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Revenge is Bitter Sweet
A thin coating of mist slowly hovered above the small yet deep lake in the middle of nowhere, the rays of the orange sun glimmered across the calm water on that cold winters morning.
Shallow whistling echoed through the emptiness as a young child merrily skipped down a dirt path towards Laysu Lake, a hastily made fishing rod clenched tightly in their hands. the rod was nothing more than a strong stick, a piece of yarn and a rusty hook, the perfect tool for a child who w

Revenge is Bitter Sweet

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: Entity

Tags: Soft Vore Human Mermaid Bulge Swallowing Story revenge leviathin lake streamlined

A lone mermaid finds herself compelled to leave the shelter of her home and travel inland on a quest for revenge 

Svartvinge - 9 years ago

hehe, thats kinda nice though^^

Entity - 9 years ago

I had never though of it that way.....

If I'd written the story for her to survive there would always be a careless human nearby to snack on XD

Svartvinge - 9 years ago

so close!^^ a very intresting story, but from wat you described it did sound like the poor mermaid pretty much had eaten most of the fish in that lake and woulden't survive anyway o.o

Bright - 9 years ago

Gritty and dark is good as well, go for it.

Entity - 9 years ago

I did think of making it funny but that's not my writing style so i've gone for gritty and somewhat's hoping it works.

If it doesn't i'm going to reuse the main character again anyway.

The Crate

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: Kooshmeister

Tags: Cat Male Hard Vore M/M M/F Monster Mouse Female Alligator Fatal bull school college Creepshow Stephen King Female Prey Male Prey

This story is based upon the segment in the film Creepshow entitled The Crate, as well as the comic book adaptation by Berni Wrightson. To say nothing of a series of 26 sketches I did. The idea sprang from discussions I had with a friend. It's basically just "The Crate with furries," but I enjoyed writing it anyway.

Henry Northrup, Wilma Northrup, Dexter Stanley, Charlie Gereson & Mike Latimer, even as furries, are © George Romero & Stephen King. 

Brayzz78 - 10 years ago

Hah Very good adaption to the Creepshow story. i watched it years ago yet i remember all of it, It's defiantly fun to read when its done like this.

Kalamew's Bio

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: Tsunami-Jurai

Tags: Felarya Kalamew

Kalamew. My Felarya character under development.

Special thanks to For not only talking over character concepts with me but she was also inspired to draw.

Kalamew on right My original character
Kyrii on left. Kyrii is a trademark of 

Marshall didn't lower his pistol. The busty wolf sighed.

“Can you point your gun elsewhere please?” She said calmly. “I know you males like to discharge your uh…“weapons” at the most inconvenient times”. She smirked. “I'm Marie.”

Marshall slowly lowered the flintlock and holstered it. “Marshall” he growled. Marie waited for Marshall to say something else, but when the silence began to get uncomfortable she shut the f

The Lord, the Lady and the Equitaur

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: Aetheltaur

In the third chapter of Aethel's tale, the equitaur preys on two aristocrats (Who are, in fact, cats). Something that he may come to regret... 

ElLoboChingón - 10 years ago

Pretty good, I cant wait for the next chapter! ^^

Aetheltaur - 10 years ago

I did think about it to be honest...I can't remember why I decided not to...

Pezman2000z - 10 years ago

great story, would of like to see marie go feet 1st.

Aetheltaur - 10 years ago

The third part of the sequence...I got a bit carried away with character development (This may have something to do with the fact that I wrote this at three in the morning and wasn't really aware of what I was writing). But hopefully this adds to the impact of the story. Hopefully.

I originally intended this to be more about Marshall and Marie's interaction with Aethel but I decided that would take too long to get into without a "base" from where they could begin. Hence the manor and prey that would be noticed if they went missing.

Hope you enjoy!


Spring '09 Vore Project: The Abduction of Audio

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: thelastgasp

Tags: Alien Hard Vore request snuff Masturbation Vore Project dissection electricity processing

Audio's a white jackal who's looking for the meaning of life on the open roads, but instead finds something far worse instead...  

Snake Food ~vore~

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: chaso07

Tags: Naruto Soft Vore orochimaru

credit for ideas goes to goldfox20.
only thing i own is Bryzie 

Nixy - 1 year ago

Oh cool!

chaso07 - 1 year ago


Nixy - 1 year ago

I feel like i have seen this on deviantart are you by chance a user called naga07? ^0^

chaso07 - 10 years ago

i can see you're alot better than i am

Itachi_4_ever - 10 years ago

oh, I never submitted them x'D especially because many of those had pre-vore in it (back then I still thought I was abnormal for liking that) Actually the first fic I ever posted was here and a HP yaoi one on that's still ongoing, so that's only a couple of months ago.

