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Misterebony's Freeware Review
I bet you looked at this latest file and expected a story. Sorry to dissapoint, but this is no story. THIS is a downloader's uide to five do's and don'ts in freeware.
What is freeware? Stuff you get for free of course! I focus on games though. Abandonware, freeware, and of course roguelikes. This time Rougelikes take the back seat as we look at ten games. Five are good. Five.... well, let's just say you shouldn't waste your time. So, hre we go

misterebonys freeware review

Uploaded: 8 years ago

Owner: MisterEbony

Tags: Non-Vore gaming

Ok, I LOVE games. And I LOVE games that are free. But not all free games are good. Here are some examples f good and bad games IMO. I KNOW I will get flak for this, especially from you simulation fans. 

MisterEbony - 8 years ago

To me the more difficult the game the better it is. Remember I said Ilike roguelikes.

justaname333 - 8 years ago

A mention, perhaps. Unless I'm mistaken it's still in alpha, despite being in a playable state. I believe that a decisive review isn't really called for at the moment.

Also, wow, someone else actually played La-Mulana without thinking "I couldn't figure out how to get through the first area, therefore it sucks.".

Bright - 8 years ago

Battle for Wesnoth is awesome.

Also, Dwarf Fortress might be worth a mention?

Misterebony's Roglike Review, Take 2
By Misterebony..... of course!
Ok, you clicked this, so I bet you wanted a story. Sorry. If you know anything about me you should realize I am not just a writer but a hardcore gamer. Some think my choices in games are... a little odd. Recently for example I am hooked on a game called Rune Factory 3. Maybe I'll do a story with Collete, since she WOULD fit here.
But today I talk baout my favorite genre of games: ROGUELIKES. That's right.

Roglike Review... AGAIN!

Uploaded: 8 years ago

Owner: MisterEbony

Tags: roguelikes

I am a roguelike fan. Thanks to Omega and Freaky, among others, I have a few new ideas. Check them out! 

MisterEbony - 8 years ago

True, but isn't games like IVAN the same as they always had sprites? or what about the Mystery Dungeon titles?

Omega - 8 years ago

Not really. Far as I know Decker never had an ascii version. Its allways been sprites.

MisterEbony - 8 years ago

itr is one as much as asciisector, if you think Babout it...

Omega - 8 years ago

And on a small note. Decker isnt a Roguelike. It is a re-creation of Shadowruns netrunner rules. And does a very good job of it too. And yep. I did some sprites for this too. heh-heh.

Omega - 8 years ago

Nice review.

Definitly try out GearHead. I just recently discoverd one of my older saves of the game before the nukes were nerfed. And recovered some of my sprites for the graphical plug in that didnt get used. (About 1/3 to 1/2 the sprites in GH were done by me.)

Nala slowly woke up. In front of her, the dazzling sun. She laid down on a hard ground, maybe a rock. Her beige hair were on her pretty face. She still felt her little skirt and her bra, the only outfits that she usually wear, but she wasn't able to move a single muscle. Even her long tail were motionless. She heard a weird voice, singing incomprehensible formulas. Nala recognized the voice.

"Rafiki ?"

But Nala couldn't speak. She just made a little growl. As the mandrill kept sin

A good lioness sandwich

Uploaded: 8 years ago

Owner: RaharuCV

Tags: Oral Vore Anthro Lion M/F Nala sandwich Simba Shrinking Lion King

Request from  Star_Sage

One morning, Simba woke up, hungry. He decided to make a little sandwich for him, and caught a little mouse before added it to the sandwich. Unfortunately, it wasn't a real mouse...

I'm very disappointed to wrote a such short story, but I couldn't make it longer than that -___- ... Hope that you'll enjoy it anyway ^^" 

phrooglevore3 - 8 years ago

Delicious isn't it :-p

RaharuCV - 8 years ago

Well, it's the circle of life x)

phrooglevore3 - 8 years ago

Poor Nala...but very nice story :)

RaharuCV - 8 years ago

Thank you ^^" hope that you enjoy it as well

Star_Sage - 8 years ago

Heh, I think you did well myself, not bad.

