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White Tiger vs. White Tiger

Uploaded: 13 years ago

Owner: FanficFetishist

Tags: Soft Vore F/F F/M writing Marvel White Tiger

A semi-sequel to Catwoman vs. Catwoman, featuring my favorite comic book character and one of her successors.

(F human/F anthro tiger, F human/M humanoid soft vore) 

Apostolos - 3 years ago


FanficFetishist - 3 years ago

It's available through download.

FanficFetishist - 3 years ago

It's available through download.

Apostolos - 3 years ago

Um for some reason it is entirely blank... Might just be my routers problem though.

tacaloking - 6 years ago

please repost this

Catwoman vs. Catwoman
by Fanfic Fetishist
Author's Note: This wickedly fun little story just came to me recently, created from all the bad things I've heard about the Catwoman movie. Please forgive any wrong details, as I have not seen the movie yet.
Gotham City...
"AAIIIIEE!!!! HELP ME, SOMEONE!!!" screamed a beautiful, pale-skinned and raven-haired woman as she ran thr

Catwoman vs. Catwoman

Uploaded: 13 years ago

Owner: FanficFetishist

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore F/F catwoman Fanfiction DC Comics

My rather silly way of reviewing the Catwoman movie.

(F human/F human soft vore) 

DancingQueen6281 - 10 years ago

I'm not always a fan of parody type vore but this one is alot of fun and very well written.

Anonymous - 12 years ago

Heehe, When I read this, I could actually hear Halley berry's voice. =P Sorry if I didn't spell her name correctly. ^^;

Chat #2 - JoMephit - 12 years ago

Nicely done!

Revenge Of The Raven

Uploaded: 13 years ago

Owner: FanficFetishist

Tags: F/M writing raven Teen Titans raven teen titans DC Comics Beast Boy

Raven gets pranked one too many times by Beast Boy and takes matters into her own stomach, with some assistance... (F half-demon/M human soft vore) 

acetheonly - 5 years ago

I can't access it, and the download says an unknown error occurred

tacaloking - 6 years ago

please repost this

TW - 6 years ago

That is what I thought or else I would have found it in your gallery...

FanficFetishist - 6 years ago

No, unfortunately. Time, shifting interests, and other projects took me in different directions.

TW - 6 years ago

Ah I remember his. One of my fav Fan fics of all time.

Did you ever follow up on it?

**************** A Tales of Symphonia Vore Fanfic: Flowers for the Chosen***********************

"RAY THRUST!" Colette shouts, throwing her chakram with precision at the Witch.
With a loud shriek, the witch falls to the ground, the last of her band of hired to fall in defe

Flowers for the Chosen

Uploaded: 13 years ago

Owner: BradRepko

Tags: Oral Vore Plant Digestion Fatal Unwilling Non-Consensual ?/F Tales of Symphonia Fast Digestion

This is a piece that I am more proud of that any of my works, and would love comments if you have them. I feel that it remains true to the game in how the characters react and speak, especially for that point of the game. Although my plans for a second fanfic has been postponed indefinately, I have been thinking about it, and if you would like to see me make it, please post comments on this story. Enjoy! 

Room service
Wile E. Coyote was lying on his back on the floor of the cave he lived in. He hadn't eaten anything but normally-inedible objects for years, so he was thin as a beanpole. He had almost become too tired to move because he had, during those years, chased a roadrunner around but never was able to eat it. Wile E. began to wonder if he was going to die of hunger.
Then he heard a knock on the door to his cave abode. Stomach grumbling, he went to investigate.
"Hi, Wile E.!" said a cheery-f

Room service

Uploaded: 13 years ago

Owner: Humbug

Tags: M/F Lola Lola Bunny Looney Tunes Space Jam wile e. coyote

Warning: Long.
I had forgotten that I wrote this. I'm an English major who hates to write, but I had fun with this one. Maybe 'cuz it's ÜBER DETAILED. Don't expect a lot of writing. 

Humbug - 2 years ago

Hah. Man, people still read this old thing? XD

Glad you like it, though. That's kinda how I see it with him too. :)

Sunkissedlover - 2 years ago

I still really enjoy this story. I always like how he finally got what he (well what I thought he did) deserved.

Anonymous - 13 years ago

i like it.... it's cute yet really cool...

An unexpected guest
Tanya meets the Gul
By Strega
12 February 2006
Tanya appears in this story with the permission of her player.
Shakar normally loved going on patrol. It got him out of the castle, and there was always the chance of a nice, bloody fight with orcs or some other marauders intruding on the Maker's fiefdom. Now, though, he swore with feeling. He'd been picked for a patrol, and this time he wasn't happy about it.
He was a gul, the Maker's name for the humanoid race created from g


Uploaded: 13 years ago

Owner: Strega

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore Digestion M/F Skunk Sex Reformation Wolverine Gul Willing Anal Sex Original Character

'An unexpected guest', or 'Tanya meets the gul'. A pair of horny gul get to meet Tanya the skunkette, but one of them is hungry as well. Which is just fine with Tanya. 

Strega - 7 years ago

That seems like a good idea. I am not sure what tags some sites use (E621 is terrible for that, lots of obscure tags) so it's nice when others can suggest tags.

Leshana - 7 years ago

Yes, part of the new gallery software features is the Community Tagging initiative. Anyone can add tags now, subject to approval by the community.

Strega - 7 years ago

Wow, there are quite a few tags I don't remember attaching to this one. Is someone poking through the archives adding tags?

Leshana - 7 years ago

I read this because of the proposed tag additions, but it turns out its written quite well. The universe exposition is blended seamlessly and there is enough description of acid, struggling and the consequences of digestion that even willing vore had tension.

Strega - 8 years ago

I made a small edit and re-uploaded it. I am not sure why it would show up as a new post.

A walk in the park II

Uploaded: 13 years ago

Owner: Strega

Tags: Oral Vore Wolf Soft Vore F/F Tiger Sex Swift Wolverine

'A walk in the park II'. Charlotte the bunny goes for a run and meets some very bad people (Ripper the wolverine and Swift the tigress). Bestiality, rape, vore. 

Eka - 13 years ago

Sorry. I'm working on fixing that as well, should be done in a day or two. The story itself is pretty good. I took the time to read it! I did think it could have been a little nicer, but that really is just preferences ^^;

Strega - 13 years ago

...because if I don't shamelessly comment on my own story, no one will know I posted it. 83


By: Throku

[email protected]

Disclaimer: This story includes scenes of f/f vore that is female swallowing other females. Those who do not wish to read about that stop now and go elsewhere.

Further I do not wish to have my work distributed, so if you want to post it anywhere, please ask me first, see e-mail above, I check it regularly.

