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Helios reached up to scratch over those soft, golden-furred ears. He was an exceptionally tall Braixen boi, standing at around 7’ 6” (229cm). The cheery, button-nosed fire pokemon had been gifted a rather impressive amount of heft, particularly around the gut, nevermind the trademark thick thighs of his kind. Dressed as femininely as one might expect, with a white blouse stretched taut across a plush, overfed midriff, gold suspenders that held up his layered yellow skirt and some tig

Miguel's Replacement Star

Uploaded: 11 days ago

Owner: Jocaste

Tags: Oral Vore Pokemon Fat Digestion M/F Sex Cock Vore Trap Fatal Belching Unwilling Prey M/? Oral Sex Fatal Vore Femboy pokemon trainer Demi-Human Onomatopoeia M/multiple prey Pokemon/Human Pokemon pred Digestion Noises observer Braixen Femboy Pred Trap pred pokemon gijinka Willing prey Braixen pred minigiant Multiple prey instant loss instant defeat

After a Reshiram takes his lead, Miguel gets a loaner pokemon from Professor Juniper: a plump Braixen, and after encountering a trainer out of the gate of Accumula Town, it doesn't take long for Miguel to realize how the boi got so massive.~

Late submission for Braixen Day!

Helios belongs to me

Miguel belongs to  NotPeople

Yeta belongs to  JTarts 

TrainerKatrine - 10 days ago

I'm not familiar with subscribestar, but, as far as I'm aware, it's a paid service.. so, as scummy as it sounds, I don't quite intend on doing that ^^;
But I'm happy that things are working out for you! And of course, of course. These things are important to get out ^^
I look forward to hearing some noisy pokébutts, whether 'mon or person x3

Jocaste - 11 days ago

Very much so! Apologies for taking so long to get to it. I've been on a roll with doing work again (about 800 words a day on average for the last week and a half), but I do have to get to these commissions first, as many of them are overdue.

Also stay tuned to the blog, I'm going to be releasing an update on how the subscribestar will actually get utilized for things like voting on content in a few days.

TrainerKatrine - 11 days ago

Any plans to make another femboy/trap trainer story, like the ones with Gloria? also, fun little story ^~^

Jocaste - 11 days ago


NotPeople - 11 days ago



Deeva opened her mouth a bit and yawned, a bit of spittle soaking her hand as she covered that golden furred muzzle. Wiping her hand off against her shorts, she continued her journey through the city - on the hunt, as always, for tasty snacks. Every step towards that direction left a bit more of that plush, thick, and rather exposed body of hers bouncing just a touch, despite being contained by a skin-tight leotard; It did, after all, fail to arrest those decadent thighs, and full, radiant cheek

A Hypnotism Amiss in The City!

Uploaded: 3 weeks ago

Owner: Jocaste

Tags: Pokemon Human Anthro Digestion Weight Gain F/M Hypnosis Fatal Belching Ampharos Unwilling Prey Fatality Tail Vore Fatal Vore Pokemorph Human Prey Male Prey Female Pred Femboy Original Character Onomatopoeia gender bend hypnotism role reversal Cell Vore Pokemon pred Anthro Pred Pred turned prey Femboy prey gendershift genderbent pred Mogabulge tables turned Anthro on human clothes disposal Anthro Pokemon Hypnotized pred Mogabulges defined bulges Belching Up Clothes Ampharos Pred pokemon on human

Rez's Ampharos femboi, Deeva Bohemia, AKA The Lustful Lighthouse in "The City", gets gender-bent for this story. A hypnotically gifted femboy has his mind on his next meal, but might not be prepared for what happens when Deeva's tail decides to act of its own accord!

Deeva Bohemia belongs to

Hypno Femboy belongs to  Siberman

Commission for...
[ Continued ...

Jocaste - 3 weeks ago

Dropping the arbitrary word counts on commissions helped speed significantly, I took this comm five days ago, so hoping I can update more frequently! Hoping to put out more content soon!

TrainerKatrine - 3 weeks ago

Hope to see more stuff from you at some point! ^^

The harvest was coming in. It was a time for celebration for all! Well, not all, truth be told. While the benefits of labor done by the workers on a quiet ranch were enjoyed by those sitting at the very top, those toiling below often saw little to no return for their hard work. In fact, it

was not

a stretch to say that to be a worker on Marigold Pastures was

a shitty job. This was true anywhere,

A Revolting Revolt

Uploaded: 4 months ago

Owner: Jocaste

Tags: Scat Wolf Fox Horse Anthro Equine Digestion M/M Feral Rabbit Fart Pooping Anal Vore Farting Gas Canine Pain Unwilling Prey Crying vulpine Disposal Facesitting Gassy Anthro Prey Shitting Feral Pred Scat eating Painful Digestion Scat Torture Fox prey Horse Pred crying prey

The workforce at a ranch is tired of being treated like the shit its their job to clean up, and Ryalth will quickly find that he'd wished he was only getting turned into a
toilet for a stallion.

