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Voretober Day 6: Tech

“Jake Pare?” The nurse peered over the top of her clipboard with thick wire rimmed glasses. Her voice was weak, and it didn’t carry well over the noisy waiting room. For a moment, no one noticed she’d even spoken.

Finally, a young man with his head in his phone had the delayed realisation he’d heard his name and looked up. “Did you say Jake Pare?” He asked,


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Tags: Human Male Fatal snuff Unwilling doctor Robot ?/M machine incineration Malfunction mechanical male victim Disintegration

This was my other idea for Voretober Day 6: #tech. I didn't quite like it as much but I thought since I'd finished it, I'd post anyway 

Odin1366 - 4 hours ago

I’m confused what’s this machine supposed to do?

Madock345 - 8 hours ago

God I love this month. So much content. You're doing a great job and I really appreciate it :)

Voretober Day 6: Tech

“It has an awful lot of cogs, Sir.”

Tiberius Marshall-Maskyne gave his assistant a dour look. Colin was a good chap, but he didn’t really have the head for machinery. Very good at keeping a book of accounts in orderly fashion, but hopeless as an inventor. “Of course it has a lot of cogs. They turn the engineering.”

The object of their discussion was an intim

Voretober Day 6: Tech

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Tags: Human Hard Vore M/M Gore Consensual Guro crushing Willing sauce gravy Press Crushed Cooking vore

CW: Gore, a lot of gore. Inspired by the RL dish called Canard au Sang (Duck in Blood Sauce) and the Victorian era device invented to make it, a press for crushing ducks into sauce.

I'm not sure how I feel about this story, it wasn't particularly erotic TBH, but I wanted to try and capture an absent minded steampunk inventor and I think I did that. 

“It’s just an old wives’ tale.” Gus huffed.

“Then why are you here?” Reed rolled his eyes and gave the old gate a jerk. The lock had rusted away years ago, and the dead briars did the job of keeping it closed. They slowly tore, brittle with age, until it swung open. The driveway was doing a valiant jump but wouldn’t resist the encroaching woods much longer. He boldly stepped through, and glanced back at Gus.

Voretober Day 1: Tale

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Tags: Human Male Digestion M/M Monster Consensual Gay Fatal Goo creature Willing Orgasm Melting ?/M slow digestion Casual Goo Vore slime vore pleasurable death Casual vore pleasurable digestion Gelatinous Cube Haunted House cryptid voretober voretober2021 spooky mansion

I'm going to be trying to write for Voretober this year.

These will be pretty much unedited, in the interest of time, so I apologise. I also don't promise something this long every day, or even that'll I'll manage to hit every prompt. But we'll see.

Meantime, enjoy some goo vore and athletic guys letting a goo creature eat them. 

zidanes123 - 13 days ago

This was super hot.

cybergrind - 2 weeks ago

i'm not normally one to be into gooey stuff, but this is incredible! the thought of melting away like that... oof. shame creatures capable of doing this don't exist :-(

Madock345 - 2 weeks ago

Oh wow

This is going to be a great month

Neeson’s cock was hard up in his fatigues. It was always fucking hard up these days. Something in the air, or the plant life, or just the bruised purple sky with its violet clouds. The science sorts hadn’t figured it out yet. Every man had the worst case of blue balls from the moment they stepped through the portal.

If he wasn’t in the field, he would’ve found a semi-private spot - there was no such thing as truly private here - and jerked off, m

Anomaly Class III - Dangerous

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Tags: Alien Human Digestion Hard Vore M/M Consensual Fatal soldier Willing Tentacle Melting ?/M Fatal Vore military exhibitionism Monster/M anal penetration Fast Digestion Casual vore Non-gory Willing prey tentacle/m

I wrote this in a sleep deprived blur at 7am the other day, surprisingly when I went back to it in a more coherent state, it was actually good in my humble opinion, so here you go! This one is really Felix Lance Falkon inspired, shamelessly so. 

Decius2198 - 2 months ago

Felix would have loved this! And so do I!

LucifersChef - 2 months ago

Thank you <3

AlbanyExpression - 2 months ago

I can't remember if I've commented on your stuff before but I love your style of very casual fatal scenarios.

Plus skeletons are hot!

“Did you catch the game on the weekend?” Billy asked.

