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Mary's New Hold (Story)

Uploaded: 6 days ago

Owner: ConsumptionZ

Tags: Oral Vore Belly expansion Digestion F/F Weight Gain Same Size Bulge Story writing Butt Unwilling Prey Fatality F/FF Fatal Vore willing pred poison street fighter capcom King of Fighters Rainbow Mika SnK Same Size Oral Vore Capcom vs. SNK Blue mary Nadeshiko Same sized vore

Story to accompany the commission I got from the talented  sunnyhero which can be found here!

Not much else to say about this one, as the picture and story speak for themselves! Just wanted to write a companion piece to the wonderful art. 

ConsumptionZ - 6 days ago

Love my gals, especially Rainbow Mika but looks like she was in the wrong place at the wrong time! Thanks again for the feedback! Thought the post vore scene would be pretty neat and I can credit :iconphotonfinish: for helping me out with how Terry would react to the situation at hand.

Figured there'd be typos because Microsoft Word likes to let me down!

RexLou - 6 days ago

I could definitely tell that you had fun here! The intro especially showed how well you know these characters and their personalities, and when you got to the vore, that showed even more! I like how you spent plenty of time on the swallowing and gave postvore a little bit of spotlight as well, that scene at the end with a fat Mary on the couch was great conclusion~

There were a couple of typos, but nothing too major from what I could see. I think you've made another extremely fun story, just as fun as the art you recieved~

Things have been great at Vore High, the resistance got Ashley to help them eat Maddy's followers. The now 7 girls have been eating many students, Samantha started to ease in on eating people and actually started like it but still felt very bad for each person inside her. The school was a bit better, people were still being eaten all the time but not as much. The group made it clear they were making their way up to Maddy. A day ago the. last of the regular followers were only bones and feces. Th

SuperheroFood - 3 days ago

One of my favourite parts of this story yet, keep up the good work. I love to see a arrogant pred fall, but I'm kind of glad it didn't happen here, as it makes the eventual conquering of her that much more satisfying.

Coolwoman - 5 days ago

Thank you i hope to make them better in tbe preseng

Kfhunterguy - 5 days ago

Still loving the series but you might try to slow down man. There was a lot of potential to explore the motivations around mandy's prey cult members. Illustrate Samantha's change to enjoy being a presentation through some dialog. I know I can't speak for everyone or have control over your work in anyway but I think you definitely could take more time to explore the universe you've crafted here. Great work as either way.

Creeping Infection

Part Five of Doomed

-Border Guard Head Quarters-

“How could we possibly have been prepared for that monster! It was enormous! We’d have needed siege weapons to slo

Creeping Infection-D5

Uploaded: 6 days ago

Owner: Arthotus

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore F/F Fantasy Reformation Non-Fatal Transformation Implied Digestion Female Prey Female Pred lesbians Sexual content Corruption Sexual Themes drider pred

Part Five of Doomed

Frostbite and Nightmare get their schemes underway, while Shulion also gets started, though a little slower.


Welcome back to the Doomed Saga! We took a break from it for a while to finish off QoE, but now we're back! This story is going to be my main focus with very few exceptions until its completion. This one is way more sexually charged than QoE was, but I'll refer to all of you if that makes it better or worse.  

Arthotus - 5 days ago

Haha, he's not that fast. You'll get to see Nightmare's methods in the next chapter, which will be much more focused on him overall.

Romance and love is not my strongest area of writting, but I'm trying.

Graywolf18 - 6 days ago

And in that two week period of time, Nightmare had corrupted the entire garrison putting Shulion some 1000+ souls behind in their race. :D In hindsight, it was a really fun 2 weeks. :3

I'm still rooting for Nightmare but I'd still be satisfied with Shulion making a comeback. I hope to see her efforts in this chapter culminate into some crafty catch up play.

I quite like strong sexual interactions in stories. The raunchier and more graphic the better. That said, I am I bit biased on the matter as I am a weeee bit perverted~. The Romance plus the vore is like icing on the already sweet cake.

Relationships: (2025)

Jen knocked on the door, lightly rasping her knuckles on the apartment that her sister was currently staying in.

“Come on, you said you would be home.” Jen sighed under her bre

Relationships (2025)

Uploaded: 6 days ago

Owner: Winny

Tags: Scat Anthro Digestion Sex H/F disposal flirting Digestion Noises Casual vore Disregard of Life

This is what happens when I'm left by myself, I write this perversion. Then I bring it to you all my fans! Today's a glimpse into an average every day relationship between humans and anthros!

Average, everyday, normal relationship. <3

As always, if you liked this leave a comment! 

Biggulp - 3 days ago

I'm more of a cream guy myself but yeah I mnow what you mean.

Winny - 3 days ago

Everyone always loves the new models, they tend to have the tightest fits. We live in a disposable era, after awhile you just gotta "dump" the old, and fit yourself into a new fit. <3

Biggulp - 3 days ago

Can't say I'm surprised she dumped her girlfriend for the younger tighter model.

