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Milkshake Special (Futa, Cum digestion)

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: JackNoName

Tags: Teen Cock Vore Futanari Futa Milf Willing Cum Digestion fucking 50's Futa/F Futa pred Casual vore sex slave big penis cumshake

After a beautiful day at the beach, two girls decide to top the day off with a nice milkshake, but what do you do when all the good milk-girls have already been blend?


Man, I have been wanting to write a spiritual successor to Hot Dog Special for a long time. Thank SenpaiVore for commissioning it.


If you want more smut from me, don't forget to pop a watch, fave or...
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Slimshod - 2 days ago

My thoughts exactly

ryanshowseason3 - 2 months ago

They're probably served as some type of menu item. Especially if they are that mentally broken. Which kind of suggests our main heroine might not make it to college, heh.

JackNoName - 2 months ago

Thanks, it was a lot of fun to write for sure.
What do you think happens to them?

ryanshowseason3 - 2 months ago

I wonder what happens to "broken" shakers in the end once they are useless. That's the one loose end I'd have liked to see resolved. Otherwise fantastic job.

anonymousexperiment - 2 months ago

Just a matter of taste

A Delicious Comeback - 3

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: JackNoName

Tags: Soft Vore Stuffing BBW Mother son Butt tall Amazon Female Pred huge ass Human Pred throat bulge dominant fast food animal prey Mother/Son BBW pred belly play pornstar Extreme penetration mastrubation

Evelyn has made up her mind, she will swallow a person whole for the sake of her son.

While practicing for the event, the ex-pornstar milf discovers a new, or better said, old side of herself she never thought would ever resurface. With her newfound hunger she is confident she can do it, but who is going to be her prey?

Disclaimer: All characters are over the age of consent.


Ahh, some good old mother pred. Not much to be...
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JackNoName - 13 days ago

The 4th {final) chapter is still coming ^^

Konkak - 13 days ago

Did you forsake this project or you're still working on it? :P

Konkak - 2 months ago

I agree with you JackNoName. I prefer digestion much more, especially unwilling, but willing stuff is okay too imo - it makes vore stuff more about domination, which is really appealing. And it's even more appealing in the incestious type of this stuff, when there's some kind of "betreyal stuff" (I don't know how to call this) when predator is actually a really close person to the prey, but it's going to eat and digest its prey anyway. It's also about rejecting everything and throwing someone's life away which also makes this kind of stuff more interesting. Both prey and predator must pay the highest price for the game they are playing.

Vore without digestion doesn't have the domination feature and doesn't show the ultimate cost of this kind of "fun". It's kinda boring imo - it ends the same way it has began, everybody's alive, everybody's happy and nothing really changes. And I think that I'm not the only one who thinks that "bad endings" are usually more interesting than happy ones :)

As I said, that's just my opinion, but you may consider making alternative ending to satisfy all the people :)

TongueCuddlingLouse - 2 months ago

Great job man! :D

F1reDem0n - 2 months ago

I am well aware of what vore is to some. ;)
I like both types honestly. Both the kind when the prey is gone for good, and when there is bond between prey and pred and the prey survives(somehow). Still being able to love or be with the pred.

I think for me it's more because these two have depth, more then just another vore smut story. Plus you've established things that make me as the reader think would cause her not to kill off her son.

And depending on the writing I can definitely become invested in the story and characters. Notabot did this really well with their stories and thus I ended up rooting for some of the characters they wrote about.

Another idea if it's okay. Maybe her eating Billy but then vomiting him up after the camshow would end up convincing some of her viewer's to become willing meals. Proof of concept if you will. Food for thought. xD

And you are most welcome. A good writer can make a reader invested.

The School Assignment - 4.2

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: JackNoName

Tags: Belly Soft Vore Human Digestion F/F F/M Saliva Bulge BBW Belch school schoolgirl Hard Digestion Multiple Prey mouthplay belly button Big Belly Human Prey Female Pred teasing f/multiple Human Pred throat bulge Graphic digestion Mini Giantess Belly bulge Heavy Digestion BBW pred Cruel Pred Big Lips Casual vore A Voress World Big Belly Fight

Narrowly avoiding Sandra's gut, Jake feels ecstatic, but Daphne feels different about the situation and can't keep her feelings back anymore.

Read the first chapter here: HERE.


Only two months since the last? Honestly, it feels much longer, but I am relieved these chapters are past me and I can focus on the rest. Its going to be a wild ride...


