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Digesting Dragon

Uploaded: 5 days ago

Owner: nyttyn

Tags: Digestion F/F touhou Breast Expansion Absorption F/FF reimu hakurei marisa kirisame Tattooification touhou project sentient fat Sannyo Komakusa

Marisa Kirisame hears Sannyo Komakusa's gambling den's opening up soon to humans - and she's more than happy to gamble! But she, and her companion Reimu Hakurei, might be in for more than they bargained for...

another short story from ya girl. figured i'd try writing a Sannyo story since i really like her a lot!

let me know what you think, comments help a lot! 

LegitUsername - 5 days ago

Endo is great when mixed with a cruel pred especially! Luckily, Touhou has plenty of room for that!

Parabola0 - 5 days ago

Bouncy, squishy and wobbly, even!

colemercer - 5 days ago

You are absolutely right! I hope there is a part 2 of this story with sannyo eat yukari ran and chen

nyttyn - 5 days ago

Thank you very much for your kind words~

nyttyn - 5 days ago

Thanks! It's kind of the most humiliating fate possible.

Also bouncy.

The Knight in the Mist

Uploaded: 5 days ago

Owner: HeinousSaurus

Tags: Gulp Oral Vore Breasts Scat Belly fight Tail Centaur Stomach Human Chubby Digestion F/F Burp Fart twist Naga Same Size Gore Swallowing Female Fatal Lamia Pooping Belch Unwilling Story writing Farting gurgling urp Bones armor fighting Lesbian gurgle Willing Post-Vore knight Long Struggling Pain Centauress Implied Digestion Unwilling Prey Head First Hard Digestion Big Belly Huge belly Nudity revenge Willing Pred Female Prey Human Prey Armour Female Pred graphic Vore story Snake girl Combat face sitting juices Original Character jiggle Jiggly Belly Round Belly Burping Facesitting Implied Fatality Graphic digestion facesit Belly bulge Original Characters misery Inside stomach Gassy slow digestion Shitting torment Naga Prey belly noise Painful Digestion fighting prey Bone Remains belly struggles Nude Female Naked Female worldbuilding buried Digestion Noises Gastric Juice Belly Smother Stomach Noises jiggly butt jiggling painful death Centaur pred chubby pred NSFW death. Detailed bulges lamia prey sitting on prey gastric acid gastric acids Belly Smothering bones in scat face imprints bones in belly Female Only gurgling belly buried under shit long digestion graphic disposal Clothes in scat graphic scat written work drowning in scat armored pred farting pred Written buried in scat Gurgling Gut slow death shitting on prey farting on prey

I was incredibly horny yesterday, had an idea, and essentially banged out this entire story. It's a bit shorter than what I customarily put out, and I don't think it rises to the level of both my previous stories and those I'm currently writing (It's just a by the numbers set-em-up-and-knock-em-down story with an obvious twist), but it was a fun little thing to do and I hope you'll enjoy it.

Technique wise, I tried to take a step back from the very blow by blow graphic detail...
[ Continued ...

TETRO - 5 days ago

Same. I've long considered taurs to be higher on the foodchain than lamias. Their big bellies can easily fit their long noodle prey.

HeinousSaurus - 5 days ago

Agreed. I've seen it pulled off very well by a couple artists, and it has a bit of a natural subversion built in.

babyhater - 5 days ago

Centaur preds are great, and so is this story.

Margorpmargorp - 5 days ago


xvx17 - 5 days ago

I always thought that a lamia would be the best prey for a centaure

Coolwoman - 5 days ago

Glad you liked it!

NovemberNights - 5 days ago

So damn good, love how you write Kurumi

[COMM] Wormfood of Light

Uploaded: 6 days ago

Owner: ItsSongxing

Tags: Catgirl Oral Vore Breast Expansion Rape Lactation Milking Tentacle ?/F worm vore Female Prey Worm Pred impregnation tentacle rape Feral Pred final fantasy XIV mind break breeding Miqo'te Ambiguous Ending Miqo'te Prey Warrior of Light Chuckworm

This is a commission I did for  Flamingtoastercat. They wanted a ~2000 word story of their Miqo'te OC getting eaten by a giant worm thing, then bred and milked at the same time. (Since it provides fucking and sucking, I'm going to call this species a Chuckworm if it ever reappears.)

I haven't played FF14 - MMOs aren't my thing - but the catgirl is dummy thicc, and we were able to negotiate putting this into a non-FF14 setting, so I don't actually have to pretend to know any...
[ Continued ...

flamingtoastercat - 3 days ago

Thank you again for taking tbis commission, I love every word of it.

Fpr anyone curious this is what my catgirl (miqo'te) looks like

ItsSongxing - 4 days ago

I'd imagine the worm would have to be a bit creative in trying to eat her, at any rate!

