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Unnamed 3.

Uploaded: 15 years ago

Owner: TigerClaw

Tags: Non-Vore

It really Should get named. Third in the series. 

tacaloking - 8 years ago

can you please repost this

Amberain - 13 years ago

I just read it today on Vor-Com, but I didn't see a way to contact the author there, so I came here to say it. I can't wait to see what happens next!

Unnamed 2Sequel to the last Unnamed.

Uploaded: 15 years ago

Owner: TigerClaw

Tags: Non-Vore


tacaloking - 8 years ago

can you please repost this


Uploaded: 15 years ago

Owner: TigerClaw

Tags: Non-Vore


rugli - 7 years ago

The leopard smiled, unable to believe his luck. He resisted the urge to chuckle at the circumstances. The news of the disappearing students at the college had nearly everyone nervously looking over their backs. He was one of the ones that wasn’t afraid, with good reason.

He looked down at the girl rabbit, licking his lips, still unable to believe his luck. Kandra was one of the hottest girls in the school, her black fur had an unbelievable shine to it. She was slightly shorter than him, only 5 foot 8 to his 6 feet even. Her ears were pointing straight up, acting like a pair of radars.

Ryte smirked. He had met her as she was leaving her last class of the day, chemistry. He had been stalking her for the past week, and she had finally noticed him, and asked him to walk her to her room! Well, he’d make certain this would be a night she’d remember for the rest of her life.

He had been all too glad to agree to protect her from who ever was kidnapping the other students. He looked down at her again, she was wearing a short sleeve button up shirt, and a very short skirt, showing off her long legs.

He, on the other hand, wore a long sleeve shirt and a pair of jeans. He continued walking behind her, his tail swaying from side to side. Finally, they reached her room, where she turned around, “Would you care to come in?”

Score! “If you’re sure I won’t be intruding.”

She laughed, “Yeah right, Ryte. Why would you be intruding? You walked me all the way here, least I can do is let you come in and offer you something to drink, or something.”

‘Yeah, or something. I don’t think a drink’ll cut it,’ he thought to himself. He smiled and nodded as she turned and unlocked the door.

The two walked through it, the leopard’s eyes glued to her skirt again. She moved to the side, allowing him to move past her while she shut the door. He looked around. It was the same as any other girl’s room he’d seen, and he’d seen quite a few lately.

“Can I get you something to drink?” Kandra asked from behind him.

“Sure. Uhh, should I wait anywhere?”

“The bed?” she suggested as she walked past him and went into the small kitchen.

Ryte blinked, ‘The bed? Well, why the hell not?!’ As if a grin were pasted on his face, he walked through her room and sat down at the edge of her bed. This was going to be easier that he thought it would be. He could hear the sound of running water come on, then turn off. A few seconds later Kandra walked in holding two glasses of water.

Sitting down on the bed, she handed one of the glasses to him. She tipped her own glass towards him then brought it to her lips. Ryte stared as she raised the glass farther and farther up as she drank the water swallow after swallow, without ever stopping for air. And it wasn’t one of those small glasses either!

Not to be outdone, he copied her after she finished. She wiped her lips clean of the water on her lips with the back of her paw as he swallowed mouthful after mouthful. His lungs started to burn as he was three quarters finished, but he wouldn’t be outdone. He just kept gulping until finally he was done.

Pulling the glass away, he gasped loudly, breathing fresh air into his lungs as Kandra laughed. He glared at her, “What?”

She smiled, “There a trick to that. Once you swallow the water, breath through your nose while you refill your mouth. That way you don’t run out of air.”

Ryte laughed under his breath, “I’ll remember that.”

“I’m sure you will.”

Ryte blinked, there was something about her tone of voice that made him look at her. He did a double take at what he saw. She was unbuttoning her shirt. Before he could do anything, he felt his muscles go limp and fell to his side on the bed.

“And I’m sure you’re wondering what’s happening to your body, right now,” Kandra looked down at the limp leopard after she finished unbuttoning her shirt. “The answer is quite simple. The chemical I put in your drink in a type of relaxant, it makes all your muscles go limp.”

Ryte tried to say something, but he just couldn’t get his tongue to work right. This was infuriating. What did the girl think she was doing?! When he could move again he’d show her not to mess with the head football star!