No one knew why, but for some reason the aliens had set up their headquarters, not like all Hollywood movies would predict in Washington


Uploaded: 13 years ago

Owner: Throku

Tags: Oral Vore F/F frakass

My second Frakass fanfiction. I guess one could say it resolves around the front picture of Frakass's Yahoo-group. f/f 

Throku - 1 month ago

Well I'm in the process of trying to move across the country (back home), so that's what's keeping me, when that's done, I'm looking into rebooting the interactives onto CHYOA, an interactive site that looks quite promising and I've been in contact with the admin, so content wise there's no problems. Still quite the undertaking though and well I'll only be able to upload what I've done, the other contributors will have to re-upload their stuff if they feel like it.

As for the VRPG-stuff...been looking through the old threads here apparently the uploadlinks are not working anymore. Perhaps I should just upload the conversations.txt to the library? It's going to be akward reading as lines doesn't break and it's in code format and as such conversations and options are semi-randomly listed.

rugli - 1 month ago

Any way to access those by other ways?

Throku - 1 month ago

True enough ^^ A shame most of my writing is in strange formats, so I haven't been able to upload it here. I mean I wrote like 300 pages of conversations for Dumautef's VRPG for one and I think at least twice that for various interactive stories. Unfortunately has gone down the drain, so linking won't do much good since after the first four chapters of a story you run into their pay block wall. :/

rugli - 1 month ago

You,are welcome :) but I find this myself actually…often the best way to enjoy something properly if one's self has written something is leaving it for a long time. Also what I like about your gallery is even if you haven't done much or any writing since back then is that you have allowed this to stay online with easy access since we have seen it way to often when people feel they don't want contribute anything (stories or art) futher they tend to want delete everything they have done. So all that turn up when someone else

Throku - 1 month ago

Thanks :) Feels almost weird reading it now, like someone else did it. :P


By: Throku

[email protected]

Disclaimer: This story includes scenes of f/any vore that is females swallowing other living things whole, in this case that means other females, men and cows. Those who do not wish to read about that stop now and go elsewhere.

Further I do not wish to have my work distributed, so if you want to post it anywhere, please ask me first, see e-mail above, I check it regularly.

Near the northwestern boarder of France in a beautiful meadow the lan


Uploaded: 13 years ago

Owner: Throku

Tags: Oral Vore F/F

My first freestanding story and also my first Frakass fanfiction. It's a short story about some of the creatures in Frakass's world, fith focus on my favourites, the Hap-hap elves.
f/f f/F f/M F/cow 

Throku - 12 years ago

;) yay! More Hap-haps for the people! Ehh... and possibly more people for the hap-haps, they tend to have a bit of an appetite :P

Frakass - 12 years ago

I had to post a comment for this story! Thank you, Throku, this one is wonderfull, and even if the geographic location is not totally right, as these events never take place on Earth, It's a really accurate sight of the situation on Elviana! You succeed to show a totally realistic vision of the Hap-Haps. I promise, I will do more Hap-Hap Art!

Throku - 13 years ago

:D well they are my favourite Frakass creation, I hope he draws more of them...which could mean I'd make another story, who knows?

Shyguy9 - 13 years ago

Very interesting. The Hap-Haps are amazingly clever! Great story as well, I enjoyed every bit of it. ^^

Throku - 13 years ago

Thanks ;) Yeah it sure does. I wondr if he'll do some more art? I haven't seen anything from him in a year or so.

Nifty Dolphin description

Uploaded: 13 years ago

Owner: Tamara

Tags: description

An idea I thought interesting, but it doesn't really seemed so when I tried it in YC. Has made a couple RPs though, and desc is pending updates, like the others! 

BLOB description

Uploaded: 13 years ago

Owner: Tamara

Tags: description

Named during a crisis of originality :-P, and not updated in ages too... 

eatmeplease - 6 years ago

I LOVE this character! <3 <3 <3

Tamara desc.

Uploaded: 13 years ago

Owner: Tamara

Tags: Oral Vore Unbirth Story

This is a copy of Tam's desc in YC. It hasn't been updated in years though... Should redo it soon. (If I quit procrastinating, that is...) 

Tamara - 6 years ago

The music is 'Hijo de la Luna', by Sarah Brightman. Spanish version. It plays because of a little bit of HTML code that I used in my desc. I think the music is hosted on a very old host that I don't even have the password of anymore... 7 Years and they still have my stuff hosted, awesome! ^^

rugli - 6 years ago

From where does the this music comes from?


Uploaded: 13 years ago

Owner: Strega

Tags: Bear Human M/F Non-Vore Sex bestiality

"The nanuq and the inuit." A lonely young polar bear pays an Inuit (eskimo) woman for sex. No explicit vore, but there's some mention of it and an appearance by a predator from two of my vore stories. 

Sahara the Jackal

Uploaded: 13 years ago

Owner: TigerClaw

Tags: Non-Vore

My favorite story that I've written, and perhaps the best I have written. Certainly one of the longest. Of my character, Sahara the Jackal. 

rugli - 5 years ago

For those of you that don't borther with downlaod if I may ps im not the author:

How it happened, no one really knew. He wouldn't tell anyone what had happened during that voyage. All anyone knew was that the ship he had set sail on never reached port, and that he had been found holding a baby child in his arms a little over a year after he had been presumed dead.

When asked, the jackal sailor would look off into the ocean by which he had made his home next to, and remain silent, living past dreams. The child, his daughter he said, was a lovely little girl. Unlike her father, she was completely white, down to the last hair. But what caught one's attention about her was her eyes, her golden eyes.

They seemed unnatural, beautiful and horrible at the same time. But even the beauty of her eyes paled when compared to her singing. Men would stop, drawn to her when she sang out to the ocean, her voice travelling over to the waves, where it appeared the very sea was listening to her. Men loved her, women were wary.

There seemed something off about the child, she seemed unusually drawn to the water, and when asked why she spent so much time out there, she would smile and say, "Because I feel like I'm with Mother."

Some called that unnatural, given how she had never had a mother, or even a mother figure in all her life. But her father would merely smile and hug her, getting a far away look in his eyes again as the past took over him again.

The young girl grew into an outstanding lady. Elegant and graceful, she was the eyes of the area. She married another jackal, who came to live in the house by the sea. Her father died shortly after. In a strange display, the lady jackal laid her father's body out in a boat, and set it into the ocean. People stared in horror as the boat sped away, propelled by nothing. There was no current, no wind, and nothing to move the boat, but the funeral boat disappeared into the horizon none-the-less.

Then the people started talking. Who was her mother? Someone her father had met while he was supposed dead, but who? Whoever she was, she wasn't normal, that was for certain. The fear had begun.

The lady jackal, now pregnant, watched in sadness as people shied away from her. Her love left her, persuaded by others, and she was left alone in her home. She would be seen, singing out on a balcony overlooking the water, singing to the ocean that sang with her with it's gentle waves.

