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Berserker and the Thanksgiving Otter by: Berserkerb

Berserker dashed around the kitchen, frantic, his face full of anxiety. His red mane, normally brushed and tidy looking, was knotted in several places, and looked like it had just come out of a dryer. The hyon zipped over to the fridge and looked through it thoroughly. He pushed aside jars and pulled out cupboards. He threw open the freezer, though the size of the compartment gave way that what he wanted was not in there.


Berserker and the Thanksgiving Otter

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: BerserkerB

Tags: Furry Gay Masturbation Non-Consensual Cooking vore Ass Stuffing

I wasn't sure if I should post this here or not, but I figure some people will like it.
WARNING: Contains cooking a fur in an oven!

So I wanted to make a thanksgiving themed story, and Jamie the otter, from FA, was kind enough to volunteer.
Well... he volunteered his character, but Jamie in the story wasn't quite looking to become a turkey dinner when he stopped over to help Berserker.

Contains: Cooking vore, gay, furry, masturbation, non-consensual 

BerserkerB - 10 years ago

Thanks. I'll see what I can do.

CipotCaz - 10 years ago

I would love to see more of your cooking style, it is awesome!

BerserkerB - 10 years ago

Thank you. Though I think I'm not as popular on here since I haven't submitted stuff in a while.

CipotCaz - 10 years ago

Yet another brilliant work by you Berserker

The Feral Three
A 'Savage'
vore story
By Strega, with help
from Laesd
The first mission of
the Feral Three did not go well.
They were on patrol,
TechnoCoon (formerly Bandit) riding on Savage’s back to man the
multifunction cannon, Ratbat (formerly The Rat) soaring overhead on
his new anti-gravity wings. Their gear, along with the keg-sized
force field generator hanging from Savage’s collar, was scavenged
from various supervillains. The were-raccoon, it turned out, was a
pack rat for thin

The Feral Three, a 'Savage' vore story.

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: Strega

Tags: Raccoon Rat Tiger Consensual Non-Consensual couatl

Savage and his friends! Consensual and nonconsensual vore, superhero fights, Savage getting fat, even some minor scat and smut. What more could you ask for? 

Strega - 10 years ago

The three stories form a neat trilogy, so I don't really "need" to write more, but I am thinking about the characters so much I probably will. 83

Justme - 10 years ago

Awesome story. I just coudn't stop reading it.

My interests where sparked by the pictures your drew of them and i will be looking foward to more from these three.

Yet again Great work.

Btw i looked though your storie archieve and coudn't any more stories of them. Are you planning on writing more?

The Siluvara Codex

Famous Characters:

Isaya, the Dryad

Isaya is a Dryad, a tree spirit, that lives on planet Ross-154-D, known after 2410 as "New Vegas" or even the "Atlantic Colony". (Most Earth humans like to call it New Vegas; the Bollars who have lived there for ages, call it “Absegami”.)

During a fierce battle between Grue Combine and Bollar forces over Ross-154-D, both fleets were wiped out and a few surviving ships crashed on the planet's surf

Isaya, the Dryad

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: Jacquelope

Tags: writing

The most depraved Dryad in the universe. By far. Her Spriggans are every vorarephile's friend!

02/08/2010: a few details added in 

LordVengeance - 9 years ago

Scandelously depraved is Amber, I will admit, but what about simply depraved?

LordVengeance - 9 years ago

But I thought she was my little green friend...

Good strategy though. *cough still say God has a sense of humor about all this though cough*

Jacquelope - 9 years ago

There's an entry in the general Dryads species codex that specifically mentions there is NO PROOF that Dryads cannot have a presence on multiple worlds at once. And that Dryads also do not let onto their full abilities.

So you're basically left to BELIEVE Isaya when she says she could be killed by destroying her host tree. In a galaxy where enemies can turn whole worlds into charcoal this is a good strategy not to let anyone know you control an entire global ecosystem, or several...

LordVengeance - 9 years ago


One of the oldest, most famous, and powerful Dryads of the universe... is a MISTAKE?? She crash landed and just stayed stuck there? Ahhh.

That's even more proof God has a sense of humor. Some of the other bits are humans and the platypus.

