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Inglorious Duty Part 2

Uploaded: 8 days ago

Owner: angrytiger12

Tags: Wolf Fox Bunny Non-Vore prostitution panda Anal Sex Oral Sex Gazelle knotting Straight sex Gay sex Zootopia Nick Wilde Judy Hopps

Duty calls the day continues, is it dirty enough for the heroes. 

DrakeZephyr - 6 days ago

Half expected the mother to be the one eaten and... deposited over/before the puppy. Not sure I fully get the whole, the one with the forfeiting power, isn't part of the fight angle. Would have thought the other... half of the contest, was part of the contest by default

HMDVore - 7 days ago

nicely written

Slimshod - 8 days ago

Thank you~

The story was quite fun. Always nice to see some absolutely dreadful parenting.

Carnoustie - 8 days ago

Hi slimshod. Love your Brenna character.

Slimshod - 8 days ago

And here I was just thinking about your "Pred-jitters" story. Excellent timing.

A Birthday Wish: Chapter 2

Uploaded: 9 days ago

Owner: BunnyWrites

Tags: Oral Vore Scat Dragon Digestion F/F F/M Giantess Sex Cum Domination Mother Dragoness son Macro/Micro Willing Orgasm Unwilling Prey Incest Full tour Willing Pred Sexual content femdom Mother/Son jealousy Adopted character submissive prey kind predator Loving pred Willing prey

Jealousy blooms in Esmond after he secretly watched his friend eaten (but not digested) by his adoptive dragoness mother. He decides to make his wishes known, that he too harbours a desire to pass through her guts, and to know her as more than just a mother, but as a man does a woman.

This is follow up to A Birthday Wish which you can read here:

This was a commission for anonymous. My queue remains open, but involves a lengthy wait....
[ Continued ...

BunnyWrites - 4 days ago

I'm glad you're enjoying it~ And yeah with Garrick I don't know either yet. He wasn't in the original story brief. I added him to chapter 1 as a way to build up to Esmond's eventual first "full-tour" experience. Commissioner was a big fan, and his role has expanded since then. Lots of fun options head~

ShinjiIkari - 4 days ago

I loved that part too. You made her end very humiliating though, how nice, one self insert for every gender~
Loved how she went from devote to forceful. People in distress are so exciting.

I wonder how it'll go on with Garrick, I doubt he wants to stay forever and play little happy incestuous family with them. What I loved the most about this story is, again, your setting of the World and surroundings. It makes me really wanna wander these ruins and go questing, even if there wasn't a hot dragoness that would eat me whole. Thanks for sharing!

BunnyWrites - 7 days ago

Lol yep.

nosuspicious - 7 days ago

I’d still say he got the less shitty end of the deal

BunnyWrites - 7 days ago

It was fun having the two of them in the stomach together, I don't think I've had multiple prey like that since my very first story. Poor Esmond though, being dominated by another meal in Meredith's stomach~

Zelda's May-ternity Birth-may Meal

Uploaded: 9 days ago

Owner: ZeldaNoVorsu

Tags: Oral Vore Scat Princess Belly Soft Vore Pregnancy Digestion Burp Weight Gain Stuffing Fart nice link Swallowing Consensual F/? Birthday Toilet Pooping Zelda Farting tease Gas feeding Willing hylian Big Belly Huge belly Legend of Zelda gentle hero Stuffed belly stuffed tummy wife Willing Pred Female Pred the legend of zelda Disposal Implied reformation Consensual vore Burping Belly bulge Onomatopoeia Gassy LoZ Partner Blushing bloated belly Link prey Gentle Predator Willing Predator Food stuffing Pregnant Predator princess zelda ambiguous gender Digestion Noises pregnant pred Food in stomach Stomach Noises ambiguous prey Stuffed pred Gentle Pred Birthday cake pregnant belly Hyrule Warriors pooping out princess pred Stuffed predator wife pred Big belly pred Reader POV F/reader zelda vore blushing prey toot Reader's POV Willing prey Gassy Pred burping up items Reader is Prey Consensual digestion f/ambiguous birthday vore burping up objects toilet disposal feeding the pred reader prey Nice Pred Tooting Zelda pred Bloated Tummy food in belly burping pred consensual prey farting pred bloated stomach hero prey gassy girl farting girl comfy stomach big poop comfy belly Hylian PreD Reader is Link Bloated Gut partner prey gassy predator Hylian Female bloated pred teases

It's my birthday! Since I wasn't tossed in horny jail this year like I was last year, I decided to write a POV story where the reader is Hyrule Warriors Link pampering a pregnant Princess Zelda. Binging, belly, burps, braps, and bowel movements follow. Enjoy!

Thumb sauce: 

ZeldaNoVorsu - 5 days ago

Thanks! I figured after 6 years it was time for an update to both my gallery theme and my user icon.

rockysavannah - 5 days ago

You're welcome, and nice new thumbnail!

ZeldaNoVorsu - 7 days ago

Thank you!

rockysavannah - 7 days ago

Happy (Late) Birthday!

rockysavannah - 7 days ago

Happy (Late) Birthday!

Erupting with Love
Today was the day, it was the day Francis would finally finally ask out his long time crush Elana. In the past, he hadn't the courage to do so because she was a gorgeous and towering height of 6'6, while Francis was only a meager 5'8. She was a predator that could swallow a man his size easily, while he was vulnerable to be digested. That's how he framed it until his last physical. Until now, they had never had a way to test if one was indigestible, which would determine i

Erupting with Love!

Uploaded: 9 days ago

Owner: FrioDingle

Tags: vomit romance Emetophilia Kissing Tall Girl taller prey tall pred height difference Goth Pred manlet

So this is my first crack at a vore story, and I kinda just wrote this from Libido alone. I was inspired to write this after seeing new yorker by @ELFSEXER69 and reading two stories by @bestgirlRosa. Thanks to you two my Emetophobia turned into Emetophilia (not joking) now you bastards (jk, you guys are great)! Hopefully this story isn't total dogshit.

Anyway, this story involves two characters by the names of Francis and Elana. Francis is a bit of manlet, while Elana is tall goth...
[ Continued ...