I had such imagination at that age because I read a lot of fics too (avatar, inuyasha, naruto, harry potter,...) and I learnt a lot from that. ^^

Engrowther II
Lief has been waiting for the stuff ever since he heard it works. He's not sure how it happened, but two scientists in Australia were able to create a drink that'll cause anybody to grow. How tall is unknown. If it weren't for those damned VTF agents from Seattle, Matthew and Andre would still be making and shipping the stuff. But now they're no longer around, and it's up to those that got a sample to continue with making it. Himse

Engrowther 2

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: CanisLupisVulpe

Tags: Oral Vore Rabbit Cock Vore Siberian Husky

Arkady and Lief receive a package, but will they use the stuff in away it wasn't meant to be used? 

Camlio420 - 5 years ago

Um, is there an Engrowther 1 or am I just blind somehow?

Brayzz78 - 10 years ago

Awesome story, I'm already enthusiastic about reading the next part.

LightSpeed - 10 years ago

Murrrrrr, Awesome story. ^.^ I especially liked the ending. ^^

Slash - 10 years ago

Great story! Nice to see your working again CLV.^^

The Star of Orion 2

Loreit snored loudly with her tongue hanging out of her mouth, on a bed of pillows that were generously given to her by the prince. Her humanoid belly was still fully bloated to the size of a beach ball with Thomas Lander inside.

Inside, Thomas gave up fighting. He tried for hours to get out but all was hopeless of escaping Loreits fleshy prison. He used his cell phone to light up the dark pit of flesh once in a while to see if he was being digested.

To his surpr

Star of Orion 2

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: Generationslayer

Tags: Human Dragontaur

This chapter explians a lot. If you like anything i have, please favorite it. Please leave coment too. 

keyblademark - 9 years ago

interesting concept of the world and good chapter too friend ^^

ganon2280 - 10 years ago

this is verry well writen it was a great chapter verry funny to.

Generationslayer - 10 years ago

It'll be a little bit but it's there (It's a long series. I focus more on the story then the vore, the vore is the bonus)

Kruft - 10 years ago

*falls off chair* I look forward to it!

Generationslayer - 10 years ago

It's in the future. There on a boat and a serpent attacks them and she eats it up like a noddle. Nearly sinks the boat from her weight.


The girl entered the caf shaking her head, her long, dark chestnut hair damp with the droplets of a faint drizzle. The sky outside was grey, yet bright, and the air warm despite the mist of a fine rain. It was the perfect time for a rainbow, she thought she sat close to a window. A lovely summer's day. Her exams were over, and, although she would need to work during the holiday, she was looking forward to warm weather, sunshine, and an opportunity to relax.

She turned her a

Story 30

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: French_snack

Tags: Oral Vore Love Soft Vore Human Digestion F/M Same Size Consensual

My second same-size vore story. Sophie has a little talk with the man she ate last night...

French_snack - 4 years ago

Thank you! I admit I'm rather fond of this one.

BIGBIG - 4 years ago

such perfection :)

French_snack - 7 years ago

Thanks! I'm very glad it gave that impression, and that you enjoyed it.

kidclef - 7 years ago

Dude, this is borderline poetic! NICE!

French_snack - 9 years ago

Thank you! I don't really do "nasty", but I may do some more same-size one day.

There in the parking lot, a black car parked several feet away from a fast food store. Inside the car sat two gorgeous women, Katie and Sarah. The both of them had dated for several months, and despite the tension and harassment from the heterosexual majority of the small town they resided in, their love was inseparable. They had plans for marriage, but the courts had recently revoked it on the account of a vote. The town was strongly religious and Republican, and because of this, not too much d

Fastfood (M/M) Soft/Hard

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: Gentle_Grounds

Tags: Soft Vore Hard Vore M/M F/M Gay Tranny Homosexual California

A woman is disrespected by an employee for her sexual orientation, and takes matters into her own hands.  

Gentle_Grounds - 10 years ago

Oh, okay. Thanks for the comment.

Well, it appears you have a story where a homopobe is eaten.

Fidel2323 - 10 years ago

oh, thats not what i meant.
you said:"My M/M only get two comments at best."
And my comment was the second ^^ (ok, not really, but i was the second user who commented :D )

GoldFox - 10 years ago

Well I was confused since they seemed to be women at first, but when you said they were transsexuals, it made sence. I guess I was simply caught off-gaurd initially by your marking it as m/m.

No worries. :3

Gentle_Grounds - 10 years ago

They're males nonetheless, even when they do have a sex change or dress up as women (imo). I wanted to put a twist in my story as the unexpected part of the plot. The reader believes they're women, and expects there to be M/M vore, but doesn't see it until the ending.

