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Hair colored a deep blue with cheap hair dye and cut in a messy homemade bob, eyes a doe-like brown, and a rather average body build clad in a cheap black long coat. Her name is Blaire. She’s 29, single, never been kissed, and currently walking down a dark alley in the rain toward a little place with a hot pink neon sign that says “Dark Appetites Only”. A cheap alternative to the super expensive vore whorehouses in uptown. This is no dark marble building furnished with only the

Dark Appetites Only (Chapter 1)

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Shammerham

Tags: M/F Naga prostitution Willing romance Implied Digestion Implied Vore Implied Fatality M/FFFF M/multiple prey Multiple Preys Whorehouse

The beginning of my attempt at making an ongoing series and also my attempt at making a vore-based romance that doesn't result in one of the love interests getting eaten. No outright vore, or rather vore has already happened, but vore isn't the focus of this chapter. It's coming, but it'll be awhile before anything all that juicy happens. For now, this is more about two people fulfilling each other's needs. 

Shammerham - 1 year ago

Thank you! I was discouraged by the lack of traffic this story was getting, but comments like yours are what I need to keep going.

minasan - 1 year ago

I'm a sucker for a pred with a lover.

This seemed to have a lot of references to world building yet to be revealed, which was interesting.

In a mid-sized skyscraper accented with marble in the heart of a bustling metropolis is a desk where sits a wolfman with his head in his hands on the brink of a migraine headache. A somewhat tall man with a typical amount of muscle for a man in his forties, a 3-inch-long gray mane of a beard that contrasts against his brown fur. His name is Benny Lypuston, and this huge office on the 40
floor of a multinational corporat

Used and Loving It

Uploaded: 2 years ago

Owner: Shammerham

Tags: Oral Vore Digestion M/F Fatal Bondage Willing Anal Sex Female Prey Human Prey submissive Male Pred Wolf Pred

A Secretary feels the urge, while her boss reminisces about his days as a predator. Will they find a way to fulfill their desires mutually?


PhantomWolf - 2 years ago

I understand

Shammerham - 2 years ago

Hmmm... I like the idea of a raptor-esque thing, and I've no aversion to birds, but I prefer to avoid using pre-existing characters or objects. Not for nothing, I just prefer to be original.

PhantomWolf - 2 years ago

Hmm well After seeing the recent 2017 Kong Film I think the Skullcrawler would be a nice pred. And if your into anime look up "Fairy Tail Fukuro"

Shammerham - 2 years ago

Thanks, mang! Thought I'd do something different. Any ideas for a new predator I should try?

PhantomWolf - 2 years ago

Always Love vore with a wolf. Excellent story

It was Lydie’s anniversary, 20
wonderful years with her equally wonderful husband, a 10 foot long
emerald boa named Denra. When the curly-haired brunette woke up this
morning, she was greeted with a lovely smooch on the cheek by her
handsome little snakey.
“Honey, I have something for you.
I need you to wake up.” Coos the boa, slithering up onto the white
satin sheets of the bed they’ve shared for 20 years now and
sensually winding around his wife’s gorgeous body. Her auburn eyes

Happy Anniversery Darling

Uploaded: 3 years ago

Owner: Shammerham

Tags: Snake Digestion M/F Sex Willing Snake Vore married couple pleasurable death pleasurable digestion Romantic vore Prepare to Cry

I know it's been forever and a year since I posted a goddamn thing, but I wanted to do something for Valentine's. So here you go. Quite a bit more emotional than I typically do, and no where near casual. This is as personal as it gets. 

Shammerham - 6 months ago

ifdre - 6 months ago

Why did he eat her?

Shammerham - 3 years ago

Thankee much. I figured that if vore was going to be a romantic gesture then it's probably followed by plenty of crying faces.

New - 3 years ago

Well done indeed. I don't often see this angle of vore, and you gave it all the respect that it deserves and more.

Shammerham - 3 years ago

Thanks, fam. I appreciate the kind words.

Women of Damballa
75% of all women on the world of
Damballa have what are known as “prey urges”. This essentially
means that women who have prey urges experience sexual arousal when
faced with the concept, possibility, or reality of being eaten alive.
That’s not to say that these women have no survival instincts, far
from it. If faced with a natural danger like a tornado, or other
women who pose a threat, these women will defend themselves to the
best of their ability. However, th

Women of Damballa Profile

Uploaded: 3 years ago

Owner: Shammerham

Tags: Willing Snake/F Snake Vore Lore politics exposition world building

A summery of what exactly is up with these nutty women. 

Shammerham - 3 years ago

Possibly. I'm trying to work it into something, but it will definitely involve a beach.

fntrdy2001 - 3 years ago

are we going to see some underage vore?

Shammerham - 3 years ago

Not personally. But I got a request to make something with underage prey, and I'm establishing the plausibility of it here.

fntrdy2001 - 3 years ago

So you like underage pery too?;)

One night in a hole in the wall.

Uploaded: 4 years ago

Owner: Shammerham

Tags: Snake Digestion M/F Consensual Fatal Masturbation Willing Oral Sex Drunk Snake/F Snake Vore Graphic digestion pleasurable death Casual vore pleasurable digestion Holy shit levels of drunk

Back in my wheelhouse. Snake vore! It's my favorite kind.
I'll admit. This one shifts tone hard about halfway through. The tonal shift leads to a punchline though, so hang on! Also this what happens when vore meets one nights stands. A favorite concept of mine. Better believe I'mma do more o dat! 

