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"Dammit!" John Trojan curses. His ship had been hit by an unexpected piece of debris from an asteroid field, setting a crash course for the closest planet. The planet has breathable atmosphere and habitable environments, but it was 82% rocky badlands, 13% water, and 5% green. He knew he didn't have much choice but to make for it, otherwise his alternative is death.

For his first day as a Space Explorer, John's current predicament is far past rocky

Galactic Meal #01: Space Worm Queen

Uploaded: 9 days ago

Owner: FreelancerSmurf

Tags: Oral Vore Scat Soft Vore Alien Human Digestion F/M queen Unwilling Prey full tour Size difference Human Prey Male Prey Older Pred space worm Age Difference melting digestion Younger Prey alien pred

A young Space Explorer, a human named John Trojan, crash lands on what was supposed to be a deserted planet. What he finds instead is a giant and obese space worm queen capable of speaking English fluently. She makes it very clear what his purpose is, wether he likes it or not; a tasty snack to devour, to digest and grow stronger, and expel the useless bits to come one step closer to conquer the entire universe! 

FreelancerSmurf - 8 days ago

Yeah, I've been working on a sequel while writing this. It'll be a bit before then, but there will be more.

go33 - 8 days ago

Amazing story, is this going to be a series?

Cell's Tale of Souls and Swords

Uploaded: 9 days ago

Owner: AlphaSaban

Tags: Soul Vore Soft Vore M/F Absorption Monster Sex Unwilling Rape cell head first Multiple Prey Tail Vore sisters Sexual content monster/f Dragon Ball Z Soul Calibur Sophitia SoulCalibur Cassandra Sophitia Alexandra Cell Vore Energy drain Cassandra Alexandra cell tail

Cell sets his sights on Cassandra and Sophitia Alexandra from the world of Soulcalibur. Will the sisters be able to work together to stop him, or will Cell turn the pair into a two course meal?!

Explicit Content! Viewer discretion is advised!

This was a story Collab/RP between me and the awesome

As always, let me know what you guys think! 

Genly - 5 days ago

then he'll get an even bigger meal! Somehow, I don't think the ladies can win ;3

AlphaSaban - 5 days ago

Thanks, Genly! Surely if they try even more heroines next time...

Genly - 5 days ago

Great story! It seems that when two powerful women combine their strength... Cell gets a two-for-one meal!

AlphaSaban - 8 days ago

Thanks Axton! It was a lot of fun for us to write!

And yeah, I like to mix things up with Cell's interior since it gets boring doing the same thing every time, plus there is no set canon way that it's supposed to go. Gotta keep it spicy!

axton25 - 8 days ago

Just wow. This is by far the most detailed cell-related story I have ever read! I mean, the amount and quality of content in this story is just overwhelming, it's easy to see you are putting your heart in every story you write, you don't do it just for the sake of it. Congratulations on a top quality work alpha, this is a masterpiece.

Personally, my favourite story of yours is Tifa's due to the way she is absorbed and integrated in the beast, but this is just fantastic. Thanks again for a magnificent work and keep it up! ^^

Calem is Poke-Cuisine

Uploaded: 9 days ago

Owner: saintheartwing

Tags: Oral Vore Scat Dog Pokemon Soft Vore Human Digestion Bat Fart Reformation Farting Houndoom Human Prey Disposal resurrection Soft oral vore teenage prey Pokemon pred Pokemon Vore Multiple pred Noivern Scat/Disposal

A trade story for  BrokenButterfly45! Calem's a young lad going out to do some exploring in the Pokemon world...and he PROBABLY should have brought some strong Pokemon... 

June Consumed

Uploaded: 9 days ago

Owner: EmissaryOfRainbows

Tags: Oral Vore Belly Soft Vore Human Digestion Burp Mermaid M/F Monster Same Size Fatal Belch Story belching Big Belly Betrayal Female Prey burping Belly bulge Male Pred Monster Boy Cruel Pred Implied Disposal Mermaid Pred

This story was done as a submission to the Ink And Quill Writing Challenge 4 - "The beach episode" which you can find here:

A girl named June is enjoying a day alone on the beach, when a mysterious merman washes up on shore. June tries to help him get back to the ocean, although he may not have her best interests in mind...oh well, he's still pretty cute!

Check out my patreon! Get early...
[ Continued ...

EmissaryOfRainbows - 5 days ago


Bright - 5 days ago

I really like the idea of a merman using good looks to be a predator towards romantically inclined women.