Through the character's eyes, they would be women, and to the untrained eye, those males would appear feminine. Only one character out of the rest were able to detect they were men.

Was it a shock for you when you discovered they were men? Or did you expect it?

GoldFox - 10 years ago

This was a very good story, but I'm confused... Why do you call it M/M when it appears to be a female pred? O.o?

I know that they are trans, but still I was a little confused.

Beauty of the snow - Yshwi's story

Frost Peak. Far from the warm, verdant jungle teeming with life, the mountain towered into the cold, upper reaches of the skies, inhospitable and forbidding. The hot, gentle breeze which whispered through the leaves of the forest gave way, up in the mountain, to an icy gale, sweeping the frozen, rocky ground with a permanent roar, whipping round the snow which fell, uninterrupted, from the cold blue sky. Close to the summit, no plants grew. Nothing could wi

Story 15 - Felaryan flashes, part 2b

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: French_snack

Tags: Oral Vore Micro Soft Vore F/F F/M Giantess tina Felarya Dryad Non-Consensual Milly

These are stories 7 and 8 in a series of eight short stories showing scenes in the lives of Felaryan characters.

The two stories here are:
"Beauty of the snow" - Yshwi's story
"Felaryan feast" - Milly's story

Milly's story is set at some point before she first meets Isham.

Felarya is Karbo's creation, as are all non-human species mentioned here (although snow dryads are more particularly the creation of...
[ Continued ...

rjw14 - 10 years ago

Why? I mean, she's got one hell of a figure.
*shrugs* Girls.

French_snack - 10 years ago

Thanks! :)

French_snack - 10 years ago

Heh... She might not like it quite as much now. ;)

atak - 10 years ago

Purrr, very nice story over all, I did enjoy it. I always love Milly, she's such a fun, sweet, and ever hungry girl. ^^ Hope to see her enjoy even more people, and use them to satisfy her tummy even more!

rjw14 - 10 years ago

Oh dear Milly XDDD Yes, chocolate does help to fill out your loveley form.

Jack Riel lay alone and almost naked in a bed that wasn't his. Unlike his, this one was large and comfortable and wrapped in embroidered sheets. Plump pillows piled against the bottom of the antiqued bronze headboard. One of the sheets stretched over him, offering him the only protection he would have for what was about to come through the door. Beneath the sheet, he wore a pair of fresh-from-the-plastic silk boxers, also not his - not before today anyway. Even under the sheet and the thin, clin

Jack and Jacquie - Story

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: 4ofSwords

Tags: Vampire F/M Blood Sex Story

I wrote this story last year (I think?), but updated it for the EPWG. I tried to use a slightly different style, but I'm not sure how well it worked.

Warning: this is porn. Really. 

4ofSwords - 10 years ago

But I forgot to say, thank you! And based on that distant memory, do you think it read any smoother this time? There were just some minor word/grammar changes - nothing major.

4ofSwords - 10 years ago

Actually, I do have something of a second part under development... along with another dozen stories, unfortunately!

mjm202036 - 10 years ago

I loved this story when I read it on Literotica. Will you ever write a second part to it? Or maybe a tale of one of Jacquie's previous exploits?

Yummy Gummy Girlfriend
Seroia put another stick of gum into her mouth as she turned onto the street where her boyfriend lived. She was a was an 18 year-old black woman with a shapely, sexy body, and skin that was almost the same color as dark chocolate. She was dressed for the hot summer day in a revealing pink top, high cut shorts, and a pair of cute pink sneakers. She walked down the street until came to a white house with a hearse in the driveway. She knocked on the door. Horou, a 5'8, pale 1

Yummy Gummy Girlfriend

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: grim667

Tags: M/F gum Sex Transformation Bubble gum

Based on an rp. 

grim667 - 9 years ago

Yea thanbks I had fun wrigting it with a friend.

ArchiesAngel - 9 years ago

Great story - especially how the events turn. While the ending was a little unexpected, it is pleasant to see an ending that doesn't end with fatality. Good job ^^

Radijs - 10 years ago

A very nice premise. But at the end its rather dissapointing that she just gets wished back to safety.

Little Red My Way
Once upon a time there was a little boy standing 3'4 with light brown hair, he was sent on an errand for his mother who was feeling ill he was to pick up some sweets and breads at the bakery in town. So he went merely through the streets to pick up his order which took longer than he had wanted. He followed the path towards his house in the early evening hours when the beasts come out to feed. Without knowledge to the boy he was being stalked by a woman dressed all in black t

My Little Red

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: grim667

Tags: Wolf Love F/F F/M adoption

Based on a rp, and little red rideing hood. 

grim667 - 10 years ago

Thanks I tryed to keep it cute but corney is close enoulf (lol). I figured seeing thoes sad eyes che couldent eat him for now.

