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Dining with Dee [Collab]

Uploaded: 7 days ago

Owner: marloweny

Tags: Dragon Non-Vore Toon Transformation

The image, by Toonvasion, associated with this story: 

willofwii - 5 days ago

I’m loving this image and how sexy the dragoness is! Will be reading the story.

Tassie - 7 days ago

This is wonderful! I haven't finished reading the story, but I'm more than half done, and now I need to finish!

Something bad happened today, so I really hope I can enjoy this as it deserves to be.

willofwii - 5 days ago

Mmhmm! I really like this premise of a magic shake making her i to a dragon that craves some “real human food” in the Jane. If Jane went along with it would make for a very interesting experience for her since Dee will eat her no matter what.

Pokeman - 6 days ago

How did I miss this one? Amazingly done!

ninth - 10 days ago

Excellent! Nice tension with the toon TF.

Like I've mentioned before this is juuuuust skirting the line between fatal and non-fatal, which (I suppose) is the whole point. I like it, thanks for posting!

Amberain - 10 days ago

Hopefully Jane will catch on to what Dee's been hinting at for most of that last scene. She actually does have a lot of control over the situation, she just needs to stop fighting over the one point that isn't optional and Dee will concede everything else.

Anise hummed pleasantly to herself. She’d been a maid for a few years, so she was used to cleaning people’s houses, but the job had gotten a lot better a few months ago when a friend of hers contacted her about a new business idea. Basically, actual, professional maids dress up in the cliché “French maid” outfit to clean people’s houses. It had been done before, but this one was different in a way that really made it less worrisome for the women. The owners of the house weren’t home

Maid Service

Uploaded: 2 weeks ago

Owner: marloweny

Tags: Anal Vore Compression Flushing

This is a story that I apparently wrote on my phone over two years ago and never posted. 

Groblek - 12 days ago

Fun! And the ending was great - the customer deserves her infamy.

marloweny - 2 weeks ago

Thanks! I really haven't been doing much writing lately. Day job and just general lack of motivation have taken their toll. I'd like to do another Judy and Vivvie soon.

marloweny - 2 weeks ago


thetempmailman - 2 weeks ago

Your HDTF and HDTF adjacent stuff is always a blast!

Amberain - 2 weeks ago

It's been a while since we've last seen an HDTF story. Personally I prefer your protagonists that natively have these sort of physics bending abilities, but it is appealing to have a device that makes it available to everyone, even if it often causes quite a bit of trouble. I'm glad you were able to unearth something, but I'm still hoping we'll see some new writing from you again soon. Have you been doing much writing lately? I know even if you want to, IRL stuff often gets in the way.

Vivvie Ref

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: marloweny

Tags: Dragon reference sheet

This is my candy dragon, Vivvie. As seen in this series:

She's the size of a medium-large dog, and wears a children's Hello Kitty back pack with all her gear. She's a vore character, who works for an uber-like pred/prey for hire service called VORE APP. She's able to swallow things many times her own size with no danger of suffocation or digestion no matter how long they are inside. She is likewise able to withstand being swallowed...
[ Continued ...

Adseria - 1 month ago

"Only eats candy." Hmm...

Amberain - 1 month ago

I see now why some of her customers were dubious about her abilities, when they first saw her. I knew she was small, but I didn't realize just how cute and colorful she was.

Hopefully the reference pic showing up here is an indication that you have more plans for Vivvie and Judy in the future.

Morphy - 1 month ago

Ahhh! I need to hug and squeeze her now! So cute!

softvarelover - 1 month ago

Vivvie even looks like candy.

ethan3369 - 1 month ago

Now i want fundip

Fox to Ball [GIFT]

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: marloweny

Tags: squish Non-Vore Transformation Ball Compression

I swear Wendy has been getting more malleable of late. People keep squashing her into new shapes!

Now the question is, what to do with her in her new compact state? She seems pretty game for whatever you have in mind. 

Morphy - 1 month ago

I can't help but feel she's got that whole "We are not amused" look in her eyes... Then again, with Morphy having been classified as a macro's chew toy, I've had days like this myself. (Haven't rp'ed in 20 years but I remember it)

Tassie - 1 month ago

She's so cute and beautiful.

I swear, with you and the other amazing artists here, Zootopia and Beastars, I'm turning into a furry.

Pokeman - 1 month ago

why was my first thought after seeing this that ball factory flash game? :P definitely a much sexier ball, though. At least she doesn't seem to mind that form too much!

Fox to Bot [GIFT]

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: marloweny

Tags: Non-Vore Animation Transformation Robot

Those pesky wife-bots. Always looking to recruit. 

Morphy - 1 month ago

I love the style! Has that classic era vibe.

Toon Llama DivaThe llama diva walked in circles around her latest model, hoof cradling her chin as she considered the new client’s form. In the seemingly inexhaustible spectrum of toon archetypes, she was the “fashion icon” type. Elegant, inspired, intense. She peered through her fashionable angled sunglasses and measured the figure of her model, formulating what sort of outfit would perfectly accentuate it.“A narrow waist. And slender shoulders,” she murmured.“Narrow waist, slen

Two short ones

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: marloweny

Tags: Anthro latex Dragoness Toon Macro/Micro Nipple Vore size play Accidental vore Flattening Clothing TF Ambiguous Ending shared clothing inside clothing Anthro peacock

Hey, folks. Got a vorified version of a toon TF story I previously posted on FA, and a weird little sci-fi dragoness short. Sorry I haven't been active lately. A little scattered and distracted and generally brain-static-y lately. 

Ottsel - 3 weeks ago

Absolutely adored every moment of the fashion llama one. <3

Tassie - 1 month ago

These are silly and whimsical, but so fun.

Belly97 - 2 months ago

I would love to see a sequel or more of "Space Dragoness", it's a great story so far.

squashflat - 2 months ago

To think, I once dreamed of being an astronaut, now I do again...

ArgobargSoup - 2 months ago

Oooh, fun~ I quite like the BV one~

Drone 143

Uploaded: 4 months ago

Owner: marloweny

Tags: Oral Vore latex rubber Blowjob Drone

A long, strange story about a guy who starts a relationship with a rubbery, kangaroo-like drone. A non-vore version of this story with a longer ending exists and will probably show up elsewhere. Comment asking for it if you're interested and I'll reply with a link when it's posted. 