Pop that...
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kain009 - 1 month ago

love this story! cant wait to read more of it if there is going to be a next chapter. :)

JackNoName - 2 months ago

There are other motives playing here ;) Its easy to make the wrong decisions when your perspective is skewed.

JackNoName - 2 months ago

Yeah I loved how it turned out myself too :) details like those make the world feel a lot more alive. The world is bigger than just the story we are following.

JackNoName - 2 months ago

Thanks for breaking it down. The question of why Sandra was there in the first place is a very good one ;) and I will leave it at that.

What I do want to talk about is the reason why things with Aly didn't work out as expected. Life is not made up of numbers, and people arn't made of rules. There is no exact rule book how to deal with people and definitely not Voresses. You just can't truly predict how something goes. This is what I wanted to show with Aly's scene.

This moment was important for Jake's future developments, which would have gone in a different direction if his approach would have worked...

Hope that answers a few of your questions.

SpokleArt - 2 months ago

Great addition to the series! Love the vivid details and the intimidation at play. One of the hottest things that caught me was that little bit where you let the reader fill in the scene. The bit where Aly Starr belched up the cat ears, and we have our own sexy foreboding ideas of the girl that was so sure she would be save getting devoured.

Love it, love everything about it. Keep up the great work!

The School Assingment - 4.1

Uploaded: 5 months ago

Owner: JackNoName

Tags: Belly Soft Vore Human Digestion F/F F/M Bulge BBW Belch school schoolgirl Hard Digestion Multiple Prey belly button Big Belly Human Prey Female Pred teasing f/multiple Human Pred throat bulge Graphic digestion Mini Giantess Belly bulge Heavy Digestion BBW pred Cruel Pred Casual vore A Voress World

Ever since Jake has stood up to Sandra, tensions have been high as Sandra seems to be doing worse than Jake had expected. He tries desperately to de-escalate the situation while keeping his girlfriend, Daphne, out of the loop.

Read the first chapter HERE.


It has finally arrived and boy is it a heavy one. I know it has been a long time but in my defense, I have some very reasonable and totally...
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cruddneck - 3 months ago

Excited for next one! Soon?

JackNoName - 3 months ago

I am so sorry. At this point I can't make any promises, but maybe I can put some work in this weekend and finally finish something. Knowing that people are waiting is often a motivator, so thanks :)

SpokleArt - 3 months ago

I eagerly await your next work, checking back every 3 days or so.

JackNoName - 5 months ago

You sure do keep me sharp ^^

JackNoName - 5 months ago

I see a lot of your concerns are with things you don't know (yet). ;) There were indeed some points that weren't so strong as I would have liked, mainly how Daphne feels about Jake, but it was getting too cluttered if I added in more, so I pushed it towards the second part. Basically up till now, we follow how Daphne sees Jake get more and more isolated, but she doens't exactly know why because she is always kept out of the loop by him. In the mean time we see Jake change through his girlfriends eyes. He is getting agitated more often, he talks less and he does things he would have never done before (like stop a gunman). The aftermath of the last scene is a conversation between the two and explains more, but again, I thought this would be the best spot to end it for this chapter. A lot more on Daphne later ^^

As of the story until the end. Most big plot points have been set out already. There are a few ways I can go about it, but it should all lead the same way. there is a lot more to come, this specific conflict is also not over yet.

The Daphne "fake-out" was more me playing with everyone that hadn't been reading well enough ;). Plus, there are some people who would rather see her in Sandra's gullet :O So it was a bit of fan-service from me ^^. Hehe, I knew I wouldn't be able to fool you with it ;)

The School Assignment - With Heart and Gut

Uploaded: 7 months ago

Owner: JackNoName

Tags: Belly Soft Vore Human Digestion F/F F/M Bulge BBW Belch school schoolgirl Hard Digestion Multiple Prey Big Belly Underage Prey Human Prey Female Pred teasing f/multiple Human Pred burping throat bulge Graphic digestion Mini Giantess Belly bulge Heavy Digestion BBW pred Cruel Pred car crush Casual vore A Voress World

After being rejected by Jake, Sandra feels heartbroken, only using "comfort food" to get through the day. We follow her as she delves into her darker thoughts.

Read the first chapter HERE.


