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Arkai Encounters a ``Wild'' Pokemon
It was a calm and peaceful evening in the land of Fento an island in the Pokemon world that no one had yet discovered. Arkai a Dragonite with green coloured scales and silver coloured streaks running down his eyes was enjoying the evening watching the sun go down. He couldn't be happier wondering what the next day would bring when suddenly he heard a movement behind the bushes.
He knew instantly that he was being followed he had heard the bushes rustle twice t

Arkai encounters a "Wild" Pokemon

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: Palkaiser

Tags: Oral Vore Pokemon Rape writing

This a story I made cause I was utterly bored today. This contains M/M Rape Unwilling and soft Oral vore.

Enjoy :3 ( I am straight just incase we get the wrong end of the stick XD lol)

Arkai and Palkaiser (c) me
Pokemon (c) Nintendo 

Palkaiser - 10 years ago

thanks Im sorry if it's a little rusty compared to my other stories its been a while since I did one ^=^;

Justme - 10 years ago

Fun story.

Jungle Rumble Intro
Clarisse leaned herself on the railing, her tail scraping against the back of her legs as she watched the clouds and ground far beneath them slowly move by. Her ears peaked as she heard footsteps on the metal floor and she glanced to the side to see who was coming. It was Norman, the person in charge of this little expedition. Norm

Jungle Rumbe Into

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: MysteriousWriter

Tags: Oral Vore Digestion writing

This is the intro to a little story series I'm writing. It's short and there's only a little Vore in it, but I only spent 40 - 50 min something working on it. 

MysteriousWriter - 10 years ago

It's just an intro, made to leave you hanging or in the "WTF? This is it?" state of mind. The rest will come shortly... or at least the first chapter.

Svartvinge - 10 years ago

its nice, but ends to early sortof....

MysteriousWriter - 10 years ago

I do my best.

Naubol - 10 years ago

Intresting start.

Revenge of the Rodents

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: Kooshmeister

Tags: Oral Vore Wolf Soft Vore Male M/M Squirrel Cock Vore stag Fatal Anal Vore shower Non-Fatal Chinchilla showers Edwin Grimaldi Kooshmeister Chad Lawrence Greg Trent David Putter Riley Crenshaw Rhino Male Prey Gym male predator Locker room

The three rodents return and attempt to wreak their misguided, and ill-fated, revenge upon Chad.

Chad & Trent are © Jay. 

Bookie - 3 years ago

You're welcome. c:

Kooshmeister - 3 years ago

Thanks. :)

Bookie - 3 years ago

So THAT'S how Edwin got his job there. I really like the character development.

LightSpeed - 8 years ago

Murrr, Chad sounds so hawt!! <3 Wish I could visit that Gym. =3

Kooshmeister - 10 years ago

Hmm, I sense something in the future involving Edwin...

A Nice Workout

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: Kooshmeister

Tags: Oral Vore Wolf Soft Vore Male M/M Squirrel Rabbit Tiger Cock Vore Toilet stag Fatal Husky shower Non-Fatal Chinchilla showers Cheetah Edwin Grimaldi Kooshmeister Chad Lawrence Greg Trent David Putter Male Prey Gym male predator Locker room

A trip to the gym changes Bill's life.

This story contains M/M vore and some homophobic content (but not from the main characters).

Chad & Trent are © Jay. 

Bookie - 3 years ago

I later found out. I like this gym. c:

Kooshmeister - 3 years ago

Eh, read further into the other stories. Bill the rabbit is reformed. :)

Bookie - 3 years ago

I'm kind of disappointed by Billy's fate being actual death.
He had a good one though, lucky him.

ouroborous - 9 years ago

"...I should do more CV in the future, then. ^_^"

Absolutely. "Aaaaalmost there," --- man, that's hot!

Keep it up, Kooshmeister! Nice work.

Kooshmeister - 10 years ago

Danke. I should do more CV in the future, then. ^_^

4th installment in Morphology. No long introduction here… email me at [email protected]

another shorty ;)

Brittany Hooper was walking with her best friend, Ashley. They were heading to the on-campus library, and the school's halls were completely empty, except the two girls. And, of course, one other being.

