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(STCM) A fortunate accident

Uploaded: 7 days ago

Owner: Mark45

Tags: Soft Vore Human Unbirth Male Pregnancy F/F Commission Female Consensual Unwilling pleasure Story writing Non-Fatal extraction doctor friends Struggling Unwilling Prey Unwilling Pred Medical No digestion womb nurse Willing Pred Female Prey Human Prey Female Pred Human Pred Consensual vore human/human nurses pregnant pred unwilling to willing Unwilling to Willing prey max123 safevore womb storage unwilling to willing pred pregnant belly moving belly medical vore safe vore pred Willing prey safe unbirth moving in belly

A young doctor must help his friend who put herself in a somewhat awkward situation.

This is another commission I wrote for  Max123.
It took me a bit of a while to get this one done, but I am very happy with how it turned out.

Once again, a big thank to Max123 for the support and trusting me once again. 

Broniele97 - 5 days ago

Can’t wait to read it!

Mark45 - 5 days ago

Yes, there will be one, actually. ^^

Broniele97 - 6 days ago

So good! Is there maybe a sequel in the future?

Nightcrawler99 - 6 days ago

This was an amazing piece!
Got ideas for a sequel if you’re interested.^^

Mark45 - 7 days ago

Thank you !
That's convenient then. ^^
It's true there isn't to be that much medical themed vore around.

The Misadventure of Pettie the Pelican 5

Uploaded: 7 days ago

Owner: herosterious

Tags: Oral Vore Unbirth Anthro M/M Breast Expansion F/M Same Size Sex Cock Vore Implied Digestion Implied Vore Size difference f/mm Big Breasts unaware pred Date rape drug Hammerspace Pelican Girl Endosoma Unbirth Morph Earth Pettie the Pelican

Pettie goes out to party and has quite the night, but a seedy individual wants her all to himself. Kevin's along for the ride too, but he's surrounded by predators, will he make it through the night?


Woo, finally finished this one, it's been a long time coming. The tone is a bit darker in this story, I have some upcoming ideas to return to the lighter tone of the earlier stories. Hopefully I find the time to get to them. Let me know what you...
[ Continued ...

herosterious - 7 days ago

Thanks for reading!

Indighost - 7 days ago

Although the kinks in this story have moved away from my interests, your writing quality is always improving which is great.

Indighost - 7 days ago

This is quite differerent from your other writing in various ways, and more like the typical stories we see on this site. Still, good writing.

LivesInAStomach - 5 days ago

Your criticism is noted! I was thinking of the same thing.

Thank you for reading and enjoying the story.

rotta287 - 5 days ago

You have returned!

Not much of a furry guy, but I like your writing still.

Though the shift from the prey wanting out to her staying in willingly felt a bit abrupt at the end for me.

LivesInAStomach - 6 days ago

Thank you!~ It was a pleasure working with you!

Flocas - 6 days ago

Great job with this!

LivesInAStomach - 7 days ago


Cadence goes to bed late at night, tired. She walks in to find Chrysalis slurping up the last of Shining Armor. She finds it sexy and has sex with Chrysalis.

Cadance didn’t realize just how rough life as the “Crystal Princess” would be. The Crystal Empire was so very far out of the way of everything else, she was sure there wouldn’t be an actual need for her to Princess. Getting the occasional urge to go

A Different kind of Armor

Uploaded: 8 days ago

Owner: ArcaneSigil

Tags: Soft Vore Digestion My Little Pony Queen Chrysalis Princess Cadence Shining Armor

Chrysalis gets caught swallowing Shining Armor. Cadance decides she likes it. Sex ensues. 

VoraciousPreyator - 8 days ago

Oh I love this one! Gotta love Cadance's little kink!

unicorn - 8 days ago

Oh, i didn't make this though! it was created by
(very nice person to work with though, and well worth the price!)

ArcaneSigil - 8 days ago

Ha, holy shit. You liked my story. XD I'm kinda fanboying at the moment cause I'd like to get a profile pic gif from you that's sort of like yours. XD

unicorn - 8 days ago

Ooh, that's hot. The lack of concern Cadence has for Shining getting eaten is just delicious <3

Shirou gets a taste for girls

Uploaded: 8 days ago

Owner: anxiousvampire

Tags: M/F Child Prey Female Prey Maid M/multiple prey Unaware Prey Male Pred Accidental vore loli prey Casual vore loli vore Fate/Stay Night Type-Moon smaller prey assistant Maid Prey Unconscious Prey Willing prey Shirou Emiya Fate/kaleid excited prey chloe von einzbern Underage prey sella Kuro von einzbern

Shirou Emiya discovers he quite likes the taste of women and girls. with the help of his equally girl obsessed step sister kuro he decides to go a gulping.