This was supposed to be the intro of chapter 4, but because it was all getting too long I decided to cut it off and upload it as its own side chapter. A small bite of what is to come ;)
[ Continued ...

cruddneck - 6 months ago

Really hope to see another chapter soon! Having jake and his thoughts back too. When do you think will be the next one?

Raesetsu - 7 months ago

Is there hope of an everlasting relationship between them? I'd really love to see what their kids would be like and how many people she has to eat to sustain her pregnancies :D

JackNoName - 7 months ago

A lot of people feel the same way as you ;)

Thanks for reading!

Raesetsu - 7 months ago

I actually hope they get together.

JackNoName - 7 months ago

Me too ;) Nowhere is safe, not even when you think you are. Especially not when you think you are. Thanks for the compliment ^^

A Delicious Comeback - 2

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: JackNoName

Tags: Soft Vore Digestion Stuffing BBW Mother son Butt tall Amazon teasing huge ass throat bulge dominant belly play pornstar Anally fisted Extreme penetration

Now he knows who his mother really is, Billy has trouble looking at her in the same way as before. All he can think of is how his mother was able to stuff herself with everything she could find. On the other side, Evelyn has many worries of her own to deal with as years of hard work and stress catches up to her. It's going to take a whole new view on their relationship for them to get out of it, after which nothing will ever be the same again...

Make sure to read the first...
[ Continued ...

anyany - 5 months ago

Cough Cough...Oh sorry don't mind me i'm just sitting here covered in dust ;-;

Bellyful - 1 year ago

Can't wait for the next part it's a great story

JackNoName - 1 year ago

Hard to say, within the next two months probably. I am working on many other projects. ATM writing a horror/vore story, which is quite different than i'm used to but interesting :)

anyany - 1 year ago

looking forward to it do you perhaps have an ETA? >.>

JackNoName - 1 year ago

Thanks for the compliment ^^ next chapter will be the final one and is going o be quite intense...

Sandra's Belly

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: JackNoName

Tags: Breasts Belly Soft Vore Human Fat Digestion F/F F/M Bulge BBW school schoolgirl smother implied scat Multiple Prey Big Belly Human Prey Female Pred Big Breasts teasing smothering f/multiple Human Pred throat bulge Mini Giantess Belly bulge BBW pred A Voress World

A scene drawn by the great BigBIg of Sandra and Jake :)

The story you can read here. I just uploaded the 3rd chapter.


It follows the ''unlucky'' Jake, who gets grouped with a girl known throughout the school as ‘’The Beast’’ for this semester. She is a voress, a rare kind of woman who is often twice as tall (or taller) then any regular person and...
[ Continued ...

JackNoName - 2 months ago

Hehe ;)

Mettra - 2 months ago

What an "unlucky" guy lol

The School Assignment - 3

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: JackNoName

Tags: Breasts Belly Soft Vore Human Digestion F/F F/M Bulge BBW school schoolgirl smother implied scat Multiple Prey Big Belly Human Prey Female Pred Big Breasts teasing smothering f/multiple Human Pred throat bulge Mini Giantess Belly bulge BBW pred A Voress World

After Sandra found out Jake's little secret there is no place for him to hide anymore. He has to face his demons head on as Sandra plays him to her own devious will.

It has been a long time coming, sorry for the wait. I hope you'll enjoy it. ^^


Thanks to BigBig for making the sketch to this story!
And thanks to...
[ Continued ...

SpokleArt - 4 months ago

I can't promise anything, but its not out of the question. You paint a strong mental image with your stories!

JackNoName - 5 months ago

Thanks a bunch! Its always great to hear I can hit a few snares in people by my writing. Its a huge confidence boost and motivator.

I just checked your art on Deviant art and I have to say, I'm a big fan already. If my work inspires you, I'd love to see the result of that :D

SpokleArt - 5 months ago




I've lurked here on Eka's off and on for a few years. I make fetish (giantess/size) art but only occassionally vore stuff so I never bothered making an account, only bookmarking a few people.

A little under a week ago I found your stuff while browsing thanks to the BigBig illustration hooking me in. My god, this voress AU concept (and particularly this chapter) made me realize I need to get off my ass, be a proper fan of artworks like I am elsewhere, and let the artists/writers know when I like their work.