I enjoyed reading this story.

butterfly69 - 8 days ago


Fischie - 8 days ago

Nice writing. I like he collects trophies from his prey.

A Prize Not North The Risk

Uploaded: 9 days ago

Owner: Pharo

Tags: F/M Fart Mouse Unwilling Avian writing Farting Rodent Anus Macro/Micro licking Unwilling Prey Crying Micro Prey Male Prey Female Pred Goose Macro pred begging swallowed alive Short Story desperate swallowing whole Despair mouse boy semi-feral Sneaking Mouse prey avian predator rodent prey mother pred semi-anthro avian pred swallowedwhole swallowedalive Short Vore Story swallowed whole and alive Goose Pred begging prey

Benny is a very hungry mouse and is willing to try anything to get a decent meal. Such desperation leads him to try and steal an egg from a goose's nest. The only problem is that the mother goose is still sitting on them.

Calamity ensues that leads to him filling her belly instead.


This is a re-edit of a story I put up on my FA page a few years ago. Found here --> I think this one turned out a lot...
[ Continued ...

Pharo - 8 days ago

Oh... well look at that. Nice catch. :P

ckeekyzekey - 8 days ago

Hehe... Ben and Jerry~

ckeekyzekey - 8 days ago

Hehe... Ben and Jerry~

Beach Day Smorgashboard Morning

Uploaded: 9 days ago

Owner: Personad

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore Unbirth Pregnancy F/F Same Size Swallowing lactation Non-Fatal beach multiple vore head first Breast Vore Multiple Prey kissing willing pred Female Prey Feet first Female Pred lesbians multiple preds f/multiple Implied Fatality sex in belly Incestual Vore swallowing whole pregnant prey Off-screen vore daughter/mother Voreception Casual vore busty pred Cousin/Cousin swallowed whole and alive sex in womb willing prey

So context, I was bored and decided to change and continue
"An average beach day"
Hope you like this one with a non-pregnant protagonist and hopefully less terrible grammer.

Also will start using Thumbnails for shits and giggles, got to use these folders some way. *shrugs* 

Vmaster608 - 7 days ago


Personad - 7 days ago

In the making

Vmaster608 - 7 days ago

When will we see a part two?

Full of Herself


Faye nibbled gently on her finger as she waited for ‘Word’ to start. It wasn’t a strong enough bite to break the skin, but it was enough to mark her; et her feel what life might be like behind her lips. Focusing on the vibrations flowing from her nethers, she prete

Faye: Full of Herself

Uploaded: 9 days ago

Owner: surtech5

Tags: Oral Vore Unbirth Digestion F/F Sex Story masturbation lesbian Macro/Micro Semi-willing Betrayal semi-consensual Semi-unwilling taunting Accidental vore

There is a balance between the predators and the prey. A continued cycle of give and take that sustains itself on pleasure. And never is this more apparent, than in Faye.

Within her is a predator and a morsel both fighting to gain control. Each day she is torn, forced into one of the roles allowed her by the great balance. But then another option presents itself.

Who said she has to be one or the other? Who said she can't be full, of herself?

This story is...
[ Continued ...

surtech5 - 7 days ago

Thank you!

Fania - 7 days ago

Absolutely incredible; and I love BunnyWrites' work as well!

BunnyWrites - 8 days ago

*Poses for the cameras.* I'm so happy I could provide inspiration <3

surtech5 - 8 days ago

I'm so glad I was able to get true to life. All those cameras I had installed really helped out-I mean uh... All that time using my creative writing skills helped out; silly auto correct.

surtech5 - 8 days ago

Glad you liked it! And yeah give her a follow. I've read all her stuff so I can say confidently that she is a good writer.

you can't hideBy Strega
job of a nature photographer is a lonely one. Even the best paid
ones, who sold to National Geographic or had popular online
presences, tended to work alone. There wasn't the money for a support
staff. If they were lucky they had a wife or boyfriend or whatnot to
travel with them. More often they ended up in some bog or desert by
themselves, and even if the animals were harmless there was weather
or dangerous humans to worry about. Weather, animals, humans. It

...But you can't hide (giraffe, hyena, human)

Uploaded: 9 days ago

Owner: Strega

Tags: Human F/F Feral F/M M/F Hyena Unwilling Rape Giraffe Willing Regurgitation bestiality Female Prey Human Prey Male Prey Female Pred multiple preds F/M/F inside stomach Male Pred Feral Pred feral prey Voreception giraffe pred Interspecies sex nested vore hyena prey hyena pred

It proves easy for Caroline to escape the hungry hyena. The giraffe is another story altogether.

