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Aesir's Blog - Drawlloween Rules Posted 3 weeks ago

Since people cannot seem to behave themselves, I want to be clear.

If there is a raffle, we'll say so in chat.
If you repeatedly ask in chat about the raffle, we're putting your name on a list and not allowing future entry.
If you DM Vale asking to be put on a raffle when there isn't one, you'll similarly be banned from future raffles.

Drawlloween is not about you getting free art. The raffles are a bonus for the people already enjoying the event. They are not even decided on until the picture is already planned out.

Stop it.

To clarify other rules:

No RP. Whatsoever. I know you think it's a silly joke or whatever. It's not.

Do not spoil films.

The movie we're watching's poster is...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by Thatdude8 3 months ago Report

Happy Birthday! Heres to another year of being one of the best artists around!


Posted by massvore 3 months ago Report

Happy birthday

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Posted by noytch 3 months ago Report

I'm probably late but happy birthday.


Posted by ThatBrassyGuy 3 months ago Report

Happy birthday to one of my fave artists!

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Posted by DeadlyScarab14 3 months ago Report

Happy birthday =D


Posted by BlackfireVii 8 months ago Report

It feels weird mass favoriting your things but i can't.. find a piece i don't enjoy! >.<


Posted by Anesthetic 9 months ago Report

I would check all your new year pics to see what you mean by that, but as the Search Function currently... Doesn't. I'm a wait till it does to try and find out what you mean.


Posted by Anesthetic 9 months ago Report

Aw man. No new years Pic this year. It's 2020, both the New Year and the New Decade, I was looking forward to you having 2020 dobuly full.


Posted by DrakeHillside 1 year ago Report

<< Reply To Aesir


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Posted by DrakeHillside 1 year ago Report

Happy birthday! ^w^

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