Thunderclese4 - 10 years ago

Wow a vore story with a happy ending? A bit corny, but good none the less.

grim667 - 10 years ago

I got another one that has underage UB but havent uploaded it yet.

WolfFort - 10 years ago

oh nice one i was expecting some UB but still good.

by Bitter
It was mid-afternoon in the elven village of Ururolak. Ururolak, the town, was situated just beneath the crowns of the mammoth redwoods that comprised the forest of Ururolak-- which, to the elves, was as much their home as their village, and thus received the same name. In fact, in their language "ururolak" meant both "forest" and "home", depending the inflection. The forest was the only world they knew, and the

They Always Come Back (M/F, F/M)

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: Bitter

Tags: Oral Vore Snake Soft Vore Digestion Elf F/M M/F Hypnosis Naga Bulge Sex Forest Vagina Oral Masturbation Anus pussy Head First Nudity Female Prey Male Prey Sexual content foreshadowing Male Pred explicit vaginal insertion Elf prey Naked Female ecstasy Post Sex Vore Naga/F survivors guilt

When an elven merchant's best supplier begins acting strangely, he defies all sense and follows her into the heart of a forest filled with deadly predators. What he discovers there will turn his life upside-down...

I strongly recommend looking around EveAra's gallery in the Drawing Archives before reading this story. In particular, read "About: Nagas". Though I have strived to include all necessary detail for the uninitiated to keep up (a requisite to good fan-work), it never...
[ Continued ...

Exodus - 10 years ago

Sorry to be so speechless at awesome work... This is so amazing, it's like you're sitting by the lake watching and listening to all the events taking place.

Be very proud of this work, it's way cool!

Zontan - 10 years ago

That was rather simply amazing. I'm quite glad Anima pointed it out to me.

I'm a vore writer myself, if an incredibly bad one. Llyander is one of my role models and if he thinks this is amazing... well, blah, I don't know what I'm trying to prove. If I can ever write stories a quarter as good as this one I'll consider myself a decent writer.

Just... wow.

PyroOutlander - 10 years ago

overall very detailed and well thought out story

Bitter - 10 years ago

As someone who abhors the "death of the author" theory, I find it important to share my thoughts on the work I created.

4ofSwords - 10 years ago

Great story! I really enjoyed it, and I thought you did more than justice to EveAra's naga concept.

I liked the comments at the end - it's like getting the DVD with extras. ;)

Star of Orion

“There is no greater wisdom than kindness…” - Random Fortune Cookie

“It takes a strong being to lead, but a wise one to lead right…” -Generationslayer

Tom paused for a moment eating his sandwich to look up at the clock. It was almost 11:30. “Three. Two. One…” His cell phone went off. (It's the end of the world as we know it. It's the end of the world as we know it. And I feel fin…) He open his Razor and sa

Star of Orion 1

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: Generationslayer

Tags: writing

Sorry it took me so long. I was done but i had a friend who wanted to draw a picture from a scene here. I wanted to have the pic before i put it up but he still working on it. Please coment and enjoy.

keyblademark - 9 years ago

you are welcome :)

Tyrantofsyberia - 9 years ago

Great story, btw.

Generationslayer - 9 years ago

thanks ^^

Generationslayer - 9 years ago

corect ^^

Tyrantofsyberia - 9 years ago

This kid is going to have arguments with Loreit even after all this blows over.

Lianna's Story

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: KavenBach

Tags: Lianna Sorceress Backstory

The basic backstory explaining why Lianna is the sadistic sorceress she is. Not really all that vorish except for a few passing references, though.

(Hopefully the image will display...)

(EDIT: Damn. Image won't display in the embedding system.) 

KavenBach - 10 years ago

Hee hee, but,

She'd regenerate... you'd regenerate. So what's a little Vore between friends? ^_^

Angel - 10 years ago


KavenBach - 10 years ago

...or Vice-Versa. ^_^

Angel - 10 years ago

Hmm, I think she just needs some time inside the belly of a loving angel... ;-)

Survival of the Species

Part Eleven: Fucking the Food, Fearing the Freedom

Story by KavenBach 2009

“Okay, boy, okay,” Anne chided as Runt nudged her with his snout. She patted the top of his nose in a placating manner. “We're going, we're going. Be patient. You'll have a meal soon, so you be good.”

Runt gurgled impatiently but straightened up and looked around vaguely. He wasn't really all that hungry... but he was a little irritated, and he did fee

Survival of the Species, Part 11: "Fucking the Food, Fearing the Freedom."

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: KavenBach

Tags: Hard Vore M/F Sex Nudity SOS Survival of the Species Dino vore

The evening after executing the tyrant Zeera, certain events transpire that will change the lives of some of the clan's resident males...