This whole story is interesting, each Voress story has been a freaky pleasure, and this chapter in particular knocked me on my ass and filled my head with images. Good shit, hope you get as much out of it as I am getting out of it, and look to more good stuff in the future!

shortprey20 - 11 months ago

Lol well my research (grad school) kept me plenty busy. Sadly when (in the rare case) i had downtime i was lookong forward to playing skyrim for the 360 after lending it to a friend for a year, but she returned it in poor condition so in answer to your qiestion not really xD

And woot! I was hopong you were alive, hadnt heard from ya in a bit but happy to see ya live :p

JackNoName - 11 months ago

(4 months later with still no new chapter) Did you end up finding anything? xD

I am happy to say that the wait is not much loger. Chapter 4 will be a bit shorter but it will be ready in a week or 2 :) maybe sooner.

A Visit From an Old Friend

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: JackNoName

Tags: Breasts Evil Scat Belly Soft Vore Human Unbirth Digestion F/F Child Underage F/M Commission Bulge BBW Unwilling Anal Vore Story smother Child Prey Multiple Prey Big Belly Underage Prey Human Prey Female Pred Big Breasts smothering f/multiple Human Pred throat bulge Mini Giantess Belly bulge animal prey Butt Smother F/animal Butt crush BBW pred Uncaring A Voress World

Commission for Anon2727

Set in the voress universe, two old college friends meet up again after years of silence. What was supposed to be just a friendly visit ends in horror when a good hearted mother invites her voress friend over on a sunny day.

Other stories from ''A Voress World'':

Watch out, this story has quite some brutal scenes in it with a bit of gore and a heavy scat scene. I labeled the scat scene within...
[ Continued ...

Potatomaximus - 7 months ago

great story. Although I wish the buttcrushing was portrayed in a smothering sense. As in emphasizing one being smothered between two soft, giant ass cheeks, rather than the crushing aspect if you know what i mean. Either way this is hot stuff.

JackNoName - 1 year ago

A bit :3 but for someone called "crushxtreame" it should fit right at home. ;)

crushxtreame - 1 year ago

Frikkin monster

JackNoName - 1 year ago

I took some of your feedback to heart and indeed realized the realism was kind of off. I changed some of the narrative around and think it's much better now.

Shannon simply made a mistake by thinking nothing had changed between the two, that she could still trust her friend. Obviously, grave mistake.

Thanks :)

JackNoName - 1 year ago

Because Rochel is such a cutie herself :p? I'm inclined to agree ^^

The Gift of Taking - 1 (BBW, Futa on male)

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: JackNoName

Tags: Belly Digestion Commission Futanari Non-Fatal crushing Willing smother Harem Multiple Prey Vorgy Female Pred Big Breasts f/multiple Mini Giantess Belly bulge BBW pred mind break fucked silly Futanari on male The Gift of Taking Dickboy

In a world obsessed by sex, Nell and his girlfriend are special. Both sporting massive cocks they are part of a sub-human race called ''The Gifted'', who have great sexual abilities that come in various different forms.

This first part of this story follows Nell and his girlfriend Ariya as they go out to hunt for prey to take back home.

If you liked it, thank Scion (The Super Commissioner) for this commission. Thanks...
[ Continued ...

JackNoName - 1 year ago

Haha, thanks man. It was somewhat different to write about these hyper sexualized characters, had to really write the world around it. It was a lot of fun but a sequal is up to Scion, which he was interested in.

Things are only going to ramp up from here :)

D3adZ3d - 1 year ago

That was great! BBW/Futa/mini GTS/Vore/Domination hit almost all of my favorites all in one! Looking forward to more of this.

A Delicious Comeback - 1

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: JackNoName

Tags: Soft Vore Non-Vore BBW Mother son Butt tall Amazon huge ass throat bulge dominant spying belly play pornstar Anally fisted Extreme penetration

A boy finds out his mother's naughty past which she had hoped she could have hidden from him forever... Once the mother is faced with certain disaster there is only one way for her to get back out of it, and that's getting back into it!

Disclaimer: All characters are over the age of consent.

The first part of a long overdue story commissioned by Chaos. He might have a little Christmas surprise ready for us very soon :3 ...
[ Continued ...

anyany - 1 year ago

plans for a part 2?

JackNoName - 1 year ago

Hooolllyyy shiit, you made my day!

SpaceHump - 1 year ago

Getting a slight "Anal Dildo fun" from Nitro_Titan vibe.

JackNoName - 1 year ago

Me too, my friend, me too. :)

Scion - 1 year ago

This is awesome!

Just love women who are just huge lol!