Jacquelope - 10 years ago

Oh, she can be found in one story here:

She will also meet Ian Scranton for the first time at the end of "The Many Journies of Ian Scranton" ^_^

My name was Annie
Setter.I was planning on changing it (the "Setter",
not the "Annie") after I graduated, after I wasn't beholden
to my parents for tuition money. There's nothing that screams
"provincial" more than a breed for a surname. That's not
how they do it in the capital cities, is it? It's definitely not how
they do it in the Industry. My parents would have been upset,
probably, but if they didn't want me to act like a capital kid, why
did they b

A Rainy Day

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: 4ofSwords

Tags: Furry Oral Vore Cat Dog Cow Rat Sex F/mff

My other writing kiriban, this time for Miranda Dragon. (Thank you for your patience!)

7800 words, F/mff sex and vore. If you don't like scat references, stop when you get to "Eleanor's Story", otherwise, enjoy! 

4ofSwords - 7 years ago

Yup - this is the "Capital Cities" setting. Thanks for the kind words! :)

Indighost - 7 years ago

Very nice sex scene...that was my favorite part :). Just like the last one of yours I read, an extremely good expression off the setting--I loved the way you quickly set up a city in the rain in an foreign country (this isn't a consistent universe you have set up, is it?). The rest of it is similar to your others: vore applied with a powerful sense of creepiness and seediness, again i dont know if it was your intention or not, but it really hit me with a powerful effect--the mark of an excellent writer.

4ofSwords - 8 years ago

<grin> I'm glad you did! Thanks!

Shyguy9 - 8 years ago

Found myself reading this today and I have to say, I think it is one of my favorite vore stories ever. Seriously! Can't believe I never commented on it!

Anyways, just wanted to let you know. I don't often revisit stories the way I have this one.

4ofSwords - 10 years ago

Well, thank you! That's very flattering! :D


“Now as you may or may not know, there are certain examples of predatory acts in the style of vore shown in common animals. Mantis females will eat their mates, sometimes reptiles eat their own young, etc, etc. But as you know, there's many things separating US from common animals, just like there's plenty separating what you think of as prey from a piece of pizza.”“There's a difference?” The succubus asked, looking rather cocky. Renamon kn

It's the Law, Stupid! Pt.2

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: MichaelGrey

Tags: Renamon Omega Unbirth Story synx Breast Vore BV Zack philosophy tribute Suylain morality

Continuation of "It's the Law". Sue now demonstrates the feminine charm that can be brought to Vore to get those within the facility to understand how it feels to be on the RECEIVING end of being eaten!

Once again I ask you to remember that I don't own Nyoka, or Omega, or Zack or the Synx or Suylain. These are characters of artists whom I happen to respect for their great talent. 

Omega - 8 years ago

It is me apparently. As stated in pt 1... I'm not overly thrilled with this use of my character. Especially in this section.

Neet story and I do enjoy seeing Omega and co in other peoples works. But wrong presentation of Omega. Kalili would have fit better perhaps for the ideas put forward.

On the other hand. Considering his general expertise. He'd more likely have been the one giving the lecture. I know I have a few times. ahem... ;)

newenglandee - 8 years ago

From what I can gleam of this tale, all the characters within are, in a sense, tributes or parodies of people, artists, from Aryion or other places. That Omega is clearly meant to represent you, at least, I THINK he was meant to represent you.

Omega - 8 years ago

I assume that it is is not me at the end there?

I'm out for a walk when I sopt a female that looks familiar. she appears to be a brownfurred vulpine. black hair and a wellbuilt body, and, considering her tightfitting and revealing clothes, I'll say she knows that allright.
Soline, as she's called, notices me too and head for where I'm standing, while I watch her coming closer while trying to ignore the flight response she triggers in me.
noticing my state of mind she slows down, putting some sway in her hips, making sure she has my full att

In the den of the predator (anal vore, unbirth and sex scenes)

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: Fairlyn

Tags: writing

Soline is @ Soline.

I consider her a close friend and a RP partner... 

Fairlyn - 10 years ago

it was the first time I ever wrote a sex scene. I think I could do better today, I have been pondering a followup where this one ends. I'll try to get some longer sex scenes in that, when I get around to it.

WolfFort - 10 years ago

Good, but the sexual sceens are short. Although painfully hard to write "at least for me" it makes the story.


giant intelligent tiger, Neutral Good




(300 hit points)




ft. (16 squares), leap 50’ (10 squares), swim 40’ (8 squares)


(-1 size, +5 Dex, +20 natural), touch 15, flat-footed





Savage the tiger for D&D 3.5

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: Strega

Tags: Tiger superhero

This week at work was slow so I typed Savage up. It's always fun to stat out my preds, but the lack of an appropriate superhero game system shows here. Oh well, I'm sure there are one or two people out there who would enjoy their character having an encounter with the big hero tiger. 89~

I could almost write him up for D&D 4.0, with all I've read about that system recently. Maybe one of these days.  

