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Alisa comes over. "What is that foul smell?"She asks

"The knight was not so lucky." you inform her as you take the poleaxe and


it, you don't want others to use it against you. Then you move what is left of the chain mail to the waste pile along with what was left from last


Holly 2

Uploaded: 9 days ago

Owner: TheDarkTraveler

Tags: Oral Vore Princess Dragon Unbirth Dragoness lesbian dragon pred Human Prey Female Pred beastiality equine prey female ejaculation

this is part 2 of a story that started out as a choose your own adventure story on
called Knights, Dragons and Princesses
I wanted to share my story here as well so I have created a version that is one single story. This it the path I consider Cannon for the character Holly
This his starts off as a female version of Gorwen's story so stuff will be similar or identical but get different...
[ Continued ...

In a fantasy land, there is a tradition to have the daughters of Kings and noblemen live in castles guarded by dragons. Anyone brave enough and skilled enough can earn the title of knight. Once they have this title they are deemed worthy of taking on the challenge of rescuing a "princess" from a dragon.

The dragons come in all shapes and sizes and have a wide range of abilities, intelligence and skill. They don't only guard pre

Holly 1

Uploaded: 9 days ago

Owner: TheDarkTraveler

Tags: Oral Vore Princess Dragon Fantasy Dragoness lesbian knight Oral Sex dragon pred Human Prey beastiality

this is part 1 of a story that started out as a choose your own adventure story on
called Knights, Dragons and Princesses
I wanted to share my story here as well so I have created a version that is one single story. This it the path I consider Cannon for the character Holly
This his starts off as a female version of Gorwen's story so stuff will be similar or identical but get different...
[ Continued ...

Runner’s snug womb rocked as Lauren laid within it. She had little room to move with her enormous belly in the way. Lauren almost drifted off to sleep, but she kept up her resolve. After ten minutes in the womb, the rocking slowed and stopped. She felt the flesh beneath her give way, and Lauren slid out of Runner’s snatch, landing flat on her back. Runner’s left middle and pointer finger were spreading her labia open, and Lauren watched as the inner canal tightened after her ev

Graywolf18 - 6 days ago

Almost caught up~

I gotta say, Lauren playing peekaboo with the lamia has got to be my favorite scene in this series, and there have been many.

Whereaminow27 - 9 days ago

Strea is getting awefully close to being part of a booty ^^

HungryAL - 9 days ago

Oh man, I really hope Lauren stops paying attention for just a moment.

Just long enough for Strea to notice the new curves and slip inside~

Did he truly deserve the same fate as her? After all, he was one of those who fell for her trap. And storms are unpredictable. Sometimes people get out of them when you wouldn't expect it.
A handsome young man washed up on a shore during a storm, battered and bruised but alive. All he could remember of his former life was being in a terrible storm for who knows how long: hours or years or decades, he knew not. All he had on him were a harp which told him that he may have formerly been a musician

Storms and Second Chances

Uploaded: 9 days ago

Owner: skorpio

Tags: F/M Non-Fatal Healing Vore

A follow up for one character in my previous story, Seas, Sacrifices, and Stomachs. How do you make up for past mistakes?

Part 1 of that story is here: 

skorpio - 7 days ago

Thanks! I was just going to leave it at the second part, but then I felt a little sorry for Lysander and gave him another chance.

twilightwings - 7 days ago

I actually like this story. Everyone got a somewhat happy ending which is nice to know. Shame Lysander got wrecked in the end... but he got to meet the healer after she became a mermaid orca... so thats a win.

Surviving Thanksgiving

Uploaded: 9 days ago

Owner: helenarlet

Tags: F/M Cooking BBW Story turkey Incest Vore story Sexual content Human/Furry Incestual Vore stepmother Stepsister

Thanksgiving with the family can be a complicated affair. Especially when your stepmom and stepsister are anthropomorphic turkeys and your father plans to cook one of them for dinner. Add in some inappropriate relationships with both your stepmom AND stepsister and you've got a really troublesome holiday dinner on your hands. 

TheRealRD - 8 days ago

This story started as a big WTF to me but you really committed and made it work. I got hooked and read every last word. Very hot scenario and very good writing. Now I want to tittyfuck a turkeygirl...