Nalzindar - 5 days ago

Great story, I like the concept of having a cat-girl trapped inside the worm. She seemed to be a lovely young samurai, but she seem even better as the "Chuckworm's" prey. It was also a fine description you had of the girl as she was swallowed, I wonder if the worm actually would have been able to swallow the Miqo'te if the worm had been a tad smaller than it was ;)

The crunching of the leaves and other forest detritus under her bare feet were barely muted by the callings of the birds trying to find mates and creaking of the trees in the wind. Alone, the woman clad in nothing but scraps of animal skins wandered between bark-covered trunks that could be concealing any manner of danger from view. Still, she trudged forward all the same. Food for her tribe would not wander into their hands willingly, and she would have to hunt for her and her kin to survive an

A Vorish History of Humanity

Uploaded: 6 days ago

Owner: GooInABox

Tags: Oral Vore Breasts Belly Soft Vore Unbirth Digestion F/F war Breast Expansion Absorption Same Size Sex Cock Vore Fatal Unwilling Anal Vore Lactation Story writing pirate space Willing Implied Digestion Unwilling Prey Implied Vore Breast Vore Robot religion Fatal Vore Cum Digestion Nipple Vore Nudity H/F Female Prey Human Prey Female Pred Sexual content science fiction Multiple Preds Implied reformation Large Breasts Human Pred Sci-Fi classroom virtual reality Soldiers Alternate Universe Android slow digestion Priestess spaceship Hermaphrodite Pred CTF tribal cock transformation alternate history milk transformation teacher pred Implied Incestual Vore Casual vore Cock absorption instant digestion Robot Pred ancient history Multiple Preys drugged pred drugged prey Willing prey android pred Female Only hesitant prey multiple stories chemical warfare priestess pred Multiple views Existential crisis Trenches Existential dread world wars the last question implied starvation

I got writer's block for Amalgamation, so I started writing this. Three days and over 23,000 words later, this monster was born. I was considering adding images, but I've already worked on this long enough and it wouldn't be fair for the people still waiting for the next Amalgamation update to wait longer because of a side project, so here's my first unillustrated story.

Don't let the word count and tags intimidate you, this is actually 10 mini-stories strung...
[ Continued ...

Matteo42 - 2 days ago

Holy hot macaroni, that is some SERIOUSLY good writing right there, even when compared to any "normal" written text/book.

I'd develop what I mean, but other people have done so already, so just read what they said over lol

R3X - 3 days ago

That's some damn good writing.

Nuenshi - 4 days ago

The scope of this is just incredible. Excellent work! I think the most impressive thing is that I can't pick a favorite; they're all just so good.

awakener - 5 days ago

Wait, so this is just 10 mini stories in a trenchcoat?

GooInABox - 5 days ago

Thank you very much! I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for pointing out those mistakes, but it was weird as the spacing issued for the semicolon and period weren't showing up in my MS Word copy of the story and I had fully delete the lines and re-type them out to make the spacing issue go away in the final upload. Weird, but it should be fixed now.

(Story) Buffy & Friends Get Hansel & Greteled Part 4

Uploaded: 6 days ago

Owner: Scrufty

Not tagging to avoid spamming people's pages. (All goes well, will post several chapters now, but I always struggle posting texts here so apologies) Will fix it so The first and last chapter are tagged. Will fix details upon completion.

(I am slow, expect roughly 13 chapters) 

Cross-Species Conception

Uploaded: 6 days ago

Owner: KittyBoi

Tags: Soft Vore Alien Human Absorption Same Size Commission Consensual Cock Vore Cum Story writing Balls Transformation Redheaded Willing Melting Soft Digestion Cum Digestion Voyeurism loving Willing Pred Female Prey Human Prey Cumshot Assimilation shepard Cock Growth impregnation Garrus exhibitionism Consensual vore Turian Mass Effect creampie Cum Transformation Male Pred Cum TF interspecies Interspecies romance redhead prey Commander Shepard Garrus Vakarian alien pred Loving pred Willing prey Kelly Chambers mass effect 3 conception turian pred post canon

A really sweet story commissioned by  Mab2. Thanks again for the opportunity to write this!

After the Reaper War, Shepard and Garrus are in talks to have the first hybrid baby in the galaxy. Shepard's implants get her halfway there, but Garrus needs a kickstart to cross-species fertility.

Still owing the Commander a debt and a half, Kelly Chambers steps up.

Okay, I love this story and again, thanks to Mab2 for supporting me in writing this. This is one...
[ Continued ...

KittyBoi - 12 hours ago

Hey, thanks for the compliment. Trust me, I'll keep working in this universe, it really has been underutilized

BatfinK16 - 20 hours ago

I loved this. Need more cock vore and unbirthing in the ME universe. Keep up the awesome work.

Combat - 6 days ago

Another fantastic Mass Effect story from you. Well done and definitely hope to see more.