You can also find Nervous on his deviant art

his discord

and his at the moment slowly filling pixiv

or if you are feeling generous perhaps donate to his patreon...
[ Continued ...

A useless goddess fell for a demon

Uploaded: 8 days ago

Owner: anxiousvampire

Tags: F/F Breast Expansion Reformation Loli darkness Unwilling Prey Aqua Female Prey Female Pred Age regression resurrection Kazuma bully Accidental vore Falling down throat loli pred Older Prey screaming prey Helpless prey crying prey accidental pred Disregard of Life Unhappy prey goddess prey annoyed pred Power absorption breast envy Megumin Uncaring Observers Satou Kazuma Lalatina Dustiness Ford kono subarashii sekai ni shukufuku wo! useless goddess but useful snack cruel observer konosuba darkness Kazuma Satou aqua bullying

A commission from who wanted to see Megumin gobble up the useless goddess by accident. and of course tormenting aqua is just fun.

Honestly the fact there aren't rivers of konosuba vore surprises and confuses me. There are few things with so much vore already in the series, and it has even more potential than what does happen. We have slimes who eat people, giant frogs, giant worms, giant fish, rapey fem orcs, demons, the other characters,...
[ Continued ...

The Lamia Queen's Bathhouse Binge

Uploaded: 8 days ago

Owner: ThatGuySigma

Tags: Oral Vore Centaur Unbirth F/F Naga Same Size Commission Lamia Willing Implied Digestion Semi-willing Fingering Mass Vore Monster girl Sexual content f/multiple sex in belly Lamia Pred Centaur pred centaur prey Casual vore

It's not unusual for Queen Thema to eat her servants, but she might've gone a bit too far this time...

(Hoo boy, this one's over 10k words! It's like 25 pages, seriously.)

A commission for Chugly! If you want to commission a story, shoot me a PM! 

doomed - 7 days ago

dude youre not bad at writing digestion, you just need to find your style. that's why you get people who have their prey blackout, some do melty , others do crushing,... its all a matter of preference

VincentShadowScale - 7 days ago

I need to take a day to devour a few hundred cute servants sometime -3-

ThatGuySigma - 7 days ago

Oh yeah, she's gonna have to take a day after all that.

ThatGuySigma - 7 days ago

Unfortunately I'm pretty shit at writing digestion lol, but the commissioner wanted the Queen's prey to stick around for a while anyway.

> see whats going on inside the Queen

A lot of fucking, probably. Like a LOT of it. Like almost too much.

ThatGuySigma - 7 days ago

Glad you liked it dude! I appreciate you giving me so much free reign on this, really let me try a lot of fun ideas.

Daily Life with a Hungry Quarian

Uploaded: 8 days ago

Owner: SmaxTheDestroyer

Tags: Oral Vore Catboy Breasts Belly Soft Vore Alien Digestion Burp Weight Gain F/M Fatal Belch Butt Belching Big Belly Monster girl teasing suit teasing prey Burping Mass Effect Quarian taunting Butt Expansion tight clothes Digestion Noises light scat Food in stomach semi-cruel alien girl monster girl pred catboy prey alien pred Liminal Prey Brief Disposal brief F/F alien girl pred Immunocompromised Pred Mention of pregnant prey

Hey All you Monster girl lovers! got a fresh one here. Alien Girls count as 'monster girls' in my book, so here, have a Quarian in honor of the new 'Legendary Edition' of Mass Effect.

I was wondering how to do this, then I thought, "I can just create a parallel universe where my monster girl verse was the one that discovered the Prothean ruins.
(ANd yes, i AM aware of the whole dextro-protein thing, just pretend thats NOT a thing here... lol)

[ Continued ...

SmaxTheDestroyer - 7 days ago

I’d considered that idea. But i decided not to do it because it put me off. I like this girl too much to do that. Lol

doomed - 7 days ago

dude you missed out on the perfect opportunity. a cruel pred getting instant karma everytime she eats someone lmao . you could've had her get violently ill because the meal wasn't properly sterilized hehehe.
anyways this was great

whitpey - 8 days ago

Wow this was a treat to read. Thank you.

devoureroftime - 7 days ago

indeed it does

Coolwoman - 7 days ago

Yeah it really does seeing there clothes stained and torn

devoureroftime - 7 days ago

not many do the clothes in scat stuff and i agree with ya it makes it hotter seeing remains of once what was a person survive and be identable

Coolwoman - 7 days ago

Glad you like that part just seems like an extra hot bit to the scat

devoureroftime - 7 days ago

another great azur lane incest vore story. been loving the clothes surviving digestion u have been doing lately