Strega - 10 years ago

I see that now, but I also read that not all critters with shape changing powers are automatically "shaper changer" types. Since Savage cannot alter his mass when he changes, he couldn't wiggle out of a Polymorph that way.

Revx_Z - 10 years ago

It's listed under "baleful polymorph".

Strega - 10 years ago

I was wondering if it did, so I sent and checked the D20 SRD under "shape changer" and that benefit wasn't listed. I don't think his shape changing powers are good enough to do that, anyway.

Revx_Z - 10 years ago

It has at least one benefit: being able to revert from Baleful Polymorph.

Strega - 10 years ago

Maybe. It doesn't give any benefits, so I don't see that it matters one way or the other.

Hinata ducked by instinct, letting a thrown mug of sake pass overhead and flinched as the mug shattered against the wall behind her.
The mission that they had just performed was troublesome to messy to say the least, yet another falsely labeled C-rank mission done with hefty Shinobi resistance. Another penny pincher whom wanted to save money was bothersome indeed. What should of taken a day lasted a full week due to alot of fighting that should of not had been there in an ordinary C-rank.
Now th

Bad case

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: Vir

Tags: Oral Vore Naruto Soft Vore F/F Stuffing F/M Same Size tenten Non-digestion Multi prey Hinata Hyuga Anko Mitarashi Naruto Uzumaki

Naruto vore.

F/mff. Anko/NaruHinaTen.

Another vore story from me, but contains unwilling non-digestion. And something of a nightmare fuel towards the end. 

Flame14 - 6 years ago

Love this story even if Hinata was eaten, oddly makes me enjoy it even more... Found the part with all three of them inside the stomach to be sort of cute. I can only imagine the embarrassment Naruto was suffering from in there.

It's too bad you don't have an alternate ending version of this as I can only wonder how Anko would react to figuring out that she had eaten and digested her three charges.

Slash - 10 years ago

Nice to see some Naurto vore that doesn't involve general slasher pairings. And anko is the perfect fem pred for naruto vore in my opinion. Quite a wildchild.^^

Vorefreak - 10 years ago

There's just not enough Naruto vore out there.

It's a shame that she didn't digest them, though.

TO All my readers,
Life has a funny way of things. i used to think I would always be able to be on here in some way or another. Always abl;e to write my tales or roleplay or whatever. But time, it seems, has changed things in my life. Free time is at a minimal, access to a net connection is gone, and any kind of chance I had to roleplay...
In short, I am announceing my temporary retirement from the world of vore. How temporary I do not know, as for me to return thi


Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: MisterEbony

Tags: Non-Vore important

I ask all my friends, fans, and so forth to read this. It is vital. 

CreativeWriter - 3 years ago

And seven years later, you're still here. Glad you are. :)

CipotCaz - 10 years ago

Home you come back soon, best of luck catman!

phrooglevore3 - 10 years ago

This really sucks. I'm gunna miss you :(

kura1204 - 10 years ago

i wish you the best but dude you've done this 3 times already. but i also know the importance of taking priorities first so i wish you the best of luck.

mandingo - 10 years ago

I can understand. You will be missed.
Although I would ask that you at least try to stop in and say hi every now and again.

Ambassadors of the Flesh

Part three: Pell's Kitchen

Story by KavenBach September 2009

“I doubt I'll ever get used to seeing that...”

Leena shook her head, but couldn't really disagree. Her friend Chalsee was referring to an already very familiar sight just to the left of the three women as they neared the palace's kitchen area. Seated comfortably at a bench was a sated grenoil, his pink maleness half retracted, oozing, and semi-soft, his full belly giving slight

Ambassadors of the Flesh Part 3: Pell's Kitchen

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: KavenBach

Tags: Cooking Sex pheromones Rape shower Meat Masturbation Semi-willing Oral Sex Spitting beheading piglets impaling Frogs Frogmen Basting Piglet Baking Behead

Three of the diplomats, uncomfortale as yet with eating human flesh, did not partake much in the feast. Around midnight they head to the palace cafeteria do get some more standard food, and one of the cooks offers to show them around. But when he gets called away, the diplomats get a little more than they bargained for... 