Ev0nix - 3 months ago

Observe reality and travel away to parts unknown.

threk - 4 months ago

How you consistently manage to make stories as adorably cute as you do while still including things like horny latex kangaroo robots is beyond me.

hornywing - 4 months ago

I believe it is the better ending but I am biased towards happy endings. :)

And with a couple dozen sentences you create world I will daydream about for a bit. Your economy of words vs. the punch they carry is why I enjoy your works. Thank you again for sharing them.

squashflat - 4 months ago

Very Very nice story, and yes i would be interested in reading the non vore version if you would be so kind.

Pokeman - 4 months ago

Still would happily see more on these two, although I can see why you might not have more story ideas for them.

Elasto Repeat"So... you... Uh... You stretch everywhere?" Strongfella said."Yep," said Elasto-las.The pair were waiting in the alley beside the police station, waiting for some crime to fight. Things had been slow lately, so they tended to spend hours waiting and getting progressively more bored."Even your... you know..." he said."Yes," she said. "It's part of me, and I stretch.""Okay, so... how much control do you have over it?""Complete control.""Could you... Do tricks?"She narrowed her eyes.

Reblogs 3

Uploaded: 4 months ago

Owner: marloweny

Tags: Oral Vore Unbirth F/F F/M Anal Vore Dragoness Giraffe Nipple Vore Cleavage Vore fusion Accidental vore dragoness pred

Stuff that was originally just a blog, now collected into a big thing.

I didn't populate the tags fully. It's 2:32 am. 

Hawkeye7 - 4 months ago

Fantastic… I always love your work… you have an amazing skill to be able to create fantastic scenarios is such small delectable chunks.


Adseria - 4 months ago

Still hoping to see "Tube Transport Technician" made into a full story.

ethan3369 - 4 months ago

Dragon intern sounds interesting

Apostolos - 4 months ago

Hmm well those are some interesting stories, think i liked the hero one most though

Side Kink VingettesWeird Non-Vore Side Kinks. Let's just make these all featuring random characters, we'll name them Susan and Karen for the sake of not naming them 1 and 2.V1Susan opened her eyes slugishly. Her memory was fuzzy. The last thing she remembered was testing the new formulat. The room around her was dim, like the light was filtering through a heavy cloth. She tried to stand, but found a thick shroud had been thrown over her. She crawled forward, toward the brightest light, and final

Side Kinks

Uploaded: 4 months ago

Owner: marloweny

Tags: Non-Vore Shrinking Vacuum Cleaner clothing entrapment

Three side kinks. No actual vore, but there's a pretty clear path to vore in each one if you imagine hard enough. 

squashflat - 4 months ago

I love the second and third ones, but the first one really really is my cup of tea, i would love to be susan in that one... thank you so much for sharing...

Amberain - 4 months ago

The paper one intrigues me the most, in part because it's the most uncommon scenario of the three. Also though, in that one Karen clearly has her own plans and motivations, but we only get a glimpse of it. It left me with a number of questions about how and why, and feels like it has the most potential for expansion.

gingerkitsune - 4 months ago

I enjoyed the paper story, but there's just something so delightful about your vacuum vore stories, I just absolutely love them. Keep it up!

theheadsn - 4 months ago

Any of these would make a great story. Love the work as always

Harleking31 - 4 months ago

Oh the paper one is great

I also like the entrapment in the first and the last

Loweny the Goo-Girl

Uploaded: 5 months ago

Owner: marloweny

Tags: Non-Vore goo girl Author Avatar

Here's the official artwork for Loweny the Goo-Girl. And here's the updated and cleaned up Bio.

If ever you feel inclined to include "Me" in your art or stories, this is one of my authorized stand-ins. The Other is Mar the Tanuki.


Name: Loweny

Bio: Loweny is an intelligent, person-sized blob of goo. She’s a very sensory creature, seldom content to simply see and hear her friends. She would much rather “experience” them. She...
[ Continued ...

Pokeman - 5 months ago

Just out of curiosity, what would happen if she ate a thing of food dye? would she just break down the pigments after a minute or so, or would it stick around for a while, or is it something she can control?

KlinKitty - 5 months ago

Sounds like a fun cutie!

Mar the Tanuki

Uploaded: 6 months ago

Owner: marloweny

Tags: Non-Vore Avatar Fursona Tanuki character reference

Here's the official artwork for Mar the Tanuki. And here's the updated and cleaned up Bio.

If ever you feel inclined to include "Me" in your art or stories, this is one of my authorized stand-ins. The other is still in the works.


Name: Mar

Bio: Mar is a middle-aged Tanuki (which, thanks to his supernatural origins, means he is VERY old.) He is utterly fascinated with new experiences, though he usually prefers to spectate...
[ Continued ...

Ottsel - 6 months ago

Awww Mar is great!

Pokeman - 6 months ago

such a sweet squoosy floof!

HungryAL - 6 months ago

Look at this fat little floofer
I just wanna give him a hug lmao.

marloweny - 6 months ago

I'm thinking he has sort of a Velma from Scooby Doo thing where he can't see without them and he has a habit of losing them.

hornywing - 6 months ago

The glasses are a nice touch. Are they needed for sight or are they a signature touch?


Chubby Tanuki


He is utterly fascinated with new experiences, though he prefers to spectate rather than be a part. He perpetually has a pad and pen, scribbling down what he sees with the hopes of sharing with others. He is a storyteller by trade, and will happily regale people with long, detailed stories of his many travels if asked. As a supernatural creature, h

Marr and Loweny, Author Avatars

Uploaded: 6 months ago

Owner: marloweny

Tags: Non-Vore Tanuki goo girl Rubber Suit

Lot's of people have asked me what my persona is, and I've invariably told them I really don't like to self-insert. But the value of having surrogate characters that represent "me" even if they're nothing like me, has become evident. So I floated the idea and chewed on it a bit and here's the official description of Marr and Loweny, the male and female Marloweny stand-ins.

I was going to write an introductory story for them, but I don't have time for that right now. I'm...
[ Continued ...

Lovingutitis - 6 months ago

Just a thought: Marlo and Weny or even Marlow and Winnie. If this thought is unwanted, please disregard.