ElWolfy - 8 days ago

Well then let's hope the chances of writing a Christmas sequel end up swinging in your favour~ This hit a bunch of good notes for me and one、 betrayal、i can imagine would have even stronger vibes involving poor Tom.

Real tho excellent story、i loved the suspense and twists and of course the cooking lol

helenarlet - 8 days ago

To figure that out we first have to figure out the percentage chance of me deciding to write a sequel set at Christmas. I'd say the better the percentage chance is for me, the worse it is for Tom.

ChaoskampfNunc - 8 days ago

Honestly I love it. But that's probably because I like turkeys, big thick girls, incest and betrayal. And look what this story has :p

helenarlet - 8 days ago

Glad to hear it~ The whole time I was writing that I kept thinking, "Oh man... This is way too Tales from the Crypt. No one is going to like this but me..." I'm glad to know I was wrong.

Yiffpunk: What Happens in the Slums…

Uploaded: 9 days ago

Owner: helenarlet

Tags: Male Digestion Mouse Female Cock Vore Jackal H/M H/F Male Prey Sexual content sexual vore Brother/Sister Horse Cock Hermaphrodite Pred Hermaphrodite distopia willing prey mixed species Yiffpunk

Isa, a jackal with a bit of horse in her lineage, decides to go prowling the slums in search of a bit of excitement. The kind of excitement she can't fine in the more upstanding neighborhoods... And finds a pair of mice who will do anything for the right price. She has just the thing in mind.
A Yiffpunk prelude story. 

helenarlet - 9 days ago

Glad you liked it~

ChaoskampfNunc - 9 days ago

I kinda like the idea of prey being tricked into getting churned into ball butter on the premise of being reformed only to get wasted like that and never return. All his life was worth was a good orgasm and bloated gut. Also his sister quite literally selling his life away for such a low price.. Nice little story.

Yiffpunk: The Gelatin Companion

Uploaded: 9 days ago

Owner: helenarlet

Tags: Bat Cow Non-Vore Female Skunk Unwilling H/F Sexual content Master/Pet Hermaphrodite distopia gelatin woman Yiffpunk Unwilling Pet

Zakzu, a somewhat stuck up bat, tries to make a new plaything out of gelatin but learns the consequences for not following the instructions.
A Yiffpunk prelude story. 

Yiffpunk: A Little Something Extra

Uploaded: 9 days ago

Owner: helenarlet

Tags: Non-Vore Hyena Story Shark Oral Sex Sexual content H/H Hermaphrodite distopia rental mommy Yiffpunk

Gelwa hits up a bar in the slums, looking for new clients, but she isn't exactly welcome. Being both a shark and a Rental Mommy tends to cause that reaction. But there does seem to be one patron willing to give her time of day, and then some...
A Yiffpunk prelude story. 

Size Siblings 4

Uploaded: 9 days ago

Owner: insanity609

Tags: Micro Giantess Non-Vore Macro/Micro handjob

Another "slow" chapter I hope people like how I write in bursts 

Yiffpunk: The Apprentice

Uploaded: 9 days ago

Owner: helenarlet

Tags: Rabbit Non-Vore Story suggestive M/H Casual distopia mixed species Yiffpunk

Bilfah, a mix breed rabbit, picks up her delinquent son at the police station after a run in with the law, but he's not going to like what she did to get him out. 

Yiffpunk: A Crappy Night

Uploaded: 9 days ago

Owner: helenarlet

Tags: Lizard Anal Vore Story turkey Unwilling Prey Female Prey prostitute Hermaphrodite Pred BBW pred Hermaphrodite distopia Yiffpunk

Cleo, a lizard prostitute in the slums, has a run in with a large turkey woman who is shopping for something Cleo isn't selling and doesn't want to take no for an answer.
A Yiffpunk prelude story. 

helenarlet - 3 days ago

Oh, well, this is a prelude to the Yiffpunk novel (which is currently in the hands of my editor at the moment) so that is actually explained in the book. Maybe I'll go into more depth on it in another free story here at some point, but not before the novel hits Amazon.

soline - 7 days ago

Well now this was wonderful! I love it when scenarios take an abrupt left-turn into vore :D Though now I'm curious what happened to Cleo's mother!