(Now we just need a Tame Camp version where everyone gets coughed up instead of only half of them.) 83 

Strega - 2 days ago

I have a number of mismatched pred couples, like Natiq the leopard seal and Salome the dolphin.

Bright - 3 days ago

I like the idea of animals working together.

Strega - 9 days ago

Throwing up just one of the two peole in your belly is challenging, though. 83

Amnael - 9 days ago

Wouldnt want to steal an earned meal from a giraffe ~ coughing up half is fair ;p

and Release
moth has never smelled something quite like this before. It’s a
faint and sweet aroma, and a far less impulsive and reckless bug may
not have followed it. And though he second-guesses himself, his
curiosity gets the better of him. He leaves the safety of a tree’s
low hanging branch, and flutters off toward the scent. A little too
late he realizes that this smell is coming from somewhere deeper in
the trees, where things are dark and terrible. If Dragonfly finds out

Catch and Release

Uploaded: 9 days ago

Owner: Shini02

Tags: M/M Non-Vore Male Prey Original Characters Male Pred near vore g/t plant boy moth boy

A venus flytrap catches a moth.


whoa, I'm actually uploading something here after literal years of lurking. I guess I'm finally working up the courage to actually participate in the vore community.

posting this is a sort of test run to see how Venus and Moth do out here on eka's. I do have actual vore scenarios in mind for these two, but I want to hold off until I can gauge how well these nerds will be received.  

imaqt16 - 8 days ago

So cute!

It had been just shy of four months since Eric had taken his revenge against Gavin Collins by ingesting his family.

True to his word, Gavin Collins had moved out of his house and left, without a word to anyone as to where he was going. Rumours were flying around about it, as was always the way with a close nit community like theirs, and speculation was that his wife had been having an affair, and he’d been ashamed by it.

11. Awareness Campaign

Uploaded: 9 days ago

Owner: pizza3695

Tags: Oral Vore Scat Digestion Fart M/F Same Size Fatal pooping Belch Farting gurgling Disposal Digestion Noises Volunteered clothes in shit willing prey gurgling belly gurgling noises Clothes in scat

After coming to terms with what he did to the Collins family, Eric decides to turn a new leaf and help the government with a new Predator Awareness Campaign!


pizza3695 - 7 days ago

Off the back of this - I've written a Convention story for Eric, but it's #20 in the series. XD

pizza3695 - 8 days ago

I've got a number of stories already written up that would precede any Convention one. Although, I could do a special one for you out of sequence.

As you can tell, I've got a huge amount of development going on with him, and each story leads into the next. I've pretty much finished the next eight stories, and I'll be honest, I forgot about the Con else I'd've done it already.

I will do you a convention story, I promise!

Krunchlesnitchles - 8 days ago

Okay personally i felt this story was a little long before we got to the real action other then that it was great, also when can i expect erics con adventure

Shuten Douji vs Jeanne

Uploaded: 9 days ago

Owner: boomerangfish

Tags: F/F Absorption writing Fate Assimilation fusion Fate/Stay Night Shuten Doji Outfit swipe Outfit Swap Clothes Steal Fate/Grand Order shuten douji Fate series Jeanne D'arc Fate Grand Order written work fusion through vore Jeanne D’ Arc

Inspiration came from a Shuten vore RP I did with a friend. Why did I pick Jeanne? I like her, but maybe I just wanted to see an unconventional pairing. Either way, this was fun to write! Please enjoy! 

Deviantfan16 - 9 days ago

Alright I enjoyed this. I'm not a fan of servants not being allowed back to the throne of heroes, but my appreciation for Shuten-douji outweighs that for me

Captain draco (eel on various vore)

Uploaded: 9 days ago

Owner: Fischie

Tags: ocean Aquatic Draco Implied Digestion Multiple Prey eel predation oceanic Feral Pred Consumption moray eel feral prey Fish Prey stingray prey eel pred

This is the end of Draco's story. He moves from his old home since he had simply grown too large to stay safe in it. He explores a new habitat and samples the locals. 

Chapter 3: Camgirl
Alina sprinted through her dreams. She'd been trapped in the mall all night, yet it was still completely packed. Somehow the path to reach Elizabeth in the costume shop had been warped. Endless swathes of deranged shadows of shopping people stuffed the narrowing halls. Hundreds of people had been crammed into a five foot wide corridor, the only tunnel to the third floor where Elizabeth could be heard, screaming and running for her life.
Alina pushed through the i

Daniel, Chapter 3 – Camgirl

Uploaded: 9 days ago

Owner: Progressive

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore F/F F/M Same Size Post-Vore Human Prey Human Pred Belly bulge

This is a fictional story about a girl, the boy she loves, and the things that keep them separated.