Winny - 4 days ago

Everyones a degenerate, including the people in my stories, and those on this site. <3

ErRynArya - 4 days ago

Well, some of them certainly seem to mind being digested and killed for a bit of quickly forgotten pleasure. I've seen your other stories x3 But it's not like they can do anything about it after they've been gurgled or churned up. Besides, who wants to waste time on a few turds or a crusty stain~? <3

Anonymity - 6 days ago

Thank you so much!

Dragónmacro - 6 days ago

I liked your story a lot, I want you to keep getting more history and also stories of giant minors (giantess)

Coolwoman - 6 days ago

I didn't even think about making a story until this guy wanted a story. Im glad to because she is

TheRPKing - 6 days ago

What a underrated character

murmured softly and dreamily slid from sleep. She was resting in a
large, luxurious bed. The sheets were silk, with a thread count in
the high hundreds. For a moment she searched her sleepy brain for
memories of when and how she’d gone to sleep, because it felt
strangely unfamiliar to be waking up in a bed. That, she supposed,
said something about her. Most people were quite accustomed to waking
up in beds, but Eden’s life had taken a curious turn when she’d
unwittingly become the mas

Genie Swap

Uploaded: 6 days ago

Owner: marloweny

Tags: Unbirth F/F Food Transformation Inanimate transformation Body Swap

Eden wonders just what goes on in Majesca's head. Majesca helps her out with that.


This story was written for and edited by  C107galaxytachyon. If you liked the story and/or the level of polish, you know who to thank. 

marloweny - 3 days ago

Glad you liked it!

Goblingobler - 3 days ago

Very fun story! :3

marloweny - 5 days ago

It's like walking a mile in someone else's shoes, except everyone's naked.

It is just now striking me that this story includes essentially 24 unsupervised hours of Majesca in control of Eden's body. Potential for shenanigans? Very high.

marloweny - 5 days ago

When it was pitched, it was mostly as an analysis of free will. But, hey, it's one of my stories. Someone's ending up in someone else at some point.

marloweny - 5 days ago

Glad you liked it!

The Legendarily Stinky Saiyan

Uploaded: 6 days ago

Owner: EmissaryOfRainbows

Tags: Belly Burp Stuffing Fart Non-Vore Belch Farting belching Dragonball belly expansion burping facesitting Belly bulge Dragon Ball Z Kale smelly burp Fart Torture bellystuffing Dragon Ball Super Caulifla

This story was done as a commission.

Having taken over Caulifla’s gang, Kale forces her friend to endure her horrid gas while she gorges herself.  

Partying with Tenebrae and the days after

Uploaded: 6 days ago

Owner: Bright

Tags: Digestion F/M party Male Prey Female Pred inside view Bright Endosoma Anthro/Human Casual predator Selfinsert

There are some wise people who say you shouldn't flirt with predators that are twice your size and inebriated.

Bright has never met any of those.
Don't you hate those moments when you wake up the day after a party and you've put on, I dunno, 180 pounds of weight.

Some might ask Bright why he doesn't digest.
He will answer with a shrug.

Made by:
[ Continued ...

Marrow’s Deadly Choices

Uploaded: 6 days ago

Owner: DoubleOSnake

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore Digestion F/F Fatal Female Prey Female Pred female predator Cruel Pred Marrow Malloway same size vores

A sneak peek of DoubleOSnake's Patron Pack: Issue #4. Purchase the whole pack here:

If you want the latest story packs, request whatever story you like, and wanna support me, check out my patreon here:

DeadTube - The Ashitaba Family Feast (Story)

Uploaded: 6 days ago

Owner: noisekeeper

Tags: Oral Vore Same Size writing crossover Post-Vore F/FFFF Female Prey BBW Prey Female Pred f/multiple Potbelly evil predator missing people post vore weight gain post vore gut post vore digestion Mai Mashiro Dead Tube written work Ashitaba-san Chi no Mukogurashi Hinata Ashitaba Kurumi Ashitaba missing poster Thicc prey megumi ashitaba asuna ashitaba

A short story I wrote involving Mai Mashiro from Deadtube eating up characters from a completely different series. Weird I know! I had quite a bit of fun writing for such a sadistic pred. All that delicious remorseless gluttony and whatnot.

Check out the two pics that this story was based on if you haven't already! 

Chaos - 5 days ago

Yeah, I have a whole list of rarely used or never used manga characters I'd love to see do some gobbling or be gobbled.

noisekeeper - 5 days ago

Thanks! I always like to use characters that haven't really gotten as much stories or art as others.

noisekeeper - 5 days ago


Avora111 - 6 days ago

All I have to say I love it and won't a sequel

Deviantfan16 - 6 days ago

Aw I was hoping she'd of been bigger by recent time and of made vore her thing. She'd be the top pred on Dead Tube

DemiDevimon's Data Mining

Uploaded: 6 days ago

Owner: saintheartwing

Tags: Child Digimon Cock Vore Child Prey Demidevimon Implied reformation kid prey Underaged prey Digimon Vore digimon pred Digidestined Underage prey

Another story with DemiDevimon, getting the Digidestined tricked, having them eat the Mushrooms of Forgetfulness, and with them easy to manipulate, he can enjoy them however he feels... 