“I don’t think you understand your present situation, deary. Let me tell you something about myself, I’m a crossbreed. My mom is a rabbit, my dad a snake. Now I’m sure you know such pairings usually result creatures that look like lamia’s and the like. Well I took after my mom, though I do have some of Daddy’s....characteristics.” She leaned over him and licked the side of his face as she slid a paw under his shirt, pulling it up, “I’ve got a similar bone structure to him, I’m like a rabbit snake. A meat eating rabbit.

“I know you’ve heard about the disappearing students, well they haven’t disappeared. They’re all a part of me now.”

Ryte’s eyes widened in panic as realization struck him. Kandra had eaten the missing students.

“I see you understand, and that means you know what’s coming,” without pausing she pulled his shirt off of him, exposing his muscular upper body, “Oooh, and I bet you’re so proud of yourself.” She laughed as she undid his pants and pulled those and his boxers down, “Don’t worry, I know you’ve been stalking me, big guy. Well, you wanted in me, and now you’re gonna get you’re wish.” She moved over on the bed until she was by his head, “My poor little baby, you look so cold and helpless...I put you somewhere nice and warm...”

He watched horrified as she pulled him up onto her lap until he was sitting in it. He licked his face, coating it with slick drool over and over again. If he didn’t know what was coming, he could have gotten to like this treatment. What...was...coming?

‘Wait a minute,’ he thought to himself, ‘She can’t possibly open her mouth wide enough to eat me....’ Realization hit him. She was just playing stupid game, well once this chemical of hers wore off.... He blinked slowly as he watched her open her mouth wide and cover the tip of his muzzle. She was bluffing, she just had to be. It was just a stupid game of hers.

But it was an awfully realistic game as she pushed forward, sliding more and more of his muzzle into her mouth. Soon his muzzle touched the back of her mouth even as her large buck teeth rested in between his eyes.

Dread started to fill him as she started working her mouth over his head and he heard the clicking noises which reminded him of what she had said about having a similar bone structure to her dad...and he was about to bet his last few moments alive that an unhinging jaw system was included in that structure.

He closed his eyes as her lips slid over his eyes, the top of her jaw now resting on the top of his head. His muzzle had already started disappearing into the folds of her throat, opening the way the rest of him would soon follow. She had one arm wrapped around his body, holding him up to her, the other was calmly pushing his head into her mouth.

This wasn’t right, all he had wanted was a good time, and he was becoming a late night snack! It was only because of his excellent night vision that he could see inside her mouth, not that that brought him any comfort. He could see the slimy entrance of Kandra’s throat slowly getting closer and closer to him, soon it would consume the rest of his head and he’d be left blind as a bat.

Her slimy inner flesh glistened with saliva. He could feel her tongue under his chin, tasting him like she had probably done so with the others. He was with a predator in the guise of a harmless prey. And that was this predator’s trap, luring those such as he into her stomach. A small shove to the back of his head and her upper jaw quickly slid all the way down, bringing the rest of his head into her mouth even as light completely disappeared as the rest of his face sunk inside her gullet.

His ears lay flat against his head as inch after inch of him was forced into the girl rabbit. Would he be missed? How many more people would this girl devour before she was caught...would she be caught? She had slid her mouth down past his neck and was working on getting his shoulders in now. How could she do this? He was bigger than she was! Were snakes really this elastic like?!

With a pop, his shoulders were in her mouth as well. By now he could hear her body working. He could hear her heartbeat, breathing....breathing? With a shock, he realized he could hear her breathing. She must have a separate air tube with her nose, that was how she really was able to drink all that water! She had an alternate air tunnel, damn her.

A lot of good this information would do him, he thought sadly. He wouldn’t even be here shortly, no that wasn’t quite right. He’d always remain here, as a part of her body now. She held him by his arms now, pushing him farther and farther down her throat. She hadn’t swallowed yet, she was simply taking her time, tasting him to his fullest, enjoying him to her heart’s extent.

She had just gotten his upper chest in her mouth, her bottom jaw resting against his top of abdomen. He knew he wasn’t going to get out, he was doomed, and as if to erase any doubt he might have still had, Kandra swallowed.