FrioDingle - 8 days ago

Thanks man, glad you like it!

Indighost - 8 days ago

Love it! I will have to read those other authors you mentioned as well! I also liled the jokes in the story :)


Uploaded: 9 days ago

Owner: BeGad

Tags: M/F Same Size Sex Fatal Wendigo Female Prey Sexual content Male Pred Multiple Preys

Well hey, it's another failed experiment here! However, this one I think I might revisit some elements from in the future.  

Out of the Frying Pan…Eight months. It had been eight months since they’d imprisoned her in this experimental hell hole. Nearly every single day spent being jabbed, probed, analyzed, and tested by the government’s goons. To what end? Iz wasn’t sure, but she had a few ideas. Some more altruistic than others. In a perfect world, her regeneration could be harnessed and given to countless people. Humans could potentially extend their lifetimes to their maximum natural limit, only dying when

Out of the Frying Pan

Uploaded: 9 days ago

Owner: Whatisaname

Tags: Oral Vore Unbirth F/F F/M Lamia fighting spy Regurgitation Cum Digestion Betrayal murder Female Prey Male Prey Female Pred Mercy Breast Play liquefaction conspiracy Multiple pred trapped in cleavage Mention of gore

It's time for Iz's triumphant return. A surprise visit leads to an opportunity to escape. Meanwhile, Annabelle learns that her latest treat isn't very digestible, so she needs to find something else to do with her. The research team are given a goal, as a giantess' unfertilized egg could be a bold new frontier for both regeneration science and the military industrial complex.

The fourth arc comes to a close. Sorry it took so long. I should also have a commission coming down the...
[ Continued ...

Whatisaname - 9 days ago

Oh yeah, things are getting real. Really dangeorus as well.

Noel had no idea she existed. Rather, she just stumbled across the nomadic Lamia by accident. Someone else from time past might be meeting her soon too.

TheMysteriousSadSack - 9 days ago

So much set up for the next arc has me turbo-hyped for it I cant wait! But man there is some real dread for what these shady government types have in store for Han. None of it sounds like its going to end well for anyone at the very least.

For curiosity sake, I wonder if Noel was really thinking through the whole "find the giant wild swamp lamia" idea through. Like what did she think would happen if she actually confronted it, cause I dont think Annabelle wanted to be found.

As Max is cleaning up his apartment, there’s a knock on the door.

He quickly puts away a few small things and then opens the door.

Minna is already standing there.

She looks better than ever.

She is wearing a short dress.

The Visit

Uploaded: 9 days ago

Owner: porky11

Tags: Non-Vore Sex vacation realistic Casual relationship Underage

Minna visits Max and they have a lot of fun.

If you want to get familiar to the characters first, just read the previous part.
But this story already contains enough exposition to make it work on their own.

It's a bit how I'd imagine a realistically positive a relationship between a man and a girl.
Even if she doesn't like something, she just accepts it as long as he's nice to her. 

Missing Patients [Soft Vore, UB, F/MM]

Uploaded: 9 days ago

Owner: JohnnySniper

Tags: Oral Vore Breasts Tongue Soft Vore Unbirth F/M Saliva Throat Bulge Sex Cum Milf Fatal Unwilling Non-fatal busty Masturbation Squirming fighting curvy Trapped Orgasm Sweat entrapment Squeezing Shrinking mouthplay nurse f/mm Big Breasts tight teasing dildo hypnotic juices hospital tongue play dubcon Throat bulge fucking tight fit Huge breasts Dirty Talk seductive Mawplay Ejaculating well endowed cum swallow Cruel Pred Stomach Bulges Willing to unwilling prey Willing to unwilling Forgotten Short Pred aroused pred alluring unknown ending luring Permanent Entrapment open mouth swallow pleasured pred Used as toy hiding the evidence Snapping out of it Jacking off prey Toyplay Hiding prey Open end

Kai wakes up in his hospital bed in the middle of the night, a series of gulps and wet, slapping noises coming from behind him.

He finds out it's his busty nurse, slurping away and swallowing his shrunken acquaintance that laid in the bed opposite him.

Shocked with fear, she notices him, and unravels her juicy plans for the night ahead.


I wrote this one because I had a dream about a voluptuous nurse that gobbled down her...
[ Continued ...

RasenGun37 - 8 days ago

I don't how to continue the joke, sry

Groblek - 8 days ago

Ooh, fun!

JohnnySniper - 8 days ago

Become one with the vorny~

RasenGun37 - 8 days ago

Fuck, how do I get dreams like those?

JohnnySniper - 8 days ago

I love this! Thanks for repeatedly enjoying it <3

Trials of Friendship: Chapter Thirteen, Something Casual

Uploaded: 9 days ago

Owner: RudeZude

Tags: Breasts Micro F/M Non-Vore Magic Nipples Macro/Micro entrapment Humiliation Micro Prey femdom Original Characters original story Second Person POV Multiple Perspectives RudyZudy

After a relatively intense afternoon, Heather and Chris stroll down to a popular local café for their impromptu date! Along the way, Heather runs into a few faces she's seen before. But what does that mean for Chris, tucked away in the stifling heat of her bra?

My Patreon:

Commission info is down below if you find yourself interested!
[ Continued ...

"Sick of It" Commission

Uploaded: 9 days ago

Owner: Ty975

Tags: Mouth Stomach F/M Giantess unaware Vore story Couple vore relationship Giantess Vore Accidental vore snot

"Veronica has been dealing with a nasty cold for over a week now, still working even while her boyfriend Taylor begs her to take it easy. Finally she relents, on the condition he does an odd favor for her..."

Just so you know, I've decided to rebrand my Eka's and DA accounts under the Paramouth name since we've recently been getting writing commissions and likely need a place to put them. If you've enjoyed the older stories on here and have been wanting more, happy to...
[ Continued ...

SOSMA - 7 days ago

Man, this has tons of my favorite stuff and is definitely one of your best! Female pred/male prey, loving relationship, mouth/throat play... not to mention that I'm a huge fan of braces, I think they make mouths unique!