Chapter 3 of 12

Find the first chapter here: 

ecufan360 - 9 days ago

these are awsome i love the long digestion and the story is well written awsome work

AlastorVincent - 9 days ago

You can do it Alina! Save the one you love!
Also I love the story keep it up.

Wolfsage - 9 days ago

This story is so interesting, I kinda hope she succeeds, but a part of me wants her not to :D

Chapter 2: Tinker, Tailor, Stalker, Spy
Alina had loved Saturdays. She had no classes, no work, and she usually put off homework until Sundays, which gave her ample time to relax on Saturdays. On this Saturday, however, Alina wasn't having a relaxing time. Sure, the first minute of warm sleepiness under her blanket was the essence of a blissful Saturday, but the night had been hard on Alina, and she had woken up repeatedly in a cold sweat.
The previous evening's events tormented

Daniel, Chapter 2 – Tinker Tailor, Stalker, S

Uploaded: 9 days ago

Owner: Progressive

Tags: F/M Same Size Post-Vore Human Prey Human Pred Belly bulge

This is a fictional story about a girl, the boy she loves, and the things that keep them separated.

Chapter 2 of 12

Find the first chapter here: 

Progressive - 8 days ago

It is the same Rebecca, some years later.

Alina is supposed to be a flawed but redeemable character, so I'm glad that you are conflicted about how to feel about her.

threk - 8 days ago

Not sure how much I support Alina being a blatant stalker, but that ending was really sweet. Also you're doing an incredible job with characterisation.

Madmaxman - 9 days ago

That talk at the end also makes it hard to dislike her.

Madmaxman - 9 days ago

Also, you do a really great job of characterization. I don't really know how to feel about Alina because she's a stalker, but I also can't hate her because she's trying to save someone. So I have to root for her even though I'm a bit disturbed.

Madmaxman - 9 days ago

Oh crap, I just realized reading the "profile" Alina did that this is the same Rebecca from "Collar"! A sense of continuity is rare in these stories. You're doing great with this.

Part 1: Superliminal
Alina Robinson charged out of the classroom. She had already been in a bad mood this week, but today it had boiled over. The classroom bell rung and she was already out of the hallway and turning the corner before other students started emerging.
“You going to the show? Becky and Danny are going together.”
It had been a ten-minute-old whispered comment from the chatty girls behind her in class. Alina's ears tuned in when she heard the magic words. T

Daniel, Chapter 1 - Superliminal

Uploaded: 9 days ago

Owner: Progressive

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore F/M Same Size Human Prey Human Pred Belly bulge

This is a fictional story about a girl, the boy she loves, and the things that keep them separated. It was written from a place of love.

This is my first major completed effort; the first written work I was confident enough to share. It's the spark that helped me to open up to this community and reason I'm here now, spilling my heart onto the pages. It's very precious to me, and I hope that it brings you as much joy as it gave me while writing it.

I realize, despite...
[ Continued ...

RDRW - 5 days ago

So I've read the first 9 chapters so far and this story is amazing! It's just so interesting to read how you describe this world of casual vore and how you give insights to the characters. I really like how vore doesn't feel like the main focus, but is more just the setting this story takes place (so I would now basically repeat what Tethys wrote). I look forward reading the rest.

Tethys - 7 days ago

In short, I think, to follow up, what gets me about your writing is it *has something to say* beyond run of the mill fetish art.

Tethys - 7 days ago

That is precisely what appeals to me about it. Anyone can write a few paragraphs of smut about swallowing and/or sex; in all but a few favorite of my authors I've gotten to the point of just skimming those parts. The conflicts, internal and interpersonal, are far more interesting to me. The way people change when they're forced to make hard decisions, the way that the consumption of others permanently and irrevocably alters their relationship with the world around them, the way that the monstrous becomes mundane... those were the parts that caught my eye.

Progressive - 8 days ago

I'm glad you liked it so much. I'm flattered that you consider Collar among your favorites.

With regard to lacking lewd content, I should say up front: it's unlikely that you'll see much lewd writing from me. It's generally something I avoid when I write, unless it's relevant to the story - I tend to be much more interested in plots and conflicts that occur because of vore.

Tethys - 8 days ago

Iiiinteresting! Collar(ed) is probably among my top few stories on the site, even with the lack of outright lewd content to it, just because of the intense focus on her mentality, so I'm very much enjoying seeing her from another perspective, even if that perspective is c r a z y.