ChaoskampfNunc - 9 days ago

No need to be sorry haha It's still a nice little thing

helenarlet - 9 days ago

Sorry, but there's more stuff on the way. It's not all about preds get their comeuppance.

ChaoskampfNunc - 9 days ago

Aaaww shame, I love big girls and hate to see preds get their comeuppance :p

The Lurker In The Threshold

Uploaded: 9 days ago

Owner: doomfister

Tags: Oral Vore Digestion Demon Fatal Unwilling Rape ?/F Unwilling Prey Anal Sex My Little Pony tentacle rape anal penetration Twilight Sparkle Straight sex Princess Celestia Anal rape demon predator oral rape Digestion Noises pony prey urethral penetration mistakes were made Pellet Disposal magical digestion having a significant emotional event doomfister needs his meds again straight rape nostril penetration nose rape ear rape twiabuse ?/pony

Twilight should have read ahead in her spell book from the restricted section of the Canterlot library. she through her hubris in the pursuit of knowledge summons the Lurker in the threshold, a creature of pure magic, and unfortunately, she has made herself tribute for its hunger as she didn't have a sacrifice at hoof to bide its hunger.

this is technically a challenge to  Minahyena . who wanted me to cook up a creature for her to draw that was something unique. now I know...
[ Continued ...

Lynn looked excitedly over at the sleeping beast, marveling at the green scales covering its body, and the spikes running along the creature’s draconic form. The forelimbs tucked under its body hid the wings’ webbing that went from the chest to arms of the creature. It would be a more marvellous sight if not for the various dents in its scales and broken spikes it incurred as it was captured. The cause of the damage grinned as she walked towards Lynn, patting the girl on the shoulder as

The Price of Research

Uploaded: 9 days ago

Owner: S1nZ

Tags: Unbirth Non-Fatal Transformation Unwilling Prey Monster girl unaware pred Feral Pred unconscious pred Egg Transformation

Based on Monster Hunter World
Lynn was always curious about the sex life of the monsters she researched. However, an accident got her first hand experience into the sexual anatomy of a Rathian, and more.
(Written July 2018.)  

AndAnotherOne - 9 days ago

Love it

TheMysteriousSadSack - 9 days ago

So cute, absolutely love the devotion that Raine shows for Lynn

Groblek - 9 days ago

Ooh, fun! I’m not familiar with the source material, but this is a great story concept, and it’d be fun to see where Lynn and Raine go from here.

S1nZ - 9 days ago

That is actually a rather interesting idea~. Maybe I'll use something along those lines in the future.

Apostolos - 9 days ago

Nice need more, maybe raine accidentally gets fallen on by a tobi- kadachi during a exploration? If it runs off, a similar experience could occur and then its a hybrid couple

A Joy to Behold

Uploaded: 9 days ago

Owner: Brazzel

Tags: Gulp Human Digestion F/F Burp F/M Same Size BBW Series Gulping Humiliation Female Pred BBW pred

Joy is hired to dispose of a fat-cat's wife. He hopes that a trip through her intestines is the perfect way to handle it discretely.

This is part of an ongoing series. You can find the first part here:

This story was suggested by one of my patrons. If you want a say in what I write next, follow me on Patreon.

I am also open for commissions! PM me if you have any questions.  

Brazzel - 9 days ago

Thank you! Joy is an interesting character to work with.

ThickAsHoney - 9 days ago

I didn’t read any other part of the series, so I came into this without having any context, but this was pretty neat! It’s one of those stories where you’re just as invested in aspects of the story that aren’t especially erotic. I liked the plot twist.

It is early morning in the Whitham house, and the sun is barely peeking over the horizon. However, that didn’t stop the rays of sunlight from seeping through Grover’s window and onto his face at 6AM. There he lays sprawled across his bed, sheets partially covering his legs, and falling to the floor from constant shifting in the night. The teenage male that is Grover Whitham is an average one that could be easily located by tossing a stone. He is 5’7, glossy black hair, a farmer

Family Bonding Experience (Reupload)

Uploaded: 9 days ago

Owner: DustyPioneer

Tags: Oral Vore Digestion Weight Gain Belch Unwilling Prey Fatal Vore Incestual Vore sadistic predator Teen prey aunt/nephew reupload

Grover and his aunt decide to play a game from his childhood that might end up being the last thing he ever does.

