Neko prey

This is one of my earliest RPs. The grammar is a bit rough, compared to some of the other logs I have uploaded. 

Reaper8290 - 6 months ago

Right now I am focused on getting permission from my RP partners to upload the logs, and making sure they are reasonably typo free. I am definately going to go back through them and remove the italics, at least, once they are all up.

TrainerKatrine - 6 months ago

The lack of spacing through the messages makes it hard to read, especially with the italic text. :/

Reaper8290 - 6 months ago

Hugs are great! But how does a shark hug? :)

Reaper8290 - 6 months ago

I didn't even realize that was a reference until you pointed it out lol.

sharky - 6 months ago



By Miss



10: Luke the Dad



GAME-BELLY-BOY: Ch.10: Luke the Dad

Uploaded: 6 months ago

Owner: MissCrissy

Tags: Pregnancy Breast Expansion Non-Vore Lactation Non-Fatal Breast Feeding rapid pregnancy baby borrowing

Hello again!
Anyway, thank you for your patience and that you like this lewdy thing that I am sewing togerher instead of my proper projects :D


Welcome to Game-belly-boy, a story about a device that lets the user temporarily borrow pregnancy from...
[ Continued ...

nowe333 - 3 months ago

I can't wait for the next one :)

kingjurassic11 - 5 months ago

Great story as always, Crissy~

AndAnotherOne - 6 months ago

like it love it gotta have more of it!

Personad - 6 months ago

Can’t wait to see the mischief they get into

go33 - 6 months ago

Amazing as always

F1reDem0n - 6 months ago

Happy Vore day Septia. ^_^

I am a bit late but sentiment is still there.

Gassy Delights

Uploaded: 6 months ago

Owner: saintheartwing

Tags: Pokemon Expansion Digestion Anal Vore Weavile Female Prey Female Pred Gassy Pokemon pred ass expansion pokemon prey Gassy Pred salazzle

This story's all about a gas-loving Weavile being pushed about by his unpleasant Salazzle boss until a new Ambipom friend helps him out...

A Patreon story. You can join my Patreon and get stories for even cheaper prices than I normally do at !  

BumbleRibombee - 6 months ago

Funny that you mention those! Those are all stories that I requested!

doomed - 6 months ago

Wally should meet bumble , Mina mew , or Tepig, from your other stories

never wanted to be a bandit. You didn't want to be a soldier either,
and faced with four year's mandatory service once you hit 18, you
decided running is a better option. Raised on tales of wandering
heroes winning fortunes from dragon's lairs and forgotten crypts, you
set out to be an adventurer.
don't tell your family. They wouldn't approve. You leave the little
city-state you were born in and wander. There's a lot of wilderness,
not many towns. The nearest real city is weeks away, at

POV vore - you and a copper dragon

Uploaded: 6 months ago

Owner: Strega

Tags: Dragon Feral Dragon pred Feral Pred ambiguous prey Multiple Preys

You didn't want to be a bandit. You don't want to be dragon food either, but the dragon doesn't seem to care. 

Strega - 5 months ago

There are magic devices and spell that could protect you. In fact they appear in a story I've been working on. A dragon would most likely spot them and take them from you, though, and this dragon has no interest in being nice to you.

Brenden1k - 5 months ago

Dragon could always vomit.

Brenden1k - 5 months ago

Stash bribery is still a option with maybe some intel to sweeten the deal.

As for a lot of magic, the bandit was eaten by a freaking dragon, there is magic all up that asshole.

Strega - 5 months ago

Digestive systems do not work that way without a lot of magic or an invulnerable prey creature. You'll go through them all right, but you won't look much like you when you come back out. 83

Brenden1k - 5 months ago

If he really lucky the dragon just wants to scare him straight, prehaps if the dragon in a good mode and wonders what it feel like to have someone crawl through his intestines.

From its first recorded sighting in ancient Egypt, it took nearly four thousand years before mankind was able to reach out to it, landing a surface probe that survived long enough to observe it up close. It was small and primitive by modern standards, its systems outclassed by mass-produced digital devices, but for the time it was another great step into the unknown.
As mankind's knowledge of the planet grew, so did its ambitions. In the early part of the twenty-first century, world gove


Uploaded: 6 months ago

Owner: Zumberge

Tags: Female Pred f/multiple F/?? Monster prey

So a fella by the handle of Kanilan on DeviantArt made a character inspired by Doom who was a predator that, to wit, ate demons. I saw her, was immediately inspired and wrote out the Doom Eater Testament that appeared on her sarcophagus after plotting out the last third in my head, then some time later I came up with the backstory and the first two thirds at work and was like, "well shit, I really hope this guy is cool with me writing this because it's gonna be a fuckin' waste...
[ Continued ...