The lady gave birth to a girl, a pure white jackal she named Sahara. She was the splitting image of her mother, and shared the same loved of the water as her mother. The child was sweet and innocent, but lonely. Still no one would come and visit them. The child's singing was sad, filled with lonelyness, but beautifal and calling still.

Then, when she was six, tension broke. The mother, while shopping, was suddenly called a witch. There had been rumors that there had once been a sorcerer on her father's side, and it was decided she had inherited his evil powers. Tying the screaming mother to a stake, she was burned alive as another group left, left for the home by the sea. Where the young child sat, alone.


Sahara's head snapped up sharply, her ears twitching. She had thought she had heard something, she wasn't sure. Walking down the empty hall, she made her way to a window and looked out at the band of people standing by the front door. She watched curiously. They were all armed and carrying torches. The one in the front pounded on the she HAD heard something.

She kept watching, not understanding. In all her time here, no one had ever come to visit, no one. Part of her wanted to run over and open the door, letting the strangers in, perhaps they would play with her. But another part of her held sway, not trusting them. They were here while Mother was gone, they must not be allowed in.

The decision was made for her. The man who had pounded on the door grabbed a torch, and placed the fire against the door. Sahara watched in horror as the fire, slowly at fire, caught on the door. As soon as he was sure the door was afire, he walked over, broke a window, and threw the torch inside.

Sahara shook her head, trembling. These were not nice men, she knew that now. Where was Mother? Mother would protect her.... But Mother never came.

More torches were thrown in and Sahara screamed in terror as smoke began creeping into the room she was in. Running, she left the room, went down the stairs, and made for the back door. Unlocking it, she flung it open and ran.

For the sea.

Her little heart pounded as she ran for the safety of the water. She didn't know why, but she felt safety in the direction of the water.

It reminded her of Mother.

Just as her foot sank into the gentle lapping salt water, she heard a yell behind her. Turning, she saw one of the men, a big horse, running after her. Screaming, she turned back to the ocean and ran into the water, then began swimming.

All too soon, she heard him splashing after her, then his hand grab her hair, dragging her back. She stared in horror at the horse, who was chest deep in water, as she smiled wickedly. She screamed and cried, begging for her Mother to come and save her, to make everything all right.

But Mother never came.....but neither did the assault she was sure was about to begin.

Scared, the little jackal girl opened one eye. The horse was staring at something just past her, his mouth hanging open. Several of the men she had seen outside Mother's house were standing at a distance, a scared expression on their faces.

Then she heard it.

A loud hiss came right behind her. She tried to look behind, but the horse was still holding her hair, keeping her from doing even that. But the thing that was hissing slid into her view, and she felt her own jaw slide open in horror.

There had always been tales of sea snakes, but she had never seen one, until now.

The snake's head was two feet long, and about one foot wide. The scales were simple in design, coming in splotches of green and blue. The snake's head slide right past the side of her head, jaws opened slightly as it let out that hissing sound. The horse stared at it, not daring to move.

Unfortunately for him, the snake did. With a lung, the jaws opened even wider as the snake went up then down, closing it's jaws around the startled horse's head. The horse let go of her and began clawing at the underscales of the enormous snake as the massive creature opened its jaws again, and slid more of the horse into its fleshy insides.

As she stayed there, swimming just enough to keep her head above water, she stared in horror, the muffled sounds of the horse's screamings reaching her ears. The snake lifted it's head out of the water, lifted the horse high in the air, and eased open it's jaws all so slightly.

With a jerk, the horse immediately began sliding down, disappearing behind those scaly lips as the large reptile consumed him. She couldn't tear her eyes from the sight. Part of her was horrified, the rest of her amazed.

She had always known about predator's, that she was one, though one too young to be a danger to others, if she ever would be. The area was very peacefuly, the predators and preys living side by side in a mutual relationship.

Her eyes widened as the horse suddenly was jerked down as the snake swallowed, pulling the horse's hips and hands in between the jaws, and into the fleshy insides. The snake swallowed several more times, more and more of the horse sliding within it ever time. A large bulge had formed in its neck, and it was growing and heading down into the water now.

With every swallow, the horse disappeared farther, until after only a couple of minutes of eternity, the snake closed its jaws around the still thrashing hooves, and swallowed. Sahara stared as the squirming, struggling bulge disappeared down beneath the waters surface, and away from view.

Then the snake turned its head and looked at her, really LOOKED at her. Not like a mindless animal, but as another intelligent being. She stared at it, not understanding....until she saw it look past her.

Turning, she came face to face with another snake, at least the same size as the other. She stared at it as the ocean waves carried her up, and down, the sounds gentle against her ears, drowning out the sounds of her burning home behind her....drowning out everything....

It was the sounds of the was singing.... She could hear singing, someone out there was singing something, she couldn't quite make it out, but it was relaxing her.....taking over her. She felt the coils of the snake sliding under her, moving up until she was sitting on one of the large coil. The coil continued rising until she was brought up out of the water.

A yawn broke across her face. Suddenly, she was feeling tired, and more so by the second. She stared at the snake as it nosed her, like a dog. Yawning again, she closed her eyes and slumped forward. She landed on something partly warm and wet. As she opened her eyes again, she found herself looking at the insides of the second snake's mouth as it carefully worked it's jaws over her entire body.

Not understanding, and overcome by the strange sense of exhaustion, she closed her eyes and fell into sleep even as the jaws closed around her and the snake sent her down it's throat with a single swallow.

Both snakes then, in unison, turned and looked at the group of would-be hunters that continued staring at them. With a hiss, they turned and swam into the ocean as the small jackal settled into the snakes stomach.


Sahara finally opened her eyes, and wasn't sure if she had even done that. It was dark, impossibly dark, and wet. There was something surrounding her, something slimy. Blinking, she slid her small hand again the strange substance, not understanding what was going on, or where she was.

It felt like she was moving. There was a vague feeling of motion, a side to side motion....and she could hear water. Lots of water. Her breath getting shaky as fear began kicking in, she pushed as the slimy thing surrounding her, trying to get rid of it. Trying to get it away from her.

It wasn't any good, the stuff wouldn't give very far. Curling up, she shivered. It wasn't very warm, where ever she was. There was air, but no light, and the only sounds was that of water.....the ocean.....

All at once, the memories of the horse and the two snakes came back to her. She lay there, as if frozen. Then, raising one hand again, she laid a finger carefully against one of the walls, and pushes lightly....she was in the stomach of a snake.

She had been eaten alive.....and whole.

Feeling tears welling up, she began crying. All she wanted was Mother, and she wouldn't come. Sobbing, she settled into despair, deep within the insides of the swimming snake.

