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*Human-Dragon vore*
Out in a heavily forested land full of leaves moss and creatures wide and strange strode a lone figure. The lone figure was a woman named Jule dressed in green war fatigues grasping a dark black assualt rifle. She smiled hefting the assault rifle over her back next to a large similarly green backpack while blowing out a long sigh.
She had been stuck in the god forsaken wood for more than a month and shou

Jule and the Dragon

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: CalamityWatermelon

Tags: Dragon Digestion Female ?/F Human Prey

Different prey different predator with some different elements tossed in. I think the experiment went well... 

Tsavo - 10 years ago

Great story, I liked the attention to detail and good formatting. Bulges are always a plus too. :)

CalamityWatermelon - 10 years ago

I thought that I would try various things in my stories and I came up with this. Since this dragon will be a recurring character I did need an explanation for that. So thanks! That input helped alot!

Sirrush - 10 years ago

I thought that was a pretty good story. The mind reading of both the dragon and girl was an interesting bit. This story would probably get a lot of favorable comments if you posted it in the vore section of Disturbed Things, where 'woman-eating dragon" stories are very popular.

Even if the dragon were cold blooded, being large, it could retain its body heat all through the night, and never get cold so long as it lived in a warm environment. But there is no reason it couldn't be warm blood though, as mammals ascended from warm blooded reptiles, as did birds.

Thanks for sharing.

*Contains Soft vore digestion*
*Human (M) Animal (M)
It is a simple balmy summer day in some unammed country land whose picturesque qualities are worthy of a hollywood movie. Out in a field of green dotted by the few grean leaved trees was a a rather good sized two story estate with a large neighboring feild of tall soft green grass. At the estate waited a young brown haired man somewhere between sixteen and seventeen who was sitting atop the larg

Estate Horse Version Extended

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: CalamityWatermelon

Tags: Oral Vore Scat Horse Digestion M/M Fatal Unwilling

I have extended the estate edition at Straxacore's request and this is what I came up with!  

Gloom - 9 years ago

Oh, I think it's liek that for most artists and wrighter. you need to be told by people every now and then that your stuff is worth anything, hehe.
I'll send you a PM and share some thoughts with ya~

CalamityWatermelon - 9 years ago

Truth be told, I barely well remember anything from writing this little bugger of a story. Odd, perhaps it is me as the artist thinking that the things I create aren't at all that interesting. Either that I am I crazy, I'd like to say both because it is more fun and less depressing. It's up to you there, I get block in both art and writing (One more than the other) and suggestions help me actually take action.

Gloom - 9 years ago

*Chuckles* Well, it's the truth~
Oh really? I'm not usually making requests... but it's tempting, because I think this story is really, really hot <3

CalamityWatermelon - 9 years ago

Oh stop, you'll give me a seizure from the shock that those here like what I write. Now if you wish to make a request on things, well go ahead, I can que something up.

Gloom - 9 years ago

*Chuckles* Alright... just curious and hoping, since it's probably my favorite story on the site. ^^

Pokmon Play

Disclaimer: All Pokmon characters belong to their owners; contains vore and sexual content. Only those over the age of 18 are permitted to read this.

“Oh wow… look at that.” It was difficult to keep my voice low; I found a Buizel and a Luxray sleeping next to each other. The Luxray was curled around the little Buizel as if it were protecting it. I took a picture of them before moving silently away.

These woods were amazing; I loved coming here and tak

Pokemon Play

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: Razure

Tags: Pokemon Human Male M/M F/M Female Sex Cock Vore Unwilling Anal Vore Non-Fatal Lucario Macro/Micro Lopunny Unwilling Prey Size difference Human Prey Male Prey Female Pred Male Pred uncertain consent

An unsuspecting human gets caught in a very interesting sex game involving a Lucario and Lopunny. 