BlondeBellySam - 6 months ago

Oh nice!! Both of them sound amazing! I hope they show up in stories eventually ^^

Dragon OneDean flopped on the couch after a long, hard day. He was looking forward to spending the evening unwinding with his girlfriend. It was a little strange that she wasn’t home before him. As though she heard him thinking that, there was a heavy thump on the bedroom door.“Sweetie?” came her voice, a bit louder and huskier than he was accustomed to. “Are you home?”“Yeah! Were you in there the whole time?” he said.“Yes.”“Why didn’t you come out when you heard me come in

Dragons and Stuff

Uploaded: 6 months ago

Owner: marloweny

Tags: F/M Dragon pred clothing entrapment

A few vingnettes, two of which are variations on a theme about dragons eating dudes and one that's about shoplifting.  

ALAMOS123 - 5 months ago

don't know why it took me so long to read this, i must have missed it before lol. the shoplifter one was great

Groblek - 6 months ago

That make sense, they’re really versatile that way. Thinking about it, I’m kinda surprised that toon vore isn’t more common than it is.

marloweny - 6 months ago

The lack of physical rules to follow and the assumed smooth bounciness of toons really make them interesting to me.

Groblek - 6 months ago

Fun! I particularly liked the toon dragon one, but they’re all good shorts.

LoveCraken [Collaboration]

Uploaded: 6 months ago

Owner: marloweny

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore F/M Sex writing kraken girl written work

A collaboration with Toonvasion on FA ( ) to create a lovecraftian kraken who is just looking for a date. And maybe a snack. 

marloweny - 6 months ago

We've discussed other ideas for this pair. Some potential drama, some fun vore stuff. Gotta clear off some other stuff before I revisit, though.

threk - 6 months ago

Amusing and sweet in all the right places. Y'know I imagine it's pretty difficult to write a properly eldritch creature from beyond the stars, but this was a fascinating read.

Grimsage - 6 months ago

Huh. At once wholesome and eldritch. I like this, and would be awesome if you continued this :D

Amberain - 6 months ago

This is great. Provided that she's willing to let him out, and go back to being a bit less "real" again, I would love to see more of the complexities of their relationship. I'd assume that between having near infinite patience and respecting him as a person, she'd be willing to let go of him for a while. Seems like it's within her capabilities to just kind of hang out on the fringes of his space, waiting to be invited back in again. The time bleed effect that she produces seems both horrifying and wonderful, and it's pretty unique. If this turns out to be a one shot, I'll accept that, but personally I hope you and Toonvasion have a few more idea for this couple.

LemonBarb - 6 months ago

I'm guessing by the end of things. Jack's likely inside an eldritch Kraken for life/eternity. But if it's any consolidation, not digested? And probably kept in sync/'biological immortality' to a 4th dimentional amount of time...

And probably, in before he wakes up in a 'dreamland', and right nearby a Kraken girlfriend... While either unaware, or likely resigned/content? Over still being inside the belly of the beast?

Judy wriggled herself and hugged her arms tighter. A soft, contented squeak from her partner let her know her hug was well appreciated by her dragony bed-mate, as did a warm tongue lapping ticklishly at her ear. With any other person she’d shared a bed with, Judy would have felt self-conscious about wanting to be so close. With Vivvie, quite the opposite was true. She felt as though she wasn’t holding up her side of the deal if she didn’t squeeze just as close and as tight as she could. Th

Vivvie and Judy have a chat

Uploaded: 7 months ago

Owner: marloweny

Tags: Soft Vore Dragon Human Unbirth Willing Insertion Dragon pred Human Prey Food Transformation Soft Dismemberment Endosoma dream vore

Judy is having some complex thoughts about her burgeoning relationship with Vivvie and decides to address them. 

NonBinaryFuta - 4 months ago

These 2 are so adorable! I loved the description for the chocolate stuff, the wholesomeness of the discussion with her therapist, everything! Thanks for writing this.

Ev0nix - 6 months ago

Normal isn't

1ring42 - 6 months ago

I must protect this wholesomely kinky content

marloweny - 6 months ago

I like wholesome kink.

marloweny - 6 months ago


A Couple New Dragons [TRADE]

Uploaded: 7 months ago

Owner: marloweny

Tags: Dragon Vixen Non-Vore latex Transformation Maid

Drawn my RedFlare500 in exchange for this story:

Mistress Sammy has only one employee, a frilly pink rubber dragon named Charlotte who is a very devoted maid. However, since Charlotte has a terrible tendency to be permanently changed into furniture and toys, she's always in the market for a replacement Charlotte. Here, Sammy is scoring a two-fer. And I've got to say, a fairy-sized Charlotte is just too cute for words. 

Morphy - 6 months ago

Bet I could bounce a quarter off that bum

marloweny - 6 months ago

Redflare's gloss is the stuff of legend. That butt... that BUTT.

Morphy - 7 months ago

The gloss is almost blinding, I love it! :D

Diane strolled down the street, gazing up at the various storefronts. She'd never been in this part of town before. It was right at the border of the commercial and industrial parts of town, where the buildings got bigger and less inviting. Most of these stores had swept in to replace the little factories and workshops that used to be here, so they were a little too big and a little too utilitarian for the average consumer. Finally she found the place her friend had recommended.“Beauty In A Bo

Beauty in a Bottle [Gift]

Uploaded: 7 months ago

Owner: marloweny

Tags: Inflation F/F Breast Expansion deflation Shrunken woman containment Flattening bottled container stuffing

A woman seeks a breast augmentation, undergoes a procedure, ignores the safety briefing AND the contract details, and regrets it.


This is a lightly vored-up version of a gift I wrote for an artist on DA. I guess we can consider this an HDTF spinoff, as the contents of that spritzer bottle could easily be something that came from the Hostile Takeover arc.

marloweny - 6 months ago

The large print giveth, the small print taketh away.

marloweny - 6 months ago

Glad you liked it!

Pokeman - 7 months ago

ALWAYS read the TOS.

Cerilium - 7 months ago

This is lovely! So many different interactions that I love to see in your stories.

He sat at the table and checked his watch. He couldn’t have been early, because they’d seated him right away, but he’d been there for fifteen minutes and his date was still a no show.“Sorry, sorry, sorry,” muttered a voice with a thick Scottish accent.From the sound of it, she was apologizing less out of genuine regret and more out of habit. He got the idea that she was a busy woman and thus was no stranger to being late. But despite the impression her voice made, he still

Date with a Snake

Uploaded: 7 months ago

Owner: marloweny

Tags: Snake Feral F/M Non-Fatal bestiality Snake Pred Male Prey Feral Pred feral/human

Jake goes on a fantasy date with a snake and the inevitable happens.