Curito - 5 days ago

If you want to rp using demi devi mon im sure i could get my digimon and oc ready again. Btw i think it would be cool due to hiw you wrote this.

Starfire's First Vingor

Uploaded: 6 days ago

Owner: TheDragonBoy

Tags: Belly Soft Vore Alien Young F/M Swallowing Female Swallowed bathroom starfire Non-Fatal Teen Titans Big Belly full tour full belly Male Prey Female Pred female predator non fatal vore Belly bulge swallowed alive Non-sexual teenagers Protective full stomach teenage prey young prey Robin protector protection Young pred healing uncomfortable teenage pred Protecting unconscious full-tour Teen prey non-fatal vore saved DC Comics teen pred Alien Predator Unconscious Prey alien pred swallowedwhole swallowedalive nonfatal full tour Protective Pred swallowed whole and alive Healing Vore starfire teen titans tamaranean

The Titans get into a bit of trouble and Robin gets hurt. Luckily Starfire is there to save the day with her weird Tamaranean biology!

My first Teen Titans story, and also my first request. It took a lot of back and forth with 107galaxytachyon and a bit of procrastination on my part, but here it is. I hope everyone (especially the requester) likes it.

Also, let's play spot the anagram. It's definitely not super obvious. 

Thor11 - 5 days ago

I love these vore stories you make! I hope to see more like this in the future!

Mel and Bright

Uploaded: 6 days ago

Owner: Bright

Tags: Oral Vore Swallowing Male Prey Female Pred Bright Naga Pred Mel Selfinsert Mookierific

Upon toppling several bookshelves by accident, Bright is faced with a rather angry librarian.

Mel belongs to
This was drawn by mookierific as a commission. 

Mel and Bright

Uploaded: 6 days ago

Owner: Bright

Tags: Oral Vore Swallowing Male Prey Female Pred Bright Naga Pred Mel Selfinsert Mookierific

Upon toppling several bookshelves by accident, Bright is faced with a rather angry librarian.

Mel belongs to
This was drawn by mookierific as a commission. 

When Bright met Steph

Uploaded: 6 days ago

Owner: Bright

Tags: Furry Oral Vore Cat Comic Soft Vore Anthro F/M Non-Fatal Unwilling Prey Shrinking Internal View Male Prey Female Pred Belly bulge Bright Anthro/Human waterslide Selfinsert

Drawn by  JessicaRae as a commission.

Who would have known that big cats have a voracious and predatorious disposition towards waterslides?

Certainly not Bright, or he'd have picked a different summer activity.  

Bright - 6 days ago

I think this works well for reading comics.

Bright - 6 days ago

Glad you liked it.

unknownincognitoguy - 6 days ago

Hey! They added a PDF reader! Noice.

ArgobargSoup - 6 days ago

...Nonfatal, yet still having dynamic belly size and weight gain due to her converting his size into her mass. Then letting him back out at the end and restoring him to normal...

...this is a really good comic :3

Just4comments - 6 days ago

Hmm... the format for the file doesn’t seem right. I think it’s being loaded as a story/written workpiece.

Inusual Sausage

Uploaded: 6 days ago

Owner: preyinvestigator

Tags: Scat F/M Swallowing Toilet Macro/Micro unaware Shrinking full tour

a romantic guy shrinks himself to have a date with the girl of his dreams. 

Dragónmacro - 6 days ago

Part 2? Yes, please

Beach Bashed

Uploaded: 7 days ago

Owner: brandon14

Tags: Oral Vore Belly Soft Vore Human Male M/M Burp Same Size Story Non-Fatal Glasses beach Willing Surfer Surf Board Big Belly huge belly tan Male Prey rubbing drink Original Character burping Original Characters Martini Male Pred surfing Accidental vore lewd rubbing belly detailed bulges willing prey rubbing stomach Tanned skin detailed imprints

Yes, I do own my Vore-sona. Yes, there is a FYI part just to make sure. Yes, this is a beach themed story. Yes, I did make this story. Yes, it's a "humans only" story.
No, I do not own Gladiatus. No, I do not own the image on the story.
Any questions or comments? 

minimase21 - 1 day ago

brandon14 - 6 days ago


minimase21 - 6 days ago

i enjoyed the story!

can you put me in your ass/nuts anyway? ;)

Devouring Sarah Vance

By Myles L. Edmundson


Sarah lives in a world where “Vore”, that is the art of devouring people whole and alive and then digesting them, is totally acceptable. Only women are capable of it, and often begin training to do it when they are very young. However, though young girls are allowed

Devouring Sarah Vance, 4

Uploaded: 7 days ago

Owner: Katana70065

Tags: Oral Vore Belly Soft Vore Unbirth Digestion F/F Same Size Reformation Non-Fatal F/F/F F/FF F/FFFF Big Belly Orgy Vore story Teenager Belly bulge Mother/Daughter high school vore belly girl on girl FFF/F vorception restaurant vore female pred/prey

Sarah wants to buy a car of her own. Therefore, she takes a job at a local fast food restaurant...but her friends decide that SHE is on the menu. 