Bookie - 4 years ago

Whenever I nonsensically scream 'incoming' I'm thinking more about one of the silly lines from the Heavy in Team Fortress 2. :p

Razure - 4 years ago

I feel like there's a wrestling joke in there somewhere.

Bookie - 4 years ago

Iiiiiincoooomiiiiiiiiinnnngggg of the taaaag teeeaaaaam !!! >:0

Razure - 9 years ago

Maybe there will, maybe there won't. We'll just have to see how my brain works I suppose. I would like to think it will happen though.

Fuzzy67 - 9 years ago

great job ^^ this was a very good read. i'd also be interested in reading a sequel to this ^^ hope u make one

Lost in Felarya

Chapter Two: On the run

Previously, on Lost in Felarya:

= = = = =

“Ah, mais c'est pas vrai!” He sounded tense, a little stressed. His voice bore a thick African accent. He was a tall man, dark-skinned, broad shouldered, perhaps very slightly overweight. Although Gwynn could not see his face, his surprisingly soft voice belied his heavy build. Looking down quickly at his brownish passport as he picked it up, she saw the words `Rpublique du Congo'.

Story 19 - Lost in Felarya, ch 2

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: French_snack

Tags: Oral Vore Micro Soft Vore Male Digestion F/F F/M Female Felarya Fairy Non-Consensual Lucilya

Felarya is Karbo's creation. All characters here are my own.

Chapter 1 is here:

Chapter 3 is here: 

French_snack - 7 years ago

Thanks. Glad you're enjoying it.

oishi1 - 7 years ago

I liked the fact that the man who is used to "talking" to a deaf mute was able to communicate with the man that looked like he was from New Guinea or whatever. You've developed Majed well.

rjw14 - 10 years ago

Drat, And I used to study french too x.x
I'll need to fresh it up D: XD

Tsavo - 10 years ago

Good thing too lol. I'm such a horrible French student.

French_snack - 10 years ago

Thank you.

I try to make sure that nothing essential is written in French.

Tessu and the Demon Cat

On the world known as Zao, life was peaceful. The usual preds over prey routine continued with a steady rhythm, and the balanced of magic and technology flourished as always. However, today a new face would arrive.

Suddenly, the sky ripped open, revealing a dimensional rift. It forcefully spat out something before closing back up. The object was a person, a female at that. She plummeted down towards the ground, but unlike some, she wasn't too frightened. She gra

Tessu and the Demon Cat

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: HeroSoulSword

Tags: writing

Hi all. I wrote this story a while ago, but I waited until I head from Tessu about it. She liked, so I post. Tessu is thrown out of her world and into Zao, where she incounters the evil (and psychotic) Bloodfang the Demon Catgirl. Bent on revenge against all types of canines, Tessu is her next target. Tessu's strength and power is no match for Bloodfang's ghostly powers, and is eaten alive. However, after her body is digested, Bloodfang finds out she can't digest the coyote girl's soul. Before...
[ Continued ...

Tessu - 9 years ago

Oh snap, I had no idea you posted this all along. :)


A Twili In It's Throat
A Legend of Zelda fanfiction by MagnusBorrimere
All Legend of Zelda peoples, places, and things copyright of Nintendo
"Are you certain it escaped into Hyrule?" Midna, Twilight Princess of the Twili, asked her advisor.
"Very certain, your Highness." the advisor replied, "And it is quite capable of taking over anything in their world and altering it to hide within the light of t

A Twili In It's Throat

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: MagnusBorrimere

Tags: Tongue fight Frog Stomach Digestion Throat link midna Gerudo Toad Struggling Harem Legend of Zelda Suffocation octorok

Sorry this fic took so long, everyone. Writer's block and all...

I know the Gerudo peoples themselves did not appear in LOZ Twilight Princess...but I threw them in because I'm a fan of their race. ^^

And the thing Link says at the end...well, I couldn't resist...

Midna, Link, Gerudo, and all "Legend of Zelda" peoples, places, things, occurances, dialogue, and whatnot are copyright of Nintendo. 

