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Uploaded: 2 weeks ago

Owner: Leshana

Tags: Furry Fox Swallowing Leshana Glasses Female Pred Throat bulge Furry Pred sticker

Gulping GLK Sticker by  EyeofCalamity 

Humbug - 2 weeks ago

That's a good glk!

JozeffTheDelicious - 2 weeks ago

Such an excellent bulge ~w~
And her expression is extremely adorable

MementoMori - 1 year ago

Gotta get eaten by ‘em all!

Sinikka - 1 year ago

Gonna be the very best, like no one ever was...

Indighost - 1 year ago


Mrs Brisby

Uploaded: 4 years ago

Owner: Leshana

Tags: Fox Kitsune Non-Vore Leshana Glasses cosplay Cloak two tails Mrs. Brisby Secret of Nimh

"I went to see the Great Owl."

Art by  catslikemeh 

KlemintineKattz - 4 years ago

Damn! Looks really good. Love the background, has a good composition to it ^^

VorishSnivy7 - 4 years ago

Cute! Must snuggle!

Indighost - 4 years ago


Afunlittlegetaway - 4 years ago

Happy 8/8!

emikochan - 4 years ago

aw this is so cute ^_^

JozeffTheDelicious - 5 months ago

This is so wholesome ^^ Really nice to see you being cuter than usual!

Indighost - 5 years ago

XD I could tell this is vore porn from a mile away! What normal person opens their mouth like that :)

Leshana - 5 years ago

What! What is perverse about this? lol

emikochan - 5 years ago

Cute! :D

KlemintineKattz - 5 years ago

I like the sketch like quality of this! That gritty quality is really aesthetic!

Transfer of Title

Uploaded: 6 years ago

Owner: Leshana

Tags: Oral Vore Kitsune M/F Saliva Tiger Leshana gooey Glasses Size difference Female Prey Feet first Male Pred Anthro Prey Feral Pred green eyes

The tiger keeps his jaws open even as Leshana's head is drawn into the back of his jaws and further away from his lips, her vision of the outside world narrowing in it's frame of fangs while her head is ushered in over the crest of his tongue and then drawn further on into the big cat's throat.

Art by Ifus 

Ribbonfemale - 1 year ago


Kasra - 6 years ago

Ah, I love a good bit of tigermaw. This is fantastic.

Humbug - 6 years ago

Damn, that's impressive! Always difficult to get that squeezing sensation just right, but this is perfect.

JackJackal - 6 years ago

Just fantastic!
Hope you enjoy your last view of those pearly whites!

TheGuyWhoKnows - 6 years ago

For all the gorgeous delights of feeling the awful spreading kiss of a maw enveloping you from the face first, there's something special about doing it the other way round. The last sight of light and life being the last contact you have at all with the outside world. It's delicious, and this cat is doing it superbly. Squirm and sink and burn to the brink, little fox.

Tail Singeing Concequences

Uploaded: 6 years ago

Owner: Leshana

Tags: Dragon Drool Non-Vore Collar Wanted poster Nummynumz

 nummynumz's Nitro's history of singeing tails has become known.

Only you can help protect tails everywhere and claim the reward!

The Nommz has drawn this. Nommz is different from nyum-nums who is different from NummyNumz. 

TinyHero - 6 years ago


Sharue - 6 years ago

and what would happen when this criminal is caught?

JacktheDragon - 6 years ago

Hmm? Ok then

Amnael - 6 years ago

Imma so nawm his Tail :v

nbe21 - 6 years ago

What about digesting tails? Is that a crime?

Gurgle, Not Glitch

Uploaded: 7 years ago

Owner: Leshana

Tags: Vixen Lion Leshana Glasses Unwilling Prey Nudity Female Pred Impending Doom Impending Death glitch Digestion Noises impending digestion Leshana being apex pred

This is a reminder that Glitches may be devoured by vulpines at any time, its a course hazard. Leshana here knows very well that Glitch is being sent to a gooey and cramped pit of digestive doom from which the only escape is of rather ignoble means.
Art by  Ferrusferret 

redsquallff8 - 6 years ago

so sexy id love to meet up

ChristyRai - 7 years ago

Well how lucky.
To be solved by Leshana seems quite nice~

AzurePheonix - 7 years ago

Escape? From Leshana? Sounds like my kind of escape.

RavenXeo - 7 years ago

Ohhhh so THIS is how you program.

Language Barrier

Uploaded: 8 years ago

Owner: Leshana

Tags: fire Fox Kitsune Fear Non-Vore Cooking Leshana Bondage Glasses Peril Impending Doom Spitroast two tails

Leshana was prepared for quicksand, for snakes, for leopards. Preparation for the natural hazards of the jungle however does not account for the culinary habits of the anthro llamas who have been supporting themselves off the tourist trade a bit more literally than she'd lead to believe.
At first she thought it was a joke, an act to impress visitors, but the tightness of those ropes when the flames started licking at her khakis made her look again at the hungry drooling faces gathered...
[ Continued ...

