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NonBinaryFuta - 9 days ago

"Chad and Karen" I see what you did there, the Alt-right name and "I demand to speak to the manager" Sans is totally going to befriend her some more with that nice body.

Curito - 9 days ago

I love how sans reacted

saintheartwing - 10 days ago

Glad you liked it!

Flara - 10 days ago

This is amazing ^.^

[Writing] Beachside Bunny

Uploaded: 10 days ago

Owner: AlisaBlueBird

Tags: Human Feral Rabbit Bunny Female Anal Vore crushing Bikini Beach pet Unwilling Prey Male Prey Female Pred huge ass Ass vore Human Pred animal prey F/animal F/feral Big ass Rabbit Prey feral prey Bunny prey mammal prey panty entrapment Pet Prey

A short Isabella side-story to tide you over.

I haven't written a story this quickly in ages... Feels good...

Hope you enjoy!

Let me know if you like the story length, or if you prefer a bit longer ones with more detail...

Thumbnail is by TheKite, and you can find it here: 

nutritious - 4 days ago

Geez! That's a hot, ADHS friendly little story here!

Wolfsage - 8 days ago

Darn it, oh well.

AlisaBlueBird - 8 days ago

Wasn't planning on it, no... Sorry!

AlisaBlueBird - 8 days ago


AlisaBlueBird - 8 days ago

Well, the rabbit is called Mr.

The town of Lia’ter, translating in the older tongues as veined stone, sat on the north-western edge of the ring of civilisation that looped solidly around the untamed dragonlands. The reason for the naming of that place was a lot more obvious than that of Lia’ter.

The market was loud as usual, voices crying out fresh deals as competition stirred, the whiney of horses coming from the traveller’s quarter at the northern end of the long, open path that ra

Short Stories of the Dragonring

Uploaded: 10 days ago

Owner: DrakeZephyr

Tags: Dragon Human Digestion Fatal Story

No, nothing dirty implied... anyway. Since Vicarious seems to have gone down like a lead balloon... the second part of that is sitting on the shelf for another day... today you can get something new. Bit of a whim inspired by something else I read, wanted to explore a... slightly different, slightly dark take on some of my common themes... think it came out well enough. Hope you enjoy 

DrakeZephyr - 7 days ago

I can kinda see that. I'm hoping I got across that the humans are on the, outside of the ring, and the dragons on the inside. Such that humanity can go in any direction, except in.

Littledude - 8 days ago

I might have put that in myself, sorry. I was thinking of the line where the dragon said they don't let their own kind go all out on the village. So to me that felt like a game preserve type of deal.

DrakeZephyr - 8 days ago

To me cultivate leans towards the idea of... well, akin to farming. I'd intended to portray a more... "here's the deal. We don't eat humans, humans stay out of this area we designate forbidden. A dragon breaks that rule, we fight them tooth and claw, to the death if need be. A human breaks that rule, same thing. But it'll be a lot easier for us, and digestive for them"
Don't recall talk of village razing... unless I remember less of the story than I think

Littledude - 9 days ago

Seemed appropriate given how the dragon mentions not razing the village per se in exchange for a little nosh here and there.

DrakeZephyr - 9 days ago

I suspect by the time his mind turned to that, he was beyond hearing

win again!” Exclaimed an excited fourteen-year-old girl as she
threw down her controller and lifted her arms into the air in
celebration. Beside her, a rather short and skinny fourteen-year-old
boy smiled as his friend enjoyed her victory. Ava had been invited
over to Jacob’s house to play video games. The young girl had just
moved to town a few months ago and had only made one friend, Jacob,
which was funny because Jacob also had no friends other than Ava. The
other kids in the class c

Mama's Special Treat

Uploaded: 10 days ago

Owner: Chaos

Tags: Oral Vore Chubby Fat F/F F/M BBW Milf Non-Fatal Macro/Micro Implied Digestion Unwilling Prey Amazon Size difference SSBBW Female Pred Safe Endosoma Mother/Son Mini-Giantess BBW pred Implied weight gain Endosama SSbbw pred Amazon Pred Thicc Willing prey Underage prey

Jacob is constantly embarrassed by his clingy, affectionate, and voracious mother Ginny. Finding it hard to make friends he might have finally found someone to spend time with but his mama comes by and nothing stops Jacob's hungry mom when she wants a taste of her little boy.

The winner of my poll for a new story. You voted for it and now you get it. I'll try getting to some of the other stories in my poll in the future but for now enjoy Jacob's story. 

Dooot - 8 days ago

Lucky little guys. Lovely story.

Hawkeye7 - 9 days ago

Loved the story; a very nice enjoyable ride, for us and the teens :)

Chaos - 9 days ago

Nah! Trying to get a guy into his mom so you can have a threesome is peak bi

internetperson12345 - 9 days ago

Getting with some guy just because you think his mom is hot is peak bi.

Chaos - 10 days ago

That sounds very fun. Maybe granny can unbirth mommy and daddy while the kids are in her tummy. It is sound proof after all in her gut.

I’ve thought about doing a grandmother as a pred before but worried people would be turned off at the idea of sexy, hungry granny. But maybe I’ll give it a try with Ginny in the future. Thanks.