Hey! So, I went back and fixed up the Family Bonding Experience story so that Grover's age isn't explicitly said, so it can't be considered underage anymore. That said, it's back and much better than the original upload. I did some proofreading of it and wanted to stab my eyes out from how awful my writing was when I did this. I also want to thank everyone who...
[ Continued ...

157and493 - 9 days ago

How old is the aunt?

ChaoskampfNunc - 9 days ago

Well he had some help from dear old auntie too ;3

DustyPioneer - 9 days ago

That he did! Guess you could say he really made an ass of himself, huh?

ChaoskampfNunc - 9 days ago

He got what he deserved for being so rude~

Her First Time

Uploaded: 10 days ago

Owner: VaguenessIncoming

Tags: Hard Vore F/M Fatal Story writing implied vore Male Prey Female Pred Non-sexual Fox Pred Rabbit Prey Casual vore Miles the Cabby Stephanie Langley

A commission for  Randomness, and a prequel to the entire Stephanie saga.

This story contains 62 uses of the word "rabbit". Enjoy.

Thumbnail drawn by the always awesome  MinaHyena.

Like my writing? Check out my commissions thread. There's monthly discounts and everything!

Like writing in general? Join me and other vore writers on the Discord group...
[ Continued ...

MVU Captain America: TFA Prelude

Uploaded: 10 days ago

Owner: ArrowversePreds

Tags: F/M Series Marvel slurping Gender Swap Marvel Cinematic Universe MCU

This is the start of the series where I will be turning the MCU into a vore series. I also decided to actually cast actors for any new or gender swapped characters.

Incase it wasn't clear, the 'TFA' in the title stands for the first avenger.

Diane Kruger - Mystery Woman 

ArrowversePreds - 10 days ago

Thanks! The next part is nearly ready.

stuffedbellygirl - 10 days ago

Great start to the series cant wait to see were this goes!

Silent Night

Uploaded: 10 days ago

Owner: OpenLive00

Tags: Oral Vore F/F F/M Giantess Absorption F/? masturbation implied vore Breast Vore Size difference Cleavage Vore f/multiple breast smothering League of Legends Ahri Implied Oral Vore willing prey

T'was the night before Christmas, and the neighborhood was *mostly* silent, but someone else is in charge of the naughty list this year, and she's got some big plans...

A very late Christmas gift for my friend  cocacooler

OpenLive00 - 9 days ago

Awh, thank you~! And glad to hear you're enjoying it so much~

cocacooler - 10 days ago

You cost me several hours of no sleep every evening I read this story. Shame on you!
Sequel when? :>
And thanks, your awesome!

cocacooler - 10 days ago

What? Not my birthday? Dang.

OpenLive00 - 10 days ago

I suppose you're right, and happy Veteran's Day :p

iamnothere - 10 days ago

it s never to late for a christmas gift.
Happy halloween xD

The Governor's Party

Uploaded: 10 days ago

Owner: vorelick12

Tags: Human M/M spy Male Prey Male Vore Male Pred

It's been awhile since i my last post here. This is my first time to write a story. Please ignore if i have wrong grammars, english is not my mother tongue  

Here’s the actual sizes for my main characters. I’ve


using the

main cast

to give

vague estimates and scales


side characters without

specifying the


Heights List

Uploaded: 10 days ago

Owner: VoidInVoid

Tags: Non-Vore List height comparison

I'll get these converted to metric soon. 

Restrogenic - 6 days ago

Ah, i see

VoidInVoid - 7 days ago

The Supreme Succubus was very touchy about her height. She just had to let everyone know about that half-inch.

Restrogenic - 7 days ago

Is the ".5" in "650'11.5" really neccasary? lol

Hot Fuzz (Prologue)

Not recruiting. Not looking to make a new team. No matter where he went, there seemed to be no one who would fulfill his desire to be part of a rescue team. All he wanted was a badge to start officially helping pokemon instead of being mistaken for a pokemon in need! He’d even done tryouts for the few teams that were recruiting, but always got outdone and dropped. There were several already listed teams

Hot Fuzz (Prologue)

Uploaded: 10 days ago

Owner: ErinTheVee

Tags: Eevee Oral Vore Pokemon Digestion Reformation Typhlosion Post-Vore pokemon mystery dungeon

Here we go! First story about the new team in town, Hot Fuzz! They're... not a prestigious pair. This story shows the meeting of Erin and Smolder and the creation of their team! 