Personally I prefer nonfatal, but I'm not too picky so an up-to-interpretation ending is good enough for me! Assuming we're going by the (somewhat) common logic that tinies are relatively more dense and sturdy than their giant counterparts, and assuming his clothes will take a little while to dissolve I think that as long as Taylor stays against he walls of Veronica's stomach, he can last until morning with little more than some burns on his skin - which is painful but survivable.

One thing I really appreciate you mentioning AND solving is the lack of breathable air in the stomach, since excess air would usually be expelled by burping. I feel like this is rarely acknowledged in vore scenarios because people like to focus on digestion, but I think asphyxiation would be just as likely to kill you if not be the FIRST thing to kill you. Not to mention that Veronica's attempts to talk to Taylor were deafening earthquakes from this close up (a pet peeve of mine is mouthplay scenarios where the pred can talk just like normal). Including these things as very real threats makes the mouthplay/endosoma portions feel more realistic.

Speaking of realism, I absolutely love how descriptive you were of the environment surrounding Taylor while he was cleaning the slime in Veronica's throat. I'm sure some people found that too gross for comfort, but I really enjoyed it. Personally I think a giantess/vore scenario where the tiny gets covered in fluids or guck is not only realistic, but kind of romantic and more intimate than it would have been otherwise? Specifically in this scenario I feel like it's a "if you're not willing to be with your girlfriend when she's sick, it's not true love" situation as well - or perhaps more like "if you're not willing to be completely engulfed in your girlfriend's snot it's not true love" here. I feel like both partners will become much closer after the experience even if they'll both be in despair during it, and might even become more comfortable making internal exploration a regular thing (after getting over the trauma). I don't really know how to describe it but I hope the gist of what I'm trying to say is getting across.

Ty975 - 9 days ago

Should say the same to you, bud! Keep it up with “Shrunk and Soldl and “Tiny Purge” ; )

Krauser - 9 days ago

Glad to see more writing from you.

psaykotic - 9 days ago

This was an great read, well done!

How Not To Become Lunch: 59 - Clean Up“Is anyone else home?” Jack asked as they approached the door to Fiona’s house. He didn’t really want to answer questions as to why he was covered head to toe in stomach acid.“Yeah, my mom’s probably back with my sister by now,” Fiona replied with mild displeasure. She didn’t want to answer any questions either, especially not once one of their keen noses recognized that it was her scent Jack was drenched in. &

HNTBL 59: Clean Up

Uploaded: 9 days ago

Owner: TheDragonBoy

Tags: Furry Oral Vore Tongue Soft Vore Werewolf Anthro Cute F/F Drool wolfgirl Saliva Same Size Fatal Loli Oral Series Non-fatal friends Post-Vore Licking Implied Digestion Big Belly Wolf girl original embarrassed awkward Anthro Wolf Female Prey Human Prey Werewolf pred Female Pred Collaboration tasting collab Underaged Original Character stomach acids friendship Jiggly Belly Crossdressing Soft Oral Implied Fatality Original Characters Non-sexual nonsexual non sexual furry/human Oral Soft Vore Bugle Oral Soft Little girl Embarrassment Underage predator awkward moment friendly stomach bugle showing off Furry Pred Young pred wolf anthro Furry Vore Anthro/Human stomach juices implied fatal Unknown prey Soft belly Anthro Pred Werewolf Vore stomach acid furry predator anonymous prey loli pred Original setting young predator Underaged pred saliva drool stomach bulging oral vore implied bulging stomach friendly pred original story loli vore Cub Pred furry girl Original World Werewolf/human showering kid pred little girl pred Loli predator washing licking hand anon prey underage vore Same Size Oral Vore Kid predator post vore digestion Oral Vore (implied) Werewolf Predator Fatality implied Wolf girl Pred Werewolf girl embarrassing Same-Size Vore Same sized vore Soft stomach Original Universe Underage Underage pred samesized vore Puppy pred jiggling belly implied nudity changing clothes cleaning up Post-Release Non-sexual vore Sharing Clothes

It's generally good advice to clean yourself up after a predator attack. Nobody wants to be covered in drool (well, aside from you guys, maybe). You don't need slick saliva making it harder to hold your wand or keep your footing. And if you were unlucky enough to make it all the way into a predator's belly- and lucky enough to have made it out again- you definitely don't want their stomach acid all over you.

In Jack and Fiona's case, though, I think they might have some emotional...
[ Continued ...

5UP3RN0V4 - 1 day ago

Point taken.

x9comega - 2 days ago

I’m gonna be really Frank here. Arthur couldn’t give two shits about Jack, not until right up to the moment his exsistence puts a damper on his relationship with Fiona. He barely even registers that Jack exsists until those moments. Those moments piling up and his outburst in the lunchroom are the only reasons why Arthur took real notice at all.

5UP3RN0V4 - 2 days ago

No shit.

MasterGryph - 2 days ago

The authors have strongly implied that Arthur's actions were not all deliberately targeted at Jack. However, they all certainly look like it. And it probably should look that way to the characters as well.

So if Jack and Fiona outline that and accuse Arthur of being the evil mastermind, frankly I can see the rest of the pack agreeing that it's probably true. Just imagine Pyre slapping Arthur on the back and complimenting him on micromanaging everything to make like hell for Jack specifically.

Shadow0000 - 2 days ago

I do believe that Jack will forgive Fiona on the basis of Arthur being the source of Fiona's choice of action last week, but my concern is Fiona towards Arthur, his pack, and herself.

So let's say that the party plan was Arthur's, which was proven last chapter, what's not say everything before it had his direct involvement?

- Intimidating and flirting with Fiona to make her become addicted to marked prey, and playing with her emotions.

- Having Fiona mark a human, and eating the marked prey, in front of Jack.

- Having pinned Ozzy so he can watch Fiona eating Zach, and only playing alone with Fiona's request to spare him, to send a message to Jack. (If he didn't know or aware about Zach himself, he might be aware of his importance in Jack's relationship with Fiona. If he did, then that's another crime altogether.)