Cooperative Combat Training

Uploaded: 6 days ago

Owner: KittyBoi

Tags: F/M Absorption Commission Cum Futanari submission Unwilling Story writing merging BDSM Unwilling Prey Anal Sex Mind Control Unwilling Pred Male Prey Cumshot Assimilation Cock Growth Femboy femdom dickgirl Implied Fatality fusion Absorption Vore big cock Cum Transformation Deku feminine CTF Mind Alteration cock transformation Cock TF tsundere yandere implied non-fatal unwilling to willing Dickgirl Pred dominant pred Boku no Hero Academia Ochako Uraraka futadom My Hero Academia Izuku Midoriya Katsuki Bakugou feminine male Bakugo Katsuki bnha Uraraka MHA feminization Dominant woman Ochaco Uraraka assimilation tf Assimilation Vore uraraka ochako

A really fun story commissioned by  Sasquatchias.

Uraraka ends up in a training scenario with Bakugo that ends up perverse due to the involvement of the R-Rated Hero, Midnight. In the aftermath of an accident caused by the training, the two student's differing feelings for Izuku Midoriya provoke Uraraka into claiming him for the both of them.

All characters are portrayed as above the legal age of consent.  

A Safe Place to Stay

Uploaded: 6 days ago

Owner: Guy8136

Tags: Oral Vore F/M Macro/Micro Implied Digestion Unwilling Prey Micro Prey Betrayal Male Prey Female Pred Feral Pred Rarity Sweetie Belle Fleur De lis burping up clothes fake friends Uncaring Observers

Thomas thinks he's finally gotten a break from his crazy micro life. Maybe his new hosts will treat him right? 

LordDoom360 - 4 days ago

Nice story, i liked it a lot

Guy8136 - 5 days ago

This is the first story I’ve written so don’t be afraid to let me know what you guys think!

Guy8136 - 5 days ago

This is the first story I’ve written so I’d love to hear some feedback!

The sun was low in the sky, clouds darkening to a lovely shade of purple as the horizon began to tint orange and pink. Sunset. The end of the day for most humans, but for the creatures of the forest that surrounded the human settlement, it was only the start of their morning routines. David stretched himself out, mottled green wings fluttering as he rose from his nest. It was a bit early in the evening for a moth to be getting up, but he hadn’t had


Uploaded: 6 days ago

Owner: chewchulainn

Tags: Soft Vore Digestion M/M Unwilling Prey Male Prey Male Pred Monster Boy monster boy pred

I found an old story I had written back in high school with two of my ocs, so I decided to take the concept and rewrite it a bit with David and Robin!  

chewchulainn - 5 days ago

Thank you! I tried to make him more cute than anything.

I do kind of want to do more with this setting, so I imagine Robin either survived somehow, or will somehow get regenerated, because I wouldn’t mind revisiting this! I feel like if Robin had asked to only go to the first stomach he might have been a bit out of luck though, since David was pretty hungry. But maybe he could convince him to save him for later, and then convince him he could help him find a better meal.

Brenden1k - 5 days ago

This was a adorable pred, part of me thinks it unlikely but maybe robin squirmed into the intestines or manage to hold on by morning.

What would happen if robin asked to only be sent to the first stomach,

Coolwoman - 6 days ago

Its on the first page of rule 34

theonlymatt - 6 days ago

Got a source for the thumbnail?

devoureroftime - 6 days ago

glad u understand

Coolwoman - 6 days ago

I get what you mean completely

devoureroftime - 6 days ago

mmmmmm a great Mina pred story makes wish i could watch those former person chocolate logs come out of her bubblegum ass

Quick Bites: Butt Snack

Uploaded: 6 days ago

Owner: radmann

Tags: F/F Anal Fart Giantess Anal Vore Farting Macro/Micro Female Prey Female Pred Anal Insertion Persona Shrunken girl Shrunken woman shrunken prey Giantess Vore Persona 5 Futaba Sakura Ann Takamaki farting pred persona 5 Royal Persona 5 strikers

Futaba eats Ann... with her BUTT! Quick spot of practice writing. Been really tired recently, but this was a fun short write up to do, since I mean, been a while since Futaba got the love she needed, and butt stuff has been on the mind. 

Matteo42 - 3 days ago

AV is truly great, innit? Been my favorite for... idk, forever now?
Yeah I just love it so much, no clue why xD

slender - 6 days ago

It does let me download them though

slender - 6 days ago

Is everyone else able to see this? I'm just getting a blank canvas where the story should be. It isn't doing it on the others now but it's happened before.

Candy Dreams Part 1

Uploaded: 6 days ago

Owner: iasiney

Tags: Furry Big Dog Belly World Dragon Fat Non-Vore Squeeze Story portal leopard candy Rope fiction Bar Interactive Samoyed Dynamic licorice gumdrops

This is a type of Dynamic Interactive Fiction story.


