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A Hefty Bounty

Uploaded: 3 years ago

Owner: Darqfang

Tags: Furry Oral Vore Wolf Anthro Digestion Same Size Bulge F/? Demoness Butt chaos Belly bulge Multiple Preys

Uh oh! Looks like I had myself a good solid dinner of hapless humans~ Gonna be good and fat when I finish with these souls~

The artist who brought this fabulous creation to life is Go check him out! 

yEeTbOi - 3 years ago

I believe it .w.

Darqfang - 3 years ago

No idea. All I can say is, it is not gonna stop there~

yEeTbOi - 3 years ago

How fat is that rear gonna get? I must know .w.

joshpoint0 - 3 years ago

yep X3

Younger99 - 3 years ago

lovely to see
Think we could rp in future?

Moonlit Meals

Dusk felt alive. Her latest trip through the nighttime woods had given her some respite from the near constant fighting and training she and Ruby, her trainer, had been dealing with since their arrival in Unova. She was no stranger to being on her own like this; her mistress respected her wishes for some independence to roam, and she especially loved the night. She was, after all, an Umbreon, an Eevee evolved using

2012 Trade with Rubygirl14

Uploaded: 4 years ago

Owner: Darqfang

Tags: Snake Human M/F umbreon Willing Implied Digestion Regurgitation Human Prey M/ff Implied reformation serperior SFW Reluctant Predator Willing prey

This little piece is an art trade from back in 2012, when I was on Deviantart all the time.

Ruby the human and Dusk the Umbreon @ RubyGirl14 on DeviantArt

Shade Scale the Serperior @ Myself

Pokemon @ Nintendo 

yEeTbOi - 3 years ago

The part that got me hyped up and excited was when he released Dusk. Dunno why, it just got my favor .w.

Darqfang - 3 years ago

It was a nice story

yEeTbOi - 3 years ago

Absolutely luv this story! I'd like to see more of it, too .w.

Darqfang - 4 years ago

Check her page on Deviantart for it

Deletedfnsdik0 - 4 years ago

Excellent story Darq. Looks like I should see the art piece later.