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The tinkling of a wind chime carried on the soft summer breeze completed the enchantment of the moment for Paul. He felt like a child again as he stood in the midst of this overgrown garden, no less beautiful for its' wild and neglected condition. Just two days ago, Paul had answered a call from him Grandmother's attorney informing him he had inherited her mansion in Sussex, England.

This was completely unexpected and he wasted no time in arranging a flight from where his c

Fairy vore

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zwolf - 11 years ago

hhmmm wish I was there friend!

French_snack - 11 years ago

I love "innocent" preds, and your story is very well written. There's an atmosphere of dangerous mystery and thrill to it that's very well conveyed by your style. I enjoyed reading it.

Lamnia - 11 years ago

Be nice to see more work of this nature.

GoldFox - 12 years ago

Wonderful! I loved it! Nice jog with the terror and the pleasure flipping back and forth. That was excellent! Keep up the good work! -GoldFox ^-^

Karbo - 13 years ago

Nice to see your work here :) What I particulary like in this story is the characters of the fairies, innocent but dangerous ^^

The Mercy of Sarabandeby C

Sarabande was an orb-weaver, one of those quietly efficient fairy-killers for whom long-suffering humans are always grateful. Now fairies are too clever for a spider web that sits there, plainly visible, week after week. So Sarabande used a special silk, invisible to fairies until it was too late. And she built five new webs every night, always in different places from those of the night before. She'd then spend the day going from web to web. If they had caught anyt

The Mercy of Sarabande

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Tags: Pregnancy Sex Fairy spider

Always keep your promise to a spider! 

Ninatiels - 11 years ago

That... was.....AWSOME! I have been looking for good stuff about spiders.. either good pics or good stories... and this one was probably the best story I have found so far.

Omega - 13 years ago

The mix of humor and suspense along with the finale all weave together nicely to tell a tale of promises made and broken and the dire consequences incurred. I do still need to do an illustration for this.

A Fox in a Bat's Zoo

Uploaded: 13 years ago

Owner: Landon_Fox

Tags: Oral Vore Tongue Fox Digestion M/M Feral Bat Demon Consensual Wings Willing Original Character

A fox zoo worker has a yiffy encounter with one of the giant bats. 

eatmeplease - 2 years ago

This is absolutely amazing!

SightlessStudios - 2 years ago

This has to be one of the best stories I've ever read. Definitely within my top five if not my personal favorite. I personaly love how it states that a fox's job is to get bent over.

Puppylove - 12 years ago

Murrrrr....thats one lucky foxy.....Are they looking too hire another dormatory yiff toy in the shape of a feral wolf pup? n.n

DarkArtist - 12 years ago

Oooh, I LOVE this story ^^

DarkArtist - 12 years ago

Oooh, I LOVE this story ^^


By Stalbon

A fly buzzed its way past James Harrison's face, obscuring his vision for a moment; he did not move to swat it away. It moved on to the man at his right, a hand came up and slapped at it, disturbing the tall plains grass.

Harrison silently cursed the man's stupidity, but then he was a tourist. They did not seem to understand Africa; on the Savannah a predator withheld from all unnecessary motion. As a hunter, he considered himself among the best of the continent's


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Tags: Oral Vore Lion


Choco0 - 4 years ago

Yes, it was a nice story, I like vore in realistic concept like this !

Sikhoten_Tiger - 13 years ago

I have a thing for cat preds as you probably guessed and this story nicely captures the tactical aspect of a cat's hunt positioning and planning slowly setting up the kill. I also like the way you portray the lioness as a fair judge of who ought to live as well as the main character's recognition of it.

A Panther's Tale

By Stalbon

Joseph strode down the bustling hallways of the palace towards the throne room, eager to meet with his father, the king. As he approached the gilded double doors, the guardsmen straightened at his approach, one of them throwing wide the metal doors. As he stepped inside, there was a small fanfare of trumpets, accompanied by the royal courier announcing his presence.

“His Majesty, Prince Joseph!”

Ah, but that was good to hear after six long m

A Panther's Tale

Uploaded: 13 years ago

Owner: Stalbon

Tags: Oral Vore Original Character


Throat_Wolf - 10 years ago

Nicely written. Creepy, creepy cat.

Poor prince… :)

Sikhoten_Tiger - 13 years ago

Wonderful story to run into while browsing through the selection here enjoyed it immensely. Would be very interested in a follow up where our prince gets himself into a warm sticky situation with the black cat.

talonsaurn - 13 years ago

Wonderful story there, but i'd read it before, however as you know it still is one of my favrotie stories, and probally my fav you've written... Hungry black kitties..

Wilbur the wolverine

Uploaded: 13 years ago

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Tags: Oral Vore Human Lion Sex

A modification (sort of a fanfic or slash, I guess) of the excellent 'The big hungry lion' story. 

Anonymous - 13 years ago

I can't claim credit for this story, because 80% of it is unchanged from the original author (Hungry Cat). That's why I never posted it (it's 5 years old) until I ran into a huge fan of wolverines in general. You can find the original version on the old Big Gulp archive.

