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Enduring Artic Transport

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: AcevisElecion

Tags: Soft Vore M/F Same Size Christykitsune Female Prey Internal View Medic Endosoma Male Pred shy pred Christy Rai kitsune prey Endo vore squirrel pred Willing prey AcevisElecion Reeve Xalloir

Not everyone has the benefit being relatively unaffected by the cold as Christy does here.
Though not everyone also has the benefit of everything going to plan either!

Reeve here is undergoing a training exercise as part of his ongoing field medic studies and training. In this particular scenario, Reeve finds himself prepared with most of his items, save for a blanket and tasked with preserving a relatively healthy patient's body temperature as the adverse conditions of...
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AcevisElecion - 8 days ago

Oh I have zero doubt she would xD

I only wonder how poor Reeve would be able to deal with the increasingly climbing number of folk trying to slide down his gullet for non emergency purposes!

Tanookicatoon - 12 days ago

This is so cute. >w<
Knowing her, I bet he'd love to go again if she had the chance. X3

Let's NOT play: Space Ace

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: AcevisElecion

Tags: F/M Feline Non-Vore Rodent Hiphugger Implied Vore Video Game Amber Don Bluth Space ace squirrel prey lynx pred Human observer AcevisElecion alonelysoul64 retro gaming Tiara Nevoin

This image is the result of a 3 way conversation between mutual friends regarding shared interest in old Interactive style gaming as well as Don Bluth Studios in particular. One sneaky thing lead to another and thus, the proto name brief meme was born. I'm absolutely floored with the Bluth style work on the bottom panel and there really isn't much in the way of words I could use to express my appreciation.

The only Space this Ace may be exploring will be past the lips and past the...
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AcevisElecion - 1 year ago

What a memory to be brought up then xD

AcevisElecion - 1 year ago

I'm still thinking of looking at Lair type scenes, but am undecided. That or Braindead 13 for a possible future scene with different character.

AcevisElecion - 1 year ago

I am most glad for this cherishing. Sparks of creation only come about so often!

yaygara - 1 year ago

I can only think of the Jontron video.


SerenaBlaze - 1 year ago

Haha nice. Too many peoples forget this game existed and only remember at best dragon lair 1. x3

False Sancturary, Real Cuisine

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: AcevisElecion

Tags: Furry Raccoon Soft Vore Anthro F/M bulging Internal View Male Prey Female Pred f/multiple Space Pirates Sci-Fi Multiple Preys Inanimate predator nebula andromeda cosmic entity AcevisElecion alonelysoul64

Art is by  Alonelysoul64 , whom did an absolutely stunning job with rendering this piece. Everything from the work on the textures to the color pallet use was beyond what I was expecting and I can't ever give enough thanks.

Nebulae are some of the most awe inspiring and dangerous areas of the extant universe. Most civilizations will observe them, but few will risk willingly passing through them routinely unless they have no other choice. Their Highly ionized...
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Fussy Prey

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: AcevisElecion

Tags: Furry Soft Vore Squirrel Kangaroo Unwilling Prey Internal View Male Prey Female Pred tongue play Herm Prey Uvula play succubus pred Willing prey ferret pred Eating Clothes Macadamia Fussy Prey

This was a YCH that was and is likely still being offered by SquishyTiger over on Furaffinity. Absolutely stunning to watch this piece come to life amid a sea of constant communication.

The Ferret, Lynne, Belongs to  Rhysion

The Herm Roo within the maw belongs  CatanthroFreak

Macadamia the Squirrel belongs to me.


Despite first appearances,...
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AcevisElecion - 1 year ago

You're most welcome. I'm glad to have had you be a part of it ^_^

TheFurryFeline - 1 year ago

Oh, btw, had my name changed to TheFurryFeline from CatanthroFreak. Love having been a part of this, though. :yellow_heart: (Yes, I just did a discord emoji, shush.

Rhysion - 1 year ago

It's a mystery to everyone! Even the ferret! One thing is for sure though -- it's too late to stop now~

Andromeda, Intergalactic Connoisseur

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: AcevisElecion

Tags: Furry Raccoon Character Anthro Non-Vore reference sheet Galactic Sci-Fi Anthro Pred cosmic predator stellar andromeda cosmic entity shortstack pred Black hole stomach sentient star magnetar alonelysoul64

and occasional goofball

I'd like to thank  Alonelysoul64 for the incredibly hard work they put into visualizing Andromeda from nothing but mostly text descriptions for this piece!

I would be doing a disservice to their work if this was just uploaded with a simple introduction of name and what she might be used for.

So have a Lore dump in addition!

Name: Andromeda
Species: Sentient...
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AcevisElecion - 1 year ago

The best of efforts deserve nothing but the best of returns!

Thank you greatly. Upon a quick ready I realize I did miss one piece of the lore but I'll cover it again in a future upload.

Ryujin - 1 year ago

It clear a whole lot of care went into both the lore and the art here. Hats off to you Ace and to Alonelysoul64. A pleasure to read and see!

VSU Student Snapshot

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: AcevisElecion

Tags: Catgirl Cat Human Anthro drider Squirrel Non-Vore Kangaroo wolftaur mark photo blast College students Lelouch chaos calico vsu vore state university Sunflower mouse blake snake pidge corgi tiernan skunkriot Reeve Travis tiger swallow falls

While far and away from the comprehensive amount of students that call such a school their place of study, the characters in this group in particular are far from strangers to one another, both new and old faces abound.
Roxie the Hybrid Bunny-Skunk, Travis the Tiger, Blast the Kangaroo and Tiernan(Blondie human on the extreme left) as well as Vore State University and the Swallow Falls setting belong to  SkunkRiot

Pidge the Corgi, Blake the...
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Reeve Birchwood

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: AcevisElecion

Tags: Furry Male Anthro Squirrel Non-Vore Reference Medical college Student College students education vsu vore state university hauntz AcevisElecion Reeve

Commission acquired from  hauntz

VSU setting belongs to SkunkRiot.


Reeve Birchwood, Sophmore

Field of Study: Medical

Focus: Emergency/Preventative Medicine

Parentage: Taiga Spruce (Mother), Oakland Birchwood

Brief background: Reeve is a rather recent face to Swallow falls and VSU. A Malabar Squirrel hailing from one of the many island nations...
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