Leandre arched her back fiercely, grasping her lovers hips above her. This was perfect, intense, and above all `Right' lovemaking. For Leandre that meant it was all for her benefit.
A final heavy thrust, guided just so by her hands on his rump, and the heaving body jerked above her. A gutteral cry erupted from his mouth and she felt him come... and come and come!
``Mmmm, Yes, every drop!'' she murmered as the heavy set man above her became less heavy by the second. It felt like a flood jetting i

Private Meeting (very unwilling Soft Vore F/F)

Uploaded: 8 years ago

Owner: Gimlet

Tags: Soft Vore F/F Domination Head First Paralysis Forced Meal

In a future where corporations rule one bitch who uses genetic engineering to conquer her 'prey' has a very private meeting with a rival. 

Aickavon12 - 8 years ago

Nice plot twist

Liz - 8 years ago

I do like the idea and it was well written and executed. Use with genetics can open up the door to many different things.

Gimlet - 8 years ago

Hmm, I did this one the way it was because the plot called for it. If I did it as a willing one... well I think it'd be a completely different story. As in 're-take' on this with it being willing doesn't make much sense... to me anyway.

Gypa - 8 years ago

Loved this story, but I did like to see some what re-take on things and do a willing scenario out of this.

Gimlet - 8 years ago

Yeah, it was a bit of stretch for me as I rarely do truly 'evil' characters. I don't often do vore involving digestion either, implied or described. Digestion really isn't my thing. However it was right for the way the story was going and helped make the characters fit.

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Djinn/Genie longer notes

Uploaded: 8 years ago

Owner: LordVengeance

Tags: terra djinn genie

Took the set from the DeviantArt- they were greatly elongated. 

LordVengeance - 8 years ago

They would be grateful to you with a wish you were free.

A freeing/saving in their true nature, though, and they would be quite happily indebted to you. Some might venture to assist you in a major way afterward with a request of your choice...

L's was just "stay with me". :P It could really be many things.

Either way, they'd accord you a friend (unless they were a crazy one) and be grateful to you. :3 Just more so in their real state.

Jacquelope - 8 years ago

Hmmmm. Would a Genie be grateful to you if you tried to free them with "I wish you were free" or if you managed to free them using their true name?

LordVengeance - 8 years ago

Certainly. The words, "Genie, I wish you were free!" or "I wish you were free" would release them from the hold of the object, which as a container for summoning and commanding would then be useless. Unfortunately, being bound to a holding chamber makes the spirit require such, and freeing him/her from the place of service (as the magic assumes) does not free them from the nature of the service.

To wit, they retain the tail instead of legs, and are often needful of habitable chambers; they don't have to serve anymore, unless re-bound, but they require something or someone to live in. They are able to wield their wishing powers to some degree for their own use, but they cannot become on their own the Djinn they once were.

Unless you wish them free under their own name. In which case, you have broken their enforced 'contract' and vanquished the magic. Instead of, "My friend, I wish you were free" or "Poor Genie, I wish you were free", saying, "Ozzymandias, I wish you were free" returns them to whom they were. :P

There's also, of course, the loophole if you don't know their true name of "I wish you were a free Djinn again". :3 Or using one wish (or charm) to learn their name.

Jacquelope - 8 years ago

I always imagined there being an attorney's service for handling Genie-type wish-givers.

I for one would simply wish a genie to be free. It's in my nature. Can you expound a bit on what happens when you make this wish?

The trouble with fighting creatures in the water, the Forest Elf reflected with a certain grim wryness, was that they were in the water. Her knives and hunting reflexes, bows, knowledge of terrain and combat, and dexterous dancing dualistic dagger style were only useful to her on land. In the murky depths of the saltwater lake, where they were dragging her, none of it was worth a grain of sand.