Penny's New Fetish (FPC)

Uploaded: 8 days ago

Owner: Heymanand

Tags: Oral Vore Belly Digestion F/F M/F Trap Anal Vore Butt Unwilling Prey experiment Full tour erection Femboy Android hacking escaped prey RWBY Femboy Pred Ruby Rose danganronpa Sayori Chihiro Fujisaki Penny Polendina gatchaman Prey turned Pred Willing prey Doki Doki Literature Club rui ninomiya ddlc Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc Hideri Kanzaki Blend-S Femboy Predators Club FPC Sayori (DDLC)

Hello everyone!
It's been a while since I wrote an FPC related story, but I'm back.
In this chapter we meet Ruby's robot, Penny! Hideri, seeing an opportunity for a new mouth watering prey, comes up with a mischievous idea that requires the help of the FPC's resident tech experts.

All these stories are fully canon to the series and are some of my favorite things to work on.  

kibroman - 7 days ago

magnificent story heymanand
I liked it very much

ChaosShadowX - 7 days ago


Suruga's Afternoon Snack

Uploaded: 8 days ago

Owner: chungus21

Tags: Oral Vore Digestion F/F Weight Gain Fatal Belch Growth Post-Vore Unwilling Prey Size difference Willing Pred shimakaze Azur Lane Suruga

Hello everyone, thank you so much for enjoying my first piece! It means a lot. I think Suruga is a girl that deserves a lot of love and a lot of calories, so here we have her enjoying a nice snack on the job. I've thought about doing a mass vore story next...

Anyway! I've also got a twitter, if you want to follow me it'll be
or don't, that's fine too! 

Gladim - 8 days ago

Interesting one, nicely done.

chungus21 - 8 days ago

Thank you!! Suruga is one of the most underrated AL waifus imo

Raynebow - 8 days ago

No wonder she didn't show up in the event with her partner in crime...

Out of all the shipgals though, Suruga is easily my fave and it's a blast to see her getting good fics! May her temptations spiral uncontrollably and wreak havoc upon the fleets! Nice WORK!

ShadowSun - 8 days ago

Mass vore with ships is always wonderful.

Baking the Business!

Uploaded: 8 days ago

Owner: ReptileKing23

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore F/F Commission Micro/Macro Pony Macro/Micro Implied Digestion Female Prey My Little Pony Female Pred Friendship is Magic Pinkie Pie Fluttershy Sentient Food Ambiguous Ending

Commission I wrote for  SlideV

Pinkamena Diane Pie-Sandwich the party pony of Ponyville! Known for her magical and amazing culinary creations! But.... this time she's cooking up something special! Dive on in and see what's whats cooking! 

ReptileKing23 - 8 days ago

Sorry for the tragic nostalgia m8! Lol

ShinMegamiDerpy - 8 days ago

Reminds me of a mlp creepypasta! Oxo

victoria in the school, survival

Uploaded: 8 days ago

Owner: darkmoon64

Tags: Oral Vore Centaur Fatal Anal Vore Lesbian Willing Big Belly Monster girl Big Breasts Vore story Voreception Lamia Pred Centaur pred lamia prey Willing prey marilu the witch eater

the story of a friend of marilu
victoria is a centaur donkey (half donkey)
she is still a student, on her first day of school she discovers that her teachers want to eat her

I made a drawing of victoria and marilu

thanks to elonquent orc for the help in writing

Friendly Fire

Uploaded: 8 days ago

Owner: RabidChipmunk

Tags: Oral Vore Pokemon Soft Vore Human Male Digestion M/M Fatal Unwilling Arcanine Unwilling Prey Human Prey Male Prey Disposal Male Pred Pokemon/Human Pokemon pred Arcanine pred

Been a while! I'm back with 12K words about an Arcanine swallowing someone whole and enjoying every second of it. This might be the longest story I've ever written. If not, it's certainly close. I have no idea how I ever wrote so briefly in the past, there's so much to describe! Despite the word count, this is almost all vore. Savor it. If you enjoy, then please let me know~

Commission for Guzame ( 

VorishHorish - 7 days ago

This is epic

boomer91 - 7 days ago

Wow, holy shit that was hot. The realisation he didnt want it, the betrayal/indifference, the 'be careful what you wish for' aspect

Great stuff.

RabidChipmunk - 8 days ago

lmao OOPS. Less a plot hole and more just a mistake. I read over that so many times, too! Re-uploaded. Thanks for pointing it out!

Jedzoku - 8 days ago

Did you make a plot hole? Scott went to collect and package from the post office but came back early because the bank was closed.