ButtPlug - 7 years ago

. . .

MagnusBorrimere - 9 years ago

Okay. ^^

wolfstar - 9 years ago

The ending and her anger tantrums while she was in the stomach by herself and the brawl on tongue lol

MagnusBorrimere - 9 years ago

Thank you! ^^ Any favorite parts?

LunaTheWolf - 9 years ago

Amen!! :D I have Link vore in my gallery if that helps ^^

Lost in Felarya

Chapter One: Destination

She ran.

She ran faster than she could ever remember running before. Her partly torn skirt caught on brambles, holding her back, and she lurched on desperately, legs and heart pumping in a blind rush. That which pursued her was the stuff of nightmares. She did not ordinarily have bad dreams, but this place was like a constant, horrible dream leaked into the waking world. And if she did not get away, she knew exactly what it would do to her

Story 19 - Lost in Felarya, ch 1

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: French_snack

Tags: Oral Vore Micro Soft Vore Male Digestion F/F F/M Female Felarya Fairy Non-Consensual Lucilya Size difference

Felarya is Karbo's creation.

This story is inspired by the television series "Lost". There will be about a dozen main characters among the crash survivors, most of whom have a guilty secret - they've done something they're ashamed of. For now, here's chapter 1 - setting the scene, and introducing some of the characters. All characters here (humans and Felaryans) are my own.

Chapter 2 is here:

French_snack - 7 years ago

Thanks. Each character is developed a little in the subsequent chapters.

oishi1 - 7 years ago

even as vague as they are in this first chapter your characters have great variety and a good deal of "realness" to them. I look forward to the rest of this.

naruto7568426 - 10 years ago

Your welcome. I just love Felarya!
*sigh* Aw man...I can't believe no one knows what happened to him...what about Karbo? Do you think he knows anything?

French_snack - 10 years ago

Thank you! There have been seven chapters done so far.

Sorry, I've no idea what happened to Tifalover.

naruto7568426 - 10 years ago

Ooh! I like it so far! Keep up the good work! =) Oh yeah, hey, do you know what happened to Tifalover? No one will tell me or does'nt seem to know...

 Dimensional Gathering
It was a normal day for several friends. They were relaxing and talking like any other day. "So," Nate turned to Alpheus, eager to get him in on their conversation, "What do you choose?" "I'm not getting involved." "I will," Forrest said aloud, "We should go out to eat..." "What, are you saying that I'm not a good cook?" Nanaki asked sarcastically of Forrest "I didn't say that..." began Forr

Dimensional Gathering

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: Charizardcowman

Tags: Nate sephiroth Dimensional Gathering Nanaki Forrest Auron Vergil Alpheus

The story is finally completed! I'm glad, and thanks to everyone who gave me use of their characters!

Nate © Charizardcowman

Nanaki Murasaki © Nanakisan

Forrest © Forrestmark9

Sephiroth and Auron © Square Enix

Vergil © Capcom

Alpheus © dragonsgullet

Shadow the Hedgehog (c) Sega 

Charizardcowman - 10 years ago

really. wow. I think I met him before...

What's his name?

evilbyname - 10 years ago

heh heh sorry for the problem i got...i need to make a new mail account and then i can make a new yeah about my brother.....he's a full breed dragon (uses a human body for human only purposes) has red scales and a black moon crest shape on his right side

evilbyname - 10 years ago

...yeah...i'm not suprised he didn't tell you..