Katana70065 - 3 days ago

I'm not offended. I have had my writing receive far worse insults (harsh hatred in some cases). I appreciate that you conveyed what you felt the story was lacking. I actually chose to omit detailed vore scenes in this series, because I felt it would be better to leave the reader to imagine what happens when Sarah gets eaten. When I wrote the first episode of this series, I just felt it worked better by simply having the characters go "out of sight" in some way (they go into another room, duck behind a piece of furniture, dive out of sight into a pool, etc), then the pred comes out with her belly swollen from having eaten the prey. It comes from a cartoon I saw as a kid. In it the characters were anthropomorphic animals. The plot centered around the Tiger, who takes the throne of "King of Beasts" when the lion leaves for some reason. The tiger sends his son to school with the other animals, but the tiger's son keeps eating his classmates. The animators created little gags where the tiger's son would take his prey out of frame some how, then emerge alone. For example, he joined another animal in dancing, went behind a tree, then emerged alone from the other side of the tree.

I appreciate that your opinion, and that you expressed what you felt was wrong with it.

Dooot - 3 days ago

Sorry that I offended you. I should've been more polite in giving my opinion.

Katana70065 - 3 days ago

That's your opinion, and I understand that this story is not to your tastes, but kindly refrain from using blanket terms such as "lame", as it is nothing but a gross insult, which I do not appreciate. It is enough that you told me what you felt was wrong with it. However, in this case, what ISN'T said is more important than what IS said! It is enough to know THAT Sarah was eaten, not HOW she was eaten. There are so many variations of vore that leaving out the details allows the reader to imagine how it happened.

Dooot - 3 days ago

Honesty REALLY LAME how you didn't go into detial into any of the vore incidents.

“Are you also the Goddess of Luck, as well as Death and Hunger and Humans?” asked Strea as they hiked through the Blue Forest. “Because whenever you’re around, we always seem to stumble upon the right thing we need to fix our situations.”

“Most of the time,” said Nadalia.

Darktroll - 6 days ago

I just got another great idea: sentient fat! One person could become tit fat, another belly fat, or possible booty meat and maybe later, when the girls can't get out of a tummy, they have no choice but to give their predator indigestion!

Darktroll - 6 days ago

I just got another great idea: sentient fat! One person could become tit fat, another belly fat, or possible booty meat!

Rimedane - 6 days ago

Yeah, his Genie series is really well conceived. Also, Aces focuses mainly on somewhat traditional oral vore aspects. But it's (in)famous (Haha, vore pun) because of the quality and amount of work he truly put into it.

VoidInVoid - 6 days ago

I haven't really checked out much of Aces' work. As far as writers on this site goes, I mostly stick to Marloweny's stuff, and even then, kind of sparingly. Great writer, but the compression and latex stuff he does a lot aren't really my thing. His Genie series is great, though. That's the series that clued me in that there's a meta-unbirth tag that inspired me to make that one part in Parched Lips. Meandering topic aside, I'll have to check out more of Aces' stuff.

Rimedane - 6 days ago

Well, this is certainly interesting. I can't say I'm that much of a fan of giantess, but I can see why others enjoy it. This is truly looking to be a series to rival Aces if you keep up at this rate.

big presentation was today. Geoff had been working on it for the
last several months, and it was important that it go well should he
ever want that promotion at his company. That's not all that was at
stake as well; his girlfriend Maria had been pestering him to get
married. He loved her, he just wanted to make sure that they were
financially ready before making that plunge.

was standing in the open in their shabby studio apartment, adjusting
his tie with no mirror. “Here, let me

Bay Area Rapid Transit

Uploaded: 7 days ago

Owner: SansSeraph

Tags: Oral Vore F/M Fatal blowjob Big Belly Cruel public vore Cruel Pred Fast Digestion Casual vore Disregard of Life

I had a random idea for a story today so I said "fuck it" and put it on a page. This is not part of the series that I should still put numbers on but haven't. That said, this is not for the faint of heart, and our heroine is particularly mean.

Anyway, please leave a comment even if you hated it! <3

P.S. this was not edited at all. I also have had a decently hard time formatting shit in the last couple stories, so hopefully I've got it figured out this...
[ Continued ...

anonymous19999 - 5 days ago

not bad. just a tiny bit too cruel for my tastes but ok

SansSeraph - 7 days ago

Yeah, this is way different than what I normally write, huh? I don't know if I like it either, it just came in my head and refused to leave until I put it down. Thanks for the support though!

HungryAL - 7 days ago

Eh, not really my thing, but im glad to see more from you regardless.

I started following your stuff because I liked the compression or lack of bulge, but then I kept reading your stuff because I ended up liking your characters.

Please do try more one shots though! Never know when you'll strike gold.

Women Make Great Burgers

Uploaded: 7 days ago

Owner: ConsumptionZ

Tags: Oral Vore Digestion M/F Same Size King Fatal Story writing Unwilling Prey Multiple Prey Fatal Vore willing pred Female Prey King of Fighters Mai Shiranui Male Pred SnK yuri sakazaki Same Size Oral Vore Leona Heidern Ralf Jones Clark Still King (King of Fighters)

What happens when you get between a man and a good meal? Nothing good of course.