Cold Mei-dicine

Uploaded: 6 months ago

Owner: PsycopathPro

Tags: Oral Vore F/F Stuffing Anal Vore writing Lesbian Macro/Micro Shrinking Female Prey Female Pred Mercy Object Vore Mei Overwatch Tracer Widowmaker D.Va Pharah

When Mei catches a little cold a few of the Overwatch girls go in to save the day. But a series of miscalculations turns a simple experiment into a fight for survival.

This story is based around 2 commissions I got from @spittyart on twitter. You should go check his stuff out there and see the original art that inspired the story.

You can also follow me on twitter...
[ Continued ...

Xzabor - 6 months ago

I love those pictures you commissioned, everything you did I would of ask for the same in the drawings, and this story is just the cherry on top, thanks for writing this! Cant wait till the 3rd picture!

war was over.
held his sword in his paw, fresh blood dripping from the blade. from
the hill where he stood the hare could see the last surviving enemy
soldiers fleeing from the valley, an army of Anarians hot on their
heels ready to kill any stragglers. they were set on making sure that
the enemy would never again come near their lands. beyond the lush
valleys and meadows of Anaria lay the desolate desert where any
refugee would almost certainly starve or succumb to the elements, it

All's Fair preview

Uploaded: 6 months ago

Owner: RexTheWolfdog

Tags: Predator war Non-Vore Prey Story WIP Unfinished

I feel bad. Vore day, one of the few holidays that I actually like and I completely forgot to get anything ready to post. I can't NOT post something today though so I took a look through some of my WIPs and found something passable. this is a prologue for what I ambitiously hope will one day be my first full length novel. it's a huge undertaking and while it's not outside of the realm of possibility that this will one day be a book in hard print, for the time being it's just a pipe dream. even...
[ Continued ...

An Inn's Windy Days, Quiet Nights

Uploaded: 6 months ago

Owner: Crusades

Tags: Oral Vore Digestion Breast Expansion F/M Absorption Sex Magic writing Unwilling Prey deception Human Prey Male Prey Female Pred adventurer Butt Expansion Spirits Sexual Harassment fantasy setting Harassment Fox girl pred

This is multilingual! I wanted to make it a bit easier for people reading, so they don't have to translate! (As far as I know, I have readers that speak Spanish & English! Sorry to any other speakers!) It's separated into 2 categories. English on the top, Spanish on the bottom.

I finished the first one!

it's 4 am

It took a while, and I had thought that this would make a good foundation for the kind of story I'm building. It shows the buildup and...
[ Continued ...

Jenny Meats Jenny (disposal warning)

Uploaded: 6 months ago

Owner: Fyr3

Tags: Catgirl Oral Vore Digestion Neko writing Vore story Disposal Jenny catgirl predator Catgirl Pred Neko Pred

Jenny the human belongs to  elmonais Jenny the neko belongs to me.
That said, this is my first time attempting to make a story, it goes with a sequence I commissioned the other Jenny's owner to make. 

Matryoshka Musume

Uploaded: 6 months ago

Owner: Crusades

Tags: Oral Vore F/F Naga Lamia writing Non-Fatal Centauress F/FF Spider girl Willing Pred Female Prey Female Pred Endosoma Voreception Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou abdomen vore miia Centorea Shianus Willing prey Rachnera Arachnera

A request done for  Heimko!

It was done during the end of my free time, and I didn't want to be too late with it either! I apologize if it's a bit short, since I didn't have lots of time to work. I hope you enjoy it though!

Gonna post somethin' interesting soon!

(Art was taken from a post from an artist by the name of Fumio
[ Continued ...

Heimko - 6 months ago

You can take a few breaks as long as you remember to save what you have written.

Crusades - 6 months ago

Probably! Lots of them seemed quite interesting, so I was gonna give one or two a shot. This time, I'll make sure I'm fully awake, so I can take in all the information I need! Though when I will do them, I'm not sure, there's a good chance that they'll get done. (It's always good to increase my repertoire of non-fatal content!)

Heimko - 6 months ago

It’s fine, no worries. You could always try and update it, if you want.

Follow up question, do you have any plans on doing one of the other ideas i posted?

Crusades - 6 months ago

Ohhh. My bad. I was quite tired when I took a look at it. That does make sense though, considering Rachnera's personality.

I did want to put more meat, but I fell asleep on my keyboard.
Sorry. ;-;

Heimko - 6 months ago

I liked it quite a lot, even though i think there could have been a bit more Meat on it in my opinion.