Charizardcowman - 10 years ago

ok... so you are his brother.

evilbyname - 10 years ago

dragonsavior8498 (my brother) got banned because he thought eka was gonna make him pay money for membership so he said he was 17....(he's really 25)

Dimensional Gathering Characters:
Name: Nanaki Murasaki
Form: Charmeleon (Anthro)
Weapon(s): Black Magic and Melee
Name: Sephiroth (KH2)
Form: Human
Weapon(s): Masamune
Name: Nate
Form: Dragon
Weapon(s) Shadow Blades and Black Magic
Name: Forrest
Form: Human/Angel
Weapon(s): Melee and Holy Magic
Name: Vergil (DMC 3)
Form: Half Breed (Demon and Human)

Dimensional Gathering characters: Draft 2

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: Charizardcowman

Tags: Character Dimensional Gathering

What I have for characters so far in my Fight to the Death Tourney. If anyone has any ideas for more, let me know.

Nanaki © Nanakisan

Forrest © Forrestmark9

Nate © me

Others © Square Enix, Capcom, and Sega

evilbyname - 10 years ago brother dragonsavior got kicked off.....he will only be able to talk on FA and eka got rid of him

Charizardcowman - 10 years ago

k, just making sure lol

dragonsavior8498 - 10 years ago

...eheh yeah...

Charizardcowman - 10 years ago

I looked on DA, if you hadn't already noticed...

dragonsavior8498 - 10 years ago


The weekend couldn't have start out any better for a dingo known as Dew. He's been wanting sometime to himself, and finally has it. No wife. No kids. Nothing but solitude. The dingo loves them to death, but lately things have been a little too hectic for his likings. His kids are at that age where they want their independence, but his wife insists she knows what's best for them. If Dew could have a say in things, he'd tell her to let


Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: CanisLupisVulpe

Tags: Hard Vore Oral PERENTIE DINGO.

Andre and Matthew have been working on it for years, but how much longer can they keep it a secret?

I'm not too happy with the ending. It's a bit rushed. 

Markem - 10 years ago

I'm glad to see you expanded that short story into a larger one. I like most of your stories.

Slash - 10 years ago

It was a good read CLV. I did like how You changed Dr. Andre and matthews characters as well making this and opener for other possible growth stories.

Very nice,^^

TristanHawthorne - 10 years ago

But now this makes me wonder why it got adapted to be used as a topical oil...

by Bitter
Alex hummed along to the tune coming out of her car radio. It was a modern pop piece, heavy on the synths, by a local band. The lyrics were nothing especially meaningful-- typical girl-band crooning about that pretty boy across the room who they couldn't work up the nerve to speak to-- but the tempo was so high and the bassline so infectious that it made your heart race in sympathy. So Alex let herself get carried away in it for a while; it beat wat

Fit For a God (M/F)

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: Bitter

Tags: Soul Vore Soft Vore Male Digestion M/F Female Oral

All her life, Alexandra has felt like she's the incarnation of love. After an otherwise routine visit to the Gemini nightclub, she finds out just how true that really is. Contains M/F, sex, oral soft vore, and digestion.

Now has an official unofficial sequel by Jacquelope, available here: 

Ruler101 - 7 years ago

Well, glad to know I didn't offend. I'm personally a fan of your more light heartedworks, but I like most everything I've read from you.

Bitter - 7 years ago

I'd much rather have an intelligent objection than a reflexive praise.

Ruler101 - 7 years ago

Oh, that does make sense. It is really a minor detail, and didn't detract from the story anyway.

Sorry if I seemed like a heckler, I'm just a stickler for those sorta things.

Bitter - 7 years ago

Yep. Hence why Alex has spent most of her adult life having one-night stands and so much of her concept of love has to do with sex and sexuality. The distinction between lust and love was not significant enough to be worth interrupting the flow of the conversation to point it out, in my eyes.

Ruler101 - 7 years ago

I liked the story, but one detail bugged me. As i am a big nerd for mythology, i should mention that Eros was the god of Sexual lust and physical attraction. The emotion of love was the domain Of Aphrodite.

Survival of the Species

Part Nine: New Friends, New Finds

Story by KavenBach 2008

“So how is she doing?”

Anne looked up at Michelle and smiled. The woman Michelle was referring to, lying on her back in the furs of the Healing Hut, also smiled.