Commission for  Leshana

Ryalth belongs to  Leshana 

KimMadcox - 1 month ago

What? No comments on this masterpiece?
I already faved this story but I also want to give it a thumbs up and five stars!

You have achieved so much in such a short story, it is lovely in so many ways...

“Heard about what you did to Melony, ” Marnie folded her arms, her expression impassive as always. She looked almost bored, the punk regarding her former rival, Gloria, with something like a modicum of concern. They were friends, after all, even if their rivalry had been intense at its peak.
Gloria giggled sweetly, squeezing over his cheeks, since amplied from his encounter with the icy milf of Circhester. Reaching for her own belt, she activated her pokeball, before he released Blis

Voracious Cutie - 3 weeks ago

This is one of my favorites, I would love a sequel.

Uchihabiscuit - 3 months ago

Those two are good too! Bea tasting like a steak due to how buff she is and Nessa being like a fine dinner since she's a model.

Jocaste - 3 months ago

Oh! I actually wasn't aware of those two! Could be fun as side stories.

Admittedly, my plan was for Bea and Nessa next

Uchihabiscuit - 3 months ago

I wonder who he will have for lunch next? Maybe Klara or Honey?

SovietWestern - 4 months ago

Hype! This is one of my favorite works! I'd love to see more, this is some of the stuff I love rping most personally, so to see it typed out? That's a dream.

“If we could make this quick, darling?”
Melony teased the feminine figure in front of her. Sporting a grey hoodie over a pink button up dress, Gloria went to great lengths to look his best.
Hand on her hip, the middle-aged, but ever gorgeous wintery gym leader of Circhester flicked her hair, winking at the femboy, holding up her first ultra ball, her other hand on her hip, she tossed the ball up in the air for a moment, before calling her Frosmoth out into the stadium.
Gloria only sm

Jocaste - 7 months ago

Good shit!

Broniele97 - 7 months ago

I already made a story on deviantart

Jocaste - 7 months ago

It's hardly disrespect in this community. If a fan character is in a lot of art, or writing, that's a good thing.

But if you want to see Melony pred, then go crazy with the keyboard! Go be the churns you want to see in the world.

Or pay someone to make Melony pred material. xD

Broniele97 - 7 months ago

Why? Why people have to make my waifu so disrespected? She deserves whorship????

Larkspurdiblock - 7 months ago

I am absolutely okay with this!

Chiboi Dae

Uploaded: 7 months ago

Owner: Jocaste

Tags: Male Cute Non-Vore Trap Chimera chibi Demi Femboy Demi-Human dark skin Daegon demi-chimera femboi mocha skin MILFboy

So, recently I lost my brother. Sunny, sweet bean that they are, drew this for me to cheer me up. It was a gesture that moved me, and honestly, the support I've received since it happened has made stuff a lot easier to deal with.

Love you beans. Don't forget to be compassionate to each other.

Art by  SunnyHero 

Jocaste - 6 months ago

Thank! I love it a whole bunch úwù

kernac - 6 months ago

Very cute^^

Jocaste - 7 months ago

Thank you, and it is, and it is. Would smooch this boi.

EnderDracolich - 7 months ago

I'm sorry for your loss. This art is very cute, and was a nice notion from Sunny.

Jocaste - 7 months ago

I appreciate it.

A Dog and Her Human (Farts) 2/2

Uploaded: 7 months ago

Owner: Jocaste

Tags: smelly Fart Non-Vore Female Futanari Farting Butt Gas H/F Stinky Gassy Hermaphrodite ass sniffing

Though she clearly she likes to enjoy her time with Lyndis in a different way.~

Lyndis by  SweetCheese

Art by 

A Dog and Her Human 1/2

Uploaded: 7 months ago

Owner: Jocaste

Tags: Non-Vore Female Futanari Domination H/F taunting Hermaphrodite

Morgan enjoying some quality time with Lyndis

Lyndis owned by  SweetCheese

Art by 

krazykid - 7 months ago

I can't get over how hot yet adoribal she is! Heat I would give to join her for (as) dinner sometime

Jocaste - 7 months ago

She's fun. I like her a ton. u//w//u;

SaoYuuki - 7 months ago

I'd like her to break my ass.

The Crusade Brought to its Knees 1/?

Uploaded: 7 months ago

Owner: Jocaste

Tags: Warcraft Non-Vore Trap Chimera Butt Balls World of Warcraft cosplay Power Play Femboy rimming Demi-Human presenting worgen Ass Play Taint Sally Whitemane rimjob makeup demi-chimera tables turned licking ass presenting rear Genn Greymane table turning Whitemane presenting hindquarters

Noone expects the Scarlet Crusade! Among our chief weapons are surprise, and eating ass.