- Planning the hunt and knowing that Jack was in there (deliberate for someone to eat him)

- The party having Fiona been driven mad to the point of eating Jack Herself. (Current crime)

Fiona will have to face Arthur's crime as is, but she also needs to understand that she needs to face her own crimes, even if she was lead to do them unknowingly. I think that will be the focus of the next chapter.

Jack will have something to settle for, and a few topics unresolved, but he will still be by Fiona's side. The question now becomes; would the pack do the same, or stand against Fiona?

“ All rise, judge Met residing. “

“ Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. Calling the case of the Galaxy versus Tammy the tummy. Are both sides ready?”

“ yes, your honor, I am ready, “ the prosecutor said. He received the case two days ago. Yet he was confident he could win. It was almost a slam dunk. Between the witnesses, the recording, and the defendant herself. His case was solid.

The trial of Tammy the tummy

Uploaded: 9 days ago

Owner: doomed

Tags: Digestion Fatal Trial planet Unwilling Prey Mass Vore Female Pred Planet Vore Implied reformation f/multiple Graphic digestion Painful Digestion Digestion Noises dark themes

This is a request made for  credxz it took a long time to make because I kept losing motivation and energy for it. And this was a free request so I couldn’t force it either . Plus I had an idea of how I wanted to write this . Only , I knew going in that it would be long. In fact this is my longest story. Depending on reception I’ll likely divide it up into 3 parts .

Anyways I’m sorry it took so long since it was requested last year ;-; but thanks for bearing with me lol ...
[ Continued ...

ironman362 - 8 days ago

Nice use of the courtroom ethos. That was a good read :). Good ending too!

RasenGun37 - 9 days ago

I forgot that you do stories too, you not just one of the guys that comments everywhere lol

credxz - 9 days ago

Thank you for making this!

Fad Diet

Uploaded: 9 days ago

Owner: thegasper

Tags: Oral Vore Scat Expansion Digestion Hard Vore F/M Same Size violence Cooking Fatal Unwilling torture Human Prey Male Prey Sexual content Disposal Human Pred Compression Scat eating female predators Broken Bones Disposal Scat Cooking Alive scat feeding stretching mouth

Nichole is looking to get those gains, so she starts on a new diet. The fresher the meat the better.


First time really getting full-on into scat and definitely my first time doing any cooking vore. I hope you all enjoy! Let me know if you want more scat/cooking in the future.  

thegasper - 5 days ago

Glad you read it.

ShinjiIkari - 5 days ago

Love this story! It's more brutal than many others but that didn't bother me. You said before that you'd like to know what exactly your readers like about it so you may do more of it... Here comes the good things list, hope its a bit helpful at least:
- slight but not overbearing critique on the society, as if Nichole couldn't build a grill on her own just because she's a women
- Not wearing panties
- upskirt scene and how you described her slit
- her assessing his dick size and the story reducing him to the role of a dick haver or food basically
- kissing him on the forehead
- doing smalltalk and getting off while he burns, it gave me a few Farnese vibes (Berserk character) even if their background is completely different
- The real kiss
- pregnant comparison
- her cunt dripping at his please
- calling the shit Jeremy
- getting her ass licked clean
- Feeling up her still partly full belly in the end

After writing this list I feel like I'm just as bad as Nichole. But it's also a fun feeling! Didn't expect it to be so long.

Things I found weird were Nichole wondering if Jeremy thinks about fucking her "tight little holes" (I guess as vore fan I prefer big holes) and Nichole being so muscly. The plumber didn't add to my personal enjoyment, but it was a nice thought about how other people's cum is piling up on Jeremys burial grounds!

Thank you for writing and sharing this story, it was a very good read~

ShinjiIkari - 5 days ago

Love this story! It's more brutal than many others but that didn't bother me. You said before that you'd like to know what exactly your readers like about it so you may do more of it... Here comes the good things list, hope its a bit helpful at least:
- slight but not overbearing critique on the society, as if Nichole couldn't build a grill on her own just because she's a women
- Not wearing panties
- upskirt scene and how you described her slit
- her assessing his dick size and the story reducing him to the role of a dick haver or food basically
- kissing him on the forehead
- doing smalltalk and getting off while he burns, it gave me a few Farnese vibes (Berserk character) even if their background is completely different
- The real kiss
- pregnant comparison
- her cunt dripping at his please
- calling the shit Jeremy
- getting her ass licked clean
- Feeling up her still partly full belly in the end

After writing this list I feel like I'm just as bad as Nichole. But it's also a fun feeling! Didn't expect it to be so long.

Things I found weird were Nichole wondering if Jeremy thinks about fucking her "tight little holes" (I guess as vore fan I prefer big holes) and Nichole being so muscly. Also the plumber didn't add much to it, but it was a missed opportunity on commenting how other people's cum is piling up on Jeremys burial grounds!

Thank you for writing and sharing this story, it was a very good read~

thegasper - 9 days ago

Thanks so much! Knowing what people like nearly guarantees I'll keep doing it in the future. Glad you liked what you read.

KimMadcox - 9 days ago

I would definitely love more scat content from you^^

Nice story, definitely wetted my um... appetite^^'

Just a reminder that I am using a Patreon game(Naked fighter 3d) to show the sex fights as well as the character models, muscle growth, and trait theft. The game will NEVER include actual vore so it's more just a visual aid. Story contains lot's of male/male, human/human, cockvore, and absorption. If you dislike any of those then this story isn't for you.
For a video of William vs Viraj's sex fight, please visit
Round 2

Cockbound Round 2

Uploaded: 9 days ago

Owner: Thibs

Tags: M/M Absorption Gay Cock Vore Cum Orgasm Cum Digestion human/human cock fight Trait Absorption sex fight

William recovers from his first fight and does some intense training to prepare for his next opponent. 

Thibs - 6 days ago

Thanks! I like the reminder of the finality of what's going on.

boomer91 - 7 days ago

Love the bones being part of it ^_^

Thibs - 8 days ago

I've been feeling very inspired lately :p I'm writing up a few more from different series, but I'm also working a lot so I don't know how much time I have to write.

Kodsa - 9 days ago

Two stories in less than a week! Has Christmas come early? Now this is a good feeling!