A man shuffled into the chamber through the glass. He was tall and rangy, boxers one size too small struggling to contain his cock. Archie didn’t pay much attention to him as he pressed the button in front of him. A roaring pillar of light filled the chamber. The boxers fluttered to the floor, empty. “No, I had to fill in for Janice. Her kid caught a cold.” Archie replied. “I heard

That Feeling

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Tags: Human Male M/M Non-Vore Consensual Gay Fatal snuff short underwear Casual Disintegration

This one is short - but it does have a bit more of a premise I guess, than some of mine. In a future where super intelligent AI control society, it is a utopia, and the only jobs are created by the AI to make humans feel useful. Many humans get bored and listless, and head to their local "Reassignment" center. Billy and Archie have the meaningless job of pressing the disintegrate button. 

ClosedEyes - 2 months ago

Wish you described the underwear more but its well written.

A mid 20's cub goes to his first big bear event and gets turned on by the private transformation area. He gets musk-drunk and can't help but beg to get dicked by a daddy bear.

Dylan pulled off his jersey while his teammate, and sometimes fuckbuddy, prattled in his ear. He stuffed the sweaty jersey in his bag, only half listening to Saaj.

“Come on, it’ll b

First (and Last) Time at the Club

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Tags: Human Chubby M/M Absorption Fatal merging BDSM club bad end CTF cock transformation Cock TF Casual transformation limb transformation

A guy is talked into visiting a hot new kink club with his friend. It will be his last visit, but no one minds much.

Written for Mutabear for a story swap on the CTF discord server 

Madock345 - 4 months ago

Is it weird that the rest of the story was just as hot as the end? That casual banter/groping/nudity is good stuff. Really nice relationship.

Starduster - 4 months ago

Ctf discord?

“Bro, is that a stripper?” Jake’s eyes boggled as he looked the machine up and down. “What the hell do you have one of those for?”

Tadeo’s father had picked up the decommissioned stripper at a secondhand auction, the kind where they disposed of old government property. It had come from a high school biology classroom. The thing was one of the more ancient models, and sat in their garage for as long as Tadeo could remember.

An Enthusiastic Collector for a Father

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Tags: Human M/M Non-Vore Consensual Gay Fatal snuff Bones Willing voyeur japanese Melting skeleton pleasurable death casual sex skeletonization Casual Snuff stripper (snuff)

Tadeo's dad collects skulls. It makes bringing friends around a little awkward, in a good way. 

zidanes123 - 4 months ago

Loved this idea

Madock345 - 4 months ago


This is my shit.

The little father/son teasing totally put me over the edge.

Uly83 - 4 months ago

Gotta appreciate some nice bit of world building ;) Glad to see you back in action!

Mouthful - 4 months ago

Nice to see that Mr. Tetcher's biology class had a profound effect on at least one of his surviving students!

Daisy Vanwolden was rich. She liked to remind people of that fact, and it was one of the reasons she always had a small herd of boytoys at her beck and call. If she’d been a popstar, they’d have been called groupies, but Daisy would’ve scoffed at any such comparison. She was above
In another century, they would’ve been her courtiers.

But Daddy Vanwolden was new money, not old money. Oil, or finance, or t

The Gift for the Girl Who Has Everything

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Tags: Human F/M Non-Vore Consensual Sex Cum Castration Transformation Willing Pussy Orgasm cuntboy Genderless Nullification Casual gender transformation MtF cock shrinking penis shrinking genderloss pussywand

Two rich southern girls get their hands on a wand that shrinks cocks. Hijinx ensues.

This was written for a commissioner, whose job I ended up being unable to fulfill due to mental health. I finally got it done for them last week, a year late, but haven't heard back on whether they want to be credited. I'll update this with their name if they come back to me. They were kind enough to basically give me free reign on the story, and I'm sorry I couldn't get it done sooner for them. 

Smallville - 6 months ago

Peen be gone byebye

yulkas - 6 months ago

Does the anal option remove the anus or give a second one in place of the genitals

digeroo - 6 months ago

This is amazing, I can't wait to see more of this product line ;P

Bureau of the Unexplained

Exploratory Mission NA-28-1008-b

Report - Authorisation of Mission

After a previous expedition on [information redacted], Doctor Anthony Gray requested further research to be conducted, providing the initial assessment of Anomaly 9019 as a Class 2 entity. It was the Doctor’s opinion that the An

Bureau of the Unexplained - Case File 1008

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Tags: Hard Vore M/M Hypnosis Consensual Fatal snuff Curse SCP

An SCP-style case file on a strange anomaly called the Cannibal Mania 

Malus - 7 months ago

Ah, to be an observer during those events...^^
Though, I assume I would not be one for very long of xourse.

deadgreenman - 7 months ago

Definitely an interesting one, maybe you could start a series of kinky anomalous items and events!