Violence, Rape, Hard Dino Vore, Sex, Impalement, crushing, needless emotional conversations. ^_^ 

htabdoolb - 2 years ago

Fuck yes, dinosaur on girl sex!

I'd love to see a scene where some of the clan girls do something similar with Runt, just not fatally. Maybe two or three of the girls huddle together and grind on his length, while he lays on his back, until both they and he come. Scene ends with both girls, covered in dinosaur cum and loving it, getting swallowed by a satisfied but now hungry Runt. Maybe he lets them back out, maybe he doesn't. Either way, the girls, rubbing and grinding their slippery, nude bodies against each in his stomach, love every second of their time in him.

KavenBach - 10 years ago

Heh. Well, the answer will come in following episodes. ^_^

Harmony2Discord - 10 years ago

the thing im thinking of is right on the top of my head, but I can think of it. I know its familar but not ringing a

KavenBach - 10 years ago

Heh, sorry, forgot to put in a smilie for that last comment. I wasn't offended in the least! ^_^

I'm mildly curious now... by this point, you must have a pretty good idea who or what Tommy is, right?

Harmony2Discord - 10 years ago

i meant no offense by it :) I do enjoy a good plot.


Jissy slept. Curled up atop one of the Giant Tree's gigantic branches, she looked peaceful, serene. But hers was not a peaceful sleep. The sunlight's glow, illuminating the horizon, warmed her bare skin and dispelled the dreams which had plagued her night. The light glistened over the sweat on her skin, the product of her nightmares.

Her sleep had been troubled for several nights now. Ever since she had been turned into a human by that mage, who had left her in the jungle, t

Story 29

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: French_snack

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore F/F Naga Felarya crisis Non-Consensual Jissy

Belatedly, the story of what happened to Jissy after she was turned into a human. In fact, it's more of a focus on her relationship with Roshan.

The initial story, where she was turned into a human (and met Niree), is here (the second of the two stories on the page):

Jissy and Roshan's backstory is here:

All characters here belong to Karbo, except Jissy, Roshan, Niree...
[ Continued ...

French_snack - 10 years ago

I *do* appreciate this kind of feedback; very much so. Thank you. It's interesting for me to know that you liked that aspect, and I'm glad you enjoyed the story. :)

Krauser - 10 years ago

I really have no Idea how I missed this story, this has to be one of my favourite of yours. I love all the vore and stuff, hell, its my favourite thing about felarya, but I also really enjoy seeing... im not quite sure it's the right word... philosophical aspect of felarya. Whats right or wrong?

The whole reality of the differences of nagas and humans, the emotions and who they consider people. I really love seeing when human opinion and naga opinion clash, like when Milly and Isham argued about whether eating humans/nekos ect was a bad thing. It makes a predator/prey friendship so interesting to explore. The fact that they can see some humans as friends, but others as food.... I'd love to see more of this.

I don't know if you appreciate this kind of feedback, so I'm sorry if I bothered you. I'd hate to give the impression that I'm telling you how to write your stories. I guess I'll leave it at that before I write my own novel in your comments section.

Krisexy - 10 years ago


French_snack - 10 years ago

Désolé, mais non. Ca fait plus d'un an que je suis ici, et je n'ai dit mon nom à personne.

"T'es pas fin"? C'est bien; j'apprends des expressions québécoises. ;)

Krisexy - 10 years ago

aah t pas fin :(

meme pas ton prénom?:(

Survival of the Species

Part Five:

Preparing for Carnage

Story (C) KavenBach 2008

"How are the preparations coming along?"

Michelle looked over as Kayla stepped up beside her. The clan leader's long brown hair shook in the breeze as she looked over the wall and across the river at the work being done there.

"Slowly," Michelle replied, shaking her head, her jaw-length red hair shaking also. "To make the pits be worth anything, they have to be de

Survival of the Species, Part 5: "Preparing Carnage."

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: KavenBach

Tags: writing

Uploaded a .DOC version of this instead of a PDF, for constancy's sake and on request/suggestion. The PDF version had no comments or Faves, just 400 views on the dot.

The clan makes preparations to survive the impending attack by Carnasaurs. The clan's Inventor has a few tricks up her sleeves... er, or something like that, since she doesn't have sleeves. -_- Hard Dino Vore, Plant Vore, sexuality as always. 

htabdoolb - 2 years ago

"I'm going to have a small Frogly swallow as much of me as he can, and you can fuck me in front of everyone like that!"

"I'll let one eat me if that helps," Liz said calmly. "I'm expendable now."

This one is full of good lines like that. I love how feeding girls too injured or damaged to work to the froglies is an accepted, completely normal thing.