“She's all right. Mostly just sore.” Anne looked down at the girl. “Right, Rhonda?”

The woman nodded, if a little stiffly. She shifted a little, as though trying to get comfortable. It was

Survival of the Species, Part 9: "New Friends, New Finds."

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: KavenBach

Tags: writing

Seeing their newly-accepted members having a little difficulty following the rules, the clan leaders decide to build a second clan site; an Outpost to stage explorations from, and a place the rowdier newcomers can stay.

While exploring a possible site, however, they make a momentous discovery... that will change everything...


Sadly,there is NO VORE in this episode. In fact there's no real Action. It just brings the story further along......
[ Continued ...

htabdoolb - 2 years ago

Lots of plot, but not a lot of girl gobbling. Seeing as how interesting you made this anyway, I don't mind.

Having a mental picture painted of a girl being splattered and coated by dinosaur spunk was pretty funny, and hot. I liked.

I also liked Nancy and Bridget casually feeding themselves to a Claptrap plant to distract it. A little description of what the insides of one was like would have been nice, but the way it's just sort of casually mentioned was good in its own way.

KavenBach - 10 years ago

Maybe I just don't want that many chemicals in my characters' bodies... or in mine. ;-)

Then again, I could be persuaded to eat a Twinkie... maybe it just depends where you decide to stick it. >_<

Harmony2Discord - 10 years ago

maybe not a twinkie guy...?

KavenBach - 10 years ago

*groan*... *facepalm* -_-

Harmony2Discord - 10 years ago

if the engine was in an 85 delorean I bet it would work after 200 yrs. ^_^ And food wise, I'm sure twinkies can't go bad...or can they? haha

Bubble, bubble, Ashton in trouble! Warning:The fallowing story contains some serious mastication!(Ok, for those of you that either don't know what that word means or were just not reading it properly, Mastication basically means chewing)Further more this story contains a tf, so if you no like, then no read!While strolling threw the park one day, in a month that was really close to being May, we find a tall blond girl enjoying the bright sunny day.She becomes more then a little distracted

Bubble, bubble, Ashton in trouble!

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: Lordofdarka

Tags: gum Kane Kandi KK Ashton

Kandi Kane runs into yet another playmate, this one gets a good chewing out. 

Lordofdarka - 10 years ago

Nah. She has enjoyed most of them.

Ether - 10 years ago

Ouch. Poor girl.

Lordofdarka - 10 years ago

Well, she has been threw a bunch of squishings, inflations, and what ever else her creator wanted. Makes me wish Ashton was my OC.

Ether - 10 years ago

Ashton says she has been through worse? O.o Makes me wonder what she considers 'worse'.

Self Indulgence

Agent 247


The Erotic Bakery

By LordofDarkA

To understand this story better, find and read the Erotic Bakery stories by Czolgolz.

This a modified version that I have posted elsewhere.

The fallowing story is inspired by the Erotic Bakery stories by Brian aka Czolgolz. This is a work of fiction and is not to be taken as anything more than a story from a corrupt and delusional mind. The very idea of actually turning women into food items and then

Self Indulgence

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: Lordofdarka

Tags: F/F chocolate self vore Food Transformation Agent 247

Agent 247 visits the Erotic Bakery in search of it's secrets for making chocolate out of people. 

Dravone - 6 years ago

Ill take the easy road and not try that my brain can only take so much of reality being broken

Lordofdarka - 6 years ago

First, sorry for the lateness of this response. Second, I have no idea ^^. That is why I used that short cut, could not figure it out. So just use your imagination.

Dravone - 6 years ago

I can't see how see ate most of her body but how did she pull off eating her own head?

Lordofdarka - 10 years ago

Ah, no worries, glad ya liked em.

Drakira - 10 years ago

I was thanking you for the information the 2nd time. sorry If I didn't make it clear.