Nobodyofintrest321 - 8 days ago

Good to finally see you post again! Big fan of your feral pred stories! This is another good one!

The Piano Player

Uploaded: 8 days ago

Owner: FluffyLizardFunTime

Tags: Digestion Vampire Weight Gain F/M Fatal Belch Unwilling Prey Implied Vore Big Belly Gothic Female Pred Big Butt blood drinking Cruel Pred bones in belly

A bit self-indulgent on my part, but let me know what you think

If you feel like supporting my work, I recently opened up a Ko Fi -

Alternatively, my ebooks are available here - 

KimMadcox - 3 days ago

Mmmh, what a lovely "relationship" she has with her servant...

FluffyLizardFunTime - 4 days ago

You're too kind <3 thank you

Raesetsu - 4 days ago

Another great short story!

Session 11

Aisha notices the amulet and the clothes of the girl as she is not from around here or the church. However, the elf thinks Cas is her sister and asks Shiva if the changeling is her long-lost sibling. The angel tells them that she did not find the two of them together when she met Aisha. Cas then lies about being her long-lost sister but fails as everyone sees through the lie.

Dungeons, Vore, and Dragons 11-15

Uploaded: 8 days ago

Owner: Vmaster608

Tags: Oral Vore Centaur Digestion d&d Elf F/F M/F Reformation Futanari Fatal Unwilling Non-Fatal Willing huge Centauress Unwilling Prey Monster girl Female Prey Female Pred Multiple Preds Goblin Male Pred Elf prey Elf pred Huge hips Monster Pred Centaur pred Multiple Preys goblin girl Willing prey

Another thing of session notes. I play as Plio the drow mage.

Also, Notes will be longer thanks to one of the players helping me with taking the notes.

 TheFoxmask Plays as Aisha, Cas, and Lisa.

 Heimko Plays as Kael and Salas. 

Vmaster608 - 8 days ago

True, but not all are good.

Heimko - 8 days ago

"Tika the drow mage"?

Brenden1k - 8 days ago

Wyrmling endo seems quite cute, that was also kind of my party reaction to fighting wyrmlings too, mostly we just wanted dragons on our side.

In a large hallway, the sound of cloven footsteps could be heard echoing through the building. A young tiefling sorceress was walking to her class with a smile on her face as she was enjoying her job.

Her name was Levspira, and she just recently started working as a college professor in one of the cities off of the Sword Coast. She taught magic theory and was twenty-four years of age. Even thou

A Fantasy Teacher's Dilemma

Uploaded: 8 days ago

Owner: Vmaster608

Tags: Oral Vore Breasts Belly Expansion d&d F/F F/M Reformation Non-Fatal Willing Implied Digestion Unwilling Prey Big Belly Big Breasts f/multiple gender bend Tiefling Multiple Preys Willing prey

Requested by my friend  Heimko

This story involves a teacher that does well at her job but is not very good at controlling her students. This is also where vore is created in that world.

There might be a sequel to this, so wait and see.  

Vmaster608 - 8 days ago

Same, and there might be more.

Znonymous - 8 days ago

That was a lot of fun. Love how the students are teaming up to feed there cute teacher larger and larger.

Flo Gets Blown Up

Uploaded: 8 days ago

Owner: TastyAce

Tags: Cat Inflation Feline Bulge Non-Vore Air jaguar Implied Vore Big Belly deflation popping Air Inflation Flattened

Patreon Commission for Peter Kile. Thanks so much for your continued support! <3
Flo gets caught in a fetish-filled game of tag.
Patrons get exclusive stories, discounted commissions, and more! ^u^
Thanks to SurrealSilent, Mike White, keilmichemm., Lightning_Flash, CaptainVupline, JT Tanu, 101loudswords, Selicia, SpudSorcerer, Matthew Scott Harper, AAAKing, eheh23, CDR2Magi, Krikkiter, Jesse Aldridge, Anonymous, Jconner1,...
[ Continued ...

TheWildeWood - 4 days ago

Great job, I enjoyed the surprise and the unique scenario.