Remillia's Origins

Uploaded: 10 days ago

Owner: JustThatDude

Tags: Pokemon Soft Vore Digestion F/F Weight Gain Breast Expansion Magic writing Masturbation Transformation Lucario Unwilling Prey ass expansion sadistic pred Delphox origins Decidueye hedonism

Like any good supervillain, I give this backstory to the big hungry bird and how she came to be said big hungry bird. I also taken the liberty of establishing a canon within this universe I made (like a story revolving around a fetish needs one). Anywho, I hope you enjoy it and if not, tell me why and how can I improve.

PS Apologies for the cliffhanger.

Thumbnail by BioOmega: 

JustThatDude - 10 days ago


unknownincognitoguy - 10 days ago

Looking neat

on the northern coast of Fiore, Silva Town was a popular tourist
destination known for its baroque architecture that sees much traffic
throughout the year. Lucy marveled at the place as she and several of
her friends among the Fairy Tail guild of mages traversed its streets
in search of a suitable inn to house them for the night.
was nighttime, yet even now the town was so alive.
surged up and down the streets, and music was in the air. Had she the
strength, she would have join

Hotel of Ends

Uploaded: 10 days ago

Owner: Vir

Tags: Oral Vore Scat Soft Vore Digestion M/F Swallowing Belching Head First Oral Sex Post Vore Scat Kissing Human Prey Feet first Disposal Human Pred Burping human/human bad end Original Characters teenage prey fairy tail Lucy Heartfilia Erza Scarlet Wendy Marvell Mind Alteration teenage pred large bellies Denis Digestion Noises Alvin wet dream Mirajane Strauss Multiple Preys Twin preds Juvia Lockser Milliana aroused prey Willing prey Kagura Mikazuchi

Fairy Tail vore (crossover) story, featuring

After a long trip to the north of Fiore to engage in their next mission, Team Natsu decide to turn in for the night. Unfortunately, while confident of their power, some villains are more meticulous and insidious than others. 

Combat - 8 days ago

Fairy Tail vore, and by Vir? Christmas came early this year.

Vir - 9 days ago

Many thanks, glad you enjoyed it. ^^

Draconatedz - 9 days ago

This was lovely, I'm a huge fan of hypnosis/mind control and what have you, so the girls all willingly offering themselves up to become cute boy meat was very hot. I was actually really into the line about similar hotels for women dealing with the men, it really got the imagination flowing. Thoroughly Excellent job with this one.

was breathing heavily, running through the Natural History Museum as
fast as she could with Nick following her step by step, carrying the
metal case with the single evidence of Mayor Bellwether’s illegal
activity, making dozens of innocent predators savage for the sake of
ruining the whole pred kind reputation once and for all. It was a
dart gun with a toxin, made of night howlers, turning sentient,
respectable and law abiding citizens into mindless animals, craving
to kill and eat everyo

Erasing the Witnesses

Uploaded: 10 days ago

Owner: 33defence

Tags: Oral Vore Scat Digestion F/F Weight Gain F/M Anal Vore Unwilling Prey Anal Sex Oral Sex Fatal Vore Vorgy Disposal f/multiple Graphic digestion Rabbit Prey Fox prey sheep pred Mean pred Zootopia Nick Wilde Judy Hopps bellwether traditional sex

Bellwether decided to get rid of pesky witnesses once and for all and doesn’t feel ashamed of her methods at all, making her faithful minions fulfill her pervy cravings, while national heroes churn away in her deadly gut…

Thank you to  RedNastyFoxy for making this for me! I hope to get stuff from you soon! 

RedNastyFoxy - 1 day ago

You are always welcome, buddy! I am really glad that you enjoyed the story! Working with you was a great pleasure for me! ^__^

Brenden1k - 10 days ago

No bellwether you are the pred.

Scientist (Gen V) II

Uploaded: 10 days ago

Owner: NRawk

Tags: Pokemon Giantess Stomp Fatal Unwilling Unwilling Prey Shrunken man pokemon trainer Swallowed alive Scientist Odor shrunken prey Crushed New World Order sitting on prey panty entrapment butt entrapment swallowed whole and alive pokemon black and white Pokemon Black/White 2

As with most of the best discoveries and advancements in the history of science, sometimes the best way to find the solution to a problem is to stumble into it. Preferably in a dark, abandoned tunnel with no witnesses.

Check out part one of this story here:

My Chapters Grimmahr's Chapters 

Kuroi could feel her tails flicking restlessly behind her, the six fluffy, white tipped, but otherwise jet black appendages moving almost entirely without input from her thoughts. Her ears were angled sideways as well, and her clawlike fingernails found themselves between her lips, gently but nervously being nibbled on. And what was the cause of her distress, of her rapidly beating heart, of the blood pounding in her twitching, triangular ears? What else would it be but a beautiful woman, one ag

Long Time Coming

Uploaded: 11 days ago

Owner: Apex

Tags: Soft Vore Cute F/F Kitsune Foxgirl Sex Futanari Non-Fatal Lesbian sweet romance Tail Vore H/F Female Prey Female Pred fox girl Cock Growth romantic dickgirl Lesbian sex Futa/F Hermaphrodite Fluffy Tail kitsune predator Futa on female foxgirl pred Futanari sex Fox girl pred no balls dickgirl on female sex

Look, more edited old stuff. This one's got a little kitsune cutie with a craving for the ladies...