And she would drown. Fast. She was by no means a creature of the water. And she barely knew how to

Mere Happenstance

Uploaded: 8 years ago

Owner: LordVengeance

Tags: Elf Mermaid violence Invalid Tag

Masques usually aren't that deterred by the loss of magic weapons, clothing, major body parts, or discomfort.

They're resourceful. They're usually quite lethal. And they'll get the job done. 

LordVengeance - 8 years ago

I try. ;3 Some days I even succeed. ^_-

Jacquelope - 8 years ago

Jeezus. You, sir, need to be checked twice by airport security. Clothes as weapons! Absolutely awesome.

He took a step back, contentedly beholding his work. She looked beautiful. From her shoulders down to her ankles wrapped in seaweed, her hands slightly raised above her head, tied to a hook in the ceiling. In her mouth glistened a red apple.

She had invited him over to her apartment this afternoon; some small talk, probably watching TV or a DVD. And traditional food from her home country should be served: Sushi. What a luck he had remembered to bring along enough rice. After chatting for a w


Uploaded: 8 years ago

Owner: Jack

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore M/F sushi Preparation food related

Something I have been workin on for ages. Or at least it feels like. I have tried to leave out any direct speech and give as few information about the characters as possible, so they can fit into any setting. Not sure if I like how it turned out though. 

BardicLasher - 8 years ago

This is really good! SHould have put it in writing where it would be more easily seen! :-D

Slip and Slide


Slipp (Mer-boi): Kaliera

Cara(Otter Femme): Gelus

Warnings: Vore, Digestion, Prey Disposal (Scat)

Slipp: *A flash of golden scales would shimmer in the crystal clear lagoon water and cast dancing specks of light on the sandy bottom. Slipp turns and shoots forward with a powerful flicker of his tail to investigate a shiny object hiding just under a rock. He tilts his head and looks around to make sure there was no danger lurking nearby before investigating furthur

Slipp and Slide

Uploaded: 8 years ago

Owner: Kaliera

Tags: Scat Digestion Otter Toilet slide mer Disposal Cara boi dispose lagoon slipp

Otter vs Mer-boi
F/M, vore, Digestion, Scat.
This roleplay is the result of some brainstorming between Gelus and I. This is the first time I have used my character "Slipp" and will be used as the prototype for his character. Hope you enjoy! 

Kaliera - 8 years ago

Thank you, I am pleased to hear you like them!

Reaverbot - 8 years ago

Loved it. I'm a big fan of both of your logs, they're quite enjoyable.

Kaliera - 8 years ago

I was surprised how much I enjoyed playing a partially human character. It is the first that I can ever recall. I hope people have as much fun reading it as I had helping to write it!

Gelus - 8 years ago

I had a lot of fun making this one with you. You're one of the few people who can bring out my predatory female side, y'know. Poor Slipp, so cute, so tasty... so dumped.

Family Man
Charlie isn't sure who he should be more upset with: Aeturnus for trying to kill Chance, Steele for not coming forward about those disappearances, or Nick for finding out and keeping it a secret. The German Shepherd shakes his head. The entire situation is one confusing mess. He's not even sure if he should tell Retna what happened. Charlie shakes his head. He doesn't like keeping secrets from the hyena, but he doesn't want to run the

35Family Man

Uploaded: 8 years ago

Owner: CanisLupisVulpe

Tags: Oral Vore Fox Human Shrinking german shepherd

This Red Fox has a thing for humans, but how long will it be until he changes his taste?

Yeah, there isn't a lot of vore scenes, but you'll live. 

CanisLupisVulpe - 8 years ago

Just so you know, I added an extra chapter.

CanisLupisVulpe - 8 years ago

Just so you know, I added an extra chapter.

Slash - 8 years ago

Nice work. Though i've always had a thing for anthro's voring humans. Heh.

wolfen89 - 8 years ago

Pretty interesting. Keep going!