Sharue - 7 years ago

wiggle wiggle wiggle

ZX1993 - 8 years ago

All I can think of now is the guy from Mortal Kombat saying toasty.

YoukaiChan - 8 years ago

Niiice~ I always prefered spitroast cooking where the one being cooked is tied up instead of impaled - I find it works well if you either wanna go for a more cartoony-gag scene or a serious one. <3

Humbug - 8 years ago

I wonder if they consider the clothing a garnish.

Kaheiyattsu - 8 years ago

I call the thighs >:3

Alpaca Smoosh YCH

Uploaded: 8 years ago

Owner: Leshana

Tags: Furry Fox Kitsune Leshana Unwilling Glasses Unwilling Prey Nudity Female Prey Internal View Feet first two tails Alpaca Matsuke

 matsuke somehow got the better of Leshana, taking advantage of her shrunken body and embarrassingly complete lack of clothing to capture and summarily devour the surely innocent kitsune. Squished tightly by the hot slimy flesh of the alpaca's throat, the vixen finds her self smooshed along in spite of any protests, descending towards her captor's cruel stomach.

Original by FIuffButt

Leshana - 8 years ago

Nooo, I'm innocent!

snowyfurrkat - 8 years ago

Leshana must have done something to deserve this, right?

Then again, anyone who is edible and near a predator deserves it o.o

RangersSonFlyer - 8 years ago


Leshana - 8 years ago


RangersSonFlyer - 8 years ago

Hi Leshana ^^

Christmas Dinner

Uploaded: 8 years ago

Owner: Leshana

Tags: Kitsune Fear Skunk Leshana Unwilling Glasses Horns Kailindrea Female Prey Female Pred Impending Doom deamon wing vore two tails

Caught in Kailindrea's demonic grip, Leshana ought to be wishing she was headed for the skunk's stomach; it is far kinder than the cruel embrace of her wings.

The words "Merry Christmas to Me!" had never inspired so much dread, already feeling her nostrils sting from the acrid mist rising from her captor's wings, ready to cocoon her holiday gift to herself in a blanket of punishing agony.

Art by Crystalwhisker
Kailindrea is of course...
[ Continued ...

jonathan123 - 8 years ago


ChristyRai - 8 years ago


eatmeplease - 8 years ago

You lucky prey you!

eatmeplease - 8 years ago

Hey, don't let Leshana have all the fun though! ;;)

eatmeplease - 8 years ago

Not like it has to be you every time!

Taxi Fare

Uploaded: 9 years ago

Owner: Leshana

Tags: Pokemon Fatal Leshana Glasses Head First Female Prey Internal View punishment hat pidgeotto bottomless two tails karma

Nobody said there was any sort of upkeep or finesse necessary for pokemon! I thought you could just have them carry you everywhere all the time! What are HMs for? Cargo nets are fine right? What? Hey, what, hold on!

Art by 

GloomWolf - 8 years ago

very cute and funny, love the expressions!

Liz - 8 years ago

Don't upset something with larger mouth than you XD

Amnael - 9 years ago

birdies tend to aim for those ~

GenericBunny - 9 years ago

I see no issue. The pidgeotto is performing its duty of transporting you! Sure you may be a little less intact when you're dropped off, but you'll still get there.

Leshana - 9 years ago

Wait, what car?

Party Planning

Uploaded: 9 years ago

Owner: Leshana

Tags: Furry POV Food Fox Fear Birthday Leshana Cake Glasses Female Prey audience two tails

"This was not the original plan"
Leshana likes vanilla frosting the best, on cake or otherwise, but even sitting in a glob half her size isn't enough to distract from the sight of a wet toothy maw yawning open just wide enough to accept her entire body onto its waiting tongue.

Will there be enough cake in the waiting stomach to keep a fox out of the bubbling acids?

Arokha is by  Arokh
Leshana is by  Leshana
Art by...
[ Continued ...

Amnael - 9 years ago

Thats the Title of the show not the episode x3
Well it describes prety well what you are about to see XD

Humbug - 9 years ago

It's true! Look! Look with your special eyes!

Leshana - 9 years ago

What kind of episode title is that? Trying to fake out the viewers eh?

Leshana - 9 years ago

What do you mean WAS!? I something bad going to happen?

Leshana - 9 years ago


Pointy Eared Innocence

Uploaded: 9 years ago

Owner: Leshana

Tags: Furry Fox Kitsune Non-Vore Leshana Glasses Invalid Tag scarf Corset two tails pointy ears

You might not know that Leshana has a round foxer nose, but its true. A stylized experimental-color rendition. Is it Post-Impressionism? I don't know, but I don't care because its cool anyway.

