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I was told by a moderator that the population here are highly skilled in their linguistics, and that the "profile" is more or less a competition.

So, allow me: (polite introduction can be found below roleplay sample)

*Mystified, I look up at her, wondering why she is so... unblinking? Her motherly eyes sweep over my small figure with ravenous greed, and I know that this babysitter will not let me out of her clutch. I begin to shake, backing up fearfully against the back of the couch, curling up somewhat. Her eyes flash possessively, victoriously, as I become cornered and trapped, and within seconds, all I can see is pure voluptuousness, and those blue, hungry eyes. I am too young to be anything but afraid. One by one, her white, powerful teeth expose themselves, lips curling away, and she gives them a quick clack, followed by a laugh of pure triumph. It appeared many hours of planning had finally come to fruition, and finally she would be able to sate a hunger. She has won her prize, and the hunt had been long, arduous, and full of intelligence and manipulation, but finally she was here. My whole body begins to vibrate now, shaking intensified, and before I am aware, there is wetness at my feet. They are quickly clamped together, knees bashing painfully against each other. Fear causes me a rare erection, in fact, my first ever, and helpless, I look on in complete panic as my legs are quickly being taken away from me...*

...Good? PM me for no cliffhangers ahaha. I generally like being eaten by snakes/spiders/futa/sharks, but I like mommies too, and they are far more popular here!

I'm Andrew, 23 (irl), and loveee being all eaten up! You can chew me, swallow me whole, absorb me, cook me, abuse me, rape me, coerce me, trick me, trap me, feed me to your pet (mmmm snake, but also spider and shark). But make sure you play with me before you kill/eat me up!

One thing - I like to play fairly young, all the better to be dominated, objectified and swallowed! So if that bothers you we may not match.

I'm also looking to meet up with community near me. A risky move I know, but I really want to share this with people. I've hidden vore for too long and I'm sick and tired of being ashamed of something that is simple fetish. Our thoughts don't dictate our morality. Like Dumbledore says! (In different words)

In roleplay, I like anything where I am a prey and you are a figure of power/authority, including animal authority, babysitter, mom, teacher, pet snake, pet anything really, older sister, futa - I'm incredibly well-rounded when it comes to open minded characters, and I have had a bit of rp experience now. I an always be a predator, but honestly I grow tired of dominating, and sometimes it's just nice to be made to feel safe (or rather, unsafe), at the hands of a digesting stomach.

Roleplay with me! Talk to me! Even willing to meet up in a safe public environment.

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