Master Sam made my cock stand at attention tonight. He did that every night, but when he was in skin-tight leather pants and no shirt, it might’ve been harder. I followed behind him, eyes demurely lowered, as we were waved into
the BDSM club we frequented. I’d met Sam at
and we’d kicked off our relationship here. I wore the customary yellow collar of a taken submissive; Sam wore blue as a dominant.

The Transformative BDSM Club

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Tags: Human M/M Non-Vore Consensual Cum snuff Transformation Willing Inanimate transformation inanimate tf Condom Transformation recycling death. disintergration

Balls is a BDSM club with a transformation theme, and a permanent ending for some of its subs. And masters 

boomer91 - 7 months ago

Interesting concept, love a dom being turned, but truthfully I would love to know how their conversation went...

LucifersChef - 7 months ago

feel free!

Starduster - 7 months ago

I love this idea, now I wanna do something with it!

Nightwriter - 7 months ago

Very nice! The idea of a sub just being atomized away for tiny pleasure, and even a former master, hot!

Johno was almost vibrating with excitement as the car pulled into a spot, and his boyfriend Masuda turned off the engine. The big stallion had a silly grin on his face as he pulled himself out of the too-small car, unfolding to his naturally impressive size courtesy of a draft horse grandfather. Masuda followed slower, the Egyptian Maui smiling more sedately and carrying himself with grace as he locked the old wagon up and strode around to Johno.

His soft flicking ears

Ravish's Valentine's Day Special

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Tags: Furry Cat Horse Anthro M/M Stuffing Consensual Cooking Gay Fatal snuff restaurant Willing Stallion beheading Valentine's Day orgasm denial pleasurable Cooking vore

The restaurant Ravish has a Valentine's Day special and Masuda has brought his boyfriend Johno to be on the menu.

I have plans to write 2 more stories at this restaurant, this was supposed to just be a short anthology of all 3 but this one got away from me. Enjoy!

Join my discord server 

NonBinaryFuta - 8 months ago

this was hot and wholesome, yay for clear consent and gay stuff, he will be a great meal.

zidanes123 - 8 months ago

I look forward part 2

KavusKazian - 8 months ago

This is hot!

KaiserDunk - 8 months ago

I’d like to see a roaster bound to a spit and roasting in front of the diners.

Cam’s drunk decision

Cam was, admittedly, drunk and high enough that the television screen had started to swirl into a vortex of pretty colours. But he’d been staring at the box he’d impulsively ordered last week for hours, and taking a hit, then another and another, felt like the only way he was going to build up the courage to open it.

The long legged man spread his thighs. His cock bobbed, hard and leaking a

Just Bro Fun

Uploaded: 10 months ago

Owner: LucifersChef

Tags: Human M/M Vacuum Fatal snuff Castration Transformation vacuum vore pleasurable death Casual vore penectomy Dust transformation

M/M, one nullification one vacuum vore short. Yes I know there short. 

gr8fzy1 - 10 months ago

mmmmmf, yesss....more vacuum vore...<3

Madock345 - 10 months ago

Oh, this was good. Love the vacuum stuff from you always. Bulging isn't my favorite form of nullification, but the story was still fun. Well done on these :)

Fintaffet - 10 months ago

Man, these were both fantastic!! I loved them both so much! It's awesome to see more vacuum vore from you, you're so skilled when it comes to writing it. I love the way you describe it not only the act but the machine too. The sock part is always one of my favorites! I loved bulged as well! It's a different but really cool type of nullification, and I adore how you describe it!

SoulofWolf43 - 10 months ago

As short as they are, they're both still great! Nice work!

vacuumfetish - 10 months ago

Please more vacuum cleaner vore thats great <3

Kate leaned over to her best friend and clinked their martinis together. “I’m so glad the neighbourhood association banned plastic skeletons this year.” The two women were lounging on Kate’s porch, taking in the sun.

“So much better for the environment!” Ivanka agreed with a smile. She stretched happily, martini sloshing lightly, her voluptuous assets moving freely. Neither of them wore a stitch of clothing.


zidanes123 - 4 months ago

Many thanks

LucifersChef - 4 months ago

zidanes123 - 4 months ago

Can you post the link to the story you mentioned, please?

Mouthful - 1 year ago

Love it!

Madock345 - 1 year ago

Oh, great concept. Keeping the two melting guys mostly in the background instead of focusing on them was an interesting choice. I wonder if they did or said anything there before they melted together.