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You ate me today.
I believe the time was about 9:27 A.M., or roughly an hour ago. You're actually still digesting me as we speak. I don't like to brag but I think I made for a pretty tasty meal (or at least part of one) based on the way you've been acting since I came to rest in here (re: your stomach). Yes, that stomach - the one that I'd wager feels packed nice and full with warm yumminess (aka me) right now. The one you keep putting your hands on with almost prideful satisfaction. The one tha

You ate me today

Uploaded: 3 years ago

Owner: booleanTrue

Tags: Digestion unaware Implied Digestion Resigned Prey Food Transformation ?/? Implied Fatality unaware pred first person POV

I wrote this whole thing in less than a day and most of it one sitting. The idea popped into my head some time this morning and wouldn't leave so now y'all get to read this. Hope ya like it. 

alittletrolling - 2 months ago

This really captures the sentimentality of vore as a whole. For most, tgere's life, anf there's death. But... to worlds where vore exists, there is a middle ground. The waiting room. The slow place where, as you say, you sit, and think. And that's it.

Not to mention, the way you can switch from something bleak and somber to something witty, then back, its almost in a boat with Toby Fox himself. Fantastic stuff.

Sebistan - 1 year ago

incredibly underappreciated, and one of the most beautiful pieces of texts I've read for an arcane fetish. Amazing.

rabidPsionic - 3 years ago

Lovely story. It was super interesting.

Accidental Dinner

Uploaded: 6 years ago

Owner: booleanTrue

Tags: Burp Stuffing Fatal pie Unwilling Prey Food Transformation Prey POV misunderstanding Undertale Toriel Second Person POV Undertail

The thumbnail is a picture I commissioned from LeoKatana of FurAffinity (and DeviantArt). You can check out the rest of her account here: OR at For a bigger version of the picture itself, look here: .

The story was written by a good friend of mine ( for my birthday a while back. With their permission, I cleaned up the...
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booleanTrue - 6 years ago

While I'm flattered you remember me, I didn't write this! My buddy wrote it for my birthday a few months back. I just went in and cleaned up some of the phrasing and grammar since he wrote it late at night on very little sleep. You have him to thank, really!

Wordybird - 6 years ago

Ohhh, it's you again! Was hoping you'd write more. X//3 Find this quite lovely for a short read, Toriel's of course an eternal fave.

NekoBound - 6 years ago're on a website where that happens regularly, you aren't gonna change anyones mind.

ken115 - 6 years ago

I think goat mum would never do this, it is just bad to turn a mother like character like this into a crazy killer

Asriel Dreemurr Vore

Uploaded: 7 years ago

Owner: booleanTrue

Tags: Food M/M Burp Belch Macro/Micro pizza Unwilling Prey Shrinking Size difference Human Prey furry/human Furry Pred Food preparation Pred POV Undertale Asriel Dreemurr Undertail

This is my second ever vorefic, and my first written exclusively from pred perspective. Just like last time I would love to hear your thoughts, feelings, comments, concerns, constructive criticisms, anything! I want to improve this story and my writing along with it. Consider this a rough draft that will later be replaced with a more polished version.

If you don't feel like reading the boring bits at the beginning or want to cut straight to the vore then Ctrl + F "you...
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booleanTrue - 7 years ago

Thank you very much for reading and commenting!

On the subject of the "prey experience", you are far from the only person feeling like the story is lacking in it (that includes myself). Fret not for I am slowly but surely working on a prey side to this story. No promises that it will be out any time soon, but it *will* come out eventually.

Noxyoursox - 7 years ago

Very, very nice! Especially with establishing the dynamic between Asriel and Flowey/Evil Asriel. I think it might have been improved by showing a little more of the prey's experience (as opposed to having the point of view be entirely the pred's) but that's more of a stylistic choice, not something that is good or bad.

booleanTrue - 7 years ago

To the stuttering thing, I do agree that it's overused. I'll brainstorm some ways to hopefully improve it.

Like pretty much every submissive in existence, I love me a smug dom. Glad I was able to get that across. And I love stuffing, especially when it's mixed with vore. So so good.

