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Raa and the New Friend

Uploaded: 6 years ago

Owner: MinunChaos73

Tags: Oral Vore Blood Fatal genie comedy Slimegirl ?/F Combat goo girl

Welp, it took a little time but I finished this bit. Luckily this was halfway done before I even considered getting a gallery.

Also, I forgot there was some vore already in this story so taking this set of stories out of the non-vore section and just placing them out until I can figure out where they should go. Maybe a mixed section.

But in any case, this time we find Raa coming across the genie girl from the end of the last chapter and now bound by odd...
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Raa and the Promise of the King

Uploaded: 6 years ago

Owner: MinunChaos73

Tags: Non-Vore genie Slimegirl Mummy goo girl storyline

Another story I made a few months ago. All in promotion of my character Raa, I decided to make a story series based around her and around her world. At first, I didn't know if I should make this into a vore related story or at least make the next few chapters of it going for vore but I think what I will do is make a little spin off vore series with Raa (along with some other slime girls. ;3) which would do justice.

I do have a chapter 2 halfway written out but I stopped as I got...
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MinunChaos73 - 6 years ago

Aww, thank you so much. You don't know how I feel right now. ; w; But yush, I will work my hardest on the next chapter and all. ^^

Well, that was the main thought anyway, I was just saying Raa could fit in with that franchise to say the least. *Raa tries to do those dances only to fail*

But thanks once more. <3

Sergit - 6 years ago

Hii! Lovely story, MinunChaos! Raa is a cutie, and it was so touching to see her mourning the loss of her king, and how he kindly wanted her to be free. I look forward to read the next chapters as you release them.

I would also advise to make it so that the universe/world of your story is yours and yours alone.

As cool as Shantae is, putting her in this story like that would (in my opinion)risk making the story less unique.

The crossovers can happen in non-canon just fine! I know this story will come along just fine. You are pretty good at writing, so best of luck with this project of yours! I'll be paying attention to it! :3

Gift Art - Raa

Uploaded: 6 years ago

Owner: MinunChaos73

Tags: Non-Vore Hybrid Slimegirl Mummy gift art goo girl bandages lewd

A thought occurred to me just a few minutes ago. I can display gift art. And although this was given to me a few months ago, I think it would be nice to do just that. ' w'

Anywho, this is Raa and as you can see, she is a golden mummy slime and here soon, I will be adding a series about her. I should also come up with a bio for those that don't know her but hey, that is what the edit button is for. Or at least, make a new thing.

Oh, I should mention that this was...
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Following a day of rain across the area, a Minun was poking around in a field with some tall grass dotting the area and a Plusle wasn't too far off. The air was heavy with moisture as the long field of grass was just in between a forest and a marshland and in fact from how the clouds looked, it could rain again soon. The Minun went deep into the grass, only his blue tipped ears poking out from the dense grass while he was looking around, smelling around. The Plusle was doing just about the same

A Goodra's Gooey Trap

Uploaded: 6 years ago

Owner: MinunChaos73

Tags: Pokemon Unbirth Slime F/F F/M Goo Unwilling Prey Female Prey Male Prey Female Pred teasing f/multiple Endosoma emolga minun plusle goodra Multiple Preys tail womb

Welp, first upload ever on the site since I been here. I hope anyone enjoys it as much as I did writing it. Which I did a few months ago only to get distracted and forgot to put a ending to it so I came back to it last night and fixed that.

I'll be honest, I didn't ever expect to try my hand at writing when I joined the site. But hey, gotta get a start somewhere. x3

Side note, I dunno if I should give this story a sequel or a alternate ending

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MinunChaos73 - 5 years ago

Then I shall see what I can do for that! ^^

Bookie - 5 years ago

Oooh I think we definitely need a sweet sequel to that nice story !