Yet another side effect of my chats with Toonvasion. He drew a toon snake that I couldn't get out of my head, so I threw her into the fantasy date setting. 

willowshat - 2 months ago

I need an entire spinoff about what that catgirl did with a glass of venom

marloweny - 6 months ago

I like tactile characters.

marloweny - 6 months ago

It was a tossup if she would go in him or he would go in her. There exists a version where neither happened and she just cuddles in his shirt the whole time. I for sure envisioned doing a second one where she comes to visit him during the winter and gets too cold and just slithers up into a lady and asks to be delivered to him, leading to a thruple.

marloweny - 6 months ago

I honestly can't remember if I read that comic before or after, but as it happens it was specifically inspired by an adorable snake lady Toonvasion drew.

marloweny - 6 months ago

It had been my intention to do one with her next but I forgot what my plan was.

Sexy Ball (with story) [GIFT]

Uploaded: 7 months ago

Owner: marloweny

Tags: Unbirth pearl Insertion Compression Willing prey

I've been talking to Toonvasion a lot, and he'd observed that I find anything that's shiny and has pretty eyes sexy. So he drew a shiny ball with pretty eyes as a gag. But joke's on him, I DO find it sexy.

EDIT: I used the words "ball" and "gag" in the same sentence and now I'm picturing this balled up lady being used as a ball gag...

Here's a pseudo-sequel of a story to try to make it sexy for you, too.


[ Continued ...

squashflat - 7 months ago

MM i really really liked this one, i so envy her
the size of a walnut huh, why do i get the image in my head of sex beads with her on the line too
though drillign the hole in her might not be fun, but then again it might be

Taylre_emberwings - 7 months ago

Like the others say, you've written things that I'd never have imagined enjoying, but have a style so uniquely your own that you make me eager to read most everything you've written, sexual or not.

kura1204 - 7 months ago

I love this. I love how it ended. It has a perfect ending. I just wish it kept going.

Pokeman - 7 months ago

honestly, I think it's more that you are just a master of sensual writing. there are thing that I will read from your stuff that is a massive turn on, but when I imagine it later, I get nothing. I mean, this is a bad example of that because I'd find this TF/unbirthy thing sexy either way, but still.

marloweny - 7 months ago

Thanks! It seems like compression is one of those fringe side-kinks that doesn't get a ton of attention.

Black and White Toon Wendy [GIFT]

Uploaded: 7 months ago

Owner: marloweny

Tags: Non-Vore Toon

A black and white version of toon Wendy by Toonvasion on FA. 

Tassie - 7 months ago

She's like a silly wolf version of Jessica Rabbit, ready to hit people with frying pans and anvils, while looking thin and sexy as can be.

Toon Wendy [GIFT]

Uploaded: 7 months ago

Owner: marloweny

Tags: Non-Vore Toon shiny ink

This is a depiction of Wendy if she was a toon. Art by Toonvasion on FA. 

Curvy Snake [GIFT]

Uploaded: 7 months ago

Owner: marloweny

Tags: Snake Breasts Anthro cobra F/F Cow Toon Cartoon Female Prey Snake/F Snake Pred Female Pred Anthro Prey Detailed bulges cow prey Breast Imprints Cobra Pred

Another gift from Toonvasion. Sort of inspired by a very old story from me that I'm too lazy to link right now. 

marloweny - 6 months ago

For this picture, yes, I'll say she's just looking up. I think in the original story the swallow had more slack in the neck and she hung her face down in front of the head bulge to disguise it.

Justarock - 6 months ago

So, I asked Toonvasion where her head goes after she gets swallowed, he said that it’s just somewhere in her neck, but since you’re the original writer, what’s your explanation? Does the head get forced to point snout up along the throat so it looks inconspicuous?

corsper117 - 7 months ago

Not sure if your comfortable with suggestions, but you could have Ceecee feed Bessie other girls to appear even more thicker perhaps.

marloweny - 7 months ago

Glad you liked it. Not super sure where I'd take it from there.

marloweny - 7 months ago

Thanks! I have a hard time finding my own stuff these days.

Wendy crept carefully through the mansion. The vixen’s footsteps were light, only the creak of her red latex suit betraying her motion. For the last few months, Wendy and her fairy friend Meeta had been plagued by contraptions that crushed, captured, shifted and otherwise complicated their lives. While more than a few of the changes turned out to be an interesting distraction, if not for her friend’s mastery of magic any one of them could have been a permanent and very embarrassing p

Sammy's Predicament [TRADE]

Uploaded: 7 months ago

Owner: marloweny

Tags: Non-Vore writing mind break Flattening Permanent written work laminated

Mistress Sammy accumulates enemies in her line of work. Payback is a bitch. Or, in this case, a vixen.


This was a trade for RedFlare500 on FA/DA. They're not into vore, and this was written to their specifications so, no vore. Normally I'd vore up the story before posting it here, but these are their characters and I'm not comfortable having them eat each other. So I present this story unmodified.

For the purposes of explanation, all of those pictures...
[ Continued ...

Morphy - 7 months ago

I really have to wonder how many hippies they had on the writing staff that came up with all those "imaginative" Doom Machines. They -had- to be smoking something...

autarch7 - 7 months ago

Makes me think of the old Batman cliffhanger where there was a machine that supposedly turned people into giant postage stamps.

Pokeman - 7 months ago

I can't tell if this is horrifying or sexy. Probably both.

marloweny - 8 months ago

It's a good one.

Whatisaname - 8 months ago

I absolutely love that big tongue. Looks so soft and cartoonish.

Some goo-d fun

Uploaded: 8 months ago

Owner: marloweny

Tags: Non-Vore Pre-Vore goo girl

Another gift from Toonvasion. This goo-girl furry (gooey?) has found that a stand mixer works JUST RIGHT to pleasure herself, but given the nature of this site, she'd best be careful if she doesn't want to end up in a recipe. 

Groblek - 8 months ago

Heh, that's a fun concept.

