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went to relax near the peach tree at night while everyone else was
sleeping. He couldn't believe what had just hasppened to him. He
learned kung-fu and even became the hero of the Valley of Peace.He
closed his eyes and allowed to enjoy the breeze on his face. But it
didn't took long until he heard some footsteps. He opened his eyes
and saw a badly wounded Tai lung looking and Po."Tai
Lung?!" exclaimed Po in a defensive stance."Calm
down. Do I even look like that I to have condi

zidanes123 - 3 years ago

Thanks. Yes, I do. But there ar a few things about requests, I must say upfront:

1)only m/m stuff
2)if it's vore related, must be fatal (it can be willing or unwilling)
3)I can only write it if I have free time and if I enjoy your idea.

You can PM me with the details of the story you would like to see.

Deleteduser89324b - 3 years ago

Nice work, Do you take requests?