KavenBach - 8 years ago

Thank you very much. :)

dkitty - 8 years ago

Another great chapter. You do have a lot of talent, please keep it up.

KavenBach - 9 years ago

Thanks! Glad you liked it!

BlackDevil - 9 years ago

Wow ... just wow, really really great story Kaven, you've got a great writing style

KavenBach - 10 years ago

Um, sorry, but it *DID* get overly long, didn't it. ;-) This after I wrote the first chapter swearing they would all be short ones >_<.

Thanks for the compliment on my writing, too. I pride myself on being very short on the spelling mistakes.

Thanks for reading this long-winded thing, and glad you enjoyed it! :)

This is my first ever vore story sp please be gentle with me. Also theis story contains sexual activity between an anthro canine and a non-anthro horse. If either of these things offend you then don't read. And if they do and you read it anyway don't complain to me that it contained things you didnt like.
Whitetip and the Stallion
It was a warm night even out in the countryside. Whitetip walked slowly along the pathway that ran round the back of the stable block. It was a very bright night as t

Whitetip and the Stallion

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: whitetip

Tags: Soft Vore Horse Canine

A prowler in the yard gets alot more than he bargained for  

Heggisist - 3 years ago

Yes I'm sure he would.

I have been on the site for years just never had a profile. I look forward to new addition with him.

whitetip - 3 years ago

I haven't logged into this site for probably 5 years so I was well chuffed to see you had messaged me only a few days ago. Makes me feel logging in was worthwhile.

Glad you liked the story though you wouldn't necessarily want to find the stallion from this story (and from another finished story of mine called unpaid overtime. Though there will be lots more with him in eventually as long as i don't let laziness take over too much) as he's really not very nice. He's not exactly evil, he just doesn't care about anyone else at all and has zero empathy for them either. Due to that he can be quite cruel, especially as he is quite a sadist at heart anyway.
Though if you don't mind that then i'm sure if he was available you'd have fun lol. Well he definitely would anyway. Your experience may well differ though :P

Heggisist - 3 years ago

Nice, I need to find this stallion.

Then Until Now
He has to put up with everybody's bull for another six months. It's in the eighties, but for some odd reason people in Nome, Alaska can't seem to get over the fact he's part wolf. Throughout his youth students would tease him for being a mutt. The worst one being an Alaskan Malamute he knows as Steele. The egotistical dog has three followers, but wouldn't he be surprised to learn they don't care for him as much as they

Part One

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: CanisLupisVulpe

Tags: writing

Despite being a star on the school's track and field, Balto is still a nobody at his high school, and although things do become easier as he grows older, they're still tough on him.

Charlie begins a life of crime at a young age, but by his twentieth birthday he's already sick of it.

Nick is a loser who knows a thing or two about computers, and it's one of two things that gets him to become friends with somebody he couldn't stand. 

Slash - 10 years ago

An interesting take on the team before the VTF.
Nice job.^^

wolfen89 - 10 years ago

Great addition,
I can't wait for more, it is good to see everyone's life before everything happened.
Keep it up


Odio had waited for this day over all.

Him, the simple farmer that had become a normal squire, following an adored knight, which got eaten by a Neko, was about to be knighted! He couldn't believe it. He would win money by killing voracious Nekos. And over all, all those women that would look at him with those eyes filled with love and compassion.

He was in the basement of an old church of Waterwoo, dressing for what will be the best day of his life. He had already worn every


Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: Krisexy

Tags: Micro Macro Soft Vore Dragon Male Predator F/M Giantess Sex Prey Neko Oral heart Invalid Tag Dragonheart teasing Nekoheart

Okay, this is a story that popped in my mind after watching a movie titled "Dragonheart" (Draco, in french :/)

its not EXACTLY likethe original story, but some scenes are inspired of ^^

Dragonheart belongs to Rob Cohen or whoever its supposed to.

please comment :D

F/M Giantess Macro Male Micro Oral Predator Prey Sex Sexy Soft Vore Neko 

Krisexy - 10 years ago

oonnhh^^ thats cute

but my goal is to be more popular on da, not on eka ^^"

Griffinsummoner - 10 years ago

I could, but when it feels more right commenting here than on DA, as this is where I first encountered you. :)

Krisexy - 10 years ago

oh yes i see you now XD

you can also comment on da you know ^^

Griffinsummoner - 10 years ago

Yep, I'm there, also under Griffinsummoner, don't have much, but I'm often catching friends on there, commenting on their pics and such.