Morphy - 8 months ago

She'd want a Kitchenaid 600 or 700, set to one of the lower settings with plenty of torque... then just grip the lip of the bowl and let the machine do all-l-l the work. :D

Uryx - 8 months ago

Nice use of a stand mixer~

heromc - 8 months ago

how, that's all sorts of hotness!

Sea Food Vixen [Gift]

Uploaded: 8 months ago

Owner: marloweny

Tags: Breasts F/F Vixen Feral Toon Shark Female Prey Female Pred Shark Pred vixen prey

Wendy encountered a toony shark girl, and like seemingly every other creature in existance, she was quite interested in seeing what vixen tastes like.


This was a gift sketch by Toonvasion. 

Tassie - 8 months ago

So much silly vorey fun in this picture.

You wanna, Rhaana? [GIFT]

Uploaded: 8 months ago

Owner: marloweny

Tags: Dragon Pre-Vore Implied Vore Willing prey

Rhaana's experiments with adapting her form to better suit Kyle's tastes have left her looking a bit mammillian, and Kyle's so excited about it he's saucing himself up!


Gift art from Toonvasion 

threk - 8 months ago

"You and me baby ain't nothing but mammals, so let's- um, wait, no, hang on..."

No Personal SpaceHe stepped into the steamy shower and let the hot water pour over him. This was his first week in the new apartment with the new roommates, and he’d not quite gotten used to how small the shower was. He was barely able turn around in the booth without bumping his shoulders. But really, the part of the apartment that would take the most getting used to was Mona, the “big earner” of the group. She paid three quarters of the rent despite the fact there were four roommates

No Personal Space

Uploaded: 8 months ago

Owner: marloweny

Tags: Unbirth F/M Same Size Anal Vore F/FF 69 Compression

Mona thinks she owns this place. Her roommates could really use some privacy. Turns out, there's only one place private in the whole apartment, that's Mona herself.

hornywing - 8 months ago

This was a very enjoyable scenario and I liked Mona's casual assertiveness. If you decide to do more with her then I would certainly be a fan.

Also, I was prepared for "SHLUP" but kudos for "THLUP". You are rewriting the game on onomatopoeias here. :)

Groblek - 8 months ago

Fun! Mona’s definitely an interesting roommate. She seems like someone who would get along well with Peach from the “End of the line” series. They both have that casual attitude about those they slurp up.

TheTastefulGentlman - 8 months ago

Short but fun. Also unbirthing a couple having sex is too rare good to see you add it to a story.

Eccentric - 8 months ago

this... this is hot. I dont know what else to say, quite frankly.

The bespectacled cartoon bedbug vigorously rubbed her hands together and licked her crooked beak in expectation of gobbling a nice, long bit of man-meat. It was literally the only thing she wanted to do. As she wrapped one of her two pairs of hands around it, the very thought of knowing that the sensations he felt would direct his attentions and thoughts to her was intoxicating. She would have an audience. The very thought of the word sent a tingle through her shiny toon-bug body. She threw her

... Don't let the bed bugs bite.

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Tags: Unbirth F/F F/M Toon Parasite Dialogue

In which Marloweny writes a whole sequel to attempt to ease the unfortunate implications of another story.

First part here: 

Tassie - 8 months ago

The conversation was a little hard to follow, but for the sake of getting into the mind of a simple-brained predator (of sorts) and having it be a silly cartoon at the same time, it was very worth it.
Oh, I hate bedbugs, but even with horrible memories of those nasty little pests, this was still a very fun read.

threk - 9 months ago

Heh, was wondering if you were going to do a followup.

Glad to see they've still got some sapience knocking around in there somewhere, and mad props to Dr. Reed for the display of sheer willpower. Still feels like Val is stuck in a bit of wirehead droud without the agency to choose not to be entirely dependant on Tom, but as long as she's able to "work real hard to make with the talkings and the thinkings" then it seems to be a hopeful ending.

ninth - 9 months ago

LOL excellent, this "sequel" definitely brings some closure to the first part.

>“Hey!” Val gibbered in her toony language, stomping up to the other side of Tom’s head. “Less talkings! Too much thinkings and maybe bad thinkings. Very very sexings now!”

Leorouge - 9 months ago

Ooooh, nice insights into the Toon mindset. Primary purpose is to entertain/be viewed and they can’t do that without an audience so no permanent damage allowed. On the other hand they have so much freedom to do whatever is necessary to maintain the audience’s enthralment. Up to and including getting rid of “distractions”.

This Sucks [Now with Sound]

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Tags: Furry Fox Anthro Vixen Vacuum suction Animation vacuum vore Female Prey Compression Anthro Prey Sound furry prey Fox prey Vacuum Cleaner vixen prey inanimate pred

An animation by Toonvasion, but since there's MP4 support now (apparently), here's a version with audio. 

marloweny - 1 month ago

She has a friend named Meeta who usually bails her out of things like this.

mifigor19 - 1 month ago

How will she get out of it though

marloweny - 9 months ago

That little "FOONK" sound was a must.

greg2030 - 9 months ago

The pop at the end is great

bloodwolfvamp - 9 months ago

oh otays

That Sucked [REWARD]

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Tags: Vacuum Non-Vore vacuum vore Compression

The aftermath of this animation:

As pleasant as it felt to be sucked up into that canister, Wendy seems to have realized that she doesn't really have an escape plan. Good thing she likes tight spaces!

Art by Redflare500. 

threk - 9 months ago

Hahaa, cute

thequietmanno1 - 9 months ago

can't wait to see more of her, meeta and tammer's further wacky adventures

Tom pushed the compact box across the hardwood floor of the apartment. It was about the size of a carry-on suitcase, but it was so heavy he could barely lift it. Hence all the sliding.“What’s that?” Val asked.“It’s our new mattress!” he said, eagerly. “And just in time for bed.”“Oh, really? I thought we agreed we didn’t have the money for one right now,” she said.“I got it for free! Craig’s List,” he said.“Woah, woah, woah. A free mattress off Craig&

Good Night, Sleep Tight... [GIFT]

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Tags: Oral Vore Bug Micro/Macro Toon Insect Transformation Full tour Size difference smaller pred Cartoon vore small pred bed bug Object Pred insect pred toon physics Inanimate predator Toon Pred bug pred

Another weird toon story that resulted from a long conversation that got the concept lodged in my head. Based upon this: 

ninth - 9 months ago

Hey, the imposter idea is good one

marloweny - 9 months ago

This story was definitely an attempt to write the prompt from the link. If it had been a story completely of my own design, or my take on the prompt without following it closely, it would have gone differently. How differently? Though maybe a sequel could help retroactively give it the angle I was hoping for. ... Tempting...