Infiltrating the Ministry of MagicPhylactery. A very powerful item of dark magic.The purpose of a phylactery is to store a person’s soul, making it separate from their physical body. As long as the phylactery is intact, this person is effectively immortal.Decades ago, there was a mage who went bad. Really, really bad. He pushed the practice of dark magic beyond anything that had ever been done…This dark mage then slowly took over. Even the Ministry of Magic, the central organization that rul

Infiltrating the Ministry of Magic

Uploaded: 9 days ago

Owner: LightDragon

Tags: Soft Vore Non-fatal Bones Macro/Micro hunger Shrinking Unwilling Pred Wolf girl stomach ache f/multiple indigestion Consensual vore Hungry Pred Reluctant Pred friendly pred Willing prey pred in distress Willing to unwilling pred bones in stomach Wolf girl Pred

This is the story of Selene, a wolf girl working at the Ministry of Magic. She is contacted by 3 of her schoolmates, who need her help to infiltrate the Ministry in search for a way to defeat an evil wizard.
And since this is a vore story, the solution is obviously to shrink them and let them hide inside Selene's stomach.
This plan progressively gets out of hand, as the four characters are confronted to Selene's intrinsic nature as a wolf, as well as the actions of the most evil...
[ Continued ...

Ledatic - 9 days ago

I think the play on digestion is neat and oddly kinky! Props on the length, too.

Indighost - 9 days ago

This is a wonderful story! I kove shrinking smuggling stories and there are so many dramatic points and twists here! Great job

1001 Chaldean Nights

Uploaded: 9 days ago

Owner: Fatedmeal

Tags: Oral Vore Scat Soft Vore Digestion F/F Weight Gain Breast Expansion Absorption Same Size Fatal Bondage dream Unwilling Prey Preparation Willing Pred Female Prey Female Pred Multiple Preds Disposal ass expansion storyteller Willing Predator Cruel Pred cruel predator misunderstanding Cleopatra Reluctant Pred Fate/Grand Order Uncaring Pred Bones in scat Nitocris toilet disposal Scheherazade Canon Pred / OC Prey Xuanzang Sanzang prep/cooking Canon/OC multiple stories queen of Sheba Caster of the Nightless City Caster of Midrash

Summary: A new servant has been summoned in Chaldea. One that has had difficulty integrating socially and seeks assistance from Scheherazade. A storyteller that she believes would be able to both relate to her struggle and become her friend.

Word Count: 8783

Author’s Note: This is F-am with another Fate/Grand Order story for this gallery. This narrative format of course takes inspiration by the novel that Scheherazade originally appeared in our world. “1001 Arabian...
[ Continued ...

Fatedmeal - 7 days ago

Definitely. I don’t think I can recall any stories that have had Nitocris as a predator before this one. Wouldn’t mind seeing more in the Portal.

Demihunger - 7 days ago

Always nice to see some Nitocris vore. :3

Fatedmeal - 9 days ago

That is always my intent with these stories. Thank you for the comment.

KimMadcox - 9 days ago


gyaru's cram session

Uploaded: 9 days ago

Owner: pbysteria

Tags: Oral Vore Belly Digestion F/F Burp Weight Gain Breast Expansion F/M Absorption Sex Fatal Anal Vore Gas Bloated dating cunnilingus Unwilling Prey Assimilation f/multiple Butt Expansion Gassy ass expansion Implied Disposal Digestion Noises trait theft Casual vore school setting Multiple Preys Gassy Pred gyaru Trait Absorption romance? gyaru pred human buttplug Apathetic Pred

Another wonderful entry of the gyaru saga, done as well by  Brazzel!

This one features Britney exploiting some discoveries from her previous adventure, and lots of people eating. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have! 

pbysteria - 1 day ago

While it seems like her mind is pretty good at digestin the useful bits, I wouldn't be surprised if an especially perverted meal has her looking at her own belly with a lot more lust out of seemingly nowhere.

LemonBarb - 1 day ago

Honestly, at the rate of prey being absorbed. I'd not be surprised if the Gyaru ends up with dreams of their previous lives, nightmares or such... Before having a craving of absorbing Grant, just prooves too much?

Assuming, she doesn't belch him out before she bears the thought of him 'swimming' in not just her growing fat, but ever ravenous mind and voraciously mutating body.

And that's probably before I might even inquire if she'd be able to do unbirth. Or taking aroused spite over all her past meals, unable to escape the confines of her flesh as aroused fantasies.

DragonDerpxShadows - 8 days ago

This story tops the rest. Can’t wait to see more art as well!

TrainerKatrine - 8 days ago

I read the entire saga just a little bit ago, and oh my is it something! Very interesting to see, and that's a take on bloating that you.. don't usually see! And this feeling of pushing the limits is also very welcome! I think this is a lovely series, and I'm excited to see where it ends up.. even if I can't hide that I'd love it even more with stuff like disposal or gas from the other end.... But that's just my preference, and seeing this apathetic pred gorge herself is quite amazing~

bajillionandone - 9 days ago

This the the best one yet! I love all the creative belching situations, and that final belch is an amazing way to top things off. And the trait theft is a great touch, I love how little Britney cares about human life in the pursuit her self-interests. Her first foray into eating so many people at once went well, I wonder if she will be able to beat her record in the future...

Ryoka firt meal[Story]

Uploaded: 10 days ago

Owner: RyuZuu

Tags: Oral Vore Digestion F/F Burp pudgy Weight Gain Breast Expansion Same Size Fatal Yuri Fatal Vore Willing Pred Female Prey Female Pred Vore story Burping Belly bulge Butt Expansion belly noise Best Friend Willing prey First vore

Hi, it's me again!
I come now with a story that I've been thinking about for a while! This story is based on this drawing by TheAya and an original character from her commissioner.

Note: I'm still working on a big story that I was commissioned, and I'm dedicating a lot of time to it because of its complexity, even so I hope to bring content! By the way, I already have exclusive stories for the next patreon! Stay tuned!
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EloquentOrc - 4 days ago

Always a good idea, especially if english isn't your first language.