Krisexy - 10 years ago

thank you *blushes*

tell me..are u on deviantart? :o i dont remember if i saw u there...^^;

Enough is enough, part 3.
Tifa had alot on her mind going on, she had been trying to formulate a plan directed towards the inevitable confrontation between Sora and two of his closest friends, Kairi and Selphie. But little had come up till now, she had mostly busied herself with training Sora to be a better and more efficient predator, which were coming along better than she hoped... over the course of the last few days, the woman had made most of the effort directed towards surpressing his sens

Enough is enough, part 3

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: Vir

Tags: Soft Vore Digestion Stuffing M/F multiprey sora kingdom hearts kairi Selphie Final Fantasy VII Tifa Lockhart

Kingdom hearts vore.
M/ff - Sora/SelphieKairi.

Oral vore, Same-size, stuffing, slight romance, scat reference.

The final part of this mini series, but potentially, it does not mean it's the end of the saga. Maybe in the future, I'll try to put in a sequel. 

Vir - 10 years ago

Thanks for the comments, glad you like the stories.

BardicLasher - 10 years ago

I liked this series very much. I'd love to see a sequal.

tangent - 10 years ago

Mmm yes
another WOULD be wonderful. :]

Vorefreak - 10 years ago

I do hope that you decide to continue this!


The young neko swung herself gracefully down from one branch of the tree onto a lower, thicker one. She crouched, her senses alert, sniffing the fresh midday air. It was a cooler day than usual, but not cold, and the pleasant caress of the sun warmed her face. Her striking, greenish yellow eyes swept slowly over the underbrush some distance below, seeking movement. She pushed back a strand of her mid-length hair which had partly covered her left eye. She was rather proud of her h

Story 41

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: French_snack

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore F/F F/M Giantess Naga Sex Felarya Non-Consensual Milly Malika

A moment in Isham's day, now that he's left Milly. As he encounters a hungry naga, is his life going to change? Will he even survive?

Safe Harbour belongs to Ravana3k. (Thank you for your guidance on it!) As does Jade, mentioned here but not seen. The incident referred to with the giant is from one of Ravana3k's stories.

Malika belongs to turboman500. All other characters, of course, belong to me, and Felarya itself is Karbo's.

French_snack - 6 years ago

Thank you! Glad you like it.

Shingami - 6 years ago


French_snack - 10 years ago

Thank you; I'm glad you like it! :)

vore111 - 10 years ago

i like it its one of the best :)

French_snack - 10 years ago

Exactly. Being dead makes all your problems go away. :p

Look Before You Leap
Port Royale was a normal every day little seafaring village stacked full of normal men, women and children who did nothing more than get on with their wonderful yet meaningless lives. The Port was more than four hundred years old and in its lifespan had only just left horses as their primary mode of transport behind, Port Royale had all but been forgotten by both its neighboring villages as well as many if not all of the larger cities which made it seem so meaningless. Those

Look Before You Leap

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: Entity

Tags: Breasts Digestion Mermaid Swallowing busty Beauty unexpected vore

A woman has one goal in mind, get to the other side but the unexpected happens
*Contains vore and a mermaid*
"Please Comment" 

Bobrocks - 8 months ago

That or any land not next to water.

Entity - 4 years ago

Yep ^^

Apostolos - 4 years ago

Ah well then that explains it nicely, only deserts and mountainous areas were spared then.

Entity - 4 years ago

Well it's meant to imply that the mermaids get a taste for humans and go on a nomming spree.

Apostolos - 4 years ago

It's just quite a gap in explanation since I couldn't find any reason for the near apocalypse scenario

Never Invite A Naga to Dinner
A large grandfather clock carefully placed in the corner of the main hallway of BlueThorn Manor chimed as the hands struck half past six. There was a slight burst of static as an intercom was turned on.
"Good evening ladies and Gentlemen from the staff of BlueThorn, we'd just like to tell you all that the dining room is now open for business and remember you only have to pay once,it is a buffet after all. Eat as much as you like and enjoy your stay, Thank you"
The i

Never Invite A Naga To Dinner

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: Entity

Tags: writing

Chapter one. A quick teaser and introduction to our hero.