The end battle with the carnasaur was pretty good, too.

Jacquelope - 10 years ago

The boom boom boom powder. :D BTW did you ever see their video? It was wicked sick.

KavenBach - 10 years ago

Oh, and good to see you're still reading them. ^_^

KavenBach - 10 years ago

Boom, Boom, Boom... I dunno. Due to the explosions, or the stomping Carnasaur? ;)

Funny thing is, I had never realized I'd put it up as a PDF. Wierd.

Jacquelope - 10 years ago

Why is it that every time I read this I think of Black Eyed Peas and their song "Boom Boom Boom"? :D

Anyhoot, much thanks for putting this in DOC format! :)


Tan adjusted his grip on the wooden scaffolding, and helped ease a long tube of carved shranja carefully into place. Further along this level of the scaffolding, one of his fellow builders gave him the thumbs up, and he smiled. The lianno was shaping up quite nicely. It would be another success - a source of pride for the entire community, albeit ephemeral.

Tan was a tomthumb, of the Alsumi tribe. Just seven centimetres tall, he had very dark hair, kept fairly short, a fit,

Story 28

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: French_snack

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore Giantess Felarya Neko Non-Consensual Tomthumb Milly

A short story about a tomthumb.

Felarya is Karbo's creation, as are the species mentioned here. All characters are my own.

This may have been inspired, in part, by timing2's great stories. You can find them at his DA gallery:

There's a follow-up to this, which you'll find here: .

atak - 10 years ago

I personally hope they will, could be a LOT of fun if they do... I'd be very curious what's going to happen with them ^^.

Krisexy - 10 years ago

ouais cest vraiment dommage :/

French_snack - 10 years ago

Ca serait parfait. ;) C'est quand même dommage que les rêves des voraréphiles soient compatibles, mais qu'ils ne puissent pas être réalisés. ;)

Krisexy - 10 years ago

trouve-moi un rayon qui pourra te faire rapetisser et je crois que nos deux rêves seront réalisés les deux en meme temps ;) ;P

French_snack - 10 years ago

Essentiellement, oui. :) Cela dit, j'essaie de rendre mes personnages prédateurs attrayants, bien sûr. Donc si tu me dis que tu peux te mettre à la place de mes persos prédateurs, je suis content; ça voudrait dire que mes histoires "fonctionnent" dans les deux sens. ;)

The Genius

In the present time, in the country somewhere, a man lived with his own pet wolves.Flashback...A while ago, the man was hiking through the woods when he saw a female wolf getting attacked by other male wolves in the area. He quickly took his walking stick and headed for the scene. He moved the female to a safe location and fought the male wolves with his bare hands. As soon as he killed one, the others turned and ran for their lives. When he turned around, he noticed that the f

The Genius

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: Assassinmaster62

Tags: Wolf Soft Vore

A scientist finds out how to resurrect living things, having adopted two wolves whose mother died in child birth. Soft vore F wolf/M human (businessman)

This has been updated due to the fact that I've been doing this all on my iPod Touch only. Enjoy, 'cause it's just getting started. More to come.

The second part is located here: 

dragonfred - 10 years ago

yea but at least it was good :)

Assassinmaster62 - 10 years ago

Thanks, its not the greatest, but its simple.

dragonfred - 10 years ago

awesome :)


Here in the kitchen you sit on a stool, facing a window to the suburban world outside of my abode. Here you rest my arms on top of the island in front of you. You have an empty small glass. The glass is accompanied by four tall bottles. Your mouth is parched, dry to the point it burns. You gaze at the cold bottles with a lust. Your thirst desires their soothing coolness. You pour the first bottle, a thick black liquidated licorice. It has a sour smell. You pour the second bottle, sm

Existence (F/F) Soft (Second POV)

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Owner: Gentle_Grounds

This is the paper that I presented in class, check out my blog to read the response of the classmates and professor. This is in second person.

codyage - 10 years ago

I have to say, I am quite impressed. The only way I could actually determine this between a normal story and a vore type one, was the small details about the stomach.Other then that I thought I would be reading some scene from novel. I quite enjoyed the story and the meanings and morals you put behind it. I have to say kudos to your work Gentle-Grounds and the writer behind it.

Parakaitz - 10 years ago

Wow... that was fantastic, I loved it.

AtmosRobot - 10 years ago

I read your blog on this story. Sounds like you won the crowd.

Gentle_Grounds - 10 years ago

Doh! Ignore the "me" and "my" inserted in the story, those were supposed to be changed to "you" or "your". We had to write our short story in first POV, and then rewrite it in second POV.