This story features the Ikari Warriors and Woman Fighters teams within the King of Fighters series, and judging by the thumbnail you could probably figure out who's within the spotlight. Ralf is my favorite male character of the series so far, having stellar gameplay, some hilarious interactions with other characters, and being an enormous fan of Metal Slug for so long, the guy is sheerly OP in the...
[ Continued ...

ConsumptionZ - 7 days ago

Thank you! Might just have to further describe just how scrumptious the meals look in the future!

RexLou - 7 days ago

You definitely know these characters very well! My favorite interactions would probably be Ralf and Leona's, especially when the ladder realizes Ralf's intentions and moves him along in his meals~ I like the post vore a lot here, especially with how you give each of the prey ladies a spotlight as they melt away~

I would have liked a little more visual description, especially of the female warriors at the start of the story, but your overall lack of fluff allowed for an extremely fun and brisk pace. You definitely pleased here and know your M/F well~

One of the benefits of owning a broken in meat slave is that when your in a hurry it’s really easy to simply eat them, by that point Adrien doesn’t fight it, he even helps her get him down faster. So when Marinette woke u late for class she didn’t bother with breakfast, she just got dressed and roused Adrien form his sleep and rushed out the door leaving her obedient kitten to fallow her through the streets of Paris wearing nothing but his collar. Marinette didn’t slow do

food with benifits

Uploaded: 7 days ago

Owner: DragonMan200

Tags: Scat Soft Vore Reformation Miraculous Ladybug

This is meant to be a shorter story with less world/ character building. I'll still be writing the longer stories as I think of stories to tell. expect more of these shorter stories as well  

Narkotic - 7 days ago

To be honest, this is a pretty good read although I had some problems reading this regarding Punctuation marks. There are some sentences where you could have put a comma in them. Aside from that, I guess I wanted a little bit more, this felt a little rushed and although it is a pretty good story, I wish you could have put in Adrien's experiences inside, or put more detail in the Digestion process. Anyways, I would love to read more from you though

Causticgut - 6 days ago

I really love this story! I need more domino belly stuff!

Surivior's Sprint - Terrin's Story

Uploaded: 7 days ago

Owner: BizzareBlue

Tags: Cat Wolf Fox Digestion Predator Squirrel Rabbit M/F Mouse Rat Fatal Prey contest Female Prey male predator vole Stoat Hunting Hours

A three part commission for Arta_Shrike. You can find Varra's perspective here and Kliss's perspective here

Survivor's Sprint - Kliss's Story

Uploaded: 7 days ago

Owner: BizzareBlue

Tags: Cat Wolf Fox Digestion Predator Squirrel Rabbit M/F Mouse Rat Fatal Prey contest Female Prey male predator vole Stoat Hunting Hours

A three part commission for Arta_Shrike. You can find Varra's perspective here and Terrin's perspective here

Kasra - 13 hours ago

Oh, I wouldn't say it was too cruel; again, it's "how the world is" in this setting. I was more thinking along the lines of the dichotomy between those that die and those that survive them in such a situation: it's pretty far-fetched, in most cases, that somebody in Varra's position would be thinking of anything other than "hey look I'm about to die" and pinning some blame on those she expected to help. There's just not much left for her to do at that point unless it happened to be her favorite soap opera on TV and she just wanted to hear one last dramatic twist before she died.

I actually think that it fits exactly the way it is. You're right, Kliss takes a more honorable position on these matters, and the simple fact of the matter is that she has her life straight-up saved by Surran and then fights alongside Anya. That's not to say that it wouldn't be fun for Kliss to prove just how capable of eating Anya she is, but it wouldn't actually work.

The angle of Terrin's support network is an interesting one; through Anya, and that request by Surran, she reaches Kliss, through Kliss, Yen. She actually does have a pretty sturdy set of friends and sorta-friends after this, despite her actions. That alone, now that I think of it, probably does get her life back in order...though a lot of it depends on just how she got herself into this position in the first place.

I really quite enjoy the it's-just-business angle that Grane plays in this. It's ever so slightly different than the usual "hunting hours" mentality you depict; it's a legitimate business exchange from his perspective. He paid for information, the information paid off in spades. Whatever "in spades" actually means. Heck, he even plans to sell some of his catch to make back some of what he spent! It's honestly more planning and effort than we've seen from other predators that I can think of, who mostly function on a basis of "subsistence or opportunity." Though with that in mind, it does make me wonder about what conversations he has with his food when he literally has more than he knows what to do with.

More with some of these characters would be great! I must admit, after Yen's false statement on how they met, I'm curious.

BizzareBlue - 18 hours ago

Wow. I'm really glad you liked it and thanks so much for the feedback on this. It really helps me improve my writing for future stories. I know I was being cruel when I had Anya state her assumptions on how Varra would have viewed things. Varra's story was always supposed to be tragic but I was a tiny bit worried that that was going a little too far.