Mail Vorder By: ChrisXPZ

Stephan looked though his Vore Monthly magazine when something interesting caught his eye. A giant blow-up vore cock, 10 feet tall and uses the same blow-up system as a bounce house :) Stephan was wide eyed. He then quickly dropped the magazine and logged on to to purchase one. the next couple of days felt agonizingly long, waiting for his toy to arrive; But when it did, he was ecstatic! He rushed to his living room (which luckily had a very tall ceili

Mail Vorder

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: ChrisXPZ

Tags: Gulp M/M Swallowing Cock Vore balloon Unwilling Penis Balls slide blow ballon baloon slick Willing Invalid Tag

A man finds an article about a blow up CV cock and decides he has to have one, It's nice at first, then strange things begin happening! 

Misasura - 7 years ago

His mom should visit and play around with he cock.

koga_3456789 - 8 years ago

he slides all the way down into the cum and transformed into cum

ChrisXPZ - 10 years ago

hmm, nice idea, more in depth than I was expecting but whatever lol I'd like more ideas but even if I don't get any, this one is defiantly good enough! thanks!

ChrisXPZ - 10 years ago

hehe glad to hear it :)

Skittles209 - 10 years ago

w8 nvm i like this story

Pork Chop Love - Day 2 Berserker B

Brian awoke to the smell of something cooking. His snout examined the air with a few sniffs before he opened his eyes. He sat up and looked around at his surroundings. The memories of the day before flooded back into his consciousness, which caused him to rub his forehead and moan in desperation.

“Damn, I was hoping that last night was just a dream,” he huffed to himself. He was about to get off the couch, when he remembered that he had n

Pork Chop Love - Day 2 (non-vore)

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: BerserkerB

Tags: Wolf Anal Gay Oral Pig

Part 2/3 of my story gift to my boyfreind on FA. Its the only way I can give him a valentine's day present.

After Brian awakes from the previous night, he is given a small tour of the house. After Mikael saves his life, Brian finds that for repayment, the wolf wants sex. Can Brian give his body to Mikael and still remain himself, or will it change his life forever?

Contains: M/m sex, anal sex, oral sex, Wolf/Pig, passion  

VOCT: Sand and Sun
By Jag
Contains: M/F vore, digestion
"Mail call!" yelled Wings as he wandered back inside of the house after visiting the mailbox. "Something for everyone!"
Both Steven and Jag approached the Pegasus and held out their hands, wanting to get their mail. Wings leafed through a few pieces and handed a bunch of magazines to the bunny, who quickly thanked his housemate headed back to his bedroom to finish some work he had already started

VOCT: Sand and Sun

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: Jag

Tags: M/F writing

Jag had been chosen to compete in some sort of competition. It isn't until when he gets there that he realizes what kind of competition it is. With it starting the feline moves away from everyone else and sets up his station, working on a more important task for a bit. Still, when his first challenger approaches it takes Jag by surprise. Will the feline be able to overcome the kitsune that he meets? Will she be too much for one jaguar to take? 

Charizardcowman - 10 years ago


Jag - 10 years ago

*Snickers* Thanks, hehe!

Charizardcowman - 10 years ago

Liked that you put Peach's Letter from SM64 in there. I laughed until I cried. Good job!

Jag - 10 years ago

Thanks very much!

Tsavo - 10 years ago

Good story as usual Jag.

“Ugh…I'm starving…”

Embrace groaned, a hand rubbing over her belly. The hyper-elastic, redheaded superhuman hadn't caught a criminal in at least a week, and the last one she'd managed to swallow was such a skinny thing (catburglars always were). She was beginning to get desperate. Leaning back in her chair, Embrace lightly drummed the fingers of one hand on her tummy while she reached into the kitchen with the other, her arm extending to great lengths to reach th

Embrace vs Sylvia

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: KlinKitty

Tags: F/F Same Size embrace elastic sneakers clothed

A story heavily inspired by Ashley_Urikoshima's preferences, and my own character, Embrace. For a more detailed description of Embrace, follow this link:

May tinker with this later, but enjoy the quickie! F/F, same size vore, mostly non-sexual (though the pred gets herself off). Hyper-elastic pred, normal prey, mild digestion, shoe-horking.