Outfoxed Side Stories #5: Kit Sisters

A Neko/Vore Campus Story

By Throat Wolf

In the days since Janice the kitsune goddess had appeared on television, the little shrine to Inari in the park had become fairly popular—especially when it became known that this was actually Janice's “home town” when she wasn't doing kitsune goddessy things. But like most fads, it had blown over, and now the little shrine only experienced a bit more traffic than it had in the old days.

Outfoxed Side Stories #5: Kit Sisters

Uploaded: 8 years ago

Owner: Throat_Wolf

Tags: Furry Soft Vore F/F Kitsune Foxgirl Non-Fatal Janice neko/vore involuntary Non-sexual voluntary

When a 12-year-old girl prays to become a kitsune so she can eat her older sister, the prayer is granted in an unexpected way. 

Ome - 4 years ago

Yay, more happy endings! I'll never get tired of reading about Janice. :3

Will Ian ever show up in another story?

thepokemonguy - 8 years ago

this has to be one of the most awsome stories I've read!
I had fun reading it good job

Imrhys - 8 years ago

I didn't like how you put that in either. If I hadn't known he was her mate/husband I'd have to assume they were broken up. I think if you ever go back and do any editing on this story that detail thread needs a bit clearing up for the audience. Perhaps hint that he was the boyfriend and became the current husband for clarity?

dimensione510 - 8 years ago

Agreed. It did sort of mess with the pace, but it was also less confusing than the other way.

Throat_Wolf - 8 years ago

Haven't you noticed? I'm sort of in the process of doing an Outfoxed 2.

The Bet
Five men in their mid 20's sat together around a coffee table. They had all been friends throughout college, but now that they were out of school, most of them were only able to see each other once a year. Everyone was laughing, and most were more than a little inebriated.
"I'm starved", Jack yelled. "When's that pizza getting here?"
"Relax dude, I just ordered it five minutes ago."
Jordon rolled his eyes and turned his atte

The Bet

Uploaded: 8 years ago

Owner: RabidChipmunk

Tags: Big Dog Food Human Male Digestion Eat M/M Fatal Unwilling friends pizza Betrayal german shepherd Mean

A group of friends make a bet that gets a bit out of hand.

M/m vore, dog/human, unwilling, foodplay, digestion 

FlamingFurry - 4 years ago

Can't help for sorry for Jordan XD good work

Bright - 5 years ago

Gotta love it when bets go wrong.

JackJackal - 7 years ago

long time ago, but still a great story, really need more like this!

1ring42 - 7 years ago


Ka-Atis - 8 years ago

yay, i love it when guys get eaten by feral animals. and drool/slurp/tongue is always a big plus. faved. :D

Alex was a 18 years old grown man, with a muscular body and short tightly curled dark blond hair. In front of him was Kelly, a bit smaller than Alex, a 17 years old teenager. She was a pretty brunette with 36 H cups and very wide hips with thick thighs and a pudgy belly. The two teenagers were actually in love, and they were going to had some sex together. Inside his own room, Alex smiled and came closer to Kelly as she pulled off her bra. Behind her, he pressed his body against her back. He gra

Daughter and mother loves and meals

Uploaded: 8 years ago

Owner: RaharuCV

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore Digestion F/F M/M Weight Gain F/M Sex crushing Gasplay

Request from  acle

Actually, I just rewrite a RP from acle, who want to turn it into a story. Well, here it is !

Well, it's a story about a family, especially the mother, who eats everyone after having some sex with them. 

phrooglevore3 - 8 years ago

Awww...well I have a feeling I will knowing how good your stuff is

RaharuCV - 8 years ago

Well ^^" I'm feeling very embarrassed now. I hope that you'll enjoy the next stories as much as them ^^"

phrooglevore3 - 8 years ago

Thank YOU for writing such great stories ^_^

RaharuCV - 8 years ago

Thank you =) I'm always glad to see that you like my stories =O

phrooglevore3 - 8 years ago

Really cool story. I liked it a lot ^^

Deep inside a federal prison, a serial killer named John Kinsferd was waiting inside a dark, featureless room. John was a tall, dirty blond man with a rugged face and brown eyes. He had been arrested for the killing of ten women and was suspected of more. John was sitting in a corner of this new room and laughed to himself. He couldn't believe his luck! He was being let out of death row and into "special custody" whatever that meant. On the day he was supposed to fry too! He'd eaten his last mea