Hours passed, or so she guessed. She had no way of keeping time. She didn't even know why she was still alive. She knew she certainly shouldn't have been.

Then strangely enough, everything stopped. She could still hear the ocean, but she didn't feel like she was moving. Looking around in the darkness of the snake, she wondered what was going on. Then she got her answer.

The stomach clenched around her, holding her tightly, then she was being pushed up as the snake regurgitated her. Already covered completely in slime, she slid through the snake easily and with a plop, she landed as a slimy bundle of fur, cloth, and stomachy insides.

She closed her eyes at the sudden brightness, whimpering softly. Slowly, she opened her eyes, waiting for them to clear.

When she did, all she could do was stare at the human lady that looked back down at her. The lady had cerulean hair, and golden eyes. Her skin was an ivory white. All in all, she was gorgeous.

Sahara simply sat there, not understanding, when the woman nodded, "So, you're her. I can certainly see it."

Not sure if she should speak, Sahara asked quietly, "I'm....who?"

The lady smiled sardonically, "My granddaughter, of course. I'm sorry for what happened, but I wasn't about to let those.....MEN...take you," she gave an angry snort,"Most men are incomprehensible bastards."

Sahara didn't say anything, she really couldn't. It was just so strange.

"Well, can't you say anything? I know you can talk."

Swallowing, Sahara felt the tears building. Immediately, the lady's features softened as she knelt down and took the trembling child into her arms, ignoring her slimy condition, "There, there. It's ok. I know....I know. I lost someone close to me too."

Sahara choked on a sob, then the dam broke and she wept in her Grandmother's shoulder as she was rocked back and forth, the lady cooing gently.

Finally, after another eternity, Sahara looked at her, "Who are you?"

The lady smiled, "I'm a siren of the ocean, I don't have a name."

"How did you know I was in trouble?"

The siren chuckled, "It's in your very voice. I can hear you anywhere near the ocean. And I could hear you were in trouble, so I sent my friends to bring you back to me. I'm afraid," she looked away, grief flashing in her eyes,: "that I couldn't save your daughter..."

Sahara looked down, then hugged her Grandmother tightly, and the both cried.


It has been years since then. Sahara has grown and learned how to harness the powers of her voice, and the powers she had gotten from her grandfather, the powers of sorcery. She lived with her Grandmother, the siren, for all those years.

They lived on the siren's island, singing into the ocean, siren and jackal, connected by blood. Sahara grew into a beautiful young lady in the time she stayed there. She would have remained there, except fate once again caught up with her, Sahara the Jackal, as she was called by her grandmother.

Fate, as it was, was a man. A man that would change Sahara's view on the world forever. When she woke that morning, she heard her grandmother singing. Walking out of the hut she stayed in, she approached the siren.

There was a ship on the horizon. Sahara, having wanted to see others for years now, was able to persuade the siren to release them from her spell. The boat came to the island, and Sahara greeted them, her grandmother remaining hidden from the mortals.

One of the men, Jate, was a strong handsome man, who Sahara felt herself irresistably attracted to. He was, of course, the first man she had seen in over a decade. To the displeasure of her grandmother, she tried to seduce Jate, but he would not be swayed from the family he had back home.

In a fit of anger, Sahara began singing, seeking to seduce him that way.....


Sahara glared at the human male, anger lining every inch of her body. Taking a deep breath, she began singing, commanding her powers. She would have this. His family wouldn't ever have to know, she certainly wouldn't be going off this island to tell them. She wanted a child, and she would have a child.

Her voice began gaining power, and she started to lose herself in the melody when Jate, out of panic of his responding body, grabbed his dagger from his belt, and thrust it into Sahara midsection.

She staggered back, her singing ending abruptly in a choking noise as she stared at the weapon protruding from her stomach. Her vision bleared as tears, brought by the sudden pain, filled her eyes. Gulping, she fell back against a wall, and slid down to the floor, her hands clenched around the hilt.

A shrieking sound made her look at the doorway. It was Grandma. She opened her mouth, but only a trickle of blood slid from her opened jaws. Her grandmother looked at her horrified, then turned her gaze to Jate, was grabbing for his sword.

The siren screamed again, but the scream didn't hold any power. She was siren, whose power lied in a song, not in screaming. The siren lifted one hand, a ball of liquid light appearing above it, and threw it at Jate, who slashed at it with his sword.

With a hum, the sword absorbed the magical attack. Both grandmother and granddaughter stared in surprise. Then Jate lunged, swinging his sword, and slicing through the siren's neck.

Sahara tried to scream, but her voice failed her as she felt a tightness in her chest, the pain of her heart numbing the pian in her stomach.

Jate looked at her, at the fallen siren, then left.

Sahara could hear him calling his men, telling them to get back to the ship, that they were setting sail. Crying, Sahara pulled herself towards the body of her grandmother. Weeping, she took the lifeless hand and closed her eyes, waiting for her own end to come.
It never occured to her that if she pulled the blade out, she may have died faster, but she didn't. She lie there for the next several hours, as darkness fell. She hadn't moved once in all that time, caught up in misery and sadness.....until a glow appeared in the doorway.

She glanced at the female humanoid. Though human in appearance, it was obvious this creature wasn't human at all. The creature held one hand tightly to her waist as she looked around, then down at Sahara, and the Sisters of the Voice met for the first time.


Jate eyes snapped opened as the horn blew, sounding the alarm. Rolling off his bed, his hand quickly grabbed the sword that always remained by him. Taking it, and buckling around his waist, he quickly ran outside.

It wasn't even light yet, the full moon shining down it's gentle light onto the ground. People were running out around him, looking around like he was, trying to understand what was going on. Behind him, he could hear his wife coming out behind him. Looking at the love of his life, he held her close, glancing at their son, sitting up sleepily, rubbing his eyes.

He stared into his wife's eyes, nodded, then left her, heading towards the stairs to the walls of the fort. He had just returned here from a tangle with a siren, and had been looking forward to having to relaxation. But it seemed life had other plans for him.

As he took the steps two at a time, he was greatful that he hadn't gotten over to going to sleep without his clothes on. While he wasn't armored, he was still dressed. It was just as he reached the last step when the attack commenced.

A horrible, loud screaming eveloped the whole encampment. Falling to his knees, trying desperately to block out the sound by covering his ears, he screamed in pain as the sound seemed to pierce right through him. Unwanted, memories of the last time he'd felt this kind of pain came to him.

It was when he had gone against a banshee, a wretched creature thats greatest power was its scream. He had the 'joy' of meeting a particularly nasty one. She had nearly done Jate in, but luck had been with him at that time, allowing him to severily wound her and escape.

The screams ripped right through him, despite his efforts to drown it out. Opening one of his eyes, he looked across the fort to see others on the ground as well, trying desperately to stop the pain. Then he closed his eyes again as the pain intensified.