Bunnies for the Birthday Boy (Part 3)[RP Log]

Uploaded: 9 days ago

Owner: sambarton20

Tags: Oral Vore Scat Soft Vore Anthro Digestion Bunny M/F Fatal Anal Vore foxtaur Sexual content m/multiple Bunny prey Foxtaur Pred

*WARNING* Contains Scat

It's Andrew Dephocks' birthday, and the lucky foxtuar gets a gift of seven eager bunny sisters!

Part Three of a RP log between myself and bookworm9763

Part One:
Part Two:
Part Three: Here 

Bunnies for the Birthday Boy (Part 2)[RP Log]

Uploaded: 9 days ago

Owner: sambarton20

Tags: Oral Vore Scat Soft Vore Anthro Digestion Bunny M/F Fatal Anal Vore foxtaur Sexual content m/multiple Bunny prey Foxtaur Pred

*WARNING* Contains Scat and Sex

It's Andrew Dephocks' birthday, and the lucky foxtuar gets a gift of seven eager bunny sisters!

Part One of a RP log between myself and bookworm9763

Part One:
Part Two: Here
Part Three: 

Miss Smalls: Conflicting Instincts

Uploaded: 10 days ago

Owner: helenarlet

Tags: Furry Rabbit Crocodile Drama Female Prey Female Pred Attempted Vore young prey Fennec Fox Fox Pred Rabbit Prey Contemplation unknown fate Miss Smalls

Clawdette Smalls has spotted her next prey, but this one is a bit younger than her normal meals. And with dangerous situations popping up left and right, a certain other instinct is threatening to override her predatory instincts. What will she do?

My fifth Miss Smalls story. 

TheDarkTraveler - 9 days ago

I hope it works out

Two figures walk along an old dirt path through a cool forest, both carrying equipment, familiar yet exotic. Your kind may call them adventurers, while others might call them invaders or goldseekers. Whatever the case, these two were without a doubt travellers, walking to somewhere.

Upon closer inspection, the two travellers are a young man and a young woman. The lady wears a deep purple and black combat dress which hugs he

The Dark and Sun: Crypt 1

Uploaded: 10 days ago

Owner: Metas

Tags: Micro Soft Vore mage Non-Fatal Male Prey Female Pred Consensual vore Original Characters stomach noises

Two companions who recently started on a journey together deepen their bond through a seemingly impossible activity.


This is my first attempt at writing something about this topic, so please feel free to leave any constructive criticism or ideas! I hope to write more in the future!

All characters belong to me. 

Metas - 9 days ago

After some thinking, in the world I'm building, only very certain races or classes could potentially stretch their bodies to accommodate a same-size meal; even then, it's a relatively rare skill. The Void Mages don't have any spell or ability to stretch their bodies. TL;DR: Same size is possible in universe, but not between these two characters.

Metas - 9 days ago

Thank you! I'm definitely going to explore the idea of Momo eating someone other than Akira in the next Crypt.

dcvfgb1234 - 9 days ago

She's not digesting him, though. Plus who says it can stretch that wide.

In the end macro/micro vs same size comes down to preference and I really don't see why same size has to be done here thematically.
I might be wrong, but to me at least it comes off a bit like you saying that you enjoy same size and hence would have wanted it to be same size.

C107galaxytachyon - 9 days ago

To me, I really doubt a smaller morsel would provide better levels of sustenance to Momo's gut than ones that'd stretch it to its fullest capacity.

That's what the term "fullest" stands for: right?

dcvfgb1234 - 9 days ago

Personally I felt it worked really well with macro/micro. I don't see how it'd need to be same size to fit thematically.

Sui Mass Vores Beachgoers

Uploaded: 10 days ago

Owner: Suibelly

Tags: Oral Vore Digestion F/F Weight Gain Breast Expansion Milf Fatal Unwilling Story Multiple Prey F/FF Mass Vore Female Prey Female Pred double vore ass expansion Literature milf prey beach girls Underage prey athletic pred

A very hungry Sui eats a ton of beachgoers and gets fat.

Contains oral vore, digestion, unwilling prey. 

ThatBrassyGuy - 1 hour ago

Hooray, Sui vore!

Rowigrath - 9 days ago

It is that time of year! Time to indulge in delicious, blissfully unaware beachgoers and gain the beach bod all preds love: beached whale~

The story was great, and it's nice to see Sui up to her usual shenanigans. Keep up the awesome work!