*Slight Edit and maybe slight spoilers?* Wow, I can't believe I forgot to tag kitsune/foxgirl. Also (and perhaps pettily) Kuroi has no testicles when she grows a cock and is therefore not a herm by my definition. I will not downvote the tags because I know futa/herm/everything else that means "girl with dick" gets used interchangeably a lot. However, for those...
[ Continued ...

Apex - 9 days ago

Thank you! I like to think I've improved over time, but I also like to think I've always been a decent writer. Considering how little I really changed this story, it's good to hear it's good!

TheMysteriousSadSack - 9 days ago

these edited pieces are really something else, like damn theyre good

Apex - 9 days ago

Thank you!

Apex - 9 days ago

Oops~ =3

perra95 - 10 days ago

Such a lovely and cute story.

[Quick word of warning, you might want to read the tags/description if you haven't already- There's a MAJOR tonal shift from part one]
It was early in the morning when James opened his eyes. He stretched, and felt something move strangely in his stomach. Who did he eat last ni-
“Nat?” he squeaked.
“So, you’re finally awake big guy.” Her voice was weak. “I’m sorry to say this, but I don’t feel so good.”
James was to his fee

Too Comfortable

Uploaded: 11 days ago

Owner: Peptidase

Tags: Belly Human Digestion Drool M/F Fatal Willing romance Semi-willing Hard Digestion Crying Fatal Vore Female Prey Human Prey romantic fatal digestion sad Human Pred Belly bulge Tragic Male Pred depressing drooling Accidental digestion remorse regretful predator Reluctant Predator Reluctant Pred semiwilling Willing to unwilling alternate ending Protective Pred boyfriend/girlfriend Caring prey Caring pred uncomfortable pred Willing to unwilling pred regretful pred regretful prey distressed pred unsafe vore safe to unsafe Wholesome to unwholesome Optional sequel Distressed predator

2 Furious
An alternate ending/optional sequel to this:

In a depressing turn of events, James has overslept, and is too late to spit up his girlfriend, turning a night of light fun into a morning of deep regret.

This was the original ending intended when I started writing "Comfort Zone", but I spent too long making the first part cute and felt that the tone between the beginning and the ending were too wildly...
[ Continued ...

tykylo - 3 days ago

No problem.

Peptidase - 3 days ago

Yeah, maybe I ought to put some stronger disclaimers on this. Glad the emotions are getting through, at least. Thanks for the feedback!

tykylo - 3 days ago

Well in all seriousness this was quite the tonal shift. Threw me through a tearjerker.

It's well written, just big sad. ;_;

threk - 3 days ago

Well shit, now I'm just sad.
Good - Good job?

Peptidase - 3 days ago

I can't decide if I love or hate this comment.

Natalie and James had been together for some months now. They’d been through all the awkward footing around euphemisms about animal food chain relationships and culinary delicacies that couples like them inevitably started on, only keeping “My Sweet” as the designated cutesy nickname. James lied backfirst on the couch, sleepily tuning out whatever movie Natalie had been watching half an hour ago before she flopped down front first on his belly, and started squeezing at hairs in his chin

Comfort Zone

Uploaded: 11 days ago

Owner: Peptidase

Tags: Belly Human Drool M/F seduction Non-Fatal date Boyfriend romance Preparation Girlfriend Female Prey Human Prey teasing romantic Human Pred Cuddling teasing prey foodplay Male Pred drooling Reluctant Predator Reluctant Pred Protective Pred boyfriend/girlfriend Willing prey Caring prey Caring pred uncomfortable pred

Natalie is getting jealous of the fact her boyfriend is eating people other than herself, and wants to see what she's missing. James is more than a little reluctant to treat his girlfriend like his food, but she's got some ideas.

Alternate ending/Optional Sequel separated due to major tone disparity here: [Depressing, digestion]

Fun fact, I had the first part of this story basically done back in august and got too depressed...
[ Continued ...

Peptidase - 7 days ago

It's roughly in continuity with another pair of stories I have up, starting with Awkward Date. It has some similar themes, so you might be interested.

RDRW - 7 days ago

Awesome story! I loved the dialogue and the chemistry between these two, they're such a cute couple.
Also, great lead-up and vore scenes. I really liked the idead with the olive oil.
Plus, this seems like an interesting world, with preds needing to eat but often refuse to. Reluctant and caring preds are kinda underrated. I'd like to keep the sequel optional and see more of them both or this world.

Peptidase - 10 days ago

Aww, thanks. I'm especially glad the lead-up part was well received.

Archeo - 10 days ago

So many new stories in a row! I love all of them, but I particularly enjoy the vibes from this one- you've done safe intimate vore very well here! The voreplay scenes were done exquisitely as well, might I add.

Nino Fuels the Fire

Uploaded: 11 days ago

Owner: Ventiro

Tags: Digestion F/F Consensual Anal Vore Growth Willing Fire Emblem Implied reformation Ishtar Nino Fire Emblem Heroes Nino (fire emblem) Underage prey Ishtar (fire emblem) skinny to chubby

This series is a lot of fun to write, and so it shall continue!