Yeah, I agree. It might have been better if Kliss had toyed with the idea of eating Anya for a little longer. There were probably more effective moments when she could have come to the realization that she didn't want to eat Anya, and it might have meant she could toy with the idea a little longer. Kliss was always supposed to be one of the most honorable characters though, so it just didn't feel like it would fit for her to continue plotting to eat Anya after she had helped her. There may have been a better moment for her to come to that decision though.

Also agree with Terrin. She has a long way to go to even start making up for what she has done. Still, I think the difference between her at the start and the end is that she now realizes that and is determined to try, even if she doesn't ever achieve that. Still, she at least has Anya's support now, which might help her to be a better person than she has so far managed. I think Grane was probably wrong about her future prospects. If the rest of the group had found out what she had done then he would almost certainly have been right but, with Surran taking the blame, she has a good chance of avoiding that fate.

And yeah, poor Surran. She really was too nice to survive something like this. If she had just run for the door and left those in the sack to their fate then she would have made it and Anya would have been eaten instead. I'm glad you liked Grane as well, and yeah, he does come across as very reasonable for the primary antagonist but, from his point of view, he's just had the best night's hunt of his life and has enough food to last him for months or more. There's no reason for him not to be in a very good mood and willing to treat both Kliss and Terrin a little more leniently than he otherwise might.

I've also been toying with a few ideas for a follow up, likely focused on Kliss and possibly the chance to explore a little more of her relationship with Yen. There's lots about how she dealt with being on the prey side of things, but not much showing her in her more usual role as a predator, so I'd like the chance to go into that as well.

Kasra - 2 days ago

That's fair enough! And I still remember the accidental fake-out in The Coin Toss.

Let's see then...the entire sequence of Varra getting eaten was delightful; the sense of fighting prey and attempted rescuers was well delivered. Though man, there's that heartstring moment where you get hers and Anya's perspectives combined, with Anya saying "she'd be happy that I got away" whereas Varra's like "I've been abandoned by my friend I was depending on." The things people tell themselves!

I was almost a little surprised that Kliss DIDN'T get eaten, given how much she was messing with everybody else's hunt. Not unhappy, Kliss is great, but it's interesting to see just how solid that informal rule is. Also a liiiiittle disappointing that Anya makes it onto that "do not eat" list," especially after Yen tries to set up the "drinks later" scenario, but I quite liked that moment where Kliss gets smacked with a "we're friends" and just doesn't know how to process it.

And I wouldn't say that Terrin has come close to redemption, heck I'm not even convinced that Grane is wrong about her being right back here in a year. I do wonder how those social interactions will go down the line, especially with Kliss saying she's going to watch over Terrin for a while to respect Surran's last wishes. On reflection, it seems like Kliss has TWO "do not eat" lists; one's a suggestion, which Terrin is on, while the other is solid, for Yen and Anya.

Poor Surran goes down, after all that effort, but I'll be honest: wolves are a favorite pred of mine so I was happy that Grane got his moment. The whole attempt at bargaining was also quite interesting, with Grane clearly in command but still being somehow...not necessarily reasonable, but civil about it all? It once again brings home the overall idea of "this is the way this society is built," which I appreciate.

BizzareBlue - 2 days ago

Ah, I never actually read the redwall series but I've heard a bit about them. I'm glad the rules feel like they fit in with the rest of the series. The "don't hunt other predators" and "don't interfere with other's hunts" did get briefly mentioned before but not in as much detail as this.

Also, I probably wouldn't worry too much about spoilers in the comments as I assume most people will read the story before scrolling down. I do struggle with the tags a little sometimes though, as those can show up before the story and there are often things that I think should be included but that would give away the ending.

Kasra - 4 days ago

Oh, I just meant sorry for the unrelated Redwall nonsense. But that really has been bothering me since I was like five years old. I really could go on and on about it.

I was a weird kid.

Ambiguity is probably ideal, and you're right, leaving it up to the reader is a good plan. It really does make more sense to just establish a general pecking order. Though doing a mental comparison real quick, at least with this story, those guidelines match shockingly well to how you described things. And I quite enjoy the "predators don't generally hunt predators" silent rule.

Part of me wanted to ask about a recommended order, before starting, but it looks like I guessed right! Or, more specifically, you uploaded right. I can't reread it without foreknowledge at this point, but I do think that this order adds more with each iteration than any other combination..

Man, though, part of commenting on a story (or set of stories in this case) is wanting to avoid putting spoilers in the comment section. Makes it a tad harder to comment on specifics.

Survivor's Sprint - Varra's story

Uploaded: 7 days ago

Owner: BizzareBlue

Tags: Cat Wolf Fox Digestion Predator Squirrel Rabbit M/F Mouse Rat Fatal Prey contest Female Prey male predator vole Stoat Hunting Hours

A three part commission for Arta_Shrike. You can find Kliss's perspective here and Terrin's perspective here

Levoi is Stressed

Uploaded: 7 days ago

Owner: Foxtail

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore Alien Stomach Digestion F/M Bulge Swallowing Sex Cum domination Fatal Unwilling masturbation Struggling Soft Digestion Size difference Male Prey Female Pred Climax femdom Oral Soft Vore bulging belly multiple stomachs bulging stomach squirting alien pred aroused pred aroused prey

A Vellomi Matriarch relieves stress the only way she knows how.