After an eternity, the screaming finally stopped. Carefully, Jate slowly moved his hands away from his ears and stood uncertainly to his feet. That was one of the weaknesses of most banshee, usually the most they could do was simply hurt you, but they liked to dwell in areas that when you fell in pain from their voices, you usually fell down a pit or something of the like.

But as Jate looked across the fort again, he stared at the horror that met his eyes.

Everyone was lying on the ground, lifeless. was impossible. How could one banshee scream kill all them?! It took an extremely powerful banshee just to kill ONE person with a scream, but to kill a whole....fort...full....

His eyes widened as the images of his wife and son came to him. Not even bothering to look for the banshee, he ran back down the stairs, jumping the last bunch of them as he scrambled towards his home. Did they survive? Surely they had....they were indoors, surely that would offer them some protection....wouldn't it?

As he reached his home, he grabbed for the door, but the second he touched it the door exploded, throwing him back. Blinking stupidly for several seconds, he picked himself up, staring at the doorway.

Since when had exploding doors been part of a banshee's arsenal?

Walking forward, ignoring a new pain in his leg, he entered the house and froze at the figure waiting for him. It wasn't a banshee.

"! But, I killed you. I know I did," Jate stammered, staring at the sorceress.

The female jackal, who was sitting at his table, looked at him amusingly. He didn't even noticed the new black designs decorating her hair and fur. With a smile dripping with innocence, she spoke is a honey coated tone, "Oh, love. I didn't notice you. How have you been? I've been....talking with you family." She grinned, showing off her formidable, ivory teeth.

Jate's blood ran cold, "What have you done with them?"

"Not even a how are you? My, you've gotten so rude. You certainly were more....FUN," she winked seductively at the human, who blushed a brilliant shade of red, "the last time we met....until you gutted me, that is."

"I did that because you tried to coerce me into having sex with you!!" Jate cried indignantly.

The jackal nodded slowly, "Yes. I keep forgetting that part, don't I? But you really should have told me you were married."


"Oh yeah, I keep forgetting that part, don't I?"

Jate glared at her, " my family?!"

The jackal looked up innocently at him, "I....keep forgetting that part?"

Jate reached for his sword, only to have someone grab his arm. Staring, he followed the hand holding him up it's arm, then to it's owner....his wife. Her eyes had gone completely blank, like an empty puppet. "D...darling?"

His love didn't say anything, didn't even acknowledge him. Staring at her, he slowly turned his gaze over to the sorceress, "What have you done with her? WHAT DID YOU DO?!"

The jackal smiled innocently, "I keep forgetting that-"


The jackal snapped her mouth shut, looking like she had just been slapped. Her face contorted into one of rage and anger, "I will not allow mere vermin such as yourself to talk to me in such a manner!"

She raised a hand and he felt himself rising up into the air. Whipping her hand behind her, he flew past her and slammed against a wall. With a hate filled hiss, she waved her hands at the table, then flung it against him, pinning him up against the wall. With more motionings, several other objects flung themselves infront of the table, effectively trapping him where he stood.

"Damn it, let me go, Sahara!"
The jackal walked forward slowly, a nasty smiled spread across her lips, "It's Sahara the Jackal to you, and aren't you wondering what's going on? Or is your brain so feeble, that it's unable to even think right? To think, I was defeated by such a moronic simpleton as yourself." The jackal spat in his face. "Although, I suppose I should thank you. After all if you hadn't done what you had, I wouldn't have met your old friend the banshee."

Jate blinked, "What...what are you talking about?" Then he blinked. How COULD he have all ready forgotten about the banshee? He had just been attacked mere minutes ago.

The jackal sighed, "Moron. Look, after you nearly killed the banshee, she followed you, intent on taking you with her. She never caught up with you. Instead, she ran into me where I lay dying as you had left me. The two of us became one, simply so we could extract our revenge on you. We, together, are invincible. So much more powerful than either of us had been alone. I'm am now, the most powerful thing in the world."

Jate struggled against the blockade holding him, but it was to no avail, he was completely stuck, "If you want to kill me, then go ahead, but leave my wife and child out of this!"

Sahara chuckled, "Well, we can't leave your wife out of this, she's part of our revenge. As for your son....let's just leave it at....It's....Too....Late...."

Jate stared as he felt his legs grow wobbly at her words. "YOU LIE!" he sobbed, "you have to be....."

The jackal smiled, "You'll never know, I guess. But I think it's time for me to show you what else happened to me, besides having both my old powers, and the powers of a banshee. My body has changed as well. So much more. So much more...." She smiled seductively as she walked over to Jate's wife.

Snapping her fingers, the woman blinked and looked at the jackal confused. She didn't even get the chance to say anything. Quick as lightning, the jackal grabbed the human by her shoulders, then pulled her towards herself and planted a big kiss on the woman's lips. The woman stared, not quite understanding what was happening.

Jate simply shook his head, "No, don't do it Sahara. Leave her alone!"

Sahara glanced back at him without breaking her kiss, and slowly winked at him. She broke her kiss, grabbed the back of Jate's wife's head, and opened her jaws widely.

The woman screamed as the large jackal calmly shoved the smaller woman's head into her maw. Her face slid right past the sharp teeth until it was resting flat on the jackal's wet tongue. She tried to scream, her voice being somewhat muffled as she struggled to get away from the monster.

Sahara simply smiled, and pulled, forcing the woman's head into the grip of her gullet. Jate screamed as he watched the jackal's neck fur swelled out with his loves head beneath it. Sahara continued to push down with her head, the jaws open and sliding more of his wife between them.

Sahara worked slowly, pulling more and more of the woman in her. She had all the time in the world, after all. She twisted and jerk, prying the lady's shoulders into the confines of her maw, then into that of her throat. She could feel her prey's head sliding beneath her chest now, stretching that out as well.

It was a glorious feeling, all in all. Her tongue slid over the breasts now, pushing against the giving flesh, tasting her. Her meal squirmed at the attention, but was unable to stop the Jackal. With a wicked gleam, she pressed her tongue against the woman's nipple, earning her a surprised jerk.

But she swallowed. With the shoulders in her gullet, the strong muscle had all it needed to pull the woman to her doom. The woman's chest slid into her throat, allowing Sahara to continue her feast, taking her fill.
Jate screamed at her, begged her to stop, ordered her to stop, and cursed her with every curse he knew. But it was to no avail, the jackal continued her feast on his wife, his love. And he was unable to stop it, trapped beneath the table.

Sahara continued her feast, pulling more and more of the woman into her body. Swallow long and hard, as she pulled the woman's hips into her maw, she felt her prey's head slide into her stomach. Smiling, she motioned with her hands, and the legs of the woman began to rise into the air as Sahara tilted her head back.