Comments appreciated, this is only chapter one.

No feedback means NO chapter 2!!! 

Entity - 3 years ago

Thanks ^^

Darkwarrior676 - 3 years ago

This is a very good read.

keyblademark - 10 years ago

really good begining with this naga, now to the second :)

Entity - 10 years ago

Hopefully you wont be waiting to long...

fatbutt1689 - 10 years ago

Fantastic story, can't wait to see more!

Mistress Renamon

Disclaimer: this story is for those of 18 years of age or more, contains sexual content and vore. All rights reserved

“Rah!!!” Renamon slammed her fist into the side of a brick building, creating a visible imprint on the structure. “Damn her!!!” She pounded the wall again, her body seething in fury over what had transpired earlier that day.

She had seen the strength and teamwork of Takato and Guilmon fighting together… though they wer

Mistress Renamon

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: Razure

Tags: Oral Vore Renamon Unbirth Anal Same Size Digimon Sex Oral Anal Vore Story Breast Vore Size difference enslavement rimming pawplay Takato Matsuki Rika Nonaka

For those of you familiar with my other works, no, this is not part of the Renamon chronicles. This contains a multitude of vore and sexual scenarios, including: oral vore, oral sex, rimming, anal vore, pawplay, breast vore, unbirth, size change, and enslavement.

Renamon has had just about enough of Rika, but she can't simply leave or kill her since they are partners. So what is a digimon to do? Well she’d change a few things in the partnership so that she came out on top. ...
[ Continued ...

Razure - 8 years ago

That would be fun, but with the way things are right now I probably won't be able to get around to it. Too busy/other ideas/etc.

Coora Ithirid - 8 years ago

this is great
are you gonna do a sequel?
where Renamon adds Henry to her collection of pets? :3

Razure - 10 years ago

Hehe, It makes me smile to know how much you like this. ^_^

Yeah... I wouldn't expect a sequel... not anytime soon at least. Since this was a teamwork project, that makes things a bit more difficult to plan out.

wayc - 10 years ago

This was AMAZING! X____X Damn! I loved every second of reading this. *secretly hopes for a sequel someday even if it's far faaaaaaar in the future* XD)

Razure - 10 years ago

I'm glad you liked it.

The Siluvara Codex

The Tourist's Guide

to Siluvaran Culture

Welcome to Siluvara!

You have come a long way, dodging Earth Federation patrol fleets and evading the Grue Combine's admittedly weak presence in the Sol-Centauri Local Zone. The fact that you're here is proof that you have gone through many trials and tribulations to be in the company of the children of Gaia, Tarajika and Morgania, who in turn welcome you with open arms.

However, the unofficial Immigration Bureau - those

Welcome to Siluvaran Society! revised 02/05/2010

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: Jacquelope

Tags: writing

A Tourist's Guide to Siluvara

Comment about fairy chivalry added in. This is by far the one aspect of fairy culture that humans notice the most. 

Jacquelope - 10 years ago

Hah. Equal to Karbo's Felarya, eh? I just wanted to say that was one hell of a memorable compliment. Much thanks!

Fabhar - 10 years ago

I swear, this alternate future world you have created is at LEAST equal to Karbo's Felarya, if not better. Sorry for the double post, but it doesn't seem like anyone else is saying anything.

Fabhar - 10 years ago

Ah, how I wish this was real... So beautiful...

Outfoxed #15

A Neko/Vore Campus Story

By Throat Wolf

“Are you sure about this, Yukiko-chan, Minako-chan?” Takara asked as the three schoolgirls walked up the path to the Inari shrine. “It seems kind of dangerous to me.”

“Oh, please.” Minako had long blonde hair, and wore a bored expression. “It's all just bunk anyway. Special effects that aren't so special at all. Who would believe that kitsune even exist in this day and age, let alone go

Outfoxed #15

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: Throat_Wolf

Tags: Furry Soft Vore Fox F/F Kitsune Goddess Consensual Non-Fatal Transformation japan magical girl inari

On a dare, three schoolgirls visit the Inari shrine with a certain objective in mind… 

Ome - 4 years ago

For some reasone the "getting eaten by a kitsune is better then failing the high school exam" concept made me laugh. "Well I failed math, open wide!"

Throat_Wolf - 10 years ago

I certainly wouldn't mind if anyone were to WANT to write in my world. I'd have to insist on final story approval, though. :)

So far, I haven't had all that many people express interest. Most of those who have, I've co-written stuff with.

