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Mario and Peach’s special date

It was new years eve today and Peach promised Mario a special date so she told the toads the cook her for Mario’s dinner when he gets here.,

Peach: So Mario are ready to have me for your special date. Mario: yes Peach you will make a fine dinner, and maybe I could keep you head for a nice trophy., Peach: But Mario who would rule the kingdom, Mario: Your right.


It’s Christmas eve in new Donk city and Pauline invited everyone of her friends over to her mansion for Christmas eve, however Pauline plans on getting rid of princess peach so she can have Mario to herself.

Pauline: Everything is almost ready but we need a turkey for Christmas dinner, peach: I know right what can we do the guest are about be here in 25 hours and we don’t have enough time to get one.


One day in Scuttle Shantae was doing her usual business saving her hometown and sequin land from danger but this time thing were different and it would be the last time her hometown scuttle could see her.

Shantae wen to look for the cause of trouble in the forest of scuttle only find a trap Shantae:waah what’s going on why am I in this net ????:Aaahh a fine juicy girl meat


It was a beautiful thanksgiving day all the toad servants and chef were preparing thanksgiving dinner but they need a turkey no other place in the mushroom kingdom sells turkey the only place was the mushroom kingdom groceries had sold out of turkey’s.

So Blue toad had an idea he would lay a mushroom that turns anyone who touches it into a turkey when he placed it on the ground he heard a female voice

Ladybug Feast

It was a Monday morning Adrien woke up and went to school but at school he didn’t see marionette come to class Adrien:Where’s Marionette she should be in class?( After school) Gabriel:Adrien Marionette is here to see you

Marionette enters Adrien’s room

Adrien:Oh hey marionette why didn’t you show up to class Marionette:Well I have something to ask you


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