SpaceHump - 9 days ago

Just great really, weight gain and mass vore being an absolute favorite of mine as well.
Can't wait to see Sui back again, fatter than ever before with a fat gut as well.

Bunnies for the Birthday Boy (Part 1)[RP Log]

Uploaded: 10 days ago

Owner: sambarton20

Tags: Oral Vore Scat Soft Vore Anthro Digestion Bunny M/F Fatal Anal Vore foxtaur Sexual content m/multiple Bunny prey Foxtaur Pred willing prey

*WARNING* Contains Scat

It's Andrew Dephocks' birthday, and the lucky foxtuar gets a gift of seven eager bunny sisters!

Part One of a RP log between myself and bookworm9763

Part One: Here
Part Two:
Part Three: 

sambarton20 - 9 days ago

Right!? It was a lot of fun to read over it during edit.

bookworm9763 - 9 days ago

This is better than I remember!

Midnight of the Mermaid

Uploaded: 10 days ago

Owner: sambarton20

Tags: Soft Vore Digestion Mermaid F/M Fatal seduction Unwilling Prey kissing Human Prey Female Pred Sexual content Mermaid Pred

Nick finally gets the chance to go fishing but gets more than he was expecting when he hooks on to a beautiful mermaid.

This is my first attempt at a vore story, so I hope people enjoy it! Feedback and constructive criticism is welcome and much appreciated!  

sambarton20 - 10 days ago

Thank-you very much! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Wilhelm00 - 10 days ago

Great story man! It has good pacing and is well written. For a first story it is a very good one.

Tim, Randy, Zack and I have been friends for a very long time, but recently I have begun to suspect there’s something going on.
I mean we’ve always been best buds since middle school, but I think this year in college kind of drew us apart.

“Hey,” Tim snapped his fingers at me. “Are you going to pass me the chips or not?”
“Oh,” I said quickly passing the bowl over.
Zack had just got a new game system and had invited us over for the weekend. His pa

Between Friends

Uploaded: 10 days ago

Owner: Kodsa

Tags: Human M/M Absorption Cock Vore Cum Unwilling Prey Unwilling Pred Cum Digestion Human Prey Male Prey Human Pred Male Pred Gay Jock Muscle growth Accidental vore

It's been awhile! on another site I got told one of my stories took too long to get to the vore. I know it's not for everyone but I love scene-setting for my stories. It makes it feel more intimate when the inevitable happens, but hey that's just me. I'll try to be a bit more aware of it. Anyway here's a nice short story for you. No long waiting required! 

Kodsa - 8 days ago

Same to you,I love reading your stories! As for a continuation nothing is planned , but if inspiration strikes I'll definitely write it.

Narkotic - 8 days ago

I hope there would be a continuation to this story. It's always so fun reading from you!

Kodsa - 9 days ago

Thanks for the feedback! I really appreciate it!

Lengban - 10 days ago

Honestly the world building and scene building you do is really nice! I know the "get to the good part" mentality exists and I can get that way for some things, but I think you do it well!

As for this particular story, it's great. Fun unaware bit of vore and love how someone got to witness it all and figure out how to explain it. :3

Satisfaction Brought Them Back
By the Wolf
Commissioned by Conn
“No way. I don’t believe it.”
“I’m telling you, it’s true,” Tina said, wiggling her brown ears and twitching her tail. “We do it all the time.”
“Yeah, sure,” Sandra scoffed, her own pink tail twitching behind her. “Wouldn’t you be a little … you know, dead?”
“No, no, it’s this thing he can do. He just sort of holds me inside for a

Satisfaction Brought Them Back - PREVIEW

Uploaded: 10 days ago

Owner: the_Wolf

Tags: Catgirl Oral Vore Wolf Soft Vore M/F Same Size Sex Story Non-Fatal Willing licking Regurgitation Incest Multiple Prey Oral Sex Big Belly Non-digestion Female Prey Catgirl prey Endosoma Male Pred m/fff sex in belly Furry Pred demi prey Wolf Pred furry/demi painted nails Smashwords

A Smashwords commission for  Conn that came in a long time ago and I finally completed.

Four catgirl sisters love to share everything, their curiosities, experiences, even their sexual partners. Now Tina wants her sisters to experience the pleasure she gets when her wolf boyfriend swallows her whole and brings her back up. Two of them are ready for the experience, but Sandra is skeptical of letting big wolf Conn swallow all of them. Of course she's worried about the old adage...
[ Continued ...

Touhou vore: Okura eats again!