1. I write the introduction and start of the story
2. I post Part 1 of the story.
3. Receive Comments on the story about what should happen next
4. Write Part 2 of the story based on the comments
5. Post a combined Parts 1 and 2
6. Receive Comments on the story about what should happen next
7. Write Part 3 of the story based on the comments
8. Post a combined Parts 1,...
[ Continued ...

Lincoln's Loving Lunches Part 7: Linka

Uploaded: 6 days ago

Owner: Jesusishere

Tags: Soft Vore F/M Non-Fatal Male Prey Female Pred Alternate Universe Endosoma genderbent pred Lincoln Loud Willing prey Lisa Loud Linka Loud wholesome Underage Underage prey Underage pred wholesome vore

That's right, I'm doing F/M vore now
In this chapter, Lincoln meets a girl version of himself.
Also I might be doing more Loud House vore outside of Lincoln's Loving Lunches. 

The Director’s phone flashes on his desk

; it’s the main line


He keeps the

ringer permanently off, so

all he has to do is look to the windows or step away from his desk to keep it from distracting him.

In this case, though, if he doesn’t answer it, it will keep flashing


Uploaded: 6 days ago

Owner: 4ofSwords

Tags: Oral Vore Human F/M Giantess Macro/Micro Male Prey Female Pred Willing prey

A quickie in the same world as "The Director," just for fun. I haven't thought too much about willing prey, but it's not hard to see how likely it would be with Queen Becky.

But willingness doesn't mean it's easy or fun.

EDIT: Now about 5.5k words. I wrote this originally on a whim, and tried to keep it brief. While I captured most of the action, I think I missed a lot of the detail and emotional response that were important when I imagined it. Hopefully...
[ Continued ...

4ofSwords - 4 days ago


noego - 4 days ago

Very nice! Wish I could write like this, wow.

The Morning After

Uploaded: 6 days ago

Owner: Vesari

Tags: Oral Vore Belly Human Digestion F/F F/M Fatal Bones Lesbian thief Goth implied scat Unwilling Prey Fatal Vore Human Prey Cheating fatal digestion Bitch Disposal French Human Pred Racism Rude person Lesbian sex Belly bulge rude best friends Goth girl Bitch Pred lesbian pred bones in belly Vulgar Language thief pred breakup French language Rude Pred Bitchy Pred rich prey Fascist fascist pred french pred french girl

Three friends try to recover from a heavy night of drinking and eating.


This one ended up being longer than I planned, but I just had so much fun writing it!

Also, I shouldn't need to say this, but just in case; the views expressed by characters don't necessarily reflect the views of the author.  

Vesari - 3 days ago

Thank you so much! This is the coolest comment I've ever received, I've never had someone so supportive of my work before. You're like my first proper fan.

I'm glad you liked the girls, and that you thought the dialogue was organic. I wasn't sure how it would come out, but I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Umhuebr - 3 days ago

Wow! THIS is masterful! Somehow, you've outdone yourself once more! My new favorite story of yours, by far! Bravo, simply, bravo! The interactions of the trio felt so organic and real, and the whole scenario was twistedly fun and comedic! Like true dark comedy! And the narration was on point, it's amazing to see how much and how quickly your writing skills have evolved :D
I loved all the girls, Natalie had an especially fun personality! I loved their demeanor and their disregard for their prey's lives, especially regarding the rich girl Rachel ate! So eager to metaphorically shit on her memory (after Rachel had already shat her out quite literally, or most of her at least), wasting her precious money... So great! Rich prey is just too fun a concept x3
And I can't help but wonder who managed to win the race to the toilet at the end! Quite a great way to end up the story! Heh.
Now, you should write what you're feeling like writing, whatever you feel inspired for... But, since I read that in a comment below, I'll say it as well: Hope you do consider writing another tale of this trio eventually! They're just so fun and unique, and have one of the most fun, (as I said before) organic and lifelike dynamic I've ever seen in a story here. And, since you also asked that after said comment, my vote would be for them to still be ruthless, mean preds if they ever do make a comeback! It'd be lovely to see more of it <3

Deska - 4 days ago

Speaking for just myself, i love the idea of both! Im a huge fan of observer perspective, so the idea of one of the girls eating the other by mistake/ over somethimg petty. Or just having a stranger do the deed and having the banter between the two 9thers as they piece it together. Really drawing out the digestion banter.

But again thats just me! Love your cruel tone on writing. Cant wait for more!

Vesari - 4 days ago

I really enjoyed writing these three, so I'd be open to bringing them back for another story. I'd be curious as to whether or not people would want to see them as predators or prey next time.

Vesari - 4 days ago

Thanks, I appreciate that.

Yoko slithered through town her mind wandering before suddenly being pulled back as she bumped into something,

"Ah, I'm sorry I wasn't paying attention to my surroundings," the naga hissed out of reflex not even looking to what or who she had bumped into, a young-sounding voice replied to her.