Also, this underscores the point that Leshana always has her glasses on! If you ever wondered whether Leshana should be rendered with or without glasses, this should answer the question!

Art by turbinedivinity
Featuring  Leshana
Thanks to  Eka for...
[ Continued ...

VorishSnivy7 - 4 years ago

Precious foxer.

Vilanda - 9 years ago

I love this! Surprised it took me a month to see :) Leshana is so cute.

miranda_dragon - 9 years ago

Of course! What else?

Leshana - 9 years ago

Tasty! Is that the first thing you think when you see me!?

Slash - 9 years ago

You ate stank?... I'm proud of you. :3


Uploaded: 9 years ago

Owner: Leshana

Tags: Feral Fear Cow Leshana Glasses Jackal farm John Implied Digestion farmer two tails Apex Pred

John gets what he deserves, downed by a farm animal! Her slow digestive system meant for grass will take uncountably long to digest John layer by layer.
Jit's screaming face gives ample evidence of what John's fate will be.

The real question is: What happens next? Comments decide.


CandiTheWildPig - 4 years ago

With a moo moo here, and a nom nom there! :P

DragonPrey3200 - 6 years ago

John is kill

StormyRange - 7 years ago

Oh boy try not to milk their situation too much -u-\

thatonedude236 - 8 years ago

Leshana has cow for dinner.

Leshana - 8 years ago

She's well fed and didn't even have to do the work of catching 'em!

Coming Right Up

Uploaded: 9 years ago

Owner: Leshana

Tags: Cat Paws Fox Leshana Bondage Glasses Acid Bubbles Head First Rope drowning Nudity Female Prey Internal View screaming Kaelis two tails

Someone once said "I love when they are tied up and then eaten!"

Someone had her own ankles and wrists bound, was striped to her bare fur and lead about with a rope wrapped 'round her neck. There were many bystanders, but none can remember any other memorable quotes after she was stuffed headfirst into a feline gullet.

A nearby husky asked what she thought of bound prey drowning in stomach acids, but only got wet gurgle noises in reply.

[ Continued ...

Begone111111 - 7 years ago

I wonder if the rest will go in, nonetheless it's a great scenario.

pootisman24 - 8 years ago

Loving that outfit~

TrixietheVoracious - 8 years ago

Drowning in stomach acids always appealed to me for some reason....

drakkor - 8 years ago

Wet gurgle noises are music to a dragon's ears, after he just enjoyed a good meal/prey };)

Psycho - 8 years ago

Nicely done

Wait, What Is This?

Uploaded: 9 years ago

Owner: Leshana

Tags: Fox Kitsune Non-Vore Leshana Glasses skirt pet Collar Leash two tails

Art by turbinedivinity

Sable - 9 years ago

I like the color choices of the reds, darker purple and black.

Slash - 9 years ago

Hmmm...a new outfit. :)

miranda_dragon - 9 years ago

Turbine is amazing.

Another cute outfit for me to think about ruining!

Humbug - 9 years ago

I was checking things at the time, and I have you watched! That's how. :)

Leshana - 9 years ago

How. I was just refreshing here and joked "Lets see if Humbug noticed" But you actually had commented!

Pred Week : Turnabout

Uploaded: 9 years ago

Owner: Leshana

Tags: Fox Horse Digestion Feline Leshana Avian Glasses Acid beak implied scat Pain Phoenix Hard Digestion Big Belly Internal View screaming Facesitting Implied Fatality Graphic digestion Impending Death bottomless Strobe Sable Cat HiroAlato

Hiro thought he could get away with teasing Leshana, calling her food, intimating she was at the bottom of the food chain! Strobe made the same mistake. Sable? I am sure she was thinking it too, so she probably deserves to die screaming in Leshana's gut just as much.

Doubters beware, you too could end up like the horse and cat! Or, let your talk get to big, (Or have a beak!) And you could find a fate even worse than being digested alive. Ask Hiro if he likes where his beak...
[ Continued ...

Nyseron - 7 years ago

Oh god.
She's not gonna shit in her mouth is she?!
Cause that's what this looks like.

VelveteenDreams - 7 years ago

Heh, hope he's still under there when his friends are "exiting" as she puts it.
I'm sorry, that was gross of me : (

VelveteenDreams - 7 years ago

Heh, hope she's still under there when her friends are "exiting" as she puts it.
I'm sorry, that was gross of me : (

Leshana - 8 years ago

Hiro totally deserves it. Twice.

snowyfurrkat - 8 years ago

I'd feel sorry for Hiro, but I'm sure he totally deserves it.

What did I do?

Uploaded: 9 years ago

Owner: Leshana

Tags: Furry Non-Vore snuff Bondage Husky Asphyxiation Crying Nudity Hanging Tayna barn Impending Death

Tayna learns that a short and gentle drop is hardly kinder.
She knew she wasn't supposed to look into the barn, but this!? Tied up like that she has no hope of freeing herself and can only squirm and gag as she slowly strangles to death.