But as for toon/human relationships, I do have some ideas for ones that are a little more wholesome.

Amberain - 9 months ago

Also, here's an example of a toon/human story I liked from back in the day. Other than that it's basically off-topic, but I doubt I'd ever have better excuse to share it, so here you go.

Amberain - 9 months ago

I think I agree with some of the others that it's a little bit disturbing how little of Val is left after her transformation. Someone turning into a toon, or being in a relationship with a toon is a cool idea, though I'd imagine them being more hyperactive, more telegraphed in their movements, like they are overacting, maybe even a bit more casually violent, because with toon physics none of it is permanent, but otherwise still mostly human.

What I don't like here is the seemingly complete loss of personality. Like the only part of Val that seems to have made it through the transformation at all is her attachment to her boyfriend. That said, after reading the premise given in the description of the picture you linked, I still think you did a good job with the story, and accomplished what you set out to do. However, from my outside perspective the story would have made more sense if the doctor had figured out Val had been trapped inside the mattress the whole time, and the bug was just an imposter.

Regardless, I hope that this isn't the last time you return to the idea of toon/human relationships, as I do feel like there is a fair amount of untapped potential for causal vore scenarios.

Like just off the top of my head, if the human was out in public and saw someone coming that they didn't want to deal with, an offhand comment about "wanting to hide" might be enough for the toon to just tuck them away somewhere. If instead the roles were reversed, the toon might just dive into whatever hiding spot is convenient, without even asking the human's opinion first. While those events, if successful, would probably be too quick to draw much interest, it could easily be the catalyst for future scenes . . .

It's moments like this where I regret my own inability to write well, as I can easily imagine several ways to go with this idea, and I didn't really intend it to be anything more than a throwaway example. Anyway, I guess I'll just leave you with my half-completed thoughts and hope you can divine something useful out of them.

threk - 9 months ago

Gah, very true.

Tom and Val were both a little tipsy by the time the approached the address they’d been looking for.“Holey Moley,” Val said, cheeks rosy and expression filled with a forbidden thrill. “This place… they weren’t kidding about this place.”Toontown was a term that had been floating around for ages, but it usually conjured to mind characters with cheerful smiles and zany antics. It also usually conjured to mind a single location. While that first impression lingered in the minds

Spider Dom

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Tags: Non-Vore latex Toon Transformation near-vore femdom dominatrix Teasing Pred

Tom and Val decide to take a trip to Toontown to spice things up. Val picks up a mask that gives her some new abilities and some serious confidence. Tom is in for a wild week!


A commission for Toonvasion on FA. Technically Non-Vore, but just barely. This is a pretty big departure from my usual stuff, but it was fun to write, and don't be surprised if you see some vignettes with toons in them. We discussed a lot of stuff and it gave me some fun ideas. 

Uryx - 9 months ago

Oh now we're talking! Toon stuff is very much my jam, and Toonvasion is an excellent role model for such~

Seeguy - 9 months ago

Really hot! I can't wait to read more in this setting.

ninth - 9 months ago

Wild indeed! Nice work

Judy stepped out of the shower and began to towel off. Each time she stroked the towel across her belly, she felt a soft little squirm and heard a faint, clown hammer-like squeak. After a little experiment that got out of hand, Judy’s bedmate Vivvie had found her way into her womb and couldn’t quite find her way back out. The candy-colored (and flavored) dragon was typically the size of a large-ish dog. Presently she had domed Judy’s tummy to the point that one would suppose sh

Vivvie and Judy find a new kind of cozy

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Tags: Dragon Unbirth F/F Female Prey Female Pred

As enticing as it would have been to keep things slow-burning between them, I decided Judy and Vivvie deserve better than that.

More fluff. 

Threadzless - 9 months ago

This is the fluff police your story's too cute!

threk - 9 months ago

Vast majority of it for sure.

JMW - 9 months ago

Another great and adorable story. Thanks =^,^=

Morphy - 9 months ago

Isn't that like the entire anime industry?

RoundSquare - 9 months ago

I expect Judy to become the most well-toned trainer in the immediate area given that Vivvie enjoys it so much when she works out like that. This dragon's personal princess will be as muscular as a knight. Thanks for the fluff filled story.

Reblogs 2: Stuff you’ve read if you’ve read my blogs.---Poking, for Science"Look, we won't know unless we try," she said."Yes we will know if we don't try, because it's impossible," he said."It's for science!""Human beings are solid! You can't just 'poke parts of them inside like the sleeves of a shirt.'""But maybe you can!""You absolutely can't do it and nothing will convince me otherwise."She placed her hands on her hips and pouted, then mischievously grinned and grabbed his arm."I

Reblogs 2

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Tags: Oral Vore Unbirth F/M Navel Vore shapeshifting Compression Object transformation

Here's a collection of midnight meanderings and stuff salvaged from notepads and phones and stuff. Most were written while sleep deprived. I'm not going to fill in the tags. There's vore of all types here.


marloweny - 6 months ago

That one's going to have to be a vignette one of these days. It's just a matter of me remembering it at the right time.

squashflat - 7 months ago

I love the idea of sugar surgery, would love to see a longer story of this, hell would love to commission this one with me being the one going for the surgery

ShadesofBlack - 9 months ago

Wow, It seems I missed a lot of these! And many of them are quite interesting! Thank you!

Ottsel - 9 months ago

These are great fun, I really enjoy your wide array of sexy weirdness. Some faves include:

Poking was a lot of fun, that's one of those ideas my brain sometimes lands on but never knows how to find that, so cool to see it!

Love the turnabout in Orgasm Denial/Breathplay

The waxplay one is intense and awesome.