Uploaded: 10 days ago

Owner: chomp80

Tags: touhou Youmu Konpaku touhou project oc pred

2nd story starring my Character  

colemercer - 9 days ago

oh, welp not problem sorry for that and the next step maybe........ok i go it i left you 3 choices again.

1)meiling=scarlet devil mansion route
2)byakuren=myouren temple route
3)tenshi=final bosses of fighthing spin off final bosses

chomp80 - 10 days ago

My Girl? Okura is a male

As for his next step.......I dunno, I guess I'll let decide again

colemercer - 10 days ago

nice your girl okura become more and more powerful with the girls gonna be eat and digest, soo do you want another tip for the next step of okura?

Breakfast With Toriel

Uploaded: 10 days ago

Owner: EmissaryOfRainbows

Tags: Furry Belly Anthro Fat Burp Weight Gain Stuffing Fart Monster Non-Vore Belch Farting belching obese Goat Big Belly ssbbw slob burping belly stuffing Undertale Toriel Feederism Second Person POV mommy kink

This story was done as a patreon reward! If you're interested in getting your own story rewards, consider becoming a 10 dollar patron. The lower tiers will also grant you early access to stories just like this one and the ability to vote on polls. You can find my patreon here:

This is a second person story, in which an obese slobby Toriel feeds the reader and encourages them to become fat and gassy like her. 

Shrine Maiden Snack (Gift, Story, Disposal)

Uploaded: 10 days ago

Owner: silvercrusher

Tags: Oral Vore Scat Digestion F/F touhou Weight Gain Female Prey Female Pred reimu hakurei Disposal marisa kirisame Sneaking touhou project

A late birthday gift for  Reaverbot, starring Marisa from Touhou enlisting Reimu's help with her stakeout of the Scarlet Devil Mansion's newest defenses against an unusual fashion. 

colemercer - 10 days ago

marisa pred? interesting, i like this story i hope you gonna make more in the future

RediQ - 10 days ago

Marisa pred, very good~

Spitty and Swallow

Uploaded: 10 days ago

Owner: EmissaryOfRainbows

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The image used in the thumbnail was drawn by hence the title.

A girl named Maddy has...
[ Continued ...

EmissaryOfRainbows - 9 days ago


HMDVore - 9 days ago

this feels like it didn't have an ending. is there more to this?

EmissaryOfRainbows - 10 days ago

Gotcha, it's been corrected.

AshLovehart - 10 days ago

Hey I don’t mean to be “that guy” cause I’m not actually reading this cause it’s not quite my interests, but you put “micro/macro” instead of “macro/micro” in the sample image, and that means tiny pred/big prey, which is misleading a bit, whether you meant to or not xP I’m super into micro/macro, but not macro/micro. Just thought I’d point it out to help! Hope that’s okay ^^’

Forte got off the phone with his agent, a glum and downcast look on his face. Despite his best endeavours, the concert simply hadn’t generated as much revenue as first expected. After meeting the costs involved in staging it, there was barely enough for Forte to buy a pizza. It had been a crushing blow for him, as he’d put so much effort into it. He just couldn’t understand why it had failed, when his music was so hypnotic. Admittedly, he may have killed the goose that laid the

The Landlady

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Tags: Oral Vore Digestion M/F Hypnosis Same Size Implied Digestion Semi-willing Consensual Sex Foot Fetish

This was a request by SpotLight for something a bit different.

We see Forte, a musician with a special ability to hypnotise women with music, trying to sort out his rent arrears.  

Bright - 5 days ago

Hypnosis is always fun.

SpotLight - 9 days ago

if you want more I could ask, but Pizza3595 would have to agree with it

pizza3695 - 9 days ago

You'll have to ask SpotLight :P I am merely the type-writer XD

Plgc - 9 days ago

I want more!

SpotLight - 9 days ago

if you are ever in the mood to do another one involving Forte let me know

Cindy's Beach Lunch

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Tags: Scat Digestion F/F Burp Weight Gain Same Size Milf Fatal Unwilling Farting gas lesbian beach Willing Unwilling Prey F/FF Disposal Casual vore burping up clothes milf pred willing prey

What happens when a carnivorous MILF gets hungry? Fun stuff happens! 

Hoboman - 9 days ago

Actually, it is. Some don't know they can reform, though, and with the reformers there's a small chance of someone being eaten and staying digested.

go33 - 9 days ago

Another great story. Though judging from the prey’s reaction, does this not set in the same universe as your other story? Do people not reform here?