Artwork by Fyrefly 

CandiTheWildPig - 4 years ago

Hehehe, look at her squirm and dance around! :3

Psycho - 8 years ago


jun1337 - 9 years ago

That's the best kind!

Begone111111 - 9 years ago

Awr, I terribly hate death. Especially of furries. My exception is vore because that's my fetish. :(

luvboobies - 9 years ago

Just like in RL people love to torment another being .

White Beret

Uploaded: 9 years ago

Owner: Leshana

Tags: Kitsune Non-Vore Leshana uniform military Sci-Fi two tails Honor Harrington Royal Manticoran Navy

Captain (JG) Leshana, Royal Manticoran Navy takes her first hyper capable command.

Artwork by Toughset


Telhem - 5 years ago

I'm sorry but it must be done.

Telhem - 5 years ago

Swords are not often used anymore.

TinyHero - 6 years ago

This looks awesome :D

Pyro - 8 years ago

I vastly approve of this image.

TinyHero - 8 years ago

Nice XD


Uploaded: 9 years ago

Owner: Leshana

Tags: Kitsune Leshana Bondage raven Glasses Acid Jackal Struggling John Implied Digestion Unwilling Prey Crying Nudity Female Prey Internal View Bridgette

The raven's stomach groans anxiously, needing more and more live food, far more than was has been stuffed into it already, and it seems like the fox is going to be the one to satiate that need. She manages to stuff Leshana's breasts into her beak, and although it's softer than your standard feral beak, it's still a tight fit. The corvid swallows again after slobbering greedily over the vulpine's chest, leaving nothing but her head outside of that greedy craw. Bridgette opens her eyes again,...
[ Continued ...

CandiTheWildPig - 4 years ago

Now, now, don't be such a baby. You're going down the hatch whether you like it or not! ^w^

Noir - 9 years ago

Ahh avian preds, how i miss thee!

Humbug - 9 years ago

Part of your alpha pred strategy?

Kinne - 9 years ago

You look so comfy in there ;)

luvboobies - 9 years ago

She try stopping but now , she's in another stomach. :(


Uploaded: 9 years ago

Owner: Leshana

Tags: Fox Kitsune Drool Fear Leshana Pre-Vore Glasses Macro/Micro Nudity Female Prey blue hair two tails

Completely unfair, somehow this blue haired girl is huge! Unsporting, there is no way to escape, even flailing and squirming about can only delay being pressed into the warm wetness of a maw filled with clinging gooey saliva.

Picture by Sharknommer!  

MurineMyriad - 9 years ago

Now now, there should be no teasing of the Leshana. Put here where she belongs now: a dark, gurglely, acrid place should do well.

Amnael - 9 years ago

Super Tailnom Powers go ! *noms Tail* :3

TheRenic - 9 years ago

Super pun powers activate! Oh you beat me to it damn.

Amnael - 9 years ago

Thats not how you nom Tails D: even though she would be heading the same way only Tail first x3
Super Gurgle Powers go ! x3

Kinne - 9 years ago

Love the lighting

Snackal Pile

Uploaded: 9 years ago

Owner: Leshana

Tags: Fox Leshana Glasses Acid Jackal John Implied Digestion Internal View

 kee_fox was only supposed to eat  john! Eating Leshana too is completely unfair, and now he's trying to escape being slowly digested over the course of several days by the weak acids by climbing on top. It will never work.
Recently found picture drawn by Tiera 

Telhem - 5 years ago


Kee_Fox - 9 years ago

Yeah, and I may roll over onto my back just to mess things up. You can never tell when you're inside a predator.

Leshana - 9 years ago

Climbing on my back will work only as long as I'm still there.

Kee_Fox - 9 years ago

Yup, I take my time.

Jahan - 9 years ago

Huzzah multi-day digestion. =)

Obixian Contours

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: Leshana

Tags: Snake Fox Digestion Leshana Bondage Glasses Acid Crying Female Prey Internal View Feet first gagged Belly bulge obix

It turns out Obix can fit quite a bit more into his stomach than it appears from the outside. The deeper she sinks into the warm wetness of Obix's squishy interior the more apparent Leshana's inability to prevent her conversion to snakefood becomes.

Artwork by Tibex
Obix from Obix 

ButtPlug - 10 years ago

Geebus.... how many times do ya get eaten up?!

Humbug - 10 years ago

I think she can still win. I'll just ignore the fact that her flesh is starting to melt. *Nods.*

Katojana - 10 years ago

of course leshana becomes food. because she's the original foodsune!

Kzinti Prisioner Transport

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: Leshana

Tags: Anthro Belly bulge kzinti kzinti pred Known Space SFB

"If the Kzinti player captures the Kang, he not only wins a decisive victory but is promoted two ranks, decorated, given a seat on the Hegemon Council, and invites the captured prisoners to a "Bar-B-Q" at his country estate."
-- (T3.5) Campaign Victory

Picture by  blondevelvet
The Kinti is nobody in particular! It just needed to be done. 