The mom recipe one is also a fun concept I rarely see. Would love to see Dad get to enjoy the cake. :3

Ev0nix - 9 months ago

How it's culturally expect to appear to think and how people actually think are only indirectly related

Vivvie snuffed her nose a bit and wriggled. She could barely move. Right now she had a pair of arms pulled tight around her midsection. Her pudgy tail was wrapped around the head of the woman holding her like a cartoon snake trying to constrict it. Her own head was squeezed between the thighs of the woman, and they’d rolled such that most of the admittedly very slight weight of her bedmate was resting upon her.It was heaven.A lot in her life had changed in the past few weeks. She’d m

Vivvie gets Too Cozy

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Tags: Unbirth F/F Non-Fatal Willing Willing Pred Human Pred Compression Dragon prey compressed prey Willing prey

I don't remember when I finished this, but it's done now. Another Vivvie and Judy story. This time a little saucier than it's been in the past. And you'll see from the ending, there's probably at least one more story to go. 

RandomCPUman - 9 months ago

Looks like they'll need a group effort lol!! LOVED the story, and I'm DEFINITELY keeping an eye out for more!!! Should you choose to write more that is.

Threadzless - 10 months ago

These two dorks need to admit they like doing sexy stuff together already it's just too cute to watch them dance around it!!!! Hopefully Judy can find a way to get Vivvie unstuck before work otherwise there may be... Difficulties

marloweny - 10 months ago

The "Vivvie gets stuck" turn was pretty much entirely because of a comment you made about how you like the idea of someone getting stuck.

I really do enjoy a pair of shy people slowly feeling out how the other feels about them.

Amberain - 10 months ago

Exactly what I was hoping for, and more. I love the way you have them trying to be clinical about something that's clearly quite intimate. Both of them wanting it, but still not quite ready to admit that their relationship is sexual. Between two members of the same species, that might not work as well, but here it just feels like they are respecting each other's boundaries.

LemonBarb - 10 months ago

Honestly, the alternative if going by Dragon Egg logic. Is perhaps Judy got trapped in one, and would have to be... Layed, perhaps?

Ron sighed and checked the clock. He had a few hours before bed, and nothing better to do. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to put in some time on his favorite VR RPG. He grabbed his headset and cleared out a section of his bedroom floor so he wouldn’t trip over anything and slipped on the headset and gloves.Warning: Unusual Network Activity“Yeah, yeah,” he grumbled.The glitches in this game had been all over the news lately. Supposedly the company that manufactured it was star


Uploaded: 10 months ago

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Tags: Non-Vore Mind Control TG Clothing Transformation

A player of a VR MMO encounters an odd glitch that may have lasting results.


This is a commission for which the commissioner has become difficult to contact. It took me forever to get it done, so I can't fault the delay on payment, but no reply in several weeks. So if you like TF and TG, enjoy. 

marloweny - 10 months ago

Neat idea. In this case, it was a commission and the commissioner specifically requested an extended and detailed transformation scene.

Crushermach3 - 10 months ago

I really like stories like these.(in fact this has been doing weird things to my tummy for the past couple hours just thinking about it)

Although the ending kinda takes me out of it. It just doesn't seem very game-y to be showing off an item to someone and they can essentially break it without so much as a pop-up. Plus the whole buffing thing is kind of a weird inclusion.

I think I actually came up with a more fluid way to incorporate what this seems to be going for with what I call the Soul Infusion System. Essentially you can transfer souls between objects and each soul gives different stats. This gives way more flexibility to what the victim can end up as (multiple transfers lends itself to sequels, there's the possibility of more than one soul in an object, the body can be used for an assortment of ideas once the soul is yanked out, etc.) and it makes for an interesting upgrade system to boot!

hibixus - 10 months ago

Amazing! You do the best squishy/inanimate stuff

Mike225 - 10 months ago

I love it! :D

Apostolos - 10 months ago


“Ahahaha! Oh man! Those were the days,” laughed Gerdie.Three young ladies were sitting in the somewhat cramped central room of a college suite. In a normal house, calling this a living room would be a bit of an exaggeration, but since this was technically a dorm, it was head and shoulders above even the next level down in accommodations. And as it so happened, the room was more than big enough for three girls thanks to the fact that one of them was a victim of “the incident.”“Yeah, but

Still Competitive, Still Eating [REWARD]

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Tags: Micro F/F Micro/Macro f/multiple Compression Tiny pred Willing to unwilling prey Filthy Clean

More of the Filthy Clean Setting. In this one, we find out that mysterious shrinking of big hunks of the populace isn't the only perversion of physics present in the setting.

Patreon Reward for  Ohgra 

Aril_Lisidmuthir - 11 months ago

Heh, I like how when they're compacted away, they also stop weighing anything, so some other pred isn't going to wonder why the tiny they're trying to lift weighs as much as two people :D

ninth - 11 months ago


Whereaminow27 - 11 months ago

Well, she wouldn't have gotten eaten if she hadn't eaten the others. Another story for the Filthy Clean verse.

Apostolos - 11 months ago

Well that’s gonna be a surprisingly big after effect later

Dim light filtered through an unfamiliar set of blinds. Judy felt the veil of sleep begin to slide away. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d woken up without having to be roused by her phone’s alarm, much feeling this refreshed. She squeezed her arms around the lovely, smooth, warm pillow she’d been cuddling with, and almost jumped as she felt it squeeze back. Slowly her wits returned to her. She blinked sleep from her eyes and found that she was still wrapped up wi

Vivvie Gets Cozy

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Tags: F/F Compression Dragon prey No bulge compressed prey Bulgeless Hammerspace Willing prey

Sorry for being self-indulgent, but I needed some coziness right now.

More Vivvie and Judy nonsense. 

Threadzless - 11 months ago

This is some top their coziness <3

softvarelover - 11 months ago

Now Vivvie can join in on Judy's online workouts and no one will now she is their.

Vivvie could even move in with Judy to save on rent and not be so lonely all the time.

softvarelover - 11 months ago

Coziness is sorely needed right now.

1ring42 - 11 months ago

Dont you dare apologize for writing this wonderful wholesome content.

Pokeman - 11 months ago

I bet she could take the monetary hit if she moved in with Judy. ;)

Vivvie nestled herself a little tighter in her “bed.” For the past few nights she simply hadn’t been able to get to sleep. She’d never really had trouble before. Part of it was probably the looming bills about to come due that she barely had money for. Budgeting was a new thing for her to consider, since she came from a world where the closest thing they had to an economy was the tendency for bigger more powerful creatures to take what they wanted from smaller more numerous ones.

Vivvie and Judy

Uploaded: 11 months ago

Owner: marloweny

Tags: F/F Willing prey

Continuing from

Vivvie has learned, after spending a night cuddling with someone, she can't get to sleep without a partner. Judy ends up coming over and the two get close again.