Held by the power of the sorceress's magic, the woman wasn't able to move her legs as she continued sliding down, filling out Sahara's midsection, which bore the scar of where Jate's knife had pierced the jackal so long agao.

Sahara calmly made slurping noises as the hips, then the legs began sliding down her throat. More and more, the bulge in her stomach was becoming noticable. Swallowing, she pulled more of the woman into her, preying on the female.

Finally, much to the pain of Jate, her teeth slid shut, locking the woman inside her body. Carefully, Sahara turned, looked at Jate, and swallowed.....hard.

He watches the form of her wife leave Sahara's throat, chest, and completely enter the jackal's stomach. He watched in horror as the form of his wife squirmed and struggled beneath the fur and flesh.

Sahara let out a pleased hiss at it all, one hand sliding across the woman-made-bulge, ignoring the muffled screaming taking place within her. Smacking her lips, she leaned towards Jate, "I can see why you like her. Very delicious."

Jate simply sobbed

"But I still want more," Sahara spoke softly. Jate watched in horror as the squirming bulge gave a sudden jerk, then began thrashing wildly as Sahara held onto her midsection, hissing in pleasure. Slowly, then faster, the bulge began becoming less formed, smaller.

Jate watched, unable to tear his eyes away from the sight of his wife being digested at an accelerated pace. In the span of two minutes, his wive was gone, completely absorbed.

Sahara sighed softly, standing straight once more, her stomach back to its normal shape, "That was good. Though now it's your turn, lover."

She looked at him, then motioned with hand. The objects holding the table down, then the table itself, slid away from Jate, freeing him. But when he tried to move to rush her, he found he couldn't move. Not even his fingers.

Sahara looked smugly at him, "I said I was the most powerful sorceress alive now, did you think I was lying?" She chuckled as Jate found his body movig towards her, "I can assure you, I wasn't. Now, what shall I do with you, my little slave?" She licked her lips, her long wet tongue sliding over her sharp ivroy teeth.

He tried desperately to stop his body, to yell and curse at her, but he couldn't do anything. His body was no longer his own, held within the spell of the jackal. He was a prisoner inside his own body.

Sahara watched him closely, her eyes half shut as his bdy walked towards her, "You escaped us once, but now, you're mine."

Jate didn't even get the chance to try and understand the wierd irregularity of words before his arm raised, his hand sliding across Sahara's face. She closed her eyes as his other hand rose and slid across her lips, pushing and teasing her jaws open.

It was a terrifying feeling, having his own hand, his own fingers sliding across those sharp teeth, where his wife had past through just minutes before. His fingers slid past her large canines and pressed against her tongue.

He wanted to cringe as he felt it. The tongue was still slimy from the jackal's earlier meal. His hand pushed past her teeth and began sliding across her tongue, massaging it. Inside, he wanted to vomit, but his body wouldn't even react to that wish, instead moving his other hand to the insides of her mouth.

Gently, his hands brushed the insides of her mouth, sliding farther and farther back all the time. Jate desperately tried to get his body to respond, to stop what it was doing. But his body wasn't his, not anymore.

Pushing with one hand first, then the other, his body slid his hands into the folds of her throat, the hot, slimy muscle stretching to take his limbs. His hands were forced together as his body pushed gently, sliding his elbows into her maw and making her moan softly. She reached up and gently held his shoulders as his body bent forward, moving his head towards her opened jaws.

He wanted to cry as her lower jaw filled his vision, her tongue pressing against his face, covering it with saliva. And still his body wouldn't stop. It kept pushing him down, farther and farther into Sahara's maw, and down her throat. His hands were somewhere deep within her now and his head was being squeezed into the confines of her throat.

The hot, slimy muscle slid over the top of his head, then over his face as his body pushed him. Right after his head, his shoulders slid down as well, leaving his chest resting between her jaws. Her tongue continued to slide over him, wetting his body down and coating it with slime, making him all that much easier to she needed that extra bit of help. His own body was throwing itself into her.

Her throat gripped him tightly, gently pulling him deeper. His hands were soon squeezed into a larger spot, the beginning of his end. Again, he tried desperately to scream, to struggle and pull himself out of her, but his body only pushed itself farther into its doom.

It was getting hard to breath, the throat muscle not stretching very much around him anymore. Instead it was gripping him tightly now, pulling harder and harder as Saraha swallowed him, bringing him closer to her stomach.

His stomach slid past her jaws and he felt his head reach the opening to her stomach. The ring squeezed tightly around his face as he slid past it, entering her midsection. Horrified, he felt his body being risen into the air as his wife's had. He felt his entire body being forced upside down.

There wasn't anything left he could do, even if he had control of his body. He was a goner. He felt the throat ripple around his body, pulling more and more of him into the slimy hot embrace of the jackal's belly. His thighs slid down, then his knees were taken in. And still, Sahara wouldn't let him have his body back, still he was a captive within his body within her own.

Her felt her jaws finally close around his feet, the tongue sliding across them as she took in the tastes of the last of him. Then with a final gulp, his feet were thrown down to join the rest of him, curling up within her. And still he wasn't entitled to have his body back.

Feeling like he could scream, he tried to move his body, to thrash, to move his hand, his finger even. But he couldn't do a thing. He simply lay there, slimy walls hugging him tightly. Even now, she held him.


Sahara burped softly, looking down at her bulged midsection. Carefully, she sat down in a chair, running her hands over the form within. She and the banshee had fused together to extract their revenge. It was decided this was the best way. She'd keep hold over Jate's body until he died. He wouldn't be allowed to move, to struggle. He would die, within her body, with nothing left to live for, and with no control over his life.

Her head turned, looking into the other room where the human child slept peacefully. She had been able to convince Jate she had killed the child, but she hadn't even touched him. A little magic to make sure he didn't awake while she dealt with his parents, and that was that.

She wouldn't ever harm a child, something she always wanted. That was why she had tried seducing Jate in the first place, after all. He wouldn't help her, so now she'd take his own child and raise him. Smiling at her new child, she sat there resting, feeling her body feeding off Jate's fear within her. She used a great deal of power this day, all the power she had been storing up. Now with two lives and bodies, she would be able to keep herself together.

She had to keep eating others, her body was imperfect. Her fusion with the banshee and the increase of her magical powers caused it to burn off energy at an alarming rate. She needed to feast on fresh meat and feelings, strong feelings and emotions, or else she'd die.

But not today. She wouldn't die today. She was safe. And she'd had their revenge. Smiling to herself, still rubbing her swollen stomach, she sighed softly. She'd died twice already. Once as that little girl, then again as the young lady on the island. Two lives she'd already lived.

Now came a new life. That of Sahara the Jackal, the banshee siren.

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can you please repost this

The story of my foxtaur, Ashanti.