Deathpoolband - 7 days ago

This is one of the most interesting stories I have ever read, you did a great job!

ryanshowseason3 - 8 days ago

??? I dunno, it was a throw away line. I considered taking out the judeo Christian stuff too and just leaving it at afterlife in the paragraph before that. Really it's just pondering on his part where he is because he'd never come back in this manner before and it felt like nothing else. He doesn't really know what comes after for a fact, just surmising.

nopeman777 - 8 days ago

Again just wanted to say amazing work! Thanks again for taking my commission

doomed - 8 days ago

that story was phenomaenal. like seriously. but now I kinda wanna see more prey as sentient bellies . or even as sentient belly fat

Two college aged young


were strolling through their towns local hiking trail. It was getting late, and the


October air was enough for


to be wearing long sleeved clothing and pants. The first of the two

women was

Sinnoach's Evening Snack

Uploaded: 8 days ago

Owner: TheFirstDinner

Tags: Oral Vore Belly Digestion F/F Kitsune Breast Expansion F/FF Female Prey Female Pred f/multiple Butt Expansion burping up clothes

The second story following my OC Sinnoach as she awakens from her sealing.
Hopefully she can find someone to help sate her hunger, after all sleeping for four hundred years really works up a appetite.
But hope you all enjoy, and as always feel free to leave any criticism or feedback in the comments.

TheFirstDinner - 8 days ago

Thank you for bringing that up, I just fixed it, and thanks for taking the time to mention it. ^^

Also glad you enjoyed the story as well, and hey cant blame a hungry kitsune for that. Poor girl has been asleep for a few hundred years though, she certainly needed the caloric intake. Even if it is at the cost of her prank, ah well she didn't have to pay the price like certain duo did at least.

Brenden1k - 8 days ago

A cute little story, through the kitsune lacks dedication to see her pranks through inexchange for getting distracted, not a very good kitsune now. /S

I think you had autocorrupt strike when trying to write ill thought out plan

The Bathtub

Uploaded: 8 days ago

Owner: Hawkeye7

Tags: Oral Vore F/M Fart Swallowing swimming Anal Vore Farting Butt Masturbation Gas Squirming Macro/Micro Implied Digestion Unwilling Prey Shrinking Unwilling Pred Betrayal Insertion Willing Pred Male Prey Female Pred gape Implied Fatality Gassy Shrinking Prey Accidental vore Ass cheeks gaped asshole farting girl

Jared decides to take a nice relaxing bath, his girlfriend Rae decides to join him.
Although somethings not right... something's very wrong in fact.... which leads to some strange consequences.

Another 'smallish' story for you all. I attempted to write from the Jared's point of view throughout the whole piece. I hope you like it. 

Hawkeye7 - 5 days ago

Thank you! Really happy you liked it! It’s also one of my favourite kinks! - as you can tell! :)

Andris - 6 days ago

Wow you're on a roll...this is terrific! I like the shrink stuff so this is my cup of tea. A very nice story Hawkeye!

Hawkeye7 - 8 days ago

Thank you for your comments! I hope it broadened your horizons! :)
As to my nationality… alas I’m not french… but I like to sometimes end my stories with Fin. gives it a nice flourish. I can’t remember if it was from my English teacher or not! Haha! :)

Matteo42 - 8 days ago

Good stuff! Not exactly what I prefer, but I can admire good work when I see it

(are you perhaps french, or did you follow when the french teacher told you to put "Fin" at the end xD )

Hawkeye7 - 8 days ago

Thank you ... it means a lot to me. Really happy you enjoyed the story ... i hope there is more to follow soon! :)

Makoto’s Park Visitnomnomfap & Loud-Silence1337================================================================CHAPTER 1================================================================Makoto entered the building tentatively, the 22 year old woman of Japanese descent looking around quizzically. A park employee, a blonde young woman with a long ponytail, smiled and walked over to her, reassuringly.“Hi, and welcome to The Park! First time?”Makoto nodded, “I'm still pr

Makoto's Park Visit (Part 1)

Uploaded: 8 days ago

Owner: nomnomfap

Tags: Soft Vore Consensual Non-Fatal park Full tour Human Prey frog pred Casual vore theme park Multiple Preys Willing prey Multiple prey

A friend and I had run through an RP a while ago, and I wanted to turn it into a stand-alone story. It's from the perspective of her character, Makoto, who ventures into the same vore-themed park in many of my other writings.

It was a great experience writing with her, and I'm looking forward to our future collaborations! 

Nalzindar - 5 days ago

It is great to see yet a another trip back to the park, and it was fun to see a woman who was frightened the first time before getting comfortable (along with the other women that joined her in the belly).
I hope to see more again soon and another hungry predator^^

nomnomfap - 8 days ago

Glad you enjoyed it!

grz01 - 8 days ago

mmm a lovely concept - frogs with long tongues certainly fire up the imagination, thanks for sharing.