BardicLasher - 10 days ago

Your formatting's off. You lost all your line breaks!

Anatomy of a Minotaur

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Tags: Oral Vore Scat Digestion F/F Weight Gain Absorption Foxgirl Fatal Unwilling minotaur Unwilling Prey Size difference urine Urination Original Character Disposal RP Log Original Characters Minotaur Pred multiple stomachs sentient fat Sentient Disposal Foxgirl prey

My first RP, done with  Halcyon . A huge thank you to them for helping me out with the basics! Please check their work out!

This was a lot of fun. I'm probably gonna do more in the future.

If there are any errors in formatting or editing, please let me know!

Really not a huge fan of how this is uploading. Gonna try to fix it tomorrow.

Uploaded June 14 2019 

pzu - 10 days ago

I apprecjate it!

pzu - 10 days ago

Hmm if I didn't do that, it'd be somewhat clunky. I'd have to do quite a bit more editing, I think, to have it mesh well.

pzu - 10 days ago

The four stomachs was really fun to write! Something new and interesting for me.

ShinjiIkari - 10 days ago

A great story. I'd prefer it without the pzu and halcyon headers, but I guess you wanted to show who did what!

IvISenpai - 10 days ago

Two great writers and a amazing yet underdone topic, what more could we ask for! Seriously this was great, there isn't enough vore involving minotaurs and their four stomachs.

[Patreon] RWBY: The New Boy #3

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Patron story for Mouse

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[Patreon] RWBY: The New Boy #2

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Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore Digestion Inside F/M Same Size Reformation Fatal writing Farting Big Belly Male Prey Female Pred Human Pred inside stomach yang Cruel Pred rwby

Patron story for Mouse

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Lena eats Helena

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Tags: Digestion Sex Fatal writing devil lesbian Unwilling Prey

A quick story to go with a YCH commission of my OC Lena by  elmonais

You can find the commission here: 

Part of the Team (2/3)

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Tags: Unbirth Digestion F/F Fatal Story writing growth gas Shrinking cheerleader Humiliation Size difference Micro Prey Female Prey Human Prey Female Pred size play Human Pred belly expansion vaginal insertion Living Dildo Belly Rubbing observer Size change

A commission for  KimMadcox!

There's something strange about the cheerleading group Kim just joined, and she's about to learn all about it.

Word count: about 5000.

Thumbnail drawn by the always awesome  MinaHyena.

Like my writing? Check out my commissions thread. There's monthly discounts and everything!

Like writing in general? Join me and other...
[ Continued ...

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A bonding experience (updated)

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Tags: Evil Digestion Bulge Cock Vore bones friends Skull Struggling Sleeping Unwilling Prey Melting Cum Digestion dissolving Betrayal friend cuddle teasing organs Brain forced vore taunting remains Cum Transformation cuddles sleeping prey muffled screaming Futa pred Digestion Noises Sleeping pred unconscious pred melting digestion observer girl pred Detailed Digestion melty digestion muffled yelling muffled yells Friend Prey friend pred cummified remains friend betrayal I wrote most of this before eating breakfast

My first non-RP work. Wrote it when pretty tired, so that may show in some areas. The formatting leaves something to be desired in some places, I was just too exhausted to fix it at the time. I'll probably upload a fixed version later. But I do like it, and I hope others will too c:

Three girls spend a relaxing afternoon together. What could happen?

(version 1.1: fixed some formatting, made Lily sleepier, changed to pdf) 

gva274 - 11 days ago

Aw thank you! That's really great to hear, I'm glad you liked it. Hopefully my future stories will be even better!

waouw - 11 days ago

Poor girl, at least her death was for a good cause

Lewd - 11 days ago

That was unreal. You did some real great work here, god damn. Every element was perfect from descriptive details to the over arching story. Nice.

Safe in her Womb

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Tags: Stomach Unbirth F/M Same Size Story writing Willing romance orgasm Male Prey Female Pred Safe willing prey

Here is just a short little vignette I made based on the suggestion that I should do more UB. I am a little rusty, so I thought I would start small. Let me know what you think in the comments.  

TheDarkTraveler - 10 days ago

Squishy verbs are also useful

Brazzel - 10 days ago

I didn’t think of them because my imagination consists entirely of squishy verbs.

Brazzel - 10 days ago

What Dark said!

TheDarkTraveler - 10 days ago

that will depend on the intended outcome for the unbirth for the story

TheDarkTraveler - 10 days ago

It is fine to give noises the back seat but you mentioned the heart beat so it is odd you didn't mention other sounds