"It's fine it happens all the time," Yoko looked down to see the owner of the voice before her was a short Asian harpy with black wings

Attending a party

Uploaded: 6 days ago

Owner: anxiousvampire

Tags: Oral Vore Slime Pregnancy F/F party Naga Milf Fatal Lamia Harpy Lesbian Post-Vore Slimegirl Bunny girl Implied Digestion Incest alcohol Monster girl Female Prey Female Pred f/multiple teenage prey Naga Pred pregnant prey texting Asian prey happy prey pleasurable death Casual vore selfie pleasurable digestion harpy prey Food Coma Drunk pred Uncaring Pred milf prey Bunny girl prey Willing prey Assistance Uncaring Observers lap pillow excited prey casual incest disregard for life Flirting prey Mother I'd like to vore jealous observer

a naga eats a young harpy and inadvertently get invited to her birthday party (not that anyone minds that she just ate the birthday girl.)

the first half of this came to me rather easy but I hit a wall for the last half so I hope it still came out well. Also cameos!

Fun fact I suck at names so the names I use a theme for names. The harpies Papi and Filo share their names with papi the harpy of monster musume and filo the filolial (but that's probably obvious) Yoko...
[ Continued ...

GreenJester - 6 days ago

Glad you like it! I spent quite a while writnign this out to make it as good as possible!

LivesInAStomach - 6 days ago

Great concept and execution! Very enjoyable read.

Fate/Grand Problem

After a long battle in an unknown Singularity,
Ritsuka Fujimaru

and Mash Kyrielight

stand victorious knowing they are one step closer to saving humanity.

“Good work, Senpai!” Mash says embracing her master/senpai.

Fate/ Grand Problem

Uploaded: 6 days ago

Owner: BlueRaymond

Tags: Unbirth F/M Consensual Sex Cum Futanari Sperm Oral Sex Kissing Making out Fate/Grand Order Fate series Ritsuka Fujimaru Mash Kyrielight Mashu Kyrielight Fujimaru Ritsuka Gudao being watched

Been a long time since I wrote a fanfic, so I thought why not give it another try!
This time on Fate/Grand Order.

Feel free to let me know what you guys think in the comments! 

BlueRaymond - 1 day ago

Did I say something wrong. . .or was this a request?

BlueRaymond - 1 day ago

Did I say something wrong. . .or was this a request?

q888888886 - 2 days ago


Daun007 - 6 days ago


The Ginger Deduction
The neon sign above Boy Disposal, Ltd could be seen for blocks, its colourful lights flickering through the streets of Voreville. Like everything else at the giant-owned business, the sign was appropriately enormous, illuminating the night sky like a spotlight. Noticeable, but not too fancy. Just a plain white light creating the silhouette of an unlucky boy, trapped inside a red circle that blinked on and off, crossing him out over and over again with a pleasant hum. Indeed,

The Ginger Deduction

Uploaded: 6 days ago

Owner: bathroombuddy23

Tags: Digestion M/M Boy Bones torture Male Prey ginger Male Pred boy prey boy pred digested prey digested alive brazen bull

The hungry giants of Voreville have a new reason to devour ginger boys!

This story is a sequel to previous tales from Boy Disposal Ltd.

bathroombuddy23 - 4 days ago

Other boy-eating establishments that encroach on the Boy Disposal LTD business model. The other kind that you describe are also a healthy competition!

Dragon808tr - 4 days ago

Oh? What kind of giant-run business? Maybe a "slaughterhouse" or porn studio? Or maybe an educational video for vore 101?

bathroombuddy23 - 5 days ago

Thanks! The giants are forced to get more and more creative to stay ahead of rival businesses.

Dragon808tr - 5 days ago

Damn dude! Your writing gets better and better each story! I absolute love the various tortures that these sexy giants come up with! So many wonderful ideas!