So far the ride down Kandra’s throat had been easy on him. Her throat was slimy, yet giving, more that willing to allow him to pass. It had stretched allowing him to slide down. Yet now those slimy walls tensed up around him, squeezing him as they suddenly pulled down on him...hard. It felt as is the rabbit’s gullet was trying to pull his head off! But they did their job. The walls of the throat pulled him farther inside her body.

He could feel her jaw line resting just above his hips. She had swallowed his entire lower torso with a single swallow?! Another rippling sensation around him, and he was pulled down again, only not nearly as hard. She must have swallowed as hard as she could that first time. But this swallow pulled his head into her stomach.

This was hardly a comfort, having reached the beginning of his end. She could feel her paws on his bottom now, as she worked more and more of him into her body, as if it were just some giant holding cell, and he was a new prisoner. Soon his shoulders slid through the stomach’s entrance and his head was pressed against the bottom of the slimy sac. He had reached his final destination, the middle of her body. And the end of his life.


Kandra’s eyes watered in pain as she pulled Ryte farther and farther inside her. It hurt taking prey this big, but he had deserved this. She knew what he had wanted, and had been planning. He had planned on having sex with her, and if she refused, then raping her like he had done so with several of her friends. While she didn’t want him to be a part of her body, she wanted him to suffer the worse death she could think of, and that was this. To die within someone he planned on hurting. He’d never hurt again.

Soon all that was left were his legs, tail, and paws. She could feel his head pressing against the bottom of her stomach, which eagerly demanded more of the tasty leopard. Oh yes, he was a delicious meal, she’d have to try another leopard sometime soon. Yes, she had eaten several of her schoolmates, but that was what predators did. They ate.

She swallowed again. She had timed her first swallow carefully so that while her throat would pull on his shoulders, it would mainly pull on Ryte’s head. Motion caught her eyes. Ryte’s tail was twitching, a sign that the chemical she had drugged him with was wearing off. Better and better. It wouldn’t wear off in time to save the leopard, but it would in time to ensure a nice struggle within her body, oh how she loved that.

She watched the spotted design on the legs disappear into her waiting maw even as more of the leopard emptied out inside her stomach. Her tongue slid over every inch of him, tasting him for all he was worth and making him slick for the ride down. She felt him quiver inside her throat. Now she rested a paw to her stomach, feeling his head under her fur and flesh. Her bones had expanded around him while he slid between them, even she wasn’t quite sure how her body did it, but it did. Ryte had been close to her maximum limit. Another few inches and he’d have been too big to eat.

Her stomach began growing as is stretched out. Even now, Ryte’s knees were approaching her hungry lips. Soon it would all be over for him, he’d be digested just like all the others. She smiled as she leaned backwards until she fell on her back, her paws rubbing her stomach, feeling him sliding inside of her stomach.

But it was time to end this. Another powerful swallow brought his feet into her mouth and left about half a foot of tail out. She closed her mouth and began sucking on the tail. ‘I feel like I got a cigar....’ she laughed to herself as the feet slid farther and farther towards the back of her mouth. Another hard gulp sent the last of the leopard falling into her innards.

She sighed as she felt him empty out completely in her gut, which had swollen quite a bit. It looked like another diet was in order, as well as several trips to the gym. She could feel him beginning to move around inside as the chemical began wearing off completely. She was worried about Ryte ripping her stomach to shreds, school policy had everyone with claws file them down to mere stubs while they were there, even visitors. He had not way out, save one, and by then he’d be long digested.

She watched him through her belly fur. Despite being in her stomach, she could see his curled up shape quite well. He began pushing against her stomach walls, which caused Kandra to gasp, not in pain, but in pleasure. She always loved it when her food struggled to get out, the joys of having something living within her gut.

It would do Ryte no good, he wasn’t going to escape, he was going to die in her body, and Kandra reveled at the thought. She licked her lips, trying to get anymore flavor of the leopard off them when she felt gas needing release. Grabbing a pillow, she pressed it against her face as she belched into it. Wouldn’t do for her neighbors to hear her and come investigate the sound. Smiling, she looked back at the still struggling bulge within her gut.