Despite the pile of commissions I owe, I self-indulged in more of this fluffy story. I just needed something mushy and touchy-feely to ease my brain before bed. Patreon Stories coming soon. 

RandomCPUman - 9 months ago

I, for one, would LOVE to see more of these two!! A lot of this site is cruel and gore; this is a VERY welcome change of pace!!

1ring42 - 11 months ago

Love this wholesome series

Ev0nix - 11 months ago

I was more thinking of the moment continuing and Judy not waking up until morning. It does make sense it would play out this way if she woke up.

Also if Marloweny reads this: Impatience is the highest form of flattery. I'm looking forward to however you continue this.

Amberain - 11 months ago

Well, despite my earlier complaint, I feel like you did a good job with this. With your insomnia issues, I wouldn't ask you to avoid sleep for more. Honestly, from an in character perspective this makes more sense anyway. July has had one experience with vore, as the prey, and she wasn't even looking for that. Why would she jump right into being a pred when woken in the middle of the night? She's willing to experiment with new things, and agreed to try it in the morning, that's good enough for Vivvie, so it should be good enough for us, and I think it will be, once you've written it. In that small way it makes me glad to see the cliffhanger, because it means you aren't done with these two yet.

marloweny - 11 months ago

Yeah, I should have finished with a gulp rather than a tease. I ran out of time and energy and had to decide if I wanted to rush it, hold onto it for another day or two, or tease. Probably an alternate ending is called for.

Judy fiddled with the key to her apartment building’s outermost door as the wind and rain pelted her.“20% chance of showers my soaking wet fanny,” she muttered.Her umbrella threatened to pop inside out three times before she finally got the key to work and pushed into the narrow little foyer that led up to her room. She turned to shut the door behind her and paused. Something colorful caught her eye. It was bright and gay, even in this dreary rain. She blinked the rain from her eyes to

Judy and Vivvie

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: marloweny

Tags: Oral Vore Dragon Non-Fatal Full tour smaller pred

Judy is a friendly sort and is just trying to help when she accidentally pays a cute little dragon to eat her. It turns out pretty well.


This was pieced together out of three big hunks I wrote over a fairly long time.  

RandomCPUman - 9 months ago

I love it!!!! I was practically squealing reading some of this!!!! This is amazing, well done!!!

Morphy - 11 months ago

Kinda waiting to see how far the candy dragon will go for a tight, warm place to nest. Probably just a question of how small she can get get and how much her human friend can accommodate. ;)

marloweny - 11 months ago

I'm glad you like my writing!

marloweny - 11 months ago

That was my goal!

marloweny - 11 months ago

Glad you liked it!

Anahita and Cordelia swam through the forest, a twist of magic allowing them to navigate the air just as though it were water.“If she wanted to do a solo performance that’s fine,” Cordelia said sullenly. “But she could have chosen a more convenient venue for it.”“I think she probably assumed when she invited us to a performance that we wouldn’t bring our gear,” Anahita said.Cordelia grunted and heaved her case. “I don’t go to a venue without a way to perform. Peia

Siren Song 10

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Tags: Oral Vore Unbirth F/F Mermaid M/F merging Transformation Willing Slimegirl siren Breast Vore Melting Orgy Cleavage Vore fusion

Another reward for  Groblek, after their little duet, Ronya and Peia decide to try performing in their new condition and, predictably, it has some curious consequences. 

Pokeman - 8 months ago

probably not forever, there are a few things that can be done better with two bodies...

Valorie - 11 months ago

... hot, thank you :)

LemonBarb - 1 year ago

I wonder how long it'd take, until the fused version of Ronya/Peia, wants to stay fused forever?

doomed - 1 year ago

Woah, that is one lucky manager .
Also I love that they have finally fused. I was partly expecting their singing to make them absorb the people in their body

Seera hopped to her feet at the sound of the doorbell. It had been ages since she’d had anyone over. She was the overseer of four tinies, something that had been an honor during the school year, but now that everyone was waiting for travel restrictions to lift, it was getting to be a bit much for her. Tinies could be fun--she certainly had a fun relationship with the ones under her care, but there comes a point when hanging out with someone your own size is a nice change of pace.The rules

Nose Job [REWARD]

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: marloweny

Tags: Micro F/F Micro Prey nasal vore snorting snort Nose Vore Filthy Clean

Another one for the Filthy Clean setting. More alcohol, more tinies, and a woman with a big nose who knows how to use it.

A patreon reward for  Ohgra 

marloweny - 11 months ago

Most of the credit goes to Ohgra. I just connect the dots with fancy words. Glad you like the stories!

marloweny - 11 months ago

This being a commission, sequels all depend upon the commissioner. But I'm glad you liked it!

shortprey20 - 1 year ago

Never stop writing these filthy clean stories! I'm not much into nasal vore myself but damn I just love this universe you've created! The ambiguous endings are just so fun to fill in with my own imagination as well =p

GeneralUrist - 1 year ago

Storing tinies in the nasal cavity is a use of nasal vore that I haven't seen before, but I REALLY like it. You plan on writing more like that some time?

Wonder what Rika and Rhonda's fate will be...

RL – Ball Pit“Sonia B., come on down! You are the next contestant on…”“Ball Pit!” the audience cheered.A somewhat mousy brunette gasped and stood up from her seat in the crowd. She hurred down the steps toward the stage. The theater was a circle of audience seating centered on the titular ball pit. There was no telling how deep it was, you couldn’t really see to the bottom thanks to how many other contestants had tried and failed to take the big prize this season. It was po

A couple more quickies

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: marloweny

Tags: Oral Vore Unbirth Anal Vore Self-Vore Compression Accidental vore

Two more vignettes from Patrons, plus one from my own head.

A curious game show with compressive consequences.

A novel way to get a private room from a stripper.

And the danger of using funnels to get dressed. 

ShadesofBlack - 1 year ago

These were both comical and fun!

SSJBura - 1 year ago

Enjoyed all of these! The game show was a great idea but I also really liked the accidental nature of the super suiter!

Whereaminow27 - 1 year ago

Lost another SuperHero.

marloweny - 1 year ago

It's a favorite of mine.

marloweny - 1 year ago

No problem. Glad you liked it!