The School Assignment - 2.2

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: JackNoName

Tags: Breasts Belly Soft Vore Human Digestion F/F Child Underage F/M Bulge BBW school schoolgirl smother Child Prey Multiple Prey Big Belly Underage Prey Human Prey Female Pred Big Breasts smothering f/multiple Human Pred throat bulge Mini Giantess Belly bulge Butt Smother Butt crush BBW pred A Voress World

Behold! the second part of chapter 2.

The day continues as Jake, finally relieved, tries to listen to his girlfriend's advice. Trying to start a friendly conversation with Sandra is more difficult then he thought and things get a bit heated.


How I have things planned out now there are 4 more chapters to go, some of which might have multiple parts. So, a lot more to come! Hope I can bring em out as quick as I have.

[ Continued ...

StyxxianArmada - 1 year ago

I love this its an amazing kind of story i dont see much of where the narrator of this story (jake in this case) is telling a sotry about his life in a world with vore. Pretty awesome, like the way its going, pretty sure his girlfirend is going to end up in someone's gut if not sandras propably some other voress if you introduce any others. But i reall love it so far and love that you are doing a school life story

Urielzael2 - 1 year ago

Well, TBH I have more problem with narrating story than imagining. I've got plenty idea during game (saddly potato pc bans me from screen cap (by making fps rate imposible to whistand)), I keep noting some of them during the game and than I write. I wish I won't keep forgetting stuff like gramar sometimes though.

JackNoName - 1 year ago

Its a stupid paper for saying ''I'm bad at language'' but I am also bad at cooking and I don't get a paper for having Cooklexia, right? It's just labels, but definitely doesn't mean you can't get better, improve and even surpass other people who aren't labeled like that. Same with a lot of other labels like ADHD, ect. People are different, are a certain way and can do different things. Why people give such things a name and treat it like a disease or even using it as an excuse not to improve, I'll never understand.

Whatever, just a little rant about what I think about labeling skills and character traits.

Urielzael2 - 1 year ago

Nice to hear, that I'm not only writer with dyslexia although most of my family was thinking that my dyslexia papers and problems were just excuses for being lazy.

Urielzael2 - 1 year ago

Nice to hear that I;m not only one with dyslexia trying to write something although most of my family thinks my dyslexia was just nickname for being lazy.

The School Assignment - 2.1

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: JackNoName

Tags: Breasts Belly Soft Vore Human Digestion F/F F/M Fart Bulge F/? BBW Farting gas school implied scat Multiple Prey Big Belly Belly rubs Size difference School girl Female Prey Human Prey Male Prey Female Pred Big Breasts f/multiple Human Pred Mini Giantess Belly bulge Gassy BBW pred Scat implied rubbing belly A Voress World

After his first encounter with Sandra in the library Jake is haunted by nightmares each night, dreams that become wilder as the days go by. Afraid to be eaten isn't the only thing that keeps him awake at night once he realizes Sandra has a particular naughty effect on him.

It plays in the universe I call ''A Voress World''. If you like this story you might like the other stories I have...
[ Continued ...

Larkspurdiblock - 1 year ago

Daphne's totally gonna become a pred, isn't she?

D3adZ3d - 1 year ago

Great second chapter! Can't wait for the next one!

JackNoName - 1 year ago

It's both a gift and a curse I often think. It can sometimes get a little long-winded and have to cut and rephrase a lot. I'd like to believe I just cater to people who'd like a more elaborate piece, there is enough short stories to go around.

ironman362 - 1 year ago

brilliant work, super detailed :)

JackNoName - 1 year ago

Glad you liked it, keep your eyes out for the next chapter :)

The School Assignment - 1

Uploaded: 2 years ago

Owner: JackNoName

Tags: Oral Vore Breasts Belly Soft Vore Fat Digestion F/F Bulge BBW Fatal school schoolgirl Multiple Prey F/FF Big Belly Female Prey Human Prey Female Pred Big Breasts f/multiple Human Pred Mini Giantess Belly bulge BBW pred A Voress World

Thanks to D3adZ3d for pre-reading this chapter.

It has been a while but I am back with a new story. It plays in the universe I call ''A Voress World''. If you like this story you might like the other stories I have written in this world.

A male student gets grouped with a girl known...
[ Continued ...

EvangelineSkypaw - 6 months ago

Please tell me his girlfriend doesn't get eaten. ;w;

JackNoName - 11 months ago

I am sorry for my late comment, but thank you for your kind words. What you say is exactly the kind of response I am looking for from my readers.

