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Though his dreams were blissful, Edwulf welcomdeth the rising of the sun. In his dreams, he was a mighty warlord, his might stretching the whole world over. Kings and queens bowed in awe to him and his cove waseth packed high with tithes from lands far across the sea.


But, he thoughteth to himself as his eyes sleepily opene

When Edwulf at last awoketh, his eyes opened to the welcome warmth and brightness of the sun just dawning over the skyline. The burning gold beams cast far over the dale, the mounts westward shining in the light and those eastward nothing but black shapelessness in awe of the sun.

Whilst most would be in alike awe and wonder, Edwulf only barely notedeth the dawn and instead smiledeth at Elswith. He haddeth shared a lovely meal wit

The evening sun had set the sky aglow with its beams and quietness had fallen over the woods as the daytime birds sett to their nests for the night, the nighttime beasts having yet to rise. In this sliver of quiet, Elswith turndeth her head towards the sound of wings pumping over the treetops as a smell reachteth her nose. Smiling, she roseth from her sitting and pointedeth her head skywards.

Out of the yellowred beams of the sun cameth

The shimmering grayish-blue body of a she-drake stepped out of the thestering darkness of the woods and into the open field, the moon’s beams setting her scales softly atwinkle.


She was quite the handsome she-drake, with a lithe snakey body held by mighty legs and ending in a whiplike tail. A twosome of wings marked her back, folded tidily against the bend of her backbone

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