A dark shadow fell from the ceiling, and landed on top of Brittany. She hit the ground with a loud scream, and before the other girl could move, a large tentacle s

Octopus in the Classroom

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: Ravin

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore M/F octopus Tentacle Oral Sex M/ff Foot Fetish

another classroom vore. 4th installment in series, possibly last one for a little while, unless i get good comments on this or the others, then i might make some more. Contains ( an octopus!!!) 

Tai - 10 years ago

That 2nd girl should be lucky she'll be joining her friend, or possibly what's left her. Who knows? :o Anyways, I look forward to your next story. Keep up the good work! :D

Harmony2Discord - 10 years ago

i enjoyed it. It seems a little "choppy" in some transitions, but other than that very nice. I always love octopuses (octopi? haha) as preds. lucky girl.

Welcome back to Morphology! Once again, I'm leaving a nice little comment for you to read! Like the first, I tend to ramble on a little bit, but not as much at least. Also this story has a nice twist at the end.

Like all my stories, this contains some foot fetish. A lot, actually.

Umm… hopefully you enjoy this as much as I do. It's my personal favorite in this series.

Email at [email protected], you know the drill.

School Lunch Isn't THAT Bad!!!

I watched her from

School Lunch Isn't THAT Bad

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: Ravin

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore M/F Unwilling Willing orgasm Oral Sex M/FFFF Foot Fetish

2nd story in the series... enjoy. Vore inside a classroom =) 

Exodus - 9 years ago

Nice, and the twist at the end is really great. I dont think I'd mind going to that school, since most schools have terrible lunches... lol. That ending really makes this story great. ^^

Tai - 10 years ago

Wow, I like how you added that last twist at the end. Definitely added to the story. : ) I think I'm a fan!

This is my first contribution to this site, or really any site. I have been writing stories for years, and thought hey... Maybe I could post some. So I am. This is also the first chapter in the Morphology series, and... As I know you will say, I do ramble on. Quite a bit even. Why? I don't know. It all started…

See? There I go. Anywho, rambling, will try to lessen it in future installments, which will definitely come. Look for two more to be posted very very shortly (possibly today)


Meals on Wheels

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: Ravin

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore M/F Oral Sex M/ff Foot Fetish

First chapter in the series, enjoy. Our vore hero (my hero anyway) discovers some tasty food on a bus. 

spirel5 - 9 years ago

ya know that little escape attempt would of worked 'IF' the stupid girl had actully gone and hid 'all' of her but oh well better for the pred xD

Exodus - 9 years ago

Wow, shapeshifters are great preds. Those two girls orta be privaleged to be caught by such a cool pred, cunning too =D.

Loved the story ^^.

Tai - 10 years ago

What a great story. :D Human female prey is the best dish!

It was a burning hot day in the Chidokai forest, the rain season had passed for now, and only the sun was high in the sky. Its radiance shined in through the various dense pockets of foliage that the countless trees provided. The forest of Chidokai had many thick trees, making it the perfect place for humans or small prey to escape through. Much larger predators usually became stuck trying to squeeze through narrow passages in the massive lumber.

The Pred of Preds

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: Reiko

Tags: Oral Vore Digestion Succubus Naga writing orgasm Oral Sex

Here is my entry to Karbo's contest all about Felarya =3 I hope it is good x3 

GUEST19216 - 7 years ago


Reiko - 10 years ago

*Swoons* much agreed there!

Reiko - 10 years ago

Heheh thank you so much, it means alot to me x3

Reiko - 10 years ago

Awww hehe thanks x3 I just might included her in future stories!

darkmark67 - 10 years ago

beautiful! i love demons as preds, especially, succumbi. Sexy and voracious, a perfect comination!

A New Device

In the hall; Fox, Falco and Krystal were talking with each other when Slippy busted in, a weird-looking gun in his hands. “Guys, guys… Look what I just finished building. I was working on it for so long now and it's finally finished.” He explained, smiling happily. Fox cocked his head, looking at the gun while Krystal stared at it in amazement. Falco looked uninterested like usual and just sat down to hear Slippy. “Just tell us what it is about froggy.&r

A New Device

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: Davmil3111

Tags: Oral Vore Digestion StarFox writing

My half of the art trade with FatalTragedy2004. Fox gets Slippy's new invention that can alter anybody's size. He gets a nice meal from both his crew and his rival's crew. Enjoy 

Davmil3111 - 6 years ago

There are some fatal stories in my gallery :3 But they're all quite old anyways, I don't really remember which.