First upload after a long period of lurking, gonna try to do some nasty vore writes in the future. Most of my work will be centered around fantasy/dnd characters or my awful alien species: Vellomi.

Thumbnail of Levoi by the wonderful 

“Miss…. I’m sorry, But your coupon expired last month…” The Cashier said with a clear disinterest on his face, clearly showing that he definitely hated his job and especially the situation he was currently.

“What…? I don’t fucking care If the coupon is expired! They told me in the phone that If I came into the store, I’d get the fucking discount! And Here I am!” Karen angrily shouted to the unluc

A Manager's Worst Nightmare

Uploaded: 7 days ago

Owner: Flyingmanatee

Tags: Scat Digestion F/F Burp F/M Fart BBW Toilet pooping Farting gas belching Multiple Prey Female Prey Male Prey Female Pred disposal F/mff f/multiple Gassy BBW pred manager

So, After an Eternity, I finally wrote an actual story! So, It's basically based on That "Can I talk to The Manager Meme"... Yes, It's actually based on a meme, Please, Don't expect a masterpiece..

Also, the Pred Character, Karen, was based on this Jurassic pic made by BigBig: 

ArmoredTank - 7 days ago

Overall, not bad, just bitchy character Karen is a little spoiled the impression. I would like to see more BBW stuff on your page.

TheVoreyeur - 7 days ago

Wait a second, this isn't r/IDontWorkHereLady...

hernextmeal - 7 days ago

Oh my god, Karen. You can't just eat the manager.

Iggy's Falcon Food

Uploaded: 7 days ago

Owner: saintheartwing

Tags: Oral Vore Scat Dog Soft Vore Digestion Fatal Animal falcon Bird disposal Soft oral vore animal pred animal prey Dog Pred iggy Scat/Disposal

Pet Shop isn't going to get away with being a doggy-killing creepazoid, and Iggy the Boston Terrier is going to make sure of that! More Jojo's Bizarre Adventure vore for all of you to enjoy! 

got a sense of importance from his job. Every night he would screen
potential customers, making sure no minors attempted to enter the
adult establishment, stamping paws to show who could and couldn’t
have alcohol. On one level, he was protecting his boss and the
workers indoors. On a second, he was also quality control. Adult
establishments tended to gather a bit of a blacklist, and In the Mix
was no different.
third, as the case was tonight, he could spot patrons whose tab had

In the Pecs

Uploaded: 7 days ago

Owner: TristanHawthorne

Tags: M/M Absorption Gay Kangaroo messy Lemur romance Anal Sex Feet first Male Prey Cock Growth Bar excessive cum bouncer Male Pred Muscle growth tattooification Pec Vore showering vore tattoo willing prey lemur prey kangaroo pred anal orgasm Doorman

Another story about In the Mix commissioned by Basil Sanguine over on FA and this time Clover's not the focus, gasp

Instead we focus on the kangaroo doorman named Riberry, and get some insight into his personal life, while he too settles a tab with a customer.

Contains: Musclefurs, Twunk Subs, Anal Sex, Hands free anal orgasm, Pec Vore, Excessive Cum, Muscle Growth, Vore Tatts, Long term Temping, Mad-Magazine fold-in illusions.

I know not everyone...
[ Continued ...

Us3rn4m3 - 5 days ago

Pec Vore is so far and few between on here so this is definitely a welcome addition!

TristanHawthorne - 6 days ago

The prey is set to reform on a scheduled date

zidanes123 - 6 days ago

This is extremelly hot. But i take it this is non-fatal?

Garchomp Chomped

Uploaded: 8 days ago

Owner: lutro

Tags: Oral Vore Pokemon Feet Yoshi M/M Feral Commission Unwilling Garchomp Headfirst Endosoma Egg laying SFW feet licking Pokken Tournament

A packed Pokkén Tournament arena eagerly awaits the day's fight! Garchomp the veteran fighter is pitted against a new opponent, a stranger to the Pokkén scene and to most in attendance. This new dino known simply as Yoshi is easily dwarfed by the mighty, experienced pokémon. But who will end out coming on top?

This is a story commissioned by anonymous! 

The Cold


: Beginning of




Ok so I have thought of a scenario

which introduces a irreverent take on the cold war between the two superpowers of the time the United

The cold vore: East vs West (voting competiti

Uploaded: 8 days ago

Owner: Jazzyjoe94

Tags: F/F American Russian Female Prey Female Pred Soldiers cold war

A voting competition for the first part of a cold war vore series (you can choose if you want a Soviet or American pred)

For reference my characters are Russian (Soviet) and American they are both vore test subjects for personal reasons for example the Russian character wants to be the most powerful woman ever and Jessica would be willing to become a pred so that the Pentagon's scientists can help her father walk again.

