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Song I wrote: Judita's Reprieve (Lyrics Only)

Uploaded: 4 years ago

Owner: sweetladyamy

Tags: music Non-Vore metal Lyrics KarmaBitches

Aside from my vore-fiction and fan fiction involving vore, plus my game design career, I'm also a musician and this here are lyrics to a song I wrote. It is emo and vengeful, but it still tells a story of how sick some of us get of the world's hate and greed. 

sweetladyamy - 2 years ago

Well, thanks for the comment, and sure, anytime you wanna talk, send a PM my way.

TraceTheNeko - 2 years ago

I do love some lyrics every so now and then. Now if I may suggest a few real good lyricists that I personally prefer I'd love to just have a good musical chat with you some time. Hell if you want my discord or anything just ask.