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The delicate splash of waves sounded gently in the background, the water glistering in the fresh moonlight. The usually busy beach of New Dawn Haven was deserted, the visitors ushered home by a strong and cold sea breeze. Up on the larger sand hill at the end of the shore, the tall and peaceful cottage stood proudly in the shadows of the stars, like a silent watcher. A couple of windows were still lit; indicating that whoever lived inside was still up. And why wouldn't they be? It was o

Hissing and grumbling discontently, Feligris swiveled her head to and forth and tugged her paws uselessly, shivering as cold water splashed against her belly. The day had began so well, she thought, when her perfectly positioned belly had gathered plenty of sun's warming rays during the morning while she had slept soundly. Then, she had eventually awakened and played with her permanent resident, Gafris, who so far had already spent one wonderul week inside her belly and had only left her confine

Feligris follows the lone wolf from her hiding spot behind some sparse bushes, crouching and staying still out of habit despite how it seems he's far too preoccupied with something to even begin to notice her presence. He appears familiar, somehow - but she can't quite place him, which is as well since she had never paid any real attention to the wolves. And they had never paid any attention to her, but recently she had been forced to watch out for them more and more for some reason, there had b

The Thrill

There was a cool breeze sweeping across the valley that day. The coolness it provided was very welcome, as the forests of Anumen had suffered a severe heat wave for over a week now. The sun was floating high above the silvery pine trees, casting her warm embrace over the world below. Many of the inhabitants of the forest had sought shelter inside their cooler and darker homes, away from the hot and tiring daylight.

The large white wolf Guardian had his paws full in times like

Role Model

By Akela the White

Daze sat at the kitchen table with a blank stare. Swirling his thumbs around, he seemed to gaze into nothingness, lost in thought. He sighed as he picked up a piece of paper lying on the table. Giving it another read, he snarled and bared his teeth, seemingly upset at whatever was written in the letter. He threw the piece of paper back onto the table as he stood up and walked upstairs to his room. He flumped onto the bed and sighed again as he stared up at

In there and back again
The winds spread their cool breeze throughout the forest as they passed through. The leaves gently shivered as the air touched them, a soft howl echoing through the valley. It was a nice spring afternoon, and the sun was letting her illuminating rays touch every speck of darkness they could possibly reach. The sound of a nearby river floating gently downstream and the birds chirping gave the whole scenario an almost fairy-tale like tone. Yet through the silvery p

How the Chase started
The calm blue water softly made its way over to the Sunny shores of the beach. Wave after wave spread out across the golden sand, drawing back for a moment only to reappear in another wave. The beach of New Dawn Haven was packed, as always. The temperatures were rising, the water cool and clear and the wind blew a small and fresh breeze about. It was only morning, yet the faithful tourists had already conquered their favorite spot on the beach, and more guests were

Parting Ways
The dim sunlight reached the forest Floor underneath the silvery pine trees. Shrouded by light grey clouds, the sun hadn't been able to show her face for days. Underneath her half-hidden smile lay the large and dormant form of Akela the White. The white furred wolf was sleeping lightly, still recovering from the past events that had taken place not so long ago. He had moved himself a bit out of the cave, in the hopes of catching a bit of warming sunlight. The battle between his poss

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Hello there,

Ah well, you got this far. So now you're kinda thrown to me as you still decide to read on. Yep, see? You're still reading, bwahahaha!

Anyway; down to serious business.
Lately I've been reading this book called 'The Loop'. I love it. It's a book involving wolves and it's such a good read as the wolves are so natural, the main characters are wel-developped and the story itself is smooth.
But, the end pages are starting to come in sight and I fear i'll have to put this one on the shelf again. *sighs*

But maybe not all hope is lost. 8)
I wanted to ask each and every wolfbook-lover if they know a title from a book they found extra fun to read, involving wolves of course. I'm hoping to get more books with wolves in them, as I want to read up as much as I can about my...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by Naubol 10 years ago Report

REad some of your stories and found them quite intresting to read^^ much good work.

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Posted by FoxGuy 10 years ago Report

Oh, wait, you're already watching him. XD
Anyway, take care! Hope you enjoy my vore art!


Posted by FoxGuy 10 years ago Report

Sorry to disappoint you, but I'm not who you think I am. XD
I'm not AzuraTheFox from FA. He just let me borrow his avatar for a bit so I could feel comfortable exploring Eka's, but I didn't want to name myself after him so I just called myself FoxGuy and uploaded some vore art here.
I don't even come here anymore but I wanted to log in one last time today and see what was going on. Azura does not like vore so he won't be taking my place.
But please do go and watch Azura. ^_^ He's an amazing artist and a wonderful person to have as a friend!


Posted by ganon2280 10 years ago Report

your welcom


Posted by corgeh 10 years ago Report

Aww, thank you so very much! You're too kind! ^___^


Posted by dragonsavior8498 10 years ago Report

the only wolf related books i've read are werewolf types...is that okay? hrhrhrhr...*cough cough*


Posted by dragonsavior8498 10 years ago Report

your stories are better than i've expected


Posted by dragonsavior8498 10 years ago Report

a okay now i ssssee with perfect percepsion...i can see better basically sorry if i sound like a smart-ass


Posted by dragonsavior8498 10 years ago Report

its hard to find titles im looking for why is your lettering the same coloras your background


Posted by dragonboy 10 years ago Report

cool :P


Posted by dragonboy 10 years ago Report

hehe are you busy making more storys X3


Posted by dragonboy 10 years ago Report

i like your storys X3 :)

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