Choco0 - 6 years ago

Sad it's no fatal

FatalTragedy2004 - 10 years ago

Very nice ^^ I'm still a bit down that I can't work on my part due to my compy situation

Survival of the Species
Part Six:
Delicious Defiance
Story (C) KavenBach 2008
This isn't going fast enough...
Anne looked over at Kayla as their leader stopped and stood, her hands on her hips, watching the scene before her. She was near the top of the hill, close to the front of the ancient brick farmhouse, looking down at the progress of the gate's reconstruction. Or rather, the lack thereof.

Survival of the Species, Part 6: "Delicious Defiance."

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: KavenBach

Tags: Frog Plant Digestion Female Sex Rape writing plant/f Combat Frog/F pleasurable death

Part 6 of "Survival of the Species." The clan continues to work to survive the next Carnasaur attack. However Anne, the clan's Shaman, has to face even more immediate dangers...

Contains two good, drawn-out vore Scenes, as well as quite a bit of sex. Thanks to Voremonger for the request/suggestion of Stephanie's scene at the end.

Plant/F and Frog/F Vore, combat, sex, rape. 

htabdoolb - 1 year ago

"..and provided the plant with some well-earned nutrients since it digested a little of her flesh.."

Damn, just one line, but it's so, so sexy. I love the death flowers, and everything about them. Especially the fact that the retrievers train with them, feed themselves to them, digest a little in them..

I also agree with the other two commentators, this frogly scene is probably your best, the sexiest, the hottest.

Poor Stephanie, she ended up staying inside of one of froglies because of her own hubris. Also, poor other frogly.. imagine how it must feel, having missed out on such a delicious treat. I feel bad for it.

I also love how everyone else in the clan enjoys watching Stephanie fail so gloriously. They're not mean spirited about it, they don't wish her any ill, but that doesn't mean they won't think it's hot as fuck if she winds up swallowed and digesting, just one more bit of girl meat inside a giant frog.

KavenBach - 8 years ago

Glad you enjoyed it! :D

BlackDevil - 8 years ago

Awesome Vore Part's, like harmony mentioned love the details

KavenBach - 10 years ago

Well, thanks muchly! This one was a long time in the works, but if the end product was worth it...!
And as stated in the description, you have voremonger to thank for the two-smaller-Froglies scene. His request was to be a stand-alone short, but then I realized I had a pre-existing pit, and that the idea would work well with Anne's new ability... and, well, Tommy "bringing" her back just kinda happened. But I'm not disappointed in the result.

Harmony2Discord - 10 years ago

read it all and loved in all. the frogly scene was the best yet! love the massive amount of details.

Lucky Tyler, a Fox All for Himself

In a town far from everywhere, a man named Tyler was walking for the town's exit. The wood outside was his place where he could go at any time to think of his fantasy, the one to be eaten by someone else. He recently discovered he had that fetish, being only 16 he still had plenty to learn. He was 5'10”, his short blonde hair and his emerald green eyes matching perfectly with his leaf green T-shirt and blue jeans.

He reached a dead trunk which he

Lucky Tyler a Fox All for Himself

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: Davmil3111

Tags: Oral Vore writing

Tyler has a secret fantasy and when he confesses to Leon the anthro fox, he's surprised the canine actually proposes him to fulfil his fantasy. 

Pyro-04 - 9 years ago

oh no worries. no disapointment at all. update me though with your new stories?

Davmil3111 - 9 years ago

Thank you! And I don't know, only if inspiration strikes me, but I doubt it will :/ Sorry if I disappoint.