RyuZuu - 4 days ago

I'm glad you enjoyed reading and sorry if it was hard to read, but I'm already looking for someone to help me proofread my writing.

EloquentOrc - 4 days ago

English was a bit rough in places, but otherwise a great read.

I love stories where the characters discover vore for the first time, where you get their unfiltered excitement.

RyuZuu - 9 days ago

will keep it in mind, thanks!

BonneStar12 - 9 days ago

Btw i don't have anything to do rn. If you have any kind of sketch for the character if you send me it i can make a drawing for you.

La primera comida de Ryoka[Story]

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Tags: Oral Vore Digestion F/F Burp pudgy Weight Gain Breast Expansion Same Size Fatal Yuri Fatal Vore Willing Pred Female Prey Female Pred Vore story Burping Belly bulge Butt Expansion spanish belly noise Español Best Friend Willing prey First vore 西班牙语

Hola! Soy yo denuevo!!
Vengo ahora con una historia que eh pensado durante un tiempo! Esta historia está basada en este dibujo de TheAya y un personaje original de su commissioner.

Nota: Sigo trabajando en una gran historia que me comisionaron, y le estoy dedicando mucho tiempo por su complejidad, aun así espero traer contenido! ¡Adicionalmente, ya tengo historias exclusivas para el próximo patreon! ¡Estad atentos!

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RyuZuu - 9 days ago


TheAya - 9 days ago


The Apartment

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Tags: Digestion Unwilling Prey Fatal Vore Resigned Prey alternative vore 2nd Person gender neutral prey building pred Mass Vore implied

You just got a new place! State of the art in Bio-engineered architecture! But it might not have been all it had been cracked up to be... 

Mistress's gift

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Tags: POV Digestion F/? Bondage first person Werewolf pred Domination/Submission cruelty Werewolf Vore Cruel Pred dominant prey Willing prey pov vore Werewolf girl POV prey 1st person pov ambigous prey

I wrote a thing! Its a wholly original thing! Re reading it there are some things I really like about it and some glaring spelling and grammar errors I should really fix.... but I am not going to so take it as it is and if you liked it, I have more, hopefully better, writing coming soon! 

It was a sunny day over Birch Ridge Elementary School. It was lunch time and everyone was in the cafeteria enjoying their food. Jackie, the little red haired 4th grader, hummed and swung her legs as she munched away at her sandwich.

"Hey, Jackie! Come on! Let's go play!" A yell from across the lunch room caught Jackie's attention.

Her friends, Andy, Tess, and Taylor, were waving her over. Jackie beamed and stuf

kingarthur0205 - 4 days ago

Thank you very much!

redsquallff8 - 4 days ago

This is an amazing work of art and the story is very good and vore placed so well

Apostolos - 8 days ago


kingarthur0205 - 8 days ago

Yeah. I try to make my stories somewhat realistic. The idea of vore itself is, obviously, impossible but I find it more fun when the idea seems plausible, you know?

Apostolos - 9 days ago

Good, usually either Vore shenanigans are commonplace or never believed at all yet this case it’s believed after they removed the other kids

Elden Ring: Destined Digestion




The battle was finished.


and the Elden Beast had been defeated, Marika’s h

Elden Ring: Destined Digestion

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Tags: Digestion F/M Fatal rapid digestion Quick Digestion instant digestion angry pred Melina Elden Ring Tarnished

!Major Ending Spoilers Ahead!
So this is basically a shitpost. Elden Ring definitely got my creative juices flowing, so expect a couple more serious stories in the future. 

AnAccount - 9 days ago

Hahaha so this must be what the first DLC will be about

Prologue to the Marian Society

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Tags: Unbirth Unbirth (Implied)

Somewhere in our universe or in some other universe, there is a society called the Marian.


LemonBarb - 5 days ago

I'm guessing the secret of "Unbirth", is related to the "devourers" in secrecy. My bet is probably either 'black ops' for execution or 'silencing'. Or possibly to 'add' to their own talent, by stealing from the potential of others, like 'batteries' once stored/trapped in the ovum? :)

A New Start, A New Family

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Tags: Unbirth F/F F/M Giantess Loli Lactation Non-fatal Yuri Licking Semi-willing Incest Size difference alice Age regression Multiple Preds Shrunken man breast crush Between breasts Corruption Gentle Predator shota prey mind break scissoring loli pred oppai loli Reluctant Pred Gentle Giantess Unwilling to Willing prey monster girl encyclopedia Daughter/Father daughter pred holstaur father prey loli giantess multi size monsterfication finger job

Typically, a branch of the Sabbath preaches loli superiority with intense 'little sister' elements. But for this Sabbath, Alex learns that anyone can become his 'big sister', even the girl most precious to him in the world!

Winning the April 2022 commission, Rodderick requested a continuation of their previous commission and I was more than happy to comply!

Thumbnail: 瑞博

Thank you for...
[ Continued ...

NRawk - 9 days ago

Thanks, I liked it too :D

Turbotowns - 9 days ago

Precious Thumbnail!~

NRawk - 10 days ago

All very good and are now rattling around in my headspace lol

GOTO - 10 days ago

These are just ideas for stories that intrigue me, hope you like them.

GOTO - 10 days ago

Or a story about a younger-looking nun who treats children in a unique way. Or a beautiful woman in a long skirt, one of the children disappears around her, and the woman does not know why, despite her love for children.

Diane Foxington vs The Free Press [Chapter 2/2]

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Tags: Furry Oral Vore Scat Wolf Soft Vore Fox Human Anthro Digestion Vixen F/M Foxgirl Sex Domination Fatal writing Willing sweet Blowjob Fanfic Oral Sex gentle Human Prey teasing married couple Fanfiction Disposal knotting submissive Furry Pred Gentle Predator Fox Pred flirting Anthro Pred Reluctant Pred Gentle Pred dominant pred Vixen Pred submissive prey Willing prey good girl written work Flirting pred The Bad Guys (Movie) mr. wolf diane foxington The Crimson Paw

Read Chapter 1 here!