Next up is Ninians turn! 

MotherOfMonsters - 11 days ago

Why is everyone throwing themselves at ech other? How long will the chain continue? Find out on the next exciting episode of...whatever you're calling this.

Neeva waddled through town. Her quadruplets filled belly weighed heavily on her but she kept going. She had gotten a new top and she loved the way it looked on her belly so the feeling of sexiness kept her going.

This was a part of town she hadn’t been to since getting pregnant. She had to take the bus to get here so it was a little far away for her. She had stopped to get lunch, flirted with a cute waiter who was checking out her

Neeva meets Vikki (Collav w/ GluttonousWitch)

Uploaded: 11 days ago

Owner: Naganommer

Tags: Oral Vore Pregnancy Digestion F/F Same Size Reformation Magic pregnant prey Reluctant Predator Witch Pred Willing prey Neeva

A collaboration with  GluttonousWitch where my pregger girl Neeva comes across a magic shop run by their young witch Vikki. Neither were quite expecting what would happen when they met. 

Naganommer - 3 days ago

Thank you. And thanks for letting me use your character, this was a lot to fun to write.

GluttonousWitch - 3 days ago


Naganommer - 11 days ago

I’m glad people like my girl as much as I do.

MetalSlime - 11 days ago

Yay more Neeva

Sink into Soft

Uploaded: 11 days ago

Owner: TristanHawthorne

Tags: Oral Vore Dog Soft Vore Anthro M/M Otter Weight Gain Cum roleplay Hybrid Belly rubs Human Prey Male Prey teasing handjob Tattoo Butt Expansion furry/human Fourth Wall Breakage Male Pred labrador Furry Pred Otter prey Anthro Pred Dog Pred melting digestion Entrapvore Tattooification Fourth Wall belly worship melty digestion hyena prey Safewords safe vore pred sentient fat vore tattoo Teasing Pred hand imprints masturbating pred player prey greedy pred weight gain butt expansion Player vore Possessive pred Masturbating while Digesting sapient fat OC x Player Living Pudge Sentient Chyme Aside Stage Directions

A commission for  Tsumi

Hey everyone, this is Tris. This cute human paid my writer to send me to go eat him. I don't think he expected me to take him back with me though~

Contains: Roleplay, Fourth Wall Breaks, Creator-Character interaction, Fat Dogs, Affirmative Consent, Teasing, Cuddling, Oral Vore, Safewords, Eating the Player, Sexual Content, Painless Digestion with a Continuity of Experience from Individual to Sentient Fat, Boots, Vore Tattoos, Revealing...
[ Continued ...

Bookie - 8 days ago

Everything I love about teasing and sentient fat.

wolfSnack - 10 days ago

Great story! I really loved the understated dominance you used here, while also keeping things really affectionately sweet (and the masturbation into the pred's stomach was sweet, might have to use that in one of my own stories sometime...)

Zacerine - 11 days ago

Sounds so nice. Wish I could meet a big dog like that

TristanHawthorne - 11 days ago

Yeah! He can do it whenever, which is what makes it so gratifying that the player doesn't want to leave~

Zacerine - 11 days ago

Oh wow nice story. So can he reform them whenever he wants?

September 22nd, 1998. The beginning of the Racoon City Incident.
Several people had fallen ill over the last few days, and some had contracted the deadly T-Virus, turning them into vicious, cannibalistic zombies. Fortunately, most incidents were put down fairly quickly, but the public was aware of the incidents and public concern was growing rapidly. Some fled Raccoon City, while others continued their normal lives as most were not yet affected by the isolated episodes. Most continued to go to w

Gamma Hunted

Uploaded: 11 days ago

Owner: jay4034

Tags: Soft Vore underwear teacher ?/F Unwilling Prey ?/M Teenager Resident Evil Students Multiple Preds teenage prey gamma hunter Hunter Gamma naked prey Locker room Multiple pred Multiple Preys voregy Multiple prey

Moments after the beginning of the T-Virus outbreak in Racoon City, a locker room full of girls is discovered by a group of Hunters, Gamma Class...

so, a voregy is a concept i've always been interested in but wanted to see if i could pull off with four simultaneous predators eating four different groups of girls. its a lot harder than it looks in writing, i'll say that much. ^^'

gamma hunters are one of my favourite predators, and yet i don't quite feel like i did them...
[ Continued ...

Bria - 4 days ago

Great story! you can never go wrong with some hunter gammas :)

Marsha's Dreamy Date (Commission)

Uploaded: 11 days ago

Owner: lllll1337

Tags: Pokemon Food Soft Vore Dragon Burp Stuffing M/F Swallowing Belch Belching dragonite Dragon pred belly expansion Burping Pokemon/Human Pokemon pred stuffing weight gain nonfatal digestion Yumekui Merry Sonar Clione Clione

Interested in some additional, *private* time with Marsha, Clione invites him into a dream realm full of food and love.

_ _ _

Not by me - this story is a commission written by  RexLou. I'm really happy with how it came out.

_ _ _

Visual aid for the characters:

Thumbnail art:...
[ Continued ...