“Ryte, I hereby kick you out of this school, and into my gut,” she giggled as she her the muffled growling, and she belched again.

tacaloking - 8 years ago

can you please repost this

Gypa - 11 years ago

I want ad info for this. It is F/M, soft vore rabbit pred, Leopard pray

Jan ran.
It was all she could do.
Why didn't she believe the old man that warned her, why? When her friends disappeared, she should have known, but she was too stubborn to believe that the story could possibly be true.
But it was. It was true...very true.
It was hard to see in the pouring rain, her small flashlight barely lit the ground in front of her...but she could hear him coming closer.
She knew she wouldn't be able to outrun him, but she had to try.
Why didn't she leave when she had the ch


Uploaded: 15 years ago

Owner: TigerClaw

Tags: Oral Vore Horse Feral M/F Story Original Character

A VERY short story about a horse, and the girl that didn't believe 

rugli - 6 years ago

I did like to encore you to re-write the story. If you want maybe i could help to brain storm ideas what exactly could happen, in pms.

TigerClaw - 6 years ago

A while back, I had wanted to rewrite this story. Make it considerably longer, show the other victims getting eaten, leading to this scene. Sadly, never got around to it. And also sadly, never had any ideas for a sequel, so it looks like this will remain the only version of this story.

rugli - 6 years ago

Always loved this story.
But have you thought about writing more about this feral horse of yours?

Shirehorse7 - 7 years ago

Ah horse vore the best predators there is Great story

Nameless - 14 years ago

great story, I'd love to see more stuff with horses ^_^

It's Always the One You Don't Expect

By Stalbon

Kranthelas, or “Black Mist”, as most mortals feared him as, thought himself to be an exceptional specimen of his kind. He was not vain as many of his red-scaled cousins were, nor did he pride himself on his intelligence or wit as many of the hermetic blue dragons did. No, he simply knew that he was the best, the strongest, and the biggest black dragon around. His 38-foot body was covered in sleek obsidian scales that covered r

It's Always The One You Don't Expect

Uploaded: 15 years ago

Owner: Stalbon

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore M/M Rape Non-Consensual Implied Digestion Dragon pred Dragon prey

"It's Always The One You Don't Expect"
M Dragon/M Dragon Soft Vore, Rape. 

Anonymous - 15 years ago

I enjoyed that, very descriptive, well-written dragon vore aparently set in world of Krynn where the color of a dragons scales determines if he is "good" or "evil". So maybe besides the dragon "racial stereotypes", my only critisism it that it seems rather absurd that a 38 foot dragon would not efficiently swallow a complete buck whole, instead of taking all that time to tear it into pieces and leaving many of the bones. Heck, a 10 foot komodo dragon can swallow a whole deer of moderate size, and your dragon is 3 to 4 times as large! And as evident by the Gold's meal, dragons in your stories are quite capable of swallowing large prey. This was one of the silly things of the early Pern dragon stories, huge dragons leaving a neat pile of tiny bones, though later the dragons became more realistic reptilian predators swallowing all but the largest prey whole. The description of the blacks full belly also didn't set right, considering it was almost forty feet long, yet only some pieces of a single buck made it "plump". I doubt such a small meal could even be detected from the outside, even if the buck has been swallowed whole. But a very nice story all the same.

Race - 15 years ago

Very nice story, Stalbon. I thought it was well-paced and did a good job of describing parts of the vore act that I especially enjoy, like sagging bellies. :)

Anonymous - 15 years ago

I rather liked it i did. ^^

Succubi at work

By Karbo

Many thanks to Ladyprey, Throku and Toric eidolon for their advice and the time they spent to review and edit this story!

This is my first. Giantess vore as usual based on the picture of the same name.


The door opened.