Explorer30305 - 10 years ago

Slowly but surely, you are creating a whole, complete world; one that is just as complex and interesting as Karbo's Felarya.
Admittedly, you have a few advantages in that your stories are somewhat based on the real world, and so we fill in the details that are left out.
However, I could totally see this becoming a major RP/Story world. Your characters would form the basis/major characters, and other people could explore what happened to each little throwaway character (those three mentioned in this story, or that neko receptionist from Nancy's merge into this storyline), or just start from scratch. The backstory could be simple and generic (was picked up off the street and made into a vore), or it could be complex and original. You really have made a versatile world here, and I hope that other artists/authors take note and start adding to it (with your permission). I can only imagine how complex the Vore Campus and the world around it could be.
*daydreams for a moment* Anyways, I like the way this is going! Vore is spreading throughout your mini-universe! Pantheons are being created, epic stories started! Keep writing! You are easily my favorite writer on this site, just like Brain3Times3 is my favorite artist.
Keep up the good work!

Imrhys - 10 years ago

Ponders if herschal has hit upon a Portal - vore conspiracy >_>

Herschal - 10 years ago

You must've had these in reserve. One after another this quick is just amazing for anyone, especially when they're this good.

The cat, the rat and the archer
A “Savage”
superhero vore story
By Strega
It was the sixth night
of the stakeout, and the archer almost didn't notice the tiger was
He had placed three
motion-activated cameras on light poles in the parking lot while
undercover as the electrician. Five more on the west side of the
building, looking down on the river. He'd reasoned that the tiger
almost certainly swam the river to get to the meat packing plant,
since the only other way in was a cove

The cat, the rat and the archer, a "Savage" story.

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: Strega

Tags: Tiger superhero wererat

The Black Bowman, one of Savage the tiger's enemies, decides he has to kill Savage. Let's see how that works out for everyone. 83

This story contains violence, blood, consensual and nonconsensual vore, and some scat along with a semi-"grand tour." 

Crimson - 8 years ago

Mayyyyybeeeeeee *gives a shifty look*

Strega - 8 years ago

So did you track it down because I mentioned there was a POV poop scene? 83

Crimson - 8 years ago

I can't believe I have never found this story before. Thanks for referencing it :P

Slash - 10 years ago

Great read here. Nice fight scenes, and a great twist.

Shy Wolf/dog normal

Jamey male 19, shrunken.

A groggy Jamey woke from what felt like a night-out, he never had more then a few glasses of alcohol, he never drunk himself stupid. When his vision cleared up, he noticed the alleyway where he lay in. It was the one he passed out in, only thing was that the alleyway seemed larger. Everything was bigger, turning around looking about Jamey the dirty place, he began to worry. Jamey soon heard a clip-clop coming from behind him, turning around Jamey

Story: That shrinking feeling. Micro, softvore, wolf/dog, foreplay

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: can

Tags: Micro Dog Wolf Soft Vore Sex foreplay

A story about a 19 year old who is shrunken and found by a stray wolf/dog 

dragonfred - 10 years ago

okay >.<

can - 10 years ago

yes I know, I posted it coz I didn't feel like ending it at the time.

dragonfred - 10 years ago

We all want see the ending and so does gannon I hope this is not rude but story is not a story with out its ending :)

can - 10 years ago

Really I don't know if I will.
What you want to see him unbirthed or something?

dragonfred - 10 years ago

awesome! =D that cool! so you be trying work on this again or you still working on other stuff? :3

"Artful Death"

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: Gentle_Grounds

Tags: Furry Soft Vore Dragon Human Hard Vore computer Dragoness Invalid Tag

An artist discovers that one of his art projects maybe more realistic than thought.

This is my very first furry story. I was inspired to write a story based on Shyguy's toon, Sophia, a dragoness that I would not mind being eaten by. She's so pretty.  

Very - 10 years ago

Hahaha... I love moral conflicts. So much.
Also it amuses me how it drags on (that is almost like a bad pun) before she finally gobbles him up, which was a bit anticlimactic but still satisfying since I adore how you write digestion... Ah, and the feeling of remorse...

But damn. I've pondered *so* many times about what would happen if my characters existed, particularly the predatory ones. I would've died equally many times! XD

But anyways, great work as usual.

Gentle_Grounds - 10 years ago

Probably not. It would just be a repeat of what happened in this story.