Let me know if you do decide to continue, I am still working on the 4th chapter and it won't be too much longer for its release. ^^

EvangelineSkypaw - 1 year ago

....I-I don't know how to feel...

I really don't. Like, I love the relationship he has with his girlfriend, and the way the larger girl's personality shifted into something resembling kindness for a bit was relieving...

It's just... I kinda feel the same as the main character about those two girls... They seemed kinda cute, and...

...I want to keep reading, but I don't know if I should. >w<

JackNoName - 1 year ago

Thanks :) send it by pm ;)

Neznamy - 1 year ago

This was good. When I'm done with work today I'll review the next one for you.

With My Mother As a Voress.

if you have read the title you already know what this post is about.
Yes, I know it sounds strange but my mother is a voress and I am one
of those rare cases where a voress had a child that did not end up in
her belly. I don’t know if it was luck or that my mother’s
motherly instinct was just bigger than her hunger but I am still very
much alive; I never even really had the feeling that my mother even
wanted to swallow me up either.
I really had

Life With My Mother As a Voress (miniGTS)

Uploaded: 2 years ago

Owner: JackNoName

Tags: Soft Vore F/F Stuffing F/M BBW Mother implied scat multiple vore Implied Digestion Multiple Prey Big Belly belly expansion Mini Giantess BBW pred Casual vore mother pred A Voress World

This story takes place in"A Voress World". A universe where a small percentage of women in their puberty grow to immense proportions. With their growing body, their hunger grows exponentially too.

The documentation of a guy who describes his experiences with his hungry voress mother throughout his youth.

This one was quite fun to write as it gives a little bit of a different view on vore. Sure, for us it's all...
[ Continued ...

Slayer3345 - 1 year ago

Very interesting. I feel a little bad for the mom, but I don't blame the dude. Would be interesting to see him maybe try to confront her again. Maybe she's gotten a better hold of it, maybe she went off the deep end and is like all the other voresses. The world may never know. :P

JackNoName - 2 years ago

Thanks, I am actually writing another multiple chapter story about just that within the same world. Keep your eyes peeled ;)

Ruler101 - 2 years ago

I'm glad the main character got out of that toxic as fuck relationship, at the very least.

I always enjoy stories that actually explore the trauma such actions would inflict.

Mother’s Nest: Chapter 3

When I came at Leo’s, I couldn’t
speak a word for at least a minute from my heavy panting. She had no
idea why I was so stressed out and the worst was that I could not
explain what I had just witnessed, I could barely even believe it
myself. She would probably never believe me anyway. Instead I tried
to sell the story that I was just scared about everything that had
been going on in my family. I called the police when she went to the
toilet, saying there was a

A Mother's Nest - Ch3 Finale (Mother, Futa)

Uploaded: 2 years ago

Owner: JackNoName

Tags: Soft Vore Hard Vore Gore Futanari Mother gruesome forced Cum Digestion mystery big cock Mother/Son bulging belly big penis

And suddenly the last chapter appeared! I know I promised it way earlier but you know, same old excuses: time, real life, stuff, balbla.

If you did not read the first few chapters, here they are. I recommend you read them before this one.

Chapter 1:
Chapter 2:

The conclusion to this three part story is not going to be for everyone, I have put up a warning for the ''weaker...
[ Continued ...

Slimshod - 5 months ago

Controversy just means you struck the right cords yo :)

JackNoName - 5 months ago

Haha, thanks ^^ No worries, I know how messed up it is. It got a lot of controversy over on another site, but I am still really happy how it turned out.

Slimshod - 5 months ago

Holy fuck nuts that got dark, and I mean that in a good way. Good lord you wrote that mother really well and had a good amount of the main character's thoughts/feelings to play with. That was one helluva ride dude. Nice.

mallowsal - 1 year ago

please please add a part 4 where the son becomes like the mother? maybe using his sister to do so?

Koseki - 2 years ago

I like the story. A dominant futa mother that kills people? Count me in

long shadows across the streets of a small seaside town, the sun was
making its descent down the horizon when a mother and her son made
their way back home after a long day in the city. They had visited a
museum, went shopping for some new clothes for the boy and had a
wonderful walk through the park. It had been a while since they had
some one on one time together after he had gone off to college. A day
out with his mom was just what he had needed after all the stress
college brought.