Strega - 3 years ago

That's true, but the Rigellian Diary (a log of a long campaign run by Steve Walmsley) is such good reading I'm on about my tenth reading. And it's 800,000 words long. I read it about once a year.
I can send you the Updated Master Map if you get into it. The one pretty much requires the other.

Ethereal - 3 years ago

Yeah, but Starfire never really had much of a following. YMMV.

Strega - 3 years ago

Starfire was designed for fleet combat. One person could run a dozen ships without much trouble. SFB on the other hand had nightmarishly complex combat, energy allocation and other time wasters. They were two very different games with different goals, one built for fleet combat and one based on one player running one ship.

Ethereal - 3 years ago

Starfire combat was too simple. The last edition of SFB was in the 90s and did much to address rules problems, but they are still very complex. That said, if you played *many* games I am doubtful that anything close to a majority were decided on who remembered the most obscure rule.

I ran a playing group back in the day (we topped out at 30 people!) and things were not like that. Our largest games were 14 player free-for-alls where you picked a force and fought on a fixed map against the other 13 people.

Typing that in, I can hardly believe I once did such a thing. o_O.

Strega - 3 years ago

The problem I had with SFB was the incomprehensibly convoluted rules. It was often almost impossible to find a reference you needed as subsections of rules could appear in half a dozen different products. I'm sure they eventually came out with an Ultimate Edition to fix all this but many battles were won or lost depending on who remembered the most obscure rules. I lost one battle because my opponent knew about tractor rotation, which in years of play was never used before or after. Starfire was a lot simpler, at least for ship versus ship combat.

Don't Forget the Classics

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: Leshana

Tags: Furry Fox Kitsune Non-Vore Leshana Bondage train Peril Predicament Bondage Burlesque two tails

Classic cartoon villains serve as the inspiration for many evil-doers today. Sometimes they have to get in touch with their roots; too bad for the nearest one they can catch. Tied to a railroad tie the victim has plenty of time to see trouble coming without much chance to do anything about it. But given the nature of the genre, rescue is likely, so perhaps its a lucky turn compared to being digested alive or drowning in an unpleasant sticky substance.

Picture by Toughset 

CandiTheWildPig - 4 years ago

Here comes the choo-choo train! Open up the tunnel! :3

wolfmeal - 6 years ago

3 years too late but that's hot

Bright - 9 years ago

Toughset really did a nice job on this one.

Liz - 10 years ago

Save her and eat her <3

The_Prof - 10 years ago

don't worry the section on track Leshana is tied to is actually not connected to the rest of the track... They sepparated it because it's actually on quicksand!


Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: Leshana

Tags: Furry Fox Digestion Naga Fatal Leshana Unwilling Acid Pain Hard Digestion Female Prey Internal View screaming Graphic digestion Kimmy

Kimmy is supposed to be cute and candyish, even when she is a nagatype instead of the vulnerable vulpine, how could this happen? She is supposed to be stewing in my gut, humiliated by her defeat.

Sketch is by  blondevelvet 

Sharue - 10 years ago

lesh is so sub that even subs dom her. That be the reason and the vixen is sticking to it! nod nods.

Amnael - 10 years ago

doesn´t look that undigestable o.o *pokes bulge* :D

Kimmy - 10 years ago

That's what you get when you try to lick a naga tail. She licks back. And then she slowly melts your body away over the course of a few days. It's an agonizing, slow process. all the soft tissues going first, and... well. We'll just say it's not very nice. <3

Humbug - 10 years ago

Clearly Leshana needs training.

Good for the Gander

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: Leshana

Tags: Fox F/F Kitsune Leshana Foshu Unwilling Glasses Fennec Female Prey Feet first Female Pred role reversal two tails Apex Pred

Foshu had been calling for Leshagna but didn't realize that very statement endorsed foxes as food until Leshana took up the suggestion. Ah well, lesson learned! Although there is not likely to be much opportunity to apply the new knowledge on her way down into Leshana's stomach. 

Humbug - 10 years ago

That's true, yes. Some people last longer through digestion than others.

Leshana - 10 years ago

That is a good question. I haven't considered it fully, but it depends on the person being digested. Either way she's also food, at least temporarily.

Humbug - 10 years ago

That brings up an interesting question: When being digested, at which point does she cease being a fox?
Or does she remain a fox at all times because she's becoming part of another fox?

Leshana - 10 years ago

Foshu was a fox; its getting increasingly debatable in this picture.