Svetlana Deathscar Hair: Platinum Blonde Eyes:...
[ Continued ...

adannor - 7 days ago

Well, it is just hilariously un-russian, but you do you. And I'll vote for her on the grounds of comedic results of that name.

Godeater - 7 days ago

I like this idea very much and i like sound of both characters as they both have amazing story potential. I'll vote Russian Svetlana Deathscar.

Jazzyjoe94 - 7 days ago

That is the official surname yeah.

adannor - 7 days ago

I'm sorry but is "Deathscar" supposed to be a regular person last name? Or does she just have a codename and than another codename?

Jazzyjoe94 - 7 days ago

Thanks your vote and support is appreciated :)

The Only One for Me (1/3)

Uploaded: 8 days ago

Owner: VaguenessIncoming

Tags: Belly Stuffing Story writing feeding Goth romance implied vore Emily Big Belly Female Pred Goth girl Gabi

A commission for  kattu!

Word count: about 8000.

Thumbnail drawn by the always awesome  MinaHyena.

Like my writing? Check out my commissions thread. There's monthly discounts and everything!

Like writing in general? Join me and other vore writers on the Discord group Ink and Quill. There are lots of cool people in there...
[ Continued ...

VaguenessIncoming - 2 days ago

Thank you for your kind words!

It will be a while until the next part is uploaded, but you're quite correct - a storm is indeed coming :)

Fizzwhisker - 7 days ago

This is really well done. Its like watching a gathering storm. I can't wait for the next part.

Divine Intervention

Uploaded: 8 days ago

Owner: pzu

Tags: Catgirl Oral Vore Scat Micro Tongue Soft Vore Digestion F/F Burp Fatal Unwilling Watersports Macro/Micro Shrinking mouthplay egyptian urine Original Character disposal burping Original Characters Bastet Sentient Scat Sentient Disposal Nenet

Someday I'll write a story that doesn't end with disposal.
Here's some OC's that I have been thinking up. I love ancient Egyptian themes.
Hopefully I didn't miss any typos this time.
I also drew a few pictures for this story, but don't feel like adding them here. Add me on Discord if you want 'em:
wo (pzu)#9192
Finished April 15 2019 

pzu - 7 days ago

I've been warming up to it lately, but not yet. Maybe soon.

Cobbly - 7 days ago

What about cock vore or smtn?

pzu - 7 days ago

Yeah, disposal ia good. Been meaning to try weight gain and the like lately, to be honest.

pzu - 7 days ago

No problem! I appreciate the criticisms and complements alike.
Unfortunately, I think you'd find many of my stories not to suit your taste if you don't like human and human lol
Also I will look up Ammut, now you've got me curious

Philosoraptor - 7 days ago

Well written story all around. Great writing with plenty of description and the vore aspects better than average. The shrinking made it possible for a feline to realistically swallow the human whole and alive, unlike the absurdity of same size vore we see in so many stories. The digestion was well done and many mammalian carnivores can dissolve the bones of small prey, though clothing, jewelry , etc would pass through the body intact. More description could have mentioned the human's hair, nails and teeth that would not have dissolved either, and if the rest of the dump were other humans, if their souls were aware of their fate as well. No mammal can digest their prey in an hour, an 'overnight stay' would have been more convincing especially given that it takes time for bones to dissolve even if they were small. It was nice not having to read of her defecating an intact, thin, fragile human skull with the rest of the much thicker bones dissolving like we see so often in vore stories. There is certainly no need to apologize for the scat ending, that is really the only plausible ending for a realistic story, because that's just the way digestive systems work. I doubt I would have even read it if there was no disposal tag, or if it was about humans swallowing other humans which is the worst. The ancient Egyptian setting was a nice addition and a lot of potential with that. Think abut one with Ammut the Devourer, that would be a great character for a good vore story. Thanks for sharing!

AustinDR - 6 days ago

Yes. Justified.

Bright - 6 days ago

A fun little story. I like the justification of eating the kid.

SoapSock - 7 days ago

You should write more often, your storytelling is really good

AustinDR - 7 days ago


HMDVore - 7 days ago

An interesting and entertaining little tale

Gamer Fuel

Uploaded: 8 days ago

Owner: lutro

Tags: Oral Vore Dragon Anthro Digestion F/F Commission Fatal Dragoness belching Skull Betrayal Girlfriend Livestream Maned Wolf SFW Willing to unwilling prey Willing to unwilling Girlfriend/Girlfriend Burping up skull

Clover is on a gaming live stream, and her girlfriend Anna is joining her as a special guest! During the stream, Clover's a little tired, so she decides to devour the maned wolf Anna up! Anna is completely fine with this, as it isn't their first time together, as it were. But when a donation comes in after the fact to suggest that Clover do more than just eat her and keep her ingested for a few hours, the dragon starts to think that Anna would make a better permanent addition to her body.
[ Continued ...

TaraTheSergal - 23 hours ago

You did really good!

lutro - 1 day ago

[ Gone Viral! ] [ Gone Sexual! ]

lutro - 1 day ago

I'm glad you prefer this (and that you like it in general). :)

lutro - 1 day ago

Many thanks!

lutro - 1 day ago

Why thank you!