Folly of the Midnight Snacker

Uploaded: 11 days ago

Owner: lutro

Tags: Oral Vore Yoshi Chubby Digestion Feral M/F Commission Gryphon Bulge F/? Fatal Story Headfirst teasing taunting SFW Gryphon Pred Yoshi pred yoshi prey

Nohtehya, merchant lord gryphon, is frustrated: Some of his servants have gone missing! One day doing their duty, the next gone without a trace. He finds himself having to snoop and discover where her loyal servants are ending up, only to find their fates enraveled in the long tongue of a fellow servant. Melonball, a plump yoshi who finds servant rations to be anything but satisfying, had found solace in snacking on her fellow servants. Shortly after getting caught in the act, Nohtehya summons...
[ Continued ...

Pokemon Orange Odyssey: Chpt.2

Uploaded: 12 days ago

Owner: Drednaux

Tags: Pokemon Non-Vore Red yellow squirtle metapod weedle bug catcher Viridian Forest Orange Odyssey

Chapter two, this time I took more time to make it. Wasn't 100% proud of chapter one mostly because it felt rushed to me and too short for my liking, so I hope that I've improved,in terms of quality, with this one, if not then I wonder where I went wrong.

And hopefully I didn't make the same mistake that I did with Chapter one. 

Normal Day Two:

Jessica licked her lips gently removing the excess cream from them, she had been eating an ice cream sundae while in the shade of a tree. Flipping through her phone she was trying to figure out what to do on this slow weekend. Scrolling through her contacts she briefly stopped on Ashley’s old contact, her picture replaced with the

Normal day 2

Uploaded: 12 days ago

Owner: Winny

Tags: Unbirth Digestion Cock Vore Futanari Masturbation Willing Oral Sex Cum Digestion F/H Disposal H/H Cum Transformation Sex Toys Hermaphrodite Pred Hermaphrodite Casual vore Disregard of Life Condom filling Hermaphrodite Prey Condom disposal Clothes in cum

Once again it's time for a degenerate weekend with Winny! Whew what a adventure this was~ This one is for those lovers of cuties being reduced to spunk! As always leave comments! What did you like, what did you not like! Anything~ I love comments!

As always I love you all, I hope you enjoy this 10k+ 25 page chapter of degenerate content with Jessica from the Webcam series~



Biggulp - 8 days ago

Next time Jessica should teach them how to have realfun after churning someone up.

Winny - 8 days ago

To be fair only one of them became a stain~ The other one is cleany tied up in a warm thick gooey condom. <3

Biggulp - 8 days ago

Those cumstains can't say they weren't warned then again they cant say much anymore.

ErRynArya - 10 days ago

And you're greedy in your desire to kill cuties~

ErRynArya - 10 days ago

Yes, to our children! Not to me! Killing me would be terrible! Then you'd be sad and alone all the time

"I don't understand..." she said, looking at her belly protrude from the covers. She reaches below the covers and grabs a love handle with one

hand, and

gropes her new fat laden

stomach with the other.






Melissa's Mystery Meal

Uploaded: 12 days ago

Owner: LiterallyWhat

Tags: Weight Gain Post-Vore Implied Vore Unwilling Pred Female Pred unaware pred post vore weight gain post vore digestion

Melissa is a normally petite woman who wakes up sporting an unusual gut, with no memory of what could be contained within.

Part 1(?)

My first work! I'm open to any and all criticism. If I get any response to this I'll most likely continue the story. 

LiterallyWhat - 11 days ago

Thabk you! The sound effexts were actually the last thing I added, glad to know it was the right move.

LiterallyWhat - 11 days ago

Thabk you! The sound effexts were actually the last thing I added, glad to know it was the right move.

SouthernDruid - 11 days ago

This is a good read! Following and favorited, hope to see more from you in the future!

TheSSN20 - 11 days ago

This is a very smartly written story. Looks like you have good experience with writing don't you ?
Anyway, I love post-vore and those descriptions and onomatopoeias were really on point. We need more stories like this, can't wait for a second part !!

carried the shrunken travelers along the Throatway, bothered by no
more obstacles. The outer, southern farms of Grecinma developed in
number as Nadalia got closer to the city. Nadalia waved at a
wolf-like Pawkin sheepherder herding her flock around the pasture
close to the fence between them and the road. The Pawkin’s eyes
were full of wary as she stared at Nadalia and her masked face, but
the shepherd gave a tilt of her straw hat with her crook. Soon, into
the afternoon, the walls of

Back for More Part 19

Uploaded: 12 days ago

Owner: VoidInVoid

Tags: Oral Vore Belly Soft Vore F/F Fantasy Goddess Same Size God Series F/FF Female Prey Female Pred f/multiple Goddess Pred Multiple Preys Regrowth

Haven't had one of the mostly dry chapters in a while. 

Darktroll - 12 days ago

I wonder if Strea will accidentally get Nadalia inside of her while she's in Lauren?

Darktroll - 12 days ago

That means we have to look forward to this one too then.

Darktroll - 12 days ago

They don't have to be shrunken to be smuggled in: Rita could try to pass off as pregnant, a friendly giant holds them in their belly, or one them would about her friends being food to digest. I did mention that zealot centaur being the 'drug' mule for Lauren and Co. In a couple of series ago.

