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The stench of urine and
feces hung in the room around Kora. She huddled with her comrades, in
the cold, dank prison cell. There was barely enough room to stand,
let alone sit down. They'd been here for at least several days, and
her attempt at tracking there location had failed after the second
0300 move they had done. The young wolf closed her eyes and made a
vain attempt at sleeping, and was jarred awake sometime later by a
blast of ice cold water. Reeling, she found herself shivering as her

The tracing of claws
along her toned body left her to shiver slightly as her mistress
walked around her. The scent of light lilac perfume hung around her,
which, years ago, would have calmed her. Now it only let her know
that she was being judged. Property, after all, didn't have much say
in how it was used. She'd managed to keep herself under her mistress'
wing through exceptional behavior and hoped that would be enough to
save her again. Each year, the festival came around, and each year

Jewel struggled against
the ropes for as long as her body could take it. The hard, jagged
rocks of The Waste were by no means forgiving and the tight ropes
around her wrists sliced into her, leaving the scent of blood and the
pain too much to bear. Besides, they weren't budging anyway. The last
thing she remembered was taking a rifle butt to the back of the head.
And then she was here, with that blue furred bitch. She let out a
deep sigh as she tried to collect herself, tasting the bitter dirt

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Alicodus' Blog - I'm back! Posted 3 years ago

Hiya folks! Not sure if anyone reads this, but I just wanted to give a quick hello as I've gotten back around to the site. After some issues losing an ancient email account of mine to my own stupidity, I finally got around to changing the email on this account to retrieve my password, with the help of our grand and wonderful admins. In short: I'm back, baby!

Not sure exactly what I'll be up to, perhaps a story or two, some roleplaying. Time will tell!

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Posted by BlackRose 6 years ago Report

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Heheh, but of course, who doesn't love a nicely cooked steak... of sorts ;3


Posted by BlackRose 6 years ago Report

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I have yet to really try it. I have a character that would be well suited for cooking as well... now you are giving me more ideas :D


Posted by BlackRose 6 years ago Report

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Ahhh, see I never experimented with cooking before, but I do enjoy hard vore as well, I just never drew it. I dig constriction as well, heheh, of course haven't drawn it but I just love having rose constrict someone in her fluffy tails :3


Posted by BlackRose 6 years ago Report

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When you mean speed, are you talking about eh subject matter? What are your preferences? :3


Posted by BlackRose 6 years ago Report

Thanks for the watch :3


Posted by lolno 6 years ago Report

Thanks for the watch!

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Posted by Windrunner 6 years ago Report

Thanks for the fave! :)


Posted by Omega 7 years ago Report


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