MeTheMe - 10 years ago

Leshana's predding, turning the tables! I like it. :D


Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: Leshana

Tags: Sketch Fear Mawshot Leshana Glasses Implied Digestion Unwilling Prey Female Prey Feet first Female Pred nose Tattoo forked tongue Blondie Round Ears

There has been some kind of misunderstanding, Leshana is nose-deep in Blondie's maw, but from the wrong direction. Her nose is the only thing NOT swallowed. I'm not even sure how Blondie is planning to let me go at this point? The feeling of the thick viscous goo surrounding both paws is a bit concerning, it tingles o.o.

By  blondevelvet during the Sunday Sketch Stream  

FlaxenSoftcloth - 10 years ago


Leshana - 10 years ago

Your ears are very round tho.

sd43 - 10 years ago

Oh, I wouldn't say this is the wrong direction...

Humbug - 10 years ago

I suppose that's mostly only possible with anthro characters.

Leshana - 10 years ago

Her nose helps with that too, especially at this angle.

This Wouldn't Happen to Jupiter

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: Leshana

Tags: Sketch Fear Gryphon Non-Vore Quicksand helpless Feathers Sinking Impending Doom Impending Death

This picture by the  blondevelvets was inspired by Con Badger. 

concrocotta - 9 years ago


Veshra - 10 years ago

Don't worry, I'm sure there will be room left for you!

The_Prof - 10 years ago

oh I was well aware of that... It's just the fact he fell for it that has given me the power of ascention

Leshana - 10 years ago

On his back with his belly already submerged his wings are useless, he's going down.

The_Prof - 10 years ago

A bird stuck in Quicksand? Welp now I've seen everything, my life is complete and I can ascend to a higher plane... You're welcome to join me, but bring a toothbrush and a warm coat cause higher planes can get chilly

How Is There A Snake?

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: Leshana

Tags: Snake Fox Fear Leshana Bondage couch Constriction Pre-Vore Glasses Female Prey Coils two tails

Full page sketch by Cy at MFF 2012. I forgot to upload this one from before. This is difficult to scan with my equipment, but it is actually shaded edge-to-edge on a full sheet of paper; pretty interesting. 

Amnael - 10 years ago

im sure you will see where the snack is once the snake starts eating XD hang on tight till then ;P

Leshana - 10 years ago

Where? If it would find a snack it might stop coiling me!

Speed284504 - 10 years ago

It may be a crappy scan, but it still looks fantastic! I only wish I could draw... Is there any chance of a sequel? I'd like to see how well the snake can fit its meal into its belly.

Leshana - 10 years ago

I don't think I can reach that far anymore, its already too coiled.

Humbug - 10 years ago

Perhaps, but I usually like your titles. :)

Should Have Lifted

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: Leshana

Tags: Furry Breasts fire Fox Kitsune Fear Cooking Leshana Bondage Roast Glasses Nudity Female Prey handcuffs gag Apple In Mouth two tails Apex Pred

Instead of an actual spit, prey could be cuffed to supports by the wrists and ankles. With the cuffs attached to the spit-holders, the prey themselves is the spit; held out of the fire only by her own muscle power. Each time her strength flags more fat sizzles, cooking her in her own juices as she's roasted more deeply.

Drawn by  BlondeVelvet 

Veshra - 10 years ago

Totally worth it!

Alicodus - 10 years ago

I have to say, this a really creative way of roasting your dinner. The beauty of it is, it's a futile battle, but instinct is going to make them exhaust themselves over that roaring fire. Have to say, the smaller breasts were a nice touch as well. You see so many cooking pictures with massive breasts and personally, I like the perky ones anyway. A little more, lively I guess. Heh.

And one and two and LIFT! Come on, you can do it! No, really, you better!

Leshana - 10 years ago

You will burn your tongue

Leshana - 10 years ago

Imagine even more cruel methods, and share!

Leshana - 10 years ago

This is not the right way to feel the burn gah

No Gryph Too Small

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: Leshana

Tags: Fox Gryphon Non-Vore Leshana two tails FireGryph Squawk

FireGryph thought he could escape by being so small? Well this is just what he deserves!

You probably guessed the picture is by VelociAwesome 

Kinne - 8 years ago

Hehe, cute

Sharue - 10 years ago


Lucky - 10 years ago

Stop mounting the gryphonsssss! THINK OF THE CHILDREN! D:<

Bright - 10 years ago

Oh, this is so well done.

Katojana - 10 years ago

ib4 that gryph had enough and eats her!

Unexpectedly Gooey

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: Leshana

Tags: Furry Fox Digestion Kitsune Fear Leshana gooey Glasses Acid Female Prey Internal View dissolving clothes two tails

She isn't even sure how she got here or where she is, other than obviously the stomach of a cruel predator. How long since she slid down its throat is unknowable, but the rate at which her clothes are being dissolved in the deep pool of stomach acids gives a hard and unforgiving limit on how long it will be until her digested remains slide out below.

Sketch by CorrieZodori 

VorishSnivy7 - 5 years ago

Humbug - 10 years ago

That is an unusual place to find one's self. I expect there was a bit of surprise upon initial discovery.