VoidInVoid - 12 days ago

I have a cultivated list. I really enjoyed writing [i]Sloshing Depths[/i], but ever since [i]Parched Lips[/i], the next realm is the one I've been looking forward to the most.

VoidInVoid - 12 days ago

Never say never, but not in the near future. I'm really trying to get away from shrinking stuff for a while, but that doesn't mean I'm done with size-difference stuff for now. I just tend to use shrinking as a scenario crutch too often.

New Life with a Fox Demigod [POV]

Uploaded: 12 days ago

Owner: SupremeToadLord

Tags: POV Oral Vore Food Soft Vore Stomach Burp Goddess Foxgirl F/? Belch Non-Fatal Macro/Micro gentle Willing Pred tasting teasing Slice of Life Demigod Reader POV F/reader Reader is Prey Caring pred Demigod pred senko the helpful fox senko-san Ear cleaning

After another long, stressful day of work, you’re finally home… but then you notice your apartment lights on. You quickly made your way there, unaware of the events that were about to unfold upon opening your apartment door…



Ok, I’ve been wanting to write a story featuring her since I first watched the anime… when the dub first came out, so this has been a long time coming. I must admit, despite having done...
[ Continued ...

SupremeToadLord - 7 days ago

We really do! She absolutely deserves so much more material thst it's unfortunate how little she has. I'm glad to havd contributed to her though & hopefully, we'll see more - She's [i]perfect[/i] for wholesome vore~ :]

I'm glad you ebjoyed this, thanks~

Existing - 7 days ago

Absolutely amazing piece! I love it!
We really need more of her on this site.
Thanks for making this. I've been waiting for something like this for a while.

TryMeIke - 11 days ago

please do tamamo. she's so perfect for vore especially wholesome loving vore and yet fate vore is so absurdly neglected.

SupremeToadLord - 11 days ago

Thanks! Gotta be consistent!

SupremeToadLord - 11 days ago

Thank you very much! I'm glad you love it~

Brenden1k - 8 days ago

I hope you show what happens with block c and the narrator survives but not unscathed.

BIGBIG - 11 days ago

Written by aces

Makuta - 11 days ago

Awesome story for the awesome picture.

SenpaiVore - 11 days ago

Was the story commissioned by Aces or written by Aces?

Dragon808tr - 11 days ago

Your stuff for me is very hit and miss Bigbig, since i find overly large bellys unrealistic. That being said, this was an amazingly written story! I have a bit of a soft spot for human cattle and aliens eating humans (like that twilight zone episode) plus i enjoy hearing about human prep! The demonstration was a nice touch as well as the bits of worldbuilding. All together a nicely written and satisfying story! Good job!

Path of Resistance pt 1

Uploaded: 12 days ago

Owner: DrakentheBlack

Tags: Giant Kitsune Giantess Non-Vore Foxgirl Nudity pet play

Queen Sonja has no knowledge of the fate of her husband Wesley. All she knows is that she must meet up with the rest of the Resistance, and join them on their march north to confront The Queen. Before the journey can begin, a few final preparations have to be made, and so Sonja and her fellow giants must find ways to stay entertained. 

DrakentheBlack - 10 days ago


Nalzindar - 11 days ago

Hehe, I guess watching giants having fun in the water, hurling huge stones at each other would be an impressive sight, especially when none of them are wearing any clothes XD
I would love to imagine Sonja in such a beautiful play, fun to see that she still count herself as one of those who still eats human. And as you say, even though she is married to one!

"My dear, our neighbors are coming over for dinner tonight!"

"Do you mean for dinner to eat, or to dine with?"

“Nice one dude.”

That was Wyatt, Clay’s older brother and a college freshman, after Clay managed to knock his fighter off the screen in their game. He was spread out over one of the two hotel beds, only wearing the pair of sweatpants he had slept in. Clay was always jealous of his confidence. Clay, still in high school, had slept fully clothed, not liking to even take his shirt off in front of others. Currently, he was

Merge Powder

Uploaded: 12 days ago

Owner: Madock345

Tags: Human Slime M/M Absorption Gay Fatal merging Willing fusion Casual Casual vore Lothea Lothea 2150

Clay and his brother Wyatt have to Merge to save money on airfare

Inspired by LucifersChef, big thanks to him as my favorite author on here and for letting me use his setting.  

Madock345 - 12 days ago

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it :)

Readasaur - 12 days ago

This was great!
A fun little merging fic with two brothers.
Very well done!

Jamie's Soda Surge

Uploaded: 12 days ago

Owner: pbysteria

Tags: Burp Non-Vore Cum Bloated M solo Soda Bloat soda belly

A bubbly story written by  RexLou, who also has a ton more stuff over here

Jamie is a cute boy pred that burps a lot. He has recently gotten his predatory appetite and the results have been pretty striking. Jamie was made by  RexLou and I, and has been a lot of fun to discuss future plans for him.

P1an3tv0re - 12 days ago

Its alright

pbysteria - 12 days ago

I see a lot of formatting problems occur for regular text so thought .pdf would work well. Hopefully it doesnt cause you problems.