Pyro-04 - 9 years ago

that was a great story. do you think there will be a continuation?

dragonx1992 - 10 years ago

Woooooooooooooooooo ;)

Davmil3111 - 10 years ago

*Blushes* I do my best =^_^= And don't worry, I don't plan to stop writing anytime soon ^^

Chapter 2: Welcome of the Wolf

As the two white wolves were slowly making their way up the mountain pass, the large one enjoying his rather large belly and the smaller one eye'ing his own impressive gut, the sun had already stationed itself high above them. It was a long trip to the top where Akela made his home. He grunted a bit as his heavy belly swayed from left to right with every step he took. The poachers it contained didn't help much either as they kept moving and pushing around insi

Chapter 2: A Wolf's Welcome

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: Akela

Tags: Oral Vore writing

The second chapter in the series, enjoy! o_O 

Akela - 10 years ago

Suspense is the greatest way to keep you clustered to the words muhahahahahahaha! *cough*

The_Lord_Wolf - 10 years ago

Excelent! I loved it! I love even more that you have it in chapters so that we have to wait in suspense!

Akela - 10 years ago

Thanks ;)

zwolf - 10 years ago

Once again a great job Akela, can't wait for more!!

darkmark67 - 10 years ago

i will be glad to read them when you are done!

(Disclaimer. Drax is copyright her player drax the fox E is copyright the myself A.K.A. E the eternal_voyager)

Please be advised that this story may contain adult situations

Please be advised that this story contains vore

“I guess your going to untie me now. Right mr e?” asked the vixen chained to a medieval looking slanted table. She was panting with exertion and partially coated in cum from her breast to where the sticky fluid dripped off of her belly. The person to w

alone together part 2

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: e_voyager

Tags: Sex writing

This is the second part of a longer story that i Wrote some time ago with the help a a friend names Drax. drax the vixen is used with permission. it took a while for me get this story in a condition that i'd consider of sharing here but then i like to make my stories as enjoyable as possible for the reader. (Also please excuse and notify me of any typos that you spot in the story that i my fix them for the next readers. ) 

e_voyager - 7 years ago

I never put part one up here. among other things it has no vore in it.

Gypa - 7 years ago

And part 1? Were?

The child
The naga slithered on the damp forest ground heading towards her tree with an empty stomach again. Her short red hair swayed as she moved. She looked back at her flame colored tail. She always thought she'd be made fun of for her tail, being as it was odd for a naga, for a snake even. In reality, her tail was quite beautiful. The sun reflected off of its strong red color with a yellow-orange diamond pattern. It had been three days since

The child

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: JQVore

Tags: Oral Vore Digestion Naga writing

Well, this is the longest vore story I've done to date (05/31/08) Heh, they just keep getting longer. I really like this one. It's my first story involving Nagas, which are slowly becoming my favorite preds. This one in particular involves two new characters of mine. Hotaru, who is a grown, shy naga. And her mother Hiroko, who was known as a "naga of justice" in a way. Eating people who deserved it ect ect. Now, this is first in this series involving these characters. This story focuses mainly...
[ Continued ...

JQVore - 10 years ago

Heh, no apologies neccasary, thanks again for the comments.

Deathworks - 10 years ago


There is no need to apologize.

If you were a Pulitzer-prize author we paid $5,000 a page to write us a story, I guess there could be some responsibility like that.

But you have been writing and sharing your story with us for free so we can enjoy it. At least I do not expect people to be absolutely perfect (hell, I am not perfect myself) and I only point these things out for two reasons:

1. I think that artists here want to get informed about such things so they can improve themselves (provided my comments are correct, of course).

2. I also consider such a "detailed" comment a way of telling you that I was interested enough in the story to actually look at it and think about it. In other words, the more things I say about your story (good and bad), the more I was interested in your story.

From my point of view, your story has a soul and shows that you wrote it in all honesty. And these aspects are something I really respect as they usually yield the results I am hoping for. And your story does vibrate with the emotions I seek, which is why I can honestly support it like that.


P.S.: If anyone has to apologize, then it is me for learning the hard way that BBCode does not work in comments - and we can't edit them to correct this (T_T)

JQVore - 10 years ago

Good points, I do need to re-re-read it to weed out some of the minor mistakes (perticularly the week instead of weak type stuff, it seems I'm relying to much on my word processor) As for my mistep in logic (the thing about the mouse) I admit a fault on my part. I'm usually better at catching missteps like that, I apologize for it. Thank you for the comment :D

Deathworks - 10 years ago


I liked the characters and the basic idea and plot (even though I am not too thrilled about the fatality). However, I do see a few points that may be problematic.