Vronica: A Warm Anglier Welcome

Uploaded: 9 days ago

Owner: ElyBlanche

Tags: Belly F/F Fish Story Slimegirl Unwilling Prey Female Prey Female Pred Vore story shark girl Multiple Preds Burping Male Pred sleeping prey Catgirl Pred slimegirl prey burping up items headpat gelatin woman tabaxi Vronica

This is the first part of a multi-part story revolving around my slime girl OC, Vronica. She's a special type of slime girl from a homebrew Dungeons & Dragons ruleset called Adipea, a Gelatinfolk! Basically just slimes but extra tasty.

In this, she finds her way to the port town of Anglier and finds that sleeping in the alleyway was the worst decision she could make with her newfound sentience.

Also, new thumbnail! Done by the amazing Charsh on Furaffinity! ...
[ Continued ...

What Best Friends are For

Uploaded: 9 days ago

Owner: ZeldaNoVorsu

Tags: Oral Vore Princess Belly Soft Vore F/F Burp F/M link Swallowing Consensual Zelda Anal Vore Butt Non-Fatal friends Willing Big Belly Legend of Zelda hero F/fm Willing Pred Female Prey Male Prey Female Pred the legend of zelda Femboy f/multiple impa Consensual vore Belly bulge Safe Onomatopoeia Cute pred Endosoma best friends mooning Safekeeping Link prey Gentle Predator Soft belly Willing Predator Gentle Vore princess zelda Cute Predator Femboy prey friendly pred Gentle Pred safevore cute prey kind predator Multiple Preys princess pred embarrassed pred zelda vore Willing prey Breath of the wild Caring pred sheikah pleasured pred Pleasured Prey Nice Pred kind pred Zelda pred enjoying it hero prey Caring Predator best friends vore comfy stomach wholesome vore comfy belly wholesome noms nice prey Hylian PreD Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity cute preys Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

I had two ideas for Best Friends Day this year. The one from yesterday was developed out of all the days that it was yesterday, but this one came to me originally, due to how close Zelda and Impa are in Age of Calamity. I couldn't not do something for Best Friends Day... and then Link got himself thrown into the mix as he often does. Expect a safe, consensual scenario with a swallowing scene, endosoma time after, some Zelink shennanigans (of course), Zelda booty, and then a little AV to...
[ Continued ...

Coolwoman - 8 days ago

Thank you!

ConflictPanta - 8 days ago

The scat scene was very creative

Egads - 8 days ago

I couldn't agree more!

Coolwoman - 8 days ago

She is great!

Egads - 8 days ago

I have no idea what happened, sorry for the abomination of comments XD

New Jersey (And Sisters)'s Noms - Part 1

Uploaded: 9 days ago

Owner: Wisky

Tags: Oral Vore Unwilling Prey Fingering Willing Pred Smothering Nagato groping loli prey onsen Mikasa Iowa Azur Lane Tosa Amagi Amagi (azur lane) New Jersey (Azur Lane) New Jersey Tosa (azur lane} Nagato (Azur Lane) Mikasa (Azur Lane) Missouri Wisconsin

When New Jersey was announced for Azur Lane, I was very excited. I'm a fan of Eagle ships, and I'd love to see the Black Dragon and her sisters have a nice snack.

I've tried to leave the Iowas ambiguous, since as of writing this they hadn't been announced. Otherwise, I hope you all enjoy~! 

Gladim - 6 days ago

I seen that well good luck to you

Wisky - 6 days ago

Thanks! I liked writing this, though it was a few weeks in the making. I'm looking forward to when I have the opportunity to do more writing, since the Kongo sisters are next on the menu.

Gladim - 7 days ago

Well then you are getting quite ahead of the game. This is something, can't complain that Wisconsin is represented though. I'll have to give in a more indepth read.

Miss Smalls: Spa Date with Anny

Uploaded: 9 days ago

Owner: helenarlet

Tags: Furry Oral Vore Snake Fox Digestion F/F Swallowing Female Fatal Incest Female Prey Snake Pred Female Pred Vore story Sexual content Belly bulge Inside stomach Swallowed alive sexual vore Fennec Fox Fox Pred foursome Fox prey intersex Belly Rubbing Sister/Sister Post-Vore Sex Willing prey intersex pred sex with pred Miss Smalls sex with prey semi-unwilling pred F/I

(The following story was a commission for  unicorn
Because it didn't involve any original characters and I felt it fit well with the rest of the series, I have decided to make this commission a canon part of the series instead of having it as a stand alone story.)

Anny has invited Clawdette along for a weekend at a fancy spa, but Clawdette quickly starts to realize there is more going on then her friend is telling her.