EDIT: Fixed some mistakes with the grammar and sentence structure. 

Bright - 8 years ago

IF she wanted to excuse herself, she could always just blame her for jaywalking.

banzai - 10 years ago

I love how you describe swallowing, bulges and elasticity :D And digestion on top of that xD

IGA - 10 years ago

Great story! Embrace is a great character. i'd love to see more stories on her...shoe-horking?
well put.^_^

The Last Sunset for a Flat Earth
Chapter 6
What The Truth Sets Free
"If one counts the Global Civil War as World War IV, then one must conclude that Einstein was quite wrong. We didn't fight with sticks and stones. We fought that war with the power of the mind and the power of magic. Perhaps this is because World War III was not fought with nukes... what with China and Russia being threatened with America

Chapter 6: What The Truth Sets Free

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: Jacquelope

Tags: Human Unbirth Story Fairy

Rihanna bears witness to a startling discovery that completely alters her perceptions of humanity's position on the food chain. 

Malakaiarcher - 10 years ago

I would like to say take as much time as you want so your spectacular work stays just as golden....but I'd be lyin :P But I will hold off and be patient...unlike Narissa in the first chapter :P

Jacquelope - 10 years ago

Woah. Thank you very much for the comments! You made my day. And you will certainly get more! This is just the build up so far. As for any of my stories that seem to end with no ending, don't you worry heheh.... I'm just in between adding more to them. I have to go slow and steady to make sure I don't put out crap, that's all.

Malakaiarcher - 10 years ago

Oh man this ones the best so far, I love all your works. The style, the story, the characters, all the unique information setting you right into the story as if its all real. (Not to mention the porn/vore/unbirthing. All well and good :P ) but the overall plots and sub-plots, everything is so awesome and moving. Though a lot of your stories just kinda end with no ending. I wish there was more. I'm so hooked on your stories now I'm like a story junky :P ME NEEDS MORE!!! :P Keep up the good work.

Pork Chop Love - Day 1 Berserker B

Mikael the wolf hummed happily as he strolled down the dirt driveway to pick up his mail. The sunshine glistened off his shiny silver coat, and his fur wafted like grass in the breeze. He opened his mailbox and pulled out a small stack of letters.

“Bill… bill… junk…junk,” he said aloud as he looked at each letter. Mikael was a peculiar wolf. He had just reached adulthood, and unlike most wolves, he lived alone. All of

Pork Chop Love - Day 1 (non-vore)

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: BerserkerB

Tags: Wolf Gay Pig

This story is a gift for my loving mate, whom I met on FA. Though distance separates us, my love will not fade.

Brian, a suburban pig goes to the country for a vacation. However, his trip is interrupted rather quickly and he ends up at the house of Mikael, a silver furred wolf. Can Brian trust Mikael, despite the history of their species?

Contains: M/M, Pred/Prey relationship, Adult themes, sex in later chapters  



Tasmali...A once peacful city in a strange world of various species, would soon become a battleground and the last stand for the planet from an invasion of sinister, predatory creatures from another dimension...

Professor Beezekial, a leading scientist in quantium physics, had accidentally ripped apart space between the two worlds in an attempt at interdimensional travel. Soon the carnivorous Dimensis invaded into the world causing havoc and chaos in their path. A group

Tasmali: Chapter 1

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: Carni-vore

Tags: profile

A RP on the forums here that went far beyond my expectations.