Hot Dog Special (Futa, Cum digestion)

Uploaded: 2 years ago

Owner: JackNoName

Tags: F/M Cock Vore Futanari Mother Unwilling blowjob H/M Cum Digestion Belly bulge Alternate Universe Mother/Son Casual huge cock Casual vore stomach expansion Cock Dog Balls expansion

A mother is hungry for a snack but the lady at the food stand is all out of ingredients for her hot dog special. How o how will she solve this problem?

A smut story with a lot of smutty smut.

I wrote this a while back and as I still wanted to upload something for the holidays thought this would be perfect. Let me know what you think, I always appreciate feedback.

Have a merry birthday and happy Easter everyone!

Slimshod - 5 months ago

This was a really fun and exciting story. Very nice.

VoreLover9012 - 2 years ago

Very nice, the image of this was very erotic and I loved it.

Lition - 2 years ago

Yess! Damn fine work. I love casualness spread out into these life elements, such as making a hotdog like this. Great creativity :)

Kooshmeister - 2 years ago

Ooh, I'd love to eat at that hot dog stand!

SenpaiVore - 2 years ago

Please make more like this. This is awesome ^-^

A Voress World: An

In the early 80’s a strange worldwide
phenomenon occurred and even to this day we still do not fully
understand why and how it happened. There have been many studies and
theories to how something like this started but none have been fully
proven. What am I talking about? I am talking about the women who
changed the world we lived in forever.
There now is a small percentage of
women who near the end of their puberty suddenly grow to immense
proportions. When th

A Voress World - Introduction

Uploaded: 2 years ago

Owner: JackNoName

Tags: Stuffing BBW growth belly expansion Mini Giantess bulging belly Article

This is a fake article I wrote that explains the universe of "A Voress World". A universe I created to write stories about big women eating people.

A Voress World is going to be a combination of short stories and series about "Voresses" and regular humans who live in this world, how they go about their normal lives, how society has changed and much more. Basically a playground for us to explore!

Let me know what you think and if you're...
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DoctorLucy - 5 months ago

#Best universe.

Potatomaximus - 7 months ago

It's kinda hard to buy into a world where society excepts mass cannibalism, but fuck it it's vore :P

skoullar - 7 months ago

Couldn't get the messenger to work.... Ok, just read , "A Voress World: An introduction". I see a few flaws....So the Voress needs more calories. so eat people! Well, gulping 2 or 3 300 lbs market hogs......current going price $300 per hog.....The farmer would be happy selling stock at this price all day long. No human lives lost.... What about a human fighting back to save their life, resulting in the Voress injured or killed? Self Defense? What it someone comes to the rescue of someone who's being eaten? And they kill or maim the voress, saving the victim using a (insert weapon of choice)? THen the idea of I may be dead, by I'm taking you with me? Vests, belts, anything that locks on and can't be torn off....Poison, dissolves in stomach acid? A compound that when mixed with stomach acid reacts violently....explodes.... real explosive with a detonator that trips when acid dissolves the safety..... Say someone is so angry that their whole family had been eaten.....booby traps himself......lets himself get eaten and goes kamikaze Or super duty the eatee more time....hidden knives, time to set a shaped charge and blowing a hole out to freedom... Given time, word would spread and Voresses would start getting more careful.....then new traps would get thought up. Some people given stress and grief, wouldn't care what laws the Government dreamed up. Playing Dungeons and Dragons, and other role playing games make folks very creative in getting an objectives done.

Gendor - 2 years ago

I wouldn't trust this person with simple math if that's the logic they're going for......

JackNoName - 2 years ago

That's good, but a wise man once said:

Mother’s Nest: Chapter 2
The next morning I
ran through the front door the moment I came downstairs. My mother
was already up and I could hear her humm one of her songs but after
yesterday I could not deal with her this morning. I had barely slept
last night, everytime I closed my eyes I could only see the vast
amount of flesh that was hanging between my mothers legs. She
mentioned she was bestowed with a gift, obviously referring to her
endowment … among others?
At Least it made a

A Mother's Nest - Ch2 (Mother, Futa)

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The second chapter is here!

If you did not read the first chapter, here it is:

I am not nearly uploading stories as fast as I would like but I am glad I sat myself down and polished this today. I do have some time in the coming days so there might be more soon.