First of all, a minor point of craftsmanship: There are quite a few cases where you have switched words "week" instead of "weak", "they're" instead of "their", "her" instead of "here". They don't ruin the story, but they are something you can easily weed out by reading slowly through the text one time again. (And since all are correct English words, spellchecking software can not help you)

Secondly, there is still a lot of room for descriptions. Concerning the bandits, I have only a very vague impression what they look like and what their clothes look like. Chain mail? Full plate mail? Breast plate on leather? Breast plate on chain mail? Cloth armor? Simple clothes?

Finally, there are a few items where I have logic problems.

The first of these is the dagger. Imagine you and your companion have just cheated a woman in a nearby village and are now camping in the middle of a wild forest where there may be dangerous animals like wolves, stray dogs, snakes, bears around. Not to mention that there also may be people out for your bounty. You are kind of an experienced thief.

Then you hear an unusual sound nearby.

You feel a sense of dread, that there may be something or someone nearby who wants to kill you. You get ready to fight. All alone just with your partner there.

And you do not draw your dagger?

Even if you prefer to flee, it would make sense to draw the dagger in order to threaten the enemy in a bluff, and if that does not work, in order to throw it at the enemy or hit him with it in order to slow his pursuit.

Considering that the bandits are in a dangerous environment and they are used to that, it seems unlikely that they do not ready their weapons in order to defend themselves.

The second logic issue I want to address is [b]Hotaru-chan[/b]'s first meal.

You mention that [b]Hotaru-chan[/b] had learned to stalk and catch mice, rabbits, and the like.

On the other hand, you then describe the mouse she catches as if it was the first time she ate something like that.

It seems rather odd for beings living in the wilderness not to eat what they catch.

Especially when a young one is learning the trade, I would expect her to definitely eat the first animal she has caught herself with at least some feeling of accomplishment, even if she is not so fond of hunting in general.

Finally, I was wondering about [b]Hotaru-chan[/b] trying to eat the firefly.

This is not something I feel strongly about, but that actually stroke me as odd.

If she marvelled at their beauty, why would she want to eat them?

She did not really appear to be glutonous, so this kind of surprised me.

But again, this last point is just a vague feeling.

Anyhow, I do like the (non-human) characters.

While some static descriptions feel a bit short, your descriptions of individual events are quite nice. For instance, I liked how [b]Hotaru-chan[/b] spits out the firefly.

Your efforts to bring us to understand [b]Hotaru-chan[/b]'s feelings are also something I hold in high esteem.

As for the aborted rape, I think it works very well in the story line. Please allow me not comment on the technical details of it, as this is kind of something I am not really interested in. For me, it is sufficient that it helps establish the relationships there.

Anyhow, it is definitely a nice story and I hope we get to see more of the young naga in the future.


JQVore - 10 years ago

:) thanks, glad you liked it :D

The Garden Stroll

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: KavenBach

Tags: Plant Digestion tentacle rape

A young woman gets a Dream Job house-sitting for an eccentric rich lady... but the lady neglects to warn her about something... Plant/F Vore, sex. 

KavenBach - 8 years ago

Glad you're enjoying them so much! Always nice to have a new reader appreciate my scribbles. :)


SlyMoogleGirl - 8 years ago

...I almost want to know what you cold do to me now, I have read three of your stories and each onedriving me wild kupo

KavenBach - 10 years ago

Thank you very much. I have been wanting to improve my characterization skills, and if it's paying off then good! Glad you enjoyed it Sir. And, well... I'm sure you know this by now, but I prefer stories with vore in them, as opposed to vore with a semblance of a story somewhere in there. -_- Long lead-ups just feel better to me. Then again I might have a smidge more of an attention span than most internet surfers. -_-

Omega - 10 years ago

Interesting story. You are definitly getting the hang now of describing the characters in more detail and fleshing them out well. Quite a bit of lead-in on this one too!