Also i think you may have misread it a bit, since the idea was that Rachnera too would end ip inside Centorea through one of her 2 “back doors”, which would have taken the centaur by surprise.

17:25:36 [Katelyn_Amolen -> Aurora_The_Wicked]: Katelyn
was lost. She hated to admit it, she had been wandering the forest
outside her village since she was just a kitten. But she had lost
track of time, and then that fog had rolled in. Strange for this time
of year. She had been sure she could still find her way home, but she
realized now that she should have sit tight and waited for the fog to
clear. She brushed her blonde hair outa her face. "Well, good

Witch in the Woods

Uploaded: 6 months ago

Owner: Reaper8290

Tags: Catgirl Soft Vore Digestion Cooking Neko Yuri Cooking/Prep Neko prey Witch Pred

Kate gets lost in the woods and meets a hungry witch. 

Dooot - 3 months ago

That's fair.

Reaper8290 - 3 months ago

I'm afraid I can't read PDFs on the tablet I currently use to access this site. I may not be the best judge anyhow, based on the tags, as I do not care for breast or object vore.

Dooot - 3 months ago

Thank you. If you don't mind me asking,what do u think of my story?

Reaper8290 - 3 months ago

Yeah, it is a bit hard to read format wise. I intened to pass back through all of these and reformat at some point in the future when I have the time. As it stands it is just a cleaned up log file.XD

I am glad you enjoyed it regardless though!

Dooot - 3 months ago



The Yellow Mark (Bladder Vore Story)

Uploaded: 6 months ago

Owner: SilentMight

Tags: Furry Cat Anthro M/M Feline coyote Cock Vore Alligator Bird Avian bounty Non-Fatal Watersports Sergal Semi-willing gator Fennec bladder vore urine object swallowing science fiction Bird girl Sci-Fi bladder Android Urethral Vore Object Vore urethra Bounty Hunter Cat prey Feline Prey Fennec Fox alligator pred Bounty Hunters m/object gator pred BlueSpark Nuenys

Originally uploaded to FurAffinity on 8/8/2019
Note: This upload has a few super minor tweaks compared to the FA version. I wanted to update the upload over there, too, but I can't edit FA's submission file due to a bug :/

This is a lewd, vorish sci-fi story that follows a band of mercenaries hunting down a certain cat with a bounty on his head: BlueSpark's character Leon! Things don't go quite as they planned, and shenanigans ensue.

I had a...
[ Continued ...

WarlockSnorlax - 6 months ago

Holy guacamole, that was really good! I look forward to seeing more from you.

"Happy Vore Day babe!"

I was startled to see Jon popping out of the door of our dorm as quickly as he can before slamming the door shut. I already knew he was planning something from the moment I saw him lock the door behind him.

He approached me on the couch. He stood in front of me as he caressed my chin and gently lift my head up to look at me in th

Vore Day Surprise

Uploaded: 6 months ago

Owner: Narkotic

Tags: POV Digestion M/M Gay Reformation Anal Vore Non-Fatal Masturbation Willing Blowjob first person Melting Male Prey teasing aphrodisiac Male Pred pleasurable digestion vore day melty digestion 8/8 Willing prey

Jon decides to surprise his boyfriend with a treat that he knows he can't refuse.

I wanted to get something out for this special day and sure enough I got something for ya!

I hope you guys enjoy and as always all your feedback is always appreciated 

HollowLight2212 - 6 months ago

Great job on this story . Hope to see more from you soon !!

Gimmi - Ep.1 Ch.2

Uploaded: 6 months ago

Owner: LizAndFrankie

Follow Gimmi to planet Fidswerm in this second installment of the sci fi adventure! Uploaded for Vore Day 2019! 

Gimmi - Ep.1 Ch.2

Uploaded: 6 months ago

Owner: LizAndFrankie

Tags: comedy Funny Silly Vore story ?/? Sci-Fi ?/multiple alien girl alien pred alien prey

Follow Gimmi to planet Fidswerm in this second installment of the sci fi adventure! Uploaded for Vore Day 2019! 

A Return to Power (Story)

Uploaded: 6 months ago

Owner: Cryos

Tags: Oral Vore Scat M/M Gay Cock Vore Fatal Unwilling Farting Butt scott hyper scat Post Vore Scat Mass Vore Demon pred Disposal rimming M/multiple prey Male Pred ass licking ass worship face farting vore day Multiple Preys shitting on scat burial Yuuya bones in scat public disposal hyper disposal Vore Day 2019

A short story commission for  TwistedTemptation made in time for Vore Day!