Final Exam
A shamelessly vorish Kung Fu Panda story
By Strega
It was a time for celebration. For twenty years the countryside had dreaded the escape of Tai Lung, a Kung Fu master so powerful that only Master Oolong had stopped his rampage. As Oolong aged, the villages worried that if the fierce snow leopard escaped, there would be no one to stop him from achieving rulership of the Kung Fu world and establishing a destructive reign.

Kung Fu Panda -- Final Exam.

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Tags: Kung Fu Panda Po Master Tigress

I am suddenly taken by Master Tigress, probably because of a beautiful figure of her I found at a yard sale. In this story, Po is taken by her also...not as a lover, but as a meal. 89 

Snookums - 10 years ago

I am glad to see you expanded upon your drawing earlier :), Nice work!

Noctivagus - 10 years ago

A very good tale indeed. I found the end particularly fitting.

Stank - 10 years ago

Stupid work...

The last part of that sounds good though. ^^

Tsavo - 10 years ago

I've never seen the movie but this awesome story reminded me that I really have to get off my ass and see it.

Slash - 10 years ago

You need to see it. It fits so well with what you wrote.^^

Nick opened the door to his small apartment and walked inside. It had been a rough day at his unforgiving job and he was eagerly awaiting a good night's sleep, looking forward to a few days off. He lived alone and rented his place. He was a 22 year old grey husky who worked as a part time employee for the large home supply store down the road.

Nick hated his job, and his job hated him right back. He was a nobody, a faceless member of the replaceable crew, and he knew it, not

The Organization

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Tags: Dog Anal Vore

Contains, shrinking, 'clean' anal vore (that is, no crap), M/M, macro/micro, unwilling.

DrakeZephyr - 7 years ago

I normally don't enjoy this sort of thing but this is an exception.
I must say the way you ended it surprised me, I had half expected a sort of, "it's better this way" sort of idea, a strange way of putting him out of his misery before further testing. It was still good, of course.

SeetherWolf - 9 years ago


I love your AV stuff. Add a little foreplay such as forced rimming or ass smothering and they rock! I like your writing style.

Thank you!



Charlene was Harry's big half sister. Since their mother had died, Just Char and Harry lived in the big mansion left to Char's mother by Harry's father, her mother's second husband who disappeared shortly after writing a new will leaving everything to his wife and now she had been gone almost six months and both Char and Harry had recovered from their loss. Char looked after and protected her little brother who not only was younger; Harry was small and thin bein

Missing People Four

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Continuing vore story 

oc - 10 years ago

very great story, i rate it a 8/10.

spider41 - 10 years ago

I love it

seatslave - 10 years ago

Yes, the next chapter has been started if I can only get my workload out of the way.

MuffinCardinal - 10 years ago

I just love this story. Hope there will be more really soon.

seatslave - 10 years ago

Thank you, yes, there will be more.

Double the Fun

Disclaimer: Are you over 18 and like vore? If the answer is yes, come on in. If not, I reserve the right to punt you off your current webpage. All rights of existing characters belong to their respective owner(s).

Rena bounded within the forest, hoping to outmaneuver the one that was behind her; but no such luck, she could still hear him, and he wasn't far away. He was not as agile as she was, meaning he was making a lot of noise; so that was good at least, she would know

Double the Fun

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Tags: Oral Vore Renamon Soft Vore Same Size Digimon Henry Terriermon

Renamon Chronicles Part 8:
During a mini vacation in the digiworld, Zack and Renamon are forced to deal with someone from her past. A case of mistaken identity brings a different Renamon into the fray as well, but she's no ordinary Renamon...

This is my part of something Zephyx and I were doing, and he posted his part long ago, but he was well aware I was going to take a while. So here you go buddy, hope I didn't screw up your character too badly...

I’ll most...
[ Continued ...

keyblademark - 9 years ago

hahahaha do not worry i was just wondering, hehe an awesome chapter as always ;)

Razure - 9 years ago

I don't plan to pull anyone else from season three into this story... and I wouldn't get your hopes up for it in the future either XP

keyblademark - 9 years ago

sorry for the late comment but well i finally read it ^^ a good chapter and another trainer done, hehehe now i can say that digimon 3 ended... unless renamon eat the secondary characters ;)

Razure - 10 years ago

Thanks, I hope my break will be a short one. I don't have a specific date in mind to return to this, it will just be when I feel like I can continue it with the same enthusiasm.

Tsavo - 10 years ago

Another good addition to the series. I know what you mean by burning out on something. Enjoy your break. :)

King Me
Tale Two of Epsilon
By Vox's Posse
Prologue: Silence
It's hard to truly imagine silence. If one closes their eyes, there's always the sounds of the body making noise or the wind in the distance. With so much movement, so much life, silence is a phenomenon that is rarely ever experienced. However, if one truly wanted an example of pure silence, it occurred one day in a forest on another world.