ErinTheVee - 10 days ago

Thanks! I've been meeting to get this started for nearly a year, feels good to finally get it out.

Cimche - 10 days ago

the beginning of of a grand adven… the end. JK, PLOT ARMOR! (nice beginning yo)

The Pirate's Circle Of Life

Uploaded: 10 days ago

Owner: Cainiam

Tags: Oral Vore Scat Digestion F/F Weight Gain Fatal Unwilling gas pirate Pony F/F/F Humiliation Betrayal urine My Little Pony big butt disposal fat pred matryoshka vore Pred to prey Seras Skyheart

Skyheart's a Pirate Captain at the top of her game, about to indulge on yet another gluttonous meal to feed her ever expanding waistline, but may there be a downside to stuffing yourself silly?

A gift for  dddddd2 to help drum up some inspiration, and for all the neat things he's given me for a while. This fic features Seras, an OC belonging to  Marader4 The thumbnail is cropped from a pic by  Dudey64

Was fun writing this one, even if it feels vanilla...
[ Continued ...

GrimDarkMaresOfPrey - 9 days ago

Your as screwed up as me! Finally XD

Your story is amazing! >:3 and I can't wait too read more of them!!~

1987 - 9 days ago

what i can remember is that in 1 story, skyheart had multiple bad ends. i believe it was called 'Fate hates pirates' or something like that. in it, one of the endings involved being stuffed up a fillys plot, and is forever trapped with in the filly, as sky heart forgets about the outside, and the filly forgets about skyheart

In the other story, it was actually 2 stories, one where skyheart stuffed herself into a filly to hide, and another where a filly straight up ate skyheart.

Cainiam - 10 days ago

If you have examples I can probably link them in a PM, think that's allowed. Personally I adore filly preds so the ban has forced me to cut them from my stories, which is a shame. Especially when a big tough Pirate Captain vanishes into their itty bitty flanks.

Base54 - 10 days ago

I theorize that it has to do with the new host since it forbade material with underaged characters in which they are subject to sexual interactions. These stories and pictures haven't completely vanished, as in they've been deleted. Just that they are 'hidden' from the sight and are polishing them just a little bit from what I've heard. Until we get a new host, it's going to be like this for a while.

dddddd2 - 10 days ago

Unf, every detail contribute to either establishing Skyheart as the ultimate prey, or adding extra ironies like having Skyheart's belly grumbles while inside another belly.
I tried to note the things I like about the story but it's just too, too many. It's an amazing ride from start to end, I can't tell you enough how much I love this story <3

In The Elf Queen's Womb

Uploaded: 10 days ago

Owner: Brazzel

Tags: Unbirth Chubby Elf F/M Sex Cum Mother Unwilling Series writing Non-Fatal orgasm Sweat Fingering Male Prey Female Pred Safe elf girl Elf pred moaning

On their way to visit Sylvie's parents, the couple decide to split up. After an unexpected visit from Sylvie's mother, things begin to get hot and heavy.

This story is a continuation of this story:

If you want to support this debauchery or want to see the next three parts of this story, consider supporting me on Patreon. The next story will be uploaded to Patreon on Friday and include:...
[ Continued ...

Brazzel - 4 days ago

That's a mighty compliment! Thank you so much. I am glad that you're enjoying this series, and there is more to come.

Brazzel - 4 days ago

It's up at the moment on Patreon, but it will be released on Eka's this Friday. Stay tuned.

Cultivar - 4 days ago

I really like this chain of stories probably my favorite on the site.
simple with good descriptions

CyberHero - 7 days ago

I can't wait for the next story you will put up

CyberHero - 10 days ago

Its funny cause in my rp, My character has a Elf wife that is also a Goddess

mmmm - 3 hours ago

ah~ that explains it, yep that was it XD

pridmore2 - 5 days ago

could you do a sequel to this

heath - 6 days ago

If it was this one I am heathnecaise

mmmm - 6 days ago

Hmmmm~ I like it, reminds me of an old short vore story involving divatox and the turbo rangers, very sexy :D

Ouroboros 2090 - Chapter 2

Uploaded: 11 days ago

Owner: Aces

Tags: Belly M/F Transformation Regurgitation Female Prey Male Pred

Ouroboros 2090 is a crowd-funded series about people living near the turn of the century as the miracle science of 'splicing' becomes widespread across the globe, turning vast portions of humanity into human-creature hybrids.