As for plants and pod-sex-probes. Thats been around quite a while now. It's the main, aheh, thrust of Strikers sexual-battery plant monster series of stories and features in the second animation I did of that. It's even shown up briefly in the "Evil Dead" movies.

soldier148 - 10 years ago

ah. well now you know he does. he's working on some right now, i know from his DA journal, but he works slowly, but i guess that's how stories work

The Carnivorous Horse
By Halcyon
For Unicorn


Nietzsche the anthro goat had a lifestyle that she thought suited her species. She was in
charge of the livestock at her barn, where she raised goats and sold when they were old enough.
Right now, she owned about a dozen young goats, all of whom she took care of.

But that wasn't all Niet did, she also had a large pet horse whish she took care of for
herself. It wasn't very old as far as s

The Carnivorous Horse

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: Halcyon

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore Human Male Horse Digestion Feral Fatal Animal Halcyon Goat M/? beastiality

?/? Soft Vore; mostly a prequel. Unicorn's request, and there shall definitley be more eventually. Part 1 of 3. 

Halcyon - 3 years ago

Afraid not :( I'm well into my other projects, now. I hope you enjoyed it, though!

playafreek - 3 years ago

You didn't finish it!

Halcyon - 4 years ago

At this point I can safely say that there won't ever be a sequel... but thank you, everybody, for enjoying the original! And for the comments!

Brainfood - 4 years ago


dragonboy - 10 years ago

cant wait see other parts too!

Lunch for a Lucario
By Halcyon
For Again_Again


Mew was getting more and more tired. Breathing heavily, he shot through the dense forest
in a desperate attempt to escape the hungry predator following him. After only a few minutes
in the forest, Mew had met a nice female Lucario named Luna. They talked for about a minute,
before she started acting strange. Then, she tried to eat him! Mew just barely escaped, and she
was chasing him, f

Lunch for a Lucario

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: Halcyon

Tags: Oral Vore Pokemon Digestion Halcyon Lucario

F/m SV Some digestion; Here's my third completed request, for Again_Again. A Mew is chased through the woods before becoming lunch for a hungry female Lucario. Enjoy : ) 

Halcyon - 8 years ago

Thanks =D

miller100 - 8 years ago


miller100 - 8 years ago

lol roleplaying on commits.nise story and me love pokemon vore(seviper is the though)

opop237 - 9 years ago


Halcyon - 9 years ago


Fool's Gold
By Halcyon
For Sparky the Chu


The chill wind battered Sparky as he tried to scale the forbidding cliffside. It was
getting quite dark now, and it seemed as though each thrust from his pick into the frozen ice
was getting harder and harder, although he didn't have much farther to go. Sparky had come all
of the way out to this icy mountain, because of the tales he had heard. There were legends of
a massive Dragon's cave on the to

Fool's Gold

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: Halcyon

Tags: Oral Vore Scat Wolf Male Digestion Sparky Halcyon ?/M

?/m SV Digestion Scat; For Sparky the Chu, a pichu goes mountain climbing in search of treasure when he runs into a hungry wolf. Vore ensues! I really like how this one came out. 

dragonfred - 8 years ago

good story!

Justme - 10 years ago

Good story i enjoyed reading it.

Halcyon - 10 years ago

No problem, it was fun to write. Glad you liked it : )

Sparky_the_chu - 10 years ago

it's a very very very good story and way more than I expected too! thank you so much! n.n *huggles*

The Catgirl's Snack
By Halcyon
For Kollikodon


The huge Catgirl stood on the edge of the small town, her stomach gurgling.
When you were 200 feet tall, you got hungry easily. And right now, Aelyn's last meal was
nothing but a festering pile in the woods. But, that was made of villagers from another town,
far away. How was she supposed to know what the people of this town tasted like? She was hungry,
but couldn't attack just yet. No, that would

The Catgirl's Snack

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: Halcyon

Tags: Oral Vore Scat Male Digestion F/M Feline Female Fatal peeing Halcyon Macro/Micro Post Vore Scat Human Prey disposal

F/M SV Digestion Scat; My first request, done for Kollikodon. It's about pretty much the title... although it is a little short. 

Halcyon - 5 years ago

Thanks very much! It's hard to believe I wrote this five years ago. I appreciate the read and I'm glad you enjoyed it ^.^

MyLittleFeast - 5 years ago

My, quite a well told story, even if short. Your descriptive talents likely surpass what you receive credit for ^^

Halcyon - 10 years ago


UndeadApex - 10 years ago

Short but nice. You're a good writer.

kollikodon - 10 years ago


DISCLAIMER: This story contains what is best described as hard vore, so read it at your own discretion. I will remind you that it is a work of pure fantasy, and should be treated as such.