Tech's Tummy Time 7: The Wholesome One

Uploaded: 7 days ago

Owner: ZeldaNoVorsu

Tags: Oral Vore Scat Princess Belly Soft Vore Digestion Burp F/M Fart Same Size Reformation Toilet Pooping Zelda Farting Masturbation Gas Fire Emblem Big Belly Legend of Zelda Willing Pred Male Prey Female Pred the legend of zelda Multiple Preds Disposal Burping Belly bulge Onomatopoeia Gassy masturbating LoZ Gentle Predator Tech Willing Predator soiling Cruel Pred princess zelda Digestion Noises female predators cruel predator Stomach Noises Fire emblem awakening Sleeping it off messing female preds sleepy predator Gentle Pred Casual vore Multiple pred Romantic vore Unwilling to Willing prey evil pred evil predator Scat pile Lissa playful pred Girlfriend pred Boyfriend prey kind predator pooping out Girlfriend/Boyfriend princess pred zelda vore bones in scat toot Gassy Pred Breath of the wild botw Caring pred taunting pred legend of zelda breath of the wild LoZ Botw toilet disposal Sleepy pred Nice Pred masturbating pred Tooting kind pred Zelda pred Zelda No Vorsu burping pred bratty pred Zevilda Princess Zevilda farting pred gassy girl farting girl helpful pred Caring Predator ZeldaNoVorsu bratty predator techtician comfy stomach wholesome vore comfy belly wholesome noms The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild soiled pants falling asleep Gassy girls gassy predator Tech's Tummy Time Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Hm hmm hah haaaa... Did you think you were safe,  techtician? Did you think I would just let you get away with adding 11 more points to my total in one week? No, no, I have been preparing this, my retaliation, and it will not earn you just 1 point, oh no, it'll earn you 3. I may have many scribes for you to attack, and you are but one, however, you can still be eaten more than once in a story. Just ask Nate Hatano. Who will get you? Oh, for that, you must read. I will not...
[ Continued ...

ZeldaNoVorsu - 5 days ago

[i]Do it.[/i]

derpsquid42 - 5 days ago

Hmm, and there does need to be a bit of evening the count after my two interruptions... perhaps a story or two is in order.

ZeldaNoVorsu - 6 days ago

[i]All of the :iconZeldaNoVorsu:s glare at each other.[/i] It won't be easy, but I could make it happen.

The_Prof - 6 days ago

it's a bluff you should totally call it

techtician - 6 days ago


Don't say anything Tech.


The Manticore's (part 3) motherho by Doombeez

Uploaded: 7 days ago

Owner: tredur

Tags: Soft Vore Tail Human Unbirth Pregnancy Child Sex Cock Vore Futanari Mother lovers Muscle Lactation Wings Non-Fatal sprites Lesbian Willing wet birth Baby romance Tail Vore Huge belly Size difference infant Nudity manticore mpreg H/F Monster girl Human Prey married couple impregnation cum inflation fetus strechy Umbilical Cord Male Pregnancy lesbian lovers Testicle Bulge pregnant prey Slice of Life Futa/F intersex Motherly Vore human female Femcum Stomach Bulges pregnancy transfer breastfeed labor pains monstergirl pred wife/wife dripping wet motherly love Willing prey Caring pred Cock birth streching Testicle pregnancy tail unbirth manticore pred Manticore Girl tail pussy

I'm not the author but the commissioner of this piece, I recieved the permission to post it by the real author Doombeez .

with this one their story ends but if you like to see more, i'm currently working on a remake more in line with my initial idea for them . this trilogy became its own thing at the very start and i wanted to see how it went

We pick up a few years after part II. Our favorite human and manticore duo have a...
[ Continued ...

Elven Secret Recipe

Uploaded: 7 days ago

Owner: Doku

Tags: Absorption Sex Futanari Willing Breast Vore Oral Sex Cleavage Vore Sexual content Futa/F Vaginal sex breast absorption permavore milk digestion Willing prey

Tyne strikes again. This time, a lovely, very willing elf by the name of Ella Sylthyra 'ran afoul' of her at the Cocksnack. In reality it was quite the willing moment. She had only one request... to become breast milk, and part of Tyne's bust. Not cum.

Tyne was in a giving mood, so her next brew, the Elven Secret Recipe is Grade AA certified Tyranitar milk, and Ella is part of her breasts forever.

Ella ( ) (c) her player ...
[ Continued ...

Doku - 6 days ago

However, and apologies for the double reply but yes. This roleplayer is extremely good. They were the player of Fenrir, the one who ate Milly a while back.

Doku - 6 days ago

Off the cuff, I do not believe that they do. However, I usually just stick to listing the F-List accounts unless I'm intimately familiar with their Aryion account, such as with Stella or Amberyl.

Racnaris57 - 6 days ago

Kinda wish the other player had an account on here. They've got some great role-plays

Doku - 6 days ago

Oh from time to time. Her creator should really sleep better sometimes, but they did get a good night's sleep after this, heh.

Perv404 - 6 days ago

I saw the very first two posts last night before I logged off. I knew there was a good chance there would be another brew.

Does Tyne even sleep?

[Patreon] The Hunter and the Rider

Uploaded: 7 days ago

Owner: DoubleOSnake

Tags: Oral Vore Belly Digestion M/F Same Size Trap Fatal Swallowed Metroid Unwilling Prey Fatal Vore Female Prey Femboy Eaten Alive Butt Expansion Samus Aran Male Pred Fast Digestion Femboy Pred Trap pred Fate/Grand Order astolfo

Patron Story for Arcaze pitting best bounty hunter in the whole damn galaxy against everyone's favorite femboy since Bridgette. Who ends up food? Well you probably already know if you peeked in the tags.

Mobile Link:

Pledge to get all the stories you want! Whatever you pledge, you'll always get something!