This chapter was not funded by anyone. I did it for fun.

If you want to contribute to this story, send at least $60 USD to and I'll write the next chapter ASAP....
[ Continued ...

Wolfyguy05 - 7 days ago

Oops. I meant just quick gut fodder...not food. Damn phones

Wolfyguy05 - 7 days ago

Makes sense...would want to make sure the characters can be understood and relatable and not just i know one of my fursonas is a switch when it comes to pred/prey...but i know some others would prefer their oc being pred only...and im sure you already have preds in mind or have a way to decide those that would. Maybe once you get an idea on how you would put OCs in or what youll do to decide on prey oc...ill toss a fursona to the sharks. (Lol or whatever preds you write in) either way, keep up the great work. Love reading your stories regardless.

Aces - 7 days ago

That is something I could absolutely consider.

The only caveats are that I would have to both have to know the character well, and also that they would be okay with their character inevitably being eaten and digested or killed in some other way during the course of the story. That is, if they plan to be a main character.

This will make sense in later chapters.

Wolfyguy05 - 7 days ago

I like it. Kind of a ...modernish way of explaining how a real furry phenomenon could happen. Be interesting to see how many different furry types you put in here. My question is... (and just out of curiosity) would some of the characters be fursonas of fans/patreons...or you excluding that idea to make it easier to type out?

FDdragon - 11 days ago

Neat! looking forward for new chapters)

Ouroboros 2090 - Chapter 1

Uploaded: 11 days ago

Owner: Aces

Tags: M/F Taur Transformation Female Prey Male Pred Accidental vore

Ouroboros 2090 is a crowd-funded series about people living near the turn of the century as the miracle science of 'splicing' becomes widespread across the globe, turning vast portions of humanity into human-creature hybrids.

This chapter was not funded by anyone. I did it for fun.

If you want to contribute to this story, send at least $60 USD to and I'll write the next chapter ASAP....
[ Continued ...

Razgriz - 11 days ago

lol he gave up so easily. And didn't think to try gag reflex before leaving. Derp.

Gabriel0813 - 11 days ago

You know i will say this I always enjoy a good story with vore

Batgirl, Long Digestion

Uploaded: 11 days ago

Owner: Naganommer

Tags: Digestion F/F Batgirl Willing Post-Vore Female Prey Female Pred catwoman Selina Kyle breast growth DC Comics Barbara Gordon stephanie brown long digestion Cassandra Cain Batwoman Kate Kane

A direct sequel to Oracle's Consuming Interest.

I waffled on making this for the longest time. I like the concept but it was surprisingly hard to execute in a way that felt satisfying.

Note: I haven't been able to pin down how old Black Bat Cassandra Cain is so for the sake of the story I'm assuming she's in the 18-20 range. 

EloquentOrc - 8 days ago

Very nice seeing the pred digesting getting its own story :).

MidNightOwlArt - 11 days ago

Amazing story! I love the idea that the other girls are just fine with one of there friends being dea... i mean digested in a stomach.
All of them being curious and willing to take the same route.
One of my fav kind of vore right here. ^__^

Phorcyz19 - 11 days ago

Cassandra started as Batgirl when she was 16, I think, but she was in her 20s at one point.

Whereaminow27 - 11 days ago

This is definitely new :)

Full Moon

Uploaded: 11 days ago

Owner: CookieFun

Tags: Oral Vore F/M Anal Vore f/multiple Cookie Run Cinnamon Cookie Wizard Cookie Moonlight Cookie

Hey I'm still alive! Here's a little something based on the City of Wizards event that just wrapped up. Expect more topical content from me soonish (I'm looking at you, Fig Cookie) 

Unwanted Houseguests Part 2

Uploaded: 11 days ago

Owner: Wolfyguy05

Tags: Soft Vore Stomach Digestion Story Male Prey swallowed alive Male Pred

After finding out she didn't die...she has to question 'Why?' 