Shammerham - 4 years ago

Thanks, bud. Means a lot!

arion20 - 4 years ago

Goddaymmmn. YOu deserve a Grammy Award for this.

Slate - 4 years ago

That tag 'Holy shit levels of drunk' is the funniest one I have seen in a long while.

Yay! Horsie!
“Where the fuck is she!?” The
frustrated and panicked shriek of a busty short-haired redhead
pierces from around the corner of a barn on the edge of a hauntingly
deserted farmstead. “There’s no one here!! This is fucked up,
Mel!” Her voice becoming more desperate as she rounds the corner
searching for a sign of life, nervously tugging on the left strap of
her high-cut swim-bottom; a nervous tick she’s had since she was
“You don’t
need to tell me. I see it.

Yay! Horsie!

Uploaded: 4 years ago

Owner: Shammerham

Tags: Horse Feral M/F Cock Vore Fatal Willing Anal Sex Cum Digestion science fiction M/ff deepthroat cumgestion Painless Digestion Horse Pred pleasurable death Casual vore pleasurable digestion

First CV attempt.
If you must throw rocks at me, please don't hit my face. I need at least one thing my chungus ass can be proud of. 

Shammerham - 3 years ago

Not a bad idea, truth be told. I'll give it some thought. I was actually considering doing a sequel at the aformentioned beach involving more snakes or maybe a big frog.

Nobodie - 3 years ago

crap no edit. Have it in the head that the one mom goes to feed it, doesn't come back for a couple minutes, other mom checks just in time to see the first in the process of sliding in.

Nobodie - 3 years ago

Any chance at a prequel with the lesbian moms and daughter getting lured in. could even have it where the moms are in one sac while the daughter is in the other, moms are 69 it up for the 2 days.

Shammerham - 3 years ago

'Preciate it man!

EldritchWriter - 3 years ago

Hilariously written. Well done. I don't really care for CV, but this one has piqued my interest.

Designation: Muttoquus
Temperament: Patient and graceful
with the exception of its feeding and mating times. Within range of
human women, however, the male Muttoquus becomes very purposefully
seductive, engorging its penis to full erection and brandishes it as
if to show off. Females are unable to ingest human women, but still
if a female is within range of a human woman, it will beckon and lead
the woman toward a male.
Description: The Muttoquus is a
large mammalian megafauna resembling a horse

Muttoquus Profile

Uploaded: 4 years ago

Owner: Shammerham

Tags: Horse Cock Vore Willing exposition world building

A horse of course. 

Shammerham - 4 years ago

The only ones I haven't used yet ar the Muttoquus and the Rimble. I definately have something planned for Muttoquus, but I'm umming and erring over Rimble. Don't know what I could do with that wouldn't just be straight up tentacle prons. I have an idea for it but it involves a woman that specializes in hunting and killing feral megafauna killing it at a farmer's request. So yeah.

rubuio91 - 4 years ago

Really like this concept. Any chance you will write a story about those creatures in the future?

At 29, Sally Ferham had been trying
to get eaten for a long time. In fact she had been with the Thandran
Food Corps for almost 8 years, the longest survival streak in the
organization’s history! However, her impressive record was not of
her own volition, mind you. Which is strange considering her body
seems tailor made for ingestion. Six feet tall even, straight blonde
hair, huge honeydew melon-sized breasts and ridiculous hips.
And yet despite
these magnificent features, it seemed like divin

TFC Tales Sally

Uploaded: 4 years ago

Owner: Shammerham

Tags: Frog Digestion Sex Bondage Willing ?/F Hard Digestion Frog Vore Graphic digestion Anal Insertion pleasurable death pleasurable digestion

Sally's tired of missing out on life's greatest opportunity.

If you still don't know what a Menji is, then I refer you my Menji profile. 

Shammerham - 4 years ago

My definition is pretty narrow. Basically my definition is "story based in a previously established IP that is not owned by the author". But that's just me.

SightlessStudios - 4 years ago

Well given how many furries and vore fanshave characters that are based on derived concepts such as pokemon or digimon or actual animals, one must take a narrow definition of fanfic in order to contain their own ideas and characters without it becoming a fanfic of something else.

Shammerham - 4 years ago

Have no clue. I was trying to be original and just tried making up words for them. I don't base my stories in previously established universes or IPs because of my own dislike for fanfiction.

SightlessStudios - 4 years ago

Is it naive of me to not know what universe this sotry takes place in? Menji and Gesh sound like they're from something, though they might be from two different somethings.

“Turning thirty fucking sucks.”
That much was made obvious to one
Sharon Ferris as she sits at a dimly lit bar in a hole-in-the-wall
pub after walking out of her family reunion. A college drop-out with
hip-length straight raven hair and moderate proportions, she in
theory could find a good wife, or a good snake and settle down with a
family and a job. But she couldn’t be asked to do something like
that. Not now anyway, since that was precisely what everyone at her
family reunion were blab


Uploaded: 5 years ago

Owner: Shammerham

Tags: Oral Vore Snake Digestion Consensual Masturbation Willing Snake/F Snake Vore pleasurable death pleasurable digestion

Turning thirty sucks for everyone. How does one keep their mind off their incoming mortality? Some use alcohol. Some use carnal pleasures. Some chase death down screaming.

Sharon did all of the above. 

fntrdy2001 - 4 years ago

How old is she?

Shammerham - 5 years ago

Thanks for being my first comment dude! Much appreciated.

IndifferentEmpath - 5 years ago

Nice story! Looking forward to seeing more in this setting. I wonder what role that cab driver will play.