Emperor Sardon III raised his hands to ward himself from the sudden light, bright enough to dazzle him. It had been days since they had locked him in this mise

Succubi at work

Uploaded: 15 years ago

Owner: Karbo

Tags: Oral Vore Stomach Digestion Succubus F/M Giantess Swallowed hell Human Prey

My first vore story, based on the picture of the same name. Macro human F/m 

FallenBlade04 - 8 months ago

Alala , qu'est que Menyssan est joueuse mais très agréable , son sadisme est doux je trouve . J'espère qu'elle a bien manger , ces coéquipière de travaille aussi ! :-) ^^ . * Renifle * ... Il y a une odeur dans l'air ... * Renifle * ... Sa sent ... * Renifle * ... Sa sent l'Oscar , avec inscrit sur la surface en or : " Décerné à L'écrivain et dessinateur de génie , j'ai nommé Karbo " . Quelle talent , pendant la lecture , on peut facile s'immergé dans l'histoire , rien qu'en lisant chacune de vos phrases . On peut vous applaudir Karbo . ^^ .

SherlokKiril - 1 year ago

I can't belive you written this story 14 years ago, was "Felarya" project in your plans back then ?

JMan96 - 2 years ago

I have to say, this is a really good story! Definitely on par with your artwork.

I don't suppose you've considered doing another?

foreverknight13 - 10 years ago

Ah yes, I remember this one. very well done for an artist of your caliber. ever considered writing more?

Karbo - 11 years ago

Merci, venant d'un auteur comme toi je prend ça comme un sacré compliment :D
Sinon, ben peut etre dans un futur lointain.. disons que le probleme c'est le temps.. Je n'ai pas l'habitude d'ordonner mes idées en écriture alors c'est très long ^^;

Gallows and Halloween

Uploaded: 15 years ago

Owner: talonsaurn

Tags: Oral Vore

Gallows and Race's Halloween together.. Note to readers...much more humor than vore, at least explicit vore 


Uploaded: 15 years ago

Owner: talonsaurn

Tags: Oral Vore

Gallows. Monsterous, nasty, Sob of an otter, in this story he shows off alot of his personality.. we call this the "cuddly" phase of his creation.. he got far tougher to munch as his development goes on 


Uploaded: 15 years ago

Owner: talonsaurn

Tags: Oral Vore

Smudge Teaches a cooking class for her students. As you might expect some hilarity ensues.  


Uploaded: 15 years ago

Owner: talonsaurn

Tags: Oral Vore

The first of the stories, probally the lightest too, had no plans for it as a series until after this was well recived. Take some freinds and enjoy the belly 


Uploaded: 15 years ago

Owner: talonsaurn

Tags: Oral Vore Tarzan

Whe Tarzan came out(the disney version) i got really into Sabor herself, a impressive predator done wrong. I even put up a fan page for her. This is a SHORT story about her. Haven't done fanfic sorta tories in ages 


Uploaded: 15 years ago

Owner: talonsaurn

Tags: Oral Vore Wolf Pig the three little pigs

The Three Little Pork chops, a OLD story of mine, basic parody obviously but rather fun. after you read it you probally thing the pigs deserve what they got 

The cagea

Uploaded: 15 years ago

Owner: talonsaurn

Tags: Oral Vore

A story of wrestling, of one wrestler and a bit about his trainer. Cobblestone shows that he is a showman and brutal in the cage match. M/M vore, Implied Gorging. crude and lewd behavior. 


The tinkling of a wind chime carried on the soft summer breeze completed the enchantment of the moment for Paul. He felt like a child again as he stood in the midst of this overgrown garden, no less beautiful for its' wild and neglected condition. Just two days ago, Paul had answered a call from him Grandmother's attorney informing him he had inherited her mansion in Sussex, England.

This was completely unexpected and he wasted no time in arranging a flight from where his c

Fairy vore

Uploaded: 15 years ago

Owner: ladyprey

Tags: Oral Vore


zwolf - 12 years ago

hhmmm wish I was there friend!

French_snack - 13 years ago

I love "innocent" preds, and your story is very well written. There's an atmosphere of dangerous mystery and thrill to it that's very well conveyed by your style. I enjoyed reading it.

Lamnia - 13 years ago

Be nice to see more work of this nature.