Surprise, eating ass, and being put in our pla-- Should we start over?

Dae as Sally Whitemane from World of Warcraft eating daddy Genn Greymane's ass.

Art by  Grey_Scarborough


Dae-ngerous Daddy Addiction 2/2

Uploaded: 7 months ago

Owner: Jocaste

Tags: Furry Tongue M/M Non-Vore Sex Cum Trap Chimera lol muscular Orgasm cumming cosplay Femboy League Demi-Human feminine League of Legends ahegao demi-chimera Kindred Lamb and Wolf ahegao face arms behind back

And that's when one of his team mates found them in the brush and he nutted perhaps the hardest he ever has.

Daegon as Spiritbloom Kindred's Lamb

Art Done by Renoir 

Dae-ngerous Daddy Addiction 1/2

Uploaded: 7 months ago

Owner: Jocaste

Tags: Furry M/M Non-Vore Sex Trap Chimera lol muscular cosplay Femboy League Demi-Human feminine League of Legends demi-chimera Kindred Lamb and Wolf arms behind back

Daegon's love of daddies is something of legend. This can lead to some very compromising positions. Headcanon is that Wolf is just breaking Dae's ass in the jungle.

Daegon as Spiritbloom Kindred's Lamb

Art Done by Renoir 

Ocean Ass

Uploaded: 7 months ago

Owner: Jocaste

Tags: Male Expansion Weight Gain Non-Vore Trap Chimera Butt Balls Femboy Big Butt Demi-Human Butt Expansion ass expansion Big ass fat ass demi-chimera presenting rear presenting hindquarters Spreading ass Ocean ass

Take me by the hand,
Lead me to the land that you understand

Enjoying some newly improved assets.

Wonder where he got them.

Art by  LeQhaBlue 

Daru - 7 months ago

I wanna put my face in it.

Moonstalker V2

Uploaded: 7 months ago

Owner: Jocaste

Tags: Male Non-Vore Reference Chimera Femboy Original Character Demi-Human demi-chimera MILFboy

Updated reference for Daegon, who's undergone a bit of a make-over!

Art by the lovely  rowychan 

Jocaste - 7 months ago

The MILFboy!

Ssublissive - 7 months ago

Big milf vibes

Jocaste - 7 months ago

It was tough to turn away from his original palette.

Jocaste - 7 months ago

waoh! big smoochi . . .

Dolsilyol - 7 months ago

cutecutecute, would hug. Possibly even smooch.

You are not worthy to rule.
Those are the words that hung in the back of Mordred’s head. Drumming her fingers across the arm of the throne she parked in, she leaned back further into her seat, the sag of her gut spilling out into the blond knight’s lap. The ceaseless gurgles that radiated from her fresh paunch, layered beneath those abs, echoed out. A rumble from her chest, before the freshly minted King of England let out a rather unroyal belch, the fumes released from her lips floo

Mordred's crowning

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Jocaste

Tags: Digestion F/F Fart Sex King Farting Gas Fate knight Female Prey Female Pred Disposal Crossdressing Gassy reverse trap Mordred England Artoria Pendragon Gawain

Mordred won't let Artoria get in the way of her destiny to become King of England.

Submitted by Aurelie in chat~ 

Jocaste - 1 year ago

Glad you enjoyed it. This one was fairly easy to write, admittedly, I just rewatched Apocrypha less than a month ago.

Nugget1138 - 1 year ago

This is amazinggggg. Mordred pred is absolutely perfect and bo better prey than her father Artoria. also Gawain so eagerly servicing her as she disposed of her father was incredibly good

Carrying the DPS

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Jocaste

Tags: Belly M/M Cut-away Femboy Belly bulge small pred M/multiple prey sex in belly paladin Ripped clothes Viera Femboy prey Miqo'te shortstack Femboy Pred Miqo'te Prey Au'Ra Au'ra Pred

Destiace, my Athletic Au'Ra Femboy Paladin Pred, enjoying some post-dungeon femboy Miqo'te snacks (  Sharcade's Shar Swiftsong and  TensaQT's Tensa Hawthorne ), and mushing  RoyalSerpent's Viera, Aluette Voras with his newly acquired tumby.

Seems like they could be here a while, waiting for the kicked DPS to finish up. Oh well. Gives Dest some time to repair his gear!

Art by  SunnyHero 


Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Jocaste

Tags: Male Non-Vore Reference solo alchemist Demi-Human Dogboy ragnarok online demi-dog

My Predatory Demi-Dog Alchemist, primarily for use in Ragnarok Online settings.

Art by  Chameleonette 

Jocaste - 1 year ago

He does!

And belly rubs *o *

Chameleonette - 1 year ago

I'm glad you liked it!

Doggo needs pats.