Capital punishment

Uploaded: 8 years ago

Owner: wiseguy288

Tags: Scat Digestion Anal F/M Toilet

Dr.Myxasuel goes to prison to pick up a serial killer to help test a new formula. What will happen? Read and find out. WARNING: Contains a brief scat scene. 

Liz - 8 years ago

I'm not into scat so i skipped that part and normally I'm not into AV but I enjoyed this sweet sense of justice as well as you descriptive story. Great work :)

There we both stood, two girls in the same room, naked. There wasn't anything sexual in it for me. It was just a favor. This other woman? She was my best friend. She stepped forward, and kissed me fully on the lips.
I came to her home, crying like a child. My boyfriend had just dumped me and she'd always been my safe haven whenever I was sad. She was always so strong, shouldering her own burdens and helping to carry my own.
She was average in looks. Average height, av


Uploaded: 8 years ago

Owner: Misasura

Tags: F/F Absorption Consensual Non-Fatal Willing merge Non-sexual

This story is inspired by WHTB's image "Merge" located here:

I wanted to write a story like this for a long time, but never found the motivation. Also, be prepared for some serious confusion, as I wrote this in anachronic order. It wasn't really my original plan. But I think that with the subject manner, it works on so many levels.

I have to say, I really like the idea of two minds joining to create something...
[ Continued ...

Firstfate - 8 years ago

Very interesting story, it is a very good depiction of WHTB's picture

Strifera - 8 years ago

I would if I thought I had the talent to do so and the end result wouldn't be a simplistic summary of what I can remember of the events of the dream. Feel free to use the concept if you want to. The simple version is a celebrity and a reporter are two halves of the same coin...unknowingly so due to overly delicate friends and family...and they must combine their psychic powers to deal with a threat to their home town. Ah but a difference between this story and my mind meld dream is that in the end once the threat had passed the parent personalities (no longer under my control as I was now the product personality) were still conscious in the background. It was kinda like the angel and devil on the shoulder only without the moral divide and they weren't on my shoulder they were just disembodied voices.

Misasura - 8 years ago

Damnit, you've piqued my interest. Write it! :P

Strifera - 8 years ago

This wasn't attitude adjustment; this was swapping personality, memories, and even gender (had psychic powers unknowingly that affected how i and others perceived me during the dream). And to make things stupider, the swaps meant one personality always missed the other so she thought he was intentionally avoiding her so she grew to hate him and started publicly badmouthing him until he grew to hate her. It made perfect sense afterward and presented a really weird catharsis though. And none of this had anything to do with the main plot of the dream which had to deal with terrorists and a satellite weapon. Go figure.

Misasura - 8 years ago

Believe it or not, I can actually understand that. Sometimes I will switch from my lazy, computer surfing self into a hard-working, independent adult. I've got ADD and some might blame it on Hyper-focus, but I actually think I may have an alternate personality, because my hard-working self will just come out of nowhere sometimes when I'm already actively focusing on an activity.

I call her Sara, and relate her as my sister. :P

Birthday Surprise

Uploaded: 8 years ago

Owner: Straxacore

Tags: Oral Vore Digestion F/M Sex Birthday Fatal Feet first Lexxy

James met a great girl while on the net. She was perfect in every way except she was hungry and had a taste for roleplayers ;)

This was written as a birthday present for the fantastic Mr. Iddi.

Happy birthday kitten x 

UserMan90 - 5 months ago


Straxacore - 3 years ago

Aww. Well I hope you lik some of them :)

CakeInferno - 3 years ago

Yep, certainly agreeing there, she had a lovely attitude! ;///;
Gonna read my way through your gallery through the next days!