GoldFox - 14 years ago

Wonderful! I loved it! Nice jog with the terror and the pleasure flipping back and forth. That was excellent! Keep up the good work! -GoldFox ^-^

Karbo - 15 years ago

Nice to see your work here :) What I particulary like in this story is the characters of the fairies, innocent but dangerous ^^

The Mercy of Sarabandeby C

Sarabande was an orb-weaver, one of those quietly efficient fairy-killers for whom long-suffering humans are always grateful. Now fairies are too clever for a spider web that sits there, plainly visible, week after week. So Sarabande used a special silk, invisible to fairies until it was too late. And she built five new webs every night, always in different places from those of the night before. She'd then spend the day going from web to web. If they had caught anyt

The Mercy of Sarabande

Uploaded: 15 years ago

Owner: C

Tags: Pregnancy Sex Fairy spider

Always keep your promise to a spider! 

Ninatiels - 13 years ago

That... was.....AWSOME! I have been looking for good stuff about spiders.. either good pics or good stories... and this one was probably the best story I have found so far.

Omega - 14 years ago

The mix of humor and suspense along with the finale all weave together nicely to tell a tale of promises made and broken and the dire consequences incurred. I do still need to do an illustration for this.

A Fox in a Bat's Zoo

Uploaded: 15 years ago

Owner: Landon_Fox

Tags: Oral Vore Tongue Fox Digestion M/M Feral Bat Demon Consensual Wings Willing Original Character

A fox zoo worker has a yiffy encounter with one of the giant bats. 

eatmeplease - 3 years ago

This is absolutely amazing!

SightlessStudios - 4 years ago

This has to be one of the best stories I've ever read. Definitely within my top five if not my personal favorite. I personaly love how it states that a fox's job is to get bent over.

Puppylove - 14 years ago

Murrrrr....thats one lucky foxy.....Are they looking too hire another dormatory yiff toy in the shape of a feral wolf pup? n.n

DarkArtist - 14 years ago

Oooh, I LOVE this story ^^

DarkArtist - 14 years ago

Oooh, I LOVE this story ^^


By Stalbon

A fly buzzed its way past James Harrison's face, obscuring his vision for a moment; he did not move to swat it away. It moved on to the man at his right, a hand came up and slapped at it, disturbing the tall plains grass.

Harrison silently cursed the man's stupidity, but then he was a tourist. They did not seem to understand Africa; on the Savannah a predator withheld from all unnecessary motion. As a hunter, he considered himself among the best of the continent's


Uploaded: 15 years ago

Owner: Stalbon

Tags: Oral Vore Lion


Choco0 - 6 years ago

Yes, it was a nice story, I like vore in realistic concept like this !

Sikhoten_Tiger - 15 years ago

I have a thing for cat preds as you probably guessed and this story nicely captures the tactical aspect of a cat's hunt positioning and planning slowly setting up the kill. I also like the way you portray the lioness as a fair judge of who ought to live as well as the main character's recognition of it.

A Panther's Tale

By Stalbon

Joseph strode down the bustling hallways of the palace towards the throne room, eager to meet with his father, the king. As he approached the gilded double doors, the guardsmen straightened at his approach, one of them throwing wide the metal doors. As he stepped inside, there was a small fanfare of trumpets, accompanied by the royal courier announcing his presence.

“His Majesty, Prince Joseph!”

Ah, but that was good to hear after six long m

A Panther's Tale

Uploaded: 15 years ago

Owner: Stalbon

Tags: Oral Vore Original Character


Throat_Wolf - 12 years ago

Nicely written. Creepy, creepy cat.

Poor prince… :)

Sikhoten_Tiger - 15 years ago

Wonderful story to run into while browsing through the selection here enjoyed it immensely. Would be very interested in a follow up where our prince gets himself into a warm sticky situation with the black cat.

talonsaurn - 15 years ago

Wonderful story there, but i'd read it before, however as you know it still is one of my favrotie stories, and probally my fav you've written... Hungry black kitties..

Wilbur the wolverine

Uploaded: 15 years ago

Owner: Strega

Tags: Oral Vore Human Lion Sex

A modification (sort of a fanfic or slash, I guess) of the excellent 'The big hungry lion' story. 

Anonymous - 15 years ago

I can't claim credit for this story, because 80% of it is unchanged from the original author (Hungry Cat). That's why I never posted it (it's 5 years old) until I ran into a huge fan of wolverines in general. You can find the original version on the old Big Gulp archive.

Anonymous - 15 years ago

Very well written and planned with a great storyline around the beast in question. A pleasure to read.