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can you please repost this

Unnamed 3.

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It really Should get named. Third in the series. 

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can you please repost this

Amberain - 11 years ago

I just read it today on Vor-Com, but I didn't see a way to contact the author there, so I came here to say it. I can't wait to see what happens next!

Unnamed 2Sequel to the last Unnamed.

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can you please repost this


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rugli - 5 years ago

The leopard smiled, unable to believe his luck. He resisted the urge to chuckle at the circumstances. The news of the disappearing students at the college had nearly everyone nervously looking over their backs. He was one of the ones that wasn’t afraid, with good reason.

He looked down at the girl rabbit, licking his lips, still unable to believe his luck. Kandra was one of the hottest girls in the school, her black fur had an unbelievable shine to it. She was slightly shorter than him, only 5 foot 8 to his 6 feet even. Her ears were pointing straight up, acting like a pair of radars.

Ryte smirked. He had met her as she was leaving her last class of the day, chemistry. He had been stalking her for the past week, and she had finally noticed him, and asked him to walk her to her room! Well, he’d make certain this would be a night she’d remember for the rest of her life.

He had been all too glad to agree to protect her from who ever was kidnapping the other students. He looked down at her again, she was wearing a short sleeve button up shirt, and a very short skirt, showing off her long legs.

He, on the other hand, wore a long sleeve shirt and a pair of jeans. He continued walking behind her, his tail swaying from side to side. Finally, they reached her room, where she turned around, “Would you care to come in?”

Score! “If you’re sure I won’t be intruding.”

She laughed, “Yeah right, Ryte. Why would you be intruding? You walked me all the way here, least I can do is let you come in and offer you something to drink, or something.”

‘Yeah, or something. I don’t think a drink’ll cut it,’ he thought to himself. He smiled and nodded as she turned and unlocked the door.

The two walked through it, the leopard’s eyes glued to her skirt again. She moved to the side, allowing him to move past her while she shut the door. He looked around. It was the same as any other girl’s room he’d seen, and he’d seen quite a few lately.

“Can I get you something to drink?” Kandra asked from behind him.

“Sure. Uhh, should I wait anywhere?”

“The bed?” she suggested as she walked past him and went into the small kitchen.

Ryte blinked, ‘The bed? Well, why the hell not?!’ As if a grin were pasted on his face, he walked through her room and sat down at the edge of her bed. This was going to be easier that he thought it would be. He could hear the sound of running water come on, then turn off. A few seconds later Kandra walked in holding two glasses of water.

Sitting down on the bed, she handed one of the glasses to him. She tipped her own glass towards him then brought it to her lips. Ryte stared as she raised the glass farther and farther up as she drank the water swallow after swallow, without ever stopping for air. And it wasn’t one of those small glasses either!

Not to be outdone, he copied her after she finished. She wiped her lips clean of the water on her lips with the back of her paw as he swallowed mouthful after mouthful. His lungs started to burn as he was three quarters finished, but he wouldn’t be outdone. He just kept gulping until finally he was done.

Pulling the glass away, he gasped loudly, breathing fresh air into his lungs as Kandra laughed. He glared at her, “What?”

She smiled, “There a trick to that. Once you swallow the water, breath through your nose while you refill your mouth. That way you don’t run out of air.”

Ryte laughed under his breath, “I’ll remember that.”

“I’m sure you will.”

Ryte blinked, there was something about her tone of voice that made him look at her. He did a double take at what he saw. She was unbuttoning her shirt. Before he could do anything, he felt his muscles go limp and fell to his side on the bed.

“And I’m sure you’re wondering what’s happening to your body, right now,” Kandra looked down at the limp leopard after she finished unbuttoning her shirt. “The answer is quite simple. The chemical I put in your drink in a type of relaxant, it makes all your muscles go limp.”

Ryte tried to say something, but he just couldn’t get his tongue to work right. This was infuriating. What did the girl think she was doing?! When he could move again he’d show her not to mess with the head football star!

“I don’t think you understand your present situation, deary. Let me tell you something about myself, I’m a crossbreed. My mom is a rabbit, my dad a snake. Now I’m sure you know such pairings usually result creatures that look like lamia’s and the like. Well I took after my mom, though I do have some of Daddy’s....characteristics.” She leaned over him and licked the side of his face as she slid a paw under his shirt, pulling it up, “I’ve got a similar bone structure to him, I’m like a rabbit snake. A meat eating rabbit.

“I know you’ve heard about the disappearing students, well they haven’t disappeared. They’re all a part of me now.”

Ryte’s eyes widened in panic as realization struck him. Kandra had eaten the missing students.

“I see you understand, and that means you know what’s coming,” without pausing she pulled his shirt off of him, exposing his muscular upper body, “Oooh, and I bet you’re so proud of yourself.” She laughed as she undid his pants and pulled those and his boxers down, “Don’t worry, I know you’ve been stalking me, big guy. Well, you wanted in me, and now you’re gonna get you’re wish.” She moved over on the bed until she was by his head, “My poor little baby, you look so cold and helpless...I put you somewhere nice and warm...”

He watched horrified as she pulled him up onto her lap until he was sitting in it. He licked his face, coating it with slick drool over and over again. If he didn’t know what was coming, he could have gotten to like this treatment. What...was...coming?

‘Wait a minute,’ he thought to himself, ‘She can’t possibly open her mouth wide enough to eat me....’ Realization hit him. She was just playing stupid game, well once this chemical of hers wore off.... He blinked slowly as he watched her open her mouth wide and cover the tip of his muzzle. She was bluffing, she just had to be. It was just a stupid game of hers.

But it was an awfully realistic game as she pushed forward, sliding more and more of his muzzle into her mouth. Soon his muzzle touched the back of her mouth even as her large buck teeth rested in between his eyes.

Dread started to fill him as she started working her mouth over his head and he heard the clicking noises which reminded him of what she had said about having a similar bone structure to her dad...and he was about to bet his last few moments alive that an unhinging jaw system was included in that structure.

He closed his eyes as her lips slid over his eyes, the top of her jaw now resting on the top of his head. His muzzle had already started disappearing into the folds of her throat, opening the way the rest of him would soon follow. She had one arm wrapped around his body, holding him up to her, the other was calmly pushing his head into her mouth.

This wasn’t right, all he had wanted was a good time, and he was becoming a late night snack! It was only because of his excellent night vision that he could see inside her mouth, not that that brought him any comfort. He could see the slimy entrance of Kandra’s throat slowly getting closer and closer to him, soon it would consume the rest of his head and he’d be left blind as a bat.

Her slimy inner flesh glistened with saliva. He could feel her tongue under his chin, tasting him like she had probably done so with the others. He was with a predator in the guise of a harmless prey. And that was this predator’s trap, luring those such as he into her stomach. A small shove to the back of his head and her upper jaw quickly slid all the way down, bringing the rest of his head into her mouth even as light completely disappeared as the rest of his face sunk inside her gullet.