My twenty-seventh Miss Smalls...
[ Continued ...

unicorn - 7 days ago

It's definitely an honour to have something based on my idea added to canon ^.^

TheDarkTraveler - 7 days ago

I know but it's fun to speculate

helenarlet - 7 days ago

Miss Smalls is my most popular series. I feel like if I just suddenly ended it without warning in the next story with Clawdette getting digested by Anny, some of you would figure out where I live and I'd wake up to find an angry mob gathered outside my house with pitchforks and torches and stuff. Next thing I know you'll all have me tied to a bed with a laptop in my lap, forcing me to pull a Gary K. Wolf so the series can keep going on. And honestly I would prefer not to have someone cosplaying as Kathy Bates standing over me with a sledgehammer, threatening to break my ankles if I try to escape.

helenarlet - 7 days ago

Well considering I decided to make this story a canon part of the series, what was implied by those last few sentences will more than likely be further explored in future stories in the Miss Smalls series.

helenarlet - 7 days ago

Glad you liked it. When I was asked to do this story as a commission I knew it would fit very well into the rest of the series. But please don't give me all the credit. The over-all story outline for this one was Unicorn's. I just wrote the story I was paid to write and added little things here and there to make sure it stayed in line with the series.

“Ah, I love this weather, it’s so great!

-It sure is. Good for walks, outside events and little chats like that.

-Yeah totally. I’m so


enjoy it!”

The sun was shining bright, a gentle

Family business

Uploaded: 9 days ago

Owner: BunnyLily

Tags: family Cooking Reformation lovers Loli Story Lesbian Banquet Female Prey Cooking/Prep loli prey Multiple Preys Willing prey family prey written work

Hello people !

Here's another (long) story, I thought randomly about the main idea and loved it, so I wanted to put it in words, but I ended up writing a lot ^^'

Tried a little something, hope you'll enjoy it, but if that's not the case do not hesitate to tell me why ^^

(also, I suck at naming and tagging, but can't have it all, I guess) 

Beware the Storm (Prologue)

Uploaded: 9 days ago

Owner: Aces

Tags: Non-Vore prologue

Where were you on the day the stars fell?

This is the final memoir of Tiberius; former admiral of the Imperial Navy under the rule of Empress Gutamir. He was among the last survivors of the old elven empire, and legend has it, he rediscovered a piece of ancient elven magic known as the Wish Granter.

Tiberius had long ago disappeared among the pages of Peran's history, but when this document was recently...
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Aces - 8 days ago

Apostolos - 8 days ago

Interesting so civil war era then... is there a map of sorts yet?

Aces - 8 days ago

Very limited and not widespread in any practical sense except a few locomotives and maybe ironclads are just starting to be a thing.

Apostolos - 8 days ago

Hmm so beginning of industrialization or at least steam engine utilization?

Aces - 8 days ago

Fantasy / 1800s style setting. Incidentally, it takes place around a similar time to my story The Good, the Bad, and the Hungry.

Vore University [Remastered]

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Hi, so I'm sure nobody was expecting this but this is the original Vore University story but fixed up with added scenes.

I really didn't like all the mistakes in the original and wanted to quickly fix them and add some scenes that were really needed. Thank you to  Ragnow for suggesting the extra scene near the end. Oh and I hope I got the majority of grammatical mistakes and spelling mistakes. There were A LOT more than I thought lol.

This "remaster"...
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Himmi1999 - 5 days ago

Vyatich used to be one of the best writers on here but left with all her storys... You can still find them using wayback machine but not all but her writings were great... She had that talent of being super detailed while also making you feel the stories and the characters... Sth. not many have but I consider you one of these writers.

Himmi1999 - 5 days ago

Vyatich used to be one of the besr writers on here but left with all her storys... You can still find them using wayback machine but not all but her stories were great... She had that talrmt of being super detailed while also making you feel the stories and the characters... Sth. not many habe but I consider you one of these writers.

iliketoread - 6 days ago

Not sure who Vyatich is but I guess ill have to investigate! And thank you for reading my stories!

Himmi1999 - 6 days ago

I had not had this much fun reading anyones storys ever since vyatich left...

Thank you as always.

AnAccount - 7 days ago

I actually didn't get that far until today, and yeah its nice

Office day - coworker

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Tags: POV Oral Vore Pregnancy Same Size ?/F Implied Digestion Unwilling Prey Female Prey pregnant prey ambiguous pred Casual vore pregnant belly Office Lady You/F pov pred

Office work is boring but at least you have people to rely on sometimes.

Written by me. 

EnriqueTorq - 6 days ago

Great story! I really missed such stories.

Friend's house

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Tags: POV Oral Vore Pregnancy Burp Same Size ?/F Implied Digestion Unwilling Prey Female Prey pregnant prey ambiguous pred Casual vore pregnant belly You/F Willing prey pov pred

You've decided to visit an old friend of yours but you soon find out that he has a new GF that is very interested in your predatory abilities.