Generationslayer - 10 years ago

will this continue?

Gentle_Grounds - 10 years ago

True. I take it will improve later through practice. I just did not feel a connection with the characters in this one. The dragoness, perhaps not human enough. Don, realistic response to a monster, but too cliche.

Think about it, vore stories in general are cliched: Boy meets girl, girls kisses boy, boy pisses off girl, girl eats boy, girl sleeps and digests. I'll probably hit back to the drawing boards -- something needs to be new around here. I already did the blog about vore, regarding real life scenarios and vore as if it was real. So, I can think of something.

French_snack - 10 years ago

Not necessarily; you can do your own thing. If you want to write about a dragoness, you don't need to feel bound by a genre.

Outfoxed #14

A Neko/Vore Campus Story

By Throat Wolf and Kazuki

“This is Hayashi Yumiko for the Nippon News Network, coming to you live from the Inari Shrine where the woman claiming to be the new incarnation of the goddess Inari has promised to appear tonight.” The main temple building made a scenic background for the attractive but serious-looking young Japanese woman as she stared into the lens.

Something of a party atmosphere held sway over the usually-serious shr

Outfoxed #14

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: Throat_Wolf

Tags: Furry Soft Vore Fox F/F Kitsune Goddess Consensual Non-Fatal Transformation japan Non-Consensual magical girl inari newscaster television

Janice makes her first public appearance, and a purse-snatcher and newscaster get more than they bargain for. 

Throat_Wolf - 10 years ago

Janice needs more little helpers if she's going to be a power in the world again.

Herschal - 10 years ago

I don't know what it is about these stories that's so enticing. Seriously, usually I hate magic that has no little explanation behind it (chi or something like that), but every outfoxed has been wonderful! I am becoming curious as to why Janice always chooses to make someone a kitsune. Seems like that would take away from the beauty of rarity in the species.

jasamprn - 10 years ago

Lets hope these stprys continue long enough to find out... In #567 or so.

Love your writing as always ^^

Imrhys - 10 years ago

Ahahaha, I had forgotten about that itsey bitsey point >_>

Throat_Wolf - 10 years ago

Nancy might just beat her to that. She's got a head start. :)

Living in the Wild

2 years later...

Ryan was running for his life, encouraged by his long-time friend.

“COME ON RYAN! SHE'S CATCHING YOU UP!” Kyle screamed at him.

Ryan quickly looked back, and shivered of terror as he saw the huge Yellow Neko catching him up. She was very fast, and every single of her movements were done in an incredible accuracy; an inhuman accuracy. As if she knew every single rock, every little branch lying on the floor. It was scary -but yet beautifu

Living in the Wild

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: Krisexy

Tags: Micro Macro Princess Soft Vore Male Predator wild F/M Giantess Sex Prey Neko Oral in Life Invalid Tag kyle ryan krisexy living flavia 26

There it is! :D sorry for my fans that missed my work^^

this is the continuation of Flavia's story. I hope you guys will not be disapointed about it! :o

please comment :D

F/M Giantess Macro Male Micro Oral Predator Prey Sex Sexy Soft Vore Neko 

Krisexy - 10 years ago


MilkChocolate - 10 years ago

Nope. But it tastes Better than all the rest. :D

Krisexy - 10 years ago

its not fattening i hope? :o

Krisexy - 10 years ago

yay =D

MilkChocolate - 10 years ago

Here is Kristine with More Neko Goodness.

You can have another Chocolate Winbar.

wolfensorrow: :: parading back and forth in front of the black board, the sleak black and gray wolf swatted his left hand with a ruler as he spoke :: ... which brings me to another point, Miss Romenan, I've seen how your eyes drift at the other girls naughty bits. It's completely unacceptable. :: he walked up beside her and and brought down the wooden ruler hard on the desk in front of her, his blue eyes cold and domineering :: I do not intend to let you leave this class room until

Not Another Teacher!

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: Kinne

Tags: writing


Kinne - 10 years ago

i know T.T its so hard for us to be on at the same time. i do miss you love

kitsun3chao - 10 years ago

We don't roleplay too often recently

Briar Fox - 10 years ago

Very sexy! Who was that handsome wolf teacher there? >^,^<

Kinne - 10 years ago

hm? is something wrong love?

kitsun3chao - 10 years ago

Will read that later, but still - your roleplays looks very...