A Walk In The Park

It had been a beautiful Saturday morning. I'd left around ten A.M., and had been on the trail for about an hour or so. I would be out for the day, I thought. I'd grabbed some water, a map, and my walking stick, and upon reaching the park set out. Simple, and pleasurable.

A Walk In The Park

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: SpiceWeasel

Tags: Bear Human Male Digestion Hard Vore M/M Gore Fatal Animal Unwilling

A man out for a hike has a most unusual encounter with a bear. Note that this story contains hard vore, and some disturbing parts not for the faint of heart. It was just a strange idea that came to me the other day. 

sd43 - 6 years ago

Hmmm... Interesting. I wasn't quite expecting the whole external digestion thing. Nice job on this though!

Canine Rivalry Alternate Ending

`I can't win in this situation; I have to use the gun.' Wolf thought, holding his arm in pain.

“Good job pup, your petty trick seemed to have worked; my arm is hurting as hell right now, but the battle ends right here and now.” He said with a large grin; picking up a gun, which looked very different from the one he was using usually. “What the hell is that?” Fox exclaimed in surprise. “It's not a blaster, nor any other weapon

Canine Rivalry Alternate Ending

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: Davmil3111

Tags: Oral Vore writing

The alternate ending to Canine Rivalry XD I highly suggest you to read it before this one. You won't understand otherwise. Anyways, this time it's the other canine who gets a prize, lucky one XD Enjoy 

Davmil3111 - 10 years ago

Thank you very much, I'll try to consider your request, if I have time I'll try to do a sequel :P

shaesullivan - 10 years ago

That was a nicer way for things to finish up! And leave room for a sequel! Great going Davmil3111!

`Too Much For TAPS?' by GoldFox

TAPS stands for `The Atlantic Paranormal Society'. They appear on the show `Ghosthunters' on the Sci-Fi channel.

This was an idea that I found interesting and explored. Hope you like.

Oh and in case you didn't know, EVP stands for `Electronic Voice Phenomenon' and EMF means `Electromagnetic Field'.

I own nothing and noone. I'm just borrowing!


Grant yawned as he enter

Too Much For TAPS

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: GoldFox

Tags: Oral Vore Micro Soft Vore Human M/M Oral TAPS ghosthunters

From the TV show 'Ghosthunters' with TAPS.

The TAPS team investigates an old castle, with interesting results.

non-con and consensual/soft/micro 

FantasticWhovian - 5 years ago

You know, I love all of your stories to death, but this has to be one of my absolute favourites. ^_^

GoldFox - 10 years ago

Thanks for the comment. ;) And don't worry about commenting late.

Yeah, I've been pondering to make a sequel, but for now, my muse avoids me. >.>

Wolfy - 10 years ago

Ok I know this is rather odd and silly to be commenting on a story that is 5 months old snice posted. I have to say it was a rather cute story that I wished had a sequel too, but had a HEAT series feeling too it, a few days after I had read it.

But I really liked this one the most, aside from the X-men stories and really hope you make a new one if you have the time X3

CSI Vore Fanfic Two: Bunker

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: Shadewolf

Tags: Oral Vore writing CSI

Okay... So awhile ago Goldfox voiced a want for me to dig out more CSI vore from the archives XD... and for some reason instead of doing that i wrote a whole new one! Here it is. 

Shadewolf - 8 years ago

I'm glad you do, it is quite an adorable one isn't it ^_^

Draconasaurus - 8 years ago

I love this one. So cute! ^U^

Shadewolf - 10 years ago

Aye... sometimes the most classic captures are the best XD

GoldFox - 10 years ago

YAY! I'm glad you posted this one! I like the constrast of the two little guys after they've been in there a while. Nick is completely calm and enjoying it, while Greg is still flipping out a bit. [chuckles]

Also, having the prey fall into your mouth is an awesome idea! Well done!


By: Cameilla

Laura lay at the head of her bed, unable to move. She looked down at her extremely distended belly and began to contemplate the night's events. She wasn't sure exactly how or why things had gotten to this point, but she decided she wasn't angry about it anymore.