P1an3tv0re - 12 days ago

Thanks for the file i cant delete

The Porn Star

Uploaded: 12 days ago

Owner: Hawkeye7

Tags: Anal Swallowing Fatal Anal Vore Farting Shrinking Fisting Insertion Male Prey Female Pred dildo porn Facesitting Anal Insertion Analingus Object Insertion pornstar

Visiting a porn star for the first time, he offers something ...incredible, which leads to dangerous consequences.

This my 8th story, centers around a rather extreme internet porn star, which I'm sure a lot of you have probably come across. I hope you like it. 

Hawkeye7 - 3 days ago

Thank you so much for the nice comments. Sorry for it being closed... This was originally for a Halloween submission, but in the end it took me too long to get round to it. :0

I'm working on my next piece... which may have even more bizarre and twisted things to look forward to. :)

soline - 3 days ago

Oh, my, gosh. This is just superb! I love every single bit about it!

Quite honestly my single biggest protest is that there's (seemingly at least) no room for continuation. The device was one-of-a-kind and DNA coded, and totally not an overly kinky Joanne is completely mind-broken by the experience.
Buuuut that's not really a complaint about the story, it's a very suitable ending and I really loved it; I'm just inherently antithetical to close-ended stories because I always want more :p.

Fantastic work, and I really hope we see more like this from you!

Hawkeye7 - 7 days ago

Thanks, glad you liked the story, and the 'near' swallowing scene. I'll try and incorporate that fully into my next one. ;)

Lupe - 7 days ago

This read great! I’m not gonna lie, because of how you wrote it, I really ended up wanting that swallowing him scene to happen haha

Hawkeye7 - 8 days ago

Thanks for the comments - glad it hit the right spot! Will have to consider more on this real life / fantasy crossover.



ix 2

You had recently been on the weirdest date in your life.

Despite that you

were looking forward to your next one. The date had

been standard, you shared a meal at a restaurant and talked about each other’s lives. What made it strange was

Fantasy Fix 2

Uploaded: 12 days ago

Owner: TheDarkTraveler

Tags: Oral Vore Dragon Fantasy drider date Implied Vore Cooking vore Implied Fatality parallel world

second date for John and Charlotte a day trip to London to see a once in a life time exhibit of the Bauer tapestry being displayed in London for a limited time only before being taken back to France. 

Star vs the Quarterback of Evil

Uploaded: 12 days ago

Owner: saintheartwing

Tags: Non-Vore Transformation Power Rangers Female Prey centipede Janna Star vs the forces of evil Star butterfly marco diaz Jackie Lynn Thomas Centiback Multiple prey

A commission for  Mab2, with Star and her friends having a sleepover! Everyone wants Star to use her magic to make a fantastic creature! Well, she does...and BOY do they end up regretting it! 

RttRoBB: Chapter 07

Uploaded: 12 days ago

Owner: lutro

Tags: Feral Commission Non-Vore Story pirate Zebra My Little Pony Interactive SFW Skyheart

Seems the zebra here has a couple choices. And Skyheart's actions will influence him! Will Skyheart treat her prisoner well-enough to convince him to stick with her? Or will Skyheart's thuggish attitude drive him to try and dispose of her?

Find of the rest of the chapters here in my gallery

ShinMegamiDerpy - 12 days ago

Treat her like a friend.

27. Aggressive Merger

Uploaded: 13 days ago

Owner: pizza3695

Tags: Oral Vore Scat Belly Human Digestion Fart M/F Fatal Pooping Belch Farting Gas underwear Unwilling Prey Female Prey Human Prey Disposal Human Pred Consensual Sex Gassy Male Pred Digestion Noises Contract Clothes in scat Eric the Predator

The Masters return home from their honeymoon to find their past has come back to ruin the present. Eric has to deal with the consequences of his actions in the start of a six-part 'contract vore' series.


pizza3695 - 10 days ago

Hayley would likely be a series finale.

pizza3695 - 10 days ago

I think its more the loss of face as well. He's one of those who thinks his image is important, that and his stuff.

doomed - 10 days ago

I like this set up, seems like Victor isn’t that’s mad about his wife and kids he’s just upset Eric ruined his expensive stuff

PickingRoses - 10 days ago

That might not be the smartest idea.. people like me would be too tempted to just pick the option where they eat the most people with little to no regard for the story.. xD

pizza3695 - 11 days ago

I should probably think about a poll for that :P

Mia sits on top of the entrance of the cave as Sarah, Lil, and Jill tend to the crops in the field. Aurora walks out of the cave to see her, “How are they doing?”

Mia sighs, “Well, the good news is that the ashes of the fire will help grow new crops, but at current, if we don’t plant a new batch of tomatoes and whatever else we lost, I don’t know how we’ll manage past winter this year.”

TPA Part 1

Uploaded: 13 days ago

Owner: Eric Sykes

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore Gore Fatal Tragic

A month have passed, but the peaceful lives of the trove is shattered by a mother new and old.

So, I know that this is a week late, but horror just doesn't feel right for me; regardless, I will finish this final act the way I intended to since I finished the last one, and I will do everything I can to complete the remaining parts of this act as soon as possible. After this, I have nothing more written other than a basic outline, so once this is finished, I will be going on hiatus...
[ Continued ...