Written by  PhantomWolf 

salamoun - 7 days ago

All of them are randomly stumbled upon the internet. The most common sites are DeviantArt and preggophilia.

BellyLover045 - 8 days ago

Where'd you find the thumbnail

Couch potato

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Tags: POV Oral Vore Pregnancy Burp Same Size ?/F Implied Digestion Unwilling Prey Female Prey pregnant prey ambiguous pred Casual vore pregnant belly You/F pov pred

First of the series, you made a reservation for a fancy dinner with your GF but she seems to be too lazy to go. Whatever shall you do?

Written by  Hoboman 

salamoun - 7 days ago

Definitely plan to have more of this series.

Krunchlesnitchles - 8 days ago

love it sal nice job would love more


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Tags: Oral Vore Chubby Digestion F/F Weight Gain Breast Expansion Fatal Anal Vore Unwilling Prey Willing Pred Big Breasts huge ass Big Butt f/multiple Gym ass expansion Muscle Girl Nude Female Accidental vore fit prey chubby prey Multiple Preys fit pred Willing prey TikTok fit to fat #CakeCheckChallenge CakeCheckChallenge

I'm back with a new story, this time, 4 girls try the new trending challenge on TikTok.

I been watching some TikToks again and I came across this challenge and said: "Why has no one done a vore story with this?".
BTW, this is my biggest story up to date, 6000+ words. 

Remnant5000 - 4 days ago

Thanky you so much!!

Matteo42 - 5 days ago

Tik Tok, Instagram, Reddit... pff, I believe in Eka's supremacy!

Seriously though, good story mate!

salamoun - 8 days ago

Doubt, I want to keep it ambiguous at best of I ever continue the story so that I don't lose any characters from it ^^;
The Lunar lust series tho, that can be considered having some possibly fatal scenarios since most characters there are one offs anyway.

Apostolos - 8 days ago

Will there be fatal outcomes in the coming chapters?

salamoun - 8 days ago

I actually do have a basic concept planned for it, but I'm not sure I'll be getting it anytime soon since these cost a lot due to how long they are ^^;

Apostolos - 9 days ago

Any plans for a part three to this? It looks like centorea is gonna be permanently MIA at this point to me.

Monster girl mash

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Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore Centaur Human Slime F/F Burp Anime Mermaid Naga Same Size zombie Lamia ogress Cyclops Harpy Yuri Changeling F/F/F F/FF Vorgy Arachne Monster girl Female Prey Human Prey Mermaid Prey Female Pred Human Pred Naga Pred strap-on Voreception Lamia Pred centaur prey harpy prey Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou monster musume miia suu papi Tionishia Changeling Pred Arachne pred Miss Smith Centorea Shianus Slime pred Ogress prey zombie pred Doppel Rachnera Arachnera Zombina Meroune Lorelei Manako Cyclops prey Papi the Harpy suu the slime Miia (Monster Musume)

The girls living with Kimihito are once more forced to stay alone without their darling/master/husband and wouldn't luck have it that it's gonna be another full moon. That's why Kimihito asked Miss Smith if could look over them during the night to make sure nothing bad happens. Oh how wrong he was about it.

This is was inspired by this story as a loose "few months later" scenario

Written by  PhantomWolf ...
[ Continued ...

rxc - 8 days ago

I would like to see Kyoko eat Makoto, an idea could be, that in the fifth trial, Junko executes Makoto and at the same time punishes Kyoko for being late for the trial, forcing her to eat him, I love that idea.

Coolwoman - 8 days ago

Glad you liked it

theonlymatt - 8 days ago

Damn, this is the best one in a while, very well done.

KyngSama - 8 days ago

I would love if it you could make Makoto come out hard as to get back at Sayaka for turning him into poop >:3

Coolwoman - 9 days ago

That would be an interesting one

Aether's Scrumptious Recruit

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Tags: Pokemon Soft Vore Digestion F/F Weight Gain Stuffing F/M Same Size Fatal Unwilling Prey Female Pred teasing post-digestion fat pred melting digestion clueless prey evil pred Teasing Pred Lusamine Implied Sexual Interaction

Moving to Alola from the distant Kanto Region, a man named Lunn is fortunate enough to get a job at the Aether Foundation. Although he isn't fully aware of the companies' big and well-kept secrets. This includes the apparent voracious appetite of the President, Lusamine.


Howdy everyone, I know it's been a long time coming, but I'm back with another story. This time, it's a story that I wrote as a commission for a friend of mine -who kindly asked to be left...
[ Continued ...