Anonymous - 13 years ago

Very well written and planned with a great storyline around the beast in question. A pleasure to read.

Revenge is Sweet II

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Owner: atak

Tags: Non-Vore


tacaloking - 6 years ago

heres another story thats gone

atak - 10 years ago

Hee, thank you very much! I wrote it some ages ago, but very glad you enjoyed it, and enjoyed what I put into it ^^.

Datah0g - 10 years ago

Okay, wow. This is one of my all time favorite stories from you. It has emotion, somthing that's definetly not seen enough on this site!

Great job!

Legend of the King
stood on the edge of Pride Rock, looking out over his kingdom. Rafiki
slowly crept up behind his king, knowing how much he hated to be
is it Rafiki?"
sighed; apparently his skills at sneaking still left much to be
desired. "I have found the legend you asked me to find your
turned and faced Rafiki. "Where did you find it?"
smiled "Actually my predecessor had it".

Legend of the King

Uploaded: 13 years ago

Owner: atak

Tags: Lion King


tacaloking - 6 years ago

you should check it out it didn't completely come out right

atak - 6 years ago

Thanks for letting me know it'd gotten lost somehow! Reuploaded!

tacaloking - 6 years ago

can you repost this

SyH - 11 years ago

heh i liked it...

SeruOmen - 13 years ago

James =/ Just because it doesn't go by -your- likes doesn't mean it's a bad story. Writers hate to hear comments like that. I was once told a story of mine sucked because, by the commenter's own words, it wasn't GTS vore. You may find it disgusting, but what's to say everyone else does.

The Other World


“Are you ready to start the experiment doctor?” asked the lab assistant who was smiling from ear to ear with anticipation.

Peter smiled back at his assistant, as he was excited as well. It had been 3 years since he had started researching the feasibility of transporting matter from one location to another and now he was finally going to be able to test his theories first hand. Of course he wasn't stupid, he and his lab assistant had tested the system on

ExplosiveWaifu - 1 year ago

The first scat-related thing on Eka's!~

rayman21 - 3 years ago

I took your interactive version from (the quality of interactives on that site have significantly declined) and put a copy here. Edit and add to it however you want!

rayman21 - 4 years ago

I would very much like to see this completed, if you ever get around to doing it (seeing whether Kevin made it to (temporary) safety, what awaits those in the boat, etc.).

rayman21 - 4 years ago

Ah yes, found it:

atak - 4 years ago

I did put in the interactive version of it on a long while ago.
I also started a sequel, though that's been sitting in a corner for some time now. I might dust it off sometime we'll see!

I am glad you enjoyed it though, it is still one of my personal favorites too

Round the corner from the train station, two blocks ahead, and here he is. Quiet and inconspicuous in zoris and the shorts-and-blue-Hawaiian look so common in his hometown, the scrawny lizard hustles from mass transit and onto the little avenue he's yearned to visit for over a week. One of the premier predators in the district is celebrating her 30th birthday, the tip told him, and she's celebrating with an unqualified two-week-long binge. After paying the insurance for his last five failed inte

ChristyRai - 9 years ago

Oh yes, i found the story i was in, yay!
I don't remember if i ever thanked you for it <3
If not, thank you :3

Anonymous - 13 years ago

let that be an lesson to all, insult her all ya want, but never ever spill her drink..LOL.. Nice story, very nice..

Anonymous - 13 years ago

i like this one. Well writen in that it flows nicely, and that you incorperated some of the fans from the comunity.

Melissa stood in front of her girl-scout troupe in her living room,
looking over the girls with a stern gaze. She was no older than any of
them, at 9 years of age, and had short, blonde hair. She wore the
traditional Brownie uniform, as did everyone else, and it was peppered
with merit badges. Her troupe had spent the last week selling cookies,
and she was waiting for one of the other Scouts to bring her the
results. There was still two more weeks to go, and the troupe that
made the most money w

Camlio420 - 4 years ago

Glad to hear that you actually are willing to accept the criticisms there are far too many who wish to call an honest criticism an attempt at trolling.

KlinKitty - 4 years ago

Oh, trust me, I agree that it's awful. But I believe in leaving the old, awful stuff up, just to remind me and others how far I've come! I still have a ways to go, though.

Camlio420 - 4 years ago

This... was... terrible, I'm sorry I know it's one of your earliest works but, I can't believe this... monstrosity of a story was published by you based on how amazing you are now. I mean I know we all need to start somewhere but, HOLY CRAP.

Rose tinted goggles shattering aside time for constructive criticism... because I can't help myself.

The characters were paper thin, to the point that we... really aren't given a reason to care about any of the victims, or the predator, or even to believe that there's any lasting consequence of this.

Because let's be honest I sincerely doubt a girl scout who's eaten her entire troupe isn't going to get it from one of their parents most likely involving her death if one of their children is digested.

The fact that underage preds/prey are a very very iffy subject in and of itself is another point against it, because from the way girl scouts tend to be shown on this site, predator girl scouts are 'punished' by being eaten.

TW - 7 years ago

I can't believe I had not read this before... Well done.

2003pro - 11 years ago

Nicely done, it'd be cool see more stories where girl scouts get it! =)