Yeah, I'm another UT fan in denial about the bittersweet ending so I completely swept it under the rug. Sorry not sorry.

Your explanation for the ending is as good as mine, to be honest. Laziness was setting in pretty strong by then but I did try to throw in text that would make it obvious Brandon had lots of determination. Not quite the way it works in the game but neither is Asriel surviving or having split personalities at the end.

Hmm, it's hard when writing a limited perspective to include everyone's feelings but I'll see whether I can't flesh them out some more. I do plan to write a prey POV for this at some point but I'm not sure whether I'll add it to this version or upload it separate. I'm currently leaning towards the former since I'm prey myself and typically prefer reading that.

And yes, you helped a lot! Thank you!

Readasaur - 7 years ago

This is just my personal opinion, but I feel like the "Stuttering with fear" thing is kind of an overused cliche.
Other than that, I liked how vividly you described the interactions between Brandon and Asriel's tongue. The taunting was good too, Asriel's evil half makes for a very smug and dominating predator.
Not to mention the stuffing kink! That was very good!
(I also liked the world-building about Asriel and his human siblings. Hooray for ideal endings!)
I am curious as to how Asriel ensured Brandon survived that all, especially if shrinking him was that taxing, but I figure "Magic" and possibly "Humans can canonically bring themselves back to life in the game through sheer stubborn willpower" and move on.
If I had to ask for anything, I'd ask for more of the emotional impact this was having on both of them, as evil!Asriel got off on it and Brandon freaked out. (You did detail that, I would just ask for more of it) But that too is simply personal taste, and not something I can say would objectively make the story better.
Does that help at all?

booleanTrue - 7 years ago

I'm glad you enjoyed the read! Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment! I don't want to seem too needy but was there anything you didn't like about it or would want to see better explained/described? This is, after all, only a rough draft.

Toriel Vore Story

Uploaded: 7 years ago

Owner: booleanTrue

Tags: Soul Vore Digestion Belch Macro/Micro Unwilling Prey Goat Shrinking Size difference Sandwich Vore snail Human Prey furry/human Furry Pred Food preparation Undertale Toriel Second Person POV Goatmom Undertail Voriel F/reader Toriel Dreemurr

So this is my first ever vorefic. I've been reading and *ahem* enjoying vore for many years but this is my first time giving something back to the community. With as popular as Undertale is and as popular as vore is I have been somewhat disappointed by the lack of good Toriel vore out there (especially with regard to stories). I would love to hear what you guys think and I welcome all thoughtful critiques and constructive criticism.

This originally existed as an interactive story...
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DevilSCHNED - 4 years ago

Made an account specifically to comment on this. Love this story! And, even if she wasn't sad in the end, I still liked how she seemed a doubtful or sorrowful/gentle when they were shrunken. The doubt might have just been the taste of the human, lmao. Still, good story! I always come here when I need something done.

GilPix - 4 years ago

A very finely written story with good progression and descriptive actions.
Toriel has found her new purpose to save the Underground

RoboMax - 7 years ago

No problem. It was an enjoyable read.

Wordybird - 7 years ago

Mraw, glad I made your day! Always happy to give a fellow writer a boost; everyone loves comments, not enough people are willing to give them. =3

And yeah, I know that feeling. I was taught in gradeschool to avoid word repetition, like most people. What school didn't make clear, or just didn't know, is that such advice is for writing reports, not writing a narrative. In a narrative, a repeated word won't be as jarring to a reader as a word that doesn't feel like it belongs. By no means dumb down your writing, but the way the words flow together should always be top priority. Not to argue with you or anything, just, giving some writing advice.

Again, you did a genuinely great job on this piece, and I'm glad you're going to continue writing! I look forward to that next story! ^.^

booleanTrue - 7 years ago

While I'm always happy to hear that someone enjoyed my writing there is no need for you to do or say so. You have every right to not like my story or to prefer non-fatal. I apologize if I came across as angry or irritated about your comment; I am not.