Governor Diane Foxington just wanted ten minutes to relax between meetings, or perhaps eat a nice breakfast… but instead a reporter kept knocking on her front door with incriminating photos.

It just made no sense. Why wouldn’t he just… take the evidence to the police?

And it was so hard to think, with her stomach still rumbling.

What’s a hungry fox-girl supposed to do, to...
[ Continued ...

Tsavo - 4 days ago

Vore with an observer has always been a big kink of mine, so just with that the subject matter hit different.

wolfSnack - 5 days ago

I'm glad the teasing pushed the right buttons!

And FAIR, now I'll see that too, but in Liam's defense his blood is busy between his legs, not in his brain. And he's in an "oh god yes" mood, so I suspect he's not paying close attention XD

Drwhooves - 5 days ago

Love the long build up and teasing in this one,
But my brain won't let me ignore that when Diane asks if he'd mind Wolf joining them, his response of yes would mean he doesn't want it. But just a tiny gripe for a great story

wolfSnack - 9 days ago

Ah, thank you! I'm very happy to hear that. What caught your attention about it?

Tsavo - 9 days ago

Another brilliant work. I love this.

Beach Day

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Tags: Oral Vore Scat F/M Toilet Pooping Acid Beach Unwilling Prey Head First Full tour partial digestion Willing Pred Male Prey Female Pred stomach acids amputation Scarred friendly pred toilet vore Prey perspective Uncaring Pred Casual predator Indifferent predator quadruple amputee toilet disposal Scarring Prey's POV flushed alive Pooping out prey flushed down the toilet de-limbed

There are three sources of inspiration for this story:

A comic by Retale you can find here.
My desire to do a partial digestion story where the prey loses all their limbs but still survives.
And also this girl I know, who was the basis for the pred character in the story. 

Rat_Guy - 3 days ago

I mean, you can imagine anything you want happening after you finish a story, the author's personal head canon is just as valid as your own at that point. That's my view anyway.

Skullhammer123 - 3 days ago

Ah ok cool. To be honest, i just wanted to know whether he survived or not lol.

Rat_Guy - 4 days ago

In my head canon he survives, and he stays friends with her mostly because they have the same friend circle, but he’ll always hold a somewhat substantial grudge against her for turning him into a quadruple amputee. That’s about as much of a sequel as you’re gonna get from me I’m afraid, but if you (or anyone) want to write your own sequel or spin-off or something I’m chill with that.

Skullhammer123 - 4 days ago

Are you going to do a follow up? Because the ending seems to imply there will be. Or maybe its just because cliff hangers are my pet peeve lol.

A story with him finding a way to survive through the sewers might be interesting. Not to many survival stories on here.

notitthrowaway - 4 days ago

I love this sort of casual, friendly, not acknowledging the absurdity of the situation. When it's not commonplace, and the protagonist is unexpectedly thrown into an impossible fetishy situation, but everyone else acts nonchalant (and not cruel). That's the good stuff. It's so specific and rare though, I'm always happy to see it.

If there was one thing Yuma loved doing it was finding old junk and making it treasure. That’s why he had even stopped at the yard sale. But for once he wasn’t looking at junk at all, rather what seemed to be a new polaroid camera. No signs of wear and tear or dust anywhere. He had to wonder if it even belonged sitting out there on the table under the summer sun.

“Hey, excuse me, Mrs. Morris are you sure you wa

Photo Bombing

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Tags: M/M Absorption Magic Vore merge human/human fusion Muscle growth

Hello! Been a while, hasn't it? I wanted to try just doing a straight up absorption/ merge/ fusion, whatever you want to call it story. 

SleepyFighter - 9 days ago

Strange, this didn't show up in my messages. o///o But still this story was very hot to read, always nice to see absorption.

Bunnyfrost - 9 days ago

i love all of your fusion, merge or absorption stuff. my favorite series is the super hero one.

Kodsa - 9 days ago

thank you!

Kodsa - 9 days ago

I would like there to be, I'll need to find some time in the future to write it though

Fintaffet - 10 days ago

This story was really awesome! I super loved the ending and how you described the absorption~ Very fun <3

Diane Foxington vs The Free Press [Chapter 1/2]

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Tags: Furry Oral Vore Wolf Soft Vore Fox Human Anthro Vixen F/M Foxgirl Domination writing Pre-Vore cunnilingus Willing implied scat Implied Digestion Fanfic Oral Sex gentle Human Prey Fanfiction submissive Furry Pred Gentle Predator implied fatal Fox Pred Anthro Pred Implied Disposal Reluctant Pred Gentle Pred dominant pred Vixen Pred submissive prey Willing prey good girl written work The Bad Guys (Movie) mr. wolf diane foxington The Crimson Paw

Governor Diane Foxington just wanted ten minutes to relax between meetings, or perhaps eat a nice breakfast… but instead a reporter kept knocking on her front door with incriminating photos.

It just made no sense. Why wouldn’t he just… take the evidence to the police?

And it was so hard to think, with her stomach still rumbling.

What’s a hungry fox-girl supposed to do, to solve two problems at once?

And what if such a…...
[ Continued ...

RasenGun37 - 10 days ago

Hmm, alright I won't read then

wolfSnack - 10 days ago

Ah, let me fix that! Thanks.

Omny87 - 10 days ago

JSYK the link to the second chapter just ends up back here.

wolfSnack - 10 days ago

Second chapter is up now!

wolfSnack - 10 days ago

The second half is coming tonight!

The Sailor and the Mermaid

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Owner: seehedge

Tags: Oral Vore Unbirth Mermaid Futanari Non-fatal Size difference F/H Female Pred F/Herm Hermaphrodite F/Futa Mermaid Pred Hermaphrodite Prey Willing prey futanari prey

A giant mermaid and a shipwrecked sailor meet on the high seas! I sure hope nothing nefarious happens...

Had this silly story banging around in my head for a while now. It's short and sweet and probably a little weird, but I'm glad I finally got it down on paper. Enjoy! 

thequietmanno1 - 10 days ago

aw, this was both hot 'and' cute at the end. Hope they run afoul of some more futa pirates out on the high seas, that'd be a fun time.