Meryl Lynne

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Jocaste

Tags: d&d Non-Vore Female Reference drow solo Dungeons and Dragons transgender dungeon master trans female

My DM pred-lean trans-female Drow, mostly meant for Dice games, tabletop shenanigans, and eating nerds.

Art by Ody 


Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Jocaste

Tags: Non-Vore Female Reference Jackal solo Demi-Human Fate series

My Fate OC berserker class prey-lean demi-jackal.

Art by 


Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Jocaste

Tags: Male Non-Vore Reference solo Demi-Human monster hunter Monster Boy bazelgeuse MHW

Othello, my Demolitions Expert MonBoy Pred Bazelgeuse who's totally not an homage to Vinny from the Disney movie Atlantis.

Art by  Dotto 

Jocaste - 1 year ago

He's very meme-y. Each entrance is preceded by making sure his palico, Mamerui's . . . Mamerui, who is obviously not an actual palico, is holding up a BOOMbox, playing the Bazelgeuse theme.

Larkspurdiblock - 1 year ago

"Hey look, I made a meme. It only took... what, two seconds? Three, tops?"

FallenBlade04 - 1 year ago

Oh flût ! :-s . Ce soir , je dors à la belle étoile alors . :-)

Jocaste - 1 year ago

Assez pour faire tomber le toit ! xD

FallenBlade04 - 1 year ago

De rien . :-) . Avec Othello , l'ambiance de la fête sera EXPLOSIVE .


Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Jocaste

Tags: Tiger Non-Vore Female Reference solo Monster girl Demi-Human

My Bare-Knuckle Brawler Pred-lean MonGirl Tiger (and probably Arknights OC because I'm mobile gamer trash).

Art by 

The Geostigma had come and gone. Ravaging so many families, and even threatening to take Marleen, Tifa had finally convinced Cloud to settle down a bit and start hanging out more with her. His trips outside Midgar became less frequent, and the two had even decided to try going steady. It seemed like things, after so long, were finally going well for the clone.

Out on a pretty routine outing, close to the sector where Bahamut had done untold amounts of damage to an alread

Crunch Time for Tifa in the 7th Heaven

Uploaded: 2 years ago

Owner: Jocaste

Tags: Food Digestion F/M Absorption gum Non-Fatal Transformation chewing Unwilling Prey Female Pred Final Fantasy foodplay Final Fantasy VII Absorption Vore Tifa Lockhart unaware pred athletic Cloud Strife workout sentient fat dubious consent sentient muscle

Cloud finds a strange materia on another hunt, finding himself more flexible in his relationship with Tifa, but quickly finds out she's looking for something far more exclusive.

Commission for  SuperKirby 

gigaderpbreak - 2 years ago

I mean, how could you turn someone into your abs and not tease them? It's a requirement really

Jocaste - 2 years ago

It is a rather rare treat. I adore sentient fat myself, and I find teasing is a must in more casual scenes like this!

gigaderpbreak - 2 years ago

Really enjoyed this one. Finding sentient fat stuff is always a rare treat, and the teasing is a lot of fun :3

Jocaste - 2 years ago

Glad you do! I've never touched TF, let alone food TF, but I was pretty pleased with how it came out!

MrPeculiar - 2 years ago

This is very strange and I approve heartily.

years had passed since the defeat of the D-Reaper, and the Tamers’
digimon had returned to the digital world. Rika, Takato and Henry had
slowly begun to adjust to their previous lives becoming the norm once
more. Though they hadn’t forgotten, they were forced to accept it
and move on. Takato took this perhaps the hardest, as he had the most
growing up to do of the three.
was Takato who was walking back to his apartment, through a poorly
lit park, when he sensed that he was being watch

A Digital Rampage: Renamon's Return

Uploaded: 2 years ago

Owner: Jocaste

Tags: Scat Belly Renamon Digestion Weight Gain F/M Fart Toilet Fatal takato Pooping Farting Gas Post-Vore Unwilling Prey Post Vore Scat Male Prey Female Pred Disposal Rika femdom Gassy Takato Matsuki Rika Nonaka

With the D-Reaper defeated, Takato and Co try to move on with their lives, but ghosts from their past are intent on making their way back to the physical realm once more!

All characters are 18+

Commission done for  afallenfox

Update: Total coincedence it got released today of all days but happy vore day everybody :3 

Jocaste - 2 years ago

>:3 Maybe that can be arranged, food-slut.

I had a lot of fun writing this one. Practically jumped at the chance to write it up <3

Benoven - 2 years ago

A very nice Story. I wish Renamon would have me for Dessert. Then i can join Takato in the belly

Jocaste - 2 years ago

Thank you! :3 That was an admittedly easy sell, "Rika is 100% done with Takato and his brand of dumb."

Flame_Valxsarion - 2 years ago

A very nice read, good work. Thought the charaters were perfect reflections of their canon selves

Jocaste - 2 years ago

Thank you.