Tale Two of Epsilon - King Me

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Tags: Absorption Anal Vore Fatal Vore Soul Digestion blob vore

Hello again! Vox and posse back with my third story, second in the Epsilon series. It's a follow up to my first story, Spark of Luck, so if you haven't read it yet, please do. The plot might make more sense. Here it is, just in case: King me is about a day in the life of Epsilon's enigmatic ruler, Vox. This story contains blob vore, anal vore, oral vore, graphic absorbtion and soul digestion. Enjoy and please, please, PLEASE leave comments. When people...
[ Continued ...

xionzappa - 9 years ago

<3 Hee, rump vore. A guilty pleasure of mine. Love the expression on that bunny's face. "This is wrong. This is so wrong..."

Randomguylol - 9 years ago

this picture disturbed me and I looked into your stories afterward >.>

xionzappa - 9 years ago

Well, remember, that one creature was a self proclaimed 'hero'. Vox may be a monster, but he doesn't hide it. He sees people either as friends or food. Due to his anger at the hero, he felt bad for those he had wronged. Yes, perhaps a bit of insanity. Also, I notice that you just registered and I gave your profile its only view.. Any particular reason you chose my story out of all of the others, or is this an obvious alt account?

Randomguylol - 9 years ago

I read your story and was wondering why your character "Vox" devoured that little fox kid David then suddenly feels sorry for children simply because they weren't eaten by him and they lived elsewhere. For example "Oh...oh my god...he hunted children. He hunted children because they were harder to catch..." why would he put such emphasis like he was shocked that someone would eat children when he does it himself?... just curious. But if you're trying to convey insanity to readers you did an excellent job.

Generationslayer - 10 years ago

sorry, i don't do poor lol. have you seen my work?

Lost in Felarya

Chapter Seven: The price of a story

Previously, on Lost in Felarya:

= = = = =

“You bitches!” one of the men in Milly's right hand, beside Gwynn, screamed. “You're monsters!”

“Now, now,” Milly chided, looking just slightly hurt. “There's no need to be rude. It's not nice. We're not rude to you, are we?”

“You're eating us!” Gwynn pointed out, incredulous. “That's worse than rude!”

Story 19 - Lost in Felarya, ch 7

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Owner: French_snack

Tags: Oral Vore Micro Soft Vore F/F F/M Giantess Naga Felarya crisis Non-Consensual Milly Anna

Felarya is Karbo's creation, as are the non-human species in this story. Crisis and Anna also belong to Karbo. Namesta is Chroias'. Jade (seen just briefly) is Ravana3k's. Milly and all other characters are my own.

Chapter 6 is here:

Chapter 8 is here:


French_snack - 8 years ago

Thank you. And yes, poor Milly... Isham does make things complicated for her. ;)

oishi1 - 8 years ago

the forced vore was fun and intense, and I like the way you've made the Millie character have to think things over. I'm finding myself invested in the characters and rooting for them even while feeling that they are doomed. Your writing style is great and easy to read.

French_snack - 10 years ago

Thank you for the comment! I'm glad you like Milly. The first story she appeared in (Story 11) is similar in some ways.

vore111 - 10 years ago

this is the best Feleyra'n story of yours

being caught by a buatifull giantess waiting to be eatten in hopless

wile she enjoing this like a game for her

watching your friends be eaten woooow man

milly is my fevorit pred character

i hope to see more story similler to this

thanks :)

French_snack - 10 years ago

Je voulais un prénom qu'on trouve au Pays de Galles. Je pensais en anglais, et "Gwynn" en anglais, je trouve que ça allait assez bien avec le personnage. Sur le coup, je ne me suis même pas rendu compte de la connotation en français. :O

Confessing to My Vore Crush

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Tags: Soft Vore Human Digestion F/M Swallowing Sex Fatal Rape writing Macro/Micro Unwilling Prey Male Prey Female Pred

Woman describes her deepest, darkest fantasies towards her best friend. F/m (Micro/macro, soft vore, rape, nc, fatal) 

seatslave - 7 years ago

Hi Eat Me Up: It is seatslave. Have you become big and fat enough to AV me. Let me know.

huitcinquante - 8 years ago

I can't say more than it has been said... But you know, this text is just the very, exactly, most sexiest part of the fantasy i have with vore for all these years. If i had to explain it, i'll just give your story to read... So i just have to thank you !

Krisexy - 10 years ago

i hope you gonna write more stories! D:

ryanshowseason3 - 10 years ago

Exactly what i was thinking a daionea house or house of leaves esque approach

ltucker - 10 years ago

well I must say, if you take volunteers, I will gladly be a sacrifice to you. providing someone else doesnt get to me first. hahaha