Laura had been dating Tim for over a year. They had moved it together after four months, and Tim had proposed to her after only ten months. Tim was the perfect guy for Laura and she was the perfect girl


Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: Cameilla

Tags: Oral Vore F/F Same Size Swallowing Cheating

Soft vore F/f....Enjoy!!! 

soldier148 - 10 years ago

odd how cassie didnt struggle in the stomach, thought that would've been some excellent imagery.

JokerStrain - 10 years ago

Hey... how long did it take to digest Cassie? LOL I love this story!

Cameilla - 10 years ago

lol Maybe...who knows!

Fidel2323 - 10 years ago

this is really good, nice revenge and good written.
and a funny ending :D

(hey, i got a idea for a sequel :P
the Police catch him and send him to a
mental-house. But he will not be save...
muahahaha... (maybe laura or a nurse as pred...)
what do you think?)

Deleteduser_120 - 10 years ago

Onto my favourites list this goes - beautiful stuff right here.

The Love of Theatre

By: Eiron

Edited by: Cameilla

Cameilla had not been having very much luck with guys as of late. Her last boyfriend had cheated on her with none other than her sister. She was so disgusted by her sister and her now ex-boyfriend, that she packed up her stuff in her apartment and moved to the city. Her plan was to escape her family and pursue her career in a more open market. Cameilla was a graphic designer and it did not take her long to find a job and new apartment.

For the Love of Theatre

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: Cameilla

Tags: Oral Vore Digestion writing Oral Sex

My Fiance Eiron wrote this story and I edited it for him, changing words and adding detail. He asked me to post it with my folder so more people will read it, so tell me what you think? do you like his story?  

dragonboy - 10 years ago

i like it cause there too many f/m thing cause it get boring to me cause its the same thing over and over female eat males and males as prey >.> need more male vore but great story and i like your storys :P

Cameilla - 10 years ago

Well thank you. My fiance wanted to try M/f since very few people write that.

AwillingMouse - 10 years ago

Normally not my type, I usually prefer F/m, not the other way around. This story, even though it wasn't what I normally like, was very enjoyable to read.

Dsclaimer: This story contains inter-species sex and vore, only those over the age of 18 are permitted to read this.

“Brawl to end them all”

Note: I make reference to a `Smash Device' in this story. This device is my explanation on how a character can be sliced in two and live. An invisible field surrounds every fighter, it registers when struck and applies an appropriate response to the victim, but during the time the attack travels though, it is phased out of this dimension

Brawl to end them all

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: Razure

Tags: Pokemon M/F Sex Cock Vore writing Metroid Lucario orgasm Samus Aran

M/F sex, cock vore: An experiment in the labs causes Samus and Lucario to lose all inhibition, good times 

livinlovindude - 1 year ago

still waiting for the UB version

Razure - 6 years ago

Well I did end up making the UB version, so...~

Xoct - 6 years ago

4 years later :P

Don't worry about it, heck I didn't even realize you replied to me until today xD

I came back to read this again. It's hard not to forget, which is a good quality that writing ought to have.

Razure - 10 years ago

Wow, I had actually forgotten about making a UB alternate ending to this, thanks for reminding me.

Xoct - 10 years ago

mmm i actualy liked this one, definately make a UB version ;D

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Snack

By: FT2k4

Faron Woods

The pair of creatures stumbled through the forest that had become enveloped by the Twilight. A small wolf with grey and black fur silently padded through the forest, carrying a strange looking rider on his back. She was very small and stout, mostly black save for the grey on her belly and face, and the green runes dotted around her body. On top of her head was a very odd-looking helmet that only had one eye piece. The small Tw

Legend of Zelda: Twilight Snack

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: FatalTragedy2004

Tags: Oral Vore Snake Digestion writing legend of zelda

Midna and Wolf Link are traveling through Faron Woods hoping to get rid of the Twilight, but a snake's going to put a change in those plans!

M/F Vore
M/M Vore

Midna and Wolf Link are owned by Nintendo 

HeroSoulSword - 10 years ago

Haha, good job. Not usually one for animal type vore, but I think Midna got what was coming to her.