Straxacore - 3 years ago

I am very pleased you liked it. A pred should be like this. Don't you agree little cake

CakeInferno - 3 years ago

Love how you described her stomach stretching when his feet entered it, oh my~

Quite a lovely story, despite its age! C:

A Bitter Pill to Swallow
By Enigma
All had gone well so far. Tonight, the sorceress Talisia would die. A death she would have no time to prevent, and would actually intvite upon herself. The dark and lithe form perched on her wall would see to that. His name was Veran...this time. It changed job to job. Those that truly had a use for him always found him, regardless. His reputation ensured that. An assassin that never failed. Ever. No matter how many guards there were, no matter how many defence

A Bitter Pill to Swallow

Uploaded: 8 years ago

Owner: Enigma

Tags: Soft Vore Magic F/fm

An assassin with a unique power gets slightly more than he bargained for...and so does his target.

My first vore story ever. Thought I'd lost it, and....oh look there it is. So here you are. 

conix32 - 8 years ago

Ooooh, I remember reading this! It would have been a shame for you to have lost this gem, It's great no matter how many times I read it.

"Why should I be afraid of you?" Jason sneered. "You don't get angry, you don't hurt people. You couldn't if you wanted to! And I know how to block you from sneaking into my brain. How much of a threat could you possibly be?"

Tiko's cold black eyes gazed at Jason, not revealing the true extent of his flaring temper. True, he rarely became angry enough to do any damage, and his live-and-let-live attitude stopped him from harming any living thing. Except Jason. He had hated

Tiko's Catty Revenge

Uploaded: 8 years ago

Owner: Draconasaurus

Tags: Micro Soft Vore M/M Non-Fatal ghost Non-sexual

This is probably a bit confusing, because the characters are from my own fantasy novel (which I will not post because it is not vore-oriented. If you want to read it, visit my deviantArt page).

This story was a lot of fun to write, and I hope you enjoy. 

Nibor - 8 years ago

ok cool

Draconasaurus - 8 years ago

Jason, Lynx, and Emily are human, Tiko is a ghost, Kayma is a human who can turn into a dragon, Katherine is a human who can turn into a cat.

Nibor - 8 years ago

can you list the characters and what they are? would help to know.....

As the world grew more modern and urbanized, it was inevitable that populations of both predators and prey, cunning carnivores and the meaty morsels they sought to eatwould end up living side-by-side, or in some cases right on top of each other. The laws and social mores--more the latter than the former--that govern this odd coexistence would probably seem baffling to anyone who had never lived in an environment with such a diversity of intelligent species, but they are the only way for lambs to

HungryTown Tales Introduction

Uploaded: 8 years ago

Owner: AlexandraErin

Tags: Oral Vore Cat Wolf Food Mouse Pig Sheep butcher market

An introduction to the world of HungryTown, a predator's supermarket and the nickname for the city of predators and prey where the market is located. 

AlexandraErin - 7 years ago

Very possibly! I went through some stuff after I started posting here that kind of derailed a lot of my ideas-in-progress but I'm starting to get back into it.

TempleOfHephaestus - 7 years ago

Really enjoyed this, thank you for writing it. As above, are there likely to be any further installments?

drudcommupence - 8 years ago

This was awesome, any chance of further stories from the world?

Little Jennifer shivers in the cage, although the air is very warm. One side of the open-topped enclosure is very close to the bank of candles underneath the pot. The tips of the flames are hot enough to keep the chocolate within it melted, and they radiate enough heat to remind the remaining mice uncomfortably of the many fates they've narrowly avoided: being toasted over an open fire, roasted on a grill, boiled in a pot, baked, broiled, fried, or otherwise cooked to sate the hunger of the plum

Chocolate Fondue

Uploaded: 8 years ago

Owner: AlexandraErin

Tags: Oral Vore Cat Food F/F Hard Vore Mouse Large Cooking Sex Rape chocolate

A young mouse girl is at the mercy of an immense cat with a sweet tooth. Note: contains non-consensual M/F sex, on top of the vore. 

kura1204 - 1 year ago

I love this story. My favorite part is how she ends frustrated. I love how the frustration leaves you wanting more.