His ears lay flat against his head as inch after inch of him was forced into the girl rabbit. Would he be missed? How many more people would this girl devour before she was caught...would she be caught? She had slid her mouth down past his neck and was working on getting his shoulders in now. How could she do this? He was bigger than she was! Were snakes really this elastic like?!

With a pop, his shoulders were in her mouth as well. By now he could hear her body working. He could hear her heartbeat, breathing....breathing? With a shock, he realized he could hear her breathing. She must have a separate air tube with her nose, that was how she really was able to drink all that water! She had an alternate air tunnel, damn her.

A lot of good this information would do him, he thought sadly. He wouldn’t even be here shortly, no that wasn’t quite right. He’d always remain here, as a part of her body now. She held him by his arms now, pushing him farther and farther down her throat. She hadn’t swallowed yet, she was simply taking her time, tasting him to his fullest, enjoying him to her heart’s extent.

She had just gotten his upper chest in her mouth, her bottom jaw resting against his top of abdomen. He knew he wasn’t going to get out, he was doomed, and as if to erase any doubt he might have still had, Kandra swallowed.

So far the ride down Kandra’s throat had been easy on him. Her throat was slimy, yet giving, more that willing to allow him to pass. It had stretched allowing him to slide down. Yet now those slimy walls tensed up around him, squeezing him as they suddenly pulled down on him...hard. It felt as is the rabbit’s gullet was trying to pull his head off! But they did their job. The walls of the throat pulled him farther inside her body.

He could feel her jaw line resting just above his hips. She had swallowed his entire lower torso with a single swallow?! Another rippling sensation around him, and he was pulled down again, only not nearly as hard. She must have swallowed as hard as she could that first time. But this swallow pulled his head into her stomach.

This was hardly a comfort, having reached the beginning of his end. She could feel her paws on his bottom now, as she worked more and more of him into her body, as if it were just some giant holding cell, and he was a new prisoner. Soon his shoulders slid through the stomach’s entrance and his head was pressed against the bottom of the slimy sac. He had reached his final destination, the middle of her body. And the end of his life.


Kandra’s eyes watered in pain as she pulled Ryte farther and farther inside her. It hurt taking prey this big, but he had deserved this. She knew what he had wanted, and had been planning. He had planned on having sex with her, and if she refused, then raping her like he had done so with several of her friends. While she didn’t want him to be a part of her body, she wanted him to suffer the worse death she could think of, and that was this. To die within someone he planned on hurting. He’d never hurt again.

Soon all that was left were his legs, tail, and paws. She could feel his head pressing against the bottom of her stomach, which eagerly demanded more of the tasty leopard. Oh yes, he was a delicious meal, she’d have to try another leopard sometime soon. Yes, she had eaten several of her schoolmates, but that was what predators did. They ate.

She swallowed again. She had timed her first swallow carefully so that while her throat would pull on his shoulders, it would mainly pull on Ryte’s head. Motion caught her eyes. Ryte’s tail was twitching, a sign that the chemical she had drugged him with was wearing off. Better and better. It wouldn’t wear off in time to save the leopard, but it would in time to ensure a nice struggle within her body, oh how she loved that.

She watched the spotted design on the legs disappear into her waiting maw even as more of the leopard emptied out inside her stomach. Her tongue slid over every inch of him, tasting him for all he was worth and making him slick for the ride down. She felt him quiver inside her throat. Now she rested a paw to her stomach, feeling his head under her fur and flesh. Her bones had expanded around him while he slid between them, even she wasn’t quite sure how her body did it, but it did. Ryte had been close to her maximum limit. Another few inches and he’d have been too big to eat.

Her stomach began growing as is stretched out. Even now, Ryte’s knees were approaching her hungry lips. Soon it would all be over for him, he’d be digested just like all the others. She smiled as she leaned backwards until she fell on her back, her paws rubbing her stomach, feeling him sliding inside of her stomach.

But it was time to end this. Another powerful swallow brought his feet into her mouth and left about half a foot of tail out. She closed her mouth and began sucking on the tail. ‘I feel like I got a cigar....’ she laughed to herself as the feet slid farther and farther towards the back of her mouth. Another hard gulp sent the last of the leopard falling into her innards.

She sighed as she felt him empty out completely in her gut, which had swollen quite a bit. It looked like another diet was in order, as well as several trips to the gym. She could feel him beginning to move around inside as the chemical began wearing off completely. She was worried about Ryte ripping her stomach to shreds, school policy had everyone with claws file them down to mere stubs while they were there, even visitors. He had not way out, save one, and by then he’d be long digested.

She watched him through her belly fur. Despite being in her stomach, she could see his curled up shape quite well. He began pushing against her stomach walls, which caused Kandra to gasp, not in pain, but in pleasure. She always loved it when her food struggled to get out, the joys of having something living within her gut.

It would do Ryte no good, he wasn’t going to escape, he was going to die in her body, and Kandra reveled at the thought. She licked her lips, trying to get anymore flavor of the leopard off them when she felt gas needing release. Grabbing a pillow, she pressed it against her face as she belched into it. Wouldn’t do for her neighbors to hear her and come investigate the sound. Smiling, she looked back at the still struggling bulge within her gut.

“Ryte, I hereby kick you out of this school, and into my gut,” she giggled as she her the muffled growling, and she belched again.

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can you please repost this

Gypa - 9 years ago

I want ad info for this. It is F/M, soft vore rabbit pred, Leopard pray

Jan ran.
It was all she could do.
Why didn't she believe the old man that warned her, why? When her friends disappeared, she should have known, but she was too stubborn to believe that the story could possibly be true.
But it was. It was true...very true.
It was hard to see in the pouring rain, her small flashlight barely lit the ground in front of her...but she could hear him coming closer.
She knew she wouldn't be able to outrun him, but she had to try.
Why didn't she leave when she had the ch


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Tags: Oral Vore Horse Feral M/F Story Original Character

A VERY short story about a horse, and the girl that didn't believe 

rugli - 4 years ago

I did like to encore you to re-write the story. If you want maybe i could help to brain storm ideas what exactly could happen, in pms.

TigerClaw - 4 years ago

A while back, I had wanted to rewrite this story. Make it considerably longer, show the other victims getting eaten, leading to this scene. Sadly, never got around to it. And also sadly, never had any ideas for a sequel, so it looks like this will remain the only version of this story.

rugli - 4 years ago

Always loved this story.
But have you thought about writing more about this feral horse of yours?

Shirehorse7 - 5 years ago

Ah horse vore the best predators there is Great story

Nameless - 12 years ago

great story, I'd love to see more stuff with horses ^_^