Nivi Leshana

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: Leshana

Tags: Sketch Fox Kitsune Non-Vore Female Leshana Bondage Glasses Nudity bottomless two tails bare breasts

Sketch by Nivi done at MFF 2012. Leshana has her hands cuffed behind her back and has had her pants stolen, so she is only wearing a labcoat for her captor's amusement.  

Humbug - 10 years ago

I imagine that's not her favorite situation. But I suppose it's better than sinking into wet cement.

PocketJabari - 10 years ago

oooh very cute and sexy <////<

Double Peril

Uploaded: 11 years ago

Owner: Leshana

Tags: Snake Fox Kitsune Fear Quicksand Leshana Pre-Vore Glasses Peril Sinking Female Prey Coils Impending Doom Mud

Sinking slowly into the gooey depths of the cold sticky mire, Leshana is beyond hope of freeing herself. The only chance she has to escape the slow gritty demise of sinking beneath the ooze is to be rescued. But what if the price of rescue is to be digested alive in the narrow twisting guts of an uncaring snake? Would it have been better to just drown?

Commission from Toughset 

Kamunt - 10 years ago

What would she even be doing in that outfit in that setting? Seems unlikely to me. :P
That said, the snake's eyes look a little anthropomorphic to me, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but just an observation. I like the way its mouth was drawn, though. Looks dandy.

sd43 - 11 years ago

I'm not terribly into peril such as this, but I like the added vore.

ButtPlug - 11 years ago

Yes, the delicious balance of fetishes has been restored~

StarBomber109 - 11 years ago

It would almost be funnier if the snake was getting pulled in too. "I don't even care that I'm sinking, I'm hungry!"

Anotherkitsune - 11 years ago

had i been drinking something it probably would have come out my nose, well played good sir professor.

Gut Churning Introduction II

Uploaded: 11 years ago

Owner: Leshana

Tags: Digestion Kitsune Vixen Blood Fatal Leshana Unwilling Glasses Acid Pain Hard Digestion Melting Crying Nudity Female Prey screaming Graphic digestion

 kamunt might look peaceful and pleased with himself from the outside, but the interior of his belly is another story. Up to her chest in caustic stomach acids Leshana is being digested alive without the slightest hope of escape. Trapped in Kamunt's gut she can only watch as the sloshing acids painfully eat into her flesh, slowly melting her into gooey sludge.

Kamicheetah at MFF 2012

[ Continued ...

zenolleytan - 6 years ago

gut churning is right.

Justsomeone - 11 years ago

Hehe good luck! I'll be rooting against you if you two go up against each other again. >:)

Katojana - 11 years ago

Well it seems the pic prooves otherwise ;D Again!

Justsomeone - 11 years ago

Unless I'm mistaken, the score between the two of you is 1-1. I think she can do it and break the tie!

Kamunt - 11 years ago

If only. She was only doing inked traditional images at MWFF though.

Gut Churning Introduction I

Uploaded: 11 years ago

Owner: Leshana

Tags: Cat Bulge Fatal Unwilling Struggling Implied Digestion Big Belly Male Pred Kamunt headphones Licking Lips

The untrained eye might not immediately recognize Leshana in this picture of  kamunt but those in the know will read between the bulges of his overfilled gut to find the kitsune struggling for her life in the tight slimy prison. They just met for the first time, but the sloshing acids in the feline's gut assure there will be not be a second.

Kamicheetah at MFF 2012


Justsomeone - 11 years ago

Maybe it's like some sort of karma? Or walking a mile in someone else's shoes.
Just hope that he gets to experience what's happening to you as well i guess.

Kamunt - 11 years ago

Ah well, that's life. And...well, you know.

Leshana - 11 years ago

I don't even know how it happened, it was so fast. One minute talking about how lovely it is to watch people being digested, the next minute I'm a belly-bulge

Kamunt - 11 years ago

A surprising amount of my encounters end up like this. With the end of the other, I mean.

Kisha Solves Technical Difficulties 2

Uploaded: 11 years ago

Owner: Leshana

Tags: Furry Oral Vore Kitsune Saliva Bulge Leshana Glasses Unwilling Prey Female Prey Feet first Female Pred last gulp Belly bulge tribal Kisha

Having firmly caught Leshana earlier, Kisha finds gulping her captured prey easy work despite the frantic opposition. The larger fox's belly already bulges with the imprints of Leshana's feet when she seals the deal with a fingertip.

Jerberjer at Furfright 2012  

Umbrage00 - 11 years ago

Impressive art

TheSatanicGoat - 11 years ago

Wow, this looks great. I love the cartoonish style, and it kind of reminds me of Animaniacs.

Humbug - 11 years ago


Leshana - 11 years ago

This is a sequel to that one before. From then.

wyanewill - 11 years ago

Cool Pic!