BTS - 8 days ago

A lot of people with hobbies in a creative field do that when working on something. Including myself.

Eric Sykes - 8 days ago

Sorry, I don't know that reference honestly; most of the time when I write, I just listen to the same song in a loop to help "Zone me in" on what I'm working on. Throughout most of this, I listened to an indie song, "Power of Neo" to keep me in the combat, while listening to "You should be here" towards the end. To most, listen to the same song on repeat might sound crazy, but when you are "Zoned in" like I was, you don't want to change songs since that tends to break my focus.

BTS - 8 days ago

Not going to lie, when one thinks about it the ending kind of disturbing.
There is an anime (I forgot what its called) but saw the clip on YouTube that is kind of similar to this. Its a fantasy genre and there was this monster girl. She looked reptilian. Sh had horns and some scaly skin and a draconic tail. She was busy dying and admitted her love to the main character who was trying to attend to her. She says she wants to be together with him forever and to become one with him. Another woman comes and hands the guy a knife, saying her kind are used as livestock and to grant her one wish. He just goes wide eyed. The monster girl just stares at him with pleading eyes while the other woman continues to try and convince him to do it and to give her death meaning and value, as well as to grant her dying wish.
They also seemed to be in the middle of a desert.
Whether they did it or not I don't know

Eric Sykes - 12 days ago

I will try my best to post them ON TIME, but with very little written after this... just check every Friday night or Saturday of December until you find it.

TheMysteriousSadSack - 12 days ago

What a chapter that turned out to be, still cant believe some of this stuff happened. I suppose things cant be too good for that long, especially with enemies like these. Looking forward to future releases

The Velmilion Menace
by ChibiToy
?/m; Micro/Macro; Soft Vore; Oral Vore; Digestion; YCH
Actually planned to go over it once more but since it's doubtful if that happens
anytime soon or at all and I don't want Agi-chan's effort go to waste: Here you go!
This time I won't do you the favor and give you any info's on the actual Pred. I'm
afraid you gotta let yourself surprise here. (No need to comment on

The Velmilion Menace

Uploaded: 13 days ago

Owner: ChibiToy

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore Digestion Micro/Macro ?/M YCH Love Esquire

It's been a minute since your new life as "Sir" Hugh's squire started and boy... It totally sucks! Being a squire is nowhere near as glamorous as you'd thought and muuuuch less as one of this "knight". As if that wasn't enough, you'll go to war soon. Things look really gloomy but even despite all that, there's a ray of hope left - Actually there are 5 of them but that's another story...

Another big thankie to  Agora for proofreading it. I wish I...
[ Continued ...

ChibiToy - 7 days ago

I'm afraid that's simply impossible. Would certainly suffocate before getting even getting started to crawl through the intestines. And considering how long it would take, if you could manage to squirm through such narrow windings at all - dismissing the lack of oxygen in there - the digestive juices would totally finish the job before one could get to her large intestines.(I'm kinda certain they're even stronger than in the stomach) Additionally, if the pred has eaten something and didn't take a dump you'd be totally stuck without any hope of coming close to the back door xp

Brenden1k - 8 days ago

Should of tried squirming out the back doom giving it a nice massage to loosen it up, maybe it not to late for him.

Graduation Through a Fennec-Girl's Gut [AV]

Uploaded: 13 days ago

Owner: wolfSnack

Tags: Furry Oral Vore Scat Soft Vore Fox Human Anthro Digestion Vixen Weight Gain F/M Fart coyote Fatal Anal Vore Husky Gas Willing Fennec Human Prey Male Prey Female Pred Student Disposal taunting Gassy public vore Furry Pred Fennec Fox Fox Pred Anthro Pred student prey Casual vore student pred Coyote pred bones in scat Willing prey public disposal Caring pred Graduation Fennec Pred

You are the pet of a wolf named Sarah, within a society where humans are prey to ravenous anthros known as "pellis".

You’ve finished all your classes, turned in your final projects, and you’re ready to graduate!

Only one last thing to do: you’ve gotta find a fur willing to swallow you down, so you can be squeezed out of their ass at the graduation ceremony!

Maybe your childhood vore crush, the sexy fennec fox Vicky, can help… ...
[ Continued ...

xvx17 - 9 days ago

Te lo acabo de enviar

wolfSnack - 9 days ago

No sé tampoco; si los problemas continúan, me puedes encontrar en Discord (te enviaré el vínculo).

xvx17 - 9 days ago

No se que paso, te escribi un PM y no se envio, lo volvere a intentar.

wolfSnack - 11 days ago

¡Dame esta idea por mensaje privado! Por el momento solo escribo con presas masculinos, porque el artista solo quiere dibujar presas masculinos, pero estoy interesado en esta idea ;)

Y otra vez, ¡gracias por tus palabras amables!

xvx17 - 11 days ago

me ha gustado mucho la historia. la parte del pedo en la cara. lo de que agregaras una imagen fue bueno para hacerse una idea del personaje. Y los anuncios sonaban como buenas posibles historias.

Alguna vez hiciste una historia con depredador femenino y presa femenina? tengo una buena idea te escribo por privado.