Little Lamia in the Big City - Ch. 79

Uploaded: 11 days ago

Owner: Aces

Little Lamia in the Big City (REDUX) is a crowd-funded series to rewrite an old vore story I had written back in 2010 about a chubby pink naga who has to learn to live in a modern city.

This chapter was funded by  Deska.

If you want to contribute to this story, send at least $60 USD to and I'll write the next chapter ASAP. Remember to include a note in your payment that says your...
[ Continued ...

Zalzas - 8 days ago

Holy HECK Val, with a stomach that strong you could clean out the whole club in one night, guests and all!

With all of Kira's friends coming tonight, I think the next few chapters are going to pretty interesting ;)

Razgriz - 11 days ago

other than disposal talk, a great chapter :D

The Matchmaker

Uploaded: 12 days ago

Owner: VaguenessIncoming

Tags: Oral Vore Love F/F F/M Naga Same Size Lamia Story writing romance Unwilling Prey Fairy Tale Multiple Prey willing pred Monster girl Female Prey Male Prey Female Pred Snake girl f/multiple implied fatality breast smothering Naga Pred Lamia Pred Shazi

My submission for Ink and Quill's Monthly Writing Challenge. The theme was "Starcrossed Lovers", so I made sure to starcross the hell out of those lovers. Just a fun little idea to give me a chance to flex my non-commission, non-request muscles.

Thumbnail drawn by the always awesome  MinaHyena.

Like my writing? Check out my commissions thread. There's monthly discounts and...
[ Continued ...

VaguenessIncoming - 9 days ago

I'm glad that shone through!

Bright - 9 days ago

I like how this story starts like a fairy tale, but ends like a horror story.

VaguenessIncoming - 11 days ago

Slowly teaching the world to never trust anyone ever.

VaguenessIncoming - 11 days ago

And more to come!

HipHugger - 11 days ago

Shazi! Shazi! Shazi!

Cruel World.

A Nighttime Stroll.

It was the dead of night and many people who had even a semblance of intelligence had retreated into their homes until the next time the sun rose. The thought of being out in the night and risking the probability of coming across a criminal wasn’t appealing to anyone who wished to live.

Cruel World: Nighttime Stroll

Uploaded: 12 days ago

Owner: Base54

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore F/F Same Size Unwilling Prey Hard Digestion Fatal Vore Female Prey Human Prey Female Pred Human Pred human/human Graphic digestion Older Pred Nude prey Younger Prey

Kimberly Hermosa decided that a night stroll would be the perfect way to pass time and strut her stuff, only to face a painful end.

Author's Note: This is my first time doing same-size human vore and graphic digestion, so constructive criticism is much appreciated. 

Base54 - 9 days ago

Thanks, I was a bit worried the graphic digestion part being pretty bad.

Bright - 9 days ago

An enjoyable story.

Earth 4042 Pt 1 (story 23)

Uploaded: 12 days ago

Owner: Binge

Tags: Digestion F/F Burp burping

Story 23 

Atlantis Pt. 2 (Story 22)

Uploaded: 12 days ago

Owner: Binge

Tags: Digestion F/F Burp burping

Story 22 

Atlantis Pt. 2 (Story 22)

Uploaded: 12 days ago

Owner: Binge

Tags: Digestion F/F

Story 22 

miner249er - 11 days ago

so Alli becomes the ghost in the first story

Atlantis Pt. 1 (Story 21)

Uploaded: 12 days ago

Owner: Binge

Tags: Digestion F/F

Story 21 

The New Frontier

Uploaded: 12 days ago

Owner: Badfurson

Tags: Non-Vore

I know this isn't a 'story' per say, this is more of a setup for a greater world. Mostly just expository information about the setting of later stories. (Missing Persons does not occur here, that takes place in a world analogous to our own)

And yes, this is the world that Queen and Duo (along with many others) inhabit. I know that I originally placed them in Fallout's Wasteland, but they don't really fit there-it was more of a vehicle I was using to propel them as characters, as...
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Badfurson - 10 days ago

Thank you! I'm glad you like it!

IsistheKitsune - 10 days ago

Very cool setting.

An Elf Wife's Punishment

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Owner: Brazzel

Tags: Unbirth Fat Digestion Elf F/F Burp Weight Gain BBW Fatal Unwilling Female Prey Female Pred burping BBW pred wife/husband burping up clothes wife pred

Sylvie is in trouble with her husband for eating the neighbor. Maybe some time inside her womb will cool his head.