TheMysteriousSadSack - 10 days ago

Very nice pairing with a cute end. Something about the way she flips on fearing the mermaid is also cool, really sells the whole "shes pretty but can also end me" thoughts the sailor has. Thnx for sharing!

doomed - 11 days ago

I need more of this chaotic duo lol

"So then the kid got suspended." "Wow. Over paint?" "Tbh alice isn't very keen on people wasteing it. A whole gallon too! God i hope the kid is alright". The schools hallway was filled with students, it was close to the end of the day so it made sense, the conversation was between two of the few popular kids in school, Marshall Lavender and Edwin nightwing.
Comparing the two edwin definitely stood out more, his lavender hair clashing with his pale skin and dark

Horrible and unfortunate first time

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Tags: Digestion crushing Unwilling Prey Unwilling Pred first time pred Underage Underage prey Underage pred Pred in pain.

Guess Marshall is like his mother, can't stomach anyone.. Now does that mean he has the same reaction to cock voreing people?
We'll have to wait a while to find that out.
Whoa whoa whoa! Hold on. I know i been gone awhile, truth be told ran outta ideas. Been a tough few weeks and whatnot but don't worry! I have enough ideas to do!
This was more based on how a few of makaylas kids could "stomach" somebody. I'll admit that was a bad joke. And to give abit...
[ Continued ...

Xenophage17 - 11 days ago

Awesome stuff, love the young pred, unsure and tough digestion. Only thing missing is an embarrassing gas blast and evacuation.

 On the morning following the day of their arrival in the Coarse Realm, the first meeting of action occurred in a specialized command tent. Utilizing spacial enchantments and Y-axis compatibility fields, the larger acting commanders were able to fit inside along their smaller peers. Folding tables and chairs, collapsable desks, lightweight benches, freestanding counters, pegboards, dry erase boards, bulletin boards, holographic displays, computers, terminals, data pads, tape recorders, blan

ThreeStrikes - 8 days ago

Honestly, it's pretty great.....

VoidInVoid - 8 days ago

Wisconsin is what I was going for. You can be the judge of how accurate it is, since you're from the region.

VoidInVoid - 8 days ago

In order of appearance: First group is Berber-inspired, speaking like Minnesotans. Second group is Nubian-inspired, speaking like Wisconsinites. Third group is Egyptian-inspired, speaking (less noticeably) like Canadians. The dialect aspect came first, and all were Egyptian-inspired, originally. Differentiating them culture-wise came later, and the decision to make the Ushabti was very late.

ThreeStrikes - 9 days ago

If I had to guess, being a Great Lakes resident, either Michigan or Wisconsin

h0riz0n45 - 9 days ago

So the first group of statues are Minnesotan, what’s the second group? It still sounds Great Lakes adjacent but being from the West, the nuances are lost on me.

Llvaria The Night Elf Chapter 11

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Owner: flamebane

Tags: Human Slime Warcraft Frog Vore Vore story Male Vore Fish vore Pandaren goblin prey Patreon Advertisement written work

In the Swamp of Nazmir, Dihac faces off with Ellis the mage as the fate hangs in the balance of nature vs the mystic arts.

Next Chapter:
previous Chapter:

My links:

Release schedule:

I do 3d renders and written vore and Fetish Stories. 

Philomena health clinic. James’ incident

James was sitting at the desk watching the front entrance of the Philomena health clinic. Sana just cheeked in earlier, while Maddie and Cara had been there. They were awaiting the first couple of people for the week.

The automatic door opens, and a woman in a tank top and short pants enters the clinic. She is very

Philomena health Clinic. James' incident

Uploaded: 11 days ago

Owner: abeabe1350

Tags: M/F Absorption Sex doctor cumming nurse Sexual content teasing prey Absorption Vore secretary Cock Bulge CTF cock transformation Professional Orgasmic orgasm face annoying prey professional pred

Been a while since i have done a story in this setting. This is the 60th watcher story pitch. Pitch done by HungryAL. 

abeabe1350 - 10 days ago

You are welcome I do enjoy doing those a lot. It is nice to have someone else give an idea.

HungryAL - 10 days ago

Delightful~! Thabks for writing the prompt!

abeabe1350 - 11 days ago

Glad you liked it.

walkingbyself - 11 days ago

This was a fun short story. ^^

2good2btru - 11 days ago

Exactly! X3

Pregnancy Cravings (Mpreg Story)

Uploaded: 11 days ago

Owner: RedNastyFoxy

Tags: Furry Dog Belly Stomach Male Anthro Pregnancy Stuffing Commission Bulge Non-Vore Story Bloat swollen mpreg Belly bulge Non-sexual trans transsexual Male Pregnancy belly stuffing belly bloat Swollen belly RedNastyFox lakemaw

In a world where females are rare, males and herms are in high demand as surrogate parents. River enjoyed having a belly full of living prey, but he wanted it to last for longer than a few hours. Luckily, he has two faithful friends Tony and King to introduce him to the blissful world of pregnancy…

All characters featured within this story are fictional and above the legal age of consent.

A story commission I wrote for LakeMaw:
[ Continued ...

Girls night out - 5 to 4

Uploaded: 11 days ago

Owner: EloquentOrc

Tags: Cock Vore Cum Digestion H/F drink vore Willing prey masturbating prey black prey

Time for a another chapter of Girls Night Out.

The ladies make it to a bar, hoping to get some cocktails.  

EloquentOrc - 9 days ago

Thank you, that is very flattering :D.

crankzzz - 9 days ago

Amazing story. A unique read <3

EloquentOrc - 11 days ago

Ah you got me, I read that too ;) and yeah great story. Sadly it doesn't seem to be up anymore.

And while I wouldn't say that it inspired this story, it definitely put ideas in my head I used here.

Glad you enjoyed it.

2good2btru - 11 days ago

Definitely enjoyed this part, and the cock vore scene reminded me of another story where two friends go to get special smoothies at this restaurant, and the main ingredient ran out (rich girl cum.) So one friend, who is kinda rich, volunteers to be used to let her friend have the smoothie, it's a great story.