AlexandraErin - 8 years ago

Whoops, that's what I get for writing a story first thing when I wake up. This one started out as a dream.

Thanks for the catch!

Delphinus - 8 years ago

Overall a really good story :) One nitpick, in the early goings you said that Jennifer hadn't seen a naked boy before, but then later on you mention that she'd given blowjobs before. Not sure which one you were going to go for (or maybe she was blindfolded?) but thought I should mention it :)

(f/m, furry, digestion,
Caitlin had been
friends with Matt for as long as she could remember. But over the
years the cheetah came to want more from the rabbit than his mere
company. She wanted to tell him how she felt but she was always too
shy. So, while watching videos with him in her room, the cheetah
plays a tape that demonstrates her desires better than words ever
By JuiceFox
Caitlin had been
friends with Matt for as long as she could remember. It seemed as

The First Time

Uploaded: 8 years ago

Owner: juicefox

Tags: Scat Soft Vore Digestion Rabbit Bunny F/M Cheetah

Caitlin had been friends with Matt for as long as she could remember. But over the years the cheetah came to want more from the rabbit than his mere company. She wanted to tell him how she felt but she was always too shy. So, while watching videos with him in her room, the cheetah plays a tape that demonstrates her desires better than words ever could. 

juicefox - 3 years ago

No, not really. This was only ever meant to be a one off. What happens next doesn't really interest me.

Luffredd - 3 years ago

i first read it four years ago and i've looked it up a few times from then. i love this story <3
have you ever thought of making a second chapter with Caitlin?

thatoneguy20 - 4 years ago

Aw, sad ending...for Matt.

Bellove35 - 8 years ago

This story was written very well and actually made me sympathise with both the pred and the prey. I found myself feeling sorry for Matt losing his only friend and his life while at the same time understanding Caitlin's wish to make it enjoyable for him and the conflict she must have gone through.

Borealis - 8 years ago

This really is a top-notch short story and thoroughly deserves the attention it's got in terms of the faves on here and comments on the thread on the forum (which was what lead me here!)

This landed on many of my particular preferences so the vore scene is great, but outside of that you've got pacing, characterisation (Caitlin's extremely likeable), dialogue, and the creation of a setting etc down just right.

Needless to say I'll be adding a fave of my own.

Outfoxed 2

A Neko/Vore Campus Story

By Throat Wolf and Misasura

Chapter Nine: Can We Keep Them?

The dorm seemed like a smaller place when they entered it again. Perhaps it was the fact that it now had two more people in it, even if they took up no more space than the clothes on Xenia's back. Regardless, Terrence led the way to the bedroom, and gently pulled the fur coat and hat off of Xenia and tossed them on the bed. Then he reached behind her and undid the zipper on Sheryl.Xenia

Outfoxed 2 #9: Can We Keep Them?

Uploaded: 8 years ago

Owner: Throat_Wolf

Tags: Furry Fox Fur Kitsune Foxgirl Domination Neko Non-Fatal bed Transformation Foxboy neko/vore pillow morality angst coat relationship inanimate mattress knapsack

Xenia and Terrence arrive home, and show each other and their new friends a good time. Then Xenia ponders the morality of what they are doing. 

Lobo - 8 years ago

Very well written, with a constant flow to the story. Some people may say its bad that it doesn't linger, but in a story of so many parts, not lingering too long is best.

I will confess, that here and there, but that's probably because I'm tired.

sojonin - 8 years ago

Great as always! I agree with Imrhys that rat is Trouble!

Imrhys - 8 years ago

Hmmm, you have never had a Rufus "teaser" item before. I find myself curious as to what this means and I have a bad feeling Shawna herself might be in trouble soon >_> Just a gut feeling...