Yuuya finally gets off his fat ass and returns to ruling the land of Phoenix, "deposing" his old adviser-turned-King and his court, save for a very (un)lucky bard and making an example of them in front of his subjects.

Stay tuned for a part two! 

OSaV - 6 months ago

I rarely comment on things, but I really love your content! It's very exhilarating to know that there'll be another part, too.

shuddered as the pod he was riding in came to a stop. The last few
weeks had been a blur. It all started when college let out for the
summer break. He was hard up for cash, so he'd taken a job as a night
watchman for a ranch in the rural part of the state. It was a weird
gig, basically involving him riding a quad bike around the edge at
night and making sure nothing came through the fence. In retrospect,
he should have listened to his roommate.
you're going to take a job that is

A New Ornament

Uploaded: 6 months ago

Owner: marloweny

Tags: Oral Vore F/F F/M ?/F ?/M f/multiple Endosoma ?/multiple

A man discovers humans have a curious role to play in a strange creature's social life.


I forgot it was vore day, so here, have this weird commission I did a while back and never got paid for. 

Groblek - 6 months ago


Morphy - 6 months ago

Considering the tag spam I see in some other stories, these are rather spartan. :)

It's implied the alien swallowed the women so ?/F does count. The alien looks and acts feminine enough to go either way as an Ambiguous or Female. I think the confusion is that it's tagged as both.

That said, while there's always room for jello, there's always room for /you/ in jello. Gotta love the malleable gelatin preds.

marloweny - 6 months ago

Pff. That's just wasteful. The soft bits are the best part! Eveyone knows the wrapper is the most colorful.

marloweny - 6 months ago

Fair enough, though I'd suggest that "mentioned a couple times" might be underselling their role in the story a bit.

Arkron - 6 months ago

Nice story... but I don't know if the '?/F' and 'F/F' tags really apply, here. I mean, yes, there are women inside that snake-like thing, but the story itself isn't about those women being swallowed. It'd be like a scene depicting a sword fight should have a 'F/M' tag because the main character has a lover, who never shows up in the story, only mentioned a couple times.

Queen of the Monsters: Air Superiority

Uploaded: 6 months ago

Owner: OpenLive00

Tags: Oral Vore Macro Soft Vore F/F Hard Vore F/M Giantess Same Size Fatal writing Non-Fatal Macro/Micro Kaiju rodan Regurgitation Monster girl f/multiple regeneration Giantess Vore giantess prey kaiju girl giantess pred monster girl pred written work Godzilla girl kaiju girls Ghidorah Girl King of the Monsters rodan girl


When Rodan awakens in Isla De Mara and starts looking for breakfast, the military ends up being on the menu. But the members of Monarch have an idea on how to stop her, involving the golden terror known as Monster Zero.

Been a while since I've done a story for my own interests. I meant to have this done a few months ago, but motivation was very wishy washy. I absolutely love the concept of kaiju from Godzilla as...
[ Continued ...

OpenLive00 - 6 months ago

Hmm, might consider it. Not sure.

Brenden1k - 6 months ago

I kind of want to see Rodin perspective,

joe354 - 6 months ago

Nice~ I can't wait!

OpenLive00 - 6 months ago

Well you might just get your wish at some point, since I've got a few ideas for follow up stories~

OpenLive00 - 6 months ago

Oh, I'm sure I can rectify that soon enough~

Vore Day! (M/M Obstagoon Vore)

Uploaded: 6 months ago

Owner: SinLion

Tags: Oral Vore M/M Gay Non-Fatal raichu Foot Fetish vore day mienfoo Foot fetishism Stunky Vore Day 2019 Obstagoon Obstagoon Pred Stunky Prey Mienfoo Prey

Yes! For the first time, I've actually written something for vore day, featuring the new, elusive Obstagoon Pokemon as a predator. Honestly, I'm taking immense pride in the fact that I was able to finish this thing for Vore Day, and that this is the first piece featuring an Obstagoon on Eka's Portal. Well, I guess this will be the second, but this is the first story, and that has to count for something, right?

Also, I'd imagine you'd already figure, since Obstagoon as a Pokemon had...
[ Continued ...

PikachuX2073 - 5 months ago

Loved Obstagoon when I first saw the image on FaceBook, Loved it when it was revealed in the trailers, you really don't need to give me more reasons to love it, but I appreciate it.