[ Continued ...

[Patreon] Pit of an Idol's Stomach

Uploaded: 7 days ago

Owner: DoubleOSnake

Tags: Oral Vore Digestion F/F Weight Gain Same Size Fatal Swallowed Unwilling Prey Unwilling Pred Big Belly Fatal Vore Eaten Alive Persona 4 Rise Kujikawa Chie Satonaka

Patron Story for Arcaze and first part of several!

Mobile Link:

Pledge to get all the stories you want! Whatever you pledge, you'll always get something!

Buy a story or two on Payhip and support me !

Check out my Discord too! 

[Patreon] Fun with Boulders

Uploaded: 7 days ago

Owner: DoubleOSnake

Tags: Digestion Legend of Zelda Object Vore F/object Accidental vore princess zelda F/monster Breath of the wild

Patron Story for Arcaze and continuation of The Problem with Chests.

Mobile Link:

Pledge to get all the stories you want! Whatever you pledge, you'll always get something!

Buy a story or two on Payhip and support me !

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[ Continued ...

ZeldaNoVorsu - 7 days ago

I'm loving this little series. It's fun.

TeruyukiKiryuin - 7 days ago

Hehe, cute

Spicing Things Up



was in the midst of a particularly provocative dream when she was woken in the middle of the night. She’d been reading so many trashy novels about steamy romances and exciting adventures that elements of them had begun spilling into her fantasies. That night she was the fair,

Spicing Things up

Uploaded: 7 days ago

Owner: Nuenshi

Tags: Unbirth Digestion Weight Gain F/M BBW rebirth Shota BBW pred Accidental vore rapid digestion safe pred Hijab mommy kink

When confronted with an unusual request from an unexpected customer, Inaya takes a risk she probably shouldn't have. 

TheMysteriousSadSack - 5 days ago

Inaya doing gods work making more bbw x shota pairings

AnAccount - 6 days ago

Really enjoyed the character change. Maybe Bahija decides to experiment on some less important to her?

AnAccount - 6 days ago


 "Go, Ann, go!" Ann was a small and stocky woman who, lately, was something of an eating contest champion. She was stuffing hot dog after hot dog down her gullet at an unmatchable pace. Some of the crowd cheered her on as she did, particularly her boyfriend. She was a more recent champion, but very successful since her first win two weeks ago. She was approaching 50 with no sign of slowing down, let alone a sign that she had even eaten that many. Time was nearly up and she was eating e

If All You Have Is a Hammer

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Owner: Lightness0001

Tags: Oral Vore Food Human Digestion Weight Gain Stuffing F/M Same Size unaware Implied Digestion Unwilling Prey Human Prey Male Prey Female Pred Human Pred unaware pred Sleep Eating Accidental vore Sleeping pred Hammerspace Belly burping up clothes Girlfriend/Boyfriend Hammerspace

In which a woman explores her ability to eat seemingly without end (and without signs thereof).

Haven't done a story with humans in a bit! And haven't done a story with a hammerspace belly before, so that's what this is. Enjoy!

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Lightness0001 - 5 days ago

Probably not anytime soon? I do already kinda have an idea of how it'd go in my mind, so it's likely in that regard. Thanks for the fave also!

Lightness0001 - 5 days ago

Thanks! Perhaps a sequel hook? Time will tell :^)

mclovin - 6 days ago

Will there be a sequel?

Welcometocave - 7 days ago

Lovely story. Nice cliffhanger :^)

  Rylon pushed aside a thick fern, closing his eyes as the massive leaf brushed against his face. He stepped over the plant and returned to the dirt path that he had been following not moments before. He'd only abandoned the road when a whiff of fresh meat had hit his nose, leading the boy off the worn road and into the foliage. Unfortunately, it was just a plant that imitated the smell of blood and flesh. Feeling foolish for being so gullible, Rylon brushed stray leaves from his outfit and

Rylon Proves Himself

Uploaded: 7 days ago

Owner: InDepthLook

Tags: Breasts Soft Vore M/F Milk Sex Milking Cow Girl Sexual content M/multiple prey sexual vore Cow girls Willing prey cow girl prey

He had to leave his pack behind to raise pack of his own. That's when Rylon stumbled across Taya, a Rex like him, who asks him to prove himself by delivering a couple cow girls from a nearby farm. Rylon goes in and is met with more than he bargained for...

A commission for  Komodorazor!

A very big special thank you to my patreons this month! If you'd like to support me through patreon, you can earn a 5k commission for $20...
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Larkspurdiblock - 6 days ago

Holy shit this was fucking GREAT, dude!

Komodorazor - 6 days ago

Excellent! It’s great!

Deviantfan16 - 2 days ago

Maybe she can change into them at will Indefinitely after eating them

DeathStar66 - 6 days ago

No problem ^^

Coolwoman - 6 days ago


Coolwoman - 6 days ago

Not sure if that will happen but thanks!

