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Just a dude that likes 90% of all things related to softvore.

I write vore stories and post them here. Sometimes I even commission art of characters from those stories!

Do you take requests? After consideration nah. Turns out I am picky.

Do you take commissions? Nah

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It was a bright and sunny morning… or at least Thomas thought it was. It was kind of hard to tell through a thick layer of scrotum. But he hadn’t woken up screaming, so he supposed that was probably about the brightest and sunniest he could manage given his current circumstances.
Thomas felt oddly… better about his situation this morning. At least compared to yesterday. Sure, not much had changed. He had still opened his eyes to find himself stewing in semen. Still roused from his

It was a rough patch in Leila’s relationship. It wasn’t that Clover and her weren’t compatible. Quite the opposite. They loved the same hobbies. Leila loved to cook, vegan especially, and Clover was more than happy to try anything she gave her. Both enjoyed riding bareback through the fields, then relaxing in the grass.
They had been the best of friends for years before finally moving in with each other. Leila knew that Clover would do anything for her… which is what made this is

Jeremy stood at the altar. The gathered attendants stood in almost complete silence. A concerned priest at his left looked at him with a somewhat pitying gaze and said that Jeremy could now kiss the bride. The lithe man gulped, before building up the courage to hesitantly lean in.
And plant a kiss on the gargantuan cock that twitched in front of him. The owner of the phallus, an eight foot tall futa named Jezebell, was positively delighted. Meanwhile the smaller man simply wondered at ex

It was a peaceful night, with the stars and moon shining bright. On nights like these Thomas enjoyed nothing more than relaxing in his hot tub, watching the celestial bodies dance above. The tiny couldn’t believe how far he had come. It seemed like only yesterday he would have never even dared to hope he could be out under the sky without fear. If only his past self could see him now, the first tiny president.
He had everything he could have ever hoped for. Security, the respect of his

Thomas had experienced many lows in his life. Persecuted, chased, separated from those he knew and loved never to see them again. Tossed about by a cruel and uncaring world. That was just the lot in life of a Tiny. Heck, in some cases it could just be a Tuesday. The 'giants' were the ones that made the rules, and they had ruled that Thomas and his kind were no better than rats. It was the way things had been, and by the looks of it the way things would continue to be.
It was business as

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Well after some hectic times I finally think I am back to where I should have been writing wise.
I have wriiten a bunch of random silly ideas for Tom and Mary stories, organized them into timeline of sorts, stocked up some fun side ideas for a rainy day, and have actually started on the next Tom and Mary chapter.

Also, might have a fun art thing to share eventually.

So look forward to all that, and everyone stay safe considering how crazy the world has been.

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Posted by DeathStar66 2 weeks ago Report

More of Tom and Mary please ^^


Posted by GoogleCat 1 month ago Report

I love your work, and your art style is amazing~! I hope you keep this up, and I hope you have fun doing it, stay safe~!


Posted by DeathStar66 1 month ago Report

Make more of Tom and Mary please! ^^


Posted by Victusu 1 month ago Report

<< Reply To AGuyWithBigHair

No problem ya'll welcome!

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Posted by DeathStar66 1 month ago Report

Make more stories of Tom and Mary please ^^


Posted by DeathStar66 1 month ago Report

<< Reply To AGuyWithBigHair

No problem


Posted by TheDrawtimer 2 months ago Report

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You welcome


Posted by ChaosBound 2 months ago Report

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But of course!


Posted by zelphi 3 months ago Report

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your welcome


Posted by Bobgodofallbobs 4 months ago Report

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That was fast and good story


Posted by Lorddeath4 4 months ago Report

<< Reply To AGuyWithBigHair

Tis a good story, looking forward to more if you're writing more

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