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RG9812 - 1 year ago

Nice stomach bulge

Badfurson - 1 year ago

Awesome musculature~ i love her figure!

WankersCramp - 1 year ago

She's exotic, sexy and deadly! Her curves are a testament to her skills as a pred. Anyone should be honoured to become part of curves.

Great job!

Estee - 1 year ago

Love some bone bulges. A pred like that, doing a little belly dance with the bones of her prey still inside must be fun.

fake coco sketch page.

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: darksidesofsix

Tags: Furry Oral Vore Soft Vore Anthro Digestion Burp Weight Gain Same Size Bulge Nipples Belching shorts Struggling Big Belly Female Pred Gassy Tight Belly Crash Bandicoot tight clothes Digestion Noises tube top Stomach Noises Struggling prey Coco bandicoot Gassy Pred foot imprint fake coco bandicoot

fake coco is disgusting.
i think thats pretty cool.

my head cannon for her is that since shes an imperfect copy, she has a very flawed digestive system. it usually depends on what she eats but sometimes it happens regardless and on random, but she gets EXTREMELY gassy. so gassy her stomach bloats up BIG.

her meal could already be digested soup and well on its way out of her system, but her stomach is still ballooned out because of backed up and fast forming...
[ Continued ...

MelancholyClownD - 1 year ago

That's the best headcanon ever! Fantastic art!

TyronneVB - 1 year ago

I want meet her

AfraArt - 1 year ago

Yay, more fake coco!~ <3

MrWiseGuy - 1 year ago

I really do hope you do more Crash bandicoot stuff this is really well made

MrWiseGuy - 1 year ago

You should do more of her since she is underrated

z3d - 1 year ago

Nice! Well luckily I’m leaving work early today so perhaps by then we could discuss an idea for commission use. As those tight bulges have me sold on wanting to commission stuff from you : D

darksidesofsix - 1 year ago

lol yeah i love ALL bulges. id be happy to draw you something sometime :]

DemonioBlanco - 1 year ago

Im happy to found your stuff, you may have little stuff, but its really good stuff

anagraphical - 1 year ago

Absolutely lovely detailed bulges and plumpiness!
Seems like they all are being put to good use.

largerarge - 1 year ago

very cool

AfraArt - 1 year ago

She scarfed down the garf!

Killboo - 1 year ago

Arlene gonna be super thicc since she ate Garfield

anyonarex - 1 year ago

I mean, garfield as prey? how can I say no? and with such good bulges and burps mmmm <3 awesome stuff, wonder if he tastes like Lasagna?

Crazycat15 - 1 year ago

Nice ❤️

GladiatusTheSaldrak - 1 year ago

I would love to see one featuring Liz

ChaoskampfNunc - 1 year ago

Damn I love me a good gassy gal <3 What a beautiful belch!

Dudeox05 - 1 year ago

Goodness!~ How do I get her as my delivery driver? <3
Beautiful delivery gal. :)

RedNastyFoxy - 1 year ago

Mouse preds are gorgeous! ^__^

soline - 1 year ago

"Should really draw her more"

Yes, yes you absolutely should. Bitchy, mean mousy pred? Holy crap yes the world needs more of Valery!

RandomInjury - 1 year ago

I used to deliver pizza, I never got fussy about it, but it SUCKS to not get tipped, because you aren't paid for gas, so if you deliver to someone who doesn't tip you are suddenly making less than minimum wage for that delivery.

Nekochow - 1 year ago

This is still my favourite pic of your's so far, the expressiveness and attitude of the character is awesome. Valery is very cute.

MelancholyClownD - 1 year ago

One bad guy down, more to go! What a wonderful belly she's got!

157and493 - 1 year ago

With burp is great.

Megam0 - 1 year ago


ThatBrassyGuy - 1 year ago

Ah yes, good old Katswell. She deserves to be pred way more.

AfraArt - 1 year ago


Knumpip - 1 year ago

From Rat Trap to cat fat, this is tragic :O

RedNastyFoxy - 1 year ago

Wish I was inside that tummy! ^__^

MelancholyClownD - 1 year ago

Ngl, i really love her expression here!

ShaboJohnson - 1 year ago

Why do i think that i've already seen this?

AfraArt - 1 year ago

Kitty Fatswell is more like it!~

Bright - 1 year ago

I really like the linework here. Especially how the hands turned out.

RedNastyFoxy - 1 year ago

Huff, that belly looks simply amazing! ^__^

AfraArt - 1 year ago


darksidesofsix - 1 year ago

lmao, didnt even think of it that way.

WankersCramp - 1 year ago

Wow! Awesome first post!

Considering where this person is going then they will be weighing her down for quite some time.