Tasmali belongs to Barrenvoncuddiebuddles

Kitse, Allison - Barrenvoncuddiebuddles.
Fera, Bee, Veron - Parchirisu_and_Asmodeus.
Maline, Kelina - Beling to me.
Oneiro - Akiada.
Salazaran - Xblurp. 

jink - 10 years ago

that was... AWESOME! i cannot wait to see the next chapter!

by Bitter
Esuria stirred gently. Sensations flooded her mind as the all-quieting darkness of sleep evaporated around her. She tilted her head on her pillow, looking at the little alarm clock that sat on her end-table. Its display read "2:37". Oh, how bothersome, she thought. She hated waking up in the middle of the night. Suddenly, she felt a few gentle kicks from within her belly. Yes, I know, baby, Esuria thought, stroking her swollen stomach

An Unusual Craving (F/M)

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: Bitter

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore Male Pregnancy Digestion Elf F/M Female Oral Magic Willing Mind Control pregnant pred

In a suburban fantasy world, an elven mother of two (soon to be three) gets a bizarre craving. Whatever could it be for? Created in response to the "Pregnancy and Vore" thread. Contains F/M, oral soft vore, and digestion. 

SmaxTheDestroyer - 6 years ago

How have I neglected to read this for this long? Great story! Pregnant pred for the win!

Bright - 8 years ago

I really like how you write from the mothers point of view.

jaydee_007 - 10 years ago

This is indeed a well written (meaning excellent word selection, well spaced, well paced, good punctuation) story.

In its properly structured writing it serves as a good platform to express your suburban fantasy world, and nicely setup your characters.

In other words, the writing itself became invisible leavion only story and creation.

Excellent work!

Thank you.

Throat_Wolf - 10 years ago

Nice work. And nice to see another DQ-inspired writer. :). I don't generally like "snuff" stories, but this one wasn't bad at all.

DancingQueen6281 - 10 years ago

Thanks for the shout out at the end, it's very flattering. Very well written, I enjoyed it a great deal. And speaking as a currently pregnant woman yes there are odd cravings, but more odd in terms of combinations of food (the classic being ice cream and pickles) or times of cravings (craving spaghetti for breakfast has been one for me this time around) rather than flat out bizarre food. But accurate or not it still makes for a nice story.

by Bitter
They had never liked each other, not since the first day they had met. They were the same age, born no more than a week apart in the peasant village of Talnattaran on the outskirts of the kingdom of Kelmecht. In this world of wild beasts, monsters and worse, humans had claimed a niche, but safety was a luxury that those on the borders could rarely afford. So it came to pass that a girl named Angie and a boy named Juko were inducted into the local

Might or Magic? (M/F)

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: Bitter

Tags: Micro Macro Soft Vore Male Digestion M/F Female Oral Macro/Micro Size difference

Two young warriors, Angie and Juko, have been feuding for years over whether might or magic is stronger. They're about to find out...

Created in response to Cerulesta's picture, "Chrona Eats Ceru".

Contains M/F, oral soft vore, Macro/Micro, and digestion. 

Throat_Wolf - 10 years ago

That's funny because that's exactly how I was thinking of it.

God I wish we could write together sometime.

Bitter - 10 years ago

I think our main compatibility is in the depiction of digestion. It's "gooey" moreso than "burny"-- akin to the stuff EveAra does. Digestion in this setting (and others I've written) is relatively pleasant for the prey. Really, this is just like a Neko Campus story where the prey gets shunted off to some far corner of the pred, never to be reawakened. So I can see how what I write would be one of your exceptions.

Thank you for your interest! Keep writing.

Throat_Wolf - 10 years ago

Very nicely done. I prefer stories where the ending isn't quite so permanent, but you seem to be the only person I've yet read who can make that kind of ending palatable (heh) for me. I hope you enjoy my own stuff as much.

BardicLasher - 10 years ago

Very nice story, and in response to the comments, yes, there's not nearly enough M/F around here. You should definitely do more of it.

PitchBlue89 - 10 years ago

ZOMFG that was one of the most awesome stories I have ever read... its not often I use that any form of OMG ... Well done