Coolwoman - 6 days ago

Glad you liked it!

The GUT Party (Freshmeat Orientation part 3)

Uploaded: 7 days ago

Owner: msmyriam

Tags: Digestion F/M Fart Reformation Fatal Farting Post-Vore Unwilling Prey Fatality Fatal Vore Male Prey Female Pred Vore story Multiple Preds Disposal Graphic digestion slow digestion public vore Public Nudity Casual vore drug use Multiple Preys Gassy Pred farting pred

Well, things didn't go very well for Joey or Mark... let's see how their roommate Ethan does during his first night of "Open Season." I'm sure he'll be fine.

This is part 3 of a 6-part series. See links below for previous installments.
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3: you are here
Part 4: 

Zerobotz - 5 days ago

True, that is a first for me too. To see a prey see the remains of a past meal that wasn't anal vore.

msmyriam - 5 days ago

I'm glad you like it! I better be careful with the rest of the series, the list of boys whose POV I can write from is dwindling pretty quickly :P

msmyriam - 5 days ago

Thanks! I was pretty proud of this digestion scene. I hadn't seen anyone else talk about disposal making more room in the belly before, and it was very hot to write!

msmyriam - 5 days ago

Thanks for reading! I hope you'll enjoy the rest too :D

Zerobotz - 6 days ago

Half way through I was hoping for a good digestion scene then boom! There it was. Glad to hear three more are in the works!

Coolwoman - 6 days ago


HildaVGoneril - 7 days ago

Great story!

Coolwoman - 7 days ago

Glad you liked it

Mario2982 - 7 days ago

Nice I love belfast so this is great

Coolwoman - 7 days ago

Hahaha maybe in a future story

“Roll! Lunch is ready!”
Roll looked up from the yard outside the Light Laboratory where she was training. Or rather, where she was trying out the new Super Roll Buster Dr. Light had made for her, practicing on targets of Dr. Wily’s face set up around the yard. The Super Roll Buster had quite a bit of knock back compared to her previous buster. It would take some getting used to.
Above the yard, Mega Man was leaning out the window of the second floor of the lab. His messy black

Get Equipped With Diaper

Uploaded: 7 days ago

Owner: Belloc

Tags: Scat M/F Non-Vore roll Transformation Unwilling Prey Megaman diaper Diaper Transformation

 rika has introduced me to fun world of Mega Man romhacks that let you play as Roll, which got me thinking on doing a little something with everyone's favorite super fighting robot siblings... and some fat pamps. Or in this case, Roll AS a fat pamp. :P

After successfully thwarting Dr. Wily's evil schemes numerous times, Roll and Mega Man are enjoying some well deserved rest. Until a nefarious plot gets Roll turned into a diaper! Can Mega Man stop Dr. Wily? Can he keep Roll...
[ Continued ...

Belloc - 7 days ago

Either way, Roll is always an excellent choice of character!

masterchaos - 7 days ago

Funny. Just wrote a roll diaper disposal for my project last weekend.
(I'm still wondering how Roll taste. Does she taste more like a cute girl or more like a cute robot)

Manic Poly Yeen Grill | A Manager's Special C

Uploaded: 7 days ago

Owner: ChoiceCuts

Tags: Male M/M Cooking encasement snuff Hyena Roast comedy Pig bbq Heat hog dubcon pork Spotted hyena barbecue relationship ceremony Polyamory shrine glory hole Striped Hyena gloryhole dubious consent yeen triad poly Cooking vore Strandwolf Brown Hyena Rites Implied Drugs

Relationships are hard enough when you're trying to seduce one slavering, hungry hyena. Hans the pig quickly learns that, when that number jumps to THREE hyenas, things are gonna get a little... messy. Protective of their poly pack, the triad decide to give Hans a chance, planning to teach him to become a real hyena, just like them. Unfortunately for Hans, the transformation might not be in the manner he expects.

Warning, Contains:
- M/M Sex
- Comedy
[ Continued ...

Office day - boss

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Owner: salamoun

Tags: POV Oral Vore Pregnancy Digestion Burp Same Size Sex ?/F Implied Digestion Unwilling Prey Female Prey pregnant prey ambiguous pred Casual vore pregnant belly You/F pov pred

Your progress goes smoothly till your boss calls you to her office. What does she want this time?
A direct sequel to this story

Written by me. 

salamoun - 6 days ago

There's bunch more coming!

JohnOfAllTrades - 7 days ago

More preg prey is always a very welcome thing to see. I look forward to seeing more preg prey being digested in your stories in the future lol

salamoun - 7 days ago


salamoun - 7 days ago

I hate the "lore" explained in the gallery ^^

ShadowSun - 7 days ago

Dang, lots of pregnant women at this company. Not that that’s bad though.