Formal Wear Badge - Leshana

Uploaded: 11 years ago

Owner: Leshana

Tags: Fox Kitsune Non-Vore Leshana Glasses badge High Heels two tails Necktie

Part of the Formal Wear Badge Series; Leshana in a dark suit. Drawn by Tanginello at FWA 2012. One of my favorite badges, I'll be sure to use it again.

Thanks to a random exchange in the chat, we have the formal-wear badge series:
10:59:38 : Leshana puts a hat on Vairune
11:00:21 : Vairune is tackled but not before putting Leshana in a gentleman's suit.

At first I liked the Ryalth badge best, simply because of the *pop* its style gave but in...
[ Continued ...

Bright - 11 years ago

She looks quite nice in such a formal wear.

LeonFox - 11 years ago

I second the motion on the floor.

Humbug - 11 years ago

Pretty neat. I like it. :)

Kisha Solves Technical Difficulties

Uploaded: 11 years ago

Owner: Leshana

Tags: Furry Fox Kitsune Drool Leshana Glasses Unwilling Prey Female Prey Feet first Female Pred tribal two tails

Ink Commission by  jerberjer at FWA 2012 featuring  Labbeh's tribal character Kisha swallowing Leshana.

Leshana didn't even do anything this time! Kisha just came up and started gulping her with practically no warning. Her hips haven't actually been swallowed yet so its possible that Kisha is just scaring her, but given the eagerness with which her legs were ingested that is probably a vain hope. 

Leshana - 11 years ago

Definitely a grimace. Hip-deep in a vixen's throat with a grass-grasping escape strategy that is clearly doomed to failure, its a one-way ticket to digestive belly stew.

But yes, the style is cool; smooth too.

Lucky - 11 years ago

Is that a smile or a grimace on your face?

Also, neat tribal designs on Kisha! Jerberjer's cartoony style is pretty neat! I like the grasping at the grass you're doin' there. : 3

Bright - 11 years ago

She got a nice style.

Humbug - 11 years ago

Things make sense now.

Leshana - 11 years ago

Leshana is part of the solution, feeding the hungry.

Tayna Trading Card

Uploaded: 11 years ago

Owner: Leshana

Tags: Furry Dog Non-Vore Husky Topless Tayna

Small trading-card sized color pinup of Tayna by Tsukiya
Commission during FWA 2012

Tayna is the sort who would have pictures like this one in her history.  

Humbug - 11 years ago


Leshana - 11 years ago

This is Tayna, she is a husky! She's also participating in the temporary-permavore trial.

Humbug - 11 years ago

Hm. Another character I am unfamiliar with. Come to think of it, I don't know most of your cast.

orca13 - 11 years ago

Neat, cool background is it from a pic u made


Uploaded: 11 years ago

Owner: Leshana

Tags: Furry Fox Kitsune Non-Vore Leshana Glasses science two tails Lab Coat

Commission from Paulsen of at FWA 2012.
I like the comic so it was fun to see him at the con. The colors are actually even better in the original. 

VorishSnivy7 - 5 years ago

Yeah science!

CGR-7 - 11 years ago

That's cute Leshana, Paulsen did a nice job.

I know, silly, but this would come to my mind:

CGR-7 - 11 years ago

Uum... well careful if you do. Ever hear of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde?

GenericBunny - 11 years ago

That sciency stuff looks tasty. Can I drink it?

LeonFox - 11 years ago make science look cute :3

Closer Than It May Appear

Uploaded: 14 years ago

Owner: Leshana

Tags: Furry Fox Kitsune Female Mawshot Leshana Glasses Brown Hair Apex Pred

This is a new picture that Arokha helped acquire. I think its good; I like it. I think that a re-sized version of this picture would make a good icon for vore-related sites. 

TinyHero - 6 years ago

Now that's a smile some dinners would love, but I'm not smiling, nor on the menu... all and all, nice :)

Royal_Starlord - 9 years ago

You want me to look in there? '3'
I'll get my flashlight.
... And cell phone. X3

Moebius - 9 years ago

I know I'm like 4 years later, but....perfect answer XD

Journeyman - 10 years ago

Oh, my, scary! Cute, but scary :) Still, looks tasty.
..somehow never saw this pic~

MirceaKitsune - 10 years ago

Nah... it could never be close enough ^^

Classic Leshana

Uploaded: 15 years ago

Owner: Leshana

Tags: Kitsune Non-Vore Leshana Glasses

The classic Leshana pic, from which most of the other pictures were referenced. 

VorishSnivy7 - 4 years ago

Who drew this one?

TrixietheVoracious - 6 years ago

Aww thats cute!

SomeGuy1294 - 10 years ago

Kind of like Tails in drag... cute though!

tailsjordan - 11 years ago

So... leshana is an Art edition of tails... well, that was good.. inspiration..

eatmeplease - 11 years ago