The next chapter will be the last and should appeal to lurkers of this site more ;)

Letting me know what you think, favoriting, following me and...
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Junogray - 2 years ago

The lurkers await this conclusion
good stuff so far

A Mother’s
Nest: Chapter 1
“It’s my mom,
man; She’s been so weird lately. Ever since my father disappeared
she has been way too joyful. My father was a complete asshole but
shouldn’t she be a bit sadder about her husband just leaving
without saying anything? It’s not just that she is joyful, it’s
like she pretends nothing ever happened, like he never even excised.”
I was lying
backwards on the bed of my beautiful girlfriend, Leonie, who sat
besides me. She held my head in her han

A Mother's Nest - Ch1 (Mother, Futa)

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After the disappearance of Jack's father his mother and his sister start to act really weird. What is his mother hiding and why does his sister not come out of her room?

A little something different than what you would normally find on this site. In the first few chapters no vore but if you like futanari and a little brutal I think it has quite the pay-off.

I tried to make it a mystery/horror/smut story and I think I did quite well. The entire thing is already done,...
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UBSquirting96 - 2 years ago

LOVE IT!!! That last sentence made me squeal in delight! :)

UBSquirting96 - 2 years ago

LOVE IT!!! That last sentence made me squeal in delight! :)

Lition - 2 years ago

This is seriously amazing, and hits all the right kinks for me. I really hope you make more parts!

It was a particularly stormy night
and it was far past the hour that the old fisherboat ‘’The
Rowdy’’ should have been back at the docks. Something with the
old boat’s motor had gone wrong that day and it had taken Captain
Maisen several hours to fix it. By the time he was finally done it
had already gone dark and the sea had gotten wild. Making his way to
the shore it started to rain more and more, while the wind blew with
a force of 80 miles per hour. In no time the sea had

The Fat Giantess - Prologue + Ch1

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The prologue and the first chapter of a series about a boy finding a giantess in the forest by his house. The story is heavily inspired by The Iron Giant (Hench the cheesy title). I was watching the movie a while back and the idea just popped up in my head.

There is a little gore in the 1st chapter but after that it will just be soft vore.

Leave a comment to tell what you think.
Check out my other stories in my gallery if you are interested
and give me...
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DoctorLucy - 1 year ago

Oh my ggod you need to finish this! It's amazing! What happens next???!? Come on, all this build up and you leave me hanging on for the next day?! Please just one moar!

bigboy1992 - 2 years ago

Will you continue this story?

Melanie’s Teachings – 1st
Melanie stepped in her class, following her gurgling belly that led
the way. She was big, even for a voress. Standing at almost 14 feet
tall and always wearing high heels none of her students came even up
to her waist. Her body was absolutely massive with a stomach that
even while it was empty was bigger than most voress’ bellies filled
to the brim; she was proud of that. She was considered one of the
best teachers in the school and, if needed, le

Miss Melanie's Teachings - 1st Class

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Tags: Digestion F/F Burp F/M Gore Fatal squished Unwilling Prey Multiple Prey Big Belly Belly rubs Underage Prey Mini-GTS BBW pred Teacher/Student A Voress World

I am excited to bring you my first contribution to this community.

This story plays in "A Voress World" (Vore + Giantess = Voress. smart eh!?). A world where a small percentage of girls in their puberty because of "reasons" suddenly grow to immense proportions and gain an unstoppable hunger. They can, although rare, grow up to 16+ feet tall but most are around 10 to 14. It is very common that these Voresses eat other human beings and are allowed to by law, if...
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JackNoName - 4 months ago

No worries at all ;) I will definitely give it a read once I got the time. I bet its going to be a lot of fun!

The more people I can inspire the better!

anonymousexperiment - 4 months ago

I recently posted a story from an edited roleplay log of me as Miss Melanie, but edited the names, so it's sort of an homage or fanfiction to this story, my all-time favorite. Give it a read if you're interested!
I know you didn't feel quite comfortable with fan-authored sequels, so I hope the differing names are enough to make it non-canonical

JackNoName - 6 months ago

That actually sounds pretty cool! I always wanted to continue with Melanie and had some great ideas too. Let me know in PM what you are planning.

anonymousexperiment - 6 months ago

I know your focus is on the School Assignment saga right now, but I've always loved Miss Melanie the most. How would you feel about someone else writing a non-canon sequel?

anonymousexperiment - 6 months ago

I know your focus is on the school assignment saga right now, but I've always loved Miss Melanie the most, how would you feel about someone else writing a non-canon sequel to it?