This story is a continuation of this story:

If you want to support this debauchery or want to see the next three parts of this story early, consider supporting me on Patreon. The next story will be uploaded to Patreon on Friday and include: Oral Vore, Cock Vore, Unbirthing and...
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BubbaGhost - 11 days ago

Cannot wait to read this!

Traveler RPG 1-10

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Tags: Cute Non-Vore writing Interactive Story traveler TRPG

I made this page a lot harder and far more drawn out than I needed to. I also have a bad habit of writing characters that are jerks..

Anyway, I'm going to delay distributing stats because I was honestly confused on how to handle the votes. So from this point on, each point being allocated is going to have a separate vote. We can do it over two pages or all at once, but just know that if we're doing both at once the order of which a stat is voted for will greatly matter.

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Kartomic - 9 days ago

Oh, I hope I'm not being annoying. D:
I've always liked these types of interactive forum games(?), and tend to be rather enthusiastic when I find a new one that I like (and I do like it quite a bit), though sometimes that enthusiasm may be too much.

Kartomic - 9 days ago

I am into it, perhaps a bit too much, haha. I hope i'm not being annoying, but i genuinely enjoy TRPG, and may get overzealous from time to time. I'll try and tone it down.

AwokenedWispKP - 9 days ago

Also, you.. really, really reply to a lot of things. I don't necessarily know if that's a problem or not, but most of the notifications I get from this are you. xwx;

I guess.. you're really into it?

Kartomic - 9 days ago


AwokenedWispKP - 9 days ago

Anal would eventually if prey were drawn into the pred's stomach, unbirth is moreso based on situation or race.

But the pred actually has to be able to perform these methods first.

A girl with scarlet hair looked on to a cold world, saddened by what she saw. People living their lives like drones was a common occurrence, even she was guilty of it sometimes. But her story is one for another time, rather this is the story of a man she saw on the street.

It was a bright, sunny day in little


. The birds were singing, the bees were list

Betting Man

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Owner: Jaffek

Tags: Digestion M/F Story writing Willing Implied reformation Male Pred Casual vore willing prey Jojo Refrence

Got on a male kick today, might as well. This is gonna be pretty rare so get it while it's hot, I guess.

Reiko will be a recurring character, Riku and Hana are up in the air.

Riku was actually based off Johnny Joestar so I guess this classifies as a Jojo Reference.

Also this is my first story with my own characters instead of preestablished characters.

Who knows, maybe next upload will be something a la NeyNey 

Tallulah Fawne and the Goddess of Ass

Uploaded: 12 days ago

Owner: maomix

Tags: Soul Vore Oral Vore Digestion F/F Goddess Sex Futanari Futa Anal Vore writing lesbian Willing Big Belly H/F Big Breasts Hermaphrodite

An rp I did, that inadvertently became the debut of our character Tallulah Fawne, a writer and paranormal investigator who can eat and digest ghosts. This story finds her as the prey for once, when it turns out that her bartender friend is an ancient goddess of revelry and sex.. Specifically, anal.
I'll be honest, I have a very... Disjointed, balls to the wall style, especially in an rp when we're just hitting stuff back and forth and "yes, and"ing the whole time. I hope you...
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Dooot - 9 days ago

I was thinking shed dominate the succubus. But your idea sounds hot too.

maomix - 10 days ago

So dominating and eating the spirit of a younger man, and investigating a succubus?

Dooot - 12 days ago

Ok. Tall seems like a mature woman,so how about having her prey be a shouta? It doesnt even habe to be below 18,just have it as a young spirit that gets turned on from being dominated amd serving a mature woman(like most shota femdom hentai). Since shes an investigativor lets say she investigates a case if victoms eaten by a young succubus(or something)?

maomix - 12 days ago

1. You’re right, it’s fixed
2. Yeah, she can eat any spirits. I’ve got a whole thing, they effect her in different ways. She can eat whole people too, but she tries not to do it that much.
3. Sure, go ahead

Dooot - 12 days ago

Ok. 1. Should've put Oral Vore in the tags
2. Can Tall eat other beings,like succubuses? Does she investigate other beings other than ghosts?
3.can i recommend u a story with Tall as the pred?

Great story btw.