Call it lack of originality, but my Obstagoon character is named Gene.
It just felt fitting to me.
And yes, he's a pred too.
Not because of Kiss mind you,
it's because he's a Badger. That evolves from a Tanuki… it think that explains enough.

of the Grand Pelicans
3: Sunny Fat Beach-----
by Apex)
were beaches aplenty in the area, but they were all either open to
the public, or closed to everybody. Beth needed a stretch of beach
to herself. Everyone else could use the beach any time they wanted,
but not her.
school, she was harassed with the name "Betty Boobs", and
she very well fit the mean nickname. Like the cartoon reference, she
had big dark, innocent eyes. She also had dark hair,

Grand Pelicans - Ch.3 - Beach Patrol

Uploaded: 6 months ago

Owner: Tassie

Tags: Soft Vore Human F/F BBW pelican Fatal ocean Unwilling Bird Beach Suffocation Headfirst Human Prey Feral Pred Feral Predator Bird Pred Bird Predator Feral predators

Beth needs some privacy to enjoy the beach, and while a closed beach may seem like a perfect place to enjoy, it's closed for a very big reason!

A big thanks goes out to Apex, for taking the time to make this better.


Tassie - 4 months ago

I feel like saying exactly the same thing as above again. Thanks for reading, and thanks even more for saying so.

Skeiron - 4 months ago

I recently found these stories, and they are great fun! Keep up the good work :)

Tassie - 6 months ago

Thank you so much. Hearing this sort of thing really helps me feel good about writing. This is what keeps me going.
You'll be pleased to know, there's more on the way!

casdan3243 - 6 months ago

Hey, that was really nice! I'll definitively have a look at your other pelican stories. Keep up the good work!

I've always been rather unhappy with my body. While there are lots of girls who desire to lose weight and be small and fit, I've always been the opposite. I'm a short and skinny girl, and I hate being skinny. I see bigger girls all the time, and I'm just fascinated and so jealous of them with their wide hips, big butts and pudgy guts. I want this type of body more than anything in the world.

Wanting to be a big girl has led me t

Gaining for Real

Uploaded: 6 months ago

Owner: Vorrua

Tags: Oral Vore Belly Soft Vore Expansion Digestion Weight Gain F/M Unwilling Prey Male Prey Female Pred padding

Happy Vore Day friends! It's been ages since I last uploaded a story, and naturally I decided today would be the perfect day to do it.

To end my creative drought with writing, I thought it would be most effective to experiment with some new ideas. I recently rediscovered padding, which appears to be a suprisingly rare fetish based on the little content I've been able to find of it online. Seeing that there isn't much of it out there, I thought something relatively unique like this...
[ Continued ...

Vorrua - 6 months ago

Interesting! It's amazing how we notice all these different little fetishes when we were younger, and they all sort of combine and go hand in hand with the general subject of fatness when we get older. Glad you liked it!

Jrrrobert - 6 months ago

Great story. I agree that there's not enough padding stuff out there. Even before my interest in vore turned into a fetish, I was very interested in padding for reasons I couldn't understand. Now I know it's connected to my predatory desires and my desire to try and simulate it the best I can (I've even stuffed a bluetooth speaker in there to play begging/digestion noises.)
If only I could live out this story...

Comfort Eating for Black Eagles Teens

Uploaded: 6 months ago

Owner: HiddenIke

Tags: Oral Vore F/F Reformation F/FF Fire Emblem Female Prey Female Pred F/F/FF Petra Voreception Offscreen reformation Fire emblem Three Houses Byleth Bernadetta edelgard Dorothea

Apologies for the pun with the title. I really didn't know what else to pick for it.

Anyways, Happy Vore Day everyone! I guess there was a benefit to how long this took me to make since I got to finish it for today lmao. And about 15 minutes before it became 8/9 lmao

Fire Emblem Three Houses and it's related characters are owned by Intelligent Systems and Nintendo! 

Godhood Reincarnation
Ashton Chapter 3 – Meeting Talathiel
Sitting upon her thrown with butterflies in her stomach as she awaited her latest offering from her children, Queen Talathiel slowly felt those butterflies be replaced with arousal as she saw the wagon being carried into her chambers…
While the Queen was distracted with what was possibly awaiting her within the wagon, Ashton and the Hunters were ushered inside by the Queen’s Guard after the Commander returned to her

Godhood Reincarnation Ashton Ch.3

Uploaded: 6 months ago

Owner: Firstfate

Tags: pheromones Magic Transformation Mind Control Forced sex excretion Futa/F futa transformation forced transformation

Well now... who'd of guessed THAT was Ashton's role within the Hive xD 

voirlopicine - 6 months ago

Awesome, looking forward to it!

Firstfate - 6 months ago

Good, I did a lot more of this kind of shenanigans throughout this whole series, since no expexts much of these guys after they are first reborn :)

voirlopicine - 6 months ago

I'm laughing quite hard at that ending, take your time getting the next part up, I'm looking forward to this